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Learn more at BitLit.com Following an unprecedented explosion of literary talent over the past twenty years, The Breakwater series assembles the very best work by the island’s most accomplished authors.

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays Denise Lynde

$19.95 pb, 182 pp., 9781550814668. Also available as an e-book.

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Short Fiction Larry Mathews

$19.95 pb, 182 pp., 9781550815924. Also available as an e-book.

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry James Langer & Mark Callanan $19.95 pb, 215 pp., 9781550814088.

Also available as an e-book.

Knife Party at the Hotel Europa

Mark Anthony Jarman A man escapes to Italy. In the hands of one of Canada’s finest short-story writers, his journey is one of twists and turns that overlap in surreal and wonderful ways. His life, and ours, is forever changed. $29.95 hc, 288 pp., 9780864929181, Goose Lane Editions.




Milton Acorn

The People’s Poet Compiled by Kent Martin & Errol Sharpe Photos by Kent Nason This one-of-a-kind multi-media (includes documentary on DVD) collectors item and memorial is a must have for everyone who counts themselves a fan of the original Canadian People’s Poet. $24.95 pb, 176 pp., B&W photos, 9781552667262, Roseway Publishing.



Fiction The Dead Letter

Wild Pieces

Finley Martin Charlottetown’s reluctant sleuth is back! This time, Anne Brown receives an 11-year-old letter from a murder witness. But when she digs deeper, she finds that witness is also dead. Troubled by the evidence at hand, Brown must decide whether she should investigate.

Catherine Hogan Safer In language, taut and beautifully controlled, perfectly pitched and witty, Safer creates an array of unforgettable people. At once very funny and very sad, here is the dignity of lives lived slightly slant. $19.95 pb, 150 pp., 9781771030717,

$19.95 pb, 300 pp., 9781927502358, The Acorn Press.

Creative Book Publishing.

Also available as an e-book.

Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

Vernon Oickle “Master storyteller Vernon Oickle treats us to another volume of frightening stories to keep the chill in our hearts even on the hottest of days.” —Darryll Walsh, acclaimed ghost hunter, author of Legends and Monsters of Atlantic Canada $19.95 pb, 200 pp., B&W photos, 9781927097779, MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

Wake the Stone Man

Carol McDougall “McDougall’s writing is brave, fierce, funny and wise. We are better —and we know better— after having read Wake the Stone Man.” —Sheree Fitch

$20.95 pb, 264 pp., 9781552667217, Roseway Publishing.



The True Confessions of a Badly Misunderstood Dog

What Kills Good Men

David Hood On an October night in 1899 the body of a wellregarded city councilman is found floating under a Halifax wharf. Detective Inspector Culligan Baxter embarks on an investigation that leads from the waterfront, through the city’s streets, and out into the surrounding countryside. $21.95 pb, 304 pp., 9781771083508, Vagrant Press Also available as an e-book.



Bill Rowe This is a heartwarming and hilarious novel about Durf, a yellow Lab who thinks he is the boss of two cats and the humans he lives with, too.

$19.95 pb, 224 pp., 9781771174411, Flanker Press.




Fiction Amazing Grace

One Hit Wonders

Lesley Crewe Grace Willingdon’s blissful life is rudely interrupted when her estranged son calls from New York City, worried about his teenaged daughter. Crackling with Crewe’s celebrated wit and humour, this is a heartfelt tale of enduring love and forgiveness, and the deep roots of family.

Patrick Warner As a crime novel for a new age, this is sex, drugs, and a story that unfolds as a map of bad intentions. This energetic tale is part caper and part murder mystery—relentlessly satiric, brutally funny and obsessively readable. $19.95 pb, 240 pp., 9781550816136,

$19.95 pb, 288 pp., 9781771083164, Vagrant Press.

Breakwater Books.

Also available as an e-book.


A Thomas Pichon Novel A.J.B. Johnston In this third Thomas Pichon novel, Thomas succumbs to a tryst, squanders a new love in London and longs for higher social station. In Paris, a new lover offers help and he’s given the best position he’s ever had, one that requires him to go overseas on a voyage neither he nor anyone aboard will forget. $19.95 pb, 264 pp., 9781772060201, Cape Breton University Press.



Ledger of the Open Hand

La Sagouine

Antonine Maillet, Translated by Wayne Grady A dirt-poor charwoman leans on her mop, telling her life story. And what a story it is! La Sagouine brought Acadian literature to a wide audience and is now available in this newly revised translation. $18.99 pb, 164 pp., 9780864928689, Goose Lane Editions.


Leslie Vryenhoek Ledger of the Open Hand looks at the intimate power of money and emotional debt through the eyes of a woman trying to grab hold of her own life.

