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Who are

Audio T?

Audio T are the UK’s leading specialist retailers of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema equipment. Founded in 1966, we sell exciting products guaranteed to provide you with a system that will thrill you for years to come. Unlike many of our competitors who just try to sell you the latest magazine favourites, we actually offer independent advice based on what things really sound like, how reliable they are and how easy they are to use. With over 46 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right choice. We stock all the key brands and, because we are proudly independent, we’ll give you impartial advice based on what’s best for your needs. We only stock products that offer high performance and value for money, whatever your budget, chosen by staff who have the knowledge that comes from being genuine enthusiasts. New technologies Rarely has the Hi-Fi market been so exciting, with the arrival of music streaming from computers and media drives giving the industry a shot in the arm. New digital products are arriving from our favourite suppliers and many new ones, all making products based around this new way of delivering your music. On the television front, plasma and LED backlit LCD TVs have never been better value and they remain the best solution for now. OLED (Organic LED) screens are likely to appear on the market during 2013; however, it will be some years before they are at a price most of us will be prepared to pay. With tough times holding prices down there has never been a better time to upgrade your existing system but it’s also why it’s important to have expert, impartial advice as you negotiate the multitude of options. That’s where Audio T comes in. We have a hard-earned reputation as the most professional stores in the country and we have a Price Promise that ensures you get great value.

How do I get the best sound and vision at home? Independent journalists always give the same advice about buying Hi-Fi and Home Cinema - find yourself a good dealer. What do they mean by a good dealer? They mean shops that give knowledgeable advice, offer demonstrations and can deliver and install your purchase. Everyone can see and hear the difference between equipment so don’t think you need to be an ‘expert’. A pair of appreciative eyes and ears are the only qualifications necessary when it comes to choosing a good system. So when making decisions about what to buy, there is no substitute for actually road-testing your prospective purchases - seeing, hearing and experiencing the products in action. Whether you’re tweaking an existing system or starting from scratch, contact your local store to arrange a demonstration. Many other retailers don’t have these facilities - we think they’re essential. Worse still, other dealers won’t install systems for you whereas we are always keen to give you the benefit of our long experience in setting up and positioning equipment to get the very best out of it.

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If you’re new to Hi-Fi and Home Cinema then you might like to check-out the introductions to each section for a simple approach to the subject. After that use the Guide to get an overview of what’s available before coming into one of our shops for a chat and a listen. You will then have a better idea of what to ask us.


How will good music and movies improve my life? Music provides entertainment and pleasure. It can stimulate you and relax you at the same time. Music is pure emotion, but this will only come through on equipment good enough for you to respond to it naturally. The more natural the sound, the more enjoyment and satisfaction you’ll derive. You will enjoy it so much that you’ll buy lots of new music and rediscover your existing collection. That’s what good Hi-Fi is all about and why we love it so much!

Join the e-Club Our customers can now keep up-to-date by joining the e-Club electronic mailing list that has special benefits for members: monthly newsletters with news of new products, special offers, competitions, extra discount on sale items and more...

Likewise you can be transported into another world by watching movies but you will need a Home Cinema system that produces natural pictures and sound. No mass-market package home cinema systems achieve this goal not least because most of them are devoting only 20% of the budget to the sound. We believe that the sound quality is every bit, if not more important than the picture.

Sound & Vision – The Bristol Show Audio T runs the country’s leading consumer Hi-Fi and Home Cinema exhibition at the Marriott City Centre Hotel every February in Bristol. It’s easy to get to, great fun and you can see and hear almost every product in this Guide.

Sign up today by visiting the Audio T website: We’ll only mail you around once a month and we’ll never, ever sell your email address to anyone else.

Checkout the website at

Audio T Online For the convenience of those who live too far from one of our stores, or those who wish to shop from home, we also sell online. Our online store sells hundreds of items (some of which you won’t find in our shops) and offers a “Click and Reserve” service for customers to reserve items for in-store collection and payment. We are happy to ship goods to you free of charge but this excludes some products that require special installation or those from suppliers who prefer us not to mail order. All items are subject to availability and we will always give you the best information we can on anticipated delivery dates. Please call or e-mail us for prices or to discuss anything you are unsure about. Contact us via email on and on the internet at where, in addition to our online store, you’ll find our most up to date clearance list and news of our latest products. You can also find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at Brands stocked Please check the store pages on our website or call your nearest branch for full details of everything that we sell. Making your purchase safe and easy We honour all manufacturers guarantees and back this up with an after sales service you can count on, not only to repair anything that might go wrong but also to answer on-going technical queries. We are authorised by the manufacturers to sell all the products we stock. This means we have factory trained staff who know what they’re talking about, our warranty is backed up by them and we can repair or replace items quickly if they go wrong. We allow you to upgrade your purchase to something better for up to 30 days, at no cost penalty provided the returned equipment is in perfect condition complete with all packing and instructions. (This excludes clearance items and any products ordered specifically on your behalf.)

Delivery and installation For a small charge we deliver and professionally install your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema if you want us to, ensuring you get the very best from your new purchase. Putting a Hi-Fi system together may appear easy but it takes experience to make it sound sensational. Wiring up a Home Cinema system is even more challenging and many people wouldn’t want to even attempt it! Price Promise We stand by our Price Promise so you can buy with confidence knowing you will have the best combination of service and value for money. Home loans and credit We can arrange home loans of equipment (subject to status) and also home demonstrations, especially for those customers who find traveling difficult. This is subject to arranging a mutually agreeable time and there is usually no extra cost involved (subject to the traveling distance). We offer a wide range of credit products to suit most budgets. Call into your nearest shop for full details. All our credit facilities are subject to acceptance for UK residents aged 18 and over. Written quotations are available on request. Minimum amount of loan (after deposit) is £200. And, to make things really easy we offer a Buy now, Pay in 12 Months time* scheme that lets you defer paying us for 12 months at no extra cost. *Subject to status. Ask in store for details.

Turntable servicing We are also able to service your turntable if you need us to and upgrading these can often produce considerable benefits. Our stores have been working with turntables for years, making improvements that are very cost effective.

retra We are members of the Radio, Electrical and Television Retailers Association


Custom Installation Custom Installation ranges from something as simple as mounting a flat-screen TV on a wall to specifying and installing a full multi-room system. It can include both Hi-Fi and Home Cinema along with lighting and other hardware. Whatever level of installation you choose we work with experienced installers to offer you the personal attention you expect.


