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Israeli Pride


ANOTHER TOP RATING FROM S&P. Standards & Poors has given Israel yet another top rating. S&P expected average per capita income to grow to almost $42,000 by 2017, up from $28,000 in 2009. Meanwhile, confidence in Israel’s stock market has resulted in the largest increase in investment into Israeli mutual funds since 2002.

AOL BUYS ISRAELI TV SERIES. AOL has bought the format for Israeli docuseries “Mechubar” (Hebrew for “Connected”) for adapting and broadcasting in the U.S. Five participants are given TV cameras to film their own lives for the audiences. It is the first time AOL has bought a long format produced outside of the U.S.

THE “RED-MED” RAIL LINK. Israel, China and Europe will soon commence the building of a $2 billion, 300-kilometer rail link connecting Eilat, on the Red Sea, with Ashdod on the Mediterranean. Construction of the alternative to the Suez Canal will take five years to complete.

THE WORLD’S FIRST VEGAN CONGRESS. Over 700 participants convened at Tel Aviv’s inaugural congress of the vegan movement for a program of lectures and workshops aimed at reducing Israeli consumption of animal products. Veganism continues to gain popularity in Isreal, doubling to 2 percent of the population off meat and dairy.

U.S. PATENT FOR STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY. Israeli biotech Brainstorm has received a U.S. patent for its autologous stem cell technology for the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases. Brainstorm is preparing for its U.S. upcoming multi-center Phase II trial with its proprietary NurOwn stem cell therapy. HUGH LAURIE IN ISRAEL. TV’s Doctor House will perform with his Copper Bottom Band at the Ra’anana Amphitheater on July 7, 2014. Laurie is a successful singer and his unique blend of eclectic blues, tango, and South American music is delivered with characteristic sharp humor. THE FIRST ROBOT-CLEANED SOLAR PARK. Every night, nearly 100 waterfree, energy-independent robots from Israel’s Ecoppia clean the panels at the Ketura Sun solar energy farm in Israel’s Negev desert. They prevent soiling of the panels, which previously reduced energy production by up to 35 percent.

GEOTHERMAL ENGERY FOR INDONESIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Israel’s Ormat Technologies will supply the energy converters for the $1.7 billion 330-megawatt Sarulla geothermal power plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Also, New Zealand inaugurated its 13th and largest Ormat Power Plant – the 100MW Ngatamariki facility. ANCIENT FORTRESS UNCOVERED. Israeli archeologists have finished uncovering a massive Canaanite fortress dating back to the time of Kings David and Solomon. The 3,800-year-old

“Spring Citadel” was excavated in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem. CALIFORNIA RECEIVES ISRAELI “WATER OF LIFE.” In an effort to conquer the scarcity of water in California, Israel’s IDE Technologies will be constructing (in Carlsbad) what is the Western Hemisphere’s largest desalination plant. The facility is expected to be completed by 2016. Currently, three smaller plants are already operating and 15 more are expected to be built in the future.

SYSTEM SAVES CHILEANS FROM TSUNAMI. No Chileans died in the tsunami caused by the recent 8.2-level earthquake, thanks to the automatic alerts sent by the geo-targeted notification system, developed by Israel’s eVigilo. The system was installed after 400 Chileans died in an earthquake and tsunami in 2010. THE WORLD’S SIXTH MOST SEARCHED DESINTATION. TravelSupermarket. com rates Tel Aviv the sixth most popular destination according to travelers using its site and those using Twitter. WATER TECHNOLOGY FOR MEXICO. Israeli cleantech Desalitech moved to Boston last year in order to bring its advanced, cost-effective water solutions to Mexico and countries worldwide. Desalitech uses Closed Circuit Desalination Reverse Osmosis technology to minimize waste generation and energy consumption. IKEA EXPANDS. Swedish retailer IKEA has opened its third Israeli store, to join those in Netanya and Rishon Lezion. The new 2,700-square-meter facility is in Kiryat Ata, near Haifa. IKEA

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MUSLEM PRAYER ROOM AT ARIEL UNIVERSITY. Ariel University, located over the “green line” in Samaria has introduced a Muslim prayer room for its 600 Arab students - around one fifth of all students at the University.

expects to sell 25 million products to 5.4 million Israeli customers in 2014.




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B’nai B’rith Condemns Five Anti-Israel UNHRC Resolutions

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’nai B’rith International has issued the following statement:

B’nai B’rith International condemns the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the five anti-Israel resolutions passed on March 28 as the council closed its 25th session. The council continues to discredit itself with these latest resolutions, as no other country—including unsurpassed human rights abusers Iran, North Korea and Syria—was subjected to multiple condemnatory motions or ‎to a near-total lack of foreign support. Of the 42 resolutions the council passed dealing with a broad spectrum of human rights issues, 10 dealt with reprimanding specific countries and five of those were aimed at Israel. The United States showed principled leadership as the only country to vote against the anti-Israel resolutions, while European members of the council voted in favor of all but one such motion. Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Estonia and Ireland all voted for the anti-Israel resolutions. These countries did so despite the appropriate abstention by most of them from anti-Israel criticism falling under “Item 7,” the only standing component of the council agenda dedicated to scrutinizing a single country: Israel. A week prior to the votes, B’nai B’rith representative to the U.N. in Geneva Klaus Netter spoke before the UNHRC to address the council’s continued obsession with Israel and to encourage Israel’s fellow Western European and Others Group (WEOG) members to refuse engagement with the discriminatory “Item 7.” “Allow me to use this occasion … to urge all countries represented here, but in particular those of the

WEOG, to ignore Item 7, as the latter already did during the last session. In this manner, WEOG helped to highlight the illegitimacy of Item 7, which stands out as the most blatant example of this council’s selectivity,” Netter said. The UNHRC’s one-sided decisions and willful ignorance were further exacerbated with the passage of a Syria-sponsored resolution condemning Israeli presence on the Golan Heights and treatment of the Syrian population. Effectively, the council ignored the fact that Israel has treated wounded Syrians and delivered the babies of others caught in the bloody Syrian civil war that has left more than 150,000 dead. Another point of contention that B’nai B’rith continues to monitor is the appointment of a new U.N. special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories, a position previously held by Richard Falk. The selection of Falk’s replacement was deferred at the end of the council’s just-concluded session and B’nai B’rith remains acutely concerned with a number of candidates being considered, including Goldstone Report coauthor Christine Chinkin. In his statement to the council, Netter addressed this subject, saying that while “the post in question is inherently discriminatory, focused on Israeli actions alone, we hope that every effort will be made not to repeat the mistake made in the selection of the last special rapporteur, whose notorious and scandalous bias was an impediment to the pursuit of peace itself.” Editor’s note: For more information, visit . Call (202) 857-6600 or email


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Jimmy Carter Ignores Palestinian Abuse of Women



ormer President Jimmy Carter has a brand new book out, purporting to survey the abuse of women throughout the world. Well, not quite everywhere in the world. There is one place which, despite a recent 100 percent increase in the murders of innocent women, that does not merit even a single mention in the ex-president’s book: the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. At first glance, this omission might seem strange. Carter, after all, has devoted much of his post-presidential career to speaking out about what he claims is the mistreatment of the Palestinian Arabs - by Israel. But for some reason, when it comes to the mistreatment of Palestinian women by fellowPalestinians, Carter has nothing to say even in a book-length survey of the problem of misogynistic violence. The Palestinian women in question are the victims of what is known as “honor killing.” Such cases involve men murdering female relatives whom they accuse of violating Islamic fundamentalist morals. Sometimes their “crime” is no more than “provocative dress,” or being seen in the company of an unauthorized male. Some of the women are believed to have committed adultery, or simply

premarital relations. Their murders are justified as “preserving family honor.” In 2012, thirteen such murders were reported in the West Bank territories controlled by Palestinian Authority. Last year, the official number of victims more than doubled to 27, according to the Washington Post. But these are just the ones the authorities are reporting. The Post notes that in addition to killings over suspected morality violations, sometimes the violence is a way to hide the fact that the women were raped or molested by their relatives.

At the end of the book, the former president presents a long list of steps that should be taken to protect women against discrimination and violence. There are 23 recommendations. Coming in last, “Condemn and outlaw honor killings” is number 23. The problem, though it is bad enough, is not just that Mr. Carter gives such short shrift to a serious and worsening crisis. But what little he does write about the issue is, frankly, appalling.

In other cases, the “honor killings” are actually related to inheritance disputes or simply “the desire to punish female independence.”

He begins, not with a description of the prevalence of honor killings in Arab and Muslim countries but, rather, by announcing that the phenomenon of honor killings “has a justification in the ancient Holy Scriptures of Jews and Christians.”

The oppression does not end there. It extends to the way the Palestinian legal system deals with the murderers. The Palestinian Authority’s official legal code actually includes laws “that guarantee light sentences for honor killings,” the Post notes. And even when the killers are punished, “pardons and suspended sentences are common.”

Mr. Carter then quotes a verse from Deuteronomy prescribing capital punishment for certain instances of adultery. Nowhere does he bother to explain that the verse in question, like other biblical references to capital punishment for various crimes, pertained to ancient times and are obviously not practiced in Christian or Jewish communities in our day.

Jimmy Carter’s new book, “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power” is divided into 18 chapters. There is a chapter on “honor killings,” but it is the shortest at less than three pages long.

The ex-president then mentions an example of an honor killing in Saudi Arabia and another in Pakistan, and praises the leaders of Jordan for supposedly trying to combat the problem (but “strong community beliefs” still support the practice, he notes), before

hurrying to cast the net of culpability as wide as possible, emphasizing that such killings have been carried out by Hindus and Sikhs, too. But Palestinians? Whose number of honor killings has increased the most (by percentage) and faster than perhaps any other in the world? Not a word. Mr. Carter does, however, have quite a bit to say about the way Israeli Orthodox Jews treat women. He spends almost two pages - nearly as much space as devoted to the entire topic of honor killings - berating Israeli haredim for supposedly considering women “inferior” (they do not) and for preferring to sit separately from women on buses. Whatever one thinks of the bus seating controversy, it hardly belongs in a book that focuses on violence against women. Nobody has ever been killed or physically injured in a bus seating dispute in Israel. And Israeli law, unlike that of the Palestinian Authority, does not ensure light sentences for men who otherwise harm women. One would like to give a former president the benefit of the doubt. One would like to assume that, deep down, Jimmy Carter really does feel genuine sympathy for the plight of Palestinian women under the Palestinian Authority.

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But his silence over Palestinian honor killings, combined with his constant and harsh Introducing New Silver Diva’s Workout - A Workout Specifically Geared For Ladies 55+ denunciations of Israel, suggests that Mr. Carter only Low impact exercises Machines geared for muscle and bone building Exercises safe for knees and low back cares about Palestinians Challenging workouts tailored for your fitness level Expert FemaleTrainers when he can use them as a whip with which to lash the Jewish state. When Palestinians are the victims of other Palestinians, sorry, they just don’t serve his purpose.


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Waiting for Justice



r. Obama, it doesn’t look good that only the Jew is still in jail after so many years,” said Moshe Feiglin to 1,000 Israelis protesting Jonathan Pollard’s 29 year imprisonment. Pollard, a former U.S. intelligence analyst, was imprisoned by the United States government in 1987 for passing classified information to Israel. He remains in prison today. Pollard shared information containing plans for terrorism against Israeli civilians, plans by Lebanon, Iran and other surrounding countries concerning deadly nuclear and chemical weapons for use against Israel, and information on ballistic missile development intended to hit Israel.

athan Pollard did was illegal and a betrayal of the trust of the United States. However, the U.S. negotiated a plea bargain with Pollard and did not go through with the commitment. They continue to use him as a political tool, ignoring justice for the sake of politics. Former CIA Director James Woolsey hinted at the U.S. government’s anti-Semitism in Pollard’s sentence, saying, “imagine he’s a Greek Ameri-

can and free him,” but it should not be necessary to ignore his Jewishness to act on justice. The real appeal should be to “imagine he’s a human being unjustly imprisoned and free him.” Americans and Jews should be appealing to the U.S. government to release a man who has been unjustly sentenced and imprisoned. Just as Pollard sits and waits in prison, so too does justice wait to be

acted upon, as the United States government continues to abuse the legal system to benefit U.S. interests in the Middle East. Rivka Liron Bat Cohen is a native Atlantan and current student at Boston University and the videographer for CAMERA (Committee For Accuracy in the Middle East)

Nowadays, it’s a shortage of blood that’s really a plague.

Israel was legally entitled to the information Pollard obtained. According to a 1983 memorandum between the Jewish state and the U.S., Israel had rights to U.S. information vital to Israeli security. Before receiving his sentence, Jonathan Pollard reached an agreement with the United States Government that he would not be sentenced to life imprisonment. In doing so, he relinquished his right to a trial, plead guilty and cooperated with government investigators. His efforts proved futile. The United States claimed that his actions had reduced U.S. bargaining power over information with the Israelis and caused tension between the U.S. and Arab countries. Pollard was sent to life imprisonment despite his bargain. He remains the only man to be sentenced to life for giving classified information to an ally.

During the current negotiations, the U.S. is again offering Pollard’s freedom in order to continue the negotiations. To bring the Palestinians to the table, the U.S. has so far pressured Israel into releasing 78 Palestinian terrorists, many of them with Israeli blood on their hands. While murderers are released from Israeli prisoners, the U.S. continues to use Pollard as a bargaining chip against the Israelis.

There is no question that what Jon-

Ancient Israelites fleeing Egypt may have felt differently, but today it’s essential that Israel have an ample supply of blood for all its people. That’s where Magen David Adom comes in — collecting, testing, and distributing Israel’s blood supply for civilians and the Israel Defense Forces. Every unit of blood is separated into three components and can save three lives. Can’t get to Israel to donate blood? You can still support MDA’s lifesaving blood services. Make a gift today. Pesach kasher v’sameach.

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The United States uses Pollard as a pawn to pressure Israel into concessions during peace negotiations. President Clinton promised Yitzhak Rabin Pollard’s release in return for a peace deal. Clinton failed to keep that promise after Rabin’s assassination.




Israeli Foreign Missions “Spring” Back into Action After Labor Dispute

Happy Passover

From Consul General Opher Aviran and the staff of the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast



n Thursday, April 3, 2014, Israeli diplomats and foreign service workers in Jerusalem and abroad returned to work after nearly a month of sanctions that eventually escalated to a full strike. For the first time in the history of the country, all of Israel’s 102 embassies and consulates closed their doors. The actions were undertaken after a yearlong negotiating process between Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Finance fell through. In an op-ed sent to friends of the Consulate and published by Global Atlanta, Consul General Opher Aviran of the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast told supporters in the region, “Why I Can’t Work.” The proposed fair demands rejected by the Ministry of Finance that led

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to the unprecedented action included updated salaries, cost-of-living adjustments, and a tangible appreciation for the danger and hardships faced not only by the diplomats, but their spouses and families. As the labor dispute stretched on, ceremonies, celebrations, and official visits were put into jeopardy or cancelled. These included worries about the Pope’s planned visit to Israel in May and President Shimon Peres’ state visit to China. Consul General Aviran expressed his delight upon the resolution of the dispute, stating, “We are satisfied that our contribution to Israel’s national security, trade, culture, academia, and image has been recognized and we will be able to serve our country with dignity.” Fittingly, the resolution comes just prior to the beginning of the Passover spring holiday, a time often associated with renewal and rebirth. Embracing the spirit of the season, the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast, along with Israel’s other foreign missions worldwide, is ready to reinvigorate relationships with friends and supporters after a frustrating, yet necessary trial. Here in the Southeast, the Consulate looks forward to continuing the great tradition of a community celebration for Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, in early May. Additionally, Consul General Aviran and the dedicated staff of the Consulate are already hard at work assisting with preparations for Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s visit to Israel in June.

For additional information, contact Dena Weiss, Director of Public Affairs, Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast, (404) 487-6511 public.


new moon meditations




n my piece, Mastery Over Time, the darkened new moon is visible only in the etheric world. The sliver of the moon appearing in the night sky heralds Rosh Chodesh Nisan, when we were first commanded to sanctify the new moon. Rosh Chodesh Nisan began on April 1, 2014. Enchanted Key No. 8 this month highlights art and the celebration of freedom. Many of our people possess a deep appreciation of art; several are artists while a great number do not feel comfortable making art themselves. The Dragons of Criticism have a way of leaping on to the blank page and stifling creativity. Reflect on your early experiences as an artist. Once in school, were you excited or intimidated when you received that single rough sheet of slightly yellow Manila paper? Did your teacher insist that you “fill the page, fill the page?” Did her face twist with tension if your tree had anything other than a brown trunk, bright, green leaves and perfectly symmetrical red apples? Did the sky have to be blue and were you reprimanded for making the flowers taller than the house? Forget about “overusing” a black crayon, lest you receive a note in your folder to be sent for psychological testing. Did you draw yourself too small in the corner of the page or have arms coming out of your neck? And how could you be free if you had to concern yourself with whether or not you were making a mess? It’s amazing that there is any art in the world at all. Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist once he grows up.”

