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Editor’s Letter

Falling In Love with Your Sparkle


OVID who? This season is all about celebrations of all kinds and inclusive for all. I am grateful for the vaccine, and as you will soon see, there is not a mask to be seen in this issue of STYLE Magazine. We start these pages off with the sparkle of diamonds. The AJT interviews diamond expert Keith Saxe where he shares tips for buying the best sparkle you can find, while keeping the four Cs in mind: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Diamonds will forever be a girl’s best friend. Hey girls, I got the next best thing coming next – latest fashion fun for our local Jewish party and mitzvah scene. This season’s fashion says that anything is a go. Metallic threads, deep colors, skirts of all heights and add a pair of trendy sneakers, for a party to remember. Talk about remembering, how much fun we had at those Tupperware parties? Well, Jewish Atlanta’s Lauren Ballard has a new gig in town, and it’s all about the “Babka Babe.” That’s right, she is a trendsetter, and throwing Babka Bake parties. Lauren takes orders and arrange classes, read on there more. While reading the Tanach mentioned in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, is the ancient Jewish Pidyon Haben ceremony performed only on first born male children; and the father’s descent must be from the priestly family of Aaron, “Kohen.” The ceremony is rare as there are other conditions, that this local Jewish Atlanta family met. This story is one you’ll learn from and enjoy. It seems that getting engaged is the new trend of events. The AJT highlights four recent engagements including: Benjamin (Jamin) Gluck and Quinn Katler, Joe Alterman and Stephanie Friedman, Hannah Jones Morris and Alexandre Swann, and Rabbi Sam Blustin and Allison Goldman. We will plan to follow their stories and possibly report on their upcoming weddings too. That brings me to the marital bliss that couples share on their relationship’s big day. The AJT shares beautiful stories that you will all enjoy. We start by taking you to the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown where you’ll join 260 guests to witness the marriage of Samantha Krantz to Jacob Schoen. Then, we will head to Buckhead to join Michelle Raphael and Josh Blum at the Intercontinental Hotel to witness buckets of sentimentality that went into their wedding ceremony. Next on this ride, we’re headed to the Puritan Mill to witness Robyn DeRoche and Austin Pepper dance their first dance to “Your Song” by Elton John. Last stop is Summerour Studio on Atlanta’s West Side, where this amazing story of Carly Moskowitz and Alexandra Goff saying, “I do” will absolutely melt your heart titled “Love Overcomes All Challenges.” This train will keep moving as there is so much more in this fall issue of STYLE Magazine. As you continue to turn the pages ahead, you’re going to say, COVID who? But, before you do, continue to check the site to stay aware and take proper precaution, playing it safe while partying hard. ì Sincerely,

Kaylene Ladinsky Kaylene Ladinsky Editor & Managing Publisher ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES



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What Makes Diamonds Sparkle?


By Robyn Spizman Gerson

It’s no wonder why we’re fascinated with diamonds. They have stood the test of time and continue to be the most dazzling and popular of all gemstones. For guidance we asked Keith Saxe, a nationally known jeweler who is accredited by the Gemological Institute of America and the Fashion Institute of Technology and specializes in certified diamonds, to weigh in on the selection and purchase of diamonds, and how to navigate the complex world of these priceless stones. As a GIA and FIT trained expert for over 34 years, Saxe has served as a trusted second-generation jeweler dedicated to educating consumers. He founded NYC Wholesale Diamonds Inc. His pop-

ular blog named “NYC Diamond Blog” can be found at and their social media tag “@NextDoorJeweler,” can be found on Instagram and TikTok. A recent post on TikTok attracted over 20 million views. Saxe is accredited by the Diamond Council of America and is also a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade and Jewelers of America. When purchasing a diamond, Saxe suggests, that you consider the jeweler’s credentials and getting educated and informed. He stated, “I start all of my initial diamond appointments with customers, explaining the need to always protect yourself by following four simple but crucial steps for a successful diamond purchase which includes the following tips.”

A diamond pendant, a popular necklace featuring a solitaire diamond. // Photographs courtesy of

Tips For Diamond Buying:

1. Only consider GIA certified diamonds which makes your investment verifiable. This is especially important for the integrity of the true value of the diamond as it’s valued over time, but also for reselling a stone at its proper worth and insuring it. 2. It’s also best to only consider diamonds with the GIA number inscribed on the diamond. This is a huge safeguard against a seller misrepresenting the diamond as matching a different GIA Report 3. Always do your homework. Get referrals and find a jeweler who has a perfect reputation with trusted sources and if they are online, has all five star

or near perfect reviews. 4. Secure some version of a full money back guarantee signed by the owner/manager of the business. Next, regarding the 4 C’s which is how a diamond is evaluated, Saxe shared an easy understanding of how a diamond is graded:

The 4 C’s:

Color - The goal is finding the whitest diamond possible. D is the best color on the scale, but anything J or above is still wonderful. Clarity – Find the cleanest diamond possible. Flawless is the best clarity, but SI1 or above is what I advise. Cut - The trickiest of the four C’s is the cut since GIA only grades the cut for round diamonds. With all other shapes,

Three Emerald Cut Past, Present, Future Engagement Ring



there’s a concentration more on symmetry and to a lesser extent polish. Carat Weight – This is also a C that confuses many as carat is measured in weight, not determined by surface area. More research and explanation are necessary to understand how that plays a role with larger sized diamonds. Regarding certification, Saxe stressed the importance of the diamond’s credentials. He

stressed, “In our world, the GIA certification is everything. Without a GIA report you will never know what you are purchasing. All too often, we see well-meaning, educated buyers not receive a fair deal without an initial GIA report. The GIA does not buy or sell diamonds. They do not price diamonds and has no relationship with any dealers or stores. They are painfully accurate and always err on the side of caution.”

A round diamond is considered one of the most popular and classic.

Saxe agrees now is an excellent time to buy diamonds, as inflationary pressures domestically and around the world point to significantly higher prices ahead. He adds, “Prices are still below pre-COVID levels and always shop around to find the best deal and compare apples to apples (GIA reports).” Lastly, when asked which shape of a diamond is most valuable and, if that should impact our decision, Saxe shared,

Princess cut diamond is perfect for lovers of the true square shape.

Keith Saxe lectures and makes national appearances addressing diamonds.

“The most important fact to know before buying a diamond is the shape the recipient desires. Round diamonds are the most popular and continue to be the most expensive. All other shapes have lower, and equivalent pricing, but they are all still beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your goal should be a quality investment that stands the test of time and most of all, lifelong enjoyment.” ì

Marquise cut diamond is ideal for long and thin fingers.

Diamond stud earrings are a popular and stunning gift.



