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ISSUE 81  Autumn / 2017


Seven Things to Enjoy in Yamaguchi Prefecture 在山口縣享受7項體驗活動

Welcome to Japan’s autumn season of color! 歡迎蒞臨秋山紅葉的日本!

Drinking in Japan!-1: Whisky


Dying for some wagyu? 好想吃和牛! Tokyo: Nakano/Suginami 東京:中野、杉並 Tokyo: Ueno/Hongo 東京:上野、本鄉

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ISSUE 81 / Autumn 2017


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04 7 Things to 7Enjoy in Yamaguchi Prefecture season of color! 08 Welcome to Japan’s autumn ! Whisky 10 14 Tokyo: Ueno/Hongo 18 Tokyo: Nakano/Suginami 22 Dying for! some wagyu? 在山口縣享受

13 Togatta Onsen 遠刈田溫泉 17 Autumn in Kyoto 25 att. Kitchen: Various Tastes of Early Summer 26 att. Restaurant 28 att. Ryokan 30 Tourist Information 32 Railway & Central Tokyo Maps 34 att. Maps

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Drinking in Japan!-1: 日本名酒專題之一 : 威士忌

東京 : 上野、本鄉 東京 : 中野、杉並

att. Restaurant


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Photo for cover: Winner of the 9th “Cover Contest”

Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine (Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) 元乃隅稻成神社(山口縣長門市) Taken by Ooi Eng Wang from Malaysia in July 2017

Comment: Red torii gates continue from the cliff to the blue sea. With the blue sky, it is a marvelous scnen! 從懸崖到蔚藍的大海,紅色的鳥居連綿。天空也是一片蔚藍,堪稱絕景!

att. Ryokan

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att. Hot Springs

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att. Kitchen

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Things to Enjoy in Yamaguchi Prefecture

在山口縣享受 7 項體驗活動 On the westernmost edge of Honshu (main island), Yamaguchi Prefecture is west to Hiroshima and still not well known to many – perhaps. It does have plenty of things to see and experience, though: from beaches (it is surrounded by the sea on three of its sides), to mountains (and their abundant bounty) to onsen hot springs and more, and from this large collection of charms and attractions we picked seven that we are introducing right below.

Strolling in kimono Kimono Week in Hagi Premium (Hagi City)

山口縣位於廣島縣的西側,同時也是本 州的最西邊,或許很多人都不太清楚… 其實山口縣有許多值得造訪的景點!由 於三面臨海,有著各式各樣的山珍海味, 還有溫泉!如此充滿魅力的山口縣,我 們精選出 7 項體驗活動向您介紹。



和服週 in 萩 PREMIUM(萩市)

In Hagi, a castle town that has retained some of its Edo period (1603-1867) atmosphere, from October 1 to 22 you will have the opportunity to rent a kimono, wear it and walk around town. Along your way, volunteer photographers will take your picture amid the scenery of a castle town, free of charge. 殘留著江戶時代 (1603-1867) 城下町風情的萩市,將於 2017 年 10 月 1 日~ 22 日,舉辦租借和服及協助穿著的活動。在街道上漫步的途中,還有工作 人員以城下町為背景,提供免費的拍照服務哦。

Yamaguchi City Saikotei Kimono Experience 山口市菜香亭 和服穿著體驗

Yamaguchi City’s tourist center, “Yamaguchishi Saikotei,” also offers a kimono rental service. You will need to make reservations. Wearing the kimono (or the samurai clothes that are also available), you can walk around and take pictures at historical spots near the Ichinosaka River. We recommend the five-storied pagoda (National Treasure) of Ruriko-ji Temple. Its grounds are perfect for experiencing each season’s particular flavor and charm.

「山口市菜香亭」 作為山口市的觀光據點,也有提供租借和服、協助穿著的 服務 (需預約) 。就這樣穿著和服,前往一之坂川等歷史悠久的名勝景點吧。 推薦的拍攝景點為日本國寶──琉璃光寺五重塔。境內的景色不論春夏秋 冬,都別有一番風味,十分美麗。除了和服,還有提供幕末志士的服裝哦。

Handmade souvenirs


Ouchi-nuri lacquerware chopsticks experience (Yamaguchi City) 大內塗 製作筷子體驗(山口市)

The technique for creating lacquerware objects called collectively “urushi-nuri” is one of Japan’s representative traditional crafts and among them Yamaguchi’s “Ouchi-nuri” stands out. Try your hand at creating a pair of chopsticks you can take with you in Yamaguchi Furusato Heritage Center. And don’t neglect to also check out the “Ouchi-ningyo” dolls, much beloved as symbols of a happy marriage. (For the Ouchi-nuri workshop/experience, reservation is necessary.)


漆器是日本代表性的傳統工藝。於山口故鄉傳 承綜合中心,可體驗山口市流傳至今的傳統漆 器「大內塗」 ,來親手製作筷子(需預約) 。請務 必欣賞大內塗的 「大內 人偶」 ,象徵夫妻的感 情 幸 福 圓 滿,廣 受 人 們的喜愛。 att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Make your own goldfish chochin paper lantern (Yanai City) 製作金魚燈籠(柳井市)

These uniquely goldfish-shaped chochin (paper lantern) is a trademark of the city of Yanai and one of its traditional crafts. You will see them swaying gently against the white walls of old storehouses built during the Edo period. You can make your own original chochin at “Yanai Nishigura.”

有著獨特外觀的「金魚燈籠」 ,是柳井市的傳統工藝品。在殘 留著江戶時代的白壁宅邸、倉庫的街道上,金魚燈籠隨風搖 擺。您可以在 「YANAI 西藏」 製作屬於自己的金魚燈籠,做法十 分簡單。

Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine (Nagato City)

Take a picture at a great spot



Even CNN (in the US) included this shrine in its list of “Japan’s 31 Most Beautiful Places” and it is easy to see why: 123 bright red torii gates meandering up the steep seaside rock create an out-of-this-world image. Also worth mentioning is the offertory box at the top of the tall tori, five meters high, considered to be the hardest in Japan to throw money into – perhaps because it will grant your wish if you actually succeed in your toss? 元乃隅稻成神社被美國有線電視新聞網 (CNN) ,評選為 「日本最漂亮 的 31 個景點」 之一。123 座鳥居從海岸綿延至山坡,此外,在建造於 高地的大鳥居(高約 5 公尺) 上,設置了功德箱,有著「日本最難投的 功德箱」 之稱。若能成功投入硬幣,說不定願望就會實現哦!

Tsunoshima-ohashi Great Bridge (Shimonoseki City) 角島大橋(下關市)

Connecting Honshu and Tsunoshima Island, this 1,780-meter bridge is a sight to see and photograph! Frequently appearing in commercials, films, TV programs, and others, it can be crossed either by car or by bus from JR Kottoi Station. Be sure to check though because there are only a few buses doing the course.

連接本州和位於日本海上的角島的角島大橋,全長 1,780 公尺。蔚 藍色的大海和筆直延伸的大橋,交織成絕美的景緻,是一個極佳的 拍攝地點!電視廣告和電影也經常來此處取景。除了租車,也可從 JR 特牛站搭乘公車渡橋,不過由於公車的車輛數較少,需特別注意。 att. JAPAN



Experience the mysteries of nature Akiyoshidai Plateau Area (Mine City)



This is Japan’s biggest karst, a landscape formed from the dissolution of limestone. Somewhere in the depths of time, this was a coral reef but the changes to the earth’s crust made it rise to the present day’s 200-400 meters. In this grass-covered plateau, countless limestone stand one next to the other, creating strange and wonderful shapes as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, 100 meters beneath the plateau there is the huge Akiyoshido cavern, created from the same limestone.

秋吉台是日本最大的喀斯特台地,在很久以前原本是珊瑚礁, 因地殼變動受到擠壓,才變成現在高 200 ~ 400 公尺的台地。 廣闊的草原上冒出無數個石灰岩,是相當不可思議的景象。 此外,地下 100 公尺處形成了巨大的鐘乳石洞,其中一處最 大的鐘乳石洞,被稱為 「秋芳洞」 。

Try unique local dishes


Kawara-soba (all over the prefecture, centering on Shimonoseki) 瓦片蕎麥麵(以下關市為中心至全縣)

This is a buckwheat noodle dish served on kawara, or a tile that is usually used on roofs, instead of an iron plate to warm it. Green (tea-flavored) soba noodles are served with thinly sliced omelet, sweet-cooked beef and other toppings. The combination of the tile’s warmth with the noodles’ crunchy texture is enticing! Legend has it that this type of cooking comes from the times when samurai went off to war and brought kawara with them on the battlefield to cook their meals on.

將用於屋頂的瓦片,代替鐵板所製成的料理。在茶蕎麥麵上鋪滿雞蛋絲、 鹹鹹甜甜的牛肉等食材,蕎麥麵在加熱的瓦片上烤過後,帶有酥酥脆脆的 口感,好吃得令人受不了!據說源自於武士在打仗時,會用瓦片烤野草和 肉來果腹,進而演變而成的料理。

Mandarin oranges hot pot (Suo-Oshima Island) 橘子火鍋(周防大島)

The Inland Sea’s Suo-Oshima is famous for its mikan mandarin oranges that locals use in a rather novel way: in a hot pot with fish! The fruit takes away the edge of the fish’s smell and the result is excellent. Not to mention that since the mikan are used unpeeled, the dish’s nutritional value is said to be high. 位於瀨戶內海的周防大島,橘子為其特產之一。橘子火鍋就是將橘子和海 鮮一起放入鍋中熬煮!橘子的清爽滋味去除了魚腥味,變得相當美味。橘 子皮中富含的營養成分也能一併攝取。

Yamaguchi local sake 山口當地產的酒

Sake brewing is one of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s prospering businesses. “Dassai” is its most famous offering, but each area has its own and if you are looking for something that complements perfectly the region’s cuisine, you should definitely give the local sakes a try!

山口縣的日本酒產業相當興盛。除了廣為人知 的「獺祭」 ,還有許多當地產的酒也十分美味。 若要搭配山口的美食,推薦您試試 看山口當地產的酒。


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Walk undersea to Kyushu Kanmon Pedestrain Tunnel (Shimonoseki City)



Honshu’s westernmost spot, Shimonoseki, and Kyushu’s northernmost spot, Kitakyushu, are separated by a rather narrow stretch of water called Kanmon Straits. And underneath it, connecting the two prefectures is the Kanmon Tunnel through which trains, road traffic and, in what is a rarity in the world, foot traffic also passes. If you are looking for a different experience, you can walk from one side to the other and in effect, walk in the bottom of the sea! Shimonoseki is rich in fish and seafood with most prominent being the fugu, or blowfish. Karato Fish Market facing the Kanmon Straits is open to travelers and allows you to see from up close the treasures of these seas on your plate as in sushi, kaisen-don (bowl with fish or seafood on a bed of rice), etc. Our recommendation is to have a hearty lunch at the market and then walk it off by going to Kyushu!

本州最西邊的下關市和九州福岡縣,中間相隔了關門海峽,海底下的關門 隧道將這 2 個縣連接在一起。除了車道,在世界上也是十分稀有的人行道, 可以在海底下行走,體驗跨越縣境的奇妙感受。下關有著海鮮的寶庫之美 稱,其中最有名的便是河豚。遊客也可進入位在關門海峽旁的 「唐戶市場」 , 大口品嚐用新鮮海鮮捏製的壽司和海鮮蓋飯。在唐戶市場享用午餐後,再 前往關門隧道散步吧!

Trace the footsteps of historical figures


Shoka Sonjuku private academy (Hagi City) 松下村塾、萩城城下町(萩市)

Choshu-han, the Edo period domain that is today’s Yamaguchi Prefecture, has played an important role in modern Japanese history since many figures prominent in the country’s modernization came from it. In the domain’s center, the castle town Hagi has plenty of historical landmarks, most famous among which is the Shoka Sonjuku private academy where intellectual Yoshida Shoin taught persons who would become the Meiji period’s politicians, leaders of industry and other key figures who devoted themselves to the creation of modern Japan. The academy is one of Hagi’s five sites that have been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage lists as “Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution.” 山口縣(江戶時代的長州藩) 人才輩出,為日本現代化做出了許多貢獻。長 州藩的中心為萩市,縣內處處都充滿了歷史遺跡。其中特別出名的便是松 下村塾,在這裡向思想家──吉田松陰學習的學生們,皆成為了新政府的 核心人物,致力於政治和工業的發展。包含松下村塾,萩市內的 5 處遺跡皆 屬於 「明治日本的工業革命遺產」 ,已被登錄為世界遺產。

山口縣還有很多充滿魅力的地方哦! 詳細資訊請上 「att.JAPAN」 網站上查詢。

And there is still much more to Yamaguchi Prefecture! For more details, visit “att.JAPAN” website at: Masuda

Yamaguchi Prefecture Map



Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine Tsunoshima-ohashi Great Bridge 角島大橋



3 特牛




Mine 美彌 y



ok hug






Fukuoka Pref. 福岡縣





S hu

JR Sanin Line



Shoka Sonjuku private academy 松下村塾



JR Yamaguchi Line

Hagi 萩


Hiroshima Expwy



大內塗 製作筷子體驗


Yamaguchi City Saikotei 山口市菜香亭



JR Ube Line

Yamaguchi Ube Airport


Iwakuni 岩國

Shin-Iwakuni 新岩國




Hikari 光





re Line

Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport 岩國錦帶橋機場




Tokuyama 德山



Nishikigawa Tetsudou

hin yo S


Hiroshima Airport

San-yo Ex


Ouchi-nuri lacquerware chopsticks experience

Yamaguchi 山口


u ok

Hiroshima Pref. 廣島縣



San-yo Expwy


en ns


JR Mine Line

Kanmon Tunnel





Shimane Pref. 島根縣


和服週in 萩 PREMIUM


Akiyoshidai Plateau Area


Kimono Week in Hagi Premium

Hagi Iwami Airport

Make your own goldfish chochin paper lantern 製作金魚燈籠

Yanai 柳井

JR San-yo Line


Mandarin oranges hot pot 橘子火鍋

Suo-Oshima Island 周防大島

Ehime Pref. 愛媛縣

att. JAPAN



att. JAPAN Autumn/2017


Japanese Whisky 日本的威士忌

In recent years, Japanese sake and liquors have been drawing attention all over the world. We will be featuring a series on alcohol beverages produced in Japan for six issues and explore what makes them special. First in the series is Japanese whisky.

Drinking in Japan! 日本名酒專題

現在,日本製的酒受正備受全世界關注。本「日 本名酒專題」將透過 6 次的系列報導來傳達日 本的名酒魅力,而第 1 回將為您介紹威士忌。

Japanese whisky is ranked among the world’s top five. Beginning in 2001,Japanese brands have been winning top ratings in many international events and competitions. 日本的威士忌被列為世界 5 大威士忌之一,2001 年 以來,於國際賽事獲得多項世界最高分的殊榮。

Single Cask Yoichi, 10 years old, Nikka Whisky “Best of the Best” according to Whisky Magazine 單一桶裝原酒 (SINGLE CASK) 余市 10 年 (一甲威士忌) 威士忌雜誌 《Best of the Best》綜合排名 第一名

Hibiki, 21 years old, Suntory “Supreme Champion Spirit,” “Trophy,” International Spirits Challenge “World’s Best Blended Whisky,” World Whiskies Awards (WWA)

Mars Maltage 3 plus 25, 28 Years Old, Hombo Shuzo “World’s Best Blended Malt Whisky,” WWA

MARS MALTAGE 3 plus 25 28 年 響 21 年 (三得利) International Spirits Challenge「獎杯」 、 「至尊冠軍」 (本坊酒造) WWA「世界最佳調和式麥芽威士忌」 全球威士忌大獎 (WWA) 「世界最佳調和威士忌」

Full-fledged whisky production in Japan started in 1923. Distilleries were built in select locations for their water and climate and no effort was spared in making a whisky equal to a Scotch whisky. Japanese whiskies tend to be lighter and without a strong smoky aromas that lends itself to mixed drinks like a highball. The whisky with soda water results in a drink that enhances the taste of the whisky and goes very well with food. Highballs have become very popular in recent years. 日本於 1923 年正式開始釀造威士忌,根據 水質與氣候選擇蒸餾所的位置,為接近道地 的威士忌努力不懈。日本的威士忌泥煤味較 清淡好入口,因此催生了兌水或高球雞尾酒 (Highball)的獨特喝法。近年來,兌碳酸水 的 Highball 喝法因能夠品嚐威士忌與料理的 風味而蔚為風潮。


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Kirin whisky The Fuji Gotemba Distillery Single Grain Aged 25 Years Small Batch, Kirin “World’s Best Grain Whisky,” WWA 單一穀類威士忌 (SINGLE GRAIN WHISKY) AGED 25 YEARS SMALL BATCH(麒麟) WWA「世界最佳單一穀類威士忌」

Visiting a distillery is also a popular tourist attraction. Suntory’s Hakushu Distillery (Yamanashi) and Yamazaki Distillery (Osaka), Nikka Whisky’s Yoichi Distillery (Hokkaido) and Miyagikyo Distillery (Miyagi), and Kirin’s Fuji Gotemba Distillery (Shizuoka) all offer tastings for visitors so, if you are interested in whisky, you should certainly consider touring a distillery. (note: Some distilleries require reservations so please make sure to check in advance.) Also, local whiskies make great souvenirs. Fukushima’s Cherry Whisky for example has a refined, mellow aroma and a deep taste that doesn’t fail to satisfy any whisky lover!

