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GRATITUDE REPORT In appreciation of those who supported Augustana University in the 2018-19 fiscal year

2018-19 AUGUSTANA UNIVERSITY GRATITUDE REPORT Donors, alumni, and friends, like you, are creating tremendous opportunities for our students and faculty through your support of Augustana University. We are grateful for your generosity and pleased to share the 2018-19 Augustana University Gratitude Report. Your gifts and pledges are driving Augustana’s progress towards becoming a top-tier liberal arts regional university. Together, we already have achieved a great deal. We have made renovations on campus and built new facilities such as the Froiland Science Complex. Breakthrough research is happening at Augustana to diversify our economy. Projects like this and stories of how you've impacted our thriving campus community are fueled by the $10,345,193 in gifts and pledges made to Augustana University over the past year by more than 4,000 donors. It’s difficult to put into words how grateful we are to our donors. Your selfless acts of giving help to ensure that an Augustana education remains within reach for the students we serve. Thank you for being part of the bold future that’s unfolding now at Augustana University.

The following listing recognizes individuals and organizations who made gifts and/or pledge payments between August 1, 2018, and July 31, 2019. We wish to acknowledge all who have contributed so generously to the university. If we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled any names, please advise the Office of Advancement by calling 605.274.5521. $100,000+ Dr. Stan '67 and Terri Brue Rachel Christensen Rita Elmen Kari (Over) '69 and Bob* Hall Dr. John '72 and Julie Hamre Paul Harmel '72 Dr. Delmar Knudson '56 Fred* & Linda Milanovich Al Schoeneman Dr. Greg '74 and Karen (Devick) '75 Schultz Thomas '89 and Melissa (Wardin) '90 Sebold Dr. Elaine (Pearson) Young '63

$50,000-$99,999 Steve '80 and Brenda (Boschee) '81 Dronen Greg+ '79 & Ellen Duerksen Rev. Norm Eitrheim '51 Jim* and Judy Hall Bill* and Carolyn Hinks Dave Johnson '67 Lillian Johnsson+ Linda Larson '87 Bob Mattison Dr. John '75 and Penny Ritterbusch Lowell '80 and Deb (Lambert) '77 Stortz Art '54 and Mary (Lothringer) Winden Dr. Jane '72 and Dr. Chuck Zaloudek

$25,000-$49,999 Earl* and Helen Bohlen Paul '66 and Nancy (Wiltsee) '69 Kautz Janet (Torkelson) Kurvink+* Lee '68 and Karen (Liebl) '67 Larsen Pat '81 and Patti (Burke) McAdaragh Dr. Jon '65 and Jill (Greve) '68 Nelson Dr. Tom '65 and Sandi (Weber) '89 Peterson Julie (Severson) '82 and Paul Schnaible Bob* '74 and Joan (Budahl) '74 Thimjon

$10,000-$24,999 Dr. Jason '94 and Jill (Weber) '93 Aanenson David Amundson '77 Dennis '78 and Julie (Fodness) '82 Anderson Adeline Bergeron '61 and Tom Koegel Dick Bland '68 Helen Boen Ron '63 and Becky (Skalland) '65 Brakke Gary '62 and Dr. Mary (Kelly)* '62 Brendtro Stephanie Dean Dr. Maureen* Diggins-Hutcheson and Dr. H.L. Hutcheson Richard Flisrand '60 Floyd Florey* '56 Gregg* '93 and J.J. (Pederson)* '95 Gohl Dr. Ronald Gunderson '70 Kim Hanson Gronewold '66 Rickard '83 and Monica (Martinez) Hedeby Bill Hegg, Jr. '70 and Susan Hegg Stephanie* Herseth Sandlin and Max Sandlin Dr. Terry* '58 and Dorothy (Tarrell) Hokenstad Denny '73 and Patsy (Larson) '74 Holzwarth Bud '58 and Ileen (Wageman) '58 Irvin Phyllis Jerke Joyce '78 and Peter Jobson David Johnson '74 and Janet Hovey Johnson '75 Dr. Dennis Knutson Phyllis (Johnson) Larson+ '49 Steve '65 and Marilyn Lawrence David Lillehaug '76 and Winifred Smith Dr. Steve Lillehaug '79 and Dr. Tanya Oyos '82 Estate of William Beach Locke John '90 and Jeanelle (Robson) '91 Lust

Helen Madsen Dr. Bob '63 and Barbara McGaughey Dr. David '75 and Patricia (Johnson) '75 Meyer Dan* '10 and Jordan (Boehmer) Morrison Mike '64 and Janice (Vieselmeyer) '67 Nelson Rev. Richard Nelson '42 Dale Nothdurft '91 Carol* '71 and Dr. Jim '72 Oakland John Odney '65 Dr. Tim '74 and Kathryn Peil Dr. Craig '73 and Karen (Mikkelson) '73 Pfeifer Keith Severson, Jr. '79 and Becky (Bahlmann) Severson '79 John Simko '61 Marvin Simonsen '49 Darwin* and Jane Sletten Bob '61 and Trish Swanhorst Blair* and Linda Tremere Dr. Bob Van Demark, Jr. '72 and Marilyn (Den Herder) Van Demark '74 Karen (Boekelheide) Van Lier '63 Russell Wagner+ Tom Walsh, Sr. '72 and Kathy Walsh Eric* and Emily Weisser

$5,000-$9,999 Janelle (Paganini) '65 and Rev. Carl Adler Ben Allen Scott '91 and Stephanie (Kjorness)* '95 Barth Donald* and Louise Berdahl Dave* and Patti Brooks Larry and Mary (Schneider) '72 Canfield Paul* and Tricia Cech Joel '76 and Linda (Jorgensen) '77 Christensen Anne (Shepler) Christopherson '57 Jim* and Sue Clark Virginia Coburn Cora (Miller) '61 and Dr. Maurice Conner Nate* and Mary Dally Tom '83 and Leisa Davis Eric '77 and Danae (Smith) '77 Delman Christine (Tillema) '71 and Robert Denicola Steve* and Kris Egger Dr. Joel '57 and Diane (Hinsvark) '58 Eide Rev. Norris '58 and Carolyn (Baalson) '58 Einertson Dianne (Gill) Ellingson '67 Peder Fedde* '84 Dr. Joe '56 and Mary (Bue) '56 Fenstermacher Estate of Ardith O Forbes Daniel Fry '13 and Anna Chow Fry Jim '70 and Marcia (Andert) '74 Fry Dr. Thomas '79 and Melanie (Riddle) '79 Gellhaus Dr. Philip '65 and Carole (Peterson) '64 Gilbertson Vance '72 and Sherry (Bormann) '72 Goldammer Dr. Martha* Gregg and John Gregg, Sr. Mark* and LeAnn Griffin Steve* and Marla Grove Dr. Milt* '60 and Marj (Niedringhaus) '61 Hanson Paul* and Paige Hanson Kathy (Olson) '75 and Dr. Bill Harris Catherine '89 and Gary Hildebrandt Tim* '81 and Dr. Pam (Baker)* '81 Homan Dody (Martyn) '72 and Boyd Hopkins David Jahner '88 Dr. Bart '08 and Kaia Johnson Dr. R.C. '68 and Jane (Nutter) '69 Johnson James Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Johnson Josh Jurgens Jeff Kayl '73 and Yuriko (Sawamura) Anderson John '61 and Marcia (Gunderson) '58 Kittelson Dr. Eric Klawiter '00 and Erika Anderson '99 Darrell '63 and Aileen Knudson Kristine (Simington) '68 and Dr. Larry Koehnk Gil* and Dorothy Koepsell Kelby* and Heidi Krabbenhoft Kris Kreiter O'Connell '79 and Bob O'Connell Julie (Blockhus) '76 and Dave Larson Gerry Law Bill '82 and Lorrae (Balt) '82 Lindquist Darrell Lingle '89 Dr. Melanie Madsen '82 Vicki Madsen '80 Donald* and Betty Maland Dr. Greg May '86 and Dr. Anne Wong May Dr. Rick '74 and Rebecca (Blankenfeld) '75 McClaflin David '84 and Dr. Lori (Larsen) '85 Melemseter Dick '58 and Lois (Paulson) '57 Merrill Ron and Joanne (Funari) '96 Moquist John Nohr Kevin '79 and Linda Nyberg Jim '77 and Sonja (Devick) '78 Odland Suanne (Hoiland) Ohme '86 Dr. David '71 and Dr. Joanne (Thompson) '72 Olson Dr. Mike '72 and Deb (Hovda) '73 Olson William '69 and Nancy (Foss) '69 Penk Marvelyn Peterson+ Laurel Prieb '77 and Wendy Selig-Prieb Rita Robison '80 Dennis* and Judith Sisson Ann Smith* Ben '82 and Cynthia (Woodden) Stone John '77 and Michele Sturdevant James Thissell+ '57 Scott Van Hove '79 Tom '08 and Paula (Schmeichel) '08 VerDouw Deb Vigness Dr. Mark Viste '92 Nate '00 and Annette White Donna (Kirkeby) Willadsen '54 Todd '83 and Mary (Kellen) Williams Dr. Kristen (Thomas) '97 and Kevin Zeller

$1,000-$4,999 Steven '77 and LuAnn (Loftesnes) '76 Aakhus Dr. Karla (Zacher)* '07 and Kasey Abbott Micah '04 and Jaci (Sutton) '05 Aberson Sandy (Dethlefs) '69 and Dan Albertsen Karla (Skovly) Alick '65 and Joe Alick, Jr. Dr. Richard '92 and Tammra (Fiedler) Allen Greg '90 and Beth (Balcer) '77 Amble Orrin '63 and Karen (Reemts) '63 Anderson Sonja (Dethlefs)'69 and Charles Anderson Deron '91 and Maureen Anliker Neal* and Rosemary Asklund Dr. Ken Aspaas, Jr. '68 and Maggie (Boschert) Aspaas '68 Dr. David '61 and Linda Bak Sterling* and Stacey Ball Brian* and Cindy Behm Susan (Norem) '83 and Jay Bentz Rev. Charles '59 and Judy (Schanck) '61 Berdahl Rev. Daniel '56 and Marjorie (Swanson) '55 Bergeland Berk '72 and JoAnn Berkland Daniel '79 and Kristi (Limburg) '80 Berkland Dr. Shana (Strand) '97 and Bill Bernhard Howie '62 and Arlene (Jessen) '63 Bich Dr. Matt '92 and Darcie (Stevermer) '92 Bien Drs. Jim* and Susan* Bies Bryan Bjerke* '74 and Lisa (Taylor) Greenfield '80 Dr. Dan '81 and Becky (Johnson)* '81 Blue Brian '97 and Dawn (Massey) Bodnar Dr. Ralph '65 and Nancy Boe Dr. Scott* '90 and Dr. Beth (Saxvik)* '90 Boyens Loren* and Sheila Boyens Dr. Barney '74 and Mary (Johnson) '74 Brandenburg Ronald '76 and Carol Brandenburg Lee '70 and Kathy Brandt Sherri '80 and Dr. Jeffrey Brindle Frank* and Martha Brost Paul '82 and Julie Bruflat Randy '81 and Sonia (Gaarder) '83 Bury Stacie Busse-Remme* '92 and James Remme Lori Butler-Chroneos '97 and Robert Chroneos Lennis Carpentier '69 and Linda Arlien Ray* '69 and Alice (Winterton) '71 Christensen Ronald and Kay (Enderson)* Christensen Tyler '02 and Jenny (Kapplinger) '02 Clementson

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Kelli (Johnson) '07 and Dave Cloutier Gary* and Kathy Conradi Linda (Willard) '67 and Lester Corporon Michael '61 and Janet (Seeley) '61 Dahlen Michael '71 and Carol (Sorlie) Daly Greg '75 and Janet Daniels Timothy '85 and Lee (Lester) '90 Dardis Dona (Cook) '63 and Keith Darlington Estate of Virginia Dettman Helen (Stenslokken) '55 and Conrad Dice Gregory* and Adrienne Dooman Richard '85 and Kathy Dorman Bill Doyle, III '84 and Linda Doyle Matt '03 and Amy (Marjor)* Dreke Dr. Gary* '62 and Sandra+ (Johnsgard) Earl Elaine (Schrader) '69 and Harold Easley Nikki '75 and Jon Edwards James+ Egge '70 Lyle* '63 and Jean (Sorteberg) '63 Eidsness Rick '83 and Dr. Marcia (Seivert)* '83 Entwistle Don '58 and Judith (Hoime) '58 Erickson Dr. Rosemary Erickson '64 and Arnie Stenseth '66 Gene* '55 and Betty* Erickson James* and Julie Espeland James* and Shelly Feeney Jeff* and Jackie Fiegen James Fisher and Rebecca Carson Mike* and Sue* Flynn Mike* '55 and Sally (Pagel) '58 Foss Robert '92 and Dr. Erin Fouberg Leon '61 and Darlene Freeburg Barry* and Melissa Froehlich Dr. Carroll Galvin '66 and Grace Lord Dr. Corrine (Mikkelson) '72 and Dr. Greg Ganske Ann (Stride) '66 and Thomas Garry Craig* and Ann Gifford Ada Borgum) '61 and Dennis Gough Pat (Harvey) '91 and Mark Graham Tom* and Linda Graham Dr. Aaron '06 and Jessica (Cooper) '07 Graumann Bill* '73 and Sheree (Ahrendt)* Gross Mark '92 and Stacy (Hagen) '92 Gross Dr. David '90 and Jodi (Jons) '88 Gubbrud Harold '57 and Shirley (Eichhorn) '57 Gunderson Richard* and Barbara Gunderson Anne* and Tony Haga Deb* and David Hagemeier Andy* and Mary Hall Paul '72 and Barbara Halstenson Dr. Bruce* '66 and Nancy (Hovasse)* Halverson Ron '62 and Joan (Gullickson) '62 Halverson C.J. '16 and Steph (Stevens) '15 Ham Peter* and Heather Hankinson Scott '83 and Jane (Peterson) '95 Hannemann Willis '55 and Phyllis (Bolstad) '56 Hanson Robert '65 and Judy Hargens Earl* and Frances Hass Sharon* and Billy Heap Suzanne (Ness) '68 and James Hegg Marlys (Ellison) '63 and Richard Henderson Brent '99 and Shawna (Gross) Henriksen Dr. Cody '07 and Lexi Henriksen Michael '02 and Jennifer Herman Burnett '67 and Cheryl Hernes Rev. Leslie '58 and Wanda Hernes Glen* and Amy Herrick Myron '55 and Rosita Hetland Michael '85 and Lori Heyden Jay '90 and Brenda (Jaton) Hieb Brent '78 and Nancy (Larson) '78 Hoegh Dr. Dale Hoiberg '71 and David Foster Dr. Mark '77 and Ann Holm Dr. David Homan, Jr. '02 and Lindsey Homan Jerry* and Anita Hostetter Ken '67 and Holli (Hanson) '65 Hotz Kaaren* '93 and Rob Huber Tim* and Paula Huber Mike* and Cindy Huether Todd* and Amy Huffman John '66 and Marlene (Broecker) '68 Ingebritson Drs. Colin* and Kelly Irvine Gregory '73 and Barbara Janssen Joan (Meyer) '68 and Jerald Jencks

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Dr. Ryan '01 and Gretchen (Papik) '00 Jepperson Al* and Carol Johnson Brad '72 and Bonnie Johnson Dr. Matt* '93 and Dr. Melissa (Thompson) '92 Johnson Marcia (Heins) '81 and Randy Johnson Alex '95 and Angie (Hazlett) '97 Johnston Kristi (Yttreness) '66 and Dennis Jons Dr. Jerry* and JoAnn Jorgensen David* '79 and Carole (Ahlers) '83 Joyce George '65 and Gay (Gubbrud) '67 Kapplinger Dr. Elmer '67 and Annette Kasperson Rev. John '68 and Lynn (Knutson) '68 Kautz Randall '79 and Kim (Oldre) '79 Kee James* and Patricia Keegan Brett* and Amy Keirstead Mindy Keith Snell '89 and Norm Snell Dr. Thomas '74 and Carol Kessinger Nick* and Kari Kiesow Dr. Mitch* Kinsinger and Dr. Sandie+* Hoover-Kinsinger Dr. Roy and Helen+* Kintner Timothy '80 and Nancy (Simundson) '81 Kintner Dan* and Arlene Kirby Joe '75 and Jennifer (Frerichs) '93 Kirby Kevin '76 and Peggy* Kirby Lt. Col. Royce '62 and Jackie Kjosa Skip* and Kimberly Klintworth Dr. Neil '75 and April Klutman Michael '82 and Carine (Walstrom) '81 Knight Dave* and Deanna Knudson Dr. Loren* '98 and Linda (Esser) Koepsell Rick '68 and DiAnn (Goedert) Kolkman Bradley '81 and Beverly Koopman John '80 and Julie (Schaefer) '80 Krolikowski Estee (Stene) '68 and Arnie Krueger Joni Krueger* Alice Kruse Burton Kvernevig '50 Beverly Laird '55 Ray Laird III Dr. Eric '90 and Jennifer (Peterson) '90 Larson Dr. Mark* Larson and Dr. Lindsay* Twa Lex Larson Drs. Lindsay* and Chad Laurich Carol Lerdal Harriet Lerdal '63 Dr. Paul '87 and Cora Limburg Dr. Verlyn* and Nora Lindell Ed* and Patricia Lindell Dr. Sandra (Olsen) Looney* '62 James '61 and Elaine (Ranschau) Luce Thomas Lundberg Rev. Darrel '58 and Joanne Lundby Marc '78 and Kathy Manderscheid Brenda (Anderson) '88 and Randall Marks Dr. Jon '97 and Dot (Groves) McAreavey Rhea (Rollag) '63 and Dr. John McBride Dr. Ken '67 and Sandy (Davis) McClain John McIntyre '55 Dr. Heidi (Koerner) '01 and James McKean Pat '74 and Kay McNerney Al Meger '11 Elizabeth (Petersen) '81 and Morgan+ Mendelson Kent Mews Jayne Meyer '74 Mike '86 and Betsy (Rentschler) '89 Meyers Leslie* '70 and Beverly (Henryson)*+ '72 Miller Nancy Monson Josh* and Robin Morton Rev. Kent Mueller '84 and Elizabeth Izant Dr. Mike* and Carol* Mullin Dr. Thayne '97 and Hannah* Munce Don Munson '58 Dr. Jeff '78 and Mary Jo Murray James Narlin '99 Randy* and Debbie Nehring Mark* and Amy Neises Dave '73 and Becky (Graeber) Nelson Dr. Dan '76 and Diana Nelson Lewis Nelson Paul '61 and Sandra (Resler) Nelson Dr. Joyce (Bargstadt) Nelson* '56 Dr. Arlin '64 and Barbara (Zell) Ness Larry* and Diane Ness Terry* and Linda* Nielsen