$19.95 pb, 320 pp., 9781550816044, Breakwater Books.



iBookstore atlanticbookstoday.ca


Fiction / Art Split


Jon Tattrie This novel explores the lives of two people seeking very different ways to be men. Both struggle with addictions to limerence, that longing for something new that drives so many men to leave behind what’s good in pursuit of what seems better. $21.95 pb, 224 pp., 9781897426739, Pottersfield Press.

Our Lady of Steerage

Steven Mayoff In the 1920s, Betye, a Jewish mother, grieves for a lost son, while young Catholic Mariasse comforts Betye’s neglected baby Dvorah. Weaving through time, the novel traces 40 years as these Polish immigrants wander in and out of each other’s lives. $26.95 hc, 254 pp., 9781933480374, Bunim & Bannigan Ltd.

Libby Creelman Gunshots ring out across a swamp on a hot summer afternoon. April and Pilgrim —16-year-old twins infatuated with the same man— are forced apart. Three shots. One for each decade Pilgrim will spend running from the past. $22.95 pb, 370 pp., 9780864928610, Goose Lane Editions.



John Greer

retroActive Edited by David Diviney A lone figure, obscured by a dust cloud. A pair of largerthan-life hands holding a mallet, ready to strike. An unimaginable journey through 300 photographs of revolutionary sculptor John Greer and his mind-bending work. $65 hc, 350 pp., 9780864928900, Goose Lane Editions & Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Christopher Pratt

Hand Drawn Halifax

Portraits of the city’s buildings, landmarks, neighbourhoods & residents Emma FitzGerald This artist brings an affectionate eye to her colourful sketches. From local bookstores and neighbourhood streets to the Public Gardens and Ashtray Rock, the character of the city and its people shine through her art and quaint narration. $19.95 hc, 128 pp., Illustrations, 9781459503977, Formac Publishing.




The Places I Go Christopher Pratt, Mireille Eagan & Larry Dohey In 2005 Pratt began a journey that crisscrossed Newfoundland to record a lifetime of changes. This magnificent book features Pratt’s paintings of the last decade, all born of this journey. $40 hc, 104 pp., 9780864928849, Goose Lane Editions & The Rooms.

Art / Photography Ancestral Images

Peter’s Dream

Niniskamijinaqik / The Mi’kmaq in Art and Photography Ruth Holmes Whitehead

Lennie Gallant & Karen Gallant

This hauntingly beautiful book pairs the lyrics of celebrated singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant and the paintings of renowned artist Karen Gallant, creating a richly coloured world steeped in unique stories and familiar celebrations. $29.95 hc, 108 pp., Colour photos, Illustrations, 9780993789601, Gallant Effort Productions.

The Mi’kmaq of Atlantic Canada were here for thousands of years before the arrival of European peoples. This book presents their unique culture and way of life through the remarkable and complex lives of individuals, as depicted in artwork or photography. $29.95 hc, 128 pp., B&W photos, 9781771082631, Nimbus Publishing.

The photographs in these books capture the immense natural beauty of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, as well as the spirit of their people.

The Little Book of Nova Scotia Len Wagg

$16.95 hc, 80 pp., Colour photos, 9781771082938, Nimbus Publishing.

The Little Book of New Brunswick Brian Atkinson

$16.95 hc, 80 pp., Colour photos, 9781771082877, Nimbus Publishing.

Bay of Fundy’s Hopewell Rocks

Kevin Snair This intimate behindthe-scenes tour of the Hopewell Rocks site features Snair’s stunning photographs and is packed with background information.

$19.95 pb, 100 pp., B&W & colour photos, Illustrations, 9780987747020, Chocolate River Publishing.

Then and Now Following in the Footsteps of Nova Scotia Photographer Wallace MacAskill Len Wagg

MacAskill is lauded for his portraits of seascapes, ships and picturesque landscapes. In this remarkable collection of photographs, Wagg follows in the footsteps of 50 of his best shots, recreating them in colour contemporary portraits. $29.95 hc, 112 pp., Colour photos, 9781771083409, Nimbus Publishing.



Photography / Holiday

Halifax: A Visual Legacy

200+ iconic photographs of the city from 1853 to the present William D. Naftel Rediscover Halifax’s rich heritage through this beautifully curated collection of photographs. Two centuries of development are captured in images of universities, churches, parks, shopping centres and the lively waterfront. William Naftel recounts the fascinating history of the city and the photographs. $39.95 pb, 168 pp., B&W photos, 9781459500464, Formac Publishing.

A Sea Glass Journey

Ebb and Flow Teri Hall Sea glass, beach glass, sand glass, mermaids’ tears‚ known by many names and coveted by beachcombers, these ocean treasures are more than they seem. In this book, sea glass jeweller and collector Teri Hall tells the incredible story of these jewels of the sea.

