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BIG Baby 2013 BOOK Guid e for New Expe and Parectant nts

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for welcoming new additions A baby’s birth is a once in a lifetime moment, so entrust that life changing experience to one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals (Healthgrades®, 2013). Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s nationally recognized obstetric services are provided in a state-ofthe-art Women & Children’s Pavilion with the region’s only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is in expert hands. We’re also the recipient of Healthgrades’ Women’s Health Excellence Award, placing us in the top 5% of the nation’s hospitals for women’s health. So if you’re expecting, welcome your new addition at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville – one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals . . .

and the only one in Georgia. Get to know our OB/GYN’s and midwives at

This is an actual adorable baby born at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Atlanta Parent Magazine’s BIG Baby BOOK

In this issue: de Guior f andnt w Ne ecta s Exparent P

14 / Rest Easy Simple steps to deal with the aches, pains and worries of pregnancy – and get a good night’s sleep.

16 / Compare the Hospitals Use our chart as a reference guide to know what childbirth and parenting services are available at the hospitals near you.

6 / ‘Baby Blues’ What’s the top name for a baby girl or boy? Check our fun facts and figures about babies in the United States.

20 / Pregnancy Apps Check out Atlanta Parent’s favorite free or low-cost phone apps for prenatal help, from conceiving to naming your baby.

8 / Getting Ready for

Baby Decorating a nursery is just one step in preparing for your baby’s arrival. Here are nine tips for a good start.

28 / Helping Siblings

When baby needs a clean-up, stop in at one of these great places to diaper and nurse your baby.

Adjust How will your older child feel about the new addition to your family? These ideas will ease the transition.

24 / Car Seat Savvy

30/ Resource Guide

22 / Tops in Diaper Changing

10 / Ask the Experts What’s the best advice for a mother-to-be? Find out what an obstetrician, dietitian, fitness professional and doula say.

Here’s what you need to know about Georgia’s seat belt laws and how to choose a child safety seat.

26 / New Toys and Books

12 / Dress for Less

The newest plush toys for baby help develop motor skills, and new board books set him on the path for a life-long love of reading.

You can look chic during pregnancy without spending a lot, if you follow these tips.


Need photos, a nursery mural, child care, legal services and more? Our resource guide can help.

34 / Humor Just when you think you’re ready for any mommy challenge, baby has a surprise.

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Baby Blues

15 pounds The estimated amount of cereal a baby will eat per year.


The average age for a first-time mom in the U.S.

(and other facts you might not know about infants)



number of babies a year are born in the U.S.



The number of diapers an average baby will go through in a year.

Jacob& Sophia Top baby names in the U.S. in 2012

Steps per minute the average toddler will take.

The amount the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates parents will spend on their child over 17 years.

More than 4 million

176 $226,920

Number of male babies born for every 1,000 female babies in the U.S.


4.5 seconds: How often a baby is born in the world.

ABOUT THE Amount new parents in the U.S. will spend on diapers, formula, and day care during baby’s first year.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Social Security Administration,,,,

Nine Projects to Tackle

Before Baby Arrives

by Princess Ivana


etting ready for that new addition to your household means more than just preparing a nursery, though that’s one of the nine projects you need to get under way. During both of my pregnancies, the nesting instinct hit me hard. I couldn’t rest until everything that might impact my babies was just right. Like most first-time parents, there was a certain amount of “winging it” and guesswork before my son was born. But by the time I became pregnant with my daughter, I knew with a little more accuracy what I needed to do before my baby’s birth. Learn from my experience:




Put your paperwork in order. You might not think of paperwork as being a nesting activity, but your child’s medical needs and care are more important than a decorated nursery and organized closet. Find a pediatrician; make sure your insurance is in order; select a hospital and look into pre-admitting; start researching childcare options if you must go back to work.




Tackle your budget. Children cost money, and you can expect your family’s expenditures to shoot up after your newborn arrives. Do your best to figure up how much money you’ll need to spend on baby paraphernalia, during maternity leave, and for future childcare. If you’ll be a stay-at-home mom and you’re currently working, think about how the loss of income will impact your family. And don’t forget to factor in new expenses like diapers and formula.

Follow the fingertip rule. When you’re decluttering, keep the most important things at your fingertips. So many of us have drawers, dressers, cabinets and closets full of things we don’t often need (which makes it more difficult to store and find the things we do). Clean out things you use only once or twice a year. Put these items in big plastic tubs, and store them in the garage or attic.


Organize. Unless you’re the exception to the expectant-mother rule, you’re probably feeling the urge to organize everything: the pantry, your closet, the garage, your DVD collection, and of course, the baby’s room. Take a step back and prioritize the projects that will be most useful for you with a new baby at home. Aside from the obvious organizing projects that involve your baby’s room, clothes and gear, clean out kitchen cabinets to make room for baby supplies, like bottles, and cleaning out junk drawers so that you’ll be able to easily locate things like screwdrivers, batteries, and other essentials.


Take care of any chores you’ve been putting off. Do the

things you’re not going to have the time, energy and mental clarity to tackle with a newborn in the house, like taking the car for a tuneup or getting the gutters cleaned or taking the pet to the vet.



Hire help. Hire

help if you and your family are feeling overwhelmed. If you want to rearrange a room, paint or deep clean your house, for example, your peace of mind might be worth the cost of hiring someone. Or ask family and friends for help.

Pencil in time for yourself. This might be the most important nesting practice of all: making sure that you feel at peace. While you’ll love your baby more than words can say, you’ll be operating on low margins of time and energy once he or she arrives. Now is the time to schedule a pedicure or read a book.

Get low. Take a fresh

look at your home from a baby’s point of view. Clean or replace carpets, change the air filters, get a new vacuum bag (and some spares), etc. –anything to improve the air quality in your house and make the floors a safe place for you and baby to play.


Finish baby’s room.

Decorating, organizing, and stocking the baby’s room is a favorite activity for most soon-tobe moms. Get started as early as you want, and tweak to your heart’s content, but stay within your budget.

And one more bit of advice: The most important

choices I have made (and you will make) as a parent have little to do with money. They have everything to do with educating yourself, trusting your instincts, and eventually, paying attention to your child’s signals.

Princess Ivana Pignatelli Aragona Cortes, a mother of two, is author of A Simple Guide to Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year (Don’t Sweat It Media, Inc., 2013). And yes, she really is a princess, though she didn’t grow up as one. She is married to an Italian, Adriano Pignatelli Aragona Cortes, prince of the Holy Roman Empire, whom she met while on scholarship at Pepperdine University. They have a 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter.



