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Dear reader, Welcome to Atlantic Books for Spring and Summer, presented by Atlantic Books Today. In these pages you’ll find wonderful titles from around the region, including great gift ideas for moms, dads, and grads, and interesting beach and vacation reads. We also take you inside the books with special expanded listings and features, including the latest from New Brunswick’s David Adams Richards, an excerpt from the St. John’s-set novel Mister Nightingale, a Q&A with wine writer Moira Peters, a series profile on the Atlantic-focused Fiction Treasures series, as well as a look at some of the books shortlisted for the Atlantic Book Awards. Our Atlantic books tell our stories and these are some of the best of the season and the region – enjoy!

Fiction Dancing in a Jar

Adele Poynter Based on a true story, Dancing in a Jar weaves a remarkable romantic tale through the life of the town of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, during the Great Depression when a New Yorker is hired as a manager in the town’s fluorspar mine. $19.95 Paperback, 184 pp., 9781550816303, Breakwater Books Ltd.

In The Country Wayne Curtis A masterful storyteller captures the dreams and challenges of impoverished families in rural New Brunswick in fiction that is both tragic and tender.

$21.95 Paperback, 226 pp., 9781897426777, Pottersfield Press

Found Far and Wide

Kevin Major A novel of remarkable historical breadth, Found Far and Wide follows Sam Kennedy through the tragedy of the Great Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914, the horrors of The First World War, and the dangers of rum-running in Prohibition-era New York.

Principles To Live By David Adams Richards

John Delano is a broken man, seemingly at the end of everything: the end of his career as a police officer; the end of his sad and difficult marriage; the end of his years-long search for the truth about what happened to his missing son; even, perhaps, the end of his life. Just one thing keeps him going: a final, haunting case to solve. With this new masterwork, literary legend David Adams Richards continues to astonish us, weaving familiar themes in fresh new ways. Principles To Live By will be in bookstores on May 17. $32, Hardcover, 336 pp., 9780385682459, Doubleday Canada




“One of the exceptional writers of our time.” –Alistair MacLeod

$19.95 Paperback, 224 pp., 9781550816327, Breakwater Books Ltd.




A passionate Maritimer, a literary detective


s a passionate Maritimer literature specialist, Gwen Davies has encouraged countless students at Acadia and UNB Fredericton to read and appreciate Canadian and Maritime writers. At the same time, Gwen is a literary detective. She is always on the lookout for interesting novels by Maritime authors — and over the past 15 years has unearthed a treasure trove! From 1860 to 1950, the Maritime provinces produced a surprising number of successful novelists Lucy Maud Montgomery is the one writer everyone knows and reads today — but she was far from alone, far from unique. Gwen Davies has brought to light the careers and the books of two dozen of these authors. Some enjoyed even greater success than Montgomery. For the past 15 years or so, Gwen has encouraged fellow scholars in English and history to read and champion these books. The result has been one or two newly-discovered titles republished in the Fiction Treasures series every fall.

Photo: University of New Brunswick


By now there are 35 novels in the series. There are historical romances in Port Royal in the 1600s, Louisbourg in the 1700s, Acadia in the 1800s. There are novels exploring the society of the day in Saint John and Halifax in the 1860s, Pictou County in the 1890s, Cape Breton at the turn of the 20th century. There are stories from the age of sail, by authors who knew that world intimately, and novels set in the New Brunswick woodlands which presage David Adams Richards. And now the introductions to the first 35 titles have been collected together in a single volume, edited by Gwen Davies. But the best introduction to these books is to dip into one of them, and discover how enjoyable and interesting it is to explore the past through the eyes of a skilled, bestselling Maritime writer. Discover the Fiction Treasures yourself at Halifax Public Library’s lecture series 18th Century Adventure in Louisbourg: Evelyn Eaton’s Restless Are the Sails Talk by A.J.B. Johnston Keshen Goodman Branch — May 8 @ 2:30pm Halifax Central Branch — May 10 @ 7:00pm 18th Century Seafaring Stories: Arthur Chute’s The Crested Seas Talk by Gerald Hallowell Keshen Goodman Branch — June 4 @ 10:30am Halifax Central Branch — June 14 @ 7:00pm Look for the special display of Fiction Treasures at your local Chapters store Formac Publishing Company Limited www.formac.ca/fictiontreasures



