2019 Engineering Cupola Report

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Cupola Report

This edition of Auburn Engineering’s Cupola Report recognizes donors who have contributed to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering during the 2018 calendar year. Our students, faculty and staff remain grateful for the support our alumni and friends provide as we work together to fulfill our commitment to excellence in engineering instruction and research.

The Engineering Keystone Society consists of alumni and friends who recognize the importance of private support in our ongoing success. These members have risen to the challenge of moving the college boldly into the future by making the highest commitment to annual giving – $50,000 or more – to the college’s unrestricted fund over a five-year period. Our sustaining members continue this commitment for more than five years. These gifts enable Auburn Engineering to take advantage of emerging educational opportunities. Thomas ’94 & Aneda ’95 Anspach Mechanical Engineering Director Engineering The Anspach Effort Inc. Pat ’79 & Elizabeth Batey Mechanical Engineering Senior Machinery Engineer ExxonMobil Leslee Belluchie ’83 Mechanical Engineering Managing Partner FedCap Partners LLC Kit ’73 & Gail ’76 Brendle Industrial Engineering President, Owner Brendle Sprinkler Co. Inc. Jim* ’54 & Betty Carroll Industrial Management Chairman & CEO Carroll Air Systems Inc. Pat ’87 & Cynthia Carroll Aerospace Engineering Entrepreneur Steve Cates ’85 & Lyn Cates Civil Engineering President CK Development

Ed ’56 & Lee Chapman Electrical Engineering Assistant Vice President Network Planning (retired) BellSouth Telecommunications Randy ’85 & Beth Chase Mechanical Engineering Vice President Nashville Machine Co. Inc. Shawn ’82 & Anne ’82 & ’94 Cleary Shawn Electrical Engineering Anne Electrical Engineering Executive Vice President & Chief Integration Officer (retired) NRG Energy Jim ’81 & Anna Cooper Civil Engineering Owner & President Jim Cooper Construction Co. Inc. Joe ’70 & JoAnn ’69 Cowan Electrical Engineering President & CEO Epicor Software Corp. Kevin Cullinan ’09 Chemical Engineering Execution Planning Engineer ExxonMobil

Bill Cutts ’55 Industrial Management President & CEO American Tank & Vessel Inc. Julian Davidson* ’50 Electrical Engineering President, CEO & Owner Davidson Enterprises LLC Buddy* ’59 & Charlotte Davis Electrical Engineering Manager Boeing Mike ’76 & ’77 & Leta DeMaioribus Electrical Engineering Senior Vice President (retired) Dynetics Inc. Joe D. ’70 & Jayne ’71 Edge Electrical Engineering Counsel (retired) Drinker Biddle & Reath Linda Ann Figg ’81 Civil Engineering President & CEO Figg Bridge Cos.

Bold = sustaining member

66 | Auburn Engineering


Cupola Report

Warren Fleming* ’43 Aerospace Engineering Owner Warren Fleming Associates

Bob Harris* ’43 Aerospace Engineering Vice President & General Manager GE Services Co. Inc.

Tom* & Bettye Lowe ’49 Civil Engineering President (retired) Lowe Engineers Inc.

Phillip ’81 & Margaret ’81 Forsythe Phillip & Margaret, Mechanical Engineering Owners Forsythe & Long Engineering Inc.

Hank Hayes ’65 Electrical Engineering Executive Vice President (retired) Texas Instruments

John ’72 & Anne ’73 MacFarlane Mechanical Engineering Manager Technology Sales & Licensing (retired) ExxonMobil

Charles Earley Gavin III ’59 Textile Management Founder & Board Chairman MFG Chemical Inc.

John P. Helmick Jr. ’56 Industrial Management Owner Claude Nolan Cadillac Inc.

Michael McCartney ’57 Civil Engineering President McCartney Construction Co. Inc.

Charles Early Gavin IV* ’82 Business President MFG Chemical Inc.

Jim ’81 & Bertha ’80 Hoskins Electrical Engineering CEO & Chairman of Board (retired) Scitor Corp.

Charles McCrary ’73 Mechanical Engineering Chairman of the Board (retired) Alabama Power Co.

Gary ’86 & Carol Elsen ’86 Godfrey Gary, Industrial Engineering Partner/Principal Ernst & Young LLP Carol, Industrial Engineering Senior Vice President, Products and Markets Southwire Inc.

John ’59 & Jo Jones Mechanical Engineering Principal MS Technology Inc.

Jim ’61 & Paula ’65 McMillan Chemical Engineering Washington Representative (retired) Exxon Mobil Foundation

Byron ’70 & Melva Kelley Civil Engineering CEO & Co-owner Wire Road Studios

Joe ’58 & Billie Carole McMillan Chemical Engineering President (retired) ExxonMobil Coal & Minerals

Lester ’68 & Catherine ’69 Killebrew Industrial Engineering Chairman SunSouth

Bill ’68 & Lana McNair Electrical Engineering Vice President Network Operations (retired) BellSouth Telecommunications

Oliver D. Kingsley Jr. ’66 Engineering Physics, Associate Dean Emeritus Auburn University President & COO (retired) Exelon Corp.

Morris Middleton ’61 Electrical Engineering Vice President TeKontrol Inc.

Ralph Godfrey ’64 Electrical Engineering Senior Vice President E-Commerce (retired) 3COM Corp. Chris ’96 & Carmen Golden Mechanical Engineering Senior Vice President Equinor Glenn Guthrie ’62 Industrial Management Owner Birmingham Investment Group Robert ’83 & Margaret ’83 Haack Robert, Electrical Engineering Division Manager for Missile Technology Division Sparta Inc. Margaret, Industrial Engineering Deputy Engineer, MDCDP Program Lead Missile Defense Agency George Hairston III ’67 Industrial Engineering President & CEO (retired) Southern Nuclear Operating Co.

Bold = sustaining member

Push LaGrone Jr.* ’51 Industrial Management Owner Jellico Realty Co. Bill Lee ’81 Mechanical Engineering Governor State of Tennessee Ronald Craig Lipham ’74 Electrical Engineering CEO & President (retired) Utility Consultants Synergetic Inc.

Buzz Miller ’83 Chemical Engineering President & CEO (retired) Southern Co. Services Charlie ’80 & Lisa Miller Civil Engineering Executive Vice President, Global Head of Distribution Harbert Management Corp. David R. Motes ’77 Chemical Engineering ExxonMobil


Auburn Engineering | 67

Cupola Report

Mark Nelms ’80 Electrical Engineering Professor & Chair Electrical & Computer Engineering Samuel Ginn College of Engineering David ’77 & Olivia ’77 Owen David, Electrical Engineering (retired) Olivia, Civil Engineering Vice President Safety Security Health & Environment (retired) ExxonMobil Howard Palmes ’60 Electrical Engineering Vice President Network Operations (retired) BellSouth Telecommunications Earl ’60 & Nancy Parsons Electrical Engineering Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer Association of Edison Illumination Cos. Dan* ’64 & Nancy ’64 Paul Chemical Engineering General Manager Exxon Shipping Co. Hal ’59 & Peggy Pennington Industrial Management Chairman & CEO (retired) Genesco Inc. Gerald Pouncey Jr. ’82 Chemical Engineering Partner, Head of Environmental Group Morris Manning & Martin LLP Dick* Quina ’48 Mechanical Engineering Vice President Containerboard Division (retired) Smurfitt Paper Co. Tom ’69 & Barbara Ray Electrical Engineering President Ray Engineering Group Inc. William Jasper Reaves ’57 Aviation Management Chairman & CEO (retired) General Motors Asset Management & GM Trust Bank

Bill Reed ’50 Mechanical Engineering President System Controls Inc.

Jimmy ’60 & Zula Stewart Electrical Engineering President Stewart Engineering Inc.

Carl ’63 & Joan Register Industrial Management President Carco Mineral Resources Inc.

Jeff ’79 & Linda ’79 Stone Civil Engineering Chief Operating Officer Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

Ed* ’70 & Peggy Reynolds Electrical Engineering President Network Operations (retired) AT&T Wireless

Anthony* ’73 & Patsy ’73 Topazi Electrical Engineering Executive Vice President & COO (retired) Southern Company Services

Richard ’73 & Peggy ’74 Roberts Electrical Engineering Principal Roberts Raheb & Gradler LLC

George ’54 & Dot ’54 Uthlaut Chemical Engineering Senior Vice President Operations (retired) Enron Oil & Gas Co.