Yoichi Distillery

Hakushu Distillery

Miyagikyo Distillery

參觀蒸餾所是非常受歡迎的觀光行程, 三得利白州蒸餾所 (山梨縣) 、山崎蒸餾 所 (大阪府) 、一甲威士忌的宮城峽蒸餾 所 (宮城縣) 、余市蒸餾所 (北海道) 、麒 麟 Distillery 富 士 御 殿 場 蒸 餾 所 (靜 岡 縣) 皆可以參觀設施,並提供試喝。 (※ 參觀可能需預約,請務必事先確認。) 此外,亦很推薦您選用當地威士忌作 為旅行的伴手禮。如福島縣櫻桃威士 忌,不但可以享受芳香甘醇的幽雅香 氣,還能品嚐極具深度的風味。

Fuji Gotemba Distillery

Where to drink Japanese whisky? Specialized bars, such as “Shot Bar Zoetrope” in NishiShinjuku, offering a wide variety of choices from big and small makers so you can enjoy your favorite or try many different labels. Another good spot is the “Bar Highlander” in the Hotel Okura Tokyo in Toranomon, which features over 20 different local brands. But, do not discard the drink-at-home option. This is very popular in Japan and there is even a word for it, “ienomi.” Go to a liquor store or your local convenience store, pick up a bottle of whisky or a pre-mixed whisky highball in a can, add a snack of saba-miso (mackerel in miso sauce), gyu-shigureni (simmered beef with ginger), or just some plain hiyayakko (chilled tofu) and enjoy your drink without worrying about catching the last train. And kara-age (fried chicken) goes great with a highball! 到酒吧品嚐日本威士忌吧!西新宿的 Zoetrope 是對日本國產洋酒非常講究的 Shot bar。店內藏有許多罕見品牌的酒,並能夠試喝比較。位於虎之門東京大倉飯店內 的蘇格蘭酒吧 Bar Highlander(高地) 則藏有 20 種以上的日本國產品牌酒,並有該酒 吧原創瓶的酒。在日本,也有很多人選擇於自家享受美酒與下酒菜。在便利商店即 可以買到威士忌或罐裝的高球雞尾酒,下酒菜也非常多樣。 「味噌青花魚」 、 「牛肉時 雨煮」 等的罐頭或涼拌豆腐等日式菜餚與威士忌堪稱絕配。而高球雞尾酒則建議您 亦可搭配炸雞塊。 Shot Bar Zoetrope

Gaia Building 4, 3F, 7-10-14 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Cover charge 600 yen 17:00-24:00 Closed on Sundays and national holidays

東京都新宿區西新宿 7-10-14 GAIA 大樓 4,3 樓 座位費 600 日圓 17:00 ~ 24:00 (週日、國定假日公休)



Bar Highlander

Hotel Okura Tokyo 1F, 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Service charge 10% 11:30-25:00 (Monday-Saturday) 11:30-24:00 (Sunday, national holidays)

東京都港區虎之門 2-10-4 東京大倉飯店 1 樓 服務費 10% 11:30 ~ 25:00(週一~週六) 11:30 ~ 24:00(週日、國定假日)

place r ale in e a e g in g h k Mix wit water to ma . a ll d a o b s h of Hig Ginger y d 薑汁 n 的 e r t 碳酸水


Make your own highball! 1

代 汽水取 歡迎。 以薑汁 非常受 也 酒 尾 雞 高球


試著調調看高球雞尾酒吧 1 2 3 4



Fill a tumbler glass (250–340 ml) with ice Add whisky Add soda water at a whisky to soda ratio of 1:3 Stir once

1 在杯子中裝滿冰塊 2 加入威士忌 3 加入蘇打

(威士忌與蘇打的比例為 1:3)

4 豎著攪拌一次

Canned Kaku Highball

Canned Torys Highball

Black Nikka Rich Blend

Black Nikka Clear

Tip: Gently add the whisky and the soda to a slightly tipped glass for the best tasting drink. 調出好喝的高球雞尾酒的秘訣,在於沿著杯緣倒入威士忌與碳酸水。

att. JAPAN


! ld r o w e h t n i y k s i h f the top quality w

! u b i h c i h Let’s visit C

Home o

威士忌之地 製造世界頂級 ! 一起去秩父吧

In March, 2017, the World Whiskies Awards, the world’s most prestigious and organized by Whisky Magazine, gave the award for the World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt to Ichiro’s Malt. This whisky is made in Japan, specifically, in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, by Venture Whisky. With only a staff of 14 people, this distillery is a small local company but its attention to detail and emphasis on traditional production methods has made the world take notice. With mail orders flooding in from France, the UK, the US, Taiwan and elsewhere, Ichiro’s Malt is often difficult to order but, in its hometown of Chichibu, it is available at over 30 places, such as the Matsuri no Yu onsen (hot-spring facility) near Seibu-Chichibu Station, and at a very reasonable price. It will be a centerpiece at the 5th Chichibu Whisky Matsuri (whisky festival), to be held on February 18, 2018. Chichibu is only 78 minutes from Tokyo (Ikebukuro Station) by Seibu Railway’s limited express train so, if you want to try the world’s No. 1 whisky and visit its birthplace, it is a perfect day trip! 今年 3 月,力爭世界第一威士忌的國際性大賽 「World Whiskies Awards 2017」 單一桶 (SINGLE CASK) 項目中,日本威士忌「Ichiro’ s Malt」 榮獲世界第一。生產該商品的,是位在埼玉縣秩父市的 Venture

Whisky 公司。雖然僅是間 14 名員工的小型釀酒公司,但因遵循傳統古法而創造出頂級的威士忌,成

功博得了全球的矚目。現在不論是法國、義大利、美國,還是台灣,預購 Ichiro’ s Malt 的訂單從世界 各國蜂擁而至,讓該商品常常呈現售罄狀態。不過在秩父市當地,像西武秩父站前的溫泉設施「祭之 湯」 等處,超過 30 間的店家,則可以用實惠的價格購得。而即將於 2018 年 2 月 18 日舉行的「第 5 回秩 父威士忌祭」 也預計展出 Ichiro’ s Malt。從東京(池袋站) 到秩父,搭乘西武鐵道的特急電車只需 78 分 鐘即可抵達。一起造訪世界第一的威士忌之街,享受世界頂級的威士忌吧!

Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Whisky Matsuri 2017 was awarded the World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt

榮獲世界第一的 「Ichiro’ s Malt 秩父威士忌祭 2017」

One of the best ways to fully enjoy a trip to Chichibu is to combine a tasting of Ichiro’s Malt with some fine dining by renowned chefs on the Seibu Railway’s restaurant train named “fifty two seats of happiness.” While viewing some of the world’s most beautiful nature at every season, feast on the restaurant’s exquisite dishes and the world’s best whisky. It is an experience that will last a lifetime.

Ichiro’s Malt Leaf Label Series provides a variety of flavors and aromas. The whiskies are well worth trying in mixed drinks popular in Japan such a highball (whisky, ice and soda) or oyuwari (whisky and hot water).

若您欲前往秩父旅行,推薦您搭乘西武鐵道的餐 廳觀光列車「52 席的至福」 ,您可在上面享用世界 第一威士忌「Ichiro’ s Malt」 與知名主廚監製的當季

美食。欣賞美麗四季風光的同時感受頂級料理在 味蕾上躍動,一起體驗一趟電車優雅之旅吧!

此為「Ichiro’ s Malt」 葉片標籤系列, 讓您能享受各式口味及香氣。您也 可試試高球或加熱水等日本獨有的 喝法。

Joe t Chichibu

su Sh ink ans

Yokoze Sta.


SeibuChichibu Sta. Kanagawa



Toh oku Shin kan sen

Get a SEIBU 1Day Pass / SEIBU 2Day Pass : a great deal for getting to Chichibu! 前往秩父,就善用最優惠的西武鐵道全線通用車票吧!

Saitama Omiya Sei Ike bu buk uro Lin e Ueno Ikebukuro Tokyo Sta.

SEIBU 1Day Pass / SEIBU 2Day Pass The SEIBU 1Day Pass and SEIBU 2Day Pass allow you to go on unlimited rides on all Seibu lines (except for the Tamagawa Line) for one day or two days! Additionally, “+ Nagatoro” allows you unlimited rides within the designated areas on the Chichibu Railway Line. SEIBU 1Day Pass: 1,000 yen (+ Nagatoro: 1,500 yen) SEIBU 2Day Pass: 2,000 yen (+ Nagatoro: 3,000 yen) *Children’s fares are half the adult’s. *1 A limited express ticket is necessary when getting on a limited express. You can purchase passes at the limited express train ticket counter on the ground floor and first basement of Ikebukuro Station, SEIBU Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro, and the limited express train ticket counter in Seibu Shinjuku Station. 購買 「SEIBU 1Day Pass(1 日票) 」 或 「SEIBU 2Day Pass(2 日票) 」

在西武線全線(多摩川線除外) 皆可不限次數搭乘1天或 2 天。另外,還 有能在秩父鐵道線的規定區間內,也可不限次數搭乘的 「+ Nagatoro (長 瀞) 」 優惠車票套組。

o aid sen Tok inkan Sh

att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

1 日券 1,000 日圓 (+ Nagatoro 1,500 日圓 )

2 日券 2,000 日圓 (+ Nagatoro 3,000 日圓 ) ※ 孩童半價 ※ 搭乘特快需 另付特快車費。購買地點位於池袋站 1 樓及地下 1 樓的特快車售票處、 西武池袋旅遊服務中心、西武新宿站特快車售票處

The Limited Express “Red Arrow” takes you to Chichibu in only 78 minutes! This train is reserved seat only: you can rest and relax in your seat until your destination. From Ikebukuro Station (SI01) to SeibuChichibu Station (SI36): 700 yen for adults and 350 yen for children *2 A Limited Express train ticket is necessary. 搭乘特快 Red Arrow 號,僅需 78 分鐘即可抵達秩父!

全部座位皆為劃位座位,您可愜意地坐著搭乘。池袋站 (SI01) ~

西武秩父站 (SI36) :成人 700 日圓,兒童 350 日圓。※ 搭乘特快 電車需另付乘車費。

Sample Sample



Togatta Onsen  遠刈田溫泉

Onsen nestled in beautiful nature of Mt. Zao

② ③ ④



att. Hot Springs

Nagoya Osaka

①Public Bath “Kami no Yu” ②The “Snow Wall” of the Zao Echo Line. ③The lake surface of Okama magically changes colors reflecting the sun’s rays. ④Sumikawa Snowpark operates a tour to see the juhyo by snow vehicle and visitors can touch the juhyo in the snow field. Reservation is necessary and ask the facility for details. ①共同浴場 神之湯 ②「藏王Eco Line」的「雪壁」 ③御釜的湖面受到陽光照射,呈現出千變萬化的神秘水色 ④前往澄川雪公園,乘坐雪上車遊覽樹冰,可以直接觸摸到樹冰。需要事前預約,詳情請洽詢。

Togatta Kokeshi 遠刈田小木偶

Zao mountain range straddles the border of Miyagi and Yamagata 聳立於宮城縣的藏王山,而遠刈 prefectures and Togatta Onsen is located on a 330-m high pla- 田溫泉位於其標高 330 公尺處的高原 teau on the Miyagi side of Mt. Zao. The hot spring is said to have 上。據說它是於距今 400 年多前所開發 been founded some 400 years ago, in 1601, but another story 的溫泉,但也有傳言是在更早之前,由 says that it had been opened by gold dealer Kaneuri Kichiji long 砂金商人──金賣橘次所創建的。從 before. The hot spring resort flourished as a post-station town of 江戶時代(1603 年 –1867 年)開始,此 Zao Gongen Shrine (current Kattamine-jinja Shrine’s Okumiya, 地更作為前往藏王權現(現今的刈田嶺 or rear shrine) and also as an area for a hot-spring cure during the 神社(奧宮))的登山驛站城鎮與溫泉 Edo period (1603-1867). There is a legend that a big eel living in 療養地,而繁華不已。傳說中,不動瀑 the Fudo-taki Waterfall was defeated by a big crab living in the 布的大鱸鰻在與三階瀑布的大螃蟹相 Sankai-taki Waterfall and the eel’s cut off tail flowed to this place. 爭地盤時敗北,牠被截斷的尾巴流到 Because of this, the onsen is believed to be effective for physical 此地,因此使得溫泉號稱有治療腳和 fatigue and strengthening the lower body. 腰部病症的效用。 Okama, a crater lake and a symbol of Zao, is nearby and 附近有藏王的象徵──御釜(火山 hiking is enjoyable around the lake area. The three waterfalls of 口湖),還能讓您在其附近享受健走的 Fudo-taki, Sankai-taki, and Jizo-taki are worth seeing and driv- 樂趣。另外,這裡還有不動瀑布、三階 ing along the Zao Echo Line is recommended (note: closed from 瀑布、地藏瀑布,這三座瀑布傾瀉而下。 early November to late April due to snowfall). In winter, skiing 在「藏王 Eco Line」兜風,更是樂趣無窮 and snowshoeing are available and juhyo, which are trees covered (※ 在 11 月上旬到 4 月下旬,將因雪季 with snow and ice and also called “snow monsters,” are a must- 關係而關閉)。冬天不但能享受滑雪與 see. In addition, Togatta is well known for kokeshi wooden doll 雪鞋健走之樂,更能欣賞到樹冰。此外, making, along with Tsuchiyu Onsen (Fukushima Prefecture) 這裡與土湯溫泉(福島縣)以及鳴子溫 and Naruko Onsen (Miyagi Prefecture), and the area is dotted 泉(宮城縣)等處,皆有因小木偶而聞 with kokeshi studios. 名,小鎮周圍也有幾間作坊。

From Editor 編者語


Tokyo Sta. → 1 hr 40 min by Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train → Shiroishi-Zao Sta. → 50 min by Miyagi Kotsu Bus → Togatta Onsen Yunomachi Stop *Access time is approximated and may change depending on traffic and other conditions.

交通 東京站→搭乘東北新幹線 1 小時 40 分鐘→白石藏王站→ 搭乘宮城交通巴士 50 分鐘→遠刈田溫泉湯之町 ※ 所需時間僅供參考。可能因當下的交通狀況有所變動。

More Info 詳細資訊 Zao-machi Kanko Annaijo (Zao Town Tourist Information Center) 藏王町觀光資訊處

TEL: 0224-34-2725 URL:

After hiking, snow activities and other outdoor activities enjoying the grand nature of the Zao mountain range, soaking in an onsen bath is heavenly. 於享受過健走以及雪上活動等藏王連峰大自然的樂趣後,再去泡個溫泉更是至高無上的享受。 att. JAPAN



Ueno&Hongo 上野 & 本鄉

Ameyoko and the Zoo – there are always plenty of things big and small to do and see in always bustling Ueno. Following are some of the highlights of the neighborhood.

總是人來人往 、 熱鬧非凡的上野,有著阿美橫町、動 物園、大大小小的商店及餐廳等等。在此向您介紹值 得一去的上野景點。

Explore the Ueno Park Area


Ueno Park is a famous cherry-blossom viewing spot in Tokyo. Home to Japan’s oldest zoo, Shinobazu Pond, temples and shrines, and museums, Ueno Park is one of the most interesting and fun-filled places in Tokyo.

作為著名賞花景點的上野恩賜公園,有著日本 最古老的動物園──上野動物園、不忍池、神 社寺院、美術館等,是散步的好去處。

© The National Museum of Western Art,Tokyo

The National Museum of Western Art

Ueno Toshogu Shrine


Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, is enshrined here. It is believed that praying at the shrine for academic success, finding a job (or getting a promotion), or enjoying health and longevity will bring results. 祭祀德川家康的神社。據說在考試、求職成功、發 展事業、健康長壽等方面相當靈驗。

Shinobazu Bentendo Temple


A temple dedicated to the goddess Benzaiten and a destination for those who want to pray for things related to education, art, wealth-making, and auspicious meetings. 祭祀弁才天的殿堂。據說在學業、藝術、金錢、好 姻緣等方面相當靈驗。


Many exhibits of Western art masters including Monet, Rodin, and Renoir in a building famous for having been designed by architect Le Corbusier. 以展出莫內、羅丹、雷諾瓦等西方美術為主。本館 由建築師──勒・柯布西耶所設計,是相當著名的 建築物。


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Gojo-tenjinsha Shrine and Tokyo National Museum Hanazono-Inari-jinja Shrine 東京國立博物館


The east approach to the shrines has an impressive tunnel of red torii gates. Gojo-tenjinsha is famous for answering prayers for disease-free good health, and Hanazono-Inari-jina is a shrine to pray for good fortune in food, clothing, and shelter. They are adjacent to each other. 東參道上綿延不絕的紅色鳥居,宛如隧道一般,魄 力十足。五條天神社據說對求健康無病相當靈驗, 而花園稻荷神社則適合許在衣食住方面的願望。 兩個神社相鄰。


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Japan’s oldest and largest museum with a collection of about 116,000 items, including Buddhist statues, paintings, pottery, calligraphy, swords, etc. 這是日本最古老、規模最大的博物館。收藏品多達 約 11 萬 6 千件,包含佛像、繪畫、陶器、書法、刀 劍等文物。

Various exhibitions are held throughout the year and you can appreciate masterpieces from both inside and outside of Japan. Besides its exhibitions, its MUSEUM SHOP (gift shop) has a wide collection of art-related merchandise worth a look. 每年舉辦豐富多彩的展覽會,可以欣賞到日本國 內外的名作。美術館裡的商店 (MUSEUM SHOP) 有許多別出心裁的藝術小物,十分推薦。

Walking and tasting in Ameyoko 在阿美橫町邊走邊吃

Ameyoko is a 500-meter shopping street with about 400 shops under and next to JR’s elevated tracks. It is always bustling with life and has plenty of specialty shops catering to every taste.

Oyama special menchi Hamu-katsu 日圓 日圓 炸火腿 80 yen 大山特製炸肉餅 200 yen

Niku no Oyama is a restaurant run by a meat wholesaler. Thick-cut ham or minced meat tightly packed in crunchy breadcrumbs and deep-fried in delicious ham-katsu and menchi-katsu are popular items. The shop also offers a standing bar.

阿美橫町位於JR高架橋下和高架橋一旁,長約500 公尺,是一條約有400家商店、充滿活力的商店 街。有各式各樣的專賣店,商品種類相當豐富。

Dora-yaki 日圓 銅鑼燒 205 yen



Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream 日圓 抹茶霜淇淋 350 yen

Everybody, men, women, young, and old, like this soft serve ice cream at Japanese tea specialist “Cha no Kiminoen.”

