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Mayor & Guests Celebrate opening of pace’s Blank Upper School

Congregation Etz Chaim in East Cobb

Reflections ,5$9$4/$0'&$4,0*;0$*1*7((56$%.,5+(' on the ,06+($..1) 61/((66+(0(('51)6+( Gaza War (:2$0',0*(9,5+&1//70,6;1)0146+ Page 6 /(64121.,6$06.$06$6<+$,/,5$/1'(40 105(48$6,8(5;0$*1*7(&1//,66('61 %.(0',0*64$',6,10$0'&+$0*(

Atlanta Jewish Academy Opens Its Doors



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AUGUst 22, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; august 28, 2014 +(5;0$*1*7(6+417*+,654$%%,5241)(55,10$. 56$@$0'.$;.($'(45+,21@(45$9,'(4$0*(1) 5(48,&(5('7&$6,10$.241*4$/5914-5+125 5(/,0$45$0'241*4$//,0*)14$..$*(5 ,*+.,*+65,0&.7'(


26 AVâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2 ELUL, 5774 vOL. LXXXIX NO. 27 RESPECTED RABBIS: Etz Chaim is )14670$6(61+$8(6914$%%,5= +$.1/(9,5$0'$7.(4%(.=9+1 $4(9(..-0190$0'4(52(&6('.($'(45 01610.;,0$561%%%76$.51$&4155 /(6416.$06$>5.$4*(4(9,5+ &1//70,6;

THE Weekly Newspaper Uniting TRADITIONAL AND CREATIVE the Jewish Community for Over 85 Years SERVICES: +(5;0$*1*7(1@(45 $)7..4$0*(1)4(.,*,1755(48,&(5= +$%%$6+1.,'$;5$0''$,.;/,0;$05 =$,/('$6/((6,0*6+(52,4,67$. 0(('51)$.$4*($0'',8(45( &10*4(*$6,10

2014/5775 synagogue ISSUE AWARD-WINNING YOUTH PROGAMS: 0'(4 6+(.($'(45+,21)(44;,4%4$*(46+(4(>5$70,37( $0'52(&,$.14*$0,<$6,10)14;170*56(451)$..$*(5 $66<+$,/=(5+(470,14$',/$$',/$ $0' #=6+$6,5?..('9,6+)70)4,(0'5$0' #,'',5+-(,6

FIRST-RATE PRE & RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS: 0'(46+(',4(&6,101) (%%,((765&+6< +$,/2418,'(5$ 074674,0*('7&$6,10$. (08,410/(06)14&+,.'4(0 $0'6+(,4)$/,.,(56+$6,5 14$+%$5('$0'(0&174$*(56+(,0&14214$6,101) (9,5+,'($.5$0'24$&6,&(5 ,061(8(4;'$;.,)(

Upcoming Prospective Member Events Open Door Shabbat -­ Friday, August 22nd

7:15  PM      Wine  and  Cheese  Reception  for  Prospective  Members   8:00  PM      Shabbat  Service  (Oneg  to  follow)  

Prospective Member Brunch -­ Sunday, August 24th 10:00  AM    -­    12:00  PM  -­  Join  us  for  brunch  and  learn  more  about  our   Religious  School,  Early  Childhood  Education  Center  and  our  many   worship  and  social  opportunities.    Bring  the  kids!

Congregation Etz Chaimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal, as it was in 6+(%(*,00,0*,5?0',0*&4($6,8($0' ,0018$6,8(9$;561$''4(556+(52,4,67$. ('7&$6,10$.$0'51&,$.0(('51)174&10*4(*$0656>5$/,55,106<+$,/>5.($'(45+,2 6$-(55(4,175.;$0'$%(.,()6+$6&$0%()170' $66+(+($461)$..174241*4$//,0*6>5$ *1$.6+$6+$52418(057&&(55)7.18(46+(;($45 %(&$75(5,/2.;2769(>4($)$/,.;,06(4(56(',0 4($6,0*($0,0*)7.(9,5+:2(4,(0&(5

ADULT PROGRAMMING:0$'',6,106164$',6,10$.5(48,&($0')4$6(40$. 74,06(06,10,0$..$&6,8,6,(5,5612418,'($0 14*$0,<$6,105=,56(4+11'(0>5.7%#170*'7.65$0'4,/(,/(4&.7%5 (08,410/(061)9$4/6+$0'$012214670,6; Spend the =6+(5;0$*1*7(1@(45$+1561)',@(4(06(:2(4,(0&(5,0&.7',0*>0$,,6<8$+ )142(4510$.*4196+"(&(.(%4$6(61*(6+(49( High Holy Days With Us &.$55(55&+1.$4,04(5,'(0&(9((-(0'54(*7.$4('4$$0'70&+($40&.$55(5 24$;61*(6+(4$0'9(.($4061*(6+(4/$-,0* Visit $0'$0(:6(05,8($'7.6('7&$6,10241*4$/,./1'(9+,&+)($674(5('7&$6145 6<+$,/647.;$+1/($9$;)41/+1/( )41/$5&.15($5/14;$0'$5)$4$9$;$554$(. for a complete schedule of High Holy Day Services. We would love to share our home with you.

CONGREGATION ETZ CHAIM Creating Meaningful Jewish Experiences

!,5,675106+(9(%$6999(6<&+$,/0(614,0)14/$6,104(*$4',0*/(/%(45+,22.($5(&106$&6 9955 Coleman Road -­ Roswell, GA 30075 1%$&+4$&+$6   148,$(/$,.$64%$&+4$&+(6<&+$,/0(6 770-­642-­0434

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AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014




Israel Pride



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GOOD NEWS MADE IN THE JEWISH STATE THIS PAST WEEK Joint nano-research gets $675,000 grant. Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Yeshiva University of New York will together study colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals - tiny synthetic particles containing metal impurities with intriguing implications for the electronics, solar energy and biological fields.

Brainstorm completes stem cell bioreactor. Israel’s BrainStorm, together with Canadian company Octane Biotech, has built a bioreactor for commercial production of the stem cells used as a basis for the company’s treatment for ALCS. The ability to multiply stem cells is critical for the treatment’s success.

Converting electricity from buildings. Israeli start-up SolarOr has developed BIPV - building-integrated photovoltaic. The BIPV panels convert Direct Current trapped in a building into AC energy that can be used locally or sold back to the electric company.

Israeli scientist leads search for Ebola cure. Virologist Dr. Leslie Lobel from Ben Gurion University is developing a vaccine to defeat the Ebola virus by studying the immune systems of the disease’s survivors. He has spent 12 years studying the disease in Uganda.

OurCrowd has raised $60 million for 46 startups. OurCrowd, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, announced that it has successfully raised a total of $60 million, in its 16 months of existence, for its 46 portfolio Israeli companies.

New pancreatic cancer treatment is now Israeli. Normally, foreign investors acquire Israeli biotechs that develop cancer treatments. But here, Israel’s Redhill Biopharma has bought pancreatic cancer treatment RP101 from Germany’s RESprotect GmbH. RP101 has passed Phase II trials and has vital orphan status.

Display panels for Chinese factory. Israel’s Orbotech has received orders worth $55 million for inspection, testing and repair equipment at Nanjing CEC Panda LCD Technology Co., Ltd. - a China Electronics Corp. company.

Revolutionary device for hip replacements. Israel’s MMATech Ltd develops components for total hip implants, made of a revolutionary Polyimide material, MP1 developed originally for the aerospace industry. They are self-lubricating, durable, and have a long lifespan. MMATech is raising funds for FDA approval. Israel provides 10 generators to Gaza hospitals. On Aug 6th, in a unique (mostly unreported) deployment operation, the Israel Electric Company transferred 10 generators with a total capacity of 4.3 megawatts via the cargo terminal at Kerem Shalom for the benefit of hospitals in Gaza.

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Israeli water delegation impresses U.S. Food & Beverage industry. Israeli water technology companies recently met with large food & beverage companies in Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Delaware. They had much to offer the F&B market in the areas of safe water, water reuse, water ratio and better sustainability. Israeli team wins international math competition. For the first time ever, an Israeli team won the International Mathematics Competition, held this year in Bulgaria. The four Tel Aviv University and two Technion students received 355 points -- 38 more than the second-place group.

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AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Wound closure technology saves Israeli soldiers. Soldiers wounded in Operation Protective Edge are benefiting from a brand-new Israeli technology to close open wounds quickly. TopClosure acts like a medical zip to protect wounds immediately when they are inflicted, allowing them to be fully treated later.

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H Have the simcha of your dreams, the possibilities are truly endless!