Phil Saunders ’74 Electrical Engineering Senior Vice President Operations & Generation Services Southern Company Services

Jeff ’85 & Harriet ’84 Vahle Mechanical Engineering President Disney Signature Experiences Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

George ’59 & Rita Sewell Chemical Engineering Senior Analyst (retired) Exxon Mobil Foundation Al ’47 & Jule* ’99 Smith Mechanical Engineering Partner (retired) Bright Star Group Ltd. Douglas ’12 & Jill Smith President Redwire Zeke ’82 & Darlene Smith Industrial Engineering Vice President External Affairs Alabama Power Co. John ’70 & Melanie ’70 Smyth Chemical Engineering Director (retired) International Paper Paul ’63 & Bena Spina Electrical Engineering Owner & CEO Spina Enterprises

Mark Vanstrum ’79 & ’82 Electrical Engineering Advanced Programs Engineer Harris Corp. Bill ’55 & Rubilyn Ward Mechanical Engineering Regional Manager (retired) GE Southwest Power System Sales Bill ’74 & Becky Warnock Civil Engineering President Medallion Petroleum Lee* ’59 & Nell Wetzel Electrical Engineering Manager Technical Services Electrical Design Southern Company Services Dwight ’62 & Sally* ’62 Wiggins Mechanical Engineering President (retired) Tosco Refining Co. Walt ’69 & Ginger Woltosz Aerospace Engineering Chairman, President & CEO Simulations Plus Inc.

Bold = sustaining member

68 | Auburn Engineering


Cupola Report

Ginn Society Mr. Joseph W. Ackerman ’60 Gen. Jimmie V. Adams ’57 Mr. James T. ’71 & Mrs. Dianne Booker ’71 Adkison Jr. Mr. Robert S. ’73 & Mrs. Patricia P. ’74 Aicklen Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Aiken Jr. ’73 Ms. Jennie D. Alley Ms. Barbara Allison Mr. Pete L. Anderson ’75 Mr. John P. ’76 & Ms. Cynthia M. ’76 Anderson Mr. Gerald B. Andrews Sr. ’59 Mr. Thomas Denny ’94 & Mrs. Aneda Chandler ’95 Anspach Mr. Stephen T. ’96 & Mrs. Kathleen M. ’96 Armstrong Mr. Timothy M. ’94 & Mrs. Margaret Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Avant ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Diaco Aviki ’95 Mr. Manucher Azmudeh ’60 Mr. Charles Frederick Bach ’58 Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bagley Jr. ’83 Mr. & Mrs. James O. Ballenger ’59 Mrs. Wanda Barnes Dr. Kenneth J. Barr ’47 Mrs. Agnes B. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Barth III ’71 Mr. & Mrs. M. Patrick Batey ’79 Mr. Ben Beasley ’65 Mrs. Virginia H. Beck ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher T. Bell ’83 Mrs. Leslee H. Belluchie ’93 & Mr. Rick Knopp Dr. & Mrs. Larry D. Benefield ’66 Mr. Charles William Berry Jr. ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bickert ’82 Dr. & Mrs.* William Y. Bishop ’68 Mr. Allan H. ’75 & Mrs. Nancy P. ’73 Bissinger Dr. J Temple Black* Mr. Robert W. Bledsoe ’10 Dr. Richard & Dr. Denise B. ’80 Boehm

Mr. & Mrs. Russell F. Boren ’54 Ms. Mildred Diane Boss ’72 Mr. Calvin Cutshaw & Dr. Mary Boudreaux Mr. Charles Judson Bowers ’69 Mr. Paul C.* & Ms. Marilyn Box Mr. William R. ’90 & Mrs. Pamela Owens ’92 Boyd Mr. & Mrs. R. Joseph Brackin ’80 Mr.* & Mrs. Rodney Bradford ’67 Dr. David B. Bradley ’65 Mr. J. B. Braswell Mr. & Mrs.* John R. Bray ’57 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Breeden ’57 Mr. Felix C. ’73 & Mrs. Gail W. ’76 Brendle Jr. Mr. Dan H. Broughton ’63 Mr. Dwight T. ’69 & Ms. Mary Ellen Brown Mr. John W. ’57 & Mrs. Rosemary Kopel ’57 Brown Mr. & Mrs. L. Owen Brown ’64 Mr. & Mrs. David C. Brubaker ’71 Mr. Thomas D. ’58 & Mrs. Frances W. ’58 Burson Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Burt Jr. ’58 Dr. Gisela Büschle-Diller Mr. Daniel M. Bush ’72 Mr. Harris D. Bynum ’58 Mr. Robert F. Bynum ’75 Mr. Patrick L. Byrne ’71 Mr.* & Mrs. James D. Caldwell ’29 Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Campbell ’59 Mr.* & Mrs. William E. Cannady Mr. J. Travis Capps Jr. ’94 & Mr. Lee Anthony Mr. John Phillip Caraway ’92 Mr. Russell L. ’83 & Mrs. Anna C. ’83 Carbine Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Carmon ’88 Mr. Benjamin F. ’60 & Mrs. Nancy B. ’63 Carr Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Thomas Carroll ’87 Mr.* & Mrs. James H. Carroll Jr. ’54 Dr. Tony J. ’84 & Ms. Tracey H. ’83 Catanzaro Mr. Steven G. Cates ’85 Mr. & Mrs. * Wiley M. Cauthen ’62 Mr. & Mrs. * Peter M. Chamberlin ’81 Mr. J. Mark ’72 & Mrs. Elizabeth M. ’76 Chambers Jr. Ms. Katherine Leigh Champion ’11 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Chandler III ’84 Mr. J. Edward Chapman Jr. ’56 Mr. Clarance J. Chappell III ’59 Mr. Randall C. ’85 & Mrs. Beth R. Chase Mr. Jing-Yau Chung Mr. Shawn E. ’82 & Ms. Anne M. ’82 Cleary

Dr. Prabhakar ’93 & Mrs. Sabina W. ’92 Clement Mr. John Barnard Clopton Jr. & Mrs.* John M. Clopton ’47 Mr.* & Mrs. John B. Clopton Mr. Terry J. ’76 & Dr. Jo Anne ’75 Coggins Mr. Timothy D. Cook ’82 Mr. Eldridge J. & Mrs. Rhonda H.* ’80 Cook Mr. & Mrs. James L. Cooper Jr. ’81 Ms. Lisa Ann Copeland ’85 Mr.* & Mrs. James H. Corbitt ’58 Ms. Mary F. Cordato Mr. & Mrs. Bradley William Corson ’83 Mr. Samuel S. Coursen Jr. ’73 Mr. Joseph L. ’70 & Mrs. JoAnn ’69 Cowan Ms. Trudy Craft-Austin Mrs. Barbara Ann Adkins Crane Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Crews ’60 Dr. Malcolm J. Crocker Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Ragan W. ’98 Crowell Mr. Kevin T. Cullinan ’09 Dr. Ralph S. ’62 & Mrs. Deborah Cunningham Mr. Malcolm A. Cutchins Jr. ’79 Mr. William J. Cutts ’55 Dr.* & Mrs. Julian Davidson ’50 Mr.* & Mrs. Charles E. Davis ’59 Dr. Jan N. Davis ’77 Brig. Gen & Mrs. Robert L. Davis ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Day Jr. ’53 Dr. & Mrs. Harry L. Deffebach Jr. ’63 Mr. Michael A. ’76 & Mrs. Leta DeMaioribus Mr. Donald E. Dennis ’54 Mr. Stanley G. DeShazo ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Derek Dwaine Dictson Mr. Joseph G. & Mrs. Amy Thomas ’78 Dobbs Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Donnellan ’76 Mr. Alan & Mrs. Carol H. ’84 Dorn Mr. William G. Dorriety ’84 Mr. Christopher R. ’89 & Mrs. Barrett J. ’86 Dozier Mr. Melvin Lee ’77 & Mrs. Diane R. ’77 Drake Jr. Mrs. Linda D. DuCharme ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Wendell H. Duke ’73 Mr. George R. Dunlap Jr. ’49 Mr. Timothy J. Dwyer ’85 Mr. Ronald M. ’69 & Mrs. Anne Dykes Mr. Lewis H. ’54 & Mrs. Annette B. ’53 Eberdt Jr. Dr. Mario R. Eden Mr. Joe D. ’70 & Mrs. Jayne W. ’71 Edge Mr. C. Houston ’77 & Mrs. Mary E. ’77 Elkins Mr. & Mrs. H. Wendell Ellis ’67


