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Summer / Fall 2009

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Photos by Michael Ray White Photography

publisher’s note ...a new hybrid of thoughts to capture the attention and inspire every person for every occasion. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of something bigger than you may realize. This is, after all, the inaugural issue of Atlanta Occasions Magazine and what’s to be the foundation of many more issues, in many more cities, and I’m proud to say it was Metro Atlanta that inspired it all. With the inception of Atlanta Occasions Magazine, comes a new wind in the world of event planning. The way I explain it to most people is this: The very same elements it takes to put on a spectacular wedding are also the same exact elements it takes to create a memorable mitzvah, charity gala, fundraiser, and corporate event. Yet, there’s a sea of wedding publications designed with only the bride in mind and nothing remaining for the others. So, we’ve morphed the trends of the past with the bones of a bridal publication and created a new hybrid of thoughts to capture the attention and inspire every person for every occasion. In the following pages you’ll find advice on making your occasions eco-friendly, tips from one of Atlanta’s top planners, articles on each event element, a comprehensive venue Photographed by Nadia D Photography

guide and inspiring photo spreads of several spectacular Atlanta Occasions. You’ll also enjoy reading how one of Atlanta’s premier event venues, the Georgia Aquarium, came to fruition from a birthday party given for the founder. My sincerest thanks go to our amazing advertisers. Their investment and belief in something “bigger” cannot go unmentioned and their businesses are the benchmarks that successful events are made of. The 28 counties that make up Metro Atlanta are home to the most creative, talented and business-savvy event professionals in the country. I consider myself lucky to work in their presence and even more blessed to act as the voice which connects their work with your event. This magazine was made for you and I welcome your feedback and comments. Feel free to get in touch with me to dish about your event and send over ideas. For more of what you see here, and to find vendors and venues organized by region and county, visit us online at Warmest Regards,

Heather Vreeland Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

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a s e a o f o p p o r t u n i t y f o r s p e c i a l e v e n ts at the georgia aquarium

New Yorkers Marissa Ann Fleishman and Samuel Joseph Rosenbloom held their August 31, 2008 wedding in the bride’s hometown of Atlanta, GA at the Georgia Aquarium. The Bride, Marissa Fleishman graduated with a B.A. from the University of Michigan where she was a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. She is a marketing consultant to the television and sports industries. Groom, Sam Rosenbloom, received a master’s degree in economics from Queens University, Canada and is a vice president with Goldman Sachs.


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The Bride’s Parents are Donna and Mark Fleishman, Atlanta, GA. Her mother is Atlanta president of Cohn& Wolfe Public Relations; her father is president of MDM Visions, Inc., a premium specialties company. The Groom’s Parents are Myrna Rosenbloom and the late Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, Ottawa, Canada, who was a military surgeon and psychologist. Ceremony & Reception: The Georgia Aquarium, Wolfgang Puck Catering Event Design: Tony Brewer & Company and Barbara Roos Photographer: Paul Beezley of PWP Studio

ask a planner Would it be okay to hire a professional event sitting service for my guests? How should I let guests know ahead of time these services will be available? I honestly do not mind kids being at my wedding reception, but I do want the parents to be able to sit back and enjoy themselves.

Providing your guests a professional baby-sitting service is such a thoughtful idea. After all, what will the flower girl and ring bearer do all evening once their pictures have been taken and adult beverages have been distributed? Event sitters are quite a popular option for individuals planning special events. In fact, it is common for this type of service to be figured into budgets from the start. The costs will vary depending on the ages of the children needing supervision and the number of children involved. There are a few things you will need to consider once the decision has been made to hire this service. First, the number of children to be supervised will determine how many sitters are required for your particular event. You cannot save money by hiring fewer sitters for a large number of children because the adult to child ratio is determined by local ordinance. Secondly, check with your chosen event facility to make sure there is an extra room or space that can be set aside strictly for this purpose. If there is not an extra room at the venue for the children to stay, a kid’s table supervised with pre-planned activities may be your next best option. Third, you must decide how you intend to inform your guests of this great service. You can provide an insert with your invitations so your guests may know of this option the moment they are invited. Or, you can deliver the news by good old fashion word of mouth. Keep in mind that some children may not want to part with their parents. But often, once these children see the other kids having fun their feelings will change. And finally, please make note to provide each sitter with a meal. Their meals should be tallied in with your total guest count given to the Caterer in advance of your event. It is important to hire an event sitting service familiar with the special events, facility rules and local laws. You will feel much more comfortable recommending your friends and family leave their children with your chosen service if you can tell them the sitters are CPR certified and licensed childcare workers. Where do you find a reputable sitter? Ask for recommendations from friends, co-workers, or even your catering manager at your venue. Find a sitter who specializes in child care for events because they are familiar with taking care of large groups of children. Atlanta-based event childcare company Elegant Event Sitters ( offers various packages for all types and sizes of events. Also, there is a national event sitting service called Sitter City ( that can serve as a great resource.

Eliana Baucicault of By Your Side Events is Atlanta Occasion’s resident event planner. Please send in your Ask A Planner questions to 12 |


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by Kristin Devoto

Organizing a party, wedding reception or other event involves

Occasion Veneerware’ is the best way to go for the environment,”

making a plethora of choices, and those doing the planning are

explains Customer Care Director Brian Cavallo of Bambu, a

choosier than ever. It is not unusual for planners to insist on

company dedicated to providing eco-friendly bamboo products.

very specific details like the colors of the fish in their sushi rolls to which seasonal vegetables should appear on their crudités. Linens are chosen with precision, and table arrangements require multiple meetings. For many event organizers, however, the decision to serve hors d’oeuvres on sturdy, clear plastic plates is typically standard. Now that being green has become a regular consideration for most people, those throw-away plates and utensils are looming large in some people’s minds. The popular television commercials reminding viewers that their plastic water bottles spend “an hour on the treadmill, a lifetime in a landfill,” are making an impact, as special event planners consider the fate of their plates. In fact, it’s estimated that 64 billion paper plates and cups are used in the US annually, and that almost 2 million tons

Available since 2003, the single-use bamboo plates and utensils have become the company’s most popular items. Their products have been used in after-parties for the Oscars, James Beard Foundation benefits in Manhattan, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and private events at Atlanta’s own Fox Theater. “Our plates have more of an elegant look than one would expect from disposables,” says Cavallo. All Occasions Veneerware is created from 100% organic bamboo with no added chemicals or dyes. The products are considered the ultimate in eco-friendly disposable dinnerware because they are biodegradable. “The best way to dispose of them is by compost,” says Cavallo, “but they can also be tossed out in a regular landfill. These plates will naturally biodegrade in only 4-6 months.”

of disposable cups and plates were discarded in 1997. Twelve years

Bamboo is also a favored environmentally safe material because

later, that amount has only increased.

it grows very quickly. There are over 100 varieties of bamboo, and

For eco-conscious Atlantans, there are several other options. If renting porcelain china and stainless steel utensils is out of the question, consider using disposable plates made from organic bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable natural resource which has been garnering increased attention lately for its use in everything from cutting boards to socks. And, bamboo is an ideal eco-friendly replacement product for plastic or paper plates. “If you have to use disposables, our ‘All

14 |

many mature within only 3-5 years, which is decades faster than large trees replenish. For the party planner with an eye toward being green, Bambu’s All Occasion Veneerware is an excellent disposable dinnerware option that will disappear long before the memories of the party, making the choice of dinnerware used (if not the desserts consumed) absolutely guilt-free. Buy All Occasions Veneerware at Atlanta Whole Foods locations or online at

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event element | decor


by Kristin Devoto

When planning the décor for an event, it is often tempting to

Pinspotting incorporates a very narrow beam of light from above

focus only on the obvious: the flowers, table & chair linens and

focused down on a particular item. It is often used to highlight

place settings. Only a few people consider lighting, and even

centerpieces and ice sculptures.

then, it’s often a last minute addition to the plans.

Gobo lights offer a chance for personalization. Custom gobos can

That, says Event Design Group Creative Director Craig Haskett,

project a monogram or company logo onto the dance floor or

is a big mistake. “It’s the singular element that can have the

walls. Gobos created to display texture and pattern can be used

most impact,” Haskett said. “It absolutely, other than the physical

creatively. “Leafy patterns, for example, when displayed from

venue, creates the ambiance of the event.” While lighting design

above can give the effect of moonlight filtering through trees,”

used to be a province of professional planners, designers now

explains Shadix.

are contacted by brides and corporate planners frequently, says Active Production and Design Inc’s Jason Shadix. Shadix explains to them how lighting can bring every aspect of the event together. “The dance floor, the flowers, the stage, if that’s where the focus should go, that’s where the lighting goes. It’s the lighting that draws the attention,” he said.

