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Building FBAA over three decades The FBAA’s most recent decade has been consumed by industry regulation, advocacy and securing brokers’ long-term market position.




FBAA was recently named MPA’s 2023 Employer of the Year. This edition’s Industry Update reflects on what FBAA does, not only as an association, but also as an employer.

Kitty Parker discusses how mortgage brokers bring stability to first home buyers in today’s economic climate.

Celebrating 30 years of FBAA in 2023, we look back on the association’s most recent decade 2013–2023. We spoke to current FBAA Board Chair Tony Carter about the decade gone and what’s ahead.

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In between writing loans and building his business, Perform Finance, Jacques Watson is achieving great lengths as a triathlete.


All the latest events and webinars happening at FBAA.



Under the direction of former FBAA Chairman, Jan Kirstein, the FBAA engaged consultants to help achieve the association’s greater goals. Meet Jellyfish Marketing and CRC PR.


CREATIVE DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY We’re looking forward to a mega- Raw Image line up of FBAA’s signature events Krystal Camilleri on Friday 3 November, starting with the 2023 National Industry ADVERTISING Conference. Krystal Camilleri



STAFF WRITER Rachel Licciardello


A message from Tony Carter, Chair of Directors.

MEMBER TRANSFER INITIATIVE 28. OUR Switching to the FBAA is easy. Here’s why. GALA DINNER & AWARDS OF SUPREMACY 36. THE These two iconic events are set to impress in 2023. MENTORING PROGRAM 39. FBAA Mentoring the next generation of brokers. ARTEMIS SPACE 47. THE An FBAA supported women’s community. BENEFITS PROGRAM 54. MEMBER Exclusive deals for FBAA members.

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FROM TH Greetings to all FBAA Members. I would like to start this article thanking the FBAA members for their support in all the FBAA does and offers as programs and events in pursuit of the FBAA purpose and vision. Purpose: To assist members; develop as business professionals, be skilled and successful finance brokers, by providing; advocacy, education, and support services. Vision: FBAA, the leading industry association of choice; protecting the integrity and ethics of the industry through; innovation, education, representation, and advocacy. The 2022–23 financial year produced another excellent outcome for the association with 11,079 members, member satisfaction consistently high and financial goals achieved. Your association is healthy and ready to take on the challenges of 2023–24. To read and hear more about FBAA please take time out of what we know is a busy time to either attend in person the AGM and National Industry Conference or attend the AGM by video link. This will keep you informed and able to exercise your right to vote as a member of the leading industry association.


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HE CHAIR You will receive a notice of meeting in your inbox. If ever there was an AGM not to miss, it is this one – there is some exciting development news for the association that will open the potential of new opportunities for FBAA members. Already we find ourselves at the end of Quarter 1 of 2023–24 financial year. Success in our key metrics continue and I heard at a recent FBAA staff meeting we had achieved 11,376 members in early September. The National Industry Conference is on the move and this year will be held at Royal Pines Resort, a welcome change. The conference program will be more exciting and filled with captivating content. Not been before? Think about it – you will learn something, you will meet old friends and new, who could help you drive your business to the next level. Later in the day the Gala Dinner will be an evening of fun and further mixing with industry friends. As we move further into this year the Board will see the addition of some new directors to fill vacant roles. This is an exciting time as we incorporate new and fresh thoughts to help guide FBAA into a very positive future.

For FBAA to remain on its growth and development trajectory it is vital we deliver excellence in every program or event we offer. Delivering excellence creates relevance to you, the member as you pursue growth and development in your own business. Help us on this journey by attending all possible events or programs and then providing feedback. We need to hear from you, our consumer, whether you experienced excellence and whether it was relevant to you. Only then can we continue to deliver on our purpose. Best wishes for a successful 2023–24. Make it your best yet.

Tony Carter Chairman of Directors

One theme I would like to pursue into the coming year, if re-elected as a director, is relevance.

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Industry Update And the award goes to… FBAA was recently named MPA’s 2023 Employer of the Year. With regulatory activity high, hot topics like clawbacks remaining on the agenda and the IMBF inaugural World Summit done and dusted, this award is a great excuse to reflect on what FBAA does not only as an association but also as an employer.


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And the award goes to... FBAA NAMED EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR In September, FBAA was proud to be named Mortgage Professional Australia’s 2023 Top Mortgage Employer. This was an exceptional moment, particularly as we are a small team of just 13 people. We work hard, we have fun and always aim to deliver consistently high levels of professionalism, ethics and standards, which is exactly what we expect from our members. We often focus on what we as an association do for members and our broking industry, as this is at the core of our vision and purpose as an organisation, so it is nice to take a moment and celebrate FBAA as an employer and a team. REGULATORY ACTIVITY CONTINUES Regulatory interaction and our submissions to government has seen significant activity in recent months. In just five months we have completed 17 submissions to government, that’s almost one per week. While some short, others are very detailed and takes weeks, sometimes months, to develop. Be assured, FBAA remains on the frontline of the issues that affect you as brokers. CLAWBACKS AND OFFSET COMMISSIONS We continue liaising with the Minister’s office in regards to the hot topics for our industry, including clawbacks and offset commissions. We have completed and submitted our papers, and are now available for discussion with the Minister. The last thing we want is for this to get buried in a very busy portfolio, I will, of course, ensure these items progress. 2023 IMBF WORLD SUMMIT September 8 2023 marked the inaugural International Mortgage Brokers Federation (IMBF) World Summit in Las Vegas, US. This summit saw 86 attendees, from all around the world, which I consider a very good

10 10 Broker Broker Magazine Magazine

“ Be assured,

FBAA remains on the frontline of the issues that affect you as brokers.

turn-out for our inaugral event. We had an impressive line-up of speakers, including Finsure Group CEO, Simon Bedner, from Australia who spoke on the Australian mortgage marketplace. After discussing the issues each jurisdiction is experiencing, we drafted a preliminary whitepaper which took us into the next morning. We are now pulling together that paper. Attendees were from our five IMBF jurisdictions Australia, UK, US, Canada, Ireland, as well as Netherlands which is an IMBF affiliate, and other countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. I expect in 2024 we will see New Zealand and South Africa join our IMBF Board of Governments which will grow IMBF to eight involved jurisdictions. A personal highlight for me while in Las Vegas was getting to ride a Harley Davison across the Hoover dam. We plan to hold another summit next year, the 2024 IMBF World Summit will be held in Niagra Falls, Canada, probably around mid-August but stay tuned for more detail.