Christmas Star Power

David Weale & Wilna Clark-Gerami Winner of the 2014 TD Grade One Book Giveaway and author of The True Meaning of Crumbfest, a best-selling Christmas classic, offers us this heart-warming celebration of a family reunited on Christmas Eve.

$24.95 hc, 112 pp., Colour photos, 9781771083126,

$13.95 hc, 34 pp., Illustrations, 9780991880959,

Nimbus Publishing.

Tangle Lane Publishing.

Mary Morrison’s Cape Breton Christmas

A Moose Goes a-Mummering

Lisa Dalrymple & David Sturge

In this Newfoundland “12 Days of Christmas”, Chris Moose loves to go mummering. But everyone sees through his festive costume. Chris’s disguise grows more and more elaborate until he begins to wonder if he will ever find a way to keep his true identity from his friends! $12.95 pb, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781771030502, Creative Book Publishing.



Bette MacDonald This is treasury of all things holiday includes advice for coping with family,

gift-giving dos and don’ts, and even her favourite seasonal recipes. This new softcover edition of the popular book is a hilarious and colourful collection of Cape Breton Christmas humour. $19.95 pb, 104 pp., Colour photos, 9781771083225, Nimbus Publishing.

Holiday / Biography and Memoir Louis R. Comeau

Snow Softly Falling

Holiday Stories from Prince Edward Island Richard Lemm This new anthology gathers short stories, memoirs and poems by four dozen well-known and new Island authors. Here is the wide range of experience and emotion associated with winter holidays: joyful or serene, troubled or sorrowful, comical, harrowing, and sublime. $19.95 pb, 220 pp., 9781927502457, The Acorn Press.

Nathan MacKinnon

The NHL’s Rising Star Paul Hollingsworth In his stat-packed book, this TSN correspondent traces the development of one of the NHL’s most exciting stars, starting with his jaw-dropping minor hockey career and continuing through his NHL career and his play as part of Team Canada.

Portrait of a Remarkable Acadian Sally Ross Once described as talkative and forthright, a hard man to dislike‚ Comeau has always been an advocate for the Acadian community and has used his energy, foresight and skills to be an agent of change. $20 pb, 124 pp., B&W photos, 9781897462386, Glen Margaret Publishing.

South End Boy

Growing up in Halifax in the tumultuous ’30s and ’40s Jim Bennet Beloved singersongwriter and former CBC host Jim Bennet brings his storytelling gift to his memoir. He vividly recounts the sights, sounds and smells of growing up in the south end of Halifax before the Second World War.

$17.95 pb, 80 pp., Colour photos, 9781771083317,

$29.95 hc, 144 pp., B&W photos, 9781459503892,

Nimbus Publishing.

Formac Publishing.

Angel Lady of the Maritimes

Travels With Farley Claire Mowat This is a warm and haunting tale of two writers whose lives were woven together by love, adversity and adventure. It gives insight into Claire’s own writing life as well as Farley’s during the time when he was crafting A Whale for the Killing and researching Sea of Slaughter. $24.95 pb, 288 pp., 9781897426746, Pottersfield Press.


Karen Forrest How does someone go from being a military nurse to a professional medium talking to angels and dead people? Read Karen’ss enthralling autobiography portraying her spiritual journey and fascinating career change. $19.95 pb, 180 pp., B&W photos, 9781897426715, Pottersfield Press.




Out of New Nova Scotia Kitchens

Best-loved East Coast dishes for today Craig Flinn Halifax chef Craig Flinn has been cooking and enjoying Maritime recipes his whole life. His new cookbook offers modern twists on classics like the Halifax donair, seafood chowder and lobster rolls. There are 100 more all-new recipes and colour photos throughout. A great gift for Nova Scotians anywhere! $24.95 hc, 160 pp., Colour photos, 9781459503922, Formac Publishing.

A Real Newfoundland Scoff

Sir John’s Table

Using Traditional Ingredients in Today’s Kitchens Liz Feltham Inspired by her desire to stay connected to the food of her home province, culinary writer Feltham goes back to her roots to bring fresh and modern twists to favourite Newfoundland meals.

The Culinary Life and Times of Canada’s First Prime Minister Lindy Mechefske Journey through the life of Canada’s first prime minister and the foods of his era. Try your hand at making fried oysters that were served at the Charlottetown Conference. Learn how a roast duck saved the Dominion.

$19.95 pb, 96 pp., Colour photos, 9781771082693,

$19.95 pb, 232 pp., Illustrations, 9780864928818,

Nimbus Publishing.

Goose Lane Editions.



These books ignore trends and fads to serve up real food perfected in a real home kitchen. With eyewidening main dishes, easy sides and lip-smacking desserts, Parsons delivers great fare for any occasion. Breakwater Books

Rock Recipes Vol I Barry Parsons

$19.95 pb, 264 pp., Colour photos, 9781550815559.

