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TheConsumersEnergy75thAnnual AuSableRiverCanoeMarathon July Oscoda 29 - | #hupallnight 30, 2023 Grayling to |
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 2

75th AuSable River Canoe Marathon

2023 Volunteer Race Committee

Rod Matthews

Mikayla Erickson

Ryan Matthews

Justin Griffith

Mike Stephenson

Kathy Lott

Keith Wojahn


Chris Lovelace

Sam Harmon

Marie Matthews

L.J. Bourgeois

Jerry Killingbeck

Jennifer Jackson

Danielle Bourgeois

Jason Lott

Ryan Goodwin

Program Book 3
Paddles for the Marathon .................................................................................................5 Girls Rule .....8 Dash for Cash ........................................................................................................................ 10 2022 Marathon Race Results ...................................................................................11, 21 Amateur Radio 14 AuSable Canoe Marathon Official Winners List.......................................... 1 7, 22 Hall of Fame Inductees .................................................................................................... 19 Hall of Fame 19 Celebrating 75 Years ......................................................................................................... 29 Klondike Challenge ........................................................................................................... 45 Impact of Local Dams 48 Time Trials .............................................................................................................................. 55 Iron Paddlers ..........................................................................................................................57 Replenishing Mother Nature 58 Racing statistics are located throughout the book Andy Moore Amy Martella Yvonne Schreiber Karen Martella Rich Kimmel Ernie Balch Bruce Milligan Michelle Millikin Alexis Cherven John Cherven
Koppa Kate Reitz
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Table of Contents
Kathy Erickson Heather Tait
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 4 ACCOUNTANT@ MONUMENT.FINANCIAL

The AuSable River: Seasons of Angling and Inspiration

I consider two rivers to be my “home waters”, the Big Two Hearted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and, of course, the AuSable. Although there are people who spend more time on the AuSable than I do, I have spent a majority of my free time fly fishing from Grayling to the mouth in Oscoda. I love this river and the changes that it goes through, including the seasons and the opportunities or inspiration it brings with each of those seasons.

In the springtime, fishing consists of chasing Brown Trout with streamers and then following the bugs through about July 4th on the river’s upper sections for Rainbow, Brook, and Brown Trout as an obsession. This time of year also allows for Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon in the early spring, with smallmouth fishing (pike too) on the lower below Foote Dam following as the temps rise. Many morel mushrooms have been found along the river during this time as well, providing a delicious treat. The only fish I tend to keep is an Atlantic Salmon here or there, as everything else is caught and released.

In the summer - early July and August, I spend a great deal of my time fishing for Brown Trout (if the water temperatures allow) at night, but usually only in the upper sections and on the South Branch. Occasionally, my family and I will use the lower section to float or swim, but this time of year is perhaps the time that I try to get projects around the house completed.

Once September comes along and most of the tourists in canoes have gone home, I return to the river - my happy place. This time of year is about Brown Trout on streamers and deer hunting along the AuSable’s banks, with a few trips here and there to chase a fall-run steelhead or Atlantic. This time of year is my absolute favorite on the river, with reflections

of the fall colors providing a beautiful contrast against the darker waters of the upper AuSable, yet matching the darker spawning colors of the Brown and Brook Trout. The fish are meaner, and memories of trips past with my grandpa are much more vivid this time of year.

Winter tends to be a bit of a repeat of fall, but with conditions a little less favorable for the angler, including fish that become a little harder to trick. On a snowy day though, there is a quietness to the river that is only present during this time of year. The river appears to seamlessly absorb the flakes of snow that fall into the water, and the water appears to be at its darkest of the year, at least against the bright white of snow. As an outdoorsman, I’ve also been very active in trapping during this time of year and for many reasons, with the first being one more opportunity to be on or near the river.

The AuSable is many things to me... It’s an inspiration for the artwork that I do; an old friend when I need some time to myself and time to reflect; a place to make and build friendships; a reminder of people and experiences that have passed; a place to share with my children; and a provider of food throughout the year - but not trout! They get released!

I’m so grateful for those in my circle who brought me in to help with the Marathon. Kathy Erickson, a longtime colleague, was the first to ask if I would be interested in donating a piece for auction. I immediately agreed to help and knew that those who followed me on social media would most likely be interested in purchasing whatever I created. Little did I know that the original paddle would bring in the money that it did, with my second paddle more than doubling what the first piece brought in.

People have responded so well to what I’ve created in the past

two years, and I hope that I can continue to build on the success of my pieces. I’m also working on a mural to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the race that will be on display at Oscoda High School. Whether working on a paddle, a mural, or a painting, the process really doesn’t change for me. I do love being able to hold a piece in my lap while working, regardless of silly angles or edges that can cause grief, it’s really just part of the whole process of getting close to the work and working together to figure it out. I think the challenges are what make the payoff even more rewarding. Needless to say, the AuSable River is part of who I am. Every piece that I do, whether for the canoe marathon or not, has roots deep in the love that I have for this river, the fish, and animals

that call it home, and the people who adore it as much as I do. That emotion is absolutely present in the creative process of every single piece that I create, and it is absolutely the reason that people seem to connect with my work.

Mike Williams is an educator and artist based in Alcona County, Michigan. Mike has contributed his time and talent to Paddles For the Marathon since the fundraiser began in 2021. Paddles For the Marathon highlights the talents of Mike and other artists who create one-of-a-kind pieces of art on replica canoe paddles. The paddles are available for purchase through an online auction that runs July 23rd –August 6th. Proceeds from the auction support the Marathon Scholarship Fund, which provides four scholarships each year. Mike’s 2023 creation, along with paddles from all the artists, can be viewed on the Marathon’s website.

Program Book 5
Paddles created by Mike Williams for the 2022 and 2021 auctions

Expert Division Split Time Records

CheckpointsYearTimeTeam (Ages)

Burton’s Landing20180:41:12Andrew Triebold (42) & Steve Lajoie (42)

Stephan Bridge20181:12:50Andrew Triebold (42) & Steve Lajoie (42)

Wakeley Bridge19931:41:29Jeff Kolka (34) & Bill Torongo (31)

McMasters Bridge20212:37:46Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Parmalee Bridge20213:39:30Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Camp Ten Bridge20214:41:15Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Mio Dam 20215:05:38Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

McKinley Bridge20216:48:05Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

4001 Bridge 20217:38:04Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Alcona Dam 20218:14:26Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Loud Dam 202110:01:54Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Five Channels Dam202110:26:58Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Cooke Dam 202111:27:41Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Foote Dam 202112:37:48Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

Oscoda (Finish Line)202113:54:09Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

2nd Half 19947:01:54Serge Corbin (37) & Solomon Carrière (37)

Expert Division Point-to-Point Records

YearTimeTeam (Ages)

20180:41:12Andrew Triebold (42) & Steve Lajoie (42)

20170:31:24Steve Lajoie (41) & Guillaume Blais (31)

19930:28:21Tony Short (29) & Scott McKenzie (35)

20210:54:50Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

19961:01:43Jeff Kolka (37) & Serge Corbin (39)

20211:01:45Jorden Wakeley (31) & Matt Meersman (44)

19750:22:05Jerry Kellogg (31) & Jeff Kellogg (30)

20211:41:11Wesley Dean (26) & Weston Willoughby (30)

20140:48:55Andrew Triebold (38) & Steve Lajoie (38)

20170:35:31Christophe Proulx (22) & Samuel Frigon (21)

19871:43:10Serge Corbin (30) & Brett Stockton (24)

20100:23:06Josh Taylor (31) & Matt Meersman (33)

19860:57:13Randy Drake (32) & Eric McNett (31)

19871:08:11Serge Corbin (30) & Brett Stockton (24)

19911:15:32Serge Corbin (34) & Brett Stockton (28)


75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 6
Program Book

It’s Saturday the 30th of July 2022, my partner, Edith, and I are standing on Peninsular Avenue right before the gun sounds. We both are half the size of some of our competitors, but the size of their arms or how tall they are doesn’t impress us. We are proud to be a women’s team competing in a large field of both man and woman paddlers. We know that our physical endurance, our ability to fly through the shallows, as well as our boat control will make us competitive.

