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30 May - 06 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21


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always true. A person can be under attack from a demon within or outside of their own being.

THINKING ALLOWED Austin Menzi Moyo Snr.

Occult Level Spiritual Warfare Dealings with the occult give demons a strong grasp in our lives. By delving into the occult, not only are we directly rebelling against God, but we are putting ourselves at risk for emotional, spiritual and physical baggage. This level of warfare deals with demonic forces who have been attached to individuals or families.


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SPIRITUAL WARS ARE JUST THAT SPRITUAL - YOU CANNOT FIGHT THEM IN THE FLESH Spiritual wars are not for every Dick, Tom and Harry. They are much more complex than physical wars. In a physical war, when you get injured, you will go to hospital to receive care and recover after a while. You may need to go to the gym to get physical fitness so that you are flexible enough to maneuver when the need comes.

They will have encounters with demons, and Satanic elements within our society. The majority of Christians will not be involved in warfare at this level, however we should all be prepared for such a situation. Advanced warfare can be broken down into three levels:

In Spiritual warfare, it is totally different. Spiritual warfare is a direct battle between the forces of good and evil - the fight against Satan and his servants. There are Christians who have been and will be engaging in a formal battle with Satan.

Ground Level Spiritual Warfare This level consists of deliverance from demonic forces interfering with personal lives. When using the word deliverance we often assume that demonic possession of a person is involved. This is sometimes but not

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Cosmic Level Spiritual Warfare Here we are dealing with higher ranking demonic powers. These powers have more significant assignments, such as social networks or territories. In both basic and advanced levels of warfare there is a very important ingredient which comes second only to knowing God, it is knowing our enemy. In every war, physical or spiritual getting to know the enemy is of great importance. If we know when the enemy is most likely to attack, and how he is most likely to attack, there is no question we will be able to better stand strong against him. 1 John 4:4. From time to time, we will leave our physical bodies to go and assist in fighting these wars and come back. Though complex and demanding, it is real. More next week...... Till next week, Adios.


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Samson Ndlovu (Bheki Mkhwane - R) is back in Isibaya. Standerton, Ermelo The cakes will crumble! He is seen here standing with Long Distance Taxi the Westman (Austin Moyo Snr -L), Fezile Khumalo Rank Take Away; (Andile Mxakaza) and Eastman (Lucky) during one Smoky Lane, U$ave, of Isibaya shoot sessions. selected Cafes or

Friday 30 May 2014 S'khaleni gets a payout from shortie. A leg of lamb has been eaten by someone in the yard. Lerato teaches Josie about motherhood. Mehlemamba asks for permission to look after Mpiyakhe and the dark side of Mgijimi takes over. Monday 2 June 2014 Will Mehlemamba be saved from the clutches of death? Mamnisi's first meeting with Josie is not a pleasant one. Meanwhile, S'khaleni seems to have money at his disposal. Tuesday 3 June 2014 Mpiyakhe suggests that Fezile must go to the valley to sort out lobola negotiations. However, the wives jump to the wrong conclusion. Mamnisi warns Shadrack about Josie. Wednesday 4 June 2014 It seems Mehlemamba's remedy is working. Mandla lies. S'khaleni finds himself in a tight situation. Mpiyakhe and Bhekifa have an awkward moment. Thursday 5 June 2014 S'khaleni fears that his reckless ways will cost him his freedom. Mandla puts the kids' lives in danger. Josie makes an uncomfortable connection with Shadrack. Meanwhile, the wives are on a mission. Friday 6 June 2014 S'khaleni is angered by Shortie's plan. Ngwebedla's call makes S'khaleni restless. Mandla almost loses Bongani. Lerato hides her feelings about Josie. Coutesy:

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30 May - 5 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21

ADMISSION OF LEARNERS FOR 2015 SCHOOL YEAR The Mpumalanga Department of Education takes this time to inform and encourage all parents of children of school going age to register their children for 2015 school year. The process to register children starts today (i.e. 05 May 2014) and will proceed until 29 August 2014. The department saw it essential to start the process early to ensure that parents have adequate time to register their children and to ensure that challenges can be resolved on time. This process is guided by the admission guidelines which were issued by the Head of Department, Mrs. Mahlasedi Mhlabane on 01 December 2013. According to those guidelines all schools are required to manage this process in their respective schools and to compile reports to update the line function on progress in accordance to the Admission Policy of learners in public schools and the respective school’s admission policy. Schools’ admission policies must always take the Republic of South Africa's constitutional mandate into account and should be inline with the dictates of the South African Schools Act no 84 of 1996. All Districts must submit their progress reports to the Head of Department on 31 September 2014. Circuit Managers will be expected to lead all processes of addressing critical cases that may arise from the admission process. This process must be finalized by 15 October 2014. A final report on the admission of learners must be submitted by District Directors to the Head of Department on 30 October 2014. ADMISSION GUIDELINES Roles of Principals • All principals of public ordinary schools must acknowledge that this is a delegated

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function that must be managed efficiently and in line with the admission policy. • They must develop clear plans on how they are going to administer the 2014 admission process in accordance with the dates provided herein, and ensure 100% adherence to the plan; • They must set reasonable time frames to administer the admission process; • They must inform parents about their rights and responsibilities; • They must always be available to address challenges that arise from the process; • They must at all times communicate with parents, communities and stakeholders in a manner befitting of the teaching profession. • They must compile reports and make every effort to give applicants feedback on time. • They must treat every applicant with dignity and ensure that the process of admitting learners is free from any form of unfair discrimination. • They must ensure that no child is denied admission to a school on the basis that his/her parents are unable to pay or have not paid school fees, or does not subscribe to the mission statement of the school or refuse to enter into contract in terms of which the parents waive any claim for damages arising out of the education of the learner. • They must go an extra mile to assist parents who seek admission in line with the admission policy and engage the Circuit Office should they experience any difficulty in resolving some of the problems that arise from the process. Roles of Circuit Managers • All Circuit Managers are expected to support principals and ensure that the process of admitting learners progresses smoothly. • They must develop a monitoring framework and compile reports in line with the dates provided above. • They must ensure that parents are informed of their rights and responsibilities. • They must develop a strategy to address critical cases in consultation with principals. • They must help to ensure that all cases are resolved amicably and in the best interest of learners. • They must ensure that the administrative processes are not compromised and that the



e really weren't expecting this! The trial is not yet over and already a movie is being set up, which according to rumors, will be played by Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron! And while scripts were flying everywhere after the violent Valentine's Day murder of Reeva happened, a source revealed: "You've got one of the world's most famous sportsmen under arrest and a beautiful young woman who meets a violent death. Scripts began doing the rounds within days of the scandal breaking. Ryan has the kind of quiet magnetism that would make this project work – plus there's some mystery about him. Although Ryan has been saying publicly that he wants to take a break from acting to relax, executives will be falling over themselves to woo him once the scripts are finalized." The paralympian is currently on bail, after he beat his case on claims that he mistook his girl friend as an intruder, and considering that Ryan would definitely make a good Oscar, we're not sure if we even want this film to happen. It's definitely far too early to see the tragedy on the big screen, but Hollywood is going yo do what they are going to do!! Do you think it's too soon for a movie about this tragic murder to be made? What should the title of the movie be? To send your views SMS Khanyisa + Comment to 33813 (SMS Costs R1.50)

Rumors says Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron will star in the movie







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policy framework is adhered to at all times. • They must always be available to address the concerns of parents and principals including those from School Governing Bodies. • They must make it their responsibility that on the first day of the re-opening of schools there are no glitches and that teaching and learning takes place smoothly. Roles of the District Managers • District Managers are expected to ensure that this process is managed meticulously and with the professionalism it deserves. • They must support schools and parents who seek admission and ensure that they are given the required assistance at all times. • They must hold schools and Circuit Offices accountable throughout this process. • They must make it their obligation to address all concerns of parents in an amicable manner. • They must write reports to the Head of Department in line with the timelines provided above. Role of Head Office • They will monitor the process, receive reports from Districts and respond where there is a need. • They will support Districts at all times and enforce adherence to the rules and regulations. The admission guidelines seeks to achieve and ensure a seamless process of admitting learners so that teaching and learning can commence on the first day of re-opening on 14 January 2015.