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amas spokeswoman Isra Al-Mudallal, head of foreign relations in the Hamas Information Ministry, on August 14, told Lebanon’s satellite broadcaster Mayadeen TV that journalists who filmed missile launch sites were given a chance to change their stories, or deport from Gaza. The Middle East Media Research Institute, on August 15, published a translation of her Skype interview. The matter-of-fact confirmation by Al-Mudallal provided the context to the many reports from Gaza of Hamas intimidating journalists, forcing retractions, omissions and censoring impromptu reporting via social media. Israel’s Foreign Press Association also condemned Hamas’ policies towards the press. Al-Mudallal said journalists came into Gaza through the Beit Hanoun Crossing, also known as the Erez Cross-

ing. Most were freelancers or from news agencies. Fewer journalists entered Gaza during this war than in the previous rounds, in 2008 and 2012, she said. The coverage by foreign journalists in the Gaza Strip “was insignificant compared to their coverage within” Israel, Al-Mudallal said. “Moreover, the journalists who entered Gaza were fixated on the notion of peace and on the Israeli narrative,” she claimed. “Some of the journalists who entered the Gaza Strip were under security surveillance,” the spokeswoman said. “So when they were conducting interviews, or when they went on location to report, they would focus on filming the places from where missiles were launched. Thus, they were collaborating with the occupation. These journalists were deported from the Gaza Strip.” Al-Mudallal further admitted, “The security agencies would go and have a chat with these people,” and “they would give them some time to change their message, one way or another.”



e have been seeing pictures of war in the newspapers and hearing about the soldiers and their families during these trying times. We see them in uniform going honorably and bravely into battle, clearing tunnels, and trying their hardest to protect Israel and its people. If this was all that was written, it would be enough to know that these soldiers are putting themselves in danger to protect others. But, do we know who they really are? The people in the pictures are usually not soldiers; they are doctors, electricians, and teachers. They are everyday citizens called away from their lives and families. Here, in Israel, you know this because when you go to the grocery store and ask to see the butcher you are told he has been called up. When you are on the way to the doctor’s office, you get a phone call that your appointment has been cancelled due to the current situation and that you will have to schedule with someone else. Most of all, you can tell by the way they are dressed. If you go to the south you will see thousands of soldiers, but not the ones in the papers. You will see the ones wearing Reebok’s because there are not enough boots to go around. There will be some soldiers wearing what are supposed to be bullet proof vests, left over from the ‘67 and

even ‘48 wars. One soldier that I know was given a vest with a hole in the chest and was told that it was caused by moths and not to worry about it. This is the way that our soldiers fight for our freedom and for our land. This is the way that the army of Israel is willing to go into battle - in the plainest cloths and protected by the Torah, prayers, and mitzvot of a nation. They go because they have to. When your nation is in jeopardy, you don’t ask if they have enough boots, you go, and do what you can. This is a side of war or Israel that the news does not show because it would show who is really fighting this war, making Israel seem like less of an aggressor. So, I urge you today to pray. Pray for those who are willing to go forward and for those families that are at home waiting. Learn Torah in the merit of the soldiers, of the everyday people that are risking their lives for our land. And, unite. Unite with each other, for in unity there is strength, and in unity there is the ability to overcome. If this has moved you please realize that the war is not over, you can donate boots and vests to the soldiers in need. A commanding officer recently told us that over Shabbos his men went into a situation, and the newly donated vests are what saved the soldiers’ lives and brought them back to their parents. Every bit helps, and every son and daughter of Israel is worth it.



Georgia Legal Community Mourns Loss of Attorney George Stern




sion, serving as national president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, as treasurer of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and as a board member of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association.

During his exemplary legal career spanning five decades, Attorney Stern earned a superb reputation for his expertise in the area of family law. He was a true leader in the legal profes-

He received the prestigious Jack P. Turner Award from the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia and was further honored by the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as the first

To the Editor: n behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to offer condolences to the family, colleagues, and many friends of prominent Atlanta attorney George S. Stern on his recent passing.

Business Manager

Kaylene rudy

ADVERTISING SALES Senior Account Manager

MICHAL BONELL Senior Account Manager


recipient of a newly created award named for him, the George S. Stern Achievement Award. Attorney George Stern’s lifetime of service is an inspiration to all Georgia lawyers. We are grateful for his many contributions toward helping ensure justice for every citizen of this great state. Sincerely, Patrise M. Perkins-Hooker President, State Bar of Georgia

EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief

CLIFF WEISS Contributing Writers

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just feel the need to write one more time to reflect about what is going on and how we are feeling in these tough times. It is so important for people around the globe who aren’t here to feel and see for themselves, so I feel the need to express the deep sadness that has enveloped us for the past couple of weeks. Eventually it all becomes life; the sirens, the running to a shelter . . . it never gets old. Just yesterday, I was on my way to the Tel Aviv area and after not hearing a siren in Jerusalem (basically since I got out of the army), I hoped that it was like that outside of Jerusalem too. But I was so wrong. Driving on the highway with two friends we began to see cars pull over. Since we were driving extremely fast and there was no alert on the radio, we immediately rolled down our windows. Sure enough the siren was going off. We quickly and carefully pulled over to the side and ran out of the car and laid on the hot,

dirty asphalt of the freeway with our hands over our heads praying we would be OK as we watched a woman pull her sleeping baby out of the car seat and run to the side of the street. Unfortunately this is something that Israelis see quite often. We waited for the loud boom of the Iron Dome and within a couple of more minutes we were on our way. The shakiness slowly drifted out of my fingers and I calmed back down as we drove on and went out to dinner as planned. People were out and about as usual because Israelis will not let them ruin our lives. On the other hand, they have managed to make many new families mourners mourn for loved ones that they will never get back, that they will never get back. So many boys, young boys, who will never get to do things… so many of them recently married or engaged or leaving a wife pregnant with their child. The feeling is tragic, there is no strength left for anything. People do not want to leave the country because it feels wrong. I lost someone I

knew last week. Seeing his name on the news and looking at his beautiful, young face just ripped my heart to shreds. It was the most painful thing. I felt the only thing left to do was to respect Yuval Hayman HY”D on his last journey and attend his funeral. His girlfriend spoke - such amazing and difficult words - of how they planned to marry and bring up a family together and how he promised her these things and now he is protecting her from above. There were no dry eyes there (I can promise you) and most of the crowd were young people, many of them soldiers - just like he was. This war has been especially painful for me because all of my friends are fighting down there - wounded in hospitals or still fighting. Every time I see the news broadcast that there are a few casualties, my heart falls down to my stomach as I hope that these are the last names and I wonder if I knew any of them. I am begging you to please take a moment out of your busy and crazy lives, and pray, or even just extend a a few minutes thought or something, anything. We need your thoughts and prayers so badly, our hearts are bleeding and we are crying over our lost boys. We need to stick together because that is what Hashem wants us to do and that is how we know these soldiers have not died for nothing.

The amazing thing about Israel, that I don’t think exists anywhere else is the fact that all kinds of people have been coming down to the South to give our soldiers what they deserve: chefs, hairdressers, chiropractors, therapists - even masseuses. When we went down to the South (when they were still allowing civilians to come down there), it was quite the experience. There were such loud explosions. We were so close to hearing the gunshots and explosions. There were no citizens in sight only Army everywhere - handing food to those tired, brave soldiers really lit up my day . . . Any soldier who wouldn’t take food from me would be followed by me yelling, “You’re insulting me! I came all the way from Jerusalem to deliver these to you and slaved over them all morning!” Obviously I was joking, but of course their laughter was just the best - knowing that I did something for those who risk their lives so that I can sleep quietly every night in my bed. This summer has probably been the worst, most painful and maturing summer that I have ever had in my whole life. I will remember as long as I live that the summer I got out of the army wasn’t a summer of rejoicing and happiness and vacations and parties; it was a summer of prayer and coming together as a nation. It was a summer in which I couldn’t be prouder to call myself Israeli. Am Yisrael Chai!

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014



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his article was written in 1968 by San Francisco philosopher Eric Hoffer shortly after the Six Day War: Since the intervening 46 years, there are some things that have changed and other things that have not. Israel has fought more wars, both cold and hot, and through it all, has progressed from a developing country into a First World nation. It is a leader in many fields, including medicine, biotechnology, computer technology, human rights, culture, agriculture and humanitarianism.


In my mind, these tremendous accomplishments represent the triumph of Jewish values, individual dedication and great leadership over the forces of evil. On the Palestinian side, things are much as they were in 1968; still seething with hatered despite the enormous resources the world has provided to enhance their lives. The unfortunate plight of the Palestinians is a failure of their leadership, or misdirected leadership. A Palestinian leadership sincerely focused on mutual respect and cooperation, truly seeking a better life for their people, would not be so consumed with hate, revenge and murder.

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Editor’s Note: Al Shams is a Sandy Springs resident, a former CPA and an investment professional with more than 35 years industry experience.

Call 404-812-6955 or






here are far too many people who do not know, nor understand Jewish values and morals, nor are they familiar with Jewish history and the two thousand years of Christian and Muslim aggression toward them. Yet, and in spite of their ignorance of Jews and Judaism, they deem Israel whose morals are based on the Jewish Bible’s moral guides guilty of aggression against those who for many centuries sought the annihilation of Jews. My own experiences as a survivor of the Holocaust found that anti-Jewish authoritarian persons will not change their perspective. I write this article to those whose mindset is not rigid, who are willing to understand the Jewish world view that is rooted in Biblical morality and by millennia of suffering. The supreme moral ideal in Judaism is the principle of pikuch nefesh (saving a life) namely, the duty of all people to save and safeguard human life. Jews,

for instance, are commanded to observe six hundred and thirteen ritual laws that traditional Jews are obligated to comply. However, if the laws hinder the saving of life, their observance must be disregarded. This includes all laws pertaining to the Sabbath observance including the fasting on Yom Kippur. I remember my uncle, a physician, called himself an observant Jew, although he drove his car on the Sabbath – a forbidden act. He justified the violation of the Shabbat laws by invoking the exemptions of pikuach nefesh “After all” he argued. As a physician I must drive so that I could save human lives.” This was when physicians treated their patients at home. The Talmud teaches us that he who saves one life should be considered as though having saved all mankind. In Europe, at the time when medicine, compared to the present, was still in its infancy, it was accepted by all rabbis, that when a physicians prescribed a person suffering from tuberculosis to eat bacon as a part of his treatment, he

Specialists in the Detection and Treatment of Digestive Diseases, Hepatitis and Colon Cancer

Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates is proud to announce the association of

David Rabin, M.D. for the practice of Gastroenterology

Conyers 1501 Milstead Road Suite 160

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As specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of liver and digestive diseases and the detection of colon cancer, the physicians and staff of Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care in a comfortable, compassionate setting.