Colored lighting can

Smart lighting is LED based and computer-controlled. “You might have a calm, warm, glowy light for dinner that changes to a more relaxed, clubby feel when the dancing begins,” Haskett said. To create that casual, yet vibrant atmosphere, Haskett uses

also be used to change the mood of an event, said Todd Finch,

bright secondary colors like fuchsia and apple green, and he

president of Magnum Companies Ltd. “Blues and purples can

sometimes will synchronize the lights with the music. Haskett

create a coldness, that, unless there’s an out of the norm theme,

cautions readers not to call in a lighting designer too early or

you want to avoid. Warmer tones, like pinks and amber, make

without adequate information. First and foremost, the lighting

people look better, and food too,” he explained.

designer will need a floor plan of the event space to begin his

Four specific lighting concepts are generally used for corporate and social events: uplighting, pinspotting, gobo lights and smart lighting.

or her work. Additionally, the designer will need an accurate count of the number of tables, the specific locations of the bar and dance floor, and information on any other areas of desired focus. Examples of these include large decorations, special

Uplighting is a simple and widely used concept which entails

artwork, lounge areas or the cake table. The designer will also

placing can lights along the perimeter of a room. White lights

want to know of any other special aspects of the event because

warm up the space and colored lights can help enhance a

these may play off the decor decisions, as well. “Lighting needs

particular theme. If the lighting budget is minimal, then uplights

to be considered near the end of the event-planning process. Do

can simply be rented and installed without a professional’s help,

budget for it early on; however, wait to work out the details in the

says Finch. “It’s a great way to add a splash of color to walls,” he

latter third of the process,” Haskett suggests.


Photo and lighting by Full Circle Lighting & Productions (

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event element | taste


by Kristin Devoto

Entertaining in 2009 may sometimes make catering managers

people, and then keeping the other stations a bit more low-key.

feel they are competing for that Top Chef prize for impeccable

For example, she explains Bold American offers a seafood station

presentation and taste. As today’s guests of corporate and social

featuring fried lobster tails which makes a great impression on

events are bombarded by burgeoning celebrity chefs on television,

guests. “Choosing this station as the main “wow -factor” and

the internet, in magazines and at bookstores, they have become

offering two other simple stations, like risotto for example, can

quite discerning and expect to be impressed. Luckily, Atlanta is

make up a very memorable menu.” Gall continues, “It seems

full of visionary caterers and chefs who can easily pull together a

higher-end to have so much food and variety, but costs can be a

menu designed to wow the crowd, whether at a company function

little less than a seated dinner,” Gall explained.

for 500 or an intimate wedding for 40.

Event Planner and Owner of A Flawless Event, Amy DiLoreti

According to Bold American Events and Catering’s Social Sales

agrees. “Heavy hors d’oeuvres and stations are still the most

Manager Amanda Gall, chef-attended stations are the catering

popular with my clients,” she says. “In general, this less formal style

trend of the moment. “With chef attendance at each station,

is less expensive and allows the hostess to offer a variety of foods.”

you create a little tasting plate, almost like a mini-entree,” she

DiLoreti has also found that offering a station-styled event can set

explained. “People come and pick up a beautiful little entree

a cocktail party tone, which allows guests to mingle between each

plate, sit down and enjoy it and then come back and choose

station. Station events are often augmented by passed heavy hors

another station to try.” Stations are a departure from the

d’oeuvres which are easy for guests to enjoy while standing up and

traditional catering choices of seated meal or buffet. Gall noted

moving about. “Mini-burgers, a fork full of pasta, a single shrimp

that last year, the company worked more events where they served

in a glass with cocktail sauce- I see a lot of one-bite type options

dual-entree seated dinners than any other option. At this point,

that have fun presentation,” DiLoreti said.

however, that type of catering can feel a little stiff. “People are being a bit more playful with their food. Stations are a little less formal,” she said. Stations are a departure from the traditional catering choices of seated meal or buffet. Gall noted that last year, the company worked more events where they served dual-entree seated dinners than any other option. At this point, however, that type of catering can feel a little stiff. “People are being a bit more playful with their food. Stations are a little less formal,” she said. If stretching the budget is a priority, Gall suggests going all out for a single, incredible station that will really make an impact on

18 |

Other trends she’s noticed this season include upscale Southern comfort food and stations where guests can add their own toppings, such as grits, mashed potatoes or bruschetta bars. This season is not the time to play it safe; and brides and event planners seem to be living up to their guests’ expectations for delicious, impressive food. “Customers seem to be shying away from tradition,” Gall says, “and realizing they can be more courageous and creative in their food choices and presentation.” Photo by Artstar Photography (

event element | stationary

YOU’RE invited

by Kristin Devoto

Modern or classic, colored ink or black, rectangle, square or even

to have a budget together and let a designer work with you to find

circle...the options are endless when it comes to invitations. While

something that you love that’s within that budget.”

some event planners still go with the traditional look dictated by Peggy Post and other etiquette mavens, the majority are now mixing it up and exploring the bold new world of custom invites where color, shape, size and texture collide.

According to Lisa Zachary, the owner of custom stationary shop Papered Wonders, custom invitations are a big trend right now. “There is such a wide range of what ‘custom’ means to each person- from matching colors from the event theme to

A basic understanding of the most common printing methods is a

embellishments on the boxes. Anything that caters to a client’s

good way to get started when making your invitation decisions.

individual personality makes a custom invitation,” she explains.

Letterpress This style is one of today’s most popular options, though it’s also one of the more expensive. With a letterpress invitation, it’s all about texture. The paper is generally recycled, giving it a soft, almost fabric-like feel, and is also quite thick. Each letter is pressed into the paper so that the indentations can be felt from the bottom. Overall, it provides a very elegant, luxurious feel. Embossed Embossing is almost the exact opposite of letterpress. With this style invitation, the letters are printed, or embossed, from underneath, giving them a slightly raised appearance that can be felt from the top of the invitation.

Custom shops can sometimes provide options that larger stores are unable to, like more flexible hours, full samples and assembly, or convenient mailing services. The best reason to use a custom shop, though, might be their attention to creative, cutting edge concepts.

“We tend to work very closely with event planners

and floral designers to be aware of what’s up-and-coming,” says Zachary. “We’re always creating, not waiting to see what comes in the next delivery, which means we’re able to share this expertise and foresight with clients.” Sabe says that she often finds inspiration in Style Me Pretty (www., a daily blog for the style obsessed bride created by a woman in Boston who had her own custom invitation

Flat Flat printing can be offset lithography or digital. Offset

line Abby Jean. But Sabe also notes her creative ideas sometimes

lithography printing involves traditional presses that roll the ink

come from simply listening to her clients talk about their

onto paper, and is a great option for invitations with rich, deep

events. “People tend to think they need all other plans in place

background colors. With digital printing, the work goes directly

before choosing invitations, but that’s not the case at all. In fact,

from a computer to the printer. For a bride or event planner on a

invitations can help inspire the rest of the event!”

budget, digital printing is usually the most economical option.

Stationary by Papered Wonders ( Photo by Kreativ Touch Photography (

“One of the biggest challenges is always price,” said Debra Sabe, owner of the custom printing studio Luxe Expressions. “It’s best

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event element | entertainment


by Leanna Adams

The key to throwing any successful soirée is to focus on the

slower and end with pumping music. This will give the mellower

entertainment of the guests. What good is an 8-piece band if your

folks a chance to cut a rug before heading home. Is your event

guests are immobile octogenarians? When finding a band or

more low key? Perhaps a string quartet would do (or a pianist and

hiring a DJ, always consider your guests first. Band or DJ? That is


the question.

Party Tip: Sit down with your DJ or band and set a plan of action

“My advice to anyone looking for event entertainment is to hire

for the night. Talk with them about how you’d like the evening

someone you saw at an event,” says Tim Brittsan, owner of Atlanta

to go and let them know when there will be announcements or

Music Company. “Or go see someone that comes recommended

pauses. The band may act as your announcer or let someone else

by a specialist in the events industry. Vendors have preferred lists

do the honor, but the details should be taken care of beforehand.

that you can use. That’s how you can make sure that you’ll get a professional.”

Ask Yourself: Is your crowd younger? You may want to have a DJ playing current hits earlier in the evening. Is your bash going to

A band can be a fabulous edition to any occasion. There is

last into the wee hours of the morning? If you have the capability,

nothing like live music to perk up a party and create a lively

you may want to ask the DJ if he wouldn’t mind staying longer

atmosphere. If you have a healthy budget and want a tried and

than normal (for a small fee) to make sure your guests can dance

true group, use an event management company to help you find

the night away to all the crowd-pleasing hits.

the right band for your specific needs. Ask your friends and others for recommendations and always check out the band before committing and forking out the deposit. Small stringed ensembles of three to four make a romantic addition to an outdoor gathering. However, if your budget won’t allow and your gathering is small, a two-man group can supply a lovely ambiance to your outdoor event. Ask Yourself: Are your guests a little older? Perhaps they’d love a band specializing in Sinatra, golden oldies and beach music. Do you have guests with a wide range of tastes? Start the event off

22 |

Party Tip: If you use a band or DJ for a nighttime event, write out a list of songs that you love and one that you won’t tolerate. That way, the bandleader or DJ can screen the songs that drive you nuts. Nothing kills the beat like bad requests. You can have a party any way you like it. But if you want to host an entertaining event that people will enjoy and talk about for months or years to come, consider your guests when making all music decisions. Photo of Atlanta Beat Band ( Photos by Artstar Photography (

inspiration station


Whether you’re planning a birthday party, business meeting or bridal shower, do it with French Flair. Get great ideas from these three different matching tablescapes and stationary that set the stage to transport your guests.

Table Design by Joy Thigpen Environments Floral by Amy Osaba Floral Invitations by Sandi Spells Designs Photographed by Christine Gallagher Photography 24 | 24 |

French Fare at it’s finest! The private dining quarters at Joel Brasserie make the ultimate setting for a gentlemen’s meeting like no other. Cigars, cognac and the finest feast in Buckhead create the ultimate social setting for a meeting of the minds. Pork Osso Buco, Roasted Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Pork Jus | 25

inspiration station


26 | 26 |

Ladies of Atlanta, over-the-top tea parties drenched in glitz and glamour now have a place to call home. The parlor at Rhodes Hall is rich in 18th century Roccoco style with ornate furniture accentuated in gold leaf, pink silk damask walls and an uber-elegant crystal chandelier. Gather the gals, and your most elaborate hat and you’ve got yourself a date!

