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branching out for a more personal funeral

New to the market 12TREES is a funeral shop dedicated to helping you take care of your funeral plans. Different to any other funeral director we specialise in civil celebrant funerals providing a funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family. Through our services provided we will practically and compassionately assist you through every difficult step. We care about you creating a perfect service that truly reflects the departed and celebrates their life time.

CREMATION BURIAL The choice maybe for several reasons; personal, cost, environmental or just because. In the instance of choosing cremation a further decision will have to made with regard to what you want to do with the ashes and for burial a choice of headstone. Alternatively we can organise for a private cremation that we will take care of for you. We will then return the ashes to you for you to conduct a ceremony as you wish. We will help you every step of the way.


COFFIN CASKET Here at 12trees we offer a range of Coffin and Caskets. From traditional to contemporary or maybe even a shroud. The choice is vast. Go with a choice you feel comfortable with.


LOCATION Your choice and it needn’t be the local crematorium or church. Did you have something different in mind, we can arrange from woodland burial to scattering the ashes from a boat.The choice is endless.


DRESSING THE DECEASED This is very personal to the deceased. Did they have a favourite outfit? Would they rest peacefully in it? With your preferences in mind we take care of the process for you and in circumstances where you might not want to follow this course 12TREES can provide a selection of gowns.


VISITING THE DECEASED Visiting the deceased isn’t for everyone and again a personal choice. Whilst disturbing it can help one to understand that the loved ones life has come to an end. We have a serene rest room dedicated for this time away from the high street providing calm and privacy for this special moment.


FLORAL WISHES Flower choice is special and the selection diverse, but working closely with Brian Kirkby florists, together we can perfectly meet your needs. From refined sprays to gentle posies the arrangements are fresh and beautiful.


MUSIC CHOICE With regards to music it will always be difficult. This is often the most personal aspect to the funeral, the thing most people remember.You want to get that perfect song. Here are some of the most popular song choices of 2012.


THE FINAL JOURNEY A hearse isn’t compulsory, if you have something else in mind we make every effort to accommodate your request.


PROGRAM CHOICE The civil ceremony process offered by 12TREES makes the occasion completely personal. Every step of the service is individual and engages entirely with the memories of the special person. With this in mind we will assist you in prepearing your perfect program. For sentimental value a bookmark listing the service can provide a special item designed to preserve the fond memories of the deceased


DONATIONS A lot of people choose to have a donation box at the funeral. We can arrange to put in place a plan to collect donations for a charity that was special to the person


BUDGET Always a little awkward, but we fully understand that everyone has a budget. So whether it’s big or small we know the cost element has to play a role in arrangements and so we are happy to discuss this and want you to be content with your choices. A pre-planning payment plan is available.


WAKE ARRANGEMENTS A very personal choice and again reflects the personality of the person. We can cater for all kinds of events from a cup of tea and a piece of cake to much bigger affair. What would they have wanted?


ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS As a new funeral shop on the high street with a contemporary attitude we are aware of some unusual trends creeping into the funeral service such as “ash scattering memorial fireworks”, “rent a mourner” and “pet funerals”. Whilst not deliberately advertising these innovations, as a modern brand we fully recognise that these trends exist and will in time gain popularity. Do not hesitate to discuss any different thoughts you might have that you feel will make the occasion individual and significant.

CLOSING STAGES We believe in being there for you every step of the way and 12TREES understands that after thoughts matter. We have a dedicated person who can assist in helping you sort out the affairs of the deceased. We have links with councillors who can assist with coping with grief. Please feel welcome to approach us at any time.