廣受男女老少喜愛的霜淇淋。可前往日本茶專賣店「茶之君 野園」享用。

灑滿香料粉、香味四溢的現烤串燒,可前往「平成福順 阿 美橫店」享用。

Gyoza 日圓 煎餃 460 yen

Big size gyoza dumplings stuffed full with pork and vegetables. “Shoryu PART 2” is considered to be one of Tokyo’s top three big gyoza restaurants.

“Usagiya’s” dora-yaki (pancake sandwich with azuki red bean paste filling) has been famous for generations. Its filling is not particularly sweet but matches perfectly the outside’s aroma. Since they do not keep for long, eating as soon as possible is recommended.



Spiced and grilled skewers from lamb meat with a great aroma to match their flavor. You can find them at “Heisei Fukujun Ameyoko Shop.”




Lamb skewers 日圓 羊肉串 150 yen

Dora-yaki baking time is until 16:00. The shop is closed on Wednesdays.

Shiratama Cream Anmitsu 日圓 白玉冰淇淋紅豆沙水果凉粉 720 yen

When talking about sweets in Ueno, “Mihashi” is the first shop that comes to mind. The shiratama cream anmitsu (rice flour dumpling, agar jelly, azuki bean paste, fruits, ice cream, etc. with black syrup) is their most popular choice but there are plenty of others, so try as many as you can!




冰淇淋紅豆沙水果凉粉之外,甜點的種類相當豐富,可以嘗 試許多不同的口味。

A Little Further Up the Road to the Hongo Area 順道前往本鄉逛逛吧

Hongo is at the west side of Ueno and is home to the University of Tokyo’s campus as well as to many shops and businesses founded in the Edo and Meiji periods (1603-1912).

本鄉位在上野的西邊,東京大學的校園也位於此處。 街上有許多從江戶及明治時代營業至今的老店。

Kyu Iwasaki-tei Gardens

Bunkyo Civic Center

A real European-style mansion of the late 19th century, typical of the architecture and garden design favored by wealthy Japanese families of the time. Admission: 400 yen.

The building is home to the Bunkyo City Hall. From the observation deck on the 25th floor (admission free), you can enjoy the 330-degree panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Chichibu Mountains, and Mt. Tsukuba during daytime. The night view is also superb.


有正統的歐式宅邸和雄偉的日式建築等,能欣賞明治時期 的西式木造建築和庭園。入園費為400日圓。

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association


Kingyozaka 金魚坂

Goldfish wholesale have been this shop’s business for 350 years. Browse around Ranchu, Wakin and other goldfish species (about 50 in total). Goldfish fishing and scooping are available. Have a cup of coffee at the shop’s café.

此為文京區政府所在的大樓。25樓的展望瞭望休息室免費 開放,白天可以330度眺望富士山、秩父連峰及筑波山等的 雄姿,夜晚可以享受東京的夜景。

創業長達350年的金魚批發專賣店,有販賣蘭壽、和金等約 50種金魚。不只可以釣金魚、撈金魚,還有設置咖啡廳。

att. JAPAN


Don Quijote Ueno


Ueno is famous for pandas, so naturally in Don Quijote Ueno Store you will find everything panda-related you might want. From stationery to T-shirts, there is a huge collection of cute panda items to choose from. Also, don’t miss the souvenir section on the 4th floor, well stocked with all kinds of items that visitors from abroad adore – things like matcha green tea-flavored or educational sweet treats can be found here in abundance and make great souvenirs. In Particular, between 15:00 and 16:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Don Quijote Ueno Store offers a special, limited-time offer you can’t miss! Various items are on sale at prices that will surprise you and there is always a great turnout. In the Ueno Store, the store’s famous item “Treasure Hunt – legendary treasure hunting” is sold at an astonishingly low price when one is left on the shelves. So find it and benefit from this one-off opportunity! Open 24 hours a day, with a tax free counter and plenty of non-Japanese employees, Don Quijote Ueno Store guarantees that your shopping will be fun and hassle-free. When you come to Ueno, don’t forget to drop by. 於每週五、六、日的下午 3 ~ 4 點舉行限時特賣!各種 商品皆以驚人的價格販售,每天都盛況空前!此外,上 野店著名的「尋寶——尋找傳說中的寶藏!」 ,是指當 某樣商品的庫存只剩下一個,就會以超便宜的金額出 售!一旦錯過就再也沒機會囉!這裡設有免稅櫃檯, 24 小時營業不打烊,還有許多來自國外的工作人員, 可以放心地盡情購物。當您前來上野時,請務必光臨 「驚 安の殿堂」 上野店。

A word from the shop manager:

Our limited-time offers, which will surprise you with their very low prices, are a reason enough to visit!




att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

上野不愧是以熊貓聞名!一踏進「驚安の殿堂」 上野店,您 便會發現許多熊貓的周邊商品。有文具、T 恤等,每樣都可 愛得令人受不了。4 樓是特別為外國旅客設置的伴手禮專 區。有外國人相當喜愛的抹茶口味的日式點心、知育菓子 等豐富多樣的商品,作為伴手禮再適合不過了!


Kyoto National Museum 120th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition

National Treasures: Masterpieces of Japan It was 120 years ago that the term “National Treasures” was first used as part of the newly enacted Law for the Preservation of Old Shrines and Temples; in that same year of 1897, the Kyoto National Museum opened. The term “National Treasure” is the highest designation given by the government of Japan to a very small number of artworks and artifacts of unique and extraordinary historical, artistic, and scholarly merit. Most importantly, these rarest of works eloquently and exquisitely bespeak the history and culture of Japan and its people. This Shimogamo Shrine 下鴨神社 exhibition will feature approximately two hundred Chayama National Treasures. Don’t 茶山 miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter some of the most beautiful and significant works of art in Japanese history.

Fujin Raijin-zu byobu (The folding screens of the Wind God and the Thunder God), by Tawaraya Sotatsu. Kennin-ji, Kyoto (Oct. 3-29) National Treasure Kuramaguchi 鞍馬口

October 3 – November 26, 2017 (*Exhibited works will be changed) Kyoto National Museum Heisei Chishinkan Wing Admission: A  dult 1,500 yen, Univ. Student 1,200 yen, High School Student 900 yen



Myoshin-ji Temple






Kyoto Univ.


Kyoto Prefectural Office

Konkai Komyo-ji Temple 金戒光明寺

Kyoto Handicraft Center




1. Misono


Karasuma Shijo 烏丸





Daimaru Dept.



Hankyu Kyoto Line Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

三井ガーデンホテル 京都四条



Kawaramachi Opa 河原町オーパ

河原町 京都マルイ

Fujii-Daimaru Dept. Takashimaya 京都藤井大丸 Dept.


Motonago 元奈古

Kodai-ji Temple 高台寺

Ninenzaka 二年坂

Hotel Sunroute Kyoto

Sanneizaka 産寧坂



Jishu Shrine



Kyoto Tokyu Hotel


Gion Hatanaka



Maruyama Park

Minamiza Theatre



Kyoto Rich Hotel




Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto


Yasaka Shrine


Gion Corner


Kiyomizu-dera Temple 清水寺


Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple

Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple

Shosei-en Garden




Kyoto National Museum




BIC Camera


JR嵯峨野 (山陰) 線

JR Kyoto Line


Tokaido Shinkansen 東海道新幹線 近鉄奈良線

To-ji Temple

Sanjusangen-do Temple







JR Nara Line



Torokko Saga


Hozugawa River




Nison-in Temple JR Biwako Line


Don Quijote



Kyoto Century Hotel

Kyoto Sta.


Kintetsu Nara Line 東寺

Hyatt Regency Kyoto


Hotel Granvia Kyoto

JR Sagano (Sanin) Line

Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Daikaku-ji Temple Temple 大覚寺 Hirosawa no Ike 化野念仏寺 Pond 広沢池 Seiryo-ji Temple Gio-ji Temple 清涼寺


ヨドバシカメラ 京都

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto



Yodobashi Camera Kyoto


Sagano 嵯峨野

Sagano Scenic Railway


Shichijo-dori 七条通

Kyoto Aquarium



Chion-in Temple

Kennin-ji Temple


The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto

ウェスティン 都ホテル京都



Gojo-dori 五条通 丹波口

Sanjo-Keihan Sanjo


Hotel Unizo Kyoto Shijo Karasuma




Kawaramachi Kyoto Marui

Karasuma Kyoto Hotel



Nishiki Market

Karasuma Line









Tozai Line 地下鉄東西線




Kyoto City Tourist Association Visitor Information Center

Eikan-do Temple


Nanzen-ji Temple


Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei




Laque Shijo Karasuma


Hotel Gimmond Kyoto Honno-ji Temple





Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo


Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Kyoto Hotel Okura

Kyoto Shiyakusyo-mae







Sanjo-dori 三条通

Fuyacho-dori 麩屋町通


Karasuma Oike

Kyoto Garden Hotel

Okazaki Park



Oike-dori 御池通


Hearton Hotel Kyoto


The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Kyoto City Hall


Heian Shrine

Hosomi Museum



Teramachi-dori 寺町通

Kyoto International Manga Museum


The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto


Okazaki Shrine


Kumano Shrine


Kiyamachi-dori 木屋町通 Pontocho 先斗町


Yanagi-no-bamba-dori 柳馬場通 Tomi-no-koji 富小路




Kurumayacho-dori 車屋町通



Ebisugawa-dori 夷川通



花見小路 oji


Nijo Castle




Marutamachi-dori 丸太町通




The Palace Side Hotel


ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto



Sento Palace


Honen-in Temple




Kyoto Imperial Park

Yoshida Shrine










Kyoto Brighton Hotel


Kyoto Imperial Palace

Ginkaku-ji Temple




1 km(0.6mi)

Kyoto Railway Museum

1 km (0.6 mi)



JR嵯峨野 (山陰) 線

Hanazono 花園



Doshisha Univ.


JR Sagano 京都御所 (Sanin) Line



Kyoto Imperial Palace


Keifuku Kitano Line




Kamo River






Central Kyoto 京都市街図


Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Keihan Main Line


Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Kawaramachi-dori 河原町通


Eizan Railways Eizan Line




Hirosawa no Ike Pond

Mototanaka Tanto (dagger), by Sa/Chikushuju, (Taiko Samonji), 元田中 Fukuyama Museum of Art, Hiroshima (Oct. 31-Nov. 26) National Treasure

Kinkaku-ji Temple

Ryoan-ji Temple

Ninna-ji Temple

Visit more info ->




Okouchisanso Tenryu-ji 大河内山荘 Temple

1 km(0.6mi)


Togetsukyo Bridge 渡月橋






att. JAPAN


Off to Nakano and






Nakano Anime


©中野区 なかのまちめぐり 博覧会マスコットキャラクター

Nakano Sta.

CongresSquare Nakano

North Exit

Place: B1F Convention Hall at CongresSquare Nakano Nakano Central Park South, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, 5-min walk from Nakano Station North Exit 場地:CongresSquare 中野 地下一樓會議廳 中野區中野 4-10-2 中野 Central Park South

動畫工作坊開辦! 這裡準備了各式各樣的活動, 無論是兒童還是成人都能盡 情享受。開心地學習動畫製作 原理吧!

從中野站北口步行 5 分鐘

Kira Kira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode Show Time: 11:00- / 14:00Kira Kira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode hits the stage! Everybody cheer! 閃耀☆光之美少女 甜點百匯 表演秀  時間:11:00 ~/ 14:00 ~

閃耀☆光之美少女 甜點百匯 登場!


©ABC-A・ 東映アニメーション



about 2 min

Super Robot Manga Matsuri Festival Time: 18:00-Including screenings and talk events! 超級機器人漫畫祭  時間:18:00 ~ 


吉祥寺 Kichijoji

For directions on how to apply, please visit 報名方法請參考以下網站







可以買到時下熱門的 BE@RBRICK 商品!種類超過 1,000 種!





Meet a life-size Kinnikuman! Also find all kinds of Kinnikuman merchandise and drop by the shop’s Hakaba Gallery for one of the many events held there.

A second-hand goods collector shop with items from all the subcultures of Japan. It is guaranteed to meet the expectations of every maniac!

超人墓場 × 墓場畫廊


來看看真人大小的金肉人吧!包括 T 恤等的金肉人周邊商品琳瑯滿



TACO ché


Rare books, manga and magazines, independent productions, indie CDs and curios. Everything that is hard to find in regular bookstores or other shops is probably somewhere here.

A second-hand bookstore that is brimming with J-Pop and idol goods, concert memorabilia, posters and more has everything a fan might be looking for!


TACO ché

這裡是一間擁有豐富 J-POP 及偶像周邊商品的老書店。內容有演唱

有各種在一般店舖買不到的書本和少量出版品!同時販售包括自 製出版物、獨立音樂 CD 和各式雜貨等。



ufotable cafe (1F)

A monster hostess welcomes you at this cafe bar. Wherever you look, there are kaiju monsters! 8-min walk from Nakano Station


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017


More than 1,000 versions of the popular BE@ RBRICK toy bear. Find the one you like!







about 2 min

Nakano×Suginami Anime Festival 2017

When it comes to Japan’s subcultures, this is the place! Join us to some of its shops. 3-min walk from Nakano Station

從中野站步行 3 分鐘


about 2 min



about 2 min

ufotable cafe (1F)

The first floor is a cafe collaborated with its anime studio to create its indie anime. And the second floor, a cafe where the studio actually used to be! 10-min walk from Nakano Station



從中野站步行 8 分鐘



樓則是將過去的動畫製作現場直接改裝而成的 從中野站步行 10 分鐘

machi★ asobiCAFE (2F)

★ machi asobiCAFE (2F)

Suginami-AnimeTown! 杉並來逛逛吧!

2017 並 ×杉

Animation workshop to be held! Various programs for children and adults. Study the basic principles of anime!


about 3 min









Koenji Sta. North Exit

St. Kannana-dori

Suginami Festival 2017 中野 節 動漫


Place: Za-Koenji, B2F 2-1-2 Koenji-Kita, Suginami-ku, about 5 minutes on foot from Koenji Station Popular anime characters from “Shounen Ashibe: Go!Go! Goma-chan” will also be there! (Only on Oct. 29) 場地:座・高圓寺 B2F 杉並區高圓寺北 2-1-2

從高圓寺站步行 5 分鐘

火 紅 動 畫「少 年 阿 貝 GO!GO!

小 芝 麻」中 的 角 色 也 會 來 玩 哦! (僅限 10 月 29 日當天)


about 4 min






JR Sobu Line (local train)


JR Chuo Line (rapid train)

*Please note rapid trains on the Chuo Line do not stop at Koenji, Asagaya, and Nishi-Ogikubo stations on Saturdays,

©Hiromi Morishita・OOP/Team Goma




JR Yamanote Line

Sundays and holidays. ※ 中央線快速:週末及例假日時在高圓寺、阿佐谷、 西荻窪站過站不停,敬請留意。

Inazuma Cafe With real illustrations made by actual manga artists, this is a place that no true manga or anime fan can resist. From the menu, we recommend the omu-raisu (omelet with rice). 3-min walk from Ogikubo Station

Inazuma Cafe

店內牆上有漫畫家的親筆塗鴉,這裡絕對是動漫迷們無法抗拒的空間。 推薦嚐嚐看蛋包飯喔。 從荻窪站步行 3 分鐘

Suginami Animation Museum Regardless of your age, you can learn about Japan’s anime by experiencing it. Besides its standard exhibition, the facility regularly hosts various events including works from new anime productions. About 5-min bus ride from Ogikubo Station Closed on: Mondays


不分年齡層,任何人皆能體驗並學習日本 動漫的設施。也會定期舉辦動畫新作之企 劃展及活動等。

從荻窪站搭乘巴士 5 分鐘 週一公休



On to the next page! 請繼續閱讀下一頁!

CafeBarKirin A special space where guests can enjoy a drink while cosplaying. In fact, bartenders occasionally join in the cosplay, too! Tell them your favorite anime character and they’ll make a cocktail fitting to that character’s image! 3-min walk from Nishi-Ogikubo Station


這個異次元空間讓客人可以一邊 cosplay 一邊飲酒。調酒師偶而也會 以 cosplay 姿態出現。若跟調酒師表示您喜愛的動畫角色,調酒師便會 製作以該角色為意象的雞尾酒給您。 從西荻窪站步行 3 分鐘 att. JAPAN




Tokyo Suginami Town Bar Mugen A bar with alcohol and anime goods.This place opened in 2016 and has become a meeting place for anime fans holding long, animated discussions. Open until morning, it is perfect for a late nightcap. Plaza USA Bldg B01, 3-58-17 Koenji-minami, Suginami-ku 2-min walk from Koenji Station

Bar Mugen


2016 年開張,是動漫迷們聚會暢談的好去處。本店營業至隔日早 晨,因此若您感覺還喝得不過癮,請務必來此光顧。 杉並區高圓寺南 3-58-17 Plaza USA 大樓 B01 從高圓寺站步行 2 分鐘

Koenji 高圓寺

Koenji Junjo Shotengai Shopping Street 高圓寺純情商店街

祭典、二手服飾、音樂等各種不同 文化共存,年輕人最愛的地區

A 40-year old institution where you can enjoy different kinds of live music acts in front of you while enjoying drinks. In Koneji, Japan’s capital of live music.

Koenji Junjo Shotengai Shopping Street 高円寺純情商店街

A young people town full of festivals, second-hand clothing shops, music and all kinds of cultural events


Koenji Bldg B1, 2-3-4 Koenji-kita, Suginami-ku


2-min walk from Koenji Station



←Asagaya Koenji Sta.