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was not only permitted to eat bacon, per contra, the eating of bacon was mandatory. This perspective of the primacy of life is derived from the Torah text that states v’chay bahem, namely that the laws that G-d gave is given not to endanger life, but to enhance life. Although wars are, to my sorrow, a fact of life, they must be fought under strict moral order. The historical anger Jews had against the Amalekites, as described in Exodus, was due to their violation of the moral and ethical precepts associated with warfare. They came from the rear and attacked women, children and the elderly. A further example of the Jewish view of life’s holiness is entailed in the strict restriction to eat the blood of any animal, because blood is the symbol of life. The primacy of life and the keeping of life is also evident in the laws pertaining to the Yom Kippur fast. All Jews are instructed to fast on the Day of Atonement except when fasting would endanger life. The elderly, the sick, and pregnant women, that is all who would be distressed by fasting must eat, because the well being of a person takes precedence to ritual demands. Fundamentalist Islam’s perspective is the opposite to what I outlined above. I am not saying that Muslim parents do not care about the life of their children or adult life. But, in Islam the interest of the faith precedes the interest of the individual life. To give one’s life for the interest of faith is central in the idea of Jihad. I am not advocating that Israelis will not give up their lives. but the difference is that martyrdom and giving of one’s life to commit aggression is primary in Islam. Islam is spread through Jihad through aggression. Consider that no Israeli has ever strapped on a bomb to commit an act of aggression. The significance of life in Judaism is also evident in the Jewish laws pertaining murder and its punishment. The Christian world’s lack of understanding the Jewish perspective of murder starts with the woefully wrong English translation of the sixth commandment. The Hebrew text of the sixth commandment reads loh tirzach that means you shall not murder. It does not state al taharog that is you shall not kill. Many conscientious objectors have justified their reluctance to bear arms on the poor translation of the text. Judaism clearly differentiates between justified and unjustified killing. Justified killing is limited to self defense. The Torah states this clearly in its injunction: Haboh l’hargechah, namely, if a person comes to kill you, and you rise up earlier and kill him, then this is self defense and it is justified homicide. Unjustified homicide, on the other

hand, is killing that is not associated with self defense. A murderer cannot escape his due punishment and run to a holy place, like the Temple, and claim that by virtue of the place’s sanctity, he has the right for asylum. The Torah clearly tells us that a murderer, even when he stands next to the altar can be taken forcibly and stand trial for his/her act. Only those who accidentally, without intent killed a person can be admitted to one of the four cities of refuge and be protected from the demised person’s family revenge. While ancient Israel had four modes of execution, they were seldom used. The Talmud tells us that any Sanhedrin (the court of the seventy) who sentenced a person to die, even if only one person in seventy years was called a bloody Sanhedrin. In the Jewish perspective, mercy is superior to punishment. Murder is determined by a person’s actual or proposed act. In Exodus, we are told that should a person dig a tunnel leading to someone else’s home, and if found in the tunnel and killed, the killer is considered guiltless. Making a tunnel clearly implies that the intent of burrower was to harm the other. This is still the view in regards to the tunnels that were constructed in the Gaza strip. Even our early ancestors saw that creating tunnels is a pure violation of moral life and an example of aggression. The killing of aggressors is justified killing for it is self defense. Israel does not have an army – it has a Defense Force. It is time that the world recognizes the fact that Israel was built on the principle of cooperation, and was not given a chance to survive in peace, and all of its wars were acts of defense. The term IDF (Israeli Defense Force) was chosen to clearly specify that Israel has a group of citizens who are not committed to aggression, but to defense. Israel seeks to establish a condition in which all – both the protagonists and antagonists are related by the moral principle of shalom – peace. I sometime wonder whether the United Nations, like many of its member Muslim and Christian countries, manifest the historical anti-Judaism that was, and still is, the perspective of many countries. The UN should shed itself from the historical anti-Jewish view and stand against aggression and in favor of self-defense. Editor’s Note: Eugen Schoenfeld, a professor and chair emeritus at Georgia State University and a survivor of the Holocaust, will be speaking at Shema Yisrael during the High Holidays.



Jason Carter, Take a Cue from Hillary Clinton COME CLEAN WITH THE VOTERS AJT CONTRIBUTOR


t seems like a rare occasion when we can regard the actions of a politician as a role model for others. But when one is identified, she should be praised. Surprising as it may be to my Democratic friends, I actually think Hillary Clinton fits the mold. Let’s take the political time machine back to 2007, in the midst of the Democratic presidential primary. A key Democratic operative and prolific fundraiser, Norman Hsu rose to dizzying heights in the Hillary Presidential campaign. He didn’t just contribute, he became a “bundler,” a term used to describe an individual that gets friends and family to contribute thousands upon thousands of dollars to the campaign. In total, Hsu’s network raised almost $1 million for Hillary. When news started spreading in the Spring and Summer of 2007 about Hsu’s sordid business dealings and connections to illegal activities, the Hillary campaign quickly distanced itself. Ultimately, Hillary gave back $850,000 in bundled contributions they received from Hsu. These actions hurt the campaign, but let her come clean with the voters. What does this have to do with the Governor’s race in Georgia in 2014? Simple. Love him or hate him, President Jimmy Carter, the grandfather of Jason Carter, has become the “bundler-in-chief” for the Jason Carter campaign. I don’t need to repeat all the transgressions Jimmy Carter has carried out, be it against the state of Israel, support of Hamas, or even castigating the Jewish community in years past. What I do believe is that Jason Carter should learn from Hillary Clinton, and return the money raised through President Jimmy Carter. Let’s review the money trail. Last December 10th, Grandpa Jimmy Carter hosted a fundraiser in DC for Jason Carter, which asked attendees to contribute $500 for a ticket or $1,000 to be a host. On March 23rd of this year, Jason Carter held a fundraiser with Jimmy Carter in New York City. This high dollar event, which required hosts to raise a minimum of $10,000, brought in at least $150,000. Compounding the dilemma for Jason Carter, the planning and organizing of the fundraiser occurred during the Georgia legislative session, an ethics violation.

And of course, let’s not forget the “Pray with Jimmy” fundraiser in Plains. For every person contributing $12,600 (or $20,000 per couple) to the Jason Carter campaign, they got to sit in a pew with Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter. Local papers said it attracted a couple of dozen folks. In addition to all this, Jimmy Carter pried open his Rolodex for Jason Carter, letting him solicit contributions from grandpa’s network through emails, calls, and everything else. You may not think it is a big deal that a failed President is helping his grandson. But remember, Governor Deal has been a strong advocate for Israeli businesses and the Jewish people. Helping Israeli companies set up shop in Georgia leads to economic growth in Israel and jobs in Georgia. Moreover, Governor Deal has not only continued the annual purchase of Israel bonds begun by his predecessor, Governor Sonny Perdue, but he announced last week that he will double it. I just do not trust that Jason Carter will keep a focus on Israel or the interests of the Jewish community because of his continued association with Jimmy Carter. The ties to his grandfather remain too strong. While Jason Carter can’t do anything about his lineage and family history, he can do something about the financial umbilical cord provided by his grandfather, President Jimmy Carter. To come clean, Jason needs to have a “What Would Hillary Clinton do” moment. Learn from Hillary, and cut your losses. Return what I estimate to be at least $500,000 that has come through your grandfather, President Jimmy Carter.

Invites you to visit and explore the Carlton Senior Living and Memory Care Daily afternoon minyan Yizkor services Torah and Jewish Learning with Community Rabbis Remodeled rooms with new kitchenettes and flooring Kosher meals available

What do you think Jason Carter should do, or will do? Let me know what you think by posting at #WWJasonD. Like all members of the tribe, Dan Israel needs to be heard. Being a native Atlantan and a Jewish Republican make him practically traif in most neighborhoods. Besides talking smack about politics, Dan spends his time smartening up brands with digital capabilities and insights.

Senior Communities Centered Around Family

rental for six months; 500 offandthewemonthly will also waive the $1250 new $ 600 resident fee until September 30, 2014 $


690 Mt. Vernon Highway NE In the heart of Sandy Springs 404-843-8857

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Jaffe’s Jewish Jive

Jews for Jesus? How About Jesus for Jews? WHO REALLY SUPPORTS ISRAEL BY MARCIA JAFFE AJT Contributor


hings are pretty fractured in the media these days about Israel and her friends.

But the new Pew study finds that liberal Democrats and the “religiously unaffiliated” are the least supportive of Israel vs. 73 percent of Republicans.

with the Palestinians than they do with Israel, many of us scratch our heads in disbelief. Granted if we had control over the master plan, lost civilian life would not have occurred. We still see the big picture.

Rabbi Lewis speaks: Good vs. Evil On June 26, in his first Shabbat sermon after returning from Israel (and interviewing on CNN), Rabbi Shalom Lewis (Conservative Senior Rabbi at Etz Chaim) gave a barn-

Joe Willams: Attorney and Pastor of Parkway Assembly of G-d I met Williams when he drove in from Macon for an Israeli Consulate event.