In a couple of days, a bit more than 200 paddlers will be on that street again anxiously waiting for the gun to go off. A projected record number of women will courageously stand on that start line ready to take on one of the hardest canoe races they will ever do.

We have come a long way since the first women who took part in the Marathon in 1968. The 75th edition will be my 9th Marathon and I’m still as excited as the first time I set foot in Grayling back in 2012. When I started, only two women from Quebec had conquered the AuSable river. Now more than 16 of them have started one of the toughest canoe races on earth.

In 2012, women like Gloria Wesley, Holly Reynolds, and Rebecca Davis were the queens of the river. I was inspired by them; I was looked up to them.

The first Marathon I took part in, I was passed by the two Schlimmer sisters right on the last stretch. They looked so fresh. It really hurt mentally to see two tiny women glide through the shallows. Then my second year, we passed the first women’s team (Gloria and Holly) on that last stretch finishing just over a minute in front of them. They didn’t look so fresh, but they were in the top 20 and my male partner and I had barely past them at the finish. I knew by then that women were very capable of performing during the Marathon.

The AuSable River is technical with all its turns, its shallows, and the race is very long. All this gives women a better opportunity to show “our strength’’. I would say women’s strength isn’t made of just muscles. It’s made of endurance, gliding skills, and boat control. As Gloria Wesley would say, “being smart about racing is important. Knowing where the current is and where the shallow areas are and the shortcuts.’’ Gloria spent a lot of time on the river with her GPS to feel confident about where she was and what the best lines were. She focused not on paddling harder, but rather on paddling to maintain her force for the

Girls Rule

distance. A lot of women also share Rebecca Davis’ point of view when she says that ‘’we focus on finding the glide of the boat early in the race and let that carry us to Oscoda. Most women have a stronger second half and pass teams the whole way.’’

In 2019 there were 37 females registered in the Marathon with 18 of them racing in all female teams. Women like Edith MacHattie, Mary Schlimmer, Rebecca Davis, and Lynne Witte just to name a few are exceptional role models for the female community. On the other hand, men like Jeff DeFeo who have paddled mixed many times (18 times to be exact) are just as important to increase female participation in the Marathon.

I am confident that the record for the most female paddlers participating in the Marathon will be beaten in the next decade because women are clever, courageous, willing to learn and improve, dedicated and more than anything, very determined.

See you on the river ladies!

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 8
Sarah and Edith with sponsor Michelle Millikin of Homewaters Realty. Portage at 5 Channels Dam. Photo credit to crystal BraBant.

New owners Mike & Jill McGuire

Proudly serving Michigan Made Ashby’s Premium Ice Cream & Koegel Hot Dogs


Program Book 9
Congratulations Competitors
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 10

2022 AuSable River Canoe Marathon Results

Program Book 11 PlaceNo.Paddlers (Ages) Time 1 98Steve Lajoie (46) & Guillaume Blais (36) 14:36:17 2 02Wesley Dean (27) & Ryan Halstead (35) 14:38:30 3 63Jorden Wakeley (32) & Matt Meersman (45) 14:48:33 4 55Mike Davis (31) & Ryan Zaveral (29) 14:57:06 5 97Logan Mynar (31) & Kyle Mynar (37) 15:01:17 6 22Daniel Medina (28) & Colin Hunter (41) 15:07:46 7 69Chris Issendorf (40) & Brett Stockton (59) 15:14:26 8 08Carson Burmeister (25) & Pete Mead (41) 15:16:34 9 00Patrick Madden (42) & Adam Gelinas (40) 15:24:24 10 52Richard Lauth (49) & Matt Gabriel, Jr. (38) 15:31:32 11 90Travis Mecklenburg (19) & Austin Weiler (30) 15:35:08 12 99Weston Willoughby (31) & Dane Trudgeon (15) 15:43:23 13 91Louis-Simon Pruneau (24) & Christian Charette (31)15:44:17 14 13Nick Walton (49) & Clay Wyatt (38) 15:47:59 15 12Tad Hill (44) & Mary Willoughby (31) 15:49:37 16 68Jason Hatfield (44) & Brad Wilson (40) 15:51:03 17 57Dan Mecklenburg (60) & Jon Webb (62) 15:59:05 18 25Luc Mercier (33) & Anthony Massicotte (25) 16:00:03 19 43Mike “Buzzy” Hartman (46) & Mike Hale (38) 16:08:47 20 94Gaston Jones (49) & Wade Binion (43) 16:11:57 21 81Craig Stolen (52) & Jeremiah Menk (45) 16:13:06 22 78Michael Schlimmer (36) & Eve Chamberland (30) 16:21:25 23 64Sarah Lessard (34) & Edith MacHattie (48) 16:23:10 24 80Paul Olney (59) & Andy Hall (50) 16:24:01 25 16Dodd Yeager (28) & Shannon Issendorf (39) 16:25:06 26 20David Teddy (48) & Flash Marsh (45) 16:26:29 27 70Benjamin Tarbutton (37) & David Smith (38) 16:27:24 28 45Kyle Issendorf (16) & Andrew Condie (37) 16:27:55 29 83Dave Flageole (40) & Renaud Flageole (15) 16:33:41 30 53Sean Brabant (32) & Jason Sharpe (34) 16:34:53 31 37Roxanne Barton (65) & Rebecca Davis (32) 16:41:23 32 39David Hawkins (40) & Sean Casey (44) 16:46:19 33 14Douglas Dalman (47) & Bill Torongo (60) 16:49:02 34 75Thierry Dufour (48) & Gérémy Michaud (20) 16:49:39 35 92Lydia Huelskamp (30) & Kaitlin Mynar (31) 16:50:41 36 33Kyle Charters (23) & Caleb Watson (20) 16:52:51 37 67Joseph Allison (40) & Steve Bachorik (39) 16:54:44 38 71Dale Gust (16) & Doug Gillin (63) 16:56:34 39 31Louis Lefèbvre (49) & Shirley Trudel (45) 16:58:33 40 61Ryan Childs (49) & Chuck Hewitt (63) 17:01:26 41 24Kristi Treston (28) & Katie Treston (33) 17:01:55 42 96Philip Millspaugh (37) & Joseph Schlimmer (37) 17:03:02 43 11Robert Smith (48) & William Fowler (31) 17:09:21 44 05Bruce Barton (65) & Cecili Bugge (22) 17:14:40
Results are continued on page 21
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 12

Mixed Division Split Time Records


Burton’s Landing

Stephan Bridge

Wakeley Bridge

McMasters Bridge

Parmalee Bridge

Camp Ten Bridge

Mio Dam

McKinley Bridge

4001 Bridge

Alcona Dam

Loud Dam

Five Channels Dam

Cooke Dam

Foote Dam

Oscoda (Finish Line)

2nd Half

YearTimeTeam (Ages)

20170:44:14Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20171:17:29Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20171:46:50Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20172:44:11Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20173:49:01Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20174:53:36Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20175:18:38Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20177:06:39Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20177:59:41Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20178:37:46Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

201710:31:07Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

201710:57:26Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

201712:00:33Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

201713:14:35Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

201714:37:45Mary Schlimmer (26) & Andrew Triebold (41)

20097:26:08Connie Cannon (48) & Bruce Barton (52)

Mixed Division Point-to-Point Records


Burton’s Landing

Stephan Bridge

Wakeley Bridge

McMasters Bridge

Parmalee Bridge

Camp Ten Bridge

Mio Dam

McKinley Bridge

4001 Bridge

Alcona Dam

Loud Dam

Five Channels Dam

Cooke Dam

Foote Dam

Oscoda (Finish Line)

YearTimeTeam (Ages)

20170:44:14Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20170:33:15Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20170:29:21Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20170:57:21Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20211:04:42Richard Lauth (48) & Mary Schlimmer (30)

20171:04:35Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20170:25:02Andrew Triebold (41) & Mary Schlimmer (26)

20211:46:48Richard Lauth (48) & Mary Schlimmer (30)

20210:52:31 Richard Lauth (48) & Mary Schlimmer (30)

20090:37:36 Bruce Barton (52) & Connie Cannon (48)

19881:51:21Jim Myers (26) & Lynne Witte (34)

20150:25:17Mike Davis (24) & Rebecca Davis (25)