Ask the Experts Pregnancy is one of the happiest, most exciting – and most stressful – times in a woman’s life. You want to do everything possible to give your developing baby its best start, and your family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers are quick to offer advice, some of it conflicting. Atlanta Parent went to the experts and asked: If there’s one piece of advice you’d give to a pregnant woman, what would it be? n  Mariagrazia Cunto President of Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association

I would advise women to continue to consume a healthy and nutritious diet throughout their pregnancy. The misconceptions of eating during pregnancy through old wives tales and movies/ TV lead many women to think being pregnant is a free pass to binge eat. While you want to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet throughout your pregnancy, it is important to remember your calorie needs through each trimester. You may be surprised to know, on average, in the first trimester, you do not require any additional calories. In general, the second and third trimesters require 340 and 450 calories, respectively. These needs will increase for multiple pregnancies. It is important to maintain a healthy and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy for your health and the health of your baby. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension (high blood pressure), Cesarean delivery, birth defects and possible fetal death.  To determine how much weight is appropriate for you to gain during your pregnancy you must assess your pre-pregnancy weight. In general, if you are underweight: 28 to 40 pounds; normal: 25 to 35 pounds; overweight: 15 to 25 pounds; obese: 11 to 20 pounds are recommended.  Make sure to discuss an appropriate weight gain goal with your doctor and dietitian. 



n  Tara Thompson Certified Doula and owner of Tara’s Touch Massage and Doula Services

I would tell women to educate themselves, to get as much information as they can and to know that they have choices when it comes to childbirth. For instance, they can choose what position to give birth in or how long they want to wait before giving birth [instead of having labor induced]. You want to be on the same page with your provider. You want to ask a lot of questions and know which questions to ask, and not just expect your provider to tell you everything about their practice. You will want to know what the practitioner’s C-section rate or episiotomy rate is, and whether they do everything possible before using those procedures [which can lead to complications or longer recovery for mom]. Consulting a doula might help women know which questions to ask their practitioner. Doulas do not offer medical advice or make judgments about what a woman decides. Doulas support the woman, the couple or the family in whatever plans they make during pregnancy and birth, and comfort the family emotionally before, during and after labor. n  Kathleen Donahoe Co-Owner and Senior Instructor for Oh Baby! Fitness

The thing that will make you feel the best will also help your baby be smarter and calmer – exercise! Exercise is not only good for helping you during pregnancy, (appropriate exercise can help relieve all the most common pregnancy complaints: swelling, back pain, constipation, pelvic pressure), it’s also been shown to make babies smarter, calmer and into better selfsoothers. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women workout for 30 minutes on most, if not all, days of the week. Find a certified instructor to be sure the exercises you’re doing are not just safe, but will also help you prepare for labor. Want to exercise on your own? Focus on exercises that that strengthen your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals. Plank, squats, and kegels are all great – they’ll reduce lower back pain, help you push out your baby easier during labor and get you back to exercise quickly after delivery.

â– Sharon Birdseye Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with Lactation Consultants of Atlanta


Dr. Genevieve L. Fairbrother

Chief of Staff at Northside Hospital and an OB/GYN

Choose a doctor you trust and listen to their advice. Your doctor will take ownership of whatever concerns you might have and help resolve them. There is too much misinformation spread by well-intentioned friends, the Internet, and advertisers that it can become overwhelming. The burden of advicemongering, subtly designed to make women feel guilty about the choices they make, is negative and unhelpful to women at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives.

Offer skin-to-skin as soon as possible after delivery (make sure the baby is placed in your arms and on your chest). Babies have natural instincts and ability to root and search for the breast. Any attempt is very powerful and positive. Reach out for advice and education. It is important for new mothers to know that breastfeeding is an art and learned with practice. It should not be painful. Get help.


Call Amy at 770-454-7599 to reserve your advertising space in our 2014 issue.



Dress for Less

Shopping Wisely Can Keep You Stylish in Pregnancy Without a Huge Investment


bout four months after the happy announcement, “I’m pregnant!,” comes the not-so-happy realization, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s hard to justify paying a lot for clothes you’ll wear five months or less, yet you can’t don your friend’s hand-me-down maternity outfit every day of the week or continue to squeeze into those pre-pregnancy dress pants. And besides, you want to look your best when you may not be feeling so great. Buy a few quality pieces at a maternity or department store, then build around that core with other wardrobe pieces you find for less. And don’t think you have to pay full price – stores often put maternity clothes on sale, especially end-of-season, or to make room for new items. Sometimes end-of-season clothes can transition to the next season by adding a sweater or shortening sleeves. You also might think about less traditional sources for maternity wear. Gap has GapMaternity retail stores at Lenox and North Point malls and sells clothing online; Old Navy and Kohl’s have a good selection for mom-to-be. And consider these alternatives:



✽ Consignment Stores:

Most offer at least a few maternity items, but stores that specialize in children’s consignment usually have a good selection of maternity apparel, too. Try Sweet Repeats in Buckhead, The Nearly New Shop run by the Junior League of Atlanta, and Baby Love in Grant Park, or check out Atlanta Parent’s list of consignment stores at Get to know the store’s manager, and you’ll get a call when new outfits come in that might interest you.

✽ Consignment Online: eBay and craigslist are good sources of secondhand maternity clothing, for a fraction of what it costs new. ✽ Consignment Sales: Spring and fall are the big seasons for children’s consignment sales in metro Atlanta, and you’ll find plenty of maternity clothing as well. Check in spring or fall for consignment sales, dates and locations. ✽ Daily Deal Websites: Get

discounts on maternity clothing by using sites such as, which offer specials on clothing and other items. A recent visit to the site found deals on maternity bras and outfits, from casual to business to formal.

✽ Discount Stores: Walmart has maternity T-shirts starting at $7. Target has a Liz Lange maternity dress for under $30. ✽ Friends and Family: You may get only a few items that fit well and look good, but accept them gratefully. ✽ Rent it: Several online sites rent maternity clothing for a week, a month or longer. Check out, MineForNine. com and and If you need dress-up clothing for a formal event, you can spend $500 on a gown you’ll wear once or rent it for under $100. ✽ Repurpose: Big T-shirts, cardigans, jackets and empire-style dresses or blouses from your regular wardrobe often can be worn late into your pregnancy. ✽ Thrift Stores: Many people don’t realize that Goodwill has a huge selection of children’s gently used clothes (sometimes you even find the price tags still on the item), and a good selection of maternity wear, too. Many other thrifts also stock a good selection of donated clothing.