Style Makers’ Latest Fall Fashions

By Debbie Diamond

When Debra Cohen went looking for a dress to wear to her son’s October wedding, Susan Lee, a women’s clothing store located at West Paces Ferry Shopping Center, was at the top of her list to visit. There she hit the jackpot, so to speak, when she found the perfect dress on her first day of shopping. Her choice consists of – a oneshoulder, fitted trumpet dress in eggplant, one of the season’s “it” colors. Melody Pass, owner of Susan Lee, includes many of Atlanta’s most fashionable ladies among her

long-time customers. For this fall and winter’s upcoming weddings, she pointed out several trends. For color, rich hues take center stage: deep berry, emerald green, merlot and other jewel tones being shown by the country’s top fashion designers. Floral and metallic fabrics are also a favorite among international designers and Atlanta’s stylish wedding guests this season. Personal shopper Nicole Borsuk, who shops clients here in Atlanta and throughout the country, concurs, and added champagne and red to the lineup of colors her clients will be wearing while at-

tending upcoming weddings. She is also selecting contrasting skirt dresses, with different colored, or styled, top and bottoms for her clients. “I am also seeing muted tones and even navy blue emerge. One of my clients has beautiful blue eyes, and the navy color was perfect for her,” Borsuk said. Black continues as a perennial favorite for mother of the bride and groom dresses according to both Pass and Borsuk. “Long black dresses are formal, elegant and look great next to a tux,” said Pass. A dress’s architectural details – such as an asymmetrical hemline,

neckline, or one-shoulder dresses and strategically placed cutouts – are designed to be noticed. Styles run the gamut, from A-line dresses which look good on most body types, to body-conscious neoprene selections with a little stretch for comfort. In addition, ruffles, 3-D flowers, sequins and capes are being worn by trendsetters of all ages. Dress lengths vary depending on personal preference and time of the day. High-low dresses (higher in front and lower in back), tealength (mid-calf to right above the ankle), short, knee-length and long are all popular. In fact, after many years of no events long dresses have made a comeback for many black-tie weddings, especially for a bride and groom who want to add a classic, or timeless element to their wedding. Borsuk noted that many of her clients will be wearing cocktail jumpsuits for less formal weddings. She is noticing that many of her clients are attending chic weddings, though decidedly fewer formal affairs. Accessories depend on the dress selected, according to wedding outfitters. Slingbacks have made a comeback, and stilettos continue to be worn by younger guests. Black 1 The lovely floral pattern on this berry-colored gown is carried onto the back of the dress and perfect for an elegant fall or winter evening wedding. By Frascara at Susan Lee

2 The large bow on the left shoulder adds interest to the royal blue silk dress. For modesty, the dress can be lengthened to a desired length. By Frascara at Susan Lee 3 This black gown embellished with a metallic bodice is perfect for the fashionconscious woman who likes a little sparkle in her dress. By Frascara at Susan Lee



stylish heels and shoes with metallic on them, to go with the ontrend metallic dresses, are also recommended. Depending on one’s budget, and the size of bling desired, real or costume jewelry may be worn to complement the outfit selected – and the more sparkle, the better. Bar and bat mitzvahs are also back on the calendar this fall and winter, after two years of cancellations and postponements. The pent-up demand is real, and guests are ready to party in stylish outfits. Many families have opted to move away from formal, traditional parties, and the styles reflect a funkier, more casual approach. The mother-daughter owners of Veronica’s Attic, Cecily Ross, and Eryn Spector have outfitted party girls and guests for 20 years. One-of-a-kind skirts and dresses in a variety of lengths including midis, maxis and minis are found throughout the store. Spector mentioned vegan leather dresses, skirts, dressier leggings and cute fun tops have been among the most popular selections for the mitzvah guests they have outfitted. Fall colors such as sage green and plum, as well as neutrals such as champagne and black, are on trend as well. “Brown is also coming through for fall, and we are seeing lots of animal prints right now,” said Ross. For moms and teens, in-between hosting or attending mitzvah parties like flared jeans, paired with fashion sneakers the are sporting a wedge, glitter, or a pop of color are frequently purchased at the store.

Interestingly, Veronica’s Attic has just one of each size for the clothing in the store, so shoppers are unlikely to see another partygoer in the same outfit. “To keep the clothing and accessories unique, we travel to New York and Dallas on a regular basis to find special and different mitzvah outfits,” shared Ross. Ross and Spector also try to keep track of who’s wearing what to various mitzvahs around Atlanta, to avoid two guests in the same outfit. When it comes to accessorizing mitzvah outfits, gold and silver are being mixed and layered. Gold is more popular this season, according to Spector, and daintier layered bracelets are all the rage. More metal jewelry is being shown versus stones this season, and hoops are a huge favorite among shoppers. Embellished headbands, with crystals, beads, pearls and studs, are frequently worn by mitzvah guests. Ankle boots, whether pointy, round-toed or westernstyle, are also on trend and worn by many mitzvah goers. Perennial party girl and Atlanta native, Babs Karesh Kinneary, who now divides her time between here and Westport, Conn., has attended her share of mitzvahs and weddings through the years. In fact, in 2022 alone, she will have attended eight weddings and purchased five dresses at Susan Lee. Karesh Kinneary offers this advice for guests, “Wear an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. You want to have fun and look your very best at the same time.” Party season is back in style and Atlanta is ready to participate this season. ì

Advice from the Experts: • Many stores and personal shoppers will help figure out your best style, color and accessories. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

• When in doubt, ask the host or hostess to clarify what the dress means for a particular event. Today there is confusion about terminology used to describe appropriate attire on an invitation.

• Have fun when you are shopping for a party outfit. Bring a friend or family member if you need another opinion. • Make sure you are comfortable in any outfit you choose. There is nothing worse than an itchy seam or a dress that is too tight.

• Atlanta stores recommended by the fashion experts consulted include Susan Lee, Veronica’s Attic, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tootsies.

• Select three to four options before making your final selection of an outfit.

• Consider skin tone, body shape, eye color and neckline when selecting a party outfit. You can stay on trend and look like the best version of yourself at the same time.

5 6

4 Eryn Spector, owner of Veronica’s Attic, rocks a trendy vegan leather dress and ankle boots. 5 Accented headbands are back in style and a fun, eye-catching accessory for mitzvah parties. At Veronica’s Attic

6 Babs Karesh Kinneary and her husband, Bill Kinneary, at one of the seven weddings they have attended so far this year. She has one more to go before 2022 ends