20091:00:33Holly Reynolds (29) & Jeff Rankinen (45)

20091:12:07Holly Reynolds (29) & Jeff Rankinen (45)

20091:18:21 Bruce Barton (52) & Connie Cannon (48)

Program Book 13

Amateur Radio Plays Vital Roles in the AuSable River Canoe Marathon (ARCM)

“Race Headquarters, this is Stephan Bridge, call sign W8SYU, with a report for five canoes, over”. “Stephan Bridge, this is Race Headquarters, ready to copy, over.” “This is Stephan Bridge. Place 16. Canoe 67: time 9 hours, 51 minutes, 58 seconds. Place 17. Canoe 73: time 9 hours, 52 minutes...” This example represents hundreds of such communications by volunteer amateur radio operators essential to the conduct of the Marathon. Working side-by-side with the race officials at each of the 15 timing sites along the river, the licensed amateur radio operators—called “hams”—key their radio microphones transmitting the official time that each canoe passed their site. Fellow hams manning race headquarters capture those reports and upload the data to the ARCM website for reference worldwide. The “2-meter band” amateur frequencies crackle all through the summer night and into the morning and afternoon right through the finish. Any ham in the area, or anyone with a radio that can receive the amateur bands, can keep up with the race by tuning into the frequencies being used. Many ham operators volunteer to support two timing sites, leaving their first—once all reports have been filed—to drive downstream well ahead of the lead canoes to meet with their second site’s officials and get set-up again. Hams also report and update the status of canoes that withdraw from the race or miss the cut-off times as well as furnish a means for the race officials to communicate when needed. Maintaining 100% accountability of the racers is paramount to providing a safe and professional event. If necessary, hams will also provide communications to assist in getting urgent or emergency

aid to race participants or spectators that may need it. Amateur radio operators also support the Time Trials, a furious half-mile sprint by each individual team upstream and then back down which determines their Le Mans-style starting position for the Marathon. Those with the five fastest sprint times will be in the front row, the next five fastest in the next row, and so on. Time Trials are held in Grayling Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons in the week before the Marathon. Time Trial slots, only four minutes in duration, are chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis by the contestants when they register for the Marathon. Four hams, usually with hand-held radios, are collocated with the course officials. The first ham is with the Start/Finish Line Timing officials and transmits to the other hams the time when a canoe is under-

finish, radios that a canoe is about to cross the line. Alerted, the Start/Finish Timing officials then capture the canoe’s finish time and post it on the Marathon website. Sent over the air by the first ham to all the others, the finish time is shouted out by both the Start/Finish Line and Upstream Announcers to the spectators cheering on the competitors. The hectic goings-on of the Time Trials make for an exciting event for the racing teams, the spectators, the officials and the hams alike!

Above: At Camp 10, Lynn monitors nets for Ken (K0WJR)

Left: Harold (W8SYU) Works on the Time Trials Net

Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon
Program Book 15

Continued on page 22

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 16 YEARWINNING TEAM TIMEMARGIN OF VICTORYSECOND PLACE TEAM 1947Allen Carr & Delbert Case 21:03:00 24:00Jack Davis & Jay Stephan, Sr. 1948Frank Bissonette & Hugh Bissonette 19:58:00 13:00 Ted Engel & Jay Stephan, Sr. 1949Frank Bissonette & Hugh Bissonette 18:57:00 28:00Gerald DeFour & Claude Gobiel 1950Jay Stephan, Sr. & Ted Engel 18:32:00 20:00Frank Bissonette & Hugh Bissonette 1951Jay Stephan, Sr. & Ted Engel 17:36:55 42:00Robert Fullerton & Hugh Bissonette 1952Jay Stephan, Sr. & Ted Engel 17:48:00 6:00 Don Feldhauser & Bernie Fowler 1953Don Feldhauser & Bernie Fowler 17:33:00 38:00Ralph W. Sawyer & Eugene Roy 1954Don Feldhauser & Bernie Fowler 17:33:00 39:00Steve Kolonich & Larry Kindell 1955Don Feldhauser & Bernie Fowler 17:38:30 15:00 Steve Kolonich & Larry Kindell 1956Ralph Sawyer & Tom Gildersleeve 16:58:00 12:00 Bernie Fowler & John Stephan 1957Ralph Sawyer & Jerry Wagner 17:19:45 14:00 Irvin Peterson & Tom Estes 1958Steve Kolonich & Larry Kindell 16:41:00 27:00 Ralph Sawyer & Tom Gildersleeve 1959Ralph Sawyer & Jerry Wagner 16:58:00 10:30 Gary Kolonich & Ed Wojahn 1960Ed Wojahn & Sanford McGuire 16:11:40 10:30 Ralph Sawyer & Irvin McGuire 1961Victor Kindell & Larry Kindell 9:49:25 * 1:55 Ralph Sawyer & Ed Wojahn 1962Ralph Sawyer & Ron Hohman 15:25:17 ** 17:08 Gerald Lauwers & Stan Hall 1963Ron Hohman & Irvin Peterson 15:09:04 ** 10:53 Gerald Lauwers & Stan Hall 1964Ralph Sawyer & Irvin Peterson 15:06:05 ** 21:12 Pat Widing & Al Widing, Sr. 1965Ralph Sawyer & Irvin Peterson 16:11:54 13:04 Stan Hall & Al Widing, Sr. 1966Ron Hohman & Gerald Lauwers 16:00:49 10:12 LeRoy Widing & Al Widing, Sr. 1967Ralph Sawyer & Stan Hall 15:40:29 ** 6:17 Irvin Peterson & Steve Peterson 1968Ralph Sawyer & Stan Hall 15:31:43 ** 8:25 Norm Crerar & Gib McEachron 1969NO RACE WAS HELD --:--:-- -:-1970Luc Robillard & Claude Corbin 15:42:00 4:00 John Baker & Jack Kolka 1971Irvin Peterson & Steve Peterson 15:36:40 3:20 Jerry Kellogg & Jack Kolka 1972Jerry Kellogg & Luc Robillard 15:20:50 32:34John Baker & Jack Kolka 1973Jerry Kellogg & Luc Robillard 14:56:20 31:19 John Buckley & Stan Hall 1974Jerry Kellogg & Jeff Kellogg 14:40:09 35:08Claude Corbin & Serge Corbin 1975Jerry Kellogg & Jeff Kellogg 14:59:07 6:59 Jay Stephan, Jr. & Bob Welsch 1976John Baker & John Schwartz 15:14:10 13:10 Terry Jackman & Ken Brown 1977Claude Corbin & Serge Corbin 15:17:42 5:00 Jerry Kellogg & Jeff Kellogg 1978John Baker & Jay Stephan, Jr. 15:06:26 10:55 Claude Corbin & Serge Corbin 1979Claude Corbin & Serge Corbin 14:40:29 0:06 John Baker & Ken Brown 1980John Baker & Ron Williams 14:48:31 20:23Terry Jackman & Ken Brown 1981John Baker & Ken Brown 14:29:01 21:14 Al Rudquist & Brett Stockton 1982Butch Stockton & Brett Stockton 14:38:27 5:01 John Baker & Tony Short 1983Butch Stockton & Brett Stockton 14:38:36 23:23John Baker & Tony Short 1984Butch Stockton & Solomon Carrière 14:20:40 16:11 Tony Short & Brett Stockton 1985Butch Stockton & Brett Stockton 14:35:53 7:23 Tony Short & Steve Peterson 1986Butch Stockton & Brett Stockton 14:30:38 5:12 Randy Drake & Eric McNett 1987Serge Corbin & Brett Stockton 14:34:32 9:03 Tony Short & Eric McNett 1988Serge Corbin & Brett Stockton 14:20:00 4:01 Randy Drake & Tim Triebold 1989Randy Drake & Al Rudquist 14:38:18 *** 3:09 Jeff Kolka & Bill Torongo
Program Book 17

