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APRIL 25, 2014 – May 1, 2014

25 NISAN – 1 iayr, 5774 vOL. LXXXIX NO. 14

THE Weekly Newspaper Uniting the Jewish Community for Over 85 Years

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april 25 â–Ş 2014



Israeli Pride


NEW ISRAELI SATELLITE LAUNCHED – FROM ISRAEL. Israeli-developed radar satellite Ofek 10 was launched on April 9 from central Israel. Its advanced technology provides day and night observation and imaging under any weather conditions. It is quicker, more durable and less expensive than its predecessors.

Israel equips Indian female entrepreneurs. An Israeli initiative will give Indian female entrepreneurs the tools to acquire world-class leadership skills. The Bonita Trust, The Israel Asia Center, and Sofaer International MBA at Tel Aviv University offer a scholarship program specially tailored for Indian women entrepreneurs. Israel to test 1000 mini electric cars. Israel will import 1000 mini electric cars for a one-year pilot project to evaluate incorporating them into Israel’s municipal traffic. During the August pilot, the general public will be able to buy the 400kg cars from select dealerships approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

INNOVATION CONFERENCE FOR MINORITIES. Israel’s Chief Scientist is holding a conference for entrepreneurs and technology executives from Israel’s Arab, Bedouin and Circassian Communities. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett will unveil a plan to promote and fund innovation within minority sectors in Israel.

$1 million for oil substitute. Israel’s Science and Technology Ministry, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Office and Keren Hayesod - UIA, is running its second annual competition for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation. The prize will be awarded in December.

Aliya rate jumps 14 percent in 3 months. Numbers of new immigrants to Israel have risen by 14 percent to 3,623 in the first three months of 2014. They included 899 from Russia and 802 from France.

Carla Bruni is crazy about Israel. French singer and former first lady Carla Bruni will perform in Tel Aviv on 25th May 2014. Carla’s husband, former French PM Nicolas Sarkozy hopes to come with her to Israel.

Passover camp for Jewish & Arab kids. The Jewish Agency for Israel is hosting a special Passover camp experience for some 100 children (Jews and Arabs) from southern Israel whose lives have been affected by rocket fire from Gaza and by other terror attacks.

British Airways to add more Tel Aviv-London flights. Due to rising demand, British Airways is to increase its number of weekly flights between Tel Aviv and London from 14 to 17 (around 1000 extra seats). The new schedule will also give travelers from Israel more convenient arrival times as well as shorter connection times.

Six new solar fields. Israeli solar energy developer Arava Power Company has inaugurated six solar fields in the Arava and Negev, generating a total of 36 megawatts of electricity. Arava Power was the first company to inaugurate a solar field in Israel, which supplies 9 million kilowatt/ hours of power annually to the grid.

Microsoft re-launches as Israeli start-up. Microsoft is turning to the start-up nation for inspiration in reinventing itself as a start-up, according to its local research and development chief. Yoram Yaakovi was speaking at Microsoft’s annual Think Next event, a showcase for new technologies from Israel and abroad.


THE ONLY ATLANTA HOME CARE AGENCY THAT PROVIDES PHYSICIAN FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENT HOUSE CALLS We have the expertise to care for medically complicated individuals and individuals being discharged from hospitals or rehabilitation facilities. Owned and Operated by– David Asrael, MD Jason Rigdon, RN

Home Care + Physician House Calls

april 25 ▪ 2014

DEFICIT GETS SMALLER. Israel’s budget deficit on government activity fell to NIS 2.5 billion in March 2014 from NIS 2.9 billion in March 2013. There was a budget surplus of NIS 100 million in the first quarter, compared with a deficit of NIS 4.7 billion in the corresponding quarter of 2013.

Call 404-812-6955 or



Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

2014 Atlanta Gala Dinner


BUSINESS OFFICE Business Manager

Kaylene rudy Customer Service

the Soldiers of the IDF

elizabeth friedly

ADVERTISING SALES Senior Account Manager

MICHAL BONELL Senior Account Manager


EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief


Join Us Featured Speaker

Major General Yaacov Ayish Israel Defense and Armed Forces Attache’ to the U.S. and Canada

Associate Editor

elizabeth friedly Contributing Writers

ARLENE APPELROUTH BRAM BESSOFF Eden Farber Rachel LaVictoire marcia jaffe Al Shams CHANA SHAPIRO Shaindle Schmuckler CREATIVE SERVICES Creative Design

Rico Figliolini ez2BSocial Photographer


The evening’s program will feature a tribute to local IDF Lone Soldiers, the Combat Intelligence Corps, adopted by the FIDF Southeast Region and a memorable performance of popular and traditional Israeli songs performed by the talented young men and women of the IDF Naval Ensemble.

april 25 ▪ 2014

Georgia Aquarium 225 Baker St. NW Atlanta, GA For more information, contact: Friends of the IDF – Southeast Region 5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 200 | Atlanta, GA 30342 (678) 250-9030 | | Their Job is to Look After Israel. Ours is to Look After Them. 4

CONTACT INFORMATION general office 404.883.2130 The Atlanta Jewish Times is printed in Georgia and is an equal opportunity employer. The opinions expressed in the Atlanta Jewish Times do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper. THE ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES (ISSN# 0892-3345) is published weekly by Zadok Publishing LLC 270 Carpenter Drive, Suite 320, Atlanta Ga 30328. Periodicals Postage Paid at Atlanta, Ga. POSTMASTER send address changes to The Atlanta Jewish Times 270 Carpenter Drive Suite 320 Atlanta Ga 30328. The Atlanta Jewish Times Established 1925 as The Southern Israelite 270 Carpenter Drive, Suite 320, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Phone: (404) 883-2130 THE ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES (ISSN# 0892-33451) IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY ZADOK PUBLISHING, LLC 270 Carpenter Drive, Suite 320, ATLANTA, GA 30328 ©COPYRIGHT 2014 ATLANTA JEWISH TIMES MEMBER AMERICAN-ISRAELI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Please send all photos, stories and editorial content to:





ewish National Fund (JNF) is proud to host the 11th annual Jack Hirsch Memorial Breakfast on Tues., May 6 at The Temple at 7:30 a.m. “Not only is this event one of JNF’s bigger fund raising opportunities, but even more importantly this breakfast event draws hundreds in our community providing a forum to introduce so many of ways JNF continues to support the growth and development of Israel.”

a prolonged investment in JNF and Israel at the grassroots leadership level. Morris Maslia is the third recipient of the Cantor Isaac and Betty Goodfriend JNF Community Service Award. He is a past member of the Atlanta Board of Directors and served on the Yerucham, Israel Task Force. He is JNF-Atlanta’s in-house

photographer and the captain of the 2014 Israel Ride which raises funds for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. Maslia is a native Atlantan and is now the Senior Environmental /Water Resources Engineer at the Centers for Disease Control.

Matt Brill and Richard Kopelman will be honored with the Tree of Life™ award, and Morris Maslia will receive the Cantor Isaac and Better Goodfriend Community Service award. Chaired by Karen Isenberg Jones and Mark Spiegel, the event will feature stand-up comedian Joel Chasnoff as emcee. The Tree of Life™ award is a humanitarian award that recognizes outstanding community involvement, dedication to the cause of AmericanIsraeli friendship, and devotion to peace and the security of human life. Richard Kopelman and Matt Brill will receive JNF Tree of Life Award for their promotion of the Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

The Cantor Isaac and Betty Goodfriend Community Service award, established in 2010, is given in recognition of Cantor and Betty Goodfriend’s extraordinary and selfless contributions to the betterment of the land and people of Israel.

april 25 ▪ 2014

Richard Kopelman, CPA is the CEO and Managing Partner at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne,LLP . Matt Brill is the owner of Mr. Mister Mosquito Control and Ecolo Odor Control Technologies. Richard and Matt lead the community’s efforts to raise scholarship funds to support teens’ ability to attend the Muss life-altering experience in Israel.