By Marcia Caller Jaffe

‘Babka Babe’ Ballard Revives Tradition

Tupperware parties were all the rage in the 1980s. Fast forward to today and Roswell resident, Lauren Ballard, now recreating Jewish culture and childhood memories by hosting in home Babka Bake parties. Ballard grew up in South Florida, in an interfaith family, where cooking and entertaining were central factors in family get togethers. She learned to cook from her dad and developed strong connections to Jewish food and rituals through her mom, Can-

tor Debbi Ballard. When the pandemic arrived, Lauren was homebound with ample time on her hands. She explained, “I was living a very Jewish life, working at a Jewish preschool where both of my children attended. Once I realized I had a love and talent for making bread, I focused on challah, then babka. Practicing patience, and a specific order of operations, has become extremely helpful in all areas of my life. “ A historical note about babka, which originated in Eastern European Jewish communities: Since wasting food was discour-

aged, after baking challah with leftover dough, it was rolled with a filling to be served alongside Shabbat challah. Ballard added, “I’m actually not a ‘sweets person’, which is why baking bread was so appealing to me. I went from living in one of the most heavily Jewish populated areas of the country to the suburbs of Georgia where meeting other Jewish people can be like finding a unicorn. So, for now I’m sticking with babka and challah!” After two years of making babkas, Ballard created her own clandestine recipe of which

she is proud. She will only reveal that the dough is enriched and consists of flour, milk, yeast, butter, eggs, sugar and salt. She said, “Assuming everything goes perfectly, creating the dough takes about 30 minutes, and is then left in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Next, I roll, fill, cut and braid for another 30 minutes, then let it rise for an hour. Last, it’s baked for 30-45 minutes. Lots of time and love goes into it!” Her most popular flavors are chocolate Nutella and cinnamon sugar (her personal favorite). Her biggest tip is not to

Ballard’s biggest tip is not to rush it. “If you don’t have time, you won’t get the results you were looking for,” she says.



1 1 Twisted babkas waiting for second rise.

2 Finished product Chocolate Nutella Babka.

3 Lauren Ballard showing off a finished babka.

rush it. “If you don’t have time, you won’t get the results you were looking for. Always make sure the yeast is alive, and get a proper food scale and kitchen thermometer. Total game changers!” So far, her classes have been at hosts’ homes. The cost is $50 per person, and everyone gets to make her/his own babka to take home. For these parties, she does not allow for an overnight “cool rise.” Instead, the dough rises for an hour on the counter in a warm spot while they make and prepare filling, while champagne may be sipped. In terms of emotional benefits, Lauren stated, “It’s 2022, and while women aren’t really expected to be home and in the kitchen any longer, it is nice to feel feminine and play a traditional role. I think creativity and time is stolen from us today so taking the time to be intentional and focus on creating something in a kitchen is really special. … Imposter syndrome is a real thing, and when you look at one of my babkas, you might feel you could never accomplish that, but seeing a bunch of ran-

dom ingredients come together to make something gorgeous and delicious is a special feeling for anyone who tries it.” Ballard majored in American Sign Language and psychology and has two amazing and wild boys. She is engaged to a man that has two daughters, so she will soon get the big family she always longed for. She concluded, “Cooking at home is very important to me, and I want my kids to have these skills. In my home growing up, my dad was the one in the kitchen, so I didn’t grow up with those traditional gender roles. However, I won’t let my fiancé even try to make a babka because he’s amazing at everything he does, and I don’t want him to be better than me!” Follow Lauren on social media to see her kids baking along on Instagram at @The_ BabkaBabe and Facebook at “BabkaBake.” Lauren takes orders and arrange classes through direct messages. Her goal is to open a mobile café selling coffees, homemade babkas, cinnamon rolls, and challah. ì

2 3



By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Coins for a Newborn

After his bris on the traditional eighth day, newborn James Lev Johnson waited another 22 days for the ancient Jewish Pidyon Haben ceremony: redemption of the first born. Mentioned in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, it is performed only on first born male children, not delivered by Cesarean; and the father’s descent has to be from the priestly family of Aaron, “Kohen.” The ceremony is rare as there are other conditions: no previous miscarriage and no Levite heritage, among others. The redemption is attained by paying five silver coins (shekels in ancient times) to a Kohen on



behalf of the first born. Clad in white, baby James received welcoming words from his mother Alana: “As we create our community in Atlanta, surrounded by family and friends, we only hope the love, positivity and strength from tonight will continue to guide James throughout his life. Thank you all for being here tonight to celebrate our baby James. We are overflowing with gratitude and love to be surrounded by family and friends as we continue to welcome our baby boy into the Jewish community.” James Lev Johnson was named after dad Arik’s father, James Whitney Johnson, with the name Chaim Lev after Arik’s father’s Hebrew name Chaim.

Arik explained the meaning of the baby’s name. “We chose the [middle] name Lev because it means “heart.” Alana and I have both been blessed with the fortune to have families filled with love…a family with a strong heartbeat that has permeated from generation to generation. Lev is to always remind our son of the generations that came before him and the strong fabric and foundation for our incredible families.” Since this is such a special event, the Pidyon Haben custom is to serve food items that can be taken home and used as ingredients in other food, in order to continue to spread the blessing through the subsequent food that is cooked in each guests’

Newborn James Lev Johnson // Photo Credit SRD Photography

own home and, in essence, to their family and friends. Honey sticks were on the tables for guests to take home. The honey symbolized sweetness, happiness and the hope of good things to come, and were especially fitting with Rosh Hashanah so close, for a sweet and happy new year. At other Pidyon Haben ceremonies, garlic cloves and cubes of sugar are taken home to use for cooking and extending the mitzvah. A very special family member was James’ 102-year-old great grandmother, Irma “Nana” Johnson. Arik’s mother, Resa Johnson, and Alana’s parents, Michael and Shari Weiner, were also on hand. Rabbi Yosef Shapiro helped prepare the couple for

1 Baby James met his great grandmother Nana Johnson, who is 102 years old. Alana(left) and Arik(right).

1 2 3

2 The traditional Pidyon Haben blessing was performed.

3 The healthy watermelon cake was a conversation piece. 4 Table Décor was by Yes Events.

5 Silver coins are used to redeem baby James.

this special event. Aunt Tara Kornblum, of Bluming Creativity, had a sentimental and practical role as the event planner for her new baby nephew, James. She said, “It is always exciting to plan events for family. This was my first Pidyon Haben and needed to be planned in 30 days. It was important to me that it be special for Alana and Arik (my youngest brother) and ‘fit their vibe’. I reached out to col-

leagues and friends, Balloonacy, YES Event Designs, SRD Photo and Zest Catering to help create a special evening; and they ‘knocked it out of the park’. I am grateful to work with such incredible people and to have my family in Atlanta.” James continues to score high marks for his calmness and sleep habits. Alana exclaimed, “He is a great baby – very sweet!” And so may it be. ì

5 4



6 6 Outdoor setting for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather.

7 Zest Catering is known for its elaborate sushi presentation. 8 Balloons by Balloonacy anchored the décor.

Tara’s chosen bill of fare: Taco Station Fried Grouper Taco topped with chopped tomatoes, lettuce and srirachia aioli Honey Lime Salmon tossed with crunchy slaw and chili lime aioli Veggie Taco - caramelized onion, red pepper, portabello mushroom and avocado Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Tri Colored Chips Tomato Avocado Corn Salad

Sushi Station Nigri Salmon, Nigri Tuna Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll with avocado, tuna and cucumber Rainbow Roll Hand rolls – veggie Edamame Potstickers and Veggie Spring Rolls Soy, Ginger and Wasabi Desserts Watermelon Cake - Garnished with fresh berries and mint Slices of key lime pie Edible Chocolate Cups filled with Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream and Gelato Cones Lime Popsicles with Prosecco



7 8

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Couple’s Love Starts in Judaism

ENGAGEMENTS By Marcia Caller Jaffe

When Benjamin (Jamin) Gluck, 30, spotted Quinn Katler, 35, on Tinder in 2020, he was most impressed by the latter’s photo posing in the Negev.