Oscoda-AuSable Chamber of Commerce Community Events

The Consumers Energy AuSable River Canoe Marathon

July 29-30, 2023

May 5-7

Women’s Spring Wellness Weekend Camp Nissokone YMCA camp@ymcadetroit.org

May 20

Armed Forces Day Wurtsmith Air Museum Reopens

June 2

Huron Forest Camp Cedar Ridge Reopens www.campcedarridge.org

June 2-4

Villages of Oscoda Homeowners Yard Sales office@voohoa.net

June 3

Bigfoot Pre-Bash Shoreline Players Theater www.oscodachamber.com

June 24-25

39th Annual Art on the Beach 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-4 pm Sunday

Oscoda Beach Park (989) 739-7322


June 24-25

Welcome Home Weekend & WWII Encampment

Wurtsmith Air Museum email@wurtsmithairmuseum.org

July 2

Paul Bunyan Challenge Races www.3disciplines.com

July 15

Wurtsmith Air Museum

Copeland Memorial Golf Tournament Lakewood Shores Golf Course email@wurtsmithairmuseum.org

July 15-16

Curley Memorial Canoe Race riverjustin@gmail.com

July 24-29

Iosco County Fair County Fairgrounds, Hale info@ioscocountyfair.com

July 25

Dash for Cash Canoe Race contact@ausablecanoemarthon.org

July 29-30

AuSable River Canoe Marathon

Longest non-stop canoe race in the world contact@ausablecanoemarthon.org

august 8-12

Alcona County Fair 854 N. Barlow Rd

Lincoln, MI (989) 736-6169

august 13

Battle for the Paddle Scholarship Golf Challenge

Red Hawk Golf Course (989) 739-7322


august 19-20

Fly-In & Breakfast Wurtsmith Air Museum email@wurtsmithairmuseum.org

august 25-27

Michigan Crossroads Council Boy Scouts Of America Aviation Camporee Wurtsmith Air Museum email@wurtsmithairmuseum.org

septeMber 1-4

Labor Day Weekend Family Camp Camp Nissokone YMCA camp@ymcadetroit.org

septeMber 9


Michigan-made original rock bands fundraiser

5 pm-10 pm Friday Noon-10:30 pm Saturday

Veterans Memorial Park 4000 N. Skeel Ave

septeMber 15-17

Annual Paul Bunyan Days Festival Furtaw Field (989) 739-7322


septeMber 22-24

Women’s Fall Wellness Weekend Camp Nissokone YMCA camp@ymcadetroit.org

septeMber 30

Bigfoot Bash Oscoda High School www.oscodachamber.com

OctOber 17

21st Lions Club Fall Arts & Crafts Show Oscoda Area High School (989) 739-3911 president@oscodalions.org

OctOber 21

Fall Harvest Party on Dwight Street Downtown Oscoda (989) 739-7322


DeceMber 2

Northern Lights Christmas Parade Downtown Oscoda (989) 739-7322 director@oscodachamber.com

thrOughOut the suMMer

May 17 – OctOber 4 NE MI Regional Farm Market Shoreline Park AuSable 8 am – 1 pm Wednesdays www.getitfresh.org

June 1 – august 31

Bike Night on Dwight Street Thursdays at Office Lounge & Grill (989) 739-3388

June 22- august 17

Rotary of Oscoda Concerts on the Beach Oscoda Beach Park Band Shell 7 pm Thursdays

75th Annual AuSable
River Canoe Marathon
Program Book 19
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 20

2022 AuSAble RiveR CAnoe MARAthon ReSultS Continued

Program Book 21 45 32L.J. Bourgeois (45) & Carrie Montgomery (52) 17:17:49 46 28Connor Landick (32) & Steve Landick (69) 17:22:16 47 56Matt King (47) & Peter Heed (72) 17:24:31 48 44Scott Doederlein (51) & Chris Ecker (58) 17:25:38 49 59Mark Koenig (64) & Ron Koenig (60) 17:28:44 50 93Greg Zophy (65) & Maria Schilling (49) 17:30:01 51 79Roy Sowersby (61) & Aaron Putnam (38) 17:33:22 52 36Zach Cheney (25) & Michael Garon (64) 17:37:38 53 15Joe Roman (50) & Alan Putnam (36) 17:39:51 54 86Jon Wieringa (42) & Garrett Ziegler (38) 17:43:51 55 26Matt McDonald (32) & Nick McDonald (29) 17:51:11 56 21Brandon Gerardy (42) & Stephen Leppard (47) 17:55:00 57 51Phil Armstrong (35) & Pam Fitzgerald (61) 17:56:09 58 40Rodney Elliott (55) & Fred Mills (68) 17:57:53 59 19Doug Heady (64) & Sean Newmister (37) 17:58:41 60 65Evan Mahon (30) & Nate Greeley (28) 18:01:08 61 50Bill Mahaffy, Jr. (41) & Diana Jurewicz (59) 18:01:13 62 88Thina Pham (44) & Caroline Fortin (44) 18:03:14 63 73Jeff Pedersen (61) & Ed Wagner (62) 18:08:18 64 27Ray Bauer (65) & Dwight Walker (68) 18:10:58 65 18Ted Lind (37) & Chris Hewitt (32) 18:14:54 66 34Noah VanderVeen (25) & Josie VanderVeen (26) 18:22:27 67 48Kevin Berl (58) & Helen-Holly Crouch (64) 18:28:19 68 06Richard Holsbeke (48) & Ursula Latreille (50) 18:32:40 69 47Jeff DeFeo (67) & Jo Hamlin (27) 18:36:10 70 62Spencer Oppermann (19) & Brennan Berkshire (18)18:37:42 71 01Joey Kimsel (41) & Mickey Kimsel (48) 18:38:55 72 72Andrew Lane (39) & Ray Lane (72) 18:40:01 73 17Bryce Martin (29) & Nicole Rice-Owens (44) 18:43:58 74 42David Sennett (72) & Tim Henning (59) 18:53:53 75 54Andrew Weeks (58) & Lynne Witte (68) 18:54:47 76 29Kelly Mammel (40) & Jay Mammel (71) DQ 77 38Mandee Mlcek (45) & David Hallison (49) Drop 78 10Joe Leusby (38) & Rob Shadley (38) Drop 79 82Brian Barkholz (40) & Orville Short, Jr. (56) Drop 80 41Gabriel Savard-Gaumond (29) & Carlos Martinez (49)Drop 81 89Josh Ball (35) & Brian Borchers (35) Drop 82 30Natalie Kellogg (18) & Mike Kellogg (53) Drop 83 35Russ Reker (58) & Zachary Childs (20) Drop 84 60Jim Amell (63) & Roger Henry (80) Drop 85 76Keith Wojahn (58) & Jerry Killingbeck (53) Drop 86 58Karen Pleasant (54) & Io Harberts (63) DQ 87 77Eric Render (42) & Kyler Bradley (29) DQ 88 04Jenna Cooke (32) & Trevor Cooke (36) DQ 89 85Cody Sapp (29) & Devin Sapp (29) DQ 90 74Seth Miller (55) & Bryan Bearss (45) Drop 91 07Christophe Proulx (27) & Kyle Stonehouse (28) Drop 92 03Jake Crotser (24) & Al Shaver, Jr. (55) Drop 93 95Steve Carroll (60) & Gerold Chouquer (32) DQ
PlaceNo.Paddlers (Ages) Time