The award is granted to an individual who exemplifies the Goodfriends’ spirit and has demonstrated



yom hashoah

Who’s Behind Ukraine’s Anti-Semitic Fliers?



he pro-Russian separatist leader of Donetsk, whose alleged signature is on the now notorious fliers calling on the eastern Ukrainian city’s Jews to register on pain of deportation, said the documents were fakes, the ThinkProgress website reported Thursday.

“Some idiots yesterday were giving out these fliers in targeted areas,” said Denis Pushlin, head of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, whose forces have taken over Ukrainian government buildings in the city. Pushlin said he didn’t sign the documents and the People’s Republic, whose name is stamped on the fliers, didn’t produce them. Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League said it was “skeptical about the … authenticity” of the fliers, which have been widely reported and accepted as authentic, including by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who denounced them as “grotesque.” Also, Julia Ioffe, who covers Russia for The New Republic, wrote: “The Donetsk Jewish community dismissed [the fliers] as ‘a provocation,’ which it clearly is. ‘It’s an obvious provocation designed to get this exact response, going all the way up to Kerry,’ says Fyodr Lukyanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs. ‘I have no doubt that there is a sizeable community of anti-Semites on both sides of the barricades, but for one of them to do something this stupid — this is done to compromise the pro-Russian groups in the east.’” According to the original report from Novosti Donbassa news agency, the fliers were handed out by three men wearing balaclavas and carrying Russian Federation flags on Monday, Passover eve, to Jews leaving synagogue in Donetsk.

The fliers order all Jews over the age of 16 to register at the government building, which has been occupied by pro-Russian insurgents in defiance of Kiev rule. Jews would also have to pay a registration fee of $50 before May 3 and list all real estate and vehicles owned. The notice explained the measure as being due to the alleged support of Jewish leaders for the “nationalist junta of [Stepan] Bandera in Kiev” and their hostility “to the Orthodox Donetsk republic and its citizens.” Failure to register, the notice said, would result in people being “stripped of their citizenship and deported forcibly outside the country with confiscation of property.”

Donetsk’s Jewish population numbers upwards of 15,000.


if you don’t want to act your age, have we got a retirement community for you. At the Renaissance on Peachtree you can truly be who you are. there isn’t a big BLAMO! when you turn 62 and all of the sudden you lose your sense of fun, right? Call now to schedule your complimentary lunch and tour.

april 25 ▪ 2014

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3755 Peachtree Road NE | Atlanta 404.237.2323 | REtiRE iN st ylE. youR st ylE.

BY WARREN LEE I sing a song of the sirens Hearing their cry as they sound, the staccato blast from police, The warning wail of the ambulance The long waving scream of attack But today I hear only the anguish of tortured souls confined to the ovens. The slaughtered millions passing as smoke to the heavens. Today the sirens moan in anguish as all of Israel halts. It is 11 in the morning for 2 minutes the deep throated sirens cry in torment An eternity as we exit our cars and trucks and stand silently in the busses or on the streets In Jerusalem we remember In Tel Aviv we remember In Haifa we remember From the Golan to Eilat we remember From the Jordan to the Mediterranean we remember 2 minutes to remember the fallen The sirens scream. There is silence in the land that is overwhelming. Today I see with my heart, with my soul. We remember Warren Lee ©2014

yom hashoah

And Thou Shalt Read Partners with Gihon River Press



nd Thou Shalt Read, Atlanta’s Jewish book dealer, has partnered with Gihon River Press to promote Holocaust education literature. Gihon River Press, founded in 2012, has already published six books, several of which have won numerous awards and recognition. Steve Feuer, founder of Gihon River Press recently attended a book signing with one of his authors at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. He encountered students who did not understand the relevance of Holocaust literature to them.

Unfortunately, this sounds like a replay of the Holocaust. But books like “The Tattered Prayer Book and Amid the Shadows” help the readers understand the times and the great acts of courage ordinary people performed under horrendous circumstances.

Steve Feuer, owner of Gihon River Press in Middle Smithfield

Some said it’s nothing. “It’s a hoax,” some said, “Let’s wait and see. It can’t be true and if it is, it can’t last.” Some went to the local authorities, but were promptly turned away.

RuthE Levy, owner of And Thou Shalt Read, has incorporated the Gihon River Press titles into the collection and has actively promoted them around the country. “From ‘The Tattered Prayer Book’ to ‘Ursula’s Prism,’ we have stories for all ages. Beyond stories of courage, they are stories of heroics and defiance and honor, stories to rekindle pride in our Survivors and their contributions to the survival of the Jewish people. These are important stories of the determination of a people to fight hatred in large and

Through the literature he promotes, students and adults can learn the powerful stories of survivors and the sea of anti-Semitism they lived in. Recent events in Kansas City are reminders that anti-Semitism still burns and Jews are still targets. A few days ago, in the Ukraine, a group of “rebels” stood outside a synagogue handing out fliers telling Jews that they had to register with the local authority and give an accounting of all their property and assets or face loss of citizenship and be deported.

The company’s books have won such awards as Mom’s Choice Awards and New England Independent Booksellers’ Book of the Year Award.

small ways.” Editor’s note: Gihon River Press titles are now available at And Thou Shalt Read, 1150 Grimes Bridge Road in Roswell, or on their web site, www. For additional information Gihon River Press go to

And Thou Shalt Read is proud to be the face of A publisher dedicated to educate about the Holocaust and other genocides.

The Stones Weep

a uniquely engaging and effective Holocaust Education book that combines multiple aspects of a survivor’s art—emotional, impressionistic digital creations—with teacher-created and tested lesson plans

Amidst the Shadows of Trees They passed only yards away from us. Had they come earlier during daylight, they would have noticed our footsteps in the snow. We stayed put all night, our bodies shivering in the numbing winter cold. The only sound we heard was the howling of wolves.

The Tattered Prayer Book ruthie discovers a secret about her father,

while looking through a box of mementos from the “old country.”

Bitter Freedom The hole they were in was located less than

twenty feet from a Gestapo headquarters, Jafa recounts their terror when they realized they had to flee from their crumbling hole to a new hiding place.

Ursula’s Prism Based on the true story of Ursula Swartz and

five other children who escaped from BergenBelsen and crossed war-torn Germany on foot to freedom. |

april 25 ▪ 2014




yom hashoah

The Breman Museum and Greenwood Cemetary Commemorate Yom Hashoah YOM HASHOAH, RICH’S, AND OUTFITTING THE CIVIL WAR


remembrance program will take place at 11 a.m., Sun. April 27 at the Memorial to the Six Million located in Greenwood Cemetery. Acclaimed writer and teacher, Norbert Friedman, is the featured speaker.

He survived 11 concentration camps and witnessed the destruction and murder of his family and community. Despite those horrors, Norbert looks for the good, the worthy, and for those who uphold the ideals of humanity even in the midst of darkness. The goodness of one person can be life saving in its power.

For more information visit or contact Judy Schancupp at (678) 222-3707 or

49th Community-Wide Holocaust Commemoration April 27, 11 a.m. FREE TO THE PUBLIC

The event is jointly sponsored by Eternal-Life Hemshech, organization of Holocaust survivors, their descendants and those dedicated to commemorating the Six Million Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust, The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. In honor of Yom HaShoah, The Holocaust Exhibition, Absence of Humanity, at The Breman Museum will be open and free to the public. Tours will be available from 1 to 5 p.m.

