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The Illinois Lion & Leo MD1 e-Magazine (Full) Vol. 5 - Issue 5, November 2017

Members of the Amboy Lions Club held a fence painting day at the local nursing home. Many area students – our future Lions joined in. It was very gratifying to see the local youth in our community taking time to help with enthusiasm, energy and fun while working.

From MD1 Council Chair: Greetings MD1 Lions! I’m hoping you are enjoying this beautiful Fall! Being a Lion is so exciting during this time of year…Candy Day, MD-1 Forum and Leadership Institutes. November is Diabetes Awareness Month. th

World Diabetes Day - November 14 , 2017 Worldwide Week of Service is November 13th-19th, 2017. Let’s halt this global epidemic by uniting Lions and Leos around this cause. Diabetes is the fastest growing disease, and the sixth leading cause of death in the world. Is it preventable? In some cases! So, it is time to actively try to prevent and treat this disease. As Lions, we are dedicated to fighting this epidemic to improve lives and strengthen families, in an effort to revitalize communities. Awareness and education are key. LCI is on board to do just that. 422-million people around the world of all races and socio-economic levels are afflicted. Diabetes has no boundaries! Let’s all get on this bandwagon. Make sure your Districts have a Diabetes Chairperson, and that Chairperson works with the Zone Chairpersons to address Lions at your zone meetings. LCI has the materials to take this “Diabetes awareness, prevention and treatment” on the road to your communities. Don’t forget to involve the Leo Clubs you have sponsored with your Diabetes service. We can affect change and engage youth. Peace Posters and Essays are to be submitted to your District Governors on or before November 15th, 2017. I look forward to seeing today’s youth interpretation of the “Future of Peace” at the December Council meeting.


Your MD-1 Forum is right around the corner. There is still time to get your registration in. This is going to be an exciting Leadership opportunity, a culmination of sessions we have requested as Lions. Don’t forget…Friday evening at the Forum will be the 2017 Host Committee hospitality reception to thank the Centennial Convention volunteers for their boundless hours of volunteering. Special Olympics will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary in July. Since Chicago is the birthplace of Special Olympics, it will be the global stage for this celebration. With our LCI partnership, Lions and Lions clubs from Illinois will play a vital role in these amazing activities. As your Council Chairperson, I will work with Special Olympics and LCI to plan this event. After a November meeting, I will inform the District Governors more specifically of what our responsibilities will consist of. At this time, I do know we will need lots of Lion and Leo volunteers. See you at the Forum. -Pamela Graney, MD1 Council Chair

Editorial: Where are our attendees? My memory goes back – 20-25 years ago we used to have 1,000+ lions attending Lions of Illinois MD1 Leadership Forum. Almost every club in the State used to send their members to attend this educational seminars day and go back to their clubs to practice what they learned. In recent years, our attendance become very poor and many clubs in MD1 care less to send their members to this event. Sometimes we think that we know everything, why should we go there and spend our time. Actually it is not true at all. No matter how much you think you know, you can still learn new ideas and improve your clubs and members involvement in your community. If you are a super star, still you can attend and share your ideas with fellow lions.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Increased member participation will make us more knowledgeable lions in our communities; it will improve our performance as a humanitarian leader. Is it one of the reasons why we are going down in membership and clubs? We had 12 districts in MD1 and now we have only 10? It is time to evaluate our leadership as Lions. We should run our clubs just like businesses by looking forward for annual growth in membership and activities in our communities. Unless we do this, our survival rate will go downhill and we do not want this to happen.

As the Global Action Team district chairperson, you will support your clubs by serving as a conduit between clubs and the multiple district. You will ensure that your district's Global Action Team coordinators are collaborating to keep your clubs energized and engaged, and that every member, hour and dollar is serving as many urgent needs as possible. You will determine the success of the Global Action Team and Lions. Your clubs are counting on you. And so am I. Let's do everything in our power to make the Global Action Team a success. Then the world will truly see the Power of Action.