Rentals by Your Host Rentals Birthday Cake by Sugar Plum Visions | 27

inspiration station


28 | 28 |

Weddings in the winery are wonderful in Atlanta. Chateau Elan sets an unparalleled backdrop for french countryside occasions. This wine-inspired buffet setting created using rustic wine barrels sets the mood for an earthy-organic outdoor event among the vineyards. | 29



OPPORTUNITY for special events at the georgia aquarium by Leanna Adams

30 | 30 |

Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, had the time of his life at a surprise birthday party given to him by friends and family at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in northern California. Later, he and his wife Billi decided they wanted to share that experience with the world and at the same time pay tribute to Atlanta, the birthplace of Home Depot. They hoped to give the gift of family fun and scientific advancement and research. And they did. In a big way. Not only did the Marcus’ give Georgia the world’s largest aquarium, they also gave Atlanta a premier event venue, so that other people could have birthdays, just like Bernie’s. “There were two reasons Billi and Bernie Marcus wanted to give the Aquarium to Atlanta,” says Will Ramsey, Vice President of Sales at the Aquarium. “They realized that there wasn’t a unique space in Atlanta for a sit-down dinner that would seat over 1,000 people. The Marcus family also wanted to give a donation that would never become a Photographs by Patrick Williams of PWP Studio

burden on the city. There will always be events, so it made sense to build an aquarium with an ultra modern design that could host all kinds of events and always be financially | 31

The Aquarium can host everything from intimate dinners for

A prom put on in the Aquarium will be a night that is never

10-12 people to receptions for 2,000 guests. Since opening to the

forgotten. The same can be true for small or elaborate sweet

public in 2005, the Aquarium has played host to thousands of

sixteen birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs and even graduation

events, from birthdays to conferences, proms, all-day meetings,

celebrations for young adults.

wedding receptions and everything in between. The reason? The Aquarium appeals to everyone – men, women and children of all ages. It’s serene and relaxing, vibrant during the day and romantic at night. There is something for everyone at the Aquarium. For the adults Whether it’s a fraternity or sorority mixer, picnic, all-day conference, company retreat, seminar or wedding reception, the Aquarium staff promises to meet and exceed all expectations. Interestingly, they held an adult sleepover on Valentine’s Day this year. Now that’s hot!

For the kiddies Nothing makes children happier than a party where they can run around, see incredible sights and actually touch animals like Bonnethead sharks in the various touch pools. Be it a birthday party or a themed event for a child’s classmates, the Aquarium staff guarantees a whale of a time. For the adventurer Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the largest fish in the world? At the Aquarium’s Journey with Gentle Giants program guests are allowed to actually swim at the surface with whale sharks. They are provided a mask, fins, air supply,

For the teens Proms are supposed to be significant nights in the

booties and a wet suit. Certified divers are eligible to participate in

lives of teenagers. Not hot, stuffy dances held in school cafeterias.

the SCUBA dive program.

32 |

For the romantic There’s just something ethereal about aquatic life gliding by majestically in the exhibits that makes an event at the Aquarium something extraordinary. The Aquarium’s famed Oceans Ballroom, which is 16,400 squarefeet, features incredible views of two of the largest exhibits at the Aquarium. The first is Cold Water Quest, where event attendees have a private window into the world of magnificent beluga whales as they gracefully dance through arctic waters. The second is Ocean Voyager, which showcases stunning whale sharks, Nandi, the only manta ray ever in a U.S. aquarium, and schools of other aquatic life. For the business folk

There are day meeting packages that

allow you to easily budget for your next meeting so you can

The Aquarium can host everything from intimate dinners for 10-12 people to receptions for 2,000 guests.

focus on work instead of cutting costs. Or hold a weekend retreat and do some much needed bonding or team building with co-workers. Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta, the Aquarium is a great spot for out-of-towners ITP and OTP’ers alike. Along with the appealing location, the Aquarium itself already comes decorated with its marine design and grand scale. “We like to say that we spent $300 million on décor already,” said Ramsey. “So you don’t have to spend a penny on entertainment. The Marcuses wanted the spaces inside to be as appealing as possible. Wolfgang Puck Catering operates exclusively at the facility catering special events for groups of 10 to 10,000. We’re committed to bringing groups into the Aquarium and giving them a unique experience that will last a lifetime.” Half the battle of planning an event is picking the perfect location. Most places are best suited for one kind of occasion, but the Aquarium is flexible enough to accommodate small to large parties, day or night. If you have an idea for an event, the staff at the Aquarium can customize it to your liking. There is literally a sea of opportunities for events at the Georgia Aquarium. | 33

venue guide



5 1

2 7


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VENUE GUIDE Choosing a location for your event is one of the first decisions you’ll make, so here’s a variety of venues across Metro Atlanta that are top notch picks to put your party planning in motion.

8 34 34 ||

Find these venues and more, by region and county, online at

1 1420 Room 2 The Atrium 3 Bear’s Best 4 Biltmore Ballroom 5 Carl House 6 Eagle’s Landing Country Club 7 Flint Hill 8 The Foundry at Puritan Mill 9 Georgia Aquarium 10 Little Gardens 11 Merle Manders Conference Center 12 One Ninety One Club 13 Primrose Cottage 14 Rhodes Hall 15 Twelve Atlantic Station

35 | | 35

venue guide | dunwoody


AT A GLANCE Located in the heart of Dunwoody, Georgia, the 1420 Room is the perfect location for your business meetings and events, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, fundraisers and bar/bat mitzvahs. The 1420 Room is owned and managed by the award winning catering and design company A Divine Event Catering which boasts an impeccable service staff.  Our 2,000 square foot lounge features Brazilian hardwood floors and a spectacular granite bar.  The 4,000 square foot ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers and Corinthian columns is the perfect setting for your special event along with a spacious bridal suite and in house audio visual capabilities. There are certain times in life that call for a celebration etching them in our memories.  Shared with friends and family, such special occasions should be happy experiences filled with excitement and anticipation.  Partnering with a professional event planner and award winning caterer removes stress to create such an event.

Total Square Footage: 6,000 # of Event Spaces: 2 Capacity: 20-500 Catering: Onsite award winning catering company, A Divine Event Catering, serving intercontinental cuisine. Includes: Dance foor, staging, chairs, tables, bridal changing suite, in-house audio and video Parking: Onsite complimentary parking Special Features: Bridal suite, lounge with brazilian hardwood floors, granite bar, crystal chandeliers, Corinthian columns, convenient to Perimeter Mall and major highways. Pricing: $$$$

1420 Dunwoody Village Parkway Atlanta, GA 30338 (770) 587-9117 36 | More about this location online at

venue guide | norcross


AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 4,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 170 Catering: Onsite custom-designed menus, organic and vegan available Includes: Tables, chairs, flatware, dance floor, professional event planner Parking: Parking for 170 guests, valet available Special Features: A dazzling two-story glass ballroom, wonderful balcony overlooking the ballroom gives your guests a private retreat, but with visual access to the event celebrations below, an intimate environment nestled in a lush secret garden filled with flowering shrubs and perrienals, ever-blooming annuals and spring bulbsviews of an old world gazebo with a lacy iron dome, a romantic three-tier fountain and grassy courtyards Pricing: $$

An elegant neoclassical special event facility located in historic Norcross, Georgia. The Atrium is a stunning two-story glass ballroom which provides a unique backdrop for your wedding, special event or next business function. The Atrium creates an intimate environment nestled in a lush secret garden filled with flowering shrubs and perrienals. A three-tiered fountain on one terrace and a romantic vine-covered gazebo on the other set the stage for your fanciful event. A refreshing escape, The Atrium offers a relaxed atmosphere far removed from the office environment. Entertain clients or business associates in this elegant and contemporary atmosphere set amid lush gardens and relaxing water features. For a holiday event, you’ll find The Atrium is a picture perfect reflection of the festive ambiance from this wonderful season. Hidden behind an evergreen wall of trees and shrubs, a secret garden flows from an upper courtyard with a centered fountain onto a lower courtyard creating a unique and picturesque backdrop for the perfect outdoor ceremony. Events at The Atrium lend you exclusive use of facility and grounds. You’ll enjoy: Rich colors and fabrics throughout, with elegant chivari chairs and gold brocade floor-length linens; magnificent glass ballroom and mezzanine-overlook; an Italian marble gazebo crowned with a vine-covered filigree iron dome, a romantic three tier fountain and cobblestone courtyard with an ever-changing floral backdrop for outdoor events, and permanently installed custom outdoor lighting for romantic evening events.

