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How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance? I was going 14 over the speed limit Related

How much does auto insurance cost? How much does auto insurance cost? How can I show proof of my insurance to get car tax? Hi I need to go and get my car tax tomorrow but I dont have my insurance certificate yet becuase it akes 5 working days is there anyother types of proof I can bring to get my car tax? Is a $202 Full Mouth Debridement was an overcharge? or just average? I went to a dentist, and was ordered a Full Mouth Debridement (D4355) for $202.00. I have no idea of what exactly they have to do but they explain that it's different from a regular cleaning and my insurance will not cover such thing. I have no idea of how much is it cost on average dentist and I said yes to have it done on me. When I went home, I realize that some dental office offer it less than what I'm paying. Should I file a complain? If I should, where can I bring my complaints to.? I live at area code 92126." Failure to provide proof of insurance.? I got a ticket for failing to provide my insurance card to the officer. I had an insurance card, but it was expired. He told me to fight it in court and it will most likely be dropped. If it gets dropped, does it still appear as a conviction on my driving record. What are the impacts on my insurance rates if it does appear as a conviction?" What is a reasonable cost estimate of business insurance for a cafe? I'm working up some numbers to determine the financial feasibility of opening a small (1000-1200 sq ft) cafe. Starting out with myself and no more than 2 part time employees, what should I estimate for combined liability, equipment, workers comp insurance?" What health insurances would my sister and I qualify for in NY? My sister and I are in our mid 20s. We both work and she lives with me at my apartment. i was curious if we could get cheap health insurance as a group. medicaid? or some plan that we could both pay into to get check ups and health care. we dont make much money. i qualified for healthy NY but never went through with it. Im waiting to see if i get a new job but sofar no good. I really dont know how the healthcare system works. we cant afford trips to the ER anymore for minor problems. I need to know what documents and proofs that we may need in order to apply for

anyplan. i just dont know where to look or begin. Im talking at least 3 check ups a year each. Are there even plans for 2 people? thanks any info would be greatly appreciated! Do you pay for car insurance before you use it? i want to switch car insurance but i just paid it for the month. do i get that back? Auto Insurance Quote? I am 16 years old living in California and I am newly licensed. I have a 4.167 GPA, am a female, and I drive a paid off car. What is a reasonable insurance quote?" Is there a really cheap insurance for people on a fixed income? my dad is legally blind and my mother is the only driver, they cannot afford to pay 150-200$ a month for insurance." "My teen had a minor accident, will my insurance go up?" My daughter who is 16 yrs old tapped a car from behind at a stop sign. There was no damage done to either car and no injuries. The guy said he was not going to do anything about it since there was no damages. My daughter gave him her information (insurance etc). I called the guy to make sure everything was ok, he said nothing happened to his car or himself but he went ahead and opened a claim with my insurance because he thought he had to do that. I know that if he decides to ask for damages the insurance will pay. My question to you is if he decides not to ask for damages, will my insurance still go up and will she get points in her driver's license. Also, I'd like to add that we live in California. I have not talked to my insurance (AAA) yet. Thank you" Dental Insurance question? On my dental insurance card, I have a primary care dentist listed on it. Does this mean that I must go to this dentist in order to have the insurance pay for my appointments or can I go to any dentist that accepts my insurance without having to switch my primary care dentist and still receive the insurance benefits? Will the insurance cover less if I don't go to the primary care dentist? Thanks!" Ideas for a research essay on Private Health Insurance? Hey, We're supposed to write an essay on any topic of our choice and show it relates to well being and opportunity in Canada while addressing inequalities (that part is optional). I'm thinking of writing on Private Health Insurance in Canada. But what can I focus on on in terms of the health insurance. Any suggestions" How much money do you need to maintain a car say four to six cylinder in a month time? Insurance, gas, the norm for a regular commute."