10 Essentials for Pregnant Women When it comes to maternity clothing, what do you really, really need? answered that question with the help of Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up, and style and beauty expert Jenn Falik. Here’s their list:


Dark, stretchy leggings; instead of buying special maternity leggings, just buy a larger size.

tunics that hit below 2 Oversize the hip, to pair with leggings or



A great scarf to add flair, color and interest to an outfit you’ve grown tired of; after baby is born, use it for an impromptu nursing cover.

jeans, before, during and after pregnancy.

dress or wrap-style top, 8 Wrap tied under your bust to disguise

Maxi dress with empire waist and flowing skirt, which drapes easily over a changing body.

yoga pants, which 9 Fold-over you can fold beneath your

4 especially 5 Cardigans, unstructured ones with an asymmetrical front you can

Long tank tops in stretchy fabric; ruching will give you shape.

wear open or closed.

dress with an A-line shape to 6 Shift flatter your new shape.

your disappearing waist.

belly or extend over it for extra support.


New location: 1300 Upper Hembree Rd. Roswell 30076 WE OFFER: Pregnancy Massage Postpartum Massage Infant Massage Instruction Early Pregnancy Classes Nursing Covers

stretchy “skinny jeans” 10 Dark, that hug your body and give

a slimming look; wear into the third trimester when you push the waistband below your bump and wear a long top. For more, visit

404-465-3391 BIG Baby BOOK


Resting Easy

Don’t Let the Aches, Pains and Bothers of Pregnancy Spoil Your Sleep

by Kerrie McLoughlin


hat pregnant woman doesn’t enjoy her sleep being interrupted 12 times a night while she goes to the bathroom, sniffles through a stuffy nose or rubs out a few leg cramps? While you may theoretically get eight hours of sleep at night, the sleep disturbances of pregnancy can leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Here’s a problem-solving guide to help you sleep for longer stretches. Problem: Insomnia Solutions: Take a warm bath and do some relaxation exercises before bed. White noise from something like a fan may help. If your baby is squirming and kicking, try rocking back and forth in bed or rubbing your belly to get him to sleep. If you can’t sleep because you’re worried about labor, arm yourself during the day with information from books and the Internet (take a pass on any negative stories you may come across). Try listening to Dr. Frank Lawlis’s “Positive Birthing” CD (find it at If insomnia becomes a chronic problem, speak to your doctor about taking Ambien or Tylenol P.M. Problem: Back, hip and leg pain caused by carrying extra weight Solutions: Pillows galore! Consider purchasing a U-shaped body pillow made just for pregnant women, or just grab pillows from home and place one behind your back, one under your belly and one between your knees. Using a heating pad for a while before bed does wonders for lower back pain, but never fall asleep on one.   Problem: Leg cramps Solutions: If you feel a leg cramp coming on, keep your toes pointed toward yourself. If you get a cramp anyway, massage the spot until the cramp subsides. Some doctors recommended calcium tablets.



Problem: Going to the bathroom every couple of hours Solutions: Try not to drink too much a couple of hours before you go to sleep, limit your caffeine intake and make sure you go to the bathroom before getting into bed. Otherwise, there’s not too much you can do (unless you want to wear Depends) since your baby has taken up residence on top of your bladder.   Problem: Heartburn and acid reflux Solutions: Keep some Tums on your headboard, nightstand or under your pillow. For worse heartburn, ask your doctor if you can use something like Zantac for longer relief. Sleeping propped up on pillows also may help.   Problem: Hunger and thirst in the middle of the night Solutions: Keep a bottle of water by your bed (but of course this will exacerbate the problem of frequent bathroom trips!) and some snacks like packaged peanut butter crackers. If you must get up, grab some milk and/or turkey, both of which contain the sleepinducing tryptophan.   Problem: Stuffy nose Solutions: Check with your doctor first, but sometimes a simple saline nasal spray will work just fine. Also, some doctors may recommend something like Flonase or ChlorTrimeton (which can also make you sleepy – bonus!) for allergies. Over-the-counter nasal sprays are recommended for use for no more than a few days, and only if nothing else works.

Creating an Effective Birth Plan by Melanie Wagner

You’ve been to countless appointments, picked out the pediatrician, prepared the nursery, packed the hospital bag…but have you created a birth plan? A birth plan is a personalized “to do” list for your ideal labor and delivery scenario. Keep in mind when you’re drafting your plan that it is just a plan. Your doctors will do whatever they must on the big day to keep mother and baby safe and healthy! Here are some things to consider when creating a birth plan: n  Who do you want to be present at the birth? Your spouse, partner, friends, relatives or doula? n  Know who will deliver your baby, and the backup doctor or midwife, just in case. n  Know when you should go to the hospital (immediately if you are Group B strep positive or when your water breaks). n  How will you labor? Walking, birthing bed, sitting in a chair, rocking on a big ball, a water birth? n  Which pain relief would you like administered? An epidural or spinal block, acupressure, no pain medication? n  Would you like to push instinctively or be coached on when to push and for how long? n  Do you want your partner to help “catch” the baby? Do you want him or her to cut the umbilical cord? Do you want to hold your baby right away? n  Do you want all newborn procedures to take place in your presence? Do you want your baby to be in the room with you at all times? n  Do you want to breastfeed only, formula feed only or a combination? n  Do you want your baby boy circumcised at the hospital, at a later date or not at all?



Where Will You Have Your Your baby is on the way! One of your first decisions as parents is where to deliver your new baby. ✿ It’s important to consider which hospital would best suit your personal needs. Expectant parents should make a list of questions to ask the staff to get a better sense of what each facility has to offer. To help you get started, we put together a list of 22 metro-area hospitals with information including birthing rooms and birth rates. ✿ We urge you to take advantage of hospital tours to determine which facility best suits your needs. Be sure to figure out your insurance details beforehand, learn the policies for visitation and guests in the delivery room and find out which hospitals are convenient to your home. ✿ Being prepared and having answers to these questions will lead to a better experience for you and your baby.

Private (P) Mat. Beds

Birthing Rooms LDR/LDRP*

Births Per Month

C-Section Rate

Maternity Tours

Atlanta Medical Center 303 Parkway Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30312 404-265-4786.


13 LDR



By appt. 1st. Mon. (except holidays) 1-877-228-3638

DeKalb Medical 2701 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur, GA 30033 404-501-2229.


18 LDR


22% Primary 13% Repeat

Maternity Tours 404-501-9355

Eastside Medical Center 1700 Medical Center, Snellville, GA 30078 770-979-0200.


13 LDR



Second and fourth Thursdays at 7 p.m. 800-242-5662

Emory Johns Creek Hospital 6325 West Johns Crossing, Johns Creek, GA 30097 678-474-7000.





Thurs. at 6 p.m. and Sat. at 10 a.m. Visit website.