Marc Chagall painted the familiar

images of the Hassidic world and life in the shtetl. Annie Leibovitz, portrait photographer, began her career at the inception of Rolling Stone magazine. Gilah Yelin Hirsch is a multi-disciplinary Jewish painter, writer, theorist, photographer, filmmaker and lecturer. They are just a few of the famous Jewish artists whose work we instantly recognize. Artists have long created the Ketubah, or Jewish Marriage Contract. Today many Ketubot reflect the wedding vows, more than the traditional intention to provide justice for a wife and children if a husband died. The calligraphy, images of nature and fruit, such as the pomegranate, are featured in these beautiful works of art. I had the extreme pleasure of sharing and selling my art at the brunch celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Dunwoody Mikvah. Elaine Brasch invited me, along with a few other talented artists. I received a tour of the beautiful mikvah, which is a work of love and art itself, behind Congregation Ariel, and met nearly 100 women in attendance. They embraced my art, which focuses on the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine. One woman paid me the highest compliment, saying that my art took her back to Tzfat, where she visited a Kabbalistic Artists’ Colony. During the month of Nisan, we celebrate Passover, the Festival of Freedom. Creating art is also a festival of freedom. Jewish mystics suggest that Passover is a time to be released from the constraints of consciousness and give ourselves over to experience so that we may unite with all there has been and all there will be. As we clean out our chametz, we sweep clean our souls. Honoring the ancient rituals of eating the matzo,

drinking the four cups of wine and painting the picture through words of the story as if we, ourselves, had been in Egypt, allows us to feel set free. Spring is the beginning of the cycle. Harnessing the light and drawing it inward to illuminate our souls can allow an outward flow of creative expression. Release stress by doodling for 15 minutes. To confuse Critical Dragons, switch hands and doodle shapes and lines with your non-dominant hand.

your creative spirit and play.

Meditation Focus

During the month of Nisan, open yourself to art in its various forms. You can view art, try your hand at making art, observe it in architecture or appreciate the art provided by Mother Nature. You are art. Dr. Terry Segal is a licensed marriage & family therapist, Ph.D. in energy medicine, hypnotherapist and author of “The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key that Unlocks You.”

Zentangles are very popular now. You can achieve a Zen-like state of relaxation while having fun drawing repetitive patterns. All skill levels and ages of people can do this. Unleash

Happy Passover to you and your family!


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Jaffe’s Jewish Jive

Spring Fashion



remember my bubbies, as wonderful as they were, looked 85 when they were 50, wore lace up oxfords, and tiny floral print dresses. Maybe a thin belt was “the accessory,” and the wealthy ones had pearls. A garter/girdle was a requisite. The undergarments were loosey goosey; and we called them “gatchkies.” Our mothers, well that was a different story. They shopped at Regensteins, Leon Frohsins, Peck and Peck, and Davison Paxon (now Macys), Isakson’s, and Richs, and later Snooty Hooty in Phipps. They followed Sol Kent, a Jewish Columbus, Georgia, “boy” who impacted Atlanta fashion as Rich’s guru and understood that “less can be more” in the quest for fine things. We drove in from Knoxville to access Atlanta’s fashion forward stores.

Not J.C. Penny’s or Sears for our moms; they knew about quality and classics. Why did we, as Jews, care so much? Post war, we wanted to feel good about ourselves? We wanted to get respect from the neighbors? Many of us from small towns were in the clothing business (our first store was in LaGrange). We may have sold schmattes, but we didn’t wear them. We just had “that flair.” (read a book called “Jew Store” about this Southern phenomenon.) The Land of Our Mothers My mother was an immaculate and classic dresser who lived to 95 and just could not get used to the idea of botox. She called it “botex” and thought it had something to do with a rodeo. She used Ponds jar

Happy Passover!

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Cold Cream for 80 years and had flawless skin. At 90 she was courted by a soap company to be featured in a magazine ad. Her nickname was “Hawkeye” because she noticed every detail or a hair out of place. If she did not like the way we were put together, the phrase used was, “You look like a cow.” This was a not a reference to weight, but to attitude and posture. This was not a compliment and variations could be “a sick cow” or “a nursing cow;” but we knew what it meant.

of furs on Christmas Eve from her Jewish personal shopper, who thought it was well worth the two hour wait for her (Yoko) to appear with John Lennon. Joan Rivers praised personal shopper legend Betty Halbreich’s efficiency (not that anyone wants to look like Joan Rivers.) She would call Betty and say she was going on a cruise; and when she got to Bergdorfs, Betty had 90 percent of her wardrobe pre-selected because “she listens, she gets it.” The Bergdorf team mused where fashion really starts: comic books, the streets, high culture, and art. Yes, fashion is art.

The joke among my mother’s friends “Hemlines follow Helen Regenstein is that they had the stock market” was to come to Atlanta the old adage. Women twice from Knoxville for my wedding use fashion to help focus ourselves, in 1980: once to buy their outfits and control our destiny, femininity (or once for the ceremony. They came in not) and self expression. Chanel, not to be seen as “country “It’s a tricky business,” says Betbumpkins” from Tennessee. ty Halbreich, who presides over her Yes, many of us got our love of domain. fashion from our Jewish mothers. The Jewish designers tumbled in – Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Bobi Brown, Diane Von Furstenberg, Scatter My Ashes Ralph Lauren, Isaac Misrachi, Estee Fashion was happening up North Lauder – and getting into Bergdorf’s too (or especially there). I refer to the could be the” make or break” step. documentary “Scatter My Ashes at Jewish comedian Garry ShanBergdorf’s” about the Jewish Good- dling once said, “They should put exman family living in the 11 room apartment above their Central Park piration dates on clothes so we would store (Bergdorf Goodman), where know when they go out of style.” they classified themselves as “janitors” to sidestep real estate codes. A Note About Quality Edwin Goodman, when consult Christian Louboutin (the Rolls ing with his personal shopper/conRoyce of shoes with the red bottom) sultants would ask, “But what does says it’s not so much about the shoe, it do for her?” in gaining the trust of but how the woman feels when she their customers – Barbra Steisand to is wearing the shoe – a certain self Cher. awareness. Their personal shoppers are A Bergdorf’s shoe sales person “honest to a fault and have experiwas interviewed showing a $6,000 ence beyond selling.” glittery platform pump, “We just A talented sales consultant at can’t get enough of these in the store Bergdorf’s can expect to make up- to match demand.” wards of $500,000 per year. Tales Then again in New York, there of waiting on Liz Taylor to buy 200 are surgeons who will amputate a white mink earmuffs for friends or woman’s “pinky toe” to enable easier Yoko Ono who bought $2.5 million squishing into narrow shoes.


Yes, quality. I was privileged to shop with my young architect cousin for her wedding gown at a West Paces Ferry bridal boutique. She chose Vera Wang; and when I was floored by the price, she said, “But look at the inside seam construction. It is so well made.” To wear one time? Comedian Gilda Radner said, “I base my style of clothes on what doesn’t itch.” Atlanta’s Fashion Ancestry and the Regenstein Tradition Helen Regenstein, who is pictured here (with the figure of a 30-year-old) in a Valentino-style ball gown, recently celebrated her 75th anniversary as a Daughter of the American Revolution member, though she won’t reveal her age. (Ever wonder how many Jewish DAR members there are?) Mrs. Regenstein was married to attorney Louis Regenstein, the Chairman of the Board of the eponymous ladies specialty store in downtown Atlanta with a second location on Peachtree where Trader Joe’s now resides. Mrs. Regenstein remembers attending the “Gone with the Wind” premiere with Elizabeth Arden as a guest of the store.

widow of a Union soldier. Back then, white women generally did not work outside the home,” said family historian Reg Regenstein. “Unlike other Atlanta establishments, the store was never segregated .We did not bar black customers.”

She says, “How you look and feel when you leave your home sets the tone for the entire day. With a personal shopper, you don’t have to stand in line at a crowded department store, and most importantly, having a professional coordinate and select will give you a polished look.

A Fashion Dynamo

Mrs. Regenstein, who married into the family in 1939, recalls the full ball gowns with tiny waists crafted out of taffeta, organza, satin, and chiffon. And white gloves. Her personal favorite designer was Helen Rose, who also dressed Debbie Reynolds.

Gladys Moskowitz Herckis, a personal shopper and a fashion consultant for Stein Mart, bubbles with creativity and enthusiasm.

“In order to buy new, you must clean out the old things in your closet. It’s healthy for the new season. I start from the inside out and make sure women (and teens) are wearing the right lingerie. When they are done shopping with me, they feel like stars!”

Mrs. Regenstein recalls, “We were not seen with pants in public except perhaps under a dress. Rarely did we wear black (like we do now). I stuck with pale green, blues, white, and I loved beige!”

Growing up on Robin Lane in Morningside, Gladys recalls her parents dressed up 24/7, “Daddy wore a Hickey Freeman suit with a hankie in his pocket to dinner, and mother was always fashionably dressed. They expected their four kids to be dressed up too.”

Gladys’s Tips for Spring: • Floral prints, mixing opposites, geometrically mixing vertical and horizontal • Black, white and pink, icy shimmery pastels (mint, violet, blush)

Gladys now runs The Wardrobe Tune-Up and Consultation Service“your closet from functional to fabulous.”

• Trousers-wide leg

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Mrs. Regenstein further explains, “We had a fabulous cosmetics (and French perfume) department, in addition to furs, shoes, hats, lingerie and purses. Some departments were concessions like Baum Furs or Stine (not Stein) Shoes. Our bridal department was tops as we sent (free of charge) a bridal consultant to the small towns to coordinate the wedding along with the bridesmaids gowns etc. “And that was certainly not cost efficient; but it emphasized the store’s level of service. We were also more discreet in those days. When a move star came in, we kept it quiet. Miss Bessie Margolin was our buyer for 25 years. Back then there was also real employee loyalty.” “No one carried the depth we did. To this day, I custom order my make up- Alexandra de Markoff, which even 65 years ago cost $50-60 for a bottle of foundation,” glows Mrs. Regenstein. Regensteins had quite a history before closing in the 1980s. “We hired the South’s first female sales person who was the Civil War

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Gladys Herckis

“Miss Arden ruined our evening by insisting on returning to her hotel before the party because she was too vain to be seen with a sty,’’ moaned Regenstein.



Jaffe’s Jewish Jive

• Cropped jackets with no collars • Cardigans and long dresses • Scarves-floral, dots, crochet • Jewelry- crystal clear • Shoes- sneakers, sandals, moccasins When not shopping with clients, Gladys works part time at various Stein Marts coordinating their fashion shows and special events. Southern Fashion Legacy Gina Genz opened Etc. East in Vinings in 2001. She modeled her store after her mother’s boutique, Etc., which is in Mountain Brook, Alabama. “My mother and I traveled together for 7 years collecting and buying. We made a great team,” said Genz. Gina has a lifelong passion for retailing. In addition to her mother’s experience, her father was one of the

principals of the Birmingham-based Parisian Department stores. Gina worked at Woodward & Lothrop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Parisians in both management and buying.

gift of time, something you cannot buy,” said Goodman. Bloomie’s Tips for Spring:

The store is an eclectic mix of jewelry and handbags to scarves and wraps. Her philosophy is to share exciting, cutting edge merchandise while creating a shopping atmosphere that is both friendly and comfortable.

”Invest in a new crisp white shirt! It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe because you can easily dress it up with a suit, or dress it down with a pair of slacks. Also refresh your wardrobe with something blue. Whether it be a fabulous chambray shirt, or a beautiful blue printed dress, it’s a key color for the season.

Gina travels to New York and Los Angeles three to four times a year scouring the markets for unique, fashionable accessories. Gina’s Tips for Spring: • Hot colors are blush and mint green. • Jewelry: it’s all about layering, fringe, and tassels. In handbags, fringe is also big but colorful totes are huge as well. The cross body continues to be strong.

Gina Genz • Ditch old Do’s and Don’ts: If long necklaces are in-style don’t think you can’t wear them because you are too short; or you can’t wear yellow gold because your “color” person told you that 5 years ago. You can always take a trend and adjust it to your personal style. The Big Store Perspective Marian Goodman, Bloomingdale’s vice president of personal shopping, says the chain has over 30 personal shoppers in the U.S. They provide a one stop experience by being able to cross-shop the entire store and incorporate key trends of the season into your personal and home wardrobe. “We also know the tricks of the trade in regards to fit and can offer expert advice. We can give you the

“Another must have hue is pink. It is flattering on all women, and I especially love pink dresses. “Don’t forget to accessorize! Key accessory trends include pointy toe flats for a sharp and chic look, mirrored sunglasses that instantly dress up any outfit, and a clutch because they are no longer just for cocktail parties, instead they are a must-have all day,” says Goodman. Young Fashion Retail/Web Genius Cassandra Connors started buying and reselling gently used designer handbags on eBay out of her New York dorm room 9 years ago. Today she has nearly 2000 heritage designer bags in stock between her Buckhead Bella Bag flagship store and corporate offices near Lenox Plaza. Bella Bag is a thriving web business where handbags are bought from all over the world and resold after they are authenticated by in house experts.

april 11 ▪ 2014

Connors, (married to Harvard Business School Alum Brian Froehling), has the largest privately held collection of designer bags in the United States.


A $7000 Bella Runway Bag

Only 31, Connors was selected by the Buckhead Business Association as the Business of the Year for 2013. Next she was chosen by the Atlanta Busi-

AJT pretty and pink. Rose and lavender tones are in this year big time. Think of these pale shades as your spring beige. They’ll go with most all neutrals from your wardrobe. • Size: think small! Put down that huge winter satchel and carry a clutch, grab a pochette. Summer is just around the corner and while you may not be able to shed all of your cardigans yet, pare down by picking a purse that’s compact.

ness Chronicle as one of the top 100 PACESTTERS. She recently hired the former COO of Spanx and plans to move to the new Buckhead-Atlanta development, which will alter the face of retailing, and perhaps fashion, in Atlanta. The showroom is a wonderland for purse lovers. Most brands (some new) sell for about half of retail. Gucci, Chanel, Hermes Birkins, Louis Vuitton Epi (Cassandra said, “We have more Epis right here than the LV store at the mall!”) And a shopper will see things that no one else will be wearing. One LV bag pictured here is an exotic runway piece which she sells for just under $7,000 (trimmed in ostrich, python, and suede) and is sold out worldwide. Some “one of a kind” bags are acquired from movie and rock stars. I had my” hawkeye” on and could not detect the slightest mark that these bags were pre-owned. Connors’s Tips for Spring: • Pick a bag that makes you feel light and fresh, just like the season! • Color: try something new. Discard wintry dark shades or neutral tones for something

“Last year I brought five bags to Bella to sell or trade, if I found an item I wanted. They purchased three of them, a Louis Vuitton, a Gucci and a Fendi, and I walked out with a brand new Prada Vitello Diano in distressed black leather with elegant brass trim. “I paid them only the sales tax on the difference between the credit received and the bag’s price. I believe they also generously added 10 percent to my credit, as I was purchasing an item and not simply receiving a check for merchandise sold. It was a lovely experience,” gushed Lynne.

SPRING FORWARD So off we are – away from Atlanta’s brutally cold winter. Instead of two times this winter, I wore my mink 20 times. We are all ready for the lightness of spring. Many of us wish our mothers were here to shop the aisles with us. After all, fashion consultant Robert Pante said, “If you look good and dress well, you don’t need a purpose in life.” I don’t take it quite that far. After 35 years with Atlanta newspapers, Marcia currently serves as Retail VP for the Buckhead Business Association where she delivers news and trends(laced with a little gossip). On the side, Marcia is Captain of the Senior Cheerleaders for the WNBA at Philips Arena.

• Silhouette: go hands free! Hands free isn’t about texting and driving. It’s about being able to carry your bag and all of your essentials without worrying about them. Want to ride a bike in this beautiful weather? Do it wearing a crossbody! Shop with friends in a great village? How about a hobo? Bags can be friendly to your lifestyle. Chose something that stays in place without slipping straps or too much hand holding (literally!) The Trade Up Lynne Greenfield learned about fashion and nice handbags from her mother Ethel Abelman Firestone. Coming of age in Atlanta during the 1930s, she had a beloved Japanese mink coat and hats made to match every new suit. Her entire “ensembles” were coordinated with matching shoes and purse. After moving to North Carolina, she was chosen as one of the “10 Best -Dressed Women in Charlotte” in 1960, no small honor for a Jewish woman. “Her hair was styled, and her nails were done every week, and that pride of self carried through with her until the day she died,” said Lynne. “I first learned about the brick and mortar Bella Bag store in 2012. They are very specific about which designers they will accept, and their

april 11 ▪ 2014

Cassandra Connors

goods are immaculate and beautifully displayed. I had several designer bags, some dating back 20 years that were collecting dust on my closet shelves.”


wishing you a very happy passover!

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From our family to yours Wishing all a

Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being. —morris Joseph

Happy Passover Premier Care for Women

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For more information, call 678.443.2961. ©2014 Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. Hadassah is a registered trademark of Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.


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“The young Czech Pavel Haas Quartet already plays in the first league of string quartets, which is hardly surprising when so much joy at making music meets so much precision, brilliance and creative power” (DrehPunktKultur, Salzburg).

The Walter & Emilie Spivey Foundation






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very year families all over the world unite to enjoy the seder; while calling relatives together may feel like the ingathering of the exiles, it is the laughter and discussion held around the table that everyone will remember for years to come. Many households are made up of a range of personalities reminiscent of the four sons we discuss during the seder whose placation may at times feel like a balancing act. This Passover, the Golan Heights Winery presents fun recommendations for wines to fit each type, so that the differing personalities do not create a havoc worse than the 10 plagues.