Mark '82 and Gretchen (Foss) '82 Noordsy Douglas* '66 and Fran (Halverson)* '96 Noteboom Dr. Jeff '02 and Heather (Lipp) Oakland Dr. David* and Christina (Swenson) O'Hara Rob* and Angie Oliver Craig* and Cheryl Olson Dr. Kenneth '70 and Roberta (Degner) '72 Olson Dr. Lela Olson '95 Preston Olson Suzanne (Hunstad) '85 and Kirk Olson Tom '91 and Kaye Overby Dr. Rodney* and Ruth Parry Richard* and Carol Patnoe Craig Paulsen '89 John '72 and Jane (Matthius) '73 Paulson Ardyce (Hemmingson) '55 and Stanley Pearson Dr. LaMoyne* '63 and Karyn (Richards) Pederson Kyle '93 and Katie (Clymer) Pederson Dr. Ed '51 and Charlotte (Ellison) '51 Peters Dr. Kevin '78 and Kelly Peters Scott '77 and Dr. Patty (Jarratt) '76 Peters Doug* and Wendy Petersen Dr. David '69 and Mary (Johnson) '70 Peterson John* '03 and Erica (Haga) '04 Peterson Richard* and Jane Peterson Estate of Hymen Pitts Justin '99 and Senta Pfeiffer Steve '82 and Dr. Gina (Waltner) '82 Pfeiffer Dr. Janet* and Rev. Frank Philipp Dr. Ellen Pinholt '74 and Col. Rodney Michael Joedy '92 and Patti '90 Berg William Prairie, Sr. Bob Preloger* Terry '75 and Susan (Larson) Prendergast Rev. David '64 and Dee (Schug) '66 Pretty John '66 and Margaret Preus Timothy '74 and Lynn* Qualm Ruth Quandahl-Hendricks '75 and James Hendricks Dr. Joel '07 and Dr. Erin (Seidel) '07 Quist Maria (Wong) '61 and Larry Rantapaa Dr. Gayle (Tieszen) '74 and T.J. Reardon Dr. Erwin '64 and Joan (Goldammer) '64 Reimann Lisa (Albertsen) '93 and John Reinschmidt Ross* and Crystal Reitsma Jack* and Joyce Rentschler Michael Reszler '91 Tim* and Tina Reuer Dr. Bradley '77 and Nancy Richter Gene Riddle Carol (Jertson) Riddlesperger '40 Karla Rikansrud Lorraine (Helgaas) '58 and Dr. John Rittmann Bryan* and Laura Rodriguez Daniel Roesler '82 Bishop Peter '67 and Geraldine (Sheridan) '67 Rogness Rev. Dr. Paul* and Susan Rohde Rex '71 and Margie (Lura)* '72 Rolfing Gary Rosemore '69 Dr. Bill '56 and Ihlene (Boade) '56 Rossing Rev. Dr. Lyle '60 and Holly Rossing Kennard '73 and Patsy Rossow Dr. Paul '84 and Claire (Mikkelson) '84 Rud John Rude '63 Lee and Marilyn (Sour) '65 Rundberg Paul '76 and Robyn (Lenker) '76 Runyan Rev. Kermit '54 and Doris (Rollag) '57 Rye John* and Susan Rynda Brad* '92 and Christina (Post)* '92 Salem Dr. Herbert* and Linda Saloum Dr. James '03 and Dr. Amber (Sommervold) Saloum Tiffany (Johnson) '93 and Dr. Gonzalo Sanchez Mark '79 and Karen Sather Steve* and Jacquie Sather Dorothy '59 and Rev. Roy '58 Satre Staci Schiller '93 and Steven Johnson Jackie* and Carl Schmidtman Dr. John Schmitz '03 and Dr. Angie Mattke '05 Scott '88 and Jane (Swanson)* Schroeder Mary Arlene Schulz Steven '74 and Cheryl (Mallette) '75 Schwarten

Dr. Don* '61 and Dr. Harriet (Johnson)* '59 Scott Garry '57 and Gloria Scott Craig* and Joan Severtson Timothy '89 and Melissa Shattuck Mark Short '81 and Carl Ray Joe Simington '65 Dr. Jerry* and Gail Simmons Rev. Jon '71 and Jane (Christensen)* '70 Skaar Dr. Rayburn '59 and Ardell (Stavnes) '61 Skoglund Rev. Howard '66 and Kristin Skulstad Carolyn Smith Karen (Henning) Smith '64 Patricia Smith '79 and Richard Tucker Walter Sogn+ '51 Dave* and Sandra Solberg Donald '59 and Virginia Songstad Chris Sonne '92 and Sheila Woodward '92 Pastor Lynette (Schull) '83 and Bradley Sparks Carol* and Mike Spillum Lois (Bachman) Stangeland '52 Bonnie (Moser) Stavig '57 Dr. Marilyn (Hanson) '67 and Ron Stember Muneen (Johnson) Stenberg '46 Joanne Stensaas '61 David Stusse '70 Rev. Dr. Leslie '64 and Carolyn (Hybertson) '66 Svendsen Carl '62 and Carol (Oksol) '66 Swanson Rev. Dr. Richard* and Cheryl* Swanson Kristine Swedin '79 Gerry* and Pat Sweetman Patrick* and Jana Sweetman Dr. Roy '69 and Susan (Tastad) '68 Teas Dr. Eric '94 and Emily (Kragel) '96 Thomas Dr. Harry* and Ronelle* Thompson Dr. James '60 and Darlene+Thompson Pastor Eldon '66 and Donna Thurow Scott* '83 and Laurie (Anderson) '83 Timmer Nancy (Oviatt) '83 and Blair Titze Sharon (Kvernes) '77 and Dallas+ Tonsager Bill '77 and Peg Torness Dr. Loren '64 and Jean (Dahl) '65 Tschetter Dr. Vance '67 and Dr. Marilyn Valerio Richard* and Michelle Van Demark Dan Van Schepen and Gretta* Melsted-Van Schepen Robert and Donna (Rehurek) '99 Van Veldhuizen Dr. Karel* and Joyce Vander Lugt David VanDine Dean '82 and Deanna* Versteeg Jamie* and Penny Volin Roger Voll '67 Rodney* '81 and Karen Vollan Dr. Ralph* and Susie* Wagoner Patricia (Laye) '67 and John Wang Sam Wang '64 Debbie Watson '96 Gerald '97 and Ann (Lyngstad) '77 Weflen Mark Weis '84 Dr. Duane Weisshaar* Darla Wienk '89 DeVon '78 and Lynette Wiens Susan Willinger '74 Charles '82 and Norma (Melchert) '85 Wise Dr. Charles Wright '52 Luanne* and James Wuestewald Dr. James '72 and Alice Yip Tom* and Lynne Zimmer

$1-$999 Sharon Aadalen Dr. Aaron '98 and Jody Aadland Dean and Pam Aakre Tara (Jerentowski) '98 and Troy Aarbo Joel and Dawn Aarsvold Donald and Sarah Abbas Alvin and Carol Abbott, Jr. Dan and Connie Aberson, Sr. Kraig Abraham '79 Rev. Stanley and Lynne Abraham Carol Ackerman '73 Rick '71 and Claudia (Eagon) Ackerman Rachel Ackland '66 Dr. Ione Adams '75 Robert and Sharon Adams Stefanie Adams Jeffrey and Gayle Adamson

Douglas and Cathy Aden Fred '69 and Susan (Christensen) '69 Aderhold Zach Adkins '18 Barton and Lois Adrian Patrick and Barbara Ahern BethAnn Ahlers '86 and Rev. Don Fulton Peter and Sonja Ahlquist Angela (Earl) '93 and Brad Ahrendt Jason and Jamie Ahrendt Mr. and Mrs. James Ahrendt Ronald '58 and Lois (Graff ) '54 Ahrendt Verdeen Ahrendt Ordell Akland Sharon (Loken) '69 and Wayne Akland Mary (Larson) '66 and Duane Albers Mitch and Sarah Aldinger Jean (Villaume) Aldridge '69 Beverly Alexander Nathan Alfson '12 Rev. James '55 and JoAnn (Rasmussen) '56 Alger Angela (Woodford) Allen '99 Dalton Allen '18 Douglas Allen and Catherine Taplett Allen Dr. Richard '86 and Claire (Reilly) Allen Erik Allen Steve and Michele Allen Wayne and Doreen Allen Taylor Allis '14 Gary and Susan Almhjeld Arlyn and Julie Alsum Charles and Rosella Alverson Anthony Amato Dr. Joseph Amato Luca Amayo Gary Amble Owen '72 and Diane Ambur Robert '59 and Karel (Winterton) '62 Amend Jonathan Ammerman Joseph and Judith Amo Marie Amsden Judge Bob '61 and Katherine (Larson) Amundson Mavis Amundson Bridget Anaya Dr. Lloyd '69 and Dr. Catherine Andersen Jill (Herbert) '97 and Christopher Andersen Mary (Stavlo) '73 and Richard Andersen Patty (Larsen) Andersen '75 and Robert Andersen+ Wendy Jo (Johnson) '75 and Tim Andersen Bethany (Rasmussen) Anderson '07 Catharine Anderson Charles Anderson '57 Cynthia (Larsen) '75 and Ervin Anderson David '67 and Alice (Schueler) '68 Anderson Doug '70 and Janice (Krebs) Anderson Dr. Ronald '63 and Dr. Lorraine (Diedrich) Anderson Drew Anderson '07 Duane Anderson '53 Elizabeth Anderson '18 Erik '96 and Alison Anderson Hallie+ (Vik) '56 and Dr. Ronald Anderson Jay and Judith Anderson Jeffrey '77 and Pam Anderson Jeffrey '08 and Katie Anderson John Anderson and Mary Chamberlain-Anderson Jon and Kristi Anderson Kenneth+* '57 and Pearl (Sumption)* '58 Anderson Kristi Anderson Laura (Bahnson) '68 and Rolf* Anderson Margaret Anderson '63 Mark '84 and Jeanette (Duerksen) '83 Anderson Michael Anderson '10 Sharon Anderson Terry Anderson Virgil and Lavonne Anderson C. Wilson Anderson, Jr. '77 and Pauline Anderson Kristen (Sonnichsen) '96 and Todd Andrix Patrick and Kristen Andrus Dr. Milton Andrus, Jr. '61 and Jo-Anne (Gettles)+ Andrus Daniel and Maree Anklam Alexa Ankrum '19 Dr. Kathy Antonen '73 Mary Antrim

Dr. Steven* '75 and Gwendolyn (Allen) '75 Archer John '74 and Sherry (Reimnitz) Archer John and Susan Arens Carol (Johnson) Argentos '67 Al and Audi Arndt Kevin '73 and Gwen (Axdahl) '75 Arneson Sue Arneson Trevor '14 and Kendra (Gerber) '16 Arnold Joseph and Connie Arnoldy Susan (Dean) '72 and Dr. Gail Arnott Loretta (Anderson) '74 and LuRay Asbenson Kent and Melinda Ashland La Donna (Jensen) '68 and Gene Ashmore Dr. Julie (Beddow)* '75 and Thomas Ashworth Jon Ask '11 and Rev. Christy Hallenbeck Ask '06 Nancy Asklund Terry '78 and Cheryle (Johnson) Aslesen John Aslin '56 Susan (Hardy) '91 and James Atols Rodney '81 and Ranae (Julin)* '81 Aukerman Collin* '09 and Amber (Thorpe) Authier Doris Autio Beth Auwarter Robert and Barbara* Avery-Sterud Berness Ayers Cindy Ayers Mary Lou Ayres Casey and Dr. Elizabeth* Babcock Rev. David '74 and Dr. Joan (Kent)* '82 Bacon Zach '07 and Maren (Gilbertson) '07 Bahler Dorothy Bahlmann Chuck '66 and Jan Bahnson Dorothy (Elmen) Bahnson '44 Randy and Amy Baier Carol (Jukam) '64 and Theodore Bailey Jacqueline (Bjorlie) Bailey '76 Vicki (Lea) '74 and Douglas Bailie Francis Bain, Jr. '70 Gary and Ann Baker John and Kari Baker Martha (Ludlow) Baker '86 Martin and Judi Baker Randy Baker* '77 Delmar and Danielle Baker III Dr. Howard '64 and Mary (Syzdek) Bakken Iola Bakken '61 Linda (Harden) '66 and Richard Bakken Drew '88 and Judy (Weg) '01 Bakkene Brian '81 and Jackie Balcer Rick Bandy Peggy (Pomerenke) '80 and Bhrett Baney Kathleen Bangasser* '80 Mitchell Banks and Rebecca Sandbulte-Banks Tahlyr Banks '18 Rahul Bansal '06 Joan (Berkland) '70 and Ronald Barber Onalea Barber Patricia Barber '70 Carey '97 and Annie (Kamber) Barker James Barker John '85 and Dr. Sherry (Stokke)* Barkley Dr. Paul '78 and Mary (Ahrendt) '78 Barnes Dr. Bryan and Leslee Barness Maddi Barness Colin '64 and Harriet (Reyelts) '62 Barrett Joe and Jan Barron Merwin and Sandra Barrows Luke Barry '18 Jan Bartels Chuck and Pam Barth Tim '93 and Angie (Batho) Barth Douglas Barton Trevor Barton and Andrea Hahn Barton James Baskin '72 Michael and Ramona Bass Thomas and Becky Batcheller Dr. Karen (Uthke) '02 and Mike Bates Marilyn Bates '71 Bob and Lynne Bath Dwayne and Carol Bauder Verdella Bauer Dr. Ken* and Jean Bauge Brian Baum Lynn (Starnes) '79 and Terry Bauter Nelson '64 and Carol Beall Harold Beardsley '60 Dale and Nancy Beaumont

Brian Beck Jordan Beck Susan (Hine) Beck '68 Thomas '88 and Kirsten (Horsely) Beck Bruce '74 and Paula (Mott) Becker Douglas Becker Marvin and Kathy Becker Scott and Julie Becker Randy and Kathy Becking Lois Beckstrand Dr. Colleen (Meisel) Bee '68 Yvonne Behrends Dan and Karen Behrens Jacob Belgum '17 Rowan and Karen Belknap Bryce '89 and Jane (Olson) '89 Bell Mari (Dickinson) '86 and Floyd Bellman Dr. Mary Jane (Dean) Belz '66 Collin and Kimberly Bender Mike and Jean Bender Sam and Joyce Benne Andrea Bennett '95 Bob and Elizabeth Bennett Ronald '59 and Le Etta (Warren) '65 Bennett Charles and Joanne Bennis Andrew and Renee Benson Charles and JoElle Benson Jessica Benson '98 Leroy '63 and Donna+ Benson Robert Benson Robert '61 and Donna Benson Rev. William '75 and Beverly (Kuhlmann) '77 Bentzinger Rosanna* Beraldi and Sean McGrann Alan* '71 and Joan (Loken) '75 Berdahl Christopher '93 and Lori (Adams) Berdahl Dr. James '65 and Susan Berdahl Dr. Laurie Berdahl '83 and Dr. Brian Johnson Dr. Mark Berdahl '81 David and Pamela Berens Bryce Berg '15 Chap. David Berg Dale and Marlene Berg Derek '03 and Becky Berg Milton and Marion Berg Nancy (Beyl) '79 and Dennis Berg Dr. Tim and Mary Berger Bryant and Rachel Bergeson Rev. Alvin '55 and Phoebe (Lerseth) '57 Bergh Dr. Bud Bergstrom, Jr. '60 and Mary (Schmitz) Bergstrom Rev. Dar Berkenpas Dr. Arlon '63 and Tara Berkhof Eric and Mary Berkness Elisa Berndt '15 Brian and Marilyn* Berry Carmen (Johnson-Lintvedt) Berry '70 Heidi (Hansen) '04 and Dr. Christopher Berry Rev. David '66 and Mary (Abernethy) '68 Bersagel Ruth Bersagel '71 Logan Berthelsen Jim '61 and Ardys (Johnson) '61 Berven Emad and Lonna Beshai Kyle '71 and Marge Bevers John Bicknell Vice Admiral Lyle Bien '67

Rod and Jennifer Bierman Cris '06 and Mandi Bietz Bradley Bilka and Jayne Heying-Bilka Gerry and Lee Ann Bills Zach Bingen '18 Michael Binger '78 Steven '74 and Susan Binger Greg* '95 and Pastor Heidi (Kostboth) '95 Binstock Darwin and Jacqueline Bishop Mylo and Lucile Bjorkman Estate of Gwendolyn Bjorkstam Craig '80 and Rebecca (Ulring) '80 Black Jaden Blake Daniel '83 and Marcia Blakeman Jeffrey Blank and Lorri Haskell Janice (VanSchepen) '79 and Dr. Gilbert* Blankespoor Ross '92 and Dr. Janet* Blank-Libra Angie Blavat Andrew Bleignier '05 Robert '71 and Carol (Jensen) '72 Bliefernich Joyce (Bridge) '67 and Dean Bliss Norman and Melanie Bliss Keith Block Rev. Dr. Daniel Block '75 Darwin '71 and Margaret (Mork) '65 Blume Dr. John '83 and Jennifer Blumer Dennis Bly '94 Duane '65 and Bonnie (Dingsor) Bly Holly (Stoessel) '95 and Tom Bobo Jim Bocchino Daniel Bockenstedt Twyla Boe '50 Brian and Michelle Boersma Dr. Wayne* '60 and Dr. Sally (Keiser) '65 Boese Ronald Bogenrief Bob and Lorri Bohm Daniel Boise '74 Richard Bolin Susanne Bolin '72 Daniel and Pamela Bollinger Michael Bonander '06 Greg Boner Jeff and Tracy Boner Toni Bonnema David '62 and Borgie (Christopherson) '64 Bonthuis George '50 and Faye Boom Betty (Bieger) '59 and Richard Borchard David and Sherry Bordewyk Judy (Duffin) '68 and Richard Borgen Sara and Steve Borgerding Nancy Borgum '73 Dr. Gregory Boris* '79 and Joan Reddy* Bo Borisow Scott and Cheryl Bormann Verna Bormann Theron Bornemeier Jane (Lindell) Borst '72 Arne Bortnem '64 and Peggy Pesicka-Bortnem Craig '07 and Amanda (Bedford) '07 Bosch Marilyn (Thorson) Boschee '58 Melvin Bosserman Julie (Riessen) '84 and Phil Boudreaux Jeffrey Bowar '72 Alan and Terri Bowden Dale Bower '75

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Dr. Rich* '71 and Kaay (Shaw) '97 Bowman Lois Bowman Craig and Susan Bowyer Dean and Cheryl Bowyer Jeanie Bowyer Shane and Laura Bowyer Bob Boyce '77 and Tom Cytron-Hysom Lois (Sorteberg) Boyce '52 Bryce Boyd Mary (Eide) '66 and Bruce Boyd Mark '92 and Stephanie (Hartman) '93 Boyens Brenda Boyer Max Boyum* '18 Karen (Jones) '63 and Roger Braaten Dr. Karen Bradberry Aaron Bradford Jim Bradley '79 Prof. Bonnie (Hoover) '62 and Hans Peter Braendlin Dr. Mark '72 and Mary (Lund) '74 Brahs Matt '11 and Caitlin (Polgreen) '10 Braithwaite Tacey (Eneboe) Braithwaite '76 David and Kathy Brandt Gerald Brandt '71 Gary and Lavonne Braun Michelle Braun '14 Sonja (Olson) '89 and Jeff Brazell Dr. David and Cathy Brechtelsbauer Gerald '62 and Joyce Breen Kevin '01 and Rachel (Krull) Breidenbach Stuart Brende '70 Gene Brenden '52 Carolyn (Aamold) Brendsel '70 Dr. Erik Brendtro '87 and Dr. John Sweet Dr. Larry* '62 and Janna (Agena)* '88 Brendtro Shannon and Dawn Brengle Willis Brenner, Jr.* Katie Brewer Stephen Briggs Barbara Britain Michael and Tanja Britton Julie (Anderson) Bro '70 Rosalie (Tollefson) Brodin '60 Gene Brodland '60 Mike '95 and Tara Broich Adam '10 and Joy (Lussenden) '10 Broin Philip and Amy Brookman Devlyn Brooks Barbara Brotherton Mark and Linda Brower Becky Brown Dr. Lisa (Rosin) '93 and David Brown Jack Brown '19 Jesslyn Brown Jonathan and Karla Brown Kathryn (Shattuck) Brown '81 Laura Brown '80 Nancy (Hall) '98 and Ryan Brown Noah Brown '18 Sheila (LaGrone) '74 and Landon Brown Susan Brown Susan (Steinbach) Brown '68 Walter and Beverly Brown Miles '55 and Marilyn Browne Taylor Brownrigg '16 Ron '72 and Janet Brubak Ronald '64 and Barbara (Johnson) '66 Brue Annette Bruer '83 Gerald+ '58 and Pat Bruget Merry Brummer Joyce (Herrlinger) '48 and Robert Brummond Randy and Lori Brunick Heidi Brunsting '02 Dr. James '94 and Michelle (Hildebrandt) '94 Brunz Barry and Paula Bruss Machelle Bruss Thomas Bruss Wayne and Linda Bruss Mike '10 and Maggie (Van Bockern) '10 Brusven Craig and Susan Bryant Herbert Bryant '62 Steven and Johnna Bryant Michael '72 and Marlene (Ronning) '70 Bryar Dr. Mark and Jean Bubak Lt. Cdr. Marvin Bucholz '75 and Adrienne Lafler-Bucholz Harold and Barbara Buck