FBAA N AT I O N A L INDUSTRY CONFERENCE, AWARDS OF SUPREMACY AND GALA DINNER Just a reminder the FBAA’s signature events are just around the corner, on Friday 3 November. Registrations and ticket sales are open now. Read more on these events at pages 30-41.

Peter White AM Managing Director

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Anchoring ambitions:

How mortgage brokers bring stability to first home buyers in today’s economic climate By Kitty Parker, Director, Kitty & Miles Buyers Agency

The Australian real estate landscape is no stranger to fluctuations, and the current economic climate has presented both opportunities and challenges for first home buyers. Rising interest rates and increasing costs of living have underscored the need for careful financial planning and informed decision-making. In this context, mortgage brokers have emerged as invaluable allies, guiding first home buyers through the complexities of property ownership while considering the broader economic landscape.


ortgage brokers provide first home buyers with a solid foundation by conducting thorough financial assessments. These assessments involve a meticulous evaluation of the buyer’s income, expenses, debts, and savings. In the face of rising interest rates and heightened living costs, brokers help buyers set realistic expectations and determine their affordability threshold. By delving into the financial intricacies, brokers ensure that buyers are well-informed and equipped to make sound decisions. One of the critical roles of mortgage brokers in the current economic climate is stress testing. Brokers assess a buyer’s ability to handle mortgage repayments in the event of future rate hikes. With interest rates on the rise, stress testing becomes a crucial tool for evaluating the sustainability of mortgage commitments. By calculating the financial viability under various interest rate scenarios, brokers empower buyers to make informed choices that are not only sustainable but also resilient. 14

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Mortgage brokers are adept at providing valuable financial education to first home buyers. As costs of living escalate, effective budgeting becomes paramount. Brokers guide buyers in creating comprehensive budgets that encompass mortgage payments, day-to-day expenses, and potential unforeseen expenditures. This education equips buyers with essential financial management skills, enabling them to navigate the economic challenges more confidently. In the face of economic uncertainties, mortgage brokers assist first home buyers in exploring different loan features that can provide financial stability and flexibility. Brokers elucidate the benefits of options such as offset accounts and redraw facilities. Offset accounts help reduce interest payments, while redraw facilities offer access to additional funds when needed. These features become essential tools for buyers to manage costs efficiently in the ever-changing economic landscape. The decision between fixed and variable rates gains significance in a rising interest rate environment. Mortgage brokers guide first home buyers in understanding the implications of both options. Fixed-rate loans offer stability in payments, providing a shield against potential rate hikes. On the other hand, variable-rate loans might have lower initial rates and more flexibility. Brokers assist buyers in choosing the option that aligns with their financial goals and risk tolerance. To support first home buyers in the current economic climate, mortgage brokers also explore lending options beyond traditional banks. Nonbank lenders and fintech companies often provide competitive rates and innovative terms. Brokers leverage their network to source lending options that best suit the buyer’s financial profile. This ensures that buyers have access to a diverse range

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of lenders, widening their possibilities even amidst economic uncertainties. As the economic climate in Australia continues to evolve, the role of mortgage brokers in supporting first home buyers has never been more crucial. Brokers offer not just a transactional service but a comprehensive partnership. Through expert guidance, buyers can confidently navigate the challenges posed by rising interest rates and escalating costs of living. In this ever-changing landscape, mortgage brokers serve as pillars of stability, empowering first home buyers to secure their dream homes while safeguarding their financial well-being. Author bio: Kitty Parker is the Director of Kitty & Miles, a multi-award winning buyer’s agency that helps residential property buyers across the country buy with certainty (they have a 100% success rate to back this). Their services range from expert auction bidding assistance through to a complete end-to-end concierge service.

“As the economic climate in Australia continues to evolve, the role of mortgage brokers in supporting first home buyers has never been more crucial.”

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FUTURE FOCUSED Building FBAA over three decades

Celebrating 30 years of FBAA in 2023, we look back on the association’s most recent decade 2013–2023. With the FBAA Board steering the association into a new era of significant growth and advocacy, we spoke to current FBAA Board Chair Tony Carter about the decade gone and what’s ahead.


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“I saw firsthand that FBAA was an association made up of people who had an interest in ensuring we had a good industry, a clean industry, a selfregulated industry.”


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his year marks 30 years of the FBAA, first formed in 1993 by half a dozen passionate brokers wanting representation for the broking industry and to elevate the professional integrity of brokers. The FBAA’s first 10 years was focused on establishing the association, the second 10 years was centred on relieving industry pressures and advocating for brokers, and the most recent 10 years has been a period of significant growth both in membership and in FBAA’s industry influence. As current Chair of the FBAA Board, Tony Carter has been one of many key players steering the FBAA ship. He has held the position of Chair for six years. “Without the brokers, Board, staff and supporters who did the groundwork for the first 20 years of the association, we wouldn’t have been in a position to grow the FBAA over the past decade to become what it is today, not only in size but in reputation,” says Tony. What has stayed consistent since the association’s inception, is the FBAA’s ethos ‘run by brokers, for brokers’. While Tony is licenced and has worked as a broker predominantly in motor vehicle, residential and some commercial lending, his experience is largely in owning and operating various businesses including a newsagent and a delicatessen, and as a motor vehicle dealership principal in his hometown Perth, WA. In the 1970s, Tony started out working for Australian Guarantee Corporation (AGC), in the acceptance department where he took phone calls from dealers submitting finance applications. In the days before email and computers, Tony says it was a tough school of manual learning. “I learned what made finance work, what made a good finance contract and what made a bad finance contract, and I progressed to their collections department.” His father had managed a car dealership, and motor vehicles is where Tony wanted to be. He worked in prestigious dealerships, used cars, ran his various businesses, achieved his goal of being a Dealer Principal before his was 40, and in 2004 got his Australian Credit Licence and Cert IV. It was only a couple years later in 2006 that Tony met Peter White of the FBAA. “At that time Peter was engaged in the advocacy and discovery piece of what NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection regulations) stood for and what it was going to mean for the industry. Because of my significant motor industry experience, Peter invited me onto the steering committee with the various regulators to look at the ramifications of the detail of the NCCP.”

