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Endowment Levels It has been determined by Auburn University and the Auburn University Foundation that certain types of endowment funds require minimum levels of funding to satisfactorily carry out the purpose for which they were created. The following are minimum endowment levels for Auburn University and Auburn University Montgomery as approved by Board of Trustees on November 4, 2006: Presidential Chairs | $5,000,000 minimum The highest honor a faculty member can hold is an endowed presidential chair. This chair recognizes the height of distinction for a scholar and researcher, and rewards the most outstanding faculty members. The donor of a presidential chair not only honors distinguished achievements in academic pursuits, but also recognizes the highest commitment to faculty support. Named Endowed Eminent Scholar Chairs | $2,000,000 minimum An endowed eminent scholar chair epitomizes academic excellence for both the chair holder and the donor. Such naming opportunities perpetuate a donor’s commitment to a designated discipline, and enable the college to recruit and retain exceptional faculty members. The concept of an endowed chair is for the endowment to provide a substantial salary supplement to the base salary of the chair holder which will enable Auburn University to complete for an eminent scholar in any field. Named Endowed Chairs |$1,000,000 minimum A named endowed faculty chair honors the donor and brings prestige to outstanding faculty members and their departments by providing the resources necessary to ensure that key faculty positions are funded adequately. Endowed faculty chairs provide salary supplements to existing salaried positions as well as funds for other needed support for the recognized faculty member(s). Named Endowed Professorships | $300,000 minimum A named endowed professorship honors the donor and assists academic departments by providing resources necessary to provide an appropriate level of support for faculty. Endowed named professorships provide salary supplements to existing salaried positions for the purpose of maintaining average faculty salaries at competitive national levels, as well as other forms of support. Named Endowed Graduate Fellowships | $100,000 *minimum Three-year Continuing Fellowship | $300,000 Named fellowships enable the university to attract premier graduate students. A fellowship is the graduate equivalent of an undergraduate scholarship, is given for merit, and work is not required. Such awards are critical to departmental success in graduate education. A named fellowship brings distinction to the donor and the satisfaction of helping our nation's brightest future researchers and faculty.

Named Endowed Presidential Scholarships | $150,000 *minimum Four-year Continuing Scholarship | $600,000 The college’s ability to offer scholarships approximating the cost of attendance for the nation's brightest undergraduate students is critical to our future of academic excellence. These scholarships are an extremely important recruiting tool for quality students, and help ensure our reputation for academic excellence. Earnings from academic scholarship endowments fund an amount approximating in-state tuition, room and board at established university levels. Named Endowed Tuition Scholarships | $100,000 *minimum Tuition scholarships are critical to helping many bright students attend college who would be unable to otherwise because of personal circumstances. These scholarships recognize academic excellence and bring honor to the donors who assist us by assisting worthy students. These endowments are designed to provide an amount approximately equal to in-state tuition for one year at established university rates. Named Partial Scholarships, Awards and Other Special Endowments | $25,000 minimum From time to time, there is a need for the creation of special or unique endowments. Some of these programs might include, but are not limited to, endowing lectureships, lecture series and special programs. Endowments for these unique programs will, by necessity, be of varying amounts, determined on a case-by-case basis, and approved by the administrative head of the unit or campus affected, as well as the vice president for development. Endowments that are somewhat broader in nature and provide the unit with a substantial amount of latitude in the expenditure of income will be designated as "funds for excellence." Generally, the minimum for these endowments is $25,000. Named Endowed Centers and Institutes | Produce one half of annual operating budget Centers and institutes of excellence provide unique opportunities for donors to be recognized in perpetuity for their support of major teaching, research and extension initiatives. The minimum level of endowment necessary to fund a center or institute is the amount that will generate at least onehalf of the program's annual operating budget. Naming centers and institutes affords a lasting association with the quality of research, teaching and outreach associated with the respective center or institute. The creation of centers and institutes requires Auburn University Board of Trustee approval. Named Buildings The naming of buildings is covered by Auburn University Board of Trustee policies and requires the board’s approval. * To be adjusted periodically

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