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

JoAnn (Offerdahl) '60 and Charles Buck Steven Buck and Ann Marie Ritz Buck John Buckstead '62 and Patricia Stolfa Beverly (Krier) '69 and Elton Budahl Troy '92 and Linda (Theis) Budden Dr. Marvin Buehner Michael '74 and Barbara (Larlson) Buer Rev. Gerald '66 and Judy Bultman Myrene (Larson) Bunge '46 Ralph '64 and Paula Bunge Barb (Olson) '72 and Rev. Charles Bunk Liz Bunkers '14 Jean (Hansen) Burgess+ '48 Dr. Daniel '81 and Mary (Dyste) '82 Burgmeier Dr. Chris Burke '01 and Nicole Anderson '01 Gary and Kelly Burkhart Marian (Randall) Burling '81 Valerie Burmingham Kathryn (Eid) '69 and Douglas Burnell Laura Burnison-Rachel '93 and John Rachel Mary Burr James and Christine Burris Kendra (Koester) Butler '75 Joel and Lynn Buyck Dr. John Bylsma* Bill and Lynne Byrne Charmaine (Johnson) '69 and Ronald Cadwell David Calabotta Becky '92 and Dean Caldwell-Tautges Sean '92 and Kara Califf Patrick Callahan and Patricia O'Gorman Callahan Susan Callahan Jill Callison Dr. Franklin '56 and Ula Calsbeek Fran Campbell Kimberly Campbell '91 Marlene (Vermeer) '75 and Scott Campbell Stuart and Heidi Campbell Kristine Campbell-Stensland Mario '81 and Delores (Meyer)* '70 Candia Robert and Rose Capon Vernon Capps Michael Card Keegan Carda '16 David Carlisle Robert and Penny Carlisle Charles Carlson Duane and Sara Carlson Gail (Anderson) '58 and Robert Carlson Gary and Jo Carlson Jim Carlson '62 Kevin Carlson '74 Ronald and Michelle Carlson Ryan Carlson* '03 and Anitra Balchan Dr. Marilyn* Carlson Aronson and Dr. David Aronson Carrie* and Peter Carroll Sherry Carson Christine Carter Dorothy (Viles) '77 and John Case Vicki (Savage) '87 and Stephen Case Virginia Casey Clifton '74 and Marlene Castle Rev. Roy and Lazann Caudill Eunice (Gatons) Cavanaugh '81 Robert and Sally Cebuhar Robert and Myrna Chamberlain Jerry Chaon Rev. Robert '74 and Carole (Goshen) Chell Mary (Siekmeier) Child '57 Martin and Jennifer Chitty Brent '74 and Terry Chozen Craig and Tammy Christensen David Christensen '76 Justin and Casey Christensen Matthew and Marie Christensen Neva (Ellwein) '72 and Chuck Christensen Randy Christensen Tracy Christensen '92 Janet (Nicolai) '89 and Rev. Thomas Christenson Kris (Bot) '75 and Robert Christenson Dr. Janell (Jucht) Christiansen '62 Ashley (Holst) '08 and Devin Christianson Dr. Sara Christopherson '02 Jill (Degner) Christopherson '74 Stan '67 and Sandra Christopherson Virginia (Avery) '81 and Dr. Thomas Christopherson Lorna (Fiedler) '64 and Jack Chronerberry Henry Chu '74 and Flora Lau

Prof. Tim Church '74 Margaret Chutich Marilyn (LeClaire) Cisek '58 Sandy Clabo Bevin Clapper Alan and Amy Clark Beverly (Smith) '57 and Robert Clark Kristine Clark '90 and Thomas Berens Sheila Clark Andrea Clatterbuck '06 and Burness Broussard Kyle Claussen Randy Claussen Stacy Claussen Janice Clay Courtney and Deanna Clayborne Delores Cleveland George and Joan Cleven Joran '13 and Liz (Anderson) '13 Clute Louise (Lindquist) '59 and David Coe Christine (Johnsen) Cognetta '70 and Carmen Cognetta, Jr. Joe and Mary Colby Jay Cole '13 Emily Cole-Jones '99 and Robb Jones Brad '83 and Julie Coleman Bruce Coles David Collins Mark Collins '85 Paul '72 and Jean (Murphy) '72 Colon Jim and Holly Connealy Clifton and Marcia Connelly Leslie (Richards) Connelly '69 Mary (Scott) '67 and Paul Connelly Michelle (Wolthoff ) Connor '87 Robert and Jo Conrad Ann Cony and Jon Matthews '76 Anda (Suna) '58 and William Cook Joyce Cook Earl '73 and Marie Cooper Marc and Annetta Cooper Jerry and Lori Cope Michelle Corbin Dan* and Carolyn* Cordie Beverly (Westergaard) Cornelius '52 Dave Cory Tyler '12 and Chelsey (Illg) '12 Coverdale Rebecca (Binger) '81 and Michael Covert Beverley Covlin Joseph and Elizabeth Cox Lynne Craig '72 Ronald Craig '70 Glen and Sally Crandal Jordan and Kirby Crawford Danielle Crawley Dr. Mary Creske Cindy Creske Schwartz Beverlee (Akland) Creswell '68 Shon Cronk '83 Norman and Dianne Crossman Dr. Richard and Margaret Crowder Susan (Osmann) '78 and Philip Crum Connie (Heylens) Culey '73 John Cummings '63 John Cunningham Kevin and Terri Curry Patrick and Jolynn Curtin Stephen and Marcia Cusulos Kathleen Cypher J. Michael Dady Damian Dagel '17 David Dahl '61 Donald Dahl '59 Jerry '77 and Christine (Heywood) Dahl Jonathon and Sarah Dahl Dawn (Hagen) '72 and Paul Dahlberg David and Anne Dahlen Barbara Dahlin Craig Dahlke Douglas Dahlke Kay* '72 and Dana Dahlquist Anthony and Lisa Dahm Dan and Laurie* Daily Dr. Allan Dale '73 Maggie Dally '14 Madeline Dalrymple '80 and Doug Wheeler Jordan '10 and Calie (Roggatz)* '12 Dalton David '66 and Barbara Damgaard Roger and Gloria* Damgaard J David Dancler Shirley (Fossum) '58 and David Daniell Danette Daniels Jeff '92 and Stephanie Danielsen

Bishop Duane '67 and Jeannie (Schull) '67 Danielson Leonard and Joanne Dankey Brittany Dardis '15 Sadie Dardis-Knudtson and John Knudtson David '89 and Andrea Darr Dennis and Carmen Dau Thomas and Trudy Daum David Davis Donna (Turner) '60 and Dean Davis Phil and Judith Davis Rachel Davis T.J. '16 and Kayla (Wallerich) '14 Davis Timothy and Rhoda Davis Tracy Davis '95 Mary Day Phyllis (Lokken) Day '50 Sherri (Shima) De Noble '87 Christine Dean Dr. Thomas and Kathryn Dean Daniel and Debbie DeBoer Doreen DeBoer Jeremy and Angie Decurtins Kevin DeCurtins Catherine Deering Bishop David '77 and Anita deFreese Randall and Mary Degn Sharon DeHaan Daniel '73 and Sue (Kortmeyer) '74 Dehnicke Dawn Deines-Christensen '98 and Keith Christensen* Angela (Shubert) '09 and Dag Dejene Donovan DeJong* '93 and Lisa (Fisk) Brunick* Michael and Sara Delano Sen. Thomas and Pat Dempster Dr. William and Cyndi Dendinger Mavis (Sneesby) Denofsky '52 Lane and Tammy Derby Matthew DeRegnier '80 Randy and Pam Derheim Leonard Deslauriers Mary Deslauriers Earl and Mary Detert Mike Detert '96 Thomas Deupree Christian Devereaux Gregory and Renae Devereaux Allen and Elizabeth Devitt Capt. Donald Diaz Douglas and Cynthia Dibble Zachary* '16 and Megan (Brown) '15 Dibble Carissa (Butterfield) '04 and Matthew Dice Mildred Dick Matthew and Deborah Dickerson V. Raymond Dickey '56 Laverne Diede Michelle* and John Diehl Capt. Diane Diekman '72 Dr. Dustin '96 and Kelly (Rud) '96 Dierks Carol (Stange) '65 and Eugene Dierksen David and Melissa Diesburg Mildred Dieter Ali and Cindy Dikmen Tayfun Dikmen Karen (Johnson) '67 and Floyd Dimick Dan and Sally DiPasquale Jeffrey '85 and Julie Dixen Lacey (Horkey) '06 and Brian Dixon Jennifer Dobson Tyler Dobson Eric '13 and McKenzie (Jones) '13 Docken Robert Doescher '61 Tracy Doherty Josi Dolezal Bernard and Brenda Donahue Patricia Donahue Bobbi Jo (Larson) '88 and Dr. Joe* Dondelinger Steve and Barbara Doshier Anne Douglas Judy* Dovenmuehler and Dave Kupka Jay and Hyon Downey Mark Downey Molly Downing Carolyn Downs William and Rosemary Draeger Carol (Patchin) '73 and Doug Dreke Dan* '84 and Lisa (Thorman) Drenkow Dr. Jared '12 and Maria Drenkow Troy Drenth Steve Dresbach '66

Frank and Marilyn Drew Cari Jo Drewitz Jan Drier Marilee* '98 and David Driver Timothy and Carla Drone Stanley and Eleanor Droogsma Sophie Drotzmann Charles Drummond Dave Dudek Eunice Duerksen Marilyn Duerksen Russ Duerksen Randall and Laurene Dufault Lisa Duffey '94 Curtis and Annette Dumke Dave '76 and Chris (Sandvig) '75 Dummermuth Robert and Vivian Dunbar Bruce and Leslee Duncan Michael '74 and Deborah Duncan Don Dunham III '86 Mark and Sara Dunnett Scott and Christie Durland Mason Dutton Brian '13 and Jenna (Cleveland) '13 Duxbury Andrew and Darcy Dwyer Shannon and Marlee* Dyce Doug and Roxane Dyk Kira (Christensen) '04 and Joseph Dylla Janice (Henden) '61 and Dr. Kent Eakins Dr. John Eastby '75 Wayne '66 and Karen (Hoffmann) '66 Eastby Dr. Cari* '96 and Scott Eastman Scott and Dr. Cari (Skogberg) '96 Eastman Kenneth '70 and Sandra Eben Mary (Andersen) Eberhard '55 Susan (Klaksvik) Ebert '68 Ronald and Aldena Ecklein Georgene Eckman Max '12 and Jessica (Miles) '10 Eckrich William and Becky Edwards, Jr. Thomas and Mary Egan Mallorie (Hansmann) '06 and Scott Egbers Kimberly (Field) '97 and Tim Eggebraaten Beverly Eggen Dr. Paul* and Dr. Kristi Egland Kathie Ehler-Lejcher Mary (Thorstenson) Eich '67 Roger and Renee Eichten Marie (Schotzko) '65 and Craig Eidem David and Jan Eiesland Patty* and Joel Eiesland Marilyn (Lunning) Eikanger '52 Ruth (Loewe) Eilers '56 Brett Eisenbeis Kimberly Eisfeld Donald Eisma '67 Kayla (Bickett) '05 and Andrew Eitreim Diane (Johnson) Eitrheim '57 Charles '54 and Joyce (Olson) '51 Ekanger Mark '73 and Rebecca (Sanders) '73 Ekeland Elizabeth (Hofstad) '65 and Jeffrey Ekola Joyce Ekstadt John '17 and Beth* Elam Jeffrey and Melissa Elder Jennifer Eldredge Cary and Deborah Elhardt M. and Elizabeth Ellender Patti (Patton) '78 and Jerry Ellingson Rebecca (Raad) '68 and Roland Ellis Madeleine Ellis* Rev. Stanley '64 and Dorothy Ellison Bob '75 and Cindy (Nelson) '75 Ellsworth Dr. Andrew '05 and Laura (Vogt)* '05 Ellsworth Eloise (Saugstad) Elmen '61 Charles '64 and Marilyn (Torkelson) '66 Elmstrand Tom* '16 and Haley (Hoium)* '16 Elness Dan and Keely Elsasser Dr. David and Julie Elson Susan (Dehli) '69 and Robert Elton Heidi (Anderson) '78 and John Emanuel Anita (Syltie) Embree '66 and Effingham Embree, Jr. Dean '72 and Donna (Karn) Emmans Dan Emmel '73 Gregory '75 and Betsy Emmel Gayle Emmel* '65 Verne Endahl

Thomas and Amy Endres David '75 and Kristine (Anderson) '76 Eng Glen* and Carla Eng Jon* '90 and Holly (Salden) Eng Russell '65 and Karen (Sonstegard) '67 Eng Orrin and Jennifer Engbrecht Gordon '72 and Lynnette (Schelvan) Engdahl Maren Engel* '13 Matthew '79 and Kathryn (Lindell) '79 Engelmann Susan Engfelt Herbert '54 and Carol Engh Judy Engh '87 Peter '75 and Sherry Engh David and Joann English Dr. Gil and Kathy English Chuck Ennen Rev. Glen* and Jan (Brue) Enright Christine Ensberg '85 Sally Ensberg Hannah (Kuelbs) '13 and Travis Entenman Fred and Ann Entwistle Stuart and Kimberly Epperson Charles '54 and Rita (Marquardt) Erickson Curtis and Andrea Erickson Dale Erickson '82 David '92 and Stephanie (Hals) '92 Erickson Dr. Chris '02 and Carrie (Leber) '02 Erickson Gordon Erickson+ '62 Lily Erickson '15 Richard '58 and Arlene (Olson) '58 Erickson Richard and Marjorie Erickson Verlyn '68 and Bev (Eggimann) '68 Erickson Wendell+ and Kathryn Erickson Laura (Keefe) Ericson '85 Judithe Ernst Michael and Cynthia Ernst Shirley (Wassink) Espeland '57 Boyce Estes and Marcia Bender Estes Joyce (Fiedler) '65 and Philip Estrem Stuart '78 and Young (Hwang) Evensen David '74 and Marvene (Larson) Evenson Joe* '03 and Tresse (Klumper)* '03 Evenson Paul Everson '74 Chris '68 and Rebecca (Olson) '69 Eyberg Eric Falk Wayne Fanebust '68 Scott Faragher '68 Kathy Farrell-Jones '87 and Jeff Jones Colton Fast '15 Opal (Bersagel) Fedde '47 Ellen Feikema Calvin and Lynn Feine Lois (Schlund) '63 and Dr. Delvin Feistner David and Diane Feller Thomas Fenner, Sr. '53 and Sarah (Kinkead) Fenner '54 Sonja (Dean) '99 and John Ferrell Randy '72 and Kathy Ferrin Andrew and Kristin Feterl Robert* and Lela* (Halverson) Feuerborn Vincent '93 and Elizabeth Feuerborn Melvin Feuerstein '63 Vince and Julie Fiala Fred and Rosanne Fibeger Donald Fick '60 Dr. Orlin '80 and Amy Fick Karen (Rans) '67 and Edward Fick Brad and Joan Field Rebecca Filice Edna (Bauer) Fillingsness '55 Alex Fink '16 Jim and Sandra Fink Robert and Heidi Fink Chism Fink* '12 Dr. Chris '99 and Steph (Jackson) '98 Fischer Jessica Fischer Michael Fischer and Mary Ellyn Minenko Gary and Barbara Fish Calvin Fisher Dr. Teresa Fisher '93 Gerald '73 and Rebecca (Missal) '72 Fisher Kirk Fisher '88 Mike and Denise Fisher Scott Fisher Theodore and Jo Ann Fisher Susan (Roney) Fitzgerald '63 Patrick and Paula (Dirksen) '10 Fitzsimmons RJ* and Jayna* (Gearhart) Fitzsimmons Marlin '64 and Joyce (Hefty) '66 Fjelland Don and Kathleen Fjellestad

Rachael (Nelson) '11 and Tim Flagstad Patrick '77 and Karen (Van Kley) '77 Flaherty Linda (Mickel) '67 and Thomas Flakoll David Flattery '19 Barbara (Langenfeld) '69 and Norm Fletcher Scott '81 and Jodie (Egan) '82 Flolid Frank Flowers and Deborah Payne Bruce and Karilyn Floyd Joe Floyd '58 Melinda Flugge '71 Michael and Laura Flyger Carol Flynn Joe and Valerie Flynn Sean Flynn Vivian Flynn Rev. Dean '59 and Lola (Lee) '60 Fodness Ron and Betty Fokken Mary (Sikkink) '79 and Raymond Folger Peter* and Jennifer Folliard Jesse '14 and Kelsey (Junget) '14 Fonkert Ardelle (Hendrickson) Fonss '59 Lori Forman '79 Glennis+ (Paulson) '68 and C. William Formwalt Catherine Forsch Ann (Henkes) Forster '66 Adele (Swenson) '69 and Pastor Howard Fosser Arlyn and Joann Fossum Dan '95 and Nancy (Wilson) '94 Fouberg Carver Fouks Richard and Joanne Foust Matt* and Sharon Fox Kayleen Fraley Karie Frank* Cynthia (Schmidt) '73 and Brian Frankel Dr. Jeanne (Pfaff ) '91 and Ron Franz Deb (Carlson)* '76 and Doug Frederick Brent and Alexis* (Towlerton) Fredin Jacqueline Fredrick Tracey Fredrick '06 and Aaron Troost Margaret (Jones) Fredricks '59 Dr. Jerry* '70 and Mary '02 Freeman Jason Freeman '98 Gloria (Dishong) Freitag '78 Cole Fricke '09 Kim Friedrichsen Schmidt '78 and Alan Schmidt David and Niva Fries Luverne and Mary Jane Fries Rosemary Friesen Jaris Fritz '10 Dr. Thomas '65 and Amy (Gregerson) '66 Froiland Mary Froiland Dr. Michael and Mary Fuchs Caroline Fuhrer Barbara (Horton) '68 and Terry Fuller Lawrence and Suzanne Fuller Keith and Laura Furst Jeff Fylling* '78 and Dawn (Clausen) Kunzmann Leslie (Erickson) Fylling '80 Rev. Donald and Alta Gaarder Nathan '94 and Kristin (Odney) '93 Gabel Rev. David '64 and Laurie (Ytreeide) '66 Gabel Joel* and Kristin Gackle Don and Arlene Gage Dennis* and Karen Gale John Gallagher and Carolrae Cambianica Barb Gallivan Dustin Gann Kevin Gansz '96 Colleen (Rohs) Gardner '71 Michael and Shelly* (Powell) Gardner LaVonne '79 and Kenneth Gaspar Thomas and Bonnie Gasper Dr. Thomas Gasque Tyson Gau '13 Lois (Lind) Gau-Akkerman '53 and Marvin Akkerman Keith '92 and Anna (Remedios) Gauer Gail Gebhard Keith and Geneice Gebhart Rev. George and Mavis Gehant Robert '58 and Terri Gehler Margaret Gehring Rev. Randy '85 and Shelly (Lage) '85 Gehring Kasey Geiger '18 Mary Geiger