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Qeda Inyongo (Acid) Cleansing the Blood Balancing Levels Nourishing 083 Cells

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Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

30 May - 6 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21


Executive Mayor visiting the almost complete reservoir at eThandukukhanya built to improve water supply and capacity.

UBHEKA ABANTU NGOKUHLE KODWA Makhosi Mthupha Imeya yaseMkhondo, umnumzane uBhekabantu Mtshali ibe ibambisane neyinye ibhizinisi ezimele iEph's Security Protection ekusizeni izikole ezisemaphandleni. Ubaba uMtshali ubone ukuthi kuyoba kuhle uma bebhekelela esinye nesinye isikole esisemakhaya. Baqale nge Mahamba Primary School lapho abanike khona izingane izimpahla zezikole. Izingane ezilinganiselwa ku42, ziye emakhanya zihambela phezulu ngoba zithole impahla zokugqoka esikholweni eziphelele. IMeya ithanda ukuququzela ezinye izikampani ukuthi uma zifisa ukusiza izikole ezisemakhaya mazixhumane nehhovisi likaMeya eMkhondo ukuze baqhubekisele phambili intuthuko yaseMkhondo nokuthi babonelele izikole ezisemakhaya ezintulayo. Izingane bezingakwazi nokuzibamba, ngendlela beziphuphuma ngayo injabulo kanye noThisha nhloko nothisha. Baphinde babonga kakhulu iMeya ngokubasiza kangaka. Lesi senzo sikhombise ukuthi ubaba uMtshali uhlezi ebeke izikole ezisemakhaya enhlizweni yakhe, kanti futhi neEph's Security Protection ngofika ukuzobapha lezimpahla zezisikole. Executive Mayor accompanied by MMC for Community Services, Clr V,D Nkosi handing over new school uniform to learners at Mahamba Primary School. They are flanked by the School Principal, Ms N.L Mtungwa and Educator, Mr Shadrack Sithole. The school uniform was donated by a good Samaritan of Mkhondo, Mr E. Magagula.

28 YEAR OLD MAN IN DETENTION DISABLED PEOPLE SOUTH AFRICA MEDIA STATEMENT ON THE APPOINTMENT OF THE 5TH CABINENT OF THE OVER A 13 YEARS OLD GIRL By Sisanda Mabizela A 28 old man from Thuse Village is in trouble with the law after spending four days in a love nest with a 13 year old girl. The mother found the girl at a drop-off station along Morgezon road where she confessed to have spent the nights being intimate with a man who is more than twice her age. A Police spokesman Captain Prinsloo confirmed that a case of statutory rape was opened against the 28 year old man. He added that man made an initial court appearance this Tuesday for bail

application but was reminded in custody. “He is facing charges of rape. People must remember that sleeping with an underage child according to legislation; underage children cannot give consent in sexual cases. However, people if people go against the law they could also face the same charges. Even if the victim agrees to have intercourse with an adult it will still be taken as statutory rape�, said captain Prinsloo.

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) wishes to express its profound gratitude to the African National Congress (ANC) for the appointment of the first Minister who is a person with a disability in the person of Comrade Advocate Mike Masutha. Comrade Masutha has been appointed as the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services. We also appreciate the appointment of two Deputy Ministers who are also people with disabilities; are Comrade Hendrietta Bongopane-Zulu who

has been appointed as the Deputy Minister of Social Development and Comrade Kebby Maphatsoe who has been appointed as the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans. We further witnessed with unparalleled exhilaration the swearing in of people with disabilities who will be serving as Members of Parliament and of various Legislatures. If anything, this confirms the continued appreciation of our role in society. We are however concerned with the incorporation of disability into

the Department of Social Development. Our view is that disability is a human rights and transversal issue and therefore cannot be pigeonholed into the Department of Social Development. Consistent with other designated groups as Youth and Women, our view is that we should be located in the Office of the President. We call upon the President of the Republic of South Africa to reconsider the decision to move disability to the Department of Social Development.

30 May to 6 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21

Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

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NEW BIRTH CONTROL HITS THE MARK WITH MPUMALANGA WOMEN South Africa's first under-the-skin birth control implant is leading some Mpumalanga women By Senamile Phungula to trade traditional birth control shots for the three-year implants. In February, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi introduced the country's first below the skin implant to prevent pregnancy called Implanon Nxt as part of new national guidelines that aimed to expand women's birth control choices. “The aim is to more effectively address the first rung of prevention of mother-to-child HIV – namely prevention (of pregnancy) by not only providing women with a wider choice of contraception but also improving access to and uptake by women of childbearing age,” said Motsoaledi at the launch of a recent joint review of the country's HIV and tuberculosis programmes. Before the Implanon Nxt's introduction, most women in South Africa - like Ntombizodwa Nkomo* - relied on monthly birth control injections to prevent pregnancy. Only a small portion of women was using the only other previously available implant, which had to be inserted into the uterus.

Nkomo says she has already made the move away from “the shot” to Implanon Nxt. "I'm here for my birth control shot but after I received more information on the birth control implant I decided to try it as it lasts longer than birth control shots," said Nkomo during a visit to Ermelo's M.N Cindi Clinic. Implanon Nxt is a plastic matchstick sized rod that is inserted by health care professionals under the skin of a woman's upper arm. Nurses at the M.N. Cindi Clinic have already begun educating women about the new option and say that many women have switched after hearing how moving to Implanon Nxt will cut out monthly trips to the clinic. According one health care professional who asked not to be named, insertion of the implant is quick and easy, and Implanon Nxt starts working 50 minutes after insertion. It is also safe to use for

women who are breastfeeding. Women who decide they want to fall pregnant should also experience no problems related to the birth control in trying to conceive once they have stopped using it. However, there were certain medications that could make it less effective, including certain tuberculosis and HIV medicines. The implant may also not be used by pregnant women and those with breast cancer. In spite the implant's efficacy, women are still encouraged to ask their partners to use condoms to protect them from sexually transmitted infections and HIV. The new guidelines also include focuses on “at-risk” groups. For instance, the guidelines specify that all migrants should receive family planning services and that sex workers should be provided with male and female condoms, and water-based lubricant. – Health-e News Service.

Before the Implanon Nxt's introduction, most women in South Africa relied on monthly birth control injections to prevent pregnancy.


Umnumzani Manyathi ekhuluma nentsha

IMFUNDO MAKUBE YISITHANDWA SAKHO Udaba: Makhosi Mthupha Abantu abasha baseMkhondo banenhlanhla enkulu ukulethelwa ulwazi mayelana nokuqhuba izifundo zabo ezikhungweni zemfundo ephakeme. Bebavakashelwe ilunga lakwaMasipala umnumzane Muzi Manyathi oseHovisini elibukelela abantu abasha kanye nomnumzane uOscar Kubheka yena obekavela eGert Sibande FET College. Labahlonishwa ngokubambisa bavakashele izindawo ezahluka hlukeni ezifana noAmsterdam, Driefontein kanye nezinye eziningi. Umnumzane Manyathi obonge kakhulu intsha yaseDriefontein asho kona ukuthi intsha mayikhululeke ngokuvakashela ehovisini lakhe elikaMasipala eMkhondo uma bafuna usizo njengentsha yaseMkhondo. Intsha ijabule kakhulu ukuzwa lawa mazwi ngoba intsha ishilo

ukuthi ibonga kakhulu ukuvakashelwa yilezikhulu futhi bazothanda ukuthi bangene nasezikole ukuyofundisa intsha kuze ibe nolwazi yalezifundo eziphezulu ukuze nakubo kuyoba lula uma abanye babo sebaphothula amabanga abo omatikuletsheni ukuyofunda kulezifundo eziphezulu nokuthi bafuna ukufundela muphi umsebenzi. Umnumzane Kubheka, akugcizelelile ukuthi intsha mayithande izincwadi kakhulu ngoba lokho kuyobenza baphumelele, waze washo wathi uma intsha ingathandana nemfundo ngoba imfundo ayisoze yakuphoxa kodwa umuntu uyokuphoxa kodwa iyokuqhubekisa phambile nokuthi ugcine usuyitho emhlabeni. Basho ukuthi basazovakashale ezikoleni ezisemakhaya kanye nemiphakathi ehluka hlukene.