Every year our PDG’s number grows as we have new governors taking place in all of our districts. Isn’t it practical thinking when we have more leaders we should see growth or our are leaders are not taking active part in lionism? MD1 PDG’s, take the challenge and help your district grow. -Dr. Austin D’Souza,

International President’s Message Dear Lion, Our Lion year is off to a great start, and I know you are eager to change more lives and achieve our LCI Forward goals. It's going to take great leaders like you to reach our goal of serving 200 million people per year and grow our membership to 1.7 million Lions and Leos. And it's going to take hard work and commitment at all levels of our great association.

Looking for a way to start impacting diabetes but don't know where to begin? We've got you covered. Download 25 Diabetes Project Ideas for a list of service projects that can help any club anywhere get started. Plus, you'll earn special Centennial Service Challenge recognition when you report your diabetes service project on MyLCI. Download the project ideas today to get started!

That's why we developed the Global Action Team. It unifies the three key areas of Lions—leadership, membership and service—to strengthen our clubs, districts and association. It's a bottom-up approach to supporting and encouraging the one thing that unites all Lions: service.


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Impact Diabetes this November The fight against diabetes isn't just our new global service focus, it's also a part of the

Centennial Service Challenge. The Worldwide Week of Service to Halt Diabetes this November 13-19 is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes throughout your community. There are so many ways to support your friends and neighbors who have been affected by this global epidemic. Visit the Worldwide Week of Service to Halt Diabetes page to learn more and start planning your service project today!

Share Diabetes Resources with Your Clubs Getting good information and resources into the hands of Lions is critical to our success in the fight against diabetes. Here are some great resources to share with your clubs:    

Service Framework Diabetes page 25 Diabetes Project Ideas pamphlet How to Organize a Diabetes Screening Apply for a Core 4 Diabetes Grant

Make sure to talk about diabetes on every club visit this year! Sincerely, Dr. Naresh Aggarwal Your International President

Global Leadership Team:

PCC Fred Peska

MD-1 GLT Report for State Magazine – November: We have a GREAT Forum planned for the Lions of MD-1 this year! With ‘service’ as the theme, we have a speaker from LCI, Andrea Maurey, doing a session on the My Lion app and one on My LCI also covering Centennial Reporting. We have Marlie Pykelney 4

coming from the American Diabetes Association to give us all some direction on how we can best serve this organization. We have Beth Slade from Leader Dogs for the Blind who will be holding two sessions, one covering the services Leader Dogs provide and the other on how to make a client’s video which is part of their application process. Lions of Illinois Foundation, Executive Director Mario Gumino will cover their programs and services. We also have Maureen Mall from the Center for Sight and Hearing doing a session on their services. Jama Wahl will be holding a Guiding Lion training session, along with a session on the Global Action Team. A session on LCIF Grant Writing will be given by PID Bud Wahl. We are also working with HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield to provide a speaker for a session on Pediatric Cancer. We have worked hard to bring you new presenters as well as different ideas for service to support the areas of focus designated by LCI at the 100 th Convention. And don’t forget the Hospitality for Friday night – provided by the 2017 Host Committee! If you are planning to attend the Forum and stay at the Abe Lincoln Hotel, you must reserve a room by Friday, the 27th of October to get the $99 per night rate! Also, if you are planning to attend the Guiding Lion training, please provide that information on your registration form so Lion Jama can have enough materials available! If you have already sent in your registration and plan to attend this session, please let Lion Jama know! Respectfully submitted, -PCC Fred Peska, MD1 GLT Coordinator

Send your articles, pictures and news to: Let the world know what you are you doing in your club!

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Lions KidSight USA Foundation now has a Store – Please visit: (more items to come) Share this with members of your Club or District.