Nicole (Wolle) '94 and Jeremy Geiger Robert and Kristen Geiger Sharon Geiszler JoAnn (Eidem) '73 and Greg Gemar Darlene George Orlando George '00 Jim and Ronda Gerardot Steve and Darcy Gerber Dr. Daniel* Gerling and Dr. Pilar* Cabrera Fonte Becky Germscheid Deborah Germscheid WM and Kay Germscheid Jeanette (Christiansen) '66 and Rev. Darrel Gerrietts Rev. Dan '00 and Molly (Fosness)* '98 Gerrietts Dr. Daron '87 and Patricia Gersch Russell Gertsch Dr. Bill* '58 and Dr. Carolyn (Smith)* '58 Geyer Darla and FD Giambattista Dr. Scott and Melissa Gibson Mike '07 and Lisa (Trehearn) '05 Gibson John '69 and Mary (Schnell) '68 Giddings Mark* and Michelle* Gierach Dale and Linda Gilbert Frederick and Julia Gilbert Sharon (Grau) '68 and Thurman Gilbert Dr. Carol Gilbertson '66 and Dr. Mark Muggli Dr. Mark* '64 and Patricia Gilbertson Priscilla Gilbertson Rev. Paul Gilbertson Dr. Wayne* '57 and Carolyn Gildseth Dallas and Michele Giles Winnie (Olson) Giles '73 Nicole Gill Bryce and Terasa Gillen Sara (Eiesland) '09 and Jordan Gillis Ronald Ginther '65 Chad and Joni Glanzer Karen (Nelson) '66 and Edward Gleeman Jerome Goddard Roger Godin Dan Goede and Donna Bates Pamela (Horn)* '72 and Larry Goehring David and Sally Goetsch Dale and Beth Goetschius Don '63 and Judy (Backlund) '66 Gohl Lee and JoAnne Goldammer Bob and Patricia Goldman Sylvia (Kingstrom) '75 and Rich Goldman David Golemboski and Brianna Copley Christel (Knauss) '94 and Bruce Gollnick Dalvin and Darlene Golz Nathan '03 and Heidi (Bratland) '03 Golz Nick '02 and Dorena (Huizenga) Golz Kelli Goodrich '11 Jill Goodrich* '11 Stephanie Goos '11 Pamela (Lee) Gordon '85 Rosemarie (Baukol) Gors '68 Denise Gorsine Donna (Hoekman) '80 and Dr. Fred Gose Sam Gotham '13 Jilayne Gottsch Kendra Gottsleben '10 Heather Gould Michael and Marnie Gould Mim Gould Shane Gould Katelyn Graber '18 Glenn '05 and Kirsten (Larson) '04 Graesser Jerry and Colleen Graff Miles Graff '49 Bob and Barbara Gran David '90 and Katrina Granholm Dr. Nathan* and Nikki Grau Dr. Glenn '64 and LaDonna Gravelle Kevin Graves McKenzie (Myers) Graves '06 Barbara Gravett Laura Gray Mike and Theresa Gray Sharon Gray* Nancy Grebis Bruce Green Jeff Green '09 Ron and Christy Green Sarah Green '97 Ruth (Dorff-Bertelson) '60 and James Greene Russ '57 and Carol (Reuter) '61 Greenfield

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Daniel Gregg+ '78 Matthew Gregora Tyrone* and Janet* Greive Dorothy Grevlos Dr. Lisa (Wiehl)* '87 and Mike* '87 Grevlos Kristin (Sansgaard)* '97 and Donn* Grinager Nicole Grinager '17 Doug '09 and Patty* Grinsell Doug '03 and Angie (Isane) '02 Groebner Diann (Thompson) '68 and Vernon Groen Nicole Gronli Theresa Groos Mary Ann Gross Cheryl (Brown) '74 and Mike Groth Bo Groves Kirby '73 and Paul Kirby Dennis and Bernice Gruber Randolph Gruber Robert and Mary Gruber Terry Gruber Richard Grusnick Arnold and Ruth Gruys Colleen (Critser) '66 and Paul Gryte Dr. Jennifer* and Michael Gubbels Barry and Janice Gubrud Richard and Mary Guentzel Alex Guggenberger '17 Heinrich Gugger Peter '68 and Ellen (Hokenstad) '70 Gugisberg Mark Gullickson '64 Betty (Cody) '62 and Ralph Gunderson Christa (Koster)* '95 and Greg* Gunderson Jay '83 and Tamra Gunderson Jacquelyn (Jones) Gunnarson '58 Bethany (Fite) '94 and Jason Gusso David '70 and Lynn Gustafson Sigrid (Swanberg) '83 and Eric Gustafson John and Joanna Gutch Dr. Carl Guthals '58 Franklin '53 and Marilyn Guthals Scott and Janet Guthmiller Morris '61 and Joann (Wangsness) '61 Haanstad Matt Haar '11 Cherie (Miller) '84 and John Haas Joyce (Strom) '74 and Kenneth Haas Edna (Benson) '58 and Richard Haase John and Jill Haberland Wade '65 and Souad Haboush Larry and Betty Hackett Denise Haefner Kirsten Haefner Bryce '15 and Ashley (Limmer) '15 Haflett Curt '69 and Glenda (Tarvestad) '68 Hage Dr. Jeffrey and Karen Hagen Kathy (Helland) '75 and Jon Hagen Ronald and Judy Haglund Jane Haight Michael and Lori Haight Dona (Anderson) '86 and Bob Haines Paula Haiwick '94 Doug and Anne Hajek Judith (Krause) Halamka '59 David '81 and Susan Halbritter

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Joel '84 and Catherine (Schmidt) '84 Halbritter Erik Hall Kari (Hanson) '09 and Clint Hall Robert and Lela Hall Yvonne (Wassink) Hall '58 David '74 and Rebecca (Bagaason) '75 Hallberg Dr. Mark* '80 and Nancy (Wheeldon)* '70 Hallenbeck Joseph Hallenbeck '09 Rev. Jenny Hallenbeck Orr '00 and Derrick Orr Michael and Kristine Haller, Jr. Linda (Beck) '82 and Richard Halliburton Chad Hallock Beverly Hallstrom Geri (Brockhouse) '67 and Sidney Halma Rev. Richard '63 and Diane Halom Robert and Rita Halquist C. Wayne and Dorothy Halsne Kevin Halsne Todd and Beth Halsne Bruce '58 and Ramona (Ouillette) Halverson Dr. Lewis '81 and Joan Halverson Eileen Halverson John '64 and Donna Halverson Ralph and Jean Halverson Clemence Haman Brad Hamburg Jack and Judith Hamilton Ryan Hamilton '17 Stephen and Erin Hamilton Victor '72 and Mary (Wagley) Hamre Janet Hanafin Dr. Greg Handel* '91 Benjamin and Gwen Hankinson Casey and Holli Hankinson Dennis and Pam Hanneman Emily Hanneman '15 Dr. Adrien Hannus* Dale '76 and Marilyn (Mostul) '76 Hansen Derek Hansen '13 John '68 and Janet (Skattum) '67 Hansen Kimberly (Dahlquist) '02 and Timothy Hansen Kyle Hansen and Michelle Olson Hansen Lizzie Hansen Pamela Hansen-Barnard* '76 and Dr. Monty Barnard* Ross '59 and Virginia (Schoppe) '60 Hansing Bonita (Beck) '66 and Douglas Hanson Brad and Kari Hanson Candy Hanson Daniel '75 and Virginia (Swenson) '76 Hanson Dr. Dick* and Dianne Hanson Dr. Jana Hanson '03 and Kevin McComb Dr. Jerry* and Jacqueline Hanson Erik and Denise Hanson Harold Hanson '53 Jane Hanson Kenneth Hanson Larry Hanson

Larry and Maureen Hanson Mikal '77 and Nancy Hanson Rev. Amy Hanson '05 Rev. Paul Hanson '85 Rev. Perry Hanson Robert Hanson Dale '74 and Jane (Amundson) '74 Harberts David and Elizabeth Hardy Nick and Laurel Harling Steven Harmon '74 Bruce '58 and Joan (Tomco) Haroldson Virginia Harrington Jack Harris '51 Jason* '90 and Wanda (Buitendyk) '88 Harris Dale '59 and Linda (Hudson) '65 Hart Joseph and Debra Hartford Lisa Hartke Annie (Jorgensen) Hartmann '89 Brad '03 and Dr. Nicki (Berger) '05 Hartmann Michelle Harvey* Carol Hassebroek '08 Daniel and Karen Hassman David and Kelly Hasvold Rev. Selmer '59 and Mary (Quam) '56 Hatlestad Logan Hattervig Paul Hauffe Prof. Michael and Jean Haug Cindy Hauge Don Hauge Beverly (Slieter) Haugejorde '48 Jan Haugen-Rogers '05 and Roy Rogers Chuck '72 and Robin (Ellinghausen) '73 Haugland Roger Haugo '58 Rodney and Courtney Haverdink Lon Hawley Dr. Lolli (Boomgaarden) Haws '76 John Hay and Martha Wegner William and Carol Hay Thomas '85 and Nicole Hayes Rev. Charles '66 and Kaona (Crist) '69 Hazlett Tim Hazlett '95 and Erika Paladino-Hazlett '97 Dianne (Larson) Headrick '69 Gary '65 and Jane Healy Lydia Healy Mark* '84 and Carmen (Smith)* '91 Hecht Marsha Heck '78 David Heckenlively Dennis and Susan Hedge Brad* '76 and Melinda (Sanderson) Heegel Robbie '05 and Julie (Thrasher) Heegel Patrick Heffernan Barb (Johnson) Hegg '67 Pete and Marilyn Hegg John Hegg* '65 Sandra Heidemann '68 Ila Heikes Daniel Heinemann Adam* '99 and Sandra (Zwach)* '97 Heinitz Becky (Hotzler) '97 and Jim* Heinitz Tom and Jane Heinz Donald '67 and Joyce Helberg Rev. John '70 and Vicki (Arndt) '71 Helgesen Brett and Christine Helgeson Nate '02 and Lisa (Lorenz) '05 Helling Carol Helseth Robert and Karen Hemre Jon and Melissa Hemze Allen and Theresa Henderschiedt Judy (Aksland) Hendricks '67 Rev. Roy Hendrickson '52 Theresa Henehan '83 Junelle (Hale) '65 and Rev. Sylvan Hengesteg Bruce '85 and Janet (Odland) '78 Henke Joseph and Ann Henkin Nancy Henning '66 Dr. Scott Henry and Terri Peterson-Henry Jeffrey and Sarah Herbert Todd and Sharon Herbert Connor Herd Gene and Marge Herd Mark and Bridget Herd Doug and Linda Herda Lezlee Herdina* Melissa Herman

Corey Hermanson '11 Rev. Joel '57 and Sonja (Odland) '60 Hernes Rev. Sam '62 and Janet Hernes Daniel and Debra Herold Marvin and Karla Herr Mary (Swanson) Herr '61 Dr. John Herrman Jean (Smith)* '74 and Thomas Herrmann Lars and Diane Herseth Dr. Robert Hershberger Zara (Pretty) '67 and Rev. David Herwick Lois (Larson) Hesla '47 Lorma (Wittstruck) Hetland '58 Ed and Lina Hettermann Dan Heuer '14 David and Karen Hewes Marjory (Sanderson) '56 and Chuck Hey Delores (Skorheim) Heyl '42 Dr. Patrick* and Tania (Carter)* Hicks Geraldine Higdon Robert Higgins '70 Terrance '69 and Susan Hildebrand David and Julie Hilderbrand Daniel and Dawn Hilgenkamp Debbie Hill Verna Hill Andrew Hilliard Dr. John and Patricia Hilpert Cmdr. Bruno '89 and Mary (Nelson) Himmler Major Arne Hjelmeseth Rebecca Hochstein Sue Hochstein Col. Nancy (Schmidt) '78 and John Hodge Lori Hoekstra Erni '85 and Paul Erni Chantel (Waltner) Hofer '85 Cordell and Sheryl Hofer Marti (Simons) '81 and Dr. Mark Hofer Terry and Kathleen Hofer Perry and Terri Hoff Molly Hoffman '04 Susan Hoffmann-Lout '89 and Cal Lout Rodell '62 and Gretchen (Odney) '65 Hofland Alice (Hastad) Hofstad '61 Bishop Robert '69 and Linda (Ballard) '70 Hofstad Dr. Edward and Joan Hogan Quinn and Jeanne Hogan Randy Hogarth Robert Hogarth James Hogie, Jr. '64 and Susan (Hill) Hogie Dr. Paul '53 and Marlys Hohman Mary Ann Hohman '55 Tiffany (Andersen) '07 and Jason Hohn Pamela Hoiland* '77 Kenneth '61 and Karen (Larson) '61 Hoime Carol (Kaardal) '90 and David Hokanson Gary Hokenstad '64 Kathy (Gulbrandson) Holden '79 Dr. Reid and Jean Holkesvik Mark Hollabaugh Steven '73 and Linda (Glover) '74 Holland Kathleen (Bak) Holleman '70 Mary Holm-Repp* '73 and Lawrence Repp Barbara (Quail) '69 and Ed Holtan Esther Holte Lynda (Gapp) Homa '65 Dalton Homeier '16 Dana (Nielsen) '93 and Steve Honner Brian Hoops Dr. Herbert Hoover+ Jack and Gina Hopkins Kenneth Hopperstad '79 Abby Hora Curtis and Eileen Hora Arlene (Kleinsasser) '76 and Peter Horner Joan (Hill) Horner '54 Paul Horsted and Camille Riner Jeffrey '95 and Erin (Bennett) '98 Horstmeyer Kimberly Hoseck Freda (Harris) '75 and Dr. Richard Hosen Bill '82 and Susan (Thompson) '97 Hoskins Nancy (Bergan) Hotzler '63 Tim and Cheryl Houdek Dr. Michael Houk '71 Dr. Thomas* and Gloria Houle Dustin and Katherine Houser Terry and Charis Hovden Denise (Hanson) '74 and Warren Hovland Jon '67 and Charlene Hovland David and Cheryl Howard

Judith* and Robert Howard Kelli Howell Kenneth Howell Andrew and Jessa* Howes Thomas '79 and Rev. Cindy (Derks) Hoy Dr. Gene '72 and Gloria (Brenden) '73 Hoyme Jim '63 and Diane (Moller) Hubbart Gary and Monica Huber Marin (Nyberg)* '89 and Bruce Huber Michael Huber Paul and Renae Huber Ryan '97 and Anne (Buche) '98 Huber Ty '00 and Dr. Jill (Kapplinger) '00 Huber Steven and Lea Hudlet Barbara (Mickelson) '68 and Tom Hudnall Gregg and Georgina Hueske Kim Huether Michael '84 and Kathryn (Dalrymple) '84 Huff Dale and Christine Huffman Delores Huffman David '83 and Shelley (Thomsen) '83 Hughes John Hughes Stanley Hughes Wayne and Sonja Hughes Marilyn (Alendal) '66 and Leland Hult Elizabeth (Davis) '08 and Ryan Hultgren Scott '86 and Penny (Odland) '86 Hults Steven and Jenifer Hunegs Bernie Hunhoff Shelly (Schellenberg) Hunt '63 Jacquelyn (Anker) '95 and Joel Hunter Lynne Hunter Katie Hurd* '13 Lynn and Marilyn* Hurley Rachel Hurley '11 Vincent and Nancy* Hurley Larry and Diane Huston Mike and Sheila Huth Bradley and Lori Hutson Charisse Hutton '79 and Joseph Lesiak Rev. Orlyn '58 and Rita Huwe Dr. Ronald '61 and Janet+ (Sandwick) '63 Hybertson Dr. Lowell and Norma Hyland David '68 and Diane Hylland Craig and Jennifer Ihrke Jane Iken '87 Rachel Imbrock '82 Ruth Imbrock '79 Marie (Loken) '57 and Robert Ingraham Andy '06 and Emily (Lester) '05 Inman Marilyn Inman Dr. Gordon '59 and Waltraut (Gers) '62 Iseminger Bill and Sarah Israelson Beverly (Ode) Ivener '58 Barbara Iverson '72 Ben* '04 and Stephanie (Schirmers) Iverson Bruce Iverson Julie (Jacobs) Iverson '86 Ralph and Ginny Iverson Doris Iwen Nick Jackson '08 and Dr. Tina Harris Jackson '08 Carol Jacobs Don and Terry Jacobs Dr. Karen (Langpap) '63 and Dr. Edward Jacobs Jane (Wagers) '85 and John Jacobs Dr. Arland '64 and Wilhelmine (Treadwell) Jacobson Phyllis (Ehresmann) '63 and Thomas Jacobson Tilly Jagelski Paul and Madeleine Jahr William James '72 Michael and Roxann Jamison Rev. Dale '54 and Rikki Jamtgaard Cheryl (Ruesch) '80 and Ronald Janssen Mary Jaqua Anthony and Betsy Jaros Charles '52 and Annette+ (Weisenburger) '53 Jarratt Lisa (Mansfield) '82 and David Jarvis Kent and RaeAnn Jeffries John Jenison Jason Jenny Carole* and John Jensen Dick '59 and Ellen (Olson) '60 Jensen Dr. Erik '77 and Elizabeth Jensen Harold and Sharon Jensen

