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Season Twenty Eighteen Intersection 2018: Chrysalis A Town Named War Boy Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World Impending Everyone The Climbing Tree Charlie Pilgrim (or A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel) Production Partners Get Involved


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2018 heralds an unprecedented period of transformation for ATYP. During the year we are spreading our wings and departing the iconic Walsh Bay Cultural Precinct while our new home on Pier 2/3 is being built. It’s an exciting journey that sees the company moving further afield, both in the spaces we use in Sydney and the programs we run around the country.

This production will be the culmination of three years of residencies led by Rachael Coopes and Guy Webster, working with BMEC’s Artistic Director, Stephen Champion. At the same time, A Town Named War Boy, the critically acclaimed co-production with the State Library of NSW, sets sail on a national tour. And the show with the longest name, Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World, brings our international partners back to Australia to ignite imaginations at Parramatta Riverside Theatres in Sydney.

For the ATYP community of artists, participants, parents and friends, it means that we’ll be talking to you often, updating you on what events are happening where, and how you can find us. Our move is having no impact on the size of our program, the number of young artists we support or the workshops we run every week of the year. We are continuing all the programs that are so important to schools, playwrights, young artists and the future of our industry. ATYP’s performance season again involves a collection of new work from the nation’s leading emerging and established playwrights. We are excited to be joining forces with Australia’s celebrated home of new work, Griffin Theatre Company, to present Intersection 2018: Chrysalis, Impending Everyone and Charlie Pilgrim (or A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel). In regional NSW, The Climbing Tree premières at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre before transferring to Sydney.


Of course the productions are just a fraction of what’s on offer. There’s our range of world-class playwriting programs, holiday workshops, weekly workshops, schools programs, livestreamed shows, teachers’ resources, scholarships, our Ambassador scholarships and so much more. We invite young people and artists from around the country to come and play with us in 2018.



I have had the most liberating and awesome experience at ATYP. As well as being a company that provides professional training, it utilises individuals’ strengths and abilities, providing opportunities that enable you to harness and develop who you are and what you can bring to society.

Being asked to be a part of this process was a major compliment, but also a really encouraging gesture. It allowed me to practise voicing my opinion in a constructive and professional way. Which is an important thing to learn how to do.

Since coming to ATYP, my opinion of myself has become more professional and I have grown more and more eager to accept and embrace challenges as they come. In saying that, ATYP has helped me take on challenges and extend myself, because I am presented with opportunities and am provided with any help I may need to achieve what has been asked of me. Just recently I was asked to be a judge for the ATYP Foundation Commission award, and through this process, I had the chance to read through various submissions. I was asked to think about these criteria: Would I like to perform in this show? See this show? What do I like about the idea? What things would I change if I could about the idea? What questions would I have for the writer? And for me, being asked to think about these things brings to light ATYP’s dedication to really hearing what the youth of today have to say, and taking it on board.


However, this national youth theatre company wouldn’t be the same without its family which takes interest in today’s youth. Every tutor who has taught me in the various semester ensembles I have been part of for the past few years, projected their professional experience onto the students and inspired us to push boundaries. The roles of the people behind the scenes, administrators, writers, lighting designers, directors, set and costume designers and the dramaturg, are all roles you are exposed to, opening you up to all the possible roles YOU can play in this industry ... inferring there are endless possibilities and ways to contribute! Embrace yourself and others, and work with what you’ve got.



Intersection 2018: Chrysalis

“ATYP is amazing. It is unique in its focus on empowering young people to create and tell their own stories. In a world where the trend is to test, scale and judge, ATYP doesn’t force anyone into scripted modes, and brings back the idea that everyone is different. As a result, the kids shine.”

A Town Named War Boy Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World


Impending Everyone The Climbing Tree

Workshop Parent Holiday and Ensemble Workshops

Charlie Pilgrim (or A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel)

Art Director and Graphic Designer Justin Stambouliah Season Photographer Luke Stambouliah Hair and Make-up Artist Sophia Lee




“I loved the idea of being grown up. And I’m not. To anybody. Not to parents, not to kids. All of the burden and none of the respect … I think I killed Benny.” Intersection is a collection of short plays written by the most exciting young playwrights in the country. A meeting point of young lives travelling very different routes, the production offers a unique snapshot of modern Australia. Critically acclaimed in its first incarnation, it returns to explore the excitement, terror and electricity of being seventeen. Directed by rising star of Sydney theatre Rachel Chant and featuring an exceptional cast of young actors, Chrysalis creates a compelling, complex mosaic of modern life for young Australians.