Fiction Four-Letter Words

Chad Pelley Chad Pelley’s collection of award-winning short stories presents us with characters haunted by one four-letter word or another: love, hate, lust, or loss. Told in his decidedly contemporary style, these stories form unique portraits of how we are led astray and find ourselves at a crossroads. $19.95 Paperback, 168 pp., 9781550816334, Breakwater Books Ltd. Also available as an e-book

From a Good Home

TRUDI JOHNSON Every family has secrets. While working for the Sinclairs, Hannah catches the patriarch’s eye. Now, Charles Sinclair has passed, and his will is about to throw his family into turmoil.

$19.95 Paperback, 274 pp., 9781771175258, Flanker Press




The Last Half of the Year

Paul Rowe The age-old interplay between innocence and experience is explored when Jason Dade leaves home on a mock-heroic quest to find himself and become the man he is meant to be. $19.95 Paperback, 300 pp., 9781771030809, Creative Book Publishing

The Memento Christy Ann Conlin

Haunting gothic elements are exquisitely reimagined in this strange tale of madness, murder and dark secrets set on the rugged Bay of Fundy coast by the acclaimed author of Heave. Fancy lives in the servants’ quarters at Petal’s End, a grand manor belonging to the formerly illustrious Parker family. Fancy had grown up listening to ghost stories and watching the Parkers from a distance, but the summer she turns twelve she learns that her family has been hiding a terrifying truth and she begins to experience the magnitude of secrets and lies held within the estate’s walls and buried in its lush gardens - secrets that come to haunt her and the Parker family as they refuse to move on from a dying way of life. $26, Paperback, 384 pp., 9780385662413, Doubleday Canada




“Haunting gothic elements are exquisitely re-imagined in this strange tale of madness, murder and dark secrets set on the rugged Bay of Fundy coast.” atlanticbookstoday.ca




Mister Nightingale

Mister Nightingale Paul Bowdring

$21.95 Paperback, 352 pp., 9781771083799, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Go inside the pages of Paul Bowdring’s new novel, at once a diatribe on the writing life and a keen and poignant exploration of one man’s coming to terms with la vie quotidienne.


It’s been a long day for Mister Nightingale. Up at four to catch a six o’clock flight from Halifax, delayed till ten, I arrived in St. John’s on a cold and snowy morning in May—a foreigner’s, not a native’s, notion of the place, a mise en scène for the prodigal son. Last night, my flight from Toronto had been unable to land in St. John’s. On its third attempt, it descended to within a few hundred feet of the ground, then rose straight up like an elevator in a shaft. It was diverted to Halifax, and I spent the night in a generic hotel near the airport, a “Worst Eastern,” as a disgruntled fellow traveller called it, having had a second shower in the morning while drying himself after the first. Water from the bathroom in the room above had poured down through the ceiling.



I’d inquired about the Lord Nelson Hotel—it seemed fitting that I stay there and hang out in Mr. Ray Smith’s tavern; our first novels had appeared the same year—but I was told by the Air Canada receptionist that they didn’t have “corporate arrangements with that facility.” “Icon,” I corrected, but was met with a blank stare. Smith’s Lord Nelson Tavern and my (much less heralded) novel The Ropewalk had been published in 1974, the year I’d left Newfoundland for good. The Ropewalk was now being reissued by my first publisher, the notorious Alonzo “the Virus” Grandy, one of several reasons for my visit. It had barely been issued when it first appeared, merely allowed to crawl unaided out of the slime of literary oblivion and find some insecure foothold in the marketplace.