Matt Brooks, Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition states, “This is confirmation over time of a shift away from supporting Israel at its grassroots.” Others say this has not changed significantly since the 1978 Camp David Accords. What is new about Pew is its ability to break down by groups. Jews “are an incredibly esteemed minority. Anti Semitism exists; but only in the margins. On a scale of 100, Americans have a 63 warm feeling for Israel vs. 40 for Muslims. Muslims are liked less than Atheists. Jews were the LEAST disliked,” per Pew (which is somehow a backwards compliment). A scary future trend may be that those under 30 gave Muslims a neutral 49 rating vs. older Americans. White Evangelical Protestants are THE most supportive segment (69); where Jews re paid the feeling (towards them) with an icy 34, which is one point lower than Muslims. The Pew study also showed that Hispanics and American blacks stand firmly with Israel. I first heard TV evangelist Pat Robertson (a graduate of Yale Law School) describe the Middle East conflict twenty plus years ago. And I “got it”…wondering if we Jews ourselves could explain it with that much clarity.

For those Jews who identify more

Thomas Rudderow on the Federation Mission

My brother, Steve Caller, an AIPAC activist and ardent Zionist, states that “seeing is believing” and has escorted prominent business people and politicians on various missions to Israel. He took two senators – Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chou, former Secretary of Labor, as well as former Senator Dee Huddleston. According to Caller, non-Jews may go as total novices and leave as highly supportive friends. Senator Huddleston first categorized Israel as “they” and left as “we.” Caller states, “I have never heard a Gentile return from Israel without full appreciation for the security measures necessary, but have heard negative feedback from our fellow Jews.” Perhaps it is our tradition to question.

Cindy Lewis, Joey and Susie Moskowitz , and Rabbi Lewis on recent trip

storming clarification of what he experienced firsthand. According to Lewis, “Pundits and commentators claim the war between Israel and Hamas is complex, nuanced. My response to such a claim is ‘rubbish.’ The issue is the rare example of unassailable moral clarity. The war in Gaza is fundamentally between righteousness and evil, light and darkness, civilization and savagery. Israel weeps when the innocent are caught up in the violence; but let it be clearly understood that every noncombatant who suffers in Gaza, suffers because of Hamas. The blood of the innocent are on their hands when they cynically and strategically place children, families, schools, hospitals, mosques in harm’s way. But, I also say shame on the idiots in the media, in our government, in the U.N., in the E.U. who foolishly believe that we can negotiate with the devil.”

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Georgians Speak Out


Locally, we can rely on Christians who express a Biblical tie to Israel as a Hebrew Land. And they are not shy about stating it. Christians are visiting the Holy Land in great numbers, donating money, and speaking out to the current administration about what loyalty means and why firmness (instead of wishy washiness) is the best course of action. Atlanta Gentiles serve on AIPAC’s Board, the IDF Board, Israel Bonds Board; and we should have great respect for these folks.

Williams, who has been on four trips to Israel, is active in Christian United for Israel (CUFI). He describes his trips as “awesome” and cites the Biblical verse, “When Israel is restored, the desert will once again bloom.” He experienced this firsthand at the Syrian border, comparing Israel’s lush green side to Syrian barren land. Williams continues, “I have absolutely no confidence in the current peace process. A two-state solution is not the answer. First, G-d made a covenant with Israel, and He gave the land to them and to their descendants as an everlasting possession. Although the prophets said that Israel would be scattered across the face of the earth, numerous prophets predicted that one day Israel would return to their own land. I believe we have seen the fulfillment of these prophecies within our own lifetime. Secondly, you cannot make peace with an enemy who is determined to destroy you and your children. How can you make peace with an enemy who does not desire peace?” “There never was a Palestinian nation, nor a Palestinian language. The refugee camps were artificially created, primarily by Jordan and Syria, because they did not want the refugees, and it was a way to influence world opinion. I am not a fan of the present administration. Our only real ally in the Middle East is Israel. Israel is a light and a beacon of hope in the midst of the darkness of the Middle East. We cannot fall for Palestinian propaganda, but we must stand with Israel.

“Currently in the Middle East, Hamas is fighting a propaganda war and a battle for world opinion. We cannot be deceived, nor can we give in to political correctness, but we should realize that radical Islam is not only a

faith, Christianity. “You do not need Judaism to explain Christianity, but it is impossible to explain Christianity without Judaism. Jews have given me a Holy Bible, a Savior, the apostles, prophets, disciples, patriarchs, ma-

“the touch points of our common heritage in the roots of Christianity.” Baker will visit an Israeli family there and attend High Holiday services before embarking on a journey to see the people and the land (without a guide,

Federation Mission. As a first-time visitor to Israel, Thomas said, “Jerusalem is the heart of the world, politically, spiritually, and geographically. Jews need to hold on to Israel, and it appears that the citizens of Israel are open to negotiate rights for Palestinians without sacrificing safety. However, compromise requires peace, and political aggression will always limit diplomacy.” Rudderow, who was impressed with Israel’s modern infrastructure, continues, “On the trip I saw that only Muslims can visit the Dome of the Rock. Since there will always be propaganda, the common perception of all Muslims might be misconstrued. It’s important to not group all Arabs with Palestinians.”

threat to Israel, but is a threat to all of the Western world. Israel is home, and I believe that they will never again be removed from the land that G-d has given to them. Everyone needs to go to Israel to gain a firsthand appreciation of the dangers they face.” Kelly Stewart: A Loyal Christian/ Israel Activist and Leader Kelly Stewart serves as Mayor Pro Tem of Johns Creek, board member of Israel Bonds and Friends of the IDF, member of the Atlanta Leadership Council of Israel Birthright and Christians United For Israel, and member of AIPAC. Stewart was appointed by Governor Deal to serve on the Board of Directors for the Department of Juvenile Justice. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Municipal Association and is a Vice President of Human Resources for the Lucas Group, a national executive search firm. She is a member of the famous First Baptist Church in Dunwoody, with Reverend Charles Stanley, where she sings in the choir and worship team. Stewart, who spoke at the Israeli Support Rally at the Federation lot, has been to Israel five times and plans to go again in September with her pastor and choir. While there, they will do a day of service at a youth village, a military base, and the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. Stewart says she owes a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people that she can never repay - as Jews have given her the foundation for her

Rebecca and Pastor Joe Williams

triarchs, and writers of the Bible. All Jewish. Not a Southern Baptist in the bunch.” She continues, “Israel is unlike any other country, as G-d outlined the boundaries of the land of Israel in the Bible and gave it to the Jews. No other land was ever defined or given by G-d. This makes Israel a biblical issue not a political issue. Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry don’t bat in the same league with the Holy G-d of Israel, thinking they can redefine the boundaries of the land. G-d has already done that and that settles it. I am most troubled by the Obama Administration who clearly has no regard for Israel or America and is intent on trying to destroy both. You can’t say you are a friend of Israel then turn your back on Israel and condemn them for doing what’s in their own best interest.” Stewart goes on to say, “America needs to follow G-d’s foreign policy laid out in Genesis 12:3, ‘I’ll curse those who curse thee.’ America’s foreign policy should be if you want America’s support, then you must support Israel. Israel is the best partner to America economically, technologically, militarily, and medically. There should never be daylight between America and Israel.” Stewart’s boldness comes from Isaiah 62:1, “For Zion’s sake, I’ll not hold my peace.” Baker: Local Architect to the Stars William T. Baker has been waiting 35 years to visit Israel. This Sukkot he will embark on a cultural, historical and architectural tour to explore

which I discouraged). Baker said, “Israel needs to be supported. They are always on guard and in defensive posture. It’s so tragic that the Palestinians have embraced violence and death as a culture.” Baker furthers, “The average American is wary of involvement in foreign conflicts since Iraq and Afghanistan. This creates a dilemma for our foreign policy. At the same time, our foreign aid to various international governments/ leaders has not produced the intended results. Israel, on the other hand, has been our strong and consistent ally in the region.” Young and Moderate

And then there are Jews who muse that if we are fortunate to have Israel fully restored and enveloped in peace, the Christian Messiah could return; and what would we do with him? Pastor Williams said, “Surely we would all live harmoniously together.” “If am I not for myself, who will be for me?” Editor’s note: After 35 years with Atlanta newspapers, Marcia currently serves as Retail VP for the Buckhead Business Association where she delivers news and trends (laced with a little gossip). On the side, Marcia is Captain of the Senior Cheerleaders for the WNBA at Philips Arena.

Thomas Rudderow, 26, was one of a handful of non-Jews on the recent

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Kelly Stewart, Christian activist

Rudderow classifies himself as moderate and is reluctant to criticize Obama. “I think he knows more than we do, and the situation is extremely complex. I do not label him as ‘AntiIsrael.’”