Compiled by Taniqua Russ

Private (P) Mat. Beds

Birthing Rooms LDR/LDRP*

Births Per Month

C-Section Rate

Maternity Tours

39-P 8 Antepartum

11 LDR


19.9% Primary 13.8% Repeat

1st, 2nd & 3rd Thurs. at 6:30 & 7:30 p.m. and on request. 404-778-7777

Grady Health System 80 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr., Atlanta, GA 30303 404-616-1000.


14 LDR



Daily at noon & evenings by appt. Call 404-616-2229

Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion 550 Medical Center Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30045 678-442-3600.


19 LDR



Tues., at 6:30 & 7:30 p.m. Sat. 11 a.m. & noon 678-312-5000

37-P 8 Antepartum

18 LDR


17% Primary 15% Repeat

Tues. evenings and Sat. mornings. 770-219-1476

North Fulton Hospital 3000 Hospital Blvd., Roswell, GA 30076 770-751-2500.




12.3% Primary 11.2% Repeat

Every other Tues. alternating with every other Thurs. 770-751-2660

Northside Hospital-Atlanta 1000 Johnson Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342 404-845-5555.


42 LDR



Daily by appt. 404-845-5555 or website.

Northside Hospital-Cherokee 201 Hospital Rd., Canton, GA 30114 770-720-5300.





Daily by appt. 404-845-5555 or website.

Northside Hospital-Forsyth 1200 Northside Forsyth Dr., Cumming, GA 30041 770-844-3200.





Daily by appt. 404-845-5555 or website.

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital 1968 Peachtree Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 404-605-5000.


16 LDR



Sun. 3 p.m. (except holidays) Register online.

Piedmont Fayette Hospital 1255 Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, GA 30214 770-719-7000.


10 LDR



Every other Sun. at 2 p.m. Every other Thurs. at 6 p.m. 404-605-3599 to register.

Piedmont Henry Hospital 1133 Eagles Landing Pkwy., Stockbridge, GA 30281 678-604-1000.


12 LDR



Call 678-604-1040 to register.

Piedmont Mountainside Hospital 1266 Georgia 515, Jasper, GA 30143 706-692-2441.





Tours 7 days a week 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call 706-301-5246 to register.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital 745 Poplar Rd., Newnan, GA 30265 770-400-1000.





Tours first Sat. of each month at 10 a.m. Call 770-400-2220 to register.

Rockdale Medical Center 1412 Milsted Ave., Conyers, GA 30012 770-918-3677.


17 LDR



Offering tours twice a month. Sign up online or call 1-800-424 DOCS

Southern Regional Women’s Life Center 11 Upper Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, GA 30274 770-991-8200.


14 LDR



Wed. 5 p.m. & Sun. 3 p.m. 770-991-8246

WellStar Cobb Hospital 3950 Austell Rd., Austell, GA 30106 770-732-4000.


20 LDR



By appt. 770-956-7827

WellStar Douglas Hospital 8954 Hospital Dr., Douglasville, GA 30134 770-949-1500.





By appt. 770-920-6240



By appt. 770-956-7827

Hospital Emory University Hospital Midtown 550 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 404-778-7777.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center 743 Spring St. NE, Gainesville, GA 30501 770-219-9000.

WellStar Kennestone Hospital 58-P 21 LDR 677 Church St., Marietta, GA 30060 770-793-5000. The information on this chart has been provided by each hospital. *Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum Rooms



Stone Family Chiropractic Center Dr. Pamela Stone, C. A. C. C. P.

Pregnancy Discomfort? Sciatica? In-utero Constraint?

Let Us help you. Dr. Stone is a Certified Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor (C. A. C. C. P.) and is also certified in the Webster’s Technique

Bring in this ad for a $37 first visit! Includes health exam, spinal scan, orthotic analysis, and two x-rays if necessary. Any further treatment shall be agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties.

• Advanced Certification in Pediatrics and Pregnancy Care • Headaches, neck & low back pain, ear infections, pregnancy pain, wellness care and more • Most Insurance Accepted • Massage Therapy on-site


4390 Bells Ferry Rd. Kennesaw

Who’s Who?

In your journey from pregnancy to baby, you may end up with more than a few professionals added to your contact list. Some specialize in fields you might have never heard of. No matter how many you wind up with, you’ll be grateful to each who helped you and your baby along the way. n  OB An obstetrician is a medical doctor who specializes in pregnancy, labor and birth. They also are specially trained to manage complications as well as perform surgery if a cesarean is necessary. n  Perinatologist An OB who specializes in high-risk pregnancies or complications. n  Midwife Certified nurse midwives can provide full prenatal and postpartum care. In Georgia, certified nurse midwives can practice in hospital settings or private practices but not in homes. n  Doula A professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional and physical support to a mother who is expecting or has recently given birth. Doulas can help navigate the birth process as well as issues such as breastfeeding. n  Genetic Counselor Health professionals trained to help families understand genetic disorders often flagged through prenatal testing. n  Lactation Consultants/ Breastfeeding Counselors People who help new moms with initial breastfeeding support and issues.



✽ Spotlight on baby

✽ ✽

Emory University Child Study Center

MJCCA Preschools

ow do children learn and grow? How do they think and remember? How do they change as they grow older? These are some of the questions that Emory University Child Study Center is constantly asking...and you and your child can be part of uncovering new answers! The center invites Atlanta area families to participate in studies focused on language, learning, memory. It also investigates the role that brain development plays. Emory faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students conduct research studies on each of these fascinating areas. The Child Study Center studies how children learn and develop by watching and interacting with them and their parents. Each study is carefully planned to be fun and interesting. It usually involves one or two sessions, and typically takes place at the Emory University campus in a comfortable setting. Parents with newborns through schoolage children are encouraged to participate. Parents may stay during the session and play with their children and observe the study sessions. Parking is free and convenient. If you are interested in participating please, visit www. or contact the center at or 404-727-7432. The center will contact you when an appropriate study becomes available.

arcus JCC of Atlanta Preschools offer full- and half-day options for children ages six weeks – Pre-K at two convenient Atlanta locations: Dunwoody and East Cobb. Our facilities are like none other and students have the opportunity to explore our campuses and enjoy swimming and other sports, drama, art, and more, as they challenge and enrich their growing minds. Through an exceptional NAEYC-accredited program (National Association for the Education of Young Children) – a distinction awarded only to the top 7% of preschools nationwide – your children are given a solid foundation upon which to build a lifetime of learning. Our preschoolers are immersed in a safe and loving environment focused on an innovative, secular preschool curriculum that’s infused with traditional Jewish learning and core values such as honesty, respect, and honor. In order to prepare children to excel in future educational settings, the MJCCA’s Early Childhood Services department has enhanced its already enriching curriculum to include several additional kindergarten-readiness programs. Graduates take with them the tools necessary for success as they move on to elementary schools of their choice. The MJCCA Sunshine School is also a 3-Star Quality Rated School – only the fourth preschool in the state to rank the highest level of 3 stars! For information, about the MJCCA and our early childhood offerings please visit or call 678-812-4000.



