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august 2010

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C h r i s t op h e r W. Br en n i g , M . D . CerTIfIeD: The American Board of General Surgery SuB-SPeCIAlTy CerTIfIeD: The American Board of Vascular Surgery

Va r i c o s e V e i n s Spider Veins

Austin Vein Institute

L a se r t h e r a p y

state-of-the-art varicose vein treatment



7000 N. Mopac Ste. 320 Austin, TX 78731

Dr. Brennig is Board Certified in Vascular Surgery and in General Surgery. He is recognized for his expertise in the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, recurrent varicose veins, and complex venous disorders including DVT. Please call the Austin Vein Institute to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

V e i n A u s t i n . c o m

Austin Plastic Surgery Center tm

with Dr. Sergio PaSquale maggi, mD. FaCS

Austin Plastic Surger y Center™ Obagi® Skin Care

august 2010 | vol. VIII No. 12

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Botox® Cosmetic

Executive Editor Mary Anne Connolly Julie Tereshchuk

Contributors Claudia Alarcón, S. Kay Bell, Nicole Carbon, Deborah Carter, Gabriela Chabolla, Dekylnd Channing, Andrea Claire, Christine Cox, Susan Farago, Cassie Fleniken, Marcy Goodfleisch, Korey Howell, Shara Kashani, Laura Koffler, Casie Latimer, Jamie Lober, Laura Mohammad, Katy McIntosh, Julia Nickerson, Dan Poore, Karen Powanda, CJ Romberger, Corey Ryan, Kira Taniguchi, Julie Tereshchuk, Renée Peterson Trudeau

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Ask About Our Breast Augmentation Specials

Advanced Nurse Injector:

Nurse Kelly has over

actual patient

14 years experience with Plastic Surgery.

She has also received

advanced training in facial fillers and Botox™.

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Why Choose Us? · Board Certified Plastic Surgeon · Private Surgical Suites (AAAASF Accredited Facility) · Minimally-Invasive Techniques · Established in 2001



"From my initial consultation to my latest follow up, the entire staff has been knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I am proud to say that Dr. Maggi and everyone at Austin Plastic Surgery Center are the ones responsible for my new look and attitude. I will forever be grateful and look forward to future procedures with Dr. Maggi." Actual patient testimonial

Dr. S. P. Maggi, MD. FACS

Certified by & Diplomate of The American Board of Plastic Surgery

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GORGEOUS GORGEOUS SMILES SMILES ART, SCIENCE & CIENCE IENCE ART, ART, & & SCIENCE SCIENCE & & Come see why patients travel towhy Austin from all to over United for their Come Come see see why patients patients travel travel Austin tothe Austin from from allStates over all over thethe United United States States for for their their GORGEOUS comprehensive care by one of ourcare fabulous comprehensive comprehensive care by one byfemale one of our ofdoctors. our fabulous fabulous female female doctors. doctors. GEOUS GEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS SMILES ur website andGo to what other patients saying about their dental experience. SMILES SMILES SMILES SMILES Go tolisten our to our website website and and listen listen to what toare what other other patients patients are are saying saying about about their their dental dental experience. experience.

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Call 512-263-8284 today and experience theand difference! Call Call 512-263-8284 512-263-8284 today today and experience experience difference! difference! Come see why patients travel to Austin from all overthe thethe United States for their comprehensive care by one of our fabulous female doctors.

Go to our website and listen toDDS what other patients are saying about their dental experience. M ERRILY S ANDFORD, A SSOCIATES M M ERRILY ERRILY S ANDFORD, S ANDFORD, DDS DDS SSOCIATES AUnited SSOCIATES Come see why patients Come travel see towhy Austin patients from travel all over tothe Austin United from States all over forA the their States for their T H E

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2303 Ranch Road th h ud i ta e i Snu 7t4 8e0 713•440a • 2 36022303R0Sa 3onRuc a nc R•o hSaR o 62 d10460 S2o 0•uSatou huS•tth •, i tSX eu i1 u Satu i nS ,t itnX, 7t8X773847 3 4 ur website andGo listen to our to what website other and patients listen to are what saying other about patients their are dental saying experience. about their dental experience.

BiologicalADentistry M General,SCosmetic andDDS

5 1 2 . 2 6 3 . 8 2 85ERRILY 41 52 • 1. 2 w i n•4hw ea h. a yd ni stnith si n te.h 2 6.w23w6. .83a2ANDFORD, . u88s24t 8 • wwlwtw w u. a se tu ac eo l tam h lyt d h ye d n teins t i. sc to. m com Call 512-263-8284 today Call and 512-263-8284 experiencetoday the difference! and experience theSSOCIATES difference! T H E C E N T E R F O R H E A L T H Y D E N T I S T R Y

Call today and experience the difference!

2303 Ranch Road 620 South • Suite 140 • auStin, tX 78734

MERRILY SANDFORD, MERRILY S DDS ANDFORD, ASSOCIATES DDS ASSOCIATES 5 1 2 . 2 6 3 . 8 2 8 4 • w w w. a u s t i n h e a l t h y d e n t i s t . c o m



o n t h e c ov e r

We have to depend on what we do with education to make the world a better place. Ultimately, that’s the goal.


Jeanne goka

In a Class All Her Own

What is it about Jeanne Goka? Is it that she can silence hundreds of girls just by holding up an illicit soda can? Is it that she can wrangle errant snakes in the school parking lot? Is it that she does yoga moves with 5th graders during her recruitment visits to Austin elementary schools? If you answered “All of the above and more,” then go to the head of the class. Four years into her new job and with her self-deprecating, wry humor still intact, as principal of a groundbreaking public-private educational partnership, Goka has taken the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders to an exemplary rating in its first and third years of operation (in year two they missed by a whisker) and engendered a loyal following among students, staff and faculty. Now, as the unique school prepares to open its doors to receive its first 10th graders, AW gets a rare glimpse of the woman behind the title.

Sto ry

Julie Tereshchuk P h oto g ra p h y

C o ry rya n p h oto gr a p h y e y ec a n dya u st i n .c o m

Fas h i o n St y l i n g

Cassie Fleniken hair

d e k ly n d c h a n n i n g d c - h a i r d es i g n .c o m


k a r e n p owa n da k i s s n m a k e u p.c o m

C lot h i n g

Ad e l a n t e B o u t i q u e b lu e e l e p h a n t b o u t i q u e j e w e l ry

catherine nicole jewelry c at h e r i n e n i c o l e .c o m

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contents 08.10

12 contributor

68 glow

16 creating balance

72 fitness

laura mohammad gaining perspective on worries

20 legal smarts

3 legal secrets all parents should know

24 sustenance

family owned & operated

28 health

the back-to-school physical

34 kiddie meal deals 36 uncorked deep roots

40 childcare

-lessons from a working mom -blooming moms-to-be -a message you can get behind -a lifelong love

48 family authors

we are all teachers

52 education

-adriana rodriguez -michelle suh -susan savoie

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perfect summer cocktails


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Austin Regional Clinic celebrates 30 years

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nasal problems shouldn’t hold your familyback NASAL & SINUS CENTER of AUSTIN a division of Capital Otolaryngology The physicians of the Nasal and Sinus Center have extensive experience and an exceptional reputation dealing with nasal problems and chronic sinusitis. They fully understand the importance of nasal breathing and its impact on your life.

WE CAN HELP YOU WITH: • Sinus Headaches • Nasal Drainage • Mouth Breathing

• Nasal Congestion • Sinus Infection • Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Daniel Slaughter, MD Christopher Thompson, MD Zachary Wassmuth, MD

Call our offiCe today to see how we can help you

512.339.4040 12201 Renfert Way, #105, North Austin

How did four blue-collar kids contributor become one of the greatest Laura successes in pop music history? Mohammad compiled + edited by Casie Latimer

A second-generation wordsmith, Laura fell in love with The Craft in fifth grade while taking edits from her father in her native town of Tallahassee, FL. She spent her high school summers reading every book and play in her parents’ voluminous library –when she wasn’t performing in plays, singing in concerts or tearing down pool lanes in p h o t o b y ko r e y h o w e l l swim meets. Today, she shares her Northwest Austin home with her UT-Austin professor-husband, their rather noisy 13-year-old and 11-year-old boys, and a scoundrel collie named Cuervo. What are some of the emotional strains you find balancing career and motherhood? Because of my work schedule, I can’t put my boys to bed anymore, and that makes me feel guilty. Luckily, my remarkable husband is more than up to the task. But I do miss the random analysis of the world’s problems that kids are prone to at bedtime, so I make a point of stopping what I am doing and sitting down in front of them when they want to discuss the profound.

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY! • 512-477-6060 All Texas Box Office Outlets Groups (15+): 877-275-3804

Photo: Chris Callis

Bass Concert Hall August 18–September 5

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Original Cast Recording On

Have you ever chosen work over your children and, if so, what was the emotional consequence? When my office door is closed, that means don’t come in. I’m on the phone or on deadline. They have learned that the world does not revolve around them; that there are times when I need to give my focus to someone or something else. That’s a valuable lesson for them to learn, and I feel that at 11 and 13, they are old enough to delay gratification. What motivates you to write your stories? I learned long ago that everyone has a tale to tell, and some are better at the telling than others. My job is to draw out the talented, brilliant women I have been blessed to meet through AW, and I try to do their lives justice through the writing. What do you do for yourself? I read and I walk. Right now, I’m on One Hundred Years of Solitude by Garcia Marquez. I love to envelop myself in good tale-telling.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   13

Services & Specialties • Assisted Reproductive Technology • In vitro Fertilization (IVF) • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) • Recurrent Miscarriage • Uterine Malformations

Patient Loyalty Programs: We are committed to providing patients requiring our most scientific treatments affordable access to care, and are the only Austin practice offering the Attain IVFTM program.

Dr. Kenneth Moghadam, MD Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Moghadam is the Medical Director and founder of the Austin Fertility Institute. As an experienced reproductive medicine specialist, he is able to provide the highest expertise and compassion towards the care of his patients. Both he and his team members are committed to ensuring that each patient receives an individualized diagnostic and treatment approach, emphasizing both their outcome and their experience. Beginning in late August, Austin Fertility Institute will be partnering with Austin Surgical Hospital in Rollingwood/ Westlake to furnish Austin area residents with comprehensive, state-of-the-art fertility services. We are currently accepting new patients and welcome the opportunity to serve all your reproductive care needs.

St. David’s 1

Park B e

Par me r Ln

en dD r

nd Dr



YourTo Dreams Life!


Ce da rB

Met ric B


2200 Park Bend Dr, Bld 2, Ste 204 Austin TX, 78758

512.339.4AFI (4234)


aug. 2010

exclusive web features MUSIC

Austinites Celebrate Remarkable Life of Jazz Legend Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Westlake Eye Specialists can help.

by Katy McIntosh Special Event at the Elephant Room Aug. 6th – 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. see for more info.


FOX 7’s Loriana Hernandez and Maggie’s Hope: FoxFit Weekend Raises Funds + Awareness for Autism

by katy mcintosh

· · · · · ·

PRELEX--Presbyopic Lens Exchange Glaucoma Surgery/Management Cataract Surgery Allergy/Dry Eye Treatment Diabetic Eye Examinations Comprehensive Eye Examinations



northern Louisiana: A taste like no other

by Shelley Seale

additional web content Zarmeena Vendal, M.D.

video interview

More from Jeanne on Teaching, family + travel.

Logon today!

Ximena de Sabra, M.D.

WestlakeEyeSpecialists The Art of Eye Surgery

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creating balance

Q+A with Renée

Gaining Perspective on Worries

Worrying about something is like paying interest on a debt you don’t even know if you owe.” – Mark Twain Two years ago I left a lucrative corporate training position to launch my dream business. Now, in the current economy, I’m struggling to make the business profitable. My husband’s job is steady (he works for the state), but I have always been the primary breadwinner. We have two small kids and the lack of financial stability in our lives is bringing up a lot of old fears around money. Help! I know my negative thinking is not helping my business to prosper! – JoAnne, 42


Many across the U.S. are navigating financially tumultuous waters right now. And, as a result, we’re getting the opportunity to practice living in the “unknown” and examine what’s really important in our lives. (Check out austinwomanmagazine. com, Scroll down and click on the CREATING BALANCE article) As uncomfortable as this may be, another way to respond to these fears and uncertainties is by asking ourselves if it isn’t time do some financial housekeeping. And, not just sweeping the porch, but really clearing out the cobwebs in the attic. The following financial health questions and strategies have helped me tackle my “inner work” around money and prosperity: 1. Acknowledge that there is work to do. Regardless of your socio-economic background, we all have our own “stuff” around money. What are your core issues? Are you ready to do the work necessary to release old, self-limiting beliefs around the green stuff? (Start with the money exercise at the above referenced link) 2. Understand what money is. Author Joseph Campbell says, “Money is congealed energy. And releasing it, releases life’s possibilities.” People who know how to use money, know how to handle energy. Does this describe you? 3. If you were in a relationship with money, how would you describe your lover? How do you feel about money? Is it a friend or foe? Does it serve you or are you a slave to it? Is it tied to your mood or are you clear that happiness is an inside-out job? 4. Get real about your financial state. So many worry about how bad they think things are, without really having a grasp on their

UPCOMING RENÉE TRUDEAU EVENTS Aug. 13-15: Reclaim, Reflect, Re-Balance: A Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat, Join Renée at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, the Berkshires, western MA. Aug. 27th 9:30 - Noon: The Career Strategy Workshop:

Find a Fit, Create a Plan, Love Your Work.

Fall 2010: The Empowered Entrepreneur Workshop/Program Work less and experience more!

A powerful, interactive, popular small group seminar and master mind series.

Register for all events at You can also read more from Renee about Gifts That Come From Living in the Unknown at reneetrudeau. com/htmlemail/LifeBalanceNewsJuly2010.html

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By Renée Peterson Trudeau

financial state. Others think they’re better off than they are. Move out of paralysis and take inventory with your partner of your debts/living expenses and income/assets. This will allow you to make conscious choices about how to live and spend. 5. Understand the true meaning of prosperity. Pause and think of all you have to be grateful for – your health, your freedom, your ability to create, the support in your life, your work, your family, etc. Money is just one form of prosperity. Celebrating all your blessings can really help shift your perspective and often help you see your situation in a new light. 6. Keep the big picture. “This too, shall pass.” When you’re living in the unknown, it’s really easy to stay “stuck” and fixated on your financial state. Spend time with friends and colleagues who support you and remind you this is only a bump in the road. You haven’t fallen into a manhole, you’re just experiencing a little rough terrain. Things will get better (reflect back on how you have come through past crises). 7. Don’t stop enjoying life! Just because your bank account is leaner these days, doesn’t mean your social life has to grind to a halt. Seek out free concerts or outdoor events. Go on a family picnic. Go to the dollar theater. Pick a fun theme (Mediterranean, Mexican, Comfort Foods) and invite your friends to a potluck dinner at your house. Enjoy your local parks. The best things in life are free. Lastly JoAnne, get support. There is a balance between thinking positively and getting real about your current financial state. It may be time to enlist the support of a business mentor/coach or financial planner to get a fresh perspective and see if it might be time to make a course adjustment.

Renée Peterson Trudeau is a nationally-recognized career/life balance coach, speaker and president of Career Strategists. A sought-after media expert, her work has been featured in US News and World Report, Working Mother, Yogi Times, Good Housekeeping, AARP and she regularly presents life balance workshops for corporations, organizations and at conferences around the world. Trudeau is the author of the award-winning The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life (and two other titles). Thousands of women around the globe are joining and becoming trained to lead self-renewal groups based on the Guide, as a way to enhance balance and well-being in their lives. | WEB EXTRA EXERCISE - What Does Money Mean to You?

A special exercise provided courtesy of Renée Trudeau/Career Strategists: Go to: doc for a great exercise to help you gain clarity on what money means to you (you’re encouraged to share it with your partner, too). You can also read more from Renee about Gifts That Come From Living in the Unknown

presented by James Armstrong and Patti O’Meara

 Hyatt Regency Town Lake Featuring Academy Award-winning actress and social activist

Cosmetic & Holistic D e n t i s t r y Comprehensive care with a personal touch...

Tables and tickets are now available for purchase.

Please call 512.356.1573 or visit 24-Hour Hotline 512.267.SAFE (7233) or 512.927.9616 TTY for the Deaf community

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We accept Care Credit

Achieve your WeIGHt loSS GoalS In 2010... safely and naturally!

summer specials

Specializing in HCG Weight loss Most HCG dieters report a loss of 1 to 2 lbs. a day



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Additional Services: Colon Hydrotherapy • Skin Care • Medical • Nutrition • Chiropractic Services · Cortisol Testing · Food Sensitivity Testing Internal HealtH Center

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w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   17

Obstetrics and GynecOlOGy

Professional, Personalized Care for Women of all Ages From Left to Right:

Laurette Smith, MD 512.425.3835

Farnaz Jagangiri, MD 512.425.3895

Laura Meritt, MD 512.425.3855

Sherry L. Neyman, MD 512.425.3875

Melanie A. Collins, MD 512.425.3855

Kimberly B. Loar, MD 512.425.3835

Devin M. Garza, MD 512.425.3835

Tara A. Mills, MD 512.425.3895

Byron G. Darby, MD 512.425.3885

Renaissance Women’s Group consists of board certified physicians and experienced nurse practitioners who offer a wide range of obstetric and gynecological services.

GynecOlOGy Convenient in-office surgery, including Endometrial Ablation to eliminate excessive periods and Essure for permanent birth control BRAC Analysis Testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer Gardasil Vaccine Minimally Invasive Surgery including Laparoscopic Assisted Hysterectomy Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Obstetrics Deliveries performed at the New Women’s Center of Texas at North Austin Medical Center 3D/4D Ultrasound Prenatal diagnosis/testing 18  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Accepting new patients now. We accept most insurance plans.

education + family

20 legal smarts

3 legal secrets all parents should know

24 sustenance

family-owned + operated

28 health

the back-to-school physical

34 kiddie meal deals 36 uncorked deep roots

40 childcare

-lessons from a working mom -blooming moms-to-be -a message you can get behind -A lifelong love

48 family authors

we are all teachers


52 education

-adriana rodriguez -michelle suh -susan savoie

36 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   19



Legal Secrets

B Y J u l i a N i c k e r s o n

All Parents Should Know


I learned later what had happened to me, which was a rare birth complication no one could have expected. But that event, like so many others who have life threatening situations, taught me a lot about life. First, I learned the importance of nurses. I was fortunate enough to

e all know, at least in theory, that life is unpredictable

have very experienced nurses. Always be extra nice to your nurse –

and that we never know what tomorrow will bring. This

she could save your life.

eye-opening realization was slapped in my face when I

I learned what every mom at some point recognizes – that the trials

almost died in the hospital after giving birth to my first child. I was

and sacrifices we go through for our children transform us into more

expecting to hold my baby immediately after his birth, begin breast-

loving and dedicated mothers.

feeding and pose for numerous memorable photo opportunities. I had

And, as an attorney, I realized that since I was now a parent, I’d

a scrapbook to create, after all. Instead, I was rushed into the operat-

better get my legal affairs in order. What would have happened to

ing room, intubated, and put on life support. I can remember being so

my son if something tragic happened to me? What would happen to

exhausted after this whole ordeal, yet waking up every five minutes to

your children if something happens to you? This is a tough question

the sound of an alarming blood pressure monitor alerting those who

that no parent wants to think about. I hope all our tomorrows are

already knew about my unstable condition. After spending the first

filled with joy, educational experiences, dreams and goals.

night after my son’s birth in the ICU, I was given two liters of someone

Yet, for those of us who have been faced with life threaten-

else’s blood transfused into my veins.

ing situations, we know how important it is to be prepared.

20  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Because Every Mom is a Working Mom. Give us the job to find your ideal nanny. Full/Part-time • On-Call • After-School Custom matched to your family’s needs.


WOMEN, BRING YOUR MAN & IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP... ...within the first two classes. Psycho-educational classes with humor, friendliness, and confidentiality. Bring your difficult issues & learn how to get closer, not more distant.

Gina Keegan LMT., MA., CAMP. Body-Mind TherAPisT

(512) 372.8385

Free On-Call Enrollment with this code: Austin Woman


If you bring your man,WOMEN ATTEND FOR FREE.

Become a Certified Life & Executive Coach in just two days!

