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Happy Holidays Like mugs of hot chocolate, twinkling lights and the smell of pine, a staple of the holiday season is buying and receiving new books. With over 100 new books for you to choose from, our Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Ideas guide has a number of titles that will be sure to delight any readers you have on your shopping list — including yourself!

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’Tis the season CHRISTMAS AT THE VINYL CAFE STUART McLEAN Christmas and the Vinyl Cafe will always belong together. This special collection features Dave and Morley Christmas classics alongside new stories brimming with charm and humour—the perfect celebration of the best time of year. $32, Viking, also available as an e-book

CHRISTMAS IN THE HARBOUR VICTORIA BARBOUR Hannah Nolan loves to loathe her devil-may-care roommate. Toby Sweeney doesn’t have time for love. If living under the same roof can’t bring them together, perhaps Mother Nature and a good helping of Christmas magic will do the trick. $16.95 pb, 181 pp, Flanker Press, also available as an e-book

A VICTORIAN NOVA SCOTIA CHRISTMAS MOLLY SIMMONS A magical tale that speaks to the child in everyone, with simple prose, delightful drawings and cherished family recipes. $15.95, Nimbus

WINTER Atlantic Canadian Stories EDITED BY DAN SOUCOUP Some Canadians greet winter with a cold shoulder, while others celebrate the snow and ice. One thing we can all agree on: winter brings ideal reading weather. Spanning decades, this collection from author and anthology editor Dan Soucoup shares the warmth of the season in a uniquely Atlantic Canadian way. $22.95, Nimbus

BUBBA BEGONIA, YOU’RE SUCH A LUCKY GUY GERRY O’BRIEN ILLUSTRATED BY DALE McNEVIN Bubba decides he is going to skip Christmas this year. That is until he gets a new puppy, the best present ever. $9.95, 88 pp, Acorn

always in season

AFTER MANY YEARS Twenty-One “Long Lost” Stories L.M. MONTGOMERY, EDITED BY CAROLYN STROM COLLINS and CHRISTY WOSTER A collection of rare short stories by the famed Anne of Green Gables author. This collection brings together rare pieces originally pubished between 1900 and 1939 that haven’t been in print since their initial periodicals. The perfect gift for L.M. Montgomery fans! $21.95, Nimbus

YOU MIGHT BE FROM CANADA IF... MICHAEL de ADDER In this national bestseller, Michael de Adder delivers his unique take on this one-of-a-kind country, tickling the funny bone on every page. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!! $19.95 pb, 128pp, MacIntyre Purcell

WHISPERS OF MERMAIDS AND WONDERFUL THINGS Children’s Poetry and Verse from Atlantic Canada SHEREE FITCH and ANNE HUNT Spanning centuries, from Milton Acorn, Bliss Carman, and Rita Joe to Budge Wilson, Shauntay Grant, and Kathleen Winter, this collection of over 100 poems from the region’s best is sure to delight parents and young readers alike. $29.95, Nimbus


Crime and Punishment LAST LULLABY TRUTH & HONOUR ALICE WALSH The Death of Richard Oland and When Claire and Bram’s the Trial of Dennis Oland child dies suddenly, it first GREG MARQUIS appears to be crib death. Criminal justice history But when the real cause of professor Greg Marquis gives death indicates homicide and a first-person account of the Claire is arrested, her friend, murder of Richard Oland, lawyer Lauren LaVallee, which shocked the country. promises she’ll do everything Includes updates and a new she can to prove Claire’s chapter. innocence. $19.95, Nimbus, also available $21.95, Vagrant Press, also as an e-book available as an e-book

DISPOSABLE SOULS PHONSE JESSOME In Disposable Souls, author Phonse Jessome has created a complex and compelling protagonist and placed him in a gritty underbelly of bikers, cops, and killers, masterfully blurring the lines between good and bad, sinners and saints. $24.95, 344pp, Nimbus, also available as an e-book

COD ONLY KNOWS HILARY MacLEOD Ninety-year-old Abel Mack has disappeared. Not knowing if Abel’s alive or dead —or if he even exists— his friends and family start to wonder if the disappearance is connected to a legendary giant cod that may have returned to The Shores. In this sixth Shores mystery everyone is after the one that got away. $22.95, Acorn

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A Nova Scotian classic HANGMAN’S BEACH THOMAS H. RADDALL A French prisoner on Melville Island faces the agonizing question: What would be his fate if the British discovered that he had shot and killed Lord Nelson at Trafalgar? A skillful blend of romance and historical fact about Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the Napoleonic War. $21.95, Nimbus

