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WELD Based on the paintings of Walter Trecchi

(2011) by Anthony T. Marasco

for iPad (Curtis app), four radios, and computer (6-channel audio playback)

Software sound file player with timer and audio created by Anthony T. Marasco Curtis iPad app created by The Strange Agency Based on paintings from the Cantieri series by Walter Trecchi

Performing Weld Weld is an improvisatory piece for iPad and prerecorded audio. The audio track is mixed as a 6-channel audio file, sending two channels through the house audio system and the remaining four channels through individual radios placed on stage around the performer. The iPad performer uses the Curtis granular synthesis app to manipulate a prerecorded sound file that contains raw samples of various sounds found throughout the backing audio track. The player manipulates this audio file by running their finger over the waveform displayed on the iPad’s screen, while also changing effects and sampling parameters such as reverb, delay, and grain size. Since the iPad performance is entirely improvised, an Audio Cue Sheet is included with these notes instead of a traditional score.

The user interface for the Curtis app. A visualization of the selected waveform region is displayed in the center.


The following stage and audio set-up should be adhered to for the performance:

†= audio from computer sent into Aux In ports on radios § = iPad audio should come from an onstage amplifier (keyboard amplifier preferred)


Additional Requirements: ∇ Important entrances of sounds and their sources (i.e. Radio 1, House Sound System, etc.) are displayed on the Audio Cue Sheet to help the iPad performer visualize the compositional organization of the pre-recorded audio track. The iPad portion of the sheet is intentionally left blank so that the performer may write in any indicators or symbols necessary to help organize their performance. ∇ Before the performance, the iPad performer should become familiar with the Curtis app’s user interface and effects capabilities. A user manual for the app can be found at and within the app ‘s menu. ∇ The radios should be small, portable “boom boxes” that have working speakers and Aux In functions. The volume on each radio should be set to the highest level that doesn’t produce any distortion of the audio coming from the speakers.


For Maccagno



Audio cue sheet

Anthony T. Marasco [b.1986-]

Commissioned by the soundSCAPE international Music Festival, 2011


Static; seeking through stations


Bit crush opera aria

Compressed truck brake

Italian pop song, Severe bit cruch


Compressed truck motor

"Per esem-pio a-des-so ..."

De ase



c bit

Bit crushed stopped piano

Bit crushed stopped piano

rus g rou h th


Bit crush opera aria



Italian pop song


Italian pop song, heavy reverb

"Per esem-pio a-des-so ..."

Bit crushed stopped piano

"Per esem-pio a-des-so ..."

Compressed guitar with reverb

Distorted synth ostinato


House Sound System

Bass piano octaves with heavy reverb

Mellotron Strings

0:00 4 †4

0:06 ∑

0:16 0:20 0:25



© 2011 Anthony T. Marasco




2:06 ATM 7/14/11

Weld (2011)  

for iPad (live granular synthesis), radios, and computer (6-channel audio playback)

Weld (2011)  

for iPad (live granular synthesis), radios, and computer (6-channel audio playback)