Celebrating the Golden Age Distinctive Residential Settings | Premier Programs for Health and Wellness Award-Winning Memory Care | Chef-Prepared Dining and Bistro Therapy and Rehabilitation by Paxxon Healthcare Services

april 25 ▪ 2014

Open for tours seven days a week. Call today!


Buckhead (404) 252-6271 Johns Creek (770) 813-9505 PCH 008034, 008036 © 2014 Belmont Village, L.P. AtlJewTimes_4_25_golden.indd 1

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“Liking” us on Facebook could be the difference between staying home on a Saturday night or going to out to the theater, a sports event, a concert, dinner at a great restaurant or just finding out more about Atlanta’s Jewish Community.


Jaffe’s Jewish Jive

A Jewish Falcon Comes to Atlanta (AND NOT A SMALL ONE AT THAT) BY MARCIA JAFFE AJT Contributor


don’t know sports, but this excited me. Jewish Atlanta welcomes Gabe Carimi (pronounced Ka-ree-mee) as an Atlanta Falcon. Carimi started training in Suwanee on April 7 of this year – just in time for Passover and Sedar at the home of minority owner Ed Mendel.

At 6’7” 317 lb, I am sure he would have no trouble hoisting the wood. His bar mitzvah “mitzvah” was building a home with Habitat for Humanity. At 13-years-old he already looked 16. He does care about his Judaism and has checked the Jewish calendar 15 years out to see if the High Holidays fall on Sunday (game day) to avoid any Sandy Koufax-like show

MJ: What are some of your nicknames? GC: Hammer Jew and Jew Bear. You should see my tattoo across my back. (See attached photo) It represents important tenants of Judaism, actually building tools: faith and integrity. It took 16 hours to create (four sessions of four hours). Emuna for faith, Shlemut for Integrity. MJ: Did it hurt? Or on a big guy like you, I bet it tickled like a feather. GC: Believe me, it did not feel comfortable. MJ: Would you call yourself an “aggressive” personality? How do you psyche yourself up to get on the game field and crush other large men?

GC: I don’t get too hyped up. I don’t like a racing heart before games. I mentally go through my wins and visualize success. On the bus to the game, I am quiet, not a rah-rah type, not a screamer. I believe in focus. MJ: So you have a new baby? GC: Yes, I am proud of my new son, Axel. I am a very happy guy and never shared a cross word with my family. I like names that end in ‘EL the Hebrew suffix. My dog is named Marv-el. MJ: Uh, I’m glad everyone gets along, cause I’d be afraid to have a cross word with you too. Let’s get to the most important question people want to know. What do you eat on a typical day to fuel your body? GC: I try to eat healthy. No desserts! Actually I like warm baked goods with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but

Carmini’s Tattoo :find the Hebrew

At least we have the sports part.

Carimi, an offensive tackle, played for the Wisconsin Badgers and played in the 2011 Rose Bowl. He won the Outland Award as the nation’s top collegiate interior lineman. He has also won the Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year Award and was a unanimous choice for All American. After being a No. 1 draft pick for the Chicago Bears, he was later traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before coming to Atlanta. A Gentle Giant with a Jewish Themed Tattoo I found him to be a gentle giant, complete with a “yiddisha kup” on his broad shoulders. Carimi is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Civil Engineering. He has a woodworking hobby and has constructed major pieces such as king size beds and entertainment centers. As long as he has his tools, Carimi says, he can build anything. Hopefully he’ll bring that can-do attitude to our favorite NFL team!

down of not playing. Talking with Gabe Carimi: Q&A I met with Carimi on a lovely spring day; and you can share in our interview. Marcia Jaffe: What do you know about the South? Have you ever been to Atlanta? Gabe Carimi: I like the country life (since I am going to live in Buford to be close to training camp). I am pretty mellow and like the idea of sitting on a porch swing. I also enjoy country music. I am not a “big city” restaurant guy. I was only in Atlanta when my family drove down en route to Florida to see my grandparents. We were careful to come through Atlanta at 2 a.m. since we were aware of the traffic issues here. MJ: Did you grow up as a big child? GC: At 4 months I weighed 24 pounds. My sister was a collegiate rower. But my mother always, always pushed academics first. All four years in college, I was in the Academic Big Ten.

april 25 ▪ 2014

Therefore, Eddie promptly called me and said, “Come interview Gabe. Sex and sports sells newspapers.”



Jaffe’s Jewish Jive

I rarely eat that. I start out with six eggs and protein for breakfast. Not very high on eating fruit. Berries are good. I snack on nuts. Love zucchini and noodleshealthy type pastas. For lunch I have chicken thighs and salads. For dinner, I do like my protein maybe a half to full pound. Actually I am a pretty good cook. MJ: Well, it’s a good thing your dad is an M.D. specializing in lipids so he can watch your cholesterol. On that note, what do you do for fun?

GC: I watch “The Big Bang Theory,” it is so well written. I like comic books and love to play spur of the moment “made-up” games like Four Square. I watch football “cut ups” to prepare for games. My favorite movie was “Inglorious Bastards.” MJ: What irritates you? GC: People who are not genuine. I admire honesty the most in people. Truly I am an emotional guy and cry in movies. I was very moved at Yad Vashem (the Israeli Holocaust Memorial). Actually my sister is in Israel now getting her degree in international business.

MJ: Anything else you’d like us to know about you? GC: I really admire your [Atlanta] native son Harris Barton, another No. 1 draft pick, who played in the Super Bowl for the San Francisco 49ers. [Harris’ grandmother Miriam Belger taught at the Epstein preschool for decades]. I think he [Harris] is a stand up class guy. He is in the Jewish Hall of Fame. I also received the Jewish Collegiate Player of the Year Award in New York City from that organization. I am ready to take on my new career in Atlanta and feel healthy (after a knee operation, torn cartilage,

Carimi with Falcons partner Ed Mendel

two times.) I know I have room for growth, and I have high hopes and am optimistic here! The Real Star: Ed Mendel, Minority Owner of the Falcons, Philanthropist Ed bought a minority interest in the Falcons in 2009. He is a dear old (but not old friend) who continuously thanks me for introducing him to his wife of 40 years, Barbara. He hails from Arkansas (yes, there really are Jews there!) and came to Atlanta around 1971. Ed is a jokester and loves to laugh (giggle) and send fun emails, but he takes his investments and work very seriously – along with his wife, three children and three grandchildren.

An open house that opens minds. RSVP online at

april 25 ▪ 2014

GPC SPRING OPEN HOUSES DATES Tuesday, April 22 | 6 p.m. | GPC Online Thursday, April 24 | 5 p.m. | Dunwoody Campus Saturday, April 26 | 10 a.m. | Clarkston Campus Saturday, April 26 | 10 a.m. | Newton Campus Tuesday, April 29 | 5 p.m. | Decatur Campus Saturday, May 3 | 10 a.m. | Alpharetta Center FREE! GPC Application Fee Waiver.* A $20 savings! *Advance sign up and student attendance are required to receive fee waiver. Application fee waivers must be used by July 1, 2014. Limit one fee waiver per household.



Eddie started work as a stock broker and sold me my first adult stock purchase in Ellman’s (which later became Service Merchandise). I watched the stock like a mother hen on a nest and called Eddie every day when it dropped 10 cents. Ed humored my persistent calls for awhile but eventually urged me to sell it (I suspect to get me off his proverbial back). He eventually founded his own firm and in 2011, he sold his businesses, Davis, Mendel, and Regenstein, a stock brokerage firm and Ned Davis Research, an institutional research firm. Barbara and Ed are mega benefactors to the Atlanta Jewish Community sponsoring the Jewish Book and Film Festivals, a wing in the Bremen Jewish Home, Charity Golf Tournaments and multiple important projects at the Marcus Jewish Community Center including the Mendel Gymnasium. Once a year, Eddie gives his “Financial State of the Union” address at the MJCC to a packed room and rapt audience. Talking to Jews about their financial well-being is no walk in the park. The local advisors and investors come with ears perked and note pads

ready to get a jump on the phone calls they will get the next day telling them to buy or sell what to whom, whom to trust, even how to vote. Most of us leave scared to “bejeezus” trying to convert assets and the desire to sleep with gold bricks under our pillows.

are happy to have Gabe play for us. He knows his Torah as well as his playbook.”

