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D.R.R MESSAGE I bring you warm greetings from the twin Republic isle of Trinidad and Tobago. This being my first opportunity addressing you on this platform let me say a hearty “Welcome & Happy Reading” to you, our District Rotaractors.

Thalia Bernard District Rotaract Representative 7030


implement in order to realize that vision? This way of thinking will assist you with consistency among and sustainability with your clubs.

District Committees, past and present, have continuously set the example for Rotaract clubs in terms of outlining a comprehensive plan for the Rotaract year. We I hope clubs are on stream with hope to take our planning one step the execution of their plans for further by executing a leadership 2013. camp focused on developing a A New Year welcomes new goals, strategic framework for the District. renewed mindsets, reinforcement Being a President is not just about of your vision and a plan which chairing meetings and representallows you to effectively execute ing your club at events. It’s about all that you set out to achieve for propelling your club forward to a the year. Allow me to remind you new level each year closer to realof the District’s Vision for 2013izing the vision. 2014 which is “To position District 7030 to gain international It’s about ensuring the continued recognition as a vibrant arm of growth of your club and the retenthe world Rotaract community. tion of your membership. In addition, create a brand that It’s about ensuring that projects is as impactful as Rotary within are relevant, evolving as your the region, while simultaneously membership evolves professionalfostering unity, strength, profes- ly and personally. sionalism and excellence amongst clubs.” To the Presidents/Leaders As you continue to steer your club of your respective clubs, I ask you towards a successful Rotaract year, remember that Visions are the following: important in moving any organiDoes your club have a vision? sation forward. “Good business Is the vision properly communicat- leaders create a vision, articued and embedded in the minds of late the vision, passionately your membership? own the vision and relentlessly Are your goals in line with your drive it to completion.” by Jack club’s vision? Welch. What strategies do you hope to


From June 15th to 30th 2013, District Secretary Vanessa participated in the fifth edition of the Rotaract Pacific Mexican Trip, hosted by Rotaract clubs in District 4100. This 15-day trip is an annual program inviting six Rotaractors from around the world to visit Pacific Northwest Mexico in order to promote understanding, cooperation and goodwill.

Hotel and Casino, the city, and the country’s largest wine region in the country – Valle de Guadalupe, where they got to visit a Wine Museum and engage in wine tasting at several wineries.

The next stop was Mexicali. Hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Mexicali Industrial and Mexicali Oeste, Trippers visited to a Science Museum, rode ATV bikes on The trip began in Tijuana, where Trippers were treated sand dunes in the desert and had lunch with children to a gastronomical experience and an emersion into at a local orphanage. the Mexican culture by the Rotaract Clubs of Tijuana The final city was Hermosillo. There the Rotaract Club Oeste, Nuevas Generaciones, Tijuana Centro and of Hermosillo took Trippers on a guided tour of the city Mileno Minarete. Trippers also visited Banati - Banco and an appearance on the morning show of a local de Alimentos de Tijuana (Tijuana Food Bank) and partelevision station. It was then off to the vacation spot ticipated in sorting food items for distribution to those of San Carlos, where participants took a trip on a in need. yacht, snorkelled in the beautiful waters of San Carlos Next was Rosarito, where the Rotaract Club of Rosari- and swam with dolphins. to was able to pack a visit to a ranch, horseback riding When it was all over, it was clear that friendships were on the beach, a courtesy visit to the Mayor, playing formed among Trippers and hosts. The Rotaract basketball with the wheelchair basketball team Clubs of District 4100 successfully demonstrated the Delfines (Dolphins) and a joint Rotary-Rotaract breakvalues of Rotary through the execution of this trip. For fast meeting into 24 hours. more information, feel free to visit the Facebook page At Ensanada, the Rotaract Clubs of Ensanada and Rotaract Mexican Trip 2013. Ensanada Calafia treated Trippers to tours of an old


WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS IN OUR DISTRICT? It is a form of training and professional development for young persons , school children and younger Rotaractors within our District. As an attendee of our District 7030 RYLA, I have found more notably that it truly is an excellent experience for a young person during secondary school life. However as one gets older in Rotaract, as clearly described in the suggested age group of 14-25, though the content is very relevant, the networking opportunities and fellowship which would stimulate the older Rotaractor (25 and over) is not at the foremost of this event. But what if there was a RYLA that addressed the issues faced by the Rotaract age group of 1830? What if it offered networking and great opportunities to meet other Rotaractors and young persons from all around the world and learn about their customs and cultures in one place? What if from this RYLA experience you could learn about the way in which other Rotaractors plan and execute their projects throughout the Rotaract year which would help you in the creative/ brainstorming process for even more impactful projects when you return home? All these represent only a taste of what can be expected from the RYLA North America Conference hosted by District 7620 which is situated in Washington, DC. This year DRC Anne Marie Rogers, IPDRR Kieron Mitchell, DPO Keiron Nanan, Rotaractor Starron Stemper and myself formed the Rotaract District 7030 contingent for this event and experienced what can be only described as a life-altering Rotaract experience. The RYLA North America Conference was hosted from 1st -7th July with pre-events such as the Amazing Race and International Mixer building up to the event! From our very own appointed Global Ambassador Keiron Nanan, thee first appointed from our District, our group was well informed as to all the different events to expect but there was nothing that could prepare us for the actual experience! From succinct presentations by the Ambassadors of Estonia and Costa Rica to eventful visits to the Embassies of Costa Rica, Jordan and Pakistan we were truly made to feel as if we were indeed visiting several new countries in our 5 day trip. Our days were also taken up with informative lectures on life lessons such as the im-


portance of goal setting and corporate social responsibility as well as vivid and in depth presentations on Rotaract projects and the countries of all those present. Ben up into groups we were easily encouraged to meet and befriend other Rotaractors and young persons who were part of the 200 + contingent and representing countries such as Venezuela, Serbia, Egypt, China, Nigeria, Jamaica, St. Maarten and Germany to name a few. Our groups represented the countries/ cities from which the group leaders were from and therefore we were very fortunate to have the group headed by Global Ambassador Keiron named Port of Spain! With the timing of the conference coinciding with the 4th of July celebrations, we were able to experience the rich culture and history of the United States of America with our day beginning with tours of the US Capitol and Library of Congress and of course culminating with our viewing the spectacular firework display. There is no denying that our experience during the conference was nothing short of priceless as lifelong friendships were built where even in our small contingent among some many attendees we were made to feel welcomed and loved.

We look therefore to seeing you there at next year’s conference which is schedule for August 2nd – 6th 2014 in Washington, DC. Registration will soon be open in September and we truly look forward to having an even greater contingent in the upcoming event! Look out for more updates from us! Go RYLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

DG HERVE VISITS ROTARACT CLUB OF ST.LUCIA Rotary District Governor Herve Honore met with members from the Rotaract Club of St. Lucia on July 18, 2013 during his visit to the island. The objective was for members and guests to officially meet and interact with DG Herve. He provided insight on the vision and plans for Rotary and Rotaract in moving forward to a prosperous future in keeping with Rotary's internationals theme "Engage Rotary, Change Lives." Some of his plans included creating a Rotary E-Club and a joint project Rotary/Rotaract for Rotaract Day, to create a District Logo in a New Generation Challenge to be presented at Rotary District Conference 2014 He reminded us that Rotaract is Rotary and we are no longer the hopes of today, but the leaders of today.



Rotarian Wendy, Rotarian Reina and Treasurer Gracia also attendded our Handing Over

President Tirza is officially pinned as President of our club

On the 7th of July our annual Handing Over ceremony was held. During this meeting we had a few presentations: Outgoing Secretary Ilona Blaaker presented her secretarial report, Outgoing Treasurer Eudia Donald the financial report and Outgoing VP Virasia an overview of projects that we have executed. Furthermore we appointed our new Honorary Members namely Sabrina Meerzorg and Eudia Donald. The Rotaractor of the Year 2012-2013 was also announced which is IPP Danielle Vianen. Afterwards President Danielle gave her out going speech which was followed by pinning the new President Tirza Burgos. President Tirza then pinned the following members as her head board; Secretary Virasia Hoft, Treasurer Martin Kortstam, Vice-president Avieshka Sheonarain and IPP Danielle Vianen. In her speech she called out all Rotaractors to make use of the opportunities that Rotaract offers and

launched our new year theme: “Engaging Rotaract is our Goal and Changing Lives in the Community our Mission”. Some of our guests were Rotarians from our sponsoring club, the president of Rotary club Paramaribo Residence, the DLO, Presidents from our sister clubs and of the Interact Club. We hereby want to wish all Rotaract Clubs a successful year and be iRIE!

