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GENERATIONAL CURSE OR IS IT PURE BAD LUCK THAT THINGS DO NOT FAVOUR YOU? CONTINUES FROM PREVIOUS ISSUE Pointers on how to deal with a generational curse continued: 5. RELEASE THE POWER OF LOVE. To become people whose lives are transformed by the love of God, we must not only get rid of what holds us captive and keeps us in bondage, but we must also be filled up with love--for God, for self and for others. Unconditional love will release blessing. To know more of the love of God in your life, love those who have hurt you, those who have

opposed you and those who have sinned against you. 6. DEVELOP A GODLY ATTITUDE. A good attitude does not make everything go perfectly all the time. Matthew 5:45 tells us that God sends the rain on the just and the unjust. But our attitude determines whether the rain will water the seeds of our harvest or wash those seeds away. Get serious about where you are going with God by getting your attitude lined up with His Word, having faith and trusting in Him.

7. ALIGN YOUR WORDS WITH GOD'S WORDS. Your words give evidence of your faith, and they should reflect God's good purposes for you. Exchange your negative words for positive words, exchange your negative thoughts for positive thoughts, and exchange your negative actions for positive actions.


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8. ACCEPT GOD'S ACCEPTANCE. Jesus didn't come to condemn us or punish us. He came to give us hope that our lives really can be different. We don't have to live under the burdens of pain, hurt, shame or sorrow. All the power in heaven is available to you to set you free from every chain that binds you. Corrie ten Boom said, "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still.” 9. WALK IN OBEDIENCE. In order to break free from the curses and walk in freedom, you must learn to walk in obedience to God's ways. We don't have to be perfect or without mistakes, but our hearts need to be surrendered and pliable toward God. We need to be moving forward in the things of God every day of our lives. Today's decisions determine our tomorrows. There is a miracle on the other side of your obedience. Till next week, Adios.

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PIET RETIEF WYSIGINGSKEMA 289 Ek, Daniël Erhardus Engelbrecht Pr. Plan van E-Plan Town & Regional Planners CC, synde die gemagtigde agent van die eienaar van die Restant van Erf 146, Piet Retief, gee hiermee kennis ingevolge artikel 56(1)(b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe 15 van 1986, dat ek by die Munisipaliteit van Mkhondo aansoek gedoen het om die wysiging van die dorpsbeplanningskema in werking beter bekend as die Piet Retief Dorpsbeplanningskema 1980, deur die hersonering van die eiendom hiebo beskryf, gelëe te 20 Zuid End Straat, Piet Retief van “Residensiëel 1” na “Besigheid 1” vir gebruik as kantoorruimte. Besonderhede van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, Mkhondo Munisipaliteit, Hoek van Mark en De Wet Strate, vir n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf Vrydag 4 April 2014(die datum van eerste publikasie van hierdie kennisgewing). Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne 'n tydperk van 28 dae vanaf 4 April 2014 skriftelik by of tot die Munisipale Bestuurder by die bovermelde adres of by Mkhondo Munisipaliteit, Posbus 23, Piet Retief, 2380, ingedien of gerig word. Adres van agent: E-Plan Stads- en Streekbeplanners, Posbus 1263, Vryheid, 3100, Tel: 034 980-0596, Faks: 086 512-5819 E-Pos; Ons verwysing: MK/02/14

(Regulation 11(2))


PIET RETIEF AMENDMENT SCHEME 289 I, Daniel Erhardus Engelbrecht of E-Plan Town & Regional Planners CC, being the authorised agent of the owner of Remainder of Erf 146, Piet Retief hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town-planning and Townships Ordinance no 15 of 1986, that I have applied to the Municipality of Mkhondo for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme, better known as the Piet Retief Town Planning Scheme 1980, by the rezoning of the property described above, situated at 20 Zuid End Street, Piet Retief from “Special Residential 1” to “Business 1” for office purposes. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Mkhondo Municipality, corner of Mark and De Wet Streets, for a period of 28 days from 4 April 2014(the date of first publication of this notice). Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above address or at PO Box 23, PIET RETIEF, 2380 within a period of 28 days from 4 April 2014. Address of agent: E-Plan Stads- en Streekbeplanners, P.O. Box 1263, Vryheid, 3100 Tel: 034 980-0596, Fax: 086 512-5819 E-Mail: Our Reference: MK/02/14





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PETROL LEVY CUT, A RELIEF TO MOTORISTS A fuel transport levy, which had cost motorists three cents extra, will be removed from the petrol price from next month, says the Energy Department.

it a full multi-product facility.


According to Sinthumule ,the delay was there from 2012 for not terminating the three cents because they were trying to pay off the backlog of the monies owed to oil companies. The decision was taken that it should be terminated and this was implemented on 2 April 2014.

“To bring the product in by road is much more expensive than bringing it through the pipeline. The cost of bringing it by road was three cents extra,” he said. In 2012, Transnet started to commercialise the New Multi-Product Pipeline [NMPP] which enables the pipeline to carry all grades of petrol, diesel and jet fuel, making

The termination of the IITRS levy of three cents per litre applicable in the price structures of petrol and diesel with effect from 2 April was approved. Director of the fuel pricing unit at the department, Robert Maake, said that what consumers need to understand is that in addition to the adjustment to the basic fuel price, the department will adjust the transport cost both the pipeline transport cost and road transport cost. In March, the petrol price rose by 36 cents a litre and again in April by 5 cents a liter.

peaking to media on Thursday, Mashudu Sinthumule, deputy director of fuel pricing mechanisms at the department, said that when the pipeline could no longer transport fuel products from the coast to the in-land, the department introduced the Incremental Inland Transport Recovery System (IITRS) Levy in 2008, which compensated oil companies that used alternative routes to transport fuel.


The Department of Social Development also presented on both the Social The Department of work/welfare services as Correctional Services(DCS) well as on the development mainly appealing to services in youth centres community to assist in And community projects. accepting the released SASSA presented about offenders and integrating them rapping the 2013/14 with the community. SASSA services and also financial year's cycle cautioning social grant of Community recipients about loan sharks The Department of Economic outreach campaigns the GCIS and airtime scams. Development, Environment Regional Communication Coordinator Mr Vuyisile Cindi and Tourism (DEDET) had two speakers one presented on The Community members together with the Centre Manager of Breyten Thusong the Environment Section and were given the opportunity to ask questions seeking clarity Service Centre and other stake another on the Economic holders hosted an Information Development and Consumer and responses were provided by the respective institutions. affairs section. Sharing and Service delivery The also got the opportunity outreach at Kwa-Dela on to be served at the mobile 28/03/2014. The Department of clinics. In closing remarks Agriculture,Rural the Chair-person of the Directing the program for the Development and Land MIDF thanked the massive day Mr Cindi said “Today we Administration (DARDLA) attendance shown by the presented mainly on the two are bringing information and Right: The Chairperson of the MIDF- Ms Magudulela outlining the purpose of the Info and Service various stakeholders. agricultural programs: services closer to you. It is just delivery outreach. more than an ordinary service MasibuyeleEmasimini and delivery day. Getting services MasibuyeleEsibayeni which closer to you is important but were mostly of interest to the also of importance is to know attendees. what you can access, where, when and who to get or contact Msukaligwa Municipality's to access the service you need. HIV/Aids Coordination desk The lined-up speakers will give also presented on its role and you such information, yours is indicated how and where it can to listen very well”. be accessed.