Misty Jensen Sheldon Jensen Tony and Dulci Jensen Warren and Arlean Jensen Susan Jensen-Cekalla '67 and Duane Cekalla Brian and Nancy Jepsen Cynthia Jepsen Steph (Egdorf ) Jepsen '94 Cal and Jayne Jeremiason Jason '12 and Kristina (Roth) '12 Jeremiason Kevin and Karen Jergenson Katie Jesperson '14 Julie Jochum Coral (Senner) Joffer '61 Brett Johnson and Terri Rand Brian '03 and Crystal (Petersen) '02 Johnson Charlyne (Larson) Johnson '58 Craig* and Erin Johnson Delmer and Blanche Johnson Dolly '52 and Rev. John Johnson Don '63 and Karen (Jessen) '63 Johnson Dr. Carter '68 and Dr. E. Janet (Ratliff ) '69 Johnson Dr. Jim* and Mary Beth Johnson Dr. Joel* and Diedre* Johnson Dr. Joyce Johnson '76 Dr. Kara (Durick) '95 and Dr. Tim Johnson Dr. Paul '77 and Lois (Vikse) Johnson Dr. Scott* and Marianne Johnson Edna Johnson Eric '96 and Nicole (Salzwedel) Johnson Erica Johnson Gregg and Susan Johnson James '80 and Linda Johnson Jarrod Johnson '99 and Lori Jorgensen-Johnson '99 Jason '99 and Rhiannon '99 Johnson Jerry* '67 and Bonita (Anderson) '70 Johnson Joan Johnson John and Elizabeth Johnson Jonathan and Beth Johnson Judith (Anderson) Johnson '57 Judy Johnson '65 Katelyn Johnson '17 Kelly (Lauer) Johnson '10 Kirstin '07 and Aaron Johnson Kristina Johnson '13 Kurt and Marjorie Johnson Linda Johnson '68 Marguerite (Fosvick) Johnson '49 Marissa Johnson '16 Mark and Diane Johnson Mary (Bierkamp) Johnson '78 Raymond '70 and Marty (Lintvedt) '71 Johnson Rebecca Johnson Rev. Dave '56 and Glenice (Baalson) '56 Johnson Rikki and Maureen Johnson Ronald Johnson '72 Ryan Johnson Sharon Johnson '70 Stephen and Bernadine Johnson Susan Johnson Yvonne (Flentje) Johnson '50 Dr. Cindy Johnson Brown '78 and Dr. Kevin Brown Dr. Leland Johnson* '59 James Johnston, Jr. Bill and Ruth Jones Charles Jones Michael and Linda Jones Mike '00 and Shiloh (Caudill) '00 Jones Robert and Phyllis Jones Robert and Barbara Jones Susan (Jacobson) '69 and Ross Jones Ardis (Hoffman) Jordahl '51 Coralee Jorgensen Randall Jorgensen '66 Ruth Jorgensen Susan (Brandt) '70 and Daniel Jorgensen Ada (Kringen) Jorgenson '68 Glenn and Phyllis Jorgenson Darin Jorstad '98 Diane (Merry) Josephson* '64 Gary '71 and Stephanie Joyce Michael and Teri Joyner Matt '95 and Steph (Farries) '95 Judson Perry and Thelma Juel Tyler and Jamie Juhl

Karl and Kari Jungclaus Brian* and Joyce Kaatz Dr. Laurel '73 and Jackie Kaddatz Jim and Michelle Kadoun Glen and Lori Kadrlik Bryan '10 and Bethany (Zogg) '10 Kaemingk Denny and Wyonne Kaemingk Dr. Jay* and Rochelle Kahl Robert and Lori Kalda Royce '94 and Dr. Michelle (Kingsley) '93 Kallesen Cory Kallheim Ronald and Linda Kallheim James and Vicki (Keszler) '75 Kalvelage Gary and Arlys Kampmeyer Julie Kanak Carla Kane Alvin Kangas Avonne (Nelson) Kaplan '70 Claudia Kapp* '72 Kent '77 and Eunice (Weerts) '77 Kapplinger Kim '74 and Nolie (Oswald) '76 Kapplinger Peggy* and Thomas Kapusta David and Melodie Karge Bill and Jane Karges Ed and Janie Karnes Dr. James Karpen '72 Dammika and Heather Karu Carol Kasten Jim and Linda Kasten Gregory and Lori Kasuske Natalie Kathol '12 Leone Kayl Janet (Johnson) '69 and Jim Keck Timothy Keely Cindy (Bohlmann) Keese '72 Luann Keifer Jane Keill Hannah Keirstead '18 Karen Keirstead Norma (Lunde) '63 and Floyd Keller Casey Kellogg Ann (Tschetter) Kelly '95 Brandon Kelly Ethan and Constance (Larson) Kelly John and Renee Kelly John and Mary Kelly Roxie Kelly Brian and Mari Kelvington Richard and Linda Kelvington Rhonda (Torgerson) '88 and Richard Kemmis David Kemp Kevin and Karen Kennedy Sarah Kennedy '17 Mike and Barbara Kenton Laura Keppen Kathy Kerkhove Noah '11 and Teresa (Scholten) Kerkvliet Vicki Kerkvliet '92 John Kersten Clinton and Kathleen Kersten, Jr. Dr. Ted* '63 and Nancy Kessinger Dr. Ken Kessinger* '49 Chad '96 and Jennifer (Langager) '95 Kettering Kylee Kettering '16 James and Carmen Keyes Nancy Khalaf Ann (Leverson) Kieffer '58 John and Kris Kieffer Russell and Betty Kielman Rev. Leroy Kiemele '60 Korey and Raquel Kieper Barbara (Johnson) '61 and Basil Kilani John and Elizabeth Kilbourne Frances (Bjerklin) Kilen '55 Vicky (Johnson) Kilian* '75 Richard and Penny Kimball, Jr. Kris and Amy Kimber Dr. Bob* and Susan Kiner Josh '03 and Lindsay (Hovendick) '03 King Daniel and Bonnie Kingsley John '60 and Enid (Questad) '65 Kinkead Lance Kipfer Frank Kipp and Nancy Stevenson Paul '73 and Bonnie (Berdahl) '73 Kipper Jason and Carmen Kippes Charles and Madelyn Kirby Mike Kirby Joyce Kirchner Chris Kirkus

Maxine Kirlin Jason '00 and Ericka Kirsch James '91 and Kristin (Johnson) '90 Kistenmacher Audrey (Wagnild) Kittelson '58 Loann Kjeldseth Darin and Deanna Klapperich Robert and Joanne Klawikowski Dr. Marilyn (Gottschalk)* '60 and Dr. Fred* Klawiter Janet (Nelson) Klawiter '82 Rick '65 and Arlene (Fritz) '65 Klawiter Kevin* '94 and Sara (Klimes) '98 Klawonn Mel* and Carol Klein Richard and Gail Klein Audrey Kleinsasser '73 Sander Kline '14 Joy (Knutson) '84 and Rich Klitzke Richard and Sharon Klitzke Dr. Gary '79 and Dr. Lori (Mortvedt) '80 Klopf Dr. Andrew* and Kristen Klose Donald Klovstad '67 and Sally Richardson Melissa (Stucky) '02 and Bryan Kludt Wayne and Dea Klumper Lynn Klungseth+ '71 Estate of Paul Klutman Judy (Starks)* '79 and Thomas* Knadel Rev. Steve Knape '85 Brian and Carla Knapp Dr. Emil* and Carol (Dahl) Knapp Julia Knapp Pete '96 and Kimberly (O'Brien) Knapp Charles and Judy Kneip Scott and Debra Knight William Knoflicek Luan Knoll Ellie Knowles '18 Dr. Jason '96 and Dr. Becky (Menning) '98 Knudson James+ '54 and Lawrin Knudson Rev. James and Debra Knudson Rev. John '54 and Marjorie (Wagnild) '54 Knudson Amy (Herr) '91 and Mark Knutson Beverly (Edwardson) '69 and Gaylord Knutson Dorothy Knutson Eric Knutson Esther (Johnstad) Knutson+ '48 James and Marlys Knutson Jean (Monk) Knutson '59 Jeanette (Helland) Knutson+ '48 Jerome Knutson '63 Lloyd and Donna Knutson Mary (Kanne) '66 and Paul+ Knutson Paul Knutson Timothy Knutson '69 Richard Koch Cheryl Koch* Dr. Camilla Kochenderfer '69 Carmen Kock '98 Margit (Johnson) Kock '65 Clinton and Brandee Koedam Bonnie (Horn) Koehler '72 Judith (Lillehaug) Koens '56 Jay '83 and Deb (Peterson) Koepsell Dennis and Jo Koerner Brendan Koistinen '13 Dr. Stephanie Kokesh '05 Jessica (Carter) '97 and Jason Kolb John and Linda Kolb Robert and Jane Kolbe Loren '67 and Peggy (Hartwig) '67 Kolpin Kent and Paula Kolsrud Dr. Reinhart Kondert '65 Krystal Kooiker '09 Nancy (Roso) Kopka '60 and Rev. Gustav Kopka, Jr. Connie (Hayne) '83 and Monte Korf Dave Kornmann Kenneth '76 and Cynthia (Mueller) '77 Korth Rev. Diane (Johnson) '71 and Gary Koschmeder Martin and Jodi Kost David '67 and Anita (Sogn) '65 Kostboth Linda (Wudel) '65 and Robert Koth Kim Kouri* '91 Cyril and Florence Kraemer Mark Kraemer Randall and Heidi Kraemer Michael and Pamela Krambeck Brett Kramer '18

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Chase '08 and Rachael (Hoogendoorn) '11 Kramer Donnie and Deborah Krantz Jason Krantz Jennifer Krantz Carter Kranz '19 Cassandra Kranz '16 Karen Kratochvil Margaret (Heide) Krause '60 Michael Krause '76 Chris and Stacie Kray Stan* '75 and Karen (Forsline) '77 Krebs Andrew Krege Dr. Matthew '93 and Sharla (Shurr) '93 Krell Arlys (Nilson) '64 and Dr. Carl Kremer Brian Kremmin '05 Rene and David Kress Kirtana Krishna Kumar Carolyn Kroeker Twyla Kroger Austin Krohnke '18 Danielle Kroupa Chris Krueger David '73 and Donna (Van Bockern) '71 Krueger James '04 and Ang (Husman) '05 Krueger Phyllis (Breen) Krueger '74 Tom '86 and Nancy (Polansky) '85 Krueger Arlene Krueger* Paul Krueger* '97 Ermest and Sarah Krug III Scott Kruger and Lori Lanphere Lt. Col. Rich '79 and Stephanie Krull Paul '82 and Jane Krumrie Dawn* and Gary Krumvieda Dr. David '78 and Becky (Meerdink) '78 Kruse Gloria Kruse '76 Rev. Steven* '81 and Patricia Kruse Susan Kruse Richard and Patricia Kruta Janet Kubik '72 and Joseph Weber Allen and Kimberly Kucera David '70 and Arlene Kuehl Deb Kuehn '77 Sarah Kuester '80 and Paul Kuester, Jr. Kurt and Laurie Kujawa William and Lana Kullander Karen (Christensen) '69 and James Kullnat Michael Kuntz Mike and Barb Kuntz Lesley (Ronning) '94 and John Kunz Rev. Milbert '60 and Janet (Olsen) Kurtz Iva Kurz Steve and Niki Kuvetakis Charlie and Brenda Kuznia Dr. Wayne Kvam '60 and Dr. Madhu Mitra Dr. David Kvernes '53 Jim and LeAnn Kvernes Kathryn (Brende) Kvinge '47 Christine (Jepsen)* '00 and Ben Kyte Elizabeth Laabs Sherman Labarba Jake Lacina Rodger Lacy George Ladd Jason and Amy Ladd Barbara (Haiker) Lafrenz '64 Dr. Lori Lahlum Jay and Jessica* Lamb Steve '76 and Deb (Johnson) '76 Lamb Dr. Richard* and Gloria Landborg Kirk '63 and Jane (Sheimo) Landman Edward Lane, Jr. Dr. Mahlon '69 and Joan Lang Clo Langdon Alvin '68 and Rhoda (Hallstrom) Lange Rick and Dawn Langlie Alison Langseth* Alfreda Lanier Kenneth and Vicki Lanier Michael and Danielle Lanier Anne (Grigsby) '75 and Timothy Lanshe Laura Lantsberger '78 Mark and Melinda Lapham Dr. Towner '04 and Elizabeth Lapp Amy (Dreke) '06 and Jarrod Larsen John and Kathy Larsen Kimberlee '85 and Steven Larsen Marianne Larsen Marlys Larsen Nick Larsen '19 Sheryl (Simons) '69 and David Larsen

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Carl and Dixie Larson Dr. Dale '62 and Nadine (Merritt) '62 Larson Dr. Jeffrey '78 and Gail (Witte) Larson Dr. Leland and Carol Larson Grant Larson '13 Jerry* '66 and Cheryl (Hatlestad) '68 Larson Jody Larson June (Peterson) '75 and Larry Larson Karen (Mather) '63 and Donald Larson Kyle Larson '95 Lennis and Judy Larson Mark and Yuko Larson Mary Larson '77 Meredith and Sharon Larson Steven '66 and Dianne (Erdal)* '68 Larson Thomas and Joan Larson Tim Larson Warren '68 and Marilyn (Schuelke) '68 Larson Wendy (Gunderson) '89 and David Larson William and Marilyn Larson Muriel (Plucar) Larson* '89 Rebecca (Case) '68 and Tom Lass Mary (Ellefson) Latham '69 Steve* and Karen Lathrop Amy (Ross) '99 and Dr. Jon Lauck David and Lorie Lauer Mark and Connie Law Meredith Lawrence '17 Sandra Lawrensen '72 Tracy and Ann Laws John and Maureen Lawson Vernell Lea Germain and Linda Leber Chad* and Katie* LeBrun Renee (Reidburn) '00 and Michael LeBrun Dr. Ken '68 and Maribeth Lee Harvey '66 and Susan Lee John+ '67 and Cynthia Lee LeAnn+ (Berg) '65 and Thomas Lee Samuel '73 and Susan Lee Arlene Lefler James and Louise Legg Clayton Lehmann '78 Rev. Erika (Schmutterer) Lehmann '79 Jenifer (Olson) '83 and Steve Leitch Austin and Mandi Leite Jim and Laura Lenarz Rosemary Lensing Matthew and Julie Lenz Brian Leo* Mary Lerdal '74 Joseph and Rosemary LeTendre Rev. Harvey '72 and Dr. Cheryl (Andersen)* '72 Leuning Ken and Vicky Levene Scott and Mavis Leverson Dave '64 and Laurie (Messman) '80 Levorson Carolyn Lewis Keith Lewis Marcia Lewis* Rev. Philip '65 and Barbara (Jorgensen) '65 Lewison Monica (Oyen)* '75 and Dr. Stephan* Lhotzky Pat Liegel Tim and Barbara Lieser Arlin and Kristine Likness Ardis Lillehaug Dr. Rana Limbo Dr. James* and Martha Limburg Norbert Limmer+ '57 Jo Ann Lind Timothy Lindamood Nancy Lindberg Lisa Lindell '87 Karin Lindell* '87 Daniel Lindner Steve '11 and Nicholle (Sogn) '11 Lindquist Steven and Patricia Lindquist Laura (Norman) '86 and Mark Lindstrom Julie (Clark) '00 and Brad Lingen Alexa (Nagel)* '06 and Curtis Linton Marlene (Barstead) '85 and Gene* Linton Laurie Lippert Stuart Lipsteuer Dr. Mark '07 and Jessica (Klein)* '06 List Amy* Little and Matthew Jensen Judy (Cross) '97 and Jeff Little Molly Littrell Bob '86 and Sharon (Huizenga) Litz Editha Liu

Evan Livermore '13 Richard and Dixie Lloyd Dr. David Loberg '59 Tim and Wendy Loberg Alice Loddigs Ronda and Andrew Lohman Annabelle Loken Michele Loobey-Gertsch Rolland '59 and Ella Loon Charles and Sandra Lopas Stacey '91 and Mark Lottman Mark Lotz '75 Faith (Larson) Louis '71 Arden (Eppley) '84 and Paolo Lovagnini Daniel and Kathryn Loveland Daryl '72 and Nancy (Aaker) '73 Lovro Charles and Mary Lowry Michael and Pamela Lucas Benjamin and Stacey Ludeman Grant and Karolina Ludeman Alvin '70 and Martha Ludtke Ben Ludwigson '13 Ed* and Laura (Goetz) Lueck Don and Laurie Lueders Holly (Zerse) '86 and Dr. Matt Luedke Brian '77 and Debra (Piehl) '77 Lund David and Ann Lund Robert and Kathryn Lund Thomas and Christine Lundberg Richard '65 and Sharon (Lundberg) Lunder Richard '50 and Lois Lundin Loren and Lynn Lundquist Jane (Fiksdal) '68 and Ronald Lundstrom Edgard Luque and Mary Sully de Luque Janet (Ehrmann) Lustig '68 Erick '03 and Angie Lutt Dr. Paul and Patricia Lyga, Jr. John '77 and Elaine Lynch Thomas and Vicki Mabrey, Jr. Beth (Nordlie) '79 and Michael MacDonald Anita (Hutchison) MacDonnell '62 Chad and Kiersta Machacek Michael and Anne Mackiewicz Karen (Vold) MacLean '65 Pamela (Zelle) '76 and Dale MacNaughton Lee '67 and Diane (Lundeen) '65 Madetzke Dr. RoJean Madsen '75 Ron and Karen* (Aukerman) Madsen Pamela Madsen '83 Linell Madson Todd '79 and Mary (Sieps) '82 Madson Eric '87 and Mary Maes Dr. Gregory '69 and Mary (Kostboth) Magnuson Jean (Walsh) '99 and Lee Magnuson Patricia (Mezoff ) '77 and Peter Magoon Donald and Cathy Maguire Karen* (Luurs) and Michael Mahan Peter Maharry '96 Kari (Johnson)* '83 and Ben '84 Mahowald Mackenzie Main '18 Mark Maland '85 Stanley '79 and Vickie Mallette Dr. Heidi Malling '87 Joe and Roberta Malloy Wendy Mamer* Jonathan* and Jenny Mammenga Judith (Alness) '67 and Alan Manchester Dr. Richard '73 and Ruth (Leslie) '73 Mandsager Astra Mangulis '74 Elaine (Anderson) Manion '65 Dean Mann* '57 Montez and Anita* (Wurtz) Manning Eunice (Burke) '45 and Dr. Edward Mansfield Margaret Mansfield David and Pamela Marburger Nicholas '54 and Demetra (Karavas) Margellos Faye (Thormodsgard) Maris '67 Kenny and Angela Mark Thomas and Sandra Markley Gene* and Mary Ann Marko Donna (Vick) '66 and James Markusen Kirk and Kim Marnin David and Linda Marquardt Vina Marquart '74 and Karl Nilsson Scott Marrington '75 Norma Marrion Barbara Marsh Joe and Cathy* Marsh David Marshall

Gregory and Diane Marshall Kari (Sonnichsen) '93 and J. Christopher Marshall Ryan and Kayla Marshall Val and Jennifer Marshall Mitchell Martens '75 Chad Martin '99 Kathy (Nielsen)* '78 and Dave Martin Myron and Lois Martin Paul and Marcy Martin Jose Martinez '12 Mark '79 and Laurie Martinson Francis Marx Vernon and Barb Mascher Col. Harold and Susan Mashburn Jennifer Mashburn Paul and Janice Massatt Pam (Schwab) '72 and John Matheson Craig '82 and Jill (Zimbeck)* Matson Tyler Matson '13 Kenneth and Joann Mattheis Jon Matthews '76 and Ann Cony Steve Matthies* '86 Arlene Matthiesen Daniel and Cathryn Mattison Lynette (Madsen) Matzen '78 Katie (Alick) '96 and Jeff Matzinger Alan '98 and Lora (Anderson) '98 Matzner Annette Matzner '88 Dr. Steve Matzner* '90 and Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner* Barbara Mauney Marilyn (Burke) Maurstad '48 Charles and Tara Maxwell, Jr. Dr. James '64 and Janet (Nelson) '64 May Jerry '62 and Karen May Dorothy (Ode) '55 and Roy Mayeske Barbara (Broughton) Mays '66 Beth (Pearl) Mazzella '71 and Peter Mazzella, Jr. James '60 and Mary Lue McAtee Marty and Lynn McBride Rosalyn McBride Jeffrey '75 and Diane McCarron Mark and Carrie McCloskey Marilyn McCollar Scott and Kristi McCormick Susan McCormick Janeva McCulloch Michael '88 and Marsha McCulloch Marlon '86 and Sheryl (Klocke) '86 McDonald Mark and Kathy McDougall Dr. Rhonda McDowell '85 and Dr. Robert Patton, Jr. Thomas and Susan McDowell John McEnelly, Jr. '72 and Alexis McEnelly Linda (Casey) '89 and Jeff McEntee Janet McEvoy Richard '60 and Loree McGaughey Mary McGee Russell and Tina McGee Eugene and Susan (Henkin) McGowan Steven and Julie McGrath Dr. Patrick and Kathleen* McGreevy Julaine (Hauge) '74 and Robert McGreevy Daniel McIntire Gale McIntosh Robert '62 and Caroline McKay Richard and Margaret Mckennett Marlys (Rehder) '73 and Lt. Col. Stan McKercher Sean and Brenda McKnight Collin and Judy McLeod Kieth and Laura McLeod Kathy (Spooner) '88 and James McMahon Deborah McMicheal Richard McMurray '79 Tom and Sharon McNearney III Kristi (Bremer) '94 and Ryan McNellis Mary McQuillen Craig McTighe and Erica Schipper James '71 and Barb Mead Clyde Means Marjorie (Hanson) Meester '45 Roger and Clarice Megard Ernest and Janet Megazzini Julia Megazzini Kathryn (Eitreim) '56 and Harlan Meier Jennifer Meiners* David Melby Dewaine and Sharon Melch Edwin and Margaret Melichar