139 North Norcross-Tucker Road Norcross, GA 30071 (770) 840-9949 More about this location online at | 37

venue guide | gwinnett


AT A GLANCE Located in the upscale gated community of Edinburgh, Bear’s Best is a high-end daily fee course focused on corporate entertaining, golf outings, and providing the experience of a luxurious private club at a public facility. Jack Nicklaus selected 18 holes from his more than 200 course designs worldwide and put them into one extraordinary round of golf at Bear’s Best Atlanta. Bear’s Best Atlanta creates the perfect atmosphere for golf outings, weddings, meetings and banquets. Our contemporary style banquet room features a double-sided granite buffet and a terrace with rocking chairs overlooking the golf range and offering awe-inspiring views of the sunset. Our Star Certified Servers and award winning Culinary Staff will meet and exceed any expectations that you or your guests may have, and provide you with the latest in menu

# of Event Spaces: 3 Capacity: 175 Catering: Onsite caterer or licensed vendor Includes: Tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, setup/breakdown fees Parking: Ample free parking, valet available Special Features: Golf course view, located in gated community with security, located 35 minutes from Atlanta Pricing: $$$

selections and presentation. Weddings on the golf course are available for intimate events, although certain fees and restrictions do apply. We would be delighted to alleviate a great deal of stress from your hands to ensure your event goes according to plan. Our wedding packages include a variety of menu selections and may be customized to accommodate your specific needs and budget. The package also includes set-up and breakdown, skirted tables, linens, service-ware, flatware, glassware & basic centerpieces. Other options are available at an additional cost to rent. Combining quality, design, and unparalleled services, Bear’s Best Atlanta is sure to become your favorite getaway for all of your corporate and leisure gatherings.

38 | More about this location online at

5342 Aldeburgh Drive Suwanee, GA 30024 (678) 714-2582

venue guide | midtown atlanta


AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 16,500 # of Event Spaces: 2 Capacity: 50-1,000 Catering: Offsite catering Includes: Dancefloor, tables, chairs, stage Parking: Parking garage onsite Special Features: Historic architechture, Palladian windows, beautiful courtyard for photos, outdoor terrace, hotels within walking distance Pricing: $$$$

The Biltmore, located in midtown Atlanta, is a perfect venue for corporate celebrations, weddings, and association meetings offering event attendees a uniquely elegant experience. The Biltmore is home to the Georgian and Imperial ballrooms, Atlanta’s two most spectacular European-style ballrooms. Both ballrooms feature hardwood floors, handcrafted plaster ceilings, stately columns, sparkling crystal chandeliers and Palladian windows. Each ballroom has its own pre-function area, private catering kitchen, separate entrance, and restrooms. The Biltmore also features convenient parking, a beautiful courtyard, and room for up to 1,500 guests. The ballrooms are ideal venues for corporate and social events, offering guests an elegant environment with regal charm. Originally built in 1924 as Atlanta’s premier hotel, the 11-story Biltmore Hotel emerged via a partnership between Atlanta’s William Candler and New York hotel mogul John McEntee Bowman. Candler financed the $6 million development with his share of the $25 million buyout of his father’s Coca-Cola empire. The Biltmore Hotel became the focal point of social life in Atlanta, hosting a wide variety of events from galas, wedding receptions, and highsociety teas to civic meetings and local political fund-raisers. Discounted rates are available for weekdays and 501c-3 non-profit events.

817 West Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30308 (404) 962-8704 More about this location online at | 39

venue guide | auburn


Yeakle Photography

Photo by Eric Delaforce

AT A GLANCE Carl House is an award-winning, full-service event venue with 4-acres of meticulously appointed grounds and exquisite food offering 21st Century Southern Hospitality just a short distance outside of the Perimeter. Their meticulously groomed and colorful gardens create a showcase for all types of events while the spacious ballroom allows all guests to gather in one place. If outside gatherings are met with inclement weather, the Carl House ballroom and spacious house provide a perfect location for any corporate or social event. Located just outside of Atlanta, Carl House can accommodate a variety of gatherings within their antebellum home, spacious ballroom and exquisite gardens including rehearsal dinners, indoor or outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The famed Carl House team can assist you with as much or as little planning as you desire. Expect to be delighted with the service, casual elegance and attention you receive from this extraordinary venue. With a focus on attention to detail and customization to each event, Carl House’s in-house Senior Wedding Director, is every bride’s dream. Denise Myers creates an atmosphere for brides that allows them the freedom to create their own dream wedding, assisting with wedding package options, vendor recommendations and consultation on each aspect of the wedding. Denise’s passion and eye

Total Square Footage: 10,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 (entire estate & grounds) Capacity: 350 Catering: Onsite caterer only Includes: Chairs, linens, flatwear, decor, ballroom, glasswear, bar area, piped in music throughout, dance floor Parking: Parking for up to 250 cars Special Features: Spectacular gardens, private estate holding one event at a time, spacious ballroom, unique, remodeled, spectacular decor, wood, marble, 21st Century Southern Hospitality, attention to detail, award winning facility and owner, in-house catering, extraordinary chef , in-house event coordination, just outside the perimeter but ‘a world away.’ Pricing: $$$

for wedding planning has made her a favorite among brides. Executive Chef Melanie Hanke has a gift for transforming regional cuisine, all prepared in-house, with her use of proprietary sauces, fresh herbs and her carefully cultivated sense of creativity and taste. Melanie’s seasonal recipes and buffet designs are created to both inspire and delight guests with rave reviews every weekend. 40 | More about this location online at

1176 Atlanta Highway Auburn, GA 30011 (770) 586-0095

venue guide | south atlanta


AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 10,000 # of Event Spaces: 4 Capacity: 600 Catering: Onsite caterer Includes: All hardware, tables, chairs. linens, service staff, etc. Parking: Complimentary Special Features: Lakeside view of the golf course. Outdoor terrace seating. Outdoor and indoor ceremony sites. Beautiful Plantation Style Club House with interior circular staircase Pricing: $$$

Eagle’s Landing Country Club is a plantation-style clubhouse that exemplifies Georgian charm and savoir-faire from its warm brick exterior and welcoming verandas to a crowning cupola that looks down on some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife in the state. We offer golf outings, weddings, corporate and social events. Eagle’s Landing is a retreat not only for great rounds with close friends and family, but also for hosting important corporate clients and associates. Downtown Atlanta may only be a 20-minute drive away, but the serenity of Eagle’s Landing feels like a world apart. Our Grand Ballroom can accommodate a seated affair of up to 350 guests, and an hors d’oeuvres-style reception of up to 400. The Landing will accommodate a more intimate gathering. The croquet lawn in front of our magnificent clubhouse is the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony. Our staff is committed to providing the finest food and service to be found in any private club. Let us create a perfect experience for a perfect day. We will set the stage for your anniversary, birthday, or graduation party as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, business and holiday functions. What better way to relax and enjoy your guest’s company while you feel the genuine warmth of the South’s famous hospitality? Whether you are planning a week-long retreat or a day meeting, Eagle’s Landing Country Club can host your functions. Get out of the office and have your meetings here! When it’s time for work, we can accommodate your group of 2 to 200 or more. When it’s time to play, we have what you need: golf outings, putting contests, and local

100 Eagle’s Way Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770) 389-2000

shopping. Located 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta and close to Hartsfield International Airport, this is the perfect location to host important corporate clients and associates.

More about this location online at | 41

venue guide | historic norcross


AT A GLANCE A refreshing escape, Flint Hill offers a relaxed atmosphere for corporate events. Amid ancient oaks, lush gardens, outdoor rooms and terraces, entertain clients or business associates in a style reminiscent of a private, home setting. Enjoy this charming scenario or, for the more adventurous, allow our award-winning team to personalize your experience with a themed event inspired by the venue itself. For a Holiday event, no place is more festive than Flint Hill. Every room glows with a Dickens-like ambiance. Other theme favorites include Moonlight & Magnolias, Casino night, Rhapsody in Que, All that Jazz, Scarlett’s Bar-B-Q, and Southern Exposure. For larger groups wishing a culinary extravaganza, Southern Exposure is a must. At Flint Hill, this concept delivers all-things-Southern with a twist. Leaving guests with this lasting impression - priceless! Make the bride happy! This simple philosophy still drives our wedding business after twenty years. To us, it is never just another wedding. Each bride comes with a personal vision that we greatly respect; our goal is to nurture that vision to completion while remaining true to the dream. In touch with current industry trends and inspired by an endless supply of fresh ideas

Total Square Footage: 5,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 300 Catering: Onsite custom designed menus including organic and vegan Includes: Tables, chairs, flatware, dancefloor, professional event planner Parking: Ample free parking Special Features: Grand Ballroom with outdoor garden rooms with ceremony locations both inside and out, exclusive use of the entire facility, grounds and gardens, graciously appointed bridal suite, award-winning catering & design by Magic Moments, Inc. Pricing: $$$

from brides everywhere, our planners and designers will work with you to create a unique and unforgettable day. The expertise gleaned from years of event production ensures each bride a cohesive, well planned event. Anyone who visits Flint Hill senses that Weddings are our first love. From the well appointed venue to the enchanting gardens, all are designed for the bride seeking a romantic setting to showcase her style. 42 | More about this location online at

539 South Peachtree Street Norcross, GA 30324 (770) 263-7669

venue guide | west midtown atlanta


AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 12,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 1,200 Catering: Approved caterers list Includes: 250 natural wood folding chairs, 30 round tables, 10 cocktal tables, 5 banquet tables and two 80 foot walls of sheer ivory drape Parking: 250 spaces for weekend and evening, valet service also available Special Features: Great West side location, close to downtown. Large wide open space. Outdoor area. A repurposed 1921 building with original beams and brick work. Has a prefunction space. Pricing: $$$$

Built in 1921, The Foundry at Puritan Mill was constructed and operated by Puritan Chemical Company. Puritan soap and other cleaning products were manufactured and stored in the building until they were shipped on the neighboring Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The site served as the Atlanta headquarters for Puritan Chemical Company until 1996. It has since been restored and is now a premiere venue in Atlanta for hosting both large and small events. The Foundry at Puritan Mill has a metropolitan tone with extraordinary window walls on three sides, tall original pine ceilings and exposed brick walls which can be the perfect backdrop for your event.  The Foundry has the flexibility to seat up to 800 guests or can be transformed to accommodate smaller groups.  Another benefit is our separate pre-function gallery space.  We have an uninterrupted floor plan that can create an open environment or can easily be divided by our airy, sheer ivory curtains.  Another bonus of The Foundry is our 250 parking spaces for you to use during evening events or we can bring in valet services.  We have affordable rental rates and easy directions for your guests.