A Basket full of Information and Services came closer to residents of Kwa-Dela in Msukaligwa. Compiled by: Bongani Mazibuko GCIS- Mpumalanga

Legal Aid SA.


The centre manager of Breyten Thusong Centre also the chairperson of the Msukaligwa Interdepartmental Development Forum (MIDF), Ms Brenda Magudulelela briefly indicated the purpose of the MIDF and of bringing the outreach to the community of Kwa-Dela. Presentations were made by these stakeholders: Legal Aid SA indicating the role of Legal Aid and cases covered by the

The Department of Health had its mobile clinics standing outside the hall encouraged the attendees to visit do various tests/check-ups. The Department of Culture Sports and Recreation also had two speakers one representing the Culture section and another representing the Sports& Recreation section. GCIS Regional Communication Cordinator directing the Program.

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Tender No. MKHO28/2013/14









CIDB Document Briefing Date & Grade amount Time

Fencing of Municipal Properties-Driefontein RDP Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- Driefontein New Stand Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- KwaNgema Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- Lindelani Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- Piet Retief Pump House (Sewer) Fencing of Municipal Properties- Nkosinathi Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- Extension 7 Cemetery Fencing of Municipal Properties- Amsterdam Cemetery

Closing Date



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/03/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm

11/04/2014 11:00am

25/04/2014 12:00pm



The Municipality hereby invites reputable service providers to submit tenders for the above mentioned projects. The service providers must comply with the VAT Act. Tender documents can be collected at Mkhondo Municipal Offices from 11/04/2014. Compulsory site briefing will be held on the 11th APRIL 2014, Venue: Town Hall on the above mentioned times, there will also be a site inspection after the briefing. Sealed envelopes must be addressed to:

The Municipal Manager, Mkhondo Municipality PO Box 23, Piet Retief, 2380,

M/arked with the descriptions above and the correct reference number in the ‘TENDER BOX’ situated at Mkhondo Local Municipality Offices, Corner Mark and De wet, Piet Retief, no later than the 25th April 2014time 12H00pm. No correspondence will be entered into with any tender regarding scores obtained, reasons for no appointment, etc. No late, telephonic, facsimile or e-mailed tenders will be accepted. A non-refundable deposit ofR250.00will be charged for each tender document. According to the Municipality Supply Chain Regulations issued by the Minister of Finance in terms of Section 168 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, persons who are within the organs of the state, like Councilors, and other elected representatives, full time employees and other directors of the public and municipal entities are prohibited from being eligible to bid or be awarded a contract to provide any services to the municipality.

IMFUNDO YIYONA EBALULEKILE Amalunga akamasipala kanye neMeya uBhekabatu Mtshali bebambisene neDepartment of Culture Sport kanye noRecreation bebalekelela uLocal Aids Council ngokusebenzisana ngokuthi behambela izindawo ezahlukahlukeni ukuyofundisa intsha ngezempilo, izifo ezithelelana ngoncansi, isandulela ngculazi kanye nokuziphatha. Makhosi Mthupha Lemicimbi beyibanjwe endaweno yaseIswepe ngomhlaka 16 kuNdasa, eMabola ngomhlaka21 kuNdasa kanye nangomhlaka30 esikoleni saseCana

kuyona lenyanga kanye naleseDriefontein, Msidamu, Sthuli Hleza, Ntombe kanye seSofferspring bafikile ukuyoba fundisa ikakhulukazi bekukhulunywa netsha kanye nabasedilisa abangasokile ukuthi babayosoka kubalulekile. Siyawubonga uLAC ngomusebenzi omuhle kangaka ngokuphuma uye kumphakathi ngokuyoba nika lolwazi oluzoba siza nakusasa noma inini. Kuhle ukufundisa izingane ngokuziphatha kahle futhi kwamele intsha iziqenye ngokuthi abantu

bakwaMasipala, noMeya kanye nelunga leLAC lizikhandle ukuzobapha loluhlelo ezindaweni zangakubo. Lomcimbi bebabambisane noMasipala waseMkhondo bewuLocal Aids Council(LAC) okwaba injabulo enkulu kuNkosikazi Nondumiso Mavimbela oyinhloko yeLocal Aids Council(LAC). Intsha kanye nomphakathi, mawuqhubeke ufundiswe ngesandulela ngculazi, ukusoka kanye nokunye okuningi okuphathelene nokuzigcina uphephise impilo yakho.

More than 170 000 people were employed through government's Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in Mpumalanga in the past five years. Provincial Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport spokesman David Nkambule said the work opportunities created were highlighted during a three-day roadshow held across various municipalities in the province. “The province created a total of 174 718 work opportunities under the EPWP during phase two of the programme which covers the five-year period from 2009-2014,” said Nkambule on Wednesday. He said the main objective of the roadshow was to report back to all public sector bodies which include municipalities, provincial departments and NGOs on the performance of EPWP within the province. According to a report, which was presented by the national Department of Public Works, the infrastructure sector created 74 364 job opportunities, while 43 883 jobs were created under the environmental and culture sectors. The social sector contributed 56 471 work opportunities.

Nkambule said the national Department of Public Works, which is spearheading the programme, is expected to launch the third phase of the programme later this year. He said there would be greater focus on youth employment and project-based training during phase three. “A total target of 55% youth employment has been set for phase three. The province is expected to create at least 187 394 within phase three. This will be implemented under the theme, 'EPWP changing many lives for the better',” said Nkambule. One person who benefitted from the EPWP is Nomasibulele Mgikwa, who got a job as a general worker. “I was unemployed for more than eight years. Working at the construction site has made a huge difference in my life as I am now able to buy food and basic needs for my family,” said Mgikwa, who works for Lonerock, a company contracted by the department to rehabilitate roads in the province. The EPWP is a nationwide programme established in 2003 to create job opportunities for the poor and unemployed.

LAND RESTITUTION BILL PASSED The passing of the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has been welcomed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. The bill seeks to re-open the window for persons or communities disposed of their land after 1913, due to past discriminatory laws and policies to lodge claims for their properties. “The Bill will now be submitted to the President for signature. The reopening of the lodgement of claims will take place once amendments to the Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994 have been signed into law by the President,” said the department on Friday 28 March 2014. Details of how to lodge claims will be published once the amendments to the Restitution laws have been finalised. It emphasised that application forms for lodging claims will be distributed free of charge to all qualifying South Africans. Members of the public are therefore warned against individuals who approach prospective claimants offering to assist with the lodging of land claims and charging them a fee.