Rock Recipes Vol II Barry Parsons

$19.95 pb, 264 pp., Colour photos, 9781550816129.



Nature Geology of Nova Scotia: Field Guide

Deep Freeze Winter of 2015 John MacIntyre

The Maritime winter of 2015 was the coldest and snowiest winter on record. Records were broken everywhere (and that is with records going back to 1871), from record low temperatures to beating that benchmark for whiteness, White Juan. $19.95 pb, 96 pp., Colour photos, 9781927097953, MacInyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

Touring Through Time at 48 Scenic Sites Martha Hickman Hild & Sandra Barr The fascinating geological history of Nova Scotia is told in this easy to read traveller’s guide. Maps, GPS waypoints, photographs and travel directions capture the appeal and significance of each site. $34.95 pb, 272 pp., Colour photos, 9781927099438, Boulder Publications.

These guides will help you discover the best trails the region offers. Maps, detailed trail descriptions and sights to check out along the way make these guides essential companions. Goose Lane Editions Also available as e-books.

Trails of Prince Edward Island

Michael Haynes $24.95 pb, 292 pp., 9780864920485.

Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia

Michael Haynes $24.95 pb, 360 pp., 9780864926852.

Hiking Trails of New Brunswick Marianne Eiselt & H.A. Eiselt $19.95 pb, 328 pp., 9780864924551.

Wildflowers of New Brunswick: Field Guide

The Lost Wilderness

Rediscovering W.F. Ganong’s New Brunswick Nicholas Guitard Between 1882 and 1929, W.F. Ganong mapped and photographed the wilderness of New Brunswick. Join Nicholas Guitard as he brings to life a New Brunswick we must rediscover if we want to preserve it for future generations. $24.95 pb, 232 pp., 9780864928771, Goose Lane Editions.




Todd Boland An authoritative guide to 700 native and introduced species of New Brunswick wildflowers. Page tabs and icons, along with full colour photos, offer easy identification of wild plants. $34.95 pb, 436 pp., Colour photos, 9781927099490, Boulder Publications.



Humour / Inspiration / History In the Spirit

You Might Be From Newfoundland and Labrador If...

Michael de Adder “The cartoons in this book reveal more about the province in a few nuanced pen strokes than a Newfoundlander or Labradorian could say in a billion words. You’ll laugh, you’ll nod and smile, and you may even cry.” –Mark Critch, This Hour Has 22 Minutes $19.95 pb, 128 pp., Illustrations, 9781927097892, MacInyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

Reflections of Everyday Grace Monica Graham The wonder of a human hand, the tenacity of trillium, the restorative power of a hymnal: these topics and many more are explored in this thought-provoking collection of 80 spiritual essays from author-journalist Graham. $19.95 pb, 224 pp., Illustrations, 9781771082754, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Mike Parker recreates the colourful and tumultuous past of Nova Scotia with photographs and writing that makes the reader long for the old times. Potterfield Press

Frontier Town

Bear River, Nova Scotia: A snapshot in time $26.95 pb, 280 pp., B&W photos, 9781897426661.

Ghost Islands of Nova Scotia

$24.95 pb, 330 pp., B&W photos, 9781897426357.

Into the Deep Unknown Land of the Tent Dwellers

$24.95 pb, 280 pp., B&W photos, 9781897426463.

Old Enough to Fight

Canada’s Boy Soldiers in the First World War Dan Black & John Boileau, Foreword by RomEO Dallaire Now in paperback, the compelling story of the underage soldiers in the First World War, told using letters sent home, striking photographs and detailed battlefield maps.

Stubborn Resistance

New Brunswick Maliseet and Mi’kmaq in Defence of Their Lands Brian Cuthbertson Cuthbertson explores the history of the defense of reserve lands by the Maliseet and Mi’kmaq of New Brunswick, from 18th-century peace treaties to the present.

$24.95 pb, 320 pp., B&W photos, 9781459409552,

$24.95 pb, 248 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083461,

James Lorimer & Company.

Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.





History The CITADEL on Stage


The Halifax Explosion and the Persecution of Pilot Francis Mackey Janet Maybee Author Janet Maybee explores the circumstances leading up to the Halifax Explosion, the question of fault, and the impact on wrongly blamed pilot Francis Mackey and his family of

British Military Theatre, Sports & Recreation in Colonial Halifax Alex D. Boutilier Lively, entertaining social history of garrison officers stationed in Halifax: social, theatre, recreation and sport intertwined with local religion, world

$19.95 pb, 160 pp., B&W photos, 9781771083447,

economics, and the farcical comedy of upper class society and institutions. $27.50 pb, 384 pp.,

Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

B&W photos, 9781895814545, New World Publishing.

the unjust, deliberate persecution that followed.