Alice Melin Michael and Martha Mellgren Roger '66 and Mary Mellum Abigail (Abraham) '98 and Paul Meloche Marino Melsted Kim and Brian Melton Kristin Melton Gary and Sharon Menssen Stephen and Sharon Mentesana John Messman Ken '68 and Beverly (Miller) '68 Mestelle Ann Metli Matthew and Kim Metzgar Alvin Meyer Dr. Jeff Meyer Drs. Jeffry and Robin Meyer Linda (Meints) Meyer '76 Rachel (Gerber) '11 and Paul Meyer Roger and Susan Meyer Tom* and Marilyn Meyer Amy (Their)* '96 and Mitch Meyers Betsy Meyers Michelle (Pesicka) '08 and Joe Meyers Dave and Jane Michaels Daniel and Linda Mickalowski Kyle Mickalowski '07 Jerald '92 and Beth (Zarbock) Micke E. Jay and Beverly Mickelson Dennis and La Donna Micko Lindsie Micko* Ronald and Lori Mickschl Aaron Miedema '91 and Michele Kane '93 Philip* '62 and Carol (Nelsen) '62 Miedema Lee and Lindsay Mielke Ronald Mielke Jim Mierendorf '77 Dorothy Mikkelson George and Geraldine Miks Dr. Sam Milanovich '02 Jordan Milbrath '14 Russell and Andrea Mileham Cecelia* and Myron Miles David Miles Zack Millard '15 Brian and Jamie Miller Carol (Lundberg) Miller '80 Christopher and Vicki Miller Dr. Jeffrey* Miller and Barb* Ebeling Dr. John and Kathryn Miller Dusty and Kathy Miller Heidi (Schemmel) Miller '74 Larry Miller Lawrence and Deanne Miller Michelle Miller Nolan '09 and Kristine Miller Pam (Cragoe)* '94 and Douglas Miller Patricia Miller Paul and Deborah Miller Rev. Carl '70 and Mere (McComish) Miller Robert Miller Robert and Michele Miller William '79 and Jane (Lange) Miller Zachary Miller Kristine Mills Larry and Milana Milosh Audrey Miner Eunice (Hoime) Minick '55 Mary Jane* '99 and James Minnig Jason Misselt and Joy Aarsvoldt Misselt Alyssa '13 and Jared '13 Mitchell John and Kimberly Mitchell Scott and Becky Mitchell Chris '08 and Amy (White) Mithelman Corrine Mix Eugene and Danielle Moe Kim (Abraham) Moe '74 Marilyn Moe Marilyn Moe Richard and Patricia Moe Richard '70 and Nancy Moe Jeffrey '87 and Melodee (Tieszen) '89 Moeller Tess Moeller '12 Aaron and Heather Moen David and Janice Moen Soffie (Hoines) '59 and Gary Moen Conrad and Lily Mogen Marilynn (Waugh) '86 and Jack Mohlenhoff Janine (Johnson) '67 and Adrian Mohr Sharon (Helmers) '64 and Roger Mohror Jeffrey and Melisa Molenaar Kathy (Rood) Moline '75 Madeline Molseed Mary Montoya

Tom Moonen Donald '59 and Sylvia (Erickson) '59 Moore Madigan Moore Mary (Mennen) '75 and Dr. Stephen Moore Wanda Moore Paul and Becky Moore III Justin Mootz* '01 Thomas and Barbara Moran Ronald Moreland '84 Gerald Morgan Todd '83 and Sally Morgan Scott and Joell Morin Dianne (Ode) '93 and Ken Mork William and Brenda Morris Dar Morrow '75 Judith (Lindekugel) Morstad '61 David and Joanne Morton Susan '76 and Donald* Morton Casey Mouw '10 Edna (Kammann) Mross '68 Estate of Mary M. Muchow Dawn Mueller George and Darlene Mueller Gene Muilenburg '67 Craig '69 and Elizabeth (Winick) '73 Muir Sandra (Krogstad) '80 and Wayne Mulder Dan and Char Muller Harald and Linda Muller Richard Muller '70 Michael Mulvihill Jill (Schatz) '86 and Scott Munger Dr. Shari (Bultje) '88 and Ron Munneke Jill (Schwint) Munsterteiger '86 Leah Murfield '15 Barbara (Rosebrook) '68 and John Murphy Daniel and Jean Murphy Dr. Loretta (Knaack) Murphy '69 David and Theresa Murray Kathleen Murray '84 Ralph Murray Pastor Ham and Pearl Muus Dr. Rex Myers and Dr. Susan Richards Michele (Kruse) Myroniuk '85 and Borys Myroniuk, Jr. Badia Naddy Rami and Whitney Naddy Sami Naddy and Nancy Kammer Naddy Robert '86 and Jana (Zebill-Bossman) '83 Nady Charles Naeseth '74 Dr. Carl '59 and Janet (Dale) '57 Naessig Lon '69 and Jacqueline (Seppala) Nagel Douglas and Nancy Nagle Scott Napolitano Angie Narlin '02 Duane '60 and Lois (Boe) '61 Nearman Ronald Nearman '68 Rev. Allan Negstad '64 David Neiman '69 Bradyn '15 and Alisha (Donahue) Neises Curtis Neises '88 Rev. Dr. Bill* and Margie (Rossow) Nelsen Allan and Imogene Nelson Bruce Nelson '71 Court '72 and Mitzi Nelson Daniel Nelson

David Nelson '60 Del '66 and Melody (Williams) Nelson Dr. David '64 and Terry (Morris) Nelson Dr. Dennis and Sandra Nelson Dr. Dwight Nelson '83 and Teri Gunderson '81 Dr. Gayle and Angie Nelson Dr. Jeff '78 and Brenda (Daugherty) Nelson Dr. Margot (Mervine) Nelson* '67 and Dr. Susan Schrader* Elizabeth Nelson '03 Gary Nelson '68 Gerald Nelson '58 Gloria (Spiering) Nelson '57 Harold Nelson Jason and Tammie Nelson Jeanne Nelson Joan (Wilson) Nelson '59 Larry and Shirley (Berg) '63 Nelson Lon '69 and Carol Nelson Lorelee (Gullickson) Nelson '60 Marie Nelson '66 Martha (Vegge) '76 and Thomas Nelson Paula Nelson Rev. David Nelson Rev. Obed '64 and Susanne Nelson Theron '65 and Connie (Henline) '64 Nelson Dr. Rob Nelson* '82 Melissa Nelson* '12 Rev. Dave '76 and Linda (Heidenreich) '77 Nerdig Michael and Janelle Nerland Dr. Paul Nesheim* Dr. Reynold Nesiba* Marjorie (Bickner) Ness '71 Jessie Nesseim Sharyl (Knutson) Nestor '65 Quentin '61 and Rev. Bee (Mitchell) '61 Neufeld Thomas Neumann Jan+ (Adams) '71 and Dr. Jerrol Neupert Michael and Margo Neuzil Jay and Norma Newberger Guy Newman Ronnie and Karen Newman Bridget (Krull)* '95 and John Nichols Dr. Nancy (Ness) '87 and Dr. Wade Nichols Glenda (Rens) Nichols '71 Marlee Nicholson '19 Tom and Jean* Nicholson Dale and Ellis Nickel Jay Nickel Troy and Cynthia Nickel Carol (Strunk) Nielsen '61 Randy Nilsen Daryl and Marian Nilsson Dennis and Devonne Nilsson Joyce Nitschke Dr. Mike* '89 and Jody* Nitz Christy Noble '89 Col. Edwin and Vicki Noble Robert and Mary Noble Patty Nohr John '58 and Marlene (Duus) '64 Norberg Susan Nordby

John '74 and Valoy Nordlie Riley Nordquist '18 Harriet (Vogler) Norem '48 Dr. Beret Norman '91 Joan Norquist Rev. Arlyn '71 and Wanda (Schoon) Norris Lowell '64 and Sonja (Nelson) '64 Noteboom John Notheis '85 Christopher and Christina Novak Margaret (Guthmiller) Novak '70 Emily Novotny Sharon (Anderson) '66 and David Novotny Ann (Sly) '96 and Ryan Noyes Lillian Nypen Jody (Schlant) '91 and Dr. Charles O'Brien Mary (Boadwine) '90 and Victor Ochoa David '75 and Jeanne (Kilen) '79 Ode Mila (Heggen) '52 and Gordon+ Ode Marilyn (Stevens) '87 and Olin Odland Rev. Elmer '57 and Joan (Perrenoud) '57 Odland Deborah Odonnell Chad '82 and Cindy O'Donnell David and Barbara Oehlerking Ronald Oelfke Karen Oelschlaeger '82 and Terrance Ruane Craig and Julie Oeltjen Richard and Berniece Oeltjen Jen Oetker Carolyn (Brue) '64 and Robert Off Paul Ogren Dean and Bonnie O'Hara Daniel and Sheryle Ohme Derek '01 and Leah (Gifford) '02 Ohme Kevin Ohme and Jodi White Elaine (Slostad) Ohnstad-Eide '69 Dr. David '67 and Val Ohrt Pastor Eric '03 and Krista (Benson)* '03 Ohrtman Bernard Ojeda Dr. Terry O'Keefe '68 Paul Okello and Sally Mallowa Constance Oksol '71 Ralph '77 and Susan (Froiland) '77 Olawsky Sharon Olbertson Dr. Christopher* and Dr. Jennifer* Oldstone-Moore Alane (Cleven) O'Leary '94 Jason '01 and Allison (Bertilrud) '02 Olinger James and Beverly Oliver Ana Olivier* '04 Christine Olivo '17 Rev. Christopher '87 and Beth (Duerksen) '88 Olkiewicz Dr. Val* and Dr. Alan Olness Daniele (Pilcher) '97 and Dr. Tim Olsen Dr. Dwayne Olsen '56 and Myrna Kloster Olsen Greg* '91 and Susan (Petersen) Olsen Rex and Elizabeth Olsen Richard+ '61 and Anita Olsen Roy Olsen '76 Ruth Olsen Stephen '57 and Barbara (Ohnstad) '56 Olsen Rev. Ralph and Andrea Olsen, Jr. Amy Olson '89 and Tom Sola Andrew '08 and Lesli (Miller) Olson Arden Olson Arlen '62 and Martha (Geick) '60 Olson Bert and Cindy Olson Bill '62 and Nancy (Waggoner) '64 Olson Blake and Carla Olson Craig and Kay Olson Craig and Evelyn Olson Curtis and Patricia Olson David Olson '83 David '56 and Janice (Rosenbaum) '61 Olson Dayle Olson '74 Dean '59 and Marilyn Olson Dr. Gary* and Rosaaen Olson Dr. Mark Olson Gail Olson '72 and Stephen Hopkins Gloria (Lucas) '64 and Jon Olson Joyce (Bell) Olson '46 Lt. Col. Duane Olson '63 Mark '75 and Sharon (Moxnes) '75 Olson Nicholas '07 and Christina (Stangl) '07 Olson Paul and LaVerne Olson Ray '68 and Carol (Nygaard) Olson Rev. James Olson '63

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Rev. Norman '48 and Barbara Olson Rev. Phillip '70 and Rev. Ginny Olson Ryan '06 and Sonja (Obermoller) '04 Olson Scott Olson Scott* and Kimberly Olson Steve '98 and Amanda* Olson Taylor Olson '18 Tony and Angela* (Bergman) Olson Doug Olson* '77 Jerry* and Deana Olszewski Suzie O'Meara Hernes '97 and Eric Hernes Barbara (Kvernes) '73 and James O'Neal Col. Nancy (Nelson) '80 and Gary Opheim Dr. Mark and Matilda Oppenheimer Paul Ordal '95 Mark and Mary Oren Rosemary and Harry Orput David '59 and Betty Orsland Barbara (Hopkins) '79 and Jim Orsund Kelly and Dawn Ortgies Austin Orvis '18 Laurel (Klein) '75 and Dr. Timothy O'Shea John Osman Tammy Osten Chuck '66 and Cheryl (Oakland) '68 Oster Mary (Wilson) Osthus '60 Rev. Mark '67 and Christine (Salmon) '69 Osthus Jason '94 and Sherri (Hawes) Oswald Kiana Overby* '18 Dorothy Overgaard James Overocker '65 JoAn (Thoreson) '72 and Tom Overton Debra (Nietering) '02 and David Owen Frank '61 and Dee Owens Martin '80 and Mary (Lobb)* '83 Oyos Daniel and Christina Paca Kelsie Pace '12 Monica (Harden) Packard '98 Helen Paetow Sally Page Abbie Pagone Patricia (Jorgensen) '60 and George Palagi Terrence and Sandra Palisch David Palm '67 Gregory '73 and Kathleen (Nash) '73 Palm Laurie (Gullickson) '98 and Jeremy Palm Brad Palmer Jean '89 and J.J. Pan John and LaFaye Panariello Judith (Orloske) '69 and Glenn Pareira Jamie '98 and Laura (Johnson) Parish Cheryl Park Shirley Park Tim Park Dawn (Christensen) Parker '75 Dr. James '87 and Anne (Hoeger) '87 Parker Eugene and Ruth Parker Thomas and Debra Parks Gregory and Jean Paron Carrie Parrish '02 and Matt DeLong Dean and Jeannie Parsons Matt and Patty Partington Thomas and Jill Partington Mary Parts Jeffrey '86 and Jean (Sogn) '85 Parupsky Stephen Parys Rich Paterson Roberta Paterson Jesse and Katherine Patrick Kim and Susan Patrick Kent and Linda Patterson Corlyn and Janice Paulsen Darren '88 and Lynn (Wald)* '89 Paulson Dottie Paulson '43 Drew Paulson '00 Pamela (Kvale) Paulson '70 Steven and Crystal Paulson Lawrence Pawlowski '58 Dr. Douglas '60 and Sandra Pay Jackie (Ohme)* '97 and Tory Payne Estelle (Hanson) '59 and Roger+ Pearson Lyle Pearson '72 Madalyn (Endahl) '57 and Marvin Pearson Jim Peck Marilyn (Knudson) '63 and Richard Pedersen Carrie (Peterson)* '00 and Terry Pederson Chad Pederson Jonathan '83 and Debbie Pederson Margaret (Molberg) Pederson '44 Rochell Pederson '74 Matthew Peirce '05 John and Renae Pekas

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Rev. Melvin Pekrul+ '44 Dorothy Pence Dr. John* and Mary Pennington Barb Perrion Trenton Perron Alan '71 and Judy Perry Roland '64 and Betty (Bradfield) '65 Person Denita* and John Pesicka Charlotte (Erickson) Peters '54 Laurie Peters Raymond and Patricia Peters Virginia (Larson) Peters '54 Beverly Petersen Jake '14 and Cassie Petersen Nancy '76 and Frank Petersen Sara Petersen '82 Sherrie (Lovejoy) '94 and Aaron Petersen Tara (Anderson)* '93 and Scott Petersen Wayne '84 and Kelly (McGrath) Petersen Barb Peterson Barbara Peterson '73 and William Carland Carol+* (Thielman) '86 and Dennis Peterson Donna (Dittman) '71 and Ron Peterson Dr. Lars '96 and Jennifer Peterson Dr. Reuben* '62 and Dr. Jean (Sunde)* '62 Peterson Dr. Terry and Margaret Peterson Emil '68 and Nicole Peterson Henry '68 and Mary (Bickel) '68 Peterson Jeffrey and Sue Peterson Jim and Deb Peterson Kristi (Kruger) '96 and Sean Peterson Lois Peterson '65 Maia Peterson Mary '70 and Brian Peterson Naomi Peterson Norris Peterson Rika Peterson '12 Stephanie Peterson '92 and Gregg Brown Steven Peterson '73 Tyler '95 and Siri (Johnson) '96 Peterson Emily Petoske Marcia (Pearson) '69 and Bill+ Petree Dr. Norman Petrik '60 and Dr. Joyce Tesarek Janice Petterson Heidi (Franken) '02 and Thomas Pettit Michael and Sharon Pettit Mary Lou Petty '68 and Walwyn Trezise Sally Peyla Esther Pfeifer '59 Dr. Leila (Young) Pfeiffer+ '58 Brendan Phillips '13 James Phillips Richard Phillips Philip Picha Alex* '14 and Jessica (Johnson) '14 Piche Judge Larry and Catherine Piersol Henrietta Pietrzak Gwen (Overaas) Pitsenbarger '53 Keith and Julie Place Dylan Platt '16 Luta (Everitt) '94 and Patrick Pleiss John and Kathy Plonsky Marilyn Plooster Laura (Anderson) '07 and Shawn Plowman Julia Plucker '93 Peg+ (Gray) '51 and William+ Pochardt Karla* and Jerry Podhradsky Dennis Podjenski Sandy (Ballenger)* '90 and John Pohlmann Andy '94 and Lisa (Christensen) '96 Pole Katie Pole '98 Pauline Poletes Betty Pollitt Larry Poppens '80 Sharon Poppens '82 William and Judy Porch Dean and Jenny Portner Becky Poss Robert and Sara Post, Jr. Doug and Mary Postal Leah (Roghair) Postma '12 Robert and Lori Potratz Steve Potts Marilyn (Smith) Powers '54 Patrick and Michelle Powers Iona Powers* Naras Prameswari '16 Stuart and Mary Ann Preheim Ethan '12 and Amanda (Wagner) '13 Preisler John Preloger '05 Peter '92 and Laura Prescott