“Hmmm, true,” replied Camiri, “I

He Wore Black (and Red) Eddie arrived for our interview/ photo session dressed in red and black; and I thought he was boasting University of Georgia colors when he reminded me it was also Falcon regalia. Eddie employed Harris Barton as an intern for three summers, years before Harris was drafted by San Francisco as a No. 1 draft pick.

Beaming over his new Falcon prodigy, Ed Mendel interjects, “We

RIGHT: At one point, I said to him, “I might weigh know the playbook a bit better; but as much as your arm. Do you think I can do a certainly handstandvalue on yourthem knees?”both.” And here you can see Gabe’s answer…



For 70 SEASONS, your Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has brought world-class music and education to Atlanta. It is an honor and a privilege to serve this city, and we’re grateful for our relationship with this community, and you, our patons. Join us this year and experience the seductive power of music. Let us show you our alluring side, our romantic side, our playful side and our powerful side.


power of music

We’ll bring you great lovers (Don Juan), great heroes (Ein Heldenleben), great beauties who are great talents (Nicola Benedetti, Laura Ardan, Midori, Leila Josefowicz, and Kelley O’Connor), powerful men who are also great talents (Thomas Sherwood, Charles Settle, Yefim Bronfman, Lynn Harrell, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, and Emanuel Ax), and great love stories (Daphnis et Chloé, Siegfried Idyll, and Scheherazade), all leading to one of the greatest stories of love and betrayal, Samson et Dalila.

We’ve prepared a season full of spice, romance, intrigue, and love. We can’t wait to share it all with you. Robert Spano, Music Director Donald Runnicles, Principal Guest Conductor

Season Tickets ON SALE NOW! | 404.733.4800 the ASO. Go! Presented by:

april 25 ▪ 2014

Ed liked to tell future interns that the last person that worked as an intern for the company made a million dollars a year in his first job, and if they would gain 100 pounds and learn to pass and block they could too.




Be Prepared for Mother’s and Father’s Day

a Coca-Cola enthusiast? Does dad do the grilling? Does he love steak? Fragile has something for him, too. We are not “just about the brides.” Fragile carries unique gifts for almost any occasion in a wide price range and we’ll gift wrap it with our compliments.



e all know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, right? And we all know moms are special. So what is your mother’s


Does she love to entertain with beautiful serving pieces? Is she the flower arranger? Does she love to exercise (in style)? Is her look the “crisp white shirt”? Does mom love to cook, travel, and collect lovely ladies’ things? If your mother fits into any of these categories, Fragile has her covered with the perfect gift. Even if you just want to remember her with a little something, a pair of our fun readers might do the trick. And if all else fails, how about a gift certificate? Also, don’t forget about the grads—how about something for his or her new office? And Father’s Day is not far off—is your dad a wine, scotch or even



ince the original store opening 30 years ago, Peterbrooke now has 23 locations across the southern U.S. including Florida, Georgia and Alabama and is continuing to grow. The company also operates a robust online business serving customers all over the country. Peterbrooke focuses on high quality, delicious chocolates that make perfect gifts. Our signature item, Chocolate Covered Popcorn, is widely considered to be one of the best chocolate products on the market today. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet and has developed a loyal following of chocolate lovers across the world. It Began on a Whim During Peterbrooke’s first Christmas season, the shop was asked to participate in the neighborhood’s annual holiday festival. Merchants were to provide free treats to visitors in the shopping plaza. At that time, Peterbrooke hadn’t created a product that was suitable for large groups. Phyllis’ dilemma was, “What to serve?” She couldn’t afford to sample her expensive hand-made chocolates. Buzzing with ideas, she went next door to the movie theater and purchased a huge bag of fresh popcorn. She hand tempered a bowl of milk chocolate, poured it over the popcorn, broke it up, and served it to the crowds in large bowls. The creation was an instant hit and continues to be the company’s number one selling product 25 years later. American Chocolates in the European Tradition

april 25 ▪ 2014

Peterbrooke Chocolatier transforms the art of fine European chocolate making into a truly American experience by combining the very best ingredients and old world techniques with a variety of all-American treats perfect for your Mother’s Day. Traditional favorites like decadent truffles, hand-made crèmes, caramels and cherry cordials indulge even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs. Specialties such as chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, popcorn and strawberries which are hand-dipped daily with Peterbrooke’s own unique blend of milk chocolate, rich decadent dark and creamy sweet white chocolates. Editors note: Nearest Peterbrooke store location: The Forum on Peachtree Parkway, 5135 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 930, Norcross, GA 30092 770-817-8118



The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift



other’s Day is May 11, do you know what you are getting for the mom in your life? Consider giving her a custom, colorful pet portrait—made especially for her by ArtWORKS! The ArtWORKS team is made up of artists who participate in JF&CS’ Developmental Disabilities – Tools for Independencedivision. The program promotes prevocational skills through the marketing of artistic creations while also providing a therapeutic outlet. Having a portrait created of mom’s beloved furry family member is easy as pie. Simply provide a favorite photo of your pet, along with your three favorite colors, and our artists will design an original work that integrates your colors with playful background themes (mice, fish, bones, balls, hearts or stars). Jeri Mauldin is both a mother and an ArtWORKS customer. She has given a pet portrait as a gift and also wants one of her own. “As soon as I saw the adorable pet portraits that were being done in ArtWORKS, I knew I had to have one. They are so bright and fun!” she said. “My first commission was a gift for my daughter— a portrait of her beloved dog, Coco. She loves it! I’m thinking of having one of my cats done next. This is such a good way to support ArtWORKS and receive a treasured pet portrait in return.”

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Mother’s Day is a happy occasion that is meant to be memorable and honor moms for all they do. Make sure the mom in your life receives the most unforgettable gift, one that is specialized for just them. ArtWORKS pet portraits allow you to do just that. Editor’s note: ArtWORKS is a program of Jewish Family & Career Services’ Developmental Disabilities Services – Tools for Independence division. For more information and to order our custom art, visit, or email


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Examples of adorable and unique ArtWORKS Pet Portraits.

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Larger than Life

An emotional ‘14-’15 season at alliance theatre



very year at The Alliance, as we assemble the next season, we start to see trends emerging. I’d like to tell you that these are intentional, that we studiously fix our sights on a big picture conversation we’d like to have with you and then find the perfect 11 plays with which to start that party.

tans Pearl Cleage and Phillip DePoy, a holiday visit from the comedians of Dad’s Garage bringing us “It’s a Wonderful Laugh,” and the world premiere of a glorious new musical with the ultimate story of life being bigger than we know – “Tuck Everlasting.” It’s a season that travels far and wide – both in settings and stories – but also in its reach into our hopes, our fears, and our ever expanding no-

What actually happens, though, is that one amazing piece of work emerges – and then another and another – that seem to lean into what we’re all talking about, and hearing you talk about. And that’s when the big picture starts to form. The ‘14-‘15 season is full of people, stories and human moments that are simply larger than what we daily experience as life.

april 25 ▪ 2014

That inexplicable passion you feel when spring training begins? Got it. “Bull Durham” comes to the stage in muscular, musical glory. That epiphany that a moment in everyone’s history is metaphor for a moment in your own memory? We open that up, as National Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey’s Pulitizer Prize winning poetry cycle, “Native Guard,” lives on the Hertz Stage.