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MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Lions Continuous Response to Disaster Relief Efforts Dear Lions, Thank you for your most generous donations to LCIF. Just this year, your donations have enabled LCIF to respond to the disasters from Japan to South Asia to the U.S. Gulf Coast, Mexico and several Caribbean islands. Earlier this month, Hurricane Harvey devastated the south central coast of Texas and areas of Louisiana. More recently, Hurricane Irma struck Florida and other areas of the Southeast United States, and laid waste to islands in the western Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Mexico has been rattled by its strongest earthquake in 100 years. Together, LCIF and Lions are supporting relief efforts for all of these disasters. We have been working directly with Lions in the affected areas to ensure they have what they need to respond in these emergencies, and disaster relief funds have been made available for Lions in all of the affected areas. In turn, Lions are coordinating their efforts with local agencies to determine the greatest need and how Lions can address those needs. Your donations allow LCIF to respond to disasters at the moment they happen, and ensure we can respond when called upon for future emergencies. Together, we are making a significant difference.

September 11th and the Haiti earthquake. Lions know that disaster can affect anyone’s community, whether it’s halfway around the world or right at home. That’s why in the last 10 years, LCIF has provided more than US$100 million for disaster relief programs worldwide. Thanks to the support Lions provide to LCIF on an ongoing basis, Emergency Grants are available to provide for basic immediate needs including food, water, clothing and medicine. We have learned from experience that when a disaster victim receives aid quickly, it provides strength needed to survive the shock and loss and even a little hope for the future. To date, more than 3,000 emergency grants have been awarded. After immediate needs are met, victims of disasters are not forgotten. LCIF remains committed to the important rebuilding of homes and lives that must happen, often long after a disaster occurs. Through Major Catastrophe Grants, LCIF helps with long-term reconstruction projects to help victims begin to return to their lives and regain their independence. At the heart of LCIF’s disaster relief programs are the individuals and families your donations reach.

Disaster Relief Overview LCIF’s commitment to disaster relief goes back to our beginnings, when we awarded our very first grant for flood relief in South Dakota, USA. Whenever and wherever disasters strike, Lions are often among the first to offer aid—and LCIF is right there with them, ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through Lions disaster relief programs.

Donate to LCIF’s ongoing disaster relief fund. Find out how to apply for an Emergency Grant. Very truly yours,

Working together, LCIF, local Lions and Lions leaders assess the urgent needs and quickly deliver the aid most required by victims. This grassroots model has proven effective in tragedies around the world, such as the Southeast Asia tsunami, 15

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Chancellor Bob Corlew Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation

100th Anniversary,

Celebrating Lions' Celebrating You!

It's Going to Be a Banner Year!

Lions' New Service Framework As we begin our second century of service, the Global Action Team (comprised of the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Service Team (GST) will enable us to expand on our motto, "We Serve." The Global Action Team will take on a new and unified approach to service, membership and leadership development at all levels of the association, with Service central to the team's vision and mission. You will play a key role on our journey to serve 200 million lives per year by 2021. In the coming year, we plan to significantly increase the number of Lions who serve and the number of people we serve. By working together as one team, "The Global Action Team," we can achieve our goal. More information and resources on the Global Action Team and your role are available thru the link below.

Dear Club LCIF Coordinator, The new Club LCIF Coordinator position is crucial to the success of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Thank you for volunteering to serve in this important role! 16

Our enormous Centennial banner, proudly displaying signatures from our worldwide community of Lions, was a focal point at our recent Centennial convention. We still have one year left to celebrate, so now is the time to organize your club's participation in the Centennial Service Challenge, Membership Awards and Legacy Projects for 2017-18!

Your passion and dedication make you the ideal person for the job. You will be asked to share LCIF stories, provide opportunities for your fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enable LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally. You will serve as a bridge between LCIF and the Lions in your club, and we are excited to have you on our team. It is our goal that every Lions club will receive a presentation on LCIF this year so we can grow the number clubs and individuals who support our Foundation. We have designed a new webpagefull of tools and resources to help you engage your club members and support the mission of LCIF. Be sure to add this page to your web browser bookmarks and check back often for exciting new content you can share. Sincerely, LCIF Development Greetings Fellow Lions, As you are probably aware LCI has added Diabetes as a service area related to the Centennial Service Challenge. So during the final year, clubs can complete four or five areas to obtain diamond-level status. Within my own district, I have had clubs ask about potential service projects related to the area of Diabetes. To help provide information, I put together the attached document with potential service projects that LCI suggests.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Lion Jeff Bathe, Multiple District Centennial Coordinator Think about the service projects your club is participating in. Can a grant make your projects more impactful to your community or the community you are serving? In addition, think about this the next time you consider giving a donation to LCIF. We have some exciting changes happening to our grants framework, so I hope you will talk with your club about LCIF and the potential grant opportunities available to you.