Auburn Engineering | 69

Cupola Report

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Etheridge Mr. Edwin W. Evans ’60 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Evans ’55 Mr. Jim W. Evans ’67 Mr. Norman S. ’59 & Mrs. Judith J.* ’58 Faris Jr. Ms. Ada Nicole Faulk ’96 Mr. Steven Scott Fendley ’91 Ms. Ann Marie Ferretti ’75 Mrs. Linda Ann Figg ’81 Mr. Paul R. ’66 & Mrs. Barbara M. ’68 Flowers Jr. Mr. John N. Floyd Jr. ’85 Mr. Stanley F. Folker Jr. ’68 Mr. Joe W. ’71 & Mrs. Gayle P. ’70 Forehand Jr. Mr. Phillip A. ’81 & Mrs. Margaret Long ’81 Forsythe Capt. & Mrs. Michael V. Forte ’82 Mr. Phillip ’88 & Mrs. Kimberly W. ’88 Fraher Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Franklin ’49 Mrs. Gwenn Smith Freeman ’73 Mr. Christian G. Gackstatter ’84 CAPT & Mrs. Davis R. Gamble Jr. ’74 Mr. Maury D. Gaston ’82 Mr. Charles E. Gavin III ’59 Mrs. Evelyn Geisler Mr. & Mrs. John W. Gibbs ’72 Dr. G. Edward Gibson Jr. & Mrs. * G. D. Gibson ’80 Dr. Samuel L. Ginn ’59 Mr. Michael V. Ginn Mr. Gary R. ’86 & Mrs. Carol Elsen ’86 Godfrey Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Godfrey ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Golden ’96 Mr. M. Miller Gorrie ’57 Mr. & Mrs. M. James Gorrie II ’84 Dr. Griffin K. Gothard ’88 & Dr. Katina Kodadek-Gothard ’97 Mr.* & Mrs. Jefferson L. Grant Jr. ’69 Mr. Stanley L. ’67 & Mrs. Patsy H. ’70 Graves Mr. David M. ’95 & Mrs. Susan B. ’92 Gray Mr. Gary W. ’69 & Mrs. Jo Evelyn Gray Mr. Ruskin Clegg Green ’91 Mr. Walter W. Griffin ’47 Mrs. Linda Vanstrum Griggs ’75 Mr. H. Vince Groome III Mr. Mark A. ’94 & Mrs. Leah S. ’93 Gulley Mr. Toby Eugene Gurley ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Guthrie Mrs. Jean Guthrie Mr. Robert O. ’83 & Mrs. Margaret F. ’83 Haack Mr. Keith Shellie Hagler ’98

Mr. & Mrs. W. George Hairston III ’67 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Ham III ’66 Mr. J. Robert Hamill ’70 Mrs. Susan Owens Hamilton ’73 Mr. David A. Hamilton ’67 Mr. Johnnie Marvin Hamilton ’68 Mr. Frank A. ’88 & Mrs. Lauren F. ’90 Hamner Mr. William R. Hanlein ’47 Dr. Andrew P. Hanson ’93 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Hardiman ’75 Mr. George C. ’76 & Mrs. Marsha Q. ’76 Hardison Jr. Mr & Mrs. Oscar C. Harper IV ’89 Dr. & Mrs. Elmer B. Harris ’62 Mr. Lamar T. ’63 & Mrs. Elaine T. ’62 Hawkins Mr. Lawrence Allen Hawkins ’81 Mr. Albert E. Hay ’67 Ms. Karen Hayes ’81 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hayes ’65 Mr. Cotton Hazelrig Mr. Jim P. ’94 & Mrs. Markell A. ’96 Heilbron Mr. John P. Helmick Jr. ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Roger R. Hemminghaus ’58 Dr. A. Stuart Hendon ’89 Mr. John S. Henley II ’63 Mrs. Melissa Brown Herkt ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Higgins ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Price Hightower III ’88 Mr. Dennis S. ’79 & Mrs. Ann R. ’77 Hill Mr. Michael D. ’86 & Mrs. Stephanie Jo Holmes Dr. & Mrs. James S. Hood ’84 Mr. E. Erskine Hopkins ’46 Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Horne ’71 Mr. Duke C. Horner ’47 Mr.* & Mrs. Clarence H. Hornsby Jr ’50 Maj. James M. ’81 & Bertha T. ’80 Hoskins Ms. Barbara Alison Howell ’83 Mr.* & Mrs. Alan P. Hudgins ’74 Mr. James G. Hughes Sr. ’56 Mr. James A. ’70 & Michele A. ’71 Humphrey Ms. Kristin L. Hunnicutt Ms. Susan Hunnicutt ’79 Brian H. ’90 & Dr. Judy J. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Imsand ’74 Mr. Charles M. ’56 & Rosemary S. ’57 Jager Mr. William Russell James ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Jeffcoat ’60 Mr. Charles William Jenkins ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Johnson Jr. ’75 Mr. & Mrs. C. Travis Johnson ’65

Col. Scott ’75 & Mrs. Penny ’74 Johnson Mr.* & Mrs. John D. Jones ’47 Mr. & Mrs. John K. Jones ’59 Dr. & Mrs. Peter D. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Dale Jones ’06 Mr. Robert R. ’63 & Mrs. Donna V. Keith Jr. ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Byron R. Kelley ’70 Mr. Kenneth Kelly ’90 Col. Randolph H. ’76 & Mrs. Leigh P. ’77 Kelly Gen. Leslie Farr Kenne ’70 Mr. Carver ’52 & Mrs. Martha ’54 Kennedy Mr.* & Mrs. Ronald D. Kenyon Mrs. Laura Clenney Kezar ’08 Mr. Lester Killebrew Sr. ’68 Mr & Mrs. T. Keith King Sr. ’58 Mr. Oliver D. Kingsley Jr. ’66 Mrs. Mary M. Kirkland ’94 Mr.* & Mrs. Mina Propst Kirkley ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Kyle Knight ’00 Mrs. & Mrs. * Mary M. Kramer ’93 Mr. David M. Kudlak ’86 Mr. Frederick D. Kuester ’73 Mr. William F. Land ’49 Mr. Ted Landers ’71 Mr. Harald F. ’57 & Mrs.* Betty C. ’54 Lassen Mr. Homer C. Lavender Jr. ’66 Dr. & Mrs. Terry E. Lawler ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leach Mr. C. C. “Jack” Lee ’47 Mr. J. Stewart Lee ’83 & Ms. Dorothy D. Pappas ’80 Ms. Nelda K. Lee ’69 Gov. William Byron Lee ’81 Mr. Edwin L. ’72 & Mrs. Becky S. ’72 Lewis Mr. Ronald C. Lipham ’74 Mr. Stephen M. Livingston ’10 Mr. Rodney M. Long ’76 Mr. Lum M. Loo ’78 Ms. Jenny Loveland Mr. William A. Lovell Jr. ’79 Mr.* & Mrs. Thomas M. Lowe Jr Mr. Raymond E. ’61 & Mrs. Eleanor H.* ’58 Loyd Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Luger ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Luttrell Mr. Fred W. Mace ’57 Mr. John A. ’72 & Mrs. Anne W. ’73 MacFarlane Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Machemehl Jr. Ms. M. Jane Major ’74 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Mallett ’55 Capt. & Mrs. Robert A. Malseed ’77 *deceased