Is coaching right for you? What kinds of people could you target? Call 817.657.5301 for a free consultation | 866.455.2155

Upcoming Sessions: Austin: Aug 14-15, Oct 2-3 Dallas: Sept 18-19 San Antonio: Nov 13-14 · Course covers the art of coaching & marketing your business · 60% of businesses use coaching · Join a Free Local Network

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   21

All parents should know these 3 legal secrets:


Legally Document Your Guardianship


As parents, the last thing we would want, if something happens to us,


Have a Plan that Can Actually be Implemented. Legal guardianship documents for minor children sitting on a


Ensure Your Children Don’t Receive Their Inheritance at Age 18. If parents leave an inheritance

is for our children to be put into a situation in

shelf or in a safe someplace don’t help in

to their children outside of a trust, a court

which they feel scared, unloved and surround-

an emergency situation. While things are

will have no choice but to manage it until

ed by people they don't know. Don’t ever put

being sorted out with the police, child pro-

the child obtains age 18. At age 18, the chil-

your children’s care in the hands of a broken-

tective services and the court, your children

dren will receive complete access to all the

down court system and a judge who doesn’t

could be shipped off to a place you never

remaining assets – outright and totally un-

know your family, your goals or your values. Le-

imagined. If your guardians live out of town,

protected! Ironically, the child would receive

gally document your guardianship decisions.

name a temporary guardian such as a neigh-

such assets during the year in which his or

No one can replace you; however, if you are not

bor. Make sure emergency, non-confidential,

her parents would most likely have wanted

here to parent your children, you should be the

legal documents can be obtained 24/7/365

their child to begin a college education.

one who decides the person who has the goals

from anywhere by emergency responders.

and values to take over.

Having a legal plan in place for your children in case something happens to you is one of the most important steps you as a parent can take to protect your children and their future. Whether you have thousands or millions, smart parents all need

which camps my children should attend this summer

to ensure that their assets are transferred properly upon death. Smart

has been a big issue for me. Having a legal plan in place

parents prepare trusts to hold assets for the benefit of their children.

for your children in case something happens to you is one of the

They name a trusted friend or relative to serve as a trustee. They delay

most important steps you as a parent can take to protect your children

the time when their children are able to receive full access to the trust.

and their future. Remember, Smart Parents Plan Ahead.

They put steps in place to enable their children to get their education

Julia Nickerson is an estate-planning attorney in Austin who coun-

and become contributing members of society. They plan to avoid es-

sels families regarding the protection of assets, the transfer of wealth

tate tax or to give to charities.

and the preservation of family values. Visit her on the web at julianick-

As a mom and an attorney, I know how difficult it can be to make sure or email her at

all the details of parenting are thought out and planned for – figuring out

What Smart Parents Do: They thoughtfully consider who would raise their children with their desired family values. They put steps in place that enable their children to get an education. They have procedures in place to ensure their plan can actually be implemented in the event of an emergency. Their plan prevents divisive arguments and uncertainty. They document family values, insights and experiences to pass on to their children during significant life events. They legally document their decisions.

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Athena Financial Group Where Wisdom Protects Wealth

Investment Advisor • CDFATM

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What Women need to Know about divorce This workshop is designed to help women take the next step, no matter where they are in the process of untying the knot. second saturday of each month

Glow bowling, pool, foosball and glow air hockey tables

K.M. Kavoussi, M.D. S.K. Kavoussi, M.D., M.P.H. Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility


Athena Financial Group, Inc. is a Registered Investment adviser in the State of Texas located in Austin, Texas.


Is Dizziness Affecting Your Life?

Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon Dr. Frank Cherpack Board Certified by ABPS

providing care for infertility patients in the Austin area In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Ovulation Induction Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Endometriosis Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy Uterine Anomalies da Vinci robot-assisted Tubal Reversals & Myomectomies Medical & Surgical Treatment of Infertility • (512) 444-1414 4303 James Casey, Suite A • Austin, Texas • 78745

Walk Pain-Free & With Confidence In The Heels You Love!

Services Provided For: Dizziness & Vertigo Concussion Symptoms Imbalance · Hearing Loss

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Specializing In Painless Treatment Of Ingrown Toenails, Corns & Callouses

512.345.4664 Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT Amber Hasenmyer, PT, DPT Kathy Samaniego, AuD

512.343.8834 8701 Shoal Creek Blvd, Suite 102

7900 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 200 Austin, TX 78757

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y l i aF m

Owned & Operated b y Cl a u d i a Al a r c ó n

Hard work, difficult sacrifices and well-deserved satisfactions are all part of the everyday life of two Austin, family-owned restaurants. p h o t o g r a p h y b y d a n p o o r e make it through good times and bad over the last 25 years. Knowing that they had completely outgrown the original space, she expanded the dining area and added an adjacent private dining room, surprising her parents with an opening party for the new space on her mother’s birthday in 2002. Her parents’ traditions and presence are felt from the moment one walks through the door. Eating at Las Palomas is like dining at a Mexico City family home: all authentic, all made fresh to or-

MariCarmen Corona Dale at Las Palomas

Home Away From Home


der, all delicious. A wonderful host, accomplished


and a true gen-

n 1982, Javier and Amelia Corona moved

overcome cul-

tleman, Mr. Co-

to Austin to send their four kids to college,

ture shock while


after Mr. Corona retired as cultural atta-

working contin-

ché at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. Un-

uously toward

able to get their financial assets out of the

the success of their new venture. Eventually,

country after the collapse of the Mexican

all the siblings but one, left to pursue their

peso and the ensuing recession, the Coronas

own interests.

decided to practice what they’d learned

MariCarmen Corona Dale took over the

through their many years of world traveling

restaurant because she could not stand see-

and entertaining to open a family restaurant.

ing her parents working so hard in the kitch-

On February 14th, 1983, Las Palomas opened

en. After all, they had come to Austin to re-

in a tiny corner of a Westlake shopping cen-

tire, and had ended-up working harder than

ter, with Amelia and Javier in the kitchen

ever to see the family through. A mother-of-

cooking her recipes, and their offspring work-

two and now sole proprietor of Las Palomas,

ing as waitstaff and bartenders. The whole

Corona Dale says “it’s like having a third

family struggled to become bilingual and

child,” a big responsibility to her family to

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MariCarmen & Amelia

New Patient Special* $35 off exam and x-rays *just mention this ad.



w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   25

customers at every table as if they were

for college this fall. She is happy and proud

four nights a week (“not loud, something nice

friends and family for 20 years. The business

of their accomplishments, but sad to see

to have dinner with”), new cocktails, and

succeeded thanks to the legions of regular

them leave the nest. “They are both good

light summertime menu items. A mother’s

customers, now into their third generation,

boys, going in the right direction,” she says.

job is never done.

who keep returning for the charm, warmth

Of course they are; she raised them. “Perhaps

and family atmosphere. When Mr. Corona

now my husband and I can do some travel-

passed away in 2003 after a long illness, over

ing on our own, and do things alone like at

500 people attended his memorial service.

the beginning,” she says, in a bittersweet

Today, Corona Dale is going through an-

tone. She also has big things in mind for her

other phase of change in her life. Both her

third child, with the addition of a fountain

sons are grown and the youngest is leaving

and improvements to the patio, live music

Las Palomas Restaurant & Bar 3201 Bee Caves Road 327.9889

In, it is their son Dipak who is the ringmaster.

The Whip-In

“My brothers and I were born in Luanshya, Zambia, a copper mining town from colonial days. After wasting away my twenties in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved back with my wife and kid, thrilling Mom and Pop [with the prospect] that I might take over the family store,” he says. “I’ve redeveloped the cornershop to reflect everything I miss of those California café days and wine bar nights.” That may be so, but the neighborhood atmosphere and friendly staff are 100% laid-back Austin. Always with a smile on his face, Dipak wears

South Asian Food South Austin Mood


The Whip-In Markethis passion for beer, wine, food and music on his sleeve. Ask him for a beer suggestion and

n Travis Heights, the marquee sign in front



of the Whip-In proudly proclaims “Mom &

rated video store

Pop since 1986.” That’s when Joe and Chan-





dan Topiwala opened what they envisioned


as “the best little cornershop in Texas.” Hail-


ing from the town of Navsari in the greater

and local, organic and natural produce and

Bombay area, close to the industry port city

groceries. The most recent addition is the Par-

of Surat, they moved with their three children

lour Café, serving authentic, lip-smackingly

to the United States in 1976 after some years

delicious Gujarati-style Indian food (no high

in Zambia, where they worked making uni-

fructose corn syrup or MSG here), fine cof-

forms for mine workers. They settled in Texas

fee and tea, wine and beer by the glass, with

in 1977, working hard to acquire the site where

live music nightly and in the beer garden on

the store currently stands on the access road

weekends. And while Mom and Pop are still

of I-35. Over the years, it has evolved from gas

part of the everyday workings at the Whip-

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he will gladly tell you


Dipak Topiwala

Love YourseLf, Love Your sex Life

about his latest favorite or give you a sample of the newest brew on tap. A musician himself, he is an encyclopedia of Jazz and classical Indian music. His wife Arden is in charge of the wine department, keeping a fantastic

The Austin Center for Women’s Sexual Health

selection of bottles from around the world, in all price ranges, with an eye towards boutique, small production, and unique varietals. “Mum does all the cooking, with


a little by me and Arden and staff,” he says. “Usually I come up with new items, but really it’s just something my mum hasn’t cooked in a while. Pops is official taster and grand bookkeeper!”

Walk in any given afternoon and you might just see Joe behind the register or stocking the shelves, or Chandan

some CommoN Problems • Pain with Intercourse • Diminished Arousal • Difficulty Achieving Orgasm • Difficulty After Surgery and Cancer Treatments


512.617.8801 MIAUSTIN.COM

970 Hesters Crossing Rd, Ste 101 Round Rock, TX 78681

walking out of the kitchen with her apron dusted in flour from rolling homemade naan bread.

sandeep G. mistry, M.D., M.P.H. -Director of Sexual Medicine tiffany t. Garrett, MA, NCC, LPC -Psychotherapist angela G. treadway, P.T., M.S., D.P.T. -Pelvic Physical Therapist

Brother Rohit stops by often to pick up lunch from the adjacent liquor store he runs, sometimes with his 9and 10-year-old sons who run in excitedly to hug their grandparents. Drawings by Dipak and Arden’s 5-yearold daughter Gita adorn the walls, and the couple’s silly puns and sense of humor is reflected in the names of their dishes: The Spongebob Panaani, the DeepSpaceNaan Appetizer (naan chips w/cilantro chutney and feta), and the Whip In-dianized Beef & Beer Chili. Some staff members are practically part of the family, like Malcom “Shrek of Shiraz” Smerinsky, who has worked there since the beginning. This close-knit environment generosity spills out toward the community with nonprofit fundraisers and support for grassroots organizations. Austin is fortunate to have businesses like Whip-In, so stop by sometime and make yourself at home.

Whip-In Parlour Café & Market 950 S. IH-35 442.5337

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   27


B Y J a m i e L o b e r

A Summertime Essential

f your child has not been to the pedia-

white flours, candies and highly- processed

trician for a physical, it’s time to make

meats that may have added preservatives.

the call. “We like to focus on the

The pediatrician also ensures the child

whole child and talk about every-

reaches age-appropriate developmental mile-

thing, such as potential complica-

stones. “In toddlers, we look at gross motor

tions of asthma or heart conditions with

and fine motor skills carefully to make sure

more intense treatment without the vaccine,”

sports, weight and nutrition concerns, blood

they are learning to speak, walk, feed them-

says Owens. Pediatricians want parents to

pressure issues and any symptoms the child

selves, tie their shoes and do activities of

know that the diseases they are vaccinating

may be having,” says Dr. Juliette Owens, pe-

daily living,” says Owens. As kids grow, more

against are far more common than the com-

diatrician at Pediatric Associates of Austin.

is expected. “We might ask questions about

plications from the shot.

Initially, kids are measured on a growth

handwriting, reading fluency, how well the

If your child plans to play on a sports

chart that looks at Body Mass Index (BMI),

child gets along with other children and how

team, he requires a pre-participatory physi-

which is a calculation based on height and

he handles conflict,” says Owens.

cal. “It is important to make sure that the

weight to determine whether the child is

Psychosocial issues such as sleep prob-

child has his exam somewhere between six

healthy, underweight or overweight. The

lems, inappropriate social interactions with

and eight weeks before he is going to be com-

numbers are not absolute indicators. “A child

peers or authority figures, or unusual behav-

peting in a sport, in case there is a problem

who is athletic and muscular can have a

iors are addressed. Safety is also brought up.

and they need further tests or to see a spe-

slightly higher Body Mass Index and that

“We try to have parents encourage kids to

cialist,” says Dr. Christine Fyda, pediatrician

can be normal,” says Owens.

wear helmets while on their bicycles, make

at Southwest Pediatric Associates. (See side-

To ensure a child is growing properly, pe-

sure they are in a booster seat until they are

bar on p. 32 on a special, free heart screening

diatricians often first discuss nutrition. Par-

eight years old or 80 pounds in the car, see

being offered by the Championship Hearts

ents are encouraged to find nutritious foods

that they wear sun protection for the eyes

Foundation this month.)

that also taste good to their kids. “Families

and sunscreen,” says Owens.

The first part of the sports physical is tak-

should have their children eat whole foods,

Immunizations are important and are re-

or foods that are less processed, like fruits,

quired for school. “We strongly recommend

This would note any serious illness

vegetables and whole grains,” says Owens.

them as a preventive measure for illnesses

like heart disease, asthma or seizure

Children should stay away from processed

and related complications that might require

disorder. The pediatrician will ask

28  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

ing a personal and family medical history.

Birthplace of Complex Care for Central Texas

Ashley, Madisyn and Karen Kish, MD, Ob/Gyn Ashley knew her first pregnancy would not include a typical delivery. As a diabetic, her fluctuating blood sugar level could affect the baby’s development; and when prenatal scans showed fetal abnormalities, her baby was diagnosed with heterotaxy syndrome: displacement of organs. Thanks to the highly skilled, award-winning maternity team at Seton Medical Center Austin, Ashley’s experience had a happy ending. Read the full story on our website.

For more than a century, families in Central Texas have turned to Seton when experiencing the miracle of birth. When it’s time to deliver, moms want a hospital and a team they can trust. At Seton Medical Center Austin, we strive to offer the highest level and continuum of care for mom and baby: • Magnet awarded nursing team for excellence in care • Expert teams of Ob/Gyns and specialists on medical staff • Nationally renowned transformational practices for safer labor and delivery • Recently renovated maternity unit designed for comfort and healing • Highest level of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) available in the Austin area Seton Austin’s Level III NICU is also supported by immediate access to world-renowned pediatric subspecialists at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, another member of the Seton Family of Hospitals. Looking for a doctor who delivers at Seton Medical Center Austin? To find an Ob/Gyn on our medical staff, or take a virtual tour of our birthing center, please visit

1201 West 38th Street • Austin, TX 78705 • (512) 324-1000 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   29

may ask for the pediatrician’s advice on anything related to health or safety. “I am big on what you can do to prevent sports injuries. Stretching, staying hydrated and about previous hospitalizations, surgeries

abdomen, ears, nose and throat,” lists Fyda. A

making sure you know if something does

and past injuries like fractures, sprains and

brief neurological exam is done that looks at

not feel right when exercising like soreness

concussions. “We ask if they have a head-

joint strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

in a joint or tightness in a chest and telling

ache, dizziness, passing out, shortness of

The spine is also checked for posture. Some

someone about those symptoms are all

breath or chest pain when they exercise, be-

issues are gender-specific. “Boys will need a

good things,” says Fyda.

cause those are potential threats to having

check for hernia because that is a concern

Openness is encouraged. “There is no

an injury that need to be taken seriously,”

with males that do strenuous exercise. Girls

dumb question. If you have a concern about

says Fyda. Insect allergies are recorded so

have a couple extra questions about their

your health or the way your body works,

the child can be prepared with an EpiPen or

menstrual cycle like if it is regular and if they

your pediatrician is a great person to ask,”

medication if needed.

have started,” tells Fyda. Sometimes athletes

reinforces Owens. Let your child know that

have trouble maintaining regular periods so

the pediatrician cares and is there to keep

it is normal to discuss.

him well. “At most physicals, we do not find

The second part of the sports physical overlaps with the regular physical. “We take their height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.

Both the regular and sports physical al-

anything wrong. We focus not only on the

We test their vision, check their heart rhythm,

low time to chat. The child may want to

child’s well-being, but try to educate them on

listen to the lungs, look for symptoms of asth-

talk about alcohol, dating, sex, school per-

how to make healthy choices that will last a

ma and chest tightness and check their

formance, goals or their interests. They

lifetime,” he says.


DR. ELIZAbETh hOuSER helping Men become Fathers again


512-231-1444 877-231-1444 (TOLL FREE) Dr. ElizabEth housEr


11410 NOT ACTUALJollyville CLIENT

Rd #1101


5656 Bee Caves Rd #D-200

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511 Oakwood Blvd #103

LocaL Connections

LocaL Dating

LocaL Members

Diana M. Lott Photography

Don't wait, join a service that... » Has an experienced, caring staff to serve you and are available 7 days including evenings

» Has accurate photos of real members » Has a private and secure members-only database

» Has a thoughtful and thorough screening process

» Has a local office open daily and on weekends

» Has background checks on all members

» Has frequent and fun member events and activities | 512.502.1800 | 10710 Research Blvd., #316

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   31

“We used to just do an echocardiogram which is a photograph of the

Saturday, August 28, 2010 - FREE at the Heart Hospital of Austin

heart. Now, we have added another component, the electrocardio-

8 a.m. - Noon – no appointment necessary

gram (EKG), where you hookup with electrodes and read the electri-

Get screened by volunteer cardiologists from Austin Heart, Children’s Cardiology Associates and Heart and Vascular of Central Texas

Heart screenings have become more thorough in recent years.

cal output,” shares Julie Greenberg, communications manager for the Championship Hearts Foundation. If your child is very active or conthrough the Championship Hearts Young Athlete Heart Screening

Parental waivers must be signed – available at:


(Child should wear loose-fitting clothing)

sidering playing a sport, he is more vulnerable and should be checked

Doctors are looking for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which usu-

There are consequences of going without screening. “If you are ex-

ally onsets during puberty. “It is the thickening of the heart wall that

tremely active and the thick wall does not let the blood flow, you will

does not present any symptoms and can lead to obstruction of blood

pass out,” says Greenberg. Even if your child doesn’t like to exercise or

flow and erratic heartbeat,” explains Greenberg. It is the leading

play sports, it is still important to evaluate heart health. “Hypertrophic

cause of death in kids ages 14-to-18. If detected, the doctor can redi-

cardiomyopathy affects roughly one-in-500,” says Greenberg.

rect the child to a less strenuous sport.

The data collected is being used to make strides toward a health-

The test is painless and only takes 5-to-10 minutes. “It takes you

ier generation. “We are starting a registry to identify the kiddos and

one step further from the physical where we put the stethoscope on

find common threads between this disorder,” tells Greenberg. If

the heart and listen. We actually see the heart, blood flow, walls and

enough kids can be screened that a predictor can be found, it will be

aorta. It gives parents the sense of security that their child’s heart is

a great help to the medical community.

good,” says Greenberg.

Heart screenings have proven to be beneficial. “In Italy, it is required

Since the battery of tests is limited, if something worrisome is

to have an EKG. Studies have found it has completely wiped out sudden

found, the child is referred to a pediatric cardiologist for a full workup.

cardiac arrest on the playing field,” says Greenberg. Doctors and coaches

“We have picked up bicuspid aortic valve and mitral valve prolapse.

who understand the necessity are hoping that the EKG will become part

Some of these are not as serious as they sound,” says Greenberg.

of the University Interscholastic League program such that every child

The screening is an excellent preventive measure that will be offered free this month in Austin. Here are the details:

will have their heart screened or will not be allowed to play. “It is something every kiddo needs to have done,” says Greenberg.

512.477.5905 IS YOUR OVERACTIVE BLADDER STANDING IN THE WAY OF YOUR BEST LIFE? Urology Austin: Treating all areas of Female Urology including:

- Overactive Bladder

- Pelvic Floor Prolapse

- Incontinence

- Sexual Dysfunction

Shaun Maloney, MD Michael McClelland Jr., MD Robert Northway III, MD David Phillips, MD Steven Pickett, MD, PhD Peter Ruff, MD Herb Singh, MD John Williamson, MD Noah Taylor, MD

6 main facilities, conveniently located to serve you:


3100 Red River St

4207 James Casey Ste.107

UrologyAustin 32  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Brett Baker, MD Carl Bischoff, MD R. Grady Bruce, MD David Cuellar, MD Naresh Desireddi, MD Michael Floyd, MD David Freidberg, MD John Horan, MD Jeffrey Kocurek, MD

512.477.5905 512.477.5905 4007 James Casey Ste.C-150


12180 N MoPac Expy, Ste A


10640 Park Valley Dr, Bldg A Ste 111, Round Rock

512.248.2200 1401 Medical Pkwy Bldg. B, Cedar Park


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Change your “mommy” bag to your “work” bag in just a few seconds! Miche Bag is also available in a classic size.