New Grant Categories:

Dear Lions, As a leader of this organization, something I want you to know is that Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) stands with Lions. LCIF helps Lions' projects reach more people and benefit more communities. Have you ever thought about if the service project in your community could have reached more people if provided additional resources? Have you ever been involved in a project that you wish could have helped more people? LCIF grants are available to help you do that. Receiving a grant for your service project may seem like an abstract idea, but it is possible to accomplish this for your own community. The donations that LCIF receives go directly to Lions who apply for grants and meet the required criteria.

As the needs of this world continue changing, LCIF must also evolve to provide support to those in need. With these changes come new grant categories. The new categorization will keep the foundation's mission in mind and will encourage Lions and LCIF to focus on more sustainable projects. In addition, a new, very exciting grant is coming soon. Leos will be able to plan and implement their own service projects with assistance from an LCIF grant! You can expect more information on these changes soon. With brand-new options, Lions are now going to be able to impact more people than ever. Still Recruit Club LCIF Coordinators

The Club LCIF Coordinator is an ambassador for LCIF at the club level. This position is crucial to the 17

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

promotion of our foundation. This Lion shares LCIF stories, motivates fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enables LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally. Club LCIF Coordinators will be equipped with resources that will allow them to champion the goals of the foundation to Lions. This position is truly an exciting role and is of great importance to LCIF. If you would like to serve in this position for your club for the 2017-2018 year, tell your club president today!

Share Your Stories

Lions are working hard every day to create change around the world. Some Lions are volunteering their time in schools, some are planting trees, assisting communities after disasters, or spreading the word about safe and effective vaccinations. Whatever your project is, share it with LCIF and all Lions! Stories and pictures not only let everyone know about the good work you are doing, but they inspire others to create projects of their own. Share your stories today!

awarded a US$100,000 grant to support relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico in the wake of another destructive hurricane. Your Foundation has responded with emergency and major catastrophe grants to allow Lions on scene to provide much-needed supplies. In all cases, LCIF coordinates funding for emergency and major catastrophe grants with local Lions. Lions in the disaster area then work with local government officials and other agencies to ensure the right supplies are getting to areas most in need, without duplication of effort. Since its founding in 1968, LCIF has awarded more than 13,000 grants totaling over US$1 billion. LCIF will continue to work every day to support humanitarian service projects all over the world and give hope to those who need it. In 2015-2016, LCIF awarded over US$9 million in disaster grants, which helped more than 500,000 people around the world. LCIF relies on donations from compassionate Lions. These donations provide the vast majority of the revenue received by LCIF, making the Foundation a leading humanitarian organization. Lions know their donations matter and that funds entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives. Your donation – whatever the amount – allows the Foundation to respond when called upon, and has a direct impact on the lives of millions of people.

LCIF Awards Major Catastrophe Grant to Lions in Puerto Rico Dear Lions: It is hard to recall a time recently when so many major natural disasters occurred in such a short period of time. Over the past several weeks, natural disasters have struck in several places, with particularly devastating results – flooding in India and Japan, hurricanes in the United States and Caribbean islands, and not one but two earthquakes in Mexico. Most recently, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) 18

Along with your donation, I know you join me in keeping the victims of these most recent natural disasters in your thoughts and prayers. Together we are making a difference. Sincerely, Chancellor Bob Corlew Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Lion Bill was a member of the Host Committee and he worked with the Commemorative Pins and Shadow Boxes. Please pass this information onto any other Lions and / or clubs that you feel that they would appreciate hearing. He will be missed by a lot of Lions not only here in Illinois but in the Lions Clubs International Pin Association.