t's official! Khanyisa Newspaper is the publication to do business with in Gert Sibande District. The paper scooped a top national MDDA-SANLAM award during a glittering ceremony which was held in Boksburg, outside Johannesburg. The only black owned publication in Gert Sibande District, Khanyisa

snatched the top emerging newspaper award ahead of other 750 entries. Khanyisa came among the top of the 89 finalists which were chosen from various categories including corporate owned publications. This category is for new publications that continued to produce quality newspapers despite the scarcity of resources and limited

support. The judges looked at the news value of the content, language use, layout and typography of the publication. The panel of judges agreed that Khanyisa Newspaper came out shinning in all the assessments. Publisher of Khanyisa Newspaper, Austin Moyo (Snr) received the award on behalf of his team during a splendid ceremony which was attended by Publishers, Journalists, Media Moguls and Sponsors. Speaking at Birchwood hotel soon after receiving the award, Moyo (Snr), said he was humbled by the recognition of his work by professionals in the media. “I and my team feel rewarded by this kind of recognition by judges who were drawn from a panel of experienced and schooled journalists. We will continue to give our Mpumalanga readers the paper every Friday. We thank our advertisers, the MDDA and Sanlam for their support,” said Moyo (snr) Says Sanlam's Head of Group Communications, Mr Ainsley Moos: "Sanlam and the MDDA congratulate the finalists and express our gratitude to all the journalists and media organisations that support these awards by entering for the various categories. "We recognise that the healthy competition and the success of the Awards are sustained by the enthusiastic participation and commitment to the Awards by the community media across South Africa. In return, we remain committed to providing the resources and the platform for these important Awards." Acknowledging the judges, the out-going CEO of the MDDA, Mr Lumko Mtimde said they secured a great team of experienced individuals to be judges. He added that they did a sterling job that ensured rigorous and fair adjudication of the entries.

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Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

30 May - 06 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21



esidents of Ermelo are petrified by the superstitious happenings around Ermelo dam located right in town. None of the scores of people who spoke to Khanyisa News Team this week were prepared to be identified. All of them preferred to remain anonymous saying the snake will strike them if their names were published in the paper. Hair raising tales that are reminiscent of Anaconda film scenes are swirling around Emerlo as people whisper about the unearthly trespasser. One patron of a near-by liquor hole said the dam is a home to a huge snake that changes to a human form as soon as it leaves the water. The human shaped snake is said to be a frequent visitor of shopping malls and taverns where it warns people to desist from making noise. The visibly terrified man added that most of the residents of

Ermelo were very much aware of the human snake. He revealed to this paper that local people were coached on how to handle the impostor. The man said everyone was compelled to appease the snake by donating to it whatever it asks. “If it asks for R10, you have to give it or else you will fall into the dam. Copses that are picked from the dam are found with the brains missing,” said the man. Another man sensationally claimed that the spooky visitor plays snooker at times with patrons of a nearby tavern. Revelations were also made that the unusual visitor has super natural powers to attract its victims into the dam. “One man just dived into the dam after consuming a few beers. He took off his clothes to swim, but never surfaced. His body was recovered the following day by divers but without brains,” said one resident of Phumula. ERMELO DAM: Home to the mysterious Human Snake

Face to Face with Un-earthly Visitor This is what eye-witnesses confided to Khanyisa Newspaper A taxi driver said the story dates back to 1997 when a word spread that there was a huge snake living under water. He said he never believed it until he came face to face with the fishy intruder. He claims one day as he was playing snooker a fish smelling, human- snake creature walked in and asked the pub owner to close shop. The angry snake returned after its directive was ignored and dragged a female patron into the dam. Her body was retrieved from the dam the following morning. One anonymous source revealed that one day it appeared in a mini-skirt which prompted lustful men to run after it. One man is said to have dived into the water recently after telling drinking-mates that his girlfriend was calling from the water. His brainless body was recovered the following morning. However Xolani, who hangs around the dam dismissed the tales as superstitious We encourage our readers to share with us their encounter with the human snake by sending whatsap messages on 0843356754, face-book page Khanyisa newspaper or tweet us @Khanyisamedia

KHANYISA EXPLORES EXISTING MYTHS SURROUNDING WATER DEMONS Rusalka Rusalka were female ghosts in Slavic mythology. They were thought to be souls of young women died in or near lakes that had usually been murdered. They were not violent, but mainly haunted lakes until their death was avenged. Some explained the Rusalka as women that died prematurely due to suicide or

murder having to do with their loved ones had to live out their designated time on earth as a spirit. Other stated that water ghosts are unclean dead, such as unbaptized babies, and people that died from suicides. Water Demons Scotland In many of the deep pools of the

streams and rivers guardiandemons were believed to reside, and it was dangerous to bathe in them. Sometimes, when a castle or mansion was being sacked, a faithful servant or two contrived to rescue the plate chest, and to cast it into a deep pool in the nearest stream.

On one occasion a diver was got to got to the bottom of such a pool to fetch up the plate of the neighboring castle. He dived, saw the plate chest, and was preparing to lift it, when the demon ordered him to go to the surface at once, and not to come back. At the same time the demon warned him that, if he did come back, he would forfeit his life. The diver obeyed. When

he reached the bank he told what he had seen, and what he had heard. By dint of threats and promises of large reward, he dived again. In a moment or two afterwards his heart and lungs rose and floated on the surface of the water. They had been torn out by the demon of the pool.



By Sisanda Mabizela

The mayor of Sibande District, Mishack Nhlanathi has mourned violent service protests within his district describing them destructive and not in line with constitutional rights to strike and demonstrate.

A R1.5 million well equipped library was opened this week in Ermelo, much to the excitement of learners and teachers. Speaking during the opening ceremony, mayor of Gert Sibande, Cllr Mishack Nhlabathi urged teachers and principals to properly look after the library and make good use of the facility. Cllr Nhlabathi said the library was not just about books but a centre of cultural exchanges as well. “The library is more than just books. It is therefore my wish that this library will create much public value. And that will indeed become centre of culture and warmth within Gert Sibande District. I urge


Executive Mayor M. Nhlabathi during the library opening. Looking on is MMC F. Maboa-Boltman. teachers and principals to work in issued at affordable prices. unity to create an excellent Speaking during the same occasion, tomorrow for South Africa,” said Cllr Nhlakanipho Zuma applauded Nhlabathi. Damelin College for donating books The mayor revealed that the new for the library. Cllr Zuma also development was in line with revealed that the Private education Integrated Development Plan provider also gave R6000 each to designed to academically equip three pupils to study towards community members. Project Management. Nhlabathi said the library's main The event was attended by officials roles were to promote education from departments of education and and cultural understanding. He health plus local government said membership cards were being leaders.

HIV MAY EXTEND LIFE SPAN The virus that causes AIDS has been altered so that it can change the human genome in ways that could improve and extend the lives of people with a multiplicity of diseases - including HIV itself. Scientists have been conducting experiments on the use of viruses for gene therapy since the late 1990s. Natural selection has been honing the capacity of viruses to work their way into cells for millions of years. If we can take advantage of that capacity to deliver beneficial genes the potential uses for medicine could be endless. Not all viruses are equally

suited to this task. The immune system recognizes many viruses and attacks them. Other potential carriers are genetically unstable, making them unsuitable to the task. Naturally it is also essential that any virus used is either harmless, or has been modified to make it so. In eLIFE three medical researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, describe “adapting lentiviral vectors as carriers of designer nuclease proteins, providing efficient targeted gene disruption in vector-treated cell lines and primary cells.” Enzymes developed by

microorganisms to slice viral DNA have been used as so called scissors in gene therapy, but the targeting has improved in recent years with the creation of hybrid enzymes. “Now we can simultaneously cut out the part of the genome that is broken in sick cells, and patch the gap that arises in the genetic information which we have removed from the genome. The new aspect here is that we can bring the scissors and the patch together in the HIV particles in a fashion that no one else has done before," says author associate Professor Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen.