Venue SBW Stables Theatre 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross

2017 National Studio Writers Genevieve Atkins Madison Behringer Joseph Brown Michael Andrew Collins Pippa Ellams Stuart Fong Harry Goodlet Liz Hobart Steffan Lazar Alexander Lee-Rekers Samantha Maclean Imogen McCluskey Madelaine Nunn Rhiannon Petersen Julia Rorke David Stewart Phoebe Sullivan Jean Tong Gretel Vella

Bookings ATYP First Tix $28 (before 3 Jan) Tickets $38

Dates Previews 31 Jan–02 Feb Season 03–17 Feb Times Wed–Sat 7pm Sun 5pm Matinees available Live Stream 14 Feb 1pm Duration 90 minutes (no interval)

Recommended for ages 14+

Monica Kumar




“We hit Cairo like a train! … Every dirty little alley, every dusty back room bar_the pyramids are marvellous, but I could spend the rest of my days quite happily in the arms of your temptation.” Based on the State Library of NSW’s jaw-dropping collection of First World War diaries, photographs and letters, A Town Named War Boy brings to life the personal accounts of the young men that set sail for the far side of the world.

Sydney Venue Riverside Theatres Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta

Some of these diaries and letters are finished, others just stop. When you read them you meet the person, see the changes in their handwriting, feel the indentation of the pen, the smudges of changed thoughts.

Duration 75 minutes (no interval)

Dates Parramatta 12–14 Jun

Bookings Recommended for ages 14+

Award-winning playwright Ross Mueller shows his extraordinary talent in this funny and moving play that sold-out in its première Sydney season. Touring to New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia, A Town Named War Boy is set to impact audiences across the nation.

“Amid the hundres of millions spent on the ANZAC centenary, the Australian Theatre for Young People has created what for us has been ... the most moving ANZAC experience of all.” The Australian

Toured by Performing Lines. For complete national tour dates go to

Ryan Morgan




Something unsettling has crept into the neighbourhood. It’s a feeling, a suspicion that disappears when you look at it directly. Patrice Balbina has noticed that small things are starting to disappear. The butcher has lost his laugh, the man with the pigeon is losing his patience, and her dad says the government has lost its mind. But you wouldn’t expect the end of the world. Then he rang the doorbell. In 2016, artists from six leading international theatre companies, ATYP, Pilot Theatre (UK), Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione (Italy), Dynamo Theatre (Canada) and Presentation House Theatre (Canada), arrived in Sydney. Together they devised a captivating new work that premièred at ATYP in January, transferred to Vancouver, Canada, and was selected to showcase at The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People in South Africa in 2017.

Venue Riverside Theatres Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta Dates 11–13 Apr Duration 60 minutes (no interval) Bookings Recommended for ages 10+

This multi-lingual show for older children and their families has charmed audiences worldwide and is set to do it again in 2018. Funny, surprising and deeply moving, Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World takes you on an extraordinary journey, seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old girl.

Grace Campbell Photo Amelia J Dowd




“This cannot be stopped, your history is impending. Everyone will know tomorrow, by the end of school, who you really are ...” Someone at Elia’s highschool has got access to all the students’ browser histories. They plan to release them. What do they want? Nothing more than everybody at the high school finding out who they, and everyone around them, really is. Elia and her friends can’t let this happen. They have secrets that can’t come out, and only one day to stop them. Set within a New South Wales high school, Impending Everyone explores what happens when we have to own up to the things we have said, when anonymity is stripped away and our desires are laid bare. Due to the overwhelming success of the existing ATYP Foundation Commission award, the Foundation expanded the program to include a new work for 14–17 year old actors. Impending Everyone by Michael Andrew Collins is the inaugural winner of this award.