was held with BLH to help Menard County residents have an avenue to get rid of unwanted electronic items in a responsible way. The event was co-sponsored with Menard Community Services. BLH recycles the items at there location in Springfield. This is another effort by the Lions to serve the community. Motto: "WE SERVE." Pictured: L-R Lions Larry Baughman, Bill Meisner, Bill Rider. Helping but not pictured: Lion Paula Rider and Anne Smith. Athens Lions Donate To Disaster Relief Fund

On Wednesday September 6, 2017 the Athens Lions Club membership voted to donate $500 to the Lions International Disaster Relief Fund. The Lions felt that this is one way that they could help with all the disasters in the world and not just limit it to one specific cause. This is another way that "WE SERVE".

The Bradley Lions Club was a co-sponsor of National Night Out back in August. PDG Charlie Siefert was there with the Lions of Illinois Hearing Screening Van. 21 adults and 10 children were screened. 14 were referred for further testing. Pictured in the background, are Ben Chouinard, grandson of Lion Ron Seiling, (standing) and Secretary Joe Marek (seated). The family pictured all had their hearing tested.

On Saturday September 23 the Athens Lions Club held an electronics recycling event at the Athens Community Park.The serving the community event 19

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

On Friday September 1, 2017 Athens athletic director Tim Isringhausen and CEFCU representative Brent Mason presented the Athens Lions Club with the "Volunteer of the Game" award. Tim said that the Lions were chosen because for the last 10 years the Lions have cleaned up the football

stadium after each of the home games, regular season and playoffs. He said it didn't matter what the weather was the Lions were always there. Tim also recognized the ongoing cooperation between the Lions and football coaches and high school girls basketball team in supporting the annual Toys for Angels program in December. He said it was a way to help in the community and give back to the Lions for their volunteer work. The Lions truly appreciate this ongoing support for each other. It is all in keeping with the Lions motto "WE SERVE".

painting crew consisted of Lion members, Roger Wittenauer, Jim Travi, Dennis Marsili, Edy Pfieffer, Students: Tori Daniels, Trinity Zimmerly, Eden Lindenmeyer, Brianna Blaine, Gabby Jones, Mallory Powers, Madelyn McLaughlin, Abi Payne, Cody Sus, Alena Shaw, Avery Shaw Other adults: Sandy

Wittenauer, Cindy Shaw, Niki Sus, Betsy Jones, Ann Barlow. A big thank you to all helpers!

Members of the Amboy Lions Club held a fence painting day at the local nursing home. Many area students joined in. It was very gratifying to see the local youth in our community taking time to help. The 20

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Tampico Lions Club #280 was re-chartered in 1957 and the club celebrated their 60th Anniversary on Saturday September 16th, 2017 from 2-4pm with an Open House at the Reagan Community Center with many guests in attendance. Special Lion guests that attended the 60th Anniversary Celebration were District 1-D Governor Lion Steve Boettger and Wife Lion Kelly Boettger, Council Chairman & Immediate Past District Governor Lion Pamela Graney, 1st Vice District Governor Lion Barb Stewart, 2nd District Vice Governor and Zone Chairman Lion Richard Delp and his wife Lion Deb Delp. Our guest speaker was Past International Director Lion Russ Sarver and his wife Lion Sue Sarver were in attendance along with widows of deceased Tampico Lions Members and many guesst. Lion Gaskill took many pictures. Lion Gaskill thanked Ruth Thompson and Lorraine Gaskill for helping serve the cake and punch. A delicious cake was made by Denise Brooks of the Tampico General Trading Co on South Main Street Tampico. (Pictured #6) (Pictured #3, 4, and 5 L-R front row are Tampico Lions Al Wildman, Duane Thompson-Treasurer, David Manon, Larry Ebersohl and Back Row, Gary Johnson, Earl John Coers-1st Vice President, and Terry Gaskill-Secretary. Absent from the picture was Dave Beck-Membership Chairperson that attend the celebration later.)

on Oct. 4. Tayna has helped the Lions in several of their activities before joining. Tayna was sponsored by her aunt Jocelyn Hazlip.