擁有 40 多年歷史的老牌 Live House,可以一邊近距離觀賞各類 藝術家的現場表演,一邊享受美酒。在音樂之城高圓寺,體驗觀



杉並區高圓寺北 2-3-4 高圓寺大樓 B1 從高圓寺站步行 2 分鐘

Bar Mugen

Anime Collaboration Cafe shirobaco This is an anime-collaborated cafe at “Asagaya Anime Street” where anime creators and fans meet. The attractive cafe has an event space and a variety of events related to anime take place here. 2-40-1 Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku 5-min walk from Asagaya Station

shirobaco (白箱) 動畫合作咖啡廳

坐落在動畫製作者和粉絲之交流場所「阿佐谷動畫街」 上的動畫合作咖啡 廳。漂亮的店內也有舉辦活動的會場,與許多動畫皆有合作。 杉並區阿佐谷南 2-40-1  從阿佐谷站步行 5 分鐘


Asagaya Pearl Center 阿佐谷珍珠中心(商店街)

Home of one of the area’s largest shopping streets, Asagaya is a place where you can see how Japanese people live their everyday lives 有最大級別的商店街,可以感受 日本人的日常生活的地區

Several jazz-related events are held here every autumn. 秋季會舉辦爵士音樂節喔


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

阿佐谷 Asagaya Shinmeiguu Shrine 阿佐ヶ谷神明宮

Anime Collaboration Cafe shirobaco ←Ogikubo Asagaya Sta.

アニメコラボカフェ shirobaco

Asagaya Pearl Center


阿佐谷パールセンター 商店街

Asagaya Shinmeigu Shrine A shrine with a long history going back to around 1190. Its multi-colored bracelet-like amulet called “kan-musubi” is very popular. It holds an antique fair and a plant fair. 1-25-5 Asagaya-kita, Suginami-ku 2-min walk from Asagaya Station


其起源可追溯至 1190 年左右,是座歷史悠久的神社。稱為 KANMUSUBI(與神結緣之意)的各色手鍊型護身符非常受 歡迎。也有古董市場、花市等在此舉辦。 杉並區阿佐谷北 1-25-5 從阿佐谷站步行 2 分鐘

Walking Map Suginami Animation Museum A comprehensive look into Japan’s anime world and with many things to try out. Multilingual audio guides are available. The post-recording dubbing booth is also enjoyable! Suginami Kaikan 3F, 3-29-5 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku About 5-min bus ride from Ogikubo Station


可以全面學習並體驗日本動漫的博物館。也有提供多國語言的語 音導覽服務,可以安心參觀。還有可以體驗配音員等的各種體驗 區,也提供多國語言的服務喔。

杉並區上荻 3-29-5 杉並會館 3 樓  從荻窪站搭乘巴士約 5 分鐘

Ogikubo 荻窪

Ground of Tokyo’s most fierce ramen battle and home of classical music events 東京首屈一指的拉麵激戰區、 古典音樂活動蓬勃發展的地區

Suginami Public Hall


Suginami Animation Museum

Otaguro Park A Japanese circuit-style garden. It features many different kinds of plants. It is lit up in the evening and the autumn leaves look their best between late November and early December. 3-33-12 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku 9-min walk from Ogikubo Station


Ome-kaido St.


Suginami Public Hall



Zenpukuji River Kanpachi-dori St.

在 11 月底~ 12 月初的夜間點燈期間,夜燈打光下的紅葉相當 美麗。



杉並區荻窪 3-33-12 

Ogikubo Sta.

從荻窪站步行 9 分鐘

Otaguro Park


Sasayuri Cafe White color is the basic note for this shop. Relax on the terrace while gazing up at the skies above. Their scones made right there are so good that they have made UK visitors smacking their lips in delight! Animerelated events are also held here so, if you are a fan, stay tuned. Omino Honsha Bldg. 4F, 3-16-6 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku 3-min walk from Nishi-Ogikubo Station

Sasayuri 咖啡廳


是撫慰人心。招牌菜色當然是該店的司康餅,那可是連英國當地人都讚 不絕口的美味。此處也會定期舉辦動漫相關活動。 杉並區西荻北 3-16-6 小美濃本社大樓 4 樓 從西荻窪站步行 3 分鐘

Nishi Ogikubo Yanagi-Koji


A neighborhood filled with antique shops, galleries and all kinds of shops with character 有古董店和藝廊等各種 別具風格的店舖的地區


Sasayuri Cafe




Nishi-Ogikubo Sta. ←Kichijoji」


Yanagi-Koji 柳小路

Higomons Try Kumamoto ramen in Nishi-Ogikubo with its richly flavored but perfectly balanced broth and an irresistible aroma. Japanese people often end their night out of drinking with a bowl of ramen. Why not join them? 3-19-13 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku 1-min walk from Nishi-Ogikubo Station


您可以在西荻窪享用九州的熊本拉麵。其特徵為口感濃郁又不失清爽, 且沒有難以接受的特殊氣味。您想不想體驗看看有些日本人在酒聚最 後,吃碗拉麵收尾的感覺呢? 杉並區西荻北 3-19-13

從西荻窪站步行 1 分鐘

att. JAPAN



What is “wagyu”?

Other recently

Wagyu is any meat that comes from cattle that have been raised in Japan and is one of four breeds—Kuroge Washu (Japanese Black), Akage Washu (Japanese Brown), Mukaku Washu (Japanese Polled) and Nihon Tankakushu (Japanese Shorthorn)—or their crossbreeds. The traditional method of raising these animals is quite elaborate and the specific attention to detail and individual care consequently results in high priced beef. Because of its high quality and exquisite taste, wagyu has become famous all over the world and is usually served as sukiyaki or shabushabu. For sukiyaki, thin slices of wagyu and other ingredients are cooked in a pot at the table (“hot pot”) and then dipped in beaten raw egg before eating. For shabushabu, thinly sliced wagyu is also served from a hot pot at the table but quickly swished around in a dashi broth and then dipped in a variety of sauces (e.g. soy sauce, sesame paste, or ponzu).


Steak 牛排 A steak cooked to their liking is how pros want their wagyu and it can indeed be great! Juicy, tender and sweet from high grade fat marbling, a wagyu sirloin dinner is an excellent way to enjoy this premium meat. A fillet is good for those who want less fat but with the same succulence. To experience the sizzling sound of your steak prepared exactly as you like it, try Kobe’s “Misono” where the chef cooks it right in front of you!



Sukiyaki 壽喜燒

和牛指黑毛和種、紅毛和種、無角和種、日本短角種此 4 品種及其雜交種 的牛隻統稱。由於和牛是日本花長時間改良的品種,飼育方法相當費工而 難以大量生產,因此也造就了昂貴的價格,然而和牛的美味也是為全球所 認可的。如將切成薄片的牛肉與其他食材一起 烤煮,並加入醬油及砂糖等調味,最後再沾上 打散的生蛋汁食用的壽喜燒,與將極薄片牛肉 在煮沸的高湯中汆燙數回,沾上醬料食用的涮 涮鍋等,是從早期流傳至今的標準吃法。

Dying for You are in Japan and suddenly you have a craving for meat...what should you do? Yes, Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef are both well-known but did you know many other regions of Japan have their own brand of “wagyu”? Great for those times when you just have to have some good beef!

在日本旅遊時,如果腦海突然冒出「今天特別想吃肉」 的想法,該吃什麼才好 呢?以神戶牛及松阪牛為首,日本各地都有著非常美味的名品和牛。和牛絕 對是您必嚐的佳餚!

Beef sushi 肉壽司 Beef sushi, as with fish, is a dish that demands the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible. On a small portion of rice, a piece of meat and a dab of tare sauce create a perfectly balanced combination that will melt in your mouth. If you are uncomfortable eating raw meat, try aburi (slightly grilled) sushi! The best place to try wagyu sushi is at the morning market in Takayama in Gifu Prefecture using Hidagyu beef or at the Yumekyobashi Road in Hikone in Shiga Prefecture using local Omi beef. 這是一道必須使用頂級且新鮮的肉品才能製作的料理。在少許白飯 上鋪上肉,再加一點點醬料即大功告成。入口即化的甘甜肉味, 配上白飯後達成絕妙的平衡。也有炙燒肉壽司!您可在高 山市(岐阜縣) 的早市以及彥根市(滋賀縣) 的夢京橋老 街,分別品嚐到飛驒牛壽司以及近江牛壽司。


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Wagyu gyukatsu As you may know, “tonkatsu” is a katsu (cutlet) made of pork and so it follows that “gyukatsu” is a cutlet made of gyu(beef ). It has become a staple in the Kansai region and recently has taken all of Japan by storm! The meat is cut into a thin slice, breaded using breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried just long enough for it to become golden brown on the outside but rare and still pink on the inside to create the perfect crunchy and juicy taste treat!

popular cooking styles 專業廚師會為您將肉排煎得恰到 好處。霜降沙朗軟嫩香甜、肉汁滿 溢;菲力柔軟,脂肪少兼具頂級口 感,適合崇尚健康的人士……部位 不同味道也不盡相同。若您也想享 受烤肉時的音效,請務必前往從神 戶起家的「Misono」 ,可以欣賞廚 師在眼前為您料理牛排。


Yakiniku (BBQ ) 日式燒肉 Grilled on an iron plate with a mouth-watering sizzle that enhances the joy, yakiniku BBQ is one of the best ways to eat meat in Japan. Wagyu, though, should never be overcooked to best appreciate its aroma and taste. Yakiniku is usually accompanied by salt or yakiniku sauce (aka “tare”) and is a great way to try the various cuts of beef. Tongue is tender and not too chewy, kalbi short ribs are sweet from the fat, and harami, or skirt steak, has a stronger flavor. 請將鐵板充分加熱後,享受放上肉片時所發出的「滋 滋」 聲音吧。燒烤程度因人而異,不過烤和牛時,不 要烤得太久比較能帶出肉質最原始的美味。肉一般 分為鹹味與醬汁味。肉質豐厚擁有獨特嚼勁的牛舌、 帶有甘甜油脂彷彿入口即化的五花肉、如紅肉般味 道濃郁的橫膈膜肉等等,請您一併盡情享受吧。

? wagyu 好想吃

some 和牛!


Wagyu menchi-katsu 和牛炸肉餅 使用絞肉混合洋蔥等食材後油炸而成的這 道料理,雖也可當主餐,但您也能在商 店街等地方購買並輕鬆享用,對愛肉 的人而言,是有點餓又不太餓時的 最佳點心。一口咬下,肉汁隨即在 口中化開,讓人饞涎欲滴!

炸豬排的豬肉換成牛肉,就是「炸牛排」 。 雖然這在關西地區早已是人盡皆知的料 理,但衍伸出的變形版本「炸生牛排」 最近 在日本全國正掀起一股熱潮。做法是將切 好的牛肉裹上麵包粉油炸。如此一來,切 開的斷面便會呈現尚未全熟的美麗粉色。 外皮口感酥脆,內部鮮美多汁!

A menchi-katsu is ground meat mixed with chopped onion, shaped into a patty, breaded and then deep fried. Even though it is typical as a main dish, it is also good snack when feeling a bit hungry in the afternoon. When exploring the shitamachi shotengai (old shopping district), find a butcher that offers freshly cooked menchi, sink your teeth into a hot menchi, and let its meaty juices fill your mouth! att. JAPAN


Roppongi: P38-MAP4-3, Shibuya: P38-MAP3-1, Ikebukuro: P36-MAP13-1, Nagoya Sakae: P35-MAP19-1, Osaka Umeda: P34-MAP27-1

att.Kitchen at Sugimoto


Professional Japanese Chef ’s Recipe

Various Tastes of Early Summer

in Matsumoto, Nagano

Learn how to make Japanese dishes from a professional chef at a Japanese ryokan. In Japanese cuisine, ingredients are classified into “hashiri” (start of season), “sakari” (peak season), and “nagori” (end of season), according to the time of their availability. Early summer (May and June) has the advantage of tasty food items from both spring and summer, such as sansai (wild vegetables), a “nagori” spring ingredient, and corn and okra, “hashiri” summer ingredients. The mild saltiness of dashi and soy sauce enhances the umami of the ingredients of many dishes.

初夏の味覚いろいろ We tried out !

Warabi in egg omelet わらびの卵とじ Parboil warabi (bracken) in dashi soup for a short time and then slowly and evenly pour beaten egg over it. Immediately turn off the heat after adding the egg and let it sit until the egg becomes fluffy.

*For further information concerning the recipes, check out this website: dish?code=EK000065

att. Kitchen

Okra nibitashi (simmered in dashi soup and served cold) オクラの煮びたし

In order to brighten the green of okra, use usu-kuchi soy sauce. The okra absorbs the flavor of the dashi soup as it cools down, so be sure to cool it down sufficiently.

Kiriboshi daikon (shredded dried daikon) 切干大根

This is a standard home-made dish in Japan. Basically, sweet seasonings should be added first, so add the sugar first and then the koikuchi soy sauce. The water used to rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms contains a nice umami from the mushrooms so it’s best to simmer the daikon (Japanese radish) in it.

Rice with jako (boiled and dried baby sardines) and corn じゃこともろこしのご飯 The unique flavor of fresh sweet corn is enhanced when cooked with rice.

Advice from the chef When seasoning Japanese dishes made with seasonal ingredients, dashi and soy sauce are very important. There are two kinds of soy sauce, usu-kuchi (light) and koi-kuchi (dark), each with their own appropriate uses. Usu-kuchi soy sauce helps to retain the color of an ingredient(s) while adding the right amount of saltiness. Koi-kuchi soy sauce masks the undesired smell of some ingredients while adding a unique richness. A perfect balance of dashi, salt, and soy sauce enhances the flavor of a dish.

koi-kuchi soy sauce

Usu-kuchi soy sauce

Comments from the Participants - It surprises me a lot. Even in China, the vegetables such as okra and bracken are rare on the table. Eating your own homemade Japanese seasonal cuisine, do really have a different flavor. (from China) - Participating was not only fun, but also taught me a lot about how cooking works! The chefs had impressive skill and in the great atmosphere of the Ryokan, encountering the Japanese essence of preparing Washoku became a truly memorable experience! (From Germany)

Stay at a Japanese ryokan and join our semi-private cooking class! Stay with other students at the Sugimoto hot spring ryokan and attend the Japanese cuisine class. Take advantage of the chance to have a delicious and unique cooking experience using ingredients you cannot find during other times of the year. Autumn Class September 13-14, 2017 (Enjoy delicacies of autumn!) For details, check here If seeing the site, readers could see a few comments from the most recent participants.

att. JAPAN




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e app, QR cod . e v a h r free ! don’t 下載喔 If you download fo 以免費 可 n , a 體 you c 掃描軟 有安裝

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Scan QR code on the right side for more information on restaurants in English! 請掃描右邊 QR 碼獲得更多中文餐廳資訊 !

Scandinavian dining with direct access from Gaienmae station Our Modern Scandinavian Cuisine is certainly a new segment of cuisine in Japan, where authentic Scandinavian cooking is intertwined with French techniques to create a selection of ingenious and unique delicacy. Aoyama OM-SQUARE 1F, 2-5-8 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-5413-3300 Lunch: 11:30-15:30 (L.O. 14:30) Dinner: 18:00-23:30 (L.O. 22:00)

New York's long Established Seafood Restaurant has arrived in Japan! An ever popular restaurant has come ashore straight from Manhattan, New York. The very same atmosphere and interior were transported right from the main restaurant in New York. Enjoy from a selection of over 100 kinds of seafood including heaps of raw oysters. Shinagawa, Tokyo Tel. 03-6717-0932 atré shinagawa 4F,2 Chome-18-1 Konan, Minato-ku


Tel: 03-3408-2748

Kyogyu-so Stylish Yakiniku Restaurant in Roppongi

American-style Restaurant Original recipe with Prize-winning signature BBQ sauce 5-4-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3 mins walk from Roppongi Station Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30-15:00 Sat, Sun & Holi 12:00-14:30 Dinner: Mon-Fri 17:00-23:30 Sat 14:30-23:30, Sun & Holi 14:30-23:00


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017


The mouthwatering beef tongue, sliced meats and Master Chef Yozu Sakurai’s “Pulkogi” (thinly sliced tender beef marinated in our special sauce) are offered here. A taste you can experience only at Kyogyu-so! 5-7-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, 3 mins walk from Roppongi Sta.

Tel.03-3423- 1171 P38-MAP4-2

Those of you who have seen these movies will have recollection of scenes through our interior design and performances, and those of you who haven't can also enjoy our delicious food and delightful service!

We are great for families or group parties! LaQua 1F1-1-1 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 3 mins walk from Tokyo Metro Korakuen Sta. Exit 2 11:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:00) Tel: 03-3868-7041

With a history going back to 1945, this is the restaurant that introduced teppan-yaki (iron griddle) steak to the world. Enjoy carefully selected prime grade (A4, A5) Kuroge Kobe beef and top quality seasonal vegetables, fish and seafood. Menus in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. English-speaking staff is available.

att. Restaurant

The Originator of Teppanyaki Steak Misono

Enjoy the excellent performance by the chef right in front of you!

Kobe Main Store, Osaka Branch, Kyoto Branch, Ginza Branch, Shinjuku Branch Kobe Main Store: P34-MAP23-1, Osaka Branch: P34-MAP27-2, Kyoto Branch: P17-MAP-1, Ginza Branch: P37-MAP11-1, Shinjuku Branch: P38-MAP1-2

Traditional “Soul” Food of Tokyo – Soba, Tenpura and Sake! 東京傳統美食靈魂:蕎麥麵、天婦羅、日本酒

Ikebukuro Higashiguchi

Ikebukurosanshina bldg.B1F, 1-18-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo


東京都豐島區南池袋1-18-1 池袋三品大樓B1

Omiya Soba&Sake Yebiya

Kadoi bldg.III 1F, 1-20-58 Daimon-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama


埼玉縣埼玉市大宮區大門町1-20-58 角井大樓Ⅲ 1F


Shimada bldg.II, 2-6-4, Takasago, Urawa-ku, Saitama City, Saitama


埼玉縣埼玉市浦和區高砂2-6-4 第2島田大樓 Ikebukuro Higashiguchi: P36-MAP13-2

Edo-style sushi enjoyed at the counter.


Sushitsune is an Edo-style sushi bar where you can relax and enjoy genuine Edo-style sushi featuring fresh ingredients and culinary craftsmanship.

「壽司常」 是一間能讓您輕鬆品嚐到以新鮮 壽司食材與壽司師傅的精湛手藝為特色的 正宗江戶前壽司的壽司店。

You can experience sushi nigiri.


att. JAPAN




Shunsai Tsuki no Shizuka 旬彩 月の静香

Onsen ryokan with contentment and peace of mind offering beauty and health Our theme is “Beauty & Health.” Enjoy our original Japanese cuisine using local, seasonal foods. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Ryokan and hotels across Japan.