Fiction Night Ambulance

Max’s Folly

Bill Turpin Fleeing assisted-living, Max time-jumps across a career that includes foreign correspondent, editor, and communications expert. Satirical, poignant, replete with wisecracking characters – a newsworthy debut novel. $20 Paperback, 270 pp., 9781771830751,

Nicholas Ruddock Sixteen-year-old Rowena Savoury travels to St. John’s for a secret abortion. But in the early 1970s, the procedure is illegal, and after complications, Rowena finds herself in a hospital being questioned by a young constable who is uncertain of how to proceed.

Guernica Editions

$19.95 Paperback, 312 pp., 9781550816358, Breakwater Books Ltd.

Welcome to Heart’s Ease, Newfoundland’s most romantic community! Elsie Walsh, proprietress of Heart’s Ease Inn, has a new guest, Scottish hunk Campbell Scott. Cam’s sister Daphne has caught the eye of hockey superstar Jack Walsh. And things are heating up between lawyer Fiona Nolan and seductive folksinger Dillon O’Dea. Victoria Barbour

Against Her Rules

$16.95 Paperback, 210 pp., 9781771175128, Flanker Press

Hard as Ice

$16.95 Paperback, 264 pp., 9781771175135, Flanker Press

Play Me

$16.95 Paperback, 274 pp., 9781771175470, Flanker Press

Waiting for Still Water

Susan White First adult novel by award-winning children’s author Susan White. The rules saved Rachel when she first came to stay at Walton Lake as a troubled girl. Now, after a horrifying crisis at work, Rachel has run back to the farm again. $19.95 Paperback, 180 pp., 9781927502570, Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book

Looking for book events in your area? atlanticbookstoday.ca/events atlanticbookstoday.ca


Bio & Memoir / Photography The Porridge is Up!

Stories from my childhood Dale McIsaac First-time author Dale McIsaac grew up in a large, often rambunctious, farm family near Charlottetown. The Porridge is Up! is a hilarious collection of stories from those years.

One Man Grand Band

The Lyrical Life of Ron Hynes Harvey Sawler In this long-awaited biography, Sawler captures the spirit of Ron Hynes, an artist whose stockin-trade has always been authenticity, providing rare insight into the life of the man who penned some of the country’s best-loved music.

$19.95 Paperback, 180 pp., 9781927502655, Acorn Press.

$19.95 pb, 240 pp., Photos, B&W, 9781550816310,

Also available as an e-book

Breakwater Books Ltd. Also available as an e-book

Simon Spatz

From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success Michael Cobden Michael Cobden tells the remarkable story of Nova Scotia business magnate Simon Spatz, who survived the Holocaust, immigrated to Canada at middle-age with no knowledge of English, and developed a multi-million-dollar real estate firm. $29.95 Hardcover, 360 pp., Photos, 9781771084024,


The Big Land dennis minty From quiet coves and inlets to sweeping vistas of haunting landscapes, and from living communities to forgotten settlements seemingly lost in time, Minty presents Labrador in all its vivid colour and grandeur. $18.95 Hardcover, 80 pp., Photos, Colour, 9781550816341, Breakwater Books Ltd. Also available as an e-book.

Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

The Little Book of Newfoundland & Labrador

John Sylvester In The Little Book of Newfoundland and Labrador, photographer John Sylvester has beautifully captured the quintessential fishing villages, magnificent natural landscapes, and stunning array of wildlife that “The Rock” is famous for.

Prince Edward Island Then and Now

Scott MacDonald, Victor Runtz

Prince Edward Island Then and Now is a fascinating look at the way the Island has changed over the past sixty years.

$17.95 Hardcover, 80 pp., Photos, Colour, 9781771083706,

$29.95 Hardcover, 88 pp., 9781927502549, Acorn Press.

Nimbus Publishing

Also available as an e-book



Non-fiction Nowhere with You

The Price We Pay

The East Coast Anthems of Joel Plaskett, The Emergency and Thrush Hermit Josh O’Kane A celebration of beloved Canadian folk and rock icon Joel Plaskett, featuring dozens of original interviews and exclusive photos.