From there, Tony was invited onto the WA State Council for FBAA, progressing to the role of State President, then National Executive before taking the seat of Board Chair in 2017. “I saw firsthand that FBAA was an association made up of people who had an interest in ensuring we had a good industry, a clean industry, a self-regulated industry. There was a clear focus, and it was on the broker, not only the aggregator and the lender. FBAA was, and is, all about the broker and their business, how we can help brokers become better brokers, more professional brokers, how they can develop their broker businesses. “The FBAA Board is made up predominantly of what we refer to as voted members,” explains Tony. “A voted member is an active broker, somebody who is engaged in the industry, understands the industry and therefore can represent the members on the board from that mindset.” When Tony became Chair, he met Director Kim Szigeti, who was focused on governance and compliance. Together, and with the support of the FBAA Board, they corporatised the FBAA by introducing a sound governance program and business principles to continue the association’s growth into the future, holding strong to the Board’s three key goals: net member growth, good member satisfaction and sound financial performance. In 2013, the association had around 4,000 members. In 2017 when Tony stepped into the Chair seat, the association had circa 6,000 members. “It was a good number of members, but 6,000 wasn’t the critical number of members we needed to make other stakeholders in the industry take notice,” explains Tony. “The FBAA’s strategy to grow membership, even before my time as Chair, was

“One of our key focuses is ensuring a new-to-industry broker gets to the two-year mark, because we know the first two years are tough.” Broker Magazine


COVER STORY always to remain relevant to our existing members, providing them with services that were meaningful to them and at a low or no cost.” The Board is the guardian of new member growth and of the association’s finances. These not only determine the future of the association, but also its ability to deliver bigger, better, strategic projects to support members and the broking industry in general. One of FBAA’s achievements the past decade has been growing the association from close to 4,000 members in 2013, to more than 11,000 members at June 30, 2023.” The past four to five years in particular saw FBAA membership growth follow a strong trajectory, organically. “One of our key focuses is ensuring a new-toindustry broker gets to the two-year mark, because we know the first two years are tough. We know that once a broker reaches two years, they have a good chance of creating a successful, long-term career.” When a business or association gets to a certain size, it becomes easier to grow organically and to deliver large-scale projects to support brokers. Key for FBAA has been not only steady growth, but also maintaining high member satisfaction. The association has recorded sustained and/or improved member satisfaction year on year. “Financially speaking, our goal is always to achieve ‘budget or better’. We are a not-for-profit organisation; however, we do require capital to deliver projects, services and programs that support brokers,” offers Tony. “We exist to give the best value we can to our members, and a key achievement for the Board is FBAA’s consistent, strong financial performance.” Tony says that at its core, the Board’s role is to be a sounding board for the association’s Managing Director and the FBAA team. “They do the work, we guide the strategy.” A key point of difference for the FBAA is the relevance and influence in advocacy for brokers and the broking industry. Over the past decade, FBAA has been at the coal face of regulatory changes, representing the voice of brokers and explaining impacts of decisions to regulators and decisionmakers and protecting the industry. From navigating Royal Commission and resultant Best Interests Duty, to the current clawbacks situation, the FBAA continues to fight for brokers and Australian loan customers. “We recently had a Government Minister come and address the FBAA’s National Executive team, not to 22 22

Broker Magazine Magazine Broker

tell us what to do, but to listen and gain our opinion as industry experts to inform government decisions now and into the future,” shares Tony. “I’ve never seen that before.” As FBAA moves into its fourth decade of serving brokers, Tony says an increasing focus will be compliance. “I would just put a word of warning that every single broker owes it to themselves, to their clients and their future business success to ensure that the work they do is crystal clear and absolutely faultless because the eyes of regulators, aggregators and lenders are on all that you do. With continually advancing technology, you’re working in a totally visible environment. Don’t step off the middle line because it can put your income at risk, it can put your career at risk, and there will be no prisoners taken. Of course, if you are erroneously accused of noncompliance, we want to be there to support you.” Looking to the next 10 years of FBAA, Tony says the Board is looking to recruit a key position within the FBAA team to continue delivering quality projects that are highly relevant to members. “This position will free up Peter White to do what he does exceptionally well in the advocacy space, whilst still remaining the face of FBAA.” As for the Board, Tony says balance is key. “The shape and size of the Board will always be an evolving thing, but it needs to be evolve, not be forced,” offers Tony. “As we become a more vibrant and complex business, as the industry evolves further and further all the time, we need to serve it with good quality people who are capable of making good decisions and understand the role of a Director of the Board. “I encourage anyone considering to stand as a nominee for election at a General Meeting to give strong thought to the responsibilities of the position, and what you could bring to the table. I strongly encourage you to obtain the skills or education to be an effective Director. Diversity in skill is important, an accountant will think differently to someone in sales, to someone in legal. “We need to think about succession. My intention is to leave the Board and the FBAA, and thus its members, in a good position, a better position than when I joined,” shares Tony. “That, is progress.”

“…the eyes of regulators, aggregators and lenders are on all that you do.”




THE STRATEGIC GROWTH OF Under the direction of former FBAA Chairman, Jan Kirstein, the FBAA engaged consultants from 2013 to help achieve the association’s goal of greater brand awareness, strategic media exposure and consequent greater net membership growth. The FBAA had established itself as a professional industry voice, and it was time to bring in experts to reach the next level. Two of those consultants were CRC Public Relations (formerly Mercer PR) and Jellyfish Marketing.


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official brand established. The FBAA brand is now recognised in market as professional, reliable and approachable. Our second step was to really understand FBAA’s customer profile, their fears, wants and characteristics. We identified the FBAA membership in 2014 was an older demographic, largely due to many brokers coming to broking from other careers such as banking. We also knew broking was taking off, so we need to expand this and attract brokers at all stages of their careers, including new-to-industry brokers. We diversified membership referral sources, we established clear and regular communication channels with members and we set up a customer satisfaction survey system to collate valuable feedback which has helped shape FBAA’s growth over the past decade and broadened the membership demographics. All of these objectives together with our regular marketing activities and featured campaigns have helped grow FBAA’s membership, as well as expand the demographics of those members.