Is there any user friendly and cheap motorcycles out there? Hi, I'm 17 years old and looking to get a motorcycle. I have good grades and will only drive a motorcycle when the conditions are right. Like weather, cars on the road Sat. Sun. which has less cars, and going to school and to work. I don't care if I die and I'm not afraid to die. I have $7,000 saved up in the bank and would like to buy a Ninja 250 for $3,500 -2008. Plus $400 for gear and classes. I will get my driver's license this December and will take the MSD courses in spring of 2010. I can't find any used or cheap ninja 250's around my area and I think I would rather go stright to the dealer rather then the seller because of too much red tape and work. I think my insurance will be cheaper because I will ride only to school and work and I have good grades. Even though I am young. SO, is there any place I can find any user friendly bikes or cheap ninja 250's?" Where on earth can I find affordable maternity insurance?!? I didnt have it with my son and we are looking to get health insurance but all the plans that are decently priced (under $350/month) dont cover maternity. even if I could JUST find a maternity insurance that would be great! does anyone have or know of any insurance companies that offer maternity coverage? if so what are the names? heres a little info we live in FL we have one child my husband and I are 20 and 21 years old if you know of any insurance that will have affordable rates please let me know so I can get a quote! Getting life insurance for my grandparents? My grandparents are in their seventies - early eighties. Financially, they are having a tough time and do not have life insurance. As their grand-daughter, I would like to establish a policy that will be just enough to cover their final expenses. They live in the state of Missouri and I live in Minnesota. Would I be able to get a policy for them? What types of policy should I look at --term or whole life? What are your recommendations for insurance companies?" Does anyone knows if AIG agency auto is the same as granite state insurance company in California? Does anyone knows if AIG agency auto is the same as granite state insurance company in California? How much does street bike insurance compare to a sport cars? Right now I have an 06 wrx sti, insurance is crazy with me being 19 and not having the greatest record. i've been wanting to get a bike(starting with a ninja 250 probably, no more" Average health insurance COVERAGE? I need to do a little research on this, I'm not interested on how much you PAY, but how much your insurance will COVER for hospital stays, surgeries, lab tests, etc. Example: if you stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks, up to how much will your company cover

(after your deductible)?" What is the average cost of having your wisdom teeth extracted without insurance? My dentist has referred me to see an oral surgeon to have my wisdom tooth extracted. At the moment, I have no.16 & 17 3rd molars vertically impacted. I do not have dental insurance and I would like to know the average price per molar extraction with anesthetize?" "Can some body tell much i have to for my car insurance, if i live in brooklyn and 18 with new license?" hey, i am planning to bye a car by next month, but before i go buy it, i need know how i have pay for my insurance, i am 18 just got my license and live in brooklyn, can somebody what is the most could i have pay..." Getting added on to my parents auto insurance? ok well i just got my license and want to get added onto my parents insurance and a want to know an estimate on how much it would cost for me to do that. Im a 17 year old male and my parents have AIG. So please help me Insurance questions? Insurance questions? I got into an accident yesterday but my insurance was cancelled because i missed the last Three month's payment. Do u think they will cover the other Guy damaged vehicle? if not would he come after me , or would he be able to sue me?, it was my mistake to cause the accident.?" "How much is car insurance in albany,ny?" i had car insurance in brooklyn,ny but now i got verry expensive, so i thought to go to albany to get cheaper nsurance" What is the average monthly insurance payment on a BMW 1998 323is 3 series coupe? I'm wanting a buy 1998 323is 3 series coupe with 140,xxx miles on it for only $2,900. It's in amazing condition inside and out. My daily commute is only about 4 miles total more" How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance? I was going 14 over the speed limit Do i need insurance to title car? do i need insurance in order to title the car to my name so i can sell it? I need a cheap car insurance?

car insurance How much is the car insurance for a 18 year old boy with a dodge viper ACR 09 model? ow much would i be paying a year with full coverage. Its a dodge viper ACR 09 model. Im an 18 year old male. Its a $112,000 car." Ballpark insurance quote? Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost me to get car insurance. 18 years old, recently bought a 1983 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. I just need cheapest possible. Starting to get pissed off how it's legal to discriminate against someones age and jack there insurance premiums. How is that any different then racism?" WHAT INSURANCE WILL HELP MENTAL HEALTH? so i lost my health insurance at 19 and im trying to go on one by myself, i got to an outpatient program called High Focus for anxiety and depression and were paying out of pocket for this which is extremely expensive, can someone tell me an insurance that would cover this High Focus center its a private place and does not accept medicade, medicare, or state funds." HEALTH INSURANCE FOR INFERITILITY? I live in Georgia and I am trying to find some private insurance that would cover fertility testing and not treatment such as ivf OR IUI . Me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby for 3 years and i have tried everything, i finally have saved up enough money to be able to pay for private insurance can someone please tell me some health insurance company that may cover fertility testing." How to get cheaper car insurance for a new young driver? I passed my test the other day but ive been looking for hours trying to find some cheap car insurance on a 1.2 ford ka but all the quotes im getting are minimum 3-4 thousand pound and some are even quoting up to 8 thousand ! Im 17 and male does anyone know where to get relatively cheap insurance something between 1000-2000 pound? or any methods that are used to get cheaper car insurance? Expensive insurance. why? I've never been in an accident or recieved a ticket before so why is my insurance so expensive. Yes I am male but I am 25 ... It should have become cheaper a while ago but I'm paying about 50$ more a month than all of my friends and some have the same company.. I have liabillity as well.. how much cheaper should your insurance be if you never been ticketed or been In a crash? Thanks. How much would it cost to insure a pontiac firebird?