You may be about to embark on a complete refurbishment project, have an extension or new home built. Perhaps you have been thinking about a loft or basement conversion for a home cinema. Whatever your plans, Audio T can arrange these installations for you – working with our installers or your builders. MULTI-ROOM AUDIO These systems provide the convenience of selecting what you want to listen to from wherever you are in the house. Quality options vary widely these days so you can choose exactly how much you want to spend, room by room. They avoid clashes of interest too: you can listen to your new CD in the lounge while your partner listens to their favourite track in the kitchen!

These days complex, expensive and inflexible built in systems have given way to much simpler options that can be operated from the likes of iPhones and iPads. These systems can operate wirelessly, making installation both simple and inexpensive. However, if they can be wired they will tend to be more reliable. To this end we sell a new system that uses the mains wiring to move the music around the house. HOME CINEMA If it’s Home Cinema that excites you then it’s definitely time you called into one of our shops to see the latest technology in action. A Home Cinema is something the whole family will enjoy together (and one of the few things that will keep teenagers socialising with you!) We supply and install the best televisions and projectors, along with the most upto-date audio electronics.

Introduction to Hi-Fi & Home Cinema Hi-Fi and Home Cinema separates, as individual components are commonly known, offer the very best sound quality and the ability to upgrade easily. Combinations of these items can be tailored to build a complete system that will suit your sonic preferences, your home decor or whatever your particular needs may be. This modular approach to system building makes upgrading easy, as well as letting you add other components as your tastes develop or your budget allows.

We can put together systems from as little as £500 but we are confident that you will agree, once we’ve shown you what is possible, that spending more will pay big dividends. Some of our audiophile customers have been known to spend many thousands of pounds but the average system is around £1,000 to £2,000. You can listen and look in our demonstration rooms (or at home) and make the decision for yourself.

not just with films. The same benefits apply to many TV programmes, sporting events and games consoles. Multi channel sound from Sky HD, Freesat and Freeview HD plus, of course, Blu-ray players has made the experience ever more available. And now you can download movies with surround sound too. Home Cinema with surround sound is definitely something that the whole family will enjoy!

A good separates Hi-Fi system will give you musical enjoyment that will excite you and involve you on an emotional level, just like live music. It will be an investment you will never regret.

All our stores can demonstrate how wonderful Hi-Fi and Home Cinema can sound, and you really need to hear and see it properly demonstrated before handing over your money. Our staff members are factorytrained so we can get it all working without any fuss. Come and listen: we can transform your living room into your own private cinema or concert hall!

Likewise, everyone is thrilled by the excitement of surround sound when they visit the cinema. Now you can enjoy the same amazing experience at home; and


Anthem For more than two decades Anthem, originally known as Sonic Frontiers, has designed and manufactured awardwinning high-end equipment for music, home cinema and distributed audio in Canada. Their original goal was to create a high-end product without a high-end price. Anthem’s success is reflected in an awardwinning product line-up that continues to set new reference standards of performance regardless of price. The range includes home cinema receivers, surround-sound processors, power amplifiers and stereo pre-amplifiers. Extensive investment in research and development has led to proprietary technologies such as the critically acclaimed Anthem Room Correction (ARC). Anthem products allow you to virtually ‘be there’ every time you listen to a favourite piece of recorded music or experience the excitement of surround-sound home cinema. Around the world, Anthem is consistently the brand of choice for leaders in the field of music and entertainment. The Anthem difference is audible: you hear it in every product they make.

Chord Electronics The DSX1000 music streamer gives unrivaled sound quality from stored music files

Chord Electronics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance hi-fi and audio products. Since 1989, Chord Electronics has been creating some of the planet’s finest hi-fi with a global customer base that includes: Abbey Road Studios; Sony Music Studios and the Royal Opera House. All products are hand-built in Kent to the highest standards, with many featuring proprietary technology that puts Chord Electronics in a league of its own. The Chord Electronics range is perfectly suited to all needs and budgets from the affordable, award-winning Chordette range, to the flagship Reference products. In 2012, the company collected an astonishing amount of press accolades including: Best Streamer 2012 (Chordette Index, Hi-Fi Choice); Best CD player 2012 (Red Reference MkIII, Hi-Fi World) and Best DAC 2012 (£900-£1,200, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision). Quite simply, there has never been a better time to invest in Chord Electronics’ proprietary technology. An investment in Chord brings you the best electronics expertise, build quality and sound performance for your music collection.

Anthem MRX 700 home cinema receiver with Paradigm MilleniaOne Speakers and MilleniaSub

You can explore the world of Chord Electronics at our website and by searching for Chord Electronics on Facebook.

Worth Farm, Worth Lane, Little Horsted, Nr. Uckfield TN22 5TT T 01825 750858

The Pumphouse, Farleigh Bridge, Farleigh Lane, East Farleigh ME16 9NB T 01622 721444



Arcam’s first product was an integrated amplifier called the A60. It achieved classic status during the 1970s and 80s and most are still in use today. The new A19 integrated amplifier continues this heritage faithfully and advances it to deliver new levels of sound quality and convenience. Arcam is confident the A19 will delight music lovers of all generations. It delivers exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low level distortion and is perfect for those looking for reference level sound quality at it’s price point and beyond. Featuring some of the latest thinking in high performance amplifier design, the A19 uses components and techniques normally found in Arcam’s top of the range products. The A19’s design and performance have been refined and tuned to an exquisite degree. This focus on sound quality has led to an intellegent power supply design that also enables the amplifier to offer a flexible upgrade path. The power supply of the A19 is designed to be able to supply two of Arcam’s class-leading rSeries products. This allows the A19 to become a digital hub for a whole range of digital connection upgrades that includes both wireless Bluetooth® devices and USB sources.

While the world of music is increasingly a digital one, analogue sources are not forgotten. The continued popularity of vinyl has led Arcam to to equip the A19 with a new ultra-low noise moving magnet (MM) phono stage that allows the music enthusiast to enjoy their vinyl collection afresh. While the use of high performance headphones has grown dramatically of late, little effort has been made to improve the headphone sections of the amplifiers that drive them. The A19 addresses this by employing a completely new circuit that can deliver a level of sound quality that will thrill even the most demanding listener. The A19 is built to the same very high standards as Arcam’s other FMJ series products. Arcam engineers have chosen every critical component using careful measurement and years of design experience. These audiophile grade components are designed into a circuit layout configuration that has been carefully optimised for the very best performance. The A19’s audio circuits are combined with an ultra-low noise power supply built around a muscular toroidal transformer. These state-of-the-art electronics are encased in a resonance damped chassis which exudes quality and perfectly matches the sound quality of this outstanding Arcam amplifier.