Where will you stay? Onsen (hot springs), traditional gardens, tatami rooms, and Japanese traditional meals at ryokan (Japanese-style hotels)? Or spacious rooms with high-quality bedding surrounded by picturesque landscapes at first-class resort hotels?

Kanazawa Fukuoka



Kyoto Nagoya


Osaka Sapporo

A traditional Japanese hotel, nestled on a hilltop overlooking the city and sea Hokkaido Tohoku Sendai Kita-Kanto Minami-Kanto Koshinetsu Hokuriku Tokai Kinki Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu/Okinawa

att. Ryokan

Prices are based on 1 adult staying 1 night with 2 meals. Prices may vary depending on room types, the number of persons in a room, cuisine, and other variables. We recommend confirming prices when you book any accommodation. Where meals are not included in the standard rate, this is noted in the explanation of the accommodation.

Get away from it all and relax surrounded by nature - green mountains and blue seas - in the quiet ambiance of a Japanese inn. The gracious hospitality includes delicious cuisine, and natural hot springs.

Tokyo Sta. → 1 h 50 min by Izukyu Railway express train “Odoriko” / 1 h 20 min by Tokaido Shinkansen ”Kodama” (transfer at Atami Sta.) → Ito Sta. → 7 min by shuttle bus Check in 14:00– / Check out –11:00 24,990– (per person per night with 2 meals / 2 guests in 1 room / Service charge & tax included) 203 Oka, Ito City, Shizuoka 0557-37-3108


International Registered Tourist Inn More than 2,000 visitors from around the world stay with us each year. Located in the heart of Kyoto, we are at the center of the city’s major sightseeing points. Relax in our leisurely guest rooms. Western style rooms with toilet and bath also available. All the guest rooms are non-smoking. Free Wi-Fi in every room.

Cancellation fees may be charged if you cancel a reservation. Please confirm the accommodation’s cancellation fees and regulations in advance.

If you suffer from allergies or have food preferences, please inform the staff when you are booking your accommodation so that they can make preparations for your convenience.

Icon Legend Washlets (bidet-style toilets) Eating in guest rooms allowed Complimentary shuttle service Karaoke Picturesque scenery Rooms for single persons



After booking by phone, we recommend confirming your reservation by fax or email

Credit cards accepted Internet/Wi-Fi available Onsen (hot springs) Open-air bath Private bath Guest room with bath and toilet




2. 3. 4.

Nagano Highway Matsumoto Interchange (exit) → about 25 min (there is a signboard near Matsumoto Castle) / JR Chuo Line Matsumoto Sta. → about 20 min by bus bound for Utsukushigahara Onsen → Utsukushigahara Onsen stop → about 3 min on foot *Free shuttle service is available upon Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 request. 30,000– (per person per night with 2 meals / 2 guests in 1 room / There is a seasonal special rate) 101 Satoyamabe Yunohara, Matsumoto City, Nagano 0263-35-6200 0263-35-6222

Kyoto Sta. → 15 min by subway to the nearest station (Kyoto-shiyakushomae on Tozai Line) No.10 Exit → walk 2 blocks to the north on Check in 16:00– / Check out –10:30 Gokomachi St. 12,000– (per person / 1 night stay without meals / tax included;) Nijosagaru, Gokomachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 075-222-1166 075-231-3558

Onoe Hot Spring BENIAYU 旅館 紅鮎


Enjoy fine views of Lake Biwa, while staying at our Japanese-style lodging

Access to ▶ ▶ ▶ How to search ryokan & hotels

Enjoy looking at Chikubu Island rising from the lake from your room, which also comes equipped with a massage chair to sooth your tired muscles and a relaxing open-air bath. In our restaurant, enjoy delicious Omi beef, or our specialty sweetfish dishes in summer or duck dishes in winter. Shinkansen Maibara Sta. → 20 min by JR Hokuriku Line train → Takatsuki Sta. → 10 min by taxi / free pick-up bus available (reservation is required in advance). Check in 14:00– / Check out –11:00 23,250–37,110 (depending on rooms, meals, or which day to stay. Please inquire.) 312 Kohoku-cho Onoe, Higashi Azai-gun, Shiga 0749-79-0315

1. Access to 28

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Enjoy freshly made buckwheat noodles


Shoutoukan 松濤館

Mt. Fuji, seascapes and gourmet cuisine

Standing on bleezy highlands, Sugimoto is a traditional onsen ryokan in the Sukiya style, a simple and refined architecture inspired by tea houses. Relax in our rooms with a loft or irori fireplace, and spectacular scenery. Enjoy our proud concoction of original dishes such as “Shinshu Beef cooked on a hot stone” that goes well with local sake. Soak in a historical open-air bath which the Imperial family in the 8th century shared and so loved. Chuo Line Matsumoto Sta. → 15 min by taxi / 20 min by 15,750–31,500 bus Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 451-7 Satoyamabe, Matsumoto City, Nagano 0263-32-3379 0263-33-5830

Regardless of where in the hotel you are, you can enjoy magnificent views of Mt. Fuji. Accompany them with delicious and original gourmet creations prepared with each season’s ingredients. Tokyo Sta. → 44 min by Tokaido Shinkansen “Kodama” → Mishima Sta. → 20 min by Izuhakone Sunzusen → Izu­ nagaoka Sta. → 25 min by Izuhakone bus to the final stop named “Izu Mitohama Sea Check in 14:00– / Check out Paradise” → 1 min on foot 23,150–65,150 (per person per night with –11:00 2 meals / tax included) 7 Uchiura Mito, Numazu City, Shizuoka 055-943-2311 055-941-3449



White sand Tatado Beach stretches out invitingly right before your eyes Our hotel is a Japanese-style ryokan with all rooms facing the sea. Meals feature fresh and delicious seafood from Shimoda Harbor. An private open-air bath commands a stunning Tokyo Sta. → 2 h sweeping view of the sea. 30 min by JR express train “Odoriko” → Shimoda Sta. → 5 min by free pick-up bus


Gokasanso 五箇山荘

Ryokan with Onsen, nearest to the World Heritage site “Gassho-style” houses Gokasanso is a hotel located in Gokayama Onsen hot spring resort near Gokayama and well situated for visiting the World Heritage site. Every Thursday you can enjoy the kokiriko dance with the oldest folk song.

Check in 15:00– / Check out –11:00 7,480–31,650 (there is a seasonal special rate) 2048 Kisami, Shimoda City, Shizuoka 0558-22-1000

From Kaminashi Bus Stop → 5 min on foot via Ohira Bridge Check in 15:00– / Check out –10:00 12,030–15,270 (tax included) 333-1 Tamukai, 0763-66-2316 Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture 0763-66-2717


Gion HATANAKA 祇園 畑中

Silence in the city, tranquil atmosphere, Gion HATANAKA Hatanaka is located close to Gion and is surrounded by ancient temples - come, unwind, relax and enjoy the abundance of peace that abounds this place. The freshest seasonal ingredients are prepared to preserve the delicacy of Kyoto’s techniques of old. Enjoy Kyoto cuisine as it used to be had. Take in the variety of colors and visual appeal that beautify this wonderful presentation. Keihan Shijo Sta. → 10 min on foot / Hankyu Kawara­machi Sta. → 10 min on foot / JR Kyoto Sta. → 15 min by car Check in 14:00– / Check out –11:00 20,000– (tax excluded) Yasaka Shrine Minamimonmae, Gion, Higashiyama-ku, 075-541-5315 075-551-0553 Kyoto City, Kyoto

Ryokan Motonago 旅館 元奈古


With Kyoto flavor and a homy feeling 11 easy guest rooms with wooden scent and a tatami feel. Enjoy Kyoto cuisine in your room. Easily accessible to historic scenes on foot, such as a World Herigate site “Kiyomizu-dera Temple,” finest showplaces in Higashiyama area “Kodaiji Temple“ and “Nene-no-michi street,” “Maruyama Park,” “Yasaka Jinja Shrine,” or the famous Maikos’ town “Gion.” 1. From Kyoto Sta. → 15 min by taxi. 2. From Kyoto Sta. Central Exit bus stop D2 → #206 bus → Gion stop → 5 min on foot. Check in 16:00– / Check out –10:00 25,920– (2 persons per night without meals / 2 guests in 1 room / Service charge & tax included) 511 Washio-cho, Kodaiji-michi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 075-561-2087 075-561-2655

The Kusatsu Onsen’s landmark, Yubatake 草津溫泉的象徵 湯畑

Kusatsu Onsen is home to Japan’s most productive hot spring. 自然湧泉量為全日本第一的草津溫泉 32,300L of waters per minute!

每分鐘有多達 32,300 公升以上的溫泉湧出!

Experience Yumomi! 也可以體驗 「湯揉」 喔!

Visit Our Website at

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Ryokan & hotels

Ryokan Sugimoto

TOURIST INFORMATION 包含 JR,有許多公司提供長距離巴士的運行,一般來 說比藉由飛機和鐵路的旅行較具經濟性,但是所花的 時間比較長,也較容易受交通阻塞的影響。 主要的都市、城鎮可利用公車線路,最近雖然英語的 表示和廣播也逐漸增加,但是為了確實地到達目的 地,建議您事先拜託駕駛員,請駕駛員到達目的地時 通知一下。

Transportation / 交通

Rail 鐵路 Japan is covered in a rail network that reaches to almost ever y corner of the archipelago. Most are owned and run by the Japan Railway (JR) system and the world famous “Shinkansen” bullet train is of course one of the fastest and most enjoyable forms of land transpor t anywhere – the distance between Tokyo and Osaka being covered in just 2 hours 30 minutes on the fastest line.

Taxi 計程車

Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass allows you to use the whole JR system (including the Shinkansen) but is only sold outside Japan. 29,110 yen gets you a full 7 day ticket (adults) (As of May 2017). JAPAN RAIL PASS(日本鐵路周遊券)是可利用包含 新幹線的日本全國的 JR,只有在日本國外才有販賣, 一名成人 7 天為 29,110 日圓(2017 年 5 月現在) 。 Green / 綠証

Ordinary / 普通証

Duration / 有效期 Adult / 成人 Child / 兒童 Adult / 成人 Child / 兒童 7-day / 7 天

不要靠的太近被車門撞到(其他的車門用手打開與關 閉) 。車費根據計程車公司而有所不同,車資的體制告 示在車內裡,也可拿到收據。在都市裡很多計程車可 以用信用卡支付。可使用信用卡支付的計程車在窗上 貼有標示。

38,880 YEN 19,440 YEN 29,110 YEN 14,550 YEN

14-day / 14 天 62,950 YEN 31,470 YEN 46,390 YEN 23,190 YEN 21-day / 21 天 81,870 YEN 40,930 YEN 59,350 YEN 29,670 YEN

For more info, check the Japan Rail Pass website: 詳情請看 JAPAN RAIL PASS 的網站

Getting Around in Tokyo / 東京的交通

果使用電車或是地下鐵的話可到達任何地方,如果 不想浪費為了購買車票而排隊的時間,建議您利用 預付費卡。

Access Network

JR Line JR Narita Express Narita Sky Access Line Keisei Main Line Keikyu Line Tokyo Monorail Limousine Bus

Shibuya Nishi-magome

TCAT Tokyo City Air Terminal




Haneda Airport International Terminal YCAT Yokohama City Air Terminal

att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Narita Airport

Narita Airport

Toei Asakusa Line

Airport Terminal 2

Tourist Information

Long-distance buses in Japan are run by numerous companies including JR. Buses are generally more economic than traveling by plane or train but do take longer and can be affected by traffic jams at busy times of the day or night. Local buses run all over Japan as well as in the major cities and sometimes English instructions or stop announcements are used but this is not the case everywhere. We would recommend you ask drivers to remind you of where you must disembark prior to setting off.


如果預定在日本逗留一些時間的話,推薦使用 IC 卡。 (購入時要付 500 日圓的保證金,將卡歸還時,保證金 會退還給您。)在剪票機旁的讀取機上觸摸一下,運費 會從卡上自動被扣取。在東京地區 Suica 和 PASMO 兩者除了 JR 線、地下鐵、其他大部分的私鐵之外,也 可搭乘巴士。在註冊店鋪和部分自動販售機上也可以 作為電子錢包使用。

In big cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka, the under and over ground train system is well organized and highly efficient accessing any and all 如果用東京旅遊車票的話,可在一天內無限制乘坐 JR 及地下鐵、都營巴士,一張票1,590日圓。 parts of the cities. To avoid wasting time lining (東京23區內) up for tickets and working out how to use the 東京地鐵通票 可以利用東京地鐵及都營地鐵各條線 machines in different stations, it is highly rec- 路。成人 24 小時券 800 日圓,48 小時券 1,200 日圓, ommended to purchase pre-paid cards. 72 小時券 1,500 日圓。 JR 東京廣域周遊券(JR TOKYO Wide Pass)除了 在東京,大阪等大都市的交通系統被充分的整備,如 能在 3 天內不限次數搭乘關東地區的新幹線、特快

Bus 巴士


If planning to stay in Japan for a longer period IC cards are recommended. (500 yen deposit returned when returning the card) Simply touch the card on a rectangular pad beside the ticket gate and the fare used is automatically deducted from the value of the card. In Tokyo the cards are known as Suica or PASMO and are accepted on JR lines, subways and most other railways and buses. The card can also be used as electronic money for shopping at registered shops and some vending machines.

Japanese taxis can be found at the exit to ever y train station in the countr y or alternatively hailed on the streets. The red sign visible through the windshield of the car: “空車” (kusha) means it is vacant and available for hire but when the sign reads “賃走” (chinso), it is Tokyo One-Day Free Ticket (Tokyo Furii Kippu) unavailable. The back door on the left side will (東京フリーきっぷ)is available for use on JR open and close automatically so be careful lines (inside Tokyo’s 23 cities), subways, and not to stand too close! (All the other doors are the Toei Bus service for one whole day – endoperated manually) Rates var y depending on ing at midnight – at a charge of 1,590 yen. the taxi company. The rate system is shown in- Tokyo Subway Ticket is available for use side the taxi and receipts can be issued. In ur- on Tokyo Metro and Toei Metro subway lines. ban areas, you can usually pay by credit card Prices for adults are 800 yen (24 hours), 1,200 for a taxi. If credit cards are accepted, a taxi yen (48 hours), and 1,500 yen (72 hours). has a sticker showing this on the window. JR TOKYO Wide Pass is valid for three days and good for unlimited rides using reser ved 除了可搭乘等候在車站前的計程車外,在路上也可叫 seats on ordinary cars on Shinkansen and ex到計程車。計程車能不能搭乘,可藉由車窗前部分的 press trains in the Kanto area. The service is 表示來判斷。顯示「空車」的時候,表示無人乘坐,可 now extended to Echigo-Yuzawa Station and 搭乘。出現「賃走」時表示已經有別的乘客搭乘了。車 GALA Yuzawa Station. Prices are 10,000 yen 子左後方的車門會自動打開與關閉,所以要注意一下 (Adults), and 5,000 yen (Children).

日本的鐵路網相當發達,從日本國內到各處幾乎利用 鐵路可到達,主要有 JR(Japan Railway Co., Ltd., 日 本旅客鐵路)運行著,在這當中藉由世界上也很有名 的「新幹線」之移動,一定會是日本旅行中最印象深刻 的活動之一。東京到大阪間最快為 2 小時 30 分鐘。

Type / 類型

Transportation Cards / Useful Tickets 交通卡 / 划算的票券

列車的指定座席之外,還把適用範圍擴大到越後湯 澤站、GALA 湯澤站。價格為成人 10,000 日圓,兒 童 5,000 日圓。

TOURIST INFORMATION Transportation Cards/Useful Tickets 交通卡 / 划算的票券

In the Kansai (Osaka) area ICOCA or PiTaPa is available IC cards similar to Suica / PASMO.

Kansai Area Pass is valid for unlimited travel using ordinary non-reserved seats of JR-WEST local and rapid trains in the defined “Free Area.” Prices for adults are 2,300 yen (1-day), 4,500 yen (2-days), 5,500 yen (3-days), and 6,500 yen (4-days) when purchasing in Japan. When purchasing in other countries, prices are 2,200 yen (1-day), 4,300 yen (2-days), 5,300 yen (3-days), and 6,300 yen (4-days).

KINTETSU RAIL PASS offers unlimited rides on all Kintetsu Railway lines for five days. Fares to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Ise-Shima, and Nagoya are for a bargain. Price: 3,600 yen for adults when purchased outside Japan / 3,800 yen for adults purchased in Japan. Validity: To be used by Oct. 31, 2017. 在關西(大阪)地區有 ICOCA 和 PiTaPa 兩種 IC 卡扮演 著跟 Suica / PASMO 同樣的角色。 使用關西地區鐵路周遊券,可利用在自由區域內的 JR 普通列車(含快速列車)的普通車自由席隨意上下 車。在日本購買時,成人價格為 1 日用 2,300 日圓, 2 日用 4,500 日圓,3 日用 5,500 日圓,4 日用 6,500 日圓。在日本國外購買時,成人價格為 1 日用 2,200 日圓,2 日用 4,300 日圓,3 日用 5,300 日圓,4 日用 6,300 日圓。


Money Exchange 兌換 Exchanging non-Japanese currency for yen can be carried out at international airpor ts, and most major banks. At the airpor ts exchanging Japanese yen into foreign currency is also possible. At “World Currency Shop,” even after banks close their doors it is possible to exchange later in the day. 在機場或是都市銀行可兌換日幣,在機場也可將日圓 再兌換回外幣,在「World Currency Shop」即使超過 銀行的營業時間也辦理兌換業務。

ATMs You can withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs of some banks with credit cards or cash cards which were issued outside Japan. 有些銀行的提款機,可以用國外發行的信用卡或提款 卡提領日幣。

KDDI Super World Card with-guidance/swc/ NTT Communications World Pre-paid Card Brastel International Calling Service 博朗思特永恒智慧國際電話

Free Wi-Fi Service / 免費Wi-Fi服務 Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Japan Post Bank en_ias_index.html



Japanese coin & paper currency in circulation

By presenting your passport at designated locations, you can receive a card with an ID and password required for Wi-Fi Internet access. (More than 45,000 locations throughout the eastern Japan area.)