Board an Directors 2013- 2014

ROTARACT CLUB GENESIS: KNOW YOUR HANDBOOK During our first regular meeting of the year on July 20th, the Professional Development avenue had their first project. This project is named “Know your Handbook” and VP Avieshka had the honor of giving the first presentation. The main objective of this project is for our current members, prospective members and guests to know more about the basics of Rotaract which are written in our Rotaract Handbook. We want everyone to know the fundamentals of the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact by presenting each chapter of the Handbook in an interactive way. Most of the time whenever members get a Handbook they do not read it. By presenting every chapter of our Handbook we hope to inform everyone about the club structure and stimulate their interest. VP Avieshka presented Chapter 1, which is about the three steps that are necessary to start a Rotaract club, the roles of the Rotarians and the Rotaractors . The presentation stimulated one of our prospective members and she was immediately interested in owning a Rotaract Handbook. We then promised to re-send the link of our new Rotaract handbook to everyone. The next presentations will be during our Teambuilding weekend. RC GENESIS Pictures from Know your Handbook part 1


ROTARACT CLUB OF LINDEN REPAINT PEDESTRIAN CROSSING In an effort to improve road safety in our community, on the 13thJuly, 2013 the Rotaract Club of Linden undertook the repainting of two (2) Pedestrian Crossings. Of late there has a resonating cry for an increased focus on improving the manner in which our road ways are being used because of the many fatalities country wide. In heed of this call the two pedestrian crossings chosen were ones used primarily by school children and are situated almost directly in front of their schools. As we endeavored to make it safer for kids to get to and from school safer, we targeted the Pine Street Nursery and the Wismar Hill Primary school. The Nursery was chosen because we considered that children of that age above all else need greater assistance in crossing the road safely as well as the fact that it’s a major road with a constant flow of traffic. The project was spear headed by the Prospective Members of the Club and saw cooperation of Rotaractors from 6am until the job was done. Even though we lacked a road marking stencil, we in true Rotaract spirit innovated as we took ‘….pride in the service we provide.’

“ I innovate, I evolve’ Prospective Members working together with resources available to repaint the pedestrian crossing.”


Description: President Analese delivering her address to the patients attending Clinic

The Rotaract Club of Linden on the 23th and 24th July, 2013 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Linden Hospital Complex facilitated an educational session in celebration of Nutrition Awareness

Week. This was an initiative started by the Food Policy Division of the Ministry created with the intention of focusing attention on the importance of making healthy food choices and developing sound physical activity habits. This year the week lasted from the 21st -27th July, 2013 and was celebrated under the theme: “Healthy Eating and Active Living: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles” seeking to prevent Chronic Noncommunicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension etc. The session was done by President Analese Roman as it ties into our Club’s focus for the year 2013-2014. It targeted patients attending the Noncommunicable diseases medical clinic held at the Mackenzie hospital every Wednesday and the Upper Demarara Hospital every Thursday. It was an interactive session that lasted approximately half an hour. Literature was distributed to patients along with a glass of Complan as patients often times wait for hours before being seen and are hungry when they finally get their blood sugar tested.


ROTARACT CLUB OF PARAMARIBO 15TH ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE The club celebrated its 15th anniversary and decided to organize a very extensive project. A committee was formed from past Presidents. The Medical Pedagogic Office (MOB) was identified, which is an institute funded by the Ministry of Health to guide children with learning disabilities. This institution was in dire need of renovating its playground. This was crucial because the playground oes not only serve as amusements and exercise for the children but also helps to monitor their mental and physical health. The estimate cost of this project was USD 4100. The first part of raising the money was through a raffle. Each fellow had to sell the tickets to friends, family and colleagues. Even family and friends as well as fellow club members from other clubs helped to sell the raffles. The first prize was a round ticket from Paramaribo to Curacao. There were also additional prices. ll of the prices were sponsored and included, weekend packages and beauty treatments.