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Moms-to-be have a dizzying 1,000 pregnancy apps they can use, from help to achieve pregnancy to names for baby. Here are Atlanta Parent’s favorites, most of them free: ✽  Period Tracker: Easily keep up with when you’re likely to ovulate or have your period with this user-friendly app that calculates your cycle month-by-month into the future based on three months of data. For iPhone and Android. ✽  BabyBump Pregnancy: Get a diagram of a baby’s and a mom’s body every week, based on your due date, plus tips about symptoms you might experience along the way, and a connection to message boards for discussions. For iPhone and Android. ✽  My Pregnancy Today: Stay healthy with this app that includes Check List, which gives tips on what you could be doing week by week to maintain or improve health and get ready for labor. For Android, 99 cents. ✽  Foods to Avoid When Pregnant or Pregnancy Food No-Nos: Say “no” to alcohol (duh!), but you’ll also find great information on other food and beverages to avoid to keep baby healthy. Foods to Avoid for Android, $2.99; Food No-Nos for iPhone, free.


foods to Avoid



✽ mPregnancy: Dads-to-be can keep up with their partner’s pregnancy with this app that shows fetal development and counts down to the big day, plus gives tips on nursery preparation and more. For iPhone, $2.99. ✽ Oh Baby! Fitness: Learn how to exercise safely as your pregnancy progresses, with tips that include strength training. For iPhone. ✽ Baby Bag: Create packing lists for the hospital for yourself, the baby and your partner. The app lets you set reminders for packing based on your due date, and lets you check off items as you pack. For iPhone. ✽ Contraction Timer or Contraction Monitor: Keep track of the frequency and duration of your contractions without a wristwatch and you will know when it’s time to head for the hospital. Timer for Android, free; Monitor for iPhone, 99 cents.

Baby Ba





Emergency! 8 Places to Change Baby Babies never wait until it’s convenient, do they? Many Atlanta moms tell us they just make do – in the backseat of their car or SUV. But when you’re out and about and baby needs a change, with any luck you’ll be near one of Atlanta Parent’s top places (in alphabetical order). ✽  Babies R Us: You’ll find a “mother’s room” in the multiple Babies R Us locations in metro Atlanta, stocked with glider rockers, a changing table and free baby wipes and diapers.

✽  Ikea: The only location in Atlanta, at Atlantic Station, has a family restroom equipped with a changing table, wipes and free diapers, plus a private area and chair to nurse; the spacious toilet area is separated by a door.

✽  Buybuy Baby: With locations in Alpharetta and Snellville, this baby store chain has a clean, private space equipped with a comfortable nursing chair (like the ones sold in the store), and stocked with free baby wipes and diapers.

✽  Nordstrom’s and Sak’s Fifth Avenue: Nordstom’s (locations in Phipps Plaza and Perimeter Mall) and Sak’s (in Phipps Plaza) have a separate room for moms and babies, equipped with baby wipes and disposable table covers, in case yours didn’t make it into the diaper bag.

✽  Children’s Museum of Atlanta: The restrooms near the front are sized for children with lower countertops, and a private family restroom in back has a changing table. An adjacent parent resource room offers privacy and a quiet retreat for nursing moms or those with fussing babies.

✽  Von Maur: This department store (locations at Perimeter and North Point malls) has a relaxing women’s lounge and a separate “mommy comfort” area that includes a rocking chair and changing table with wipes. And if you need to, you can purchase a diaper.

✽  Fernbank Museum of Natural History: Both men’s and women’s restrooms

have padded changing tables, but what sets the museum apart is its lockable nursing stations in the women’s restrooms, equipped with a rocking chair. You’ll even find books and toys to entertain siblings while baby nurses.

✽  Georgia Aquarium: Moms can find a quiet space in the world’s largest aquarium’s private changing and nursing room. On the second floor near the Oceans Ballroom entrance, the room has a low seating bench for diaper changing or nursing and offers disposable cloths to use as diaper pads or for burping baby. The aquarium’s downstairs restroom near the café has a baby changingfeeding-nursing space, secluded from the family restrooms. Georgia Aquarium




Baby Safe

Child Safety Seats n  Birth-12 months: A child under age 1 should always be in a rear-

facing child safety seat secured in the back seat.

n  Ages 1-3: Keep your child rear-facing until he outgrows the height

If child safety seat usage in Georgia were a test score, it would only rate a B-plus, needs improvement. Usage is estimated at 88 percent statewide, but only 85 percent in metro Atlanta, according to the most recent study by the University of Georgia in 2009. We can do better. Here’s what you need to know about Georgia’s seat belt law, last revised on July 1, 2011:

and weight limits allowed by your car safety seat’s manufacturer. Then your child can travel in a forward-facing child seat secured by a lap and shoulder harness. Convertible or 3-in-1 child safety seats typically have higher height and weight limits, allowing you to keep the child rearfacing longer.

Booster Seats n  Ages 4-7: Your child should travel in the forward-facing seat until

he reaches the top height and weight limit allowed by the car seat manufacturer. Then he can graduate to a booster seat with lap and shoulder harness. n  Under Age 8: All children must be properly secured in a child seat or booster seat in a rear seat, unless the child’s height is over 4 feet, 9 inches or unless the child has a written statement from a physician about a physical or medical condition that prevents this restraint. n  Ages 8-12: Keep your child in a booster seat until he is big enough to fit a seat belt properly, with the lap belt snugly across the upper thighs (not the stomach) and the shoulder belt snugly across the chest and shoulder (not the neck or face); keep him in the back seat, because it’s safer there. n  Why use a booster seat? Adult seat harnesses do not fit children correctly; booster seats raise children up so an adult harness fits across the shoulder and chest and the lap belt is low over the hips and thighs. Children in booster seats are nearly 60 percent less likely to be injured in a crash compared with those only using a seat belt.


Multi-age, respectful, peaceful, Montessori programs for children ages 8 weeks - 15 years Main Campus:

1970 Cliff Valley Way Atlanta, GA 30329 Candler Park Campus:

Nurturing the potential of the whole child within a diverse international community.

1240 Euclid Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 Phone 404-325-6777 Email


How do children learn?

We’d like to find out – and you and your child can help!

Currently seeking families with babies to school-age children to participate in fun, game-like studies. Each study is usually a brief, one-time visit and you are with your child at all times. We study language, learning, memory and how children understand space and numbers. Children receive a small gift as thanks for participating.