FREESPOT Registration with your email address in required only the first time when you request access. (About 1,000 locations in Tokyo.) Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

只需下載這個軟件,即可在主要的機場、車站、旅遊 景點、便利店等享受免費的 Wi-Fi 服務。 (2016 年 6 月 時,日本全國大約有 14.4 萬個熱點。)

Money / 貨幣

旅行支票可在很多家銀行換錢。而且,大都市的飯店 或旅館、商店,也可使用信用卡。雖然信用卡在城市

在日本國內的各個地方設置有公共電話,可使用國 內、國際電話的服務。使用 10 日圓、100 日圓的硬幣, 或者是電話卡(在便利商店等販賣,有 500 日圓、或 是 1,000 日圓) 。若要撥打國際電話,也可以使用電 話卡降低通話費。

By registering with this app, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi at major airport, stations, tourist spots, convenience stores, etc. (About 144,000 locations throughout Japan as of Jun. 2016.)

KINTETSU RAIL PASS 是能夠在 5 天內自由乘坐近 鐵全線的周遊券。前往大阪、奈良、京都、伊勢志摩以 及名古屋相當合算。在日本國外購買時,成人價格為 3,600 日圓;在日本購買時為 3,800 日圓。使用期限 至 2017 年 10 月 31 日。

You can cash traveler’s checks at many banks. Traveler’s checks can also be used at hotels, r yokan Japanese style hotels, and shops in big cities. Credit cards can be widely used in urban areas, but sometimes are not accepted at shops in rural areas.

you use a calling card when you make an international call, it can reduce your calling rate.

NTT 東日本免費 Wi-Fi

Telephone Service / 電話 Public telephones can be found almost everywhere in Japan and most can be used to make domestic and international calls. Only 10 or 100 yen coins can be used but all telephones take pre-paid telephone cards – purchase in convenience stores for 500 or 1,000 yen. If

Economical All-in-one Ticket Including Bus & Ferry 一張票即可乘坐巴士與渡船 A newly-built ship is launched in May 2017. 2017 年 5 月起,新造船啟航。

Tokyo Sta.

Sapporo Sta.

東京車站  札幌車站


需要在上網卡派發地點出示護照,即可獲取寫有賬 號和密碼的上網卡。 (在東日本地區有 4.5 萬個以上 的熱點。)


只需在第一次使用時登錄電子郵箱地址,登錄一次半 年有效。 (在東京都內約有 1,000 個熱點。)

tal n e R r a C s Sport 租跑車

One-way 9,900 yen (tax included) ~

單程 9990 日圓 (含稅)~

We c h a t


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Tourist Information

Getting Around in Osaka / 關西的交通

I Ichigaya Ichinoe Iidabashi Ikebukuro Inaricho Iriya Itabashi-honcho Itabashi-kuyakushomae Iwamotocho

H Hakusan Hamacho Hanzomon Hasune Hatchobori Heiwadai Hibiya Higashi-ginza Higashi-ikebukuro Higashi-koenji Higashi-nakano Higashi-nihombashi Higashi-ojima Higashi-shinjuku Hikarigaoka Hikawadai Hiro-o Honancho Hongo-sanchome Honjo-azumabashi Hon-komagome

G Gaiemmae Ginza Ginza-itchome Gokokuji Gotanda Gyotoku

F Funabori

E Ebisu Edogawabashi

D Daimon

C Chikatetsu-akatsuka Chikatetsu-narimasu

B Bakuro-yokoyama Baraki-nakayama

A Akabanebashi Akabane-iwabuchi Akasaka Akasaka-mitsuke Akebonobashi Akihabara Aoyama-itchome Asakusa Asakusabashi Awajicho Ayase Azabu-juban

N Nagatacho Nakai Naka-meguro Nakano Nakanobu Nakano-fujimicho Nakano-sakaue Nakano-shimbashi Naka-okachimachi Nerima Nerima-kasugacho Nezu Nihombashi Nijubashimae Ningyocho Nishidai Nishi-funabashi Nishigahara Nishi-kasai Nishi-magome Nishi-nippori Nishi-ojima

M Machiya Magome Meguro Meiji- jingumae Minami-asagaya Minami-gyotoku Minami-senju Minami-sunamachi Minowa Mita Mitsukoshimae Mizue Monzen-nakacho Morishita Motohasunuma Motoyawata Myoden Myogadani

K Kachidoki Kagurazaka Kamiyacho Kanamecho Kanda Kasai Kasuga Kasumigaseki Kayabacho Kiba Kikukawa Kinshicho Kita-ayase Kita-sando Kita-senju Kiyosumi-shirakawa Kodemmacho Kojimachi Kokkai-gijidomae Kokuritsu-kyogijo Komagome Korakuen Kotake-mukaihara Kudanshita Kuramae Kyobashi

J Jimbocho

Tokyo Subway Map

O Ochanomizu Ochiai Ochiai-minami-nagasaki Ogawamachi Ogikubo Oji Oji-kamiya Ojima Omote-sando Onarimon

Nishi-shinjuku Nishi-shinjuku-gochome Nishi-sugamo Nishi-takashimadaira Nishi-waseda Nogizaka S Sakuradamon Sendagi Sengakuji Sengoku Senkawa Shibakoen Shibuya Shimbashi Shimo

R Roppongi Roppongi-itchome Ryogoku

Oshiage Otemachi

Shimura-sakaue Shimura-sanchome Shin-egota Shin-itabashi Shinjuku Shinjuku-gyoemmae Shinjuku-nishiguchi Shinjuku-sanchome Shin-kiba Shin-koenji Shin-nakano Shin-ochanomizu Shin-okachimachi Shin-otsuka Shinozaki Shin-takashimadaira Shintomicho Shiodome

T Takadanobaba Takanawadai Takaracho Takashimadaira Takebashi Tameike-sanno Tatsumi Tawaramachi Tochomae

Shirokanedai Shirokane-takanawa Suehirocho Sugamo Suidobashi Suitengumae Sumiyoshi

U Uchisaiwaicho Ueno Ueno-hirokoji Ueno-okachimachi Urayasu Ushigome-kagurazaka

Todaimae Togoshi Tokyo Toranomon Toshimaen Toyocho Toyosu Tsukiji Tsukijishijo Tsukishima

Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. Approved (Approval Number 25-A005)

Z Zoshigaya

Y Yotsuya Yotsuya-sanchome Yoyogi Yoyogi-koen Yoyogi-uehara Yurakucho Yushima

W Wakamatsu-kawada Wakoshi Waseda


Musashi-Sakai 武蔵境


Kichijoji 吉祥寺

Saginomiya 鷺ノ宮

Nerima 練馬

Nishi-Ogikubo 西荻窪

Ogikubo 荻窪

Asagaya 阿佐ヶ谷 Koenji 高円寺

Kamiitabashi 上板橋

Shin-Okubo 新大久保

Mejiro 目白

Ikebukuro 池袋

Sugamo 巣鴨

Kami-Nakazato 上中里 Otsuka 大塚

Oji 王子 Oku 尾久

to Toneri


Chuo Line Suidobashi Okachimachi 御徒町 水道橋

Ueno Park

Ueno P37-MAP9


Uguisudani 鶯谷 Asakusa P37-MAP6 Ueno 上野 Akihabara P37-MAP8

i ise Ke

e Lin

Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋

Mikawashima 三河島

Toden Arakaw a

Kumanomae 熊野前

Nippori-toneri Liner

Komagome Tabata 駒込 田端 Nishi-Nippori 西日暮里 Nippori 日暮里

Takasaki Line / Utsunomiya Line

to Omiya

Yamanote Ikebukuro Line P36-MAP13

Itabashi 板橋

Saikyo Line

Waseda 早稲田

to Kawagoe

Shimoitabashi 下板橋


Takadanobaba 高田馬場

Higashi-Nakano 東中野 Okubo 大久保

Nakano 中野

For more information on the Nakano and Suginami area, please visit page18-21

Kamishakujii 上石神井

Toshimaen 豊島園

Toj o

to Abiko

Nakayama 中山

to Odawara

Yokohama Line

Kamoi 鴨居


to Chuo-rinkan

Nagatsuta 長津田

Tokaichiba 十日市場

Higashi-Kanagawa Yokohama 東神奈川 横浜 Yokohama Station P36-MAP15

Kozukue 小机

Shin-Yokohama 新横浜

Kikuna 菊名

Shin-Koyasu 新子安

Oguchi 大口


To k

Keikyu-Kawasaki 京急川崎

Lin e

Asakusabashi 浅草橋

Haneda Airport Terminal 1 羽田空港第1ビル

Kawasakishimmachi Keikyu Dais Haneda Airport hi Line International Terminal 川崎新町 羽田空港国際線ビル Hama-Kawasaki Kojimashinden Hatchonawate 羽田空港国際線ターミナル 浜川崎 小島新田 八丁畷 Kokudo Showa 国道 Musashi-Shiraishi 昭和 武蔵白石 Anzen Tsurumiono Ogimachi 安善 鶴見小野 扇町 Tsurumi 鶴見



To yo ko

to Narita Airport

to Chiba

Central Tokyo


Maihama 舞浜

Kasairinkaikoen 葛西臨海公園

to Soga

Shin-Koiwa 新小岩

Arakawa River

Hirai 平井

Tobu Kameido Line

Oshiage (SKYTREE) 押上(スカイツリー前)

Hikifune 曳船 Asakusa TOKYO SKYTREE 浅草 東京スカイツリー

Sumidagawa River

Minami-Senju 南千住


Ushida 牛田 Keisei Sekiya 京成関屋 to


Ichigaya Ochanomizu Iidabashi Akihabara 市ヶ谷 御茶ノ水 飯田橋 秋葉原 Ryogoku Kinshicho Kameido Yotsuya Kanda Shinjuku Bakurocho 両国 錦糸町 亀戸 四ッ谷 神田 Marunouchi/ Shinanomachi 新宿 馬喰町 Ryogoku Meidaimae Imperial Shimo-takaido 信濃町 Shin-Nihombashi Sendagaya P37-MAP7 e to Chitose-karasuyama Keio Line Palace 明大前 下高井戸 新日本橋 u Lin 千駄ヶ谷 Fuchu Sob 千歳烏山 P37-MAP10 Shinjuku Etchujima Yurakucho P38-MAP1 Yoyogi Tokyo Hatchobori 越中島 有楽町 Chofu 代々木 東京 八丁堀 Roppongi Keiyo Line 調布 Harajuku Shimo-kitazawa Shimbashi Akasaka Shiomi 原宿 下北沢 新橋 P38-MAP4 Harajuku 潮見 Ginza Hamamatsucho Toyosu e Inaginaganuma P38-MAP2 P37-MAP11 Kei yu Lin Kyodo k 浜松町 a 豊洲 o d 稲城長沼 O Ino Shibuya Shibuya 経堂 kas Yanokuchi hira 渋谷 Seijogakuenmae Yurikamome Line P38-MAP3 L Tamachi i n 矢野口 成城学園前 e 田町 Kokusai-tenjijo Ebisu Rinkai Line Inagi Nakanoshima Shin-Kiba Sangen-jaya 国際展示場 Ebisu Daikanyama Ariake Naka-meguro 稲城 中野島 新木場 Tokyu 三軒茶屋 Inadazutsumi P38-MAP5 有明 恵比寿 Odaiba-Kaihinkoen 中目黒 Setagaya Line 稲田堤 お台場海浜公園 e to n Li Meguro Hashimoto shi Noborito Daiba Shinagawa 目黒 ntoGakugei-daigaku e 登戸 n Shukugawara 台場 品川 De Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon u 学芸大学 宿河原 Gotanda ky Futako-tamagawa Musashi-koyama 国際展示場正門 To Tennozu-Isle 五反田 Aomi 二子玉川 武蔵小山 天王洲アイル 青海 Osaki to Jiyugaoka Tsudayama Tokyu Meguro Line Karakida Kuji 大崎 自由が丘 Tokyo Teleport Ookayama 津田山 Odaiba Tamagawa 久地 東京テレポート Shin-Yurigaoka Hatanodai Odakyu 大岡山 Tokyu P36-MAP12 River Oimachi 新百合ヶ丘 旗の台 Tama Line Oimachi Line Musashi-Mizonokuchi 大井町 Musashi-Shinjo Den-en-chofu Nishi-Oi 武蔵溝の口 to e 武蔵新城 田園調布 yu Lin Tokyo Monorail Machida 西大井 Tok gami Tamagawa nsen Ike Tokyo Port Omori 多摩川 ido Shinka ka To Odakyu 大森 Musashi-Nakahara Tama-plaza 東京港 ne Li Odawara Line Yokosuka Saginuma 武蔵中原 たまプラーザ Musashi-Kosugi 鷺沼 Mukaigawara 向河原 Ikegami Kodomonokuni 武蔵小杉 池上 こどもの国 Kamata Hirama 平間 Azamino Hiyoshi 蒲田 あざみ野 日吉 Tokyu Kashimada Tokyu ShinTamagawa Line 鹿島田 Kodomonokuni Kawasaki Keikyu-Kamata Haneda Airport Line Aobadai Yako 矢向 Tsunashima 新川崎   京急蒲田 羽田空港 Haneda Airport Terminal 2 青葉台 Kawasaki Shitte 綱島 Tenkubashi Kei 羽田空港第2ビル 川崎 kyu 尻手 天空橋 K

MusashiKoganei 武蔵小金井

Mitaka 三鷹

Seibu Shinjuku Line

Tanashi 田無

to Higashi-Koganei Tachikawa 東小金井

Hanakoganei 花小金井

to Hon-Kawagoe

Seibu Ikebukuro Line

Shakujiikoen 石神井公園

Tob u

Ke Toh ihin o Lin ku e

to Narimasu


e an

Lin Job

Ts u Exp kuba res s

ki Lin Tobu


O Ke ise i

Hibarigaoka ひばりヶ丘



Tok a

ine sh iag eL

to Seibu-Chichibu


b am


26. Complete Map of Kansai Area 関西全図

23. Kobe / Sannomiya 神戸 / 三宮 Mt. Hiei

Hankyu Kobe Line




Seishin-Yamate Line

Lake Biwa

JR Kobe Line Hanshin Line

Tokaido Shinkansen Hankyu Kyoto Line

Ikuta Jinja Shrine

Osaka International Airport


Kenchomae Sta.


ad er Ro Flow

JR Kansai Line JR Sakurai Line Kintetsu Kashihara Line

Kobe Airport Sakai

Osaka Bay

Sunroute Sopra Kobe Boeki Center Sta.

Kobe City Hall Motomachi Sta.Kyukyoryuchi-Daimarumae Sta. 元町駅 Daimaru Dept. Nankin-machi Higashi (China Town) Yuenchi Kobe City Park Museum

Nara Kintetsu Ikoma Line


oad Tor R

Sannomiya Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution

JR Sakurai Line

ji -su awa Koik


Osaka/Umeda Osaka Castle



Hyogo Prefectual Government

JR Katamachi Line Kintetsu Kyoto Line Kintetsu Nara Line

M-INT KOBE Apa Hotel Sannomiya Sta.三宮駅 Kobe-Sannomiya Sogo Kobe Kobe Kokusai Marui San Plaza Kaikan Center Plaza SannomiyaHanadokeimae Sta.


Don Quijote

JR Nara Line

Sanyo Shinkansen

Hankyu Kobe Line

1. Misono

Hotel Montrey Kobe the b kobe

Keihan Main Line

Arima Onsen



Tokyu Hands

Hankyu Takarazuka Line

Mt. Rokko

Chuo Ward Office

Kaigan Line

Minato-motomachi Sta.

Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line

Nankai Main Line

Kansai International Airport

Nankai Koya Line

Kintetsu Nagano Line

Kintetsu Yoshino Line

Kobe Maritime Museum

27. Osaka / Kita 大阪 / キタ Nakatsu Sta.

24. Nara 奈良 JR Kyoto Line

Ramada Hotel Osaka Hearton Hotel Kita-Umeda

Tanimachi Line

Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Sta.

Mainichi T.V. Hotel Hankyu Loft International Nakazakicho Sta. NU chayamachi Hotel New Hankyu JR Circle Line Shin-Umeda City Grand Hankyu Umeda Umeda Front Osaka Sta. Temma Sta. Sky Bldg. HEP FIVE Kids Plaza Osaka Osaka HEP NAVIO The Westin Yodobashi Ogimachi Ogimachi Don Quijote Osaka Camera Osaka Sta. Hankyu Sta. Park ドン・キホーテ Osaka Station City 大阪駅 Dept. Osaka Tokyu Rei Hotel Umeda i dor chima Ogi Sta. Sakaisuji Daimaru Dept. Don Quijote ドン・キホーテ Line Hanshin Dept. Hotel Higashi-Umeda Sta. E-MA Granvia Hilton Hotel Osaka Osaka HERBIS Nishi-Umeda Sta. Temmangu PLAZA Kita-Shinchi Sta. Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine Minami- Sta. morimachi The Ritz Carlton Yotsubashi 2. Misono JR Tozai Line Line Hotel Sta. Osaka みその Hanshin American Cousulate General 1. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE ANA Crowne Fukushima アウトバックステーキハウス Midosuji Plaza Osaka Line Keihan Sta. Osaka Suntory Hanshin Nakanoshima Temmangu Line Line Oebashi Shrine Watanabebashi Sta. Osaka Sta. Dojima River Festival City Hall Tower Tosabori River Naniwabashi Sta. Yodoyabashi Nakanoshima Park Nakanoshima Sta. Sta. Kitahama Higobashi Sta. Sta. Rihga Royal Hotel


28. Osaka / Minami 大阪 / ミナミ

Shinsaibashi Sta. Hotel Nikko Osaka

Hanshin Expressway

Yotsubashi Sta.

Horie Park

Shinsaibashi OPA Big Step Apple Store

Korean Consular General Don Quijote


Shinsaibashi Shopping Center Tokyu Hands

Louis Vuitton


Namba Sta.

att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Kasuga-taisha Shrine Wakamiya Shrine

Gango-ji Temple

Kyobate Sta.