It was a proud moment for Lion Helen McNally who now has four family members in the Lions club: Helen, daughter Jocelyn and grandchildren Joe Hazlip and Tayna. Helen has been a Lion for 16 years and now serves as the club's Tail Twister, which means she keeps the meetings lively. Pictures: PDG Pam Graney, new Lion Tayna Cruz, her sponsor Jocelyn Hazlip. Second Picture - A family of service: Daughter Jocelyn Hazlip, Helen McNally, grandchildren Tayna Cruz and Joe Hazlip.

Member of the Orangeville Lions Club, along with PTO members and grade school children spread mulch in the grade school playground area in early Sept. This is a service project for our club and we love helping out our schools!

Tayna Cruz is the newest Stillman Valley Lion. Tayna was inducted in to Stillman Lions by Past District Governor Pan Graney at the club's meeting 21 MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

held Friday October 13 and Saturday October 14. We had great weather and a very successful Candy Day.

PDG Lion Dr. Austin and Lion Anita D’Souza from The Forest Kala Sampath Lions Club at Abbott Laboratories during their Annual Giving charity promotion event.

Lion Steve Cook from Frankfort Lion Club holding a hand full of cash that he collected for Candy Days 22

Lion Dr. Austin D’Souza from The Forest Kala Sampath Lions Club soliciting donations for Lions of Illinois Candy Day 2017. In 17.5 hours he collected $782.44 in Forest Park.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Candy distribution at the District 1A Jamboree. Next to Lion is Lions of Illinois Foundation Executive Director PDG Mario Gumino and with yellow shirt PDG Mike Smigielski from Willow Springs Lions Club taking candy boxes.

Top picture: At District 1A Candy Day Jamboree event, Governor Pat Duda holding LIF candy balloon. Second picture partial crowd at the District 1A Candy Day Jamboree 2017 at Crystal Banquets. During Chicago Filipino American Lions Club’s Governor’s Night, 1A Governor Pat Duda inducted 8 new members to the club.

Some Lions during District 1A Trustee Frank Kirar’s, “How to solicit Candy” skit.


Immediate Past President of Chicago Filipino

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

American Lions Club Yoly Zoleta handing over gong and gavel to incoming President Vishnu Mahant.

Sponsors placing lapel pin on new members.Dance loving Filipinos dancing to live DJ after dinner during Chicago Filipino American Lions governor’s nite.

PDG Lion Dr. Austin D’Souza inducted 2 new members to Chicago Fil-USA Lions Club at their Governor’s Nite held at Northbrook Hilton. ========================================== At a recent Sycamore Lions Dinner Meeting Zion Chairperson Lion Barb Thornbury inducted three new members into the Lions Family. Our new members will be initiated with a busy month practicing the Lions Motto “We Service”. They will be serving the local youth and fundraising as we host our 56th Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest at this year’s Sycamore Pumpkin Festival. We will be serving by giving children of all ages an opportunity to display their artwork on the courthouse lawn vying for prizes and fundraising 24

selling raffle tickets and serving from our Lions Food Trailer.

Photo: from left – Zone Chairperson Lion Barb Thornbury, new member Ty Martin, sponsors Lion Randy Panzer, Lion Dave Finney, new members Denis Jagodzinski, George Brancato, sponsor Tony Sgarlata, Club President Lion Kevin Berry.

Sycamore Lions installed three more new members at their October 11th meeting. Any person interested in joining is welcomed to talk to any member at the Pumpkin Display October 25-29 or go to for information. Picture caption: from left Sponsor Lion Brian Bickner, his new members Don Faulhaber & Bill Ralph, new member Rob Dancey and his sponsor Lion Tony Sgarlata, Sycamore Lions Club President Kevin Berry.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

The Streator Hardscrabble Lions cooked and served the spaghetti, salad, bread, beverage and dessert for the monthly Free Lunch held the second Saturday of each month at Park Place in Streator. Each month about 100 people are served, including carry outs. This event is sponsored by the Streator Hardscrabble Lions, who provide the paper products and coordinate those serving the meals, and the Deacons of Park Church, who supply the building. Monthly, various service groups and churches provide the meal.