Speaking during the state of the district address in Ermelo this week, Cllr Nhlabathi urged community members to use other avenues to raise their concerns over service delivery than resorting to violent protests. He said ward committees, councillors, constituency offices, municipalities, government offices, and public representatives were readily available to listen to their grievances.

“While our people have all the rights enshrined in our constitution to march, to picket, to strike, to stay away, to demonstrate, those rights do not extend to the destruction of property. The public amenities such as roads, libraries, halls, schools, and offices belong to the people themselves”, said Nhlanathi. The first citizen of Gert Sibande District also threatened a crackdown on council employees implicated in corruption, acts of dishonesty such as accepting bribery, tender-rigging, nepotism, patronage, and embezzlement The mayor said the main focus of his council was job creation

DOUBLE IMPACT HEALTH PACK 1. SHAKE OFF For Total Intestine & Colony Detox and Stool Comfort 2. SPLINA For Acid control in the body and Oxygen supply to veins and arteries

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23 to 29 May 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 20

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ADVERTISEMEMNT Mkhondo Municipality, which is a gateway to the Province of Mpumalanga from Kwa-Zulu Natal and Swaziland, seeks to appoint highly motivated self-starters and visionaries to the extremely challenging positions of: DEPARTMENT: FINANCIAL SERVICES ACCOUNTANT: BUDGET/FINANCIAL PLANNING Ref: ABFP /13/14 REQUIREMENTS · Tertiary Qualification : ND /BCom Financial Management / Accounting /Cost Management or equivalent 3 year qualification · One to Two year in supervisory level or same level · Knowledge of departmental policies and procedures. · Financial and management reporting requirements. · Knowledge of departmental organisational and programme structures. · Knowledge of, Munsoft and any other system will be an added advantage. · Strong Character and Assertive person will be an added advantage RESPONSIBILITIES · Compile the annual budget in a required format · Always adhere to the budget time tables and MFMA calendar · Compile B- Schedule adjustment budget templates, compilation of the assessment report and mid-year budget review · Coordinate budget input for compilation of an adjustment budget · Ensure correctness and completeness of adjustment budget templates As well as all supporting documents · Compile budget tariffs for community public consultation process · Do a costing model on the trading services as well as other pricing structure · Compile a schedule of budget related policy review · Define skills gap and training needs ; compile a plan to develop and capacitate staff and liaise with your immediate supervisor · Ensuring that all documents are filled and audit trail of documents is maintained Remuneration: Level 4 (R215 353 to R225 279pa excluding benefits) CLOSING DATE & TIME: 4 June 2014 Enquiries: Ms Lyzette Botha at 017 826 8100 and Nondumiso Ramathuba at 017 826 8100


To apply: Please forward your application with a self-explanatory covering letter concise CV that clearly states the job title and reference number together with originally certified copies (not older than three months ) of all relevant qualifications , Identify Documents and Valid Driver's License with at least three contactable work references to : Hand delivery or Senior Manager: Human Resources Mkhondo Municipality Civic Center Cnr Mark and De Wet Street Piet Retief

Post Senior Manager: Human Resources Mkhondo Municipality PO Box 23 Piet Retief 2380

Note: Correspondence will be conducted with short-listed candidates only. If you do not hear from us within 30 days from the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. The municipality is committed to the implementation of its Employment Equity Plan, and in this vein, appropriately qualifying women and people with disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply. The above appointments are subject to mandatory competency assessment and security clearance. AN Mahlangu Municipal Manager

ADVERTISEMENT Mkhondo Municipality, which is a gateway to the Province of Mpumalanga from Kwa-Zulu Natal and Swaziland, seeks to appoint highly motivated selfstarters and visionaries to the extremely challenging positions of: Expression of interest: Training Provider. Mkhondo Local Municipality is hereby inviting Accredited Training Providers registered with the various Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) to submit quotations for the below listed trainings. Preference will be given to SETA Accredited training providers in the jurisdiction Mkhondo Local Municipality. Your profile must also indicate contact details, a letter from SETA that proofs your accreditation experience and types of registered training you provide (indications credits, NQF level and relevant unit standard and proof from the SETA that it is registered).

LEARNING PROGRAMME Adult Education Training (AET)/ Adult Basic Education Training (ABET)

LEVELS 1,2,3 & 4

Proposals should be addressed for the attention of the Municipal Manager and forwarded to the following address or written on the attachment: The Municipal Manager - Mr. AN Mahlangu Mkhondo Local Municipality P O BOX 23 Piet Retief 2380 CLOSING DATE: 06 June 2014 Enquiries to be directed to Ms. BongiweThwala at 017 826 8125

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23 to 29 May 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 20

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The best years of my life The best years of my life are one's when I decided that my problems are my own,the years I stopped pointing fingers.

To have your Picture on this page send it to 084 335 6754 via WhatsApp We prefer group pictures. Tell us who are in the picture, where it was taken

When I stopped blaming others for my actions. Those were the years I learned the word "I" and forget the word "they", the years I learned how to say "NO". I stopped saying "if only who and who were here, then things would be different" I learned that I'm the one who can make a difference. The years I stopped running away from who I am.

Linda Sikhosana-Moyo had a flair with celebrities Thandaza & Nhlanhla at SAMA 20 (Sun City).

Via Facebook: Hi,im in breyten,im interested in poetry section, i have poems i will like to share with the community,i like to know how to get my poems on your paper Mvulane Andile Ncongwane

Hi Andile. You can send your poems with your contact details to: Note that we do not pay you for poems but publish them free so that you can gain Khanyisa on SABC 2’s “It’s for Life” Program. exposure. Where possible, we Watch it on YouTube. Search for can assist to get you book “It's for life 9 - Episode 22” publishers. Khanyisa Team.

Via Facebook: Dear Khanyisa Hlw khanyisa newspaper nginenkinga ekhaya amsterdam akuwakhiwanga iRDP ngoba bomakhelwane basebenzisa istand number sasekhaya manje babakhele ledlu yasekhaya mabili amaRDP kulomuzi futh siyile kahousing bath yaphuma ledlu Pardon Bulelani Langa Ikhanyisa isaphenya.


Via Facebook: Ngifisela iphephale KHANYISA NEWSPAPER inqubekelaphambili ngomsebenziwalo omuhle ngokusazisa konke okwenzakala ezindawenizethu ikakhulukazi ezaseMKHONDO siqelaniqhubekenjalongalomsebe nziwenu eniwenzayo from eMKHONDO eRUSTPLAAS VILLAGE siyabonga. Themba Mafuyeka Lushaba

I stopped blaming my parents for my future, blaming my failures to my lecturer, blaming my partner for my problems, Blaming my boss for my thin wallet, blaming Friends and neighbour for my misfortune. In those years; I stopped Blaming even the President for the state of my country, yes; my country! I realised that I control my own destiny. I realised, nobody owes me anything ,but I owe everything to myself. I realised that choices are made alone. The best years... By:L Phielo Sebiloane. 0764836446

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Mr and Mrs Cox Message From Winner (Posted on ‘Khanyisa Newspaper’ Facebook page) Hey guys, my husband and I would like to thank Khanyisa Media for a wonderful time away. We got to mingle with a lot of celebrities at the after party, we felt like VIP's , we got the best seats at the ceremony and we had a nice hotel room with a beautiful view. We recently got married so it was a great getaway and an extension of our honeymoon. We can't thank you guys enough. Mr and Mrs Cox What She Won 1. A VIP prize for SAMA 20, as well as VIP access to the South African Music Awards ceremony. 2. 1 x nights’ accommodation at the Sun City Cabanas including breakfast for 2 people 3. 2 x VIP tickets to the SAMA 20 live show on Monday 28 April which includes access to the Red Carpet and they had pre-drinks and mingled with the stars (Nominees and VIP celebrity guests) 4. 2 x tickets to the official SAMA 20 After party The total value of the prize was R3950. Khanyisa would like to thanks SAMA 20 and HM Entertainments for the Prize.


