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ROTARY INTERNATIONAL District 7030 DG Newsletter Antigua & Barbuda – Barbados – Dominica – Guyane Française – Grenada – Guadeloupe – Guyana – Martinique – Montserrat – St. Kitts & Nevis – St. Lucia – St. Vincent & The Grenadines – Suriname – Trinidad & Tobago


Hervé HONORE District Gouverneur 2013-14

Starting my clubs visits with Grenada, I would like to highlight three things: • The unwavering commitment of our first District Governor Sir John WATTS; • The contribution of all the Rotarians of Grenada to the success of our last district conference; • The example that gives us AG Alana WILSON in carrying out the responsibility of Assistant Governor as Immediate Past President of her club!

RC François, Martinique (590) 690 55 55 69 –

Ron BURTON RI President 2013-14

Yes, if there is something that differentiates a Rotarian of any other service club member, it is her/his ENGAGEMENT to CHANGE LIVE.

RC Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Anne L. MATTHEWS RI Director 2012-14 RC Columbia East, Columbia, SC, USA

Contents Focus on RI Live and direct Zone 34 News District 7030 News Clubs News Look On Our Futur Goals Update Club Administration

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Membership month, month of changes in perspective:  with the support of RI Staff, I took the initiative to launch the establishment of the first District 7030 e-club: in a few months, we will be happy to provide an additional tool to recruit members of quality;  the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, second club of Dominica, is on track to be chartered in a few weeks: visit the achievements of this provisional club at


District 7030 Newsletter

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Focus on Friendship Exchange with India Anil AGARWAL, District 3052 Governor, would like to start friendship exchange with District 7030 Rotarians. To start, he proposes to hosted 6 or 7 couples fo Rotarians and Partners from our district in India, during a 10 days period, around the 24th to 26th of January 2014, date of his district conference in Jaisalmer. On return, a same group will able to come in our district for a 10 days period around 22nd to 26th of April 2014, date of our district conference in Martinique. Interesting? Contact our Friendship/Fellowship coordinator PP Stacey HOBSON.

Sydney in live and direct! You want to attend RI Convention in Sydney? See the video bellows:

To register for the RI Convention and RI-ticketed events:

Rotary change ‌ This Rotary International new logo. Lot of changes are waiting for this year. Stay on line !

Rebuilding and recovering: serving with Rotary in the wake of a disaster A recording of a webinar can be viewed online at any time. Explore the links below to view resources highlighted by panelists throughout the presentation. View the RI-ShelterBox Fact Sheet for examples of ways your club can work with a ShelterBox affiliates. Visit ShelterBox for more information on service opportunities for Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors. Contact an affiliate to find out more about ShelterBox in your country. Learn more about applying for a Rotary Grant for a disaster relief initiative: Contact RI staff with disaster relief inquiries: Remember to promote your service endeavors and stay informed: Share your disaster relief and recovery service endeavors on Rotary Showcase, a compilation of Rotarian-led service projects. Subscribe to the Rotary Service Update, a bimonthly newsletter featuring tools, best practices, and success stories to help inspire and plan effective service endeavors.

District 7030 Newsletter

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RI live and direct International Convention in Lisbon Relive all the magic of the last Rotary International convention in Lisbon, and access numerous resources for your club and district to make your year 2013-14 a success! Click on the link /Pages/130623_IC13_speeches.aspx

End Polio Update Reported cases on 25 June 2013 2010 2011 2012 Worldwide 1 352 650 223 Africa 657 350 128 Asia 695 300 95

2013 77 57 20

A summary that shows the incidence of polio cases by type and country arranged by the date of the most recent case is on the GPEI website but no weekly trend is shown. eek.aspx

The polio eradication campaign targets may be found: gets.aspx

RI Director Anne L. Matthews Rotary International Vice-President Below is a link to an article on the Rotary International website introducing our own Anne Matthews as the first woman to serve as vice president. The article includes a photo of RI President Ron Burton and RI Vice President Anne Matthews. Pages/130701_news_newyear.aspx

District 7030 Newsletter

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Zone 34 News Kenan J. Kern was appointed Zone 34 Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator D. K. Lee, Past RI President and Chairman for the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation has appointed Kenan J. Kern, Past District Governor from District 6920 as the 2013-2016 Zone 34 Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator. Kern has been a member of Rotary International for over twenty-five years. In his new appointment as RRFC for Zone 34, Kern will be responsible for leading The Rotary Foundation’s humanitarian programs and contribution service to over 895 Rotary clubs serving over 37,000 Rotarians throughout Georgia, Florida, and the countries of the Caribbean Islands and nearby South America. Kern is a member of the Rotary Club of Savannah South located in Savannah, GA. Rotary International, a worldwide organization of 1.2 million business and professional leaders provides humanitarian service and encourages high ethical standards throughout all vocations.