70 | Auburn Engineering

Cupola Report

Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Manson ’58 Mr. Steven J. Marcereau ’65 Mr. Salvador M. ’91 & Mrs. Paula R. ’92 Marino Lt. Cmdr. Clifton C. ’74 & Mrs. Mary R. ’74 Martin Jr. Mr. Gary C. Martin ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Martz ’84 Mr. J. Clint Maxwell Jr. ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Jesse D. May ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Mays ’85 Ms. Forrest Worthy McCartney Dr. & Mrs. Michael B. McCartney ’57 Ms. Sheila J. McCartney Dr. T. Dwayne McCay ’68 & Dr. Mary Helen McCay Ms. Julia Zekoll McClure ’68 Mr. Charles D. McCrary ’73 Mr. James H. McDaniel ’68 Dr. Donald McDonald ’52 Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. McFadden Jr. ’81 Mr. George L. McGlamery ’86 Dr. & Mrs. Gerald G. McGlamery Jr. ’84 Mr. Paul Alan McIntyre ’92 Mr. James D. ’61 & Mrs. Paula S. ’65 McMillan Mr. & Mrs. Joe T. McMillan ’58 Mr. & Mrs. William R. McNair ’68 Mr. & Mrs. C. Phillip McWane ’80 Mr. John F. Meagher Jr. ’49 Mr. Jeff T. Meeks ’73 Mr. & Mrs. E. Martin Melton ’62 Mr. & Mrs. George A. Menendez ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Meyers ’59 Mr. Morris G. Middleton ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Miller ’80 Mr. Joseph A. “Buzz” ’83 & Mrs. Donna J. ’84 Miller Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Miller ’72 Mr.* & Mrs. William B. Millis ’60 Mrs. Katherine Maughan Mims ’81 Mr. & Mrs. Max A. Mobley ’72 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Moench Jr. ’76 Dr. Larry S. Monroe ’79 & Mrs. Cynthia C. Green ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence V. Montgomery, III Mr. Charles N. Moody ’63 Mr. Chris A. Moody ’90 & Mrs. Sarah K. Ahn Mr. Phillip F.* ’73 & Mrs. Jane H. ’73 Moon Mr. F. Brooks Moore ’48 Mrs. Mary Manson Moore ’83 Dr. Joe M. Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Morgan ’68 Mr. & Mrs. M. John Morgan ’71 Mr. David A. ’96 & Mrs. Grace B. ’95 Morris Mr. David R. Motes ’77 Mr. Kevin ’99 & Mrs. Apryl T. ’97 Mullins Mr. & Mrs. Charles Munden Jr. ’77 Mr. Kenneth H. ’87 & Mrs. Cindy Kilgo Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Scott B. Murray ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Neighbors ’76 Dr. Robert Mark Nelms ’80 Mr. Wayne B. Nelson III ’76 Mr. & Mrs. William K. Newman ’69 Mr. Huan D. Nguyen ’87 Mr. Charles G. Nicely ’72 Mrs. Nicole Wright Nichols ’00 Mr. Jack Dempsey Noah ’59 Mr. Darren G. Norris ’82 Mr. William B. Norton ’75 Mr. Mark W. Norton ’13 Mr. James B. Odom ’55 Dr.* & Mrs. J. Tracy O’Rourke Mr. Steve P. Osburne ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Wynton M. Overstreet ’59 Mr. David K. ’77 & Olivia Kelley ’77 Owen Mr. Howard E. Palmes ’60 Mr. Donald J. Parke ’82 Mr. John S. ’55 & Mrs. Constance G. ’55 Parke Mr. Jerry D. Parker Jr. ’79 Mr. Robert A. ’84 & Mrs. Susan Southerland ’84 Parker Mr. & Mrs. Earl B. Parsons Jr. ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Partridge ’87 Mr.* & Mrs. Daniel J. Paul Jr. ’64 Mr. & Mrs. Hunter A. Payne Mr. Frederick A. ’77 & Mrs. Rebecca C. ’81 Pehler Jr. Mr. Hal N. ’59 & Mrs. Peggy S. Pennington Mr. Chris J. ’71 & Mrs. Janice P. ’74 Peterson Mr. William W. ’89 & Mrs. Kathryn K. ’91 Petit Mr. Douglas E. ’84 & Mrs. Tracy C. ’84 Phillpott Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Pindzola Mr. Lonnie H. Pope Sr. Mr. Jack B. Porterfield III ’75 Mr. Gerald L. Pouncey Jr. ’82 Mr. & Mrs. William R. Powell ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Prince ’69 Mr. John David ’90 & Mrs. Lisa Christmas ’88 Prunkl Dr. Polapragada K. Raju Mr. & Mrs. David F. Rankin

Mrs. Denise Sandlin Raper ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leonard Ray ’69 Mr. James Lee Rayburn ’67 Mr. Albert M. Redd Jr. ’59 Mr. W. Allen ’70 & Mrs. Martha R. ’69 Reed Mr. & Mrs. William B. Reed ’50 Mr. Emmett F. Reeder ’62 Mr & Mrs. Carl A. Register ’63 Mrs. Jean M. Register Ms. Mary Nell Reid ’91 Mr.* & Mrs. Edgar L. Reynolds ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Rice ’77 Mr. Lee W. Richards ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Richardson ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Riley ’02 Dr. Joyce R. ’59 & Mr. Kenneth W. ’59 Ringer Mr. Richard Y. ’73 & Mrs. Peggy F. ’74 Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Brian Roberts Mr. Jeffery Ryan ’01 & Mrs. Ashley Nunn ’01 Robinett Mr. Kenneth W. ’81 & Mrs. Cathy M. ’81 Roebuck Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Ronyak Mrs. Karen Harris Rowell ’79 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rowell ’69 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Roy ’57 Mr. Kenneth B. ’50 & Mrs. Nan C. ’53 Roy Jr. Mrs. Charlotte A. Rutherford ’77 Mrs. Linda Patterson Ryan ’82 Mr. Joseph A. ’69 & Mrs. Mary G. ’69 Saiia Mr. William A. Samuel ’75 Ms. Regenia Rena Sanders ’95 Mr. Sid Sanders ’62 Mr. Charles Philip Saunders ’74 Mr. Thomas Saunders Sr. ’62 Mr. C. David ’65 & Mrs. Murriel W. ’65 Scarborough Mr. Wilbur C.* & Ms. Margaret N. ’46 Schaeffner Mr. Gary L. ’78 & Mrs. Susan Nelson ’79 Schatz Dr. Richard T. Scott Jr. Mr. Donald R. ’84 & Mrs. Alice J. ’85 Searcy Mr. L. Dupuy Sears Mr. Tim & Mrs. Lori Lynne ’90 Self Ms. Carol R. Sellers ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Senkbeil ’71 Mr. George M. Sewell ’59 Mr. E. Todd Sharley Jr. ’65 Mr. Charles A. Shaw ’86 Dr. Mark Dewey Shelley II ’93


Auburn Engineering | 71

Cupola Report

Dr. C. Herbert ’75 & Mrs. Alisa W. ’75 Shivers Mr. & Mrs. William D. Shultz ’95 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sikes ’60 Dr. & Mrs. R.E. Simpson ’58 Mrs. Margaret Sizemore Ms. Janine M. Slick Mr. David Slovensky ’71 Mr. Kenneth L. Smith Jr. ’78 Mr. Albert J. ’47 & Mrs. Julia C. * ’99 Smith Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Smith ’81 Mr. Stephen C. ’86 & Mrs. Jody A. ’88 Smith Mr. Stephen L. ’75 & Mrs. Judith R. ’74 Smith Mr. William J. ’67 & Mrs. Susan C. ’70 Smith Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Smith ’12 Mr. Zeke Walter L. Smith ’82 Mr. Jerard Taggart Smith ’97 Mr. Gerald W. ’61 & Mrs. Joyce C. ’61 Smith Mr. Randy L. Smith ’76 Mr. * & Mrs. James M. Smith ’43 Mr. Timothy S. ’91 & Mrs. Sheila Ransone ’91 Smith Mr. Barrett B. Smith ’68 Mrs. Doris Irwin Smith ’83 Mr. John A. ’70 & Mrs. Melanie W. ’70 Smyth Mr. & Mrs. Danny G. Snow ’62 Mr. Don L. Sollie ’74 Dr. Ryan A. ’09 & Mrs. Holly H. ’03 Sothen Mr. Mark A. Spencer ’00 Dr. & Dr. William A. Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Spina Jr. ’63 Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Allen Spivey ’87 Mr. Michael G. ’89 & Mrs. Kimberly B. ’89 Spoor Mr. Joseph Stanfield Jr. ’67 & Mrs. Nancy W. Payne Stanfield ’64 Mrs. Jacqueline Guthrie Steele ’78 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Stevenson Jr. ’71 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Stewart Jr. ’60 Mr. John Monro Stickney ’64 Dr. Linda J. ’79 & Mr. Jeffrey L. ’79 Stone Mrs. Susan Nolen Story ’81

Mrs. Gwen B. Strickland Mr. Thomas D. ’65 & Marianne M. ’65 Stringfellow Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Stringfellow ’50 Mr. William D. Johnston & Ms. Ronda Stryker Mr. Jon Stryker Ms. Pat Stryker Mr. John W. Sublett Jr. ’79 Mr. David Carriell Sulkis ’79 Dr. Thomas F. ’52 & Mrs. Donna K. ’57 Talbot Mr. George Harold Talley II ’91 Mr. L. Ray Taunton ’56 Mr. John A. Taylor ’53 Dr. Sherry Pittman Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Robertson Winn Taylor ’85 Dr. Mrinal Thakur Mr. K-Rob ’01 & Mrs. Marcia ’01 Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Thomas ’63 Dr. & Mrs. Jason Bryon Thompson ’93 Mr. Stephen F. Thornton ’63 Mrs. Mary Lou Tolar Mr. Anthony J.* ’73 & Mrs. Patricia C. ’73 Topazi Ms. Karen Louise Trapane ’82 Mr. Daniel Andrew Traynor ’78 Mr. Bolton W. ’08 & Mr. Lindsay I. ’09 Tucker Mr. Terry Lee Tucker ’98 Mr. M. Larry Tuggle Sr. ’57 Mrs. Laura Crowe Turley ’87 Mr. William J. ’57 & Mrs. Jane ’57 Turner Jr. Mr. Dwight J. Turner ’79 Mr. John W. ’69 & Mrs. Jane H. ’68 ’69 Turrentine Mr. George E. ’54 & Mrs. Dorothy S. ’54 Uthlaut Mr. Jeffrey N. ’85 & Mrs. Harriet W. ’84 Vahle Mr.* & Mrs. Edwin P. Vaiden Jr. ’51 Mr. Mark D. Vanstrum ’79 Mr. Michael J. ’78 & Mrs. Janet W. ’78 Varagona Mr. Gary W. ’01 & Mrs. Summer ’01 Vaughan Dr. Robert L. Vecellio Mr. & Mrs. W. Carl Voigt III ’87