DEATH AT THE HARBOURVIEW CAFE A True Crime Story FRED HUMBER In the midnight blackness of a cold November night, three RCMP officers entered a Botwood restaurant by way of an upstairs window. Unbeknownst to them, a terrible chapter in the history on Newfoundland and the RCMP was about to be written. $19.95 pb, 230 pp, Flanker Press, also available as an e-book

THE LEGACY LETTERS How Trauma Affects Our Lives JANICE LANDRY with a foreword by PHONSE JESSOME Halifax journalist Janice Landry revisits high-profile Canadian police investigations she covered as a novice television reporter during the 1980s and 1990s including the unsolved murder of Andrea King, whose remains were found in 1992 and the 1989 disappearance of Nova Scotia teenager Kimberly McAndrew. $21.95 pb, 226 pp, Pottersfield Press, also available as an e-book

Explosion stories for all

BREAKING DISASTER Newspaper Stories of the Halifax Explosion KATIE INGRAM On December 6, 1917, the face of Halifax changed forever when the Imo, a Belgian Relief ship, collided with the French ship, the Mont Blanc. In Breaking Disaster, Ingram traces the details of the Halifax Explosion as she pieces together the diverse narratives from the news during the weeks that followed. $19.95 pb, 196 pp, Pottersfield Press, also available as an e-book

A BLINDING LIGHT JULIE LAWSON Livy and her older brother are still mourning the loss of their father when the Halifax Explosion takes place. Lost in the dark, destroyed city, will the siblings find each other again? $14.95, Nimbus

BROKEN PIECES An Orphan of the Halifax Explosion ALLISON LAWLOR Fourteen-year-old Barbara Orr was walking to a friend’s home when the Halifax Explosion occurred. Follow her as she navigates the post-explosion city, learning about rescue efforts, and the bravery and kindness of strangers. $17.95, Nimbus 6 • 12 • 17 JOHN BOILEAU In a dazzling combination of pictures and text, award-winning author John Boileau delivers a breathtaking account of the magnitude of the Halifax Explosion. If there is one Halifax Explosion book you simply must own, this is it! $22.95 hc, 118pp, MacIntyre Purcell

THE FLYING SQUIRREL STOWAWAYS From Nova Scotia to Boston MARIJKE SIMONS After a night of playing, two little flying squirrels are ready to sleep. But it turns out their home has been chosen as Halifax’s annual thank-you gift, the Boston Christmas tree. Will the accidental stowaways be discovered? And what awaits them in their new home? $22.95, Nimbus

BETRAYAL OF TRUST Commander Wyatt & the Halifax Explosion JOEL ZEMEL $19.95, 192 pp, New World Publishing, also available as an e-book SCAPEGOAT 100th Anniversary Edition JOEL ZEMEL $34.95, 504 pp, New World Publishing

THE LITTLE TREE BY THE SEA JOHN DeMONT ILLUS. BY BELLE DeMONT From award-winning writer John DeMont comes an inspirational tale of a little tree that helped carry the message of “help” to the people of Boston following the Halifax Explosion. The little tree becomes a magnificent tree and gives itself as a gift to the people of Boston. $17.95 hc, 32pp, MacIntyre Purcell

Two fascinating books on the Explosion by a triple-award winning author. Betrayal of Trust tells the story of Cmdr. F. Evan Wyatt, the only person criminally charged in connection with this tragic event. This is his personal story, describing his schooling, RCN CXO in Halifax, divorce, charges, trial and acquittal. Scapegoat is the most referenced new title on the Explosion. It is the 2017 winner of the prestigious International John Lyman Award.


Food for the body

PANTRY AND PALATE Remembering and Rediscovering Acadian Food SIMON THIBAULT, PHOTOS BY NOAH FECKS In Pantry and Palate journalist Simon Thibault explores his Acadian roots by scouring old family recipes, ladies’ auxiliary cookbooks, and folk wisdom for 50 of the bestloved recipes of Acadians past and present. $34.95, Nimbus

Find your new favourite recipe

APRON STRINGS Navigating Food and Family in France, Italy, and China JAN WONG A memoir about family, an exploration of the globalization of food cultures and a meditation on the complicated relationships between mothers and sons, Apron Strings is complex, unpredictable and unexpectedly hilarious. $24.95 pb, 380 pp, Goose Lane Editions, also available as an e-book