Bull Durham Premiering at the Alliance Theatre in September 2014 DON’T MISS THIS NEW MUSICAL SPECIAL FOR THE AJT


ull Durham, a new musical based on the popular film, is coming to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta on September 3 until October 5, 2014. The production is directed by Kip Fagan, with music and lyrics by Susan Werner, whom the Chicago Tribune called, “one of the most innovative songwriters working today.” Bull Durham is based on the book written by Academy Award-nominee Ron Shelton, who is also director and screenwriter of the Bull Durham movie. Bull Durham, loosely based on Ron Shelton’s experiences on and off

the field with a Minor League Baseball team, tells the story of three lives brought together by America’s two favorite pastimes. Veteran catcher “Crash” Davis (Will Swenson) has been brought to the Durham Bulls to prepare rookie Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh (John Behlmann), a hot rod pitcher with a “million dollar arm and a five cent head,” for the majors. Annie Savoy (Melissa Errico), selfappointed high priestess and muse of the Bulls, has a hard decision to make - every season she transforms one lucky player from an also-ran to an all-star by sharing with them her wisdom, experience and bed. The love triangle heats up quickly as each


character struggles with their own desires and hopes for what the future holds. A pitch perfect blend of comedy, baseball, and steamy romance, Bull Durham will leave you cheering from the stands. John Behlmann made his Broadway debut in the Tony award winning Journey’s End and has starred in the Tony nominated play The 39 Steps. Melissa Errico is a Tony Award nominee for her work in Amour. She was seen Off-Broadway as Clara in the recent revival of Passion and has a recurring role on Stephen Soderbergh’s upcoming Cinemax series “The Knick.” Will Swenson can currently be seen as ‘Inspector Javert’ on Broadway in Les Misérables and is a Tony award nominee for his work in Hair. The creative team also includes Emmy Award-winning choreogra-

pher Joshua Bergasse, Tony Awardwinner Derek McLane (scenic design), Tony Award-nominee Toni Leslie James (costume design) and Jason DeBord (music director). Editor’s note: For tickets and more information, visit bulldurham or call 404-733-5000.



t is always nice to highlight people in our Jewish Community who overcome adversity and accomplish their dreams. It is even better when they help others along the way. That is the story of Randy Glazer. Glazer came to Atlanta over 20 years ago from West Hartford, CT. Starting out, with a degree in Design and Build, he took his first job working for a friend in the construction business. Glazer’s path to owning his own business happened by chance. A freak fall off of a ladder left him unable to perform manual labor. Instead of giving up on the construction business, he used that opportunity to test his skills as a supervisor and leader of construction crews. Once he was able to transition from labor to management, he knew what was next. As the story goes, he decided to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur and start his own building/construction business.



leven young boys and girls from Sandy Springs recently graduated from the American School of Protocol, where they learned proper etiquette and social skills. The American School of Protocol was founded in 2001 by Sandy Springs resident, Peggy Newfield. Personal Best, Inc., her parent company, has taught business and social etiquette since 1980. Through her two companies, Peggy Newfield strives to make a difference with her teaching in both Georgia and across the globe.

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Fortunately, the building/construction industry has been picking up lately as the economy has gotten stronger, and Glazer is keeping up with the progress. Glazer Construction is in the process of building a new office on Roswell Road, next to the 10 Degree South restaurant. Glazer is also very excited to continue with his home remodeling, including 2nd story additions, kitchen and bath renovations, media rooms, and basement finishing. Additionally, Glazer has some new home construction projects, including the building of three new homes, and the hopes to build more in the Chastain, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody areas. Despite a busy work schedule, family and community are very important to Glazer. Glazer’s family includes his wife Meredyth, and his 4 ½ year old son Skyler. In their spare time, the Glazers have been involved with, and donated time and money to, the following organizations: Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Hillels of Georgia, JF&CS, Camp Twin Lakes, Sunshine On A Ranney Day, Coralwood School fundraising, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/The Zone(in progress), National Arthritis Foundation, Ron Clark Academy and The Elaine Clark Center. If you have an inspiring story to share with the community, please send it to


From Left to Right First Row: Samuel Wolthuis, Susannah Bandy, Andrew Wolthuis Second Row: Dolores Lauderdale, Tijvana Young, Liam Eskew, Mary Helen Bandy, Peggy Newfield President, Lucy Heaner, Anna Marie Heaner, Ashley Landers, Carol Anderson Third Row: Pamela Austin, Noelle Bandy, Cynthia Basden, Ling Noonan, Linda Heaner, David Bandy, Charisse Findley, Parker Eskew, Harriet Eskew, Trevor Austin, Karen Richey, Ella Austin, Debbie Vogler, Synitra Hutchinson, Diane Massey, Julia Robinson, Julie Wolthuis




f anyone understands how easy it is for addiction to begin in adolescence — or younger — it’s Erica Katz, Coordinator for H.A.M.S.A. (Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse), a program of the Counseling Services – Tools for Life division of Jewish Family & Career Services. Erica took her first drink in middle school and her last one at 20. After a long road to recovery, she has been sober for more than seven years. One of her goals is to prevent others from going down the same path. “Prevention education in middle and high school is a huge priority for H.A.M.S.A.,” Erica said. “Schools recognize it’s important to engage kids in conversations about alcohol and drugs, and making healthy choices.” At the start of the 2013-14 school year, Erica began bringing her interactive prevention program, Community of Concern, to local Jewish schools: The Davis Academy, The Epstein School, Greenfield Hebrew Academy, The Weber School and Yeshiva Atlanta. She and her team also have met with both parents and students at Congregation Etz Chaim, Temple Sinai, The Temple, Congregation Kol Emeth, Congregation Dor Tamid and Temple Beth Tikvah. Community of Concern is built on the concepts of Prime for Life®, an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention and pretreatment program often used in classrooms across the country. (The state of Georgia requires DUI offenders to participate in the program as well.) It employs a variety of tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, storytelling, humor, interactive activities, interviews and video. A questionand-answer session allows audiences to engage the presenters and learn how to get help and support. Erica and her team conducted 27 presentations this school year. Other private and public schools refer students to her in response to incidents at school. With stories abounding lately about kids doing — and sometimes dying from —drugs, parents are grateful for the presentations and awareness they raise. “Thank you for arranging this absolutely fantastically eye-opening program for parents,” said one mom. “It was the most powerful alcohol and drug awareness program I have ever attended. If it changes the course of one teen’s (or adult’s) life, it has done a successful job. [The] program should be attended by all our children and all their parents.” “Last night was so powerful for my husband and me,” said another. “We realized we are in the mix with all the parents who think ‘our child is a good kid, good grades, scholarship for

college, active in youth group, a Girl Scout, she doesn’t go to parties, she follows the rules, etc. It’s no big deal if she’s smoking pot once in awhile.’ Well, last night turned our world on its axis, and we are taking a different approach. We realized we need to take preventive measures now so we don’t have to look back and wonder what happened. We know it is not probable, but it is possible for a problem to develop. Thank you for this powerful program.” For Ronit Walker, who has a 15-year-old daughter and two sons, 13 and 11, “It was the most powerful antidrug program I have ever attended. I completely identified with Rachel, the recovering addict who spoke to us. She attended Jewish day schools, and her life experiences mirrored my family’s. She could have been my daughter. Her mother was also kind enough to share her experiences. They made me realize that addiction is everywhere and very close to home.” For more information about Community of Concern or H.A.M.S.A., or if you would like to see the program at your school, call 770.677.9318 or email

Your personal financial goals deserve a personal approach Putting the needs of clients first is the approach I believe in. I’ll work with you to find the right financial solutions to help you plan for your unique goals. And together, we’ll track your progress over time, adjusting your plan along the way to help get you where you want to go. Allen Shpigel, CRPC®, AWMA®, ADPA , CLTC Financial Advisor Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, NE, Bldg 6-350 Atlanta, GA 30328 404.913.9133 SM

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2014/5775 synagogue Directory CHABAD Chabad Intown
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 404.898.0434 Chabad Israel Center
 5188 Roswell Rd.
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 404.252.9508 Chabad Jewish Center
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Suite 120
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 678.460.7702 Chabad of Cobb
 4450 Lower Roswell Rd.
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 770.565.4412 Chabad of Gwinnett
 3855 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
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Norcross, GA 30092
 www.chabadofgwinnett. org
 678.595.0196 Chabad of North Fulton
 10180 Jones Bridge Rd.
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 770.410.900 Congregation Beth Tefillah
 5065 High Point Rd.
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CONSERVATIVE Ahavath Achim Synagogue
 600 Peachtree Battle Ave.
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 404.355.5222 Congregation Beth Shalom
 5303 Winters Chapel Rd.
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Congregation B’nai Torah
 700 Mount Vernon Hwy.
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 404.257.0537 Congregation Etz Chaim

1190 Indian Hills Pkwy
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Congregation Gesher L’Torah

Congregation Ner Hamizrach

Temple Beth Tikvah

4320 Kimball Bridge Rd.
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1858 Lavista Rd.
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9955 Coleman Rd.
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Congregation Or Hadash

The Kehilla of Sandy Springs

Temple Emanu-El

7460 Trowbridge Road
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5075 Roswell Rd.
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1580 Spalding Dr.
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Congregation Shearith Israel

Young Israel of Toco Hills

Temple Kehillat Chaim

1180 University Dr.
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2074 Lavista Rd.
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1145 Green St.
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Temple Kol Emeth

Atlanta Chevre Minyan

Temple Sinai

Congregation Bet Haverim

Druid Forest Clubhouse
 North Crossing Dr.
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 404.943.1100 Nediv Lev: the Free
 Synagogue of Atlanta

2676 Clairmont Rd.
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REFORM Congregation B’nai Israel
 1633 Hwy 54 E
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 678.817.7162 Congregation Dor Tamid

3791 Mill Creek Ct.
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11165 Parsons Rd.
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Congregation Ner Tamid of West Cobb

Anshi S’Fard Congregation
 1324 North Highland Ave.
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 404.874.4513 Congregation Ariel
 5237 Tilly Mill Rd.
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 770.390.9071 Congregation Beth Jacob
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 404.633.0551 Congregation Beth Yitzhak
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PO Box 795 Marietta, Georgia 30060 678-264-8575 Kehillat HaShem
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1415 Old Canton Rd.
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 404.252.3073 The Temple
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Atlanta, GA 30309

SEPHARDIC Congregation Or VeShalom
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TRADITIONAL Congregation Shaarei Shamayim
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Ahavath Achim Synagogue A dynamic, egalitarian, Conservative congregation that inspires our members to forge strong connections with God, Jewish life, Israel and our community.