Type 1: The Firecracker - the Evil Son This boisterous personality is not always the “evil son,” rather the family member who enjoys being the antagonist, often leaving us in fits of laughter. The rebel rouser has a tendency of taking things too far, and often can make an evening take a turn for the unexpected. Appease this “evil” one with a glass of an excellent sparkling wine such as the Gilgal Brut, a method champagne, the perfect match for such a bubbly personality. The Gilgal Brut raises spirits and offers the perfect opportunity to make a toast to the evening’s celebrations. The wine opens with a pop and will begin the seder with an energetic fizz, fitting to placate this guests’ malevolent (albeit loveable) demeanor.

Type 2: The Favorite - the Wise Son The “wise son” may at times be too smart for his own good, and it is usually a treat for the rest of the family to find those rare moments he gets surprised or stumped. W h i l e sometimes the favorite and other times the antagonist himself, the fellow siblings especially relish putting this son in his place. Test this know-it-all’s wine knowledge with the Yarden 2T, a Portuguese style dry red wine made up of two less familiar varieties, the Touriga Nacional and the Tinta Cao, exhibiting a rich, fruity and complex body. The Yarden 2T will reward all guests, both as a perfect accompaniment to the meaty dishes of the seder and as an opportunity for some precious few moments of silence, as this “wise son” tries to ascertain the appropriate varieties within. Type 3: The Quiet One - the Simple Son We all know this personality, who seems to repeat his contributions year to year (is this night really different than all other nights?) Though his observations may seem, well, obvious, we can try and add some points to this son’s IQ by giving him a wine that is anything but simple: the Galil Mountain Meron. The Meron evolves during the meal as new flavors are expressed with every sip and is the ideal engagement to begin wine discussion. This strong and well-balanced wine exhibits a silky texture and a long velvety finish which fills the palate with its rich tastes and is the perfect companion to the seder plate’s lamb. Not only will the this wine greatly aid the “simple” son’s wisdom,

after a cup or two of the Meron, you may find the brilliance of all the guests gathered round the table enhanced. Type 4: the Youngsters - the Ones Who Do Not Know How to Ask While this guest may usually give a “deer in the headlights” look when asked a question, the seder is ultimately about engaging all of our company, thus securing the links in our tradition. Studies have shown that the glazed over look can be recharged with a good glass of fine, sweet wine. For “the one who does not know how to ask,” choose the Yarden Heightswine. This award-winning wine is truly a dessert wine with a difference, compelling your guests to ask “why can’t all other wines be like this one?” The Yarden Heightswine is a delightful and rich vino comprised of an aromatic mix of tropical fruit flavors layered with honeysuckle, jasmine and a hint of spice, truly described as the “taste of Gan Eden.” Keep the all your guests awake and alert by the end of the seder without engaging in the search for the afikomen, but simply by filling their glasses with this delectable choice. Next year, in Jerusalem! Finally – with all personalities satisfied by wine, bring a unifying close to this wonderful evening. Anticipation (and attendance) for the year to come can be ensured by providing a vino that the whole table can raise a united glass and toast “next year in Jerusalem.” The Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon is an Israeli classic; a rich wine with complex flavors and a full body. Containing all the elements of a quality and elegant Cabernet, this, Israel’s favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, is the perfect choice to bring together the whole family.




hat’s fun, educational, and gets flour everywhere? Chabad of Georgia’s Model Matzah Bakery of course! The Matzah Bakery is an interactive experience that teaches participants all about Pesach. Traveling to any Jewish institution, the program brings a completely self-contained Matzah Bakery on wheels. It can be taken to and set up anywhere. All ingredients and supplies are provided for, from flour to the special matzah ovens. It is geared for, and enjoyed by 2-year-olds to 60-year-olds alike. Jewish preschools, Sunday schools, ele-

mentary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college students across Atlanta all participated this year. Additionally the Friendship Circle of Atlanta also enjoyed the Model Matzah Bakery. More than 1,000 participants experienced a hands-on matzah baking process this year. As Pesach comes around each year, students and teachers alike anticipate Chabad of Georgia’s Matzah Bakery. “The kids loved it, they always do, we look forward to it every year. We had one teacher who was away and was crushed that she missed it,” said

Sheila P., Director of the Schiff Preschool at Temple Emanu-El. The program starts with Presenters, dressed up as Pharaoh and Moshe, captivatingly telling over the dramatic story of Passover. Then, the entire process of baking matzah is interactively done from beginning to end. First, the ingredients of matzah are explained, with stalks of wheat used as aids. Then, the kids grind the grains of wheat in a stone hand grinder. Next, the kids go into the water and flour stations. These water and flour booths are used in real matzah factories, to ensure that the two ingredients never mix, because it would then make the matzah chometz. Wearing aprons and bakers hats, the hard work begins. After kneading, rolling, and using a docker to poke holes, the dough is ready to be baked into matzah. All participants take home their own personal hand-baked matzah and the fun memories. The interactive aspect of the Matzah Bakery engages all types of learning styles. “The Matzah Bakery is a great hands-on experience for all ages. For some students visual learning is more powerful than auditory learning. The instructor was very friendly and connected with our students” said Amanda B., a faculty member at Yeshiva Atlanta High School. This year, Chabad of Georgia’s Matzah Bakery was especially meaningful. Wanting to enhance the quality of the Matzah Bakery, Mr. Saul and Mrs. Sylvia Becker sponsored this year’s Matzah Bakery in memory of the Yahrzeit of their son, Kip Becker. Mrs. Sylvia Becker explained, “Our son died on Pesach and was born on Yom Kippur. Every year [on these dates] we like to do something special for his Yahrzeit and birthday.” After asking Rabbi Yossi New, he suggested that this year’s “special something” could be to support the education and magic that is the Matzah Bakery. And so, the Beckers took his advice. After the Matzah Bakery had been to the Weinberg Early Learning Center at The Temple, Sylvia’s phone rang. “I got a phone call from a friend, who is a teacher at The Temple, and she was so happy to see it was sponsored by the Beckers!” said Sylvia B.

The boxes that were used for the participants to take home their own matzah in, were customized with the acknowledgment of Kip Becker’s Yahrzeit. These personalized and meaningful boxes did not go unnoticed. “Our students truly enjoyed the experience of rolling and baking their own matzahs. The box for them to take the matzah home in was adorable as well!” said Leslie M., Admissions Director at Torah Day School of Atlanta.

“We wanted to sponsor the Matzah Bakery in appreciation of Rabbi Yossi New and family, and Chabad,” Mrs. Sylvia Becker concludes. The Model Matzah bakery is a hands-on experience that brings the meaning, warmth, and excitement of Pesach to life. If your school did not have the Chabad of Georgia’s Model Matzah Bakery this year, be sure to next year.

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fulton county arts & culture Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs




Everybody’s Favorite Jewish Holiday REFLECTIONS ON A PUZZLING PREFERENCE



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nstead of lying around the house, polishing off left-over hamantashen or watching old musicals on Netflix, I decided to perform my annual empirical statistical review. It’s always enlightening to poll everyone I know and all the people they know, etc., to check the state of our people, but I’m hardly ever surprised. As usual, fewer Jews are marrying other Jews; Jewish support of Israel is dwindling; most Jewish children either do not have or do not know their Hebrew names; a tiny number of our private-school kids go to Jewish ones; a microscopic contingent of our fellow religionists observe the laws of kashrut; and the majority of us consider Shabbat to be the perfect time to re-seed the lawn or wax the car. That’s the reason that one particular indicator is so interesting; it looks like everybody loves Passover. Its blue ribbon status has been a constant for generations. Pesach remains our most widelypracticed and fondly-remembered celebration. I just have to ask, is this the same Festival of Unleavened Bread that I’m thinking of? One could understand a preference for Chanukah or Purim. Now, those are fun holidays and they require hardly any synagogue time. They both feature brave, attractive Jewish personalities, and their central foods—latkes, jelly doughnuts, hamantashen—are delicious. New Agers and Unrepentant Hippies might, understandably, be

partial to a deeper, more introspective holiday, like Yom Kippur, which offers mystical Cohanic chanting, the wearing of white garments, fasting, eschewing leather and lots of communal singing. Do-it-yourselfers and outdoorsy types would be drawn to Sukkot or Tu B’shvat. The all-night learning of Shavuot would naturally appeal to the tens of thousands of insomniacs and the compulsively studious among us. Let us not forget the delightful Tu B’Av, during which singles are encouraged to mix and mingle or the jubilation of Yom Ha Atzmaut, forging our pride and connection with our homeland. Any of the above could well head our Jewish holiday hierarchy. What, I ask, brings Passover to the top of the list? Don’t tell me it’s the matzah. No need to fret over this conundrum because I figured it out. People love Pesach because of the seder, the festive meal, and the fact that most of us go to someone else’s. You do the math: The Schwartz family, consisting of two adults and three children, host a seder. They invite one set of grandparents, two other couples who each have two children, one neighbor and her sister who’s visiting from New Jersey and a couple of university students. One family does all the work and 14 other people (who have not been cleaning and cooking for a week), show up. It’s the 14 other people who say that Passover is their favorite holiday. How well I recall those days of

yore when I was a guest at the seders of others. My entire responsibility was to show up on time with a moderately-priced bottle of wine or a can or two of macaroons. Sometimes I helped with pre-seder chores, but come on people, how does adding parsley and salt water to the seder plate compare with peeling several dozen eggs, de-bugging a huge head of romaine lettuce, pulverizing a knotty horseradish, maneuvering elbow-deep matzoh farfel stuffing, and skimming the chicken soup? How about dealing with those exotic kosher-for-Pesach scouring pads that disintegrate upon contact? (Ever try to actually remove grime with them? As my realistic grandmother used to say, that’s what fingernails are for.) Reading and discussing the haggadah, bingeing on a 12-course meal and singing con brio was easy during the years when I hadn’t been up the entire previous night grating apples and basting a turkey. I’m not a bad person…I always offered to help clean up. But because it was way past midnight when the last song was sung, I was usually shooed out by the weary host and hostess, whose good manners were obviously misplaced, but greatly appreciated. I hit the fresh air with a smile on my face and sang Dayenyu all the way home. My friend Sherry and I have made our own seders for ages, and although we live far from each other, we still enjoy commiserating during the Passover Prep Period. She lives in a New York apartment (that does not have a doorman), and believes that it will be very chilly, rainy and even sleety this year. Because her guests may likely encounter complications in order to join Sherry’s family at this year’s seder, she decided to call the ones she’s most worried about, her wheelchair-bound cousin, Enid, and her husband, Harold. They plan to drive to Brooklyn from their home in Connecticut. “We’re definitely coming!” Enid declared. “I’ve never made a seder at home, and I’m not starting now.” What could Sherry say? She envisions muddy puddles and freezing rain greeting Enid and Harold as they slosh and roll from their car, which will be parked many blocks from the apartment, if they can find a spot. Sherry loves Enid, but it’s great to say goodbye to every last guest when

the seder ends. Their other invitees live nearby and will be able to come and go safely, but what if Enid and Harold have to stay overnight? “The kids can give up their beds,” Sherry sighed. “Their sleeping bags are only a little bit moldy from camp.” I assured her that no one in her right mind would make that trip if the weather’s really awful. “Of course they’ll come,” Sherry answered. “Everybody likes to be at somebody else’s seder.” I had to agree. Chana Shapiro and her family wish all of you a joyful, meaningful and liberating Passover. As usual, Chana reminds her readers that even though she makes fun of Jewish life, she loves, loves, loves everything about being Jewish. Especially schlepping all the Passover dishes up from the basement and spending thirty five dollars for a kosher-for-Passover cake.


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The Davis Academy wishes our community a happy Passover filled with stories, songs and blessings.




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ere’s a quick and easy casserole based on the Greek classic spanakopita that replaces phyllo dough with matzoh crackers. If you like, you can stir 1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg and 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill into the spinach mixture for a richer flavor. (Serves 6).

Ingredients: Butter or oil, for the baking dish 2 (10-ounce) packages frozen spinach, thawed 1 small onion, diced 3/4 teaspoon fine sea salt, divided 8 ounces feta cheese, crumbled, divided 1 1/2 cup reduced-fat milk (1 percent) 1 cup cottage cheese 2 large eggs 6 matzohs (each 6 inches square) Directions: 1.) Preheat the oven to 375°F. 2.) Butter or oil an 8x8-inch baking dish. 3.) Combine spinach, onion and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a large skillet and cook over medium heat. 4.) Stir frequently, until onion is tender and most of the liquid has evaporated from spinach. 6 to 7 minutes. 5.) Transfer to a medium bowl and let cool slightly. 6.) Stir in about two-thirds of the feta. 7.) In a blender, combine milk, cottage cheese, eggs and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt. Blend until smooth. 8.) Arrange 2 matzohs in the bottom of the prepared baking dish and top with half the spinach mixture. 9.) Top with 2 more matzohs, remaining spinach and remaining 2 matzohs. 10.) Pour milk mixture over top and sprinkle with remaining feta. 11. ) Cover the dish with foil and bake 30 minutes. 12. ) Remove the foil and continue to bake until top is browned and egg is set, 15 to 20 minutes longer. 13. ) Cool 15 minutes before serving.



his version of the Passover classic is packed with the bright flavors of pistachios, sweet apricots and pomegranate. Charoset is traditionally served with matzoh, but it’s also delicious as a condiment in sandwiches or as a filling for endive leaves. (Serves 16)

Ingredients: 1 cup shelled pistachios 1 1/2 cup dried apricot halves, chopped 1/3 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice 1 tablespoon orange blossom water (optional) 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint

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4.) Add apricots, pomegranate juice and orange blossom water, if using, and pulse again until the mixture is finely chopped but not puréed; it should be just a little bit chunky. 5.) Cover and refrigerate at least 30 minutes to allow flavors to blend. 6.) Refrigerate up to 3 days. Stir in mint just before serving.

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Directions: 1.) Put pistachios in a small heavy skillet and place over medium heat. 2.) Cook, shaking the pan frequently, until pistachios are fragrant, about 3 minutes. 3.) Place in the bowl of a food processor and let cool a few minutes. Pulse until chopped.




The Seventh Day of Passover ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL By Chana Shapiro

“I have a gun and I’ll kill you if I have to!”


It was the seventh day of Pesach, shevi’i shel Pesach, the day on which the Jews crossed the Red Sea, a holiday on which we do not carry money.

AJT contributor n the Bronx, Zvi and I lived far from the synagogue and the “Jewish neighborhood.” Therefore, we walked alone to and from services and meals with other congregants who lived close to shul. As newlyweds with limited funds and equally limited kitchenware, we were especially delighted to join other families for Passover lunches and dinners. It was late when we headed home from just such a dinner. Leaving the well-lit main boulevard, we made our way along a deserted street, then under the El (elevated subway). As we walked through the tunnel, a huge figure lunged toward us.

“Give me your money!” he shouted,

“We don’t have any money,” my husband stated, matter-of-factly. This was, in the eyes of our assailant, obviously a lie. Before him stood a well-dressed young couple, probably returning from the theater or a restaurant. “Don’t play with me!” he yelled. My mind raced: Should we give him my leather coat, bought one week earlier in a half-price sale at B. Altman’s? Zvi’s single pair of decent shoes? My watch, which though a fake, looked really expensive? “We’re very sorry, sir,” Zvi answered. “It’s a Jewish holiday, and we don’t carry money. If we had any mon-

ey, we’d be more than happy to give it to you. You’ll just have to ask someone else.”

home? Are you a stark, raving lunatic? It was then that we fully entered the Twilight Zone.

I was pretty sure that my calm, ridiculously cavalier husband had spoken his last words, after falling into an hysterically-induced state. It was clear that he’d lost his mind.

“Whaddaya mean?” the robber asked.

“Then I’ll have to kill you,” our robber announced. He sounded disappointed that he’d be a murderer by default, and walk away empty-handed, to boot. Did he have a real gun? Should we make a run for it? In that event, I’d have to dump my heels and ruin a good pair of pantyhose. Or faint. But Zvi had other plans. “Actually, sir, you don’t have to kill us. Come home with us, and we’ll give you some money when we get there.” I gave Zvi a look that, properly directed, would easily have felled our perpetrator. Bring this criminal

This give the

“Just what I said. You don’t have to kill us because we’ll give you money at our house. It’s just up there, over the next hill. Let’s go!”


Did he say, okay? For the next 15 minutes we three walked in silence. I have no idea what the other two were thinking, but I was doing some power praying. I just had to live to tell the bizarre story to our yet unborn children and grandchildren. Arriving at our apartment building and learning that we lived on the fifth floor, our robber headed for the elevator. “We’ll meet you,” my husband explained. “We don’t use the elevator

Passover, gift of hope.

With your support, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta has helped countless people overcome hunger, poverty, and despair. During Passover, we remember how our ancestors left Egypt with the hope that their future would be better than the present. april 11 ▪ 2014


Donate today and give those in need the gift of a better future.

on Jewish holy days. We’ll take the stairs.”

traveling companion was confused.

“Oh, no you don’t! I’m coming with you!”

“In your hatband!” Just call me Little Miss Sharp Eyes.

By now I realized that my fate lay in the hands of not one, but two dangerous men. Who was this would-be murderer? And, more interestingly, who was this nervy religious guy I was married to? I was stuck with both of them.

He took off the hat and held it to his chest. “I’m Lou Smith. I live on East 121st Street. I sure have enjoyed the evening.” Then he disappeared into the subway.

“Where’s the money?” he screamed.

I was trying to decide if Zvi was just a typical religious guy or maybe the luckiest fellow on earth. He explained it as we walked home a second time. “Tonight is Shevi’i shel Pesach, remember? It’s the special night that G-d watches and protects each and every Jew. I have no idea why you were scared.”