USihle uxoxa nentombi yakhe uThembisile eFonini manje bonke zibuye zibadlalele masiza kujoji Sihle : Hello Mabhebeza, my Queen Latimo, thambo lami lesbindi! Thembisile : ha ha ha lv u make me feel shy! Any way bby are u still @work? Sihle : No Bby I don't there Thembisile :K bby do u have any plans for today? Sihle : Yes Dali I want to Keep u out? Thembisile : what do u mean bby by keeping me out? Sihle : ngifuna ukukukhipha siye espur. Thembisile : Oh bby, That's a Good one Sihle : Lenzani uGundane bby? Thembisile : No bby ngithi into enhle leyo! Sihle : Yah Thembisile : Bby ukhumbulani nje masizikhiphile? Sihle : I Miss those Baffalo Wings! Thembisile : Nx kanti uyaJola ngithi ngihamba nawe, kanti wena ubusy ucabangana noMs Those Baffalo Wings! Angisayi lapho bby indaba yokungijolela nabelungu angiyizwa nje! Sthiza approach a lady today # Sthiza sawubona nkosazane # lady - yebo bhuti # Sthiza -kunjan kodw cc wam ? #?lady - ngyaphila webhuti ? #?Sthiza - ngsacela ungiphe izinombolo zakho zocingo cc

LOVE HOROSCOPE SMS LH & YOUR STAR SIGN to 33813 E.g. LH Taurus SMS costs R1.50

wam #lady - hawu ngathi wena umubi sengathi impukane nje #Sthiza - kufanele angithi impukane iyawathanda amasimba Umongameli wezwe lethu wayevakashele kwenye yezindawo ezihlala abantu abaphazamisekile ngokwenqondo efike abingele bonke bavume bese eya koyedwa ongathi uncono futhi u clean... ethi 'kunjani ndoda uyangazi mina' luthu Hlanya 'Cha angikwazi' besethi uMongameli 'Mina ngingu Jacob Zuma' luvele luhleke kakhulu uhlanya luthi 'haaay khululeka mkhulu uzoba rite nami ngafika la ngizibiza Barack Obama' TEACHER:Gud Morning my Children; CLASS; Morng Mem! TEACHER:2day we're tlking abwt colours,Give me all d Colours that u know! Sthembile:Brown! Sandile:Dark brown! TEACHER:hmmm ok very gud continue! Skhumbuzo:Chris Brown! TEACHER:mxm!Twoboys help Skhumbuzo plz! Twoboyz Laof Brown! TEACHER:what??Mayor pls help this two Idiots! Mayor:Brown Dash! TEACHER:FOTSEK! Uhlanya liya esibhedlela 4 consultation with a doctor. Udokotela usebuza uhlanya... Doctor: ungenzenjani ukuba uwine uLotto Uhlanya: ngavele ngihlanye.




Ujohn uya emsebenzini athi ma edlula estolo abone uPholi......athi uPholi waze wamubi baba.......athukuthele uJohn...........uthe ma ebuya emsebenzini ambone futhi uPholi aphinde njalo uPholi cha umubi baba......wathukuthela uJonh waze wathembisa umnini stolo ukuthi uzombophisa abulale noPholi waxolisa umnini stolo.....ngakusasa ekuseni uJohn uthe ma edlula wathi uPholi Baba...waqalaza uJohn wathi uPholi uyazi nawe.. Uthisha ubuza abafundi ukuth abazali babo baziphilisa kanjani? THEMBI: ubaba ungummeli kanti umama unguthisha THISHA : kuhle siyabonga thembi SENZO : ubaba ungumakhi wezindlu kanti umama akasebenzi THISHA : syabonga Senzo THABISILE : Umama wami ungumahosha kant ubaba angimazi sdalo nje THISHA: "ethukuthele" phuma la eklasini lami njengamanje uyotshela uthishomkhulu loku ongtshela kona!! Ahambe uTHABISILE abuye esemoyizela, ephethe iaphula THISHA : Utheni uthishomkhulu? THABISILE : Ungiphe iaphula wase ecela inamba kama ngamnikeza

Airtime must be Won!


30 May - 06 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21

Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

“I interviewed GOD” A book by Ackson King Mwami sort after book yet, “I interviewed God”, unpacks 21 questions that life challenges us all at some point to ask God, and actually get the answers. Ackson has, within the pages of this illuminating book, translated a conversation with God from a mere religious perception to a mystery manual for all human wellbeing and achievements.


Profound and Success Author, Ackson King Mwami, has influenced, inspired and motivated many people through his Speaking and writing gift. His newest and most

“I interviewed God” is not just any motivational book, this is a lifelong manual that reveals your worth in the marketplace and social environment, all put in simplistic language for your understanding. It does not matter if you read this book from front to back, or just turn the pages without looking; each page contains questions and answers that will transform your MIND for the better. Do you ever wonder; ? Who God really is? ? Why bad things do happen to

“good” people? ? Why God created something as good as sex then forbid it? ? If God really answers your prayers? ? The “REAL” source of wealth? ? Why a black man is so broke? This book reveals practical answers to these and MANY MORE questions. Ackson King Mwami is an Academic Mentor, Profound Speaker and Success Author with two books to his name. He has dedicatedly translated his passion for wisdom into a blossoming profession. Ackson is currently studying towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and resides in Standerton. For BOOK ORDERS follow Ackson on: Tweet @AcksonKing E-mail:


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uMnumzane Mahlangu Phambi kokuvakashela usoDolobha wakuMasipala waseMkhondo, umnumzane A Mahlangu, kubonisile ukuthi lelidobha elincane lisazohamba indlela ende futhi nabahlali intuthuko bazoyibona ngamehlo kulonyaka. Uma sixoxisana naye ubaba uMahlangu uthe "ziningi izinto ekumele zenziwe kunyaka ka2014, futhi sisaxoxisana mayelana neIDP ngoba izixoxo zisengakapheli ezaqalwa ngomhlaka 28 kuMashi zizoze ziphele ngomhlaka 29 Meyi, yilapho lakuzobese kuvunyelwana ngokuthi izinhlelo zizohamba kanjani." Umnumzane Mahlangu usazise ngezinto yezinye ezizobe zenziwa, usitshele ngeminye yemigwaqo ekumele ilungise, ukwenziwa

kwamaProjects, ukuqedwa kwemigwaqo engaphelanga ezindaweni zaseMkhondo, ukuhlanzwa kwamathangi ukuze umphakathi uthole amanzi ahlanzekile, ukufakwa kogesi kwezinye izindaba ezahlukahlukene nokunye okuningi. Siyethemba abahlali baseMkhondo kanye nabasebenzi bakuloMasipala wakuleDolobha bazokujabulela okuzokwenziwa kulonyaka futhi kuzosebenzisana ngokubambisana. Ukubambisana komphakathi nabasebenzi bakwaMasipala kuyokwenza ukuthi izinto ezizokwenziwa zigcine ziyimpumelelo ngoba iseyinde lendlela ekumele uMkhondo wokana iwuhambe.

THE MURDER CASE OF PORTIA TSOTETSI Finally the murder case of Portia Tsotetsi, Motsamayi Nhlapho & Nhlanhla Dube who are charged with the killing of the Stanwest School teacher, Mr Nzimeni B Sithathu on 19 February 2012, was again heard in the Delmas Court on the 26th May 2014. This was after the case was reminded many times since 2012 pending the decision of the Director of Public Prosecution. The first accused, Portia Tsotetsi is alleged to be the master-mind behind the killing of her husband Mr NB Sithathu so as to inherit the GEPF and insurance monies.