Mr. W. Karl Vollberg ’73 Col. James S. ’72 & Dr. Suzan Curry ’71 Voss Mr. Ira C. Waddey Jr. ’65 Mr. James D. Wadsworth ’72 Mr. Joe W. Waid Jr. ’70 Dr.* & Mrs. William F. Walker Mr. J. Thomas ’55 & Mrs. Jean H. ’57 Walter Mr. William J. Ward ’55 Mr. & Mrs.* Harold P. Ward ’49 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Warnock Jr. ’74 Mr. J. Ernest Warren ’65 Mr. R. Conner Warren ’67 Mr. Robert M. ’71 & Mrs. Linda B. ’70 Waters Mr. & Mrs. John H. Watson ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Weatherford ’71 Dr. Glenn D. Weathers ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Erich Jarvis Weishaupt ’97 Mr. Robert W. ’93 & Mrs. Christine J. ’93 Wellbaum III Mr. James W. Wesson ’73 Mr. Gary ’74 & Mrs. Kathy ’76 West Mr.* & Mrs. Leroy L. Wetzel ’59 Mr. William H. ’55 & Mrs. Margaret R. ’56 Whitaker Jr. Mr. Dwight L. Wiggins Jr. ’62 Lt. Col. Ralph C. Wilkinson ’57 Mr. Daniel I. Wilkowsky ’70 Mr. Trent E. Williams ’03 Dr.* & Mrs. Earle C. Williams ’51 Mr. Richard D. Williams III ’51 Mr & Mrs. George Edmond Williamson II ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Wills Jr. ’68 Mr. Brock M. ’09 & Mrs. Laura D. ’09 Wilson Mr. Donald G. Wilson ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Woltosz ’69 Mr. & Mrs. William B. Womack ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Wood ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Terrell H. Yon III ’83 Mr. & Mrs. D. Dale York ’76 Dr. Gretchen Michele Yost ’87


72 | Auburn Engineering

Cupola Report

The Engineering Eagles are loyal supporters who make gifts of $1,000 or more each year to Auburn Engineering and its academic units. These gifts provide vital resources for creating and enhancing programs in which our faculty and students thrive. These donors elevate Auburn Engineering to new heights and help continue our tradition of excellence. Our 2018 Eagles donors include:

1947 Mr. Walter Wanzel Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Lee Mr. Albert James Smith Jr. 1948 Mr. F. Brooks Moore Mr. Wilmer Handy Reed III 1949 Mr. William Hitchcock Cole Mr. John F. Meagher Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewe Mizelle Jr. 1950 Mr. James C. Cole Mr. John M. McKenzie Mr. J. C. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William Burch Reed Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chester Stringfellow 1952 Dr. Marguerite Kinney Handlin and Mr. Harry Carl Handlin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Fletcher Talbot 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Almond Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Day Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Taylor 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Boren Mr. Harold Thomas Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Eberdt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sibbley P. Gauntt Mr. Tom C. Law Mr. and Mrs. George Egbert Uthlaut 1955 Mr. William J. Cutts Mr. James R. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. James Burton Odom Mr. and Mrs. John Parke Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Walter Jr. 1956 Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Chapman Jr. Mr. Walter L. Hannum Mr. John P. Helmick Jr. Mr. James G. Hughes Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathias Jager Dr. Donald Jacob Spring Mr. Donald M. Taff Sr. 1957 Gen. and Mrs. Jimmie Adams Mr. and Mrs. John Wilford Brown Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Miller Gorrie Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. T. Preston Huddleston Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Key Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mace Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. McCartney Mr. and Mrs. William Jasper Reaves Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Spear Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Larry Tuggle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Turner Jr. Mr. Harry W. Watkins Jr. LTC and Mrs. Ralph C. Wilkinson 1958 Mr. Charles Frederick Bach Mr. and Mrs. William Brackney* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Christopher Mr. Ralph E. James Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keith King, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manson Mr. and Mrs. Joe McMillan Mr. Jimmy R. Pemberton Mr. William B. Sessions

1959 Mr. and Mrs. James O’Neal Ballenger Mr. Jack F. Caraway Mr. Clarance Joseph Chappell III Mr. George Davidson Jr.* Mr. Norman Smith Faris Jr. Mr. Charles Earley Gavin III and Mrs. Marjorie Frazier-Gavin Mr. and Mrs. John Kenneth Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jack Noah Mr. and Mrs. Wynton Rex Overstreet Mr. and Mrs. Hal Pennington Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miles Redd Jr. Dr. Joyce Reynolds Ringer and Mr. Kenneth Wayne Ringer Mr. and Mrs. George Sewell Mr. J Frank Travis 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glenn Avant Mr. Manucher Azmudeh Mr. G. Robert Baker Mrs. Virginia H. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Crews Mr. and Mrs. Edwin William Evans Judge and Mrs. Albert Oscar Howard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Millis Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Byrd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baxley Parsons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Stewart Jr. Mr. John Wesley Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John Holman Watson 1961 Mr. and Mrs. David Linton Curry Dr. and Mrs. J. David Irwin Mr. and Mrs. James McMillan Mr. Morris G. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wayne Smith Mr. Hugh Ed Turner Col. and Mrs. James Robert Whitley Jr. Mr. Raymond E. Loyd


Auburn Engineering | 73

Cupola Report

1962 Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson Brown Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Sanford Cunningham Mr. Bobby Joe Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Wayne Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Nance Lovvorn Mr. Joel W. Marsh Mr. Sid Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Al Saunders Sr. Mr. Johnnie D. Stewart Mr. Benny H. Walker Mr. Russell L. Weaver Mr. Dwight L. Wiggins Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Woodham 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Broughton Mr. Donald Ray Bush Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Deffebach Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Travis Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. John Steele Henley II Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawrence Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moody Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Register Mr. Terry D. Summerville Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Franklin Thomas 1964 Mr. Gene E. Brett Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Craft Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Jackson L. Hulsey LCDR and Mrs. William M. Mayo Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Owens Mr. Joe W. Ruffer Mr. and Mrs. John Monro Stickney 1965 Mr. Ben Beasley Dr. David B. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Travis Johnson Mr. J. Wayne Maxey Mr. and Mrs. Desmond D. L. Merrill Jr. Mr. W. Russell Newton Mr. and Mrs. Steve Osburne Mr. and Mrs. David Scarborough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stringfellow Mr. Arthur Tonsmeire III Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Waddey Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Weathers

1966 Mr. John Boswell Allen Dr. and Mrs. Larry Benefield Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Berry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGaha Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rader Mr. Claude Dale Whittle 1967 Dr. Klaus D. Dannenberg Mr. and Mrs. H. Wendell Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Jim Evans Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Graves Mr. and Mrs. William George Hairston III Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hamilton Mr. Albert E. Hay Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernard Leonard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Rayburn Mr. Michael Lawrence Smith Mr. and Mrs. William James Smith Mr. Conner Warren 1968 Dr. William Y. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. William C. Claunch Mr. Sherwood A. Clay CDR Vernon C. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Marvin Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jerry Hart Mr. and Mrs. Lester Howard Killebrew Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Walker Kirkland Dr. and Mrs. Terry Edwin Lawler Dr. Thurman Dwayne McCay and Dr. Mary Helen McCay Ms. Julia Zekoll McClure Mr. and Mrs. James McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. William McNair Mr. and Mrs. Larry Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis Slotkin Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Wills Jr. Mr. Robert Harrison Wynne Jr. 1969 Mr. Taghi Alereza and Mrs. Lillie Mojan Mozaffari Mr. Charles Judson Bowers Mrs. Margaret King Cerny Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dykes Mr. and Mrs. Roger Allen Giffin

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Granade Mr. William Russell James and Mrs. Brenda M. Tanner Dr. and Mrs. Pierce Johnson Jr. Ms. Nelda K. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Murray Mr. and Mrs. William Newman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyons Prince Mr. and Mrs. David Rach Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saiia Mr. James K. Smith III Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fred Terrell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner Wade Mr. Edgar G. Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanley Woltosz 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Kerry E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Joe Edge Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gibbs Mr. J. Robert Hamill Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrell Higgins Mr. and Mrs. James Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blakely Jeffcoat Gen. Leslie Farr Kenne Mr. Sidney S. Keywood Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Leon F. McGinnis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Aristides Menendez Mr. and Mrs. C. Glenn Owen Jr. Mr.* and Mrs. Edgar L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John Hilary Sligh Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Smyth Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Dubourg Thibaut 1971 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Adkison Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barth III Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Drummonds Mr. and Mrs. Earl Richard Foust Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Horne Mr. David A. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. M. John Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Senkbeil Mr. David Slovensky Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis Starr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Waters Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weatherford *deceased