Caribbean Partnership Conference Dear Rotarians, Please join us in Boca Raton Florida from 8-9 September 2013 for the Annual Caribbean Partnership Conference. Learn more about partnering and project support opportunities, and celebrate Rotary fellowship in true Caribbean style ! Visit or email me at to learn more .. See you in Florida ! PDG Lara

10 reasons to attend : 1. Meet potential club representatives; especially those with a need to pursue a Global Grant. 2. Understand how to prepare how to prepare how to prepare how to prepare and secure a Global Grant or other project funding. 3. Connect with Club representatives who are involved with worthwhile international projects. 4. Meet and establish relationships with a partner club. 5. Hear Key-Note speaker Marga Fripp, Motivational Speaker and successful entrepreneur and humanitarian. 6. Hear RID/VP Anne Matthews & RIDE Robert Hall at the Opening Session 7. Gain updates on the challenges in Haiti and other Caribbean countries. 8. Participate in Break-out Groups on the 6 Areas of Focus. 9. Understand more of the needs of the Districts and Clubs on the mainland USA. 10. Networking and fellowship: Enjoy Caribbean drinks/meals, games, steel band, music, dancing, and fun!

District 7030 Newsletter

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District 7030 News District Constitution and By-Laws Process

District Grants

by DG Hervé HONORE

In District 7030 Strategic Plan for 2013-2016, the budget mobilized for District Grants in the Rotary year 2013/2014 district is:  28 000 US$ for Rotary Clubs  4 000 US$ for Rotaract/Interact Clubs.

The proper functioning of our district must rely on rules and procedures known to all. Like the District 7020 (North Caribbean Islands), which has similar characteristics to ours (insularity, multiplicity of countries, three languages, etc.), and closest to us to our District 7030 Rotaract clubs, it is time that we have Constitution and By-laws in RI District 7030. Wishing to associate all Rotarians, the following process will be implemented so that at the next district conference (from 22nd to 26th April 2014 in Martinique), they can be ratified: • July/August 2013: establish of a first draft by DG Hervé, DGE Elwin and DGN Milton with PDGs advices • August/September 2013: clubs analyzes and amendments. • 26th October 2013: Council of Governors (DG, DGE, DGN, PDGs) et Clubs Presidents meeting to establish the Final Draft of Constitution and Bylaws (in Barbados) • November/December 2013: Draft approval by clubs during club assembly • 26th April 2014: District ratification during District Assembly.

At the end of this process, every Rotarian will know with transparency how our district is administered.

Forms must be sent to DG Hervé HONORE, PDG Cees DILWEG, as District Rotary Foundation Chair and PDG David EDWARDS, as District Grants Subcommittee Chair. We will do an update on District Grants allowed.

District Committees Quarterly newsletters District Committee Chairs are invited to realize a quarterly newsletters to: • give tools to the clubs leaders; • highlight successful clubs’ projects in their area. Congratulations in August to the District Public Relations team for their first newsletter.

District 7030 Newsletter

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Rotary Clubs News Official Visit to Grenada Clubs It was a unique opportunity that was given to me in Grenada to meet Rotarians, visit successful projects, speak with the Prime Minister and the Governor General, and attend the Rotary Club of Grenada Handing Over. Special mention to the members of the Rotaract of Grenada for our Saturday morning meeting!

Official Visit to Sainte-Lucia Clubs Neighbors of Martinique, Rotarians of Saint Lucia have given to me a particular welcome. The three Rotary Clubs (Gros Islet, Castries and Vieux Fort) and the Rotaract Club were able to highlight their commitment to serve. A little extra with the evening fellowship on the old rig. Thanks to MJ!