Venue SBW Stables Theatre 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross Dates Previews 20–22 Jun Season 23 Jun–07 Jul Times Wed–Sat 7pm Sun 5pm Matinees available Duration 90 minutes Bookings ATYP First Tix $28 (before 23 May) Tickets $38 Recommended for ages 14+

INAUGURAL WINNER 2016 ATYP Foundation Commission (14–17 year olds)

Jeremi Campese

Writer Rachael Coopes




“Across the Great Dividing Range lies another great divide. Between us and them. Dreamed and the dreaming. Haves and have-nots. Gold and dust. Coppers and gangs. Always an us, and always a them. Big sparkling city chewing them up, spitting them out, pushing them over the mountains to us.” It’s Rayleen’s birthday, but she’s not getting excited. She and three other teenagers are caught in an interrogation room. Their lives overlap but their challenges are very different. In this town, the past is with you everywhere you go, looking over your shoulder, whispering songs of survival. It’s hard to live for the moment when you can’t see a future. Particularly when the past keeps closing doors. Developed over three years in partnership with the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, this powerful new play looks at the experiences of generations of teenagers in this regional NSW town. Part drama, part music, part ghost story, it’s a personal tale that reflects experiences from towns across Australia. Rachael Coopes and Guy Webster, part of the creative force behind the multi-award winning Sugarland, bring to life another unique Australian story.

Bathurst Preview 31 Oct Opening 2 Nov Season 03–06 Nov Evenings 7pm Matinees available Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre 105 William St, Bathurst Parramatta Season 22–24 Nov Evenings 7.30pm Matinee 22 Nov, 11am Riverside Theatres Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta Duration 90 minutes Bookings Recommended for ages 14+

Sofia Nolan




Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim has. And with the prototype of her time machine ready for a test run, she hopes to get her chance. Unfortunately, starting up the machine has accidentally created a closed time loop that adds a new Charlie every twenty-four hours. With the population rising and group dynamics coming into play, things go from Interstellar to Lord of the Flies pretty fast. To save her soul, and prevent the universe collapsing under the weight of a mounting series of mindbending paradoxes, Charlie is forced to do battle with herself. The ATYP Foundation Commissions invest in work for young people to perform. Developed by ATYP and published by Playlab, we are creating a canon of work for young actors aged between 10 and 13. This is your chance to see this exciting new Australian work before it goes on to be performed by schools and youth theatres around the country.

Venue SBW Stables Theatre 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross Dates Previews 21–22 Nov Season 24 Nov–01 Dec Times Wed–Sat 7pm Sun 5pm Matinees available Live Stream 28 Nov 1pm Duration 60 minutes (no interval) Bookings ATYP First Tix $28 (before 24 Oct) Tickets $38 Recommended for ages 8+

WINNER 2017 ATYP Foundation Commission (10–13 year olds)

Ella May

Producing Partners Primary Partners

Intersection 2018: Chrysalis

Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World

A Town Named War Boy

Impending Everyone Charlie Pilgrim (or A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel)





Get Involved There are so many ways you can join the ATYP community. Share your opinion. See our productions. Work with us. Play with us. Rebel Wilson and Rose Byrne Scholarships Open to adult theatre makers and producers around the country aged 18–26, recipients receive $10,000 cash, 12 months of mentoring culminating in a trip to Los Angeles, USA to connect with the Australian Theatre Company and the G’Day USA Gala. Applications open 30 Oct 2017 and close 29 Jan 2018. Are you ATYPical? Want to play a part in shaping ATYP’s programs? The ATYPicals, our youth advisory committee, is a group of young theatre-makers, workshop attendees and ATYP-ers aged 13_26, who meet every month to support and guide the work and programs we present. You can be part of planning our future.

Audition ATYP holds open auditions for every single production, and performers of all experience levels are encouraged to apply. To be first in line, sign up to our Auditions Database via au/sign-receive-audition-updates to hear about auditions both at ATYP and for other theatres and screens across Australia. Volunteering/Internships/ Work Experience We are always on the lookout for energetic people who are interested in the many facets of producing shows and running a theatre. Be a part of the team and help us: build sets, run auditions, deliver workshops, promote our productions, update databases, rig lights, stuff envelopes or be one of the smiling people who greets our audiences. Whatever your skills or interests, if you are happy to donate some time to ATYP, we’d love to have you join us! Tutoring/Assistant Tutoring Bring your professional skills as a performer, director, writer, designer, and share that knowledge with young people aged 4_26 who are keen to learn and have fun. ATYP has classes year round, so get in touch.