Abesilisa Abalalana Bodwa Ngomhlaka26 kuNdaba, umphakathi bowuhlangene neLocal Aids Council(LAC), ANOVA, DOH, Brotherd 4life kanye neSikhula Ngolwazi ukuyofundisa amadoda lawo alalana wodwa. Makhosi Mthupha

Umphakathi ufunda kabanzi

04 - 10 April 2014Vol 5. Wk 13

Bebayokhuthaza labantu besilisa abalalana ngobulili obubodwa ukuthi bazivikele uma kuyiwa ocansini ngoba ucansi oluphephile

lubalulekile nokuthi wazi isimo sezempilo yakho ngokuyohlolwa igazi njalo ngemva kwezinyanga ezintathu. Okubalulekile ebebafundiswa ngako ukuthi kumele ube nomlingani oyedwa futhi nithembane ngoba akukho ukwendlula lokho. Isithombe: ngesikhathi kumfundiswa labalisa

04 - 10 April 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 13

Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

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04 - 10 April 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 13


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Council hails Miss SA success Dr. Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Local Municipality Council has hailed Rolene Strauss as a fantastic inspiration after winning Miss South Africa coveted title in Sun City over the weekend.


own's first citizen Cllr. PV Malatsi said Rolene has been incredible since the start of Miss South Africa competition and she has given everyone in this town a lift. “It has been my privilege to get to know the Strauss family over the

last few years and I am thrilled for all of them. I know Doctor Strauss her dad as a practising surgeon in town and her family will be beaming with pride once again as everyone in Dr. Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Local Municipality is”. “The beauty Pageant development Programmes we have in this town is second to none we have many, many beauties coming through who Rolene can only inspire on to greater heights, she is a fantastic inspiration”, he concludes.

Born in Bloemfontein 1992 Relocated to Volksrust in December 1993. She started her early education at the Pioneer Primary School in Volksrust After graduating at Pioneer Primary school, she started her secondary education at Volksrust High School from 2006 to 2010. Her modeling career started off with the Elite Model Look SA where she emerged a winner in 2007, eventually becoming a finalist in the Top 12 Elite Model Look World in Prague in 2007. Under her belt she boasts a number of accolades during her schooling days, in 2010 she was nominated as the head girl of Volksrust High School , chairperson of the Executive Committee of

Photo: from left Council Speaker Cllr ZH Luhlanga, Mrs T Strauss, Dr. H Strauss and the Executive Mayor Cllr PV Malatsi

WATERSHED MOMENT FOR PIXLEY RESIDENTS Council of Dr. Pixley Ka Isaka Miss South Africa title. Seme Local Municipality has joined forces to hail the extra ordinary Speaking in typically emphatic success of Rolene Strauss in the style Executive Mayor Cllr. PV

Volksrust High School, Chairperson of CSV 2009, Awarded the Volkie of the year award in 2010 for the best academic achiever/student, leadership sport and culture. First Netball team captain and played first team hockey Volksrust High School, South African Bokkie Netball tour to New Zealand, Matriculant of the year finalist UFS (University of Free State) and Volksblad newspaper in 2010, Top 5 academic achiever Pixley Ka Isaka Seme 2010 with an average of 91.4% and 7 Distinctions in matric exams. She enrolled for a Medical Degree at the University of Free State in 2011 and she is currently in her 4th year of studies. She is currently a reigning Miss South Africa.

Malatsi said that he did not want to boast about how well things had gone in terms of working relationship between the office of the Executive Mayor and the office of the Council Speaker towards supporting Miss SA dating back to the invitation that was conveyed to the Strauss family in one of the Council sessions. “But if you were to say to me that we've just had the greatest moment ever in the greatest town, I would say you were on the right track and

Rolene Strauss in the Miss South Africa title I wouldn't necessary dissent with your view,” he said. Council Speaker Cllr. Zilindile Luhlanga and MMC for Community service Cllr. TP Dakile joined the Executive Mayor in praising Town's Public support of the Miss SA competition. This has been quite some time in which Dr. Pixley Ka Isaka Seme has not only surprised the nation but has also surprised itself.

The Council Speaker has also paid tribute to Cllr. TP Dakile and Peggy Madonsela who he credited with having masterminded the plans for the gift sent to Rolene Strauss during the competition stages. The crowing of Rolene Strauss will live an indelible footprints in the current and future generations of this area as this is one of the watersheds of all times to the people of this area.

Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

04 - 10 April 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 13


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APRIL FOOLS 1.Okwayizolo kuyaxaka njengoba bekuyi-April Fool nje, nangu-ke noGloria uthe naye akenze umzamo ukuze azobona ukuthi uMdelwa uzophatheka kanjani lapho ethola ukuthi uGloria usehambile engazi nokuthi uhambe wayaphi. Abhale incwadi eshoyo ukuthi useyahamba futhi ubesekhathele ukuhlala noMdelwa kanti futhi akasafuni ukuphinde ambone. Wayithatha incwadi wayibeka etafuleni wase eyocasha ngaphansi kombhede. Uma efika uMdelwa wayibona le ncwadi etafuleni, wayifunda. Wathi uma eqeda naye wabhala enye incwadi wayibeka khona etafuleni emva kwalokho waziculela ngomlozi eshaya nomdanso omncane ngenkathi eshintsha izimpahla. Athathe umakhalekhukhwini wakhe acofe izinombolo, "Sthandwa sami, sesigcine sibonile le slima ebengihlala naso la endlini ukuthi angisasifuni. Sesivele sanquma ukuhamba singasangitshelanga nokuthi siyaphi. Uyazi ngenza elikhulu iphutha ngokushada uGloria, ngifisa sengathi ngabe ngakubona ngingakashadi... OK honey, ngizokubona soon!" Aphume endlini uMdelwa akhiye emnyango ahambe. Lapho wayesekhala uGloria edangele, aphume ngaphansi kombhede amehlo egcwele izinyembezi. Abone incwadi ebhalwe nguMdelwa etafuleni, ayifunde: "Hey sthandwa, ngizibonile izinyawo zakho ngaphansi kombhede! Okwamanje ngisaphumile ngiyothenga isinkwa, wena phuma lapho ngaphansi bese uyeka lo msangano womdlalo owudlalayo ungilungisele ukudla!" 2.UCWANINGO MAYELANA NE-APRIL FOOL: Leli gama le-April Fool laqanjwa emva kokuba kuzalwe umfana womlungu okwakungu Roy Smith, ngosuku 1 April 1880. Wayezalwa nguJohn Smith, owamshiyela ifa emva kokugula washona ngenkathi uRoy eseneminyaka engu-19. Ngenxa yobulima buka-Roy, walahlekelwa yingxenye yebhizinisi likayise engakahlanganisi ngisho u-21 weminyaka! Wathi efika ku28 wayengasenalutho! Abantu baqala bambiza ngobaba wezilima lapho kutholakala ukuthi wayengumuntu owayekhonze ukufunda izitori ezingamanga njengaso lesi osifundayo njengamanje! Yebo, nawe uyisilima! Ngakho-ke angilindele macomments ngenxa yokusaba ukuziveza ubulima bakho, kodwa unembeza wakho uyalazi iqiniso!