Im turning 16 soon and will be getting a car I was wondering how much money it would cost to insure a 1997 Pontiac Firebird. Is car insurance you buy online instant cover? Hi, I'm interested in buying a car at 4pm after a viewing. I would obviously have to set the insurance to start on today's date but does it happen instantly or does it not activate for hours/days? Just being careful because I dont want to be stopped! It's with Igo insurance btw thanks" Can I get cheaper insurance while my vehicle is in storage? I'm going to be out of the country for a while, and am putting my car in an auto storage place. But since I'm keeping it registered and leaving the plates on it, I have to maintain insurance. Do any insurance companies offer cheaper insurance or a special type of insurance that I can put on there, since I wont be driving the vehicle? This is because I'm deploying to Iraq, btw." Good auto insurance deal? Which insurance company in Toronto offers good deal for one or two company cars? Car Insurance (Geico) ? My parents don't have me on their insurance but I have a license does geico know I have my licence beccause I live with my parents? And by how much will they raise the insurance cost if they put me on? they put my sister on it a couple years ago and it went up $1000 Cheap insurance? i am looking to buy a chevy camaro RS and i know the insurance will be high does anyone know how much it will be? if there is a way to get less then i will buy the Z28 which would be more because of the V8 right? Do you need auto insurance when your car is under Planned NON Operation ? I have a old car that i am not going to use for the next 4 months till my wife comes back (she's out of country now). My Question is if i file for a planned non operation of the car with DMV, can i take this car out of my insurance. Currently i just have the liability on this old car. Is insurance mandatory even if your car is not driven / in public roads?. Please help." How do I find affordable health insurance that covers sterilization? My job doesn't provide benefits, but I'm tired of waiting to get Essure or a tubal ligation. Where can I find information about reputable insurance companies (that I can afford) that cover sterilization procedures?"

17yo insurance (UK) on a 2006 Nissan figaro? I can't get any quotes from companies as I haven't passed my test yet - so irritating, anyway I really want a Nissan figaro and have seen one I like (info in title) but my mum said insurance would be , anyone have a rough estimate? :/ help!?!" Is it compulsory to have comprehensive insurance for car or 3rd party ins is sufficient? any diff for having insurance for new/old/second hand car? Volvo S40 insurance cost? I'm going to lease a new car soon and I had my heart set on a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta SE ($21,040), but yesterday I found an really good deal on a 2007 Volvo S40 ($20,800). It's never been sold so it's technically new (it was a dealer demo). I'm just wondering if the insurance on this car would be similar to that of the Jetta. It's the base model 2.4i with no options except the automatic transmission. Do you know if if the Volvo would be more costly to insure?" How to get cheaper car insurance? Im 17 and looking to buy a ford ka. I have looked at quotes online with me as the main driver and using my parents as named drivers to try and lower the premium but the cheapest i have found on price comparison sites is 2100 for the year. I was wondering if anyone could help me and knew anything that could reduce the payment. Many thanks for your time, sam." Any suggestions for a first car that's affordable and safe for a 16 year old? I'm 16 years old and much in need of a car... as you can imagine money is sort of an issue. I need a car around or under $3,000 that works and will get me from place to place. A car that looks decent is a plus too. If anyone has an idea of how much insurance would cost monthly for a car around that price with a student grade discount also, please tell me. Any ideas on a car or a way to save up some more money so i can get something above 3,000? Don't be smart @sses and tell me to get a job because I'm really busy with school and sports...thanks" Does anyone know of cheap car insurance for convicted drivers? Does anyone know of cheap car insurance for convicted drivers? Which of the following might put you in the high risk insurance category? a. ticket for drinking in public b. ticket for speeding 80 in 55 mph zone c. ticket for jaywalking d. 2.0 grade point average...(ofcourse not!!) What are the chances of me 'winning' this car insurance claim ?