Rotary Clubs Charter Birthday 05/08/1971 : RC St Vincent 06/08/1958 : RC Basse-Terre 10/08/1957 : RC Port of Spain 14/08/1975 : RC Barbados West 19/08/1980 : RC Central Port of Spain 23/08/1968 : RC Grenada 26/08/1976 : RC Pointe-à-Pitre Fleur d’Epée 29/08/1957 : RC Fort-de-France

District Governor Official Visit RI and District dues must be paied on August 31 2013, at the latest.

Don't forget to update your club goals on Rotary Club Central to enable DG Hervé prepare his club visits.

District 7030 Newsletter

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Rotary Clubs News Rotary Club de Maracas/St Joseph Hand Over “Engage Rotary, Change Lives,” was the new Rotary theme for 2013-2014 as pointed out by in-coming President Julian Wilkins during his acceptance speech at The Rotary Club of Maracas / St. Joseph President’s Handover Ceremony on June 30th 2013, Great House Ortinola. Addressing fellow Rotarians and their Partners in Service, President Wilkins said, “Engage Rotary, Change Lives is a powerful theme as highlighted by Rotary International’s President Ron Burton. While there’s a lot different about Rotary today, the ethos of Rotary has remained the same which is service above self. Today is a new day, a day where we look towards serving our communities with a greater passion to make a difference.” He was congratulated by Assistant Governor Dr. Balmattie Sukha who said, “President Julian and his team like all other Rotarians are change agents and together as Rotarians we can change the lives of others. Imagine the positive impact we can have on society when we provide meals to elderly? Imagine the investment we give to children by providing stationery or training programmes? Imagine the future we are leaving for our next generation when we rally to preserve our environment?”

In Memoriam PP Claude PRUFER (RC St-Pierre) In 1972, Claude joined the Rotary Club of Saint-Pierre. He has held almost all the positions and was President in 1987/88. He received his PHF by District Governor Gerard PETIT in July 1993. Very involved in the life of the city, he was Municipal Delegate in Saint-Pierre citytown.

In Memoriam Pierre RENAISON (RC Basse-Terre) Pierre was a Rotarian for the very first time. It is part of the Group of 4 administrative advisers, with Enrique HIGUERA, Raymond-François JULIEN, Georges XAVIER and Henri THOMASSET, who were first responsible for administration of the Rotary Clubs of our region and had to manage the delicate willingness of attachment to a district of France which manifested by successive leaders of Rotary Clubs in Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Martinique. Geographical grouping of the clubs will be the criteria adopted by RI and will determine the creation of our district in 1974. Pierre RENAISON was this time there and which is francophone clubs today to be in the District 7030.

District 7030 Newsletter

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Look on our Future!

RYLA 2013: Engage & Change Yourself! From 17 to 20 October 2013, the Rotary of Marie-Galante with the assistance of other Rotary Clubs and the Rotaract Club of Guadeloupe will host the RYLA. Program has been sent to you directly as well as the registration form. I would remind you that during the PETS in Grenada, I asked each club president to support at least two participants to RYLA. Thank you to contact your Rotaract Clubs, or schools in your locations for having to submit your entries as soon as possible. RYLA related information are online on District 7030 website.

Guadeloupe Clubs joined Handing Over Organized by Rotaract Club de Pointe-à-Pitre

The vitality, freshness and the dedication of the Rotaractors of Pointe-à-Pitre allowed them to succeed this event, culmination of the Rotary year. You can see the photos of the evening by clicking on the link below:!galerie-photo/c147q

District 7030 Newsletter

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Clubs Goals Update Fondation Rotary  Clubs in EREY  100US$/member for APF  150US$/member for Polio Plus

Membership 0% 0% 0%

 Net increase of 2 members  Clubs with membership plan  Clubs with Youth project

1% 0% 0%

Public Relations

Service Projects

 Clubs with active website 5%  Clubs in District 7030 Logo challenge 0%  Area with Public Image Project for Rotary Birthday 0%

 Clubs with projects aligned to the six areas of focus 0%  Clubs attending CPC 1%  Clubs with Sickle Cell project 0%

Club Administration

Clubs elligibility to District Awards

 Clubs ok with District Dues  Clubs ok with RI Dues  Clubs using Rotary Club Central  Clubs using Club Runner