Chana Shapiro hastens to answer your questions: Mrs. Campbell heard the whole story and was repaid in full two days later; and, even though Chana and Zvi walked the same route for five more years, they never saw Lou Smith again. A version of this story first appeared in The Southern Israelite.

The three of us went around the side alley, then climbed five flights of stairs. But I didn’t think Zvi would handle money once we got home, even though he’d prolonged our lives by promising it. Instead of going into our apartment, Zv knocked at the door of our favorite neighbor, Eudora Campbell. She looked through the peephole and then slightly opened the door, leaving the chain latch in place. I’d never seen her in her bathrobe or without her bottom teeth. Clearly, she hadn’t been expecting company. Zvi took over. “Mrs. Campbell, we owe this gentleman $20. Please pay him for us.” Ah, the panoply of emotions racing across Mrs. Campbell’s face! But she was canny enough to understand that we were either drunk or desperate. Either way, she wanted to get rid of us. “Be right back,” she said.

We Help Build Tomorrow, Today Matthew Lieberman, JNF Board Co-President, Georgia

And she was. She handed our companion a 20 dollar bill, as she caught my eye. What’s the matter with you Jewish people? I read in that look.

“You tricked me!” our charge hollered. “How do I get out of here?” “Don’t worry, sir,” Zvi assured him. “We’ll walk you back to the subway.” Now I had a choice. I could run into our apartment, or I could go along to witness the fate of my husband, whose faith and goodness might not work twice in one night. I went along. The three of us descended five flights of stairs, traversed the alley alongside the building, walked down the dark street for another 15 minutes and finally reached the El underpass where it had all begun. Now what? Our

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Donate Now to Help Build Israel’s Future

JNF helps build tomorrow today, together with the people of Israel. With your support, children now have a safe refuge from harm, deserts bloom and water renewal solutions build continued promise for future generations. Mail Donations: 42 East 69th Street | New York, NY 10021


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As our night visitor rolled up the bill and slid it into his inner hatband, I sang out, “Well, good night, then! The elevator’s right over there!”







have been the queen of matzah balls since I was sticking food in my mouth. This might explain my problem with carbohydrates, but my first raw food was the matzah ball. The way I think about seasonal cooking is much like people think of white shoes after Labor Day: the first pot of matzah ball soup of the year is right after Rosh Hashanah, and the

last pot is with Pesach. I like them in all forms. Matzah balls so hard they require a steak knife, matzah balls seasoned, matzah balls so fluffy they fall apart in the ladel. Give me matzah balls, or give me death. (Chas V’Shalom.) Finding a good broth is my challenge. Sure, I can make a mean chicken stock (for all those purists out there), but the real challenge is finding a veggie broth recipe that keeps

everything on a parve playing field. WARNING/TRICK #1: If you are a purist, this stock isn’t your thing. This broth is the result of all of my research for “African vegetable soups.” The way I see it is that the matzah ball is such a simple flavor, and it doesn’t hurt to pair it with something complex. But, if you like the traditional soup, then only do this when you are wearing your adventurous super power cape. It is an easy recipe with complex flavors.

WARNING/TRICK #2: I hope you have heard of the “seltzer water in matzah balls” secret trick. It works. You want to know why my secret is? Beer. I use a hoppy beer to fluff up my matzah balls. However, if you are making this recipe for Pesach, beer is off limits. SECRET TO YOUR BALLS: Sorry, but I had to say that. The key to fluffy matzah balls is not handing the batter. I use an ice cream scoop to make round dumplings. If you want hard matzah balls, you need to roll the balls to perfection and pack them tight. They will also need to boil longer.

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The Secret Weapon Veggie Stock (Great with matzah balls, or on its own) Ingredients: 2 tablespoons shredded ginger 1 tablespoon powdered ginger 1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cayenne (or to your liking. I actually use 1 teaspoon because I like to burn my face off.) 4 chucky-chopped carrots 3 chucky-chopped stalks of celery 1 diced yellow onion 1 cup yellow or red lentils 10 cup water 1/2 acrorn squash, roasted Directions: 1). Stick your acorn squash face down in 1 inch water. 2). Pop that baby in the oven at 350°F for 45 minutes or so, or until you can very easily stick a fork through it. 3). Saute your carrots, celery, and onion with your spices for about 5 minutes. 4). Add the lentils and the water and then let it simmer for about 30-45 minutes. 5). When it is done simmering, I give the stock a whirl with my immersion blender. Then I cut my acorn squash into chunks and stick that in.


There is no shame in using a matzah ball mix. The truth is that it is simply matzah meal in pre-measured packets. For every packet, I use about 1/8 cup of beer or seltzer. Be brave and experiment for yourself! This stock improves with age. The longer it sits in your fridge, the less heat the cayenne will carry. Ginny Adams is the blogger at, a new kosher blog that has been gaining attention around the world.


oNe maN’s opiNioN



ere I to ask a sample of Jews which of the many holidays we observe is the most significant – the answers would vary. The very observant Jews would follow the Talmud and would consider Shabbat the holiest and most significant holiday. The vast majority, of course, would proclaim that the High Holydays, especially Yom Kippur, which the Torah calls the Shabbat of all Shabbats (Shabbat shabbaton). I assume this response because Yom Kippur is the holiday when most people attend services. It is the day still considered by most Jews as The Day of Awe, the day in which the world’s yearly fate is being determined. In my youth I held with the latter group. The thousands of candles in the synagogue cast an eerie light on the ancient walls and seats. Men clad in their white kittls (the long white shirt) and the whole Kol Nidre ceremony indeed had imparted a mood of gravitas. After all, it is the day of judgment and the synagogue, in its way, is the court. But for the last decade or so I changed my view. Presently, the holiday that I believe is most significant, the one that symbolizes the moral spirit in Judaism – a spirit that led to the elevation of idea of empathy and the significance of tzedek . So significant is the moral message of Pesach that even the Shabbat is being associated with the Egyptian departure. Note this significant passage in the Shabbat Kidush: For the Shabbat is “the first holy convocation in remembrance of the departure from Egypt.” Let me propose to you that our annual celebration of the Seder is the reaffirmation of human evolution. The Torah tells us that when G-d created the human being he installed into them two distinct attributes. First G-d created humans in his “tzelem” in his form that is merely

a description of the body. Of course this term is an allegorical description. The second description of man is demut the installation into us the capability of assuming G-d’s character of goodness. We assume G-d’s demut only when we develop a consciousness of what G-d wants of us. Once we develop our consciousness, we change from merely being a human to higher entity than that of becoming humane. Our experience as slaves in Egypt has instilled into us the capability of developing empathy so that we not only changed our individual character but also our collective character. When we left Egypt we were merely humans, but at Sinai, reflecting our Egyptian experiences, we were on our way to become a humane collective endowed with a moral consciousness. We must remember Egypt as our source of being empathetic people. As the Jews stood on the far shores of the Red Sea (or the Sea of Reeds) the angels in heaven were rejoicing. G-d rebuked the: “My children are dying in the sea and you rejoice?” Thus we learn not only of G-d’s mercy, but more importantly of his universal empathy. Remember you were strangers in the land of Egypt – the Torah reminds us – hence you should have empathy towards the stranger. How is this empathy expressed? The Torah proposes that a humane collective first and foremost stresses universal equality. There shall be but one law the Torah instructs us – the same law is applicable to the stranger, the resident, and the citizen. The suffering in Egypt should also instill into us the ideal of “tzar baal chai,” the principle that all things, man and beast alike, experience suffering and hence we should be careful not to cause pain to any living thing. We therefore begin the Seder with an invitation: let all who are hungry come and eat. We cannot close our eyes to hunger, to physical pain, to emotional suffering. Do not put a stumbling block in front of the blind and do not

curse the deaf, even though he cannot hear you, and you shall surely send away the bird before you harvest her eggs. These are all the qualities of an empathetic humane person. Each Passover, as we sit at the Seder table and recite our ancestors’ experiences – their lives as slaves, both in Egypt and in the Holocaust – experience should teach us to differentiate the good and life from evil and death. Therefore the Torah tells us “chose life” as a humane individual. As we sit down to conduct the Seder, we must remember our history, our national experience and remember that amidst the table laden with all the good food, we also have the bitter and learn to differentiate the good from the bad. Sitting together with our children, let us

teach them our history and the moral lessons we have drawn from it, and let us, with our children at our side, reaffirm that a good world cannot exist without empathy and transform ourselves from merely being a human being and elevate ourselves into humane beings. To me, because of these lessons taught at the Seder, I must proclaim that the greatest of all Jewish holidays is Pesach a time that learn what G-d wants of us – He wants us to become G-d -like to do justice and to love our neighbor. Eugen Schoenfeld, a professor and chair emeritus at Georgia State University and a survivor of the Holocaust, will be speaking at Shema Yisrael during the High Holidays.

Wishing everyone a



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wo years before my greatgrandmother was born in the beautiful southern city of Atlanta, John Pemberton was busy introducing his new flavorful

and fizzy concoction – lucky for us, a concoction that would one day become kosher. The year was 1886, and Pemberton, a Confederate veteran of the Civil War and pharmacist by trade, had re-

great location italian espresso beverages gourmet sandwiches & salads pasta & french Quiches kids menu catering and private parties live music events créma Espresso Gourmet 2458 Mount vernon rd., dunwoody, GA. 30338 678-731-9020 | open Every day 7 a.m. -9 p.m. |

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In the spirit of the season, your friends at Georgia Commerce Bank wish you a very Happy Passover!


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cently created a non-alcoholic drink to ists found that by substituting cane replace an alcoholic coca-wine “tonic” and beet sugars for those derived from he had been selling for medicinal pur- grain, and they could continue producposes (non-alcoholic due to reing Coke which would be strictions imposed by the Prohiacceptable to drink on Passbition). over, without significantly altering the cola’s taste. Originally, he sold his new creation as a medicinal drink Every year the Cocaat a soda fountain at Jacob’s Cola Company continues to Pharmacy in Atlanta. It soon produce a special “Passover became the world’s favorite soft run” of Coca-Cola made acdrink: Coca-Cola (or CoCola, cording to this special recipe as pronounced by true-blood Rabbi Tobias Geffen (this run can be easily spotSoutherners), instead ted by its yellow cap of a medicinal tonic bearing an O-U-P and found its way into symbol). This special the homes (and hearts) run of Coca-Cola has of many Americans proven to be extremely with the advent of its popular outside of cirbottling in 1891. But cles of people who keep it wasn’t until 1935 Passover, as many that the popular drink people like the taste would become kosher. of this formula better than the one produced Rabbi Tobias Gefyear-round (hence the fen, then-leader of the new craze of importing Orthodox Jewish comCoca-Cola from Meximunity of Atlanta (and co). Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel, where Thanks to Rabbi my father’s family were Geffen’s research and members), had received involvement with the inquiries from RabCoca-Cola Company binic leaders around many kosher consumthe United States as to ers have been able to whether the drink was enjoy Coca-Cola for considered acceptably the past 80 years. I kosher. once asked my father, Although he lived in the city where who remembers Rabbi Geffen from his the Coca-Cola Co. was (and still is) childhood, if Rabbi Geffen’s leadership headquartered, he was unaware of the of Orthodox Jewry is still remembered answer and inquired within the com- in Atlanta. pany for knowledge of the ingredients. He answered that unfortunately, The company shared the drinks top-se- those whose lives were affected and cret ingredients (though, not the exact touched by Rabbi Geffen’s religious recipe) with Rabbi Geffen and he ruled guidance and leadership are now very that due to the small amount of beef few, and the younger generation does -based glycerin in the drink, it was not not seem to know of him. considered kosher to the standards of It is a comfort to think that while the Orthodox community. many may not know or remember the Wanting to gain the kosher mar- impact of this illustrious Rabbi on the ket within the Jewish population, Co- Atlanta community, his impact on the la-Cola tried to find a substitute for the world of kosher will always be rememnon-kosher glycerin and was fortunate bered. As for the rest of us, the recipe to find a coconut oil and cottonseed oil for the world’s favorite soft drink still based glycerin, produced by the Proc- remains a well-kept secret. tor and Gamble Company. The Coca-Cola Company replaced Alex Idov is a kosher food blogger who the beef-based glycerin with the oil runs the award-winning site ‘Kosherbased one and Rabbi Geffen approved ology’ and a regular contributing food the beverage kosher certified. And the columnist to The Five Towns Jewbest part of this whole deal is that one ish Home magazine. He is currently doesn’t have to give up drinking Coke studying for his bachelor’s degree in for Pesach (Passover). Culinary Sustainability & Hospital While the recipe for Coca-Cola ity. Visit ‘Kosherology’ at www.explorcontained ingredients which were by- and like ‘Koshproducts of grain (and therefore not erology’ on facebook kosher for Passover), Coca-Cola chem-


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The Atlanta Jewish Times is now offering free tickets for the Atlanta promo screening of thrilling WWII drama, “Walking with the Enemy,” starring Ben Kingsley. The screening will be on Wed., April 23 at 7 p.m. at the Regal Perimeter Pointe. The AJT’s free tickets will be available on a first come-first served basis. You can obtain your tickets by emailing a request to


Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, “Walking with the Enemy” follows the heroic lives of a world leader and a young man swept up in the horrors of WWII. Regent Horthy (Ben Kingsley) is the remarkable leader of Hungary and a German ally, but his favorable standing with Hitler changes as the war comes to an end. In an attempt to balance war and peace, the Regent is faced with ceding power to German adversaries or witnessing the execution of his son. As his control of the country is challenged, his enemies move Hungarians to ghettos and death

camps, with no hope in sight. But the despair changes when a young man named Elek (Jonas Armstrong) emerges. Separated from his family during the relocations and aided by the woman he loves, he defies the enemy by becoming one of them. In a race against time, disguised as a Nazi Officer he embarks on a mission to save his family and thousands of his countrymen. Filled with suspense and danger, “Walking with the Enemy” is an unforgettable film of love, courage, and sacrifice.

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(Liberty Studios) Release Date: Friday, April 25, 2014 Genre: Action-Drama-History Run Time: 126 minutes Official Site: Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Ben Kingsley, Hannah Tointon, Simon Kunz and Burn Gorman Director: Mark Schmidt


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AJMF5 Recap



Schelomo W


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e are sitting at Manny’s in the Highlands like we do every year the first Thursday after each AJMF Spring Festival, a tradition where the board meets for lunch and reviews what just went down. We all deemed it a huge success. AJMF5, the 5th annual Spring Festival, was not only a first for many triumphs, but exceeded all expectations with a turnout of about 2,600 people attending our public and private events combined. That is more than all who attended the past four years combined. AJMF5 was the first time we expanded the festival over two weekends, allowing us to produce more events than ever before. We debuted Basya Schechter and Mikey Pauker to Atlanta, premiered an album release with The Afro-Semitic Experience’s new record “Jazz Souls on Fire,” produced a fully musical Shabbat service centered around Kirtan Chanting, and collaborated with the MJCCA to present a multi-stage event that included performances from nationally recognized Jewish music icons and local teen artists. If you were unable to attend any of the events here’s some of the highlights you missed: OPENING NIGHT 03/20 – Steve’s Live Music With the second consecutive year of selling out Opening Night, the evening featured a fusion of jazz, soul, funk, klezmer and cantorial sounds from The Afro-Semitic Experience.

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Thu: 8pm/Sat: 7:30pm | Delta Classical


VERDI: Overture to I vespri siciliani SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 10 ILAN VOLKOV, conductor 404.733.5000 Woodruff Arts Center Box Office Make it a group! 404.733.4848 Presented by:

the ASO. Go!

The band members were as eclectic as the music they created. A diverse crowd of mostly non-Jewish music lovers witnessed the coming together of black and Jewish cultures. Some of the evening’s highlights included a lesson in funk as led by the band’s drummer Alvin Benjamin Carter, Jr. as he explained how you know you’ve been affected by the funk. Although led by pianist Warren Byrd and bassist David Chevan, the horns took center stage. Saskia Laroo’s unique approach to trumpet sounds had the audience – or at least me – mesmerized.