Gluck said, “When I saw his profile, I sent a ‘Hey, Handsome.’ The feeling was mutual when Katler, an OB/GYN specializing in reproductive health, thought Gluck was super cute and very Southern gentlemanly.”

Fast forward to March 2022, when Gluck, an Amazon executive specializing in social responsibility, dropped to one knee and proposed to Katler in front of both families at Katler’s parent’s vow renewal ceremony

in Fort Lauderdale. Katler recalled, “There we were taking family photos, when Gluck proposed. I was both shocked and elated. Everyone in my whole family knew, but me.” Reminiscing back to their

Benjamin Jamin Gluck and Quinn Katler(left) met on Tinder and connected with their love of Israel and Judaism.



first formal date, Gluck prepared a grill out, Shabbat dinner with challah and salmon for Katler. Then Gluck said, “We actually fell in love the next Shabbat when we went to my families’ Shabbat dinner.” COVID caused the pair to be very intentional about maintaining a healthy distance and not going to clubs or bars. The rest is romantic history as dear friends and cousins, Julia Kesler Imerman, caterer and owner of The Daily Chew restaurant, along with event planner Alexa Spathelf (Alexa Eve Events), threw a fabulous engagement bash at the Imerman’s barn at the corner of Fairfield and Northside Drives, adjacent to the Tophat Soccer field. Gluck said, “We both spoke sweet nothings to each other with a backdrop of an acoustic guitar performance by Michael Magno, face painting and a 6’2” drag queen.” Katler echoed, “On a more

serious note, Gluck touchingly had arranged for a Susan B. Komen breast cancer booth to encourage awareness and a sign up for volunteering for the October walk in memory of my late mother.” Spathelf did a glowing job of placing multicolored lanterns in the trees, sparkling candles throughout, and balloons emblazoned with – J & Q”. She recalled, “This was an incredibly special event to plan. Not only was I able to do it for dear friends, but I got to have fun with it and collaborate with my sister Julia! I discussed design options with Gluck and Katler and we landed on two final ideas: go bold and colorful, or go simple while blending in with the surroundings. They both agreed – colorful and bold. So, I ran with that. “The barn hosts a giant wooden table for the focus. I worked with Julia on creating a colorful grazing table to match

1 Benjamin Jamin Gluck (right) and Quinn Katler said, “sweet nothings” and relished toasting.

1 2


2 Benjamin Jamin Gluck’s, Mother Beth Gluck, is the area director for the Jewish National Fund, helped celebrate. Dad Richard was on hand. 3 Guests were encouraged to put heart notes in the glass frame for the couple to cherish.

4 Local chef Julia Kesler-Imerman designed a colorful spread of fruit, cheese, crudité, labneh and hummus with a fun play on candies for dessert.




5 6

the decor of multicolored candles, gold candlestick holders as a bold blue runner lined the table. “The whole thing became one big art piece. It was definitely a statement. The already strung lights over the grass area were a perfect place to add color along with lanterns that matched the candles. We included incredible entertainment, from face painting to drag queens and a musician. The whole thing was magical, and I am honored that the couple had complete trust in me to bring their vision to life.” The couple’s favorite part of the food was the creative desserts with gummy worms in dirt cups and red licorice alongside: beer, wine and tequila. Julia’s spread was basically cheeses (cheddar, goat and tomme), dried fruit, sour dough bread, preserves, crudité, labneh,

hummus and other desserts like lemon curd tarts and chocolate covered pretzels. What remains to top the engagement party is the wedding scheduled for May 2023, on a rooftop in Tel Aviv, with 100 or so guests including a preceding Shabbat dinner on the boardwalk. Katler stated, “Both our moms (in my case – stepmom) will be officiating at the ceremony.” Before his specialized medical training at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and then at Emory University, Katler attended medical school at Tel Aviv University. Gluck concluded, “Between the two of us, we have probably been to Israel two dozen times. I spent a gap year in Israel at the Young Judea Zionist youth group. Our hearts are indeed tied to Israel.” ì

5 Quinn Katler pose with a guest for a photo with a cross-dressing performer.

6 Cross-dressing performers added some naughty and spicy entertainment.

7 The front and back yard of the party location was decorated with lights and bright colors.




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Friedman and Alterman families celebrate the couple’s engagement together.

Friedman – Alterman Love for Each Other and Music

By Marcia Caller Jaffe

It was Aug. 7, 2022, under the guise of a simple dinner out with family. Joe Alterman surprised Stephanie Friedman with



a proposal. Friedman quickly said, “Yes!” and did a small celebratory dance. Cued by Alterman, both of their families emerged from their hiding places nestled by

the Chattahoochee River, to celebrate the newly engaged couple. Alterman and Friedman met in August of 2020 - thanks to a “set up.” Alterman called Friedman during the pandemic:

“I don’t know what ‘going out’ looks like these days, but I think it’d be fun to get to know each other.” What followed was a series of outdoor dates, picnics, tennis


matches, hikes, and one or two zoom dates when it rained on their plans. A month into dating, the two recognized a special anniversary on the day they synchronized their COVID tests and hugged for the first time. It was an odd new way to date – but the two cherish their unique courtship and the time it allowed them to get to know the new special person they had found. One special way these two connect is through music. Throughout their relationship they would sing and jam (Joe on piano and Steph on ukulele or guitar) and often get so caught up in their music that they’d forget dinner and suddenly realize it was 2 or 3 a.m. Both Atlanta natives, Friedman and Alterman are both professional performers who also have careers in the Atlanta Jewish community. As a pianist, Joe Alterman is, as jazz legend Ramsey Lewis says, “happy music with tasty meat on the bones!” He is also the executive director of the Neranenah Concert and Culture Series. Friedman acts in Atlanta and is director of theater education and the popular drama camps at the Marcus JCC. She also performs with the therapeutic clown team Humorology Atlanta, as Dr. Steph O’ Scope! Parents are Richard and Marty Alterman and Ross and Teresa Friedman. In terms of the future, Friedman said, “We are so happy and enjoying this special time. As far as wedding plans go - none yet, but I would have happily married Joe on the spot!” ì To enjoy some music from the couple, go to

Real amazing event space. Real amazing kosher cuisine. Catering from the legendary Chef Wolfgang Puck and our dedicated kosher kitchen.

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Hannah and Alexandre enjoy time renovating their new home alongside pup Clover. Hannah and Alexandre are planning a spring 2024 wedding in Charleston.