Joyous Celebration Choir On the night of the 28th April, South Africa's most loved choir was awarded with the best-selling DVD by the SAMA's for their 17th rendition and now this ensemble of majestic soloists prepares to dazzle audiences in Mpumalanga as a celebration of yet another victory with their “One Purpose” tour. For one night only on Saturday the 31st May 2014 at the Banquet Hall in Middelburg, MTN Joyous Celebration; a group of talented gospel musicians that has over the years produced award winning singers, will provide an unforgettable performance that will leave fans in the paradise city begging for more. “We would like to thank our fans for the continued support that wins us awards such as the SAMA's, it is this kind of recognition that keeps us producing timeless music each and every year” Said Jabu Hlongwane co-

founder of the choir. The Mpumalanga leg of the tour is followed by the success of their 18th rendition launch that took place on the Easter weekend that left fans chanting their favourite songs as they exited the building and the group promises to do the same in Middleburg. “We are delighted to be part of this incredible musical phenomenon that is MTN Joyous Celebration and their recent SAMA success is further testament of their immense dedication and longevity. The people of Middleburg are in for a treat as MTN Joyous Celebration continues with their latest “One Purpose” tour and we will be right behind them, helping to lift South African musical talent to new heights and connecting our customers with their passion of music”, added Brian Gouldie, MTN SA: Chief Marketing Officer.

“We would like to thank our supporters in Middleburg for the splendid time we had with them during The Grateful Tour and we promise to leave no stones unturned in providing them with a memorable show again this year” says Lindelani Mkhize. Joyous' purist should prepare for a show that will take them on an extraordinary spiritual journey as this award winning gospel choir has spent extra time perfecting their performances to deliver a concert that will give more reasons why they are South Africa's favourite ensemble. Be one of thousand gospel purist who will witness this majestic choir perform live in Middleburg, Mpumalanga by booking your tickets today via Computicket and Shoprite outlets. Tickets priced between R200.00 and R280.00.

The Sithathu family suspect that the state Doctor who conducted the postmortem played fowl by reporting that their family member committed suicide. Khanyisa had covered the court proceedings in 2012 including the exhumation of the body of this teacher after three months of the funeral. The remains were then taken to Nelspruit for another postmortem. The findings were that this teacher was hanged after being killed. This angered the whole Sithathu Clan and some wanted to take the first

state Doctor at Evender into task for his deceiving postmortem. Khanyisa spoke to one of the Sithathu family members just as the case is about to resume and this is what they had to say: “It has caused the family pain and trauma: burying, exhuming & re-bury let alone the cleansing ceremony that was done twice & appealing to our ancestors for this confusion.” said the Mangaliso Sithathu who is the family spokesperson. On the other hand the same accused, Portia, is also alleged to have mudered Dumisani Ngubeni for demanding his money from Portia as he (Ngubeni) was one of the people whom Portia is said to have hired to kill her husband, Sithathu. The court remanded all the three accused to 17-21 November 2014 . Portia and the other two co-accused remained in custody. The second accused Motsamayi Nhlapo acted mad while Portia was swearing at detective Mkhabela for handcuffing her. "We want the to see the law taking its course and giving these ruthless brutal murderers a sentence they deserve.” concluded Mangaliso.

Pic: Milton Malatse The 2012 court sitting of the case in Standerton

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30 May - 6 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21

A DATE WITH GOD “Passover” are we supposed to keep it? By Rev. T H Zulu What is it from? A day where Israel's firstborns were bsaved from death through the blood of the Lamb. Which allowed them to be free from Egypt slavery. It was celebrated from the day of the blood to the day of their freedom 7 days. The day of the blood and of their departure were the Special Day. Both of them were Sabbaths. Ex 12:15. Like the all the Sabbaths in the bible so is the Passover. At this pressent time only jews seemed to keep it. 14th until 21st day of Nissan. Seven

days feast from (26 march until 2 April) Roman calendar. Don't be confused Passover is not Easter. That is why the dates are not the same. Easters are about Moon godess "Ishtar" who came from the moon. Easters are for people who worship the sungod and moongodess. The Passover over is for Jewish people not Saint "Christian" Did Jesus keep the Passover? Yes He did, why? He lived under the old covenant. He was circumcised as well. does that means we must be circumcised as well? No. He kept all Sabbaths because he was under the law. The was no new covenant until

His death. Luke 22:10-20 He prepared a last supper before His death. Proclaiming the new covenant. He told His disciples do drink the blood of the new covenant and the bread in His remembrance. Did He says "you must keep the passover"? Not at all. Did He said do it annually? No at all. He came to fulfill the Passover as well as blood sacrifices. Must we continue with blood sacrifices? If not why do we continue with passover? Our sacrifice is Christ, He is also our passover. 1 Cor 5:6-7. We walk in a new life not in the old life if sin. 1 Cor 5:6-7 is often misquoted. People think

it says we must do the Passover, while it says we must live a new life free of sin. The emphasis on charecter than feasting. In actual fact it discourages the Jewish Passover while encouraging new life in Christ. Did the early church celebrated Passover? Not after Jesus' resurrection, but instead the Lord supper. That's the reason we go to church on Sunday, because the early church use to meet and do the Lord's supper on Sunday (the 1st day of the week) Or you call it Holy communion. Act 20:7 We are not celebrating Judaism feasts. Everyone who does it deny

Christ our Passover. Heb 8:7; 9:8-9 Nor do we celebrate moon goddess. New moon celebrations IS 1:14. God desire righteousness Hos 6:6 He want us to focus in Him. Honour Him not days. And new moon celebrations IS 1:14 He is a true reflection of Love. He loves us, let's Love Him back. Rome 5:8 Luke 10:27 We look not onto the law but to Christ. Colo 2:17 Be blessed.


futhi iproducer yeculo elithi Nomakutheni eleJaziel Brothers. IKhanyisa Newspaper ithole ithuba lokuxoxisana noLundi Tyamara: Q: Ama-Albums akho mangaki ma ephelele futhi uhambo lwakho kuwo-wonke belunjani? A: Ama-Albums ami ma ephelele awu15. Akhona ahamba kahle kanti futhi akhona angazange ahambe kahle.

Ulundi Tyamara Iprince yeGospel isibuye nealbum elisha sha i“New testament”, uLundi wenze kahle kabi kule album enengoma ezijengo Nomasekutheni (feat. Jaziel Bro's), Kese Ketla tsamaya ft. Sechaba, Langa lo mpefemulo ft. Malibongwe Gcwabe namanye amaculo angaphakamisa umphefumulo wakho. I album le iNew Testament iphakamise izinga lokudumisa uNkulunkulu kakhulu kabi. IProducer yayo nguSipho Mbele okuwuyena

Q: Kwakuphatha kanjani ukuthi amanye ama album angahambi kahle?: A: Empeleni angiphathekanga kahle ngoba ialbum yokuqala yathengisa kahle, kwase kuthi elandelayo yangathengwa ngendlela enele.. Q: Ama awards akho ma ephelele mangaki futhi waphatheka kanjani ngenkathi uwathola, kusukela kweyokuqala kuzekufike kweyokugcina? A: Kwabamnandi impela ngoba kulapho ubona khona ukuthi abantu bayawuncoma umsebenzi wakho. Ama awards ami ma ephelele mahlanu futhi yime omncane kubo bonke ukuthola iKora Award, bese ezinye kuba ngama SAMA Awards.