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A Town Named War Boy Kalgoorlie Merredin Newman Fresh Ink Live Streams Playwrights under commission APACA/PAX Conference Karratha

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A Town Named War Boy Orange Bathurst Griffith Wyong Parramatta The Climbing Tree Bathurst Parramatta Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World Parramatta Fresh Ink Live Streams Playwrights under commission National Studio Illaroo

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A Town Named War Boy Portland Warrnambool Bendigo Geelong Fresh Ink Live Streams Monologues Now!

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After 21 years at our home on the wharf, it’s time for an upgrade. Over the next two years, ATYP will be working with the NSW State Government to build a brand new home for Australia’s emerging artists. This bespoke theatre, dedicated to young Australians, will be the only one of its kind in the country and you have an opportunity to help to make this happen. With your support, this new venue will become the home that reflects ATYP’s international standing as the centre of excellence for youth theatre practice. It will be a home for Australia’s future artists, audiences and cultural leaders. The new facilities are designed to ensure artists and audiences of all ages, backgrounds and mobility will have an accessible and welcoming experience. For the first time, young Australians have the chance to enjoy a world-class theatre and rehearsal spaces in which to learn and perform every day. In this new location at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay young people will work alongside Bell Shakespeare Company and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Each day they will rub shoulders with Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Philharmonia and Gondwana Choirs and The Song Company.

Season 2016


A two-hundredseat theatre Two professional rehearsal spaces Fully equipped dressing rooms An expansive shared foyer Administration offices Workshop spaces An artist green room Your support will contribute funds required to provide a professional fit out for the new venue and will directly help ATYP continue its legacy of building future generations of confident, resilient, thoughtful Australians. Our children and young people deserve this investment in their future. ATYP looks ahead to supporting the next generation of Australians in a transformative new chapter in the life of this vital and exciting company ... and you could be a part of it.

Season 2016


ATYP continues to have a profound and positive effect on the lives of many young Australians. I have seen first hand how kids can develop new skills, discover empathy, embrace teamwork and learn discipline in a supportive and creative environment. We are very proud of the work that ATYP does and we have an amazing opportunity to take this to another level with our new home at Pier 2/3. The supporters of our move to this new venue will be having a significant and lasting impact on this work and the lives of many young people across Australia. Please give generously. Mark Warburton Chairman of ATYP

Artist’s impression of ATYP’s new shared foyer



“ATYP is the wardrobe into Narnia, the bridge to Terabithia, the Hogwarts Express, and every other way to get from this world to the one dreamt.” Matt Friedmann ATYPical Advisor





“ATYP doesn’t just teach acting. It teaches us how to interact with each other. That’s what makes the experience so special.”

Learning Writing ATYP Foundation Commission Support Donors Partners and Supporters The ATYP Team Contact

Workshop Participant Auditions and Holiday Workshops


Scholarships ATYP Theatre Club Holiday Workshops Semester Ensembles The Studio Series The Professional Series Early–bird Offers Act now!



ATYP’s workshop program is where the story begins. We pride ourselves on not only sharing acting techniques but also on providing a safe space where young people’s thoughts and opinions are encouraged and valued. The workshops are led by some of the industry’s most experienced tutors, all of whom are working professionals. Be challenged, build self-confidence and of course discover as much as you can about the dramatic process. At ATYP you don’t just join an acting class, you join a community!

Semester Ensembles The best weekly drama classes in Sydney created for young people aged 5–18. During Terms 1 and 3, participants explore a variety of theatre styles and disciplines. Terms 2 and 4 are all about devising an original presentation for our gala end-of-semester performances – a show created by you, under lights, in front of an excited audience and in our professional theatre space.

Scholarships ATYP reserves 10% of its workshop places to support young people from regional communities or those experiencing disadvantage. All Ages ATYP Theatre Club Join us to attend shows, discuss theatre with people your own age and help create a future generation of theatregoers. This club is for young people only – no parents allowed! K–12 Holiday Workshops Running every school holiday period, our workshops are carefully designed to entertain and positively challenge young people aged 4–18. All courses are structured with a performancebased outcome, and you will be amazed at how much you will achieve and grow in only a week.


