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The Illinois Lion, Lioness, Leo MD1 e-Magazine (Full) Vol. 4 - Issue 6, December 2016


success in your communities is our success all around the world!!!

From MD1 Council Chair: Lions of Illinois, Well, we had quite a rally last month and are swiftly headed to Thanksgiving and beyond. Christmas bells are ringing in many a town as we head into the holidays and the end of the year. Yes, soon HALF of our Lions Year will be over. “Time provides all of us with the opportunity to change, alter our belief system, and create new perspectives that challenge a person’s character and teach him or her how to become a happier and wiser person.” Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls I do hope we have gained a lot of knowledge with the passage of time that we may be better Lions and assist our clubs and our communities in new and more fruitful ways. This time of year generally makes us more aware of needs of the people around us and should lead to us being thankful for all we have and can share. That after all is what Lions is all about and what makes me proud to be a member with all of you! “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet As we celebrate the Holiday Season and Ring in the New Year lets think about our entry into a new century of service with Lions. Let’s keep up the Centennial Service Challenge and also introduce some new projects and even perhaps a Legacy Project. Get in touch with your District’s Centennial Service Challenge Coordinator; they can help with new ideas!!! And do not forget to attend the Zone Meetings…..ALL the District Officers are there for YOU the Lions Club member and YOUR club!!! Your 2

PLEASE have a safe and happy Holiday Season!!!!! Maggie and I wish you all the best! It is a pleasure to work with and serve the Lions of Illinois! Thanks for a great first 6 months!! Thank you for your time! Thank you for your Service! Thank you for being an Illinois Lion!!!! And remember “1917-It All Started Here”, in Illinois. Best Regards, Lion Mark Williams Lions of Illinois “With You in Service”

Editorial: ANNUAL HOLIDAYS OF GIFTS Every Year month of December brings us the spirit of Annual Holidays of Gifts Giving. Christmas trees are lit in neighborhoods, cribs are illuminated and the carols are filled in the skies. As a good citizen, it is our duty and responsibility to give back at this festive time of year end holidays. God has blessed us with good job, good family and good health to serve less fortunate in our communities. We have two huge charities to help as lions – Lions Clubs International Foundation and Lions of Illinois Foundation. Let us not forget to donate our contributions to these charities. Also as lions, we have our own club charities, Leader Dogs, Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind, Lions of Illinois Eye Research Center, Hadley School for the Blind, Mary Bryant Home for the Blind, etc., etc., to name a few to help in this holiday season of giving. We took the challenge from Helen Keller to be the Knight of the Blinds. When get inducted as Lions Club members, simultaneously we become the Knights of the Blind to fulfill the promise we gave as Lions to Helen Keller in 1925 during our International Convention.


Lions are the quiet ‘givers’ in our communities. We do not spend any money for advertisements or publicizing our activities. We do it because we care and share and we follow our motto – We Serve. -PDG Austin D’Souza, Your e-Magazine Editor

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP CORNER: Jama Wahl This is the second in a series of articles about Leadership Institutes offered by Lions Clubs International. Any Lion can participate in an institute. Prepared Lions provide better leadership at their club, district, or multiple district level. Stronger leadership means stronger service for our communities. According to information on the Lions Clubs International website, the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute (ELLI) “ focuses on building skills for Lions working at the club level. Candidates must be Lions in good standing, who have served on a club committee, but have not yet been a club president. Charter club presidents are also eligible.” This institute is especially geared for Lions who are seeking to be more active on the club level. Applications are available at LCI staff reviews all applications and makes the invitation to participants. A non-refundable participation fee of US $125.00 is required to offset the cost of the institute. LCI covers the cost of lodging and meals during the institute. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the institute. Many clubs will assist the participant with these fees. The next ELLI for Constitutional Area 1 and 2, which includes the USA, Affiliates, Bermuda and The Bahamas, and Canada is January 21-23, 2017 in


Chicago, Illinois. The application deadline has been extended. Questions can be directed to the Institute Division at LCI headquarters, 630-571-8890. -Jama Wahl, MD1 GLT Coordinator