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There is still time to become a member of AA to celebrate the High Holidays with the Ahavath Achim Synagogue family. Call now to place your membership. Jocelyn Ozan 404.355.5222

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Engaging Educational Programs for All Children: Alef Beit Space 2-and 3-year olds Mishpacha Track Grades 2 - 7 Rishon Track Grades Grades PreK - 7 Beit Midrash (Hebrew) Grades 2 – 7

Madrichim (Teen Tutor) Grades 8 – 12 Taglit Atzmi Grades 8 – 10 Confirmation Grades 11 & 12 Post-Confirmation Grade 12

Club 600

Cocktails, Casino, Cabaret Saturday , January 10, 2015 7:30—11:00 p.m. A dazzling evening filled with fun, food and festivities.  Try your hand at the gaming tables.  Delight in gastronomic delicacies.  Enjoy musical entertainment.  Bid for Silent Auction items.

Chai Youth Community The youth community at Ahavath Achim Synagogue is a vibrant and active home for all Jewish kids and teens in Atlanta.     

Diverse kids and teens Fun social events Educational and religious activities Tikkun Olam (repair the world) opportunities Friendships to last a lifetime

Groups Machar 3rd - 5th graders Elementary School Kadima 6th - 8th graders Middle School Chai USY

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A Celebration of Israeli Culture Sunday, October 26 12:30 – 4:00 p.m. Israeli Food Wine Tasting Coffee Bar

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Congregation Etz Chaim in East Cobb

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AWARD-WINNING YOUTH PROGAMS: 0'(4 6+(.($'(45+,21)(44;,4%4$*(46+(4(>5$70,37( $0'52(&,$.14*$0,<$6,10)14;170*56(451)$..$*(5 $66<+$,/=(5+(470,14$',/$$',/$ $0' #=6+$6,5?..('9,6+)70)4,(0'5$0' #,'',5+-(,6

FIRST-RATE PRE & RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS: 0'(46+(',4(&6,101) (%%,((765&+6< +$,/2418,'(5$ 074674,0*('7&$6,10$. (08,410/(06)14&+,.'4(0 $0'6+(,4)$/,.,(56+$6,5 14$+%$5('$0'(0&174$*(56+(,0&14214$6,101) (9,5+,'($.5$0'24$&6,&(5 ,061(8(4;'$;.,)(

AUGUST 22 â&#x2013;ª 2014

ADULT PROGRAMMING:0$'',6,106164$',6,10$.5(48,&($0')4$6(40$. 14*$0,<$6,105=,56(4+11'(0>5.7%#170*'7.65$0'4,/(,/(4&.7%5 =6+(5;0$*1*7(1@(45$+1561)',@(4(06(:2(4,(0&(5,0&.7',0*>0$,,6<8$+ &.$55(55&+1.$4,04(5,'(0&(9((-(0'54(*7.$4('4$$0'70&+($40&.$55(5 $0'$0(:6(05,8($'7.6('7&$6,10241*4$/,./1'(9+,&+)($674(5('7&$6145 )41/$5&.15($5/14;$0'$5)$4$9$;$554$(.


TRADITIONAL AND CREATIVE SERVICES: +(5;0$*1*7(1@(45 $)7..4$0*(1)4(.,*,1755(48,&(5= +$%%$6+1.,'$;5$0''$,.;/,0;$05 =$,/('$6/((6,0*6+(52,4,67$. 0(('51)$.$4*($0'',8(45( &10*4(*$6,10

Congregation Etz Chaimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal, as it was in 6+(%(*,00,0*,5?0',0*&4($6,8($0' ,0018$6,8(9$;561$''4(556+(52,4,67$. ('7&$6,10$.$0'51&,$.0(('51)174&10*4(*$0656>5$/,55,106<+$,/>5.($'(45+,2 6$-(55(4,175.;$0'$%(.,()6+$6&$0%()170' $66+(+($461)$..174241*4$//,0*6>5$ *1$.6+$6+$52418(057&&(55)7.18(46+(;($45 %(&$75(5,/2.;2769(>4($)$/,.;,06(4(56(',0 4($6,0*($0,0*)7.(9,5+:2(4,(0&(5 74,06(06,10,0$..$&6,8,6,(5,5612418,'($0 (08,410/(061)9$4/6+$0'$012214670,6; )142(4510$.*4196+"(&(.(%4$6(61*(6+(49( 24$;61*(6+(4$0'9(.($4061*(6+(4/$-,0* 6<+$,/647.;$+1/($9$;)41/+1/(

CONGREGATION ETZ CHAIM Creating Meaningful Jewish Experiences !,5,675106+(9(%$6999(6<&+$,/0(614,0)14/$6,104(*$4',0*/(/%(45+,22.($5(&106$&6 1%$&+4$&+$6   148,$(/$,.$64%$&+4$&+(6<&+$,/0(6

Congregation or Veshalom Experience our Warm and Welcoming Community

and a tight-knit Jewish community. Children focus on Hebrew vocabulary acquisition, Jewish holidays and stories, community building, and an integrated Israel curriculum. This is the ideal place for your children to learn, grow, and have fun.

Or VeShalom offers a wide array of opportunities for all ages, including our championship men’s softball team, exciting college outreach program,

dynamic young family programming, lively young adult gatherings, stimulating Melton education classes, and active Sisterhood. Our members also experience a glimpse of Sephardic culture and practices – as well as the delicious foods and customs that emanate from our warm and vibrant heritage, which are celebrated at our annual Chanukah Bazaar. This school year, OVS offers students a new and unique learning experience. By partnering with the award-winning and nationally recognized Jewish Kids Group (JKG), we will adopt JKG’s successful alternative to traditional Sunday School. The stimulating curriculum provides students with an experiential program, stellar teachers

Congregation Ariel

With a new, expanded facility on the horizon, our synagogue is gearing up for increased programming for our membership. Our future is your future. Join Ariel today!


estled in the heart of Dunwoody, Congregation Ariel is an Orthodox synagogue which dynamically serves it.s growing membership with the entire range of their spiritual needs. Building off its successes over the past two decades, Ariel is a unique community, comprised of Jews from diverse backgrounds and differing levels of Jewish knowledge. A common goal ties us all together – CONNECTING, SHARING AND GROWING as Jews.

Rabbi Kassorla shared, “Sephardic Jews lived in harmony with their neighbors, and that attitude has been passed down. We welcome Jews of all backgrounds, practices, cultures, and opinions, and we are committed to building community.

We welcome all visitors to join our High Holiday services and experience our first use of our Centennial Torah, commemorating our 100th anniversary. For more information about visitor tickets, year-round programming, and joining our Or VeShalom community, please call or email us.

1681 N Druid Hills Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30319 (404) 633-1737

In our synagogue, wonderful opportunities for children, teens, and adults abound to… Connect with friends and with G-d. Jews of all levels of learning and observance are welcome! Share your experiences with others. We are a STRONG community that supports one another! We share in each other’s joyous occasions and support one another during times of sorrow. Grow as a Jew through dynamic Torah learning, inspired prayer and meaningful observance. To join us for High Holidays Services, call our office at 770-390-9071. Traditional, Sephardi, Learners, Teen High Holiday Services as well as Youth Programming are offered.

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman with a group of future Ariel leaders

5227 Tilly Mill Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338 (770) 390-9071

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014


ocated in the heart of Brookhaven, Congregation Or VeShalom provides members and guests with a warm, welcoming and caring community. Our congregation consists of fifth-generation members, as well as young and vibrant families new to Atlanta. Celebrating our 100th anniversary this year, Or VeShalom emphasizes the importance of community. Members grow together through camaraderie and prayer, in good times and in bad, and rejoice together during our many social, cultural, and spiritual occasions.

Over the past 100 years, OVS rabbis enriched our congregation through devoted and loving service. Each rabbi dedicated decades of service to Or VeShalom and inspired each member with love, commitment and perspective. Today, Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla carries forth the rich traditions and legacies of Rabbis Joseph Cohen and S. Robert Ichay, while adding his own special warmth to the community. Rabbi Kassorla infuses energy, excitement, humor, member participation, and Sephardic traditions.

If you are looking for a synagogue to embrace and one to embrace you, please take a few minutes to stop by, and discover the beauty and warmth of our Or VeShalom community.”