18–26 The Studio Series Designed specifically for 18–26 year olds, this program offers weekly classes with industry professionals. Each term focuses on a particular discipline for you to add to your performance toolkit. The Professional Series An exclusive series of weekend masterclasses designed for recent acting graduates and emerging actors, to work with and learn from leading directors and theatre makers. Gain a practical understanding of the expectations of the professional industry. Limited places offered via an application process. Early-bird Offers There are early–bird discounts for most workshops. Check our website and social media to save.

Creative Developments Workshops Writing Programs Live Streams Online Resources Published Scripts Monologues Now! ATYP Foundation Commission Schools Partnership Learn more!



All of ATYP’s productions and programs are supported by our​ in-house Learning experts who design and deliver programs that connect schools and teachers nationally and internationally with all of the incredible programs ATYP produces.

The ATYP theatre experience is different to any other in the world. Students can see their peers on stage, then audition to be in a show themselves. They can come for a workshop with an ATYP artist then join in the development of a new work. In fact, without even leaving the classroom they can see a professional-quality performance then unpack its themes and ideas with our excellent online resources.

​ orking closely with artists and W creative professionals our learning department gives schools and students c ​ lear insight into all ​stages of the theatre-making process: from script development, production design and performance to postshow analysis. ATYP takes learning and education beyond the theatre and classroom and delivers it to every corner of Australia. In 2018 our touring monologues production, Monologues Now! will hit the road, travelling to schools around the country, bringing a unique performance and workshop experience to students in regional and remote communities. And if we can’t see you in person, you can still join the action online by tuning in to our FREE live-streamed performances suitable for various stages for students and teachers across Australia.

Don’t miss these exceptional opportunities. Make sure ATYP is at the top of your list for drama education in 2018.


ATYP Foundation Commissions Fresh Ink National Mentoring Program National Studio The write stuff!



ATYP is proudly a playwrights theatre company. We are one of Australia’s most avid investors in young and emerging playwrights. Our programs bring leading industry professionals together with exceptionally talented young people. Together they create the work that inspires future generations of artists and audiences.

Fresh Ink National Mentoring Program ATYP’s celebrated national mentoring program for emerging writers runs annually from April–December in selected states across Australia. Now in its fourth year, this program is the only one of its kind in Australia and to date has supported 54 playwrights in Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney. Open to writers aged 18–26.

While all ATYP programs champion young artists, not all commissioned playwrights need to be under 26. Opportunities for writers in 2018 are: ATYP Foundation Commissions The ATYP Foundation offers two commissions for writers to have a new work for 10–13yr and 14–17yr old actors developed, produced and published by ATYP and Playlab. Open to writers of any age. Applications open 26 March and close 28 May 2018.

Applications open 15 January and close 5 March 2018. National Studio The nation’s best emerging playwriting residency is held every year at Arthur Boyd’s beautiful retreat at Bundanon Trust on the south coast of New South Wales. From across the country twenty writers aged 18–26 are selected to be mentored by three of Australia’s leading playwrights for a week in a masterclass like no other. Applications open 28 May and close 9 July. National Studio runs from 27–31 August 2018.


Commission Launched in 2003 as part of ATYP’s 40th birthday celebrations, the ATYP Foundation was created to develop and manage a capital fund that will ensure the theatre company’s future, and enable it to continue to raise the national expectation of what theatre with young people can achieve.

Commission, 2012 Max Remy Super Spy adapted by Jo Turner, from the novels by Deborah Abela

In 2010, the Foundation launched a program to commission new works to be performed by young people. In 2012, the ATYP Foundation Commission Award was established to build a canon of new works specifically for young people aged 10–13 years. This extremely successful initiative has seen eight new works written or adapted for the stage. All plays have been published by Playlab and performed by many schools, nationwide.

2012 Winner Compass by Jessica Bellamy

As of 2016, the Foundation also supports a new yearly commission for 14–17 year old performers.

2016 Winners Wonder Fly by Nick Atkins (for 10–13 year-olds)

The Foundation has proudly supported the work of these ATYP productions:

Impending Everyone by Michael Andrew Collins (for 14–17 year-olds)

Commission, 2011 Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs adapted by Jo Turner, from the novel by Michael Gerard Bauer.

