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“…I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.” — George Petrie, The Auburn Creed

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niversity Outreach is Auburn’s land-grant commitment to serve the people of Alabama and beyond.

Because This is Auburn – A Campaign for Auburn University is a $1 billion fundraising effort to propel our university forward through a renewed commitment to our students, a continued promise to our state, and a shared responsibility to the world. As part of the overall campaign, Auburn University Outreach is committed to raising $1.6 million to extend the educational resources of the university beyond our campus through quality lifelong learning activities and high-impact, community-centered projects. Our goal is to promote faculty, staff, and student engagement in effective community programs and partnerships that strengthen the relationship between Auburn and the public we serve. Through these efforts, we have an incredible opportunity not only to educate others about the people and outreach resources that make Auburn unique, but also to engage and empower tomorrow’s Auburn students through on-campus programs and experiences today.


$1.6 million

“University Outreach is nationally recognized for its highquality educational programs serving the needs of people of all ages. Outreach also supports Auburn faculty in building their scholarship through community engagement and provides enriching service and learning experiences to benefit our students. Your generous support ensures we can make a difference in the lives of all we serve.” — Royrickers Cook ’94

Assistant Vice President for University Outreach

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for University Outreach

Our mission is to bring the university to the people to help them meet their educational needs and improve the quality of life in their communities. Strategically, we focus on the greatest needs of our state — economic development, workforce training, health and wellness, and educational access. Our goals include building a lifelong learning relationship with each person we serve, as well as maintaining a vital partnership between the university and every community we affect. Through this campaign, University Outreach can fulfill these goals by supporting faculty engagement that is aligned with our strategic outreach and extension objectives. Support also will increase student engagement in relevant and communitycentered, service-learning activities. Finally, this campaign will enable us to expand off-campus programs and build partnerships between Auburn University and schools, businesses, civic agencies, nonprofits, and other stakeholders throughout Alabama — especially in underserved communities.


$1.5 million

Faculty $50,000

Students $50,000

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for high-achieving school children from underserved communities



for faculty engagement



for student-community engagement projects


for strategic initiatives and new public-service programs

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Programs Sustained donor support is vital to fulfilling our strategic objectives in the community. Programmatic support enables us to develop new lifelong learning courses, professional certificate programs, academic camps, and other continuing education activities for individuals, families, professionals, and organizations. Increased funding will help us expand our reach across the state — especially in underserved communities — through outreach and extension programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles, increase college access, and develop new work skills. Your philanthropy also helps enhance our base of community initiatives focused on economic development, governmental excellence, business assistance, healthcare, K-12 school partnerships, online educational resources, and other needs. Both annual gifts

and endowments benefit key outreach programs and public service initiatives. Investing in University Outreach increases our presence in the community beyond our campus, provides opportunities for students and faculty to employ their knowledge and expertise, and improves our ability to extend our resources to areas where they are most needed.

$1.5 million

Faculty Faculty are the backbone of Auburn’s outreach efforts — from teaching K-12 students in summer camps to directing extensive community development projects. Increasing support and recognition for faculty engagement is one of our key strategic priorities. Additional funding will enable us to provide faculty fellowships, enlarge our competitive outreach grants program, offer stipends for faculty who teach service-learning courses and lead outreach community programs, and expand awards programs recognizing outreach excellence. These opportunities will help attract more faculty to and engage them in outreach work, while applying their scholarship beyond the campus to communities where their expertise is critically needed.


Students Like faculty, graduate and undergraduate students play a key role in fulfilling Auburn’s outreach mission. Support is needed to increase curricular-based community internships and service-learning courses, as well as to engage more students in outreach and extension programs. Funding also will help us expand our community partner network and create new service fellowships for Auburn students. Achieving these goals will provide more students with the opportunity to participate in substantive outreach learning experiences that nurture the spirit of service before self and promote a lifelong ethic of civic engagement.


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Your gift to Auburn has


University Outreach engages people of all ages and diverse backgrounds beyond campus, throughout the state, and around the world. Outreach truly is about taking the university to the people — whether they are young students, business professionals, civic volunteers, or senior learners at home, at work, and in the community. “University Outreach has afforded me the opportunity to learn and give back to the community through meaningful programs such as the Black Belt Legacy Camp. Being a native of the Black Belt Region, I understand the challenges that come with the lack of resources in our communities. It has been rewarding to contribute to the enrichment of youth in this area.” —Ebony Craig Jackson ’12, Pharmacy graduate student, Black Belt Legacy Camp leader “Outreach’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has provided me with multiple opportunities to widen and deepen my knowledge of subjects in which I have long been interested and previously could not or did not take the time to explore. It also presents great opportunities to meet, get to know, and become friends with a wonderful group of people. Education, enjoyment, social fulfillment, and entertainment in one neat package!” —Jim Barber ’66, retired engineering executive, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute member since 2008 “University Outreach has provided Lee County Autism Resource & Advocacy (LCARA) opportunities to network with other non-profit agencies, secure volunteers through its AuburnServes program, and collaborate with university programs to provide better services to families in Lee County and surrounding areas who have a loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).” —Maria Gutierrez, Co-founder and a Vice President of LCARA

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Auburn University Outreach Advancement Board

“We hope our support will enable “As a political science/public administration student at Auburn, more Harbert College ofI had Business the amazing experience to work in University Outreach on economic development projects. Outreach provided me with an be successful leaders in invaluable practical experience in my chosen major, but also helped today’s global economy.”me see how communities work and how to address significant societal challenges through collaboration and cooperation. To me, Outreach is what makes Auburn so special, not just because it helps community, but because Outreach connects the university to We’re strong believers in the value of higherthe education and are pleased community and engages us all to be better citizens. to be in a position where we can help othersthe further their education.

We’re supportive of international opportunities technology For because faculty, students, alumni, and the public alike, Outreach provides has enabled commerce and business to evolve to the pointto where opportunities learn and work together in real and relevant ways the economies of countries in today’s worldfor interact on a global scale. the benefit of all. Outreach still informs my life, whether in my

Auburn, like other universities, recognizes the need work orfor at international home. I support Auburn University Outreach because

study as an important element in today’s business We’re I knoweducation. that my contribution will have a true impact across Alabama, happy to join other donors in supporting international study especially in my community, and well beyond!”

opportunities to enable Auburn graduates to be competitive in today’s job market. We hope our support will enable more Harbert College

“Outreach is what makes Auburn so special … it connects the university theglobal community us all to be better citizens.” be successful leaders into today’s economy. My wifeand Margeengages and I

of Business students to gain a better appreciation of the cultural and

economic diversity outside the United States and help prepare them to

would encourage anyone considering some form of support to engage with Dean Hardgrave and his staff, understand their needs, and — Jeremy Arthur ’99then

invest in something that resonates with them. Chair of the Auburn University Outreach Advancement Board and President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama

—Lou Bifano

Father of Megan Bifano, a junior majoring in Marketing

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Auburn University Outreach 201 O.D. Smith Hall | 135 S. College St. | Auburn, Alabama 36849 (334) 844-8726 | B E C AU S E@AU B U R N . E D U | B E C AU S E . AU B U R N . E D U Auburn University is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer.

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