For more information, call 404-727-7432 or visit:

Which Seat to Buy? You can spend $60 to more than $200 on a safety seat. All car seats sold in the United States are rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They must meet Federal Safety Standards and strict crash performance standards. Of course, a more expensive seat might be easier to install or easier to use, or have other features that make a higher price worth it. Here are Atlanta Parent’s suggestions:

Infant Car Seats n  Graco Snugride30, $100. This popular brand of car seat delivers a nice

quality seat for the price. The seat performed fine in crash tests, but is easier to use with LATCH installation than with seats belts.

Graco Snugride30

Diono Radian RXT

n  Chicco KeyFit 30, $180. Rated as the easiest car seat to install

correctly. Also noted for excellent crash protection and a better fit for preemies or smaller newborns (starting at 4 pounds) with a removable newborn insert.

Convertible Car Seats n  Diono Radian RXT, $271. This seat has a long shelf life as it can be

used rear-facing with infants as small as 5 pounds up to a booster seat with a 120 pound limit. It’s smaller size is great for folding flat for travel and parents can also fit 3 across the seat in mid-sized vehicles.

Booster Seat n  Evenflo Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat, $229. This booster with

Chicco KeyFit 30

a five-point harness accommodates children ranging from 22-110 pounds. The deep seat provides extra leg room and parents of older kids have the option to teach them how to unbuckle themselves. It’s too tricky for younger ones to figure out on their own. Two cup holders is an added bonus.

Evenflo Snugli Harnessed Booster Seat



Love ‘Em and Learn

Stimulate babies with these fun, interactive toys! ✽  Dangly Octopus

The eight-legged Dangly Octopus, from Mamas & Papas, has a hidden feature in each appendage for baby to discover – the legs rattle, squeak or crinkle and one leg has a baby-safe mirror to show his happy face. Attach it to a pram, stroller or carrier with the teether ring. Available at, Toys R Us, Babies R Us and FAO Schwarz, $15.99.

✽  Hungry Caterpiller This twist-click-match plush toy will keep baby amused, while he learns to match colors and shapes by twisting the three blocks. The characters on the toy, from The World of Eric Carle, are based on Eric Carle’s popular children’s books. Available at, $17.00.

✽  Ophelie Cuddle Book

Monogramming & Personalized Gifts

This sweet, soft chick is also a book. The story of a mama bird and her chicks is full of different colors and sounds to engage infants. Available at $29.99.

✽  Simon Hedgehog Rattle

Babies, Kids & All Ages 326 Sandy Springs Circle Sandy Springs, GA 30328 404-257-8887



Meet Simon, the cutest little hedgehog that makes the sound of a bell and whose paws are teething rings. Attach to cribs and strollers with soft ties. Available at $22.99.

✽  Bunny buddy What could be more cuddly than Goodnight Moon’s Developmental Bunny? The newest in the line of plush developmental toys based on one of the classics of children’s literature features a bunny that rattles when you shake his arms and squeaks when you squeeze his ear. Lift his tummy flap to see baby’s reflection. Available at, $16.00.

Board Books for Baby These new titles are bright, enlightening and sturdy as can be. n  Bring on the Birds

Written and illustrated by Susan Stockdale (Peachtree Petite, $6.95) Stockdale, formerly of Atlanta, launched her children’s book career with Some Sleep Standing Up, inspired by a flamingo at Zoo Atlanta who was asleep while standing on one leg. She’s gone on to win a number of top awards, including a Parents’ Choice award for the full-size 2011 edition of Bring on the Birds. With its catchy text (“swooping birds, whooping birds ... dancing birds, diving birds ... ”) and vibrant, richly detailed paintings, it makes for a superb introduction to our feathered friends. n  Baby, Where Are You? n  Mommy, Where Are You?

Written and illustrated by Mack (Clavis Books, $10.95 each) These seekand-find lift-the-flap books are certain to be favorites. In one title, little fingers lift one of four “baby animal” flaps on each page to discover the mother of a pelican, a kangaroo, a monkey, etc. In the companion book, “mommy animal” flaps (also like tiny doors) reveal the baby version of each critter when opened. Both board books splendidly combine real photography of animals in the wild with Mack’s adorable illustrations.

Alpharetta Pediatrics

…where KIDS are special ( & parents are too!) TWO Great Locations! CUMMING

678-947-4588 102 Pilgrim Village Suite 300, Cumming 30040


Waiver of Co-Pay of up to $25 One coupon per family. Expires 5/1/2014.

770-664-4430 1100 Northmeadow Pkwy. Suite 108, Roswell 30076

Alpharetta Pediatrics where kids are special Compassion ✦ Communication ✦ Consistent Care

n  Sophie’s Busy Day

by DeLiSo S.A.S (DK, $5.99) Sophie refers to Sophie la girafe, the giraffe teething toy from France that’s in nurseries everywhere, considering that 50 million have been sold in the last half century. In this touch-andfeel story, babies can put their small fingers on Sophie’s soft blanket, on “shiny” apples, and so on. This happy story follows Sophie through her day and ends with “sweet dreams.” – Julie Bookman



Tips to Help Older Children

Welcome Baby

by Meagan Ruffing

There’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting – again. Another baby, though, brings worries of how will my child adjust to having a new baby in the house? These eight tips will smooth the transition from one baby to two, or more. ✽  Belly Banter: Prepare your son for the upcoming arrival

✽  Date Day/Night: Have your husband watch the baby

✽  Gift Giving: Pick out a gift from your unborn baby to “give”

✽  Tummy Time: Have your daughter help you with

of his baby sister. Let him touch and kiss your belly while you are still pregnant. Having a hands-on experience will help him make the connection that there is something special inside of your belly and you want him to be a part of it.

to your older child after birth. If you are allowing your older child to visit you at the hospital, give the gift to him and tell him it’s from his baby brother or sister. This will make him feel extra special during a time that may be a little scary.

✽  Hold on Tight: Help your daughter hold your newborn son. Let her sit in an adult’s lap (or yours if you feel up to it) and let her “hold” the baby with help. Once she sees that this baby is a living, breathing person – she will start to take on that roll of big sister.

✽  Nursing/Bottle Basket: Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, fill a basket, bin or bucket with special, inexpensive toys that your older children have never seen before. Only take the basket out when you are feeding the new baby. Your older children can play with their new toys and feel like they are still a part of what you’re doing. 28


while you and your son go on a date. Take him to his favorite restaurant or stop by the park to push him on the swing. It’s important that you continue to take time just for you and him so that he gets that one-on-one attention with you.

the baby’s tummy time by letting her pick out which toys to put in front of the baby. This small act of helping out will make her feel like she is taking an active role in the baby’s life. Bonus: you’ll all get a laugh out of watching the baby try and reach for the toys.