Jones Morris – Swann Southern Charm Warms the Heart

By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Jennifer Jones and Michael Morris are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Hannah Jones Morris to Alexandre Swann, son of Nils and Giselle Swann of Bordeaux, France. Hannah Jones Morris is the granddaughter of Billi and Bernie Marcus of Atlanta and the late Lewis Morris and Janet Jones. Alexandre is the grandson of Sandy and Gabriel Gebara of Fort Meyers, Fla. and Britta Dwyer and the late Peter Swann ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES


of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Hannah and Alexandre met while vacationing at Lake Oconee during the summer of 2020, while they were both residing in Atlanta. After the summer ended, Alexandre moved to Charleston, S.C., where Hannah was finishing her undergrad courses at the College of Charleston. After graduating with a degree in Special Education, Hannah now works as a reading interventionist. Alexandre is currently employed by Custom Home Sound, where he pur-

sues his passion for integrating technology into homes in the Charleston area. The couple has “tied their roots down”, per Hannah, in Charleston by buying a house and adopting a golden retriever named Clover. They spend their weekends renovating and completing small projects around their new home, as well as going to the beach and local markets around town. One weekend while walking down the famous Battery Park located in Downtown Charleston, Alexandre surprised

Hannah by proposing and having a hidden photographer ready for a photo shoot. The couple is planning a wedding for spring 2024 at Lowndes Grove in Charleston. Publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, Michael Morris shared his good wishes, “Hannah, you have found someone who compliments you and completes you. Your mom and I are so excited to welcome Alex and the whole Swann family into ours. We are proud and excited as you enter the next phase of your lives together.” ì

Goldman– Blustin Jewish Music Connects Couple

By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Local Ahavath Achim Associate Rabbi Sam Blustin melodically found his soul mate and bride to be Allison Goldman at a Jewish music conference. Goldman is a native of To-

ronto and has been living in Los Angeles for the last six years. She loves practicing yoga and leading Rosh Chodesh circles and mikvah rituals. Rabbi Blustin has continued the chain of Minneapolis-affiliated rabbis to serve Ahavath Achim Synagogue in

Buckhead, helping lead the community for the last two years. Goldman and Blustin met at a Jewish music conference in Los Angeles and quickly discovered that they had many shared friends and interests, including singing, hosting Shabbat meals,

and spending time in nature. Goldman, along with her adorable terrier, Smoosh, have recently moved to Atlanta. She said, “Sam and I are excited to build a warm and welcoming Jewish home in the city.” ì

Rabbi Sam Blustin met Allison Goldman at a conference in California. They both enjoy Jewish-related music and spirituality.



Newlyweds Set Out to Change the World


By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown welcomed 260 guests to witness the marriage of Samantha Krantz to Jacob Schoen, high school sweethearts from Canton and Woodstock Ga., on June 25. Krantz said, “The Four

Seasons was a beautiful and welcoming wedding venue that had it all. They went over and beyond with every aspect of our wedding to make sure it was the best day. From the ceremony on the rooftop overlooking the Atlanta skyline, to our reception that still had over 200 people on

the dance floor for the closing song.” Both bride and groom bring personal meaning to this new union. Krantz attended the College of Charleston Honors program, graduating with two majors. While there she served as president of the campus Hillel.

Through the Klapper Jewish Studies Fellowship and with help from Anita Zucker, a renown South Carolinian entrepreneur and philanthropist, she brought the Atlanta-based nonprofit, Am Yisrael Chai Daffodil Project, to Charleston by helping to plant over 22,000 daffo-

Under the chuppah with Samantha Krantz and Jacob Schoeb // Photo Credit / Hellen Co Photo



dils at more than 20 locations. The Daffodil Project is dedicated to planting 1.5 million daffodils worldwide in memory of the children who perished at the hands of the Nazis. After graduation, Krantz took a job with the Charleston Jewish Federation as the Remember Program associate and a position as research specialist on epilepsy at the Medical

University of South Carolina. Through working at the CJF, she ensured that more than 10,000 students listened to speaking engagements with a Holocaust survivor or a child of a survivor. She also helped co-create a high school program for teens, to learn about the Holocaust and led three Yom HaShoah programs. Currently, Krantz is on a

1 The bouquet toss included a charm representing Samantha’s late brother. 2 Father Dr. Andrew Krantz and daughter’s special dance.

3 (left to right) Philanthropist Anita Zucker (who helped sponsor many of Samantha’s college charitable projects), Rabbi Larry Sernovitz, Jacob and Samantha. 4 The Bridesmaids wore blush gowns and adorned Samantha

1 2 3




presidential scholarship at Life University to achieve her Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine while continuing her job obligations. Schoen grew up in Woodstock and met Krantz in middle school. He came from a Lutheran family. When he met Krantz, he quickly gravitated toward Judaism and converted. He attended Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated, with the highest honors, with a degree in biomedical engineering. He works as the head developer at a startup biomedical engineering company, striving to make a difference in the lives of people living with COVID and cancer. Krantz’s gown was crafted by Israeli designer Birenzweig with elegant pearl and Swarovski beading. The groom’s tuxedo was light blue with pearls lining the shirt.

The couple wanted a summery elegant look with flowers and decorations by Stems Atlanta. The arrangements included vibrant summer blooms in shades of pink and orange and included ranunculus, garden roses, anemone and other lush blooms, creating an enchanting vibe. The first dance was “All of Me” by John Legend which was the song that the couple listened to on their first date in high school. The cocktail hour had interactive taco and drink stations. The dinner menu was spinach salad with seasonal berries, Georgia honey and grain mustard, roasted Scottish salmon and filet mignon with red wine reduction. Each meal came with charred broccolini and rosemary fingerling potatoes. Cake was by Frosted Pumpkin and des-

sert towers were done by Four Seasons. Two rabbis led the service: Rabbi Larry Sernovitz and Rabbi Steve Lebow of Temple Kol Emeth in Marietta. Rabbi Sernovitz’s inspirational charge during the ceremony was, “All the things in our life are built on sand, only our relationships to other people will endure. Sooner or later the waves will come and knock down what we worked so hard to build up in life. When that happens, the person you hold hands within life will be able to laugh.” Rabbi Lebow said during the ceremony, “If the couple leads their lives well, and fortune smiles upon them, that if G-d wills it to be so, at the time of the wedding, the two souls be-

Mother of bride Camille Cutrone helped Samantha dress before the ceremony. Samantha’s gown was by Birenzweig, an Israeli Designer.

come one, and that the two are Bashert.” The honeymoon was planned by Camille Cutrone, with Vista Travel Consultants Inc., and included a nine-day trip starting in Positano, Italy, at the Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel; then to Venice at the J.W. Marriott, ending in Milan at the Chateau Monfort. The trip included visiting the Jewish ghetto in Venice and learning about the couple’s Italian-Jewish heritage, cooking classes and relaxing by the ocean. Krantz summed it up: “We love that we both have so much fun shopping, which is hard to find! Also, we love that we both have a mission to repair the world through Tikkun Olam.” ì