Most horn sections get bathed in reverb, but Saskia took it to whole new level. She incorporates guitar effect pedals in real time by strapping them to a belt around her waist. As she plays with one hand, she tweaks knobs and settings on a chorus pedal and envelope filter to create sounds usually reserved for acts like Phish and the Grateful dead. Get a taste of what The AfroSemitic Experience is all about by listening to some live moments form the evening here: atlantajmf/5th-ajmf-opening-night. SACRED NIGHT 03/21 – Congregation Bet Haverim AJMF5 returned to CBH to feature original melodies from Atlanta’s own chant leaders Michael and Bonnie Levine, Gayanne Geurin, and Will Robertson who performed in what is becoming a wildly popular approach to prayer and worship, known as Kirtan, chanting to a packed house. If you have never attend a chanting service before, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get lost in the music. After each a prayer, the congregation took a moment of silence to reflect upon what just occurred. As I surveyed the room, I saw people engaged in a way that is uncommon to most services I attend. All were singing, there was little to no banter among the audience and there was a true expression of emotion on most of our faces. It was AJMF’s goal this year to present a mostly musical service and the usual Kabanote was at a minimum. You can get a taste of what this service was all about with the latest release from the CBH ensemble “Wheels Within Wheels” record here: FAMILY DAY 03/23 – MJCCA Sundays at Zaban Park are bananas and we just added to the mayhem. On Main Street, the corridor of the MJCCA, AJMF5 featured arts and crafts for the little ones, an interactive photo booth, our silent auction, free magnet photos and a special performance from the Shtetl People featuring true old world Klezmer and Jewish song. In the main auditorium, the day began with Miss Emily entertaining the tots, followed by an interactive

The day carried on with two rollicking sets, indie band Boomfox stepped up the beat with solid pop-rock songs featuring Hannah Zale on lead vocals whose set of pipes extended the music beyond the walls of the auditorium. And the day closed with a spiritual and uplifting performance from nationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, Josh Nelson. A personal highlight of the day was when Josh took a moment to sit at the edge of the stage and explain how he pulls inspiration from Jewish text to write songs before pouring out a heartfelt solo performance featuring his talents on the acoustic guitar. You can catch some of this performance by checking out the @atlantajmf twitter feed. SHABBAT CELEBRATION 03/28 – MJCCA AJMF5 returned to the MJCCA for a two part Shabbat celebration. The first show was for the kids and they swarmed to the front row like KISS was in town. We had stage crashers, guest musicians and audience participation usually reserved for rock concerts, let alone a celebration of Shabbat. Led by Rabbi Brian Glusman and Mikey Pauker, I got my first chance to perform an AJMF event sitting in on percussion with a crowd of 150 kids and parents in attendance. The second half of the evening featured Mikey Pauker as song leader, his second set of the day as one of the private events of AJMF featured him leading the preschool’s morning Shabbat sing. Highlights of the service included Mikey’s super-sticky rendition of Hiney Matov set to a reggae beat and laden with a hooky chorus everyone could sing. Watch the video for this track on Mikey Pauker’s Youtube page at MAIN EVENT 03/29 – Variety Playhouse Basya Schecter warmed the ears of an overwhelmingly large turnout of early arrivers with her power trio featuring Avi Fox Rosen, of Pharaoh’s Daughter on guitar and guest percussionist Rich Stein. Highlights from her set included an amazing drum solo performed with sticks and hands on a combination of cymbals, a dejembe and cajon only to be followed by Basya performing with a kazoo where she traded fours back and forth with Rich Stein.

Up next, Mikey Pauker warmed the bodies by getting the capacity crowd to their feet with the help of his music supervisor Josh Goldberg and an ensemble of local talent featuring Nick Edelstein on lead guitar, AJMF’s own board member Eli Sperling on bass and returning AJMF guest drummer DJ Burel. By the time the headliner hit the stage, Variety Playhouse was packed 750 people strong and Yo La Tengo led the captured audience through more than 100 minutes of sights and sounds that featured constant switching of instruments between players, a flurry of dynamic sounds and songs as vast as front man Ira Kaplan’s pedal board (see my twitter feed for how many pedals this cat plays with).

European Passover Greetings


The evening was perfectly stitched together with DJ Camille spinning between sets and highlights included celebrity faces like Bill Paxton showing up to join in the fun. The evening was topped with our experimental ondemand concert tshirts, commemorative posters and free photo magnets for all in attendance. Missed out? Audio clips are available here: soundcloud. com/atlantajmf As always, The Atlanta Jewish Music Festival can only happen with the support of our Jewish community and all the volunteers who graciously donate their time and money to make this special moment happen every year. Consider supporting the AJMF by donating before the end of this month as we were blessed with a last minute match from the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Visit to find out more or better yet, join our mailing list and learn about the other events we produce year round. Join here: under “Join AJMF’s Email list.” Next up for AJMF events, Teen Open Mic returns Sun., April 13 at Fuego Mundo 4-5 p.m. See you there! Bram Bessoff is a drummer and musician. When not onstage, Bram is a performance coach and music industry entrepreneur helping artists get the most out of their live shows and chart on Billboard. He sits on the board of directors as VP for The Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. Follow Bram’s experiences on, off and backstage @bram_rocks. Interact with him at #InItForTheMoment to share thoughts, comments and ideas about this column.



Across from Perimeter Mall

 Midtown

Next to the Loews Hotel

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drum circle and then three sets featuring the best of our teen performers JR Stein, Justin Goren, Miles Cohen and No Komment from our ever popular Teen Open Mic series.




JEWS MAKING NEWS From our Home to your Home we are sending special wishes for a Passover filled with peace and happiness!

Beverly Aaron 404-353-1180

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Compiled by elizabeth friedly

Jack Antonoff Goes Solo


ne half of the Grammy-winning pop group Fun., Jack Antonoff is branching out with a new solo project. Songs will be released under the name Bleachers and the debut album is set to drop later this spring. Antonoff’s side project may still be in its beginnings, but Bleachers is already making headlines with its video for “I Wanna Get Better.” The explosive music video was directed by Lena Dunham of “Girls” fame. Dunham and Antonoff are also currently dating. Born in Bergenfield, New Jersey, Antonoff attended the coeducational Jewish day school, Solomon Schechter Day School. The “Some Nights” songwriter began his professional music career as the lead singer of the band Steel Train before joining Nate Ruess and Andrew Dost to form Fun.

Chelsea Handler Leaves “Lately” Peggy Feldman 404-310-0895

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Keri Greenwald 404-307-6000

Eydie Koonin 404-697-8215


fter eight years of hosting on E!, Chelsea Handler has announced that this season of “Chelsea Lately” will be her last. She will not be returning once her contract expires at the end of the year. The network has not released any information as to whether or not they will replace Handler with another host. As for what’s next, rumors have been circulating that both Handler and comedian Stephen Colbert are in the running to replace David Letterman, who recently made public his plans for retirement. There have been claims that Handler is in talks with CBS, although nothing has been confirmed. She is also reportedly considering a weekly radio show on Sirius XM. While hosting her show, Handler has continued to work in film and TV throughout her career. Most recently she appeared in the Lifetime movie, “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film,” consisting of five short films.

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Father of the Year


Harriet Koonin 404-245-5588

Gloria Miller 404-580-0181

Elaine Rabb 404-932-0089

Robyn Zimmerman 404-219-2191

4848 Ashford Dunwoody Road Dunwoody, GA 30338 770-394-2131 770-396-6695



tlanta’s Fathers Day Council has selected Albert Tarica as one of its 2014 Father of the Year Honorees. Albert will be honored at an event June 12 at TWELVE Hotel Atlantic Station with proceeds supporting the American Diabetes Association. He is a partner in the public accounting firm of Tarica & Whittemore and Chairman of the Atlanta CPA Alliance. Dedicated to volunteerism, Tarica has worked with the Chick-fil-A Bowl for 45 years and last year was inducted into its Volunteer Hall of Fame. He serves on the Board of the new College Football Hall of Fame which opens in Atlanta this year. He has served on the boards of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Atlanta Sports Council and was Volunteer Chairman of Super Bowl XXVIII. Visit for more information or to make a donation in his honor.


tell & k’vell

Joan Kaplan Surprised by Community Service Award




Rosenthal & Mack C

ongratulations to recent newlyweds, Emily Rosenthal and Al Mack. Emily is the daughter of Mark and Phyllis Rosenthal of Atlanta. She is also the granddaughter of Zelda Bidnick and the late Morris Bidnick of St. Louis, and the late Betty and Bert Rosenthal of Clearwater, Fla. Al is the son of Richard and Shelley Mack. He is also the grandson of Alfred McCowin and the late Louise Boyd, and the late Richard and Helene Mack, all of Akron, Ohio. The ceremony took place October 19, 2013 at Kimball Hall in Roswell, Ga. For their honeymoon, the bride and groom vacationed in Jamaica.

Sunday, April 27 • 4:00 - 5:00 pm Rain or Shine

Besser Holocaust Memorial Garden Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta 5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody The entire community is invited to a Yom HaShoah commemoration ceremony sponsored by the MJCCA, Atlanta Rabbinical Association, and the Consulate General of Israel. The ceremony will feature remarks and an original musical composition from Jim Barfield, local author, attorney, and Juvenile Court Associate Judge. A highlight of the program is the lighting of the Six Torches in memory of the light of six million people whose lives were extinguished in the Holocaust. For more information, contact Rabbi Brian Glusman at or 678.812.4161.

Free and Open to the Community Atlanta Rabbinical Association

MJCCA | 5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338 | 678.812.4000 |


if you don’t want to act your age, have we got a retirement community for you. At the Renaissance on Peachtree you can truly be who you are. there isn’t a big BLAMO! when you turn 62 and all of the sudden you lose your sense of fun, right? Call now to schedule your complimentary lunch and tour.

Call today to learn about our Spring Two-Bedroom Promotion! Happy Passover from Our Family to Yours!

3755 Peachtree Road NE | Atlanta 404.237.2323 | REtiRE iN st ylE. youR st ylE.

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peechless is not a word typically used to describe outgoing real estate agent Joan Kaplan – however, when the DeKalb Association of Realtors recently awarded her the prestigious Clark Harrison Community Service Award she remembers being both speechless and flabbergasted, since she was nominated without her knowledge by her business partner, Marshall Berch. Kaplan has been affiliated with Berch all eight years of her real estate career and developed a reputation for being a go-to realtor in her home community near Oak Grove Elementary School. At the awards ceremony, the usually gregarious Kaplan stated simply “I just do what I love, which is to help people, pets and nature in simple and small ways as often as possible. It’s not like I do any one big thing; I just don’t even think about doing the small things or that they are extraordinary – they are just a part of my DNA.” The award is named for Clark Harrison, who was shot by an enemy sniper in World War II and paralyzed from the waist down, but became a successful realtor, Chairman of the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, founder of Fidelity National Bank, and along with James Shepherd, founder of Shepherd Spinal Center (now Shepherd Center). Kaplan, was a co-founder of a business networking group for young professionals called AM Atlanta, she started a Jewish singles group and volunteered for Shearith Israel’s Homeless Women’s Shelter for 12 years. The Kaplans have two daughters, a 12-year-old and an 8-year-old who they waited five years to adopt from China and arrived with a serious heart condition, which is now in check thanks to successful surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Their home in Leafmore Creek Park subdivision also includes three rescue animals and a chicken coop. Kaplan has also been quite involved at Oak Grove Elementary, volunteering at many school functions since her oldest daughter was little, ranging from orientation/registration, ice cream socials and donation of teacher and staff meals. Her community involvement extends to an annual free paper shredding event that she heads up for Marshall Berch & Associates at Toco Hills, along with coat, bike and book drives, and more. Roughly two years ago, Kaplan witnessed the aftermath of a shooting at the Kroger parking lot near her office, which killed an armored guard. Shaken and resolved to live life one precious day at a time, Kaplan sprung into action to create a fundraiser and memorial event for the widow and family of the guard. “I am exceptionally honored by the Clark Harrison Community Service Award,” said Kaplan. “It’s really coded in me to give back and I do it without thought of such rewards. The sweetest and best rewards for me are connecting people in valuable ways to their neighbors, to food, to books, and to nature.”


The Right Place. The Right Time. Welcome Home!





Sporting Goods, the Atlanta Hawks, Massage Heights (offering complimentary massages), and Mizuno.

► 7:30 a.m. - Kids’ 1-Mile Fun Run/ Walk (Ages 12 and Under)

HJDR –Timeline and Details:


respite care ● personal care ● memory care

coMPliMENTArY MEMorY cArE scrEENiNG providing life enriching care at an affordable price! come meet our dedicated and caring team members. call 770-350-2393 or

Wishing you a Happy Passover!

n Sun., May 4, at 8 a.m., the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) is proud to present the 21st Annual Harris Jacobs Dream. Run (HJDR) on the MJCCA’s Zaban Park campus. The popular community event features:

► 7:30 a.m. Blonder Walk (NEW THIS YEAR - a Special Needs 1-Mile Walk for Youth and Adults)

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24/7 Power Protection Hands Free operation | Professional installation

GENErATors 24/7 PoWEr ProTEcTioN

Packet Pick-Up Expo MJCCA Zaban Blank Building

The Harris Jacobs Dream Run course is certified as a Peachtree Road Race qualifier (allowing runners to use their time to qualify for a start wave in the 2015 Road Race) and all participants will be chiptimed. The race also includes packet pick-up prior to race day, and a family-friendly post-race party featuring food, drinks, and local vendors and organizations, including Dick’s

Thursday, May 1, at 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. and Friday, May 2, at 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

► 8 a.m. - 5K Road Race/Walk (begins and ends at Zaban Park and follows a certified, family-friendly course through Dunwoody neighborhoods.) “My late husband, Harris, would be so pleased to see how the Harris Jacobs Dream Run has grown these past 20 years. It was always his dream. to be able to make sure that children who wanted to attend a youth sports program. would be able to have that experience – regardless of their financial circumstances. Proceeds from the Dream Run allow us to do just that. I know that this year’s addition of the Blonder Special Needs 1-Mile Walk would make him so very proud of how far we’ve all come,” said Kitty Jacobs, Harris’s widow and cochair of the HJDR.

generator sales & service, inc.

Registrations are underway for this popular community event! For information and downloadable forms, visit, or call (678) 812-4151.

Race Day (Sunday, May 4, 2014) 7 a.m.: Race day registration begins on-site. 7:30 a.m.: Kids’ 1-Miler Fun Run/ Walk / (children aged 12 & under) $15 Needs 1-Mile adults): $15

Blonder Special Walk (youth and

8 a.m.: 5K Road Race/ $25 (through 4/21), $30 (after 4/21); $35 (on Race Day) **Phantom Runner: $30 (“Don’t make me sweat, send me the great shirt!”) Post-Race: Bring the family and stick around for our huge post-race party with food, music, raffles, and local vendors. Register: For information and downloadable forms, visit www.atlantajcc. org/HJDR. About the Harris Jacobs Dream Run The HJDR was created 20 years ago to serve our community by providing a fun, active, and familyfriendly event that honors the memory of a past president of the MJCCA, beloved member of the Atlanta Jewish community, and staunch chil-


Commit To Stay Fit Participants in the race are invited to visit the MJCCA’s state-ofthe-art Total Health Fitness Center. All runners are entitled to two complimentary guest passes. For more information, please contact Rachael Rinehart, MJCCA Total Health fitness director, at (678) 812-4022. Race Registration HJDR Registration Forms are available online at www.atlantajcc. org/HJDR, or (key-

word: Harris Jacobs), or in person at MJCCA’s Zaban Park. Volunteer Dream Team Needed The race requires approximately 60 volunteers to help with registration, the starting line, water stations on the course, and at the finish line. Edtior’s Notes: To volunteer, please contact Bonnie Brodsky, MJCCA development associate, at (678) 8124151, or visit HJDR to sign up.

dren’s advocate, Harris Jacobs. Larry Gordon, partner with Affleck & Gordon and 2014 HJDR Volunteer Committee co-chair, had originally recommended that the road race be named after Harris Jacobs, who had died shortly before the first race began some 20 years ago. Gordon explains, “It is the mission of the Harris Jacobs Dream. Run to provide exceptional experiences for our participants. Mr. Jacobs’ memory is not only honored by the many thousands of runners, volunteers, and spectators who have participated over the years, but also by the proceeds, which make it possible for the MJCCA to impact children and their families and enable them to participate in the JCC’s many programs and services.” All pre-registered runners of the HJDR 2014 Road Race will receive a microfiber high-performance t-shirt and a goodie bag. Participants are encouraged to form running teams (at least five members) within the community as part of the HJDR Team. Challenge. Awards and door prizes will also be presented.

Project GIVE is collecting gently used running shoes for “Back On My Feet Atlanta,” a nonprofit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of homeless populations by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. Donations will be taken throughout the months of April and May. Collection bins are located at the Front Desk at MJCCA’s Dunwoody campus.

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Donate Gently Used Athletic Shoes to Support Project Give: “Back On My Feet Atlanta”


John Manzari, Maurice Hines, and Leo Manzari with members of the DIVA Jazz Orchestra, in Maurice Hines is Tappin’ Thru Life at Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater November 15-December 29, 2013. Photo by Teresa Wood.



Choreographed and written by Maurice Hines | direCted by Jeff calHoun

Broadway legend and tap extraordinaire Maurice Hines teams up with the unforgettable Manzari Brothers to share his life story and glamorous career through tap.

Maurice Hines is “tHe life of tHe party.” —Washington Post


ewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) has promoted Miriam Friedman to the position of Chief Development Officer.