Here, we asked Jellyfish Marketing director Krystal

A marketing strategy to elevate FBAA

Krystal Camilleri, director and marketing specialist at Jellyfish Marketing, reflects on 10 years working to elevate the FBAA brand.


was first engaged by FBAA back in 2013. They were a passionate association of around 4,000 members at that time, and had done well carving out their market position. They had, however, reached a size and time, that the association needed a strong marketing strategy to elevate their brand, increase awareness and build their membership base. Over the past 10 years we have doubled that membership base to 11,000+ members and it has been brilliant to see the industry impact the association has been able to achieve with a solid following. I had previously worked as a marketing strategist for then-Chairman Jan Kirstein’s own mortgage business, Greenlight Home Loans, so was familiar with the mortgage industry. Working with an industry association though was a different kettle of fish. After analysing the market, we built a marketing strategy and identified key objectives. Looking back on our early marketing plans, I am proud to say we have well and truly exceeded those objectives. Our first step was to understand and develop a new brand for FBAA, as at that time there was no

One of our key achievements has been overturning the broker perception that memberships were necessary evils. Today, an FBAA membership has so many perks with its employee wellbeing program, education institute, benefits program, free marketing assets, guides, support, advocacy and more. A membership is not just to tick a box, it’s a valueadd to brokers’ businesses and careers. There was always a perception that FBAA was the “underdog”. FBAA wasn’t funded by banks or lenders. It was run by brokers for brokers. It was the less-polished of the associations. We never wanted to “polish away” that image because it is true to the FBAA’s roots, having been founded by brokers in the back room of a church so many decades ago. Instead, we elevated the association’s brand while maintaining its professional but still friendly and approachable position. FBAA’s key point of difference its approachability, along with its advocacy and commitment to working on the front line for brokers. All of that stems from the association’s roots and maintaining its core purpose and vision. While the marketing strategy we implemented a decade ago isn’t the only reason FBAA has grown to what it is today, it is certainly a piece in the pie, along with the many Board members, FBAA staff, active members and industry professionals who have been involved with the association over recent years. Thank you to Peter, Jan, Tony and all of the Board members, past and present, whom I’ve worked with, as well as the FBAA staff who work tirelessly to deliver our projects, support our campaigns and engage with members daily. It has been a journey, and very rewarding to look back on how far the FBAA has come. Here’s to the next 10 years! Broker Magazine


the association has grown in membership, profile, influence and impact during that time. Of course, that growth and success didn’t come by accident. It came by being true to the original goals of the small group who started against the odds 30 years ago, and never wavering from helping members grow and prosper through effective representation at all levels. It also came from setting a standard so high, that the industry would earn the trust of regulators, governments, the media, and ultimately borrowers, which has resulted in more than 70 per cent of mortgages being written through brokers, along with other types of loans and a growing commercial client base. This level of trust resulted in both political parties taking the advice of the FBAA over the recommendations of the Hayne royal commission, preventing a disastrous outcome for the industry. I hope no one underestimates the significance of this result. I have worked with a multitude of industry groups battling to either prevent legislation, or to enact new legislation. Some succeed, some fail, but I have never seen success as quickly and emphatically as what was achieved after the royal commission.

The past 10 years – good to great Lyall Mercer, lead strategist at CRC Public Relations outlines his journey and thoughts after assisting the FBAA for the past 10 years.


hadn’t given much thought to finance brokers prior to 2013, and I knew nothing about the FBAA. But I had assisted a number of industry groups at both state and national levels in the area of public relations. From working with boards and CEOs I had gained an understanding of the objectives of peak bodies. I knew that effective communications and a public profile was an essential part of achieving the broader goals that included advocating for members and advancing the interests of their industry. It took only one discussion with Peter White to learn that the FBAA was serious about being an association “by brokers for brokers”. I also quickly discovered that the reputation of not just the FBAA but the entire industry was of paramount importance to the entire Board. Ten years later, I am proud to still be working with the FBAA, and even prouder to see how


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The government at the time, and the current government (then opposition), both made the right decision for Australians. The FBAA not only helped them understand the facts, but ensured they didn’t act in a way that would have been detrimental to Australian borrowers. Make no mistake – it wasn’t easy. Others within the industry, misreading the moment, tried a different approach and commissioned an angry advertising campaign which failed terribly. Thankfully, the FBAA’s strategy was direct advocacy with senior decision-makers of all political colours, backed up by strategic, substantial and effective media relations. In those first days after the bombshell report, Peter White spoke to so many people and did so many media interviews that I’m sure he was answering questions in his sleep. How do we know it worked? Because senior ministers and shadow ministers started to repeat the exact lines that Peter was telling media outlets across Australia within days. The government had listened and understood. They trusted the FBAA. In 2013, as part of my initial strategy outline to the FBAA, I noted that at that time there were almost no mentions of – or quotes from – the FBAA in Australia’s media. While the association played an important role within the industry, the wider media had no idea the FBAA represented finance brokers. How this has changed. Today the FBAA is the “go to” voice for comments around mortgage broking. Thousands of media stories appear every year quoting the FBAA and the media now comes to us. In 2021 and 2023 we released the “Australian mortgage and rental affordability survey”, resulting

in huge national coverage, and every time there is an interest rate adjustment we are there to provide public advice to borrowers. Why does this matter? Because each time we speak to Australians through media we are reminding consumers of the role of finance and mortgage brokers and explaining how we act in their best interests. We are promoting brokers and standing up for borrowers. Our public voice also reaches politicians and regulators, and this visibility is vital in our ongoing dealings with government. But most importantly, our public profile builds trust, and this trust is essential during times of adversity and challenge. While the royal commission is behind us, there will always be new challenges before us, and we will need the trust of all parties, most of all Australian borrowers. Of course, communications and media relations are only a small part of the overall work of FBAA, but I can only speak to the area I am involved with. What I know for sure, is that over the last ten years that I have witnessed, the FBAA – across all areas - has gone from good to great, and become not only the leading association for brokers, but the undisputed voice of the finance and mortgage broker industry.

The recent establishment of an international alliance of finance broking associations is evidence that the association continues to look to the future. I believe the next 10 years will be a great time for finance broking thanks to the continued work of the FBAA. To Peter, the great team of staff, the Board, and those members I have met over the years, thanks for the opportunity to work alongside you for the past decade and I look forward to what is to come.

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We’re looking forward to a megaline up of FBAA’s signature events on Friday 3 November, starting with the 2023 National Industry Conference, this year at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast.

30 Broker Magazine 30 BrokerMagazine Magazine 30 Broker

The broking industry’s premier events will return on Friday 3 November at the Gold Coast. The FBAA’s suite of signature events – the 2023 National Industry Conference, Awards of Supremacy and themed gala dinner – are a highlight on brokers’ calendars around Australia. For one day, we come together to elevate knowledge, be inspired, celebrate our peers and cutloose on the dancefloor. The industry’s largest and best-attended event is of course the National Industry Conference, and this year’s theme is Think Forward. As your broker association, we are just as dedicated to your success as we know you are. Through a top-notch line-up of speakers, you will gain industry insight, learn tips to accelerate your business and be energised by the speakers’ sharing their stories. “It’s going to be a blast,” says Peter White, FBAA Managing Director. “Great speakers, great subjects, and also relevant to brokers within their business.”