✽  Play Time: Newborns tend to sleep for most of the

day. In between catching up on your naps, make it a point to have special play time with your son. Whether it’s rolling out play dough or baking brownies, this time at home with him will make both of you appreciate the special bond that you have had from the beginning.

✽  Spread the Love: Be sure to hug and kiss your

husband in front of the kids. This public affection will reassure your other children that they are safe and loved by two happy parents.

Baby Resource Guide Whether you need a nanny, a photographer, a pediatrician, a lawyer, an educator or even a great place to find age-appropriate toys, you’ll find it here.

Alpharetta Pediatrics Where your kids are special and your opinion counts! Two convenient locations: Roswell and Cumming. Roswell: 1100 Northmeadow Pkwy., Ste. 108. 770- 664-4430. Cumming: 102 Pilgrim Village Drive, Ste 300. 678-9474588.

Atlanta Montessori International School

Two Atlanta Locations. Providing diverse, peaceful and respectful Montessori environments for children ages 8 weeks - 15 years. 404-325-6777.

Atlanta Psychological Services A full service mental health practice with a convenient North Atlanta location. 770-457-5577.

Bean Head Toys

Carseat Canopy Promo Code for a Free Carseat Canopy! While supplies last, get the carseat canopy of your choice free ($49.95) when you use promo code “ATLANTABBB” at


Loving affordable childcare from around the world. Atlanta Au Pair Coordinator: Amanda Paniagua. 678-575-7769. Amandapan2@

Cokkie Eaker Shaklee distributor since 1990. Non-toxic cleaning and laundry products - safe for your baby! Non-GMO soy and whey weight loss products. 847-682-7656. Email: cokkie@

Gund, Jellycat, Taggies & Books are some of the wonderful items available for babies! 3497 Northside Pkwy. NW, Buckhead. 404-841-0826. 220 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE, Sandy Springs. 404-851-2980.


Cultural Homestay International Au Pair USA


Providing gifts & apparel for expectant, new, and experienced dads. 310-320-3775.

Dance and Arts Showcase Ages 2 and up. Ballet Tap Jazz Piano Guitar. Open houses Aug. 3&4. 10-4 p.m. Chamblee Tucker. 770-934-5010.

Emory Child Study Center

The center invites families to participate in game-like studies about how children think and learn. 404-727-7432. childstudycenter.

Falconi Designs Custom Nursery Murals. Adorable Artwork to fit your décor and baby’s personality. Free estimates! 770-843-0790.

Georgia Birth Network Free directory of birth professionals, including Doulas, midwives, educators, photographers, lactation consultants, chiropractors and more. 678-801-6411.­

Jamboo Creations Safe & Stylish Hearth Cushions. Custom-made HearthSoft provides the ultimate in safety for your child and elegant comfort for you! Jamboo Creations. 877-JAMBOO-4.

Kennesaw Pediatrics Providing exceptional healthcare with a personal touch. Open 7 days a week. 3745 Cherokee St., NW, Ste. 401, Kennesaw. 770-429-1005.

The Music Class Fun filled classes of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play. Parents learn how to enrich their child’s music environment, increase music potential and understand music development. Ages birth – six years.Buckhead, Crabapple, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Smyrna, Suwanee, Intown Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Toco Hills, Woodstock. 770-645-5578.

Nanny Poppinz Kids “R” Kids Learning Academies

A nanny agency created by mom for moms, customizing childcare cervices for your family 24/7. 678-608-2769.

6 Weeks thru 12 years old. Exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum. 6:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 45 Atlanta locations. 770-279-7777.

Nurse and Nurture

Law Office of W. Wright Dempsey, Jr., LLC

The premier newborn night nurse provider in the South. 404-835-7580.

Providing personal attention, advice, and representation in the areas of estate planning, personal injury, and civil litigation. 2402 Mt. Vernon Rd., Ste. 205, Dunwoody. 404-375-5783.

Learning Express Providing quality toys, expert staff, exceptional service, free gift wrap and free personalization! Alpharetta: 7300 North Point Parkway. 770-740-1523. Marietta: 1401 Johnson Ferry Rd., NE. 770-321-3975.

Legacy Academy

6 Atlanta Locations. Early Child Development and Educational Excellence for children six weeks to twelve years. 770932-0091.

Marcus Autism Center

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

One of America’s 50 Best Hospitals, and the only one in Georgia. 770-219-9000.

Northside Hospital

A trusted and comprehensive resource for all of your maternity needs. 404-845-5555.

Olive You Nanny Full-time, part-time, summer or temporary nanny agency in the Atlanta metro-area since 2007. 404-403-9773. oliveyounanny. com/atlanta.

Photography by Laquanda

Leading the latest infant sibling research into the signs of autism, sign up today. 404-785-7600.

On-site photographer specializing in infants, toddlers, and children in metro Atlanta. Contact us at 334-294-1823.

MJCCA Preschools

Preferred Women’s Healthcare

The MJCCA offers two top-quality, NAEYC-accredited Jewish preschools, The Weinstein School (Dunwoody) and The Sunshine School (East Cobb). 678-812-3833.

McGinnis Woods

Small, nurturing learning environment where students matter most. Ages 6 weeks-8th grade. NAEYC, GAC and SACS Accredited. 5368 McGinnis Ferry Road, Alpharetta. 770-664-7764.

Mom Created Favorites Learn about eight products brought to you by moms. These solutions make life with babies and toddlers easier.

Premier OB/GYN practice on Gwinnett Medical Center Campus. Includes Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. 770-962-5100.

Sensible Sitters, Inc. The Nation’s Premier Babysitter Referral Agency. Our Network of sitters are collegeeducated, CPR trained and background checked. Providing on-call, standing, special event & travel sitters. 866-660-1549.

The Stitch Chick Your source for monogramming & personalized gifts. Things you bring us as well as things we sell can all be personalized. 326 Sandy Springs Circle, Sandy Springs. 404-257-8887.

Stone Family Chiropractic Center

Family wellness chiropractic office specializing in prenatal & pediatric care; nutrition & massage also available. 770-926-8746.

Weinberg Early Learning Center Jewish early childhood programs offer what no other schools can; a positive early childhood experience within a solid Jewish framework. Come visit us! 1589 Peachtree St, NE, Atlanta. 404-872-8668.

WellStar Health System Please call 770-956-STAR for maternity tour information, class registration or physician referral. 770-956-7827.

Zoo Atlanta Stroller and Adventure Cubs Monthly animal programs designed for newborns to 5-year-olds. 404-624-WILD.