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UMTHANDAZO KARAZOR Umthandazo ka-Razor esontweni namhlanje, ngimangele kabi ngimuzwa: "Ola, Jesu Bra yami! Ngizakuwe ngingenafokol ngizoringa nawe ukuthi kushubile elayfini kuntswembu bra yam. Amajita aya khawathana, abanye ngapha baya bhodisana. Mina ngibonga i-protection ewus'gaya yona elke dag! Le outy bathi uSatan neskeem

sayo bafuna ukus'lahlisa iside, so at least wena uyaspana ngokusivikela, sure! Nguwe owanika u David ikrag yoku trapa u-Goliath! Nguwe owavaya namaGents wase-Israel esgangeni, banga khawatiwa yi-niks!! Wena wabhodela ama-flop wethu, sorry nga-daai ding, uyang'thola? Sewukuthi mina nezimpintshi zami besingekho daar, adaWise besizothatha iside yakho skeem sam! Asseblief, ringa neThayma lakho uJehova asixolele. Sicela i-Life egrand, entofontofo njengamathanga kaCheri, inyuku e-baie, negawulo! Olla Bra yam, 8tada!! AMEN." URGENT SMS. Nondumiso sisi: ngicela ungiboleke ukhiye wasendlini yakho, manje kuza u Sipho isoka lami angifuni abone ekhaya ukuthi ikuphi. Ushiye neskhafu sakho lesi osanda kusithenga, kanye ne lip gloss ne mascara yakho le okuthiwa I permanent mascara ngifuna abone oe ukuthi ngisezintweni, plz oe ushiye no R30 we drink ngingabi umuntu ongenamali. Ungakhohlwa iscathulo sakho sase Rage esami sesiphelelwe isthende. Plz ushiye neblukwe lakho leli owalithenga ngo R300 ngizothi akangisize ngemali ye yokuqedela ukulikhokhela khona ngizoba nemali oe singadlala madoda, ngizokuqondisa lokhu okuwu Sipho. Thanx mngani imina. U Buyie. . . . . . .. Reply. Sori cc uthumele kumuntu o wrong. From. Sipho UPIGOGO, UPITOLI NOQHEZU UPigogo, uPitoli noQhezu bayaziwa ezindaweni eziningi ngokudakwa baze bangazazi ukuthi bangobani, namhlanje base-clubbini. Athi uPigogo, "Niyabona bafowethu, ngale kwasami KwaMashu uthenga ingudu eyodwa uthole enye mahhala!" Kuvume wonke umuntu kudume ihlombe. NoPitoli naye angafuni ukusala, ezwakale ethi, "Niyazi ukuthi ngale ngakithi eNanda, uma uthenge ingudu eyodwa uthola ezimbili ngaphezulu mahhala?" Kuphinde kuvungazele umsindo e-clubbini kushaywe ihlombe. Athi uQhezu, "Ngiyazivuma befowethu lezi zindawo enizishoyo, kodwa ayikho edlula ikasi lami uMlazi! EMlazi uthenga i-shot eyodwa yogologo emva kwalokho bakunike ibhodlela lonke eligcwele logologo mahhala! Akugcini lapho, bese bekuyisa endlini engemuva uthole ucansi lwamahhala!" Bamangale bonke abantu eclubbini, babuze kanye kanye oPigogo noPitoli, "Hawu! Yisimanga leso! Kwake kwenzeka kuwe lokho?" "Cha, akwenzekanga kimi; kodwa kwenzeka kudadewethu!" UMGWAJA NODUTYWA Uthisha uMathayi uzwa uMgwaja noDutywa bexoxa ngebhayibheli. Ngesikhathi esondela uMathayi ezwe ukuthi uMgwaja uthi: Ufishi omkhulu wagwinya uJonah. Athi uthisha: Ayikho leyonto. Awukho ufishi ongagwinya umuntu. Athi uMgwaja: Ufishi omkhulu wamgwinya uJonah. Athi uMathayi: Lo fishi




owushoyo ubizwa ngokuthi umkhombe. Yize wona umkhulu, kodwa umphimbo wawo mncane ukuthi ungafaka umuntu ephelele. Athi uMgwaja: Kulungile-ke, uma sesishonile, sengifika ezulwini ngizombuza uJonah ukuthi awumgwinyanga yini ufishi omkhulu. Athi uMathayi: Uma kungukuthi uJonah waya esihogweni? Athi uMgwaja: Kusho ukuthi uwena ozombuza uma usufikile khona. ANNOYING 8 YEAR OLD SON Father: son can you plz go and buy me a soft drink. Son: coke or pepsi? Father: coke. Son: Diet or regular? Father: regular. Son: bottle or can? Father: bottle. Son: 500ml or 1 litre. Father: Dammit jst buy me water!!!!!!!. Son: natural or mineral? Father: mineral!!!! Son: cold or hot? Father: im gona strike you wit a broom you idiot!!!!!!! Son: stick broom or soft broom? Father:stop this you little animal!! Son: cow or pig? Father: get the hell outta her you little bastard!!!!! Son: Now or later? Father: NOW!!!! Son: so are you gonna throw me out or not? Father:im gona kill you!!!!!!! Son: wit a gun or knife? Father: i am gonna shoot u little bastard!!!!! son:in the head or stomache? Father: you pest. Son: cockroach or Rat. Father: fuck youuuu!!!!!! Son: with a condom or flesh? Father : (fainted) Son : are u dead or sleeping WHO IS REALLY DOING WHOM A FAVOUR? A lot of men think they are doing women a favour by asking for her hand in marriage, but lets think about this : she changes her name, changes her home, leaves her family, moves in with you, builds a home with you, gets pregnant for you, pregnancy changes her body, she gets fat, almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pains of child birth, even the kids she delivers bear your name. Till the day she dies... everything she does, (cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you.....sometimes at the cost of her own health , hobbies and beauty. so who is really doing whom a favour? Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, coz it is not easy to be a woman. *Being a woman is priceless *;; ?????. Show this to every women near you to make her feel proud of herself.Rock the world ladies.??


04 - 10 April 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 13

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Continuation from the previous issue NOTICE ... That I haven't shared my own personal exploits here. That is because most people may not be able to wrap their minds around it. So for now I only share the exploits of our diligent students, as they TAKE BACK territory from the devil. But very, very soon I will begin to show you a few prayers... The ones I actually use when the enemy strays into my territory (HINT: I may not be as gentle as I sound when in actual combat)... Right now I am sharing a few of them with one eagle that the enemy is trying to attack her finances. By the grace of God I will be in a position to show MORE of them to those of you in the Prayer Academy and Diamond Edition and SAPPHIRE ... ... in a few weeks. I believe they have reached the level of maturity NECESSARY to handle such things. Hebrews 5:14 says: But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Mobile termination costs New style reality show, SA's ruling welcomed Kitchen Queens launches

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has welcomed the ruling by the South Gauteng High Court on the Mobile Termination Regulations.


peaking to SAnews on Tuesday morning, ICASA spokesperson Paseka Maleka said the regulator would come up with a way forward over the next six months.

for the next six months, effective 1 April 2014. “We welcome the judgement and ICASA respects the rule of law and our licensees [rights] to ask the High Court to review any decision or determination that ICASA has made.

“We are committed to reducing the cost of communicating in South Africa,” Maleka said.