Check it out at Join our team! Have a party! Contact me today for more info PLUS retail locations near you! Sabrina Thomas, Distributor

512.971.5239 |


IN A RELAXING SPA ATMOSPHERE FOR ALL OF YOUR DENTAL NEEDS . Free one hour massage with New Patient Experience appointment 5-Star Service | Relaxed Environment | Massages Excellent General Dentistry | Smile Makeovers One-Visit Crowns | Invisalign | Whitening and more

$150 off BriteSmile whitening, plus get a free hand and foot massage! Dr. Benjamin L. Nemec

512.347.0044 6836 Bee Caves Rd., Ste. 110 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   33

Kiddie Meal Deals 1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under,


50% off ages 6 - 10 3 TEXAS ROADHOUSE: free meal ages 12 and under,

kids’ night w/activities 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under 5 TEXADELPHIA: free meal after 4 p.m. ages 12 and under 6 SPAGHETTI WAREHOUSE: $1.99 meal ages 10 and under 7 AUSTIN JAVA: free meal for kids

1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under,

50% off ages 6 - 10 8 CARTWRIGHT BBQ: kids eat free w/adult purchase 9 BLACK EYED PEA: ages 11 and under get free meal

in the evening PLUCKER’S: free meal ages 10 and under 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S:free buffet ages 7 and under 11 IRON CACTUS: free meal ages 12 and under 12 KERBEY LANE: free meal ages 12 and under 5 TEXADELPHIA: free meal after 4 p.m. ages 12 and under 7 AUSTIN JAVA: free meal for kids 13 CENTRAL MARKET: free meal for kids from 5 p.m. til close





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1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under,

50% off ages 6 - 10 SOUTHWEST BISTRO: free ages 4 and under; half off ages 5-12 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under 5 TEXADELPHIA: free meal after 4 p.m. ages 12 and under 7 AUSTIN JAVA: free meal for kids 15 EZ’s: free meal for kids from 5 - 11 p.m. 14

1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under,

50% off ages 6 - 10 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under 17

WINGS N’ MORE: 50% off ages 12 and under from 4 p.m. until close

Feeding your little ones shouldn’t have to break the bank. Here



s er







18 11

we have featured just some of the amazing “Kiddie Meal Deals”



available all over Austin. We hope you enjoy the savings!



RD .



1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under, 50% off ages 6 - 10 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under



1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under, 50% off ages 6 - 10 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under


5 TEXADELPHIA: free meal after 4 p.m. ages 12 and under 16

19 13 15 38TH S T. 5




TEXAS LAND & CATTLE CO.: free meal for kids OPAL DIVINE’S: free kids meal before 4 p.m.


1 CANNOLI JOE’S: free meal ages 3 and under, up to 4 pm 2 ESTANCIA CHURRASCARIA: free meal ages 5 and under, 50% off ages 6 - 10 4 DOUBLE DAVE’S: free buffet ages 7 and under 19


MAMA FU’S: free meal ages 12 and under


18 15


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Ri v


er s












more info

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12 10 5 15TH


gu ad alu


pe s






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er l n

ne y

71 l n.

16 5




w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   35


Deep Roots b y Cl a u d i a Al a r c ó n

Many vineyards and wineries across the country started out as small family businesses. Although many have sold to – or have become – corporate powerhouses, many more have stayed true to their origins and continue to be handed down generation after generation. Here: two families with deep roots in the wine industry who produce quality wines we love – both new to the Austin market.

to keep the enterprise viable, but they bottle a small amount of extraordinary single varietal wines plus their Vino de Casa (“house wine”) red and white blends. Like most Mexican-American families, the Cejas are a close family that enjoys cooking and entertaining, so their fine-crafted wines are specifically made to pair with food – although they are perfectly fine by themselves – and are out-

Amelia, Pedro, Armando + Martha Ceja

Ceja Vineyards Napa, California


standing matches to Mexican cuisine. Currently, Amelia serves as president – the first woman to be elected as a vineyard president in the Napa-Carneros region – with

ehind the scenes at most vineyards

enology and viticulture, respectively. The Cejas’

Martha as vice-president and a third genera-

and wineries across the nation is a

dream of buying land to grow grapes in Napa

tion of Cejas also involved in the family busi-

workforce comprised 90% by Mexi-

was realized in 1983 when Pedro and wife Ame-

ness. Pedro and Amelia’s daughter Dalia is

can migrant workers and immigrants. And

lia, Armando, and their parents bought 15 acres

the young ambassador of the winery, travel-

although it is thanks to them that the indus-

in Carneros. But hard times and high interest

ing to wine and food festivals across the

try has grown and flourished, they hardly

made it difficult to make payments, so they put

country to promote the family’s wines, while

ever receive acclaim or accolades. Therefore,

the land up for sale.

brother Ariel holds the fort at their artsy tast-

it is especially rewarding to see the success

When Pedro and Amelia lost their jobs in

ing room. He has recently opened Bistro Sa-

of entrepreneurial families that have climbed

Silicon Valley in 1986, they returned to Napa,

bor, an adventurous Latin American eatery

from the bottom to become proud vineyard

thankful that their land had not sold after

in the heart of downtown Napa, and is also

and winery owners. One such property is

two years. With help from Domaine Chan-

launching a new website, Salud Napa! which

Ceja Vineyards.

don, who sold them the plants on credit, they

will feature videos, an eCommerce  section,

After many years in the brasero migrant

planted the first vineyard with Armando as

blogs, recipes from Amelia and Dalia, wine

worker program, Michoacan native Pablo Ceja

manager, who produced his first batch of

lists, trivia, etc. Clearly, Pablo and Juanita

moved his wife Juanita and their children to St.

Cabernet Sauvignon in 1988 at the age of 18.

Ceja’s many years of hard work

Helena in the Napa Valley in 1967. There they

In 1999, Pedro, Amelia, Armando and his

have paid off, bringing prosperity

found work in local wineries, and when the chil-

wife Martha founded Ceja Vineyards, Inc.,

to their whole family.

dren were not in school and on weekends, the

now with 113 acres producing Pinot Noir,

entire family worked in the vineyards. When

Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syr-

the time came, siblings Pedro and Armando

ah, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Most of

went on to college, studying engineering and

the harvest is sold to other wineries in order

36  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

If you go… Ceja Tasting Salon & Lounge 1248 First Street, Napa, CA 94559 707-226-6445 |

Quality Care

fall 2010 collection

For Those In Need

SERVICES AngelCalls: Wellness Checks and Medication Reminders by Phone

Home Management/Companion: Meal preparation, shopping, laundry, transportation to appointments, mental and social stimulation, light housekeeping, etc.

Personal Care: Home Management/ Companion tasks, as well as assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Live-in service: Option for those requiring 24 hour assistance.

512.250.2103 9811 Anderson Mill Rd #175 Austin, TX 78750

1601 W. 38th Street, Ste 5 512.458.5407 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   37

Above: Dean + Shari Derby + Serge Right: Dean + Shari Derby

If you go… Spring Valley Vineyards, Downtown Walla Walla Tasting Room: 18 N. 2nd Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362 509.525.1506 |

Spring Valley Vineyards, Walla Walla, Washington


or over 100 years, the Corkrum family

exclusively limited production, Estate-grown

Uriah’s wife, a native of Wales who immi-

has been farming in Spring Valley,

red wines from 115 acres of grapevines in-

grated to Walla Walla Territory in 1897. Their

situated 12 miles northeast of Walla

cluding Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Cab-

Frederick Cabernet Sauvignon blend is

Walla, WA. The family’s land is rich with his-

ernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Malbec.

named for Frederick Corkrum, son of Uriah

tory dating back to the mid 1800s, when Uri-

The vineyards are carefully and sustainably

and father of Shari, seen on the label on a

ah Corkrum began farming successfully in

tended by Dean’s brother Gaynor Derby, who

photograph from his football playing days at

the area. Sadly, he lost his entire wheat crop

makes sure that every grape and vine is

Whitman College. Nina Lee is a 100% Syrah

during the Great Depression of 1893, but he

cared for by hand, including crop thinning,

named after his wife, a former burlesque

persevered and acquired the land in 1910 to

leaf pulling, and harvesting.

dancer who gave up her promising career to

continue farming. The farm remained a full-

The names and labels of these voluptuous

marry Frederick and live the farming life-

family affair, and in 1993 Uriah’s grand-

and bold reds pay homage to the long family

style, which she kept up by herself for 21

daughter, Shari Corkrum Derby, and her hus-

history, and have consistently received rave

years after Frederick’s passing in 1957.

band Dean Derby planted their first two

reviews – and scores over 90 points – since

Today, Shari and Dean’s daughter Kath-

acres of Merlot grapes. In 1995, Walla Walla

the first vintage. Uriah, named after their

erine continues the family tradition as

area winemakers began using Spring Valley

founding father, is a Merlot blend with a lush

guest services director and brand ambas-

Vineyard grapes that produced very high

palate, long finish, velvety texture and firm-

sador, passionately telling her family story

quality wines, so the Derbys decided to open

but-subtle tannins that has made Wine

as she proudly pours samples of their

a winery beginning with the 1999 vintage.

Spectator’s Top 100 three times. Katherine,

wines at their tasting room and at events


a 100% Cabernet Franc, is named in honor of

across the nation.



38  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0



look for these fine wines at: Twin Liquors | Various locations around town Austin Wine Merchant | 512 W 6th Street – 499.0512 H.E.B | 701 S Capital of Texas Hwy – 732.9930

2006 Nina Lee Syrah $50 Earthy nose, big, ripe fresh, black fruit palate and a long vanilla finish. Chocolate!

5 fine wines from: 2007 Carneros Pinot Noir $39–$41 Classic Carneros pinot: bright cherry, hibiscus tea, and fresh herbs; bright, crisp and balanced, perfect for summer sipping and food pairing.

2007 Vino de Casa Red Blend $20 Red and dark fruit, spices, and cocoa; crisp acidity; serve lightly chilled with grilled or spicy food.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon $48–$52 Dark chocolate, currant, wild berry, plum, and anise; superior to better known Napa Cabs in this price range.

2007 Carneros Chardonnay $35–$38 2007 Carneros Merlot $35–$38 erStudio:Logos:Ruths_Chris:_Offi Fresh acidity, light creaminess; green:Magazine:RUTH_Hero_13x20_C_NOglass.tif apple Medium bodied and elegant, with raspperStudio:ART:MNH:Ruthschris:Steak Wedge and pear nose, citrusy flavors that are not berries, chocolate, spice, red currant, and uperStudio:ART:MNH:Ruthschris:Filet_Solo:RCS_Bkgnd_Mag_8x10_notexture_C_300_.tif masked by excessive oaking. Seafood!

4 varietals from:

black fruit.

2007 Uriah Merlot Blend $50 Big and bold, with dark fruit, cedar, and herb notes; concentrated tannins and perfectly integrated oak. 2007 Katherine Cabernet Franc $50 Rich and earthy, fruity, herbal palate, silky tannins and notes of caramel on the finish. Expresses terroir retaining its varietal correctness.

2006 Frederick Cabernet Blend $50 Outstanding, with flavors of dark fruit, with a hint of chocolate, balanced tannins and a lingering finish.

All Through August

We didn’t invent the steak house. we just brought it to Austin. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Austin’s original USDA Prime steak house.

477.RUTH (7884) | Congress at 6th St. w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   39

special feature – childcare

Lessons From a Working Mom Nurture My Child Solves All Manner of Childcare Needs B Y L a u r a M o h a m m a d


s a girl, Rebecca Cole watched her mother maneuver through caring for her family as a single mom, working and even pursuing a Master's in psychology. Today: "I constantly go back and check in with her. She's my constant guidance." Cole draws on her mother's inspiration now to raise her own family and to run Nurture My Child, which has a message that could harken from the wisdom of Cole's mother. She helps families find childcare, nannies and preschools in the Austin area. The 39-year-old's journey to her current business came by way of a career with Motorola, then Freescale. The mother of two worked in project management and quality assessment – all work that fits nicely into her current working life. Cole experienced the frustrations firsthand which she tries to alleviate for her clients. "When my daughter was born, it was one of those situations where I didn't know what was available. I was trying to find daycare while I was working, and they were only open during working hours." At one point, she put her money down, was set to go, then a current customer at the daycare needed her spot. Then, when her son was born, life got more complicated. She wanted her daughter in Montessori, she needed care for her son, and she needed a

40  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

part-time nanny. "It worked out, but it took so much time. I didn't want to compromise." With Nurture My Child, she carries her lessons as a new mother to her clients. Piecemeal is okay, she says, as you match the needs of the family, incorporating who picks the children up, the preferred education style, cost and other needs. "It's a holistic approach," she said. The Houston native's process starts with a one-hour session with the clients. She gives them a reference manual that they can review at their leisure. Then, she checks back in with them at various points, and once she has found a solution, she follows-up and makes sure they know they can contact her any time. Cole charges about a third of the cost of her competitors, she said. The business' next step is that of setting-up its services as a corporate benefit or as part of a relocation package. A business owner since November 2008, Cole has already had a company sign on, and she has signed on with several benefit broker groups. The founder and CEO of Nurture My Child has aided about 3050 families, mostly dual income, with the help of independent contractors. The former mechanical engineer was attracted to the idea of helping other people. "I love being a mom, being around other kids. If I don't make a computer chip, who cares?" she asked. "I wanted it to mean something to me."

Rebecca Cole and her children.

Advice From an Expert Cole's best advice for families looking for childcare is to start early. "A lot of people underestimate waiting lists. You need to be on a waiting list from the time you're pregnant. Some preschools have a year-totwo-year waiting list." Another nugget of advice: Don't be dazzled by new facilities or the programs. Look for longevity, she said, and the director's and teachers' credentials. When Cole seeks out care for her clients, she meets with the directors, coming armed with more than 100 criteria. See Nurture My Child on Facebook. It’s packed with


and advice.


When you’re feeling bad, you want help. And you want it fast. That’s why The Austin Diagnostic Clinic created EasyCare.

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Easy Access

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Medicare and most insurance accepted. No hospital deductible.

Ease of Mind

ADC physicians and providers to care for you and your family. Open to ADC patients and the community.


ADC Family Practice & Pediatric Center 2400 Cedar Bend Dr., 1st floor 512/901-4031  * After 5:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday additional charges may apply ** X-ray available at all times; Lab available Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm

3800 N. LAMAR M T W F: 10-6 TH: 10-7/SAT: 10-5 maternity and nursing apparel professionally-fitted foundations Medela® breastpumps • lactation consulting baby slings • breastfeeding classes w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   41

special feature – childcare

Advice From an Expert The optimal time for a 3D/4D ultrasound session is 27-32 weeks. That’s when facial features are well-defined and the baby still has room to move.

Patti Justice.

Blooming Moms-to-Be

Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center Celebrates Future Motherhood

Pregnancy causes unique changes as a woman’s body adapts to accommodate the growth of her baby. Edema and muscle strain can follow. Prenatal massages are conducted as the client lies on her side with a body cushion support system for comfort and safety.

B Y L a u r a M o h a m m a d


n the holistic way that permeates Patti Justice's world, she has combined her love of life with her expertise as a massage therapist to serve the littlest of all clients: the unborn baby. Opening Blooming Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center in late July, the former Florida resident offers future moms massage therapy, safe spa services and a 3D/4D imaging opportunity. A massage therapist for six years, Justice realized early on that there was a market for prenatal massage therapy – and she realized she loved it. Justice was a graphics artist when she discovered that nurturing and healing were in her soul. And caring for moms-to-be was the perfect fit. "You're helping them in a limited time," Justice said. "It's exciting to revitalize that part of the community, something that celebrates and embraces motherhood –

42  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

body, mind and spirit." The idea of pampering future moms appeals to her. Justice said she draws inspiration from all sources and people from her life – her family, faith, even relationships that don't work out. "It shapes you into the person you're going to be," she said. A compelling component to Blooming is that 3D/4D sonograms are offered. American Registry of Diagnostic Medical (RDMS) sonographers perform the scans, and the business requires clients to be under the care of an OB/GYN, with the doctor being aware that the scan is being performed. Should something unusual come up in the scan, the sonographer will encourage the client to contact her doctor, and will file a report. With the ultrasounds, the heartbeat can be confirmed, the number of babies in the pregnancy, even the face. Also, the baby's

position and the uterus' fluid level can be determined, as well as live-action images of the baby. Down the road, another offering from Blooming will be community classes that will address such issues as breastfeeding support, yoga stretches for pregnancy and nutrition to ease pregnancy heartburn. A doula referral service is also in the works. Justice says it's a dream five years coming. "I love the idea of creating something new," Justice said. "I would like to encourage other women who have a passion not to give up," she said. "Make it real. It takes us through paths.” "We'll have happy pregnant women everywhere. They don't have to worry about if we know where to touch them; they don't worry about if we know where not to touch them," said Justice. "We're celebrating motherhood."

Free brochure, in-home estimate & custom poolscape

Affordable Custom Pools & Expert Renovations


512.345.2583 260 Addie Roy St., #205 • CBP Certified

#1 - R a n k e B u i l d e r i n d Po o l Amer 2003/04/05/06/07/0 ica! 8/09

Pool & Spa News

Easy & Automated • Water- & Energy-efficient • Virtually Chlorine-free! Filename: Publication: Ad Name: Runs: Color: Ad Size: Dimensions: Ad Rep: Contacts:

Blue Haven - awm 0810 Austin Woman Magazine Art of Water August; as scheduled by local office 4-color 1/2 page horizontal 8.406” x 4.625” Katie Lesnick • 512-328-2421 • Graphic Artist: Bart Rodner • 619-233-3522 • Marketing Manager: Kirsten Partenheimer • 619-233-3522 x10107 • ❍Transmit ❍Immediately ❍By original date ❍By_____________________________ Transmitted: __________________________ ❍Email: Rep +

m 0810.indd 1

SA: Austin- FR

Gorgeous Millie is a playgroup designed to nurture the spirit, minds and imaginations of children aged 0 to 3 years, while providing a comfortable and social environment for their parents and caregivers. Families come three mornings a week from 9-12 for music, art, free play and snacks. The best teachers in the city will engage your child in songs and fun activities while our lattes and comfy couches will make you feel at home. Get three classes in one morning and meet other moms.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   43

T 9

special feature – childcare

A Message You Can Get Behind Coming to a Workplace Near You: Mom Corps

Ken Ross and Laura Stich with their two boys, Hunter and Duncan.


n March, Laura Stich, (with her husband Ken Ross and two boys), took the leap and moved to Austin from Massachusetts, leaving behind the high-tech world in which they had been immersed. They had made the decision to open a Mom Corps franchise – a staffing and recruiting company – and the Austin area seemed to be a perfect fit. She knew Austin would embrace the concept of the work/family balance of Mom Corps. They had been to Austin several times before, so they were familiar with its progressive culture. So: "We took the kids out of school. What the heck. It was an adventure," she said. Mom Corps tends to focus on the highly professional mom who doesn't want to stay home full-time but doesn't want to work full-time. "Our aim is to help the company find the people they need, and at the same time, help men and women find a better work balance," Stich said. The company pays Stich for her services. Typically, her candidates are multi-degreed and have been out of the workforce for less than five years. The former triathlete opened her doors four months ago, and has hit the ground running. Her work now entails connecting and marketing her services: She is active in numerous local organizations, including

44  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Her work is a case-in-point of what Mom Corps offers. She loves her ability to schedule her workdays around life. She tells a story about one small company that needed a general counsel, but not full- time. One of her mom candidates beat out 17 others to get a job that allows her to work part of the time from home. Stich and Ross had been in high-tech in Massachusetts when they were both laid-off last year. She actually had a job opportunity at one point in Massachusetts, but by then, she had decided: "I wanted to be master of my own domain.” "It's something I can be passionate about. I understand how difficult it is to commute, travel, raise kids," she said. "The message hit me, and I could get behind it." Stich worked full-time from when her boys, Hunter, 7, and Duncan, 6, were born. "At one point, we were putting more into daycare than in our mortgage," the 47-yearold ice hockey player said. "It definitely would have been less stressful to have found a job through Mom Corps. I had heard of them but I had never looked deeply enough into them." When the client is happy and the candidate is happy, Stich knows she's done her job. "It's got to be a fit on both sides."

