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Art and craft for primary school

ISBN 978-973-0-22024-7 Bucharest, 2016

Authors: Aurelia Beruşcă – Elementary School "Nicolae Titulescu", Bucharest, Romania Adriana Savarino - ICS di Andezeno, Andezeno (TO) Italy Antonella Buffo - ICS di Andezeno, Andezeno (TO) Italy Ewa Dubowik - Stowarzyszenie Edukator Łomża Poland Gheorghita Torcica - Kindergarten no 14, Târgoviște, Romania Gratiela Elena Antonescu - Kindergarten nr. 14 Targoviste, Târgoviște, Romania Irene Ioannidou - The G.C. School of Careers - Elementary School, Nicosia Cyprus Irena Navasaitiene - Kretingos Marijono Daujoto pagrindine mokykla, Kretinga, Lithuania Lamia Büşra Yeşil - Mehmet Emin Yurdakul İlkokulu, Ankara, Turkey Senem Soytekin - Sevinç Koleji, İstanbul, Turkey Silvia Olejárová - Materská škola Družicová 5, Košice, Slovakia Magdalena Wróblewska - Przedszkole Miejskie nr21, Olsztyn, Poland Kata Grgljanic - Osnovna škola Ivana Mažuranića , Vinkovci, Croatia Manda Šteko - Osnovna škola Ivana Mažuranića , Vinkovci, Croatia Marta Teofilak - Zespół Szkół w Lubominie, Lubomino, Poland

Editor: Aurelia Berusca

Welcome to the magical world of the seasons art & craft! Each season has a special appearance, charm and poetry, from the warm colours of autumn at the whiteness of winter, green of spring and yellow of summer. Children are the first and most receptive to the musicality and beauty of nature, observe the changes that occur in nature under the influence of environmental factors, ask questions, investigate and discover everything around them. Let’s celebrate each season through festivals of colour, creativity and art. Its purpose is the promotion and stimulation of creative and artistic potential of the pupils in primary, promoting the teachers experience from all the project partner schools. This guide gives to you great ideas to do with students in your classroom. These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for each season to be easier to find and choose what you need at the time. You will find ideas for working with materials from nature, paper and textile, wool yarn or wire, work projects carried out by groups or individual, colouring drawings etc. Art activities are a terrific way for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively. We have loads of art ideas for kids that are easy to do. Whether you like painting, drawing, stamping, or making cards or collages, you’ll find the perfect art project right here.

Autumn Crafts

Autumn is the season that offers children an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity: the dried leaves. They are so colourful, fringed were so varied forms that are an immediate attraction for children. Give students some suggestions for creative autumn crafts that are made using dried leaves! Dried leaves can be transformed immediately into a creative and interesting picture, made by little hands of children.

Autumn trees - Different techniques of work Fall trees made from colored paper, tissue paper, pieces of colored and printed fabrics, buttons colored in autumn colors , dry leaves, grains (barley, corn, pumpkin, melon, mustard, sesame, etc.) colored with watercolors. (collage).

Art class - painting trees Leaf shape can be achieved with a toilet paper tube, slightly flattened and soaked in the colours of autumn. You can use a brush dipped in mixed colors (red, yellow, green)

Using dried leaves as their stamps after coloring with watercolors.

Using a cotton ear is painted the tree crown with the colors of autumn

How do it?

Let's paint We offer you different developing and attractive painting techniques that are good activities for sensory stimulation, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, speech, thinking and cognitive development.

Our students work Romania, Bucharest

Tukey - Ankara

Cyprus, Nicosia

Turkey - Istanbul


Vinkovci, Croatia

Combining drawing and painting with collage

Fruits and vegetables of autumn – crafts Fruits from paper - Fall fruits We offer you one step by step fall application. It is good work for fine motor skills, speech, colors, cognitive development.

Fruits basket 3D from paper

More ideas for fall application with different materials. It is good activity for sensory stimulation, fine motor skills, speech, thinking, cognitive development, imagination.

Fall forest collage Follow the picture instructions and let the child make his/her own fall forest. It is good activity for fine motor skills, speech, colors etc.

Other Fall crafts

Fall is one of our favorite times of year! We love the weather, the changing leaves, the pumpkins and fun family things to do. We've created a collection of fall crafts that feature all of our favorite things including crafts with pumpkin, apple, leaf, scarecrow themes and more. All of these crafts can be created in our classroom.