* Race was held from Camp Ten to Oscoda in 1961

** Two day race in 1962-63-64-67-68 (Day 1: Grayling to Mio. Day 2: Mio to Oscoda)

*** Race won as a result of a 10 minute penalty to Steve Landick & Solomon Carrière (14:37:28)

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 22 #H up
t 1990Serge Corbin & Brett Stockton 14:43:35 1:31 Bruce Barton & Solomon Carrière 1991Serge Corbin & Brett Stockton 14:33:30 1:33 Jeff Kolka & Bill Torongo 1992Serge Corbin & Brett Stockton 14:51:46 1:24 Bruce Barton & Tim Triebold 1993Serge Corbin & Solomon Carrière 14:23:03 1:50 Jeff Kolka & Bill Torongo 1994Serge Corbin & Solomon Carrière 13:58:08 9:52 Jeff Kolka & Bill Torongo 1995Patrick Lynch & Jim Harwood 14:20:40 4:02 Jeff Kolka & Bruce Barton 1996Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:04:05 37:34 Patrick Lynch & Jim Harwood 1997Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:19:36 6:18 Al Rudquist & Mike Vincent 1998Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:15:47 35:27 Patrick Lynch & Denis Marcouiller 1999Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:08:18 18:00 Ken Kolonich & Steve Kolonich 2000Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:48:00 14:32 John Sullivan & Louis Berthiaume 2001Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 15:06:48 8:58 Tony Short & Denis Berthiaume 2002Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 15:04:56 5:26 Mo Harwood, Jr. & Matthew Rimer 2003Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:55:03 1:48 Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 2004Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:59:46 0:13 Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 2005Jeff Kolka & Serge Corbin 14:56:11 0:01 Matthew Rimer & Andrew Triebold 2006Jim Harwood & Allen Limberg 14:33:50 14:35 Rodney Halstead & Ryan Halstead 2007Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer 14:48:55 0:38 Matt Streib & Steve Corlew 2008Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:09:06 23:25Matt Streib & Steve Kolonich 2009Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:17:42 11:36 Matt Streib & Steve Corlew 2010Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:17:29 14:08 Steve Corlew & Bill Torongo 2011Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:41:00 17:32 Rodney Halstead & Ryan Halstead 2012Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:42:43 15:53 Josh Sheldon & Ryan Halstead 2013Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:20:24 12:08 Nick Walton & Christophe Proulx 2014Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:36:18 8:06 Nick Walton & Christophe Proulx 2015Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:31:56 8:57 Mathieu Pellerin & Guillaume Blais 2016Christophe Proulx & Ryan Halstead 14:29:26 0:01 Andrew Triebold & Jacob DuBois 2017Christophe Proulx & Samuel Frigon 14:18:45 0:01 Steve Lajoie & Guillaume Blais 2018Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:17:36 16:42 Christophe Proulx & Samuel Frigon 2019Andrew Triebold & Steve Lajoie 14:15:34 4:39 Guillaume Blais & Samuel Frigon 2020NO RACE WAS HELD --:--:-- -:-2021Jorden Wakeley & Matt Meersman 13:54:09 13:28 Wesley Dean & Weston Willoughby 2022Steve Lajoie & Guillaume Blais 14:36:17 2:13 Wesley Dean & Ryan Halstead
N ig H
Program Book 23

Women’s Division Split Time Records

Women’s Division Point-to-Point Records


Burton’s Landing

Stephan Bridge

Wakeley Bridge

McMasters Bridge

Parmalee Bridge

Camp Ten Bridge

Mio Dam


4001 Bridge

Alcona Dam

Loud Dam

Five Channels Dam

Cooke Dam

Foote Dam


20130:53:29Holly Reynolds (33) & Gloria Wesley (53)

20180:38:08Rebecca Davis (28) & Edith MacHattie (44)

20191:55:51Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45)

20180:25:54Rebecca Davis (28) & Edith MacHattie (44)

20171:02:29Rebecca Davis (27) & Edith MacHattie (43)

20171:14:34Rebecca Davis (27) & Edith MacHattie (43)

20171:24:59Rebecca Davis (27) & Edith MacHattie (43)

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 24 CheckpointsYearTimeTeam (Ages) Burton’s Landing 19940:48:24Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Stephan Bridge 19941:24:51Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Wakeley Bridge 19941:57:38Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) McMasters Bridge 19942:58:36Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Parmalee Bridge 19944:04:40Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Camp Ten Bridge 19945:12:24Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Mio Dam 19945:39:18Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) McKinley 19947:31:30Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) 4001 Bridge 19948:25:29Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Alcona Dam 19949:05:48Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) Loud Dam 201911:01:45Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) Five Channels Dam 201911:27:49Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) Cooke Dam 201912:31:08Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) Foote Dam 201913:47:57Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) Oscoda 201915:15:36Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) 2nd Half 20177:39:14Rebecca Davis (27) & Edith MacHattie (43) YearTimeTeam (Ages) 19940:48:24Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) 19940:36:27Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) 20170:32:33Rebecca Davis (27) & Edith MacHattie (43) 20191:00:57Rebecca Davis (29) & Edith MacHattie (45) 19941:06:04Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) 19941:07:44Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24) 20180:25:43Rebecca Davis (28) & Edith MacHattie (44) 19941:52:12Connie Cannon (33) & Carrie Trudgeon (24)

2023 AuSable River Festival & Canoe Marathon Schedule of Events

July 21-30, 2023 in Grayling

FRIDAY, JULY.21.2023

5:30pm 12th Annual Car & Truck Show Cruise Night – 5:30pm Food & Refreshments, 7pm Start of Cruise at Northstar Auto Wash – Event Details, Contact Dan Migrants at 989.745.5880.


8am-3pm 38th Annual Classic Car & Truck Show on Michigan Ave (Registration 7–10am, $15/vehicle, Trophies 2:30pm) All are welcome to come and see the cars, Classic & Modern Muscle.


8am Registration for all Spike’s Challenge Events will run from 8am until 2pm at the City Park Pavilion. These events include C-1 Race, C-2 Race, Junior and Fledgling Races, Mentor Races

9am Sprints for Starting Position of C-2 Race, Grayling City Park Pond

2pm Junior, Fledgling, Mentor races on the Pond

5pm Registration continues for all races at Joe Wakeley’s House for C-1 prerace, Junior C-2 Race to Burton’s Landing. Please, No dogs in Joe’s Yard.

5:30pm Start of Junior C-2 Race to Burton’s Landing, beginning on Ingham St.

6pm Start of the C-1 race start at Ingham St.

SUNDAY, JULY.23.2023

2023 Spikes Challenge

8:30am Line up of the C-2 Start of the Spike’s Challenge on Ingham Street

9am Start of the 2023 C-2 Spike’s Challenge

2pm Lunch and Awards Banquet at the City Park Pavilion – bring a lawn chair.

MONDAY, JULY.24.2023

Marathon MONDAY - Wear your Favorite Marathon Shirt #MarathonMonday,

tag us with your hashtag & pictures @ausableriverfestival on Facebook!

4pm Well Being Evening in the Park, Local Vendors and Classes in the Grayling City Park to relax and recharge the mind and body


10am-2pm Kid’s Day in Grayling City Park

5pm Da$h for Ca$h in Oscoda


4-6pm Time Trials for AuSable River

Canoe Marathon at Penrod’s Canoe Livery

5-8pm HUP Race at the Grayling City Park


2 - 5:30pm Registration for C-1 Express Race at Penrod’s. Look for C-1 registration tent. Entry fee $15/paddler

3-6:30pm Time Trials for AuSable River

Canoe Marathon at Penrod’s Canoe Livery

3pm-Midnight AuSable Mainstage performances on the 200 Block of Michigan Ave. All performances free to the public

3pm-12am Brew Ave. opens in the AuSable Main Stage Area, need not be 21 to enter, must be 21 with a valid ID PRESENT to receive a wristband to purchase beer tickets!

4:20pm Business Relays taking place at Penrod’s hosted by Hanson Hills. More details to follow $20 per Business.

6 PM - 7:30pm C-1 Express Race, Penrod’s to Burton’s Landing. Awards ceremony at Burton’s immediately following race.

FRIDAY, JULY.28.2023

10am-8pm 45th Annual Arts & Crafts Show in Grayling City Park

11am-8pm Vendors and Activity booths on the 100 Block of Michigan Ave.

11am-8pm Food Trucks & Vendors on

the 100 Block

Noon-Midnight AuSable Mainstage performances on the 200 Block of Michigan Ave. All performances free to the public!

12pm-12am Brew Ave. opens in the AuSable Main Stage Area, need not be 21 to enter, you must be 21 with a valid ID PRESENT to receive a wristband to purchase beer tickets!