Vendors: Venue: Four Season Midtown

Photographer: HellenCo Photo

Florist/Decorator: Stems Atlanta Band: Party Nation Band

Ceremony music: Celebration String Quartet Photobooth: Robot Booth

Lighting/special effects: Up Light Your Event

Drapery/Crystals: Geri Sims Weddings & Events Invitations: Eberle

Dancers: Heidi Romeo with Espeute Productions Videographer: WedFlix

Hair: Mia Mia Montiel Hair and Becky Moore with Native Salon Make-up: Amanda Morais Tuxedo: Bridals by Lorie

Bridal Gown: Bridals by Aimee Wedding Planner: Storybook

Plates, silverware, napkins: Prissy Plate Company Seating chart: Milieu Décor ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES





6:50 PM









Immerse yourself in our urban oasis surrounded by floral gardens, waterfalls and nature as a backdrop. Villa Christina boasts: • Two outdoor gardens • Pool deck event space • 3 unique indoor spaces suitable for mitzvahs, simchas, weddings and more!!

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Black and White Classic Nuptials for Raphael and Blum The couple delighted to the traditional chair lifts // Photo Credit // Laura Stone Photography

By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Michelle Raphael and Josh Blum selected the Intercontinental Hotel Buckhead for their June 12, 2022, wedding. But the pre-matchmaking began in kindergarten at The Epstein School. Serving as bookends in the class picture, Raphael and Blum don’t remember their early childhood encounters. Eighteen years ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES


later, they reconnected thanks to Blum’s persistence. Having been Facebook friends for over 10 years, Blum’s annual admiring of her page convinced him she was someone worth knowing. Their wedding website continued, Creepy? Yes, but thank G-d for Facebook! After insisting that his roommate set them up, Blum and Raphael spent their first date at Bar Taco. De-

spite only ordering one drink (out of nervousness), the couple closed down the restaurant. One night together and they knew there was something special between them. The official proposal unfolded at the Chattahoochee trail where Raphael grew up biking and running. Under the pretence of meeting a friend, Blum lured her in while a friend randomly

disappeared. Raphael saw her favorite flowers set up by the river. Blum then found a little nook on the trail by the river that was private, so he could pop the question. After the proposal, he took Raphael to her parents’ house for a surprise family brunch. Buckets of sentimentality went into the wedding ceremony. The top of the chup-

2 3




1 1 Josh and Michelle made their home in Virginia while he pursues his MBA 2 Generations of family wedding photos displayed. 3 Wedding cake.

4 Eva at Tulip did the white based flowers for the occasion. 5 Guest smile for the camera.

6 Small plates pre-set at each table.

7 Blum and Raphael families pose together for a family photo.




8 9

8 Michelle Raphael chose her dress from White Magnolia. 9 Michelle and Josh danced to a song by Alicia Keys. 10 Raphael surrounded by her bridesmaids. 11 Blum surrounded by his groomsmen.

pah was covered by their late grandfathers’ tallitot. Blum’s grandfathers: Edward Blum and Benjamin Landey and Raphael’s grandfather, Barry Spector. Blum’s siblings, Abby and Evan Blum, gifted the couple a kiddush cup to be used for the wedding ceremony. The traditional glass that the groom smashed is being converted into a mezuzah, which will hang in their home. Both bride and groom’s immediate families stood with them underneath the chuppah. The couple was wrapped in the tallit of Raphael’s late father, David Raphael, whose wedding ring was used in the ring exchange ceremony. Praising the clergy, Blum said, “We love that it felt like Rabbi Ron Segal, of Temple Sinai, truly knew us — he talked about what we loved most about one another, and he was sure to mention all the symbolism surrounding our chuppah ceremony. Also, we were extremely honored that Rabbi Emeritus Philip Kranz came up to the chuppah to say the Kohen’s blessing.” Tasteful details flowed. The flowers, arranged by Eva at Tulip, were bouquets and arrangements of pure white blossoms and greenery. Light pink flowers were accented to add color and provide a pop. Raphael found her dress at The White Magnolia. Blum landed his tux at Guffey’s of Atlanta. Raphael had seven bridesmaids who wore black dresses, and each was allowed to select her own unique dress. Blum had six groomsmen who wore black tuxedos.

10 11



Vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians delighted at the menu of cauliflower steak and salmon options. The vanilla wedding cake was from Henri’s Bakery. The music lineup starred Joe Alterman at the piano for the ceremony. The reception music was by Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters, while the couple’s first dance was to, “If I Ain’t Got You,” by Alicia Keys. The couple used Melissa Miller of MMEventsAtlanta, as a day-of coordinator. Raphael said, “Melissa helped throughout the processes with various questions and really stepped in to lead the planning process a few months away from the wedding. She was the glue to the wedding day, and she did a great job making sure the day looked how we wanted.” Michelle Raphael, the daughter of Lynne and the late David Raphael, is an occupational therapist, specializing in hand therapy. Josh Blum, son of Leah and Ted Blum, previously worked at Georgia Pacific and is starting business school at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business this fall as an MBA candidate. Thus, the couple has moved to Charlottesville, Va. The couple honeymooned in Italy and Greece. The trip was accented by making Picci pasta in Montalcino, where they prepared a six-course meal in a private class. The island of Crete in The Mediterranean Sea was also a favorite stop with the contrast of beaches and mountains. Many glasses were toasted in wine tasting. ì


There’s only one home for the traditions, stories and iconic figures of the 150 years of Saturdays: The Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame.



Blind Date Gone Right

Rabbi Loren Lapidus presided at the ceremony; the bride converted to Judaism two months prior to the wedding. // Photo Credit / Vine & Light

By Marcia Caller Jaffe

Robyn DeRoche and Austin Pepper met while attending the University of Florida and were married on June 4 at the Foundry at Puritan Mill. The theme of the night was black and white with elegant white linens, tapered candles, black menu cards and black water goblets, and the extraordinary lighting sealed the ambiance. DeRoche is a senior accounting manager at Milk Bar; ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES


and groom, Pepper, is an auditor at RSM US, LLC and incoming Master of Business Administration student at the Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. They both grew up in Florida but did not meet until they were set up on a blind date while attending University of Florida. On their first date, they quickly realized that they were both studying accounting and taking all the same classes, just at different hours. Their connection

quickly built from there. In Pepper’s wedding vows he said, “I felt a spark that night, and I knew then that I only saw a world with you in it.” After completing their master’s degrees and Certified Public Accountant licenses, Robyn moved to New York, and both started their careers. Throughout their three years in New York, they spent time in Central Park and eating at new restaurants. In 2020, they drove to Atlanta to visit Robyn’s fam-

ily, and what was supposed to be a two-day trip turned in to a full week. They liked what they saw and decided to live here permanently. In April 2021, Pepper took DeRoche on what she thought was a normal date night at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Little did she know that both of their families, many of whom they hadn’t seen in over a year because of COVID, were gathering for a surprise proposal party. Pepper walked his

2 1 The wedding cake was pumpkin frosted.