Gov. Daniel Harris attended the Shawneetown Lions regular monthly meeting in Oct. and graciously inducted one of its newest members, Vicky Clark (right). Sponsor Christy Wayne Short is in the center. 25

Waterman Lions Club members held their annual steak (and chicken breast) fry last month at Lions Park in Waterman. Members and guests grilled their selections to perfection.

Members of the Sandwich Lions Club are shown loading a trailer at a previous scrap metal collection. This project has been a good fundraiser for the club and benefits the community, too. -------------------------------------------------------------------The Villa Park Lions Club dedicated a “Buddy Bench” at the North Elementary School, 150 W. Sunset Ave., Villa Park, last September 14th as a Lions Legacy Project for its club. Any one of the 412 students who go to school there can find a friend to play with at recess by sitting on the “Buddy Bench.” On the bulletin board inside the school a

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

========================================= sign states, “If you can’t find a friend — sit on the Buddy Bench! If you see someone sitting alone on the bench, invite them to play with you. If you are invited to play, you must say, yes.” The final cost of the Centennial Project for the Villa Park Lions Club was $586.89. (l to r) North School Principal Fred Leinweber, Villa Park Lions Rich Hamlin; Immediate Past President, Mary Dumycz (seated) Regional Chairman Lion Jeff Cholewa; Villa Park Lions Larry Soberaiski, Sean Birmingham, John Bradford, Bill Reeves, and School District 45 Supt. Anthony Palmisano. --------------------

Diane Renner (l) director of Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry in Aurora, accepts a $250 check from Aurora Noon Lion Jim Scott.

Fox River Grove Lions Vice President Lion Bill Freeman (r) presents Mike Gagnon with the Grand Prize from the Help Us Help Others Raffle.

On 9/30/2017, Algonquin Lions Club hosted the LIF Burlington Lionesses, Mary Lake and Lynn Kuhn, Hearing Bus at Colonial Café. (l to r) Lion John sold mums at the Burlington Fall Fest last monin Cygan, Lion Jerry Glogowski, a person signing up for themonth of September.  26 MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

the screening, Lion Wayne Meyer, and Algonquin Lioness Pam Perrott.

Rebecca Christiansen chronicles the founding of the Celebrate Differences Disability Awareness Center in Oswego for the Aurora Noon Lions Club. Her spice shop, A Pinch of Happiness, trains disabled adults and employs 10 adults with disabilities. To learn more about her shop, visit

At the annual Kaneland Registration and Literacy Faire, children are registering into school for the very first time. Elburn Lions For Literacy asks each child to pick out a new book. The two Elburn Lions For Literacy in the picture are Lions Mary Gustafson (l) and Melisa Taylor (r). Our focus, which has not changed, is on needy children primarily within the Kaneland School District. This year, we will give out 1,672 new books to these children. This fall, we placed a "mini library" next to our Lions Park playground to provide reading material not only for 27

children, but also for the parents who have brought the children.

West Chicago Lion Jerry Morelli was selected as its most recent Melvin Jones Fellow for all his work and charity on behalf of the Lions Club. Also awarded this year was Lion John Churillo, who is now a Progressive Fellow.

Naperville Noon Lion Bill Bleecker presented the club’s Summer Raffle $5,000 Grand Prize check to Lauren and Dawn from Family Shelter Service. After paying expenses and prize money, the club netted

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

$23,623 to help those in needs and to support local causes.

Sun City-Huntley Lions receive a $500 donation from Sunday Graham, Executive Director of the Huntley Chamber (to the right of the check). The club is a non-profit group who volunteers to help the Chamber and was entered into a charity drawing.— and they WON!!