Yesterday i was leaving work , driving along a road , when a young girl ( 17/18 ) drove straight out of the car park on the left and hit my nsf wheel so hard it pushed my car 5ft across the road. She said she didn't even look to see if a car was coming. She has large scuff marks on the corner of her bumper, my car has a dented wing , wrecked wheel (which is no longer pointing straight ) . This girl is on her parents insurance. Her boyfriend was on his motorbike and said to me , he didn't believe she just did that , he saw it all. My insurance company says it seems straight forward - she was totally at fault, My car is not drive able. Husband ( mechanic ) seems to think i may need a new steering rack, wishbone maybe strutt , wing , alloy wheels ....they may write my car off as its value for insurance is 1200. Has anyone else experienced a similar accident or got any advice ?" Low car insurance adjustment from liable company's adjuster? Someone else hit my car while it was parked. It was very cut-and-dry. I got a police report, the officer talked to the driver. It states that my car was legally parked and the other driver is at fault. The damage is minor rear bumper damage, nothing too terrible. I filed with his insurance company, and after a lot of frustrating phone tag, an insurance adjuster came out and wrote me an estimate for $450. I had an adjustment for $734 from the local body shop for my make of car, and I showed it to him. I expressed my dissatisfaction with this estimate, and he said the body shop would settle with the insurance company directly for costs in excess of the estimate. $300 is a little much. Since it's minor damage, I think the body shop will probably take the money and do a shoddy job on the car. It's my understanding they are supposed to repair my car to pre-accident conditions. I got another estimate for $745 this weekend. I can't get it fixed for $450. What are my options? (cont'd)" How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance? I was going 14 over the speed limit Does how many times your license suspended affect your insurance rates? Toronto Im a first time driver and never had car insurance? I went to get a free quote online but i got to a page where it said something about my previous car insurance plan i was with. But i have never had any kind of car insurance because im about to get my first car soon. how do i get a free quote even though its asking about previous companies??? somebody please help me How much do you pay for auto insurance? I just spent a few hours getting an auto insurance quote from a number of companies. I got a real good rate ($573 for a whole year) for our 2004 car and all the extras. I think this is a pretty good rate but wonder if others are paying more or less. How much are you paying? Does anyone know whats the cheapest car insurance in NY ? I have a 2003 Mitsubishi I'm 24 and i want to know which is the cheapest insurance that i can afford. I check a lot of the insurances out there but they are all so expensive.

i just want something with the basic cover in order for me to be able to afford it. If someone knows of anything cheap please let me know thank you so much Good used sports car that won't jack up my insurance? I am 17 and getting my license in november and I want to buy sports car (ex:mustang) that won't jack up my insurance, and won't break down all the time, my budget is about 12,000. Any recommendations?" Which US states make health insurance obligatory? Which states make it's citizens take out private health insurance? "Having a driver's license, but no car? Insurance question.?" I'm 18 years old and currently have my driver's license and pay car insurance on it under my parents insurance plan. I want to know if it's possible to sell my car and stop paying for the car insurance. Is it possible to have a drivers license, but not be paying for insurance? I wont be driving any cars, I'm going to get a motorcycle. I live in Florida." How much auto insurance must I have? I want to know what are the legal limits on car insurance in the state of Ohio for a financed vehicle? I have an 06 Mazda and an 07 Hyundai. They are both financed. How do I go about figuring out the lowest limits I can legally have? Thank you! Auto insurance question? I'm 20 yrs old and I'm thinking of signing up with state farm auto insurance. I'm buying a car and i have none. So can someone tell me what I need, where I have to go, and what i have to do to get this done?" "When will my car insurance rates get cheaper, due to having a clean driving record?" I know I didn't do the best job asking the question, but I'll try to be short and sweet. I'm going to turn 18 in one month and 5 days. I got my license exactly one year ago, November 14th,2009. In January 2010, I got into a small accident, it was during my midterms at school, was a little stressed, but I rear-ended somebody, sadly not in my crappy car that would've cost barely anything to fix, but in my fathers expensive car. Now there was no damage done to the other car, and barely any damage done to my fathers, but because the airbags deflated (which ended up being the most expensive thing to fix) it was a hefty amount to pay. Insurance covered it (geico) and they advertised that the first accident wouldn't effect our rates. Well they lied and it did, so our rates went up because of my one accident. Since the incident, my parents have not got into an accident in at least 7 years, and since my accident all i have received is a few parking tickets. All in all, what I'm asking is; when are my insurance rates going to go back down? I'm going to remain on my parents insurance for a while, just because its cheaper etc etc... and I know I'm still under 25, and a guy, but will they ever go back to the original price they were at when I got my license? (before they got raised)"

