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Chateaugay Central School

February 2012

CCS Newsletter

February 2012 Inside this issue:

From the Superintendent Message From Mrs.

Budget Process Begins With the start of the new year also comes the beginning of the budget development process for area schools. While the past few years have proven to be very difficult for many school districts, including CCS, this year is prov ing to be the most difficult plan ning year yet. There are many reasons for this difficulty includ ing the fazingout of federal stimulus funds, another year of nearly flat state aid, and contend ing with the new tax-cap law. When you consider the above, combined with exploding costs such as health insurance and

retirement benefits, you can start to see the difficulty in put ting together a responsible budget for 2012-2013. The Board of Education and I are

committed to building the best possible budget which balances fiscal responsibility with main taining the quality educational programming that we are very

proud of here at CCS. In the coming months, I will con tinue to discuss some of the

challenges facing our school in this new fiscal reality.



Parent-Teacher Conferences, Elementary Ski Day, February Break,


Attendance Reminder

Kindergarten Registration, Elementary Testing


Message From Mrs.



January 23, 2012 - The structural steel being delivered for the project.

Building Project Update As you can see from the above picture, things are really starting to progress in a visual way with the building project. The can opy over the visitors' entrance has been draped in plastic so that the masonry and structural work could start during the cold weather. We were also very excited to see the structural

steel being delivered on January 23rd. By the end of that first day, the construction crew had

gym starting to take shape, it

Student Council News,

must be pointed out that the

All County Musicians, Fundraising

contractors have been hard at

work, through some of he coldest weather of the year, doing the fundamental work on the foundation, electrical, and plumbing systems. Although

most of that particular work is

it was gratifying to see the skele

Yearbook Order Form


Community Connection


February Menus


never seen, without it, the

building would be a useless shell. (7 know there is a meta phor about life in there some where.)

Mark your calendars

erected much of the steel for the classroom addition. While


Dale Breaultjr., Superintendent

Report Cards Mailed

ton of the new classroom and

Home — Week of Febru

ary 6-10

Board of Education Highlights 12/20/11

Held an open discussion on

Approved Monique Smith

February 4 — All-County

sign change orders.

as substitute ski club advi

Concert, Brushton-Moira


Authorized Mr. Breault to

the contract of the Health

Authorized Mr. Breault to

Insurance Consortium Con

move forward with the refi


nancing of the prior building


Upcoming BOE Meetings:

project bond.

Monday, February 13, 7:30 pm

Added Connie Martin and

Monday, February 27, 7:30 pm

Raymond Boulanger to the Received a thank you note from the Migrant Education

non-teaching substitute list.


Granted additional sick days to Chandra Henderson, Julie

February 4-6 — Ski Club's Smuggler's Notch Trip

February 20-24 — MidWinter Break, No School

Burgoyne, and Tim Seymour.

February 2012

h From Mrs. Fowler

February News

is our very

letter - Mrs.

own Mr. Breault. He's


very excited

The month of February

to be teach

shares a few events

ing the stu

that we've come to

LOVE. The All County


Musical Festival, Valen

tine's Day, Parent


Teacher Conferences,

Elementary Ski Day,

Day: Do you re

and Winter Break

member be

bring us joy at the be ginning, middle, and

ing in the early grades of elementary school and writing your valentines for your classmates? When you were in kin dergarten learning to write not only your

end of the month.

All County Music Festival: Miss Simon-Shult has

been busy preparing eight members of the elementary chorus for the All County Music Festival which will be held at Brushton-Moira

name; but the names of

all your classmates, it could literally take hours to choose just the right valentine for

classmate and teacher's name on the little

white envelope. Then, as you grew in age, the relationships became more special. As your writing skills became more devel

oped and fluent; you wrote a very special message to your valen

Central School The

the exact classmate

students will practice on Friday, February 3 and perform on Satur day, February 4 from

who loved the cartoon,

you have. Then, you'd

Yes, you say, "The card

9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

want to write your

matters, but still I LOVE chocolate, dia

The students who will

be participating are Catherine Jock, Ken nedy McComsey, Emily Ashlaw, Destiny Bigelow, Hopejaquish, Am ber Jarvis, Taylor Sta ples, and Cody Warriner. This year the special choral director

princess, prince, or ani mated movie character

name on the card.

Your parents wanted to help you but you wanted to write the

names all by your self. You would finally concede and write

your name on the val entine and let your parents write your

tine. Some of you still have those letters and cards.

economy and raising kids became more expensive, or you're too tired to go anywhere even on a holi day; you'll be reminded that "words" truly matter and are a cherished gift.

I think it's safe to say that at school Valentine's Day

is truly a special day for the students. I certainly enjoy watching them give their classmates and

teachers that special, cho sen valentine. I'm so glad that the principal also gets to have her name written

monds, books, and an

on that little white enve

evening out." Later, as you must work out more because the calo

lope! A special thanks to Mrs. Hanley and her stu dents. They always make

ries in the chocolate

me a Valentine holder to

went straight to your stomach and hips, or the money became tight because of the

collect my valentines.

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CCS Newsletter


Elementary News (Continuedfrompage 2)

Parent Teacher Conferences:Thursday, February 9, 2012 Parents are invited to participate in parent teacher conferences on Thursday, February 9, 2012. Stu dents will be dismissed from school at 11:30 am

and busses will depart at I 1:45 am. Teachers will be available during the day and during evening hours to accommodate parents. Teachers are also willing to schedule parents on alternate dates dur ing their planning periods and/or double dismissal. If you receive a teacher request for a parent con ference, please make every effort to schedule and keep your appointment. Teachers prepare student work, grades, and additional comments to help you better understand how your child learns and to show you activities that can be helpful to use with your child at home. They also share many positive comments about your child. If you do not receive a teacher request for a par ent conference, you are more than welcome to schedule a conference. Teachers will prepare for your conference in the same manner. Parents are the key to accelerating student learn-

ing. We thank you in advance for your commitment to your child's continued growth and education.

Elementary Ski Day: Friday, February 10

Fourth and Fifth Grade students will have the oppor tunity to ski all day on Friday, February 10. More information will be coming your way outlining the day. The students have a great time starting out on the Bunny Hill, then moving on to the chair lift, and finally advancing to the face of the mountain. A special thanks to the Board of Education for sup porting the Ski Club Advisors and High School Ski Club members in presenting our young students with a day of outdoor fun!

Winter Break: February 20-24 Winter Break is scheduled for February 20-24. En joy your time with your family. By this time of the school year, the students are getting tired and rest less. Please help your child by keeping routines and making sure bedtime is consistent. Attendance Notes

Parents are reminded to provide a note if your child is absent or tardy for school. Should your child have a doctor, dentist, counseling, law guardian, or other type of professional appointment, please provide the school with a note from the profes sional providing the service. Often the re ceptionist automatically provides this note.

If you made the appointment and forgot the note, the receptionist can fax the note to the school fax number: 497-3 170.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

February 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter for February 2012