A19 integrated amplifier

Arcam, Pembroke Avenue, Denny Industrial Centre, Waterbeach CB5 9QR T 01223 203200



Audiolab 8200CD CD Player

Since its debut amplifier launched in 1983, Audiolab has built an enviable reputation for quality and performance. Designed in England, the British company’s current ‘8200’ series range is instantly recognisable as ‘pure Audiolab’, delivering both peerless build quality and beautifully understated design. The new line delivers products to provide extraordinary flexibility for system building, yet maintains Audiolab’s simplicity in form and function. The 8200CD, for example, is not just a superb CD player – it also houses an outstanding DAC (digitalto-analogue converter) making it the ideal source to deliver quality sound from all kinds of digital sources, including audio from computers and other digital sources. The 8200CD has wowed critics and public 10

alike, including winning What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’s CD Product of the Year Award for an unprecedented three years in a row. Another current Audiolab multi-award winner is the M-DAC, which concentrates Audiolab’s engineering DAC expertise into a standalone unit. The M-DAC is the replacement to 1992’s ground-breaking 8000DAC, and it has proved a worthy heir to the DAC throne, receiving full marks from all of the world’s leading audiophile review magazines.

IAG House, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon PE29 6XU T 01480 447700

Bowers & Wilkins Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Music Systems bring together over 45 years of audio expertise with intuitive AirPlay® wireless streaming technology to create a system that gives all the convenience and freedom of wireless music, without compromising on sound quality.

A7’s generous dimensions provide room for a 6 inch dedicated bass driver and allow it to deliver pristine, audiophile-quality audio that sounds more like a fully-fledged Hi-Fi system than a single, discreet box. While A5 combines great wireless audio with minimal visual impact to fit anywhere in the home. The iconic Zeppelin Air offers the same audiophile sound quality and Airplay wireless technology with the addition of a docking arm for your iPhone® or iPod®. Easy to set up and simple to use you can stream music wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone or iPad® to any Bowers & Wilkins Wireless Music System. Adding further Wireless Music Systems is easy too, allowing music to be taken from room-to-room in the palm of your hand.

Dale Road, Worthing BN11 2BH T 01903 221500



A7 Wireless Music System


Leema Acoustics When ex BBC engineers Mallory Nicholls and Lee Taylor decided to form Leema Acoustics in 1998, their aim was to produce innovative, high quality and reliable audio products. Their first product, the Xen micro monitor, achieved unsurpassed technical and musical excellence. Leema’s audio electronics range was launched in 2006 with the Tucana integrated amplifier, followed shortly after by the Antila CD player, both award winning products. The resulting Constellation Series delivers unrivalled performance through a range of audio components, connected by LIPS®, enabling flexibility and ease of use. The Elements Series provides an unbeatable combination of outstanding sound quality, superb build, and ergonomics, all in a half width format. The Elements range will be extended in early 2013 by the new Elements power amplifier. The award winning Leema Acoustics range has become synonymous with innovation and unsurpassed technical quality.

Leema Acoustics Tucana ll Integrated Amplifier & Antila Multi-DAC CD Player

Mallory and Lee’s shared passion for cutting edge audio reproduction has enabled Leema Acoustics to become an international brand in over thirty countries worldwide.

Unit K Henfaes Lane Welshpool SY21 7BE T 01938 559021


Onkyo Onkyo, which means 'sound harmony' in Japanese, was founded in 1946 and is one of the leading global names in hi-fi and home cinema.

The company's philosophy is simple... to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. Today, Onkyo is at the forefront of the home cinema and digital audio revolutions with countless technological 'firsts' to its name, the launch of the world's first home cinema receivers and micro systems with onboard support for Spotify being just one example.

But Onkyo's pursuit of technological advancement never comes at the cost of quality. While many manufacturers are intent on building components at ever cheaper prices, Onkyo has a different vision. Its approach is to perfect the basics, leave out the frills, pay attention to details, and then use only the finest parts to implement its vision. The results can be seen in the obvious high quality of any Onkyo manufactured hi-fi or home cinema product, even before it is turned on...

Onkyo Europe Electronics GmbH - UK Office Unit 19, Building 6 Croxley Green Business Park Hatters Lane Watford WD18 8YH


Naim Audio Fanatical about music, and obsessed with the tiniest detail, British manufacturer Naim Audio is renowned for its no-compromise approach to sound quality. With elegant styling and bullet-proof engineering, each Naim product represents true audio excellence.

OVATOR S-400 LOUDSPEAKER The Ovator S-400 takes the design cues and engineering principles of the larger S-600 and packages them into a compact cabinet with twin 6.5inch bass drivers and a 46mm Balanced Mode Radiator. The S-400 is designed for more modest listening rooms and amplification than the S-600, but it gives only a little away in terms of performance, and even less away in terms of making music. NAC-N 172 XS STREAMING PREAMPLIFIER Naim’s first streaming preamplifier, the NAC-N 172 XS is both innovative and versatile. Alongside providing access to a world of music through UPnP streaming, internet radio (DAB/FM optional), a front panel USB and digital inputs for sources like your CD player or games console, it is also a superb Naim


Southampton Road Salisbury SP1 2LN T 01722 426600 Ovator S-400


NAC-N 172 XS

preamplifier. The 172 XS can open up your current separates system to the world of streamed music, or it can be the source of a two-box streaming system when paired with a quality power amplifier. It could even be all the hi-fi you’ll need when used with active loudspeakers. This versatility, innovation and performance secured the 172 XS a ‘Best Streamer’ award from What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision in 2012. NDS NETWORK PLAYER The world’s first audiophile network player, the NDS is every bit the sonic equal of the very finest high-end CD players and turntables. Whether you’re browsing your digitally stored music collection, exploring tens of thousands of internet radio stations or indulging in a high-resolution 24bit/192kHz download, the NDS delivers unrivalled performance. It represents the absolute pinnacle of streaming performance and is the ultimate solution for enthusiasts eager to embrace the network-based future of hi-fi.


UNITILITE SLIMLINE ALL-IN-ONE PLAYER New for 2013, the UnitiLite is a slimline all-in-one player offering CD replay, high-resolution music streaming, internet radio and a front-panel USB for playback of iPod and MP3 players. It also provides five digital inputs to handle audio from your set top box, games console or TV.