2017 Winners Charlie Pilgrim (or a Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel) by Sam O’Sullivan (for 10–13 year olds)

Co-commission (with Tantrum Theatre), 2012 Grounded by Alana Valentine

2013 Winner Luke Lloyd: Alienoid by John Armstrong 2014 Winner The Trolleys by Sara West 2015 Winner Fight with All Your Might the Zombies of Tonight by Matthew Whittet

Bathory Begins by Emme Hoy & Gretel Vella, to be produced in 2019 (for 14–17 year olds)




Support ATYP exists to provide all young people with access to vital life skills through theatre experiences and best-practice drama teaching, empowering them to tell their own stories. Results of extensive research found that 91% of participants agree that ATYP positively affected their overall wellbeing or that of their child/children. While access to drama provides fun in a safe and nurturing environment, it also improves cognitive abilities in young people, and boosts the confidence, resilience and empathy that complements all other areas of their lives. Philanthropy is important to ensure ATYP remains accessible to young Australians from all walks of life. It enables ATYP to evolve and respond to the needs of young people and provide them with pathways and connections. Without the philanthropic support from our community parents, alumni and friends, ATYP simply would not exist. Each year: • we engage with over 25,000 people of all ages, • more than 250,000 people interact with us online, • we employ over 130 artists, • 200 scholarships are awarded to young people facing disadvantage, • we invest $1.6m in wages for professional artists.

“My time at ATYP started in 1984, first as one of fourteen teenagers selected throughout NSW for the Unilever scholarships … and then later through an ATYP scholarship. ATYP for me wasn’t just somewhere to go but somewhere that opened up the world for me and allowed me to find inside myself the ability to achieve so much later in life. I have enjoyed working side by side with some of the biggest names in film and entertainment and yet I still count my time at ATYP as some of my happiest and most cherished memories.” Luke Cross, Camera Department (film), and ATYP alumnus “The opportunity to engage our children and young people in ATYP workshops has been inspiring in so many ways. One of our goals is to extend the opportunities and experiences of our children and youth in areas that will help them from a social and emotional development aspect as well as developing skills which they can then take into so many aspects of their life, and ATYP provides the perfect opportunity. The no-cost workshops break down any barrier that our families have to participation and the ATYP really feels like an extension of the GBB family.” Sarah Ison, Executive Officer, The Girls & Boys Brigade



You can support these key areas:

ATYP Foundation Founding Donors We gratefully acknowledge the ATYP Foundation’s founding donors:

Core Activities Research reveals that an incredible 94% of respondents agree ‘Youth theatre contributes to the wellbeing of young people’. Choosing to support ‘Core Activities’ provides us with the flexibility to allocate funds where they are needed most. Scholarships ATYP allocates 10% of our holiday and semester drama workshop places as scholarships to young people who would not otherwise have access to the performing arts. We are proud to partner with organisations including the Girls & Boys Brigade and Barnardos Australia to help identify those who would benefit most from our scholarships. Productions Nearly 70% of participants rate the skill of story-telling the most important skill learnt. Young audiences are inspired by seeing people their own age on stage in stories that reflect their shared experience. Many are then encouraged to get involved themselves, either through workshops or our national playwriting and educational programs. Contact Development Manager, Andrew Deane at

Robert O Albert AO Antoinette Albert Albert Investments Chum Darvall Belinda Darvall Millennium Pty Ltd Raymond Nelson Francis Douglas QC & Dr Lisa Cantamessa Dr Helen Nugent Andrew Thyne Reid Trust Achim Drescher & Anthea Drescher James O’Loghlin Estate of the late Nicholas Enright Glynn O’Neill Miles Armstrong Carolyn Fletcher Robert Rich & the late Helen Rich Ruth Armytage AM Hal Herron Frances Roberts Felicity Atanaskovic Mark Hopkinson & Michelle Opie Ezekiel Solomon AM Angela Bowne SC Michael Ihlein & Gosia Dobrowolska Josephine Walton Jillian Broadbent AO Sarah Whyte Ian Brown Christopher Johnson Jane Wilde Hilary Caldwell Judith Joye