It's show time! Six women from six regions share their passion for catering and cooking as well as their love for their communities as they tackle weekly challenges to stand a chance to win a fully equipped mobile catering kitchen. Knorrox has partnered with ETV to launch a different style of reality show where everyday heroines are empowered to better themselves and their communities.

In a statement on Monday, Telkom said the court ruling was in the public's interest.

In January, ICASA told This comes after two mobile journalists that in a bid to operators, Vodacom and regulate the MTN, approached the courts telecommunications to try and halt ICASA from environment and to bring the implementing the new mobile cost of communications termination rates fees that down, mobile termination mobile networks charge each rates would be halved to 20 other to connect calls cents from last month. complaining that the regulator's decision would ICASA's plan was, however, leave a big hole in their put on ice due to the court bottom line. challenge. On Monday, the South Gauteng High Court made a ruling to allow for a mobile termination rate of 20 cents and the asymmetric rate of 44 cents to be implemented

with a proper cost after consultation with the relevant stakeholders, including the licensees themselves,” Maleka said. While mobile operators have indicated in media reports that they would comment once they have studied the full judgement, Telkom welcomed the ruling.

“We will have to go back and look into the regulations as per cost decision and then in the next six months we should be able to come up

The 11 part reality series follows the journey of six ordinary women nominated by their communities for their catering and cooking skills as well as their selflessness in serving and supporting the people around them.

“Within the six month period the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) must complete a costing exercise and follow due process. Telkom will support ICASA in completing this process effectively and efficiently.

Via various weekly challenges, the women will be equipped with business and culinary skills to better themselves while transforming their communities. Each of the challenges is focused on addressing key issues in these communities. After each completed challenge the women will be rewarded with the tools to improve their lives and uplift the communities around them.

“The Company believes that the ruling is in the best interest of the industry and will go far in reducing the cost to communicate for consumers and stimulating competition in the industry.”




Khanyisa Newspaper



Khanyisa Newspaper

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“Knorrox is a brand that understands the daily challenges that are faced by the people it

serves. We also know these individuals are resourceful, determined doers and through SA's Kitchen Queens we want to showcase the ingenuity of these women in fun, creative and uplifting ways as they make a difference in their communities,” says Queen Mgobhozi, Knorrox Brand Manager. Mgobhozi says each week the Kitchen Queens will be presented with challenges to complete with the help of mentors and the community. Each challenge will focus on particular skills, such as negotiating, budgeting, and cooking. The winner, who will be announced in the final episode, will be voted for by the participants and viewers. Participating provinces for the first season are Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Limpopo and Eastern Cape. All participants were selected following a national campaign that called for individuals to nominate those women who play an active role in uplifting their societies. The launch of SA's Kitchen Queens is part of Knorrox' Sustainability plan to enhance livelihoods and create

employment opportunities within local communities. The brand plans to empower 20 000 community caterers by 2020. Knorrox will equip these women with business and culinary skills. “When you give strength to a woman, you give strength to a community and ultimately a nation. On average, one woman in the township and rural areas has about 7 dependants. In 2014, Knorrox is empowering 1,500 community caterers, who will in turn create employment for 7,500 other women this project will touch the lives of 54,000 community members in 2014 alone,” says Mghobozi. The show launches on 11 May and will air Sundays on ETV at 18h05. About Knorrox Knorrox has been in the lives of South Africans for decades. We believe South African women are the hearts of their communities. Through their love of cooking, their love of their communities, and sheer determination, these women inspire and nurture those around them. Knorrox applauds the country's quiet heroines.

A Brand New Reality Show launching on E-TV sponsored by Knorrox on 11th May 2014. Kenneth Nkosi will be the voice/narrator for episodes one through to episode nine. He will then host in studio for episodes ten and eleven which is the finale. Participating provinces for the first season are Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Limpopo and Eastern Cape.


081 575 8393

04 - 10 April 2014 .Vol 5. Wk 13

Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

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A PARTNERSHIP THAT WORKS Sod turning of Bethal Skills Development Centre. Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr. Mduduzi Manana and G.S College CEO Nick Balkrishen partnered with the Construction SETA to attend to the Sod Turning event that took place in Bethal on the 27th of March 2014.


he ceremony marked the successful long awaited building of a new Skills DevelopmentCentre for the community of Bethal. The Centre will be administered by Gert Sibande College. Trees were planted to symbolize the partnership between the three stakeholders. These trees are to grow and blossom together with the Skills Centre to be built. “I feel humbled and honoured to be part of the sod-turning ceremony for the construction of the Bethal Skills Development Centre. It is exciting that the event today happens while the processes of developing a strategy on skills development centres is advancing well. The strategy on skills development centres has the sole intention of “expanding the skills development provision through a skills centre model that is rooted in communities”. This strategy is informed by the following principles: access, quality, relevance, collaboration and partnerships, amongst other things.' Said Manana. This is the answer to a concern by the people of Gevern Mbeki Municipality for the government to assist in coming up with measures to address unemployment and up-skill the local people and in particular the youth to enhance their employment prospects. “People usually say South Africa is faced with the challenge of unemployed youth but the truth is the youth of South Africa is unemployable.”Said Manana. “As a Department, we always preach that there should be partnerships among role-players of the post school system including Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), Universities, Universities of Technology, industries, etc. I am glad that the sod-turning ceremony today will help forge partnership among various role players such as Bethal Skills Centre, Gert Sibande TVET College, SETAs, etc. If we are to

address unemployment, such partnerships are the way to go and it will certainly bring about fruitful spinoffs from the socio-economic development point of view.” He emphasized. The Deputy Minister went on to say, “This area is predominantly a stronghold for farming and mining in the Mpumalanga Province. The farms in the region produce maize, sunflower seeds, sorghum and potatoes. The area also contains approximately 20 coal mines and some gold mines. Given the above context, surely the AgriSETA and the Mining Qualifications Authority have a huge role to play in advancing agricultural training programmes and mining related programmes respectively.” Manana stressed that as a Department, they are very concerned about addressing the level of unemployment. As a way of intervention, the Department has established the Work Integrated Learning and Partnerships unit which directly deals with the placement of Further Education and Training (FET) graduates. Active facilitation of graduate placement is one of the fundamental areas which are vital in addressing unemployment. Various stakeholders have a major responsibility to play in this regard.

Sod turning of Bethal Skills Development Centre, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr. Mduduzi Manana

One of the SETA responsibilities is not only to fund learners but to see to it that those learners are employed after graduating. The SETA system must play a major role in ensuring that graduates are mainstreamed into the economic system since we cannot train merely to increase the number of unemployed graduates. The Department has a vision of achieving a barrier free society. It is aware that there are learners who applied to further their studies in one of the tertiary institutions in the country and did not get accepted. There are also those who did not apply at all. The Department does not expect any learner to idle around due to any form of marginalization. No one must be deprived access to education and training. As a result the following measures have been put in place: ?Central Applications Clearing House (also called CACH) ?Apply Now Campaign ?Khetha SABS Radio Programme Artisanship The National Development Plan requires that by 2030 at least 30 000 qualified Artisans are produced per year. Currently the country produces on average of 12 000 qualified artisans per year. I am sure; this paints a clear picture to all of you about the magnitude and the extent of the task ahead of us.