NOVA SCOTIA COOKERY Then & Now NOVA SCOTIA ARCHIVES and SELECT NOVA SCOTIA Take one batch of historic recipes, add a handful of local, inspired chefs, mix well, and serve up a modern version of Nova Scotia culinary history. Features over 80 recipes, fullcolour photos as well as fascinating archival materials. $27.95, Nimbus

goodfor the soul MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE JILL BARBER, ART BY SYDNEY SMITH Sure to get you excited about making music, this awardwinning picture book for music lovers is now available in paperback. $12.95, Nimbus

A DISTORTED REVOLUTION How Eric’s Trip Changed Music, Moncton, and Me JASON MURRAY The Moncton scene helped usher in a genre and style of music that smashed pretension from rock in a time when music took itself too seriously. In this narrative history and memoir, journalist, musician, and Monctonian Jason Murray follows the rise of the band that put the Maritimes on the map. $21.95, Nimbus, also available as an e-book


A NEWFOUNDLANDER IN CANADA Always Going Somewhere, Always Coming Home ALAN DOYLE Following the fantastic success of his bestselling memoir, Where I Belong, Great Big Sea front man Alan Doyle returns with a hilarious, heartwarming account of leaving Newfoundland and discovering Canada for the first time. $32.95, Doubleday Canada, also available as an e-book

COLLECTED POEMS OF ALDEN NOWLAN BRIAN BARTLETT Plainspoken yet profound, Alden Nowlan (1933–1983) has long been one of Canada’s most beloved poets, and now the true range of his poetic achievement is finally available in a single collection. $55 hc, 682 pp, Goose Lane Editions, also available as an e-book

Artful expressions MAUD LEWIS 1,2,3 CAROL MCDOUGALL and SHANDA LARAMEE-JONES, ART BY MAUD LEWIS Maud Lewis 1,2,3 is a wonderful first counting book and introduction to the joy-filled art of Nova Scotia’s most famous folk painter, Maud Lewis. Babies and toddlers will have fun searching the vibrant images to count kittens, oxen, birds and flowers. $12.95, Nimbus

THE ILLUMINATED LIFE OF MAUD LEWIS LANCE WOOLAVER The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis is an invitation to share once again with the world the perceptions of this celebrated Nova Scotia folk artist in prose, photographs, and reproductions of her work. $29.95, Nimbus

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SAKKIJÂJUK Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut HEATHER IGLOLIORTE SakKijâjuk provides an opportunity for readers, collectors, art historians, and art aficionados to come into intimate contact with the distinctive, innovative, and breathtaking work of the contemporary Inuit artists and craftspeople of Nunatsiavut. $45 hc, 188 pp, Goose Lane Editions

MARLENE CREATES Places, Paths, and Pauses SUSAN GIBSON GARVEY and ANDREA KUNARD Art that is ecological in the fullest sense of the word: it seeks to elucidate our relationships with our fragile dwelling places—both on the earth and in our own skins. $50 hc, 204 pp,Goose Lane Editions

COLVILLE ANDREW HUNTER Featuring more than 100 reproductions of works assembled from museums and private collections nationwide, Colville honours the iconic Canadian artist’s legacy and explores the continuing impact of his work on film, literature, and music. $39.95 pb, 168 pp,Goose Lane Editions


Choose your own adventure

RANDOM SHOTS DAVID MOSSMAN Random Shots tells the stories of survival against the odds, the life of a well-travelled risking-taking Maritime son. In this lively volume, Mossman recounts his adventures in Lesotho, Northwest Territories, Gabon, the Bay of Fundy, Australia, the Congo, Zambia, Nunavut, New Zealand, the offshore Atlantic Ocean, Ontario and Brazil. $21.95 pb, 206 pp, Pottersfield Press, also available as an e-book

BANJO FLATS MONA KNIGHT She’s called Fortune and there’s a price on her head. Every outlaw with a gun is headed to the most lawless town in the Wild West—Banjo Flats—thinking they can earn some easy money by killing the girl gunslinger. They’re wrong. $19.95, 232 pp, Boularderie Island Press

SALT OF THE TURF A Season in Football’s Far Corner MICHAEL COSGROVE Former football player and high school coach Michael Cosgrove, chronicles Halifax’s Citadel Phoenix team during their 2013 season, highlighting the inspirational journey of its best player Shaun Robinson, and periodically looking back at the memorable legacy of the team’s coach Mike Tanner. $19.95, 214 pp, Boularderie Island Press

THE LONG WAY HOME JOHN DeMONT A finely etched portrait of Nova Scotia from one of its most gifted journalists, this is a biography of a place that has been hardened by history, and of a people shaped by the land and the past. $32, McClelland & Stewart