Despite its slimline size UnitiLite packs a heavyweight punch when it comes to sound quality. A 50W integrated amplifier using high-end engineering techniques pioneered by Naim ensures a supreme sound. This is real Naim sound quality, in an accessible slimline enclosure. Just add speakers. 15



Pioneer has always prided itself on delivering exceptional sound quality and driving the home entertainment industry forwards through innovative products.


The home audio range continues the tradition of strong performers across the board, which includes four What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision award winners. Renowned for its home cinema receivers, Pioneer has completed this year’s line-up with the launch of four receivers, including two award winners. All have Class D ampliďŹ cation and can be controlled by the awardwinning free control App, iControlAV2012. Developing products that make life easier for the consumer is at the heart of what Pioneer do and another award winner, the N-50 is a streaming unit that delivers on design, features, functionality and performance.

Wireless music streaming is a growing aspect of the audio industry and Pioneer has launched its range of XW-SMA speakers to cater to that need. Using unique Wireless Direct technology, the user can stream music from a laptop, Android or Apple device, without the need for a Wi-Fi network. High quality audio performance, innovation and ease of use remain at the core of Pioneer and the new range is set to continue that trend.

Pioneer House, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges SL2 4QP T 01753 789789

Rega Rega Research started making specialist Hi-Fi equipment in 1973. Back then Rega produced just a single product, the first of many now famous turntables. The designer (and at that time production team) Roy Gandy had some very specific design goals which remain unchanged today. Each Rega design had to exhibit excellent sound reproduction, ease of use, strong reliability, and exceptional value for money. Roy achieved these goals through elegant technical solutions and clever production processes, often creating award winning engineered assemblies at unbelievably low prices. Roy is still the owner and a key member of the design team.

Rega now employs 70 people and manufactures more than 40 different products including CD players, amplifiers, DACs and loudspeakers. They remain a dedicated British manufacturer producing astounding sound quality and unrivalled value for money. Tight control on the quality and performance of their products is achieved in a 21,000sq.ft purpose built facility in Essex. All Rega products are hand assembled by highly skilled technicians who take great pride in the work they do. So confident are they in their ability that Rega offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all their products. Rega products, designed for music lovers by music lovers.

@ 6 Coopers Way Temple Farm Industrial Estate Southend on Sea SS2 5TE

RP6 Turntable


Heed Audio

Ruark Audio SERIOUS SMALL AUDIO Ruark is a family-owned British company, passionate about sound and design and has been making worldclass loudspeakers for over thirty years. Today they now apply those same principles to design and create a new generation of perfectly formed music systems that look fabulous in any space, whether your living room, bedroom or office.

Heed Audio, based in Budapest, Hungary, manufactures a range of compact high performance electronics including integrated, pre and power amplifiers, CD transport and DACs, designed to bring you closer to the recorded performance - “forget hi-fi - remember music”. With none of the performance compromises often associated with compact electronics, the Obelisk range is more than a match for products costing many times the price and taking up considerably more room; which also makes them ideal for use in high performance desktop audio systems. Unleashed by ION Systems in the mid 1980s, Richard Hay’s original amplifier designs stirred emotions in unsuspecting hi-fi and music lovers alike. The Obelisk was something unabashedly different (roughly speaking, Richard Hay’s approach was sort of a “valve amp built with transistors”). The modular Obelisks are the perfect products for music lovers who want the ability to upgrade the performance of their systems without changing the fundamental character. Adding a phono stage or DAC card or a separate power supply, or upgrading to a stereo or mono power amplifiers enables the system to grow with the user. forget hi-fi – remember music!

RPD Distribution, Unit 5, Eastside Industrial Estate, Mead Road, Cheltenham GL53 7EF T 01242 547663


Since launching the R1 radio in November 2006, their models have quickly become regarded as design classics, gaining critical acclaim for their elegant design and outstanding sound quality including multiple What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards. Tatler Magazine described the R1 as ‘simply the most beautiful radio in the world’, a sentiment of which the team at Ruark are justly proud. Ruark believe that quality sound should be available not just to hi-fi enthusiasts, but to all people who enjoy music, so whether you’re looking for beautiful design or stunning sound, we think you’ll be highly impressed with what Ruark Audio have to offer.

59 Tailors Court, Temple Farm Industrial Estate, Southend-on-Sea SS2 5TH T 01702 601410




Rotel 12 Series

Dale Road, Worthing BN11 2BH T 01903 221500

The Rotel 12 Series takes the concept of entry-level audiophile quality to new heights. Thanks to a new advanced system approach, streaming options and the addition of a dedicated iOS app for system control, the six hi-fi components have their feet planted firmly in the future while retaining Rotel’s sense of heritage and quality.

The connectivity of the 12 Series means music can be input from an incredibly wide range of digital and analogue sources; with two sets of digital inputs and a front panel USB port allowing input from files stored on a PC or media server, to Bluetooth streaming directly from an iPad, iPod, iPhone or any other MP3 player. 19

Yamaha In 2012 Yamaha celebrated its 125th anniversary. Since 1887, when they began producing reed organs, Yamaha has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments as well as a leading producer of audio/visual products and semiconductors. Their professional audio systems are regarded by live sound and recording engineers as an industry standard to which other manufacturers can only aspire. And their handsome grand pianos fill the world’s concert halls with sweet, beautiful music, inspiring audiences wherever they are played. In 1986 they introduced the DSP-1 Digital Sound Field Processor. Working with two-channel stereo, Yamaha’s engineers had decided to explore the possibility of recreating accurate spatial imaging, with a three-dimensional quality, in order to more faithfully reproduce music. It is these disciplines that have enabled them to produce some of the best sounding home cinema and hi-fi equipment on the market today.

Yamaha’s brand new high-end YSP-4300 Digital Sound Projector

2012 saw Yamaha produce some of its finest products yet. The award winning RX-V673 and RXV373 confirm Yamaha’s position as a class leader in the home cinema amplifier category whilst the company’s soundbar category continues to grow with the YSP-2200 winning awards for the second consecutive year. In addition to this, the YSP-4300 and YSP-3300 continue to raise the bar in delivering the ultimate in practical home cinema solutions and peerless sound quality.

Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook Milton Keynes MK7 8BL T 0844 811 1116


Introduction to Flat Screen TVs & Projectors


These days Home Cinema buyers are truly spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer a sleek flat panel display or want a fullblown cinema experience using a projector and screen, the technology is becoming ever better and more affordable.