B Y L a u r a M o h a m m a d

Advice From an Expert “Understand that you need to make tradeoffs,” said Stich. “There has been a lot in the media about the war between full-time, at-home moms and working moms. It’s one of these things where nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong. You just have to realize that there are tradeoffs and you need to communicate with everyone in the family. If there is one person who is out of sync with the whole thing, then it’s not going to work.” To go to Laura Stich’s blog, select “Texas-Austin” in the box on the right of the home page: “Find a Mom Corps franchise near you.”

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   45

special feature – childcare

A Lifelong Love Embracing Babyhood and Before B Y L a u r a M o h a m m a d


arrie Contey has the smile of a woman who loves babies. "I want them to be known. That's my secret weapon with the little people," she said. Contey, from the time when she was a girl, has made it her business to make babies known – both in the womb and after. She helped launch the Slow Family Living movement that encourages families to take time out of their day to acknowledge and connect with each other. In her groundbreaking practice, she works with future and current parents to recognize who their children are. "The main thing I try to impart, is there's a person in there and that person is conscious. The baby arrives as a big being, not just as a little ‘goo-goo, gaga.’ We need to see that there is somebody there," she said. Contey also emphasizes to her clients that the mother's emotional state influences not only how the baby feels, but how the baby grows. If Mom is stressed, said Contey, the baby's brain prepares for a stressful world. But it's critical that Mom not stress about being stressed. She needs to just take a moment to breathe. "It's not just meditating for nine months," Contey said. "[Moms] need to relearn how to be with themselves, now that they have somebody paying very close attention."

46  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

The New Jersey native's work builds on extensive research from the 1990s, when researchers found that babies are not just a bundle of genes and they aren't just a product of the environment they grow up in – they are made up of both. There is no longer nature vs. nurture. It's the two combined that make babies the people they are. Contey has embraced that and taken it to the next level. She proposes that fetuses process from the very beginning. In 2003, she completed a Masters in prenatal and perinatal psychology at the groundbreaking Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and in 2006 received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She has worked as an early parenting coach for the past 10 years. Contey's love of babies and their families went to a new level when, at 7, she first held a newborn. From the baby smell to the pillows supporting the baby in her arms, Contey knew at that point: "This was a big deal. I knew this was something I needed to pay attention to.” "I learned it was in my blood and my bones, and it was inevitable that this was what I was going to do," she said. "I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but I was going to be around families."

Carrie Contey.

Advice From an Expert On slowing down as a family: “Make connection the priority, whether for 10 seconds or 10 weeks,” said Contey. “If your child is starting to get agitated and fussy, rather than fixing or disciplining, slow down.” On prenatal parenting: “Selfcare is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Understand that the baby is coming in as a whole person. The baby is primitive in a way. They are using your emotional charge. If you are not aware of filling yourself up, everybody is off balance.” See these websites for no-nonsense advice and tips:

Leslie K. Smith, MEd.

Licensed Professional Counselor | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Family Therapy

Parenting Coordinator

Couples Therapy

Divorce Counseling

Individual Therapy

Home Studies

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special feature – family authors

We Are All Teachers Three Women Reach Out ... On Preemies, Stepmoms + Godmothers B Y C h r i s t i n e C o x


ne often hears of the writer who writes not because she can, but because she must. Three women with roots in Austin knew that their stories could help other

families in crucial ways; so instead of keeping their stories to themselves or sharing only with friends, they wrote and pub-

lished stories they knew, intuitively, would impact lives and foster powerful change and action in others.

AW to Jennifer Gunter, M.D.: Tell me your personal story, the one that inspired you to write the Preemie Primer: a Complete Guide For Parents Of Premature Babies From Birth To The Toddler Years And Beyond? I am an OB/GYN physician and I found myself pregnant

together we were able to write a book that would truly be

with triplets eight years ago. I went into labor prematurely

beneficial as well as interesting and beautiful. Today, we

and lost one of my babies. Two survived, Victor and Oliver.

can prevent over 10,000 premature births per year by taking

People don’t realize this, but, for example, we’ve gained

progesterone. But many doctors are still uninformed on the

huge awareness in the past decade about autism. Research

subject. I’m hoping this book will change that – will open

on autism is funded better now, and we hear about it all the

the medical and lay community’s eyes to what can be done

time. But compared to the number of premature births in

to prevent premature births, and to what can be done differ-

this country, the statistics on autism are minimal. Over 12%

ently when indeed we do find ourselves caring for prema-

of all babies in the U.S. are born prematurely. In the third

ture babies.”

trimester, from 37-to-40 weeks, babies’ brains and weight are having huge growth spurts. If a baby is born before then, he’s missing a crucial part of his development.

Ui f

Q S F F N JSF QSJNF fout jef!gps!Qbs B!Dpnqmfuf!Hv sui!Uispvhi bcjftÒGspn!Cj poe pg!Qsfnbuvsf!C s!Zfbst!boe!Cfz uif!Upeemf

Kfo ojg fs!

Hv ouf s-! NE

Dr. Stephen Berman, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine says of Gunter’s book, “As a

When I had my babies, I realized how woefully under-

pediatrician who cares for children with complex medical

informed we are about prematurity and the care of prema-

conditions, many of whom were born very prematurely, I

ture infants. I felt like I was bumping around in the dark half

recommend The Preemie Primer as a must-read for families

the time, just trying to do the right thing. I knew that I need-

of preemies. The personal feelings that Dr. Gunter shares

ed to write about it, and since I’m a physician and a mother,

will also help parents to trust their own common sense and

I was armed with the ability to do so knowledgably. My sis-

deal with the stress and anxiety of raising a preemie.”

ter-in-law is an illustrator, and she wanted to help, so

A Lifestyle of Casual Elegance! N ow o p e N

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512.249.0500 • 11819 pavilion boulevard • austin, TX 78759 • 48  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

You’ll Feel right at home.

AW to Jennifer Newcomb Marine: Why did you decide to write No One's the Bitch: A Ten-Step Plan for Mothers and Stepmothers (GPP Life, 2009), strengthening families, one mother/stepmother relationship at a time? And was it as cathartic as it was difficult? My husband and I divorced and about a

this book together, to accurately represent

year later he began a serious relationship

both sides of this difficult transition. We

with someone. My first reaction to that was

knew we needed to do this, because no one

complete anger and frustration. I couldn’t

else ever had, and it was so important. Fami-

believe this strange person, whom I knew

lies and the definition of families has changed

nothing about, was having a day-to-day rela-

so much in the past few decades. Stepfami-

tionship with my children, perhaps influenc-

lies have a 75% divorce rate. That’s a stagger-

ing their lives in ways that I was completely

ing statistic. I hope this book can help people

unaware. I began looking for a book on how

negotiate better through such a strange

to deal with someone you don’t even know


being a part of your children’s lives. There was nothing out there. Nothing! I couldn’t

Katherine Shirek Doughtie, author of Aph-

believe it. I felt jealous and threatened, even

rodite in Jeans: Adventure Tales about Men,

though it was obvious that she was trying

Midlife, and Motherhood says, "Finally! A

really hard. I wanted our relationship to be

must-read user's guide for every woman in-

ok, for the kids’ sakes, so I started to reach

volved in a stepmother/ex-wife relationship.

out to her. But I was still having a hard time

With humor, insight, and unflinching hones-

and was finding it difficult to know what to do.

ty, Jennifer and Carol take you through the

One day, I went over to their house to pick

process of making one of the trickiest rela-

up the kids and I walked into the living room

tionships in our culture infinitely easier.

and there was the most beautiful painting of

Leave the snarking behind! This book will

my daughter hanging there. She had painted

give you the tools to move on and glory in

it. My heart melted, and from thereon every-

some newfound possibilities.”

thing shifted. Carol and I decided to write

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   49

special feature – family authors

AW to Jan Bozarth, Fairy Godmother Academy, Random House. You come from what is typically called a “Hollywood background.” Why begin a series of books when you could focus on so many other things in your career? I feel like the relationships we have with our

Godmother Academy fans in the chat room. I

children need ritual and bonding tools. I see this

could not have pulled this off without the help of

series that way. I wanted to find a project that

my editor at Random House. She coached me

would involve pre-teens because my career has

along through this and continues to be my big-

centered around designing products in pre-teen

gest supporter and mentor. My books are interna-

media, so this was a natural step for me. I wanted

tionally translated now, and starting to sell in

this to be a literary property that was beautiful,

other countries. That’s so exciting to me, that I

but also hip – something beyond the Barbie/

can impact young girls’ lives all over the world.

American Girl stuff pre-teens would grow out of;

My characters in each series are strong, adven-

something “Secret Garden-like” but more con-

turous girls who believe in their dreams. My

temporary. It took me two years to develop this

mother always taught us to dream big. I hope this

idea as a trans-media project within a series of

series has that kind of influence on young wom-

books. [“Trans-media” means that there are also


games, music and online interactions that accompany the books.]

Jennifer Hill Robenalt, Robin Hill Media says,

Today, I’m on the third book in the series,

“Jan is amazing and Austin is darned lucky to

called Zally’s Book. There will be eight books in

have such a major force in tween literature and

the series and readers do not have to read them

transmedia in our midst. She’s really a pioneer

in chronological order. They are all stand-alone

and also just an incredibly creative, magical ge-

books created for girls who are fans of Harry Pot-

nius of a woman.”

ter and fantasy fiction. The girls can do activities

on and offline and they can chat with other Fairy

Your baby

deserves the best:

Patrick D. Nunnelly, MD

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special feature – Education

Up Close with Adriana Rodriguez What inspired you to start your schools?

Adriana Rodriguez

Director, Jardín de Niños Interlingua Founder of Spanish-immersion day school, a role model for

I saw my father take the lead in Mexican education for many years, and even as a child, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I promised myself I was going to open my own school. How important is this form of day care?

other Latina business owners, sees her hard work recognized

It is very important to provide children with experiences that pre-

with Hispanic Businesswoman of the Year award.

pare them to be multilingual and multicultural. This type of education

B Y J u l i e T e r e s h c h u k

will be the foundation that our community will build on. Are your schools only for parents of Hispanic heritage? The Jardin is for parents of all cultures and backgrounds – anyone who believes in the value of a bilingual education and cultural experience. We have children with no Hispanic background at all. What plans do you have for the future? To open my third location and take the school to a new level by getting the International Baccalaureate Accreditation. Later, our plan is to open schools all over the USA. What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced at JDNI? To open JDNI, I left my job, sold my house and invested everything in the school, including my heart, energy and faith. Within the first year, I was able to expand and open more classrooms and increase our capacity. My responsibility as a Latina business owner is to let the community know that anything is possible if you strive to reach your goals and never give up. It is important to help one another so that the business community can grow stronger together. Do you have time for activities outside JDNI? I only have the weekends and I dedicate that time to my family. We go swimming, to the movie theater, roller-skating, birthday parties and socializing with our friends. When I have free time for me, I get a massage or exercise at the gym.

MORE INFO: Jardín de Niños Interlingua

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What: Spanish immersion day school, incorporating 20% English and 10% French from age 4 and up. Founded: 2007 Locations: 2 (a 3rd planned) Enrollment: 200+ children, ages 6 months to 3rd grade. Accolades: 2008 + 2009 “Best of Austin Day Care”




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special feature – Education

Michelle Suh Dedicated Westlake Student Awarded Time Warner Cable Rising Hero Scholarship, Plus Grant Toward Charity of Her Choice

B Y J u l i e T e r e s h c h u k Michelle Suh (left) receiving her Rising Heroes Scholarship Award from Michelle Roebuck, communications manager at Time Warner Cable. Since it began in 2006, the Rising Hero program has awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships to local students.


White Hospital to create a gastric cancer awareness

60 Seconds with Michelle Suh

seminar series. With her love of music, Michelle and her

What inspired such dedicated volunteerism?

t’s hard to believe she just graduated from Westlake High School, as Michelle Suh has organized blood drives, food drives and fundraising drives. After los-

ing her father to cancer, she partnered with Scott and

sister also founded ShaMu (Sharing Music Club), a music

My dad was fond of reminding me that everyone has 24 hours – it’s how

outreach program. And she still has time to watch her

you use it that counts …There is no guaranteed tomorrow, and, as many of my

favorite TV show, Glee.

generation has realized, we’re never too young to start making a difference.

In May, Suh – who heads to Harvard this fall as anthropology major – had her inspiring record recognized by a Rising Hero scholarship award from Time Warner Cable. (She was also selected for an additional $500 grant to the charity of her choice: Mobile Loaves and Fishes.) “The Rising Heroes Award honors the cream of the crop, but even among those peers, Michelle was a standout,” said Stacy Schmitt, vice president of communications, Time Warner Cable Central Texas. “Not only was she a top-notch scholar, musician and class president,

Why should young people volunteer, and do you have any advice on getting started? My generation has grown up faster than others. We’re aware of our surroundings, whether it’s financial, social or environmental. If we want to be treated like adults, we should take the responsibility to improve the world around us. My friends and I succeed in our volunteer efforts when we have a strong conviction in our cause. It’s important to find an area that’s close to your heart and needs your talents. Do you have plans yet for beyond Harvard?

but she turned a family tragedy into an opportunity to

I hope to work for Teach for America, a nonprofit that places recent col-

help others. Michelle is a great example of what can be

lege graduates into teaching positions at low-income communities. I am

achieved through effort and perseverance.”

convinced that a large part of my success is due to the stellar education I received. That same caliber of education should be available to anyone,

fun fact “As an eighth grader and high school senior, I won the Austin Symphony concerto competition. My violin teacher, Jennifer Bourianoff, assistant concertmaster of the Austin Symphony, also won it her senior year.

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regardless of their home zip code or income.


Contact Michelle Roebuck at 512.485.6406 with questions on the Rising Hero Scholarship Program.


6500 N. Mopac Building 3, Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78731

Round Rock:

170 Deep Wood Dr., Suite 104 Round Rock, Texas 78681

(512) 458-8400

Top: Thomas Blevins, M.D.; Peter Emerson, M.D.; Luis Casaubon, M.D. Bottom: Stephanie Shaw, M.D.; Valerie Espinosa, M.D.

The center provides comprehensive care for diabetes, thyroid disease and osteoporosis. • Diabetes management services include diabetes education, management of type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy and dietitian services • Thyroid evaluation and management, including specializing in fine needle aspiration biopsies of thyroid nodules, treatment of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer diagnosis, management and treatment. We offer state-of-the-art ultrasound to identify thyroid nodules and skilled ultrasonographers specializing in thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer follow-up. • Osteoporosis management and treatment and the latest in bone-density measurement technology. • Clinical research in the areas of diabetes, obesity, thyroid, osteoporosis and cholesterol disorders

Between bot tles,

Ethan earned

an MBA.

I was concerned about time away from my family, but the evening classes worked well for me. Collaboration with my classmates is so much of the learning. Within my study group, it’s like having tutors who are all experts in their respective fields. THE BAYLOR PROGRAM FITS WITH



AN INFORMATION SESSION CALL 512.996.4095 OR VISIT US ON THE WEB AND CLICK ATTEND AN EVENT The Baylor Executive MBA program in Austin meets Monday and Thursday evenings. The 21-month program begins in August.

7700 W. Parmer

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special feature – Education

Susan Savoie

President, Teacher Heaven, Inc. Her growing business is dedicated to helping those who touch the lives of our children

B Y J u l i e T e r e s h c h u k


t’s hard to believe, but Susan Savoie has been in the retail business for over 30 years. Now, a youthful 47, she is the owner of Teacher Heaven, a fun and thriving educational supply store with six locations (including two in Austin). It’s been an interesting journey – via fast food, phones and menswear. Yet, at each step, Savoie has burnished her natural aptitude for customer service. This is the woman fired from her first job after college for not doing a hard sell on her customers. “I prefer to take care of my customers, keep them for life and then go about acquiring new clients,” says Savoie. Since opening the first Teacher Heaven in 1996, Savoie’s attitude has paid off. With an equally dedicated staff at her side, not to mention her husband and sister, Savoie is taking Teacher Heaven down a new path. She can now take the story of Teacher Heaven into schools and daycares with the hiring of her first account executive, Sheila Shoff. As for Savoie’s goal – that’s simple: “We are not only here to make a dollar, we want to make a difference.”

The Insider’s View “Our perfect customer is anyone who is interested in the education of our children and feels a sense of urgency to help them through their educational journey. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, daycare workers, Sunday school teachers, adult literacy teachers … We just want to help any way we can to make their jobs a little bit easier.” “Stop and think before you go to the toy store for that perfect Christmas or birthday gift. Nothing has more longevity than a fun gift that leaves the child knowing something they didn’t know before. You will not be disappointed if you give an educational gift.”

ko r e y h ow e ll ph oto g r a ph y

“We pride ourselves on being able to assist a customer ... We like to learn right along with them, opening and playing games – whatever it takes to unlock the knowledge that is hidden behind the packaging.” “90% of our business is money out of the teacher’s own pocket … Some of our customers care so much, that they will do without something for themselves before they give up purchasing the products we carry.”


Weekly discounts + bonus projects at

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fun fact

Hometown: Midland, TX College: Texas A&M Family: Husband Randy, married in 1992 Children: none; dogs, 3

(Savoie’s Pomeranian accompanies her to work daily.)

Says: “Being involved in the community is essential.”

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on the cover

Jeanne Seen here + on cover in: Collective Concepts lace top with mariachiinspired double ruffle sleeves – $98. Complemented by handmade Catherine Nicole jewelry featuring black coral and green quartz stones – $88 - $116. Top available at Blue Elephant, 4001 N. Lamar Jewelry available at

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In a Class All Her Own BY J u l i e T ere s h c h u k

p h o t o gra p h y b y C O R E Y R Y A N f a s h i o n s t y l i ng - ca s s i e f l en i k en Ha i r - D E KL y N D c h ann i ng Makeup - K AREN PoWaNDA C l o t h i ng - A D E L A N T E + BLU E E L E PH A N T jewe l r y - cat h er i ne n i c o l e

Jeanne Goka vowed she would never give up teaching. What prompted her to take a high-stakes, high-profile job as principal of a unique educational experiment trying to create a high-bar legacy for a school named for one of Texas’ most well-known, modern-day icons – Governor Ann Richards – and what is her secret strategy for success?

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   59

We have to depend on what we do with education to make the world a better place. Ultimately, that’s the goal.


orn and raised in Hawaii, the teenage Kenichi Goka opted to stay when his parents and younger siblings returned

to Japan – a country he had never visited. Fiercely patriotic to the United States, he joined the ROTC, and even tried to enlist in the U.S. Army. Yet, when the United States entered World War II, he, his wife and their young daughter were sent to a series of internment Jeanne Seen here in: Salmon-colored sheer top with floral underlayer and sequin trim by Saivana – $152. Island Imports lacy summer scarf in ice pink – $24. Dangling Tibetan turquoise earrings by Catherine Nicole – $88 and medallioned strappy wedges by Seychelles – $105 complete the look.

camps in California. As government restrictions loosened, he moved around the country to a series of jobs which kept him and his family out of the camps. He was finally drafted into

Blouse + shoes available at Adelante Boutique, 1206 W. 38th St. Jewelry available at

the U.S. Army and sent to Allied-occupied Japan. A touching family photo shows Goka in his uniform shaking hands with his brother – who had served in the Japanese army – through a barbed wire fence. Another precious family memory is even more poignant. Kenichi Goka had not seen his parents since those carefree days in Hawaii. Now deployed in post-war Japan, he contacted his parents, telling them he would visit. Finally, after repeated efforts, he boarded an overnight train from Tokyo. Arriving in the small town, Goka sees an old white-haired man standing at the station. The old man calls, “Kenbo” – the diminutive of Kenichi. Turning, the young man sees his father. “How did you know I was on that train?” asks the returning son. His wizened father responds simply: “I have met every train from Tokyo since you wrote.”

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Go Goka! Dr. Meria Carstarphen, Superintendent of the Austin ISD: “She brings so much energy and commitment to the school, and is truly a role model for aspiring, successful women leaders.” Ellen Richards, Chair Emeritus of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Advisory Board: “For her, there is almost nothing more important than treating everyone with equal respect and kindness, and always acknowledging the contributions of each person.” Lou Dubose, husband: “While she is a workaholic, it is not a pathology but what she genuinely loves to do.” Geoff Rips, AISD Development Director + District Liaison for the Austin Public Education Foundation: “She is a great educational leader, but she also inspires you.”