HALIFAX HISTORIC STREETSCAPES Then and now, 3 walking tours, vol 1 BARBARA DeLORY Tours of downtown Halifax: Barrington, Hollis, Argyle, Spring Garden, South Park. Increase your knowledge of architecture, history, famous residents/ businesses and future plans. Fits in hand or pocket. Companion to: Three Centuries of Public Art. $14.95, 126 colour photos and maps, New World Publishing, also available as an e-book

SKETCH BY SKETCH Along Nova Scotia’s South Shore EMMA FITZGERALD Take an informal road trip with artist Emma FitzGerald along Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore! $24.95 hc, 128pg, Formac


Brighten your holidays

HENRIETTA’S NIGHTLIGHT ALICE WHITNEY Oh no! There’s no running water or electricity at Gramma and Grampa’s cottage and this is Henrietta’s first time staying overnight. Can she make it through the scary, dark night and see the great blue heron in the morning? $12.95 pb, Chocolate River Publishing

HIKING TRAILS OF MAINLAND NOVA SCOTIA MICHAEL HAYNES From Yarmouth to the Canso Causeway, this new updated edition of Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia provides illustrated descriptions of the most enjoyable and challenging hikes that mainland Nova Scotia has to offer. $24.95 pb, 360 pp, Goose Lane Editions TRAILS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MICHAEL HAYNES Whether you’re planning a months-long trek from one coast of Canada to the other, or a picnic on the beach within view of a lighthouse, Trails of Prince Edward Island is the hiker’s best companion, an authoritative and entertaining guide to this gem of Confederation. $24.95 pb, 352 pp, Goose Lane Editions WATERFALLS OF NEW BRUNSWICK A Guide NICHOLAS GUITARD New Brunswick is home to more than 1,000 waterfalls. Spilling over an incredible range of ancient geological terrain, the waterfalls in this richly illustrated volume are complemented by descriptions, directions, and background information on each site. $19.95 pb, 291 pp, Goose Lane Editions

Land MAPLE SUGAR PIE SUSAN WHITE Can figurative cracks be repaired as estranged family members struggle to reunite and save their family farm? Told through photographs and personal memories, the past is brought to light at a moment when family needs to be more than a relative term. $19.95 pb, 232 pp, Acorn

THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER The Story of Ross Farm JOAN WATSON with MURRAY CREED Nova Scotia’s Ross Farm Museum is a living window into the province’s agricultural history. The Accidental Farmer explores the farm’s history and continued legacy. Includes 60 colour images and sidebars. $15.95, Nimbus


THE SEA WAS IN THEIR BLOOD The Devastating Loss of the Miss Ally’s Five-Man Crew QUENTIN CASEY Through interviews with the crew’s families and co-workers, the Coast Guard Joint Rescue CoOrdination Team, and members of the tight-knit fishing communities of Woods Harbour and Cape Sable Island, award-winning journalist Quentin Casey pieces together the night the Miss Ally foundered. $22.95, Nimbus, also available as an e-book

PORT OF CALL Tall Ships Visit the Maritimes ALLAN BILLARD Tall ships are steeped in mystery and romance, and this year over thirty visited Maritime ports for RendezVous 2017. In this photofilled book, Allan Billard tells you everything you need to know about the schooners, galleons, brigatines and others that participated in the event. $19.95, Nimbus

and Sky TAKE OFF TO TANTRAMAR ODETTE BARR/ COLLEEN LANDRY/ BETH WEATHERBEE Camelia Airheart wants a leg bracelet just like her Aunt Tillie’s, so she’s off to the Tantramar Wetlands where she meets Drake, a rapping mallard duck. And is it possible her brother McCurdy has fallen in love? $14.95 pb, Chocolate River Publishing

FIRSTS IN FLIGHT Alexander Graham Bell and his Innovative Airplanes TERRANCE W. MACDONALD The story of Alexander Graham Bell’s groundbreaking experimental aircrafts—all built and flown in Nova Scotia! $24.95 pb, 96pg, Formac

CAMMIE TAKES FLIGHT LAURA BEST Eleven-year-old Cammie is navigating life at her new school, armed with her estranged mother’s address, and her new friend Nessa. Will Cammie finally learn why she was abandoned and be able to start her new life? The sequel to Flying with a Broken Wing. $12.95, Nimbus, also available as an e-book

ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES MOUCHES POUR LE SAUMON ATLANTIQUE JACQUES HÉROUX The Atlantic salmon, king of the rivers, is the ultimate prize for the angler. This beautifully illustrated volume brings together exquisite examples of nearly 300 salmon flies, tied by some of the best fly tiers and fishers in North America. $24.95 pb, 158 pp, Goose Lane Editions

THE FOX AND THE FISHERMAN MARIANNE DUMAS Barnaby is a lonely fisherman. Every morning alone, he goes out to sea on his small fishing boat, throws his net in the water, and hopes to bring some fish home. Then one day Barnaby discovers footprints near his home. To whom could they belong? $12.95, Nimbus

Don’t let this one get away 9

For the

nature lover

NATURE, PLACE, AND STORY Rethinking Historic Sites in Canada CLAIRE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Two historic sites in Atlantic Canada, L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland and Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, figure in this fresh interpretation of Canada’s history. $34.95 hc, McGill-Queen’s University Press, also available as an e-book

BE A NIGHT DETECTIVE Solving the Mysteries of Twilight, SHRUBS OF NOVA SCOTIA Dusk, and Nightfall RAYMOND R. FIELDING PEGGY KOCHANOFF Detailed drawings, useful keys and Why are moths drawn to light at descriptions provided throughout the night? Why do some flowers only book make easy the identification bloom under the moon? Are stars of over 100 species of shrubs, small really falling from the sky? This nature trees and wood vines native to series explores creatures of the night. Nova Scotia. $14.95, Nimbus $15.95, Nimbus FROM SEED TO CENTREPIECE A Floral Journey through the Seasons AMANDA MUIS BROWN From one of the East Coast’s foremost flower farmers comes a colourful narrative guide for celebrating flowers in every season. Includes hundreds of stunning colour photographs. $34.95, Nimbus


CANADA: 150 PANORAMAS GEORGE FISCHER From frosty Mount Logan in the Yukon to the salty shores of Newfoundland, George Fischer’s stunning landscape photography celebrates the diverse appeal of every province and territory in Canada. An essential collection for anyone who calls Canada home. $32.95, Nimbus

NOVA SCOTIA AT NIGHT LEN WAGG See Nova Scotia like never before. Celebrated photographer Len Wagg returns with another entirely original perspective on his home province. Nova Scotia at Night showcases Canada’s Ocean Playground from sunset to twilight and beyond. $29.95, Nimbus

Count on this one to please!

BEACHES OF CAPE BRETON PAT O’NEIL An informative guide to over 80 beaches: photos, access, amenities, lifeguard services, environmental concerns, directions and smart codes for every beach to connect you with current weather conditions, tides, maps,and a wide range of other relevant information. $19.95, 200pp, Boularderie Island Press

ATLANTIC ANIMAL ABC ANGELA K. DOAK From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, with lots of wild Atlantic Canadiana in between—like lobster, brown bat, moon jellyfish, porcupine, and more— Atlantic Animal ABC is the perfect introduction for young ones to the region’s wildlife. $14.95, Nimbus

Finding your place

GOTH GIRL MELANIE MOSHER There are three things fifteenyear-old Victoria Markham truly enjoys: English class, her “Goth Girl” look, and art. It’s just that she does the last one late at night, with spray paint. Tensions run high when she is caught, and has to decide who she really is. $14.95, Nimbus, also available as an e-book

THE LAND BEYOND THE WALL An Immigration Story VERONIKA MARTENOVA CHARLES Emma lives on the grey, cold lonely side of a wall, where no flowers grow. On the other side there is happiness and colour. One day a strange boat arrives and Emma leaves her world behind forever. $22.95, Nimbus THE WALKING BATHROOM SHAUNTAY GRANT ILLUSTRATED BY ERIN BENNETT BANKS It’s Halloween and Amayah doesn’t have a costume to wear to school. She’s dressed as a ghost for the last three years in a row. She wants to be different this year. This is a sweet story about standing out and fitting in. $22.95, Nimbus

LAST WILD BOY HUGH MacDONALD For those who love dystopian fiction, this is sure to be a pageturner. Nora lives a happy, peaceful life in the closed off, femaledriven communuty of Aahimsa. But when she finds an outsider’s baby abandoned within the city walls she starts to question everything she knows. $12.95, Acorn AND ALL THE STARS SHALL FALL HUGH MacDONALD In this sequel to Last Wild Boy, Aahimsa and its Manuhome are suddenly attacked by The World Federation of City States. To survive, strangers and enemies are forced to band together to fight against those who wish to destroy them. $19.95 pb, 200 pp, Acorn