JR Sakurai Line ゲストハウス 中今

Ark Hotel Hakata Royal

Confort Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi

Chuo Indoor Swimming Pool Osaka Fujiya Hotel

CROSS HOTEL Ebisubashi

Daiei Shoppers Fukuoka Mina Tenjin

Don Quijote


Swissôtel Nankai, Osaka Nankai Namba Sta. Namba Parks

Nankai Line

Sakaisuji Line

Kintetsu Line

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Hotel Okura Fukuoka IP Hotel Fukuoka Hakozaki Line

Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka

Gofukumachi Sta.

Da iha kudo ri


Kuko Line

Reisen Park Nakasu Kawabata Sta. Don Quijote


Kushida Shrine

oro i-D uta Kok

Gion Sta.

Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu Hakata Nakasu Acros Wahington Hotel Plaza Hakata Ward Office Tenjin Sta. 天神駅 Best Fukuoka Canal City Theater Tenjin Core Vivre Denki Tenjin Toyoko Inn Nishitetsu Central Park Hakata Nishi Nakasu Grand Hotel Nishitetsu IMS Fukuoka Canal City Fukuoka City Office Grand Hyatt Iwataya Fukuoka Washington Hotel Daimaru Dept. Fukuoka Hotel Annex Sta. El Gala Canal City Il Palazzo Iwataya Dept. Kego MitsukoshiTenjin Minami Sta. Solaria Plaza Park Dept. BIC Camera Tenjin Loft Kego Shrine Hotel Naka River Hokke Club Fukuoka Sumiyoshi Shrine Nishitetsu BiVi Tenjin-Omura Line Canadian Consulate Fukuoka Watanabe-dori sta. Kyushu Hotel New Otani Hakata ri Electric Takakura Hotel Fukuoka hi-do Power Sun Selco Sumiyos i dor

Midosuji Line

Nara National Museum Nara Park


Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting

Daimaru Dept.


Yotsubashi Line

Kofuku-ji Temple

Sarusawa-no-ike Pond

Suzaki Park

Nagahoribashi Sta.

National Bunraku Hozen-ji Temple Theatre Osaka Shochikuza Namba Sta. Nipponbashi BIC Camera Sta. Namba Oriental Hotel Namba Marui Namba Takashimaya Grand Kagetsu Dept. Don Quijote

Osaka Prefectual Gymnasium


Nara Sta.

Isui-en Garden

abe tan Wa

att. Maps

Hanshin Line

JR Line

Kintetsu Nara Sta.

Nara Prefectual Office

Fukuoka Museum of Art

Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi Line

Signboard of Glico

River Place

JR 難波駅

Todai-ji Temple Kintetsu Nara Line

25. Fukuoka 福岡

Sennichi-mae Line

OCAT JR Namba Sta.

Mt. Wakakusa

Keihan Line

Osaka International Convention Center

Nishiohashi Sta.


JR Kansai Line

Me ijido ri

Nakatsu Sta.

Sho wa -do ri

Hankyu Line

Meriken Hotel Ookura Kobe Park

JR Wakayama Line

Rinku Town

Port Liner

Hanshin Expressway No.3 Kobe-line

Kintetsu Osaka Line

Yakuin Sta. NishitetsuStore

Nanakuma Line

20. Hiroshima 広島

17. Kannai-Motomachi 関内、元町

Futabayama Ryokuchi

Bashamichi Sta. Honcho-dori

Shukkeien Garden

Hiroshima Prefectual Art Museum

Hiroshima Green Arena Hiroshima Museum of Art

Via Inn Hiroshima

Kencho-mae Sta.

Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima SOGO A-Bomb Dome

Hiroshima Sta.

JAL City Hiroshima

Hiroshima Prefectural Office


Rijo-do ri

Hiroshima Ciry Comics Library

Heiwa -odori

Naka Ward Office

Hiroshima Ciry Museum of Contemporary Art Hijiyama Park

Fuji Grand

Hiroshima City Hall

21. Sapporo 札幌

18. Nagoya Station 名古屋駅 Namboku Line

Hokkaido Univ.

JR Hakodate Line

Sapporo Sta.

Century Royal Hotel

JR Tower BIC Camera

Sapporo Grand Hotel Tonan Hospital Sapporo TV Chuo Police Station

NHK TV Tower

Hokkaido Electric Power

Tozai Line

Odori Sta.

Odori Park Nishi 4-chome Hotel Okura Sapporo

Tokyu Hands Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo Apa Hotel Sapporo St. Arche Chuo-Kuyakusho-mae ji Shopping Tanukiko

Marui Imai Mitsukoshi Dept. Dept. PARCO Don Quijote



Nagoya Marunouchi Sta. International Center Sakura-dori Bank of Matsuzakaya Japan Sakura-dori Line Dept. Dainogoya Bldg. Takashimaya Hotel Kokusai Center Sta. Dept. Castle Plaza Nagoya BIC Camera Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Sta. Higashiyama Line 名古屋駅 MIDLAMD Meitetsu SQUARE Meitetsu Nishiki-dori Dept. New Grand Fushimi Sta. Kintetsu Pass’e Hotel Meitetsu Grand Hotel Nagoya Kanko Hotel Hirokoji-dori YAMADA DENKI Taiko-dori Richmond Hotel Hilton NagoyaMisonoza Nagoya Nayabashi

Sapporo Tobu Hotel

Tanuki koji

Nagoya Marunouchi Tokyu Inn

Hotel Associa Nagoya Terminal Royal Park Inn Nagoya


Nishi juitchome Sta. Nishi 8-chome

Municipal Streetcar

Sapporo Factory

Clock Tower City Office

Tsurumai Line

Nagoya Lucent Tower Hotel Sunroute Nagoya

ANA Hotel Sapporo New Otani Inn Sapporo Hotel Montrey Edelhof United Cinema Sapporo

Hotel Hokke Club Sapporo

Aichi Prefectural Library


Hokkaido Pref. Gov. Office Former Hokkaido Hokkaido Gov. Office Bldg. Pref. Police Headquarters

Sapporo Prince Hotel Chuo Ward Office Shiseikan Shogakko-mae Chuo Fire Station

Hotel Montrey Sapporo

Loft Tokyu Dept. Seibu Dept. Sapporo Sta.

Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Noritake Museum Noritake Garden Craft Center Sotobori-dori ori i-d iek Me

Daimaru Dept.

Shin Nagoya Musical Theatre Shirakawa Park

Toho Line

Susukino Susukino Sta. LAFILER Sapporo Tokyu Inn

Hotel Ronshan Sapporo Hosui Susukino Sta.

22. Sendai 仙台

19. Nagoya/Sakae 名古屋 / 栄


Itsutsu-bashi Sta. Tsurumai Line

Osu Kannon

Wakamiya-d ori Wakamiya-d Nagoya Ex pressway ori

Meijo Line

Kamimaezu Sta.

att. JAPAN


att. Maps

Osu Kannon Sta. Tohoku Univ. Zuiho-ji Temple

Daini Fuji Hotel


Tozai Line JR Tohoku Shinkansen

Aoba Castle

Takaoka Sta.

Otsu-dor i

Sendai Sta.

Mae zu-d ori

Sendai Sta.

Isemach i-dori

Aobadori Sta. Aoba-dori Ichibancho Sta.


Omachi Nishi-koen Sta.

Hirose-dori Sta.

Gofukum achi-dor i

ori Bansui-d

Internatonal Center Sta.

Nagoya Plaza Inn



ori ncho-d Kokubu

Don Quijote


-dori Jozenji


Kotodai-koen Sta.

Hisaya-odori Sta.

Nagoya TV Tower Tokai Television Broadcasting Telepia NHK ri i-do Higashiyama Line Fukuromach Don Quijote OASIS 21 Aichi Arts ドン・キホーテ Center 1. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE i dor hoigec osh Mot Nishiki-dori Chubu Electric アウトバックステーキハウス Mitsui Urban Hotel Power International Sakae Sta. Naka Ward Office Nagoya Fushimi Sta. Hotel Nagoya Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi MARUEI Hirokoji-dori Tokyu Inn Nagoya Chunichi Dept. Dept. Tokyu Hotel Bldg. Nagoya LACHIC MELSA Iriemachi-dori Washington Mitsukura-dori Hotel Plaza Princess Garden Hotel Kawara-dori NADYA Matsuzakaya Hotel Centmain Shirakawa-dori PARK Dept. Nagoya Shirakawa Nagoya City Park Science Museum Yaba-cho Sta. Parco Nagoya City Art Museum Bank of Japan

Hirose River

Sakura-dori Line


Nagoya Marunouchi Tokyu Inn dori Marunouchi Sta. Sakura-

Namboku Line


Tokyo Dome Hotel Sapporo

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo


Yodobashi Camera

Botanical Garden of Hokkaido Univ.

Kanagawa Pref. Government Yokohama Archives Office of History Minato-odori Sta. Silk Center Tourist Information Center SangyoBoeki Yam ash Yamashita Park Center Kanagawa ita Kannai Sta. Yokohama Kenmin Hall KoenYokohama Doll dor Municipal Subway KAAT Kanagawa Museum i Hotel Moterey Arts Theatre Blue Line Ono Hotel New Grand Yokohama Naka Ward Royal Hall ech Kagacho Office Kannai Sta. o- d Yokohama Minato Yokohama Marine Tower ori Yokohama Park Police 関内駅 Rose Hotel Mirai Line Station Mielparque Yokohama Yokohama Yokohama City Hall Yokohama ri Odori agai-odo Studium uk Ch YWCA Park MotomachiChina Town Hotel Yokohama Chukagai Sta. Garden dori KanteibyoHotel Wing MEGA Don Quijote ine MEGA ドン・キホーテ International L ba Kari Kannai 3 # KKR Porthill way Yokohama ress Yokohama Chuo Hospital Exp ri awa chi-do g Yokohama a n a a K m Yokohama Foreign o Cultural Gymnasium Mot General Cemetery Ishikawacho Sta. Ferris Univ. 石川町駅 Yokohama International School Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall

ri Ichiba-do

Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Don Quijote Ana Crown Plaza ドン・キホーテ Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall Oriental for the A-Bomb Victims Mitsui Garden Hotel Hiroshima Comfort Hotel Hotel Hiroshima Hiroshima

Hon cho -do ri

Rd. on-silk Minamim

Memorial Cathedral Tokyu for World Peace Hands Hiroshima Grand Hacchobori Sta. Intelligent Hotel Fukuya Hon-dori Sta. Aioi-dori BIC Camera Mitsukoshi Yamada Denki LABI Hiroshima Railway

Ben ten -do ri

Nish imo n-d ori

Toyoko Inn

Osambashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

Osa mb ash i-do ri

Hiroshima High Court

Hiroshima Castle

Port of Yokohama

Zou-no-hana Tettace

Kaig andor i

Monzenmach i-dori

Chuo Park

Kanagawa Pref. Museum of Cultural History

Bas ham ichi Kan naiodo ri Kan nai sak ura -do ri

Yu hua Garden

Gion S hindo

Johoku Sta.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Akaremga Soko)

Ban kok uba shidor i

JR Sanyo Shinkansen JR Sanyo Line

Min ato -od ori Nih onodo ri

Astram Line


A. Yokohama Subway Map

12. Odaiba お台場 Azamino Kita Yamata

Yokohama Shiei Subway Green Line JR Line

u Toky



Center Minami


Private Railways



Mutually Served Area (Tokyu Toyoko Line - Minato Mirai 21 Line)

Kawawacho Tsuzuki Fureai no Oka

Hiyoshi Honcho



oL ine

Katakuracho Mitsuzawa-Kamicho

u Lin

u Izu mino

To ky uT oy ok






Sote ts

Mitsuzawa-Shimocho Tokaido/Yokosuka Line

Sh im o Tat iida eb a Na ka d Od a ori ba a Line





Kaminagaya Konan Chuo

Museum of Maritime Science


Bandobashi Kamiooka Gumyoji

Maita Negishi(Keihin-Tohoku)Line

Ofuna Yokosuka Line

Keikyu Line

15. Yokohama Station 横浜駅

Fukutoshin Line

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel &Towers

Yokohama VIVRE Kokusai Hotel Daiei Don Quijote

Yokohama Bay Quarter

Minatomirai Sports Park

Marui City


Yokohama Plaza Hotel

JR Tokaido Line

Shi n-Y oko ham a-d ori

Hiranumabashi Sta.

JR Negishi Line

Shin-takashima Sta. Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall

Nissan Yokohama Bldg.

Super Autobacs

Keikyu Line

Takashimacho Sta.

YOKOHAMA i-MARK PLACE Yokohama Media Tower Leaf Minatomirai

Zoshigaya Cemetery Kishimojin Temple Toei Arakawa Line

Mejiro Sta.

Zoshigaya Sta. Kishibojim mae Sta.


14. Complete Map of Yokohama 横浜全図 Azamino Kodomonokuni Line

Rinko Park

-dori Suzukaze M.M.

Yokohama Cosmo World

6 te 1 Rou

ka iji-za Mom

Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

Nippon Maru Yokohama Port Museum

Kishamichi Promnade

Tourist Information Center


Kanagawa Pref. Museum of Cultural History


att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Hon cho -do ri


Kekyu Line


Keikyu-Tsurumi JR Tsurumi Line

Tokaido Shinkansen Sotetsu Line



JR Tokaido, Yokosuka, Shonan-Shinjuku Line Sotetsu Izumino Line

Minarto Mirai Line

Sakuragicho Kannai

Motomachi -Chukagai

Keikyu Line


Red Brick Park

Kaig andor i

Kawasaki Kikuna



JICA Yokohama

Navios Yokohama

Yokohama No. 2 Joint Government Office 桜木町駅 Yokohama Sakuragicho Sakuragicho Sta. Washington Hotel Bashamichi Sta.

JR Negishi Line

JR Yokohama Line

Yokohama World Porters

Bas ham ichi

att. Maps

Yokohama Landmark Tower


Tsurumi River


JR Nambu Line


Tokyu Toyoko Line


Shinko Pier Passenger Terminal

Ban kok uba shidor i

i dor ai-o Mir ato Min

Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

Queen’s Square Yokohama

Center Kita

Center Minami

Tokyu Denentoshi Line

ri i-do usa Kok

Towers YOKOHAMA Port of Yokohama i-MARK PLACE Yokohama Keiyu Exhibition Hall Leaf Media Tower Hospital Pacifico Yokohama Minatomirai Yokohama National Convention Hall ri Anpanman Minato Mirai Sta. of Yokohama -do o h Ic Children’s Inter Continental Museum Yokohama MARK IS MinatoYokohama Yokohama Grand Mirai Hall & Mall Museum of Art

Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo

Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line


Shin-takashima Minato Mirai Line Sta.

ri -do ura Sak

Higashi-ikebukuro Sta. Higashi-ikebukuro-yonchome Sta. Toden zoshigaya Sta.

M.M. Towers

16. Minato Mirai 21 みなとみらい 21

i dor aki- Yokohama Key Royal Park Hotel

Sunshine City

Minami Ikebukuro Park

2. Yebiya

← to Yokoze

Marunouchi Line

Sunshine City Prince Hotel

Tokyu Hands

Seibu Ikebukuro Line

Minato Mirai Line

-dori Suzukaze

Don Quijote

Ark Hotel Tokyo



Jiyugakuen Myonichikan

Marinos Town

Sotetsu Line

BIC Camera Hotel PARCO LABI 1 Grand City Central Store

Takashima Suisaisen Park

Sogo Dept.



Tobu Dept.

Ikebukuro Sta. Ikebukuro Tokyo Sta. Metropolitan 池袋駅 Theatre Metropolitan Plaza Seibu Dept. Hotel Metropolitan

Rikkyo Univ.

JR Yamanote Line


Ikebukuro Sta. Marui

Yurakucho Line

Takashimaya 横浜駅 Dept. Yokohama Sta. Lumine Sotetsu Joinus

Hotel The b Dai-ichi Inn Ikebukuro Toshima Ikebukuro City Office

Royal Hotel

Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

Yodobashi Camera More’s Tokyu Hands Tourist Information Center

Shuto Expressway

JR Saikyo Line Tobu Tojo Line

Keikyu Line

Kanagawa Sta.

Tokyu Toyoko Line

Hotel Plumm

Ferry Futo Park

13. Ikebukuro 池袋 JR Lines

Hotel Camelot Japan

Ariake Nishi Futo Park

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Aomi (Miraikan) Frontier Bldg. Time Telecom Center Sta. 24 Telecom Center Bldg. Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Spring



Tokaido Line Fujisawa

Zepp Tokyo MEGA WEB VenusFort(2-3F) VenusFort Family(1F) Tokyo International Exchange Center

Shiokaze Park Fune-no-kagakukan Sta.




Odakyu Enosh im

West Promenade



Ariake Sta. The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR Panasonic Ariake Park Clean Tokyo Bay Center Center Bldg. Ariake East Promenade Washington Ariake Hotel Museum of Fronteir TFT Water Science TFT EAST Bldg. WING WEST Kokusai- Tokyo Big Sight WING tenjijoCenter seimon Sta.

Decks Tokyo Beach Odaiba-kaihinkoen Sta. Tokyo JOYPOLIS Aqua City Daiba Frontier Mediage Bldg. Hotel Nikko Promenade Tokyo Tokyo Fuji TV Yurikamome Line Teleport Ferris Wheel Daiba Sta. Mizu no Sta. Hiroba Park DiverCity Grand Pacific Palette Town Tokyo Plaza Le Daiba Aomi Sta. Tokyo Leisureland

Keikyu Line





Rinkai Line

Ariake Tennis no mori Park Kokusai-tenjijo Sta.