Q: Kusekhona na lokho ukuthi abantu ma bekubona bavele bajabule bathi “nangu uLundi” A: Kunzima njenga manje, kunzima impela ngoba angisakwazi nokuya esitolo, bayangihlupha futhi bahamba bengimisa njalo, lokho kuyangijabulisa ngoba kukho konke okwangehlela basangithanda basanginika uthando abekade benginika lona nasekuqaleni. Q: Singasho ngempela ukuthi wathola ukukhulunywa kabi eminyakeni edlule. Sicela utshele abafundi beKhanyisa ukuthi uthini ngalokhu kukhulunywa kabi? A: Ukukhulunywa kabi lokhu, mina ngikuthatha njengohambo luka Jesu. Babemkhuluma kabi, kodwa ekugcineni wasifela sonke. Ngakho ke konke lokhu kungenza ngizifanise naye ngoba na namhlanje sisasho ukuthi Jesu Jesu. Ukubuyela kulombuzo ongibuze wona emuva, abantu basa ngithanda ngempela. Q: Yini ongayisho ukulaya labo abafuna ukucula umculo wenzenkolo ukuze nabo bafinyelele lapho okhona? A: Isaluleko engingabanika sona ukuthi uma ufuna ukucula noma

ukungena kuwuphi umsebenzi kumele uqale esikolweni. Isikole sibaluleke kakhulu ngoba ayikho into edlula imfundo. Mina ngacula ngisesemncane kakhulu ngingakabi nolwazi olwenele. Ngokuthola uxhaso, kwenza izinto zabalula kimi. Lokhu yikho okwenza ukuthi ngokuhamba kwesikhanti kwafika lapho engabheda khona ngoba ngangingenalwazi futhi nesikole besithanda ukusalela emuva lapha kimi. Into engingayisho ukuthi imfundo yindlela engakwenza uphumelele. Q: I album yakho entsha bangayithola ezitolo zonke na? A: Yebo iNew Testament iyatholakala ezitolo zonke. Ngicela ukugcizelela ukuthi ngasebenza nabantu abaningi kule Album. Abantu abafana no Jaziel Brothers, Malibongwe Gcwabe, Sechaba, iproducer yami uSipho Mbele, uAnele Hlazo ngisebenze nabantu abaningi kule album futhi izokwenza nazi ukuthi uLundi ungubani. Q: Sicela ukwazi ukuthi usuhambe kuwaphi amazwe futhi bekunjani? A: Sengikengafika phesheya, kanti nseSwatini naseZimbabwe ngifikile. Bangiphatha kahle kabi

yonke indawo bese kuthi kwezinye iidawo abawuzwisisi umculo wami kepha bayawuthanda kakhulu ngoba bezwa uMoya oyiNgwcele ubasingatha. Q: Kukhona inkulumo ethi bala ukuthi ungene eZimbabwe. Ngabe liqiniso leli na? A: Angeke ngithi banqaba ukuthi ngingene, inkinga kwaba ukuthi abazange bangenzela incwadi zokusebenza ngesikhathi, kepha ngosuku olulandelayo konke kwalungiswa kahle ngabuyela eZimbabwe. Q: Ngiyabonga ukukhuluma nawe, intsha yethu ibheka kuwe ukuthi ungumuntu onjani. Yiwaphi amagama okugcina ongafuna ukusishiyela wona lapha eKhanyisa Newspaper? A: Amagama okugcina enginganishiya nawo awokuthi umuntu kumele azazi ukuthi ufunani lapha emhlabeni futhi kumele azethembe, uzithande. Uma uthandaza kumele wazi ukuthi uNkulunkulu uyaphila futhi ukhona, kanti uvula kuvaliwe. Wena uyaphila namhlanje kungenxa yakhe uNkulukulu. Kumele simethembe.


Have you been trying to get through to your lovable Leo, but feel like you are banging your head against the wall? Have you been hoping to send sweet signals to your aloof Aquarius and feel like there's something wrong with the connection? Or is your favorite Virgo giving you the cold shoulder after sending you some sexy love vibes? Could be something happened along the way that pushed the PAUSE button on your love connection. But that doesn't mean that it is too late to get that mojo back in good order. Follow these simple guidelines for turn offs by the zodiac sign. Once you have these safely stowed in your back pocket, you will know exactly what to avoid in those intense conversations or awkward moments. And, put a pin in this one as next time we will show you exactly how to turn that button to ON again with Turn Ons by the zodiac sign in our next feature. But let's get to today's talk first! ARIES

Aries is a Cardinal sign and likes to be the boss. Period. This is the case in all things, in love, work, play, all of it. So if you are feeling your Aries get a little aloof, could be you tried to play the boss for a moment. Aries likes their lovers on the smart side as well. So if you open up and say something a little…less than intelligent, that's where your Aries awkward pause may crop up. Before your next date, read up on your Aries favorite Presidents or novelists and insert into conversation accordingly. TAURUS Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, and this makes them a little strong headed. As such, most of the time that Taurus gets ticked, someone has usually tried to bull them over. A strong lover is what Taurus wants and needs, and someone that is able to think on their own. However, thinking on your own and trying to run over Taurus turf will backfire on you. Demanding partners will be cut loose by Taurus very quickly, as will anyone that gripes about Taurus spending and love of luxury. GEMINI As the mutable Air Sign, Gemini is one that is a big thinker, but a quick one as well. They play the split personality role very well and are often referred to as Jekyll and Hyde. As such, know that your Gem can turn on a dime, and you want to be very careful about how you handle their communication. Something as small as an 'eye roll' or a scoff at something Gem said could have them turn into a monster on a dime. They can and they will take it personally, and won't forget it. CANCER As the cardinal Water Sign, Cancer can be very emotional, and one of the most sensitive signs of them all. You really have to tread carefully about big issues around Cancer, and be as sensitive as possible. Play to their emotional side, and take care

when arguments crop up that it doesn't get personal. You also can't feign interest with this intuitive crab, they will pick up on that sooner than you can say bored, and they will do their sidelong walk as far away from you as soon as possible once they are onto you. Patronizing is also a nono, and a sure way to say goodbye to your favorite crab forever. LEO Leo is a lion, and although they may have a big roar, inside they are all pussy cat. So treat your Leo as gently as you would your favorite kitty, and they will purr to your heart's content. Leo also doesn't like liars, and would rather you sting them with the truth than hurt them with a lie. So just be real with Leo and it will be rewarded. Loyalty goes very far with Leo, and if they have the slightest inkling that you are anything but, they will wander to another cat that will help them meet their needs. VIRGO Virgo is the most organized sign of the zodiac, and also the most clutter free. Oddly enough, keeping organized and maintain good hygiene will keep your Virgo's nose wrinkle free. You also need to bring a little substance to the table, your genius ideas, your brilliant novel, your unique take on the news. Whatever it is, it needs to be elevated above the norm to keep Virgo interested. They may enjoy talking about the Real Housewives once in a while, but if they seem aloof after 10 or 12 convos on rich people drama, they will begin looking elsewhere. LIBRA Libra is an Air Sign and as an air sign they are pretty committed to their opinions. They also are committed to their opinions of themselves, and so this means criticism on your Libra will fall very flat, and it will be difficult to come back from. So if your Libra is a little on the cold side, this could

be why. With Libra, even well meaning statements can go the wrong way, so tread lightly around your Libra if you are asking for them to change something about themselves in any way. SCORPIO As the fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is also very committed to their opinions but with that commitment comes emotion as well. So trying to sway Scorpio from their own thoughts or ideas will be met with anger and steam and that big ol' stinger. You also can't tease this sign in romance, as Scorpio plays the game of love for keeps. So if you don't mean it, wander away quickly before Scorpio catches on or it will go ugly. Very ugly. Just make sure that before you do, you keep your slate clean with Scorp or they will come to find you to finish that conversation. Closure is a must for Scorpio, and also for your own karma as well as intuitive Scorpio does not take being burned well. If there is any sign capable of putting a hex on you, it would be this one, so tread lightly. SAGITTARIUS As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius needs constant adventure. They need constant stimulation and excitement, so if you feel your Sag is burning out, that might be why. Try something new to get back in their good books. And if a bout of lazy has got you down lately, that may also be why Sagittarius is a little annoyed. Get your mojo going and plan something fun to give your Sag another reason to fall in love with you all over again. If Sagittarius knows how driven you are, that will be a huge turn on for them in the end. CAPRICORN Capricorn is the cardinal Earth Sign, they are successful and very hardworking. Thus, the opposite of those traits will be very irritating to Cap, and they just don't have time for it. Earth Signs are the real

ones, and so anything fake or seemingly inauthentic is not going to work very well for you with your Capricorn. Just be real! Capricorn is also very classy, and so anything lower in status or considered tacky or gauche will be a huge turn off for Capricorn. Thank your server when Cap takes you out to dinner, and even smile and show off your elegant side if you want another date with Capricorn. AQUARIUS As an Air Sign Aquarius has the bad rap of being a little cold and aloof. Don't take Aquarius lack of emotions personally though, being aloof isn't an indicator they are turned off. What will turn an Aquarius off however is the word No, with Aquarius you need to be willing to try anything once. Aquarius is also very intelligent, one of the highest intelligences out there. So if you say something a little on the not so smart side of things, turn on the news and ask Aquarius to cuddle and this will warm things up in the right direction. PISCES As the mutable Water Sign, Pisces and their emotions can be a little all over the place. However Pisces is famous for hiding in their cave when they get upset. They often do this when they are pressured to commit, or pressured to do anything really. Pisces likes to make choices about their life on their own without this pressure. Pisces is also sensitive, so if you said something a little off color and your Pisces took off to their cave, send them the appropriate apology and all will be well in good time. As a mutable sign, Pisces needs an open minded partner as well. If you err on the stubborn side, this will also be a huge turn off for this fish. Next week: HOW TO AMAZE YOUR LOVER IN BED! - BY ZODIAC SIGN