Avid attendees will notice the conference is usually held at Sea World, however this year is being held at Royal Pines. “This was purely a decision based on the conference outgrowing the exhibitor space at Sea World. We have been very comfortable at Sea World and have built some fantastic relationships with the resort over the past years, however, we have outgrown and need a bigger floor space. For this reason, this year we are excited to host the conference at a new venue, with all exhibitors under one roof.” 2023 FBAA National Industry Conference: Think Forward! Friday 3 November Royal Pines, Gold Coast

REgister now

Watch the promotional video for the 2023 national industry conference

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2023 Speaker Lineup: This one-day conference brings together a top-shelf line up of speakers, talking on a variety of topics from regulatory changes, broker pain points, technology, innovation, business coaching, economics, forecasting, general wellbeing and mental health.

GUS BALBONTIN INVESTOR, ADVISOR, EXPLORER Ex-Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet



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Gala Dinner 3rd November


To celebrate the FBAA’s 30th anniversary, this year’s gala dinner theme is to come dressed as something starting with either F, B or A. “Our themed gala dinner is always a highlight for FBAA members,” says Peter White, Managing Director of FBAA. “It’s a chance to turn in the corporate attire and embrace the fun and festivity of

dressing in costume. And this year’s theme is quite broad, so I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations! “There’s no limit. We love the creativity you all bring each year,” he says. “This event has a staunch fan following. “People expect the evening to be a big hurrah – and it always is!”

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Helping mentors inspire & challenge the next

Generation of brokers As a Mentor:

The FBAA Mentoring Program will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure the mentee achieves the skills and knowledge to be a competent and responsible finance broker.

As a Mentee:

The FBAA Mentoring Program will enhance your skills and provide specific knowledge and tools to help you excel as a finance and mortgage broker.


Now Available

2023 The FBAA’s annual Awards of Supremacy will return Friday 3 November to celebrate the best of the broking industry in Australia. Taking place at Movie World, the FBAA Awards of Supremacy will kick off the night of nights for the broking industry. With the daytime conference happening at Royal Pines, the FBAA will organise coaches to transport people to and from the Awards venue at Movie World.


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The awards cover multiple categories, from state achievements to commercial property finance, asset and equipment finance, mentors, mentees, BDMs and, of course, the pinnacle accolade of the evening, the national broker of the year. This year the FBAA has received the largest number of nominations ever in the history of FBAA’s awards. The competition for these prestigious awards is fierce.


During the life of the customer’s loan, Salt & Lime sends 12 quarterly quizzes to complete, supporting them with topics from budgeting to understanding their credit score. Customers are incentivised to complete their quizzes with interest rate discounts applied for each module completed, totalling up to 3.50% off their loan. With the first quiz sent shortly after settlement, this places the customer ahead on their loan from the start. CEO and Co-Founder Will Kiln emphasises Salt & Lime’s customer-centric focus: “Recent studies show that up to 45% of Australians are financially illiterate, and creating milestone improvements in this area is the best way to protect customers from both financial stress, and predatory lending in future.” A Salt & Lime customer is typically one who has taken out multiple loans and has a low credit score, resulting in a demoralising debt spiral. Simple mistakes, misunderstandings, or overlooked bills can damage a person’s credit score, excluding them from traditional banking. An average Salt & Lime customer is a person that is looking for a pathway out of financial difficulty – with a fully transparent, fee-free loan, backed by financial education. Utilising this unique proposition, customer credit scores can be repaired, and a pathway can be provided back to the traditional banking system, and a debt-free future.

Your loan Your way E

mpowering a customer with financial education may seem a bit of a stretch. But could it actually be the answer? Could a more socially responsible loan translate to a more engaged client? Will Kiln sheds some light on keeping the customer at the centre of the business. A fast-growing new lender on the market, Salt & Lime have pioneered a personal loan with a difference. Offering a range of secured lending options including car loans, personal loans, and debt consolidation, Salt & Lime’s key uniqueness is underpinned by their focus on supporting customers out of the debt cycle. “Keeping the customer at the centre of our decisionmaking is core to our product – that’s why we have no fees or penalties, and low comparison rates,” notes Will Kiln, CEO and Co-Founder of Salt & Lime, “but our real uniqueness is our financial education journey.”

Salt & Lime customers see an average credit score improvement of 75% in the first 12 months. Salt & Lime believes that all adult Australians have the right to access credit, but also that their lender should provide a suitable, responsible and transparent loan. Moreover, the lender should educate their customers on how best to pay down their loan, and if declined, support their customer with key considerations when applying for loans.

“We are proud to say that 81% of our customers are completing their financial education quizzes, and are ahead on their loans.” Breaking the mould in the lending market is a core focus of Salt & Lime; shifting the perspective of the industry toward a more stable and transparent personal loan product. Where customers can suffer from declining credit scores due to high fees and interest rates, Salt & Lime aims to relieve the debt spiral with a journey of financial control.

Why choose Salt & Lime The lending industry has always leant on short-term incentives to bring customers on board – but what about the remainder of the journey? Salt & Lime’s full suite of benefits aim to support not only with seamless client onboarding, but also short and longterm outcomes for both the broker and customer.

Onboarding • • • •

Simple online application Fast and efficient assessment SLAs Direct access to credit team Clear communication during the application process

Broker Support • • • •

Competitive brokerage and remuneration Dedicated Broker Sales & Support team Broker Portal for lodgement, with clear sight on application status Access to key tools, resources, and support materials via Broker Portal

Customer Support • • • •

No fees or penalties Great comparison rates Financial Access to the Financial Wellbeing Hub, where they can complete quizzes, and access details about their educational journey, and self-service loan details

“Our mission is

to empower everyday Australians to take control of their finances.” Your Loan, Your Way. Mark Woolnough Head of Distribution Ph: 0420 550 783 Chris Ying Sing Business Development Manager Ph: 02 7908 3556

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Build a Better Business in


44 44

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As a small business owner, you may feel disadvantaged compared to larger companies. But don’t worry; following a five-step process can help you build a powerful brand and gain a competitive edge to grow your business successfully. By Dinesh De Silva: CEO & Founder - netStripes A common narrative we hear from business owners in every industry is, “I suck at marketing”. Getting your marketing right is fundamental to the success of any business. Whether it’s the accounting, legal, or finance broking industry, the difference between big brands and smaller providers is the importance big brands give to professional marketing. However, the beauty of digital is that even a small business can build a strong brand and compete with bigger brands on equal terms. It’s about following a process, it does not take years, and it certainly does not cost a bomb. And the best part, it can be done within SME budgets because digital democratises everything. Focus on this five-step process to build a better business and ignore the noise around you.