After the army, Kenichi Goka re-

Texas Governor Ann Richards’ sup-

turned to the family business in Los

porters and their desire to have a

Angeles before moving the family to

fitting legacy for their hero and it’s

Houston. There, he and his wife

clear that Goka’s role is even heavi-

Harue worked against all odds in a

er with expectation and evaluation

country still predominately anti-

than in a typical middle or high

Japanese to find work and create a


home for their three children, Doralyn, Tom and Jeanne.

She has felt the weight of expectation before. Raised as a child to be

That rich atmosphere of survi-

a flawless model of rectitude, Goka’s

vor’s hard work, respect for authority

father told her, “What you do is im-

and dedication to your community

portant to us as a family, and to you

“formed me into who I am now,” says

as an individual, but most impor-


tant, it’s important to your race. Be-

C olle ge Ye ars, Ho ust on, TX

cause we have got to pull our race


out of the perception of hate that

the first principal of the Ann Rich-

stricture with compassionate wis-

ards School for Young Women

dom, which his daughter has em-


braced and echoed back to count-

people have of us.” However, her father balanced his daunting moral

Goka dreams big. “We have to

less young people throughout her

depend on what we do with educa-

career: “Education is the most im-

tion to make the world a better

portant thing in the world; and you

place. Ultimately, that’s the goal.”

have to take care of the underdogs.”

Where better to make her dreams

Goka’s husband of 40 years, journal-

reality than at the Ann Richards

ist and author Lou Dubose, has seen

School – a school unique within the

the impact of her father’s words on

Austin Independent School District

his wife and draws the analogy with

and a model attracting the eyes of

a line of verse from Yeats, ‘What if an

the nation. As Dr. Meria Carstar-

excess of love bewildered them … ’ “I

phen, Superintendent of the Austin

think Jeanne, and our daughter

Independent School District, says,

Emiko, are bewildered by an excess

“Practically wherever I go in the

of compassion, which both of them

United States, people want to know

have channeled into their work,

about the Ann Richards School.”

which in the end will make the

Add to that the vast swell of former

world a better place.”

( A B O V E ) I n c o l l e g e , G o k a w o r k e d t w o s u m m e r s i n G u e s t R e l a t i o n s a t H o u s t o n ’ s A s t r o W o r l d t h e m e p a r k . T h e p h o t o s o f her modeling the uniform were used as a training aide for new tour guides. ( B E L OW ) J e a n n e G o k a a n d L o u D u b o s e m e t a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y o f H o u s t o n a n d m a r r i e d i n M a r c h , 1 9 7 1 .

c h 197 1 W e d di ng D ay , M ar

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   61

The Top of the Mountain Ellen Richards took over as chair of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Advisory Board when her mother died in 2006. Now, three years after the school opened, Ellen Richards says, “Failure is not in Jeanne Goka’s vocabulary … Starting the Ann Richards School was an enormous mountain to climb and Jeanne set her sights for the top and never faltered.” While Goka acknowledges the heavy responsibility of the role, she says, “I never felt I couldn’t do it … Once I’m going to do something, I’m not going to quit.” Besides, she says, anxious to give all credit for the school’s success to others, she receives a huge amount of support from faculty, staff, the advisory board, the school district – the list goes on. Today Goka’s resolve and perseverance have paid off. Rated Exemplary by the Texas Education Agency in its first year, the school missed that top ranking by a whisker in 2009, and is predicted to regain its Exemplary rating for 2010. “We are going to be the best school in the nation,” says Goka. That spunky self-confidence doesn’t make her infallible, howJeanne Seen here + on p. 9 in: Geometric black and white Laundry dress with pronounced front zipper – $160. Dress available at Adelante Boutique, 1206 W. 38th St. Jewelry available at

ever. Goka has the humility to admit, and the empathy to long regret, a bad decision. One in particular still haunts her. It was the summer before the school opened its doors in 2007 and the flood of applicants was being processed. Awed by the

I never felt I couldn’t do it … Once I’m going to do something, I’m not going to quit.

quality of the candidates, Goka seized on the suggestion that the rejection envelopes also be stuffed with confetti stars – the school’s em-

blem. She edited her letter, telling the girls denied a place that they

Fast Facts: Jeanne Goka Job: Principal, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Previous jobs:

English teacher, Cullen Junior High, Houston ISD Dean + English teacher, St. Michael's, Austin Director, Kealing Middle School Magnet Program AISD


Stephen F. Austin High School, Houston ISD; University of Houston

Family: Husband Lou Dubose; kids Michael, Emiko Height: 5’ Inside Scoop (provided by Lou Dubose):

“She enthusiastically sold every almost every possession we had and gave up a good job to take off with the kids [and me] for Spain for a year, where she communicated with our Catalan neighbors in sign language until she got the language down.” 62  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

were also stars – yet, regrettably, they had not been selected. It was only when contacted by an angry parent; she realized her intentions had backfired. As the irate father explained, seeing the stars tumbling out of her envelope, his daughter assumed she’d been accepted – until she read the letter, and realized she was in fact being rejected. Showing her unflinching nature, Goka does not avoid the harsh reality: “To this day it sits with me. You don’t get over these horrible mistakes,” she says. “But you do learn from them.” (These days, no one puts stars in the envelopes of the girls not accepted into the school.) At a youthful 61, Goka still actively seeks out ways to foster her own personal growth, including enrolling in the Leadership Texas program. “As the school has grown, so has Jeanne. She’s a lifelong learner and a demonstrated leader,” says Ellen Richards. Lou Dubose adds, “You either grow or you become stagnant … I think of the Bob Dylan line, ‘He not busy being born is busy dying.’ She's still busy being born.”

The Goka Way “I really want to applaud the teachers. They are the ones that are in the trenches and make this school work every day. And I worry about them, because they give so much,” says Goka – who has made her handpicked team an integral part of her leadership model at the award-winning school.

Ann Richards School Principal Jeanne Goka provides exclusive practical tips for parents interested in recreating the school’s approach with their own daughters. These tips are based around the four tenets of the school:

It’s a simple, yet effective, three-step recipe. “First, you hire people who are smarter and more creative than you, surrounding yourself with talent. Then, you have a kernel of an idea, and you throw it out there.” Goka is an animated storyteller and recounting the final step is accompanied by her signature broad smile and a whooshing sound effect. “And they grow it.” The teachers’ dedication, ingenuity and creativity that have grown from this model have manifested in ways large and small: from implementing Goka’s desire to have the students embrace the yoga sessions which are part of the regular school week (Goka is a regular at weekend yoga classes),

Lead with courage + compassion.

to turning over their conference periods to small group tutoring. From creating personalized stars for each student (all filed in individual folders to be

“You cannot instantly make them a leader. You have to give them ownership and not jump in and do everything for them.” Goka suggests a “grassroots” approach, like, for example, allowing them to suggest and prepare healthier meals for dinner, take charge of recycling around the house. “Let them take on a project and do it. But be involved.”

handed over at graduation) to having a sleepover at the school prior to a

Attend + graduate from college.

Richards School, where faculty and staff follow Goka’s lead in a mutual dis-

“I want moms to give their girls a screwdriver and an object – a clock, a computer ... Have them take it apart and then put it back together. Start with something that’s not working but move on to something that does work. We’ve got to get over that barrier of doing damage before you learn.”

pre-dawn departure on an 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. (Goka, who puts in regular 12-hour work days, also took part in the lock-in.)

It’s Mutual Bantering with the boss has been elevated to an art form at the Ann play of trust and respect. Shamaa Lakshmanan and Ann Ewald both worked with Goka prior to the Ann Richards School. Lakshmanan, AISD's 2008 Middle School Teacher of the Year, says, “She never takes herself too seriously, and pokes fun at herself time and time again … Our girls see her as a role model they are not intimidated to talk to, and the faculty and staff see her as a mentor and leader whose door is always open.” Ann Ewald has known Goka for 12 years (she taught French when Goka was at St. Michael’s

Commit to a healthy + well-balanced lifestyle.

Offer alternative forms of exercise. “Instead of forcing her to run, in a family of runners, and making her hate running, maybe it’s the hula hoop for her … Make sure you have a variety of activities.”

Solve problems creatively + ethically in support of our global community.

“That’s the only way we’re going to solve the world’s problems and service learning is part of it. To get them to recognize that you’ve got to give back, they need to get involved in doing something for other people.”

Academy) and says, “I have heard it said many times and have thought it myself, ‘I would follow Jeanne Goka anywhere.’ There is something about Jeanne as an individual and professional that is magnetic. She has such joie

de vivre, such a true, caring nature, and is incredibly dedicated.” Caring is a key part of Goka’s strategy for success, borne out when Goka says, “The difference at this school is the relationships we have with these girls.” In everything she is doing, she is creating a culture where “the girls know that they are loved and adored and will be taken care of.” There’s a surprise in all of this. As warmhearted as she is, and as clearly treasured by all around her, Goka describes herself as an introvert. Pressed, she explains, “One-on-one I love meeting people. It’s just that I won’t go into a crowd of people I don’t know and flit around.”

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   63

Never Say Never A passionate English teacher spurred on by nightmare memories of her own high school English teacher, Goka thought she could never leave the classroom, where she’d been since her days as a 21-year-old student teacher in inner city Houston’s tough Third Ward. She finally and reluctantly turned administrator at Austin’s St. Michael’s Academy taking on the role of Academic Dean. She embraced the change, and “realized I could help everyone this way.” From St. Michael’s, Goka moved on to be part of the team opening Kealing Middle School’s Magnet program. She loved her role at Kealing – which begs the question, what was she thinking in applying for the Ann Richards School post? There’s a glint in Jeanne Goka’s eye and a tone in her voice that soon reveals a woman who has passionately seized life and who is now reveling in imparting that passion, the experiences it has

Fast Facts:

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders A public college-preparatory school for girls grades 6-12, founded to give young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the skills and confidence necessary to pursue college educations and careers.

Opened its doors August 2007

brought her and the lessons she’s learned, to the students, faculty

Served (2009-10)

and staff in her care. In college she was a rebel – always first to march

434 students, in grades 6-9 Will continue adding a grade each year, ultimately serving grades 6-12

in those protest-torn days of the 1960s. As a young mother, she wished nothing more for her two children than to make them “citizens of the world” – even selling the family home to live in Spain. Then, back in the United States and contemplating her teenage daughter’s education, she became a believer in single-sex education for girls. She devoured Myra and David Sadler’s book about shortchanging girls in America – Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls. So, despite loving her role at Kealing, there’s a simple answer to why she applied for the highly anticipated Ann Richards School job. “The opportunity to be able to change these girls’ lives and give them the opportunity to go into science, technology and engineering was a calling I had.”

Proud Parents There are two saplings on the grounds of the Ann Richards School. One was planted by the teachers of Kealing Middle School in honor of their former colleague’s historic appointment to the new school. Next to it, stands a tree planted by the Goka family after the death of Kenichi Goka last year. As these trees grow and spread their branches, they symbolize the hope Goka has for her students that they will grow and spread the impact of their unique education opportunity. “I tell the teachers, we are going to get this girl into college, she’s going to come back and take her siblings through, and they’re going to lift this whole family out of poverty.” She’s spoken those words countless times over the years, yet they rush out with a passion unquenched by repetition. They are words Goka’s own father would applaud. As would another famous parent, says Ellen Richards. “My mother would be so proud of Jeanne, as Mother always pushed women to stretch and grow.”

64  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

first 12th grade-class graduates 2013

At capacity Will be the largest single-gender public school in the US

Texas Education Agency ranking Exemplary (2008) Recognized (2009) Exemplary (2010)

Reflects the demographics of Austin ISD 55% Hispanic 25% Caucasian 17% African American 3% Asian American 65% of students qualify for free and reduced meals

Jeanne Seen here in: Pastel tunic with shell embellishment by Theme – $86. Coordinating Seychelles t-strap heels – $90. Teardrop-shaped pink jade earrings by Catherine Nicole – $110. Tunic and shoes available at Adelante Boutique, 1206 W. 38th st. Jewelry available at

I tell the teachers, we are going to get this girl into college, she’s going to come back and take her siblings through, and they’re going to lift this whole family out of poverty.


The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is the only public school in the country with a roller derby team.

Why a Girls’ School?

An Ann Richards Girl

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is based on proven successful models for educating young women. There are currently public girls’ schools in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas public school districts. The first school to serve as a model school is in East Harlem. Following the success of the East Harlem School, the New York Public School System has opened a second school in the Bronx, a third school in Queens and a fourth school in Astoria. While the Chicago school is a district charter, the others serve as stand-alone magnet or choice schools in their school districts. Current studies support these positive effects of single-sex classes on girls: Establish comfortable places in which girls can learn and explore the world. Provide an opportunity for girls to consider issues of gender identity and the variety of roles girls and women can consider in today's and tomorrow's society. May be particularly helpful to girls at the developmental level of early adolescence.

An Ann Richards girl shows up. She knows regular attendance is a key to success. An Ann Richards girl is respectful. She respects herself, others and her school. An Ann Richards girl sets high goals for herself. She believes in herself. An Ann Richards girl is academically successful. She makes schoolwork a priority. An Ann Richards girl is a friend and a team player. She values relationships and does her part in a group. An Ann Richards girl takes care of her health and wellness. She makes time for good thoughts, food and exercise. An Ann Richards girl demonstrates integrity. She uses quality thinking to do the right thing. An Ann Richards girl doesn’t just demand change; she develops and presents thoughtful proposals for change. She is a problem-solver.



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Combating the Makeup Meltdown:

Lather, rinse, repeat: not just for hair anymore. Double

cleansing your skin will help reduce excess oils which inter-

ter how beautiful you look

fere with your makeup’s longevity. Try Philosophy’s Never

and feel, as soon as you

Let Them See You Shine Cleanser (1).

walk out of a room full of

Makeup primers are the step after your skin care, before

air-conditioning, you sud-

your foundation. Primers create a smooth barrier protecting

denly feel like The Wicked

your skin from environmental pollutants as well as protect

Witch from The Wizard of

your makeup from breaking down with your natural oils, a

Oz as she gets the bucket of

summer sun beauty essential. Try Anastasia Hydrating Oil

water thrown on her. Avoid

(2) or Laura Mercier Secret Finish in Mattifying (3).

crying out ‘I’m melting! I’m

Sunnier months tend to be more forgiving on skin’s tex-

melting!’ with these beat-

ture, so with the heat, a light, water-based, tinted moisturiz-

the-heat beauty tips.

er is all you need. Try Rae Cosmetics Climate Control




Mineral Tint SPF 20 (4), a water-resistant formula that stays on all day, even when you sweat. Use a foundation


brush, best for applying liquid and cream textures, leaving you with a flawless, airbrushed quality. Flaunt your sunless, tanned skin with water-resistant bronzers that withstand the heat and sweat. Try Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer (5) or Jemma Kidd for Target Show Stopper Water-Resistant Bronzer (6).

*Apply in the cheek hollows for a subtle slimming effect.

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Weight Control of Texas, Inc.

For the Control of Obesity | Physician-Supervised


512 323 6570




austinwoman magazine


Providing Simeons HCG Diet





210.651.1744 or 210.614.9533 Monday-Saturday: 7am-6pm 6051 FM 3009 | Schertz, TX 78233

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1206 W. 38th Street


Photo: Lucas Purvis

A perspiration resistant cosmetics line specifically created for Austin’s unique climate and lifestyle.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   69

De-Harry Your Hair Summer heat, excessive sun and sticky weather can leave your fashionista coiffe falling flat. A few hair rules to live by will help keep your hair ‘do’ from becoming a ‘don’t.’ Overwashing your hair can strip your hair of its natural oils. Try to simply rinse your hair every second day. A dry shampoo which absorbs excess oil is a great alternative to avoid over-washing. Try Batiste or Psssssst dry shampoos, just spray on roots and brush through. Summer beauty trends show many hairstyles up off the neck so you can look chic and be cool at the same time! Try a ballet bun, a high messy ponytail or even a side ponytail.

Ballet Bun How-To: Pull your hair into the nape of your neck as if to tie into a ponytail. While holding the hair at the nape (base), tightly twist the tail until you feel the base twist in your hand, let go of base and continue twisting, the bun automatically forms. Secure by crossing two bobby pins in an ‘X’ shape which locks in the hairstyle. Bobby pins should be placed in a clock formation, (i.e., at 12, 3, 6 and 9.) For thicker hair, add pins in-between the ‘hours’ as well. *A quick blast of

air over your hair from your blow dryer will give your bun an effortless, deconstructed look.

Chic Messy Ponytail: Using a brush with a mix of boar

Side Pony: For side ponytails, it’s best to comb with your fingers

and synthetic bristles, brush hair straight back and secure slightly

so hair is not too slick. Secure just behind your earlobe, as if it’s too

below the crown, using a grip elastic. Or, for thicker hair, use bungee

high you will look like the Cheer Captain. Once secure, while pressing

elastics. For added texture, spray a little sea salt spray into the ends of

fingertips gently on your scalp; gently shake your fingers while sliding

your hair and scrunch-up with your hands while aiming a quick blast

down the hair shaft to loosen for a more casual appeal. *For other on-

of air from your blow dryer. Try John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt

trend hairstyle ideas check out and check out the “backstage

Spray with Lavender (11) *Back brush ponytail for a more dramatic


‘straight off the runway’ style.

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Visit our studio to experience the benefits of a 30 minute makeover. Call today to schedule your appointment.

4402A Burnet Road Studio: 512.388.1150

Whether layering colors creating a dramatic eye or just wanting one splash of color,


cream-to-powder eye shadows are made to stay put in any condition. Apply swiftly as creams tend to set at once. Your fingertips or synthetic bristle brushes are the best tools for this product. Try Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadow (7) or Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Midnight Rodeo (8) Use water-resistant mascara, which will keep you from looking like the ‘morning-after’ rock star. Try Jemma Kidd Semi-Permanent Mascara (9), mascara that glides on with


rich color and zero clumps.


Freshen-up your makeup or cool-off from the heat with a soothing spray that has anti-reddening calming properties. Try FACEatelier FACE Finish (10), a spray you can use throughout the day to refresh


without disturbing your makeup.



13 Many product lines are finally seeing the [sun]light. With new formulations and products geared to preserving more than just hair color from sun damage, hairdos are getting protected too. Use a humidity blocker that aims at keeping the moisture out of your hair so your hair will remain bouncin’ and behavin’. Try Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Shield (12) or Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray (13).

To contact Andrea Claire or learn more, go to

Studio Bella

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n ra



City Park Rd C

m ha

ay W

• We support • We honor • We fight • We encourage

See “Studio Bella” on

w w w. s t u d i o - b e l l a . c o m w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   71



What’s Up with


Stay ing C

hile standing on top of my board, I paddled through the calm water of Lady Bird Lake – the wind in my hair, sunshine on my face, and the “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh” sound of each paddle stroke propelling me and the board forward. I was in heaven. I was SUP’ping and loving every zen-like minute of it! Also known as Stand Up Paddleboarding, SUP is a combination of surfing and kayaking. SUP has always been popular in places like Hawaii or the Texas coast but it

72  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

ool with

B Y S u s a n Fa r ag


rt the H ottest Summer Spo

recently made its way inland and is becoming more and more popular in Austin. SUP can be done as a recreational hobby, as an all inclusive holiday getaway, or as a competitive sport. SUP is a great way to exercise without feeling like exercise. The first time Laura Narvaiz felt a SUP board under her feet, she loved it. “The best thing about SUP is that you can go out with a group of friends, enjoy a day out on the water, get a killer upper- and lower-body workout, and not realize that you're working out because you're having so much fun!” says Narvaiz.

Kim Carlson recently tried SUP for the first time with a group of friends on Lady Bird Lake. Her concern was not getting on the board, it was staying on the board. Says Carlson, “I can't believe how easy it was to stand on the board for the first time. Moving my weight from side to side really helped me realize that there is a lot of ‘play’ in the board, but it certainly wasn't going to tip over! I was also amazed at the foot and leg workout you get from maintaining balance!” After two hours, she felt like a pro and finished her outing by doing a cannonball off the board and into the water.

Want to get back into your skinny jeans?

dolce . salon Got Frizz? We can help with that! Our Professional Keratin Smoothing treatment removes 90% frizz and cuts down blow drying time by 50%.


Saturday cl a s s e s !