PP. Ivanda and fellow Simone show off some of the prices for the raffle

This project was a success and we are grateful for all who helped to make everything possible.

PARAMARIBO HIGH TEA AND FASHION SHOW On the 22 of June 2013 the Rotaract Club of Paramaribo organized a High Tea and fashion show. This was the second fundraising activity for the community project to renovate a playground for the MOB. This project include tea party were guest could enjoy a fashion show by two top Suriname businesses. The clothing was modeled by models from the club. The makeup and hair were all done by fellow club members. Guest could purchase tickets to get snacks and drinks, but could purchase additional drinks and snacks. The event started at 5 pm and ended at 9pm. There was entertainment by a local artist as well as a DJ providing background music. All members, prospective members and guests of the club helped to serve the visitors or helped in the bar. In the end we worked hard, had fun and knowing we were closer to our goal in funding our community project.

Fellow Melissa on the catwalk


RCP COMMUNITY PROJECT MEDICAL PEDAGOGIC OFFICE After hard work and fundraising the club was honored on the 8th of July 2013 to have the opening of the MOB playground. The MOB had been trying for two years to get the funding and was beyond pleased when the club offered to help. Through the funding of the fundraising activities like the RCP Raffle and High tea and fashion show and sponsors, the club was able to renovate the playground to completion. The MOB - Medical Pedagogic Office - is a medical agency that provides assistance to persons from 0-23 years with learning and growth disabilities and helps to promote their mental and physical health. The MOB team helps parents and children with problems at home or at school. These problems are associated with:

  

behavior learning and not paying attention

certain physical illnesses such as epilepsy or disabilities On this special day, the children, their parents, media and sponsors were invited to enjoy this special occasion. After the speeches the time of hard work of the club but also the children who helped in raising funds for the institute, the moment came to cut the ribbon.

The official handing over by President Xiomara

PIACO UWI VISITS SENIOR HOME future, we hope to expand this outreach, providing varying yet appropriate media to positively impact the lives of the home’s ageing population. While we are grateful the privilege to affect the lives of these persons, we as Rotaractors have been humbled by the task of service. In the words of Charles Dickens, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

On Saturday August 03, 2013, members of the Rotaract Club of Piarco (UWI) executed our first Community Service project for the Rotaract Year, with a visit to the St. Michael Senior Citizens’ Home. After a short word of prayer, Rotaractors jumped at the chance to fellowship with the residents of the home. We chatted, laughed, took pictures and enjoyed conversations as the elderly folks reminisced on their earlier years. Additionally, we donated some magazines, which will be useful in stimulating the minds of the senior citizens. The caretakers of the home expressed their appreciation for our outreach to them, as this home receives little attention. Likewise, our members who visited also conveyed their contentment at the opportunity to put a smile on a few elderly faces. In


ROTARACT CLUB POINT A POTRE STARTS OFF THE NEW YEAR The holiday break is over and a new year begins for the Rotaract Club of Pointe-à-Pitre. This Thursday, August 8th, our first meeting of the Rotaract year was marked by the presence of a dozen supporters. Our work for the futures days, the organization of the "Samdi Siwotaj" on Saturday August 31th. The concept : the Club organizes a party during the holidays to inform young people about the Rotaract' and raise funds to start the year. We are also working on organizing a twoday gathering of school supplies. It will take place on coming Saturdays August 24th and 31th. Members and supporters of the Club will be present at the same time on two collect points: The Mall Destreland and the Bookstore Jasor. The items collected will be donated to needy families of the island. In the next issue, we will make a point on these actions!

La trêve des vacances est terminée et une nouvelle année commence pour le Club Rotaract de Pointe-àPitre. Ce Jeudi 8 Août a eu lieu la première réunion de l'année Rotaractienne, une réunion marquée par la présence d'une quinzaine de sympathisants. Au programme des prochains jours, l'organisation du "Samdi Siwotaj" le 31 Août. Le concept : le Club organise une fête pendant les vacances afin de sensibiliser les jeunes aux actions du Rotaract et de récolter des fonds pour bien commencer l'année. Nous travaillons également à l'organisation de deux journées de collecte de fournitures scolaires. Elles auront lieu les Samedis 24 et 31 Août prochains. Les membres et sympathisants du Club seront présents simultanément sur deux points de collecte : Le Centre Commercial Destrelland et la Librairie Jasor. Les articles récoltés seront remis à des familles défavorisées de l'île. Dans le prochain numéro, nous vous ferons un compte rendu de ces deux actions !