PrepareFirst Baby Proofing Atlanta’s Baby & Family safety experts! Certified baby proofers & car seat technicians. Full Product Line. 678-888-0600.

Quality Care for Children

Find childcare or Summer camps at or call 877-(AllGAKids).

Robert M. Goldberg & Associates

Specialists in wills, trusts and powers of attorney with locations in Atlanta, Griffin and Peachtree City. 770-2295729.




by Amanda Miller Allen

DiD yoU Know?

Breastfeeding may lower your child’s risk of developing diabetes, asthma, allergies or SiDS.

Baby Looks Like Who?

Your baby might have Mom’s smile or Dad’s eyes or nose, but who does he resemble most? A new website,, will let friends and family – and members of the public – vote. Sign up through Facebook to post photos of the three of you on the justlikewho website, then notify family and friends to go to the website to see your photos. The public also can see and vote on photos of parents and children on the site, but without any information that identifies who the families are or what city they live in.

Baby Mugging Jump on the trend for a cup of Joe (or Elliot or Ella). With a simple trick of placing a mug or cup close to your camera as you photograph your baby, you can make him look as if he’s “mugging” in the snapshot. Smile at some baby mugs at mommyshorts. com/2013/04/best-of-babymugging-part-two.html.

‘Baby Steps’ for Parents

How do you console a baby with colic? Is your baby’s development appropriate for his age? These questions and many more are answered in “Baby Steps for New Parents,” a free handbook from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. You’ll find tips on topics from swaddling to feeding to when to take your baby to the doctor. Download a copy of the handbook at

Isis Opens in Atlanta A new parent can never have too many resources, especially if family members don’t live nearby. Many parents-to-be seek out childbirth and parenting classes through their chosen hospital. A new option just opened in Atlanta: Isis Parenting offers education, classes and support before and after delivery at four Babies R Us locations in Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Kennesaw and Smyrna. It’s also partnering with Piedmont Atlanta Hospital to educate new parents. Isis Parenting began 10 years ago as a partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston; its classes guide families through pregnancy, lactation and the first years of parenting. Find more information at




As an attorney and a parent of a four-year-old, I understand the importance of prompt and effective estate planning.

Sensible Sitters Sensible Sitters is the Nation’s Premier Babysitting Service. Sensible Sitters offers unparalleled convenience for families. From the sourcing, vetting and background checking of the sitter, to the scheduling and billing, Sensible Sitters takes care of every step of the babysitting process. Sensible Sitters provides on-call, standing, special event and travel sitters. 866-660-1549.

Carseat Canopy Olive You Nanny Just breathe, we’ve got you covered! Our agency can match you with a fulltime, part-time, summer or temporary nanny in the Atlanta metro area.Since 2007. 404-403-9773. www.

Law Office of W. Wright Dempsey, Jr., LLC 2402 Mount Vernon Rd. Suite 205, Dunwoody 404-375-5783

Non-toxic cleaning and laundry products that are safe for your baby! Non-GMO soy, whey, and gluten-free weight loss products.

PROMO CODE FOR A FREE CARSEAT CANOPY! While supplies last, get the carseat canopy of your choice FREE ($44.95) when you use promo code “ATLANTABBB” at

Shaklee distributor since 1990. Part-time income opportunity available. Contact COKKIE EAKER today at or 847-682-7656

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Of Babies and Carpet When my husband and I became parents, we were living the good life a condo in a brand new building with a bus stop outside and a coffee shop on the ground level. We walked to the grocery store, gym and free concerts. It was the ideal place to enjoy the short-lived doubleincome-no-kids phase of our lives. by Lela Davidson


t 900 square feet, the two-bedroom apartment felt roomy, even after we put up the crib and made room for the strollers. Within walking distance were our son’s pediatrician, several parks and friends who didn’t flinch at a little vomit on the sofa. It was perfect. Naturally, we had to move. Much as we loved the 6-square-foot lanai, it wasn’t a yard. A child needs to crawl in the grass and chase butterflies. Getting lost in the alfalfa sprout section of Trader Joe’s would not suffice. About the time my son’s umbilical cord fell off, we decided to abandon urban life and move to a real house with a lawn. We hoped for the next hill over, a coveted neighborhood with views, grass and blackberries. “Won’t that be kind of stressful? Selling your place and moving with a new baby?,” everyone asked. Pfft. Stressful. What was stressful was the thought that the Peter Rabbit border in the nursery would be our son’s only connection to the natural world. I attached myself to the online MLS service where I soon found many suitable homes in our target neighborhood, including The One. The One had wood floors (under the carpet), thick moldings, and an incredible yard full of mature hydrangeas, roses, viburnum and a camellia hedge. Our condo was worth at least 20 percent more than what we’d paid 18 months prior. Unfortunately, the homes we wanted to buy were listed at peak prices, too. My first pick, with the super special yard, was the most expensive. At $240,000, the two-bedroom, one-bath house was slightly out of our price range, but we couldn’t pass it up. The realtor assured us that our condo was in demand. Still, if we didn’t sell it quickly, someone else was going to be clipping my lilacs and pruning my roses. We immediately placed a contingent offer and set out to stage the condo for sale. No off-putting personal photos, no weird baby food residue in the sink, and I had to vacate immediately when someone wanted to see the place. I planned to make my quick exits to the coffee shop downstairs. After a slight learning curve, I could pack myself,



my baby, and a fully stocked diaper bag in under five minutes. A few days into the process I received a call from the realtor and commenced my routine. I gathered my son’s things and set him on the changing table for a fresh diaper. I felt certain that today was the day my condo would sell itself. No sooner had I removed my son’s diaper than a stunning display of nature’s bounty escaped him. Nearly fluorescent in color, propelled through the air by the mighty force of my infant’s tiny bowel, came a great arch of liquid poop – headed straight for the white carpet. Before I could act, the stench hit me. With the table, baby, and floor full of mustardy muck, I abandoned my son on the changing table in quest of the spot remover. Don’t judge me. We had escrow at stake. I sprayed, dabbed, and scrubbed, but the yellow ring of shame remained. I wiped down the furniture and rinsed the boy in the bathroom sink. The scent of Rear of Newborn lingered in the air as I hurried downstairs. We did not receive an offer that day. However, I developed expertise in untimely blowout management and stain removal. We ended up selling our condo in time to snatch up our new home. An hour after the realtor handed us the keys to our new house, we ripped out the carpet – just in case the previous owners ever had a baby.

After a slight learning curve, I could pack myself, my baby, and a fully stocked diaper bag in under five minutes. Lela Davidson is the author of Blacklisted from the PTA (Jupiter Press, 2011, $15) and Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? (Jupiter Press, 2012, $15)


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