California Medical for teens? I am 19 & i have no insurance at all and i was wondering if theres a way to get on the Medi-caid or medi-cal that the state offers to usually younge kids or pregnant women? can someone give me info? Car Insurance Renewal - cooling off period? My insurers have renewed my car insurance policy because I mistakenly thought the previous policy ended 5 days after it did. Their policy was considerably higher than I could get elsewhere. I have had 5 days cover - can I cancel without penalty? Is it worth it (in decreased insurance costs) to finish driver's ed after getting my license? So, I got my license today, but I'm literally halfway through my driver's ed course. I was just thinking, if I pass the test, great, if not, I'll retake after the class and nbd. I honestly want to drop out since the classes are very repetitive and common-sense, and it's 15 hours I could be using on something else, but my mom disagrees... I know some insurances make you pay less if you've finished a course, but is it that significant that it would be worth it?" How do I get car insurance? I am 18. I am not in college nor do I have a diploma. I don't start college till Fall 2011. Is it possible that I can still get car insurance? If so, how?" The course of insurance and risk management deals with what? Works as who? What does it cost for $1000000 contractors liability insurance? what does it cost for $1000000 contractors liability insurance in texas. Best Child insurance plan? Which insurance plan should will be best for child , including study and marraige?" "Will the Government help us financially, with affordable health insurance plans?" Since it's required by law in 2014 to have health insurance, will the US Government help pay for health insurance for your average family of four? Or any Non-Profits possibly, because, it's either food or insurance which is at least $400.00/month (through employer), plus all the co pays, deductibles of $7000.00+, major increases in food/gas,costs of living, with only $1.50/hr salary increase in five years. Seems to me health insurance should be affordable depending on annual income, and reasonable enough in price or there's just no way to live hear anymore, so can the Government

help at all?" How can you find out a property owner's insurance company? Can you sue the owner for violent acts of a minor who lives on their property as well as the violent act physically occuring on their property? My daughter was jumped from behind and beat violently in the head. The girl recieved a ticket yet my daughter had to go to the hospital. Now she is afraid to go to school. The attacker is in her class. A question about dental insurance? I need to find Dental insurance and i have no idea where to go or what to look for. I know im gonna need to go to the dentist soon. Im 21 and my wisdom teeth are giving me trouble. I want something thats affordable too. I really need help and opinions How to approach a car insurance company to pay damages to my car? Okay, I was involved in an accident a month ago. I was at the train station attempting to street park, I saw a car parked in the middle of the side walk and a private house driveway, I looked very carefully and no one was in the car, as I was backing up into the parking space I felt the impact on my passenger side back door, I didn't know what it was until I realized the car on the driveway had backed up into my car. The driver stated that he saw me attempting to park when he was walking to his car but he thought I saw him getting into his car, he said he was in a hurry and was late for work and I should have waited for him to get out first (he had a big ego). I never saw anyone in the car. I am the kind of person that I would have waited and then proceed. Meanwhile I only have liability coverage. My insurance company said that he was at fault- they will not pay for his damages $800. His insurance co. wont pay for mine because they said is 50 - 50 faults, my damages are $1,800 door damages estimated by the other driver claim adjuster. I dont have $1,800 to spend in fixing my car. 2005 Nissan Altima. How can I fight the other party insurance co. to pay for my damages?" "For 17 Year Old Males, What's The Cheapest Car To Own For Insurance?" Im Turning 17 Soon and Was Thinking of Getting a Car, I Just thinking of getting a car with a lowest insurance cost, I Cannot Find Anything on The Internet As Go Compare and Money Supermarket keep Changing there Results Everytime i Refresh, any help ?" Do I have to transfer my car to get an insurance discount?.? I'm moving back home for the school year because my parents live in the city I'm attending University at. I have my own car and my dad was telling me I should probably transfer the car into his name for ease, as I would get the house hold discount rate. To me this doesn't make any sense, and I know how controlling my parents are, is this another way for him to have some control on me?.. Or is this legit?.. I've never had any special rate or whatnot, I've been paying my own insurance since my first car. I just want to know. Does he need to OWN my car before I can be put on the household discount? * Both of our insurance plans are state farm if that helps* - Thanks in advance."