Redefining Excellence

Not only have prices continued to come down but technology has advanced too. The choice between screen types is a personal one and though we have traditionally recommended plasma as a better choice for watching programmes with a lot of fast movement, such as sport or playing computer games, some of the very latest LCD screens are now an excellent choice as well. Most of these LCD screens now feature LED backlighting which is the best option. Newer technologies such as OLED (organic light emitting diode) are on the horizon but for now, LCD and Plasma are reliable, mature technologies at lower than ever prices and are likely to remain so for several years. However, if you really want a Home Cinema that’s truly enveloping you must come and see one of the projectors we recommend; there’s nothing that comes close to that experience! We can advise on the best choice of projector for your room, install it and set it up to get the best performance possible. Once installed these systems are very discreet and can virtually disappear if you want them to.

All JVC projectors are 3D-enabled, and from the DLA-X55R upwards offer the latest 4K e-shift2 picture technology, which up converts HD 1080P content to JVC’s extreme 4K resolution. Enjoy dynamic images with immersive presence to every corner of the screen. The DLA-X55R and DLA-X35 models are available with a choice of black or white cabinet. JVC also offers new 3D accessories: PK-AG3 RF 3D glasses and PK-EM2 RF Emitter. Now everyone can enjoy a remarkable viewing experience with extreme realism and presence in your home. 4K resolution projectors


2010 saw the introduction of 3D televisions and 2011 saw 3D projectors as well. Despite the need to wear special glasses to see the 3D effect these products have been very popular and now 3D is built in to many of the sets we sell. There is much talk about “glasses free” 3D coming but no-one has produced a set that combines a good 3D effect with a wide viewing angle. This will be one to watch over the next few years... We believe that there has never been a better time to purchase a Home Cinema system: the technology has matured and prices have fallen. Let us guide you through the wide range of choices and put together the Home Cinema of your dreams.

JVC House, JVC Business Park, 12 Priestley Way, London NW2 7BA


Panasonic Tuning in Hollywood... Panasonic Home Cinema Experience at its best! The core of Panasonic’s home cinema projector has been the pursuit for “true images”, to create the perfect image that reproduces the filmmaker’s intent. To achieve this goal collaboration between Hollywood filmmakers and the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) engineers has taken place since 2003. Working side by side with the Hollywood professionals, the new home cinema line has been fine tuned to match the intended images, and raise the standard for 2D and 3D performance in the world of home theatre projectors. Panasonic’s Home Cinema Projector range embodies Panasonic’s 11 years of home cinema projector engineering, to produce a new degree of brightness levels and incredible contrast ratio with innovative 3D features. It also delivers higher level of picture quality in 2D images packed with advanced 3D features for natural and comfortable movie theatre experience at home. In addition, Panasonic works from every angle to minimise the environmental impact in the product design, production and the performance of the products during its lifecycle. This way the new Home Cinema Projectors ensure easy recycling, low power consumption and are RoHS compliant. Dive into the world of Full HD 3D with an amazing picture quality provided by Panasonic Home Cinema Projectors!

Panasonic’s Home Cinema Projector ranges offers state-of-the-art 2D and 3D performance and original picture quality in the comfort of your own home!


The new PT-AT6000E generates deeper blacks with a contrast ratio of 500,000:1. Thanks to the higher contrast, it adds more depth, fine details and rich taste to the colours, making it one of the best picture quality projectors in its class. The high customisation and installation flexibility just adds up to its appeal and ease of use. But don’t take our word for it as this outstanding performance projector was granted “Product of the Year” at the reputed What HI-FI Sound and Vision Award 2012!

Panasonic Smart VIERA TV Range – bringing you more than just a TV, but the best viewing experience imaginable! The Smart VIERA concept is based on five pillars: Picture Quality; Networking; Easy Operation; Design and Eco. Panasonic’s aim is to provide immersive picture and sound quality. All technologies are bedded in a design of high quality materials that is stylish and eco-friendly. Picture quality - The ultimate in stunning, lifelike images Panasonic VIERA is renowned for its breathtaking 2D and 3D images, with natural colours, high contrasts and sharp motion. So whether you opt for a VIERA Plasma or LCD TV, you can be assured that it will immerse you in the action and take you to a new world of enjoyment – in the comfort of your own home.

Design - Elegance in form and function The Smart VIERA range encompasses sophisticated design that expresses a subtle yet eye-catching presence. The new Glass & Metal Concept has been conceived to exude harmony between the two materials – which serve as a high-class casing for the high-grade technology inside. Eco – Friendly to our environment VIERA TVs feature energy-saving functions which potentially lower your energy bill. VIERA IPS LED models achieve leading energy efficiency proven by the “A+” rating for most models by the European Union’s official energy efficiency index.

Panasonic House Willoughby Road Bracknell RG12 8FP T 0844 844 3852 (Panasonic Customer Care Centre)

Networking - Easy access to your digital life Smart VIERA is set to be your multimedia powerhouse in the home. With VIERA Connect, you can access a world of select online entertainment and Social TV at the push of a button on the remote control. Easy Operation - Change the way you operate with the VIERA Remote App Regardless of whether your device is based on the Android or Apple operating system, the VIERA Remote App allows you to exchange multimedia content or websites easily between your mobile display and the VIERA TV.


Introduction to Loudspeakers Loudspeakers have changed dramatically over the past few years and nowadays you can get outstanding performance from your music or Home Cinema system from a vast range of stylish designs – some grand and imposing and others so tiny that you will barely notice them.

Your options are, broadly speaking, traditional wooden speakers that have been the mainstay of the speaker market for years and give great sound. They are available as bookshelf, stand mounted or floor standing designs and can look very elegant. If your goal is excellent reproduction of music then these are still the best choice, although they are larger than some of the alternatives now available. The most common of these alternatives are known as sub sat systems, as they use a subwoofer to produce the bass frequencies with satellite speakers for the rest of the frequency range. The advantage of this approach is that the bass can go deeper than in most traditional speakers, which is particularly useful in Home Cinema systems, and the satellite speakers can be small. Unfortunately they can sound poor if they are not well designed or if they are not set up properly in your room. We recommend sub sats, but only

the best ones! They can be stand, shelf or even wall mounted with the sub tucked away near a wall. The third approach to speakers is the Custom Installed way, where speakers are fitted discreetly into ceilings, walls and even rocks in the garden! This is a great way to lose those boxes but it generally compromises the sound unless you buy the very best. They are ideally suited to bedrooms, bathrooms, pools or patios, where the ultimate sound quality is not the main requirement or the use of more traditional speakers would be inappropriate. Ceiling fitted speakers can also be used in home cinema systems (in combination with a floor mounted sub woofer) or as a discrete solution to where to put the rear speakers. And now there is a brand new loudspeaker option that has developed from the iPod dock market. As Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth have developed as ways of transmitting music without too much of a loss in quality, manufacturers have realised that this could lead to another loudspeaker option. In this scenario the speaker and amplifier are built into one box and the music is sent straight to it wirelessly, controlled by a phone or an iPad. Several of our suppliers now make these products which range from £369 to over £1000. This approach offers neither true stereo nor the ultimate in fidelity but it is a simple (even portable) solution that will suit many people. These speakers are great in kitchens and other rooms where a traditional hi-fi solution is unnecessary. Whichever alternative you choose you will still need to think about how the speakers will react with the room and where you will place them. As you would expect, our staff have great experience in matching systems to rooms and will gladly guide you. And remember, loudspeakers are like car engines: they’re mechanical devices that need to be run-in. Treat them gently for the first week or two and you’ll find that as time passes their sound will improve noticeably.