With her engaging journalistic style, award-winning author Joan Sullivan, offers two distinctly impressive narratives memorializing the extraordinary courage displayed by soldiers in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War.

The Long Run Joan Sullivan

$19.95 pb, 120 pp., 9781550816105, Breakwater Books.

In The Field

Joan Sullivan

$19.95 pb, 120 pp., 9781550813913, Breakwater Books.


A Short History of Fredericton


Acadie Then and Now

$16.95 pb, 192 pp., B&W photos, 9781771083010,

A People’s History Phil Comeau, Mary Broussard & Warren Perrin A chronicle of historical and contemporary realities of the Acadian and Cajun people. It takes an international perspective, with the French edition winning the international literary award: 2015 Prix France-Acadie Prize.

Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

$30 pb, 496 pp., 9780976892731, Andrepont

Dan Soucoup Sitting along the scenic St. John River and tucked into the surrounding wilderness, Fredericton bristles with history as New Brunswick’s capital. This book records the entire history of the city in a highly accessible manner.

Publishing LLC.



History The Roar of the Sea

Jack Fitzgerald’s Treasury of Newfoundland Stories Volume I

Frank Leaman The story of a Nova Scotia adventurer who made an epic solo voyage by sail in the 1930s. With only his dog, Togo, as a companion, Captain William Crowell overcame an unforgiving ocean.

True Crime and Adventure Jack Fitzgerald This collection features some of the provinces most spectacular crimes, brutal murder cases and hangings. Equally compelling are the narratives of blizzards, hurricanes and avalanches. $18.95 pb, 250 pp., B&W photos, 9781771030694,

$19.95 pb, 192 pp., B&W photos, 9781927099445,

Creative Book Publishing.

Boulder Publications.

Two compelling WWII stories for 75th anniversary: A young soldier’s memoir during the Sicilian and Italian campaigns, and a rare war story of civilians living through the Blitz and rationing told from women’s perspective. New World Publishing

My dear Alice: War letters 1937-1950 Volume 2 Clare Christie & Carol Wills

$27.95 pb, 276 pp., B&W photos, 9781895814507.

Through the Gates of Hell & Back

The private war of a footslogger, Volume 1 John B. O’Brien with Devonna (O’Brien) Edwards

$21.95 pb, 160 pp., B&W photos & maps, 9781895814149.

Traditional Newfy Talk

Saint John Facts and Folklore

The First English Language of North America Russell A. Bragg The rich heritage of Newfoundland English, influenced by the dialects of the English, Irish and Scottish immigrants to the province, receives welldeserved attention in this well-crafted dictionary. $12.95 pb, 144 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083034, Nimbus Publishing.



David Goss Saint John Facts and Folklore is filled with anecdotes about the city’s history, unbelievable incidents, and local sayings that showcase the unique identity of Saint John.

$14.95 pb, 200 pp., B&W photos, 9781771082976, Nimbus Publishing.

History The Charlottetown Conference and the Birth of Confederation

War at Sea

Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic Ken Smith War at Sea uses firsthand accounts from veterans to describe this pivotal conflict. Smith emphasizes the contribution of Atlantic Canadians, who worked in areas vital to the war effort while under constant threat from U-boats, sabotage and spies. $17.95 pb, 208 pp., B&W photos, 9781771082655, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Deirdre Kessler & Douglas Baldwin Explore the political motives surrounding Confederation, with a focus on the pivotal role of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Highlighted with images, tables and informative sidebars, this book is an accessible history of the birth of a nation. $15.95 pb, 128 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083201, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Discover the region’s rich military heritage and the effect of war on both those who served and the communities they left behind. Goose Lane Editions & the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society

Till the Boys Come Home

Life on the Home Front in Queens County, NB, 1914-1918 Curtis Mainville $17.95 pb, 176 pp., 9780864928795.



Agnes Warner and the Nursing Sisters of the Great War Shawna Quinn $16.95 pb, 176 pp.,





Riding Into War

The Memoir of a Horse Transport Driver James Robert Johnston $14.95 pb, 112 pp., 9780864924124.

Murder on the Rock

True Crime in Newfoundland and Labrador Robert C. Parsons Parsons describes some of the most horrific and puzzling crimes and shenanigans that have happened in this province, including kidnappings, murders and cannibalism.

$19.95 pb, 280 pp., B&W photos, Illustrations, 9781771174015, Flanker Press.







The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children

The Hurt, the Hope, and the Healing Wanda Taylor Taylor interviews former residents participating in the lawsuit and upcoming public inquiry and connects their stories to her own relationship with the Home. $17.95 pb, 192 pp., B&W photos, 9781771083584, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.