30 May- 6 June 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 21

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PRESIDENT ZUMA'S BALANCING ACT ENCOURAGING On Sunday evening (25 May) President Jacob Zuma made his much-awaited public announcement of new national cabinet ministers to lead the business of government in the various portfolios for the next five years.

members of the national cabinet, the CGE is pleased to note this as a significant step in the right direction. The CGE is also pleased to note the increase in the number of female deputy ministers compared to the previous cabinet.

The CGE believes although 50/50 gender parity has not been reached, it is within reach and should be possible to reach in the next election. The new cabinet comprises 15 female Ministers out of a total cabinet of 37 (including the President and his Deputy). This means that women ministers constitute about 40% of the membership of the new cabinet while male members of the cabinet constitute 60%. Given that in the previous cabinet women Ministers constituted about a third of the

The CGE does acknowledge the heavy political pressures and the weight of expectations bearing upon the President not only from within the party but also from other sectors of society in general to reflect the gender, racial, regional, age, political and other diversities of the country in the choice of cabinet members. Yet the CGE believes strongly that it has to take firm leadership and political willingness to mediate these pressures to ensure that gender equality is promoted, protected and advanced in the face

of competing priorities. South Africa is a signatory to numerous regional and international protocols, covenants and conventions aimed at achieving gender parity in various sectors of society, including within organs of state. The willingness and ability of the state and the ruling party to meet these obligations will be determined in terms of how important decisions such as appointments of senior leaders in government measure up to these important commitments and obligations. The CGE takes the location of the new ministry in the Presidency as an important indicator of the seriousness with which women's issues will be handled. The political

clout that comes with the office of the President should be an important resource for the new ministry. However CGE would have preferred the location of all vulnerable groups like (Women, children, Youth and Children) under presidency to ensure coordination and implementation of programmes by various Ministries. However, given the previous location of the former Office on the Status of Women (OSW), which was also located within the Presidency, and yet faced enormous institutional and resource constraints, the CGE can only hope that this new institutional development comes with renewed political commitment and willingness to use the positive lessons derived from the

experiences of the former OSW to ensure that a more effective ministry with the space to make a difference in terms of leading gender transformation in the country. The Commission for Gender Equality will continue to exercise its constitutional mandate to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the new institutional changes, particularly the commitment of the new administration to meet its national, regional and international commitments to promote gender transformation through its decisionmaking and implementation processes. Issued by: Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)

HOW TO REMOVE JUDGEMENTS, ADMINISTRATION AND DEFAULT LISTINGS FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT Anyone with a bad credit record will know how negatively this can impact on one's life. It isn't just about getting credit. A less than perfect credit rating can affect your ability to find a home – even if you plan to rent. It might even affect your chances of getting a job, since a potential employer might consider one's ability to handle money as a character trait. And it could affect your chances of getting your children into a decent school or college. It certainly will affect your ability to open accounts or get loans in the form of cash or to pay for an expensive item like a car. It is also confoundedly inconvenient and very unpleasant. While there is absolutely no doubt that long-term debt is a huge burden, what can you do to get your credit report clean and healthy? First you need to understand how bad credit records happen. The circumstances will then dictate whether and how you can remove any judgements, administration orders and default listings. Bad Debts and Credit Reports Debt is, quite simply, money that is owed to another party – for instance a person, a company, a shop or a bank. Debt is not

necessarily “bad”; it only takes on this label when you are unwilling or unable to repay the debt. You have probably heard the term “blacklist”. If you are blacklisted it means that you are considered untrustworthy. While there isn't in fact a blacklist as such, a bad credit record with a credit bureau is tantamount to being “blacklisted”. It is a misconception that credit bureaux keep blacklists, or even lists of bad debtors. In fact credit bureaux collect positive and negative information about consumers (which they get from the credit providers), in this way compiling a record of credit history – good and bad. If you open an account or take a loan, your payments (and lack of payments) will be recorded, whether they are on time or even slightly late. If a debit order is returned this information will also be recorded. What you need to worry about most is what happens if you default, and don't pay. If you default and are listed as defaulting, but no judgement is obtained in a court of law, this information will remain on your credit record for three years. A judgement stays there for five years (and remains an order of court for 30 years), and if an administration order is issued against you in a court (even if you apply for it yourself), that will be

WHY ARE YOU SICK? Your body needs only 20% acid and 80% alkaline if not you get sick. Acid is corrosive and if not balanced in your body you will get Ulcers, Sugar Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Arthritis etc

For solution see page 12

reflected for ten years. If you voluntarily go for debt counselling, this will reflect on your credit record until you have settled all your debts and the debt counsellor has issued a clearance certificate. Credit Bureaux in South Africa There are currently nine companies that are registered with South Africa's Credit Bureau Association: four “full large members”, one “full small member”, and four associate members. These terms are defined in Section 70 of the National Credit Act, the law that governs consumer credit. 1. Full members own a database of consumer credit information and have access to other databases that have been set up for the purpose of “on-selling of credit information for risk related purposes”. So any company that is considering lending you money or approving a loan will contact a credit bureau to seeif you are considered “a risk”. The four full “large” members are: i) TransUnion, previously ITC ii) Experian iii) Xpert Decision System (XDS) The full “small” member is Consumer Profile Bureau (CPB) – 010-590-9505 1. Associate members can access the same databases; they don't have their own. They are: i) Credit Data Online


ii) LexisNexis iii) Tenant Profile Network iv) Inoxico So these are the companies that pass information about your credit record on to credit providers and other people who access your credit record. But they don't check that the information is correct or incorrect. For this reason it is essential for all consumers to regularly check their credit reports. In terms of the National Credit Act you are entitled to one free credit report from a credit bureau each year. If you want to access one more frequently you'll need to pay a fee of about R20 each time. Disputing and Deleting Information on Your Credit Record The easiest way to delete bad credit information is to settle your debts. Of course this isn't as simple as it seems since the reason you are in debt is likely because you don't have the money to pay what you owe. Once the situation goes sour, and the credit provider lists you for defaulting, or worse, gets a judgement against you, it is more difficult. You can “protect” yourself by applying to be placed under administration, but this is regarded as a costly option. But you're going to stay under administration until the debt is settled. Another “solution” is to

get a debt negotiation service to bargain with your creditors and agree on a settlement figure that is less than they are demanding. That will make it easier to settle the debt and clean up your credit record, though it will be a once-off settlement, not a repayment plan. Disputing and Deleting Information on Your Credit Record The easiest way to delete bad credit information is to settle your debts. Of course this isn't as simple as it seems since the reason you are in debt is likely because you don't have the money to pay what you owe. Once the situation goes sour, and the credit provider lists you for defaulting, or worse, gets a judgement against you, it is more difficult. You can “protect” yourself by applying to be placed under administration, but this is regarded as a costly option. But you're going to stay under administration until the debt is settled. Another “solution” is to get a debt negotiation service to bargain with your creditors and agree on a settlement figure that is less than they are demanding. That will make it easier to settle the debt and clean up your credit record, though it will be a once-off settlement, not a repayment plan. -

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - RIP Maya Angelou


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