President's Message Dear Lion, For 100 years, Lions have served like no one else. Our Centennial is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our legacy of local and global service. And I want you to feel just as excited about our future. We have set a goal of serving 200 million people per year by 2021—tripling our current humanitarian impact—so we can meet the emerging needs of our next century of service. It's ambitious. It's lifechanging. It's what we do as Lions. To reach our goal, we developed a strategic plan called LCI Forward. We built this roadmap for the future based on feedback from thousands of Lions just like you. LCI Forward embraces new ways to serve, new cutting-edge technologies and new ways to engage youth in Lions. It will offer more tools for training leaders, more global marketing to raise our visibility, and more ways to experience the pride of being a Lion. Learn more about our strategic plan by exploring the LCI Forward page. Then share the special LCI Forward video with your club. We will share new updates and resources throughout the year, and I look forward to working with your club to achieve our ambitious goals and ensure we remain the global leader in service. Chancellor Bob Corlew Your International President


A message from the Illinois Pin Traders Association:

The Illinois Pin Traders Association is part of the Lions of Illinois organization. We are a small group of Lions that are either pin traders or interested in what pin trading means to the Lion Program. Over the years, we have been active with other states pin traders associations by participating in Pin Swap Meets throughout the country. The swaps offer the opportunity to meet new Lions, trade pins as well as ideas about your interest in Lions. Through this association you can learn more about the Lions Clubs International Pin Traders Association. We are similar, but work more on a smaller scale. This year the Illinois Pin Traders Association is in a rebuilding program with the hope that we will be an active club by the time the Centennial Convention comes to Chicago in June of 2017. As Chair of the MD1 Host Committee and the President of the IPTA, I look to this association to help out with the Pin Traders at the International Convention. So, please help in this regrowth of Pin Trading as well as membership in our State Association. We meet once a year at the Lions of Illinois State Convention. During the year, we have the opportunity to join other states at Pin Swap Meets as well as trade pins by email. Our dues for the year are only $5.00 and is billed on an annual basis. We are looking for more Lions to join the association. So please consider the idea.

International Lions Parade One of the highlights of the Lions Clubs International Convention is the “Parade of Nations”. For those who have never attended the convention, this parade is like no others that you have seen. There will be about 20,000 Lions that will participate. The individual delegations will march in their native dress. Along with the marchers, there will be about 20 marching bands and a few floats. The parade will be Saturday, July 1st stepping off at 9:00 am at the corner of State Street and Wacker Drive. The parade will proceed south down State Street to Van Buren Street. Buses will be there to help the participants to return to McCormick Place. The marching order of the parade will be led by the delegations from the International Officers, followed by more than 150 delegations from around the world. Being the Host for the convention, we will be the last unit to march. Throughout the parade there will be marching bands and floats that will depicting the history of Lionism throughout the world.

If you are interested, please send your information to Lion Bob Block, PDG at 615 - 205th Place, Dyer, IN 46311 or by email to I hope you would think about joining our group, whether you have a hand full or thousands of pins, every Lion is welcome…

The Lions of Illinois are being asked to wear a similar dress that includes dark trouser, white polo shirt with a blue vest. We are looking for the dress to be similar in order to show the World how proud we are to host this Centennial Convention. Please refer to the attached forms for both the polo shirt and MD1 Vest.

Lion Bob Block, PDG President, Illinois Pin Traders Association (219) 671-0287

The committee will be looking for about 200 to 300 volunteers to help in the organizing of the units, getting the parade down the route and assisting



the participants to the shuttle bus to return them back to McCormick Place. Those volunteers will need to assemble around 7:00 am to get your assignments for the parade. So, please think about it and go to our web site to volunteer. It will be a fun time as well as you will be able to say that you marched down State Street. Everyone will be able to march as the day goes on. I would like to challenge each District to have a minimum of 100 Lions marching. With the Multiple having 10 Districts that would give us 1,000 marchers plus all the parade marshals that will be helping out. So let’s show the World how strong and proud the Lions of Illinois are about our heritage. Lion Robert Block, PDG MD1 Host Committee, Chair

Are you coming to Chicago for the Lions Centennial Convention in June, 2017? Lions Clubs International is planning to celebrate their 100th Anniversary Celebration, the Lions of MD1, Illinois are planning to host the party. We have been in the process of preparing to host the Lions of the World as they arrive in Chicago to be part of this Centennial Celebration. We are looking forward to demonstrate our Midwest welcome and hospitality to all convention attendees and their families. The Centennial Convention is June 30 - July 4, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The main venue will be Chicago McCormick Place. At this time, the anticipated attendance is about 35,000 to 40,000 people from around the World. The different delegations will be housed in more than 18 hotels that are located along the “Magnificent Mile” - Michigan Avenue. The International Parade will be Saturday, July 1, 5

2017. The parade will step off at 9:00 am and proceed down State Street. We are anticipating about 20,000 marchers, 18 marching bands along with cars, trolley buses and floats. This parade will be one of the convention highlights and demonstrate to the City who the Lions are. Lions Clubs International has made some changes that will allow all those who attend time to visit the Centennial Exhibit in the main exhibit hall as well as to enjoy the sights and sound that the City of Chicago has to offer. Some of those changes include  The hours of the Convention Services and Exhibit Hall have been extended for additional hours per day. This change is to accommodate the high number of attendees.  The Delegate Certification and Voting Procedures have changed. Instead of getting certified as a delegate any time during the convention and then coming to vote on the last day of the convention, you will now be able to get certified and vote starting on Sunday, July 2 at 1:00 pm through Tuesday, July 4 until 10:30 am.  LCI has added a Business Session on Saturday, July 1 following the parade. This session will be for the nomination of the candidates for International Directors. The third Vice President’s nomination will take place at the Sunday morning session. On Saturday, July 1, 2017 not only do we have the Parade of Nations and a newly added Business Session, along with the International Show in the evening. The performance at the show will include the “Beach Boys” and “Chicago”. Both these bands are internationally known and will be performing individually at the show. Something else that is new, is that during the International Show the main exhibit hall will be open to the attendees. The idea is to allow those that would like to take a break to go to the hall and


walk around. There will be food and drinks available in the hall during the show. The International Show will be starting at 5:30 pm which is earlier than years past. This may be a long day for those who participate in the parade as well as attend the Saturday afternoon business section, but I feel that it would give those the full experience of the convention. I hope that you planning to come and celebrate this milestone in our Association’s History. Chicago has a lot to offer in the areas of site seeing, various food experiences, recreational areas and plenty of shopping opportunities. With Chicago being the Birth Place of Lions, this will be a great time to step back into the History of our Association. There will be a number of sites that you can visit during your convention experience. Along with the traditional activities of the International Convention, Chicago will offer you an opportunity to walk up the steps of the Chicago Art Museum where the photo of Melvin Jones and the

So, as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary, let’s also take the time to renew our commitment to the motto “We Serve” and for the centennial celebration remember that “Where there is a need, there is a LION”. This idea will help us achieve our goals for our Centennial Celebration and at the same time renew our dedication to the service we offer to those less fortunate for our second hundred years of Lionism.

So plan to COME and CELEBRATE this milestone in the history of LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL ……. We will see you soon in Chicago. Lion Robert C. Block, PDG MD1 Host Committee, Chair Visit us at: CENTENNIAL SERVICE CHALLENGE MESSAGE: Dear Lions,

founding members had their picture taken with the Lion. There will be time for you to be able to visit the grave site of Melvin Jones on the west side of Chicago. And, an opportunity to visit our international headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois for a tour of the facility along with viewing more of the historical items that are on display throughout the building. As chairman of the MD1 Host committee, I want to assure you that the Committee Members are prepared to make this convention one of the best in our Association’s history. Our goal is to make all the attendees feel welcome in Chicago and feel as if they are enjoying a family reunion away from home. 6

For 100 years Lions have answered the call to serve those who need us most. We have made it our mission to reach out to the poor and underserved, to promote peace and understanding, and to bring help and hope to humanity. As we approach our Centennial in 2017, we have so much to celebrate. This once-in-a-lifetime event commemorates not just our association, but every Lion and club who has made a difference in the world. No matter where you are, there’s an opportunity for each and every Lion to join the celebration.


This year, I encourage you to continue strengthening your communities by helping us achieve our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100+ million people. I invite you to celebrate our Lions legacy by planning a Centennial Legacy Project in your community. And I’m asking you to take our clubs and association to new heights by chartering new clubs and inviting family, friends and neighbors to join us in service. As members of the world’s largest service club organization, we change lives. We serve because


the world needs us now more than ever. And we can achieve so much more when we work together. I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate our storied history of service, look toward our second century of service and show the world that wherever there’s a need, there’s a Lion. Very truly yours, Chancellor Bob Corlew, International President -------------------------------------------------------------




Jim Blakemore, Back Row – Aaron Johnson and Keith Hamstra. Photographer Bob Countryman also participated. The group collected 8 bags of garbage.

Lion John Cressman, president of the Durand Lions club presents Lion Bob Schlax with the International Lions Club Silver Centennial Award for sponsoring a new member during this centennial year.

Morrison Lions were busy on Friday and Saturday, October 14 & 15 working at various high traffic areas in the city collecting for Candy Day. Lion Jim Blakemore is receiving a donation from a Morrison resident. Lions John Cressman presents Lion Lynn Meyers, Candy Day Chair with the token of appreciation that the Durand Lions Club received from Lions of Illinois Foundation for supporting the Camp Lions Program

Morrison Lions Club completed the fall road clean-up. Front row left to right – Joyce Hamstra, Nancy Countryman



Highland Leo Club cleaned up trash on the side of Poplar Street from the south end of the city limits to 25th Street. Leo's taking part from left to right are Maya Zobrist, Brittany Lackley, Katelyn Duncan, Jacob Mitchell, Breanna Korte .


(Previous Column) Sycamore Past President Lion Ryan Genz guiding blind runner David Kuhn of DeKalb at the Sycamore Chamber 10K Pumpkin Run. This is the second year that these runners have paired up.

Bartlett Lions Club presented the Bartlett Volunteer Fire Department with a check for $500. The Bartlett Volunteer Fire Department will use this money to help the continuation of school safety programs in School District U46. Sycamore Lions just completed their 55th Annual Sponsorship of the Lions Pumpkin Display on the DeKalb County Courthouse lawn at the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival. Along with their sponsorship they provided food to the crowds from their food trailer/stand – in picture two (attached) Lions Pete Springmire and Chuck Bergsmith having fun cooking hamburgers, butterfly pork chops and bratwurst. The Lions also fundraise with their Annual Pumpkin Fest Raffle. Tickets were sold through the summer and fall at various venues as well as during the 5 day Festival. These activities are the club’s major fundraisers. Pictured are 1J Vice District Governor John Hilliard, Lion Susan Hilliard, Lion Joanne Watson, Lion Andy Watson from the Bartlett Lions Club. Had the honor of having picture taken with International President Bob Corlew and his wife Denise.

The Festival was started by the Lions 55 years ago when Lion Wally Thurow presented the idea to the club. Picture three shows the recently completed bronze statue of Lion Wally “Mr. Pumpkin” Thurow in downtown Sycamore. Lion Wally is prominently displaying his Lion’s vest and his bike is decorated with Sycamore Lions Club and Lions International insignia.



right, Lion Joanna Cermak, Roger Watts, Jane Kieveland, Sharon DeArvil and Lions Club President Dr. Seth Anderson. Second Photo: 

The Sycamore Lions wish to thank MPP Sycamore Containers for their donation of Trick or Treat Boxes which the club distributes to Sycamore Schools prior to the Annual Pumpkin Festival. Sycamore Containers has been providing these boxes to Sycamore’s youth for over 25 years. Attached picture shows MPP’s Marvin Barnes and John Green in front with Lion Ed Kuhn on trailer in rear picking up this year’s boxes.

Oregon Lions Hold Draw Down - Over two thousand dollars in cash and prizes were given away at the Lions Club Draw Down held at the Oregon Vets Club on October 27th. Those present at the Draw Down enjoyed snacks and fellowship while the lucky prizewinners names were drawn by Lion Joanna Cermak and announced by Lion Dave Stenger. Sharon DeArvil and Roger Watts both won $100 dollars, Logan Cann won $200 and the big winner of the evening was Jane Kieveland who won the $1000 prize. Shell and Oregon Super Valu gift cards were also handed out. Oregon Lions wish to thank everyone who purchased a ticket for this annual fundraiser for their support. Left to 11

Left to right, Lion Dave Stenger and Lion Joanna Cermak

The Westmont Lions Club sponsored the Peace Poster Contest. On November 1st we had our Peace Poster Dinner. Several junior high school students presented their Peace Poster to the Lions, parents and junior high school representatives present. In the photo we show Club President Lion Bob Fleck, five of the junior high scholars, District 1-J Peace Poster Chairperson Yllena Sinclare and Club Secretary PDG Lion Jim Addington. Many more posters were on display from all participants from three (3) Westmont community junior high schools. This was the 2nd time we sponsored this event. We find our youth is extremely creative, well versed and engaged in activities. The speeches these 6th – 8th graders gave were exceptional! The students had enthusiasm, commanded our attention and displayed passion for their art work. The students and their parents wanted to know more about what Lions do, some of the students seemed interested in a Leo Club. At the end of the night we gave them an assignment to convince the Art Teacher to become a Leo advisor and help charter a Leo Club. A great dinner and evening was had by all.


First place winner Izaya Barbary of Mounds lions club. President lion Retha Eurales is very proud of him.

The West Frankfort Lions Club Honored the Lion Veterans who attended the November 10 Lions Club Meeting. L>R Lions Jim Summers, Tom Donkin, Don Hoffmann, Jon Griffin, Jack McReynolds and Ed Pool.

Chicago Nepalese Centennial Lions Club held their first humanitarian project as Blood Drive with the help of Life Source at St. Mathews Church, Chicago. Picture shows President Lion Ramakant Kharel donating blood. Donors had cookies, juice and fruits prior to going home after blood donation.

Stickney Forest View Lions held their Annual Eggs & Ham Breakfast Fundraiser. Above are the volunteers who took part in hleping.

1M Gov Ann Ragsdale, PDG Sandy Newsome and Lion Barbara Taylor at a Pumpkin Patch.



District 1M Oakville Leos taking part in Highway Clean-up as part of Environmental Project.

1M PDGS Tawny Hall, Chief Buzz Melton, PID Bill Mckinney volunteered 1M 2016 Walk for Sight.

Oakville Lions bought chairs and delivered to needy people.

Fred Bird helping with the Spot Screening at Bel-Aire Bowl. PDG James Hauenschild manned the camera.

Oakville Lions participated in Oakville Parade

PCC Lydia Ellis and 1M District Governor Ann Ragsdale taking part in 2016 Walk for Sight.


Lion Retha Eurales of District 1CS received a donation from State Representative Brandon Phelps for the Governor Spouses Service Project Dignity for Darlings.Pictured L-R District Governor Derek Eurales, Lions Vivian Robinson, Rita Boykin, John Endsley, Alan Watt, Retha Eurales and State Representative Brandon Phelps.


Oregon Lions Learn About The Open Program Ms Kim Radostits and Mr. Cole Davidson spoke at the Oregon Lions' Club Meeting on November 10th. These two Oregon High School teachers and two students were there to explain the Open Program that was introduced as a class offering to students in their sophomore year at Oregon High School three years ago.It was created to give students a chance to have a more student-driven learning experience. The students set themselves goals and through creative problem solving and collaboration, are able to direct their own learning and achieve those goals. The class has now grown to 21 students.Photo: Lion Rob Arneson, Maddie, Erika, Mr. Davidson, and Ms. Radostits.

Immediate Past President Streator Hardscrabble Lions Club Karyn Dzurisin receiving her Membership Key Award from President Angelina Hernandez. Congratulations to IPP Karyn on her efforts to develop membership.

Oregon VFW Quartermaster Robert Coulter accepts a $1,000 donation from Oregon Lions Club President Dr. Seth Anderson to help with the cost of the food baskets that the VFW distributes during the Christmas Season. Photo: Quartermaster Robert Coulter and Dr. Seth Anderson. 14


Dr. Austin D'Souza (right) inducted a new member Tim Blanks (left) to Chicago Filipino American Lions Club. Tim Blanks is very much excited to get involved in lionism to serve the needy in Chicagoland communities.

Anganetta Terry was inducted into the MOUNDS LIONS CLUB on Oct 18, 2016. She is a resident of Mounds and works full time. Her sponsor is president Lion Retha Eurales. Ann is excited about becoming A member. She volunteered to help with the Roadblock for the Lions Telethon of Stars which was a great success.


District 1A’s first New Club this Lionistic Year – Chicago Nepalese Centennial Lions Club was chartered with 36 new members. International Director Sanjay from Nepal organized this club in Chicago. Dr. Austin D’Souza inducted these new meembers to newly chartered club at Four Points Hotel Sheraton.


Chicago Philippine Lions Club sponsor of Chicago Nepalese Centennial Lions Club donated club banner. Gong and gavel as gift to new club.

A plaque was presented to McHenry Lions Club Pres. Bill Winkel at its 50th Anniversary celebration by Lion Ken Anderson (r) of its sponsoring club, Island Lake Lions Club. As their sponsor back in 1966, the Lions gave a tongue-in-cheek tale, with video clips, of how the McHenry Lions Club was formed.

PDG Dr. Austin D’Souza and PZC Lourdes Mon received Guiding Lion pins from Governor Ernie.

A veteran photographer, writer, speaker, trainer, organizer and community leader Late Georg Toft was honored in Chicago Mayfair Community by 39th Ward Alderwoman Marge Laurino (right). Judy Toft (left) his wife accepted the honor.


A tribute to Lion Wally “Mr. Pumpkin” Thurow stands in downtown Sycamore IL. He proudly displays his Lions vest and his bike is decorated with the Sycamore Lions Club and LCI’s insignias. The Festival was started by the Lions Club 55 years ago — and still going strong! McHenry Lion Ray Fitzgerald (l) presents a special recognition award to McHenry Lion Jim Culbertson (r) for his longtime service to Lionism.


worker, Chally, was born with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. She attended Plano schools, Waubonsee Community College and Aurora University. Chally demonstrated how Portland, 4, answers commands to pick up items and speak (bark). Additionally, Portland can pull open doors and bring a phone to Chally.

Glendale Heights Barangay Lions Club took part in “Walk Your Student to School Day.” More than 140 students walked to school that day with their parents.

Sycamore Lions Club welcomed a new member, Lion Tony Sgariata. (l to r) Lions Club Pres. Lion Josh Kruis, new Lion Tony Sgariata, and his sponsor, Lion Aaron Gerdes.

Dog Meets Lion — Portland, service dog of Aurora resident, Amy Chally, background, meets Aurora Noon Lions Club President Michele Needham (l) at a Lions Club meeting. An unemployed social 17

Gabriela Rivera (l) and Alondra Cervantes were among 40 East Aurora High School students who volunteered at the Aurora Noon Lions Club’s annual Halloween Pancake Breakfast. Costumed East students represented the Distributed Education Club and the Naval Junior.

PDG Lion Nancy Rex (r) inducted two new Lions into the Sandwich Lions Club. (l to r) New Lion Dan DeWitt, Sponsor Lion Bob Jones, New Lion Joe Muhr, and Lion Bob Jones. from left)


Low Vision items donated by Lisle Lions Club.

The Malta Lions Club received $10,000.00 from the estate of Phyllis and O. J. Cunningham. Lion O. J. was a charter member of the Malta Lions Club and the money will be designated for a $1,000.00 scholarship each year to a Kishwaukee College nursing student. The award is called the O. J. and Phyllis Cunningham/Malta Lions Scholarship. (l to r) Malta Lion Treasurer Brian Heal, Kishwaukee College President Dr. Laurie Borowicz, KC Foundation Director Dr. Bill Nicklas, Malta Lion President Matt Feuerborn, Malta Lion Secretary Tom Weber and KC Dean of Health and Education Betty Chilton.

Several Lisle Lions were invited to the Lisle Library Board of Trustees’ meeting for a presentation of items purchased for individuals in the community with low vision. A table held these items, i.e., magnifiers, a special computer monitor & keyboard, a high-powered lamp, that were purchased by the library with a $485 check that had been donated to Lisle Library in honor of Lions Clubs International World Sight Day. The library had assistance from Spectrios in Wheaton in choosing items that are made specifically for lowvision individuals. 18

It’s a good day when you see a young adult volunteering to do like the Senior Lions try to do, help a needed world! Lucas Troncoso was experiencing his Lion father, Downers Grove Club Secy., Lion Aris Troncosco in action and wanted to be part of what his Dad stood for!

Sandwich Lions recently built a ramp in their ongoing wheelchair ramp project. Members also removed two ramps that were no longer needed. Are you recycling your lumber??


Sponsor Sun City-Huntley Lion June Brock (l) puts a Lions pin on new member Lion Betty Witzcak (c) while Cabinet Treasurer/SCH Lions Club Treasurer Lion Jim Graves presides over the ceremony. PDG Lion Ed Carter, Sandwich Lions Club President, congratulates Lion Walt Farley on his new Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

L-R Lion Amy Baughman, Lion President Larry Baughman, Keynote Speaker John Tobias, District 1-M Governor Mo Wimbley, Lion Ruthie Wimbley

celebration dinner at Country Hills Golf Course on Saturday, November 5. With 34 people in L-R District 1-M Governor Mo Wimbley, Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient Lion Richard Dennis, ALC President Lion Larry Baughman

attendance, the evening opened with an invocation by Lion Del Haschemeyer. An outstanding meal prepared by Donna and Glen Simmering was served. Honored guests included District 1-M Governor Maurice "MO" Wimbley and his wife Lion Ruthie, Keynote Speaker John Tobias, and Charter President Lion George Cerar and his wife, Rita. The celebration was presided over by Athens Lions Club President Larry Baughman, who praised the members for giving back over $211,000--as well as countless hours of volunteer work--to the community of Athens over the past 30 years.

L-R John Tobias, Lions Amy Baughman, Larry Baughman, Mo Wimbley, Ruthie Wimbley, Rita Cerar and George Cerar

Athens Lions Celebrate 30 years. Keynote speaker for the evening was John Tobias, a The Athens Lions Club celebrated 30 years of teacher at Athens High School. As sponsor of the service to the Athens Community with a 19 HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO OUR READERS!

Leadership Committee at the school, he has helped students organize the canned food drive for the Athens Food Pantry and also has supervised the Veterans Day programs at the school and in the community. John spoke to the Lions members about how his life was shaped by those who have come before him and who gave their time to help others. He spoke of the sense of community spirit and the characteristics of a leader. Some of those included being able to lead and then follow, taking pride and having honor, inspiring others and achieving goals. He recognized that the Athens Lions Club would not have been able to help this community if it had not been for good leadership. John said that he is proud to live in Athens and be in a community that responds to the needs of others. Awards were presented by Lion Don Porter to Charter President George Cerar for starting the Athens Lions Club and to John Tobias for being keynote speaker. Lion Bill Armitage presented Larry Baughman an award for his outstanding leadership and dedication to the Lions. Lion Don Porter and District Governor Mo Wimbley also presented 30-year pins to active charter members Jack Brackney, Terry Brown, Richard Dennis, Don Ferricks, and Bob Roberts. President Lion Larry Baughman and District 1-M Governor Mo Wimbley then presented the highest individual award a Lion can receive, the Melvin Jones Fellowship, to Lion Richard Dennis. The award recognized his 30 years of outstanding work and leadership in service to the Athens Community. President Larry Baughman read a congratulatory letter from Lions International President Bob Corlew, thanking the club for its outstanding work and contribution not only to the Athens Community, but for its work toward humanitarian efforts throughout the world. Larry Baughman presented a proclamation from the Menard County Board and John Tobias presented a proclamation from the City of Athens recognizing the Lions Club's contributions to the Athens Community and naming November 5, 2016, as Athens Lions Club Day in Menard County. Lion Richard Dennis presented the necrology honoring deceased members Ken Baumgarten, Ron Brady, William DePratt, and Glenn Huffman. Lion Jack Brackney held the drawing for the 50/50 prize with Lion Lois Peterson having the winning ticket. The evening closed with the benediction by Lion Del Haschemeyer.


The Forest Kala Sampath Lions took part in Christmas Around the World organized by Chicago Museum of Science & Industry. Christmas Carols and variety entertainment with dances were part of this 75th cultural event.

Many of District 1A Cabinet Members posed for a group photograph to show their love towards Chicago Cubs who won World Championship.

IPDG Raph Zarada from sponsoring club River Grove Lions donated new club banner to Lioncolnwood Lions Club during Governor’s Visit.


Lion Syed Wahajuddin Ahmed, secretary of Lioncolnwood Lions Club and a strong community leader was awarded with US President’s Lifetime Voluntary Service Award by Dr. Austin D’Souza.

1A Gov Ernie Lapid received an Appreciation Award from Lincolnwood Lions President Naveed Ahmed. Also you can see MC Lion Mohammed Aslam, First Lady Edna Lapid and First Lady Sakina Naveed.


First Picture: (L)Leo Vice President Karleigh Trotter and (R)Dave from Trees for Tomorrow. Dave was teaching Leo Karleigh how to break the roots loose so they would grow properly in the ground. Second Picture: Leo Isiah Young Third Picture: You must separate the roots for proper growth. (L-R) Leo Austin Brown, Social Service Chair, Leo Isiah Young, Dave (Trees for Tomorrow) Fourth Picture: Lion Austin Brown and Dave. DISTRICT 1M PEACE POSTER CONTESTANTS:

1st Place Winner – Angie Antuna, age 11, Franklin Middle School, poster was submitted by the Springfield Noon Lions Club.


Mattoon Lions Club Winners: Williams Elementary School winners: Alison Otto, Trinity Marie Little, Mia Grace, Kynley Cornell, Lundyn Pope Back row are Lion Leann Brackney and Mayor Tim Gover.

Riddle Elementary School winners: Wyitt Wagers, Elizabeth Jordan, Aliza Hawn, Emily Maple, and Korbin Bateman

Durand Lions Club honored their veterans at the November 9th meeting. Shown here is Lion Ben Clay with the Flag Cake. Also shown are the veterans: Gordon Grande (USMC), Dave Waller (USN), Ben Clay (USMC), Terry Eberle (USA), Bob Schlax (USAF), Jim McClellan (IND NG),and Orv Bergsmith (USA). Dave Waller Durand Lions Club Secretary.



Lion Ben received a Salute from some club members.

German Valley Lions Club President Peggy Larson is shown with representatives of groups that were winners in the club’s Chili Cook Off on November 5th. They are, left to right, Lion Nick Williams of the New Hope Veterinary Clinic, first place; Melissa Watter of the German Valley EMT & Ambulance Service, second place; Stanley Buttel of the German Valley Historical Society, third. Eight teams were entered in the competition.

Diane and Arlen Heeren help German Valley resident Dale Wilken to a serving of their chili for a taste test during the German Valley Lions Club’s first ever Cook-Off and Chili Supper on November 5th.

Lion Beth Watter casts her vote for her favorite chili at the cook off. 23

Peggy Larson, German Valley Lions Club President, presents German Valley Village President Mark Jewell with a check for $1,850, which was the profit earned at the Club’s Chili Cook Off and Chili Supper on November 5th. The money has been designated to establish a start up fund for the eventual purchase of new playground and recreational equipment in German Valley’s Ben Miller Park. The German Valley Lions Club accepted two new members on November 15th. Michael Ryia, at left, and William (Bill) Crocker, at right, are pictured with their sponsor, Past District Governor Robert E. Plock, and 2nd Vice District Governor/Zone


Chairperson Barb Stewart of Orangeville, who performed the induction ceremony. Lions Ryia and Crocker are the 34th and 35th members sponsored by PDG Plock.

PDG Gary Meyers wife and Zone Chairman Marcia along with several other members.

The Orangeville Lions Club held a social party/club visit on Saturday November 12.There was a meal, played cards, they had a silent auction and a Chinese auction as a fund raiser for their club. There were 7 Lena Lions members that attended the party. Fun was had by all.

l to r -Pastor Thelma, Lions Deb Ruggeri, and Ruth Ann Mueller, who is also a member of HNS.

The Lions Club had a very successful food drive at their November Membership Meeting. Everything was donated to the House of Neighborly Service. MANY boxes were over flowing and donations came from people who weren't even lions. HNS' Mission is to provide a hand up by connecting neighbors in need to community resources. The Lions Motto is "We Serve" so it made good sense for us to donate locally so our local folks can reap the benefits. Thanksgiving blessings to such a generous community.

Ron set up this photo op for the paper, space and time.


Past Council Chairman Fred Peska along with several members waiting to see who won the silent auction.

Lion Sharon Peska announced silent and Chinese auction


Lion Sue Hatings 1-F received her pin & certificate for completing the ALLI class in Houston, Texas.

Orland Park Lions at their Annual Christmas Tree Sale lot. Young and experienced lions make an excellent team to sell these trees in a cold weather.

Chicago Ecuadorian Lions Club decorated their Christmas Tree at the Museum of Science & Industry for their 75th Christmas Around the World Celebrations.

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