2 J. Wilbur Smith with Eventscapes Atlanta arranged the décor and florals.


3 The bride and groom met at the University of Florida on a blind date.




4 5

bride-to-be through the beautiful orchid exhibit where he got down on one knee and proposed. After an evening of celebrating the proposal, wedding plans were underway with the help of help of wedding planner Terry Saxe, who went along every step of the way. DeRoche said, “Whatever we asked for, she made happen like securing Puritan Mill, which was once a soap manufacturing facility, that offers original exposed pine beams and skylights, which fill the room with a warm and welcoming light. It was the perfect place to welcome 200 guests to Atlanta.” Before the wedding ceremony, family gathered in the back of the venue to join Rabbi Loren Lapidus, and bride and groom for the signing of the Ketubah and the Bedeken [where the groom veils the bride] ceremony, which were especially meaningful since DeRoche had just completed her conversion to Judaism two months prior. DeRoche wore a Jenny Yoo dress from an Atlanta bridal boutique, Kelly’s Closet. She accessorized the simple, elegant dress with a headband from Jennifer Behr. Pepper wore a black Hugo Boss tuxedo with velvet loafers. Bridesmaids wore black gowns and carried bouquets of anem-

one, peonies, roses, and orchids. Groomsmen wore black tuxedos and were accessorized with a single white anemone boutonniere. For the ceremony, a white glass aisle, flowered Chuppah, baby’s breath florals, and romantic drapery adorned the room in a perfect contrast to the industrial space. J. Wilbur Smith of Eventscapes Atlanta created a “wow” with details, including suspending the cake from the Chuppah after the ceremony. Cocktail hour included a large square bar with extra large ice cubes and a vodka luge ice sculpture. Cocktail fare included lamb lollipops, mini poke bowls and mini charcuterie boards. Bride and groom danced their first dance to “Your Song” by Elton John, and sparklers were activated at the end of the dance, with The Rupert’s Orchestra packing the dance floor throughout the night. Served dinner was a dual entrée of seared halibut and filet of beef. Desserts were passed on the dance floor, as guests danced and celebrated late into the night. The wedding cake was pumpkin frosted. After the wedding, the couple spent their honeymoon in Italy, exploring Tuscany, Positano and Rome, while pasta-loading. ì

4 The couple’s first dance was to “Your Song” by Elton John. 5 The brides bouquet was designed by J. Wilbur Smith.

6 The expanse of the room provided a majestic ambiance.


vendors Other vendors: Bold Catering & Design Videographer: Wages Films

Ceremony Music: Amati Chamber Music Makeup: Wendy Role

Transportation: Atlantic Limousine & Transportation Worldwide DJ: Radial Entertainment

Photobooth: ShutterBooth



Ice Sculpture: ICE sculpture, Inc.






Private Classes 4-6 people Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, just for fun etc.

Joan Rubenstein Rubenstein Joan Flower Design By Joan Flower Joan | 404-518-2021

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Love Overcomes All Challenges

By Bob Bahr

There were two beautifully gowned brides at the Carly Moskowitz and Alexandra Goff wedding held over the Labor Day weekend. The Sept. 3 ceremony at the spacious Summerour Studio on Atlanta’s West Side brought together Moskowitz, in a fully skirted wedding dress with yards of tulle, and Goff, in a more fitted gown with



a sequined lace top. There was more than feminine fashion that set them apart. Goff, Alexandra had grown up as a male until about four years ago when she decided to transition and live life as a woman. The decision came six years after the couple first began their relationship. It came as a shock to Moskowitz, who was then in the middle of medical school in New York.

What began as a very traditional romance when both were college freshmen and Alexandra was a fraternity member at Georgia Southern University, suddenly seemed much more challenging. After considerable soul searching, she accepted Goff’s formal proposal in New York’s Washington Square Park on New Year’s Eve in 2019. To seal her decision, four days

Both Alexandra and Carly were raised on chairs during the dinner afterward.

later Moskowitz made her own proposal to her now fiancé in Grand Central Station. According to Moskowitz, the process of readjusting to Goff’s gender change for her was the least challenging part of the process. “The easiest part of everything is my love for Alex,” she said. “Everything surrounding the change was the hard part, like managing other people’s re-

1 2 1The Moskowitz - Goff wedding was held at the Summerour Studio Credit Ember Studio Photography 2 Bridal party enjoys a moment together before ceremony.

3 Carly Moskowitz, left and Alexandra Goff were married September 3. Credit Ember Studio Photography

sponses. But the one thing that I found is that our relationship is incredibly strong, stronger than I ever would have even guessed.” Moskowitz had made it quite clear to her parents that she wanted this wedding to be in the grand tradition of her large extended family, where generations of relatives had opted for large and elaborate celebrations. There would be music and dancing and great food and much to drink, and both would be raised up on chairs in joy. Like so many family weddings the evening was to be, she emphasized, an outsized and emotional outpouring of love. “I think one thing that would probably surprise people, maybe, is that our wedding and

even our relationship really is remarkably normal. We’re really just very normal people who love each other. And we wanted our wedding to be just as much of a celebration as any other big Jewish wedding that you’d see around Atlanta.” For Goff, who after the ceremony walked hand-in-hand with Moskowitz from under the chuppah for the first time as a married couple, the ritual was one of the high points of the evening. “From the moment that we turned around,” she remembers, “both of us just started crying, seeing the other. It was really an overwhelmingly powerful feeling that our new life is finally here and we’re going in this to-




Above: Susan Moskowitz assists her daughter with her dress.

Below: The brides join hands and pose as a newly married couple.



gether. I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love and joy as I was in that moment, in that first look.” Because Carly is now doing her medical residency in Tucson, Arizona, her mother, Susan Moskowitz, did much of the leg work in Atlanta to coordinate the evening. For her and her husband Neil, the long hours of planning that went into making the evening a success paid off. Both Carly and Alexandra, she emphasizes, enjoyed both an evening of acceptance and an evening of love. Susan Moskowitz even made a short speech about how both she and her husband strongly supported Alex’s decision and, as she put it, were “in awe of her courage to live life authentically.” It was that acknowledgment that filled her daughter with a deep sense of gratitude for her mother and for all those who were there that evening. “I’ve heard it many times from her in private,” Carly ac-

knowledged, “but hearing her say those words in such a public setting like she did, it just really filled my heart to bursting. It’s such a special, unique position to be in, to have your family just be so accepting and loving and without a scrap of shame about anything. And having that public moment was really satisfying and cathartic.” After the wedding, Carly and Alexandra returned to their home in Tucson and the two cats they share. A honeymoon trip was put on hold until after the press of a medical residency for one and the challenges of a career in computer technology for another are less urgent. But after what they had both experienced during their wedding, it hardly seemed to be a concern. “You love who you love,” Carly commented, “and when that’s true, you will get through anything. No one else in the world matters if you love who you love.” ì

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Fifty Years of Family and Camp Barney Traditions For 50th wedding anniversary, couple renewed their wedding vows at Camp Barney Medintz.