The Executive Mayor, Her Excellency Lindi Masina and Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr. Mduduzi Manana On The Occasion Of The Sod turning of Bethal Skills Development Centre held at Bethal “My Department is on a mission to champion artisanship as a career of choice, a lucrative career pathway for consideration by the youth. Let us all advise our youth that “it is cool to be an artisan”. As a result we declared 2013 as the 'Year of the Artisan', and furthermore, my Department has declared 2014 to 2024 as the “Decade of the Artisan””. Said Manana.

Manana concluded by reminding us all that in the face of an epidemic we should always celebrate signs of hope. Over the back drop, of skills shortage, high unemployment and poverty rate, it should bring hope to us that such a sod turning ceremony was held in Bethal. “It is my strong view that had it not

been for your caring Government, this would be impossible. Therefore, I congratulate people of Bethal. The construction of your skills centre poses a challenge for you to tirelessly pursue skills development. Opportunities are available, grab them and use them responsibly” he concluded.

UMLOMO ONGAKHULUMI AMAHLAYA Abahlali baseMkhondo bebajabule kakhulu ukubona uNkosikazi Advocate Thuli Madonsela ongumvikeli womphakathi lizwe lonke ngolwesine ngezi27 kuNdasa. Bekangahambi yedwa kodwa ehamba namanye amalunga aqamuka kumvikeli womphakathi.

Makhosi Mthupha kujabulise umphakathi ukuthi banikwa ithuba lokuthula izikhalazo abanazo, lezikhalazo zathinta amahovisi amaningi akulomasipala. Phela umvikeli womphakathi bekakhonela lokho ngalosuku ukuzolalela izikhalazo zomphakathi bese ayaphenya.


Umnumzane Advocate K Malunga, oyisekela lomvikeli womphakathi washo ngesikhathi kubanje umhlangano kuMasipala eCouncil Chamber ukuthi bathole izikhalazo ezingango40 000 ezifaka amapasi, amanzi, izindlu, nemali yesondlo sikahulumendi kanye nezinye izinto eziningi.

“Sithole izikhalo eziningi, ngibonga umnumzane uGodi ngokusithinta asazise ngezikhalo zaseMkhondo, thina singamalunga omvikeli womphakathi siyakwazi ukuphenya nokukhuluma nabathintekayo, siphinde sihambise izikhalazo esizitholayo ephalamende." Umeya uBhekabantu Mtshali waseMkhondo wabonga ngokufika kwabavikeli bomphakathi, washo kona ukuthi uMkhondo awufihlanga lutho, ngalokho, wathi bakhululeke. "EMkhondo kusempela ndaba yingakho umama uThuli Madonsela alana namuhla, khululekani nikhulume konke okunganiphathi kahle, khululekani nikhulumele amalungelo enu ngoba afelwa abaningi, kusho uMeya Mtshali.” Umvikeli womphakathi ubheka izinhlangothi zonke njengonompepe webola, futhi babheka ukungenzi umsebenzi ngendlela efanele, ukungathembeki, nokusebenzisa izimali zomphakathi ngokungalunganga nokunye okuninga abakuphenyayo okungaphathi kahle umphakathi noma nokuphula umthetho.

Unkosikazi Thuli Madonsela washo ukuthi njengoba bebalibangise eMkhondo bathole imilayezo evela kubantu abahlukene ababasiza ngesikhathi izinto zabo zingabahambeli kahle kodwa into eyamjabulisa ukuthi laba bantu izifiso zabo zigcine zifezekile ngokuthola okungokwabo.

Asho kona ukuthi basebenzisana nomabonakude, umsakazi kanye namaphephandaba. Aqhubeka asho kona ukuthi izwe ligubha usuku lamalungelo futhi bayalihlonipha lolusuku ngoba lafelwa abantu abaningi abebalwela amalungelo. Amalunga aseMkhondo eza nezikhalo ezimangazayo okwaba ukuhlukunyezwa abelungu emaplazini nokuthi babathathela imfuyo yabo, imigwaqo emibi ekungahambeki kuyo lokho kwenza izimonto zabo zigcine zihodloka futhi basho nokuthi imigwaqo ake iyekwe ukufakwa inhlabathi ngoba uma kuna izulu ivele isuke, nokuthi uMkhondo awuqhubeki kodwa indala futhi inezitolo ezimbili, kukhula umphakathi kodwa idolobha

Cha! Baphinde bathi amanzi uma ake ahamba abuya awudaka uma itifiketi kanye nokunye okuningi. UMeya wathi kumphakathi bona njengomasipala basiza izindawo ezisemakhaya ngokubafakela amaboholes, kugesi basebenzisana noEskom ukuthi ubafakele ugesi.

Izimpendulo zezikhalo wathi umama uThuli bayothumela amanye amalunga abavikeli bomphakathi ukuthi bazilethe kumphakathi futhi uququzela nabantu ukuthi bafunde amareport kumaphepha ndaba ukuthi kubhalweni hai ukuzicabangela izinto ezingekho. Futhi uthembisile umama uThuli Madonsela ukuthi bazophenya izikhalazo ngasinye ngasinye, akukho nasinye esizosilahla noma sikhwabaniswe. Wakhuluma ngokukhulu ukuziqenya ukuthi "mina ngivikelwe izwe lonke, angisabi lutho ngoba umphakathi waseSouth Africa ungivikele", kusho uAdvocate Madonsela.

kumele bawaphuze kumele bawapheke kuqala, amaphoyisa awabancendi ngendlela efanele, kunogogo emaplazini owelwa indlu, kanye nokuthi izingane azinawo izitifiketi kanye nokunye okuningi. UMeya wathi kumphakathi bona njengomasipala basiza izindawo ezisemakhaya ngokubafakela amaboholes, kugesi basebenzisana noEskom ukuthi ubafakele ugesi. Izimpendulo zezikhalo wathi umama uThuli bayothumela amanye amalunga abavikeli bomphakathi ukuthi bazilethe kumphakathi futhi uququzela nabantu ukuthi bafunde amareport kumaphepha ndaba ukuthi kubhalweni hai ukuzicabangela izinto ezingekho.

Futhi uthembisile umama uThuli Madonsela ukuthi bazophenya izikhalazo ngasinye ngasinye, akukho nasinye esizosilahla noma sikhwabaniswe. Wakhuluma ngokukhulu ukuziqenya ukuthi "mina ngivikelwe izwe lonke, angisabi lutho ngoba umphakathi waseSouth Africa ungivikele", kusho uAdvocate Madonsela.

10 Khanyisa Weekly - Gert Sibande

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WHY ARE YOU SICK? Your body must be 20% acid and 80% alkaline if not you will get sick. Your stool will be yellow and weak and not brown and banana like because you have more acid than alkaline.


