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A Message from Your Student Council President The student council gladly welcomes everyone back for the 2011-2012 school year! We r

hope that this year more people outside of the student council will share their ideas and

become more active in planning, preparing, and participating in all events offered. With the assistance of everyone, more of the ideas of the students at CCS, outside of the student council body, can be put into play.

The academic achievements shown by last year's clubs, groups, and teams were exemplary. This year we are striving for even better. It's a new year and everyone has a fresh start to kick himself or herself into gear. Don't just let the year pass you by. Take

hold of the opportunities you get and run with them. Every single small thing you do can have a huge outcome on your life. Don't take those small things for granted.

Your opinions are more than welcomed. If you have an idea that you would like to see

happen at CCS just simply find one of your student council representatives, or our advisor, Mrs. Johnston, and let someone know. They will always bring your ideas into our meetings for discussion. We are looking forward to all of the positive changes this year could bring!

Let's have another great and successful year here at CCS!

Your student council president,


)Megan Barnes

2011 - 2012 High School Handbook  

Handbook for high school

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