That inexplicable collision of laughter and tears when mortality is on the table? Nobody’s ever nailed it quite like Robert Harling does in “Steel Magnolias,”so we’ve got that too, directed by theatre rock star Judy Ivey. Because life lived large takes you all over the emotional map, we’ve got a season that does the same with world premieres from beloved Atlan-

tions of life’s limits. We’ve always believed that the discoveries of theatre lead to discoveries of self. In 2014-2015, we’re hoping you discover something more. Something bigger. Something larger than life. Season ticket packages start as low as $68. Call (404)733-4600 to get your package which includes tickets 15 percent or more off the single ticket cost, show insurance, fee free exchanges, 15 percent off of additional tickets and more. Susan V. Booth is the Artistic Director of the Alliance Theatre.



Record-Breaking Season at Six Flags Over Georgia bigger, better, and wetter


et ready to dive into the largest expansion in park history at Six Flags Over Georgia with the all-new Hurricane Harbor water park! Spanning seven acres, Hurricane Harbor will feature the world’s first hybrid zero-gravity drop slide, Tsunami Surge. This thrill slide will send daring guests down five stories into a whirlpool spinning bowl and then the chance to take on the surge’s finale into a zero gravity drop, which makes everyone feel weightless. The water park will also include an 800,000 gallon wave pool – Calypso Bay with up to four foot waves and a multislide complex – Bonzai Pipelines - featuring three slides with 180 and 360 degree curves. For the littlest ones in the family, hundreds of interactive water elements, water dumping buckets, mini-slides and more await at Paradise Island. With the addition of Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags Over Georgia will now offer its guests an opportunity to ride 11 world-class roller coasters and then cool off in a world-class water park all in the same day. Hurricane Harbor will make landfall Memorial Day Weekend. Six Flags Over Georgia is also home to some of the best roller coasters in the nation, including Goliath which towers 20 stories into the air, along with other park classics, such as the Great American Scream Machine, Georgia Cyclone, Dahlonega Mine Train, , SUPERMAN™: Ultimate Flight, BATMAN™: The Ride and more.

If tamer rides are more your style, the park offers something for everyone, from the Sky Buckets to Wile E. Coyote’s Canyon Blaster. Six Flags White Water will open on May 17th for a bigger, better and wetter season than ever before. New this year at White Water is the expansion of the guest-popular Dive-In Movies stage.


Thursday night from mid-June through July, gather around with your family at the Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool to watch a popular family classic movie on the big screen. Also, back in 2014 for its second season is the guestpopular and thrillseeker Typhoon Twister water slide.

Discounted Season Passes and Park Memberships to Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags White Water and Hurricane Harbor are on sale now. Season Passes and Memberships include admission to all three parks, exclusive early ride times on the most popular rides before the park opens to the general public, discounts on in-park purchases, days when you can bring a friend for free to the park, additional park discounts, admission to our popular Fright Fest Halloween event and much more. Six Flags is also the perfect place for your group or family outing. The park offers discounts for groups of 15 or more. Even bigger savings are available for larger groups of 100 people or more. Catered meals are also available for any group outing at a discounted rate. Editor’s note: For more information, please visit overgeorgia or call (770) 739-3400 to schedule a park outing.

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Sandy Sandy Springs Springs

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Sandy Springs Murphy Candler $1,250,000 $1,250,000 $1,199,000 $1,199,000 $799,000 $495,000



PRICE REDUCEDREDUCED- Your Own Private Private ResortResortPRICE Own Amazing BrickYour Home Custom built Immaculate Home in 5 Minutes Minutes to to Pill Pill Hill! Hill! 5

w/Master on Main Harts Mill! Sought-After RiverOff Chase Subdivision! • This One of a Kind Estate Will Take Your Breath Away! • This One of a Kind Estate Will Take Your Breath Away! • Hardcoat Stucco Home located on Quiet Cul-de-Sac on • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • Just Large Great Room & Dining Room Under 1 acre • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • Two Story Great room, large Formal Dining room • Kitchen with Newer Cabinets, Granite, Gas Cooktop & Wine • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and &Fridge Overlooks Keeping Room Fireside Study/Den Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room • renovated Kitchen with New Granite Counters, Designer • 3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Full Baths • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch & Updated appliances • Backsplash Elegant Master on Main w/ Stunning Bath and 2 Walk-in Closets • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • 6 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths/ 2 Half Baths • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • 2 Spacious Bedrooms Upstairs with Jack-and-Jill Bath • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • romantic Master Suite on Main with Two Custom Closets a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! • Large Upstairs Loft with Sitting Area- Perfect for Homework • Finished Terrace with HUGE rec room, Gym, Bedroom, • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility or Home Office • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility Full Bath & lots of Storage Garden and Play Area Garden and Play Area • Screened Porch is for Entertaining in All Seasons • patio & Side Yard Off Kitchen Could Easily accommodate • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • play Breathtaking Flat, Fenced Backyard with Gazebo, Equipment Put into this Home Put into this Home Stone Work & Irrigation • active Swim/Tennis Neighborhood • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • “Healthy House”- Mead Environmental System with Sealed •Restaurants Heards Ferry/ ridgeview/ riverwood Restaurants Mold-Free Crawl Space- Ideal for Allergy Sensitive People

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tlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) President and CEO Stanley E. Romanstein, Ph.D., Music

Director Robert Spano, and Principal Guest Conductor Donald Runnicles recently announced the ASO’s 2014–15 season — the Orchestra’s 70th season and Mr. Spano’s and Mr. Runnicles’s 14th as artistic partners.

Season highlights will include:

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Classic Turkey Lasagna


with Purchase of Large Entrée

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Paleo Agrodolce Bison Meatballs

Paleo Spiced Moroccan Salmon

Sandy Springs 6309 Roswell Road Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (678) 686-0581

Brookhaven 4060 Peachtree Road Brookhaven, GA 30319 (678) 686-0580

Johns Creek 9775 Medlock Bridge Road Johns Creek, GA 30097 (678) 686-0599 16

Open Daily 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

• Thurs., Sept. 25, 2014: Mr. Spano leading the Orchestra in the season-opening performances of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 with Jeremy Denk, Mozart’s Symphony No. 35, “Haffner,” and Strauss’s Don Juan and Till Eulenspiegel. • Oct. 2–11, 2014: Mr. Runnicles will lead the Orchestra in a twopart mini-Beethoven Festival. Part I will feature Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and Piano Concerto No. 1 with Jonathan Biss. Part II will include Symphony No. 6, “Pastorale,” and the composer’s Violin Concerto, featuring Nicola Benedetti.

The season will also include three world premieres. On Nov. 13 and 15 of 2014 Mr. Spano will lead the world premiere of Jonathan Leshnoff’s Symphony No. 2, “Innerspace,” an ASO commission. Next, on April 23 and 25 of 2015, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, under the baton of Mr. Spano, will give the world premiere of Atlanta School of Composers member Christopher Theofanidis’s Creation/Creator. Finally, on April 30 and May 2 of 2015, Mr. Spano will lead the world

premiere of Sinfonia Concertante by Atlanta School of Composers member Michael Gandolfi. Four ASO musicians will perform concertos with the Orchestra. On October 16 and 18, 2014: Principal Percussion Thomas Sherwood and Percussionist Charles Settle will perform Avner Dorman’s Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! November 20, 22, and 23, 2014, Principal Clarinet Laura Ardan will perform the Copland Clarinet Concerto, and on February 5 and 7, 2015, Concertmaster David Coucheron will play Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1. On June 4 and 6, 2015, Mr. Spano and the Orchestra will close the season with a performance of SaintSaëns’s Samson et Dalila. Additionally, the Orchestra will offer POPS!, Family, and community programming, as well as the annual Coca-Cola Holiday concerts. The “First Friday” classical concerts and pre-concert chamber music performances will also continue next season. Editor’s note: more details available at



Hidden Gem ‘Dazzls’ Customers RENEE ABRAMS Dazzles us all

her buying trips.



enee Abrams, owner and founder of en vogue jewelry business “Dazzl,” is not only the go-to accessory expert for Atlanta women, but a key fundraiser in the Jewish Community.

