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reveal spray Mop 128936

refill, reuse and saVE up to $50 Per Year VS. The Leading Spray Mop*

rEFillablE bottlE No more expensive refills

lEss wastE

Washable microfiber cleaning pad *Reuse the pad and mix your own cleaning solution to save up to $50 per year.

Regular Price 2999

2497 -500* Reward

it’s like paying




* Home Team Reward to be used on a future purchase.

99% Natural


99 1 Gal.

cleaner refill plus bonus spray bottle

• Concentrated all-purpose cleaner is biodegradable, and a safer alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents and bleaches 165639

greenworks all purpose cleaner • Made from plants and minerals • 99 percent natural



32 oz.

A Family Company Since 1908

For Each caN purchasED, wD-40 will DoNatE 10c to “rEbuilD togEthEr” wD-40 lubricant 140178

369 8 oz.

MaRCH 26 - aPRiL 9, 2012

stanley door Closers

nOn TOxiC

153122, 153676, 226175, 463828, 153650, 205112

single Handle Kitchen or Bath Faucet

1199- 99 38 -500* Reward

102113, 102115

Wood glue Lead Free regular Price 1899 - 1999

• Bonds stronger, faster for wood-to-wood applications • Dries a natural color 128837

1297 499 -500* Reward -200* Reward

it’s like paying

it’s like paying

it’s like paying

* home team reward to be used on a future purchase.

* home team reward to be used on a future purchase.

* home team reward to be used on a future purchase.


Uses Less energy



20% OFF CFL Bulbs

save $

Schumacher electric

save $4



Uses Less energy

speed Charge electronic Charger




• 6 amp Fast charge • 4 amp medium charge • 2 amp Slow charge 202283

Motion sensor security Light

• adjustable time and sensitivity settings • 110 degree detection zone • Pulse count technology reduces false triggering from wind or rain 124514, 298992

Why recycle CFLs? all compact fluorescent light bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. the amount in one cFl is too small to be hazardous, but when broken cFls pile up in a landfill, they release harmful toxins into the air and land. another reason to recycle cFls is because the glass, metals and other materials in the bulbs can be reused, which helps by saving our natural sources and cutting down on industry pollution.

Schumacher electric

140 Watt Power invert w/ UsB Port

• 5 Volt uSB Port for charging phones, games, cameras and more 648671



al grytebust Store manager Saranac lake, NY 14 Years of Service

Did you know that your can recycle you cFl bulbs at any of our aubuchon hardware locations?


march 26 - aPril 9, 2012

Why go green with Benjamin Moore’s green Promise® Paints? • Safer products for your family and environment • low odor means improved indoor air quality • Quick drying so you can use your room again the same day • Unsurpassed durability for longer-lasting beauty • available in any color so the design possibilities are endless

Aura Interior Paint

regal select Interior Paint

• most durable and greatest color fidelity through Color lock® technology • available in: matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss

• Paint and primer together • Easy application • available in: matte, Eggshell and  Semi-Gloss

on sALe noW

on sALe noW

reuse tRImaCO

Conserve energy

Canvas Drop Cloth



Kwikwood Wood repair epoxy Putty stick

• Repair and rebuild anything made out of wood • Paintable in 1 hour 127730


98 1 oz.



• 5’ x 6’ 100016

silicone rubber sealant

• Indoor/Outdoor • Seal windows, doors, siding and more • Watertight seal 219444

Instant Krazy glue • all purpose • Extra strength gel 143404


98 2 g. • •

3X sandpaper 128790, 128649, 126945, 103203, 128651, 126948, 128650






Waterproof Wood glue or Carpenter's Wood Filler • Interior/Exterior 116917, 260927


$1 oFF

roller Cover refills

Buy 1 Key get 1 Free

aubuchon hardware lawn & leaf Bags

• 30 Gallon capacity • Puncture resistant • Free standing 114272




5 pk.

BottleD Water 101873, 291773, 291781, 291799, 169995, 108244, 108245

regular Price 349-1199

Valid 3/26/12 - 4/9/12. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, promotion or sale.

last longer so there is less Waste

Valid 3/26/12 - 4/9/12. Free key is of equal or lesser value. excludes Chipkeys. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, promotion or sale. Limit 5 free keys.

from your tap

in seConDs

Just Fill, use and re-use


ultimate lithium Batteries

a. Filtrete Water station


Your CHoiCe!

B. Filtrete Bottles, 2 pk.



C. Filtrete Fast Flow Filter

4 pk.


Did you know?

ed Comeau

The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times more than the cost of tap water. 40% of all bottled water (that you pay for) is taken from tap water sources anyway! Plus, many bottled water brands contain chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health limits. Production of the plastic bottles uses enough oil to fuel 1 million cars for a year! only 1 in 5 water bottles are recycled, with the other 4 contributing to 3 billion pounds of waste. So using a money-saving water filter for your tap water is not only smart, but healthier for you and the environment!

ConneCt With us . . .



• 4 pk. AA or AAA • Last up to 8 times longer than energizer Max. 625324, 635428



Store Manager Lincoln, Me 31 Years of Service

Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover and Blue Tarp credit cards honored.

We are not responsible for typographical errors. Please note that some items are not available at every Aubuchon Hardware store. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on everything you buy! if you are not 100% satisfied, we will repair/replace the merchandise or give you your money back with proof of purchase such as a receipt.

sale Dates: 3/26/12 - 4/9/12

Sales Flyer 3/26/2012 - 4/9/2012  

It's good to be green! Celebrate Earth Day on Aprill 22nd, and check out these great deals on eco-friendly prodcuts for your home!

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