ROTARACT CLUB OF ST. AUGUSTINE “ENVIRONMENTAL MANDELA DAY CLEAN-UP” Adopting Professional Supremacy Standards, the members of the Rotaract Club of St. Augustine took a major step towards demonstrating our continuous commitment to our community, keeping with our club theme for this year: “Rekindling our Commitment to our Community.” As such, Rotaractors concentrated on restorative works within our community. In the spirit of Mandela Day, on July 20th, 2013, the park areas in and around the Caura River and Two Pools were cleaned. Rotaractors asked neighboring residents to give 67 minutes of their time to assist us in these clean-up efforts where fliers were used to advertise this initiative throughout the community. In the end, ten full, large garbage bags of waste were collected making this event a success. The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action, to help change the world for the better and in doing so, build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. Mandela Day is a call to action for individuals – for people everywhere – to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place, one small step at a time, just as Nelson Mandela did.



The Rotaract club of Roseau emerged winners of a joint service club sports day which was held on August 2013. Seven different clubs participated in the very anticipated event which turned out to be a memorable experience. The Rotaract club of Roseau dominated the games which included lime and spoon, sack race, three legged race, track and field, basket ball, cricket and aa very interesting grapefruit pass which was won with no competition by the Rotaract club of Roseau. A domino match brought down the curtains of the fun day which was well appreciated by all who were present. The activity brought back moment of nostalgia and childhood memories to many of us especially the older members of the clubs. We must give special recognition to our Honorary members Davis David and Johnny Seraphine who took thier time to coach and prepare our members weeks in advance for the activity. Rotaract Club of Roseau was well represented at the activity and we were proud by the fact that the other clubs are looking at pointers from us in the area of Retention and Recruitment. The win is significant to us since the idea to have the joint activity came from our club. Plans are currently on the way to do a joint clubs service project to promote the various clubs and most importantly promote the work we do as service clubs.


SANGRE GRANDE CENTRAL CELEBRATES 5 YEARS The RCSGC celebrated their 5th Charter Anniversary and Handing-Over Ceremony on Sunday 9th June, 2013 at the Val Park Chinese Restaurant in Valsayn. The RCSGC has been in existence since May 16th 2008 and comprises of eleven members who proudly serve the people of Sangre Grande and its environs. Over the years this club continues to grow from strength to strength following Rotary’s commitment of ‘Service Above Self. At the evening’s ceremony, those present were enlightened and reminded of the greatness of being a part of the Rotary Family and moreover the real reason for wanting to be a part of it by the ever eloquent PDG Lara as she gave the Feature Address. Assistant Governor Dr. Sukha brought greetings on behalf of the District Governor; President of the Rotary Club of Sangre Grande Rotarian Kenneth Boodhu brought greetings and pledged his club’s continued support to RCSGC while DDRR Giselle Holder brought greetings on behalf of Rotaract District 7030. Rotaractors, friends and family of Rotaractors and Rotarians were present to welcome the Board of Directors for 2013-2014 as President Leanna passed on the baton onto the new President Darcel Cooseelal and her team.

(left to right Front row): Ajay Sinanan(VP & Secretary) Reshma Ramsaran, Marise Simpson(Professional Dev. Dir.), Darcel Cooseelal(President), Vikash Danrajh, Leanna Roopsingh-Seecharan(IPP, Finance, Community service & PRO)

(left to right Back row):Kimberly Tewarie(Treasurer), Sheliza Ali, Kara Roopsingh(Club Service Dir.), Vishi Beharry(IPP Chaguanas), Sasha Moonsammy (PRO).