News Channel 6 on November 11th. The Cairo High School Beta Club helped the Mounds Lions Club raise over five-hundred dollars towards their goal. ------------------------------------------------------------------The Sycamore Lions Club awarded 1 Career and 4 Volunteer Service Scholarships this past June to graduating seniors in the Class of 2017. Above are members of the Club’s Scholarship Committee and Volunteer Service Scholarship recipients. Pictured from left Lions Bruce Wallace, Bud Wallace, Scholarship winners Kiyas Kousoulas, Trevor McDonald, Hunter Thomas & Jacob Handel, Lion John Toles Committee Chairman. Unavailable for the photo was Katelyn Helmold, this year’s Career Scholarship winner. Earlier in the 2016 -2017 acedemic school year, the Sycamore Lions presented Michelle Schlieben a scholarship. Michelle returned to school and is in the Kishwaukee College Nursing Program. A total of $4000 in scholarships were awarded by the Sycamore Lions this past school year. The Sycamore Lions Club wishes to thank everyone who graciously donates to their events and fundraisers making their annual scholarships possible. We look forward to your purchase of Raffle Tickets and serving you from our Lions Food Trailer at this year’s Pumpkin Festival, October 25th- 29th.

Pictured left to right: Bishop Derek Eurlates, Past District Governor/Mounds Lions Club Member, Sarita Sawyer, Mounds Lions Club Member, Malia Lester, CHS Beta Club Member, and Lanaya Nelson, CHS Beta Club Member. On October 21, 2017, the Cairo High School Beta Club assisted the Mounds Lions with the Telethon of Stars Road Block at Illinois Route 3 and Illinois Route 127. The Lions Club Telethon of Stars supports those with eyesight and hearing problems. The Telethon of Stars will air on WPSD 28

Governor John Joseph was on hand at the October 24th meeting of the Spring Valley Lions

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Club where he got the chance to induct two new members. Welcome our new family unit members Erin & Chris Damm. Their sponsors are Lions Bonnie Bernabie & Karen Klopcic.

Women from Illinois Wesleyan working with normal lions to help raise money for Camp lions for the visually and hearing impaired. 29

I'm proud to share details on an award received by our club. We were recognized by the Illinois Association of Park Districts for our partnership with the Lemont Park District. Both the Lemont Lions Club and the Lemont Park District have served the needs of our community for over 50 years. From our earliest days, our organizations have worked together to provide improvements to parks and outdoor spaces. This partnership recently completed our Centennial Tree Project (aka Lions Grove) earlier this year. We look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come. I attended the IAPD banquet Friday evening, October 13th, along with Lions Ken Novak and John Goushas. And I was humbled to accept this award on behalf of all members of the Lemont Lions Club, past and present. Congratulations to all my fellow members of the Lemont Club. This honor would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of our board and the membership you represent. -President, Lemont Lions Club

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

During his visit to London in October. Members of Maindehead were very curious to know about Lions of Illinois Foundation’s signature activities. Many members asked questions and they said that they too want to try some of the LIF projects in Maidenhead, London.

Maidenhead Lions Club President Peter presented Lion Dr. Austin D’Souza with their club banner.

Chicago Maharlika Lions Club held their Annual Halloween Party. Several kids took part with Halloween costumes.

District Sub Editors: Send Club Activities News and Pictutes to the following address. I cannot copy and paste from District/Club Newsletters. -Lion Dr. Austin D’Souza, PDG, Editor. Lion Dr. Austin D’Souza attended Lions Club of Maiden Head in Maidenhead, London at Maidenhead Golf Club 31 MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine District 1A Governor’s Monthly e-Newsletter Edited & Published by Dr. Austin D’Souza, PDG, for Lions and Leos of MD1 Lions and Leos. e-Mail Address: Mail your articles, pictures and news items to above e-mail address.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine for the Month of November, 2017  

MD1 Lions & Leos Monthly e-Magazine for the Month of November, 2017. Edited and Published by Lion Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine for the Month of November, 2017  

MD1 Lions & Leos Monthly e-Magazine for the Month of November, 2017. Edited and Published by Lion Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG