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If we keep these above resolutions active, I am pretty sure that we will help our lions clubs in our communities.

action by all Lions and for each Lion to be accountable to themselves, the Lions in their club and most of all in those we serve.

Now stand up, and make a promise!

-PDG Ralph Zarada, MD1 GLT Chairperson

“Joy in Jan Fun in Feb Peace from March till June No worries in July Harmony in August, fun in September, Achievements from October till December And Happiness all through Happy New Year!” -Dr. Austin D’Souza,

Global Membership Column Lions Club Development December/January In this article I want to touch on the subject of Club Development. Club development is a proactive process to attract new Lions, to keep the lions we have and to keep the lions we get. This process begins the moment an individual is invited to become a Lion, not when a member stops paying dues or participating in club events. It also requires that all Lions in the club, not just the formal leadership, to take responsibility for the state of the club.

PCC Terry L. Knollenberg, MD-1 Constitution and ByLaws Chair Lions of Illinois, There are currently three resolutions the C&BL Committee has worked on for consideration at our upcoming Multiple District Convention. These will be printed in an upcoming issue of our State Magazine. Our MD-1 Constitution, Article XIII – Amendments requires all proposed amendments be received by our Lions of Illinois State Secretary Treasurer no later than 120 days prior to the first scheduled day of the State Convention. Our convention convenes on May 18, 2018 which makes the last day for submitting proposed amendments January 18, 2018. If any club or sub-district has any proposed amendments to submit I encourage you to do so soon. -Terry Knollenberg,

101ST Lions Clubs International Convention Club Development is a continuous process that helps both new and more experienced Lions become and stay involved with club activities and feel valued and proud to be Lions. It gives newer members the opportunities to experience the joys and accomplishments of being a Lion and the more experienced members the opportunity to share their knowledge and become advisors/mentors. And finally. Club development is also preparing for the future by asking where the club has been , where is it now, where it wants to go and preparing action plans on how it will get there. It requires 3

The 2018 Lions Clubs International Convention will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dates of the convention are Friday, June 29 through Tuesday, July 3, 2018. The Lions of Illinois will be at the Luxor Hotel & Casino that is 15 minutes walking distance from the MGM Grand. There will be shuttle bus service during the convention.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

2018 January State e-magazine full version  
2018 January State e-magazine full version  

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