Kraig* '84 and JoAnn (Ode) '86 Presler Dr. Peg* Preston and Rick Lundberg Steven and Sheryl Preszler Christel Preuss '77 Lois (Lass) '82 and Donald Prickett Marlene (Lee) Pritchett '58 David and Laura Prosser Marlene (Hage) Pruitt '62 Michael and Jackie Pryor Aaron Puckett '07 Rev. Franklin Pudas and Marit Running Pudas Gregory '71 and Carol (Stark) '72 Puerkel Genevieve Pueschner Kurt and Natalie Pueschner Paul and Ann Pueschner Nick and Deb Puhl Greg Puls Larry Puthoff* '77 Dean and Kristi Putnam Carol Quail '59 Gerald and Judy Qualley Derek Quame '14 Joe Quinn '00 Kenneth '70 and Lt. Col. Kristi (Kochenderfer) '71 Quinn James and Stephanie Quinnild David Quiocho Jenny Rackl '12 Jerry Raddatz Janet (Person) '72 and Richard Radke Edith Rae Jean Rahja Robert and Roberta Rahn Tom and Lee Raines Dr. Nancy (Floros) '77 and Gregory Rajanen Major Bob '67 and Karen (Matthaidess) '67 Raker Alice Ramsay '80 and Anthony Kordyban Barb (Dixon) '75 and Frank Rance Marlene Rance Lois Rand Donald '72 and Mary Ranheim Shireen (Scheele) Ranschau '74 Megan Raposa '15 Carl Rasmussen '06 and Angie Hummel* '05 Charlotte Rasmussen Paul* '03 and Pastor Ingrid (Arneson) '05 Rasmussen Michael '68 and Nancy (Thiele) '69 Ratzloff Dr. Jeffrey and Diane Rausch Arnold Ray '69 Dr. Heather Reber '03 Renee (Berg) Rebnord '74 Jon and Carol Rechtzigel Beverley (Jerde) Redding '59 Justin Redmond Andeline (Arneson) Reed '52 Rev. Skip '70 and Judith (Eliasen) '70 Reeves Judy (Pulcher) '63 and George Regan Carol (Sealey) '68 and Dr. Roy Regel Ashley Regimbal Sharon Reich William and Donna Reidburn Kristi (Sorteberg)* '82 and Mark Reierson Dr. Daniel '86 and Dr. Sarah Reiffenberger Cathleen (Claussen) Reiman '85 Jane Reimer-Morgan Joyce (Williams) Reinke '60 Bruce Reinmuth '73 Robert and Michelle Reisch Patricia Reisdorfer '80 Aaron and Carly Reiter Jason* '98 and Stacy (Lindemann) '97 Reitmeier Brian and Julie Relf Jack '66 and Jean Rembold Scott Remington John '61 and Patricia Remme Jerry and Kathleen Rempe Jeff and Jennifer Rensch Oriette (Fadness) Rentschler '63 Teresa Resch '04 Douglas and Erin Retzer Loreli (James) Reuter '58 Annelle (Hofer) Reynolds '95 James and Merlynn Rezek Dr. Lauren '53 and Lila (Dullerud) '53 Rhude Jessa Richards '16 Thomas and Diane Richards Jack Ridgway '16 Brian* and Brenda* Rieger

Richard and Vicki Riemann Glenn and Ann Riemersma Tom '12 and Jessica (Perez)* '12 Ries Dr. Daryl and Michelle Rife Cheryl Rigler Dianne (Mortenson) '72 and Bruce Rindahl John '85 and Ronda (Scharffenberg) '88 Rinehart Kenneth '65 and Colleen Ring Carol* '96 and Donald Riswold James '90 and Danah Riswold Linda (Bethune) Ritchie '62 Domenic Rizzi '85 Linda (McLaren) '74 and Robert Roach Jeffrey and Christina Robarge Russell '84 and Jami (Sorgdrager) Robers Pete* and Carrie Roberts Reed and Ann Robinson Rita Robinson Ronald* '57 and Margaret+* (Fjellestad) '62 Robinson Nancy Robson Jeff and Carol Rockwell Forrest Rode '67 Ellen Rodenberg Cathie (Conklin) Rodman* '75 Jeffrey and Debra Roepke Robert '76 and Diana Rogen Rev. Paul '64 and Camille (Hafnor) '68 Rogers Rick and Vickie Roghair Dr. Michael '56 and Eva (Kirchner) '58 Rogness Dr. Eric and Kelli Rolfsmeyer Doreen Rollag Janice Rollag '79 Conrad and Mary Rolland Paul and Eugenie Rolvaag Marilyn Ronken Steve Ronken '89 Melanie Ronning '88 Melvin '67 and Doreen '67 Ronning Neal '91 and Renae (Oeltjenbruns) Ronquist Ervin and Andrea Roorda Alan '68 and Gloria (Gilbertson) Rops Jan Rosdail-Aegerter '74 and Roger Aegerter Daniel and Jane Rose Mark and Kerri Rose John Rosemore '09 William and Janet Rosenbury Rev. Ann Rosendale* '04 and Kyle Alberty Clive Rosengren '65 Marlys Roskens Thomas '64 and Judy (Ehrhardt) '64 Roskens Christopher '89 and Tracy Rossing Dr. William '86 and Vicenta (Berdahl) '86 Rossing Lynette Rossum* Michelle Roth Raymond and Kyle Roti Kristen (Hage) '68 and Barney Rouse Leann (Dehli) '58 and Robert Rovang Murray and Helen Rowe Sarah Rowen '85 Joseph and Karen Rubado Dennis and Diane Rubida Janice Rud Elise (Guthals) '66 and Neil Rudolph Eric and Stacey Ruff Daniel '71 and Sandra Runyan Robert '76 and Darlene Runyan Brian and Lisa Rupp Daniel Rupp John and Ruby Rupp Caralee (Andreas) Rupprecht '61 Arthur and Lana Rusch Jeanne Rusch Suzie (Lahrman) Rusch* '91 Naomi Rust '18 Mary Ann Rutkowski Chris '03 and Krista (Harberts) '02 Ryan Delmar and Mary Ryan William and Ellen Rydell James '67 and Trudy Rye Linda Rykhus Nick and Rosemary Sabbia Megan Sabin '10 Laurie Sachse '86 Linda Sackreiter David and Claudia Saddler Jim and Maureen Sage

Todd '86 and Jeanette Sagmoe Stephen and Jane Sahly Yvonne Salem Marie Saliterman Gregory and Kathi Salvevold Michael Salzwedel '00 Shirley (Weness) '71 and Randolph Sammons Ronald '67 and Bette (Hart) '66 Sample Barbara Sampson Clara Samuelson Gary '68 and Suzanne Sandbo Owen and Teresa Sandbulte Kermit Sande+ '65 Craig '83 and Angela (Unzicker) '83 Sanders Stacey (Sandvig) Sanders '78 Kyle and Lisa Sanderson Mark Sanderson '68 and Dr. Susan Randall* '70 John and Catherine Sandison Curtis Sandvall Scott '75 and Sandra Sandvig Susan SanMiguel* Lori (McCawley) '03 and Robert Santella Dr. Lowell '64 and Ellen (Ohlson) Satre Kenneth Satre '88 and Joan Stevermer Cheryl Satterlee '76 Lawrence Satterlee '72 Derek Sauer Jason '00 and Lisa (Gibbs) Sauer Bruce and Linda Saugstad Dennis Saugstad Dr. Marilyn Saunders Heidi (Larson) '95 and Jason Savey Lyle and Lois Savey Kylie (Tamke) '05 and Sean Scallon Tom and Melanie Scallon Steven and Karen Scarborough Jon '81 and Marian Scarbrough Jeanne (Tostenson) Scarpello '96 James Schaap Grace Schaefer Edward '78 and Karen (Conley) Schaefle Donna Schafer Dr. Matt '09 and Nichole (Gilbert) Schafer Travis Schafer Nancy (Iverson) '79 and Robert Schantz Allan '63 and Sandra Scharf Janice and Richard '66 Scheel Richard '66 and Janice Scheel David '74 and Elizabeth (Smith) Scheib Vic and Andrea Schelin Marilyn (Elcock)* '79 and Mark Schempp Roger '54 and Donna Schiager Mark '88 and Ralyna Schilling David and Alissa Schipper Rev. Matt Schlake-Kruse '07 Myra (Berge) Schlender '65 Evelyn Schlenker Kirsten (Lerseth) '93 and Jeff Schlicht John and Patricia Schlimgen Janet (Boeyink) '96 and Mark Schlueter Allen and Mary Schmidt Helen (Youngquist) Schmidt '59 Jack Schmidt '85 James '56 and MaryLou Schmidt Jeffrey and Ann Schmidt Jerry and Barbara Schmidt Laura and Trent Schmidt Pam Schmidt Robb Schmidt '91 Todd '70 and Maggie (Remund) '99 Schmidt Peter and Mary Schmitz Dr. Kenneth '51 and Judy Schmuck Del '72 and Clarinda (Oie) Schnabel Geraldine (Bacon) Schnabel '76 Ryan '14 and Jessica (Spalding) '14 Schnabel Marvin '67 and Susan Schneider Peggy Schneider '86 Thomas and Kimberly Schneiderhan Mike and Jackie Schnepf Scott '75 and Barbara (Hanson) '73 Schnepf Rev. Nyla Schoeld Sandra (Schmidt) '79 and Larry Schoenecker Kari Schoenfish '07 Dan Schoepf Dorothy Schoettmer Stoeckle Dr. Gregory Scholtz '75 and Beth Hesla '76 Peter Scholtz '05

Barbara (Thune) '69 and Thomas Schommer Dorothy (Seppala) Schooley '58 Dean and Wendy Schoolmeester Alvin and Marilyn Schorr Nancy (Lawrenz) '69 and Charles Schotzko Suzette (Greseth)* '94 and Jason Schramm Karen Schreier and Tim Doughtery Allene (Roeman) Schreuder '64 Cayla Schroeder '09 Dr. Marie Schroeder Kim (Miller) Schroeder '97 Larry and Stephanie Schroeder Mark and Jeanette Schroeder Nathan Schroeder Rick and Stacey Schroeder Roger and Geri Lynn Schroeder Dr. Pam Schroeder* Lynn and Cynthia Schrum Rev. Stacie Schubert '93 Helen (Flugum) Schuck '66 Jed and Shelley Schuck Joan Schuck Dean* '70 and Sharon (Nowotny)* Schueler Rev. Timothy '65 and Mickey (Devick) '65 Schueler John* and Bobbi Schuety Diana (Boe) Schuld '59 Darren and Jennifer Schuler Roger and Shirley Schuller Ann Schulte Connor Schultz Patrick and Jennifer Schultz Beryl Schultze '74 Karen (Erdman) '64 and Harvard Schulz Bruce Schumacher '73 Greg and Karen Schumacher Kyle and Michelle Schuman Patrick and Lynn Schumer Todd '84 and Terri Schuver Dani Schwader Jodi Schwan Dr. Sig Schwarz '66 and Ken Pflueger Charlotte Schwarzkopf Karen Schwebach Duane and Mary Schweitzer Judi (Groskreutz) Schwerin* '76 Paige Schwitters '16 Reed Scott Robert and Connie Scott Tate and Amanda* Scotting Kent* Scribner and Camille Bradford Tim Seaman Tom and Janet Seamans Michele Seaton-Bertsch* '01 and Marty Bertsch Marshall and Pamela Seefeldt Claudia (Hanson) '67 and Dennis Seemann Benjamin and Keri Sees George and Renaye Sees Patrick and Kimberly Sees Dennis Segar Steven '69 and Lupe Seim Arne Selbyg Brett and Kelly Selland Joyce (Reiser) Sells '52 Allen and Jennifer Selzler Edward and Delila Senger Robert and Kari Sentz Dr. Constance (Leean) '64 and Dr. John Seraphine David and Kristin Seruyange Clint and Jana Sesow Aaron '01 and Kimber (Erickson) Severson Michael Severson '65 Arlys (Hetland) Sewalson '58 Robert and Luann Sewell Darrell '75 and Rondi (Schmidt) '75 Shafer Randy and Mari Shaull Rev. Carlton Shaw Henry and Christina Shea Ann (Larsen) '74 and John Shellhart Katherine (Neeley) '61 and Jay Shelp Scott '71 and Kay (Amerson) '73 Shelsta Robert Sheppard '58 Dr. Earl* '67 and Sonja (Steele) Sherburne Charles and Carla Sherer Jay '11 and Michaela Sherer Rev. Rebecca (Lund) '06 and Rev. Richard Sheridan Janet Sherman Sonia Sherman AJ (Stene) '66 and Marvin Sherrill

Coley (Stoller) Shield '19 Don and Vonnie Shields Benjamin and Anne Shiffler George and Margaret Shurr Paul Sickler Jarrod Sieben Mandy Sieck '09 Rev. Marcia (Moret) '73 and Dr. Philip Sietstra Steven and Arlys Sikorski Cortland Silliman '14 John Silliman '72 Lauren Sim '19 Julie Simko* Samuel '60 and Barbara (Nelson) '60 Simmons Stephanie Simon Bob '67 and Sue (Humphrey) '67 Simons Jim '78 and Gayle (Lindeman) '78 Simons John Simons Paul '68 and Lonnie (Ellison) '68 Simonson Bev '57 and William '57 Simpson Twyla (Larson) Sine '65 Bud '70 and Frances (Thoreson) '69 Sittig Tesa Siverhus-Maus Merryn Skarphol '19 Jim and Rita Skelly Rev. Marvin and Marilyn Skogen David and Kathleen Skoglund Charlene Skovlund '89 James Skrovig '77 Arnold '67 and Annette (Moran) '69 Skrukrud Carol Skulstad '72 Richard and Sandra Sladek Lee and Sandra Slavicek Rev. Olin '69 and Connie (Helland) '70 Sletto Janet (Miller) Slichter* '05 Joe and April Slovensky Florence (Waxdahl) '64 and Delbert Smallfield Cynthia (Soehren) '73 and Murray Smart Danny and Susan Smeins Michael '03 and Jacquelyn (Redman) Smellie Diane (Hansen) '68 and David Smidt Rodger and Gloria Smidt Andrew and Dionne Smith Clay Smith Francis* '51 and Myrna (Jorgenson) '50 Smith Harvey and Marjorie Smith Jamie '93 and Kjerstin (Bersagel)* '93 Smith Joshua and Kristine Smith Lance* '92 and Tammy (Harms) '91 Smith Steven and Cecelia Smith Suzanne* Smith and Peter Froelich Thomas '86 and Julie (Boland) Smith Timothy Smith '81 and Karen Miller Jacob Smither David and Alison Smoldt Marilyn (Olsen) '58 and Gerald Smolinsky Dean and Kim Smylie Jennifer Smyser Jean (Jensen) Sneen '73 Vance Sneve and Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve John '77 and Carol Snobeck Rita Snowden Roland '61 and Joyce Snuttjer Tim and Sheri Snyder Michele (Victoria) '87 and Brad Snyders Mary (Call) '67 and Elmer Sobania Jon '83 and Kristy (Kastrup) '84 Sogn Lloyd and Janet Sohl Thomas '92 and Jen (Swart)* Sohre Estate of Glenn E Soladay Alan and Carol Solano Anthony and Marlys Solbach Ryan Solberg Prof. Bob '57 and Janice (Jons) '58 Solem Glenn and Ardath Solsrud Chris and Christine Soltau Dave* '68 and Pamella (Opland) '68 Sonnichsen Gary Sonstegard Dr. Jon Sorensen '68 Dale and Dawn Sorenson David '69 and Catherine (Graff ) '70 Sorenson Lindsay (Sorben) Sorenson '01 Ed Souder

Drs. Brad and Jennifer Soule William and Barbara Spears Michael '84 and Cary Specht Kaari (Espeland)* '09 and Jason Speer Dr. Patricia Speidel '70 Drs. Craig* and Suzannah Spencer Lloyd and Deanne Spencer Richard '73 and Teresa Spenn Lisa (French) '93 and Randy Spielmann Marilyn Spilde-Lee* '66 Marie (Skotvold) Spodek '65 and William Magargal Robie (Jungman) '69 and Al Sprik Chad and Lucinda Squires Kim (Arneson) '83 and Robert Srstka Randy and Beth St. Clair Rev. Leroy '52 and Elisabeth (Aamoth) Stadem Rev. Michael '80 and Barbara (Lange) '82 Stadie Virginia Stadum Robert and Jennifer Stalley Alan '60 and Arlys (Pearson) Stanga Gregory Starnes '81 Robert and Carol Starnes Walter and M. Ruth Stauffacher Jim and Carolynn Stavenger Kathy (Blankartz) '77 and Patrick Steece Mark Steece '51 Scott and Carla Steen Dallas and Ronda Steenblock Jacqueline (Nommensen) Steensma* '55 Scott and Kim Steffens Todd and Paula Steffens Robert and Joan Steiger Mark and Lisa Steinbauer James and Marilyn Steinke Daniel* '83 and Virjean (Dyk) '83 Steinwand Dr. Erik '79 and Lisa Stene Glenda Stene Eric and Jenny Stenehjem Jack and Linda Stengel Marlys (Fossum) Stensaas '57 Shirley Stenseth Ruth Stensgard Dr. Vern '66 and Ronda Stensland Dr. Homer '54 and Helen (Hallanger) Stensrud Mavis Stenzel Fred and Shirley Stephens Michael Stephens Scott and Staci Stern Richard '68 and Diane Stevenson Zac Stevenson Betsy (Deering) '09 and Jeff Stewardson Cynthia Stewart '72 Greta Stewart* Tom and Yvonne Stibal Glen and Wanda Still Walter Still Kevin '05 and Mara (Paulson) '01 Stillson Bridget Stinson Rev. Lloyd Stivers, Jr. '74 and Beverly Kriens Dr. Chris '69 and Judy Stjernholm Emily Stjernholm Julie (Lamb) '81 and Rev. Paul Stjernholm Dr. Steven Stofferahn '93 and Dr. Margaret Dalrymple '90 Glenn and Carrie Stolar Deanna (Baron) Stoll '01 Charlotte (Flugum) Stone '68 Dorothy (Borgum) '66 and Jimmie Stone Michael and Kelly Stone Richard Stonefield O. Jeanne (Gilbertson) Stoneking '68 Gloria (Wegehaupt) Storm '68 Naomi Storsteen Julie (Ackerman) '77 and Dr. Thomas Stotz Michael '05 and Kirsten Stotz Aaron Strand '02 Valerie (Nelson) Strandell '75 Dr. Andrew* and Ruth Strandjord Noel and Lois Stratmoen Todd and Royanna Stratmoen Karen (Johnson) '64 and Bob Streeter Billie* and Dan Streufert Thomas and Becky Stritecky Jeffrey and Nancy Stroburg David '71 and Randa (Warnick) '72 Strom Richard and Mary Strom Mark '75 and Norma Stryzewski Chantelle Stucky

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Emily* and Skip Studenski Gaylord and Mary (Eikenberry) '64 Stumm Jim Sturdevant Dr. Tamera (Oltmanns) '02 and Todd Sturm Pawan Subedi Richard and Jean Sucher J. and Rose Suddarth Robert and Maureen Suga Dr. Angie (Hass) Sukstorf* '94 Mike and Darcy Sullivan Rolf and Doreen Sullivan Thomas and Kimberley Sullivan Wendy (Lemke) Sullivan '82 Shannon Sully Tom and Deb Sully Wendy Sully Gerry and Ann Summa Li* Sun and Hongbo Zhao Jason and Emily Sunday Richard Sundberg John '90 and Stephanie (Bohls) Sundby Dr. and Mrs. Carl Sunde Rebecca Sunde '15 Lois (Olsen) Sundvold '61 John and Nancy Sunstrom Georgette (Ersch) '75 and Steve Sutera Whitney Sutherland '00 Matt Sutton John Sutton III '92 and Dr. Rachelle (Mettler) Sutton Dr. John '85 and Laura Svaren Kyle '11 and Stacy Svendsen Dr. Russell* and Sarah (Moon) Svenningsen Cheryl Svensson Gerald and Carol Svoboda Kurstin (Berg) '89 and Terry Svoboda Marion Svozil Alan Swanson Dain '02 and Heather (Carr) Swanson Sally (Myers) '72 and A.J. Swanson Tanna Swanson '78 Dennis and Joann Swart Dr. Bill* and Dawn (Kuiper) Swart Brett and Julie Sweeney Cathy Sweeney Helen (Hanson) '59 and Donald Sweeter Dr. Larry and Susann Swenson Jared Swenson Nancy Swenson Dalldorf '76 and Bob Dalldorf Mark and Jennifer Swoboda David and Brittany Symanitz Katherine (Laas) Symonaitis '68 Thomas '87 and Tricia (Boyd) '86 Syverson Stefan '12 and Kylie (Dummer) '12 Szwarc Rev. Curtis Talbert, Jr. '74 Lee* '59 and Faye Tallakson Katherine Talley Dr. Guy+ and Carolyn Tam LeRoy and Mary* Tarbox Tom and Karla Tastad George and Michelle Tauer Mary Tauer Paul and Pamela Tauer John and Debra Taufen Betty (Hembd) '54 and Orville Taylor Jenna (Millman) '08 and Lee* Taylor Pamela Taylor Jansa Scott and Barbara Teal Patricia Teeman Dr. Brad Tennant Donald Terpstra '69 Lohem Tesfa '19 Phyllis (Morlock)* '87 and Alfred TeSlaa Richard and Rita Tester Mike and Missy Tews Todd Texley Jadah Thaemert '19 Steve '86 and Carla Thein John and Kristen Theis Matthew and Caroline Thelen Brent Thiel Joseph and Judy Thiel John and Colleen Thiem Gary '73 and Grace (Jacobson) '71 Thimsen Edwin and Janet Thomas Jackie (Miles) '12 and Josh Thomas John and Loretta Thomas Julie Thomas '68 and Michael Collins Lee* '76 and John* Thomas Ronald and Barbara (Ersland) '69 Thomas Vance '94 and Pastor Jennifer (Torstenson) '94 Thomas Clarissa Thompson '09 and Wade Ellett