916 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 962-8700 More about this location online at | 43

venue guide | downtown atlanta


AT A GLANCE With more than eight million gallons of water and more aquatic life than found in any other aquarium, you are sure to see things you’ve never seen before -- including Atlanta’s most unique meeting and event planning venue. From weddings and receptions to small functions and dinners, the Georgia Aquarium can be transformed into an intimate and distinctive space guaranteed to make a lasting impression. The uniquely decorated pre-function space sets the mood of an elegant and underwater feel featuring fiber optic light fixtures shaped like jellyfish overhead complimented by elegant one-of-a-kind scenery. The 16,400 square-foot Oceans Ballroom can comfortably seat 1,100 for a sit-down dinner, accommodate up to 2,000 for a reception or the entire Aquarium can be available to host up to 5,000 of your friends for a celebration. The ballroom features two breathtaking private viewing windows give your guests an up-close and personal experience with views of thousands of rare and engaging animals including majestic beluga whales, the only manta ray in the U.S. and giant whale sharks. The Oceans Ballroom can easily be transformed into various settings from an elegant wedding to classy corporate events. Three air walls can be used to renovate the space into four separate areas for multiple and larger events. No matter the event, the Aquarium can also meet all of your culinary needs, both great and small. The Georgia Aquarium has an exclusive partnership with the world-renowned Wolfgang Puck Catering, which maintains a full-service operation

Total Square Footage: Varies # of Event Spaces: 5 Capacity: 5,000 Catering: Wolfgang Puck Catering is the exclusive onsite caterer. Includes: Tables, chairs, linen, and china are included in your food and beverage price. Parking: Self parking available in parking garage Special Features: The Georgia Aquarium features our 16,400 square foot Oceans Ballroom featuring live views into the two largest Aquarium exhibits, Ocean Voyager and the Beluga Whale Habitat of the Coldwater Quest Gallery. The entire Aquarium is available for full exclusive buyout after hours for up to 5,000 guests with full Aquarium access. Pricing: $$$$

including a kosher kitchen and flawless staff on-site to ensure any event will receive the attention it deserves. Wolfgang Puck Catering guests enjoy tailored menus to make any event personal and memorable. Located in downtown Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is a central destination neighboring the best hotels, attractions and dining Atlanta has to offer. 44 | More about this location online at

225 Baker Street Atlanta, GA 30314 (404) 581-4126

venue guide | lawrenceville


AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 4,500 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 300 Catering: Onsite caterer with custom designed menus including vegan and organic Includes: Tables, chairs, flatware, dancefloor, professional event planner Parking: Parking for up to 300 guests Special Features: Our lovely colonial style estate features beautifully manicured gardens, a stunning waterfall in the outdoor ceremony site, private ballroom facilities, terrace patio, and a deluxe bridal suite along with a separate groom’s suite complete with a flat screen television. Pricing: $$$

An estate setting for weddings, corporate or social events. The newest venue owned and operated by Magic Moments, Inc., Little Gardens is a colonial style home nestled in the midst of a 3-acre estate located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Little Gardens offers enchanting outdoor areas for ceremonies enhanced with a waterfall koi pond and picturesque garden bridge. Inside, a spectacular ballroom encased by glass doors open to this secluded garden. Beautifully appointed buffets adorned with magnificent custom floral displays greet guests with awardwinning cuisine. Rooms flow from one to the next with cozy conversation areas tucked throughout. While Upstairs you’ll find a large suite filled with overstuffed couches, a private restroom and dressing area, floor-to-ceiling-mirror, and fireplace that welcomes you. Events at Little Gardens lend you exclusive use of house and grounds including serene waterfall gardens, a spectacular ballroom for indoor receptions, encased by glass doors that open to a secluded and lush garden, beautifully appointed buffets with a soft halo of light from beneath, adorned with magnificent custom floral displays, and professionally designed and impeccably manicured “garden rooms” for both grand and intimate events. Little Gardens is ADA Compliant, providing easy accessibility for all your guests. The staff at Little Gardens have exceptional service standards. The professionally trained, event planners, floral desingers

3571 Lawrenceville Highway NW Lawrenceville, GA 30044 (770) 923-3434

and uniformed tuxedoed wait staff, assures a warm and inviting experience for each guest.

More about this location online at | 45

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AT A GLANCE Looking for the perfect meeting or event venue Comfortably South of Atlanta? Merle Manders Conference Center is classy and sophisticated enough for a formal affair, yet cozy and relaxed enough for a fun, laid back type of atmosphere. Whether you host your corporate meeting, conference, wedding, reception or special event at MMCC, you can be rest assured that it will be a special event to remember. The impressive conference center is adjacent to the beautiful and serene Clark Park, which is a city park that has a flowing creek, over 2 miles of walking trails and 2 pavilions. The center has over 14,000 square feet of meeting space, with a 6,000 square-foot fully carpeted ballroom complete with a huge stone fireplace, 30 foot peaked wood ceiling, beautiful

Total Square Footage: 14,000 # of Event Spaces: 6 Capacity: 20-300 Catering: Choose from registered caterers Parking: Complimentary free parking Special Features: 20 minutes south of airport and easily accessible from I-75, I-285 and I-675 Pricing: $$

chandeliers with several lighting options and a variety of setup options. There are also 5 additional meeting rooms on the lower level that are used for corporate and private functions. A large, usable balcony overlooks the park from the ballroom, while a large patio area provides additional outdoor space on the lower level. The center also has a private bride’s room and ample free parking. We provide competitive pricing for both corporate meetings and private events. We can make your planning easy by either offering complete meeting, event and bridal packages or we can allow you to pick and choose from our item menu and/or let you handle your own items to save on your budget. Coming fall of 2009, Merle Manders Conference Center will also be managing 2,000 square feet of meeting space at the new Stockbridge Community Center. 46 | More about this location online at

111 Davis Road Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770) 389-5982

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AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 17,500 # of Event Spaces: 12 Capacity: 750 Catering: Onsite caterer Includes: Built in dance floor, chairs, tables, white in house linens Parking: Secured, covered attached parking is available at a small fee. Special Features: Close to several hotels, beautiful view of the One Ninety One atrium and Fabarege egg inspired chandeliars Pricing: $$$

The Club provides a dramatic view of the building’s seven story atrium that delivers a visual experience of custom-designed chandeliers reminiscent of the Faberge’ egg. The atmosphere is rich and warm, featuring traditional oils by local Georgia artists, antiques and furnishings that provide a sense of elegance and charm. Club quarters include a gracious living room, bar and lounge, two main dining rooms,and nine handsomely-appointed private dining suites that can be reserved for a wide range of business and social functions. The Alexander Library contains historic books from the London Library and honors the Atlanta City Club, founded in 1972, in recognition of the traditions established there. The Club has committed itself to providing the finest dining experience and most impeccable service. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding and reception large cocktail reception, rehearsal dinner or a seated dinner, the staff will assist you in every detail in planning the perfect event. The Chef has created a menu of gourmet selections that highlights regional specialties, producing an inspired variety of American and Continental cuisine.Please keep in mind, that we will gladly customize menus to fit your personal tastes and desires. Please consult with our Event Specialists for details.

191 Peachtree Club Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 222-0191 More about this location online at | 47

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AT A GLANCE The charm of this historic southern home makes Primrose Cottage a gracious and romantic location for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, dinners and holiday celebrations. Primrose Cottage is a stunning antebellum house listed on the National Register. It is a wonderful blend of history, tradition, charm, and grace. This revered Cottage is a blend of history and traditions spanning a period of time from 1839 to present. An easy grace and elegant ambience are part of its continuing legacy. With the addition of our new 2,800 square foot Overlook Ballroom, complete with floor to ceiling glass walls and a commanding view of terraced gardens, Primrose Cottage offers an incomparable venue for special events. Events are Primrose Cottage feature: crystal chandeliers, heart-of-pine floors, Karastan rugs and period furnishings embrace Primrose Cottage’s rich history; exclusive use of house and grounds. With the charm of the South’s most romantic era, rooms flow from one to the next with cozy conversation areas tucked throughout the historic home. A 350-year old Great Oak is the centerpiece of the bricked courtyard and is a landmark not only in Roswell but also as the oldest living white oak in the southeast - perfect for breathtaking photos and lifetime memories. The expansive green front lawn bordered by the 1839 hand-turned rosemary pine fence invites your guests to Primrose Cottage and its ever-changing landscape. The brick patio, ornate iron fence, garden bower, and flowing fountain add to the private garden’s legacy. Primrose Cottage captures the essence of an elegant at-home wedding that places you at the center of attention.