Financial goal setting Before thinking about strategy, you must set the financial goals you want to achieve for the next 12 months, starting from where you are now and where you want to be. Based on these goals, you can begin building the foundation for your strategy. Remember, the strategy won’t take you anywhere if you don’t get your goals and the metrics to support them right. A lack of clear goals is a big reason many businesses don’t see tangible results from their marketing.

Strategy Strategy is fundamental for business growth. However, the reality is very few businesses have a clear digital strategy, and from my experience of working with business owners, more than 90% who have one don’t get it right. Hence, they’re not achieving results and have so much competition. Not only is this bad for business, but it also disrupts any opportunities for growth and the goals you set for yourself.

Online branding Your branding should embody your strategy and be consistent across your text and imagery so customers see it everywhere, from your website and advertising to social media. People are time-poor and want to make quick decisions. Your website must convey your brand’s unique value proposition and credibility within the first 2 to 4 seconds of loading. A common mistake business owners make is skipping this step before building a website. Hence the branding doesn’t resonate with your customers.

Developing your website Once you perfect your strategy and your branding is on point, you can focus on developing a website that supports your business growth with all the right tools. I always advise working with professional website developers to ensure your website resonates with visitors and takes them on a positive buyer journey. And a professionally designed website will help your business achieve this.

Marketing Your marketing must be effective and efficient, targeting who you want instead of the masses. To do that, you need to understand your marketing platforms better. Determine where your ideal customers spend their time, whether on social media, newsletters, or websites. For instance, if your ideal customer is not on Instagram, why waste resources trying to engage them on the platform? Time and resources are limited, so it’s wise to work smart and focus on the channels your customers frequent the most. A solid digital and marketing plan can assist you in navigating the online world and propel your business toward success. Contact netStripes digital specialists to help get your business on the right track to digital success. Author bio: Dinesh De Silva is the CEO & Founder of netStripes, a digital and marketing solutions business in Sydney. He is a leading authority on small and medium business digital innovation and is regularly called upon to share his insights as a thought leader.

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Grow your business with an asset finance specialist If you are looking to diversify into car and equipment finance, or you already work in the asset finance space, then it’s time to work with a specialist aggregation partner. COG Aggregation and Platform Finance work together to support and service finance brokers, growing their business with asset finance. We have the size, strength and stability to support brokers based on their individual needs.

COG Aggregation supports Asset Finance Brokers

Platform Finance supports Mortgage Brokers with asset finance

Offer more options to your customers: •

Plant, equipment, cash flow and commercial loans

Consumer, personal and car loans

Car Buying Service

Three lodgement and processing options

50+ lenders

Dedicated support team

Join the team committed to your success.

E: Partner with COG Aggregation 46

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Proud Sponsors

E: Partner with Platform Finance

Proud subsidiaries of COG Financial Services Ltd COG:ASX

Imagine a community where you are not only able to hear other perspectives but also understand them. Welcome to The Artemis Space, an FBAA supported women’s community to discuss the issues, challenges and needs you have in our industry. The Artemis Space has been aptly named after the Greek Goddess of nature, women and archery. It symbolises reaching an objective with the greatest speed, accuracy and focus. Its intention is to create a safe and supportive community where women/womxn can have open-minded, matter-of-fact discussions to understand what holds you back in order to pave the way forward. Join us and the women professionals in our broader industry to transform constructive discussions into practical change, wholeheartedly supporting you to connect, grow and thrive with excellence. If you would like to be a part of the conversation, we meet monthly for 1 to 2 hours by video conference. To engage with a variety of views, we will rotate the composition of the groups, creating an opportunity for you to meet other likeminded people.

REGISTER NOW ...and be part of ‘paving the way’ Broker Magazine



$V WKH IHVWLYH VHDVRQ QHDUV VHFXUH IDVW ɤQDQFLQJ ZLWKRXW WKH KROLGD\ KDVVOH Every business person knows the December crunch. :LWK WKH KROLGD\ VHDVRQȇV KXVWOH PDQ\ ȴQDQFLDO institutions wind down, making it tougher to access loans. At Strive Financial, we understand the urgency and have tailored our processes to support businesses even during the busiest times.

The reasons vary – from settling on a property to managing wages or subcontractors during the quiet period. Whatever the case, Strive Financial is here to help businesses tie up those end-of-year loose ends, ensuring you can enjoy the festive period with peace of mind.

Just days before Christmas last year, we saved one of our clients a whopping $770k with a short-term loan to settle their investment purchase. While most lenders were winding down for the holidays, we were gearing up for our busiest season. We have a track record of settling loans when no one else can - particularly in those crucial two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Aligned with the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA), we encourage brokers to familiarise themselves with our speedy loan processes. Time is of the essence, and with us, you can submit applications until 21 December with guaranteed next-day funding. Prepare early, and ensure your clients experience a smooth end to the year.



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_ VWULYH ɤQDQFLDO Broker Magazine


Broker in business Jacques Watson

In between writing loans and building his business, Perform Finance, Jacques Watson is achieving great lengths as a triathlete. After placing second in his division at the Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie earlier this year, Jacques qualified to compete in the Ironman World Championship in Nice, France. Fresh from competing in September, we spoke to Jacques about business, fitness and his past career in the construction industry.

50 50

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“Having the right support around you is always crucial – whether in sport or business.” The challenge of an Ironman is no small feat. With a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run, Ironman is as much a physical pursuit as it is mental. “I’ve always been adventurous and active,” says Brisbane-based broker and Ironman triathlete Jacques Watson, who recently returned from competing at the 2023 Ironman World Championships in Nice, France. Jacques started out in triathlons some 22 years ago, inspired by his kids who competed in a Weetbix Kids TRYathlon. “I thought I’d do one with them, and I kind of never stopped!” recalls Jacques. “I stepped it up to Olympic distance triathlon, then half-Ironman, then in 2009 I did my first full Ironman. Fast forward to 2023 and I’ve now done nine Ironman, including the Australian Championships in May in Port Macquarie [where Jacques placed second in his division] and the World Championships in France in September.” For Jacques, competing at this level requires about 14 hours of training each week, often starting at 3.30am. “I am quite disciplined in my fitness, and I’m working on converting that goal setting and discipline to my business.” Three years ago, Jacques was working in the construction industry but a broken ankle sent him on a new direction to find a less physicallydemanding career. “My son was working as a mobile lender for one of the big fours, and he suggested broking. Having worked in construction and property development, it seemed like a good fit for me,” recalls Jacques. “It hasn’t been easy building my broking business, Perform Finance. I’m not a big business, but I’m still here swinging away!” This is where Jacques applies the principles that have helped him achieve in his endurance sports, 52

