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Thomas B.  Crowley,  Jr. CEO,  COO,  COB,  PRESIDENT

Hello Customer, For  more  than  50  years  you’ve  known  Crowley  to  be  experts   in  moving  dry  and  refrigerated  cargo  throughout  the  U.S,   Caribbean  and  La n  America,  and  now  you’ll  come  to  know   us  as  experts  in  total  cold  chain  solu ons. CrowleyFresh,  through  its  shipping  and  logis cs  partners  Crowley  and  Customized Brokers,  provides  a  single  resource  that  you  can  depend  on  for  all  of  your  perishable supply  chain  needs.  With  experienced  logis cs  professionals  who  know  what  op ons are  available  and  how  to  make  them  work  best  for  you,  we  can  be  a  single  resource that  you  can  depend  on  for  all  of  your  cargo  related  needs. When  you’re  shipping  tempoerature-­‐sensi ve  goods  -­‐  like  fresh  produce,  seafood,  or   seasonal  products  -­‐  every  second  counts.  You  need  a  reliable,  experienced  and   commi ed  cold  chain  logis c  partner  who  has  industry  leading  specialezed equipment  and  a  commitment  to  your  success.  We’re  experts  in  the  markets  we equipme serve,  in  the  cargo  we  carry,  and  in  the  services  we  offer.  Contact  us  today  for  your customized  cold-­‐chain  solu on. Sincerly,

Thomas Crowley, Jr. Thomas B.  Crowley,  Jr.


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