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RUN UNDER THE AUSPICES Mille sports apparel partners with danone for the danone nations cup 01 April 2014 Danone Southern Africa is proud to announce that Mille, a local athleisurebrand, will be supporting the Danone Nations Cup, the largest youth football tournament for players between the ages of 10 and 12 in the world. Run under the auspices of the South African Schools Football Association (SASFA), the South Africa leg of the Danone Nations Cup includes over 2 500 schools from all corners of South Africa and Mille will support the South African

teams with sports apparel as well as kit out the team, off the field of play, that will travel to Brazil later in the year to compete in the world finals. Justine Cullinan, Marketing Executive of Mille said: “Mille has a community positioning which means we priorities those who love the participation and camaraderie of sport. In South Africa we have been supporting youth football at a regional level for the past two years and at a PSL level for longer than that. We have been looking to extend and cement this and the Danone Nations Cup was an ideal choice. Both companies share similar values and together we will

be giving our future professionals an experience they will never forget.”

believe in their dreams. We further us the Danone Nations Cup to encourage our youth to develop healthy lifestyles,” said Ehlers.

Danone are delighted with the new partnership: “The Danone Nations Cup is 14 years old this year and it has gained credibility and legitimacy in the international world of football and has FIFA's stamp of approval. To have Mille on board puts the tournament on a different level,” said Chantel Ehlers, Sponsorship Manager of Danone South Africa.

The South African leg of the Danone Nations Cup has reached the provincial finals with Roodepan Primary School from Kimberley, Northern Cape, and Siphumelele from Inanda, Pinetown in KZN, the first teams to qualify for the national finals taking place on 23rd June at Reiger Park, Boksburg, Gauteng.

“Danone has a clear goal which is to offer as many youngsters in the world as possible the opportunity to

The Free State provincial final will take place at the Clive Solomon Stadium, Bloemfontein on Saturday, 12th April.

Gert Sibande District Municipal in Pictures CAREER EXHIBITION

SET YOURSELF FREE THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY A workshop in photography is the perfect way to free yourself and your mind from the mundane and lets you be as creative as you want.


elspruit will be the first in which a number of the inspirational photography talks and workshops will be held. Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannesburg based professional photographer, Johnathan Andrews will start a series of nationwide photographic talks and workshops in Nelspruit on the 8th of March 2014 and the 10th of May 2014. “You are mistaken if you think that this is any ordinary talk or workshop,” Andrews says. “ The aim of the workshops and talks is based on a journey I want to take people on into the fascinating world of photography as a medium of expression, creative tool and a way to change your life.” The talks are suitable for anyone interested in photography, the 3045 minute address will deal with key concepts and ideas which are explored in detail during a full day workshops. This will take place on a different day.


A workshop is ideal for beginner and amateur photographers as it not only deals with photography concepts but, beginners will also learn how to use a digital SLR camera in the manual exposure mode which is the first step to taking creative control of your photography. Andrews will also be available for a limited number of private sessions which can be booked outside the talk and workshop. More workshops and talks will be held in other centres including Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. “Set yourself free through photography.” Johnathan Andrews Andrews is not only a passionate, award winning photographer and author; he is also the founder and director of the Johnathan Andrews School of Photography, Motion Picture and Design. Through both his photographic work and school, he aims to inspire both amateur and professional photographers to find their own identities and aspire to master their craft. Contact Details Johnathan Andrews Lize-marie de la Querra Tel: 011 452 0042 Tel: 011 452 0042 Cell: 082 852 7522 E-mail: E-mail: Website: About the workshops: ol/workshops.html Book Link: ol/book.html Biography:

Mpumalanga Black Aces climbed to fifth place on the Absa Premiership table when they defeated Orlando Pirates 1-0 at Orlando Stadium on Wednesday night. Thulasizwe Mbuyane came off the bench to score the only goal of the match late in the second half, punishing his former team.

The first chance fell for Aces in the 13th minute when Tendai Ndoro ran onto a great pass from Onyekachi Okonkwo, only to see his shot coming off the post. Six minutes later it was the hosts who came close to opening the scoring but Mpho Makola's freekick was punched away by Jackson Mabokgwane. Ndoro continued to cause problems for

the Pirates defence but he was denied by a good save from Fatau Dauda in the 35th minute, before flashing an effort wide two minutes later.

effort wide in the 66th minute while Sifiso Myeni saw his piledriver kept out by Mabokgwane eight minutes later.

Pirates had an opportunity from a freekick in the 55th minute but Makola was unable to keep his effort down as the ball brushed the top of the crossbar on its way over.

The winner eventually came in the 80th minute as Mbuyane beat Dauda with a low freekick at the near post after the three-man wall had failed to do its job.

Miguel Timm then drilled a long range

Orlando Pirates 0

Mpumalanga Black Aces (0) 1 (Mbuyane 80') Orlando Pirates: Dauda, Nyauza, Mahamutsa, Sangweni, Matlaba, Myeni (Pelembe 83'), Manyisa, Ntshumayelo, Segolela, Makola, Majoro (Bacela 67') Mpumalanga Black Aces: Mabokgwane, Nato, Mwanjali, Mabizela, Ngalo, Timm (Tukane 87'), Zuke, Nale, Qalinge, Okonkwo (Mbuyane 68'), Ndoro (Ngobeni 87')

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ABSA PREMIERSHIP Mpumalanga Black Aces v Bidvest Wits Mbombela Stadium | Saturday 05 April 2014 | 15h00 kick-off Mpumalanga Black Aces will look to continue their good form in the Absa Premiership when they host Bidvest Wits at Mbombela Stadium on Saturday, 05 April 2014, kick-off at 15h00. Aces have won four of their last five league matches, including a 10 away win over Orlando Pirates in midweek. The Mpumalanga club has claimed 23 points from their 12 home matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns (both away) and Polokwane City (home). AmaZayoni are placed fifth on the Absa Premiership log with 37 points from 24 matches. Wits have won five of their last seven league matches and beat Golden Arrows 1-0 away on Saturday in their last outing. The Johannesburg team has claimed 20 points from their 12 away matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are Platinum Stars, Moroka Swallows (both home) and SuperSport United (away). The Clever Boys are placed third on the Absa Premiership log with 41 points from 22 matches. In head-to-head stats, Aces and Wits have met in 30 league matches since 1985. The Clever Boys have 15 wins compared to just three for AmaZayoni, while no less than 12 matches have been drawn. Aces have won just two of their 15 home matches against Wits, suffering five defeats in the process. When the teams met earlier this season in Johannesburg they played to a goalless draw. Aces' line-up from their 1-0 win over Pirates: Mabokgwane, Nato, Mwanjali, Mabizela, Ngalo, Timm (Tukane 87'), Zuke, Nale, Qalinge, Okonkwo (Mbuyane 68'), Ndoro (Ngobeni 87'). Wits' line-up from their 1-0 win over Arrows: Josephs, Bhasera, Mngonyama, Gumede, Booth, Langwe (Chapman 79'), Vilakazi, Faty, Nhlapo, Madubanya (Isaacs 69'), Ngcobo (Kebede 93'),