Bowers & Wilkins

CM Series

When John Bowers set up Bowers & Wilkins in 1966, experimentation in sound and recording was escalating rapidly. After all this was the period that gave us Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Bowers’ ambition for his fledgling loudspeaker company was also revolutionary: to create a loudspeaker that neither adds nor takes away from the music as recorded by the sound engineer. In effect, the perfect loudspeaker. Bowers & Wilkins has been exploring the world of sound ever since.

By using their most refined drive unit technologies, developed for reference-standard speakers such as the 800 Series Diamond, Bowers & Wilkins has been able to hone the speaker down to its purest essentials. The award-winning CM Series uses minimalist crossovers of remarkable simplicity and quality, so what you hear is that much closer to the sound of the original recording. From bookshelf Hi-Fi to a complete home theatre speaker system, the CM Series’ functional perfection and understated elegance is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Dale Road, Worthing BN11 2BH T 01903 221500


Dynaudio Founded in 1977 Dynaudio is one of an elite group of companies still to design and manufacture every aspect of its products. The company’s Skanderborg HQ in Denmark is a centre of pioneering R&D technology and state-of-the-art precision manufacturing, all combined with levels of craftsmanship long forgotten by other brands.

64 Paddock Street Soham CB7 5JA T 01353 721089


One of the most significant and innovative recent product introductions from Dynaudio is its Xeo range of loudspeakers – the world’s first high-end wireless music system.

of your entire music collection via an app on your smartphone or iPad. You can even use Xeo as a multi-room system playing three different sources in three different rooms.

Utterly effortless to set up – simply unpack and play – Xeo delivers completely lossless transfer for truly amazing sound. Within minutes a Xeo system allows you to listen to any source, whether it is a CD player, any form of digitally stored music, or even a TV. It offers high-end performance and full control

Dynaudio’s award-winning products can be found in everything from the Bugatti Veyron to over 10,000 recording studios worldwide, where the likes of London’s Air Studios and the BBC rely on Dynaudio Professional monitors. Such pedigree speaks for itself.


Scandinavia in your living room Myth: Speakers are big, clumsy, black boxes. They come in twos and aim to take over your house. Well, the wireless speakers from Libratone set out to bust this myth. The design is strictly Scandinavian – minimalist, elegant, clean. The goal is to change the image of speakers as aliens in your living room and to make speakers an integrated part of the décor. Modern life needs modern audio and Libratone creates sound systems for today. That’s it. The Libratone approach is a three-headed beast: Wireless technology, hi-fi audio quality, and Scandinavian design – in one sound source. Our team consists of dedicated do’ers and dreamers and our goal is to add a new audio dimension to the iPhones, iPads, iPods, DLNA and computers worldwide and to deliver an alternative to stereo systems whilst delivering a great sound experience. All Libratone speakers come in a variety of colours to suit your decor including red, green, black, grey and beige.

For general enquiries contact: Tom Martin, UK manager For technical enquiries:


KEF With a heritage spanning over ďŹ ve decades, KEF has lead the way in producing innovative sound creations from domestic home cinema speakers to extraordinary high end creations. Its technical expertise and innovative designs grace anything from discreet Custom Install Ci speakers to multi-award winning home cinema systems and classleading, serious Hi-Fi stereo speakers.

Eccleston Road, Tovil Maidstone ME15 6QP T 01622 672261


The R Series in high gloss, piano white

KEF LS50 KEF’s LS50 mini monitor loudspeaker, a compact bookshelf design, delivers a rich multi-dimensional ‘soundstage experience’. Inspired by the legendary LS3/5a, the KEF LS50 is designed to bring the quality of a professional studio sound to the comfort of your home. R Series Now available in a range of finishes including High Gloss Piano White, the R Series creates fluent, accurate and unprecedented clarity which approaches the benchmark standards of KEF’s legendary Reference Series. Q Series Experience outstanding acoustic clarity while immersing yourself in the rich enveloping sound of the Q Series. With newly developed technology, KEF’s Uni-Q driver produces spacious 3D sound in a range of bookshelf, freestanding and subwoofer speakers. T Series KEF’s T Series stands as one of the world’s thinnest high performance home cinema systems; fitting for a modern interior, the T Series seductively complements the new generation of flat screen televisions whilst KEF’s unparalleled quality remains uncompromised.



C30 floor standing loudspeaker in Oak


Unit 3/4 Harvey Court Low Willington Industrial Estate Willington DL15 0UT T 0845 458 6698


Kudos Audio’s Derek Gilligan has been designing high quality loudspeakers for over twenty years with one passion in mind: music. Coming from a family of professional musicians, hi-fi enthusiasts and cabinetmakers, Derek is renowned for exploring how excellence in engineering can achieve not just sound quality, but musical quality. While many of today’s loudspeakers use mass produced imported components, Kudos works closely with selected specialist designers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe, with a focus on exemplary engineering and high quality components.

The result? The Kudos range of loudspeakers aims to offer the most musically involving hi-fi experience achievable, with each model setting a standard at its respective price point. While this can be (and is) assessed with technical measurements, the ultimate test of sound quality must be by ear. Not a single loudspeaker leaves Kudos’ premises without undergoing extensive listening tests. Says Derek, “We invite you to visit your dealer and conduct your own assessment. We’d be delighted to know what you think.”

Monitor Audio The years since 1972 have chronicled Monitor Audio’s quest for wider, purer, more natural sound – and flawless quality in design and build. In this time we’ve devoted countless hours to the challenge of perfecting the big ideas and the small details that combine to identify the Monitor Audio DNA. Within every Monitor Audio system, are four decades of technological advance, refined by relentless testing and listening, driven by enthusiasm and a love for audio reproduction.