74 | Auburn Engineering

Cupola Report 1972 Mr. Daniel M. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Davis Maj. Dale A. Kiel Mr. and Mrs. John Andrew MacFarlane Mr. and Mrs. Max Mobley Mr. Charles G. Nicely Dr. and Mrs. H. Vincent Poor Dr. John H. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Sharp Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Uptagrafft Col. James S. Voss and Dr. Suzan C. Voss 1973 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephen Aicklen Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Aiken Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Brendle Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Wendell Chambliss Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Harris Duke Mr. William Eugene Friel II and Ms. Mary Johnson Morris Mr. George William Gallops Jr. Mr. Woodrow E. Garmon Mrs. Susan Owens Hamilton Mr. Robert Waite Hardie Mr. Frederick D. Kuester Mr. and Mrs. Charles Douglas McCrary Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Singley Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Spurlock Mr. Rodney Chapman Steffens Mr. and Mrs. Michael Franklin Templeton Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander Tomb Mr. Walter Karl Vollberg Capt. and Mrs. William S. Weeks Mr. James Wade Wesson 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Allen Dimit Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fosdick CAPT and Mrs. Davis R. Gamble Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Glenn Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Craig Lipham Mr. Charles Philip Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Joseph Steele Mr. and Mrs. William Warnock Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary West 1975 Mr. Pete L. Anderson Mrs. Linda Vanstrum Griggs

Mr. James Monroe Holley IV Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Johnson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lampkin Mr. and Mrs. William B. Norton Mr. William S. Pace Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Porterfield III Mr. and Mrs. William A. Samuel Dr. and Mrs. Charles Herbert Shivers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Linwood Smith Mr. William B. Womack 1976 Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson Mrs. Emilie Joly Cantrell Dr. Jo Anne Hamrick Coggins and Mr. Terry James Coggins Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arthur DeMaioribus Mr. Paul Stephen Fontenot Mr. and Mrs. George C. Hardison Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Lon Long Mr. Michael Alexander McKown Mr. and Mrs. William Lynn Moench Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Louis Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nelson III 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Allison Dr. N. Jan Davis and Mr. Schuyler H. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. C. Houston Elkins Jr. Ms. Melissa Herkt Capt. and Mrs. Robert Allen Malseed Mr. David R. Motes Mr. and Mrs. David Kenneth Owen Mr. and Mrs. Harry Glen Rice Ms. Charlotte A. Rutherford 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Latham Mr. and Mrs. Lum Loo Mr. and Mrs. James Paul Martin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Monroe Mr. Henry W. Poellnitz III Dr. and Mrs. Walter Harmon Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Schatz Mr. Kenneth L. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albert Sumrall Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Andrew Traynor Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Varagona

1979 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patrick Batey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Bishop Jr. LCDR and Mrs. Michael Scott French Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Steve Hill Mr. and Mrs. William Adrian Lovell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Mims Dr. Larry Scot Monroe and Ms. Cynthia Coker Green Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Darington Parker Jr. Mrs. Karen Harris Rowell Dr. Linda Johnson Stone and Mr. Jeffrey Ira Stone Mr. Dwight J. Turner Mr. Mark David Vanstrum 1980 Mr. Robert Joseph Brackin and Mrs. Roberta Marcantonio Mr. and Mrs.* Eldridge J. Cook Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Couch III Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russell Dehart Mr. Jonathan David Driggers Dr. and Mrs. G. Edward Gibson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Timothy McCartney Dr. Robert Mark Nelms Mr. and Mrs. James Oscar Neyman III Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Roberts Mr. George Russell Walton 1981 Mr. David W. Brooks III Mr. James Ronald Carbine Mr. and Mrs. James Stephen Carmichael Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence Cooper Jr. Mr. Jerry Glenn Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Ellison Jr. Ms. Melanie Ann Graff Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Daniel Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Henry John Kravec Mr. and Mrs. Albert Franklin McFadden Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy John Morales Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Newman III Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Grant Rains Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth William Robuck Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arthur Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Abner Smith Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Story Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Keith Swinson


Auburn Engineering | 75

Cupola Report

1982 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ray Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bickert Mr. David Andrew Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Edward Cleary Mr. Timothy Donald Cook Capt. and Mrs. Michael Victor Forte Mr. Maury D. Gaston Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Gloski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Jackson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Scott Kitterman Mr. Mark Anthony Kolasinski Mr. Karl Richard Nichol Mr. Donald James Parke Mr. Patrick Eugene Pride Mr. William Allen Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Walter L. Smith Maj. and Mrs. Richard Thomas Staples Mr. and Mrs. Norman Edward Tew Mr. and Mrs. John Carlton Todd Ms. Karen Louise Trapane Mr. Scott Alan Yost 1983 Mr. and Mrs. James Gwin Bagley Jr. Ms. Beverly Houston Banister Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thomas Bell Ms. Leslee Belluchie and Mr. Rick Knop Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lee Carbine Mr. and Mrs. Bradley William Corson Mr. Perry Allen Greathouse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Otto Haack Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alex Luttrell III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Austin Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Moore Mr. and Mrs. William R. Summers Jr. 1984 Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Dorriety Dr. and Mrs. John Lebron Evans Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Gackstatter Mr. and Mrs. Magnus James Gorrie II Mr. Kenneth C. Horne Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Howard Dr. Ying-Hsin Andrew Liou Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Garris McGlamery Jr. Dr. Eddrice M. McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Steven Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Moody Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Edward Phillpott Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reuben Searcy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Aldridge Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jeffrey Wood 1985 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Glenn Cates Mr. and Mrs. Randall Clark Chase Ms. Lisa Ann Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Miles McCord Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Evans Downey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy John Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. John Newell Floyd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryan Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Lukoschek Mr. and Mrs. David Gregory Milstead Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Guy Edwin O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. James Mason Orrison Mr. John Anthony Patton Sr. Mrs. Lynn A. Paul CDR Norman Daniel Stiegler Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Bryan Stone II Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Will Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hill Yokley 1986 Mr. Bruce William Evans Mr. and Mrs. Mark Douglas Feagin Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ross Godfrey CDR Robert Stanley Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dale Holmes Mr. David McCoy Kudlak and Ms. Trisha Perkins Mr. and Mrs. James Martindale Mr. and Mrs. George Lee McGlamery Mrs. Susan Adair Melians Mr. and Mrs. David Draper Newton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Oliver II Mr. Trace Duane Parish Mr. and Mrs. Randall Alan Pinkston Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert Sewell Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Smith Mr. and Mrs. Martin John Stapp Mr. and Mrs. James Perrin Tamblyn Jr. 1987 Lt. Col. (Retired) and Mrs. John Michael Askew Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Thomas Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cowles Mrs. Gwen S. Frazier

Mr. David L. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. David Emory Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Howell Murphy Mr. Huan D. Nguyen Mr. Michael Joseph O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Clark Parker Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Andrew Partridge Mr. Philip Carroll Pelfrey Mr. and Mrs. J. Glen Sanders III Mr. and Mrs. Steven Edward Speaks Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Allen Spivey Mr. and Mrs. George Phillip Turley Mr. and Mrs. William Carl Voigt III Dr. and Mrs. Randy Clark West Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams Dr. Gretchen Yost and Mr. Norman Doggett 1988 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edward Carmon Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mark Crumbly Mr. Mark Henry Donovan Mr. Lynwood H. Hamilton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Price Hightower III Mr. Robert Colvin Lynn Ms. Christy Stacey Ogletree Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hayward Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Porterfield Mr. Stephen Kemper Reaves Mrs. Veronica Carole Sherard 1989 CDR and Mrs. Bobby C. Bolt Dr. Raymond Anthony Cocco and Dr. Susan Ann Somers Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Conetta Mr. Michael Harley Crowder Ms. Ann Rebecca Guthrie Dr. Alton Stuart Hendon and Dr. Gerri Hendon Ms. Jill Davis Hill Mr. and Mrs. Edward Charles Long Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ray Owings Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Petit Mr. and Mrs. Mark John Rist Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lewell Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael George Spoor


76 | Auburn Engineering

Cupola Report 1990 Ms. Susan E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robert Craig Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wendell Dallas Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Rex Henderson Dr. Judy Johns Hunt and Mr. Brian Howard Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lee Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kelly Mr. Cary Lynn Matthews Mr. Chris Anthony Moody and Mrs. Sarah K. Ahn Mr. and Mrs. John David Prunkl Mr. Donald Wade Spivey 1991 Mr. David Bryant Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Boulware Mr. and Mrs. Bradley P. Christopher Mr. and Mrs. William Felanda Ellis Jr. Mr. Steven Scott Fendley Mr. and Mrs. Ruskin Clegg Green Mr. Randall Cory Hopkins Dr. Liang-Rung Hwang and Mrs. Jihn Yu Liau Ms. Angela Marie Luckie Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Michael Marino Mr. Philip M. Schockling Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scot Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Randall Stringfellow Mr. and Mrs. George Harold Talley II Mr. and Mrs. David Troy Veal 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Thomas Ayers Mr. and Mrs. John Phillip Caraway Mrs. Sharon Weidner Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wayne Kennoy Ms. Anne-Marie Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alan McIntyre Mr. Kennith Craig Moushegian Mr. and Mrs. Greg Raper Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Todd Strong 1993 Dr. and Mrs. Prabhakar Clement Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boyd Deavers Mr. and Mrs. David Martin Gray Mr. and Mrs. Jason Leigh Halsell Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Palmer Hanson Mr. Ray W. Hiltbrand Mr. and Mrs. Metrick Morrell Houser Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Douglas Kalv