Stories of Adversity, Herorism and Healing Janice Landry Stories of hope and healing about remarkable Canadians whose daily jobs involve encounters with tragedy and death as they try to save lives. $21.95 Paperback, 226 pp., Black & white,

$18.95 Paperback, 232 pp., Black & white,

9781897426708, Pottersfield Press

9781770412378, ECW Press




100 Things You Don’t Know About Nova Scotia

Oceans of Rum The Nova Scotia Banana Fleet in RumRunner Heaven David Mossman True tales of the glory days of Nova Scotia rum-runners and their adventures on the high seas as they smuggle booze for a living.

Sarah Sawler Inspired by the success of her popular column, “50 Things You Don’t Know about Halifax,” Sawler has expanded her focus to include interesting anecdotes and facts about the social, political, economic, and cultural history of NS.

$22.95 Paperback, 286 pp., Black & white,

$17.95 pb, 128 pp., Photos, B&W, 9781771083775,

9781897426760, Pottersfield Press.

Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Turmoil, as Usual

Nova Scotia Love Stories

Compiled by Lesley Choyce Seventeen Nova Scotia authors present stories of love that are heartwarming, funny, touching and profound. This collection will convince any reader that Nova Scotia is truly the Province of Love.

Politics in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Road to the 2015 Election James McLeod An inside look and an unvarnished account of the people, the strategy, the gaffes and the farce that make up Newfoundland politics. $19.95 Paperback, 270 pp., Black & white,

$21.95 Paperback, 224 pp., 9781897426807,

9781771030816, Creative Book Publishing

Pottersfield Press

Also available as an e-book



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Non-fiction / History Viola Desmond’s Canada

All Hands Lost

The Sinking of the Nova Scotian Gypsum Freighter Novadoc Blain Henshaw Henshaw chronicles the final voyage of an ill-fated ship that sailed out of the Annapolis Basin bound for Maine in March 1947.

$17.95 Paperback, 160 pp., Black & white, 9781897426784, Pottersfield Press

A History of Blacks and Racial Segregation in the Promised Land Graham Reynolds with Wanda Robson A groundbreaking book aimed at providing both general readers and students of Canadian history with a concise overview of the narrative of the Black experience in Canada. $30, pb, 218 pp., 9781552668375, Fernwood Publishing

Sable Island in Black and White

Rum, Blood & Treasure

Stories Strange but True from Atlantic Canada Ed Butts A captivating collection for readers who love history, mystery, murder and scandal. These true stories from Atlantic Canada feature rum-runners, shipwrecks, gangsters, and more!

Jill Martin Bouteillier The newest addition to the Images of Our Past series, Sable Island in Black and White is a fascinating look at day-to-day life on Nova Scotia’s most secluded outpost through a nineteenth century lens. $15.95 Paperback, 120 pp., Photos, Black & white,

$19.95 Paperback, 160 pp., 9781459504141,

9781771083812, Nimbus Publishing

Formac Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

The Saddest Ship Afloat

The Vigilant Eye Policing Canada from 1867 to 9/11 GREG MARQUIS In The Vigilant Eye, Greg Marquis provides a critical overview of policing in Canada from the perspectives of social history, legal history and criminology.

$30, paperback, 272 pp., 9781552668207, Fernwood Publishing

The Tragedy of the MS St. Louis Allison Lawlor The latest in the Stories of Our Past series explores the WWII Jewish refugee ship refused safe harbour at Halifax’s Pier 21. Illustrated with photos and features on the voyage, lives of passengers, a look at Canada’s postwar refugee policy, and memorials. $15.95 pb, 128 pp., Photos, B&W, 9781771083997, Nimbus Publishing



Children’s My Two Grandmothers

A Change of Heart

Alice Walsh / Erin Bennett Banks The remarkable story of honourary Newfoundlander Lanier Phillips, who survived a shipwreck during the Second World War and went on to become a civil rights activist, is told for children in this heartwarming, vibrantly illustrated picture book.