Autumn classroom decorations – group projects

Individual or group projects to do during craft class

Winter crafts The winter, celebrate the season by getting the kids involved in some crafty projects everything from snowflake and snowman crafts through to some very cute penguins! We have a growing collection of winter craft ideas for you below, starting with some of the main themes for winter crafts and moving on to more general craft ideas...

Snowman cotton wool pad snowman craft

Snowman made of white wool balls 2-3 balls of wool fixed with a knitting needle, use other materials for the hat, scarf, bottoms, hands.

Use a polystyrene ball and glass or 2 unequal balls to make this snowman. If you want you can created his wife too (will be fun!!!)

You will need a white sock and a baby sock to make this gorgeous sock snowman Fill the sock with rice and tie the scarf to separate the head from the torso. Glue on twig arms (cut from brown felt), a carrot nose (from orange craft foam), eyes and a row of buttons down his front (from sequins or buttons). Pom Pom Snowman You need two pom poms of different sizes,

More Snowman decorations

Winter painting and collage

Use the cotton for the white things‌

Winter in the village collage (using the cotton pads, colored paper )

Paint the snow using fingerprints, drawing with corrector ink pencil on the background of blue ink


Ankara -Turkey

Slovakia - KoĹĄice

Romania, Bucharest

Istanbul, Turkey

Christmas decorations and cards

Christmas decorations using recycled CD

Christmas Trees

Christmas Cards

Other Christmas decorations – art and craft

Spring Crafts After a long winter the spring comes and the weather (hopefully) warms. It's time to turn our attention to baby birds hatching, flowers blooming, butterflies emerging and rainbows coming from the rainy weather. The best part is that all of these things make great kids spring crafts and are a lot of fun to do in our classrooms. These spring crafts are all made with paper, recycled materials, materials from nature. Spring Flowers and trees Different way to get a blooming tree: Spring Yarn Tree (white and pink yarn), Bubble Wrap Print – Cherry Blossom Tree, using the ear sticks etc.

Using colored paper

Spring trees watercolors painting with‌ crumbled paper!


Paintings and collages (landscapes, butterflies and birds, flowers) using different art techniques

Other Spring Crafts

Our students work TURKEY, ANKARA




Summer crafts Summer is the season of sun bright and ripe grain, but the holidays at sea or mountains. We do not have too much time for too many works of art and needlework. Maybe a month in which we can work with the children some of these ideas. Enjoy our fun summer crafts!

Crafts with shells

Other summer crafts

Summer paintings



The 4 Seasons Crafts These four season's artwork are gorgeous and a really wonderful activity to do with the kids:

We started with four trees on a page; each tree gets something glued to it: spring- popcorn summer- tear bits of green construction paper, hole punch red paper for apples fall- tiny brown leaves (I used honey locust) or torn brown paper bag winter- drizzle school glue all over tree and across the base, the child uses a finger to spread it smooth; sprinkle with table salt.

3D four seasons craft – a group project using cardboard, polyestercut figurines, colored paper, small balls of polyester, fabrics.

Four Seasons Craft – group project

Supplies You Will Need: Four brown paper lunch sacks White and green cardstock or construction paper Tissue paper (green, pink, blue, brown, black, yellow, red, orange) Cotton balls Scissors Glue

Making The Trees Cut multiple strips into top half of bag about one half inch thick. Stand bag up, and open it. Twist base of bag up into a trunk like shape. Twist remaining strips at top, two at a time, into branches.

Glue tree to center of green/white paper. To make leaves take pinches of green, red, orange, and yellow tissue paper and slightly crunch them up (for spring, summer, autumn). Add leaves to the ground beneath the tree (autumn). Follow the picture tutorial below to make a pumpkin. Glue these sparingly to the tree branches, spreading them out as you go. To make the flowers take pinches of pink tissue paper and slightly crunch them up. Glue these sparingly to the tree branches, spreading them out as you go. Add blue tissue paper to the paper to appear as puddles. To make grass, take green tissue paper roughly torn and cut long strips to look like grass. Fold bottom half of green over and glue to paper in order to keep it standing. Break cotton balls apart (winter) Glue cotton ball piece all over paper. Stuff little pieces of cotton into branches to look like snow. Make a snowman.

Seasons Festival Logo (proposal) ROMANIA, BUCHAREST







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Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Seasons festival - art and craft for primary school  

This is our final outcome of the eTwinning project "Seasons Festival".

Seasons festival - art and craft for primary school  

This is our final outcome of the eTwinning project "Seasons Festival".