48 | More about this location online at

Total Square Footage: 6,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 300 Catering: Onsite caterer with customdesigned menus, organic and vegan available Includes: Tables, chairs, flatware, dancefloor, professional event planner Parking: Parking for up to 300 guests Special Features: A captivating antebellum mansion nestled in the heart of the historic district in Roswell. This revered Cottage is a blend of history and traditions spanning a period of time from 1839 to present. An easy grace and elegant ambience are part of its continuing legacy. With the addition of our new 2,800sf Overlook Ballroom, complete with floor to ceiling glass walls and a commanding view of terraced gardens. Pricing: $$$ 674 Mimosa Boulevard Roswell, GA 30075 (770) 594-2299

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AT A GLANCE Total Square Footage: 3,000 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 175 Catering: Offsite Includes: Use of the facility and grounds, tables and chairs, free parking, security Parking: Free parking Special Features: Castle setting, view of city, close to hotels, outdoor rental area, indoor reception space features stained glass windows and an elaborately carved mahogany winding staircase Pricing: $$

Built in 1904, Rhodes Hall has been an Atlanta landmark for generations. While it was originally the residence of Rhodes Furniture founder Amos Rhodes, today it is a museum and one of the most unique spots for weddings, social and corporate events. The Romanesquerevival style mansion features stained glass windows and an elaborately carved mahogany winding staircase. Generally described as Romanesque Revival, this “Castle on Peachtree” is virtually unparalleled in Georgia as few residential structures were ever built in this architectural style. The sheer expense of construction that required massive amounts of masonry usually limited the Romanesque styles to ecclesiastical, civic or commercial buildings. The interior of Rhodes Hall is one of the finest intact expressions of late Victorian architectural design in the city. The grandest feature is a magnificent series of painted glass windows above a carved mahogany staircase. Rhodes Hall is an outstanding survivor of Peachtree Street’s heyday as Atlanta’s premiere residential thoroughfare. One of the most unique architectural creations in an age known for its eccentricities, Rhodes Hall in many ways defines “la belle époque” in Atlanta. Event space is available on the first fist of Rhodes hall which includes the reception hall, parlor, dining room, library, den and expansive front porch. The venue can accommodate up to 175 people for a buffet/cocktail-style standing reception, using the furniture that is in place. Most of the

1516 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 885-7800

events in the spring, summer and fall utilize both the indoor and outdoor space of the property if seating is required for more than 100 people. Tents are permitted on the front lawn. More about this location online at | 49

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AT A GLANCE ATLANTIC STATION…“The most exciting community and development to happen in Atlanta in decades.” A stylish alternative to traditional ballrooms and lackluster conference centers, The Ballroom at TWELVE Atlantic Station offers guests the amenities of a full-service hotel, while maintaining the exclusivity of a boutique style property. From the hardwood floors and Venetian style plaster walls to the plasma screens and outdoor terraces, this sophisticated urban setting ensures a one of a kind event. The Ballroom at TWELVE is approximately 6,200 square feet and can be divided into 4,000 and 2,200 square foot event spaces. Additionally, a 2,500 square foot pre-function space, two lush terraces, and a private catering kitchen are included in the facility rental.

Total Square Footage: 8,613 # of Event Spaces: 1 Capacity: 800 Catering: In-house catering through Lobby Resturant, part of the Concentrics Restaurant Group. Outside catering allowed from preferred list. Includes: Tables, chairs and stage Parking: Self parking within Atlantic Station or valet parking Special Features: The Ballroom at TWELVE Atlantic Station has 2 terraces, one covered and one open. The total additional sq ft for the terraces is 3,479 sq ft. Also The Ballroom is within walking distance to all Atlantic Station has to offer including shopping, dining, theater and entertainment. Pricing: $$$$

361 17th Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 962-8707 50 | More about this location online at










many M O R E cordially invited TO D I S P L AY T H E I R W O R K S B A S E D O N

P H OTO G R A P H E R S , D E S I G N S T U D I O S , C A K E A R T I S T S , A N D H AV E B E EN

T H E I R S T Y L E , E X P E R I EN C E , A N D I M P E C C A B L E R E P U TAT I O N S .

A S D A I LY C A N DY, T O W N & C O U N T RY W E D D I N G S , I N S T Y L E W E D D I N G S , “ T H E B R I DA L B A R R E P S O N LY T H E B E S T, S O B R I D E S K N O W T H E Y A R E G E T T I N G T H E B E S T.” ( S TA R M AG A Z I N E , J A N . 0 6 ) O U R K N O W L E D G E A B L E S TA FF I S H E R E TO A S S I S T & EN C O U R AG E T H E









perfect E V EN T !


store locations in...


624 N. D O H E N Y D R I V E W E S T H O L LY W O O D , C A 9 0 0 69 ( 310 ) 85 8 - 0119


5 6 4 6 L A J O L L A B LV D . L A J O L L A , C A 9 20 37 ( 85 8 ) 4 59 -16 85


4 511 O L D E P E R I M E T E R W AY, S T E 6 0 0 A T L A N TA , G A 3 0 3 4 6 ( 7 70 ) 8 0 4 - 0 0 01

and more to come... S TO R E O P P O R T U N I T I E S A VA I L A B L E ( 877 ) 858 - 0119

an atlanta occasion | bat mitzvah

52 |

MERRILL STOVROFF February 14, 2009 When Merrill Stovroff and her mother Mary Stovroff found out the date of her Bat Mitzvah nearly three years in advance, they knew they’d have plenty of time to plan the ultimate Mitzvah celebration that their friends and family alike had yet to experience. Mary, a former meeting planner knew all the ins and outs of event planning, but her trickiest business yet -- a high maintenance client... who was her daughter! “Merrill is quite the artistic gal and she knew exactly what she wanted,” says Stovroff. A lover of animals and the type to always be “in love with love,” Merrill immediately thought of the “Circus of Love” theme after visiting the Defoor Centre and seeing their octagon shaped venue that reminded her of a circus tent. Wanting an event that was fun, not fancy, they included unique touches to accentuate their theme and leave guests with a goody bag full of memories. From sweet treats like cotton candy, funnel cakes, snow cones and hot dogs to trapeze bars, bold centerpieces, drapery, and splashes of hot pink, the stage was set for the ultimate “Circus of Love.” Merrill Stovroff’s Bat Mitzvah hosted by her parents Mary and Mark Stovroff proved that this up and coming young lady is the ringleader now. Eat your heart out..... Britney.

Photographs by Ric Mershon Photography | 53

Event Experts Enlisted Venue and Catering The Defoor Centre Event Design Eventscapes Music DJ Rhythm Photography Ric Mershon Photography Videography Point of View Invitations Prestige Printing Favors Button-It-Up 54 |

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an atlanta occasion | birthday party

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CHRISTIAN HARRINGTON March 7, 2009 It’s not everyday you get invited to a birthday party that rivels most weddings, but Christian Harrington wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday like no other and that’s just what he did. This event will go down in the history books as one to remember because planner, Michelle Gainey of Lemiga events had free reign to make sure of just that. Invitees dressed in black tie formals, were greeted at the ultra hip black velvet ropes and custom ground runner, where they were whisked away to a vegas-esk retreat in the heart of midtown Atlanta. The theme of the event, Black Tie Swag, centered around a custom designed monogram by Lucky Paperie that adorned the invitations, cake, runner and ice sculpture while the DJ, dance floor and live Jazz band cued the mood. Movers and shakers alike will be forever in awe and birthdays will never been the same at the Harrington household, you better believe that.

Photographs by Janet Howard of Blue World Studios | 57

Event Experts Enlisted Venue The Ballroom at Twelve Atlantic Station Catering Endive Flowers Shosho Designs Custom Linens I do Linens Rental White Leather Furniture from Event Rentals Unlimited Lighting Production People Music DJ Rasta Root Live Jazz Band Nue Noize Entertainment Casino tables by Spectrum Entertainment Photography Blue World Studios Videography KRJ Productions Stationary Lucky Paperie Event Planner Lemiga Events Cake Sugarplum Visions Custom Black Runner I Do Originals 58 |

59 | | 59

an atlanta occasion | corporate event

60 |

ASSOCIATED LUXURY HOTELS INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING October 16-18, 2008 Associated Luxury Hotels International hosted an event at the newly renovated Chateau Elan last October, and one might have thought that the short distance up I-85 timewarped them all the way to Europe. On Thursday, event experts, Your Event Solutions created a masterful event themed “Wines of the World” that took guests through France, Germany and Italy. The dramatic decor included living statues, live musicians, Aerialists serving wine and German girls dress in dirndl. This three day weekend included a Phantom of the Opera evening at the winery on Friday and a southern themed “Howlin’ Good Time” to close on Saturday. All-in-all these event professionals know how to put on quite the occasion and they surely showed off their skills here.

Photographs by PWP Studio/Patrick Williams | 61

Event Experts Enlisted Venue and Catering Chateau Elan Resort & Conference Center Event Planner Your Event Solutions Flowers Your Event Solutions Music Your Event Solutions Lighting Active Lighting and Designs Photography PWP Studio Patrick Williams 62 |

63 | | 63

an atlanta occasion | wedding

64 |

KRISTI HARBIN & ADAM SCHWEGMAN April 25, 2009 Earth day was the inspiration for Kristi and Adam Schegman’s April wedding this past spring. Going green wasn’t difficult to do at the beautiful Houston Mill House “The venue is surrounded by nature so you barely feel like you are in the city.” Keeping with the earth theme, the couple incorporated wood and plant elements to create a natural, rustic environment like a tree stump cake stand, place cards organized in wheat grass, and favors of tree seedlings wrapped in burlap and twine. Tables were named after trees such as Chesnut and Willow, and groomsmen wore matching argyle socks and custom made ties. It’s small details like these that made this event very “Eco-Chic.”