Transform frizzy, fried, unruly, damaged hair into shimmery straight strands while reconditioning your hair back to restored health. With no end in sight to our hot and humid weather, this all-natural treatment is just what you need!

we specialize in artistic cuts & dimensional color for men, women, & children Welcome Lisa Kennedy with Kennedy Style to the Dolce Salon family.

We feature natural hair care products with organic ingredients

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GET FIT AT HOME! “SUCCESS BUNDLE” Every Treadmill, Elliptical & Home Gym includes (at no additional cost): One on One Personal Training (*Up to 3 months, varies by product)

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment Fitness Program Consultation Fitness Goals & Dreams Workshop $100 Accessory Allowance Delivery & Installation


8820 Burnet Rd, Suite 400 at 183 & Burnet Rd. (next to Benihana’s & Trudy’s)

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   73

The best thing about SUP is that you can go out with a group of friends, enjoy a day out on the water, get a killer upper- and lower-body workout, and not realize that you're working out because you're having so much fun!

Think of us as your

“comfort zone” for mammograms


offers women the latest in digital imaging in a comfortable, spa-like setting. For your comfort, foam cushion mammopads are used for each mammogram. Our newlydesigned facility offers personalized service from a highly-trained nurse coordinator. Plus, private dressing rooms and Wi-Fi access are available. Schedule your mammogram today or join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6-8pm for our “Mammo Mixers.”

Instruction is a great way to get started with SUP. Matt Thomson founded Hill Country Surf in 2008 and he offers oneon-one and small group instruction, which includes board and paddle rental. Thomson says, “The easiest thing for people to grasp is standing up. Most people are nervous about that and it's the easiest part. However, many beginners struggle with proper paddle technique. It doesn't seem to be very intuitive but after some coaching, they start using better technique, the board speeds up, and they gain a lot more power from their paddle stroke.” There are a variety of places to SUP in Austin. According to Thomson, “The best place to paddle in Austin is Lady Bird Lake. There are no boats, the wildlife is wonderful, downtown is towering over you, and it's usually glassy (which makes for a smoother ride). Anywhere that is nice in a canoe or kayak is even better with a SUP.” For more adventure, Lake Travis is also a great place to SUP, but because of the boat traffic, there are more waves. As the sport of SUP grows, more and more women are getting involved. Says Thomson, “Women seem to be flocking to this sport even more than men. I'd say 70% of our students are women.  The nice thing about  SUP is that excelling at the sport is more about technique and finesse than brute strength. This may be why so many women are attracted to Stand Up Paddling.”

SUP boards and paddles vary in size and price. Boards, many of which are designed after surfboards, can range from six- to well-over-12 feet in length. Entrylevel boards cost several hundred dollars and higher end boards can easily start at a thousand dollars and up. A SUP paddle has a handle on one end and an oar on the other. Cost mostly depends on paddle weight with lighter paddles costing a few hundred dollars. Board and paddle rental is always a nice option and there are several places around Austin* that provide lakefront rental service. Texas summer heat is here and SUP is a great way to stay cool outside while gaining some fitness at the same time. And who wouldn’t want that? So grab a friend or two and give it a try! Susan Farago is an Austin based multisport fitness coach and freelance writer. Susan can be reached at: *SUP resources in Austin and beyond:

SUP lessons including board/paddle use SUP board rental on Lady Bird Lake (coming soon)

SUP board rental membership

SUP camps worldwide, Austin demo days

512-544-8803 STDAVIDS.COM

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2/17/10 12:47 PM

Plastic surgery APSI’s board certified plastic surgeons offer the best quality medical care, improved aesthetic results and the widest range of surgical procedures available in one practice.

s k i n ca r e We offer a wide range of services to help create a more beautiful you. Our team of professionals strives to provide our clients with the leading, most effective treatments.




• • • •

R o b e R t C l e m e n t, m D William GoRman, mD S C o t t H ay D o n , m D FReD WilDeR, mD

3003 Bee Caves Road Suite 203 A u s t i n , Te x a s 7 8 7 4 6 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   75


by laura k o ffl e r


orking with cats and dogs brings

your main interest should not be personal

sell animals that have been captured in the

me much joy, but I must admit my

pleasure or pride of being able to show off

wild! How would you know? You can always


your pet, but rather the animal’s well being.

inquire about the origin of the animal and how





different. So when someone gets excited

If your lifestyle welcomes an exotic pet,

it arrived at the store in the first place. Ask the

about the thought of adopting a ‘rare’ animal

great! You’d be doing your part to help keep

store for adopter references as well. Ask about

like a ferret, hedgehog or bird, I understand.

Austin weird. In this case, I’d strongly

the store’s track record with other animals.

In fact I treasure the thought of adding

recommend that instead of buying your

Look online in forums for advice from adopters.

fabulous creatures like these to my family.

exotic at the pet store, you first try to adopt

Good research will supply the confidence and

Unfortunately, our busy 21st-century lives do

one that’s in need of a home. Lucky for you,

feel-good you need.

not always mesh well with the realities of

several exotic animal rescue groups in the

Above all, no matter which exotic animal

keeping an exotic pet. They’re not like tail-

area can gladly guide you through the

you opt for, be sure to research its dietary

wagging domestics. The challenges of

selection and adoption process.

and enrichment needs (pets get bored too)

exotics include everything from habitat

On the other hand, if convincing you to

and any special care before adding some of

considerations to care, diet and finding a

adopt is out of the cards or the exotic animal of

these wonderful creatures to your life. Doing

qualified veterinarian or even pet sitter.

your dreams is unavailable, then, by all means,

your homework will enable you to be a

While exotic pets take effort and a special

visit a pet store. But before you do, make

responsible parent to your pet, and even

commitment, they are also about as cool as it

heaven-bound sure the pet store that you

though it might not communicate it,

gets. But you have to know what you are

choose has professional and kind business

your pet will be happy and can enjoy

getting into. When adopting an exotic pet,

practices. Rule No. 1: The pet store shalt not

the time you spend together.

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w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   77


green iguanas

If you are looking for love ... look somewhere else. Reptiles are

This animal’s popularity is due in part to the

neither affectionate nor cuddly and some of them hate to be handled.

fact they come cheap and, when they are small,

Some people might find this off-putting. If you are looking for a pet

relatively easy to care for. For an iguana to be a good

that you could observe, admire and help live a stable life, then reptiles

pet, it needs to get used to being handled as a youngster.

just might be for you.

Otherwise it might be “bye-bye finger.” If not comfortable

An important point about reptiles is that they can spread

with human contact, iguanas can act aggressively, biting

Salmonella to humans. Transmission from reptile to human can be

or whipping their ferocious tails. Believe me, these suckers

prevented by taking some simple measures such as wearing gloves

are darn painful. The iguana’s diet mimics mine: it consists of fruits,

when handling and cleaning cages, disinfecting their food and water

vegetables and leafy greens. And, like me, iguanas need calcium

bowls, and keeping them away from your face. Always wash your

supplements. A note of caution: It’s important to keep the iguana’s water

hands after you touch them.

bowl clean at all times, as they love to use it as a toilet.



There are so many types, but let me focus on the most popular one for the beginner: the ball python. This beautiful animal is

My mother rescues California desert tortoises, and she now has close to 80 of them. Some tortoises act like dogs, happily

docile, easy to handle, and does not seem to mind being captive.

approaching when they see her. They enjoy being

They won’t grow more than five feet long (yes, five feet!) and

scratched on their heads or shells. Tortoises make

could live up to 30 years in healthy captivity. Their diet

for a long-term, low-maintenance exotic option. With

consists of mice, rats or gerbils. As cold-blooded animals, pythons require heating lamps and a good-sized

a green diet of lettuce, kale and sweet potatoes, it’s no wonder they live such long lives. Keep in mind,

enclosure like a large tank. Bottom line:

you’ll find a wide variety of tortoises

Make sure you have ample space for it.

available. But forget about house-training them. Ever.

Get your Pet ready for Summer! We have Lifejackets, Doggles, Water Toys, Backpacks and more.

Nature’s treasures of texas

Specialty Gift Items


4604 Burnet Road (1 block north of 45th St.)

Mon-Sat: 8am - 7pm Sun: 11am - 6pm

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Jewelry, Gems, & Crystals Large Designer Minerals Salt Lamps & Fossils Beads & Findings Crystal & Tibetan Bowls

we rock

located inside TOPS warehouses: 1100 E. 5th St. 512.472.5015 open Sundays 2307 Kramer Lane 512.833.7760 Georgetown 4300 South IH-35 512.864.7319


small mammals

Birds are so much fun, have incredible personalities, and can

Ferrets are affectionate, clean and outrageously funny.

make for loving, interesting companions for a long, long time. If

They’re super-smart to boot. Hands down, ferrets are my

what you want is a caring, super intelligent and sensitive

top pick in the exotic world. A perfect companion in many

friend, then birds are for you. And, just like our reptile

ways, they even fit nicely into a handbag! (I should know. I

friends, birds tend to live really long lives. If you live in an

had two as pets for eight years.) I swear that nobody,

apartment, certain bird species, like conure or cockatiels

except my husband (sometimes) and my parents have

might be the right pet for you. Just try to aim for a

loved me more than those two. My guys went everywhere

small- or medium- sized bird that’s not super-noisy.

with me and were so much fun. Unfortunately one of them








died on my birthday (due to old age), but that’s one story I

complicated because there are so many

prefer to share with my therapist, not in my pet column. If

different types. In general, birds don’t

you’re interested in a ferret friend, I highly recommend you visit

require much money when it comes

to food. Also, you don’t have to groom them and they’re often easy to train.


Birds do need more enrichment than

Surprisingly, hedgehogs originated in North Africa, Spain and the

other exotic animals. They enjoy

South of France. They’re classy, cultured and cute. A domesticated

playing, ripping ropes apart and chewing on wood toys. Many like to

hedgehog makes for a fascinating pet. Like their French philosopher cousins, they’re peaceful loners and require soft

sing and dance too. The bird

handling. They detest noisy places and need a clean and

experts at can

comfortable environment. Because of their small size,

provide more information on the

they can be easy to care for and highly popular pets. In

right kind of bird for you and

the hedgehog world, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep

your family.

them stimulated with games and toys like PVC tubes.

Vets and Additional Resources for Exotic Pets Not any vet can care for an exotic pet. You have to find a spe-

Bird ( West Gate Pet and Bird (west-

cialist in your area. Here in Austin, we are lucky to have the works with non-traditional species.

following: Research Pet ( treats reptiles and

If you are interested in learning more about reptiles, visit

basically every creature that breathes. For chinchillas, rab-, a one-stop site for adoption and re-

bits, ferrets, sugar gliders and hedgehogs, visit Capital Vet

sources. For birds, check out And for all

( For birds and other exotics, visit Pet and

things ferret, contact Connie at

Cammie’s CritterCare

no MoRE EyEbRow PEnCil

est. 1986


Northwest Cammie Harper, Owner office: 512.250.8768 cell: 512.947.3332


• In-home loving pet care • Small pet boarding available • Bonded for your protection

austin’s most experienced permanent makeup artist now oFFERing PRoFEssionAl TRAining FoR A REwARding CAREER

Call today for a FREE consultation.


w w w. A u s t i n P e r m a n e n t M a k e u p . c o m w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   79


Perfect summer cocktails Beat the heat with some of our favorite summer refreshers around town.

b y Cl a u d i a Al a r c ó n + N i c o l e C a rb o n

Tacos & Tequila

A hundred premium tequilas line the aerial shelves of this newcomer to Old West Austin, where they are blended, shaken and stirred with fresh-squeezed citrus juices, organic agave nectar and seasonal local fruits to create a wide variety of signature margaritas. But these popular libations are not the only cocktails that use the national spirit of Mexico. Mix premium Gran Centenario tequila with fresh Ruby Red grapefruit, lime juice and a splash of grapefruit soda and you have TNT’s Modern Paloma, a photo by take on the Mexican classic that tastes like the cure for s h ara k a s h an i summer. And for something comtacos & tequila pletely different, try the Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita, more 507 Pressler St. like a tequila-spiked, fresh lime agua fresca flavored with muddled 436.8226 cucumber and jalapeños, served over ice in a pint glass.

The Good Knight Summer in central Texas means peaches, and what a delicious cocktail the folks at this East Austin gastro-pub have concocted! The Southern Fashioned is Bar Manager Billy Hankey’s take on the classic Southern cocktail, the Mint Julep. He adds a touch of Texas by muddling the mint with fresh local peaches and artisanal peach bitters, then adds some Woodford Reserve Bourbon and tops it with sparkling wine. The result is refreshing and effervescent, clean and zingy, and since he adds no sugthe good knight ar, the only sweetness comes 1300 East 6th St. from the natural peach flavor. 628.1250 Brilliant.

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austinwoman magazine





Over 75% of austinwoman readers have been influenced to make a purchase based on an advertisement seen in our magazine.

SPEC’S Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

To advertise call: 512.328.2421

NOW OPEN IN TEMPLE •Arbor Walk •Round Rock •Airport Blvd •Bastrop •Brodie Lane •Southpark Meadows •Bee Cave (512)280-7400 SEE OUR STATESMAN AD EACH FRIDAY

How far do you have to go to save a life? Austin Race for the Cure® • November 7, 2010 • The Domain 5K Run/Walk • 1 Mile Family Walk Registration now open. Visit to sign up or donate. Take the 125 Challenge and raise $125 – the average cost of a life-saving mammogram.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   81

Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Located in the heart of South Congress Avenue with one of Austin’s largest outdoor decks shaded by three sprawling oaks, Perla’s patio is the place to see and be seen. Sauce things up with one of their daily frozen cocktails concocted by bar manager Ben Craven, who chooses from an evolving selection of the freshest, most seasonal fruits and blends them with premium liquors. Each day’s cocktail is a different recipe: fresh watermelon, mango and local peaches blended with premium rum; and lychee, lime, local honey and coconut are two recent offerings. The frozen cocktail is served in a hurricane-style glass, garnished with an umbrella. Chill-out on the shaded patio perla’s with a daily frozen and don’t forget your 1400 South Congress Ave. Hollywood-style shades because all eyes 291.7300 will be on you.

Chill-out on the shaded patio with a d a i l y f ro z e n a n d d o n ’ t f o rg e t y o u r H o l l y w o o d style shades because all eyes will be on you.


Ranch 616

Italians love their bitters and soda as an afternoon aperitif on hot summer days, so it’s only natural that one of Austin’s favorite trattorias would serve a bitters cocktail. Sagra’s version of the classic spritz from the Veneto features Aperol. “One of our cooks is Italian,” says Chef/ Owner Gabriel Pellegrini, “and he told us the Aperol Spritz is all the rage in Italy right now. Evidently it is what the younger generation  drinks instead of more alcoholic cocktails. Aperol is a little sweeter than traditional bitters so it’s more palatable for most people.  We use Aperol, dry prosecco, a splash of soda and a splash of lemon.” The result is incredibly refreshing, and since its low in alcohol it’s easy to drink two or three without feeling yucky. The combination of bitter, tart and slight sweetness in the cocktail make it perfect for enjoying with a vaSagra riety of appetizers, especially the Piatto Sagra, 610 San Antonio St. a selection of cheeses and house-cured meats 535.5988 that add saltiness to the palate.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this Austin original has fed award-winning, Southwestern cuisine to celebrities and locals alike. Having been around long enough to know how to keep things cool during Austin’s summer months, these folks can make more than one refreshing cocktail. Grab a seat at photo by the bar or on their newly designed s h ara k a s h an i outdoor patio and cool off with a Ranch Water, made with Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau, fresh lime and topped off with Topo Chico mineral waranch 616 ter, served with the remaining sparkling 616 Nueces St. ter in the bottle. This is the perfect aperitif and 479.7616 summer cocktail.

82  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

La Sombra

This brand new South American restaurant with a creative menu and exemplarily executed cuisine also boasts fabulous cocktails created by Chef Julio Zaplana (from Peru) and General Manager Raul Escobar (from Chile). They have recreated their native countries’ much disputed national drink, the Pisco Sour, with a version from each. The Chilean version: Capel pisco, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, egg whites and lemon bitters, is a bit more robust, with earthy overtones and a boozy feeling; the lighter Peruvian one is made with Barsol pisco, fresh-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites and Angostura bitters and has a delightful floral nose. Both are delicious in their own right and very refreshing. Another summery drink, their Fig + Basil Martini features Monopolova vodka with muddled fresh fig and a sprig of basil, a popular flavor combination in Uruguay, we are told. With figs being a summertime staple in our area, we have the best of both hemispheres combined in this lovely drink.

la sombra 4800 Burnet Rd. | 458.1100


w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   83

El Arbol

An Argentinean restaurant and lounge with sleek mid-century modern design and three levels of patio space anchored by an ancient oak to keep cool outside. Chef Chad Doleza’s menu creations are mouth-watering, but it’s their exciting cocktail menu that will entice you even more and help you beat the heat. Try their Martini de Recoleta, made with cooling cucumber, gin and antioxidant–rich açai. Another selection is their take on a pisco sour called Coco Pisco, which is good enough for dessert. It’s made el arbol with Pisco, coconut, chocolate liqueur, 3411 Glenview Ave. cream, sugar and served frozen. Order one 323.5177 up you’ll have it made in the shade.

The Career Strategy Workshop: Find a Fit, Create a Plan, Love Your Work August 27th | 9:30am-Noon

Trudeau’s award-winning approach has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, AARP, US News & World Report, Good Housekeeping on MSN & more. Cost: $175 (register by 8/12 & receive $25 off) Founded in 2000 by Renée Trudeau, Austin-based Career Strategists is a nationally recognized coaching and consulting firm offering strategic career, small business and work-life balance support for professionals and entrepreneurs. Services include: individual and group coaching, speaking, workshops and retreats.

RegisteR today! 512.459.6700 84  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Wahoo’s Fish Taco It’s the ice and service that make the cocktails here so good. Wahoo’s is Southern California-homegrown with exceptional surfer-cool service and the best ice cubes in town; they actually pay a little extra for them and it’s worth it. Go here for the chill vibe, clean and healthy cuisine, and stellar service. The new South Congress location features their house vodka, wahoo’s fish taco Dripping Springs, infused with tating flavors including habanero 509 Rio Grande St. 1722 South Congress peppers, fresh herbs, and Skittles, 512.476.3474 fun!

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   85


B Y M a r c y G o o dfl e i s c h

Fill Your Summer With Environmentally-Friendly Fun

n old hiking adage says, “Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but your footprints.” Vacation time and summer fun don’t have to deplete our natural resources or harm the environment. There’s plenty of fun to be had the “green” way, and it’s often less expensive than other choices. With just a little planning, you can ensure that your vacation plans save wear and tear on the planet. When you consider the variety of gear you’ll take for any jaunt, it’s easy to see how many opportunities there are to harm the environment - or, conversely, protect it - while you’re having fun. Take a few minutes and do a mental inventory of things your family enjoys doing and examine whether there are greener ways to do the same activities.