Friedman, who JF&CS hired as Director of Development in December 2010, helped forge tremendous momentum and extraordinary results for the agency this past year. Working with a superb lay and development team, she led JF&CS to a record-breaking $1,369,000 annual campaign and several successful fundraising events. She helped establish the community’s Create a Jewish Legacy program and over the past several years has helped secure significant planned giving gifts. “We are indeed very fortunate and grateful to have such gifted talent on our team,” said JF&CS CEO Gary Miller in announcing the promotion.


as low as


april 11 ▪ 2014

NOW–May 4 Tickets @ 404.733.5000 | Groups 404.733.4690

Series on the Alliance Stage Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs


In addition to her current duties, Friedman will lead the supervision and management of JF&CS’ Volunteer Services Department. ABOUT JF&CS Jewish Family & Career Services (JF&CS) is a community of caring professionals and volunteers that offers programs, services and resources to strengthen individuals and families of all faiths, cultures and ages. Having provided health and human services to the greater Atlanta community for 120 years, JF&CS has grown to serve more than 30,000 individuals annually. The agency currently manages more than 40 programs without regard to age, race, religion, national origin or ability to pay. Editor’s Notes: For more information about our entire array of services, please call (770) 6779300 or go to The main office is located at 4549 Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Atlanta.



pril is Autism Awareness Month. Autism has been making headlines for the past few weeks following a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The study, which examined 8-year-olds in 11 communities around the country, estimates one in 68 children in the United States to have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is a 30 percent increase from a study conducted two years ago by the CDC that concluded that one in 88 children has an ASD. According to CDC representatives, this report does not explain why more children have been diagnosed. Rather, it is meant to serve as a reflection of the public becoming more aware of the signs of ASDs and understanding the importance of proper diagnosis and early intervention. Most signs of autism become apparent between the ages of 2 and 6-years-old, but some actually appear as young as 12 months. New research is promising to detect the possibility of autism in early infancy. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and other sources, list some behaviors that might indicate a child has an ASD. Any of these signs merit further investigation by a pediatrician or specialist: • Does not babble or coo by 12 months • Does not gesture (point, wave, grasp) by 12 months • Does not respond to his or her name by 12 months • Does not say single words by 16 months • Does not say two-word phrases on his or her own by 24 months As children get older, other signs become more obvious: • Doesn’t play social games (i.e., peek-a-boo) or attempt to gain parents’ attention • Lack of interest in peer relationships • Little or no eye contact • Lack of or delay in spoken language • Lack of spontaneous or make-believe play • Repetitive use of language and/ or motor mannerisms (e.g., handflapping, twirling objects, repeating words) • Persistent fixation on parts of objects or unusual attachments to objects or routines Autism is treatable, and studies

show early diagnosis and intervention can improve the outcome significantly. JF&CS has expanded the Child & Adolescent Services – Tools for Families’ testing services to include Autism Spectrum Testing Services for children who are suspected of having ASD or a developmental delay. We believe early identification and diagnosis allows for opportunities for early intervention and access to other resources. Additionally, the Developmental Disabilities Services – Tools for Life division has expanded to include the new Young Adult Autism Services, which offers clinical and vocational support to adults between 17 and 30 years old with high-functioning autism. For information about Autism Spectrum Testing Services, please call (770) 677-9319 or email testing@ For information about Young Adult Autism Services, email or call (770) 6779436.

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Excellence in Cardiology Dr. Mohammad Kooshkabadi

Northside Cardiology is committed to provide

unparalleled expertise, timely communication, and personalized care. Our board certified cardiologists and highly experienced medical staff work together to put the patient first. In addition to General Consultative Cardiology, we provide: • Diagnostic Imaging, Including Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology • Cardiac CTA • Cardiac Catheterization, Leaders in Radial Access • Transradial Intervention • Pacemaker Implantation • Cardiac Electrophysiology


Dr. Marcus Brown

Dr. Nabeel Hafeez Dr. Michael Balk


Dr. Jack Chen

Dr. Barry Silverman Atlanta:

5670 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Suite 880, Atlanta, GA 30342 Alpharetta: 3400-C Old Milton Parkway Suite 360, Alpharetta, GA 30005 Forsyth: (electrophysiology clinic only) 1400 Northside Forsyth Drive, Suite 340 Cumming, GA 30041 Canton: (electrophysiology clinic only) 15 Reinhardt College Parkway Suite 105, Canton, GA 30114

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To schedule an appointment, please call (404) 256-2525 43



Douglas Kuniansky Installed as 29th MJCCA President FOCUS ON OUTREACH, TIES WITH OTHER JEWISH AGENCIES



ative Atlantan Douglas Kuniansky was recently installed as the 29th president of the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta’s (MJCCA) Advisory Board. Kuniansky accepted the presidency at the MJCCA’s 68th Annual Meeting and will serve a two-year term. Kuniansky stated, “I am thrilled to accept this distinguished position as the president of the MJCCA, an agency that serves more than 55,000 people annually. One of my primary objectives as incoming president includes enhancing our already exceptional outreach programming for the greater Atlanta community.” Kuniansky added, “Additionally, I intend to maintain collaborative ef-

forts with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, while forming strategic alliances with other agencies within the community.” “We are pleased to welcome Doug Kuniansky in his newest capacity as president of the MJCCA,” said MJCCA CEO Gail Luxenberg. “Like Doug’s late father, Max Kuniansky (a past-president of the agency), Doug brings his passion for building community to his role as president.” Kuniansky had an extraordinary mentor: his father, Max, who was a pillar of the Jewish community for decades. Max, together with other community notables Erwin Zaban, Milton Weinstein and Sidney Feldman (all of blessed memory) was instrumental in expanding the (then) JCC headquarters, located in midtown Atlanta.

In addition, Max was instrumen-


that examines an unknown footnote to World War II history and heroism with big-screen artistry, imagination and excitement... AN INSPIRATION!” -Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER ACADEMY AWARD WINNER ®




tal in working with the Blumenthal family to develop the (then) Cobb County Shirley Blumenthal Park (SBP) branch of the JCC located in East Cobb. While the SBP campus was named in honor of the Blumenthal family; the SBP building was named in honor of the Kuniansky family.

industrial real estate company that handles marketing, leasing and property management for their own portfolio and others.

Doug Kuniansky

“The Kuniansky family epitomizes the bedrock Jewish notion of “L’dor V’dor: from one generation to the next,” explained Luxenberg. “The MJCCA embraces this concept and looks to Kuniansky to find new and creative ways of carrying on this legacy.” Kuniansky’s passion for the MJCCA comes from his belief that “The J” formed his Jewish identity during his youth where he spent time swimming, playing basketball and softball, attending camp, and participating in BBYO (Jewish teen movement). Kuniansky explained, “I would like to expand some of the core programs that I grew up with, that are currently offered in Dunwoody, into the Jewish communities Intown and in the outlying metro-Atlanta suburbs.”

april 11 ▪ 2014



“Clearly, Doug has inherited his father’s dedication and commitment to the Jewish community,” Luxenberg continued. “Doug is truly a positive force and has been a pleasure to work with in his previous MJCCA leadership capacities. He maintains that this responsibility fits with his personal mission to help unite and strengthen our greater Atlanta community.” Personal Background



4.44" X 5.806"


FRI 4/11

Doug Kuniansky serves as President of MK Management Company where he has been employed since 1981. MK is a local commercial and

As a real estate broker, Doug is a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, National Association of Office and Industrial Properties and an Associate Member of Society of Industrial and Office Realtors.

Kuniansky is a graduate of the University of Georgia and a native Atlantan. He has served on various Jewish community boards, including, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, JF&CS, Breman Jewish Home, and The Standard Club. He is an active member of Temple Sinai. Kuniansky’s greatest volunteer commitment has been to the MJCCA, where he has served on the Advisory Board for the past 12 years, as a Vice President for four years, and two years on the Governance Board. Kuniansky has chaired the Development Committee for the last 5 years and has been recognized by the National JCC Movement (the JCC Association of North America) for Innovative Fundraising. He has also served on numerous committees at the MJCCA including, the Governance Task Force, the Abe Besser Holocaust Memorial, and the current Capital Campaign Committee. Doug Kuniansky and his wife, Debbie, have five children - Daniel, Evan, Hayley, Brooke and Carly. When not working or volunteering his time in the Jewish community, Kuniansky enjoys golfing, skiing, spending time at the beach, and mostly sharing good times with family and friends.





he Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) is pleased to present two special author events featuring Candy Spelling, New York Times bestselling author and television personality on May 7; and Joey Reiman, founder and CEO of the global consultancy, BrightHouse, an Atlanta-based company on May 20. Both events will take place at the MJCCA, with book signings following the program. Tickets are now onsale.

Candy Spelling On Wed., May 7, Candy Spelling will discuss her newest book, ““Candy at Last”, ‘in conversation with’ Stephanie Davis-Smith, editor of The Atlantan magazine, at the MJCCA. “Candy at Last” is the long-awaited follow-up to Ms. Spelling’s New York Times bestseller, “Stories from Candyland.” This time out, Candy has even better stories to tell— most notably, about her notorious rift with her daughter Tori, their reconciliation in recent years, and their current close relationship. Engaging, heartwrenching, and hilarious, ”Candy at Last” shares her story of how family, friends, and her husband’s inspiring advice to “follow your dreams” has made her determined to live life to the fullest. Along the way, Candy reveals all-new dishy stories, including those of Hollywood friends Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Michael Jackson, Janet Leigh, Dean Martin, and Elizabeth Taylor (her lifelong rival over their jewelry). Joey Reiman On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., the MJCCA presents a new speaker series titled, “ICONS: The People Who Change Our World,” which kicks off with Joey Reiman, founder and CEO of the global consultancy, BrightHouse, an Atlanta-based company. Reiman will discuss his most recent book, “The Story of Purpose: The Path to Creating a Brighter Brand, a Greater Company, and a Lasting Legacy,” with local TV Personality and Host Conn Jackson. Reiman was named by Fast Company Magazine as “One of the 100 people who will change the way the world thinks,” and is a brand expert known for putting the smile on the Pepperidge Farm goldfish cracker. Learn from this nationally celebrated and awardwinning speaker, author, and business “purpose” guru how to live a really meaningful and successful life. His breakthrough purpose methodology and frameworks have been adopted by individuals all over the globe along with companies like The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s, and many other Fortune 500 companies. “The Story of Purpose” puts a higher purpose on every page. This book offers you five life-changing tips for increasing your personal and professional success. Reiman’s ground-breaking ideas have inspired deeper love, a more meaningful career, better health, greater wealth, and richer faith.

Candy Spelling, May 7

NYT Bestselling Author and Television Personality Discusses her Newest Book, ““Candy at Last”” In Conversation with Stephanie Davis-Smith, Editor, The Atlantan Magazine

Joey Reiman, May 20

Award-Winning Speaker, Author, and Visionary Kicks Off New MJCCA Speaker Series: “ICONS: The People Who Change Our World,” With Discussion of his Book, “The Story of Purpose” In Conversation with Conn Jackson, Host and TV Producer, “The Conn Jackson Show”

april 11 ▪ 2014

Ticket Prices for the Candy Spelling and Joey Reiman Programs MJCCA Member Price: $10 / Community Price: $15. Tickets are on sale now. Seating is limited; reservations are recommended. For information, visit or call (678) 812-4002.





Vosamo PhotograPhy 404-966-2007

The winning team: Phil Rubin, Jeremy Rubin, Louis Goldberg, Glenn Frank, David Grocer, Brad May, Craig Fagin SPECIAL FOR THE AJT



Sandy Abrams april 11 ▪ 2014

when only the best will do!


404.281.0097 cell | 404.233.4142 office

532 East Paces Ferry Road • Atlanta, GA 30305 • 404-233-4142 •


orty-three men from the MJCCA recently attended a Donor Recognition Event in partnership with the Atlanta Hawks, at Philips Arena. The event was facilitated by Atlanta Hawks personnel, and spearheaded by MJCCA staff and MJCCA volunteers Scott Alterman, Michael Dinerman, and Sammy Grant. The day’s activities consisted of tournament-style basketball games on the Philips Arena floor, free throw and three-point contests, dinner and networking with Hawks executives, and the Atlanta Hawks vs. Phoenix Suns in the C-Level Lounge Suite. This event is yet another example of the collaboration between the MJCCA and the Atlanta Hawks. MJCCA and Hawks are in year two of a three year sponsorship. “The relationship between the MJCCA and the Atlanta Hawks is stronger than ever thanks to the dedication and hard work of our respective staffs and first class experiences like this Donor Recognition Event,” said Jared Powers, MJCCA Chief Program Officer.

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JIFLA Announces Appointment of Community Resource Specialist WIESEN JOINS TO SUPPORT NEWLY FORMED WOMEN’S CRISIS LOAN FUND

Happy Passover!



ewish Interest Free Loan of Atlanta (JIFLA) is pleased to announce that Nicole Wiesen, MSW, has joined the other volunteers on its loan committee as Community Resource Specialist.

Mrs. Wiesen, licensed as an LCSW in Florida and California, will focus on intake and consulting in matters related to JIFLA’s newly launched Women’s Crisis Loan Fund. She is an independent mediator and conflict coach. Her specialization is working with clergy and congregations that need professional help resolving conflict and crisis management, specifically as it relates to women’s issues. Mrs. Wiesen’s professional practice background includes inpatient psychiatric hospital and medical/hospital social work, HIV/AIDS, crisis response, grief work, and child/adolescent/family therapy. JIFLA’s Women’s Crisis Loan Fund will serve as a safety net for women facing insurmountable financial obstacles as a result of losing their independence and capacity to fulfill their potential as professionals, citizens and mothers. In many cases, women who are newly divorced, have had family reversals or health issues or are single mothers often find themselves in a temporary financially challenging situation and are particularly vulnerable.

1040 crown Pointe Parkway, suite 775. Atlanta, GA 30338 P: 770-804-3199 | F: 770-804-3198 |

A significant number of these individuals also need assistance in developing budgeting skills to manage their limited financial resources wisely so they can avoid future crises. In addition to providing interest free loans to members of Atlanta’s Jewish community who face unexpected financial hardships, JIFLA also provides budget counseling support to its borrowers and offers periodic public Budgeting 101 workshops. As the new Community Resource Specialist, Nicole Wiesen joins a dynamic and committed team of volunteers who have facilitated the growth of JIFLA, which has now provided over $151,000 in interest free loans since its inception in March 2010. Mrs. Wiesen will work closely with Merrie Edelston who was recently elected to JIFLA’s Board of Directors.

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Mrs. Edelston is also focused on helping borrowers with budget counseling support. She has extensive experience in consumer lending from her career as a senior loan and regulatory compliance officer and computer systems project manager at a major credit union.


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fter competing at the 10th Annual North Atlanta Jewish Students’ Technology Fair, several Green-

field Hebrew Academy students moved up to compete at the state level at the Georgia Educational Technology Fair, held at Macon State College.

GHA students who competed in the State Tech Fair included, back row, left to right: Ben Ogden, Yoni Bachar, and Matthew Chen; middle row, left to right: Levi Linowes, Shayna Shapiro, Deena Glusman, Wade Rabinowitz, Gillian Gerson, Bobbi Sloan; front row, left to right, Josh Schulman, Ethan Rolnick, Paulina Lebowitz, and Zachary Amdur; seated, Shiraz Agichtein and Sophie Knapp Once again, GHA made an excellent showing, snagging the only firstplace trophy won by students from their region. “This year State had the largest number of participants ever, and the competition was really tough,” said GHA’s Director of Technology, Sue Loubser. “We’re very proud of all the GHA students who competed.” Fourth-grader Shiraz Agichtein won first place in the category of Non-Animated Graphic Design for third and fourth grade students. Shiraz created a series of computerexecuted designs on the four seasons, with each season represented in the style of a different artist. “I like art a lot, and I thought, the seasons are unique and each artist has a unique style, so it fit,” said Shiraz. “I never thought that I would win first place!”

april 11 ▪ 2014

Noah Chen, a fifth grade student, won second prize in the Technology Literacy Challenge, fifth and sixth


grade category. This is a very difficult and comprehensive test on all things technological. Ashira Rabinowitz and Shayna Shapiro, also in the fifth grade, won third prize in the Non-Multimedia for fifth and sixth grade category. The duo designed and operated a blog about fashion that they still keep active. “It was quite a labor of love for them; they worked on it for months,” said Mrs. Loubser. Because the state-level Technology Fair took place on Saturday, all Greenfield Hebrew Academy students pre-recorded their presentations to enable them to participate while still observing the Shabbat. “I also did another project in the regional fair, a video game that I did in ALICE (an object-oriented 3-D programming environment), and I might like to work on that for my next Tech Fair,” said Shiraz. “I definitely want to do Tech Fair again!”

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he results of Greenfield Hebrew Academy’s ERB tests are in, and the administration and faculty are very pleased with the GHA student results. ERBs are a standardized group of tests administered by the nonprofit Educational Records Bureau to assess academic achievement in both public and independent schools.

really serves as an indicator for how prepared our students are to enter high school. Our eighth graders scored way above the norm for other independent schools, and those who qualified for untimed testing scored way above the national norms.” However, while GHA administrators and teachers are proud of their students’ great showing, they say that there’s more to the picture.

The ERBs allow schools to compare student results to the national average, which includes all schools; the average of independent (private) schools, which tend to fall somewhat higher than the national average; and also track results sorted by students taking the test within the time constraints and students who qualified to take the test without any time limits.

“Of course, scores on tests should be seen as only one piece of data in a full educational profile,” said Ms. Summers. “Yes, we showed well as a school; but we know the data doesn’t tell the whole story about the learning that is taking place for each individual child. At GHA, we make sure that every child is nurtured and challenged to become the lifelong learner that he or she can be.”

“Our students did extremely well across the board, in all grades that took the test,” said Interim Head of School Leah Summers. “We are particularly excited about our eighth grade results, because that group

Ms. Summers continued, “But it’s very gratifying to have an impartial outside observer confirm that when our students leave GHA, they are completely prepared to go on to any high school and excel.”

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Celebrate Passover with Israel Bonds Invest in Israel Bonds

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Epstein Announces $1 Million Gift At Groundbreaking Ceremony RENOVATION PROJECTS TO BEGIN AS OF PASSOVER BREAK

Joyce Tritt, Jack Halpern, Lynne Halpern, Stan Beiner (Head of School), Mark Stern (Board President), Tamar Stern, Bryan Lewis, and Carolyn Oppenheimer SPECIAL FOR THE AJT


oday, The Epstein School held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the school’s upcoming renovations, beginning with the school’s close for Passover Break on April 11.


from Oy Toys and And Thou Shalt Read Atlanta’s largest Jewish Toy and Book Store for all of your holiday needs

President Mark Stern was on hand to officially declare the school ready for the start of renovations and symbolically begin the demolition of the cafeteria. Head of School Stan Beiner thanked all the generous donors and shared the excitement and anticipation that is in the air as phase one of the transformation of the school begins. The renovation project will focus on the Orkin Educational Building. Most notably the school’s cafeteria will be completely renovated into Epstein’s new Chadar Ochel, which will house the new cafeteria and theater with a state of the art sound and lighting system. The renovations will also include a new Administrative Office Suite, Business Office Suite, energy efficient windows and a contemporary, updated facade.

april 11 ▪ 2014

The Epstein School made a major announcement during the ceremony; the school received a $1 million gift, generously donated by Lynne and Jack Halpern and Carolyn Oppenheimer.