By Susanne Katz Karlick

This story started on June 4, 1972, when Liz Spiegel and Bobby Goldstein were married. It was a beautiful day at Camp Barney Medintz, in Cleveland, Ga. Both the Goldstein and Spiegel families were connected by generations of Camp Barney campers. This was the first wedding ceremony held at Camp Barney. “I married my best friend,” declared Bobby Goldstein. Frank and Helen Spiegel walked their daughter, Liz, down the aisle in 1972. The bride’s ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES


brothers, Mark and Walter Spiegel were groomsmen. Officiators included: Cantor Isaac Goodfriend, Rabbi Harry Epstein, and Rabbi Freedman.

A Family Legacy

Liz and Bobby met while on staff at Camp Barney Medintz, and they renewed their vows on Aug. 27, 2022, in the same chapel and under the same chuppah. The couple started dating while working at Camp Barney in 1968. Goldstein graduated high

school and went off to college at University of Georgia. Spiegel graduated high school and went to Boston University, then later decided to transfer to University of Georgia. Once the couple decided to get married, it was camp director Bubba Schachter who exclaimed, “Guess we can do this,” and chose a mustard color for the serving staff uniforms for the wedding. Liz’s mother, Helen Spiegel had kosher food from New York served by the wait staff, which then included: Jimmy Scheer, Fred Steine and Tracy Holzer. It is a day that every-

one who participated will remember for a very long time. Fifty years later, their wedding anniversary ceremony was set up by Liz and Bobby Goldstein’s children, Sherri Goldstein Nighbert and her husband, Jimmy Nighbert, and Adam and Kim Goldstein. The family agreed that they would celebrate this occasion with the couple renewing their wedding vows. Additional couples from Atlanta attending the renewal of vows included: David and Debbi Weiler Bock, Fred and Vicki Steine, some who had met at camp. “Fifty years may seem like a

long time, … but being back at the camp with family and dear friends walking the paths taken, recalling vividly all the memories made summer after summer, gives the feeling that you are back home and hadn’t been gone long at all,” said Mark Spiegel. “This wedding vow renewal has all the components of a traditional Jewish wedding, Camp Barney style, with a few personal components. We want to get folks involved and have fun,” he added. Bobby and Liz circled around each other three times at the beginning of the ceremony, officiated by Larry Melnick, expressing, “we have an equal opportunity marriage.” Then Bobby broke the wrapped glass flash cube. Melnick worked at Camp Barney Medintz for 26 years, beginning in 1975, and directed CBM for 16 years. Melnick was

also a Zaban director and CEO of Camp Twin Lakes in 2005. “It was a double honor for me, officiating today, as I was a groomsman in the wedding party in 1972. The ceremony was attended by family, former CBM staff and campers,” said Melnick Larry Melnick and his wife, Ronnie, retired to Amelia Island. They too, had met at camp 50 years ago. ‘Our Summer Place” is the official song of Camp Barney Medintz. Sung after Shabbat dinner and campfire Havdalah service, the tune is reminiscent of folk songs performed in the 60’s. This new version of this song, written and was sung by sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews. As the light of each summer’s day reaches its end

1 1 Gail Goldstein, Walter Spiegel and Janet Goldstein.

2 Chuppah was covered by Bobby’s grandfather, Abe’s tallis and was held by children, Adam, Kim Goldstein and Sherrie and Jimmy Nighbert. 3 Liz and Bobby Goldstein with Larry Melnick.

4 Left to right – Frank Spiegel, Leon Goldstein, Steve Goldstein, Glenn Silverboard (best man), Betty Goldstein and Helen Spiegel.


3 4



5 6

7 8

I’ll sit by the fire with all my good friends A million tomorrows could never erase The fun and the joy, the beauty of our summer place Our summer place Our summer place Our summer place

My memories of camp will stay with me always The green of the pine trees, the blue of the sky And when I do leave here, it will be quite briefly And when I am gone, I will sigh (Oh!) The lakes and the Sabbath will always remain

Symbols of good times for you and for me And for Camp Barney Medintz It’s you that we cherish And you where we all long to be (Oh!)

The Lyons Den, a sensory cabin funded by Gail and Lyons Heyman, was dedicated. “Our vision is the den will give campers and staff a place to chill out and learn coping skills. It is our hope that the den provides a source of calm and lessens unnecessary stressors in life to contribute to a happy and positive experience at Camp Barney.” ì

5 Singing the new version of Our Summer Place.

6 Sharon and Walter, Liz and Bobby and Mark and Robin. 7 Happy 50th Anniversary scrapbook. 8 The chuppah is ready for the bride.

9 Ketubah signers were Susie Goldman and Fred Steine, signers of the original Ketubah fifty years ago.





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Dylan and Addison Merrill became B’not mitzvah on Sept. 10, 2022, at Temple Emanu-El in Dunwoody, Ga. Their parents Kerri and Eric Merrill are extremely proud. Grandparents Nina and Artie Bernstein and Sandy and Ed Merrill shared in Dylan and Addison’s accomplishment with pride, as well. Dylan and Addison just started seventh grade at Dickerson Middle School. They love school and are both avid readers. They both play tennis and volleyball. These amazing young ladies also own their own bakery, which is very successful, called Twin Made Bakery. Dylan and Addison are both very philanthropic. Since a young age they have been donating birthday money and baked goods to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Make-A-Wish Georgia. For their mitzvah project they helped stock the wish closet for Make-A-Wish so that kids and families could receive fun enhancements for their wishes. Since tennis is a huge part of their lives and they love baking and traveling (particularly to Paris) they decided their celebration theme after the service would be Dylan and Addison’s French Open. Hard Hebrew work, perpetual party planning and the presence of (almost) all their treasured friends and family made their B’not mitzvah service and celebration perfect. Dylan and Addison are thankful for the Rabbis, the tutors, staff, friends, and family who helped them pull off and celebrate their big day. Please take a moment to visit our website for the annual Light the Night Walk for Leukemia. Help us find a cure! https://pages. Thanks so much. ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES


Mitzvah Notices:

Dylan L. Seinberg, daughter of Shelley and Brian Seinberg on Sept. 3 at The Temple.

Reese A. Seinberg, daughter of Shelley and Brian Seinberg on Sept. 3. at The Temple. Noah A. Sender, son of Jennifer and Eric Sender on Sept. 10 at The Temple. Justin Shenk, son of Susann and Michael Shenk on Sept. 10 at The Temple

Rowyn E. Chekanow, daughter of Lauren and Mark Chekanow on Sept. 17 at The Temple.

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