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

Coralette (Brobjorg) '84 and Steven Thompson Donald '62 and Louise Thompson Donald and Bethel Thompson Kathy (Smith) Thompson '67 Lowell Thompson Thomas '63 and Ann (Pierce) Thompson Dr. Charles Thompson* Dr. J.D. Thompson* '55 Barbara (Day) '73 and Dr. Tom Thomsen Carol (Wilson) '61 and Elvin Thomsen Rebekah Thoresen '19 Thomas and Brenda Thoresen Linda (Anderson) '70 and Dale Thoreson Kristen (Gevik) Thorkelson '08 David '75 and Lana (Jorgensen) '67 Thormodsgaard Glennys Thormodsgaard Kelsey Thornton Avery Thorson Brad* '89 and Jodie (McMacken) '89 Thorson Verne and Marjory (Twedt) '56 Thorstenson Michael '73 and Sheryl (Titterington) '75 Thu Jenna (Simpson) Thu* '14 Brenda (DeBoer) '04 and Mike Thuringer Dr. Bert+ and Darlene Tiesen Dr. Jerel '71 and Nancy (Villaume) '74 Tieszen Rick and Patricia Tillman Robert Timmons, II'79 and Ann (Forsch) Timmons '80 Benita (Heston) '86 and David Timpe Steven '11 and Mackenzie (Arens) '11 Tims Cynthia Tingle Thad Titze* '13 Kate Tobin '11 Dean Tollefson '54 and Brenda Mensink Dr. Keith '64 and Dr. Janet (Bowers) Tolzin Elizabeth (Palmer) Toomajian '77 and Dr. Charles Toomajian, Jr. Kevin Topolinski Lois (Loon) Topping+ '61 Jeffrey and Catherine Torborg Judith Torgerson Kyle and Amy (Johnson) '03 Torkelson Dick Toso Dr. Jonathan '89 and Mary (McConahie)* '90 Toso Jacob Toso Matthew Toso Kristan (Lockwood) '87 and Thomas Tott Dr. Casey* and Dr. Arleigh Trainor Travis* and Ann* (Konechne) Traphagen Dr. Douglas '76 and Laurie (Schlangen) '77 Traub Dean and Karla Trautman Kali Trautman '18 Barb (Gehring) '83 and Theodore Trede Stacy (Root) '80 and Bernard Trenda Benjamin Trenne '18 Sarah (Stein) '94 and Robert Trivitt Cherie (Carlson) '89 and Justin Trondson Nikki* and Brad Troxclair Mary Tschetter Rick* and Erica Tupper Paul '79 and Ann (Hansen) '79 Turbiville Sarah (Schultz) '93 and Patrick Turley Paula Tursam '71 Jean Tushie Paul and Pam Tvedt Michael '14 and Tina (Skeie) '14 Tveter Paul and Kris Tvinnereim Brad '82 and ReJean Twedt Capt. Carter '60 and Margaret Twedt Carol (Gullickson) Twedt '60 Ole and Ruth Tweet Paul and Dawn Twenge Ryan Tysdal '01 Molly (Anderson) Uden '60 Joshua Uditsky Gregg Uecker Brad* and Molly Uhing Dr. Patsy Uken '77 and Larry Nelson Joseph Ulloa Timothy Umfleet David '71 and Judy Unzicker A. Don Urben '55 Paula U'Ren '96 Ronald and Jane Utecht Daniel '88 and Peggy (McCauley) '77 Uthe Eric Uthe '03 Celeste Uthe-Burow* '85 and Daniel Burow

Mieca (Friesen) '88 and Jeff Valen Ruth (Ekstrom) Van Arsdale '66 Dr. Steve Van Bockern* '74 and Sarah Drennan Julie Van Bockern '79 and Robin Smith Anne (Bergsrud) '88 and Wouter van Bruggen Myron and Joan Van Buskirk Richard '03 and Leah (Kooren) '03 Van Dam Garrett Van Der Griff '75 Mason '17 and Andrea (Conover) '17 Van Essen Michael and Kimberly Van Horn Denise Van Keulen Sarah* and Erik Van Laecken Diane (Hanson) '73 and Prof. Jon Van Patten Cami Van Wyhe Dick '55 and Donna (Brech) Van Wyhe Trevor VanConant Margaret (Gustad) '68 and Norman Vande Kamp Abby Vandelanotte '08 Brian Vander Aarde* Laurel Vanderbilt '82 Mark Vanderbilt Fred and Judy Vandersnick Lisa VandeVoort Sandra VanDeWalle Garry and Suzanne VanDoren Molly (Johnson) '12 and Nick VanHorn George and Julia Vansco Marlys (Jerred)* '94 and Roland* Vant Hul Nancy (Anderson) '73 and Steve Vasilakes Victoria Vaske '12 Kayla Vastenhout '12 Gloria Vatne '52 Robert '56 and Marianne (Hauge) '57 Vatne Roger Vaughan '66 Marian (Heide) Vaughn '64 Ted and Kim Vaughn William and Karen Veio Jeff* '19 and Bri (McTague) '00 Venekamp RuthAnn (Hallberg) '79 and Hugh Venrick Gina Verdoorn '05 Jean (Bjonerud) Verhulst '60 Thomas '85 and Jennifer (Bentz) '86 Verhulst Jeff and Lisa Verkerke Dale Vernon Martha (Rogness) Vetter '62 Colton Vien '16 Tom '05 and Shannon (Bjelland)* '05 Viereck Jeffrey Vig Joseph and Patti Vig Tony Viger '14 Rev. Allen '59 and Janice Vik Stanley Vik '63 Calie Vinton Solveig Viste '83 and Sridhar Sourirajan Dr. Arlen Viste* Timothy and Penny Voegele Julie* '96 and Robert Voelker-Morris Jodi (Reitmeier) '92 and Chad Vogel Dorothy (Lee) '55 and Jon Voight Brian Voigt '12

Rev. Dan '06 and Blair (Meyer) '08 Voigt Gwen (Pugsley) '71 and Kenneth Volk Don '58 and Alyce (Zorba) '59 Vollan Sharon Von Fange Dean and Mary Frances Von Seggern Kristin Von Seggern '78 Ricky Voorn '17 Mary Vorhes '79 Dan Vos* '11 Eric '15 and Jennifer (Inselmann) '17 Voss Ruth (Nelson) '75 and Alan Voss Robert Vrchota '73 Julie Vu '17 Duane and Mary Wachter Miriam Waddington Faye (Leistad) '82 and Dr. Robert Wade Daniel and Bonnie Wagener Kevin and Lori Wagener Christopher Wagner Raleigh and Jennifer Wagner Wayne Wagner Jo Wahle '92 Dr. Ruth Wahlstrom '64 James '64 and Eileen (Johnson) '67 Wahlstrom Ardis Walker Beth (Ottilie) Wallace '75 and Gerald Wallace, Jr. H. Jeff and Florence Wallace Amanda Wallner Scott and Marian Walter Terry Walter '76 and Donald Cooper Stacia (Wagner) '05 and Drew Walters Robert Walton '59 Gary Walz, Jr.* '06 Roger '61 and Genna Wangsness Ryan and Dr. Emily* Wanless Abby (Jensen) '03 and Justin Ward Jack '71 and Jean Ward Kenneth and Debra Warpula Allisyn Washburn '93 Larry and Connie Washburn Todd '90 and Debra (Lloyd) '89 Washburn Dominick Washington '00 and Summer Martins Tim and Claudia Wassom Dr. Mary Watson '82 and Dr. Dan Rath Marty Watson Ramona (Ode) Watson '51 Jason '99 and Katy Watt Candy (Neuberger) Watzek '82 Gregg Waylander '94 Andrea (Campbell) Weatherly '97 Kathleen Webb Nancy (Shore) '77 and Jerry Webb Dr. Wayne Weber '64 Jeanne Weber Thomas Weber '67 Alan and Kimberley Webster John and Nancy Webster Kailey Webster '19 Audrey (Fossum) '49 and Rev. Otto+ Wedul Dionne Wee '98 James and Violet Wehde Deanna (Levsen)* '80 and Joel* Wehrspann Ed '77 and Suzie+ Weiland Zach Weinandt* '12

Brian '78 and Mindy Weinreis Sara Weinreis '13 Myrlee (Stavnes) '66 and Charles Weisbrod Dain Weiss Elizabeth (Johnson) Weiss '03 Carol Weisz* Paul Weitzel and Jill Melby Paul and Jane Weller Brian Wells Lois (Schrag) Wells '74 Dr. Kathryn Welter '86 and Azer Bestavros Mick '90 and Sarah Wencil Mr. and Mrs. James Wendland Dr. Laurie* and Dr. Robert Wenger Dr. Paul and Julie Wennberg James and Jacquline Wentworth Tess Wentworth '15 Chris '07 and Christine Wentzlaff Korrie and Cheryl Wenzel Michael and Pam Werdel Paul and Elise Werger II Brian Werner '07 Jay '74 and Martha (Rumme) '74 Werth Janette West Herschel and Michelle West II Jean (Larson) '73 and John Westberg Jerry '64 and Julia (Kanning) '63 Westby Rahn Westby '71 Brian '81 and Nancy (Bergdale) '85 Westemeyer JoAnne (Holter) Westerhausen '81 and Dr. Donald Westerhausen, Jr. Karen Westgate Allyson Westra Rolland Westra Kristine (Bang) '86 and David Wetmore Peggy Wetz Sheree (Paulson) '60 and Terry+ Weverstad Carter Wevik '18 Delmar and Joyce Wevik Robert Wharton Ross and Elizabeth Wheeler Jeffrey and Lynn* White

Vicki (Haugen) '79 and Randy White Thomas and Brenda Whitehead Kristi Whitmyre '81 Mark '89 and Dawn (Strunk) '91 Whittenburg Scott and Abbie Wickersham Dr. Diane (Boulden) '82 and Gene Wicklund Eunice (Hetland) '79 and Jon Wicks Gail (Bohlman) '91 and George Widman Emily (Nielsen) '07 and David Wiederich Arthur and Karen Wienke, Jr. Evelyn (Ostraat) Wierenga '63 Jennifer (Lovik) '05 and Ryan Wiese Owen and Lois Wiese Espen and Anette Wigaard Dr. Kevin '86 and Lynn (Radke) '85 Wika Glenn* '62 and Cindy (Elkins) '87 Wika James and Dawn Wilber Jeffrey '76 and Rhonda Wilber Rev. Greg* '78 and Gail (Estenson) '78 Wilcox Judith (Wyffels) Wild '65 Crystal Wiles Scott and Julie Wilhelmsen Ryan Wilkison '08 JoAnn (Kidman) Will '68 James Willard John and Jan Williams Karel (Engel) Williams '62 Maren Williams '03 Nicole Williams '14 Tanner Williams '17 Virginia Williams Helen Williams* Shirley (Edmundson) '64 and David Williamson Ann (Leard) Wilson '95 Jerry and Norma Wilson Ruth Wineberg+ '51 Greg and Patty Winegardner Bruce and Norma Wing Mark '72 and Johanna (Caruso) Winge

DeAnne (Hart) Winn '64 and Thomas Winn, Jr. Lynnae (Hagberg) '81 and Donald Winnes Lt. Col. Margaret (Johnson) Winslow '63 Martin and Joni Winters Nita Wirth Dr. James Wisecup Dr. Brian and Susan Wiswall Matt '00 and Amy (Pesek) '00 Witt Mark Wittenberg Sally Wittlinger Tad and Heidi Woelber Steven and Diane Wold Dr. Ansel '55 and Nancy Woldt Gerald and Bonnie Wolf James and Stacie Wolf Kira Wolf Nick and Staci Wolf Dr. David Wolff Megan Wolle '03 Julie (Klingbeil) '82 and Steven Wolner Mary (Poppen) Wolpert '48 David and Carol Wolter Mark and Amy Wolters Palma Wolverton+* Darrin and Michelle Womack Terry and Maureen Woockman Dr. Jonathan '95 and Michelle Wood Ruth (Ablin) Wood '63 Michael and Marilyn Woodden Thomas Woods and Jennifer Shining Michael Worcester* Kristi* and Dennis Worden Daniel* and Debra Workman Paul '66 and Merlaine Wornson Steven Worsley Frank and Karen Wosika James and Penny Woster Daniel Wright and Jennifer Nash-Wright Patricia Wright Donna Wudel '65 Joel Wudel* '78 Shane Wuebben '04

Marilyn (Lien) '54 and Donald Wylie Zoua Xiong Marjorie Yanez Dr. Bernice (Christopherson) Yates '71 Dr. Terry '80 and Stephanie (Munar) Yeager Dr. Anson Yeager, Jr. '76 and Nancy Cornick Steven Yelinek '75 Andrea Yoch Elizabeth Yoder Jason and Tamara Yoder Larry and Kathleen Yoder Shane Yoder Kenneth '80 and Ruth (Grabe) '78 Young Krista Youngberg '14 Mark and Karin Youngberg Carl Youngdahl, Jr. Dr. Karen* and Kent Younger Rose (Jacobson) Youngquist '53 Randy '81 and Miriam Youngquist-Thurow Yifan Yuan Edward and Josephine Yuhas Dennis and Karol Zabel Mark and Tanna Zabel Moira Zahn Christina (Lundin) '86 and Roger Zalneraitis Gwain and Cindy Zarbuck Marc and Ondrea Zebley Heather (Ottoson) '00 and Collan Zehnder Paul Zeig Andy '10 and Dr. Anne* Zell Don '63 and Carole (Thomas) Zellmer Elden and Dr. Solveig Zempel Thomas and Deloris Zender Carroll Zentz, Jr. '72 Michael and Linda Zerr Kirk and Kimberly Zibble Rev. Steve and Kathryn Ziebarth Linda (Swanson) '77 and Rev. John Ziulkowski Dr. Tim and Pam Zoellner Vincent and Edrie Zweber

Photo by Jamie

+deceased *Current, former, retired faculty/staff

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Nordica Warehouses Inc Norse Glee Club Norse Glee Club Ladies Auxiliary Northern Plains Lumber Company Inc. Northern Trust Company Northwest Manufacturing Inc Northwestern Mutual Novita Aurora LLC Nyberg's Ace Hardware Inc Olson's Pest Technicians Our Redeemer Lutheran WELCA Our Savior Lutheran Church WELCA Our Savior's WELCA Pancheros Mexican Grill Panther Graphics Papa's Italian LLC Patrick Henry Middle School Peace Lutheran Church Peaceful Beach Estates Property Personal Chef and Caterer Peter N Cannon DDS Peterson Family Foundation Peterson Rental Property Inc Photography by Sonnichsen Piersol Law Firm Pita Pit PJ Morgan Real Estate Porch Farm, Inc Prairie Coach Trailways Primary Surgical Inc. Professional Poultry Transportation Puls Inc DBA Subway R L Drywall and Insulation Inc Ramkota Hotels of South Dakota Randall D. Jorgensen Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund RBC Capital Markets dba RBC Wealth Management Reliabank Reliabank Dakota Renaissance Charitable Foundation Renner Lutheran Church Restoration Systems Inc Results Radio Rhoades Enterprises LLC Richard J Koch, DDS, PC Ripley Dental River Ranch Purebred Red Angus River Ridge Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Ctr Riverside Counseling Center RKJ Inc DBA Subway Robert and Rita Elmen Foundation Roseni Lutheran Church WELCA Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant Runners Block Salem Lutheran Church Sandia Roofing Sandia Roofing II Sandy's

Sanford Clinic Family Medicine Sanford Health Sara Bye Agency LLC Scheels All Sports Schmidt Installation Schoeneman Bros Co Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Scientific Consulting Inc Scooter's Scott W Eastman dba South Hampton Apts SD American Guild of Organists SD Women of the ELCA SEI Private Trust Company Sertoma International Seven Gables Farm Severson Family Foundation Severtson Farm Account SF Area Community Foundation Sheldon F Reese Foundation Showplace Wood Products Inc Sioux Empire Gem/Min Society Sioux Falls Ford Sioux Falls Sports Authority Sioux Valley Singers Sisson Printing Inc Slumpbuster Baseball LLC Sons of Norway GJOA Lodge #65 South Dakota Community Foundation South Dakota Department of Public Safety South Dakota Furniture Mart South Dakota Magazine

South Dakota Music Teachers Association South Dakota Synod ELCA SpeedConnect LLC Springhill SU/Courtyard Marriott St John Lutheran Church Standard Insurance Company Steiger Construction, Inc. Sterling E-Marketing Inc Stern Oil Co. Inc. Stifel Nicolaus Strawbale Winery Surfside Marketing Inc. Sweeney Court Reporting Services LLC Tabor Lutheran Church Talcott Resolution Target Corporation TC's Referee TD Ameritrade Clearing The Local Best Think Tourism USA LLC Thrivent Financial Thrivent Mutual Funds Thurman Comes Foley Co. LLP TIAA-CREF Tires Tires Tires TMI Hospitality Tonka Recreation Association Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Lutheran Church Women Triple J Dairy UBS Financial Services Inc.

Union Pacific Charity United States District Court of MN US Bank Valley Exchange Bank Van Buskirk Real Estate Van Demark Orthopedic Specialist Van Guard Group Veritas Drilling Solutions LLC Vern Eide Motorcars Veteran Chorus of the NSAA Voegeli Construction LLC Waterbury Heating & Cooling Weisser Distributing Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wells Fargo South Dakota NA West Nidaros Lutheran Church West Nidaros Women ELCA Wheatstem Realty & Auction Inc Wiebke Fur Company Woods Fuller Shultz & Smith PC Workflow International Inc. Wuesty's Electric YourCause LLC Yours On The Spot LLC Zimmer Davis Zion Lutheran Church

Profile for Augustana University

Gratitude Report 2018-19  

Augustana University has released its Gratitude Report in celebration of the generosity of our many alumni and friends who invested in Augus...

Gratitude Report 2018-19  

Augustana University has released its Gratitude Report in celebration of the generosity of our many alumni and friends who invested in Augus...