12pm-Close Grayling American Legion Beer Tent

2-4:30pm Time Trials for AuSable River Canoe Marathon at Penrod’s Canoe Livery

2:45pm Special Olympics Canoe Races at Penrod’s Canoe Livery

6:30pm Corn Hole AuSable Main Stage Area Michigan Ave. (5:30pm registration) Blind Draw $20 per player, competitive and social brackets! Register here: https://app.scoreholio.com/share/9dd6

4-7pm Grayling Eagles - D&K Woodfired Smoked Meat Dinner (Pork, Brisket or Chicken) sides & dessert -Live Music 7 pm by American Made Band $18/ person meal & band - $5 donation - band only- $1 Draft Beer Special

8pm-11pm Grayling Youth Booster Club will be selling concessions in the Brew Ave Area


8-11am Lumberjack Breakfast hosted by Grayling Restaurant and Grayling High School Competitive Cheer

9am GRA’s 10K/5K (Road Running), starts at Hanson Hills Recreation Area. 10k Registration Online and day of https://runsignup.com/ Race/MI/Grayling/GRA10K

9am-6pm 45th Annual Arts & Crafts

Show at Grayling City Park

11am 4th Annual Corn hole Tournament taking place in the AuSable Main Stage Area(10am registration). Bring your Own Partner $60 per

Team Competitive and Social Bracket. Registration for Saturday Bracket here: http://app.scoreholio. com/share/iGm6 Airmail challenge, bag raffle & trophies

10am Grayling Eagles Club - 2 Person Horseshoe Tournament Double Elimination $10.00 per person w/ cash prizes

11am-8pm Vendors and Activity booths on the 100 Block of Michigan Ave.

11am-8pm Food Trucks/Food Vendors on the 100 Block of Michigan Ave

Noon-Midnight AuSable Mainstage performances on the 200 Block of Michigan Ave. All performances free to the public!

12pm-12am Brew Ave. opens in the AuSable Main Stage Area, need not be 21 to enter, you must be 21 with a valid ID PRESENT to receive a wristband to purchase beer tickets!

12pm-Close Grayling American Legion Beer Tent Food Tent Noon-6pm

3pm Duck Derby Dump City Park Bridge

4pm AuSable River Festival Parade Downtown Grayling *New James St. Route

6pm Pre-Race Program at Old AuSable Fly Shop

6:45pm Introduction of Paddlers at Old AuSable Fly Shop

7:45pm Posting of the Colors at Old AuSable Fly Shop

9pm Start of the 75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon at the Old AuSable Fly Shop (paddling from Grayling to Oscoda) listen to 98.5 UPS, the Official Station of the ARCM, and the Flagship station of the ARCM Radio Network, for start to finish race coverage.

SUNDAY, JULY.30.2023

End of 75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon in Oscoda – Leaders 11:30am to Finishers 4pm

Program Book 25
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 26
Program Book 27
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 28

Celebrating 75 years

Celebrating 75 years of Memories

It all started on a summer day in 1947 and was simply known as “The Marathon” with canoers in wooden boats and massive, clunky paddles used to navigate the splendors of the Au Sable River. There was little fanfare, nobody had any idea what to expect. What was clear: there were no expectations there would be another, let alone it would become a prime signature event that would one day celebrate a 75th anniversary. Those festivities will take place the weekend of July 29 and 30, 2023.

The Consumers Energy AuSable River Canoe Marathon has been churning out memories in northern Michigan for decades. Hundreds have accepted the daunting challenge of taking a plunge into the Au Sable River. They participate as a rite of passage into a close-knit club, to the delight of thousands who have converged on Grayling and Oscoda and communities in between to witness a race that is known as “The World’s Toughest Spectator Race.”

Worldwide Attraction

“This unique race attracts many from around the country and the world,” said Phil Weiler, an event organizer. “And the 75th anniversary is a testament to the thousands of people who have been involved in this race whether they were a sponsor, participant, feeder, spectator or organizer. And 75 years from now, I am confident this race will be even bigger.”

More than 100 teams are expected to take their shot at the 120-mile race from Grayling to Oscoda. The race means different things to different participants. Some will try to dethrone the defending champions of Steve Lajoie and Guillaume Blais, who both reside in Canada. It was Lajoie’s 12th title and the first for Blais,

who reached the finish line with a time of 14:36:17. Others are shooting for a Top 10 or 5 finish. And some, especially those in their first year, are hoping to simply finish the 120-mile trek to Oscoda. Weiler, who has volunteered

will bring,” said Weiler, who is also a spokesperson for the Marathon. In 2022, the start of the race was in jeopardy due to a massive tree falling across part of the race’s course.”

Humbling Experience

“The Au Sable River can definitely humble you at any moment. And what will add to the anticipation this year is we expect a wide-open field because we expect a few canoers to come out of retirement to say they participated in the 75th anniversary.”

Danny Medina of Homer, who raced with Colin Hunter of Grayling in 2022, and Lynne Witte of Cheboygan, who raced with Andrew Weeks of Battle Creek in 2022, agree with that assessment.

“It’s a beast of a course, no doubt about it” said Medina, who has participated in 10 AuSable Canoe Marathons and many all over the country. “You really have to be on your game just to finish it. And that’s no small feat.”

Witte, who has participated in 42 consecutive AuSable Canoe Marathons, said she has seen it all during the race including major changes in the canoes that were wooden when she started racing in 1980, and competing against the children and grandchildren of people she raced against in the 1980s. However, a few things remain the same. “To expect the unexpected,” she said.

at the event since 1985, said every year the battle is the same: it’s every person against the Au Sable River.

“You never know what challenges the weekend

“The weather is so unpredictable. Hail, rain, too humid or seeing your breath. We pretty much see it all. And there’s no telling how the Au Sable River will be flowing at the end of July. But one thing is certain: these races always produce some great memories for all involved. I have my share.”

Program Book 29
Article contributed by Tom Lambert of Consumers Energy
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 30
Program Book 31
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 32
Program Book 33
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 34 989-390-0987 Call Now for a Free Quote STORE 989-344-0422 Military and Return Customer Discounts 1507 E M72 Grayling, MI 49738 StephanBridgeStore.com Cafe | Liquor | Beer | Grocery Hand Dipped Ice Cream | Toys Insured Licensed Veteran Owned LLC Tree, Stump, & Brush Removal TREEBUSTERS Race Night Open till 3AM! Come see us before or after the racers pass by Stephan Bridge. Veteran Owned Dine-in & Outdoor seating Veteran Owned In Uniform Veteran Discount 2123 Industrial St, Grayling, MI 49738 989.348.5181 Family-friendly with a laid-back atmosphere. Featuring American food & frequent entertainment. Hangout area with pool, darts, air hockey, and claw machine.
Program Book 35

Course Map - Grayling

Crawford County-Stephan, Wakeley and McMasters bridges will be closed to all vehicle traffic during the race. Spectator vehicles will not be allowed to cross the river at these bridges.

Oscoda County-Parmalee Bridge will be closed to spectators but passable for vehicles. No portable lighting will be available. If you are viewing the race from here, there are good sites along the campground on the north side or at the public access site on the south.

Mio Dam-Spectators are not allowed on the spillway. There is a walkway from the MDOT parking area, south of M-72, under the bridge to the dam. You will not have to walk across the highway to get to the dam. Spectators must stay clear of the pathway and the put-in areas as the teams portage Mio Dam.

4001 Bridge-The U.S. Forest Service may issue tickets for parking in the lot at the boat launch site without the valid parking pass.

Alcona Dam-Only feeders and officials will be allowed into the dam parking lot. Spectators should park in the field on the north side of the river and walk across the bridge to the portage area.

Loud Dam-There will only be parking for feeders on one side of the road leading to the dam. Only feeders and officials will be allowed into the dam parking lot.

Five Channels-Pedestrians and vehicles will not be permitted on the new bridge, but spectators are allowed on the old bridge. Parking in the dam parking lot is for feeders only. Spectators can park in a large field at the top of the hill on the south side of the river.

Whirlpool near Oscoda-Everyone must park in the parking lot — not at the boat launch. The U.S. Forest Service will issue tickets at this area.

Foote Dam-The dam will be closed to spectators but you can view the race from the new fishing platforms across the river.



*All times are approximate

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon
Arrival Time* Map Location
Burton’s Landing 9:40 p.m.
Stephan Bridge 10:15 p.m.
Wakeley Bridge 10:45
McMasters Bridge 11:45
Parmalee Bridge 12:45
Camp 10 Bridge 1:55
Mio Dam 2:15
McKinley Bridge 4:00
4001 Bridge 5:00
Alcona Dam 5:30
Loud Dam
Five Channels Dam
Cooke Dam
p.m. 4.
p.m. 5.
a.m. 6.
a.m. 7.
a.m. 8.
a.m. 9.
a.m. 10.
a.m. 11.
7:20 a.m. 12.
7:45 a.m. 13.
8:45 a.m.
Foote Dam
10:00 a.m.
(finish) 11:15 a.m.
Follow LIVE Results during race night

Grayling to Oscoda


Alcohol is prohibited on Consumers Energy property, including at the dams along the Marathon route. Also, no loitering will be allowed when crossing dams. These implementations are due to strict Homeland Security procedures. Please be respectful of the people who are enforcing these rules and procedures.