0 Pian

o Bla


You’re in the presence of luxury: a precision engineered speaker range with beguiling looks and a sound that will turn any space into a theatre of dreams. GX is a beautifully conceived congress of materials, technology, innovation and performance that captures the essence of our world beating Platinum flagship designs. Expressing the truest spirit of Monitor Audio, GX systems will deliver exclusive performance at an inclusive level, releasing waves of naturally dynamic and detailed music and film audio to lovers of sound and design.

GX50 High Gloss White

24 Brook Road Rayleigh SS6 7XJ T 01268 740580

GX200 in Dark Walnut



From left to right: twenty.23, twenty.21, twenty.22, twenty.24

Celebrating the company’s first two decades in business, PMC’s award-winning twenty series loudspeakers continue the company’s traditions of engineering excellence and design flair, delivering the ultimate in audio reproduction for any room size or application. With four models of increasing size - the twenty.21, twenty.22, 23 and 24, plus a dedicated centre channel speaker, the twenty.C - the twenty series, like all of PMC’s products, combines complete sonic transparency with the last word in design elegance.


PMC, the Emmy® award-winning British loudspeaker company, is widely respected as the manufacturer of the finest studio and hi-fi loudspeakers in the world with clients such as Prince, Elbow, Coldplay, Universal Music, the BBC and many more. The company’s handcrafted designs provide a pure, uncoloured sound thanks to their ATL™ bass loading technology, which guarantees a wide dynamic range, crystal clear mid-range and full, rich bass at all volumes. Hear your music and movies exactly as the artist intended with PMC.

43-45 Crawley Green Road Luton LU2 0AA T 0870 444 1044


Introduction to Accessories

REL. There is No Other.

The performance of your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system is influenced most by your choice of major components, however, other seemingly less important items also play a vital role in the process. The cables, the stands and the supports under your system can all dramatically affect – and improve – the system’s performance. Spending relatively small amounts of money here can produce large improvements in quality. We aim to give you the best advice on finding the balance between what is truly worthwhile and running up huge bills on accessories you don’t need.

REL build some of the world's finest subs, nothing else does what a REL does. REL receive rave reviews from experts all around the world and they do so from just £299 all the way up to the truly awesome £2,999 Gibraltar G-1. REL connect via a pure resistive high level feed, have the ability to handle this and a dedicated .1 feed at the same time (ask us why this is so important). REL feature the fastest filters in the industry, permitting seamless blending with main speakers. REL, there really is no other for high end 2 channel and high quality home cinema.

Stands and tables contribute significantly to the way loudspeakers and system components perform. Loudspeaker stands not only place your loudspeakers at the correct height they also improve detail, dynamics and bass performance. Equipment stands enhance the performance of Blu-ray/CD players, turntables and electronics by dealing with spurious air and structure-borne vibrations. There’s a vast range available in different designs, different materials and different colours, so there’s no excuse for not giving your system the support it deserves! We are also keen on the stands available for plasma and LCD screens. These enhance the viewing experience by placing the set at the ideal height and can, we believe, make them look almost as attractive as when they’re wall mounted. Many of them will also hold the associated electronics and some can hide these completely, together with the cables. Good cables are crucial: the interconnects that come free with equipment rarely offer adequate performance and you should certainly consider replacing them. Poor speaker cables will also strangle the sound of your whole system. Likewise poor video cables will not exploit the full potential of your television or projector.

REL Serie R-528

North Road, Bridgend Industrial Estate, Bridgend CF31 3TP T 01656 768777

Headphones can extend the time you can listen to music without disturbing others, and they can help ensure that others don’t disturb you! Some models simulate home cinema surround sound, while others use a wireless system that allows you to enjoy your music while you’re in another room or even outside mowing the lawn. These days we also sell a wide range of headphones that we recommend to upgrade those supplied with iPods and the like and these can make a huge difference to the sound. 33 33



Atacama Audio is a family owned hi-fi equipment support manufacturing company based in the UK. With a history of making multi-award winning hi-fi and home cinema equipment supports, Atacama prides itself on producing great value cutting edge, specialist furniture. The latest modular ELITE ECO and award winning ERIS ECO range are environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at and offer ultra-high levels of performance through the use of bamboo composite materials in their construction. With a choice of shelf colours and (where applicable) frame paint finishes, Atacama ECO series showcases the future of home cinema furniture design. A wide range of affordable British made speaker stands are also available with a choice of top plate sizes, height options and colour preferences all designed to allow speakers to perform at their very best. For those wishing to fine tune their home entertainment system, Atabite speaker stand filler, floor spike shoes and Isolation gel pads can be selected from Atacama’s extensive range of accessories.

PS-1000 Headphones

Winston Avenue Croft LE9 3GQ T 01455 283251

Grado have been the leaders in design engineering for both the high-end audio and recording industries for almost half a century. Joseph Grado, who founded the company, is credited as the inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge. Today, Grado is most famous for its remarkable headphones and its biggest selling model is the multi-award winning ‘SR80i’. Universally praised, the class leading SR80i is many people’s hi-fi headphone of choice. If you desire the world’s best headphone, the flagship Grado ‘PS1000’ is £1,990 per pair, but with the ‘iGrado’ model, you can enjoy the award-winning performance of Grado headphones for less than £55.


AudioQuest AudioQuest is a US-based company that has been designing and manufacturing highperformance, low-distortion cables and accessories for over 30 years. Great sound and great pictures, music that consumes you, movies that transport you around the universe... all come from honouring the original signal. AudioQuest knows it’s an unavoidable fact of life that every component and cable in a system causes distortion, changing the overall character of the signal. Better cables and components can only improve performance if they do less harm to the original signal and reduce the amount of noise and distortion introduced into a system. Do No Harm!

Hoge Bergen 10 4704 RH Roosendaal The Netherlands T 01249 848873 Cinnamon HDMI, RCA Noise stopper caps, NRG Power Cable


Hi Fi Racks

QED QED has been the leading UK producer of hi-fi, home cinema, and now digital cables, for nearly four decades. Why? Because QED understand that cable design is about science, not black magic. Good cable design comes solely from adhering to sound scientific principles and utilising the highest quality materials, together with the skill, knowledge and experience to fuse these elements together.

Award-winning solid wood racks that look as good as they Sound Hi Fi Racks produces audio visual furniture that combines elegance and grace with exceptional acoustic performance.