This is the first gift of this magnitude ($1 million) the school has ever received. To honor the family for their steadfast support and wonderful contribution, the Upper School Building will be renamed The Halpern Family Building, when renovations are completed at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year. | Call for more information 770-993-5432

Mark Stern, Board of Trustee President stated, “We are so grateful to the Halpern family for going above and beyond. Their generosity is matched by their dedication to The Epstein School and the Jewish community at large.” The Epstein School is very grateful to everyone who has stepped-up and supported the Building Our Future Capital Campaign.



Tops in Technology

The Epstein Celebration



TOP: Dedicated supporters and parents Amy Lewis, Bryan Lewis and Tamar Stern gathered for fun and schmoozing at The 2014 Epstein Celebration. BOTTOM: Shari Judenberg and Robin Brill flash their cell phones, as they engage in cell phone bidding wars at The Epstein Celebration’s auction.

Gavriella Mamane, Benjamin Sturisky, Jordan Leff and Isabel Berlin SPECIAL FOR THE AJT


he Epstein School had four talented students place in the top 3 at the 2014 Georgia Educational Technology Fair, a state-wide competition.

Congratulations to these students whose dedication and demonstrations of technology mastery earned them distinct honors at this prestigious high-tech event. The school acknowledges and thanks the Media and Technology Department led by Principal Aaron Griffin, who work hard every day to ensure Epstein students are able to develop their technology skills with the support they need to be successful.

Their dedication to provide an outstanding technology education for Epstein students and commitment to leadership roles in the community helps the school’s technology program remain on the cutting-edge. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and to the following for their placements at the state competition: 2nd Place - Isabel Berlin - Multimedia Application (7-8 Grade) 3rd Place - Gavriella Mamane - Digital Photography (3-4 Grade) 3rd Place - Jordan Leff and Benjamin Sturisky - Mobile Apps Design (3-4 Grade)



his past Sunday, April 6, was a beautiful evening as hundreds of guests came to celebrate The Epstein School, honor Linda Schear for her years of dedication to the school, and pay tribute to Jo Hodge on her upcoming retirement.

Parents, faculty, staff and members of the Epstein community came to shop at the extraordinary auction, eat delectable food from Added Touch/Kosher Touch Catering, enjoy the ambiance at Le Fais do-do and rock-out to the live music by The Helpers. The Epstein School gives a heartfelt thank you to the event chairs who made sure The Epstein Celebration was perfect in every detail: • Cindy Burstiner and Elana Yoels (Epstein Celebration Chairs) • Felissa Covin, Yvonne Jacobs and Sharon Wolf (Auction Chairs) • Jennifer Caplovitz and Arin Tritt (Host Committee Chairs) • Carey Guggenheim and Candice Keilin (Decorations Chairs) • Lily Schneider and Molly Yoels (Epstein eighth graders For putting together the event video montages) The school extends its gratitude to everyone who attended and helped the day of the event, from set-up, registration, check-out, and clean-up. The school could not have done it without you! The school acknowledges and thanks its Corporate and Boutique Sponsors and Epstein Celebration Sponsors.

april 11 ▪ 2014

Special thanks are given to Technology Instructor Helene Marcus, Technology Instructor and Regional Technology Fair Co-Chair Leora Wollner and Epstein’s Systems Administrator and the Co-Chair for the State Technology Fair, Anthony Shields.




Preschool Commemorates Anniversary with Weekend-Long Celebrationm WEINBERG EARLY LEARNING CENTER TURNS A DECADE OLD SPECIAL FOR THE AJT


he Weinberg Early Learning Center (WELC), a preschool operated by The Temple, celebrates 10 years of providing a supportive, rich learning environment for Atlanta’s children. The monumental anniversary takes place over the weekend of March 28 to 30, concluding with Sunday’s big dedication and ribboncutting of Sonia’s Playground. Sunday’s event will feature entertainment and food to entice the entire community. Families can buy lunch from a visiting food truck, enjoy free drinks and Good Humor ice cream, plus experience awesome attractions like jugglers, tattoo artists and an adorable song performed by the WELC’s 4-year-olds.

Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy

april 11 ▪ 2014

‫ש גרינפילד‬,,‫בית הספר היהודי ע‬


As a sentimental treat, graduates from the WELC’s very first year will greet the crowd before the new playground’s important donors are recognized. Before Sonia’s Playground dedication on Sunday, the WELC will celebrate with additional events marking the

monumental 10-year anniversary. On Friday, March 28 at 5 p.m., current and former WELC classmates, families, leadership and staff will meet and schmooze at The

We wish you a happy & kosher Passover !

‫חג פסח‬ ‫כשר ושמח‬ For more information about our school please call 404.843.9900

Temple for a fun social hour. The reunion continues for a Shabbat service with a special blessing. Then, on Saturday, March 29 from 7 to 10 p.m., guests will enjoy an exciting evening of live music, great food and a competitive auction, all hosted by the WELC’s Parent Association. The Temple, Atlanta’s oldest synagogue and named one of Newsweek Magazine’s “most vibrant and dynamic Jewish congregations in the country,” is home to WELC. The WELC blends secular and Judaic studies to provide a balanced educational environment. Secular areas of focus include math, literacy, science, and the arts, while Jewish studies curriculum provides a solid foundation in Jewish life, language, and ritual, preparing the students for future Jewish learning. The mission of WELC is to provide a rich and joyous learning environment for young children that will stimulate their minds, nurture their souls and embrace the wonder and beauty of our Jewish heritage. For information on WELC, Camp Minimac, or to schedule a tour please contact Edye Summerfield, WELC Director at (404) 872-8668 or



e are the success stories of local day-school education. Pre-school through eighth grade at The Epstein School was followed by high school at Weber where the study of and love for Israel was engrained in our hearts and minds. We learned the critically important cultural, religious, and political history of the State of Israel. We discussed many of the obstacles the young nation faces and the daily struggles that exist for her citizens. Our years of study culminated with our eighth and 12th grade trips with Epstein and Weber respectively. The relationship with Israel that was nurtured from K-12 has advanced beyond the cultural, religious and political connection to one that aligns with our professional aspirations in business. While the discussion of obstacles and daily struggles continues, we now focus our energy on growth and innovation. As a freshman at the University of Maryland, Caleb joined the TAMID Israel Investment Group. TAMID connects business-minded students with the Israeli economy through education, hands-on consulting and investing, and an all-expense-paid summer fellowship in Tel Aviv. Jake learned of TAMID through friends on other campuses and decided he wanted to bring it home to Emory University. The pitch was easy: “Israel has emerged as an economic, technological, and start-up powerhouse.” The success stories of “the start up nation” speak for themselves and students at top U.S. institutions are getting in on the action. This semester, the Emory chapter plans to build off of the success it experienced upon its initial launch in the Fall of 2013. The speaker/education series included presentations

from community members such as Barry Swartz of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Matt Ficken of Lightapp, an Israel-based industrial energy management corporation, and how their respective careers have connected them and their companies to the Israeli economy.

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Wishing you a Happy Passover

Taking what it has learned from the fall, Emory will be consulting for Sevenpop, a social jukebox sharing application, Tapingo, a food ordering optimization service, and working a joint TAMID/AIPAC “iVest” project. Further, the chapter will be managing a mock portfolio of American and Israeli stocks and securities along with working to fundraise for the TAMID summer fellowship. The 40-member Emory TAMID chapter will engage in practices such as market research, data analytics, social media optimization, pitching stocks, analyzing markets, and many others to provide students with the handson experience of real-world business practices while assisting start-ups in their initiatives.

We use only all natural meat and usdA organic Tofu. vegetarian and gluten free options are also available dunwoody: 4530 olde Perimeter Way, suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30346 | (770) 393-3006 lindbergh: 2561 Piedmont rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 | (404) 846-8689

With chapters on 15 campuses and over 600 active members nationwide, TAMID is engaging students in a relevant and constructive way; it is providing a path for students to bridge their commitment to Israel with their professional goals by expanding their knowledge base, building their networks, and providing real-life work experience. We never would have imagined that seven years after our graduation from Epstein, and again four years later from Weber, we would be working closely as presidents of our respective TAMID chapters building our personal and professional relationship with Israel. Jake is actively seeking community support to expand the TAMID speaker series and consulting opportunities. He can be reached at jacob. Caleb can be reached at

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he lights dim. The audience quiets down. The stage comes alive with music, lights, fantastic acting and superb puppetry. This is “1001 Nights: A Love Story About Loving Stories,” being performed at the Center for Puppetry Arts right here in Atlanta. A show advertised for ages 6 and up could not be more accurate. I would be lying if I said that myself and the adults around me were any less enraptured in the show than the children in the audience. The show used many complicated techniques to tell its story. The five cast members built their own characters, as well as puppets (who took on characters of their own, remarkably enough) that it was hard to remember how small the cast really was.

The plot had a similar effect. It was even at times a show within a show, within a show. The message of the production was hard to miss: sharing imagination is our greatest gift.

a lot of theater there as an actor. Through primary school and high school I had a sense that I was going to be an actor, and by the time I got to college I could see that I liked the big picture stuff a little more.

The Atlanta Jewish Times was granted a special interview with Adam Koplan, writer and director of this adorable production.

I don’t really have to personality to have made a life as a performer, so I transitioned and started thinking about directing. I went to theater school in Paris for a little while and got my graduate degree in directing from the University of Washington.

Atlanta Jewish Times: Can you tell me how you got into directing and the arts? Adam Koplan: My first play ever was when – to get our prayer books, our siddurim, at Hebrew Academy – we did a recreation of a bunch of stories from the Bible and I played Noah in first grade.

AJT: How did you get involved with this show?

I was in a bunch of little school plays through the Hebrew Academyera and then I went to Westminster here in Atlanta and I started doing

A musical theater intern was a guy by the name of Robert Lopez and

AK: Right after I had been to acting school in Paris I came back to the U.S. and interned for a theater called Playwright’s Horizons.

The Ludwig Symphony Orchestra presents a

“Spring Fling Gala” on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. This Holocaust Memorial Day Eve program features Olga and Jacob Yampolsky-violin/viola duo

Writer/director ADAM KOPLAN behind the scenes. we would hang out and we were of like-minded on a lot of subjects. One of the things we both would talk about during that year would be the kind of theater we would like to make. The theater we were at was a realistic theater and both of us were yearning to do something a little more adventurous, more fantastical. We just kind of talked about the theater we wanted to make and said, “Hey, let’s just make it!” So we created an administrative structure, The Flying Carpet Theater, simply to produce this idea of taking the Arabian Nights and turning them into a musical. The show extended a couple of times and has taken on other lives, but the beginning was me and Bobby as interns trying to picture ourselves in the theater and what kind of show we would want to make. AJT: So it was literally a dream come true.

Hye-Jin Kim

Malek Jandali

Olga and Jacop Yampolsky

april 11 ▪ 2014

Gwinnett Center-Performing Arts Center


6400 Sugarloaf Parkway (use Sattellite Blvd. entrance) Duluth, GA 30097

Adults 22. Seniors 19. (over 65)

Students 12. (under 22)

For Tickets and Information 770-623-8623 purchase online at

AK: Yeah, definitely. We made it very low budget in the 90s, just so we could get it done. Walking to rehearsal one day I saw a Persian carpet in the trash and grabbed it, thinking it would be good for the set. Somebody’s parents had an ottoman that had an Arabian flair so we used that; it was that sort of hodgepodge thing. It was a humble affair, but the music was so wonderful and the spirit of the play was great, and from there Bobby and I knew we had something we were incredibly proud of and then felt like a lot of people

saw it in New York, but there was a wider audience for it. Fifteen years later, we were still wishing there was a new life for “1001 Nights,” and growing up in Atlanta, remembering the Center’s work I just thought it would be the ideal home. So I pitched it to the artistic director and the rest is history. AJT: So you mentioned some memories of Hebrew Academy, can you tell me more about your connection to Atlanta and the Atlanta Jewish community? AK: My parents moved here in the late 70s and my sister and I started at Hebrew Academy then. We went to Shearith Israel growing up. In fact, in a kind of fun connection to the show, I’m still in touch with a bunch of my HA buddies, and a few days ago I was asking one of

them if they remembered any of our trips to the Center for Puppetry Arts, because I have a very vivid memory of it. We sort of pin-pointed that in third grade we saw “Aladdin and His Magical Lamp” here at the Center and both of us have really vivid memories of that production. So I’m hoping that if someone sees our show, that in 20 years they’ll remember that show; that would be great. AJT: So do you think there are any particular parts of the show you can find Atlanta reflected in? AK: That’s a really good question. Going back to the connection to the Atlanta Jewish community, I went to a ton of Purim events growing up and there’s a way that some of the Arabian Nights and the ways that they’re told are connected to the Esther

story. There’s even a few bits in the play that I think are influenced by the way the Esther story rolled out. I would say in terms of Atlanta, I think the sensibility of the play is very bighearted American and friendly and that’s kind of the culture of Atlanta, too. AJT: That’s really nice. What do you want your viewers to gain from seeing the show? AK: The show unabashedly celebrates stories and the kind of imagination you get from reading stories from books. I think, as much as I love technology, I also strongly feel as a parent of two kids that it’s important that people read stories and read fairy tales.

I know in my own life it’s been invaluable. I hope people walk away excited about fairy tales--telling stories and hearing stories. The play is really about a girl who saves her life by telling stories and a guy who becomes a better person from hearing stories. This idea of listening and telling and stories as an agent for change is what I hope people walk away from the show with. Of course, that’s all at a thematic level. We think the show is bright and bouncy and fun with unbelievably great music. So if you walked away saying, “That was funny and I loved the songs,” that would also be great.

It helps people form a sense of themselves and a sense of the world;


© Disney

OCT 22 - NOV 2, 2014

NOV 25 - 30, 2014

JAN 20 - 25, 2015

APR 7-12, 2015


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Tovah ‘Out Of Her Mind’

Ahavath Achim Synagogue Tribute to Ambassador Eizenstat BY MARCIA JAFFE AJT CONTRIBUTOR


he 2 p.m. performance on a crisp spring Sunday by Tovah Feldshuh was a tour de force, out of the ballpark hit.

After the hour long performance, the audience was wowed and it left many of us saying, “Truthfully I didn’t know what to expect, but she was really something else.” During the show, Bobby Ezor, the producer-impresario-facilitator, first roused the crowd by presenting Stu with a basketball signed by Dominique Wilkins. Bobby’s charm and enthusiasm warmed the crowd before his intro to the Ambassador. After the event, Bobby commented, “Sunday’s event was to let Stu Eizenstat know just how much we appreciate his dedication to our community and to our faith.” In Stu’s own words, ‘I was moved to my core. I have never received a recognition that has meant more to me than this award today.”

When Stu rose from his seat, unrehearsed, and ran up the stairs and onto the stage to thank Tovah, lifting her arm into the air in victory, it sent chills and evoked tears of joy. Moments like those are priceless.

poignant. She brought us up as well as down: from a New York rapper to a radio dj hosting “Kaddish and Coffee” about a depressed therapist.

Tovah was also thrilled. Afterwards she shared an emotional moment with me, saying, “There are nights and then, there are nights when everything seems to click and a performer can feel her audience and the Ruach in the room. Today was one of those magical times. I’m delighted that this happened for Stu Eizenstat. He was clearly moved and deservedly so.”

After singing a song about Eizenstat, Tovah recognized local Atlantans in the audience by name – poking fun along the way at Liane Levetan’s age, Miriam Strickland Levitas’ name, and gutturally spewing ”ACHHHAVATH ACCHHIM” emphasizing the “huchum” in Yiddish slang.