Fashion Maven, Compassionate Benefactor Renee has a sincere devotion to her clients, but it’s her passion for helping those in need that feed her soul. Hadassah, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Camp Living Wonders are just a few examples of recipients of Dazzl funds.

Today, Renee is putting herself and her jewelry on the map, literally, in her art deco Sandy Springs boutique. One sweep of the store reveals an amazing array of designer inspired baubles, as well as uniquely crafted pieces. One is immediately seduced by the glitz and glam of Renee’s exclusive selection of eye-catching adornments. From gorgeous CZ earrings to stunning stunning Frieda Rothman designs, Dazzl jewelry is fashion forward and sophisticated.

Designer inspired pieces

“I feel really good when I know that I’m helping others by contributing to many charities,” says Renee. In her Sandy Springs boutique, Renee aims to make giving back more fun than ever with charitable “Ladies’ Night Out” events and exciting accessory in-

“My customers want jewelry looking very real, new and different,” says Abrams. Frieda Rothman rings available. They want something no one else has without breaking the bank. I can provide spired affairs. that!” Dazzl brings beautiful, high qual Renee’s uncanny fashion sense, ity and reasonably priced jewelry to appreciation for simchas and excep- Atlanta. Dazzl should be the first tional customer service, has won her stop for every occasion. a long list of loyal patrons. In this day of impersonal department stores, Editor’s note: For more details, call Renee does something virtually (404) 883-3461. Dazzl Jewelry Bouunheard of in the retail world; she tique is located at 206 “A” Johnson customizes original fashion jewelry Ferry Rd. N.E. Sandy Springs, 30328 pieces for her clients’ individual taste Tues-Fri 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat-10 and even heeds customer requests on a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Sun & Mon

Dazzl Jewlery Boutique, Sandy Springs, Ga

greater atlanta hadassah proudly invites the community to be our guest as we honor the recipients of

The 23rd Annual Marian F. Perling Hadassah Chesed Student Awards Sunday, May 4, 2014 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Congregation Or Hadash 7460 Trowbridge Rd., Sandy Springs, GA 30328 2014 Marian F. Perling Hadassah Chesed Student Award Recipients:

Ahavath Achim Synagogue - Sarah Spielberger congregation Beth Shalom - daniel Ackermans congregation B’nai Torah - lexi newman congregation dor Tamid - Talia capozzoli congregation etz chaim - david medof congregation Gesher l’Torah - Andrew Gottlieb congregation or hadash - nicole Berne congregation or veShalom - yarely Perez congregation Shearith israel - eli mansbach Greenfield hebrew Academy - Jael Azani Temima high School - Shira Shkarofsky

RSVP by May 1st to Greater Atlanta Hadassah Phone: 678-443-2961

Temple Beth Tikvah - Jessica Shiffman Temple emanu-el - lauren Palgon Temple kehillat chaim - ian Phillips Temple kol emeth - Jamie lief Temple Sinai - Ruby freeman The davis Academy - Abbie frankel The epstein School - Juliana Zitron The Temple - Abigail Bocinec The weber School - ethan fialkow Torah day School - maayan Schoen yeshiva Atlanta high School - noam Gal

Refreshments served Dietary laws observed

april 25 ▪ 2014

Renee has played an integral role in Atlanta’s Jewish Community for 25 years assisting women choose the perfect pieces for weddings and bar mitzvahs while raising money for various synagogues.

“I remember when the sign went up before the store actually opened. I was waiting for a store like this to come to Sandy Springs!” says repeat customer Beth Friedman. “What I love about Dazzl is that I can find trendy pieces, but also classic jewelry I’ll wear forever. Every time I get compliments on my jewelry I always hear myself saying ‘it’s from Dazzl and Renee Abrams, Owner Dazzl it was so reasonably priced!’”



Arts & entertainment

JEWS MAKING NEWS Compiled by elizabeth friedly

Logan Lerman Gives Hope to “Percy Jackson” Fans


ctor Logan Lerman has dispelled rumors of the premature death of “Percy Jackson” franchise. He recently confirmed that fans will likely get a full trilogy of films, as he has signed a contract to complete a third “Percy Jackson.” Based on young adult books of the same name, the fictional series follows a young boy who discovers he is a demigod. Since then, Lerman has landed dramatic roles in both “Noah” and “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” He has also finished shooting for a WWII film called “Fury,” co-starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Born to Larry Lerman and Lisa Goldman, Logan Lerman was raised in a Jewish household and has two older siblings. He is the grandson of Polish Jewish and Russian Jewish immigrants. In addition, Lerman is related to musicians Evan and Jaron Lowenstein (known simply as Evan and Jaron), who performed the 2000 radio hit “Crazy for this Girl” as well as being graduates of the Greenfield Hebrew Academy and Yeshiva High School.

Eva Green Film Rights Bought

april 25 ▪ 2014



hite Bird in a Blizzard” starring Shailene Woodley and Eva Green premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and has been acquired by Magnolia Pictures for wide release. “White Bird” will reportedly begin screenings later this year. The “Dark Shadows”and “Casino Royale” actress also has reason to celebrate with the recent release of her film, “300: Rise of an Empire,” a follow-up to 2007’s action hit “300.” Her other upcoming movie of a smaller scale, “The Salvation” has earned a screening slot at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. In addition to her work in the big screen, Green will star in Showtime’s new series, entitled “Penny Dreadful” premiering May 11. The show has been described as horror-fantasy and follows famous literary characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his monster as well as iconic figures from “Dracula” in Victorian London. Born to Walter Green and Marlene Jobert, the actress was raised in France. Her mother is Jewish, born in Algeria, and her father is of Swedish and French descent. Green later attended an English-speaking school, the American University of Paris, and continued onto St. Paul Drama School in Paris. She also studied film direction at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.





his year I had the wonderful opportunity to not only fly home and spend Passover with my friends and family, but also to lead our Passover Seder. Truth be told, Passover is my favorite holiday, but until recently I’d never been able to fully understand or articulate my own love for it. Last week, I feel like it all came together. Our seders have never been what you might call “by the book.” We pick and choose our readings, making sure we get in the four questions and Dayenu, but usually skimming through longer texts to expedite the actual mealtime. This year was no different than the others in that regard.

As the leader, I was able to choose which sections I felt we should devote more time to, and which ones could be sped through. Interestingly enough, after finishing an abbreviated Maggid, re-telling of the Passover story, one of our guests said parts of that story were entirely new to her. Because it was presented as more of a story, and less as an informational reading, she was able to finally connect with the story of Passover. This speaks to one of the beauties of the seder: it’s set up in such a way that there is something for everyone. Sure, during the seder we do what could be considered “rituals” such as reciting blessings, lighting candles, and reading Torah, but we also involve a variety of other practices in order to celebrate Passover—we read about history, we sing, and we eat food and drink wine. It speaks to this overarching theme throughout Judaic study regarding the importance of being sort of a “whole” person, living fully by employing a balance of all sorts of qualities. We read, too, about this idea in this week’s Torah portion, Kedoshim. Throughout the text, we encounter about 35 different commandments. I found, however, that they really fall into three categories: love/respect, honesty, and rituals.