A BIRD ON EVERY TREE Stories CAROL BRUNEAU In this new collection of short stories, Carol Bruneau follows characters who find themselves connected to Nova Scotia by birth, through attempts at escape and new beginnings, or as a temporary resting place, always carrying with them their own definitions of “home.” $19.95, Vagrant Press, also available as an e-book LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING DORETTA GROENENDYK This colourful new picture book by Doretta Groenendyk is filled with whimsical images of love from many different backgrounds. It showcases glee, surprise, intense emotion and delight between people from all walks of life. $19.95, Acorn

Celebrating our differences

SETTLING TWICE Lessons From Then and Now DEBORAH JOY COREY In a revelation of memory and unflinching insight, prompted by the death of her parents, Deborah Joy Corey probes the complex bonds between family, lovers and neighbours that shaped her sense of identity, then, growing up in rural New Brunswick, and now, as a wife and mother living in Maine. $19.95 pb, 224 pp, Nimbus


Secrets THE DISAPPEARING BOY SONIA TILSON Thirteen-year-old Neil MacLeod is trying to adjust to his new life in a new city when he meets his grandmother for the first time. Secrets are revealed that send him searching for answers when he discovers his mother is transgender. $12.95, Nimbus

THE GOLDEN BOY GRANT MATHESON Before opiods destroyed Grant Matheson’s career, he was a pillar of his community. Respected physican, loving husband, devoted father and trusted friend, aGrant was a straight-laced kid who grew up clean living. When addiction took hold of his life, it surprised everyone, including himself as detailed in his memoir. $21.95, Acorn

RUN, HIDE, REPEAT A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood PAULINE DAKIN This #1 Globe and Mail Bestseller is a chilling memoir of a childhood on the run, deception and betrayal and a family’s capacity for love and forgiveness. $24.95, Viking, also available as an e-book

FINDING FORGIVENESS ADRIAN McNALLY SMITH A long harboured family secret is the focal point of this memoir. The book details a son’s experience coming to terms with that secret and the betrayal that accompanied it. But it is also a story of redemption as after years of hard work Adrian McNally Smith could finally find forgiveness. $19.95 pb, 214 pp, Acorn

A real head scratcher

LEXICON Puzzles to Challenge & Entertain THERESA WILLIAMS The 18th volume of popular puzzles for all ages! $8.95, Nimbus

POLLY MACCAULEY’S FINEST, DIVINEST, WOOLLIEST GIFT OF ALL A yarn for all ages SHEREE FITCH / DARKA ERDELJI (ILLUS.) Infused with Sheree Fitch’s poetic playfulness and wit, this beautifully illustrated, big-hearted storybook celebrates the joy of creativity and the strength of community. A wonderful book from a much loved storyteller; perfect for readers, listeners and knitters of all ages. $19.95 hc, 68pp, Running the Goat DEER ISLAND MYSTERY DON KELLY Jamie’s heritage project turns into a treasure hunt, and he and his friends need to use their orienteering and science skills to find it. Will someone else beat them to the treasure when an important clue goes missing? Ages 9–12 $11.95 pb, Chocolate River Publishing


ON SOUTH MOUNTAIN The Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan DAVID CRUISE and ALISON GRIFFITHS Stories of South Mountain and its notorious Goler Clan are often told in whispers—or not at all. This updated, 20thanniversary edition of the bestselling true crime story explores the Annapolis Valley’s darkest secret. $22.95, Nimbus

OAK ISLAND UNEARTHED! (Third Canadian Edition) JOHN O. O’BRIEN John O’Brien appeared in The Curse of Oak Island. Follow his evidencebased theory of this 1,000-year mystery: the stone cross, water traps, Mayan blue clay, carbon dating, Mesoamerican prophecy, mathematics, hieroglyphs plus newly discovered shafts off island. $22.50, 148 pp; New World Publishing, also available as an e-book

Through the ages MINEGOO MNIKU SANDRA DODGE, TRANSLATED BY GEORGINA FRANCIS A story of creation, as told through Mi’kmaq legend, follows The Great Spirit as He tries to place one of his creations on earth. This spot was the Shining Waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which would be home to the Mi’kmaq people. $13.95, Acorn

CHIEF LIGHTNING BOLT A Novel DANIEL N. PAUL “It is incredibly entertaining while gently enlightening modern day readers about the humane, balanced, honourable, trustworthy, civil and democratic nature of precontact Mi’kmaq society.”— Randolph Bowers, author of Sacred Teachings from the Medicine Lodge $20.99 pb, 288 pp, Roseway Publishing