Temple sinai

Your Journey. Your Family. Your Home. home, and we endeavor to create ongoing opportunities in which members can expand their knowledge of Judaism and personal spirituality. We strive to create a close-knit connection and an inclusive congregation where all can grow closer as an extended family and community. your Journey… At Temple Sinai, we value Jewish experiences and connections that inspire. Whether meaningful services that seem to speak to our hearts or educational programs that speak to our minds, members are engaged and actively enhancing their Jewish identity. We are a dynamic congregation… all that is missing is you! your Preschool… The philosophy of the Temple Sinai Preschool is to develop an awareness and pride in the rich heritage of Jewish living in each child, while teaching through play in a constructive, safe, and fun environment. your youth Program… We can’t stress enough the importance of youth group, Religious School, Hebrew

School, and Teen Learning in the life of your child. The role these formal and informal youth engagement opportunities play is immeasurable. Our kids gain confidence and can grow into talented leaders with a solid foundation in Torah, tradition, and progressive Jewish thought. your social Justice… Temple Sinai members are engaged in a variety of initiatives that make the world a better place. Whether your passion is homelessness or hunger, veterans affairs or Israel, walking for a cause or running for a cause, these and many other initiatives have been the mechanism through which many of our members express their Jewish identity. your Community… We are proud of the many families that have made Temple Sinai their spiritual

Families and individuals considering making Temple Sinai part of your journey are invited to join us for brunch on

sunday, august 24th at 10 am at Temple Sinai.

Meet our clergy, staff and lay leadership, tour our beautiful facilities and learn more about the programs that interest you. This event is open to the entire family. RsVPs requested to 404-252-3073

your Clergy Temple Sinai is proud to have dynamic and accessible rabbis who serve both the Temple Sinai community and the greater Atlanta community. Senior Rabbi – Ron Segal Associate Rabbi – Brad Levenberg Associate Rabbi – Elana Perry Rabbi Emeritus – Phil Kranz

Temple Sinai. Your Preschool. Your Youth Program. Your Social Justice. Your Community. Your Seniors Programming. Your Brotherhood. Your Sisterhood. Your 20s/30s Group. Your Business Alliance.

5645 Dupree Dr NW Atlanta, GA 30327 (404) 252-3073

Congregation Kehillat HaShem invites you to join in the celebration of the High Holy Days in the secure and peaceful setting of

Chambrel at Roswell

1000 Applewood Drive, Roswell, GA Services are open to all at no charge.*

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

High Holy Day services are led by Rabbi Jeffery Feinstein and follow the Reform Machzor “Gates of Repentance”. Worshippers are encouraged to bring their own books. A limited number are available at services.


schedule of services Erev Rosh hashanah 9/24/2014 7:30 pm Rosh Hashanah Day 9/25/2014 10:00 am Kol Nidre 10/3/2014 7:00 pm Yom Kippur Morning 10/4/2014 10:00 am Yom Kippur Afternoon 3:00 pm Yizkor 4:30 pm (approximate) Neilah and Havdalah 5:00 pm (approximate) For additional information contact Rabbi Feinstein at 770 218-8094, or visit him on the web at: *Contributions are appreciated to help us continue to provide services (checks can be made payable to Rabbi Jeffery Feinstein)

Congregation Dor Tamid Services & Programs • Worship services - Shabbat services and special Saturday Shabbat “Opportunities” offer opportunities for prayer and learning • Lifelong Learning - We offer superior Jewish education for all ages under the direction of Rabbi Lauren Cohn, R.J.E., Director of Lifelong Learning


ongregation Dor Tamid (CDT) strives to be the Jewish epicenter for the North Fulton and South Forsyth communities. We provide exciting and innovative programs to engage all age groups. Our philosophy of lifelong learning is demonstrated in the variety of our programming. CDT is the place to be for a warm and welcoming Jewish experience. The Preschool Place at CDT is still enrolling students and we have generous scholarships to offer through the ALEF Fund. Youth engagement at CDT continues to be exceptional. We have one of the largest youth groups in our region.

We are very proud to host the NFTY Southern Area Region Kallah in November and expect over 300 teens to attend. Our vibrant Sisterhood, Men’s Club and active Prime Timers groups enjoy Jewish learning while engaging in fun social activities. With the High Holy days approaching, please consider joining us for services to experience all that we offer at Congregation Dor Tamid.

11165 Parsons Road Johns Creek, GA 30097 (770) 623-8860

• The Preschool Place for 2, 3 and 4 years of age. Special scholarships available to Pre-k students through the ALEF Fund •

Religious school creating an enduring Jewish learning experience to foster a lifelong commitment to our faith and values youth and Teen Programs - Rosh Hodesh for girls, Derech Tamid for teens grades 8-12, and Youth Groups engage children in social events with their peers adult Learning - Adult Learning at CDT

Rabbi Michael Weinstein has been with the congregation for two years after moving from Boston to Johns Creek with his wife and young son. Rabbi Michael’s professional interests are relationship based, in the areas of community organizing, engagement, and creating a welcoming community. Cantorial soloist Mike zuspan, an Atlanta native, is an accomplished pianist, guitarist, composer and vocalist. He has been with CDT since 2006 and continues to enhance the religious experience through music. Rabbi Lauren Cohn, RJE, is the Director of Lifelong Learning at CDT. explores cultural and historical topics through Sunday morning speakers, Hebrew classes, Torah study and field trips •

social action - dedicated to serving our community, CDT engages in several social actions projects each year

sisterhood and Men’s Club - fun social opportunities abound from game night and sports to yoga and community service

About Us: We are a Reform synagogue serving the greater North Fulton and South Forsyth areas. CDT was founded to create meaningful and enduring religious experiences. We actively welcome all who are interested in participating in Jewish life, Jewish learning, and in the community of the congregation. At CDT, we embrace the Reform movement’s commitment to diversity, outreach, inclusiveness, and social justice.

The Kehilla in Sandy Springs Kehilla means community and that is exactly what The Kehilla congregation is: a warm community that inspires growth.

Open Door Shabbat -­ Friday, August 22nd

7:15 PM      Wine  and  Cheese  Reception  for  Prospective  Members   8:00  PM      Shabbat  Service  (Oneg  to  follow)  

Prospective Member Brunch -­ Sunday, August 24th 10:00 AM    -­    12:00  PM  -­  Join  us  for  brunch  and  learn  more  about  our   Religious  School,  Early  Childhood  Education  Center  and  our  many   worship  and  social  opportunities.    Bring  the  kids!

Spend the High Holy Days With Us Visit for a complete schedule of High Holy Day Services. We would love to share our home with you. 9955 Coleman Road -­ Roswell, GA 30075 770-­642-­0434


he Kehilla is a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted for who they are, whatever their level of Jewish observance is. The Kehilla is not a complacent congregation; we believe that everyone wants to grow. Our mission is to inspire people to make themselves and their lives better through the wisdom of the Torah. Beginning September 3rd, The Kehilla will be offering a full season of classes. With over 30 new series through June 2015, classes are available for every level and approach. Class topics include law, history, prayer, Tanach (Bible), Hebrew, Kabbalah, and much more. We are also proud to present The “SAJE” Women’s Learning Program. For more information go to The Kehilla also hosts a multitude of social, educational, and religious events. Services at The Kehilla are acessible and inspirational. To learn more, visit

5075 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 913-6131

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Upcoming Prospective Member Events



muscle matters

The Truth about Cholesterol FRIEND OR FOE? SPECIAL FOR THE AJT Why We Need Cholesterol


t The Exercise Coach® our program is a three legged stool consisting of our 20-minute workout, proper whole foods nutrition, and the adequate rest and recovery. Over the last several articles we have primarily focused on the strength training portion of our program, but today we will touch on the nutritional side, which is just as, if not more, important than the actual workout itself.

is no fat in cholesterol. Cholesterol is made in the liver and lipoproteins such as LDL (low density lipoprotein) transport the cholesterol from the liver to our body’s cells. Cholesterol is found inside the LDL and HDL transporters so to speak. Now our bodies NEED cholesterol and without it we will die. Cholesterol is involved in: •

Making and repairing new cells

Repairing nerves

Synthesizing steroid hormones (testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, DHEA, progesterone)

Making Vitamin D

Stabilizing cell membranes

Regulating homeostasis

Improving memory

Boosting serotonin (happy hormone)


Making bile for fat emulsification and digestion

Cholesterol, chemically speaking, is a combination of a steroid ring structure and a hydroxyl group (alcohol). There

Preventing hemorrhagic strokes

Providing antioxidant properties

Misinformation has led us to believe cholesterol is the enemy, wreaking havoc in our systems and setting off the destruction of heart disease and inflammation. Rather, cholesterol’s true role in the body is to “douse the flames” by healing inflammation in our arteries and veins.

“This is the place you need to be.”

Protecting the body’s immune system

ALSO, DID YOU KNOW? When we eat and digest our food, cholesterol is the only thing that is separated and filtered out by the lymph nodes and taken to the big vein that leads into the heart…in other words, our HEART NEEDS CHOLESTEROL. The brain contains only 2% of the body’s mass yet holds 25% of the body’s cholesterol…in other words our BRAIN NEEDS CHOLESTEROL. SO IF CHOLESTEROL IS SO IMPORTANT FOR OUR BODIES, WHY IS EVERYONE SO SCARED OF IT? When autopsies are done, and plaque is found in arteries and veins, there is going to be cholesterol present. However, correlation doesn’t imply causation. This is why the above picture is so frightening. I know I don’t want any arteries like the one above in by body. So while the cholesterol does clog the artery it is impor-


“It’s the friendliness of Dunwoody Pines that attracted me.”

Ed Fletcher, Manager and Norman Weinstein, Resident

Leonard Friedberg, Howard Chesler and Norman Weinstein


“Women’s Club”

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Join Us For Happy Hour & Meet Our Team!