QED’s highly qualified designers do precisely that, which is how they consistently produce award-winning models. The new ‘Performance Graphite’ Optical and Coaxial Digital cables are perfect examples; setting new standards of performance, yet simultaneously delivering astonishing value for money. QED - Premium Performance, Exceptional Value.

They firmly believe that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. That’s why any of their racks can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements. From extra depth or width to a rack shaped to fit into a particular place, they'll build it to your precise specifications. What’s more, all their stands are upgradable and adaptable to accommodate changes to your hi-fi system and home cinema storage requirements over time. Each piece is individually hand-made at their workshop in Oakham, Rutland, using only the finest solid hardwoods sourced from around the world. The high quality design and craftsmanship has won Hi Fi racks many awards from leading industry publications. These include Product of the Year Awards from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision and Hi-Fi Choice magazines for the Podium range, and Best Support in the 2011 Hi-Fi World awards. As a family-run business, Hi Fi Racks pride themselves on offering customers personal service and unbeatable attention to detail.

Unit 24F, Pillings Road, Oakham LE15 6QF T 01572 756447


The Chord Company Everyone at The Chord Company understands the importance of each element of cable construction. That’s why they produce interconnects and speaker cables that make a real difference to the enjoyment of your music and movies.

Chord Company House The Millsway Centre Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 7RX T 01980 625700

The Chord Company know how important it is to use the best materials. They know how vital it is to design really efficient shielding to protect the signal, and they know how important it is to ensure that every cable is built with precision in order to produce the best performance.

Music and movies should be exciting, dramatic, inspiring and emotionally involving. Your hi-fi and home cinema should help you experience this. The right cables make a real difference, your system will perform as it should, your music will sound wonderful and your films become completely immersive. Chord Company interconnects and speaker cables will get you closer to what really matters. 37



Bamboo is also a sustainable and carbon neutral material where its CO2 absorption prior to harvesting is greater than the CO2 emissions during manufacture and transportation. Quadraspire uses Moso bamboo that is panda friendly as there is no leaf growth on the first five metres of the stem and is therefore not a source of food for the panda. To cope with increasing demand Quadraspire has recently moved to a new dedicated factory south west of Bath, England. With a skilled workforce the company manufactures all its wooden and bamboo racks, including aluminium columns, as well as the range of Qube storage cabinets.

IE 80

0 ‘Th e Ex cep tion al’

Since 1995 Quadraspire has been designing and making quality hi-fi racks that combine style and function with acoustic performance. The latest development is the use of solid bamboo in the Q4 and Sunoko-Vent range of racks. Bamboo, with its high tensile strength and vibration suppressing qualities, is the ideal material to further improve the Quadraspire rack sound performance.

HD 800 ‘Crafted for Perfection’

For over 65 years, Sennheiser has been focused on the relentless pursuit of audio perfection. This heritage continues to be the driving force behind every product they produce today. It is embodied in everything they do – their constant innovation, precision engineering and exclusivity. This journey has led them to create some of the finest headphones exclusively available through Club Orpheus dealers where you will receive first class service, priority product support and unparalleled expertise. HD 800* The dream was to create an acoustic experience more incredible than anything ever heard through dynamic headphones. And they did it. The highest performance, premium engineering and a visually striking design have been combined to create a glorious success that has become a true pioneer in headphone development. IE 800* Brimming with technology and designed with comfort in mind, the IE 800 has more innovations than any other in-ear system, allowing music lovers to enjoy perfect sound, even when they’re on the move. Groundbreaking technology ensures that unlike with other in-ear headphones, music is played back with crystal clarity and absolute time precision. *Selected Club Orpheus Stores only.

Quadraspire Limited, Unit 2 Hallatrow Business Park, Wells Road, Hallatrow BS39 6EX T 01761 452178


3 Century Point, Halifax Road, High Wycombe HP12 3SL T 01494 551551

Save 10b% uy

when you at tickets online .c w o h ls o www.brist

✔ See and hear almost every product in this Guide ✔ Meet the manufacturers and designers, often there in person

✔ Visit the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision stand for a demonstration or an answer to any questions you might have ✔ Get great deals on most purchases made at the Show

✔ Win great prizes in the Show competition ✔ See loads of the latest products, hot from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

✔ Easy to get too, right in the heart of Bristol and next to the new Cabot Circus shopping and entertainment area

✔ A great day out for all the family

✔ Easy parking next to the hotel

In association with:

✔ The Show’s 26th anniversary Show in 2013!

Bristol 2013 Prices: Adults - £10.00. Students/Senior Citizens (over 65) - £7.00. Accompanied children under 16 FREE. Save 10% when you buy tickets online. Two Day Tickets (available online only): Adults £16.50. Students/Senior Citizens (over 65) £11.50. 39

. . . s u d n fi o t Where BASINGSTOKE


2 Feathers Lane RG21 7AS 01256 324311

134/6 Crwys Road CF24 4NR 029 2022 8565 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17.30 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17.30




29 London Road North End PO2 0BH 023 9266 3604 Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 18.00


81 Whitegate Drive FY3 9DA 01253 300599

38 Winchcombe St. GL52 2LZ 01242 583960

43 Friargate PR1 2AT 01772 883958 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17.30 Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 17:30



4 Queens Walk Broad Street Mall RG1 7QF 0118 958 5463

30 Crown Street CM14 4BA 01277 264730

159a Chase Side EN2 0PW 020 8367 3132 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17.00 Thursday late till 19:30 Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 18.00


63 Bridge St. M3 3BQ 0161 839 8869

69 London Road BN1 4JE 01273 609431 Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 17:30


65 Park St. BS1 5PB 0117 926 4975 Open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00


MANCHESTER Open Monday – Saturday 9:30 – 17.30


19 Old High Street Headington OX3 9HS 01865 765961 Open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 17.30 Thursday late till 20:00 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17:30


All stores are closed on Sundays and Mondays, except Manchester which does open on Mondays. Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17:30

Evening demonstrations can be arranged by appointment.


Check the website for directions and information on where to park.

60 Fleet Street SN1 1RA 01793 538222

6 High Street TN1 1UX 01892 525666 Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 17:30

READING Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 17:30


12 Hursley Road Chandlers Ford SO53 2FU 023 8025 2827 Open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00


9 High Street SA1 1LE 01792 474608 Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 – 17:30

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Sound & Vision at Home 2013  

Whatever system or hifi component you are looking for our 40 page brochure will help you find the answer. Stuffed full of the products we se...

Sound & Vision at Home 2013  

Whatever system or hifi component you are looking for our 40 page brochure will help you find the answer. Stuffed full of the products we se...