History / Non-fiction Rails to the Atlantic

Ron Brown Explore Eastern Canada’s railway heritage, including stations from the late 1850s, grand hotels, bridges, and roundhouses of this era. $29.99 pb, 144 pp., B&W photos, 9781459728776, Dundurn Press.




Oak Island Unearthed!

A miner’s investigation of Oak Island, the Mesoamericans and its treasures John B. O’Brien This Nov. O’Brien is on History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island as he reveals his compelling evidence-based theory for this 1000-yr. mystery: stone cross, Mayan blue, Mesoamerican math. $19.99 pb, 132 pp., illustrations, 9781895814590, New World Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Ahead Of Her Time

Better Off Dead

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Canadian Armed Forces Fred Doucette Doucette, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, chronicles his efforts to rehabilitate and support soldiers and veterans suffering from what the military calls occupational stress injuries.

Select Writings of Dora Russell Dora Russell & Elizabeth Miller Russell provided a superb contribution to Newfoundland’s social history through her writings as the Women’s Editor of The Evening Telegram by focusing on political and social events, and profiling local women. $19.95 pb, 250 pp., B&W photos, 9781771030687,

$19.95 pb, 208 pp., Colour photos, 9781771083546, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Creative Book Publishing.

The Phone Book

Mr. Big

Essential Telephone Communication Skills Mary Jane Copps Learn how to leave messages, inspire conversation, book meetings and appointments, follow up on emails and texts, close a sale, handle complaints, and much more.

The Investigation into the Deaths of Karen and Krista Hart Colleen Lewis & Jennifer Hicks This is the shocking true story of a murder investigation in Newfoundland and Labrador that forever changed the face of the Canadian justice system.

$19.95 pb, 225 pp., B&W photos, 9781771174312, Flanker Press.






$21.95 pb, 134 pp., Illustrations, 9780991855285, Boularderie Island Press.

Non-fiction Indigenous Nationhood

Wreck Hunter 2

The Adventure Continues Terry Dwyer Experience the thrills, excitement and challenges associated with searching for shipwrecks and sunken treasure. The adventure continues into future unchartered areas of shipwreck exploration.

Empowering Grassroots Citizens Pamela Palmater Fiercely anti-racist and anti-colonial, this book is intended to help rebuild the connections between Indigenous citizens and their home communities, local governments and Indigenous Nations for the benefit of future generations.

$19.95 pb, 160 pp., B&W photos, 9781897462423, Glen

$19.95 pb, 192 pp., 9781552667958, Fernwood

Margaret Publishing.

Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

The Grumbling Hive Revisited

Bernard Mandeville Jr. Sequel to The Grumbling Hive, which became The Fable of the Bees, that 300 years ago inspired Adam Smith’s belief in virtues of unregulated free markets. Beautifully illustrated fable showing true destructive nature of ‘free market.’ A resource for the 99%. $8.99 pb, 64 pp., Illustrations, 9781933480121, Bunim & Bannigan Ltd.

A Time That Was

Christmas in Newfoundland Gary Collins This is a beautiful collection of stories set in outport Newfoundland that celebrates the cherished memories of Christmases long ago as well as more modernday celebrations. $19.95 pb, 181 pp., 9781771173650, Flanker Press.



A History of Nova Scotia in 50 Objects

Something of Me

My Life Down Home and Other Places Paul O’Neill In this lively autobiography, popular historian Paul O’Neill looks back on his salad days in the 1940s and early ‘50s. This charming and enthusiastic memoir brings back the music, the movies and the mores of that era. $19.95 pb, 254 pp., B&W photos, 9781771030670, Creative Book Publishing.


History of Nova Scotia Through Museum Artifacts Joan Dawson Armed with a spirit of adventure, curiosity, and the belief that “treasures can be found in unlikely places,” this authorhistorian presents an accessible, visual history told through objects from museums and historical sites throughout the province. $21.95 pb, 208 pp., B&W photos, 9781771082952, Nimbus Publishing.



Non-fiction Strangers & Others

Building for Justice

Newfoundland Essays Stan Dragland Consideration of the literary works of Newfoundland artists Agnes Walsh, Lisa Moore, Paul Bowdring, Wayne Johnston and a host of others. Cover art by Anne Meredith Barry.

The Historic Courthouses of the Maritimes James W. Macnutt, Q.C.

In this beautifully illustrated volume, Macnutt has succeeded in compelling us to look at courthouses in a different way. This book is a celebration of a monumental architecture that forms one of the cornerstones of our society.

$23 pb, 376 pp., 9781897141700, Pedlar Press.

$24.95 pb, 192 pp., B&W & colour photos, Illustrations, 9780986873331, SSP Publications.