Diane Carmel Léger / JeanLuc Trudel Acadian Mémére and Scottish Nannie seem to have nothing in common but their grandchildren, but in this picture book from bestselling author Diane Carmel Léger and illustrator Jean-Luc Trudel, difference is celebrated. Co-publication with Bouton d’or Acadie.

$19.95 Hardcover, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771083713,

$12.95 Paperback, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771084000,

Nimbus Publishing.

Nimbus Publishing


A Picnic at the Lighthouse

Rebecca North/ Nancy Keating A heart-warming story of a young boy, Patrick, and his dad who spend a funfilled day at Ferryland Lighthouse, a popular tourist destination in Newfoundland.

Double Trouble at The Rooms

Lisa Dalrymple/ Elizabeth Pratt-Wheeler There’s no room for Nat’s polar bear in her house. But the museum has room for all sorts of fun and maybe even a bear—or two!

$12.95 Paperback, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771030823,

$12.95 Paperback, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771030793,

Creative Book Publishing

Creative Book Publishing

If I Were a Zombie

Be a Pond Detective Solving the Mysteries of Lakes, Swamps, and Pools Peggy Kochanoff Do dragonflies bite? What is the

Kate Inglis / Eric Orchard This hilarious picture book has two children trying to outdo one another, imagining what they could do if only they were a zombie, a ninja, or a robot. With outrageously entertaining rhyming text and brilliant illustrations this is sure to be a favourite with readers of all ages.

difference between a frog and a toad? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide.

$19.95 Hardcover, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771083560,

$14.95 Paperback, 40 pp., Colour, 9781771083942,

Nimbus Publishing.

Nimbus Publishing.





Children’s / Young Readers / Nature Sea Glass Summer

Cyrus Eaton

Champion for Peace Richard Rudnicki Award-winning artist Rudnicki tells the true story of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning billionaire. From Eaton’s roots in Pugwash, NS, the book introduces a new generation to the industrious pacifist.

$19.95 hc, 40 pp., Colour, 9781771083966,

Heidi Jardine Stoddart A gentle, lyrical story about Molly, who, after moving far away, yearns to be back on the beach with her Gram, searching for sea glass. Vibrantly illustrated, this picture book explores the powerful lure of the ocean, and the meaningful treasures within.

Nimbus Publishing.

$19.95 Hardcover, 32 pp., Colour, 9781771082990,


Nimbus Publishing.

Chasing the Phantom Ship

Deborah Toogood Matt has two weeks left to enjoy summer with his best friends, but he has to include his younger cousin Adam. Matt’s summer takes on unexpected adventure when he and Adam spot a burning, ghostly ship and become determined to unravel the mystery.


Prisoner of Warren

Andreas Oertel As WWII nears its terrible climax, Warren’s dad announces that he’s bringing home a German prisoner of war to help work on their NB farm. Fearing for his life, Warren decides to kill the POW. But getting rid of a house guest isn’t easy, especially when you become friends.

$12.95 pb, 140 pp., 9781771083829, Nimbus Publishing

$14.95 Paperback, 160 pp., 9781771083751,

Also available as an e-book

Nimbus Publishing.


Waterways of Cape Breton Pat O’Neil Features 19 lakes and rivers. History, natural heritage, ecology and practical facts. Useful and informative for outdoor enthusiasts as it is entertaining for armchair adventurers.


Wildflowers of the Maritimes

$24.95 Paperback, 116 pp., Photos, Colour,

Edmund Redfield Discover the wide array of wildflowers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island with detailed photographs, drawings, and profile descriptions that include information on a plant’s origins, leaves, flowers, fruits, frequency, habitat, and range.