Jill Wran Michael Carapiet John King Yengarie Pty Ltd Phil Costa Ann Lewis AO Ross Youngman & Veronica Espaliat Dixie Coultan & Donald Grieve Macquarie Group Foundation Richard Cropley Mallesons Stephen Jaques David Zobel & Emma Lee Anonymous

Superstars ($5,000–$9,999) Antoinette Albert Robert O Albert AO RFD RD & Libby Albert Ruth Armytage AM Nancy Fox & Bruce Arnold Tim Kennedy Glynn & Graham O’Neill Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM

Producers’ Circle Donors ($5,000+) Antoinette Albert Robert O Albert AO RFD RD & Libby Albert Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson Nancy Fox & Bruce Arnold Michael Ihlein & Gosia Dobrowolska Tim Kennedy Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM We gratefully acknowledge the generous donors who gave in the 12 months to 10 Oct 2017: Guardians ($50,000+) Susan Maple-Brown AM Graeme Wood AM ($20,000-$49,999) Ian & Wendy Macoun ($10,000+) Rose Byrne Martin Dickson AM & Susie Dickson Alexandra Holcomb & Andrew Bird Michael Ihlein & Gosia Dobrowolska Robert Rich Mark & Jacqueline Warburton Rebel Wilson

Champions ($1,000–$4,999) Angela Bowne SC Keith Bradley AM & Kerry O’Kane Andrew & Kate Buchanan Richard Cobden SC & Gary Leeson Rebecca Davies Kylie De Havilland-Sweeney Andrew Deane & James Buck Jr Sean Denney John Fairfax AO Monique Farmer Sietel Gill Stephen Hawkins & Alison Baly Nick Jaffer Dr Sophie Lieberman Carina Martin Dr David Nguyen John & Susannah Penton Greeba Pritchard Olev Rahn & Jillian Broadbent AO Richard Rasker Kate Sexton Edward & Anne Simpson Nicole Webb Simon Webb & Sally Anderson Jane Westbrook Allies ($500–$999) Nicole Abadee & Robert Macfarlan Colin Cornish Peter Curry Rachel Da Costa


Michael Falzon Indrajit Ghosh Sandra & Mark Johnson Danielle Manion & Damian Sturzaker Natasha Marshall Teoh & Dr Bobby Teoh Juztin McGuire Derek Minett & George Dodd Michiko Shibagaki Cheri Stevenson Lesley Sweeney Rene Thomas Buddies ($200–$499) Ali Brosnan Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon Penelope Carl-Nelson Sophie Carter Sheila & Barry Deane Peter Eichmann & Catherine Reid Daniel Ekins Melissa Fleming Mylie Hagan & Tom Wills Victoria Hope Beverley Johnson David Jonas Andy Kent Jane & Richard Malcolmson Eleanore Mattana David Parker Timothy Regan Ingrid Selene Dr Penelope Stannard Diana Ware Kristin & David Williamson AO Andrea Wilson Mitzi Zaphir Diane Zhang Natasa Zunic In-Kind Donors Annie & Rowan Ross

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The ATYP Team Artistic Director Fraser Corfield General Manager Amy Maiden Finance Manager Emma Murphy Development Manager Andrew Deane Marketing Manager Kar Chalmers Workshops Manager Robert Jago Education Manager Adèle Jeffreys Production Manager Lauren Makin Resident Dramaturg Jane FitzGerald Education Co-ordinator Rowan Bate Finance and Operations Co-ordinator Francesca Hendricks Marketing and Development Co-ordinator Bonnie Leigh-Dodds Marketing Co-ordinator and Graphic Designer Justin Stambouliah Administration Assistant Claudene Shoesmith Resident Technologist Daniel Andrews Archivist Judith Seeff Writer-in-Residence 2017 Tasnim Hossain See website for full list of tutors

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“ATYP provides a voice for young people in a way that no other theatre company does. It’s where storytelling comes first. It’s not just a launchpad, or a way to get famous. It’s full of likeminded individuals striving together to ...



2018 heralds an unprecedented period of transformation for ATYP. ATYP’s performance season again involves a collection of new work from the...


2018 heralds an unprecedented period of transformation for ATYP. ATYP’s performance season again involves a collection of new work from the...