For the fourth consecutive year, the RCSGC took to the Toco main road, which lies on the Northeastern coast of Trinidad. San Souci, which translates to “without worry”, is a remote village 34 miles from the hub of Sangre Grande. Every year, when school closes for the July/August vacation,


Ms. Lynda Kydd, a school teacher runs the summer camp for a four week period at the Sans Souci Community Centre. As a member of the community, she is aware of the dangers of too much spare time on impressionable minds, and this camp is an effort to keep the local kids occupied and away from unproductive and even dangerous activities. The RCSGC visited the camp on Wednesday 7th August this year to enjoy a fun-filled day with the kids. The ages of the camp attendees ranged from five (5) to thirteen (13). Activities included outdoor games such as cricket and hop-scotch, as well as indoor fun where the kids were encouraged to explore their creative side by creating collages with kite-paper. From the results obtained, there are definitely some future artists in that group. The visit was a success, and this worthy initiative is an event that will be on the RCSGC calendar as long as it is in existence.

THE ROTARACT CLUB OF SOUTH BARBADOS RACES TO END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE violence and to rally support to end genderbased violence in Barbados. This project was chosen as a result of the ever present danger of domestic violence against women and girls in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. The Rotaract Club and BPW Barbados were heartened by the support rallied by the Barbadian public and visitors alike. The road run/ walk was attended by over 200 participants and a cheque of BDS $7400.00 was donated to the Shelter. At the Shelter, women are exposed to empowerment programmes which include; skillstraining, self-development, educational workshops and parenting support. These programmes are aimed at combating the negative effects caused by the physical, sexual and/or mental harm inflicted on these women. After successfully organizing the Race for Challenor in 2012, the Rotaract Club of South Barbados with the encouragement of radio personality Ms. Alex Jordan and avid runner Mr. Ralf Luther, held their second race for charity event on July 23, 2013, dubbed ‘The Race to END Domestic Violence. The 5km road run/walk through Bridgetown aimed to support the efforts of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Barbados’ (BPW) Shelter which provides emergency temporary housing to victims of domestic

RCSGC WELCOMES BABY SAFIRA The Rotaract Club of Sangre Grande Central congratulates IPP Leanna and her spouse Sheldon on their baby girl Safira Rose, she was born on May 11th, 2013.


READY...SET ...SURINAME!! AWWWWW WAKA!!! Dear Rotaract District 7030, on behalf of the three Rotaract Clubs in Suriname I would like to welcome you all to the 28th Rotaract District 7030 Conference, which will be held in our beautiful country Suriname. This will in the second week of June 2014. It promises to be an unforgettable experience, one you can’t afford to miss. Just look at our Carifesta events. Empowering isn’t it? Under the theme: “See, Learn and Accept the different cultures” and the slogan : “Suriname, where Diversity becomes Unity” you will surely taste and experience that during your visit in Suriname. The focus of this conference will also be on training sessions, teambuilding, fellowshipping and a lot more !!!

ROTARACT CLUB OF TOBAGO BACK TO SCHOOL 2013 FUND RAISER The Rotaract Club of Tobago kicked off its annual Back to School project with a Car Wash Fundraiser. The project, coordinated by Community Service committee, under the theme, “Exceeding Potentials” will see the club go above and beyond to aid over 20 students between ages of 3-17 years of the less fortunate families from various parts of the island. This year the club aims not only to provide school supplies but also food hampers to nourish these young learning minds. The club has several innovative means to achieve this mission. The

first was a strategic Car Wash executed on Emancipation Day at the Store Bay Facility Car Park. After seven (7) hours of fun team work and dedication, the club was able to wash 25 cars and acquired $TT1, 680.00. The Rotaract Club of Tobago will be applying other strategies and embarking upon other partnerships to ensure the future leaders of Tobago are able to exceed their potential through education. The Back to School Project will culminate on the August 20th with a handing over ceremony for the beneficiaries.

Registration is already open so please visit the Rotaract website using the link below. http:// events/event-registration. If you have any queries concerning the Conference please email us at : rotaract7030_conference2014@hotm You can also follow us on Facebook at Rotaract Suriname. So I will hope to welcome you next year in Paramaribo… The City of Smiles. Awwww waka which simply means it’s going to be the bomb !!!!!

Rotaract District 7030 Website: Liselle Blankendal Conference Chairperson 2014

Rotaract District 7030 Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Month of August 2013

Rotaract District 7030 Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Month of August 2013