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lance Kitchens Mr. Kevin Michael McClain Dr. and Mrs. Mark Dewey Shelley II Dr. and Mrs. Jason Bryon Thompson 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Denny Anspach Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Michael Arnold Mr. James S. Campbell Jr. Mr. J. Travis Capps Jr. and Mr. Lee Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Franklin Childs Dr. and Mrs. John Marshall Croushorn Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer Heilbron Mr. Herbie Neeley Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Joel Kramer Mr. Christian Paul Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Randall Todd Mrs. Roxann Foster Walsh 1995 Mr. and Mrs. Diaco Aviki Ms. Regenia Rena Sanders Mr. and Mrs. William Dean Shultz Mrs. Brenda Jenkins Smith Mr. and Mrs. Garris David Wilcox 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tate Armstrong Dr. Valeta Carol Chancey Ms. Ada Nicole Faulk Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Golden Ms. Rachel Moss Dr. Jing Shen Mr. and Mrs. John Raymond Smith Mr. and Mrs. Casey Haynes Waid 1997 Dr. Fa Dai and Mrs. Wenjia Pu Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Allen Russell Mr. and Mrs. Jerard Taggart Smith Mr. and Mrs. Erich Jarvis Weishaupt 1998 Mr. Keith Shellie Hagler Mr. Tyce Frederick Hudson Mr. Stuart Blakely Jeffcoat Mr. and Mrs. Ashley David Koby Mr. Michael Lynn Morris Dr. Lisa Bradshaw Warren and Mr. Marvin Key Warren III

1999 Mr. Jeffrey Scott Ackel Mr. Antonio D. Benford Mr. Eric M. Cerny Dr. Fuhu Chen Mr. and Mrs. Sean Patrick Flinn Mr. Martin Ogugua Obiozor Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Thomas Ramage Mrs. Kara L. Strickland 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mark Carmichael Mr. Michael Anthony Di Ruscio Mr. Brian Lee Faulk Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goad Mr. Shane Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Jean Ronald Guerrier Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kyle Knight Mr. Jason Max Lee Ms. Casey W. Robinson Mr. Mark A. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Merle Andrew Stein Mr. and Mrs. David Charles Stejskal Mr. and Mrs. Andre Jarvis Williams Mrs. Nicole Williams 2001 Dr. Wen-Chiang Huang Ms. Marie Craig Knight Mr. and Mrs. David E. McClure Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Neal Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Ryan Robinett Dr. Melinda Rixey Sava and Mr. Treavor Marc Sava Mr. Ryan Michael Schulz Ms. Carol Richelle Sellers Dr. Bryan Joseph Wells 2002 Mr. Cory Ryan Evans Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kenneth Godwin Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Guy Hamilton Jr. Mr. and Ms. Yanhui Huang Mr. and Mrs. Jason Darryl McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Christopher James Riley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stephen Woodie Mrs. Emily Johnson Zieman


Auburn Engineering | 77

Cupola Report

2003 Dr. Abby Renee Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Legrand Hanks Mr. and Mrs. Duriel Ramon Holley Mrs. Sara Anne Hough Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCullough Mr. Trent Edward Williams

2009 Mr. Kevin Thomas Cullinan Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Michael Deihl Mrs. Carla Marie Deyo Ms. Shannon Haines Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Sothen Mr. John Alim Usman Mr. and Mrs. Brock McLaren Wilson

2004 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Samuel Agnew Jr. Ms. Dion Marlene Aviki Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Dorris Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hanks Mr. and Dr. David Baker Riddle Mr. and Mrs. William Trent Taylor

2010 Mr. John Borge Johnson II Ms. Natalie Ann Johnson Mr. Stephen Jager Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alexander Lusco Mr. Austin E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lanier Traylor

2005 Ms. Lynn Sinopole Craft Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guffie Mr. and Mrs. David William Hodo Mr. and Mrs. David Austin Mattox Mr. Jonathan Lathram Moore Mr. and Mrs. David A. Musgrove Dr. and Mrs. John Travis Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant Sommerville Mr. Mark Alan Whitt

2011 Ms. Erika Latreace Akins Ms. Katherine Leigh Champion Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Williamson Schmal

2006 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Dale Jones Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Steven Levis Mr. and Mrs. William Clayton McKinnon Mr. and Mrs. James Nickolas Walker 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Brian Joseph Downs Ms. Auburn Elizabeth Hudgins Mr. Charles Andrew Mullins Mr. James Matthew Parsons 2008 Mr. Timothy Gilino Mr. Thomas Jeffrey Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sessions Hill Mr. and Mrs. Zachry Kezar Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clay Mays Mr. and Mrs. John Blair McCracken Mrs. Jenny Elizabeth Slight Ms. Jane Kathleen Spinks Ms. Mallory K. Stanhope

2012 Mr. Udarius Lamon Blair Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peter Glanton Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher Metcalf 2013 Mr. Stephen Arlow Giles Mr. Will McCartney Mr. Mark W. Norton Dr. Abhijeet Gajanan Phalle 2014 Mr. Jourdan Joseph Beaumont Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cohoon Mr. and Mrs. Cody Tyler Rutowski 2015 Mrs. Allison K. Bittner Mr. James Alexander Gordon Mr. Kerry M. Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keyser Mr. Michael Todd Lanier Mr. Christian Trygve Lund Mr. David Jay Shuckerow

2016 Mr. Reid M. Brooks Mr. Samuel Hollis Fordham Dr. Alan M. Hanley Ms. Shannon Leigh McGee 2017 Ms. Kate Duke Mokulis Ms. Sarah Grace Mitchell Mr. Nathaniel P. Nahley 2018 Dr. Charles Brock Birdsong Ms. Madeline M. Bonifay Mr. Colin J. Dorsten Ms. Leigh Michele Higby Mr. Jackson Garrett Lawrence Ms. Katie L. Martin Ms. Jordan Elizabeth Ryle Ms. Savannah J. Smith Mr. William Ryan Yates Friends Mr. Gabriel Dale Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Baerlocher Mr. Angus Talbot Baird Mr. Daniel Benedict and Ms. Karin Frament Dr. J Temple Black* Dr. Richard Boehm and Dr. Denise Blanchard Boehm Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Andrew Carroll Mr. Eldridge J. Cook Jr. Mrs. Patricia G. Corbitt Dr. James H. Cross II Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Crowell Dr. Virginia Angelica Davis Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dwaine Dictson Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Donahue Dr. and Mrs. Steve Richard Duke Dr. Mario R. Eden and Mrs. Leeja Einglett Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Edmondson Mrs. Ruth Harris Fleetwood Mr. and Mrs. William Mark Ford Mr. Mohinder S. Ghuman Mr. Dan Gillispie Mr. Michael V. Ginn Mrs. Jean Guthrie Ms. Kitsy Shelton Haiman Dr. Thomas R. Hanley Mrs. Judy Karen Hendrick


78 | Auburn Engineering

Cupola Report Mr. and Mrs. Burt Hewitt Mrs. Viva M. Hodel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Holland Mrs. Lynn Hornsby Mr. Terry Hulet Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Jay Dr. Peter D. Jones and Mrs. Elizabeth Zylla-Jones Dr. and Mrs. James R. Kauten Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Patrick King Dr. Hulya Kirkici Mr. Roger B. Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leach Mr. Miles B. Leon Mr. Colin McCall Ms. Forrest Worthy McCartney Mr. Andrew McCooey Mr. David McLin Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bryan Mills Mrs. Ila S. Mitchum Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Montgomery III Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Moody Dr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan Mrs. Catherine Novak Dr. Andrzej S. Nowak Ms. Viki Pate Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Brian Roberts Mrs. Jimmie A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ryan Ms. Kimberly Sachs Dr. Peter Schwartz Ms. Ann H. Shelton Mr. Mark Shelton III Mrs. Margaret Sizemore Mrs. Charles L. Strickland Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Suhling Ms. Betty Moore Summerlin Dr. Sherry Pittman Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thomas Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Townsend Sr. Mr. Howard Tuttle Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wagner Mrs. Sue Williams Dr. and Mrs. Chwan-Hwa Wu Mrs. Gloria Wynn