The first category, love/respect, talks largely about love for all. Specific commandments are given to respect one’s parents and elders, and love both Jews and converts. But essentially, the commandment is to love everyone. We are instructed to love every Jew: “You shall neither take revenge from nor bear a grudge against the members of your people; you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). And later, we’re also instructed to love strangers: “The stranger who sojourns with you shall be as a native from among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Leviticus: 19:34). We’re also told this week about the need to be honest. This category of commandments, like the previous one, is both general and specific. The first in this category instructs: “You shall not steal. You shall not deny falsely. You shall not lie, one man to his fellow” (Leviticus 19:11).

tinguished you from the peoples, to be Mine” (Leviticus 20:26). We see here that among all these rules, there’s one quintessential idea: that we, as G-d’s people, are holy. Notice that none of these statements are conditional—we are holy because G-d is holy and because we are G-d’s people. While not necessarily a scholarly belief, I like to think of commandments as opportunities to prove myself to G-d. According to the Torah, I am holy because I am a Jew; and G-d watches out for me because I’m a Jew. But choosing to follow a commandment is a way in which I can be intentional about my Judaism, a way for me to actively participate. This is how I normally respond when people ask about my experience with Judaism—about how observant

I am, which laws I keep, and why. And this, I’ve come to understand, is why I so truly enjoy Passover and the Passover Seder: it provides all kinds of people—those interested by history, people who enjoy singing, and people who just enjoy community— an opportunity to do something deliberate that expresses their “Jewishness.” Rachel LaVictoire (rlavictoire@wustl. edu) is a graduate of the Davis Academy and Westminster High School, recipient of the prestigious Nemerov Writing and Thomas H. Elliott Merit scholarships at Washington University of St. Louis and an active member of Temple Emanu-El and the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta. She was recently named to the board of St. Louis Hillel.

But later, we’re instructed specifically about the ethics of our business encounters: “You shall have true scales, true weights, a true ephah, and a true hin” (Leviticus 19:36). Finally, the category of rituals is one containing a wide variety of topics. G-d instructs us on everything from the make of our clothing (not to wear materials that are a mixture of wool and linen) to the prohibitions against witchcraft, prostitution, and tattoos. Also in this category is the commandment to observe Shabbat, which is actually stated twice within the parshah. In addition to these new laws, though, G-d also makes the following three statements, one in the beginning, middle, and end of the parshah:


1. “Speak to the entire congregation of the children of Israel, and say to them, You shall be holy for I, the Lord, your G-d, am holy” (Leviticus 19:2). 2. “You shall sanctify yourselves and be holy, for I am the Lord, your G-d” (Leviticus 20:7). 3. “And you shall be holy to Me, for I, the Lord, am holy, and I have dis-


april 25 ▪ 2014




d’var torah



lmost 20 years ago, the rock band Dishwalla sang to great acclaim, “Tell me all your thoughts on G-d, cause I’d really like to meet her.” That same year, Joan Osborne crooned a related question that topped the pop charts, “What if G-d was one of us?” In the two decades since those recordings, as well as in the two millennia preceding them, through every medium imaginable, musicians, theologians, philosophers, rabbis, poets, scientists, and we have also pondered, wrestled with, inquired about and debated various beliefs and questions about G-d. The result? Shelves of books, a host of liturgical creations, and an untold number of theological assertions regarding the nature of the Divine and how we as individuals and as a people can best draw close to G-d.

Despite the varied (and occasionally esoteric) theories about “who G-d is” and “what G-d does” espoused through the ages, this week’s Torah portion, Kedoshim, presents us with an approach to understanding G-d that is appreciated almost universally; whether one’s faith is deep and or one lacks faith altogether, whether one has been inspired by the writing of great theologians or numbed by life’s challenges and questions. Parashat Kedoshim is compelling because it keeps the topics of faith, holiness, and accessibility to G-d on the human plane, something entirely in our hands. In verse after verse, the Torah portion speaks of achieving holiness and thereby “finding G-d” simply through the manner in which we treat others, the way in which we engage with our friends and neighbors, and the intentions and emotions with which we approach and interact with people. The verses are likely familiar:

• “Revere your mother and father.” • “Leave the corners of your field and the fallen fruit for the poor and the stranger.” • “Do not steal or deal deceitfully with another person.” • “Do not insult the deaf or place a stumbling block before the blind.” • “Do not hate another in your heart.” • “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Kedoshim teaches that the performance of these and other interpersonal, compassionate, “common sense” commandments not only helps us achieve holiness, but also enables us to experience G-d’s presence in our midst, to appreciate the theological idea that G-d, so to speak, “is one of us…” A closer look at the above verses in their entirety illustrates the point: • “Revere your mother and father; I am Adonai your G-d,” the full verse actually states. • “Leave your corners for the poor and the stranger; I am Adonai your G-d.”

• “Do not deal basely with your countrymen; I am Adonai.” • “Love your fellow as yourself; I am Adonai.” Why does the Torah make it a point to emphasize and restate “I am Adonai” at the end of each verse? Is it just for emphasis, like a divine exclamation mark, or is there a more significant meaning? I suggest that each of these ethical mandates is followed with the words “I am Adonai” in order to remind us that, when we act with righteousness, when we demonstrate kindness, honor and reverence with others, we can then experience the reality of G-d’s presence dwelling among us. If we not only remember, but also act with the belief that each and every person is created in the Divine image and that all are worthy of the same respect we ask for ourselves, then we ensure that there is room for G-d in our midst. For me, a theological idea which spans the millennia is, “If you ‘love your fellow as yourself,’ then you can know, understand, and experience the reality that ‘I Adonai your G-d’ dwell amongst you.”

• “Do not place a stumbling block before the blind; I am Adonai.”


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One Year Anniversary Special

Office Package


Includes 1 dozen bagels with 3 cream cheese and 96 oz of any kind of coffee. (total value of $41.00) Not combinable with other promotions. Expires 5/23/14

Family business

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may their memories be a blessing

Florence Auerbach 93, Atlanta

Florence Auerbach, age 93, of Atlanta, died April 11, 2014. Survivors include her husband, Bennie Auerbach; son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Julie Berger, Fla.; daughter and son-in-law, Nanette and Harry Zaidel, Ga.; son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Seema Berger, N.Y.; daughter and son-in-law, Ivie and Harlan Graiser, Ga.; grandchildren: Ben, Alisha, Mindy, Matthew, Meridith, Beth, Tova, Brian and Adam. She is also survived by many great-grandchildren who lovingly called her Grandy. She was preceded in death by her beloved first husband, Bernard Berger, of blessed memory. Sign online guest book at In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Congregation Shearith Israel or Temple Beth Tikvah. A graveside service was held April 13 at Arlington Memorial Park at 10 a.m. with Rabbis Hillel Norry, Fred Greene, Donald Tam and Cantor Nancy Kassel officiating. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, Atlanta (770) 451-4999

an unprecedented sense of humor for his age. A tough guy and sometimes mischievous, but always kind and sensitive, we could not have asked for a bigger blessing than the gift of our Jared. Sign an online guestbook: www. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Sun., April 20 at Ahavath Achim Synagogue, 600 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, GA 30327. Rabbi Neil Sandler, Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal, and Rabbi Micah Lapidus officiated. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Children’s at Scottish Rite, 1001 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342,; Ian’s Friends Foundation, 855 Marseilles Dr., Atlanta, GA 30327,; or the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, (770) 451-4999.