6% 10% 25% 35%

 Membership  Rotary Foundation  Public Relations  Service Projects  Club Administration  Rotarian of the Year

2% 0% 0% 0% 3% 0%

District 7030 Newsletter

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Clubs Administration Club Name

Club President

Membership Attendance

Antigua Antigua-Sundown Arima Barbados Barbados South Barbados West Basse Terre Basse Terre Fort St Charles Bequia Cayenne Cayenne-Est Central Port of Spain Chaguanas Demerara Diego Martin, Port of Spain Dominica Felicity/Charlieville Fort-de-France Fort-de-France Ouest Fort-de-France Sud François Georgetown Georgetown Central Grande Terre Pte des Chtx Grenada Grenada East Gros Islet Kourou Lamentin Liamuiga (St Kitts) Maracas/St. Joseph Maraval Marie-Galante Montserrat New Amsterdam Paramaribo Paramaribo Central Paramaribo Residence Penal Piarco Pointe-A-Pierre Pointe-à-Pitre Pointe-à-Pitre Est

Ato Kentish Norma J Holder Information Not Reported Ronald E. D. Davis Peter Thompson Joseph Steinbok Christian Urrutia Rosélita Grandisson Clayton Ollivierre Pierre Nicolas René Cirille Rabindra H. Outar George Preddie Osbert James Louis R. Ottley Robert Tonge Vernessa Nalini Sankar Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud Philippe Saint Cyr Seydou Diarra Muriel Alix Pigeon Harryram Parmesar Judy Semple-Joseph Rosy Locatin Lester Andall Leslie L. Ramdhanny Marcelline Chitolie David Vozel Roland TOURET Valentine Hodge Julian Wilkins Joan Toigran Lee Auguste Jean-Louis Azede Information Not Reported Rajendra Rajkumar Renee van Essen Jack Uden

43 30 23 83 36 42 20 12 12 36 15 37 24 43 17 34 16 29 13 32 24 65 41 15 28 19 19 33 39 34 32 25 15 17 18 65 68

Erwin Isedore Muntslag Pamela Adimoolah Trevor Ifill Information Not Reported Joël Pompilius Michel Olivares

54 16 14 32 39 14

RI Dues

District Dues



NR NR No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Oui No No No No No No No No No No No

No No No No No No No No Oui No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Oui No No No No No No No No No No No

No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No


No No No No No No

No Oui No Oui No No

No No No No No No

District 7030 Newsletter

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Administration des Clubs Club Name

Club President

MembershipAttendance RI Dues District Dues Foundation

Pointe-à-Pitre Fleur d'Epée Pointe-à-Pitre-Jarry Point Fortin Port of Spain Port of Spain West Princes Town Remire Montjoly St-Laurent-Mana Saint Pierre San Fernando San Fernando-South Sangre Grande San Juan Schoelcher Southwest-Tobago Stabroek-Georgetown St. Augustine St. Augustine West St. Kitts St. Lucia St. Lucia-South St. Vincent St. Vincent South Tobago

Jean Philippe Raux Catherine Pravaz Information Not Reported Hadyn Allistair Gittens Garth Sobers Bashir Mohammed Pierre Laurent Information Not Reported Philip Eadie Kurt Traboulay Kerry Ifill Kenneth Boodhu Kerry Ann Harrison Thierry D'Abadie de Lurbe Dexter Trim Sharon L. Sue-Hang Rajin Sookhai Paul Saunders Louisa Lawrence Rudolph Francis Aleric Soans Earl Tash Earl Crichton Janine Mark

39 14 13 46 46 31 38 10 22 25 28 13 19 25 13 29 41 22 39 41 9 29 12 11


No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

No No Oui No No No No No No Oui Oui No No Oui No No No No No No No Oui No No

No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

YOUR CONTACTS District Gouverneur District Secrétaire District Trésorier


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Errol SAMUEL Katrina SAM Marvlyn BIRMINGHAM Patrick DELPHIN Alana WILSON Dominique VENERE Marcel GASKIN Sébastien PERRIN Trevor BLAKE Timothy MOFFAT Brian GLASGOW Waddy SOWMA Wayne NANAN Balmattee SUKHA Lawrence WILSON Roger BOSE espe@wanadoo.Fr

Rotary International District 7030 Newsletter  
Rotary International District 7030 Newsletter  

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