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If you enjoy cookouts, picnics, sandwiches at the park or packing a cooler for a day at the lake, perhaps it’s time to invest in reusable plastic plates and flatware to help cut down on litter and paper waste products. One set of plastic cups and dishes can serve you for years to come. If you don’t like the idea of hauling dirty dishes back home afterward, take along a small bottle of biodegradable dish soap and wash them before packing them for the return trip. If your family includes children, the clean-up duties can be their chore and can serve as a reminder of how you’ve been environmentally conscious while still having fun. If you’re planning a long road trip to multiple destinations, organize the route to take the least possible miles between each stop. If you reduce your overall trip



TICKETS ONLINE at AMOA.ORG/LADOLCEVITA or call 512.295.9224, ext. 223

by even 100 miles, you’ll have saved several gallons of gasoline as well as the pollutants those miles would have added to the environment. Another planning tip to save fuel as well as time is to check for traffic patterns and busy times at various destinations. If you’re headed to or through Houston, for example, you won’t want to hit that city during rush hour. Perhaps you can stop at a pretty park along the way before you approach busy cities to avoid sitting in traffic during morning or evening rush hours. Running the air conditioner in your car will indeed use some additional fuel, but it is usually cheaper than lowering your car windows to ‘save’ gasoline. When you travel at fast speeds, the wind creates resistance inside the car, which in turn uses

Experience the decadence of a night in “the sweet life” at the 21st Annual La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival. Savor bites from more than 50 of Austin’s most prestigious chefs. Sip fine wines and cocktails from Texas and around the world from Twin Liquors and local vineyards and spirit producers. Visit the Scotch and Cigar Lounge with your friends while enjoying majestic views of the Laguna Gloria grounds.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   87

Running the air conditioner in your car will indeed use some additional fuel, but it is usually cheaper than lowering your car windows to ‘save’ gasoline. more fuel. So go ahead and enjoy a cool ride – and don’t worry that you’re burning fuel by running the AC – you’re probably using less than you would by opening the windows. Your driving style can also affect your costs at the fuel pump. Speeding up, cutting through traffic and inconsistent speeds on long stretches of road can all use more fuel. Relax and take it easy – this is a vacation, remember? If your family will be visiting theme parks or other destinations that have snack stands and bottled beverages every 20 feet or so, purchase reusable plastic bottles for each family member to avoid the expense (and impact on the environment) of buying drinks in throwaway plastic bottles. If the kids insist on having cold water, freeze a few inches of water in the bottom of each bottle the night before to keep the first few refills chilled. If the thought of filling bottles from public taps or drinking fountains is a concern, several brands of self-purifying bottles are available to filter water you find on the go. For those who don’t want to lug bulky water bottles, reusable filtering drinking straws are also available for dipping in streams or to purify water in another container. When traveling by air, pack as lightly as you can. If every passenger reduced their baggage weight by even 10 pounds, it would greatly reduce the amount of fuel used for each trip. While it is unlikely you will see a savings in ticket prices if you choose to

conserve baggage weight (unless, of course, you trim things down to the point of avoiding a fee for checked baggage), by helping to reduce the weight of the plane, you’ll help leave a smaller carbon footprint (or vapor trail) each time you fly. If you plan to bring back souvenirs, gifts or other things that will add bulk as well as weight on your flight home, practice “tradeoff packing” when you depart for the trip if the destination lends itself to that approach. If possible, take a few clothes and shoes you can donate to a local organization before your return trip or otherwise dispose of (without leaving needless trash). This will free up space as well as baggage weight for your return trip and you won’t be paying to haul the items both directions. Some campgrounds, resorts and “green” vacation spots have swap-out shelves where visitors can leave books, leftover food, clothing, beach toys and other items to be recycled for use by other guests. If you travel in a third-world country, many local residents will be happy to accept your “trade-off” items if you leave them in your hotel room or find an appropriate place to donate them. The space your castoff items leaves in your luggage will leave room for those souvenir shirts or boxes of local delicacies. When purchasing lotions and other toiletries for local or long-distance trips, select biodegradable products whenever possible. Green products

will leave fewer pollutants in streams, swimming pools, lakes and other places where the products might wash off your skin or out of your hair. If you anticipate visiting gift shops or grocery stores while on your trip, pack a few reusable totes for your purchases to avoid using plastic or paper bags when you shop. In a pinch, a generous-sized tote can even be used for a carry-on bag if you can’t resist snapping up a few bargains. Each of the choices mentioned here will make your trip greener and help conserve energy, environmental resources and the Earth. And if you use the choices as a learning tool for your kids, you’ll help the next generation be more aware of how to enjoy summer fun without harming the planet.

resources: articles/125158/article.html

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Secret THE

Sauce... ...To T WEigHoSS L

BUummer! TyA our S

pLEaSE rEfErEncE THiS ad To rEcEivE your free nutrition consultation


Medical Director

Dr. Screven T. Edgerton with Austin Area OB/GYN

Clinic Director

Tracy M. Ganske, RN, MSNed, PhDc


L I N G E R I E • TOY S S E N S AT I O N A L S W I M W E A R H O S I E RY • P L U S S I Z E North Boutique

Research and Burnet | 452-8228

Central Boutique N O W O P E N 1323 S. Congress Ave. | 443-7779

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   89

Gadget Girl

B Y C J R o m b e r g e r

The Next Best Thing To Being There

Skype lets you make voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype, for free. Hold conference calls between three or more people with it; send instant messages, transfer

move your head and body a little bit while you’re talking, it follows you.

files and share screens, all for free. All you need

Besides the free services I mentioned above,

is a computer, a free Skype account, and a broad-

they offer additional services for a fee. The most

band internet connection. If you want video,

useful service, in my opinion, is the ability to call

you’ll also need a webcam of some sort. It does

landlines and mobile phones worldwide from

this all over the internet, instead of using phone

your Skype account. This means the person


you’re calling doesn’t need Skype.

To start, go to, and register for a

Pay by the minute, or purchase a subscrip-

free account. Then, download the software to

tion, and make calls worldwide. For $7.99/mo.,

your desktop and install it. Sign in with your ac-

you can call any landline in Canada, Mexico and

count information, and add contacts to your list.

the U.S. from your computer using Skype. If you

If you want video, as I mentioned, you’ll need

have friends or family overseas, call over 40

a webcam. Many new computers come with one

countries for $13.99/mo. There’s no per-minute

built-in already. I have an extra Logitech camera

fee when you have a subscription, so you

for computers that don’t have one already. The

can talk all you want without worrying

camera I have tracks where your face is, so if you

about your minutes.

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Come to The Domain and step into exuberant styles from the likes of Neiman Marcus and a host of other fine stores, over 40 of which you won’t find elsewhere in Austin. The result? Pure Domainia. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Burberry, Charming Charlie, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Express, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Forever 21, Gloria’s Restaurant, J. Crew, Jasper’s, The Limited, LoFT, Louis Vuitton, luxe apothetique, Madewell, Maggiano’s Little Italy, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood, Spa Réveil, The Steeping Room, Stuart Weitzman, Sushi Zushi, Tiffany & Co., Viva Chocolato, World Interiors, ZARA and more. Westin Austin at The Domain now open! Follow The Domain on Twitter and Facebook at

Just minutes from downtown Austin off N. Mopac. Exit Braker Ln. or Burnet Rd. Shopping Line® 512.795.4230

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   91

Three other services that caught my eye are: Skype-To-Go numbers, Online Numbers and Group Instant Messaging. Skype-To-Go

Online Numbers

Group Instant Messaging (Chatting)

Skype-To-Go works a bit like a calling card.

Choose a number local to a particular

You dial the Skype-To-Go number to access a

area, even if it’s not where you live, and now

Need to get together and chat with mul-

Skype line. Then, you dial the number for the

people in that area can call that number from

tiple people at one time? Skype offers group

person you want to call. To avoid dialing all

a landline or a mobile, and reach you wher-

chatting. It lets you know when someone

these numbers every time, just store the

ever you are. For example, I know people

else is typing too, to help you avoid running

Skype-To-Go number in your mobile phone’s

who do business in San Antonio and Austin.

over the top of each other while chatting.

contact list, then add the contacts you’re going

It’s less expensive to buy a San Antonio

You can save a group for the future, making

to regularly call to your Skype contact list.

number from Skype than it is from the phone

it easy to reconnect with everyone again.

You’d use the Skype-To-Go number to

company. You don’t need a physical location

And Skype archives your messages so you

make calls to landlines and mobile phones

in San Antonio to have that number either;

can refer to them later.

when you’re not in front of your computer.

it’s connected to your Skype account. Com-

Sure, normally you’d use your mobile phone

bine this with Skype’s call forwarding ser-

Other Services

to make these kinds of calls, but Skype’s

vice to send everything to your cell phone,

sweet spot kicks in when you want to make

and you can imagine the convenience you’d

overseas calls. You’ll save a significant

realize, while saving your potential caller

amount of money on those calls, because you

long distance charges.

Skype also offers voice mail, voice mailto-text, call forwarding, call transfer and caller ID. You can read about all of their services by starting at this page on their website:

pay the Skype rates, which are determined by the type of subscription you have.

We try to provide a nurturing environment at ACC. Loretta Edelen, foster care and community outreach director 92  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Austin Community College

I’ve heard quite a few moving Skype stories recently. Here’s a sampling: Karen Frost, of Frost Media Relations,

Elizabeth Crinejo, who's a consultant

told me about using Skype to communicate

with Momentum Consulting, told me recent-

about a loved one’s medical crisis. It helped

ly about her friend, a soldier in Iraq, who was

everyone make decisions and get informa-

able to watch his baby being born, and talk

tion effectively and simultaneously, even

to his wife back here in the U.S., over Skype.

though the people involved were in different

A little while after the baby was born, my


friend used the computer camera and Skype

Another friend is using it right now, while

to show him all the little details of the baby

he’s traveling in Germany and Switzerland.

in real time. No doubt it’s nearly impossible

His subscription lets him use his iPhone to

to be away from your family at a time like

call back to his office or reach his children

that, and Skype made what could have been

without hassle and inexpensively.

a frustrating situation full of longing, into a great memory. And two nights ago, I used my Skype iPhone app, to talk for an hour to my son, who’s

Skype is definitely the next best thing to being there, especially when you use the video. Besides making it easier to keep in touch with friends and family, the business uses shouldn’t be ignored. Just make sure you do a 360 spin before you fire up your webcam, no matter whom you’re calling. A picture, after all, is worth at least 1,000 words.

in Afghanistan. The conversation was crystal clear. And completely free.

Be Good to Your Skin at Meridian Skin Care CliniC Our clinic brings together personalized treatment programs with the most advanced technology to keep you at your most beautiful and healthy. • ProFractional Laser Therapy for

• MicroLaser Peel

Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Freckles

• Microdermabrasion

& Age Spots

• Laser Hair Removal

• Laser Treatments for Rosacea,

• Spider Vein Removal

Vascular Lesions & Brown Spots

• Injectables & Fillers

on Face/Hands Final Chance for 20% Off Skin Care Services! Mention this ad through August 31st.

Dr. Kelly Tjelmeland has dedicated an entire practice to providing exceptional care. Our state-of-the-art facility is devoted exclusively to cosmetic surgery and offers a full range of treatments to bring out your best self.

Kelly e. Tjelmeland, m.d., F.a.C.S. Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery

4220 Bull Creek Road • Austin, TX 78731 • (512) 617-7500 • w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   93


b y K a t y M c I n t o s h

Years of Treating Austin


ost Austin women (and men) recognize the multiple offices of the Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) flanking the highways as you drive along. Many of you may be patients of one of their many departments. What you may not know, however, is that this expansive medical group is celebrating 30 years of serving Austin. In 1980, CEO and founder Dr. Norman Chenven had a vision to open a large healthcare group open to a majority of Austin residents. He asked pediatricians, Dr. Thomas Zavaleta and Dr. Carol Faget, to help establish what would become the ARC. Chenven had just moved to Austin and saw a need for a larger, unified medical practice. “When I first came to Austin there were no large medical groups dedicated to delivering coordinated primary care,” he said. “I had just come from working for two years in the Indian Health Service on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. With a cohort of 14 physicians, we were able to provide excellent care to over

The Austin Regional Clinic opened its doors in 1980, bringing Austin better healthcare.

Expert Negotiation on your Largest Investment we SpECiaLizE in

fitness training

for womEn in a

private &



Special Event with Life Coach Stacy Davenport BrEak your CyCLE of fEar & StEp into your frEEDom In Uncertain Times, Skill & Expertise Matter.

auguSt 25th, 2010 5pm - 6:30pm CoSt: $27

Christopher Garvey

for rESErvationS CaLL 512.689.5786 or EmaiL info@goDDESSfit.Com

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5004 Burnet road • austin, texas 78756

BESt ChiCk StuDio in auStin


With 18 locations, we cover 1,000 square miles,” Chenven said. “With 280 physicians, we provide service to more than 350,000 Central Texans. 40,000 Navajo and Hopi Native Americans. I loved that kind of practice – a group of professionals with the shared objective of providing excellent and coordinated care to our patients.” The three founders hoped to create a medical group available to most of the Austin community. They accomplish this by offering 18 locations, which cover Austin, Cedar Park, Hutto, Round Rock, Kyle and Pflugerville. Twenty percent of Austin-area residents are ARC patients. “With 18 locations, we cover 1,000 square miles,” Chenven said. “With 280 physicians, we provide service to more than 350,000 Central Texans. Accepting more than 50

health plans allows us to serve a wide socioeconomic spectrum and in over 30 years, we've treated three and four generations within families.” Not only does the ARC reach most locations and accept multiple insurance providers, but they are also a multi-specialty clinic, which means they have doctors for many different needs. ARC provides both primary and specialty care, with programs in pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, allergy and immunology, dermatology, endocrinology, ENT, podiatry, physical therapy, rheumatology, audiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopedics, and neurodiagnostic testing. “We see ourselves as a

community resource,” Chenven said. “With the depth and breadth of services to reach out to a broad spectrum of patients.” In 1980, three physicians set out to change Austin medicine. Thirty years later it seems they are well along their way. Chenven attributes their success to their people. “The quality of our doctors and staff, and their commitment to taking care of people have made our success,” he said. “Every organization develops its own culture and that culture shapes its success. ARC takes care of bodies and feelings – and the people within the organization are committed to that philosophy.” How is the company celebrating this success? With lots of cake. The company is throwing 30 events at each of their 30 locations and programs. “I’m trying not to gain 30 pounds while eating 30 pieces of cake,” Chenven said.


Keeping you and your data safe and secure. Local Women Serving Women. Co-ed team of certified consultants.

SERVICES: It’s fixed or it’s FREE, Onsite & In-shop Complete Managed IT Technology Stabilization Automatic offsite Data Backup Enterprise Class Anti Virus & Spam Filtering Website & Email Hosting

Cobi Collins Business Development Director


Leslie Webb Certified IT Consultant

Driving Profitability Through Strategic Technology Services Medical Software Solutions

Managed Print & Green Printing Solutions EMR & Practice Management Solutions Money Saving Support Service Warranty From 1-500 Workstations M-F 8:00am - 6:00pm P:512.732.0900 w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   95


eader ewards

Story Time for Mommy & Me



($10 Value)

Your child will be entertained with a play, gelato, cheese & fruit snack. Call now for an amazing theatre style experience. expires August 31, 2010


Chocolato 512.339.8482 3401 Esperanza Crossing, #104 Austin, TX 78758

Back to School Bliss.



Any 60 minute Elite Facial & FREE Brow WAX

(choose from over 15 facial services) expires August 31, 2010

essential skincare • spa

512.918.3223 Super Target across from Lakeline Mall 14005 N US Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78717


*First Time Clients, One Per Person

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 512.323.5376

 2 Austin Locations  North: 8868 Research Blvd, Ste 701 B-2  South: 4211 S Lamar Blvd, Ste


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Your first Acupuncture Visit Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of service or mention when scheduling your appointment. expires August 31, 2010


Rejuvenating facelift treatment including acupuncture & facial microcurrent. regular price $110 expires August 31, 2010


PK ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS CENTER Acupuncture + Herbal Remedies + Breathing Excercises

512.650.8880 1504 W 6th St, Ste C Austin, TX 78703

Rejuvenescence 512.367.9315 11673 Jollyville Rd, Ste 202 Austin, TX 78759

Heating and Cooling


512.327.2507 830 W 3rd Steet, #1136 Austin, TX 78701

2900 W Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757





off Any Service


August 2010


When you request service online through expires August 31, 2010


512.467.COOL(2665) 7209 N Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78752 Local. Organic. Delivered!

off Your 1st Order Enjoy FREE delivery of delicious, earth-friendly food. Use coupon code AW1X online. expires August 31, 2010


off Your FIRST visit to bella salon expires August 31, 2010 Greenling is a home delivery service of organic and sustainably-produced food. Love your local farms. “Beets Driving!”

512.474.5999 1221 W 6th Austin, TX


Ord ina ry

rld! Wo he gt

nar xtraordi y Tings an E g dC in ha Do ng n e in m o


2010 Networking Membership Drive August 12, 2010 | 5:30pm-8:00pm At the Maxwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Supercenter 13401 Ranch Road 620 | Austin, TX 78750

Complimentary Wine & Hors d'Oeuvres RSVP by August 9, 2010 or for more information Sponsored by

Saturday, August 21 | 7pm At the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch Buda, Texas

Get ready for an extraordinary evening. A celebration of caring for children whose parents are coping with chronic or life-threatening illness. There will be dinner, open bar, unique live and silent auction items, and wonderful people. To register or for sponsorship opportunity visit:

photo by KoreyHowellphotography

“Um, this is awkward, but... am I adopted?” Luckily, for about 4,500 pets on “death row,” the answer was YES thanks to Austin Pets Alive! Help us help pets. Adopt. Foster. Donate. Volunteer. Spread the word. Visit Congratulations to Jasmine (nominated by Jeff Cohen), winner of the 2nd Annual Doggy Photo Contest that raised close to $10,000. Jasmine received a $1000 gift package including prizes from the following:

KoreyHowellphotography • Canvas Press • Sugar Mama’s • Dirty Dog • Austin’s Pizza

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   97


coping with

CR3D1T CARD5 now easier UNDER NEW LAW We all have credit cards and sometimes we let them get away from us. A new consumer law, however, is helping us rein in our plastic. b y S . K a y B e ll


ow many pieces of plastic do you have in your wallet? Surveys over the last few years have shown that the average American owns around eight credit cards. The numbers get even more staggering when you look at how much is charged. In September 2009, Con-

sumer Reports found that, as a nation, we owe $917 billion on revolving credit lines. More distressing, $69 billion of that amount was past due when the study was conducted. Those numbers were being compiled as the most sweeping credit card reform measure in U.S. history was being rolled out. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, referred to as CARD, became law in May 2009. But as is usually the case with major legislation, some provisions didn’t take effect until later. Most were in place by February; the act will be fully implemented later this year.

Age Limits The new law also aims to protect young, inexperienced consumers as they deal with a

So what exactly does this new measure mean to you, me and our overwhelmed ac-

complex financial product, said Prater. A long-

counts? Two Austin credit card experts, Daniel P. Ray, editor-in-chief of,

standing complaint of consumer protection

and Connie Prater, senior writer with the website, shared their analysis of the law.

groups had been the ability of young people to

Interest Rate Protection

obtain credit cards which they then maxed out, leaving them with debt they carry deep into

Older charges are now protected against higher interest rates. “When you buy something

adulthood. Now, however, individuals younger

with credit cards and later mess-up and they jack-up your interest rate, those purchases that

than 21 can’t get a credit card on their own.

you made years ago won’t see the increase,” said Prater. “It’s protecting existing balances on

They must have a 21-or-older account co-signer,

the credit cards. Before issuers could increase your rate and it would apply to everything.”

typically a parent or guardian. Young people

“Credit cards were the only financial product where a deal was not a deal,” said Ray. “If

can sidestep this provision if they can show the

you keep on paying your mortgage, you have the same rate. If you keep on paying your auto

credit card company they have some income or

loan, you have the same rate. But if you kept on paying your credit card, you could get

means to repay the revolving loan.

whacked for any reason, at any time. So this makes a deal a deal.”

While some college kids might not be happy

The interest rate limit gives some, and Prater emphasized some, protection against a surprise

now, many will probably thank lawmak-

rate hike. Keep in mind, however, that your credit card company can still increase your interest

ers later when they’re not facing pay-

rate, just not on old debt.

ment of charges into their golden years.

98  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

Want to make a smooth transition to retirement? Learn how retirement income planning can help make that possible.

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 11:30 am Lunch will be served


10910 Domain Dr, Ste 100 Austin, TX 78758 RSVP to: Susan Peyret 512.795.2159 or



20% 50 %


A large selection of spring & summer items

512.323.5376 2900 west anderson Lane suite H, austin, TX 78757

w i g

s p a

large assortment oF: Hats, Turbans, scarves, Human Hair wigs & Hairpieces. plus The Finest Quality synthetic wigs & Toppers. Custom Fitting ProFessional styling Personal aPPointments P r i vat e r o o m s

512.323.9220 SHOP LOCAL



on Ln.




WitH COuPOn Exp. 8.31.10 • Limit 1 per customer



Parker Serenity 20

Mo pa c


Wig or Hair % Any Piece Over $200

northwood Plaza

2900 W. Anderson Ln., Ste H o P e n : M-F: 10am-5:30-pm

Sa: 10am-4pm

www.ParkerSerenit y WiGSPa .com w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   99

Clearer Statements Ray also pointed to the new law’s in-

For example, the law limits upfront fees a

Timing of a payment’s receipt also has been made uniform and more payer-friendly.

card issuer can charge so some companies are calling the charges by other names.

creased transparency requirements. Credit

“There were questionable practices that

card companies now must post statements

dealt with the time your payment was due,”

The bottom line is that while CARD will

online and change the way the statements

said Prater. “Some issuers, for example, had

make life, and payment of debt, easier for

are presented so that people realize the true

set it for one o’clock in the afternoon, but the

many, consumers still must be smart and re-

cost of their borrowing.

time the mail arrived at the payment facility

sponsible credit card holders.