What sporty car can i get which is under insurance group 11? I am only 19 years old so it cant be higher or insurance will cost a bomb. I like the Honda Civic type s although they might be slightly over my budget at 9000. I also like the Fiat Bravo 2007 T-Jet sport, but a bit worried about the Fiat reliability. The Ford fiesta ST is okay i suppose. Can you give me some sporty car suggestions please. I prefer hatchbacks. Thanks in advance." How much will my insurance go up? A few weekends ago I backed into someone's car who was parked. The damage was not extremely significant; it gave him a small scratch that will be easily buffed out and a small-ish dent more on the underside of the bumper. I gave the guy my insurance info and everything, and he is going to file a claim. My question is, since the accident is pretty minor (thankfully) will my insurance skyrocket or anything? I am unfortunately a 17 year old male who recently got his license a few months ago, so I know that doesn't help. Any ideas?" How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance? I was going 14 over the speed limit Car insurance for a month? Is there anyway of getting a car insurance for just a month cause I'm selling my car in the next month so don't want to take out a years insurance for it? Thanks What is the best health insurance for me? I'm a 21 year old male. I think I need to get some health insurance. I want to pay the least amount that I can per month or least amount per visit or both any input is great thank you :) I want an insurance quote? I want to the difference in insurance between a 93 v6 Camaro and a 93 Camaro Z28 "For insurance, will a total loss raise my future insurance rates more than a repair? Any idea by how much?" I filed a claim on my motorcycle, I have read you can do some negotiation in terms of if your bike is considered a total loss versus just needing repair -- EG telling them that certain damage is inconsequential towards the vehicle's safety and it's something you don't care about -- like maybe one small scratch on an otherwise fine fairing, or by getting your own estimates from shops to contest their estimates. I was just wondering what the longer term consequences on my insurance rates might be for it being repaired or considered a total loss." I was in a car accident. My car was deem a total lost. The insurance towed my car away. I waited 1 year?

trying to get my claim paid. Today I received a letter from some car auction center, stating that I had to go get my car or they will charge me storage per day. now my car was a honda 05 I originally finaced the car and still owe money on the car. like 13000. The insurance company is not paying my claim. The finance company gave me a charge off on my credit. Now If I go pick up this car. is the car now mines? I do not have the title. How do I get the title." How much would it cost to insure a large SUV for a 16 year old? I have always wanted this car: The Toyota Sequoia. I know it gets crappy gas mileage, but ive seen worse. And plus Im not gonna be driving that much either. my school is very close to me, along with all my friends houses. But how much will insurance be at your best guess? Also, if I don't blow off gas, and waster it, how much money do you think I will pay per month in California? Dont try to tell me that I am not old enough to be behind an SUV, because 1) Im going to be learning how to drive from my parents in an suv, so i will have some experience 2) my parents want me to get an SUV 3) Im not a dumb a** whos gonna go 50 mph and try to cut a corner and flip over. Bottom line is, im getting an suv and thats that." Would a 2002 Mustang Coupe have high insurance? I understand most sports cars cause a spike in insurance money for young drivers. Would a 6 cylinder 2002 Mustang for a young driver under your parents policy be much more expensive? If so, how much?" Want an awd turbo car with low insurance? Im looking for an awd turboed car that has low insurance. Evos and sti insurance is 400 a month. I don't want an audi. I want something fast tho. What do you think. Thanks Are older cars cheaper to insure? I'm going to be 17 soon and are looking at cars, and was wondering if older cars would be cheaper to insure than newer ones, i'm quite a fan of old skool cars." My 13 Year old Son got an insurance quote in the mail for my car? How could they have gotten his name on a quote for insurance on my car? Thanks! Cheap cars to insure at 21? ok so i am looking for a cheap car that will not cost me for insurance the cheaper the better the car does not need to be a top of the range brand spanking new thing for all i care it can be from 1970 as long as the insurance for them are cheap Do I need a non-owner's insurance policy?

