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ecause This is Auburn is a $1 billion campaign to propel our university forward through a renewed commitment to our students, a continued promise to our state, and a shared responsibility to the world.

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is committed to raising $200 million as part of this campaign. We have embraced a bold vision to become one of the nation’s premier engineering institutions by being: • the best student-centered engineering experience in America • a leader in providing research that improves the quality of life and fosters economic competitiveness • a dynamic faculty that exemplifies excellence and innovation Our success in this campaign is critical to our ability to achieve these aspirations.


$200 million

“I would like for our alumni to feel they are an integral part of this campaign, to recognize that together we’re all Auburn Engineering. It is important for us to support the next generation of engineers and to ensure that we continue to make our alumni proud. The support of our alumni is what distinguishes the Auburn experience from others.” — Christopher B. Roberts

Dean, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

To be one of the top engineering programs in the nation, we must provide our students with the tools, skills, and competencies necessary to apply today’s engineering and business practices in order to become tomorrow’s leaders in developing and deploying the latest technologies. We are advancing engineering innovation through research in strategic areas including advanced manufacturing, biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering, cyber security and information technology, energy and the environment, engineered materials and nanotechnology, and infrastructure and transportation. To continue our progress in these key areas, we must recruit the best students through competitive scholarships and fellowships, and provide them with creative programs, activities, professional development, and career mentoring. Students also must have access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology. Of course, providing our students with the highest level of educational experience begins with a dynamic faculty. We must aggressively recruit and retain our outstanding faculty and increase our professorships, endowed chairs, and other forms of faculty support.






Funds for Excellence for student programmatic support Student Programmatic Support $105,000,000

Scholarships and Fellowships $40,000,000






Student Achievement Center

Students PROGRAMMATIC SUPPORT Our mission is to provide students with the highest level of engineering education through a dynamic faculty, creative programs, and on-the-horizon opportunities to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century. It is not enough to provide instruction; we also must engage our students with a full range of out-ofclassroom experiences that enhance their professional development as engineers. Financial support of the college’s programmatic needs allows us to provide a rich, student-centered experience through: • • • • • • • • •

Student recruiting Curriculum advising Career mentoring and job placement Tutoring and academic support International studies and experiences Student projects and competitions Professional societies and student organizations Curriculum development and teaching innovation Leadership and professional development programs

$105 million SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Producing the best engineers starts with recruiting the best students. There is enormous competition among colleges and universities to recruit and retain the very best students. We are committed to building scholarship funding to offer financial incentives and compete with other prestigious institutions for the most outstanding students. Likewise, graduate fellowships

enable us to compete with other research universities for the highest-caliber graduate students. Our graduate fellowship recipients provide valuable research and educational assistance to our faculty, thus enhancing our scholarly programs. Student financial support is a key component in the development of our students and the growth of our college.

$40 million


To continue to build a leading engineering program, we must secure the resources necessary to attract and retain the most exceptional engineering educators and researchers. Faculty support provides a reliable source of funding to retain current faculty who have established themselves as leaders in their field and includes salary enhancements, research support, laboratory equipment, and professional development, while also creating new faculty positions. It is imperative that our faculty members have the opportunity to continuously modernize teaching methods through the use of new technologies and innovative forms of delivery, thus building an unparalleled engineering education experience.

$24 million


Auburn University has made significant advances in modernizing the infrastructure of the engineering quad, including the renovation of Ross Hall and Wilmore Laboratories, as well as the construction of the Shelby Center, Wiggins Mechanical Engineering Hall, and the Woltosz Engineering Research Laboratory. We also are renovating the Textile Building with the creation of the Carol Ann and Charles E. Gavin III Engineering Research Laboratory. Iconic Ramsay Hall will house new offices and laboratories, as well as the new Charles D. McCrary Institute. A new Engineering Student Achievement Center will consolidate a multitude of student support services, as well as an industrial relations center. The facility will also create space for student projects, classrooms, and an engineering international experience office.

$31 million

Your gift to Auburn has REAL IMPACT “Receiving the Ray Loyd scholarship was such a blessing because not only did I receive the scholarship, but my identical twin brother did as well. My family is

forever thankful

and I cannot begin to explain how much it has impacted us.”

—Jeremy Oyler

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

“The Loyd scholars have had the

ultimate privilege of being surrounded by a group of peers that genuinely cares about the lives of one another, adding to the overall life experience at Auburn.”

—Jake Dean

Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering

“Because of this scholarship, my brother and I are able to afford the opportunity to get a college degree and achieve a

better lifestyle than we had growing up.”

—Justin Oyler

Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

I came out of Auburn with what I consider to be a superb education. I was prepared to do anything — invincible almost. But, college was extremely hard. I was dirt poor. I waited tables, I made sandwiches, I co-oped and scratched to stay in school and support myself. The curriculum was brutal. Other kids were having a great time and my mother said to me, “These are the best years of your life.” To which I responded, “Oh, no!”

“It’s like raising your children. I take pride in mine and what I’ve provided for them, and I take pride in those students. I hope they impact the world.” —Raymond Loyd ’61 Mechanical Engineering

But, it paid off. I was the only Auburn student to get a job with GE, and my career with them was first-rate. As soon as I started my first company, I initiated a scholarship program and also began giving back to organizations that helped me become who I am. I bet a lot of people don’t finish school because they just run out of money and energy. The students I support don’t have to do that; they have a full ride. My wife, Eleanor, and I currently provide scholarships for 15 students, and I take great pride in meeting each and every one of them. We get letters from them, their parents, and their grandparents about how we have impacted their families for generations. The impact we have on young people’s lives has been very satisfying for us. Quite a few of the students are the first in their family to go to college. We’re providing for people who would not have been able to get a degree otherwise. It’s like raising your children. I take pride in mine and what I’ve provided for them, and I take pride in those students. I hope they impact the world.

Office of Engineering Development 1320 Shelby Center, Auburn, Alabama 36849 (334) 844-7461 B E C AU S E@AU B U R N . E D U | B E C AU S E . AU B U R N . E D U Auburn University is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer.

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Saumel Ginn College of Engineering case statement  

Auburn University's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is committed to raising $200 million as part of the Because This is Auburn campaign....

Saumel Ginn College of Engineering case statement  

Auburn University's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is committed to raising $200 million as part of the Because This is Auburn campaign....