Crawford County Sheriff 989-348-6341

oSCoda County Sheriff 989-826-3214

alCona County Sheriff 989-724-6271

hale area PoliCe 989-469-8241

ioSCo County Sheriff 989-362-6164

oSCoda area PoliCe 989-739-9111


Program Book
p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m.
Photos by Brian Connon & Mark Bialek

Official Marathon Career Points Ranking - Top


75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 38 RankName PointsBest FinishLast Year of Points Top Tens 1Serge Corbin21501st 2005 22 2Jeff Kolka 18101st 2005 20 3(t)Andrew Triebold16501st 2019 18 3(t)Steve Lajoie16501st 2022 18 5Rick Joy 16203rd 2008 26 6Brett Stockton13001st 2022 15 7Ralph Sawyer12901st 1968 14 8Bill Torongo12602nd 2012 19 9(t)John Baker 12201st 1990 15 9(t)Jim Harwood12201st 2006 19 11Tony Short 11502nd 2009 19 12Jerry Kellogg11201st 1982 14 13Ken Kolonich10502nd 2015 21 14Jack Kolka 10302nd 1981 16 15Butch Stockton10101st 1987 13 16Steve Kolonich10002nd 2011 18 17Irvin Peterson8901st 1971 10 18Bernie Fowler8101st 1956 10 19(t)Al Widing, Sr.7702nd 1988 11 19(t)Ryan Halstead7701st 2022 11 21(t)Steven Kolonich7401st 1965 13 21(t)Jack Kent 7403rd 1968 12 21(t)Jeff Kellogg 7401st 1990 11 21(t)Randy Drake7401st 1998 11 21(t)Nick Walton7402nd 2021 14 26Solomon Carriere7001st 2000 9 27(t)Dave Shepherd6903rd 1992 10 27(t)Al Rudquist 6901st 1998 9 29Ted Kolka 6603rd 2007 15 30Bruce Barton6502nd 2007 11 31John Sullivan6402nd 2007 11 32Bob Welsch6302nd 1981 11 33Stan Hall 6201st 1973 7 34Matthew Rimer6001st 2010 9 35Matt Meersman5701st 2022 10 36(t)Jay Stephan, Sr.5501st 1957 6 36(t)Matt Streib 5502nd 2014 8 38(t)Larry Kindell5401st 1961 6 38(t)Christophe Proulx5401st 2018 6 40Tim Triebold5302nd 1999 9 41(t)Steve Krantz5203rd 1990 8 41(t)Guillaume Blais5201st 2022 6 43Luc Robillard5101st 1978 6 44Mike Davis 5003rd 2022 8 45Mo Harwood, Jr.4902nd 2010 9
Program Book 39
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 40
Program Book 41

Most Top Ten Finishes

1Rick Joy 0719262008

2Serge Corbin182222222005

3Ken Kolonich039212015

4Jeff Kolka 91820202005

5(t)Jim Harwood2514192006

5(t)Tony Short0811192009

5(t)Bill Torongo0914192012

8(t)Steve Kolonich059182011

8(t)Andrew Triebold121617182019

8(t)Steve Lajoie121418182022

11Jack Kolka0511161981

12(t)John Baker41213151990

12(t)Ted Kolka016152007

12(t)Brett Stockton91213152022

15(t)Ralph Sawyer81214141968

15(t)Jerry Kellogg4813141982

15(t)Nick Walton037142021

18(t)Steven Kolonich158131965

18(t)Butch Stockton5811131987

18(t)Pete Mead013132022

21Jack Kent 038121968

22(t)Bob Welsch036111981

22(t)Al Widing, Sr.059111988

22(t)Jeff Kellogg247111990

22(t)Randy Drake147111998

22(t)Bruce Barton037112007

22(t)John Sullivan037112007

22(t)Ryan Halstead178112022

29(t)Bernie Fowler369101956

29(t)Irvin Peterson4910101971

29(t)Verlen Kruger003101980

29(t)Dave Shepherd059101992

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 42 RankPaddlerWinsTop 3’s Top 5’s Top 10’s Last
Program Book 43
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 44
Program Book 45
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 46
Program Book 47

Impact of Local Dams to Be Studied by Consumers Energy

After gathering information during 25 community engagement public meetings in 2022, Consumers Energy is funding an independent study in the first half of 2023 that will help determine the future of its 13 river hydro facilities.

The 30- to 40-year federal licenses to operate the dams Consumers Energy owns and operates on the Muskegon, Manistee and Au Sable rivers are set to expire beginning in 2034. Consumers Energy also owns a dam on the Kalamazoo River with a license that expires in 2040 and a dam on the Grand River with a license that expires in 2044. “Consumers Energy is committed to being a good neighbor and working transparently as we make informed decisions to reach the best outcomes for our customers, stakeholders and the communities we serve,” said Norm Kapala, vice president of generation operations at Consumers Energy. Consumers Energy is considering four options for each of its 13 dams: Relicensing the river hydro dam and continue generating electricity, selling the dam to a third party, removing the dam, or replacing the dam with an alternative structure that maintains some level of reservoir.

“We know our dams play significant roles in Michigan, especially in the economies of the communities near our facilities, and we share with local leaders and others the desire to quantify those impacts before developing long term strategies regarding the future of those facilities, Kapala added

The energy provider hired Public Sector Consultants (PSC), a Lansing-based nonpartisan consulting firm that specializes in public policy research to perform the economic study. PSC has longstanding expertise in studying energy and the environment, economic research, public engagement, and group facilitation. The firm conducted the 2022 community river hydro inperson listening sessions and will build on the feedback from those meetings for this current work.

“A common theme we heard during our

25 community engagement meetings with communities and stakeholders is to know more about how much of the economic activity in the communities around our dams are associated with the hydro facilities,” said Kapala. “We have listened to the community members and we are working on this economic contribution study to answer those questions to better understand those impacts.”

PSC will begin by engaging each of the local communities to identify and review available data to ensure the studies find all contributing factors that influence the local economies around Consumers Energy’s dams. They will produce individual studies for each dam to better understand the unique economic contributions – including additional data on how the hydro facilities and their associated reservoirs contribute to the recreational and tax bases of the communities – of all 13 hydro sites.

Consumers Energy makes decisions based on the Triple Bottom Line that ensures benefits for people, the planet and Michigan’s prosperity. Factors Consumers Energy considers in determining the future for its dams include regulatory compliance, safety, community impacts, operating costs and environmental impacts.

For more information about the process to determine the future of Consumers Energy’s river hydro facilities, visit ConsumersEnergy.com/ HydroFuture

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 48
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 50
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 52
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 54
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 56

Created by Hall of Fame Historian John B. Cook, the Iron Paddler Award is given to paddlers who have finished 10 or more AuSable River Canoe Marathons in the Professional Division. To put 10 finishes into perspective, it is 1,200 miles of intense hardcore paddling; it is a minimum of 500,000 relentless paddle strokes; it is a minimum of 140 hours of grueling canoe racing.

These paddlers are die-hard and dedicated. These paddlers are iron-willed and incredible. These paddlers are the Toughest of the Tough!