I am going to sell my vehicle soon. I will no longer need car insurance. Do I need to purchase a non-owners policy? I know that when I eventually do buy another car + insurance, they ask how long you have been continually insured, and if I dump coverage altogether, I'll have to indicate that there was a period that I had no insurance (even though I had no car), which will probably increase my rates." Can I get a life insurance license with a misdemeanor on my record in California? Misdemeanor is four years old for petty theft. Do most health insurance companies go by date of conception for insurance coverage? I read this somewhere when I was looking for independent health care insurance. I now have health insurance through my work, and coverage started on September 1st (I have United Healthcare through T-mobile, if that matters). I was trying to look up my coverage online, and it didn't say anything about not covering me depending on date of conception, but I did read somewhere before that a lot of health care insurances go by this (which I think would be really inaccurate and wrong, but that's just me....)" Car insurance total loss? I own a 1997 dodge intrepid std 4 dr sedan 6cyl gasoline 3.3 liter 4 speed in fair conditions cd player no rust with 197,242 miles. My car was was in a hail and tornado damage where the hood has a dent and the driver and passanger side have dent and the trunk. I have full coverage insurance and they telling me that my car was total last i love my car and i spent alot of money fixing it and it drives great no problem. So I was trying to get some help from some one that could tell me how much is my car worth so they wont give me less money and if they offer me less what could I do. I am not trying to bew greedy but i do love my car and spent alot of money on it. I would rather get it fix . PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELP ME" Would Hillary Clinton health care insurance plan be like the law for car insurance? The law for car insurance says: everybody who has a car has to buy private insurance for that car . Would the law for health insurance be similar if Hillary Clinton is elected president: everybody who has a body has to buy private heath insurance for that body . Will it be like that or have I misunderstood her plan? Please explain it to me. Can I tax my car with learner driver insurance? My cars tax is due soon and I understand that in order to renew the tax on it you must have valid driving insurance. As I am currently learning how to drive in my car I was wondering if I could still tax my car even though I have temporary learner driver insurance? Thanks Does anyone knows which insurance company is better? Great eastern or prudential? Does anyone knows which insurance company is better? Great eastern or prudential?

How much would the insurance rate be for a 16 year old female? I'm a B average student, and I'm looking to get a 2011 Kia Soul as my first car. I've gotten my learners permit and are trying to get my Driver's Liscence. Also does the color have anything to do with it? If so I want my car in green." Can i get my MOT done without insurance? My car needs an MOT and right now its on a SORN because im waiting for my paycheck so I can get insurance, my question is as follows: i know that you need an MOT before you can insure your car but to get my car to its MOT I would have to have it insured? How does this work? can i drive to the garage without insurance and get away with it or is there some special policy I need to take out? Please help." Just wondering if there is any kind of insurance coverage for the victims of the tsunami? It is a natural disaster. I know that in California there is earthquake insurance but very expensive. Do the Japanese have any kind of insurance protection? I'm sure there will be some kind of aid from the government but what about their losses? Thankful to be alive, I'm sure." Buying a new help? So need some help.ive bought a brand new car which is coming on the way from suppliers so will take a few i have a car im trading which ive never done before so im unsure wot to do about insurance as the insurance on my current car expires 13th feb and the garage will nd a cover note of new insurance to tax car..and as i dont know the reg plate yet.same for tax of car what do i do when renewal letter comes through(renewal date 31st jan)as hopefully will hv car by then. Cheap car insurance for new drivers?? does anybody know where i can get the cheapest car insurance for a Peugeot 106 1.1 im 17 and should pass my test by November, thanks." What homeowner insurance? What homeowner insurance is more affordable in California? I have a B average(4.0/5.0). will it lower the cost of insurance for my dad? So my friend told me that if i have a B average, it will lower the cost of insurance for my dad, but idk if its true. im 15 and about to get my license in 4 months and i dont get in any trouble and i have a 4.0/5.0 gpa and on my last report card, my grades were A B B B C C. so will it lower the cost of my insurance?" How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance? I was going 14 over the speed limit

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How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance?  

How much does one speeding ticket effect my car insurance?  

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