Photographs by Christine Gallagher Photography | 65

Event Experts Enlisted Venue Houston Mill House Flowers Boukates Cake Amy Lampert Rental Peachtree Tents and Events Music Davis Sandling Photography Christine Gallagher Photography Stationary Wedding Paper Divas Event Planner Ashley Baber Weddings Officiant Larry Daniel 66 66 ||

67 | | 67

destination occasion | charleston

A COASTAL AFFAIR a lowcountry destination occasion in charleston, south carolina by Leanna Adams

Photographs by Nadia D Photography 68 |

there is no place like home for hosting a great gathering.

except, well... charleston, south carolina. It’s the home of Rhett Butler, southern charm, beautiful

the many oceanfront resorts surrounding Charleston like the famed

architecture and preserved antebellum mansions, not to mention

Wild Dunes or Kiawah Island. That way, you can lounge on the

the stately plantations and beaches nearby. What better place to

beach by day and head into town by night. Or shop ‘til you drop and

escape to for your next occasion?

end your evening listening to the waves lapping against the sand.

Whether you want a weekend with friends, a wedding to remember,

Want to throw a tea party? Try the Charleston Tea Plantation,

or a convention away from it all, Charleston has options for hosting

America’s only tea garden. It’s located just outside of Charleston

any type of special event.

on Wadmalaw Island and allows visitors the chance to see how tea is

“Charleston is for foodies,” said Liz Rennie, Assistant Director of Communications at the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Charleston has long been known as a romantic spot

planted, grown, cared for and harvested. Take your garden party on a group tour or hold your special event there. Either way, it will be a delightful experience.

for travelers and a place of interest for history buffs, but with the

Have a storybook wedding They don’t call Charleston “The Holy

amazing lowcountry fare you find here, it’s no wonder that travelers

City” for nothing. It got the name due to the abundance of churches

are making Charleston their event destination.”

dotting the city’s skyline with elegant steeples of all shapes, sizes and

Go out of pocket A birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, reunion or any other type of soiree in Charleston will be worth the trip. With a major Atlantic airport, plush hotels, historic inns and quaint

architectures. That means there are plenty of places to exchange your vows. There are countless spots to get hitched inside or out, so you are sure to find the right place for your particular taste.

bed and breakfasts, you won’t have trouble finding a place for you

If you are interested in holding your reception at a hotel with a

and your group to stay in Charleston. If you like being in the thick

history, there are plenty, like the Frances Marion Hotel, which

of things, be sure to stay downtown, so you can get your cardio in

opened in 1924 with antique chandeliers, 20-foot high ceilings,

by shopping! There are antique stores, art galleries, boutiques,

monumental windows, and marble accented fireplaces. If you are

bookstores specialty food stores selling lowcountry gourmet and so

looking for the best of the best, try Planters Inn, Charleston Place

much more on King Street and “The Market” nearby on North and

Hotel or The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort – they were

South Market Streets.

included in the Forbes Traveler’s list of 400 best hotels in the world

The historic feel mixed with the hustle and bustle of a Southern city

this year.

will create the perfect ambiance for any event. If you would rather

Or you could host it at The Pavilion at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant,

be further from the action and closer to the ocean, stay at one of

South Carolina, which overlooks the Charleston Harbor and the | 69

destination occasion | charleston

18th green at the championship Patriots Point Links golf course.

meeting sites, renowned golf and tennis resorts and a stunningly

This venue can accommodate groups of up to 300. Breathtaking

beautiful city, meetings and conventions held in Charleston are

scenery and phenomenal views provide a romantic ambiance.

memorable and productive. If you are holding a critical board

If you are more interested in the great outdoors, there are an abundance of parks in Charleston like Battery Park aka “the Battery,”

meeting, launching a new product or celebrating your employees’ accomplishments, Charleston has the space for your needs.

which is a lovely promenade bordered by the Ashley and Cooper

Small groups might be most comfortable at a place like the

Rivers. The Battery offers an intimate location for a wedding, a

Wentworth Mansion, which was built as a private residence in

birthday party or family reunion. Hampton Park, Waterfront Park,

1886 and has 21 guest rooms and suites. Located in the Historic

Angel Oak Park and Washington Park are other lovely spots for

District, rates at the Wentworth Mansion include a European

a ceremony. You can even charter a boat and get married on the

breakfast, afternoon tea, wine, hors d’oeuvres, turndown service and

Charleston Harbor, if you like. Talk about magical.

complimentary parking.

Plantations offer the ultimate in enchanting atmosphere, and

Larger groups might prefer The Mills House Hotel, which opened in

Charleston has plenty of them. There’s Middleton Place with its’

1853 and was completely restored in 2007. With 11 meeting rooms

plush gardens, house museum, stable yards and spacious pavilion.

and 11 breakout rooms to choose among, complimentary Wi-Fi in all

Drayton Hall, the oldest preserved plantation house in America open

guestrooms, cocktail lounges, catering on-site, a business center and

to the public, is the perfect setting for intimate gatherings or large

an indoor swimming pool, your meeting or convention is sure to be

celebrations. There you will find a Victorian reflecting pond under

a hit.

live oak trees, a spectacular spot for your ceremony or reception.

“There are so many unique places to visit and host events in this

To round out your storybook wedding, take a ride down Charleston’s

city,” said Rennie. “But one thing will be certain. In the end, you

historic streets in a horse-drawn carriage. Or charter a tour for your

will impress your guests and they will remember your event for many

whole party through one of the many reputable carriage companies

years to come.

in the downtown area. With a wide variety of services for differing groups, these tours offer a chance to learn more about the history of the city or just take in the spectacular views.

Charleston is truly unforgettable.” No matter the type of occasion you are planning, you want it to “wow.” Whether it’s taking a small group on the road, planning a wedding away from home or herding

Take your training on the road Somehow it’s easier to loosen up and

your company to the coast, you won’t regret making Charleston your

learn when you are far from the worries of home. With world-class


70 |

71 | | 71

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A platinum list of Atlanta’s Top Event Vendors Find these vendors and more, organized by region and county, online at



Anne Barge Bridal Atelier 79 West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 873-8076

Elegant Event Sitters, Inc 1000 Marietta Street Ste 124 Atlanta , GA 30318 (770) 329-5047

Etain Bridal Boutique 105 Glendalough Court Tyrone, GA 30290 (678) 870-0999 Savvi Formal Wear 140 James Aldridge Blvd Atlanta, GA 30336 (404) 699-4637 Treasures Formals & Bridal 880 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 180B Roswell, GA 30076 (770) 587-0221

CHILDREN’S PARTIES Posh Tot Events Marietta, GA (404) 771-0995 DISC JOCKEYS Atlanta Music Company Atlanta, GA (678) 548-6035

Sit’n Pretty Chair Covers & Linens Atlanta, GA (404) 790-3453 EVENT PLANNERS AJ Long and Co P. O. Box 465022 Lawrenceville, GA (770) 771-7142 By Your Side Events Atlanta, GA (888) 811-3409 Exclusive Events by Tammy Tyrone, GA (404) 966-3160

Audio Celebrations Atlanta, GA 30040 404-456-7206

Circle of Love Weddings Norcross, GA (404) 513-5037

M Cupcakes & More Atlanta, GA (404)921-9628

Avalanche Entertainment Inc 3080 Northfield Pl Suite 111 Roswell, GA 30076 (770) 751-0000

Creations Inc. Event Management CJ Hall, Event Planner Atlanta, GA (770) 577-2690


Lethal Rhythms Atlanta, GA (678) 480-9845


Bold American Events & Catering 887 W. Marietta Street NW Studio K102 Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 815-1178 Divine Events Catering 1420 Dunwoody Village Pkwy. Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 587-9117 Endive Catering 1468 Mecaslin Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30309 (404)504-9040 Special Moments by Gwen Bailey Riverdale, GA (770) 994-3526

72 |

EQUIPMENT RENTALS A&D Services 5622 New Peachtree Road Chamblee, GA 30341 (770) 455-9223 Have A Seat 3000 Northfield Place Suite 1000 Roswell, GA 30076 (678) 319-3004 Pit Stop P.O. Box 5088 Marietta, GA 30061 (770) 439-2888

EVENT VENUES 103 West 103 West Paces Ferry Rd Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 233-5993 The 1420 Room 1420 Dunwoody Village Pkwy Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 587-9117 Atlanta Event Center at Opera 1150 Crescent Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30309 4048743006x29

A fabulous party starts with a fabulous invite

sandi spells design 1882 princeton avenue, suite 7 college park, georgia 30337 404-732-4688


the bridal bar perimeter place 4511 olde perimeter way, suite 600 atlanta, georgia 30346 770-804-0001

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Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Road, NW Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 814-4000

Hamilton Mill Golf Club 1995 Hamilton Mill Parkway Dacula, GA 30019 (678) 242-1931

Pilgreen’s SteakHouse 1720 Lake Dow Road McDonough, GA 30252 (770) 957-4490

Barnsley Gardens Resort 597 Barnsley Gardens Road Adairsville, GA 30103 (770) 773-7480

Henry’s Uptown 4835 N. Main Street; Suite 200 Acworth, GA 30101 (770) 966-0339

Primrose Cottage 674 Mimosa Blvd Roswell, GA 30075 (770) 594.2299

Bear’s Best Atlanta 5342 Aldeburgh Drive Suwanee, GA 30024

Inside CNN Events 190 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 827-2300