Iron Paddler Award Recipients

No. Paddler Year Age No. Paddler Year Age No. Paddler Year Age

1 Bernie Fowler 1956 30

2 Steven Kolonich 1961 41

3 Ralph Sawyer 1962 25

4 Jack Kent 1965 34

5 Al Widing, Sr. 1968 43

6 Irvin “Buzz” Peterson 1971 47

7 Jack Kolka 1972 38

8 Jerry Kellogg 1977 33

9 Verlen Kruger 1978 56

10 John Baker 1980 38

11 Bob Welsch 1980 38

12 Butch Stockton 1983 34

13 Darwin Gilbert 1986 57

14 Brett Stockton 1987 24

15 Tony Short 1987 23

16 Rick Joy 1987 28

17 Jeff Kellogg 1989 44

18 Al Robinson 1989 46

19 Dave Shepherd 1991 35

20 Ken Kolonich 1992 46

21 Serge Corbin 1993 36

22 Lynne Witte 1993 39

23 Jeff Kolka 1994 35

24 Jim Harwood 1994 30

25 Bill Torongo 1996 34

26 Steve Kolonich 1997 25

27 Randy Drake 1997 43

28 Ted Kolka 1997 31

29 Al Rudquist 1998 38

30 Blaise St. Pierre 2000 60

31 Bill DuBois 2002 44

32 Robert Bradford 2002 59

33 Clark Kent 2003 43

34 Steve Landick 2003 50

35 Bruce Barton 2003 46

36 Carrie Montgomery 2003 33

37 Michael Garon 2004 47

39 John

Sullivan 2006 36

78 Dick Kloss 2013 71

79 Nick Walton 2014 41

80 Gloria Wesley 2014 54

81 Jason Hatfield 2015 37

82 Flash Marsh 2015 38

83 Joey Kimsel 2015 34

84 Brad Wilson 2015 33

85 Gary Aprea 2015 72

86 Tom Ackemyer 2015 50

87 Chris Hewitt 2015 25

88 Ellen Thompson 2015 58

89 Ryan Halstead 2016 29

90 Matt Meersman 2016 39

91 Russ Reker 2016 52

92 Mike Packard 2016 52

93 Tim McClure 2016 58

94 John Lucey 2016 52

95 Michael Schlimmer 2017 31

96 Tim Chapple 2017 43

97 Benedict Schlimmer 2017 28

98 Doug Moggo 2017 55

99 Fritz Hansen 2017 76

100 Steve Watson 2018 46

101 Matt Gabriel, Jr. 2018 34

102 Roger Henry 2018 76

103 Mike Davis 2019 28

104 Rebecca Davis 2019 29

105 Ray Trudgeon 2019 37

106 Daniel Medina 2021 27

107 Joe Leusby 2021 37

108 Nick Lyesiuk 2021 77

109 Io Harberts 2021 62

110 Jerry Killingbeck 2021 52

111 Wesley Dean 2022 27

112 Richard Lauth 2022 49

Program Book 57
40 Tom Trudgeon 2006 47 41 Joe Shaw 2006 51 42 Connie Cannon 2006 45 43 Dwight Walker 2006 52 44 Steve Krantz 2008 53 45 Solomon Carrière 2008 51 46 Joseph Seifert 2008 56 47 Fred Mills 2008 53
38 Jon Webb 2004 44 Smutek 2008 40 49 Frank Smutek 2008 74 50 Mo Harwood, Jr. 2009 30 51 Ray Bauer 2009 52 52 Tom Cannon 2009 53 53 Peter Heed 2009 59 54 Ray Quick 2009 54 55 Joe Johnson 2009 59 56 Andrew Triebold 2010 34 57 Steve Lajoie 2010 34 58 Mike Bradford 2010 45 59 Allen Limberg 2010 52 60 Greg Nelson 2010 53 61 Brian Royce 2010 38 62 Chuck Hewitt 2010 51 63 Colin Hunter 2011 30 64 Tim Sheldon 2011 46 65 David Teddy 2011 37 66 Amy Solak 2011 46 67 Sean Casey 2011 33 68 Mike Hartman 2011 35 69 Jeff DeFeo 2011 56 70 Nate Winkler 2011 39 71 Robert Smith 2012 38 72 Jon Thompson 2012 55 73 Don Brooks 2012 43 74 Matt Streib 2013 49 75 Pete Mead 2013 32 76 Tad Hill 2013 35
48 Ted
77 Rodney Matthews 2013 58
“The Toughest of the Tough!”
Iron Paddler logo designed by Brent Southland

Replenishing Mother Nature One Tree at Time

The Earth crunches as their shovels glisten in the sunlight, and workers attentively move dirt to make way for pleasant additions to Mother Nature.

Saplings and small crab apple trees are planted by Rogers Nursery in Au Gres. They will one day tower 25-feet high over the Tawas City community, every tree a reminder of the commitment Consumers Energy makes each year to replenishing the environment.

“It’s important for Consumers Energy to work with communities to replant trees because it’s a re-investment in the community,” said Rich Castle, area manager in the Northern Michigan region for Consumers Energy. “It’s necessary for us to cut trees to maintain our lines, but we can also provide tree (grants) to plant trees (that do not have an) impact on our system.”

Fallen trees or broken limbs are the leading cause of outages in Michigan. That’s why Consumers Energy is

investing more than $500 million over the next five years to make sure our customers have reliable service by keeping our distribution lines clear.

When planted, trees provide a wide range of benefits to the community. They help manage stormwater runoff, cool the air, reduce the effects of car pollution, and improve air quality.

The trees planted in Tawas City are part of a campaign that’s been around since 2009: the Consumers Energy Street and Boulevard Tree Planting Grant program.

Local governments overseeing qualified projects in areas with Consumers Energy electric service can receive up to $200 per tree to purchase up to 15 trees. This year, 33

communities in the Consumers Energy electric service territory are expected to receive a combined $89,200 and plant 446 trees.

Annge Horning, city manager for Tawas City, said the city has cashed in $26,600 worth of grants over the last 11 years, including most recently installed trees planted the second week of October.

Over time, this has allowed the community to

plant a total of 265 trees.

“I encourage everyone to apply for the grants,” said Horning. “We will continue to apply for them until we run out of places to put trees and I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Over at East Tawas they plan on planting eight trees – including three White Oaks in front of residents’ homes where trees had to be removed and five other trees in the downtown area. East

Tawas received $1,600 this year and said they have used the tree planting grants in years past.

“We are definitely thankful for them,” said Stephanie Loew, deputy clerk for City of East Tawas. “We budget for tree replacement and removal each year, and this grant goes toward those efforts. We plan to use this program in the future and are thankful for the opportunity to do so.”

The City of Rockford has also received the grant from Consumers Energy multiple times. In 2022 they received a $3,000 grant and planted 15 trees this October in areas around their community, including in their downtown, in front of businesses, and in neighborhoods around the city.

“We are Tree USA and this grant allows us to continue planting trees around the city. We

recognize how Consumers Energy’s grant can help communities like ours enjoy trees for years to come,” said Phil Vincent, department of public services supervisor for the city of Rockford.

“I’d encourage every town to apply for this grant. Not only does it help the environment and keep our towns green, it also helps educate communities about the Right Tree, Right Place principle. We want reliable energy and for our trees to grow for generations, and this grant helps us do both.”

For more information about the Community Street & Boulevard Tree Planting Grant Program contact our partner Michigan Forestry & Parks Association

For other ways how Consumers Energy invests in the communities we serve, visit https://www. consumersenergy.com/ community/foundation

75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 58
“I’d encourage every town to apply for this grant. Not only does it help the environment and keep our towns green, it also helps educate communities about the Right Tree, Right Place principle. We want reliable energy and for our trees to grow for generations, and this grant helps us do both.”
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 60
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 62
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 64
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 66
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75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 68

Most Female Top 40 Finishes

Program Book 69 RankPaddler Top 10’s Top 20’s Top 30’s Top 40’s 1 Lynne Witte 5101723 2 Carrie Trudgeon Montgomery051317 3 Connie Cannon 191214 4 Gloria Wesley 04913 5(t) Rebecca Barton Davis 171011 5(t) Amy Solak 01611 7(t) Holly Reynolds 0699 7(t) Barb Bradley 0489 9(t) Mary Schlimmer-Willoughby 1578 9(t) Sarah Lessard 0578 11(t) Edith MacHattie 0456 11(t) Brenda Carlson 0156 11(t) Kathy Manizza 0146 14(t) Mandy Trudgeon 0345 14(t) Hailey McMahon Halstead 0145 16(t) Alison Scott 0024 16(t) Sylvie Nadeau 0004
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 70
Program Book 71
75th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon 72 80091053
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