9781926448107, Boularderie Island Press

$24.95 Paperback, 240 pp., Photos, Colour, Black & white, 9781771083744, Nimbus Publishing



Humour / Poetry / Food

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An Islander Strikes Back

Patrick Ledwell New from PEI’s most beloved comedian! Patrick Ledwell admits his little province is way behind the mainland. But it means Islanders can see where they’re going - about 10 years before they manage to get there. $25.95 hc, 172 pp., 9781927502259, Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book

Out of New Nova Scotia Kitchens

Best-loved East Coast dishes for today Craig Flinn This best-selling cookbook is the perfect gift for the foodie in your family this Mother’s or Father’s Day! With great recipes for spring and summer! $24.95 Hardcover, 160 pp., Photos, Colour, 9781459503922, Formac Publishing



Prometheus Reconsiders Fire

Brent MacLaine This is the new long-awaited poetry collection from Atlantic Poetry Prize-winning Brent MacLaine. In his new collection, MacLaine undertakes an exploration of fire. “MacLaine’s poems are wide-visioned, big-hearted, and rifted with intelligence.” -Brian Bartlett $17.95 Paperback, 94 pp., 9781927502631, Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.

For the Love of Lobster

Denise Adams In this photographic gift book, Adams tells the “rags to riches” story of lobster, exploring the biology of this underwater insect, the history and evolution of Atlantic lobster fishery, and delicious traditional and modern recipes. $18.95 Paperback, 132 pp., Photos, Colour, 9781771083980, Nimbus Publishing

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Photo: Jessica Emin


Moira Peters Author Moira Peters shares her thoughts on the local wine industry, a surprising wine and food pairing, and the origins of her new guidebook. How did the book come about? I wanted to find out about the Nova Scotian wine industry, and writing about its people and places became the most gratifying way to do that. I approached Craig Pinhey, whose attitude about the local wine industry seemed to align with mine and who had much more experience living and working here, and he agreed to do it with me. That it all worked out is still rather astonishing! Give us your thoughts on the future of wine in Atlantic Canada. I’m excited by the nitty-gritty realities of growing grapes in our region. I was lucky enough to spend one season working in a vineyard, and it was more satisfying and freeing than any other work I’ve done. Sustainability—figuring out new varieties and styles that work well here, and greater industry and government buy-in to organic and biodynamic viticulture— will be the foundation to a healthy industry going forward.

The Wine Lover’s Guide to Atlantic Canada

Moira Peters and Craig Pinhey

$34.95 Hardcover, 180 pp., Photos, 9781771084017, Nimbus Publishing

Can you recommend a great local wine and food pairing? I love a dry (brut) traditional method sparkling wine with fish & chips (and lots of tartar sauce). The salt, crunch, and sparkle of that combo makes you feel like a kid in a candy store and also terribly sophisticated. atlanticbookstoday.ca


The Atlantic Book Awards (ABA) promote and acknowledge excellence in Atlantic Canadian writing and book publishing through an annual awards ceremony and related events. Awards include the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature, APMA Best AtlanticPublished Book, the Dartmouth Book Awards (Fiction and Non-fiction), the Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing, the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration, and the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. The ABA shortlists are announced each March and presented in April. Visit www.AtlanticBookAwards.ca for even more award finalists and past winners.



Atlantic Book Awards Knife Party at the Hotel Europa

A Measure of Light

Beth Powning Nominated for the NB Book Award for Fiction. With her trademark elegance and insight into the hearts and minds of unforgettable women, Beth Powning brings to life an extraordinary historical figure, May Dyer, one of America’s first Quakers.

Mark Anthony Jarman Nominated for the Alistair MacLeod Award for Short Fiction A man escapes to Italy. His journey is one of twists and turns that overlap in surreal and wonderful ways, forever changing his life — and ours.

$19.95 Paperback, 336 pp., 9780345808493,

$29.95 Hardcover, 288 pp., 9780864929181, Goose Lane

Vintage Canada.




The Lost Wilderness

Rediscovering W.F. Ganong’s New Brunswick Nicholas Guitard Nominated for the NB Book Award for Non-fiction Join Nicholas Guitard as he brings to life a New Brunswick we must rediscover if we want to preserve it for future generations.