Moroka Swallows v Ajax Cape Town Dobsonville Stadium | Friday 04 April 2014 | 20h00 kick-off Moroka Swallows will look to extend Ajax Cape Town's winless streak in the Absa Premiership when the teams meet at Dobsonville Stadium on Friday, 04 April 2014, kick-off at 20h00. Swallows have won two of their last three league matches, with their last outing a 1-0 away win over Platinum Stars in midweek. The Soweto side has claimed 18 points from their 12 home matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are University of Pretoria, Bidvest Wits (both away) and Mamelodi Sundowns (home). The Birds are placed 10th on the Absa Premiership log with 30 points from 24 matches. Ajax have gone four league matches without a win and suffered a second successive defeat when they lost 2-0 at home to Black Aces on Friday night. The Cape Town side has claimed seven points from their 11 away matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are Golden Arrows, SuperSport United (both home) and Maritzburg United (away). The Urban Warriors are placed 12th on the Absa Premiership log with 28 points from 24 matches. In head-to-head stats, Swallows and Ajax have met in 29 league matches since 1999/2000. The Birds have 13 wins compared to 11 for the Urban Warriors, while just five matches have been drawn. Swallows have won nine of their 14 home matches against Ajax, suffering three defeats in the process. When the teams met earlier this season in Cape Town, the Birds claimed a 3-1 away win thanks to goals from Manqele, Nomvethe and Chabangu. Swallows' line-up from their 1-0 win over Stars: Etafia, Mapemba, Hendricks, Mokgothu (Nergadze 88'), Bereng (Chabangu 56'), Cohen, Mbekile, Tsutsulupa, Mabalane, Nomvethe (Wana 82'), Obada. Ajax's line-up from their 2-0 loss to Aces: Jaakkola, Lolo, Isaacs, Hlatshwayo, Jenniker, Mzwakali (Alexander 72'), Mobara (Losper 55'), Scott, Dolly, Morris, Rodgers (Sithole 55').

AmaZulu v Free State Stars Moses Mabhida Stadium | Saturday 05 April 2014 | 18h00 kick-off AmaZulu will look to continue their good form in the Absa Premiership when they host Free State Stars at Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday, 05 April 2014, kick-off at 18h00. AmaZulu are unbeaten in their last three league matches and held Bloemfontein Celtic to a goalless away draw in their last outing. The Durban side has claimed 15 points from their 12 home matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are Platinum Stars (away), University of Pretoria and Golden Arrows (both home). Usuthu are placed seventh on the Absa Premiership log with 35 points from 25 matches. Stars played to just their second away draw of the league season when they held Polokwane City 1-1 on Saturday night. The Free State club has claimed eight points from their 12 away matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are SuperSport United, University of Pretoria (both home) and Kaizer Chiefs (away). Ea Lla Koto are placed 14th on the Absa Premiership log with 21 points from 23 matches. In head-to-head stats, AmaZulu and Stars have met in 44 league matches since 1986. Ea Lla Koto have 19 wins compared to 14 for Usuthu, while 11

MKHONDO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY PUBLIC NOTICE DRAFT INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN (IDP) FROM 2014-2015 Notice is hereby given to the publicin terms Chapter 4, section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, No. 32 of 2000 (as amended) that Mkhondo Local Municipality has adopted its Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2014-2015. Members of the public and interested stakeholders are invited to peruse the documents and forward their representations and comments or inputs before 30 April 2014, 12:00 PM.

Area eMkhondo (Piet Retief) eThandukukhanya Amsterdam/KwaThandeka Driefontein Sulphurspring KwaNgema/ Mabola Iswepe/Panbult Emaphepheni/Ajax Entombe Rustplaas

Wards Covered 7, 10, 11,12,13,14,16 & 17 5 & 19 1,2 &13 9 3 4 8 15 6



eMkhondo Library

08H00 – 16 h00

Amsterdam Library DriefonteinMunicipaly Office Sulphurspring Youth Centre Dirkiesdorp CSC Iswepe CHC Saul Mkhize Youth Centre Entombe clinic Imizamoyethu Youth Centre

08H00 08H00 08H00 08H00 08H00 08H00 08H00 08H00

– – – – – – – –

16 h00 16 h00 16 h00 16 h00 16 h00 16 h00 16 h00 16 h00

Comment should be addressed for the attention of the Municipal Manager and forwarded to the following address or written on the attachment: The Municipal Manager-Mr. AN Mahlangu Mkhondo Local Municipality P O BOX 23 Piet Retief 2380 Or Email or Enquiries to be directed to Ms. Wendy Mahlangu or Mr. Oupa Zwane at 017 826 8111/7 matches have been drawn. AmaZulu have won eight of their 21 home matches against Stars, suffering six defeats in the process. When the teams met earlier this season in the Free State they played to a 1-1 draw. AmaZulu's line-up from their 0-0 draw with Celtic: Tignyemb, Ndengane, Bilankulu, Nkausu, Daniels, Letlabika, Mogapi, Nyatama, Mogorosi, Gabonamong (Ntanga 65'), Mhango (Lamola 77'). Stars' line-up from their 1-1 draw with Polokwane: Motsoeneng, Mashego, Sambu, Tlhone, Kerspuy, Shabalala, Masehe, Sekola, Yende (Venter 66'), Henyekane, Nomandela (Mokoena 90+4').

Kaizer Chiefs v Mamelodi Sundowns FNB Stadium | Saturday 05 April 2014 | 20h15 kick-off Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns will meet for a top-of-the-table Absa Premiership clash at the FNB Stadium on Saturday, 05 April 2014, kick-off at 20h15. Chiefs recorded a third successive league win with a 2-0 victory at home to Golden Arrows in midweek. The Soweto side is unbeaten at home, with nine wins and two draws from 11 matches as hosts. Their next three league opponents are Mpumalanga Black Aces (home), Polokwane City (away) and Free State Stars (home). The Amakhosi are placed first on the Absa Premiership log with 52 points from 23 matches. Sundowns racked up a fifth successive league win when they defeated University of Pretoria 2-1 at home. The Tshwane side has claimed 23 points from their 12 away matches so far this season. Their next three league opponents are Bloemfontein Celtic, Mpumalanga Black Aces (both home) and Moroka Swallows (away). The Brazilians are placed second on the Absa Premiership log with 49 points from 24 matches. In head-to-head stats, Chiefs and Sundowns have met in 57 league matches since

1985. The Amakhosi have 24 wins compared to 17 for the Brazilians, while 16 matches have been drawn. Chiefs have won 16 of their 28 home matches against 'Downs, suffering four defeats in the process. When the teams met earlier this season in Tshwane, the Amakhosi claimed a 1-0 away win thanks to an own goal from Arendse. Chiefs' line-up from their 2-0 win over Arrows: Khuzwayo, Gaxa, Mathoho, Mashamaite, Masilela, Maluleka, Katsande, Nkosi (Lebese 46'), Tshabalala, Parker (Mphela 78'), Nkhatha (Rusike 85'). Sundowns' line-up from their 2-1 win over Tuks: Mweene, Mashaba, Schut, Nthethe, Mphahlele, Kekana, Modise, Wome (Zungu 58'), Mokoena, Moriri (Sumaila 75'), Laffor (Malajila 90').



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