Learn something new every day

AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF NOVA SCOTIA HARRY BRUCE with DAN SOUCOUP In vivid, accessible prose, award-winning author Harry Bruce documents, in text and image, Nova Scotia’s complex and fascinating history. With updates and a new chapter from author Dan Soucoup, this edition is back in print for a whole new generation. $24.95, Nimbus

TRADITIONAL NEWFOUNDLAND ENGLISH The First English Language of North America R.A. BRAGG The rich heritage and cultural importance of Newfoundland is preserved in this dictionary. As it shows, the traditional language is unique, relevant and all together “wunnerfo.” $12.95, Nimbus

400 YEARS IN 365 DAYS A Day by Day Calendar of Nova Scotia History LEO J. DEVEAU This informative, entertaining and illuminating book gives readers a fun, trivia filled record of the communities and peoples of Nova Scotia from the last 400 years! $34.95 hc, 192pg, Formac

CANADA’S ODYSSEY A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests PETER H. RUSSELL In Canada’s Odyssey, renowned scholar Peter H. Russell provides an expansive, accessible account of Canadian history from the pre-Confederation period to the present day. $39.95, University of Toronto Press

FROM THE 14TH COLONY TO CONFEDERATION Governors, Placemen & the Merchant Elite A.D. BOUTILIER Canada 150 Book. Describes the founding of Halifax: how the original Nova Scotia territory became the Maritime provinces (ca. 1785), first responsible government, failed Maritime Union then becoming Canada in 1867. Companion to The Citadel on Stage by Alex Boutilier. $21.95, 288 pp, New World Publishing, also available as an e-book

NOVA SCOTIA AT WAR 1914–1919 BRIAN DOUGLAS TENNYSON When the First World War ended in 1918, its profound impact did not. The war continued to haunt a nation. Nova Scotia at War, 1914–1919 is an in-depth study of Nova Scotia’s role in what was, at the time, the most traumatic collective experience in the history of Canadians. $26.95, Nimbus

THE WORST AND BEST OF THE PREMIERS AND SOME WE NEVER HAD A Political Report Card BILL ROWE Part memoir, part history, The Worst and Best of the Premiers and Some We Never Had observes the landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador politics since Confederation in 1949 and grades forty-two leaders based on accomplishment during their time in public life. $19.95 pb, 268 pp, Flanker Press, also available as an e-book


For the

social justice warrior THE RECONCILIATION MANIFESTO Recovering the Land, Rebuilding the Economy ARTHUR MANUEL, RONALD DERRICKSON A radical challenge to Canada and Canadians from prominent Indigenous leader and activist Arthur Manuel. $22.95 pb, 312pg, Lorimer, also available as an e-book

FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS A History of the Credit Union Movement on Prince Edward Island 1936–2016 D. SCOTT MACDONALD Traces the story of the credit unions on Prince Edward Island over the past 80 years by telling the history through the 75 different and unique credit unions that were incorporated up until today. $24.95 pb, 280 pp, Acorn

THE MILL Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest JOAN BAXTER From the day it began operation in 1967, the pulp mill near Pictou has created deep divisions in northern Nova Scotia. This story is about people whose livelihoods depend on the mill and also those whose health, homes, water, air and businesses have been harmed by the mill’s emissions and effluent. $22.95 pb, 352 pp, Pottersfield Press, also available as an e-book

THE ABC’S OF VIOLA DESMOND 2/3 CAINES WILLIAM KING ELEMENTARY The ABC’s of Viola Desmond was written by students for students and relates the history of a Canadian icon and courageous civil rights advocate, Viola Desmond. As well, this will be a wonderful book to have in homes throughout Nova Scotia and beyond. $23.95 hc, Delmore ‘Buddy’ Daye Learning Institute

THE TIMES OF AFRICAN NOVA SCOTIANS Volume Two Ten percent of the Loyalists who settled in Nova Scotia were of African descent and they planted the seeds for more than 50 communities across the province. This is their story. $29.95 pb, 46pp, Delmore ‘Buddy’ Daye Learning Institute

IF YOU COULD WEAR MY SNEAKERS Anniversary Edition SHEREE FITCH, ART BY DARCIA LABROSSE A Sheree Fitch classic, this 20th anniversary collection of humorous poems, paired with timeless illustrations, interprets 15 of the 54 articles of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. $22.95, Nimbus POLICING BLACK LIVES State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present ROBYN MAYNARD A crucial work in chronicling Black experiences in Canada. If you only read one book this year, make it this one. A comprehensive book for anyone who cares about Black life in this country. Brilliant work!— Black Lives Matter Toronto $24.99 pb, 292 pp, Fernwood Publishing