Mollie Rogin 91, Atlanta

Mollie Rogin, of Atlanta, died on April 14, 2014. She was a loving wife, mommy, mother-in-law, grandmommy, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and devoted friend. Mollie was born in Rodam, Poland in 1923, and immigrated to Brooklyn, N.Y. through Ellis Island with her family in 1928. She grew up in Brooklyn and raised her family in Brooklyn, Albany, Ga. and Atlanta. Mollie was pre-deceased by her beloved husband of 52 years, Norman; her parents, Sarah and Louis Weinerman; and her brother, David. Her loving family includes her daughter, Gail Rogin, Atlanta; daughter and son-in-law, Robyn and Jay Hoffman, Toronto, Canada; son and daughter-in-law, Steven and Ellen Rogin, Chicago, Ill.; wonderful grandchildren: Meghan, Spencer and Avery Hoffman, and Benjamin and Amy Rogin; nieces, Brenda Caplan Winter and Beverly Caplan; and nephew, Lewis Weinerman. The family expresses deep gratitude and appreciation to Veda, Anisha, and Cherry for their compassionate and devoted support. Sign online guestbook at www.edressler. com. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Camp Barney Mednitz,; Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF),; or Congregation Beth Jacob, 1855 LaVista Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, www. Graveside service were held at 4 p.m. on Thurs., April 17 at Crest Lawn Memorial Park, with Rabbi Ilan Feldman officiating. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, (770) 451-4999.

Jared Forman Jared Daniel Forman, age 7, died unexpectedly surrounded by his loving family on April 18, 2014. Jared was the beloved son of Jodi Forman and Jordan Forman, loving brother to Joshua Forman, adored grandson of Paula Isler, Palm Harbor, Fla., Gilbert Isler, Plainview, N.Y., Marlyn Forman, and the late Allan Forman, Baltimore, Md., cherished nephew to Jonathan and Tara Isler, Plainview, N.Y., Ryan and Jen Forman, Gaithersburg, Md., and fun-loving cousin to Jake and Brady Forman and Jake and Ethan Isler. Beautiful in every sense of the word, with bright blue eyes, Jared was a sweet, sensitive, funny, charming, handsome, loving, lovable, and adorable boy. He enjoyed electric guitar, football, and especially spending time with his older brother, Joshua (age 10), who described his relationship with Jared as “tight.” Quite athletic, Jared wanted to be a professional football player and a rockstar. Jared was quick-witted and had

april 25 ▪ 2014

age 7, Atlanta


JEWISH PUZZLER by David Benkof

Across 1. Sontag and Faludi 7. Section at Neiman Marcus 11. What Josephus said to express his love 14. Acamol alternative 15. “Just ___” (song by Steven Page’s rock band) 16. Rank for Moshe Dayan (abbr.) 17. She won the 2004 Israel Prize for cinema 19. Top-grade sheitel 20. TV movie “The ___: The Hiding of Anne Frank” 21. “Only ___” (song by Danny Elfman’s group Oingo Boingo) 22. Politician son of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 23. ___ Jewish Theater of St. Louis (since 1997) 24. Kind of siddur for Hebrew learners 27. Ed ___ (two-term president of the Screen Actors Guild) 29. MDA employee 30. Bagel alternative 32. Billy Crystal sitcom 35. “Heidad!” 39. Line from Rabbi Judah Ben Solomon Al-Harizi about poets: “When he a ditty writes or ___ an ode, it sounds as if some pot or kettle did explode” 40. Dorothy Parker quality 42. Pennsylvania hometown of Rabbis for Human Rights head Arik Ascherman 43. Rabbi Tzvi ___ Weinreb of the Orthodox Union 45. Emmy-winner LaBeouf (“Even Stevens”) 46. Food writer Marks and blogger

Student 47. First two words of the first verse of “Dona, Dona” 49. Prominent American-British poet who wrote about the undesirability of “any large number of free-thinking Jews” 51. Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary 56. “... lest I ___ my heritage” (Ruth 4:6) 59. He played Samwise in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy 60. ___ Nasty (Simon Rex persona) 61. Egyptian birthplace of cookbook author Claudia Roden 63. Haman’s had three corners 64. Conservative Judaism’s chief liturgist 66. Persian or Hellenistic, e.g. 67. Bang on ___ (New York music collective co-founded by Michael Gordon) 68. “___ from Sobibor” (1987 TV movie) 69. It has nine digits, like its counterpart in Isr. 70. “___-Halacha: Logic, Intuition, and the Unfolding of Jewish Law” by Moshe Koppel 71. Easy way to get to Ben Gurion airport

4. MonaVie Kosher (OU-certified blend of the ___ berry with other fruits) 5. Organic compound found in challah 6. Abbreviation for Chris Kattan’s TV show 7. ___ Adumim (SodaStream factory location) 8. ___ 36: An American Journey (teen tour) 9. Part of a Jerusalem kugel 10. Country that once included the Golan Hts. 11. Play ___ of dreidel 12. Anne whose real-life husband played her ex on “Rhoda”

13. Taping the “Michael Medved Show” 18. Yiddishe mamas, e.g. 22. Like many a yenta 25. Suffix equivalent to the Yiddish “-keit” 26. The Torah says not to cook a kid “b’chelev ___” (in its mother’s milk) 28. Esteemed Iraqi Jewish family 30. Nun alternative 31. U.S. President who said that “the strength of Israel and her future are bound up with the United States” 33. Sound to utter upon entering a shvitz

34. Some of them were high 36. Jewish ritual often followed by a meal 37. Temple menorah need 38. Along with “Hot,” one of Israel’s two main cable providers 41. Vegetable whose name sounds like a term Orthodox people use for God 44. Airport Bette Midler uses when she visits her birthplace 48. What a Talmudist does when he wants to prove something 50. Pascal’s wager (believing in God ___ He exists) 51. A red heifer’s were important to Jewish rituals 52. Tuchises 53. Israeli poet Alterman (“Plagues of Egypt”) 54. “What a lovely Israeli city! I like it ___” (punny comment) 55. Yiddishist poet Klepfisz (“Bashert”) 57. ___ was tied to the High Priest on Yom Kippur 58. Danish rescuer during the Holocaust 62. Shapes of the sign of God’s covenant with Noah 64. Chanukah donuts often contain some 65. Chicken soup source

Last week’s answers

Down 1. Astronomer who quipped, “it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity” 2. Create a Knesset coalition 3. Dip your karpas it in at the seder

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times shabbat blessings

april 25 ▪ 2014

Blessing for the Candles Baruch Arah A-do-nai,El-o-hei-nu Melech Haolam Asher Kid-shanu b’mitzvotav V’zivanu l’hadlik ner shel Shabbat


Blessed are You, Eternal our God, Sovereign of time and space. You hallow us with Your mitzvot and command us to kindle the lights of Shabbat. Blessing for the Wine Baruch Atah A-do-nai, El-o-hei-nu

Meelech Haolam, Borei p’ri hagafen Praise to You, Eternal our God, Sovereign of the Universe, Creator of the fruit of the vine. Blessing for the Bread (Challah) Baruch Atah A-do-nai, El-o-hei-nu Melech haolam, Hamotzi Lechem min haaretz. Our Praise to You Eternal our God, Sovereign of the universe, Who brings forth bread from the earth.

Friday, April 25 7:58 p.m. Shabbat, April 26, 2014 8:56 p.m. Friday, May 2 8:03 p.m. Shabbat, May 3, 2014 9:02 p.m. Friday, May 9 8:08 p.m. Shabbat, May 10, 2014 9:08 p.m. Friday, May 16 8:14 p.m. Shabbat, May 17, 2014 9:14 p.m. Friday, May 23 8:19 p.m. Shabbat, May 24, 2014 9:20 p.m.


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