Fixing up the Farmhouse

Forty Years of Living, Loving, and Lamenting Dianne Hicks Morrow When the author and her husband first saw the farmhouse, they fell in love. What they didn’t see was the years of work it would take to make the house a home. Often humourous, sometimes sad, this is the story of building a life for their family. $19.95 pb, 176 pp., B&W photos, 9781927502433, The Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.

What is Government Good At?

A Canadian Answer Donald J. Savoie Presenting broad implications and disturbing truths, Donald Savoie explores what has gone wrong with representative democracy and why the public’s support for government has plummeted.

$34.95 hc, 408 pp., 9780773546219, McGill-Queen’s University Press.


Autism: The Gift That Needs to Be Opened

Door to the Past

Abandoned Properties of Prince Edward Island Tony Gallant The Door to the Past is not only a curious collection of the images of abandoned homes across PEI but also a homage to the former inhabitants. $19.95 pb, 84 pp., Colour photos, 9781927502372, The Acorn Press.




Autism Society, Newfoundland and Labrador Families, world experts and persons who have Autism Spectrum Disorder share their experiences in this collection of stories whose aim is to improve the lives of those affected by ASD. $19.95 pb, 225 pp., B&W photos, Illustrations, 9781771174466, Flanker Press.




Non-fiction / Children’s Lexicon 17

The Deadly Sea

Life and Death on the Atlantic Jim Wellman The Deadly Sea is a collection of stories about men and women who work in the Atlantic Canadian fishing industry, ranging from biographies of professionals to tales of tragedy at sea.

Theresa Williams These puzzles have been hugely popular since they were first published by the Chronicle Herald in 1988. Half-crossword, half-word search, the lexicon engages and entertains fans of all ages. Puzzle buffs will delight in this opportunity to try 52 all-new puzzles.

$19.95 pb, 224 pp., B&W photos, Illustrations, $8.95 pb, 80 pp., 9781771083287, Nimbus Publishing.

9781771173971, Flanker Press.




Big Book of Lexicon

A Maritime Christmas Treasury

Volumes 4, 5, 6 Theresa Williams These puzzles have been hugely popular since they were first published in 1988. Half-crossword, halfword search, lexicon puzzles engage and entertain fans of all ages. This edition brings back volumes 4, 5 and 6 and presents them as one large book for hours of fun! $17.95 pb, 224 pp., 9781771083232, Nimbus Publishing.

Apples and Butterflies

Shauntay Grant & Tamara ThiÉbaux-Heikalo Shauntay Grant’s award-winning poetry and Tamara ThiébauxHeikalo’s rich and wild illustrations pull the reader toward the beautiful wide-open space of PEI. New softcover edition. $12.95 pb, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083607, Nimbus Publishing.

Stories, Songs, and Poems to Celebrate the Season A collection of best- loved regional Christmas stories, songs and poems in one beautiful book. Each carefully selected story highlights a cherished aspect of the Maritime Christmas season. $29.95 hc, 80 pp., colour illustrations, 9781771080873, Nimbus Publishing.

Mayann’s Train Ride

The Honourable Mayann Francis & Tamara ThiÉbauxHeikalo By former Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis. Nine-year-old Mayann and her family are travelling from their home in Cape Breton to New York City by train. Everything is exciting to young Mayann, from the beds that fold down to the stop in Montreal to visit friends. $19.95 hc, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083485, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.



Children’s Here Babies, There Babies

Nancy Cohen & Carmen Mok This delightful board book for babies follows baby on a typical day: babies at the park, at the store and at the library. Babies having their naps. Babies being busy! Vivid, colourful artwork complements the bold, rhythmic text. For babies up to age 2.

Island Morning

Rachna Gilmore & Brenda Jones A new book by this award-winning team, Island Morning is a gentle story of a girl and her grandfather’s morning walk through the scenic countryside. But it is really about the special time between child and grandparent and how they see the world through each other’s eyes.

$8.95 Baby board book, 14 pp., Illustrations,

$19.95 hc, 24 pp., Illustrations, 9781927502518,

9781771082730, Nimbus Publishing.

The Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.

This I Know

Michael Pendergast & Joanne Snook-Hann Originally a song by one of PEI’s bestknown musicians, This I Know takes us on a spiritual journey, providing solace and inspiration to those who need it most. $19.95 hc, 24 pp., Illustrations, 9781927502426, The Acorn Press.

Pamela Pollock’s Perilous Adventure and how she found the Bluenose Elizabet Stevens Robert Lyon

Pamela Pollock, a small fish, is swept away by a current while playing with friends. To get back home to Nova Scotia, she heeds the advice of an old lobster and follows the Bluenose. $12.95 pb, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781897462362, Glen Margaret Publishing.