Eizenstat’s own address pulled his remarkable life all together, beginning with his Atlanta roots declaring, “You can come home again; and I am home”) and from where he derived his passion for Civil Rights and Holocaust reparations which lead to his service under three U.S. Presidents. Meanwhile, Tovah, 61, had the energy (and figure) of a “spring chicken” as she exploded into various characterizations – mostly funny and some

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She chided that she had come a long way from Broadway to a venue just off “Highway 41.” Miriam, ever a good sport said, “Every vignette was unbelievably fantastic. From the ridiculous to the sublime - Tovah’s tremendous range and scope of TOP: Marcia Jaffe, Tovah Feldshuh, expressing emotion touched our heartstrings. Being a Miriam Levitas musician myself, the ‘fasciBOTTOM: Bobby Ezor, Amb. Eizenstat, nating rhythm’ associated Fred and Susan Feinberg with the lives of the Gershwin brothers, George and Ira, was precious trivia to hear. I er, and Kissinger. The Clinton imitalearned that the melody, ‘It Ain’t Nec- tor listed many of Stu’s positions by caserily So’ from the 1935 opera ‘Porgy closing that “it was too bad he couldn’t and Bess,’ was based on the ‘Barachu’ keep a job.” recited before each Torah parasha. I Robyn Spizman Gerson, author will think of that every time I recite and media personality, said, “Each of that blessing from now on!” Tovah’s vignettes were amazing. I par There were memories of a visit with ticularly loved the sentimental ones her horrified, guilt producing, gushing about her grandmother and our rich elderly grandmother when she an- history. As I sat next to my own wonnounced that she would become an derful mother Phyllis Freedman, I had actress. The grandmother finally re- special memories of our family’s three lented as long as she didn’t marry an generations who attended the AA. Bravo to Tovah for her kaleidoscope actor, “’Cause they kiss everybody.” performance which was quite a color We all howled when the grand- ful tribute to a deserving man.” mother wanted to give her some pocket change now, so she could be present to Tovah and Stu both warmly greetreceive the “thank you” instead of later ed throngs of folks exiting in the synagogue lobby with photo-ops and autowhen she inherited it. graphs. Tovah was not “afraid to be Jewish” and did a peppy rendition on her own Sandy Bailey, an avid local theatre name going backwards from Terri Sue enthusiast said, “I brought my elderly (for real) to Tovah (her Hebrew name), parents; and the acoustics were specgrowing up in Scarsdale and waltzing tacular. From the back we heard every word. Tovah had so much energy and as a little girl on her father’s toes. spirit. As for cabaret-style theater, this The impersonation of Mae West ranked at the top!” was down right risqué if not bawdy. The entry song was poking fun at Stu- “Stu: Long Overdue” was definitely art Eizenstat, and he is normally not a high water mark for Atlanta and one to be taken so lightly. Later he was Ahavath Achim Synagogue. laughing and singing Tova’s home- After 35 years with Atlanta newspapers, made song on the screen along with Marcia currently serves as Retail VP for the Buckhead Business Association where she the rest of us. Intermittently impersonator phone calls came into the stage phone for Ambassador Eizenstat (which Tovah comically rejected) from Clinton, Cart-

delivers news and trends(laced with a little gossip). On the side, Marcia is Captain of the Senior Cheerleaders for the WNBA at Philips Arena.





The play was put on by Atlanta Theatre to Go, a non-profit whose mission is to promote “creative aging.” Sondra Ilgenfritz, the founder and director of the program said that she had never had such a large turnout at any of her over six years of performances. According to findings by the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts for America and the National Center for Creative Aging, research shows that theatrical participation slows cognitive decline among the aging. Gerontology experts say involvement and participation in theatre and performing arts is the new “brain food.” Ralph Sachs, Hazel Friedlander, Tina Perrot, and Ella Bernhard, Margaret Suttles, and Blanche Noy-

es were among the stars of the performance. All enjoyed the creative outlet and self- expression that performing in the play offered. “I thought it was remarkable,” said Ella Bernhard, who starred in several Broadway productions in the 1930s. She said she was happy to re-awaken that part of her life. “It’s something I can have fun with again.” The play, which depicted life in a senior community, included comical parodies and musical performances. “I had no idea our residents could sing so well,” says Meredith Strube, Sales Advisor at Renaissance on Peachtree. “We are a family here at the Renaissance,” adds Woody DeWeese, General Manager. “It was remarkable to see so many supportive family members in our audience cheering on their loved ones.” The evening wrapped up with standing ovations, campaign toasts and bouquets of flowers to the talented actors and crew.

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esidents of the Renaissance on Peachtree were Broadway-bound last evening as they took the stage to perform Dick Meredith’s comedy, “Misconceptions.” The cast, who ranged in age from 81 to 96-years-old performed to a standing room-only packed house in the Renaissance’s Starlight Theatre.



what’s happening

Thurs., April 10

60+ Singles 6 at 6 Dinner Club, an evening of good food and great conversation as we dine at tables of 6 at 6 o’clock. The fee includes appetizers. Dinner and drinks available for purchase. Advanced registration is required. Thurs., April 10, 6 p.m. $5/person. Info, (678) 812-3799 or Feature Exhibit: Sonic Sensation, Listen up! The newest exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers a fun and informative opportunity for children to understand the anatomy, measurement and science of sound. Through June 1. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Sat., April 14

Centerpieces Garden Party and Class, Guests will learn creative styling tips for tabletop décor, place settings, centerpieces and living party favors. Experts will also showcase various garden party themes and color schemes to add inspiration. Sat., April 14, 8 a.m. & 10 a.m. Free. All Pike Nurseries locations.

Tues., April 15

Passover Lunch ‘N Learn, beginning with a service, followed by a special edition of the Lunch ‘n Learn adult education series. Tues., April 15, 11 a.m. Free. Temple Sinai. RSVP, www.templesinaiatlanta. org Traditional Second Night Seder, don’t miss a four-course kosher-style dinner and delightful community seder. Tues., April 15, 6 p.m. $25/adult member, $15/child (ages 4-12), $30/adult non-member, $18/non-member child. Children age 3 and under are free. Temple Sinai. RSVP’s and payments by April 11 at or (404) 252-3073.

Tues., April 29

Sisterhood Book Club Meeting, The next Sisterhood book club meeting will discuss “Broken for You” by Stephanie Kallos. The meeting will be held at the home of Phyllis Weiss. Call Paula Grad if in need of a ride or more information. Tues., April 29, 7:30 p.m.

Wed., April 30

Synagogue Scholars: Please join us for the next “Synagogue Scholars” talk. Come hear Hillard Weinstock, MD, MPH discuss “Epidemiology in Action: HPV and other STDs.” Wed., April 30, 7 p.m. Congregation Shearith Israel.

Sun., May 4

Brunch & Fashion Show, “You’ve Gotta Have Heart” to benefit Hadassah’s Women’s heart health programs. With guest speaker, cardiologist, Dr. Marlene Blaise. Silent auction and more. Presented by Metulla Group of Greater Atlanta Hadassah. Sun., May 4, 10:30 a.m. $45/person, $25/ages under 25. Country Club of the South. RSVP by April 24. Send check, payable to Metulla Hadassah, to Nancy Schwartz. Blood Drive, help save a life with AA’s 259th consecutive quarterly blood drive. Co-sponsored by Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 216, Jewish War Veterans Atlanta Post 112, Ahavath Achim Synagogue, and Congregation Or VeShalom. Sun., May 4, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ahavath Achim Synagogue. Reservations, make-donation , Sponsor code: jwv

Wed., May 7

Attorney General Speaking Event, Sam Olens, the Attorney General of Georgia will be speaking to the Jewish Networking Alliance. Wed., May 7. Congregation Ariel.

Sun., April 27

april 11 ▪ 2014

Yom HaShoah, the 49th Annual Community-Wide Holocaust Commemoration with featured speaker Norbert Friedman, acclaimed writer, teacher and survivor of 11 concentration camps. Rain or shine. In honor of Yom HaShoah, The Breman will be open and free to the public. Sun., April 27, 11 a.m. Memorial to the Six Million in the Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta.


Spring Art Show, the Aviv Older Adult Services department of JF&CS host their annual spring community art event. Adults ages 50-92 years old showcase work ranging from abstract acrylic painting to watercolor and collage. Sun., April 27, 2 p.m. Jewish Tower.

Sun., May 11

Courtyard Garden Dedication, please join us for the dedication of the Annette Zimmerman Easton Garden. Refreshments will be served. RSVP or make a donation in your place by contacting (404) 873-1743 or nsurpris@shearithisrael. com. Sun., May 11, 4 p.m. Congregation Shearith Israel.


Volunteer tutoring opportunity with the Atlanta Jewish Coalition for Literacy. Min. 30 minutes one-on-one per week, beginning this fall. Nine metro area elementary schools. (404) 843-9600.


may their memories be a blessing

Lawrence Klinger 84, Atlanta

Lawrence “Larry “ M. Klinger, age 84, of Atlanta died on April 1, 2014. He is survived by his adoring wife of 56 years, Myrna Klinger; sons and daughters-in-law, Steve and Kim Klinger and Stan and Eve Klinger, all of Atlanta; grandchildren, Jessica, Katherine, Amanda, Grayson, and Ransom; nieces, Jo Miriam Katz Worley, Trudy Abelson, Iris Abelson, and Marlene Hager; and his caregiver, Tynica Burns. Mr. Klinger was born in Brooklyn, NY. He served in the U.S. Army as a Forward Observer Radio Operator during the Korean War and was a member of the Jewish War Veterans Post 112. He was a co-founder and owner of Vick Wholesale Restaurant Equipment Company and later, Klinger’s Trading Company with its slogan “Here Comes Big Red.” He previously owned and operated Original Crispy Pizza which expanded pizza availability in Atlanta in the 1960s and ‘70s. He was a member of Congregation Beth Jacob for more than 50 years. He helped literally hundreds of alcoholics recover physically, emotionally and financially, through aid, counsel and employment, having recovered himself some 34 years ago. In his Jewish community he was known as a Tzaddik, “a righteous man.” Larry was loved by family and friends and brought love, joy and laughter to all who knew him. Sign an online guestbook at Graveside services were held April 2 at 2 p.m. at Crest Lawn Memorial Park with Rabbi Ilan Feldman officiating. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Congregation Beth Jacob or Torah Day School. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, (770) 451-4999

Edna Bikoff

98, Sandy Springs Edna Lazarus Bikoff, 98, of Sandy Springs, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Born in Philadelphia, Pa. to Celia and Louis Lazarus, of blessed memory, she grew up in Buffalo and western NY. Edna graduated from Hutchinson High School at 16 and began working so she could help her family during the Depression. She is preceded in death by her husband, Herbert, and her two sisters, Dorothy Goldman and Lillian Reis. Edna moved to Atlanta 10 years ago to be close to her family. She is survived by her daughter, Joan Greene (David); son, Bill (Barbara); grandchildren: Kara Shiflet (Slade), David Bikoff (Mary Logan), James Bikoff, Andrew Greene (Billy Eiselstein), Daniel Greene (Kathryn Born), and Robert Greene (Dr. Jean Felton); and five great-grandchildren. The family would like to extend special appreciation to her caregivers at Huntcliff Summit, where she spent an enjoyable last 10 years: Mildred Simalumba, Christine Mudala, and Everness Mubuso. Edna will be remembered as generous and warm-hearted. An online guestbook is available at www.edressler. com. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Temple Beth Zion, 805 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 14209,; or to Temple Sinai, 5645 Dupree Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, Graveside services were held 2:30 p.m. Thurs., April 3, 2014 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, N.Y., with Rabbi Adam Sheldt officiating. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, (770) 451-4999.

Eloise Franklin Beerman Eloise Franklin Beerman, 95, of Atlanta, passed away on Monday, April 7, 2014 at her home of over 60 years. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband Fred Beerman, her grandson, Brad Beerman, and her brother, DeJongh Franklin. She is survived by her three sons: Bruce H. Beerman and his wife, Janet, Ronald J. Beerman and his wife, Carol, and Fred H. Beerman and his wife, Mary. She is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews and cousins with whom she regularly communicated until her death. Eloise had a multitude of friends and business associates, all of whom she loved dearly. A native Atlantan who was born and raised where Turner Field now stands, Eloise graduated from the University of Alabama in 1937 and then returned home where she began her first career teaching mathematics at Hoke Smith Junior High School. She married Fred Beerman, who literally lived next door to her on Bonaventure Avenue on August 10, 1947. She retired from teaching to raise her children and was extremely active in the school affairs of each of them. After her children were in high school, she earned a real estate license and began a second career selling houses—an occupation which she continued for approximately 50 years. She was an agent with Harry Norman Realtors and, until shortly before her death, was the oldest active realtor in the city. Eloise was a life-long member of The Temple and served as President of The Temple Sisterhood and on numerous other Temple committees. After her confirmation at The Temple in 1934, she attended every yearly confirmation service there (except one) until her death and was a regular fixture at Friday night services and other holiday services. She was a formidable powerhouse of a woman who never stopped making good things happen, particularly for those whom she loved and about whom she cared. She was a most warm-hearted person who was truly loved by all who were fortunate enough to know her. Her unforgettable striking white hair, blue eyes, classy dress, and ready smile will truly be missed. Sign an online guest book at Graveside services are scheduled for Fri., April 11 at 1:30 p.m. at Arlington Memorial Park in Sandy Springs. The family plan to receive friends and loved ones at the home of Bruce and Janet Beerman immediately following the service. The family would appreciate contributions made in Eloise’s memory to either The Breman Religious School at The Temple, 1589 Peachtree Street, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30309 or The William Breman Jewish Home, 3150 Howell Mill Road, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, Atlanta (770) 451-4999

april 11 ▪ 2014

95, Atlanta


JEWISH PUZZLER by David Benkof

Across 1. “The Kept Man” novelist Attenberg 5. Bedouin, e.g. 10. Gefilte fish fish 14. The Talmud discusses what happens if they gore cows 15. It’s next to an egg on the seder plate 16. Riding Noah’s Ark 17. Dorsal ___ (type of circumcision) 18. Polish king kind to the Jews 20. “Mein ___” (Kander/Ebb song from “Cabaret”) 21. Letters replaced with “Der Yiddisher” in the title of some productions of “Pinafore” 22. Ellis is a famous one in American Jewish history 23. ___ Blue (Olivia Newton-John’s onetime clothing chain) 25. “Jewish ___ Second Language” by Molly Katz 26. Alternative to the anti-Semitic explanation for the Black Death 28. Those who took the humiliating “Oath More Judaico” in European Jewish history 33. Some of what used to be a red heifer 34. Prominent LA rabbi Kanefsky 36. ___ House (Warsaw struture built for an Israeli writer) 37. Kind of rock for Gene Simmons 39. Deborah Jiang Stein’s “Even Tough Girls Wear ___” 41. Chumash number 42. Purim feeling 44. Theodor Herzl was known as the Jewish one 46. Israeli calendar start-up bought by Apple for $40 million 47. Rube Goldberg was a Jewish one

49. Synagogue name in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Omaha, and New Rochelle 51. Every rabbi before Regina Jonas 52. 2005 Gwyneth Paltrow movie about math 53. “The ___ Regime,” by Betty Behrens 57. Neckwear for Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz 58. Kind of “seafood” in kosher sushi 61. One way into the Old City 63. Verb for Shabbat afternoon 64. Sea bordering the territory of the Khazars 65. Kind of kosher gum 66. Kvelling comment: “I ___ proud!” 67. Ofer Shechter is this kind of Israeli model 68. Dirt ___ (Simon Rex persona) 69. Big problem in Eric Garcetti’s city

“you and I will change the world”) 9. Chevra Kadisha concern 10. Astronomer Sagan 11. Eilat’s location, if you want to be technical 12. Expert at Latin-American Jews Raanan 13. Exchanged money at the deli 19. Chess master Mazel 24. Singer-songwriter Winehouse (“Back to Black”) 25. Dustin Hoffman’s Ishtar, notoriously 26. It’s inside the volcanos in the Golan 27. A major religion in Israel 28. ___ Hill University (location of the

National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education) 29. Jerry Seinfeld-produced TV series “The Marriage ___” 30. Author of the 1956 book “The Art of Loving” 31. “Sondheim on Sondheim,” e.g. 32. Prolific author Danielle 35. “Suddenly ___” (TV show with Judd Nelson) 38. Immense Jerusalem yeshiva 40. Goal of the residents of LA’s Beit T’Shuvah 43. 1999 film “___ & Jaguar” 45. Nazi lead-in

48. “Heaven Can Wait” Oscar nominee Dyan 50. She hosted a Paris salon with Stein 52. French for “katan” 53. Artist in 3-D 54. Arlo Guthrie’s sister 55. Org. of Rabbi Jill Hammer and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin 56. Eric whose show “Spamalot” had a song about how Broadway success requires Jews 57. Some rooms at Barnes-Jewish Hospital 59. Crypto-Jews (___ known as Marranos) 60. eJewishPhilanthropy, e.g. 62. Vilna’s most famous Jewish sage, initially

Last week’s answers

Down 1. Charles who plays Will in “The Good Wife” 2. Part of the vehicle invented by Siegfried Marcus 3. Kach party founder 4. JDate arranges them 5. Jerusalem neighborhood of the Machane Yehuda market 6. He got 70 percent of the 2012 Jewish vote 7. “Jewish Renaissance in the Russian Revolution” author Kenneth 8. “___ v’atah” (Israeli song about

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times shabbat blessings

april 11 ▪ 2014

Blessing for the Candles Baruch Arah A-do-nai,El-o-hei-nu Melech Haolam Asher Kid-shanu b’mitzvotav V’zivanu l’hadlik ner shel Shabbat


Blessed are You, Eternal our God, Sovereign of time and space. You hallow us with Your mitzvot and command us to kindle the lights of Shabbat. Blessing for the Wine Baruch Atah A-do-nai, El-o-hei-nu

Meelech Haolam, Borei p’ri hagafen Praise to You, Eternal our God, Sovereign of the Universe, Creator of the fruit of the vine. Blessing for the Bread (Challah) Baruch Atah A-do-nai, El-o-hei-nu Melech haolam, Hamotzi Lechem min haaretz. Our Praise to You Eternal our God, Sovereign of the universe, Who brings forth bread from the earth.

Fri., April 11, 7:47 p.m. Sat., April 12 8:44 p.m. Passover Fri., April 14, 7:49 p.m. Sat., April 15 8:47 p.m. Fri., April 18, 7:52 p.m. Sat., April 19 8:50 p.m. Sun., April 20, 7:54 p.m. Mon., April 21 8:51 p.m. Tues., April 22 8:52 p.m.


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april 11 ▪ 2014

Whitney Denton, M.D. Shravantika Reddy, M.D. 3939 Roswell Road Suite 240 Marietta, GA 30062 678-403-4660


All practices accepting new patients and most insurance plans. 770-956-STAR

Atlanta Jewish Times, No. 12, April 11, 2014  

Happy Pesach!. Passover issue.