Ariake Sports Center

Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Park

Kita Shin-Yokoyama


o Tokaid


Ariake Collosseum


Shin-Yokohama Yamato

Rainbow Promenade

Daiba Park


Center Kita

Meiji-do ri

Minato Mirai 21 Line


Lin toshi

Higashi Yamata


Nagatsuta Yok oha ma L

way igh an H ang yo W Tok

Yokohama Shiei Subway Blue Line

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Akarenga Soko)


JR Negishi (Keihin-Tohoku) Line


Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line


Odakyu Enoshima Line Seaside Line

To Odawara/Hakone  Fujisawa


JR Tokaido Line Enoden Line


JR Yokosuka Line

Kita-Kamakura Kanazawahakkei Kamakura Zushi Shin-Zushi Yokosuka


Tamagawa River

9. Ueno 上野

6. Asakusa 浅草 Kita-senju JR Lines

Sakura Hostel

Ueno Sta. 上野駅

Ueno-no-mori (Ueno Royal) Museumu Benten-do Shrine

Taito City Office

atré Ueno

Ameyoko S hopping St.

Suehiro Engeijo Theater

Ginza Line

Marui City

Shin-okachimachi Sta.


Ginza Line

Takebashi Sta. The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Eastern Garden of the Imperial Garden

Asakusa Shrine

Umamic hi-dori

1. GONPACHI Azuma 権八

Asakusa Sta.


Sumida River

Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Ginza Line

Komagata Bridge

Shin-okachimachi Kuramae Sta.

Kuramae Sta.

Umaya Bridge

Asahi Breweries Ltd.

Toei Asakusa Line Sumida Industry and Tourism Honjo-azumabashi Sta. Information Center Sumida City Point


Toei Oedo Line

Asakusabashi Kuramae Bridge

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park


Yokoamicho Park Kyu-Yasuda Garden Ryogoku Kokugikan Edo-Tokyo Museum The Sumida Hokusai Museum Ryogoku Sta.

Asakusabashi Ryogoku Tourist Information Center

Azuma Bridge


Show a-do ri

See Asakusa Map Asakusa Sta.

Tobu Skytree Line (Tobu Isesaki Line)

Sumida Heritage Museum TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® Sumida Park Keisei Kitajikken TOKYO Oshiage Sumida City Office SKYTREE River Line Sta. Oshiage Sta. Azumabashi (SKYTREE) Tourist Information Center

Tobu Asakusa Sta.

Tawaramachi Sta.

o aid oK Mit

Kototoi Bridge

Senso-ji Temple

Tsukuba Express

Kanda Sta.

Hanzomon Line

Kinshicho Sta.

JR Sobu Line Keiyo-doro

Ryogoku Sta.

8. Akihabara 秋葉原

Shiodome Siosite Dentsu

Caretta Shiodome

Tsukijishijo Sta. Asahi Shimbun

Shiodome Tokyo Shiodome Bldg. Sta. Conrad Hotel Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg. Hamarikyu Teien (Gardens) Tsukiji River Villa Fontane Kai gan -do ri

Toei Oedo Line

Shuto Expressway

Ginza Line

Fire Station


Tsukuba Express

Don Quijote





Akihabara UDX Bldg.

Fuji Soft Bldg.

Akihabara Cross Field


JR Sobu Line



Shohei-bashi Bridge JR Chuo Line



Kanda Myojin Shrine

Hibiya Line

Akihabara Sta.

AKKY Dai Biru Bldg.

Yodobashi Camera Laox EDION

Mansei-bashi Bridge

Takarada Musen Radio Kaikan

att. Maps

Shimbashi Shiodome Sta. City Center

Sh inoh ash i-d ori

Yurikamome Line

JR Lines

Suehirocho Sta. Chiyoda Line

Sh ow a-d ori

ori i-d rum Ha

Sot ob Son ori-d Nis Na y-do ori hi- mik ri go i-d Suz -bang ori Az ura aium n-d dor a-d o i ori Chu ri o- d ori

Hibi ya-d ori

Hibiya Park Kotsu Kaikan The Peninsula Tokyo Yurakucho Sta. Shut 有楽町駅 Bldg. Tokyo o Exp Ginza-itchome Sta. ressw Yurakucho Takarazuka Hibiya Sta. Toho ay Twin Tower ITOCiA MARRONIER Theater Mercure Hotel GATE GINZA Yurakucho HANKYU MEN’S Nissei Ginza Tokyo Marion TOKYO Theatre Marunouchi Line Melsa 2 Hibiya Hotel Monterey LUMINE YURAKUCHO Chanter Ginza Yurakucho Line Ma 1. Misono t s uya Matsuya Dept. みその Ginza Sta. -do Imperial Hotel Wako ri TOKYU PLAZA M Chiyoda Line Mitsukoshi Dept. GINZA iyuk San-ai Shintomicho Sta. Toei i-d JR Yamanote Line, ori Ginza Core Asakusa Line Keihin-Tohoku New Melsa Line ri Higashi-ginza Sta. -do Ginza Koj Ginza ara Kabukiza Recruit Nikko Hotel uns Six Mih Theatre haori dor i-d Ginza Grand Hotel i Ginza Line ise e H Ginza Kokusai Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Tokyo Ginza Hotel Hakuhinkan Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Shimbashi Shimbashi Tsukiji Sta. Sta. Enbujo Don Quijote Hibiya Line Theatre Shimbashi ドン・キホーテ Sta.

Dai ichi -Ke ihin

Kaminari-mon Gate Asakusa Tourist Information Center

Sumida Park

Waterbus Sta. (Asakusa Pier)

Kita-senju Asakusa Sta.

Shut oE Kiyosu xpressw mi-do ay ri

Kanda Police Station

Ogawamachi Sta. Awajicho Sta.


do ri


7. Ryogoku 両国



Yas uku ni-

Tobu Asakusa Sta.

Toei Asakusa Line


i da

Jimbocho Hanzomon Sta.

11. Ginza 銀座

Media Tower Park Hotel

Hotel Sunroute Asakusa

Toei Oedo Line

Chiyoda Indian City Office Embassy Nippon Budokan Hall Science Kitanomaru Park Museum

Royal Park Shiodome Tower

Ginza Line

Asakusa Public Hall

Komagata Bridge

Nihombashi Mitsui Tower Mitsukoshi Yomiuri Dept. Shimbun Japan Bank Otemachi Palace Hotel Otemachi Mitsukoshi-mae Bldg. Sta. Tozai Line Sta. Shin-Marubiru Marunouchi Imperial Palace COREDO Oazo Nihombashi Tokyo Nihombashi National Sta. Sta. Theatre Tokyo Sta. Nijubashimae Sta. Takashimaya Supreme 東京駅 Daimaru Marubiru Dept. Dept. KITTE Court (Marunouchi Bldg.) JNTO Tourist Imperial Palace Information Tokyo Four Seasons Diet Library Outer Garden Center Bldg. Hotel Sakuradamon Sta. Imperial Theatre Tokyo Marunouchi International Metropolitan Line Kyobashi Sta. Forum National Police Board Takaracho Sta. BIC Camera Yurakucho Sta. Diet Bldg. Tokyo The Peninsula 有楽町駅 High Court Tokyo Kasumigaseki Hibiya Park Hibiya Sta. Marion GinzaChiyoda Toei Asakusa Line Sta. itchome Sta. Line Hibiya Hall Ginza Sta. Matsuya Dept. Yurakucho Line Imperial Hibiya Line Hotel TOKYU PLAZA Mitsukoshi Dept. Toei Mita Line GINZA


Kaminarim on-dori

Su m

Uchibori-do ri



Rox 3

Ueno-okachimachi Sta. Matsuzakaya Dept. Takeya Okachimachi Sta. Naka-okachimachi Sta.

Don Quijote


Toei Shinjuku Line Kudanshita


Rox 2


10. Marunouchi / Imperial Palace 丸の内 / 皇居

Nippon Television

Rox Bldg.

Inaricho Sta.

Shitaya Shrine

Sensoji Kindergarten Benten-do

Denpo-in Temple

Tsukuba Express

Soto bori -do ri

Yushima Sta.


Asakusa Entertainment Hall

Tawaramachi Sta. Ueno-hirokoji Sta.

Yasukuni Shrine

Don Quijote


Ueno Police Station

Ueno Sta.

Keisei Ueno Sta.

Shitamachi Museum Chiyoda Line

Hibiya Line

WINS Asakusa Senso-ji Temple Marugoto Niten-mon Nippon Five-Storied Pagoda (Gojuno-to) Hozo-mon

Tengaku-in Temple Nichirin-ji Asakusa Sta. Temple

Edo -do ri

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Asakusa Shrine

Hanayas hiki-dori

Shu to E xpr ess wa y

National Museum of Western Art

Senso-ji Hospital


Sho wador i S hut o Ex pre ssw ay

No. 1

National Museum of Nature and Science

Kokusa i-dori

Ueno Zoo

Asakusa View Hotel

Nakamise Shopping St.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

Orange-dor i

Tokyo National Museum

Kaminarimon-N aka-dori

Keisei Line

Akihabara Sta. 秋葉原駅

Akihabara Sta.

Manseibashi Police Office

Washington Hotel Kanda River

Izumi-bashi Bridge

Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market

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1. Shinjuku 新宿

att. MAPS


Marunouchi Line

LEGEND Shop School Restaurant Bank Hotel Post office Shrine Temple Information Hot spring Information Map

Sapporo 21


Kyoto P17 Kobe 23

Line name Station name JR railways: indicated with dashed lines Private railways: indicated with grey lines

Sendai 22 Tokyo 1-13

Hiroshima 20

Line name

Station name

Yokohama 14-17

Fukuoka 25

Subways: indicated with lines of each line color

Nagoya18-19 Nara 24

Road name (-dori) Ordinary roads

Osaka 26-28

Highway name

Shinjuku Prince Hotel

Nishi-shinjuku Sta.

Shinjuku City Office


Ome-d ori

Island Tower

Hilton Tokyo


Joen-ji Temple

Tokyo Medical Univ. Hospital

Don Quijote

Shinjukunishiguchi Sta.

Nomura Sompo Bldg. Japan Bldg.



Yasuk uni-d Shrine ori

Alta BIC Camera Kita-dori Kinokuniya L Tower Misono Mitsui Bookstore Daiichi 2.みその Shinjuku Isetan Seimei Bldg. Center Tokyo Odakyu Yodobashi Dept. Bldg. Bldg. Mode Gakuen Sumitomo Dept. Camera Bicqlo Hyatt Bldg. ShinjukuLumine Est i Regency Meiji Yasuda Chuo-dor sanchome Sta. Shinjuku Sta. Tokyo Tochomae Life Hall Don Quijote Otsuka Kogakuin Sta. Keio 新宿駅 ドン・キホーテ Funiture Keio Plaza Univ. Dept. Hotel Store Flags Yodobashi Lumine 2 Camera aido No.1 shu-k o K Lumine 1 Toei Shinjuku Line Metropolitan i Fureai-dor Government NEWoMan Monolith Bldg. Office Shinjuku Expressway Keio New Line No.2 Bus Terminal NS Bldg. KDDI Bldg. Takashimaya Times Square ri do Fukutoshin iam in M Line Maynds Shinjuku Shinjuku Tower Keio Line Washington Gyoen Hotel Century Hotel Shinjuku Southern Tower JR Tokyo Park Kinokuniya Park Hotel Hyatt Sogo Hospital Bookstore Tokyo Bunka Gakuen Univ. ori Meiji-d


Okubo Hospital Seibu Shinjuku Sta.

Toei Oedo Line JR Chuo, Sobu Line JR Yamanote, Saikyo Line

Shops, restaurants or hotels introduced in att.JAPAN are indicated with red letters. Please refer to them when traveling in Japan!

Odakyu Line

4. Roppongi-Akasaka 六本木、赤坂

2. Harajuku 原宿

Hanzomon Line

Akasaka Goyochi (Akasaka Imperial Grounds)

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu Akasaka- Embassy of Mexico Namboku Line mitsuke Sta. Prudential Tower Marunouchi

Toyokawa Inari Temple a-dori Aoyam

Ginza Line


Hie Shrine Kokkaigijidomae Sta. Sanno Official Residence Park Tower of Prime Minister Tameike-sanno Sta.

Don Quijote Picasso

ドン・キホーテ ピカソ

Embassy of Canada Akasaka Parl Bldg.

shi-dori Gaien Higa

hi-dori Gaien Nis

Aoyama Cenetery

Embassy of Cambodia Marroad Inn Akasaka


Secom Togo Shrine

Takesh ita-dori

Harajuku Sta.

Myoen-ji Temple

Green Fantasia Ota Memorial Harajuku Ukiyo-e Museum KDDI Designing Studio Quest Tokyo Central Church La Foret Corp Tokyu Plaza Omotesando/Harajuku Olympia

Chiyoda Line

Meiji-jingumae Sta.

Suntory Museum of Art Hinokicho Park Nogizaka Sta. Ritz-Carton Tokyo ori gi-d National Tokyo Midtown pon Art Center, Rop Tokyo way ress Roppongi Sta. Exp

Ark Hills Suntory Hotel Okura Hall Roppongiitchome Sta. Embassy of Spain

Om otes and FUJI-TORII o Av 富士鳥居 e.

Q Plaza Harajuku Kyocera Bldg.

Garden Tower

Don Quijote

1. Tony Roma’s

Mori Tower Mori Art Museum Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills Tokyo TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Residence

Zenko-ji Temple Ginza Line one omotesando oak omotesando Parashio Tower Minami Aoyama Omotesando Sta. Three Bldg.

Ao RMK Aoyama

Roi Bldg.


Hibiya Line


2. Kyogyu-so 巨牛荘

Embassy of Russia

United Nations Univ.

Embassy of Fiji

Aoyama Gakuin Univ.

Kiddy Land Cat s St reet

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

ri do

NHK Broadcasting Center

att. Maps


Ebisu Sta.

JR Saikyo Line

Mizuho Bank

Meguro City Office

Tokyo Kyosai Hospital

Sapporo Beer Mitsukoshi Dept.

Japan Defense Agency

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photograpy

att. JAPAN Autumn/2017

Omotesando Sta.

Hanzomon Line

Fukutoshin Line

Spiral Hall

Tobu Hotel

Tower Records Marui City

Tokyu Hands

United Nations Univ. ori

Park Tower

a-d am Aoy

1. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Koen アウトバックステーキハウス -do ri

Ebisu Sta.

JR Yamanote Line

Tokyu Toyoko Line

Shibuya City Office


Hibiya Line

Tokyu Store Nakameguro Sta.

Prime Square

ori a-d hir kas Ino

Meguro River

i dor ijiMe

La Fuente Daikanyama DAIKANYAMA Embassy of Senegal Daikanyama T-SITE Address Embassy of Egypt Don Quijote Embassy of Hillside Daikanyama Sta. ドン・キホーテ Denmark Terrace

Omotesando Hills

Om o FUJI-TORII tesand o Av Chiyoda Line 富士鳥居 e.

Me iji-d ori

ate Yam Kyu

Hac him an-d ori

Embassy of UAE

Embassy of Guinea

Chiyoda Line

Meiji-jingumae Sta.

JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line

Kokugakuin Univ.

Embassy of Malaysia

Spiral Hall

3. Shibuya 渋谷

5. Ebisu-Daikanyama 恵比寿、代官山


Hanzomon Line

Niigatakan N’ESPACE

Tokyo Union Church



Choan-ji Temple

Omotesando Hills

Kiddy Land

Hikawa Shrine

to Shu

Fukutoshin Line

原宿駅 GAP

Embassy of U.S.A.

Roppongi Sta.

Embassy of Estonia

Harajuku Tourist Information Center

Aoy am a-d ori

Toei Oedo Line

Akasaka Sta.

Embassy of Turkey

Me iji-d ori

Aoyama-itchome Sta.

JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Ebisu Garden Place


Police Box Tokyu Dept. Cen

Bunk ter-g a a Don Quijote mura-do i ri


Keio Inokashira Line

A Bldg.

Seibu Dept.

B Bldg.

BIC Camera


Hachiko Statue Excel Tokyu Hotel Shibuya Mark City Tokyu Plaza

Tokyu Den-en Toshi Line

Aoyama Gakuin Univ. Tokyu Inn

Shibuya Sta. 渋谷駅

-dori gawa Moyai Statue Tama

Cerylean Tower

Ginza Line

u-zaka Miyamas

Shibuya Hikarie

Cross Tower Bldg. Shuto Expressway No.3

Shibuya Police Station Tokyu Toyoko Line


It’s fitting that it would be at Kabukicho, one of Japan’s most emblematic and bustling centers. We’re talking of course about the Robot Restaurant! Every nook and corner is gorgeously shiny, guaranteed to change your mood and lift your spirits. And as for the show, it has been called “essentially Japanese” and “mirroring present-day Japan.” “Kawaii” girls, gigantic robots, amazing lights and lasers and music, add some drinks – lay back and enjoy. And because it’s really popular, book early!


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憑此券即可享每人 1000日圓折扣。本 券 1 張僅供 1 組客人使用。

Location : 1-7-1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Call for Reservation : 03-3200-5500 ( English is available ) Phone hours : 9 : 00am-10 : 00pm Business hours : 3 : 30pm-11: 30pm Reservations are highly recommended in advance as tickets sold on the day sell out very quickly.

其中! 在 盡 g n i z a Am 莫屬! 此 非 , 遊 夜 東京

說到日本的代表性鬧區「新宿歌舞伎町」中,人氣當紅不讓的景點,那就 是機器人餐廳了!裝潢擺設閃亮奪目、華麗耀眼的店內,讓人心情也不 自覺地嗨起來!能夠近距離觀賞富有「日本味」 ,且魄力十足的「現代日 本」表演秀的地方,全世界大概只有這裡了!一邊沉醉於音樂與美酒,一 邊欣賞由卡哇伊日本正妹們與巨大機器人所帶來的一連串精彩表演,絕 對讓您的心情嗨翻天!此表演秀的人氣極高,請及早預約唷!

地址:東京都新宿區歌舞伎町 1-7-1 電話預約:03-3200-5500 ( 英文OK ) 電話預約時間:9:00 -22: 00 營業時間:15 : 30 –23:30 網址 ※根據當天情況可能會無法馬上入場,建議您提前預約。

att.JAPAN Issue 81  

att.JAPAN is a creative comprehensive informaiton magazine for visitors and residents in Japan. Special features of this time are :Yamaguchi...

att.JAPAN Issue 81  

att.JAPAN is a creative comprehensive informaiton magazine for visitors and residents in Japan. Special features of this time are :Yamaguchi...