King of Keji

Jan L. Coates & Patsy MacKinnon Jacob and his grandfather decide to set out on a camping trip to Kejimkujik National Park in NS. There, they find hidden treasures fit for a king, like emeralds (the green of a hemlock’s foliage), amber (the eyes of a deer), and diamonds (in the sky). $12.95 pb, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781771082815, Nimbus Publishing



Be a Beach Detective

Solving the Mysteries of Sea, Sand and Surf Peggy Kochanoff Can anything eat prickly sea urchins? Can dead jellyfish still sting you? Why does water squirt up when you walk along the beach? Biologist and artist Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this guide to solving beach mysteries. $14.95 pb, 48 pp., Illustrations, 9781771082679, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Children’s / Young Adult I’m Drawing a Picture

Doretta Groenendyk With simple, accessible prose and sweet, funny, vibrant illustrations, this author encourages everyone to try their hand at making art. It’s a reminder that being creative changes the way you see the world—and every child’s view of the world is important. $12.95 pb, 24 pp., Illustrations, 9781927502501,

The Thundermaker

Alan Syliboy Big Thunder teaches his son, Little Thunder, about the important responsibility he has making thunder for his people. Mi’kmaw artist Alan Syliboy’s spectacular, vibrant artwork brings the story of Little Thunder to vivid life. $19.95 hc, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781771083294, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

The Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.

Explosion Newsie

Jacqueline Halsey & Loretta Migani Beautiful illustrations take young readers along the adventures of a 10-year-old newsboy on the day of the Halifax explosion as he deals with the essential job of getting the news out in a chaotic city. $16.95 hc, 32 pp., Illustrations, 9781459504011, Formac Publishing.

Oak Island

and the Search for Buried Treasure Joann Hamilton-Barry With over 50 maps, photos and artifacts, highlighted by educational sidebars, this accessible, entertaining book takes readers from the island’s first treasure hunters to present-day adventurers, and shares tales of pirate gold, mysterious messages and the famous curse. $15.95 pb, 88 pp., B&W photos, 9781771083423, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Moonlight Marauders

The Island Hoppers Douglas Arthur Brown This book is the world’s first glimpse into the lives of the Island Hoppers, strange and remarkable creatures, including the Brens, Hhorts, Velyns, Gnags, Tomboms, Yrtles and Selch, that roamed Cape Breton 10,000 years ago.

Geraldine Tuck Junior detective Dan Veinotte and his best friend, Becky Wentzelle, are on a wild treasure hunt to find the missing gold nuggets. This is the second book in the Marauder Mystery Series, after bestselling Midnight Marauders.

$19.95 pb, 84 pp., Colour photos, Illustrations,

$9.95 pb, 124 pp., 9781897462409,

9781926448091, Boularderie Island Press.

Glen Margaret Publishing.



Young Adult Asp of Ascension

Jacob’s Landing

B.R. Myers Nefertari Hughes has three rules for surviving high school: Don’t attract attention, don’t get involved and don’t make trouble. But when her father falls into a mysterious coma she tosses the rules aside and teams up with two new friends to solve a 50-year-old mystery that could save her father.

Daphne Greer When 12-year-old Jacob Mosher, coping with the recent death of his father, is sent to reluctantly spend the summer with his aging, estranged (and strange!) grandparents in rural Newport Landing, NS, summer turns out to be much more exciting than he expected! Nominated for the Silver Birch Award!

$16.99 pb, 300 pp., 9781927746622, Fierce Ink Books.

$12.95 pb, 160 pp., 9781771082792, Nimbus Publishing.




Also available as an e-book.

Girl on the Run

Kira’s Quest

B.R. Myers When 17-year-old track and field star Jesse Collins’s dreams of a full scholarship are shattered after the sudden death of her dad, she leaves home to work as a summer camp counsellor to escape the nosy stares in her small town... and her own secret guilt.

Orysia Dawydiak After discovering that she is a mermaid, Kira decides to go in search of her biological parents who have been imprisoned on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. A follow-up to the Hackmatacknominated Kira’s Secret.

$17.95 pb, 336 pp., 9781771083522, Nimbus

$12.95 pb, 164 pp., 9781927502488, The Acorn Press.

Publishing. Also available as an e-book.

Also available as an e-book.

The Memory Chair Susan White This new book by award-wining author Susan White explores family, loss and the devastating multigenerational effects of prejudice and racism on a family.

$12.95 pb, 164 pp., 9781927502389, The Acorn Press. Also available as an e-book.

Touch of Gold

Vivien Gorham When 13-year-old Jamie Francis’s parents divorce, she and her mother move from Halifax to the small town of River Bend, NS. Jamie isn’t sure how she’ll ever make any friends... until she comes across a neglected-looking horse in a field: a golden palomino she names Peach. $12.95 pb, 224 pp., 9781771083249, Nimbus Publishing. Also available as an e-book.




Great Book

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Atlantic Books for the Holiday 2015  

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Atlantic Books for the Holiday 2015  

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