“When somebody opens up their state-

may vary depending on the lunch hour of the

Read your statements carefully. Pay your

ment now, they’ll think, ‘Oh my God, it’s going

postman or other factors beyond the consum-

bill as soon as you get it. Pay, when possible,

to take me 27 years to pay it off if I only pay

er’s control.”

more than the minimum due. Review new

the minimum rate!’ That’s a good sticker shock because it’s compelling some people to increase their payments to get out of debt,” said Ray.

Now 5 p.m., the close of business for most

card offers closely. “The law hasn’t eliminated ‘gotchas.’ It’s

companies, is the payment deadline time.

closed them down a bit, but it hasn’t com-

Expect Loopholes

pletely eliminated them,” said Prater.

While the law is, and will be, a big help for

Payment Rules About those payments. Now a credit card bill’s due date can’t change. “They have to be the same date every

debt-laden consumers, credit card companies are already looking for ways they can

Get the latest tax tips and news at S. Kay Bell’s

comply with the strict letter of the law if not

blog, Don’t Mess With Taxes

the intent of CARD.


month,” said Prater. “If they set the initial pay-

“Some of their old trip wires have been

ment for August 5, it’s always going to be the

cut, but they’re busy creating new ones,”

fifth of the month.”

said Ray.

Great OB Physicians. One wonderful place to have your baby. The talented OB physicians on the medical staff at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center have delivered thousands of little ones into the world. These physicians entrust their patients to our hospital because of the dedicated and compassionate staff who care for new moms and babies in our warm, welcoming environment. And when you have your baby here, you’ll enjoy special comforts that include:

• Tempur-Pedic® bed and cozy rocker-recliner • Pullout couch for dad • Wi-Fi, iPod docking station and bedside Internet access

• Soft ambient lighting and more to make families feel at home • Membership in Tiny Toes, a Tip-Top OB Club, with a complimentary copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Tours of the Birthing Center at Cedar Park Regional are offered on a walk-in basis on Fridays and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. on the third floor. For more information, or to find an OB physician, call 512-528-7312 or visit

Left to right: Frank Hinds, M.D., Anita Sandhu, M.D., Mikaela Rush, M.D., John Thoppil, M.D., Jennifer Meadows, M.D., Kimberlee Coleman-Henderson, M.D., Shelia Parekh, M.D., Anthony Monteiro, Jr., D.O. Some members of the medical staff are independent physicians and are neither employees nor agents of Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

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FREE Young AthlEtE hEARt ScREEning Saturday, August 28 • 8am-noon Heart Hospital of Austin, 3801 N Lamar Blvd.

This is one number you neverwant want be. Thisisisone onenumber numberyou you never wantto be. This never toto be. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a serious heart condition that Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a serious heart condition affects in 500 student athletes every year, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is aisserious heart condition thatthat affects 1 in1500 student every year, affects 1 in 500athletes student often without any warning. That’s why Heart Hospital of Austin is proud to sponsor: often without any warning. That’s why Heart Hospital of Austin is proud to sponsor: athletes every year, often without any warning.

ChampionshipHearts Hearts Foundation Young Athlete Heart Screening Championship Foundation Young Athlete Heart Screening Each screening is just five minutes, reviewed by a cardiologist Saturday, July 31st DATE: Saturday, July 31st and is available for free (over $500 value). However, a $25 donation 8 am - noon TIME:TIME: 8 am - noon is appreciated. For more information, contact LOCATION: Heart Hospital of Austin, LOCATION: Heart Hospital of Austin, Championship Hearts Foundation Young Athlete Heart Screening 3801 North Lamar Blvd. 3801 North Lamar Blvd. Championship Hearts Foundation at 512.340.7313. AGES:

Ricci Neer Managing Director 262.757.8277 Next Event: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Time: 11am – 1:15pm Place: Westwood Country Club 3808 W. 35th Austin, TX 78703 Speaker: Aly & Andrea, Rock Star U Topic: Your World Tour of Success

This is one number you never wantDATE: to be. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a serious heart condition that affects 1 in 500 student athletes every year, often without any warning. That’s why Heart Hospital of Austin is proud to sponsor:


Saturday, July 31st 8 am - noon Heart Hospital of Austin, 3801 North Lamar Blvd. 14-18*






14-18* 14-18*



AgES: 14-18*

Eachscreening screening is just five minutes, reviewed by a cardiologist and is available for free (over $500 by Each is just fiminutes, ve minutes, reviewed aHowever, cardiologist is available free (over $500 value). However, Each screening is just fi veinformation, reviewed by avalue). cardiologist andand iswaiver available for for free (over $500 value). However, *Students have a signed parental to receive screening, a $15 donation is appreciated. For moremust contact Championship Hearts Foundation at 512.340.7313. a $15 donation is appreciated. more information, contact Championship Hearts Foundation at 512.340.7313. a $15 donation is appreciated. ForFor more information, contact Championship Hearts Foundation at 512.340.7313.

available on site or at

*Students must have a signed parental waiver to receive screening, available on site or at

*Students a signed parental waiver to receive screening, available on or at *Students mustmust havehave a signed parental waiver to receive screening, available on site

The Heat is on!


Did you know that regular inspection and maintenance by All Year can reduce the risk of an untimely system failure, costly repairs and can also add years to the life of your A/C system? Call All Year at 467- COOL for a complete inspection of your A/C system, or schedule online and save at

—Susan Derrington,

Comfort Specialist

Heating and Cooling 467-COOL (2665)

Free 10-year Parts and Labor Warranty on Select Trane Systems.

Call All Year today for details and a free evaluation of your existing system. 467- COOL (2665)

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   101

aw happenings



Oct. 22, 2010

@ The Westin at the Domain




SEE INFO ON PAGE 67 Presented by:

• Champagne Reception • Networking

Sponsored by:

Ladies ... This Is Not Your Mother’s Society Luncheon! Small Business Grant Includes Cash Prize, Advertising + Feature Story. Grant Awarded at Luncheon. apply at:

• Small Business Grant Award • Inspiration from panel of Former aw Cover Women


the a u s t i n w o m a n

Must be a Junior/Senior in high school to enter. 6 finalists will be chosen and announced in our February issue.

Entries may be submitted now through Dec. 1st ANSWER THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS: (1-2 paragraphs per question)

• Have you received any awards or been involved with any extracurricular activities in high school? Why are these important to you? • What service projects or community outreach programs have you participated in, and how have they impacted you? • What leadership positions have you held in high school, and how have these allowed you to stand out from your peers? submit to:

Must include name, age, high school you attend + photo. Only one entry per young woman. *Final choices for publication remain solely up to the discretion of AW magazine.

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TIARA TUESDAY First Tuesday of every month Launch of our monthly issue silent auction + charity prize giveaway b e n e fit T in g :

TUesday, August 3 · 6-8pm

Ruth’s Chris steak house | Congress at 6th St s p o ns o r e d b y :

Wonders & Worries

A family’s illness. A child’s journey.

Next Month TUesday, Sept. 7, 6-8pm @ chez zee american bistro

photos from the last Tiara Tuesday FROM LEFT TO RIGHT

1. Patti DeNucci and her pup. 2. (L-R) Dr. Ann Lavers, Vikki Smith + Dr. Melody Denson of The Urology Team. 3. AW Cutest Pet Runner-Up Charlie Buttery. 4. (L-R) Gretchen Meyer, Communications Director, Austin Pets Alive!; Damon O’Gan; Natasha Rosofsky, APA! board member; July cover woman Ellen Jefferson

goodhealth G UIDE T O



s p e c i a l

s e c t i o n

This special section will include articles and resources focused on the environment and keeping Austin green. Join us and include your

Ad Space Closes: August 13, 2010 For Rates & More Information Call: 512.328.2421

business in this comprehensive guide.

on Check us out every TUESDAY on FOX7 Good Day Austin with Keri Bellacosa during the 9 o’clock hour. Good Day Austin is on FOX7/Cable ch.2

F a ll 2 0 1 0

Be a part of our Fall 2010 goodhealth issue! Men’s health • Women’s health child’s health • family health on stands Sept. 25, 2010 Ad space closes Sept. 1, 2010 For Rates More Information Call: 512.328.2421

pages PINK



listings | photo listings | Businesswoman profiles

The ultimate resource guide for women For Rates & More Information Call: 512.328.2421

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calendar a u g u s t 2 0 1 0


Community Yoga Austin presents First Sunday On the First Sunday of every month, various businesses throughout the city of Austin will graciously donate their spaces and host by-donation yoga classes to benefit Community YogaAustin. Schedule of classes available at firstsundaysched.html


Seva Yoga presents Yoga and Sound Tuesdays – 7:45 - 9 p.m. Donation-based 1122-C S. Lamar Blvd. A Longer Term Approach to Creating Wealth – Slow Flipping Free seminar 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Carmelo’s Ristorante Italiano 504 E. 5th St. Seating is limited. Please respond via email or phone to reserve a spot.  512.371.7311 or 512.653.1966. Email Tausha@ Tiara Tuesday 6-8 p.m. Ruth’s Chris Steak House Congress at Sixth

4 5

The Trail Foundation presents The 6th Annual Moonlight Margarita Run and Gala 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 for the run; $80 for the run and the party Register online at


6th Annual Ice Ball Benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas 7 p.m.- Midnight Tickets $75 Hilton Downtown


Keep Austin Beautiful Fashion Show Local designers transform recycled materials into wearable works of art. 2 p.m.| AMOA Downtown


Broadway Across America and Texas Performing Arts at the University of Texas at Austin present Jersey Boys Aug. 18 – Sept. 5 Tues. - Fri. at 8 p.m.; Sat. at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; Sun. at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., with an additional matinee Thurs., Aug. 19 at 2 p.m. Tickets start at $30 Bass Concert Hall

B Scene at the Blanton 6 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. $5 for members; $12 for non-members The Blanton Museum of Art: MLK at Congress Ave.


11 12

North Hills Gallery Presents Women with Artitude August 4 - 29; Reception August 8 Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sun. 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 7050 Village Center Drive The Long Center Presents Kathy Griffin Live 8 p.m. Michael and Susan Dell Hall Tickets start at $49 Visit for more information

75th Birthday Tribute to Late Jazz Great Rahsaan Roland Kirk Local saxophonist Alex Coke and the Austin Jazz Workshop will perform Kirk’s music 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. $5 at the door The Elephant Room 315 Congress Ave. One World Theatre presents Hiroshima 7 and 9:30 p.m. $20, $45, $60 7701 Bee Caves Road

Hartman Foundation Concerts in the Park Every Sunday through August 29 7:30 p.m. | Free The Long Center City Terrace


c o m p i l e d + e d i t e d by k i r a t a n i g u c h i

Waking Sleeping Beauty A KidsActing original musical August 7 - 15 Thurs. - Sat.: 7p.m.; Sun.: 1p.m. + 5:30 p.m. $14 Center Stage Texas; 2826 Real St. Austin Plastic Surgery Center Obagi Skin Care + Botox Cosmetic Open House 4 - 7 p.m. RSVP at 512.345.3225 Women and Their Work presents The Phenomena of Place - Artist Panel Karen Mahaffy 7 p.m. 2010 Networking Membership Drive 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM At the Maxwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Super Center, 13401 RR 620 Brought to you by Texas Women in Business RSVP by August 9th More information available by email:


What Women Need To Know About Divorce Second Saturday of each month 8:30a.m. - 12p.m. See or call 512.732.1244

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents ZING ZANG ZOOM Aug. 18 - 22 Frank Erwin Center Tickets: $15, $25, $35 VIP, $60 VIP Gold, $80 Circus Celebrity Visit or call 512.477.6060 for more information


Third Thursday at the Blanton Free evening of art and activities 5 p.m.


Screening of film ...and the dead shall rise Free, 7 p.m. Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center, 701 Tillery Street, 78702 Contact Maria Rocha, Indigenous Cultures Institute, 512.393.3310 ¡Que Maravilla! 7 PM At the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch (Buda, TX) Brought to you by Wonders & Worries Get ready for an extraordinary evening. A celebration of caring for children whose parents are coping with chronic or life-threatening illness. For more information visit


The Aye Eye Ball Rude Mechs’ annual benefit celebration Event held at the Off Center 7 p.m.- Midnight $40 single; $70 couple; $15 starving artist scifeyeball.htm


Texas Outdoors Woman Network (TOWN) Austin Chapter Meeting is open to women interested in outdoor activities 6 p.m. LCRA Red Bud Complex 3601 Lake Austin Blvd.


Goddess Fit Training for Women Event Special Event with Life Coach Stacy Davenport Break your Cycle of Fear & Step Into Your Freedom 5pm-6:30pm cost:$27 For reservations call 512.689.5786 Or email


One World Theatre presents Judy Collins 7 and 9:30 p.m. $25, 50, $65 7701 Bee Caves Road


NOCC Balance 5K Presented by Scott & White Health Plan Open to women, men, girls and boys of any age Race held at The Domain, 11410 Century Oaks Terrace For more information or to register, Free Young Athlete Heart Screening 8 AM – noon Heart Hospital of Austin, 3801 N. Lamar Blvd. Each screening is free (a $500 value). However, a $25 donation is appreciated. For more info, contact Championship Hearts Foundation at 512.340.7313


TIARA TUESDAY Join Us Aug 3rd, 6-8PM Ruth’s Chris Steak House Congress at Sixth

Submit events: 104  austinwoman a u g u s t 2 0 1 0

austinwoman featured event – Blue

Community Coat Drive:

November 15th-December 3rd Please drop your coats off at any local Jack Brown Cleaners

A Christmas Affair

November 17th-21st Palmer Events Center

For More Info Please Visit:

Make your small business look even more professional...

Presented by your local Marketing Expert in Texas, Julie Niehoff.

w w w . a u s t i n w o m a n m a g a z i n e . c o m   105

horoscope au g u s t 2 0 1 0 b y D e b o r a h C a r t e r

It is said, “as above, so below” and tensions between the major planetary players are now reflected in everyone’s lives. There is no one who is immune to this energy. The only way to work with it in a positive way is to change something radically, and that change needs to evoke “shock and awe.” Take a look at this month: Has an event, casual encounter, or random opportunity come your way, accompanied by a dramatic occurrence? That chance spark will hold the seeds of your new life. Like a random stranger told my friend, “Let me know when you are ready to change your life.”



• Mar.21-apr.20 An overwhelming need to be exactly who you are blends seamlessly with your “dare to be different” streak, like your astrological counterpart Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame). But, just like Kristin, August reveals conflicts in your quest for stability in partnerships. You want it, but you also want it interesting and fun. You hate doing what anyone demands and this month The World is making some very big demands on you. Here’s the dichotomy: Either/or, black/white, all/nothing, independent/committed. In one month, expect a change in your status if you’re single, and a change in excitement level if you aren’t.

• June.21-July.22 This year fellow Cancer Jessica Simpson started her new television show, The Price of Beauty and a new love affair. She was having a hard time before she made the decision to do the show. Her love life wasn’t stellar and her movies weren’t doing well. She could have done what was comfortable but she didn’t. She stretched. She put herself out and created something unique: a show about how women feel about beauty and she took it on the road. The pull of travel, the momentum of movement calls to you and redirects you from what’s safe. Follow the call.



• Apr.21-May.21 Twilight star Robert Pattison is a Taurus, like you. And, like you he’s in conflict. There are things he wants to keep private and secret, but those things also seem to demand an audience. Should you explore the fun side of your nature, gamble a little, throw caution to the wind, or should you keep private things private? This month, it’s important that secrecy and privacy win the battle. Incorporate creativity into your private time. Try writing your thoughts down. Home has never felt as good as it does in August, so change course: Create a home office or studio.

• July.23-Aug.23 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!! There was an oil spill the size of Texas growing in our backyard, but we can’t seem to get enough media coverage of fellow Leo Sandra Bullock. She is a highly visible example of what’s going on with you, so look at her life: She reached the pinnacle of career success with the Oscar win, and the worst-case marriage scenario with her well-publicized divorce. She had one amazing explosion in her fame and reputation, and another explosion (much less enjoyable) at home. Like Sandra, choose to see clearly what is good in your life, instead of obsessing about what isn’t.



• May.22-June.20 I read recently that fellow Gemini Angelina Jolie is one of the top moneymaking celebrities. And, she announced her retirement from acting in this month’s Vanity Fair. Just like you, she feels a Teutonic shift of seismic proportions in the way she sees her career. She wants something else. You both need to remain creative, but home and family are pulling at you, children and creativity are pulling at you, and now you’re examining your hopes and dreams. Anything that doesn’t fit is out of here. You’re searching for a new fan base, your new people. And, you’ll find them.

• Aug.24-Sept.22 Beyonce’s had a charmed year, just like you other Virgos. Look at her stratospheric career trajectory. The White House even invited her to dinner. But, her longtime friend and partner from Destiny’s Child left their manager (Beyonce’s dad) and went solo. See? Push/pull. Like Beyonce, you get props, kudos and more work offers than you can fit into your iCal. It’s a good time to pool resources or get a loan, or benefit from an inheritance. But, you feel like bucking anyone’s efforts to put a harness on you, chafing at the partnership bitGoing solo is old. The answer is to share.


• Sept.23-Oct.22 Some of you are in a committed relationship and intend to stay that way. Good for you. But, some of you are discovering a whole new single way of living, just like fellow Libra Susan Sarandon who split from her partner of 23 years. What I’m suggesting, in spite of the last two years of chaos at home, is that you open up and let love in. Take a look at any new partnership opportunities, no matter how sudden or bizarre. You’ll feel pulled in the opposite direction, towards normalcy and independent action, but a new partnership will bring you luck. Take a chance.


• Oct.23-Nov.21 Fellow Scorpio Calista Flockheart married longtime live-in Harrison Ford. It was a small, intimate ceremony, but it was held at the house of the Governor of New Mexico, an event. Just like you, Calista reveled in her past career success, but when it came time to change her life completely, she chose to slow down and keep things private. It wasn’t easy. Work is satisfying and fulfilling, as long as it contains duty, responsibility and service. Calista’s devotion to new married life reflects that. You will be encouraged by the Universe to leave your dark cocoon as well. Don’t refuse when duty calls.


•Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius, just like you. She earned awards, sold-out concerts, and won hearts, but she’s not exactly settled down in the dating world, now is she? Fun is just a little too much, well ... fun. Your battle this month is between the fun that can be had, and the work that should be done. You might see a few old friends fall by the wayside, casualties of the new, busier you, but don’t think about it too much. The more creative you are this month, and the more fun you have, the more rewards you collect.


• Dec.22-Jan.20 Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods are Capricorns, like you. They’re dealing with the external fallout of some serious internal re-adjusting, but every Capricorn I know is changing radically. As astrological drama unfolds in your lives, the best advice I can give this month is: Work on home and family. What’s home, who feels like home, what does your home look like? Can you work out of your home? Can you make money with it? You guys have been known to coldly head for the office while small explosions rock your home base, but not this month. Be open to sudden change, and stay home.


• Jan.21-Feb.19 Tabloids can’t resist fellow Aquarian Jennifer Aniston. People want to assume that she’s unhappy in love, but most Aquarians have tumultuous relationship histories. They like unusual experiences, and that’s not a recipe for a stable love life. This month your active mind gets a workout. You might buy a new car (don’t talk yourself out of it) or a new laptop. The important thing to remember is to stay mobile. Be like a leaf on a fast moving river. Exotic people, places and things attract you; so don’t be surprised if you (and Jennifer) find yourselves in a partnership – with an educator or exotic foreigner.


• Feb.20-Mar.20 Jessica Biel and Dakota Fanning are both Pisces, like you. Like you, they’re experiencing a meteoric rise. They go from one great project to another, growing with each new job they take. I’m telling you this, because I want for you to be brave. Be open to change. When a new job opportunity appears, jump. Don’t look over your shoulder at the life you had, or the job you had, because change is what will bring excitement and a new degree of success. It might also cause problems with income you share, insurances, taxes or wills. Go for the new experience anyway.

Contact Deborah @Pink West Hair Studio, Dripping Springs TX • 512.447.2888 • Read her blog

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Fall in love with the home you’re in.

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Inspiration piece


Inherited from favorite aunt


Hides the plasma TV • 512.288.1689



model photo

Reveal Your True Shape

Westlake Dermatology is Austin’s leading provider of Smartlipo and Zerona. With over 1,000 Smartlipo procedures performed, our experience is unparalleled in Central Texas. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Amazing offers now available.

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AUGUST 2010  

austinwoman presents the August 2010 Family + Education Issue.