THE EFFECTIVE CITIZEN How to Make Politicians Work for You GRAHAM STEELE A primer for anyone who wants to be a politician or influence one. The Effective Citizen explains how politicians think and what factors influence that thinking. From the bestselling author of What I Learned about Politics. $29.95, Nimbus

POWERED BY LOVE A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa JOANNA HENRY and ILANA LANDSBERG-LEWIS In the face of overwhelming loss from the AIDS pandemic, the grandmothers of Africa are holding families and communities together. The extraordinary images and stories of resourceful women fighting for a better future make this book an inspiration for everyone. $35 pb, 296 pp, Goose Lane Editions

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THE LAST CANADIAN KNIGHT The Unintended Business Adventures of Sir Graham Day GORDON PITTS In The Last Canadian Knight, award-winning business journalist Gordon Pitts chronicles Day’s meteoric rise and explores the lessons Day gleaned from a lifetime spent in and out of the world’s boardrooms. $27.95, Nimbus, also available as an e-book

LOOKING FOR BOOTSTRAPS Economic Development in the Maritimes DONALD J. SAVOIE Donald Savoie brings a fresh perspective to an age-old problem and asks the tough questions: Why has the Maritime region not developed as well as other Canadian regions, and what can we do about it? $29.95, Nimbus

NOBLE GOALS, DEDICATED DOCTORS The Story of Dalhousie Medical School DR. T. JOCK MURRAY Dalhousie Medical School celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2018. In this richly detailed book, Dr. T. Jock Murray, a former dean of the medical school, looks at the struggles and errors, as well as the triumphs of the school. $39.95, Nimbus

Otherworldly HAUNTED GROUND Ghost Stories from the Rock DALE JARVIS Ghost stories are found in every corner of Newfoundland and Labrador, and no one knows them better than storyteller Dale Jarvis. In this collection, Jarvis introduces you to historical tales, local folklore, and some of the province’s eeriest urban legends. $17.95 pb, 226 pp, Flanker Press, also available as an e-book

EAST COAST CRAFTED The Essential Guide to the Beers, Breweries, and Brewpubs of Atlantic Canada. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS and WHITNEY MORAN, PHOTOS BY JESSICA EMIN From the pioneering breweries of historic downtown Halifax to the distinct merroir of rural Prince Edward Island, and the banks of New Brunswick’s St. John River to the far-flung iceberg alleys of Newfoundland, East Coast Crafted features behind-the-scenes profiles of Atlantic Canada’s close to 80 breweries and brewpubs. $39.95, Nimbus

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WHERE EVIL DWELLS: THE NOVA SCOTIA ANTHOLOGY OF HORROR EDITED BY VERNON OICKLE Nova Scotia’s best writers tell their tales of the macabre and the monstrous, the ghoulish and ghostly. If you don’t believe in ghosts now, you will after reading The Nova Scotia Anthology of Horror. $19.95 pb, 198pp, MacIntyre Purcell SPIRITED AWAY Fairy stories of old Newfoundland TOM DAWE / VESELINA TOMOVA (ILLUS.) Newfoundland is rife with stories of fairies who lurk, menacing and amoral, at the edges of settled life. These haunting literary renderings offer an engaging introduction to one of the island’s most powerful and peculiar folk traditions. $22.99 hc, 60pp, Running the Goat


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CHRISTMAS WITH MAUD LEWIS LANCE WOOLAVER AND BOB BROOKS Maud Lewis has become one of Canada’s favourite folk artists, and her buoyant winter pictures of nature, animals, and people at work and play are among her most charming. Full of Christmas spirit and joy, this delightful hardcover edition is the perfect holiday gift! $24.95 hc, 116 pp, Goose Lane Editions

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25 YEARS OF 22 MINUTES An Unofficial Oral History of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, As Told by Cast Members, Staff, and Guests ANGELA MOMBOURQUETTE 25 Years of 22 Minutes takes readers backstage to hear first-hand accounts of the show’s key moments—in the words of the writers, producers, and cast members who were there. Readers will get an insider’s take on the highs, the lows, and the daily grind behind the scenes at 22 Minutes. $29.95, Nimbus

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Book Lovers' Holiday Gift Ideas 2017  

Book Lovers' Holiday Gift Ideas 2017