Rhodes Hall 1516 Peachtree Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 881-9980

J.B. Fuqua Rooftop Pavilion 235 Andrew Young International Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 880-9000

Southern Oaks 240 N. Jeff Davis Drive Fayetteville, GA 30214 (770) 460-0890

Le Bam Events Venue 1540 Monroe Drive Atlanta, GA 30324 (404) 512-0329

The Atrium 139 Norcross-Tucker Road Norcross, GA 30071 (770) 840.9949

Little Gardens 3571 Lawrenceville Highway NW Lawrenceville GA 30044 (770) 923-3434

The Banquet Hall 990 Pointe South Parkway Jonesboro, GA 30238 (770) 716-9110

LOFT at Castleberry Hill 170 Northside Drive SW Atlanta, GA 30313 (404) 522-5678

The Foundry at Puritan Mill 916 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30318 (404)962-8700

Mary Mac’s Tea Room 224 Ponce de Leon Ave Atlanta, GA 30308 (404) 387-4099

The Georgia Club 1050 Chancellors Drive Statham, GA 30666 (770) 725-3112

Merle Manders Conference Center 111 Davis Road Stockbridge, GA 30281 (678) 548-6035

Twelve Atlantic Station 361 17th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 962-8700

One Ninety One Club 191 Peachtree St., Ste. 400 Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 222-0191

Victoria Belle Event Facility 602 East Main Street Hogansville, GA 30230 (706) 637-4933

Biltmore Ballrooms 817 West Peachtree Street, Suite 400 Atlanta, GA 30308 (404)962-8700 Carl House 1176 Atlanta Highway Auburn, GA 30011 (770)867-7910 Cotton Fields Golf Club 400 Industrial Blvd. McDonough, GA 30253 (770) 914-1442 Eagles Landing Country Club 100 Eagles Landing Way Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770) 389-2000 Flat Creek Country Club 100 Flat Creek Road Peachtree City, GA 30269 (770) 631-5700 Flint Hill 539 South Peachtree Street Norcross, GA 30071 (770) 263-7669 Georgia Aquarium 225 Baker Street Atlanta, GA 30315 (404) 581-4303 Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center 2020 Clean Water Drive Buford, GA 30519 (770) 904-3508 74 |

Consult with our Event & Wedding Specialist at 770.733.0751 Main Phone: 770.751.7078 Website:

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Vecoma at the Yellow River 4400 Vecoma Ln Snellville, GA 30039 (770) 972-6540 Wendell Coffee Golf & Event Center 1963 Highway 74 Tyrone, GA 30290 (770) 969-4201 Whitewater Creek Country Club 175 Birkdale Drive Fayetteville, GA 30215 (770) 460-0877 Windermere Golf Club 5000 Davis Love Drive Cumming, GA 30041 (678) 513-1000 FLORAL, EVENT DESIGN AND DECOR Amy Osaba Event Floral and Design (678) 570-3816 Chelsea Floral Designs Atlanta, GA (678) 528-2987 Concepts Remembered 5459 Tally Green Drive Marietta, GA 30068 (770) 589-5605 EventScapes 2095-D General Truman Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 733-6763 Event Design Group 1435 Hills Place NW Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 696-4737 j patrick designs 2135 Defoor Hills Road Suite H Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 351-3337 Joy Thigpen Environments (770) 843-4170

76 |

TGIFleming Event & Design Atlanta, GA 30326 (678) 644-8324 Tony Brewer and Company 1144 Mailing Avenue Atlanta, GA 30315 (404) 627-1666 GIFT REGISTRY Moye’s Registry and Gifts 62 Keys Ferry Street McDonough, GA 30253 (770) 957-1851 HAIR & MAKE-UP Beyond Beauty Cosmetic Studio 1615 W Hwy 20 McDonough, GA 30253 (678) 432-2507 LIGHTING DESIGN & PRODUCTION Full Circle Lighting 5940 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30341 (770) 455-6264 MEDICAL SPA, DAY SPA, NAIL SOLUTIONS & MASSAGE Schilling Medical Spa 290 Country Club Drive, Suite 110 Stockbridge, GA 30281 (770) 506-9123 PHOTO BOOTH

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Terry Cavender Atlanta, GA (770) 471-2531 Ben Vigil Photography Atlanta, GA 877.236.8444 Christine Gallagher Photography 330 Peters Street Suite 102 Atlanta, GA 30313 (404) 229-0000 JLF Video Productions, LLC Fayetteville, GA (770) 312-8348 Lytle{foto} Cumming, GA (770) 205-0919 Nadia D Photo 227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite D-213 Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 386-8215 Randy Wilson Photography P.O. Box 2441 McDonough, GA 30253 (770) 898-4503 Turner Photography & Design Fayetteville, GA (770) 460-6115 PLANNING RESOURCES Athens Wedding Professionals Athens, GA

WOW PhotoBooth Decatur, GA (404) 371-8906

Bridal Bar 4511 Olde Perimeter Way Atlanta, GA 30346 (770) 804-0001


StudioWed 1000 Marietta Street NW Suite 124 Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 879-0074

Andrea Taylor Studio Smyrna, GA (404) 794-8410

occasions collection




JOEL Brasserie 3290 Northside Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30327 (404) 467-8820

Atlantic Limousine & Transportation 5849 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30341 (770)751-7078

Elite Travel Atlanta, GA 30327 (866) 726-9090

Farm 255 255 W. Washington Street Athens, GA 30601 (706) 549-4660 Buckhead Restaurant Group 265 Pharr Road Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 237-2060 REAL ESTATE


Oyler Thielemann 1105 Lakewood Parkway, Suite 475 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 315-6447 RINGS & JEWELRY The Pearl Lady Jewelry P.O. Box 142523 Fayetteville, GA 30214 (770) 461-9773 STATIONARY, PRINTING & CALLIGRAPHY Sandi Spells Design 1882 Princeton Avenue, Studio 7 College Park, Georgia 30337 (404)732-4688 Signatures By Stephanie 3040 Highlands Parkway, Suite F Smyrna, GA 30082 (770) 431-0838 Socially Write 4761 Moon Chase Drive Northeast Buford, GA 30519

78 |

Visit to download our Media Kit and find out more about online and print options to market your business. ATLANTA

OCCASIONS 1266 West Paces Ferry Road, Suite 133, Atlanta, GA 30327 (888) 262-8881 Lisa Alexander, Advertising Account Executive (770) 605-8774

hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

word to the wise

...Hardly anyone will recall if you wore the red or the blue dress, or that the potato salad ran out; but trust me, everyone will remember if you got smashed. I recently went to a gorgeous wedding in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The venue was phenomenal, the flowers impeccable, the outdoor ceremony – was a bit lengthy for my tastes. If you ask me, weddings ceremonies should be quick and painless. Bada-bing, badaboom. But still, it was beautiful. Everything at the wedding seemed to be flowing smoothly, until it was time to cut the cake. At that moment, all of the guests realized that the bride was slam drunk. This was most evident when the groom dipped her in a dramatic Hollywood-style kiss, and then she dipped again – sans groom. Luckily, she didn’t hit the floor. Instead, he caught her in an awkward embrace inches above the ground, after which she stumbled to the bathroom to lose her cake, as it were. This experience got me thinking about acceptable behavior when hosting special events. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of cocktails. I don’t discriminate against alcohol unless it’s beer in the form of a tar-like substance. And I like a cold wet drink more than I like most people. But it is clear to me – and to my fellow guests at the Chapel Hill wedding – that it’s best for the host (and especially the bride-to-be!) to rein in the drinking. This probably makes me sound like a big ‘ole prude to some of you lushes, but the plain fact of the matter is that all eyes are on you. As hostess, you should be no less than three things at your next event: impeccably dressed, serene (nobody likes to see a beat red hostess or one that appears ready to eat a member of the staff), and on the sober side of things. Of course, during the course of an event, you might get a little wine on your outfit or be a bit ruffled over something that later seems trivial. But if you compound that with overindulging in alcohol, you’re likely to be the topic of an “oh-no-she-didn’t” conversation, which you will certainly regret. Hardly anyone will recall if you wore the red or the blue dress, or that the potato salad ran out; but trust me, everyone will remember if you got smashed. Word to the wise: When hosting a special event, know your limits, and by all means don’t get liquored up.

Leanna Adams is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and an opinionated partygoer. She enjoys vodka gimlets at baby showers, christenings, and children’s birthday parties; cocktail dresses with pockets; and photo booths. When she’s not giving advice, she’s usually asleep or mooning someone out of the back of her Honda Fit. For more of Leanna’s antics, follow her on our blog at 80 |


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Professional Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey services for wedding receptions, class reunions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, or you name the event and we will make it an event to remember fondly.

We are not your typical Disc Jockey Service and here’s why:

For free price quotes call 404.456.7206

• We are insured and provide a certificate of insurance at each event • We are a member in good standing with the “American Disc Jockey Association” • We play the music you want to hear, not what a Disc Jockey wants you to hear • Highest quality, high-tech sound systems • All our music is legal • High-tech laser light shows are available • High-Tech Computer Photo Shows shown on 6’ Hi-Definition Display available • New "Livetron" Live Video of your event shown on 6’ Hi Definition display available


For free Demo DVD, call (404) 456-7206 or email For things you need to know before you hire a Disc Jockey for your event, please go to and click on the the link to “How to choose a Disc Jockey for your next event.”

Phone: 404.456.7206

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