Corporations Adobe Systems Inc. Aegis Technologies Group Inc. Alabama Power Co. Alabama River Cellulose LLC Albany International Corp. AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Co. American Tank & Vessel Inc. AstenJohnson Inc. ATK Space Systems Inc. Austin Maint & Construction Inc. Avid Solutions BBVA Compass Bentley Systems Blue Origin LLC Boeing Co. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Buckman Laboratories Inc. ChemTreat Chevron COLSA Corp. Cummins Inc. Decostar Industries Inc. Dynetics Inc. Epic Ice ExxonMobil Corp. Faurecia Automotive Freedman Seating Co. General Electric Co. Graphic Packaging Gulf Coast TAPPI Harris Corp. Hoar Construction Inc. Hoar Holdings IBM Imerys Institute for STEM Ed & Research Inc. International Paper International Paper - Riverdale Mill International Paper - Pine Hill Jay Industrial Repair Keimyung University Kemira Chemicals Inc. LBYD Inc. Linode Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Co.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Mando America Corp. Manufacture Alabama Martinez Construction Services Mathworks Inc. MaxLinear Inc. Nalco Co. Northrop Grumman Corp. Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems Corp. P3 Technologies LLC Packaging Corp. of America PCA DeRidder Mill Pinson Valley Heat Treating Co. Inc. Premier Equipment Inc. Rausch & Pausch LP SAE International Schlumberger Technology Corp. Silicon Integration Initiative Southern Environmental Inc. Southern Nuclear Operating Co. SouthWest Water Co. Sprayroq The Pensmore Foundation Total System Services Inc. Track Tec S.A. Valmet Inc. Vista Engineering & Consulting LLC Wattco Inc. WestRock Wood Yates Constructors


Auburn Engineering | 79

Cupola Report

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are pledged today to benefit the college in the future. These gifts include bequests, life income plans, charitable gift annuities, IRA distributions and gifts of life insurance. Planned gifts enable donors to manage their investments and leave a lasting legacy for Auburn Engineering. The following were established in 2018: Mr. Ben Beasley ’68 Mr. Patrick Thomas Carroll ’87 Mr. Charles Earley Gavin III ’59 Mrs. Linda Vanstrum Griggs ’75 Mrs. Susan Owens Hamilton ’73 Capt. Robert Allan ’77 & Mrs. Linda Gayle Malseed Dr. T. Dwayne ’68 & Dr. Mary Helen McCay

Mr. Paul Alan ’92 & Mrs. Amy Fortenberry McIntyre Mr. Kenneth H. ’87 & Mrs. Cindy Kilgo Myphy Mr. Charles G. Nicely ’72 Mr. Donald J. Parke ’82 Mr. Gerald L. ’82 & Mrs. Bonnie Pouncey Mr. Kenneth L. Smith Jr. ’78 Dr. Gretchen Michele Yost ’87


Endowments are gifts that provide Auburn Engineering with perpetual income and are essential for the long-term security and growth of the college. The Auburn University Foundation invests the principal of the endowed fund and the allocated income is used to support programs and initiatives designated by the donor. The following were established in 2018: 2018 Chemical Engineering Leave A Legacy Endowed Scholarship Charles Bach Endowed Scholarship Robert and Lisa Bickert Endowed Scholarship Birmingham Area Civil Engineering Golf Tournament Endowed Scholarship Cates Family Endowed Creed Scholarship Thomas Edward Connell Endowed Scholarship Carla Marie Deyo Endowed Scholarship Dictson Family Endowed Scholarship David Dixon Endowed Professorship Linda DuCharme Endowed Scholarship Steven S. Fendley Endowed Scholarship John and Amy Floyd Endowed Scholarship Charles E. Gavin III Endowed Doctoral Fellowship Program G. Edward ‘Edd’ Gibson Jr. Endowed Scholarship Pete and Curry Glanton Endowed Scholarship Graphic Packaging International Endowed Scholarship Russ Green Endowed Scholarship Linda V. Griggs Endowed Professorship Hamill-Shuff Endowed Scholarship Hoar Construction Endowed Scholarship Charles H. and Marian Robinson Howell Endowed Scholarship Brian H. and Judy J. Hunt Endowed Scholarship

W.B. (Blake) and Peggy Jeffcoat Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship Johnson Bros. Corp. Endowed Civil Engineering Scholarship Sheriff Herbie Johnson Endowed Scholarship General Leslie Kenne Endowed Scholarship Chris Moody and Sarah Ahn Women in Engineering Endowed Scholarship Miles and Eva Motes Endowed Scholarship Overstreet Family Endowed Scholarship Packaging Corp. of America Endowed Scholarship Donald J. Parke Endowed Chair Donald J. Parke Endowed Scholarship Donald J. Parke Endowed Fund for Excellence Mary Gray Peevy Women In Technology Memorial Endowed Scholarship Hal N. Pennington and Peggy S. Pennington Endowed Creed Scholarship Gerald and Bonnie Pouncey Endowed Fund for Excellence Reeves Family Fund for Excellence Rural Electric Power Endowed Scholarship Tim and Sheila Smith Endowed Creed Scholarship John and Priscilla Stickney Endowed Scholarship Mark Allen West Jr. Endowed Scholarship Clyde H. Wood and Dudley W. Cheape Jr. Family Endowed Scholarship James Mead Woodall Endowed Scholarship Yost, Griffin, and Roberts Family Endowed Fund for Excellence

Annual Scholarships

Some of the college’s donors choose to establish annual scholarships. These funds, which are given each year, are not maintained by principal or earnings and vary depending upon donor contributions. College of Engineering 100+ Women Strong Annual Scholarship 100+ Women Strong Helping Hands Annual Scholarship Aicklen Family Annual Scholarship American Cast Iron Pipe Co. Engineering Scholars Program

80 | Auburn Engineering

American Tank & Vessel Inc. Annual Scholarship Auburn Alumni Engineering Council Scholarship Auburn Research and Development Institute Annual Scholarship Donald and Dianna Carmon Annual Scholarship Chevron Annual Scholarship

Cupola Report

Chevron Society of Women Engineers Chevron Texaco Oil Key Scholarships Cook Family Annual Scholarship Dynetics Inc. Annual Scholarship Engineering Annual Scholarship Faris Family Annual Scholarship Foundry Educational Foundation/R. Conner Warren Annual Scholarship Robert Gatewood Memorial Scholarship Charles E. Gavin III Family Annual Scholarship Jagdeep S. Ghuman Annual Scholarship Robert Harper Hamner Memorial Annual Scholarship Hargrove Foundation Annual Scholarship Auburn Hudgins Annual Scholarship Tyce Frederick Hudson Annual Scholarship Hydraulic Engineering Annual Scholarship Michael and Kelly Keyser Annual Scholarship Edward C. Long Annual Scholarship David and Stephanie Mattox Annual Scholarship Frank E. Montgomery III/Alabama Motorcoach Association Annual Scholarship Huan D. Nguyen Annual Scholarship Malcolm W. Orr Jr. Engineering Scholarship Denise S. Raper Annual Scholarship Christopher B. and Tracy Roberts Annual Scholarship Ashley and Ryan Robinett Family Annual Scholarship Robinett Family Annual Scholarship William D. and Joy R. Shultz Annual Scholarship Albert J. and Julia Smith Scholarship Jerry and Beth Thomas Annual Scholarship R. Conner Warren Annual Scholarship E. F. Williams Annual Scholarship Charles and Elizabeth Wilson Annual Scholarship Young Alumni Council Annual Scholarship Academic Excellence Program Harris Corp. Scholarships D. W. Weatherby Academic Excellence Annual Scholarship

Chemical Engineering John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Annual Scholarship Chemical Engineering Class of 1979 Scholarship Karon D. Giles Annual Scholarship Patrick and Rose Marie Hanks Annual Scholarship Civil Engineering Brasfield & Gorrie Scholarship in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Scholarship Stone Family Annual Scholarship Computer Science and Software Engineering CSSE Industrial Advisory Board Annual Scholarship for First-Year Undergraduate Students Electrical and Computer Engineering Chevron Scholarship in Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Annual Scholarship Electrial Engineering General Scholarship Schmal Annual Scholarship Industrial and Systems Engineering Comer Foundation Annual Scholarship Industrial and Systems Engineering General Scholarship Magna Annual Scholarship Tim Cook Annual Leadership Scholarship Mechanical Engineering Chevron Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Materials Engineering Scholarship Mechanical Engineering Scholarships John D. and Lisa Christmas Prunkl Annual Scholarship Nuclear Power Generations Systems Southern Nuclear Operating Co. Annual Scholarship Wireless Engineering Ginn Family Foundation Wireless Engineering Annual Scholarship

Aerospace Engineering Duriel R. Holley Annual Scholarship Business-Engneering-Technology Program Business-Engineering-Technology Faculty Annual Merit Scholarship Jerry Jackson Thomley and Patsy Woodham Thomley/Alabama Power Foundation Legacy Endowment Plan Annual Scholarship

We have made every attempt to accurately reflect donor information. If you notice a discrepancy, please contact Katie Hardy in the Office of Engineering Development at 334.844.5222 or hardykc@auburn.edu. For a listing of donors who gave prior to 2018, please see previous issues of the Cupola Report at eng.auburn.edu/magazine.

Auburn Engineering | 81

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