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long-distance trail-running and Ironman triathlons – a mindset for success, goal-setting, self-discipline and focus. “One thing I’ve learned through endurance sport is to never give up. There’s a finish line, you just keep going. Plan A is to cross that finish line with a pulse,” he says. “Competing at the World Championship in France, never did I have to dig so deep to get it done. But I did it, I got it done, I got the medal. It was an achievement to quality, then to compete at that level, it was an incredible experience.” Jacques says having the right support around you is always crucial – whether in sport or business. It’s with this in mind, that Jacques has found a business mentor, and is feeling confident his next three years in business will be more prosperous. His biggest challenge, he says, has been finding a steady supply of customers. “I’m so unqualified to give advice,” he laughs, “but if I had my time again starting out as a broker, I’d probably consider buying a book instead of starting from nothing, or even work under somebody to find my feet. “Just like in training, you can be very good at doing the wrong thing, but if it’s the wrong thing, it’s still wrong. I think you need to persist in business, but persist in the right direction,” says Jacques. “I’m feeling hopeful about what’s ahead.”

“One thing I’ve learned through endurance sport is to never give up. There’s a finish line, you just keep going.”

The FBAA sponsored Jacques Watson to help him on his journey to compete at 2023 Ironman World Championships in France in September.

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SHOP NOW Via the FBAA Members Area Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 2nd Gen Member Price: $478.50 54 54

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What's on


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OCT 10 BUILDING A STRONG ONLINE BRAND FOR YOUR BROKERING BUSINESS (WEBINAR) A brand is more than a logo or a few attractive designs. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it is created by taking a consistent approach across every interaction they have with your brand. How do you ensure that customers can recognise your brand even if it’s their first time seeing you? Join us as we share tips for building a strong online brand.


Click the register now button to register.

oct 12 FBAA COMMERCIAL MASTERCLASS: BUSINESS BRILLIANCE UNLEASHED! Date: Thursday 12th October Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm Location: Montage Sydney The 2023 Industry Commercial Masterclass will be delivering you a range of never-before-seen keynote presentations, panel sessions and lender experiences. Become a master in diversifying your business into these new areas and ultimately increasing your bottom line $$$!


Click the register now button to register.


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OCT 12 ACCENDO FINANCIAL BUSINESS CREDIT WRITING (WEBINAR) Join the team at Accendo Financial for the Business Credit Writing Workshop. Having the ability to write a quality credit submission leads to a better client experience, faster turnaround times and more complete funding solutions. Click the register now button to register.


OCT 17 ACCENDO FINANCIAL - ULTIMATE SME FACT FIND WORKSHOP (WEBINAR) Join the team at Accendo Financial for the Ultimate SME Fact Find. A quality Fact Find is essential for brokers seeking sustainable growth in Commercial Lending. This workshop is your launch pad to a deeper conversation centric to SME business funding and growth needs. Click the register now button to register.


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OCT 19 Q&A WITH WHITEY (WEBINAR) Join our webinar discussions as we dive deep into many different facets of brokering. Each month we will delve into a different topic and have a specialist guest speaker on to answer your questions. This event will be available to register for on our website soon!


Nov 03 FBAA NATIONAL INDUSTRY CONFERENCE Date: Friday 3rd November Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm Location: Royal Pines on the Gold Coast The broking industry’s largest conference, and FBAA’s signature event. This one-day conference brings together a top-shelf line up of speakers, talking on a variety of topics from regulatory changes, broker pain points, technology, innovation, business coaching, economics, forecasting, general wellbeing and mental health.


Held this year at the Royal Pines on The Gold Coast, it’s an event not to be missed! Click the register now button to register. Broker Magazine


NOV 03 FBAA GALA DINNER Date: Friday 3rd November Time: 6:30pm - 10:00pm Location: Movie World on the Gold Coast The Gala Dinner is held the evening of the National Industry Conference and just before the Awards Of Supremacy. It carries its own unique theming and is the most in-demand and talked about event in the finance industry. This year’s theme is to come dressed as something starting with F, B or A! Click the register now button to register.


NOV 03 FBAA AWARDS OF SUPREMACY Date: Friday 3rd November Time: 6:30pm - 10:00pm Location: Movie World on the Gold Coast The Awards of Supremacy are held the evening of the National Industry Conference, just after the Gala Dinner, and celebrates the top performers within our membership base and within the industry. Click the register now button to register.


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Graham Doessel

Western Australia - State President

Queensland - State President

Nu-Age Vehicle & Asset Finance Mobile: 0407 236 337 Email:

Mortgage Now Mobile: 0414 628 111 Email:

Kym Russell

Paul Biddle

South Australia & Northern Territory - State President

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory - State President

Nieuvision Financial Planning Mobile: 0402 201 510 Email:

Mortgage Rate Finder Mobile: 0450 573 336 Email:

Brett Spencer

Justin Delanty

Victoria & Tasmania - State President

Tasmanian - State President

Opica Group Mobile: 0412 497 110 Email:

Lending4U Mobile: 0458 031 569 Email:

Would you like more information on an FBAA event or PD Day thats happening in your local area? Maybe you have some feedback or an issue you would like to discuss? Finance Brokers Association of Australia Level 1, 1 Miles Platting Road, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113 Post: PO Box 4792, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113 Phone: (07) 3847 8119 / Email: / Web:

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Tony Carter

Peter White AM

Chair | Director

Managing Director | FBAA Life Member

Cert IV Finance, Graduate Management Qualification (GMQ) – UWA


Tony Carter has been involved with the motor and finance industry for more than 40 years. The last 20 years he has been Dealer Principal and Director of three motor dealerships. He has been engaged with finance since his early career days at AGC and was a licensed finance broker in WA from 2004 to 2013, ending as an ACL holder when he resigned from the motor dealership position. Today, Tony holds a credit representative role under his son’s company and runs his own vehicle and finance brokerage in WA. Over the past 20 years Tony has been on three not-for-profit boards; BIZLINK (Chairman), Asthma Foundation WA (Chairman), and Asthma Australia (Director). Special Responsibilities Chair of the FBAA Board of Directors | Member of Finance, Audit Investment and Remuneration Committee | Member of Governance and Risk Committee | Chair of Nomination and Membership Committee | Member of Education Development Committee | Leader of State President Liaison Advisory Group | Member of Concierge Advisory Forum Principal Broker Brokerage WA Phone: 0418 911 220 Email:

Peter White AM has vast experience in banking and finance, spanning more than four decades. He is highly engaged with government and industry regulators, ensuring and protecting the future of our industry and dealing with regulatory matters of the day. Peter’s activities with FBAA include representation on the Advisory Board of the Small Business Association of Australia, as Chairman of the Global Board of Governors for the International Mortgage Brokers Federation (IMBF), and the industry’s passionate advocate for mental health awareness. Peter was awarded as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the June 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, for his significant service to the finance sector and to the community. Special Responsibilities Government, media and strategy | Leader of Concierge Advisory Forum | Leader of Combined Industry Forum | Leader of International Mortgage Brokers Federation | Leader of Education Platform Steering Committee | Member of Finance, Audit, Investment and Remuneration Committee | Member of Governance and Risk Committee | Member of Nomination and Membership Committee | Member of Education Development Committee | Member of State Presidents Liaison Advisory Group | Member of Equity Release Advisory Forum Phone: (07) 3847 8119 Email:



Company Secretary | Director

Treasurer | Director | FBAA Life Member

JJP (Qual), DipFS, AFB, MAICD, GIA (Affiliated)

B.Com (Prof Acct), Cert IV (FMB),CPFB, MAICD, FBAA Life Member

Kim Szigeti has vast experience in finance and mortgage broking, spanning more than 25 years. Kim joined FBAA in 2005, was Secretary to the Queensland Council from 2007 to 2009 and was elected to the Board in 2017. She was appointed to the position of Company Secretary in 2017. Kim is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute. Over the years Kim has been involved in numerous volunteer positions within the community as Chairperson, Coordinator and Secretary to secure donations and organise events. Special Responsibilities Chair of Governance and Risk Committee | Chair of Education Development Committee | Member of Nominations and Membership Committee | Member of Education Platform Committee Mortgages Can Do Phone: (07) 5592 2635 Email:


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Stephen Rasmussen has been involved in the finance and banking industry for more than 40 years. He started in a branch environment, acquiring broad lending experience across retail and SME sectors, before starting his own broking business in 1995. Stephen joined FBAA as a member in 2000, was appointed Queensland and Northern Territory State President in 2009 and was elected to the Board as a Director in 2016. Special Responsibilities Finance, Audit, Investment and Renumeration Committee | Leader of Equity Release Industry Advisory Committee | Member of Governance and Risk Committee | Member of Combined Industry Forum Principal Tailored Lending Concepts Mobile: 0412 295 875 Phone: (07) 4637 0836 Email:

Clive Kirkpatrick

Felicity Heffernan



BEc, MBA, GAICD, Grad Dip FP, Grad Dip App Finance & Investment

Clive Kirkpatrick is a successful executive with more than 30 years’ experience in banking and financial services both in Australia and offshore. He is experienced in strategy formulation and execution, business management, sales management and people leadership. Clive’s generalist background and sound understanding of marketing, product development, legal and compliance is supported by an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Clive has developed governance and directorship skills through GAICD and memberships and has a specialist knowledge and demonstrable capability in distribution. Special Responsibilities Member of Finance, Audit, Investment, Remuneration Committee | Member of Governance and Risk Committee | Member of Dispute Resolution Service | Member of Concierge Advisory Group


Felicity Heffernan has been a business owner for 22 years, and run her own mortgage brokerage since 2007. Based in Newcastle, NSW, she is also the author of two books and speaks publicly on assisting people who want financial freedom. Felicity has served on the FBAA NSW State Council and as past NSW State President. She holds a strong advocacy position for the improvement of financial competencies to be lifted in Australia. Special Responsibilities Member of Dispute Resolution Service | Member of Nomination and Membership Committee | Member of State Presidents Liaison Advisory Group CEO Property Loan Advisor Mobile: 0417 024 300 Email:

Director Kircon PTY LTD Mobile: 0439 564 885 Email:

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Barry Honey

Nick Wormald



An experienced board director, Barry is a Chartered Accountant whose roles have included chairing HBF Health, Bethanie Group and Bethanie Housing as well as Churches of Christ in WA. He was a board member with Plan B Group Holdings Limited, Plan B Trustees Ltd, HBF Health, HBF Insurance, Westcare, together with various committees of the Uniting Church in Australia and major not-for-profit sports associations. Formerly the Partner in Charge of the Corporate Recovery Division of KPMG in Perth, Barry is presently a partner at Chartered Accountants, Honey & Honey. Barry brings a high level of governance and financial analytical skills as well as expertise in the oversight of undertakings in a ‘for-purpose’ environment.

Nick Wormald is a certified mortgage finance professional and business finance specialist, working with Australia’s up and coming entrepreneurs to unlock growth with the right application of finance. Based in Sydney, Nick is a speaker, author and youth mentor.

Special Responsibilities Member of Governance & Risk Committee Honey & Honey, Chartered Accountants Phone: (08) 9382 3902 Email:

Accumulating over 22 years experience in business investment, business strategy and management, Nick currently leads a team of finance professionals in his own business. Nick has served on the FBAA NSW State Council and as past NSW State President. Special Responsibilities Member of Dispute Resolution Service Grow Capital Mobile: 0488 810 555 Email:




Dear Members and Friends of the FBAA, As we reflect on the incredible journey of the past 30 years, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Your unwavering support, dedication, and commitment have been the driving force behind our accomplishments. Together, we’ve weathered storms and celebrated triumphs, and it’s been an honour to have you by our side every step of the way. To every member who entrusted us to be your voice and representation, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Your trust in us has been the bedrock upon which we’ve built this remarkable community within the finance industry in Australia. To the passionate individuals, volunteers, and staff who have poured their time and energy into the FBAA, your efforts have been nothing short of inspiring. You’ve turned challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities. To all the partners, collaborators, and allies who have stood with us, your unwavering support has been pivitol in our success. Together, we’ve achieved more than we ever thought possible. As we look ahead to the next chapter, we carry the lessons, memories, and achievements of the past 30 years with us. With your continued support, we are excited to embrace the future and all the possibilities it holds. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to the next 30 years of growth, transformation, and making a positive impact on our industry. With heartfelt appreciation,

The team at the FBAA

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