Those Splendid Girls

The Heroic Service of Prince Edward Island Nurses in the Great War Katherine Dewar Nominated for the Atlantic Book Award for Scholarly Writing Those Splendid Girls tells the story of nursing in WWI, through the eyes of PEI nurses who served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

$24.95 pb, 232 pp., Photos, Colour, B&W, 9780864928771,

$27.95, 256 pp., Photos B&W, 9780919013803,

Goose Lane Editions.

Island Studies Press at UPEI





Garbage Gone Bad Ron Lightburn Nominated for the Lillian Shepherd Award. With a glow-in-the-dark cover and zany art this is a hilarious story about a young boy who continues to ignore the pile of “garbage” under his bed. Complemented by playful illustrations in a comic-book style.

I’m Drawing a Picture

$19.99 Hardcover, 32 pp., Colour, 9781770496941,

Doretta Groenendyk Nominated for the Lillian Shepherd Award. A collaboration between artwork and text, this whimsical book has a different inspirational idea on each page, with a scene that each “artist” imagines.

Tundra Books.

$12.95, paperback, 32 pp.,Colour, 9781927502501,



Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.



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INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES Boutique la Baleine / The Whale Store, St. Andrews Fundy Guild, Fundy National Park The Museum Shop, Saint John Plaster Rock Guardian, Plaster Rock Read’s Newsstand Books & Café, Fredericton Read’s Newsstand Books & Café, Moncton Read’s Newsstand Books & Café, Riverview Tidewater Books, Sackville Westminster Books, Fredericton

INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES Antigonish 5¢ to $1 Store, Antigonish Atlantic News, Halifax Baintons Tannery Outlet / Mad Hatter Bookstore, Annapolis Royal Blue Heron Gift Shop, Baddeck Bookmark II, Halifax Box of Delights Bookshop, Wolfville Cape Breton Curiosity Shop, Sydney Carrefour Atlantic Emporium, Halifax Downtown Book Exchange, New Glasgow Inside Story, Greenwood Kings Co-op Bookstore, Halifax Lexicon Books, Lunenburg Lunenburg Bound, Lunenburg The Nova Scotia Store, Halifax Airport Novel Tea Bookstore Cafe, Truro RD Chisholm Stationery & Books Ltd., Kentville Snug Harbour Books and Gourmet Shop, Liverpool Tattletales Books, Dartmouth Woozles, Halifax CHAIN RETAILERS Chapters, Bayers Lake, Halifax Chapters, Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth Coles, Amherst Mall, Amherst Coles, Antigonish Mall, Antigonish Coles, Bedford Place Mall, Bedford Coles, Bridgewater Mall, Bridgewater Coles, County Fair Mall, New Minas Coles, Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax Coles, Highland Square Mall, New Glasgow Coles, Mayflower Mall, Sydney Coles, Scotia Square, Halifax Coles, Truro Mall, Truro Coles, Yarmouth Mall, Yarmouth IndigoSpirit, Sunnyside Mall, Bedford

CHAIN RETAILERS Chapters, Champlain Place, Dieppe Chapters, Regent Mall, Fredericton Coles, Brunswick Square, Saint John Coles, McAllister Place, Saint John Indigo, East Point Shopping, Saint John

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES A Good Book, Montague Bookmark Inc, Charlottetown CHAIN RETAILERS Coles, County Fair Mall, Summerside Indigo, University & Belvedere, Charlottetown

NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES The Book Worm, Gander The Downhome Shoppe, St. John’s Newfoundland Emporium, Corner Brook CHAIN RETAILERS Chapters, Kenmount Road, St. John’s Coles, Avalon Mall, St. John’s Coles, Corner Brook Plaza, Corner Brook Coles, Village Shopping Centre, St. John’s

Readers across Canada can purchase these books through their local independent bookstores, through these booksellers’ websites, at the nearest Chapters, Coles and Indigo stores – or via chapters.indigo.ca

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Atlantic Books for Spring & Summer 2016  

Your guide for the best spring and summer reads of 2016

Atlantic Books for Spring & Summer 2016  

Your guide for the best spring and summer reads of 2016