Experience the Luxury of All-Inclusive Living...  Delicious Chef-Prepared Meals (3 Daily)  Fitness Classes & Daily Activities, Swimming and Fun Mixers  LIVE IN Managers & HAPPY HOUR EVERY FRIDAY!

Call Today! (770) 872-0467 4355 Georgetown Square | Dunwoody, GA 30338 |

tant to understand it is attempting to heal the inflammation. A fire is to a fireman as inflammation is to cholesterol; cholesterol is not the root cause of the problem. WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE? Nevertheless, elevated ‘cholesterol,’ specifically LDL particles, can signal that there is indeed something going wrong inside the body. Remember, LDL is the transporter of cholesterol from the liver to the cells. Also remember, cholesterol’s job is to repair damage to tissues caused by inflammation (much of which is due to consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed vegetable oils). On LDL’s way to repair the inflammation, it does its best to start the healing process. However, during its travels, the LDL molecule is very fragile and is easily damaged through a process called oxidization. Oxidization is caused by free radicals, bacteria and viruses found within our body. So when this transporter, LDL, is damaged, cholesterol can begin to stack up in the blood vessel. Once the artery or vein is occluded more than 70, 80, or 90%, a heart attack or stroke is likely to occur. An interesting study recently revealed that nearly 75% of heart attack victims had normal or low levels of LDL cholesterol. Additionally, it has been reported by Australian author David Gillespie in his book, Toxic Oil, that looking at cholesterol numbers yields roughly a 50/50 chance at predicting heart disease yet when oxidized LDL particles are measured there is an 82% chance of predicting heart disease. Therefore, our recommendation at The Exercise Coach® is to reduce the inflammation that leads to this plaque build-up in the arteries, rather than fear dietary cholesterol. And reducing inflammation is precisely what our exercise and nutrition program is designed to do! All of our coaches well trained in both nutrition and exercise so come visit one of our two Atlanta locations for a free no-obligation consultation. Buckhead: 458 East Paces Ferry Rd. 404-848-1550 Johns Creek: 9925 Haynes Bridge Rd. 770-212-9568 Visit us at



The History behind the Irish-Jewish People THE BLEND OF TWO CULTURES



went to Ireland recently to answer an unusual Jewish question. Why had a mayor of Limerick renovated an obscure Jewish cemetery that has only eleven graves? Before I spent twenty days on the Emerald Isle, including two in this west coast city, The Atlanta Jewish Times had published, in its May 2nd issue, my pre-trip answer, titled “The Mystery of Jews in Limerick, Ireland.” Sunday night of the eleventh, all-day Monday of the twelfth, and Tuesday morning of the thirteenth of May 2014, I toured the streets of Limerick. I paid homage to the eleven tombstones as well as the cemetery prayer house, researched archives, and most importantly, shared stories with Des Ryan, preeminent historian of Limerick’s Jewish past, and Joe Kemmy, brother of the former mayor Jim Kemmy, who has been deceased since the mid-1990s. My original hypothesis explaining the actions of the socialist, atheist, mayor, during his two administrations, could not be verified during this meaningful first-hand visit. I had thought that Jim’s grandfather, Joseph, had traveled to Russia in the 1890s as a stonemason and had met Jews within the Pale of the Settlement. This possible familial explanation could not be validated, since the passports, the travel itineraries, and the references of immigrants from Lithuanian shtels traveling to Limerick had not surfaced. I have continued to study documents, to review notes from contacts in Ireland, and to speculate where Joseph Kemmy went in Russia. Evidence may appear someday, but I have tabled this question until I uncover more facts. Why did Jim Kemmy care about the 1902 Jewish cemetery? For now, my best educated guess is the following: When he lived (1936-1997), Jim Kemmy was the sort of man, leader, historian, and politician who genuinely cared about people. He was for the underdog, the little person, and the oppressed. The cemetery received attention from members of the Limerick

Civic Trust, as well as Jim Kemmy, a county official, and other community groups. These efforts to refurbish, finance, and respect the Kilmurray Cemetery in Castletroy, County Limerick began as early as 1984, when Kemmy was still an alderman. When the rededication occurred on November 14, 1990, Kemmy missed it because of his compulsory attendance at the Dail in Dublin. Kemmy was there in spirit along with all the other dignitaries. And, he would have cherished the Medal of the City of Jerusalem, which he received from the Israeli ambassador in 1996, yet he was too close to his end to get all caught up in the special honor that recognized his lifelong dedication to labor causes. I was definitely moved when his brother Joe shared the heirloom, after he, Des Ryan and I had toured the cemetery, which, ironically, had just been mowed. For now, I am less intrigued with my question or the medal, than I am with a symbol which appears on top of two modern granite tombstones. One burial stone was erected by the Limerick Civic Trust in June 2001, the other by the Dublin Holy Burial Society in September 2001. Both have in bold letters: “HERE LIES THE REMAINS OF AN UNKNOWN JEWISH SOUL” Yet above these three lines is a special symbol, a Star of David with an Irish harp inside it. The same Jewish star, or Shield of David, with an Irish harp appears on the plaque on the prayer house wall, citing the dedication by the “Chief Rabbi Very Rev. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.” So far, no one can explain the origin of this merged symbol, nor its designer, date, or religious-historical meaning. Michael Kemmy, great grandson of Joseph, was named after Jim Kemmy’s brother and father. He is currently a master engraver in Limerick and is responsible for engraving the two tombstones. I have continued my correspondence with the Kemmys, Mr. Ryan, and others, since I hope to learn more about this recently displayed logo.

Besides the graves with a rare-

ly-used, four-stringed harp within a six-pointed Magen David, there are two other graves that may be equally important for future Irish Jewish research in Atlanta. One mentions the name Lois Fine and the other mentions Stuart Clein. Living relatives of the deceased are in Limerick. So, I visited Fine’s Jewelry Shop on O’Connell Street, and spoke to Mr. Peter Clein, a well-known barrister. The Clein’s are a part of the lineage that has evolved into the Silver family here in Atlanta. And thus there is direct evidence of Lithuanian Jews, who came to Limerick and stayed long enough to have families and life cycle events. One family member is buried in the Kilmurray Cemetery, another is practicing law, and all the while a local offspring is practicing medicine in Atlanta. For those interested in further research, I suggest looking at the memorabilia, which are displayed in The Irish Jewish Museum on Walworth Road in Dublin. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Star of David with an Irish harp facing in another direction on its brochure. For genealogy in Ireland, there is only one magus opus – The Irish Jewish Family History Database – a

16-volume compendium, by Stuart Rosenblatt of Dublin. This collection is available in the National Archives and in four other locations. Perhaps the Limerick volume, which I have held, might add the Star of David and Irish harp as its future logo and unifying sign. I also await Des Ryan’s extensive writings on Jews in Limerick from the beginning of the nineteenth century (1811-1903). When published in The Old Limerick Journal in December 2014, the writings will be available to Emory and to The William Bremen Jewish Historical Museum. For my own part, I know I am eager to have this special symbol of my two cultures engraved on an item for our family. It will remind us of my grandfather’s Irish roots in Banemore, County Limerick; my Irish citizenship that I obtained in 2007; and my conversion, as well as my remarkable search about the mysteries of Limerick Jews.

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014





Pace Academy Opens Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School THE DREAM BECOMES A REALITY SPECIAL FOR THE AJT


fter a two-year capital campaign themed “Aim High,” on August 18, Pace Academy officially opened the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, a state-of-the-art, 75,000-square-foot facility on the school’s W. Paces Ferry Road campus.

The campaign raised more than $35 million through 1,300 gifts from individual donors. In addition to the lead gift from Arthur Blank, the campaign had 100 percent participation from the Pace Academy faculty and Board of Trustees, From left to right: Tim and Leigh Walsh, Julie Seaman, Robert Sheft, and nearly 90 Elizabeth and Ken Richards, Angie Macuga and Arthur Blank, Mayor percent par- Kasim Reed, Martha Downer-Assaf and Fred Assaf celebrate the opening of Pace Academy’s Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. ticipation by Pace Academy parents, plus more than $2 million raised from alumni. The Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School nearly doubles the space of the previous Upper School facility and adds a College Counseling suite, an Academic Resource Center with private tutoring rooms and science Inside Pace Academy’s Woodruff Library, part of the labs. Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

“I commend the entire Pace Academy community for making the dream for this new campus a reality,” Arthur Blank said. “Providing an environment that will foster educational excellence is the best gift we can give to young students.” The building also includes the Seaman Family Student Commons, a 1,500-square-foot space for community building and collaborative learning that will serve as a hub for all Upper School students. The building’s Sheft Family Academic Resource Center features private tutoring rooms and a learning lab, and the fourth-floor Correll Richards Family Student Terrace overlooks the Pace Academy Gardens and provides space for outdoor learning and socializing. Throughout the new Upper School, state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs allow students to use cutting-edge technology and gain hands-on experience in a safe environment.

Founded in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia, Pace Academy serves 1,080 students in grades Pre-First through 12. The co-educational, college-preparatory day school strives to create prepared, confident citizens of the world through rigorous academic experiences, innovative global leadership programs, character education and close student-teacher relationships. The school adheres to 22 Judeo-Christian values and encourages students to THINK BIG.



abbi Micah Lapidus, Director of Jewish and Hebrew Studies at The Davis Academy, recently completed the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) program, an intensive training program for educators of all Jewish denominations presented by the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary. The current cohort of DSLTI fellows includes a mix of educational leaders from Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, and community Jewish day schools.

vidual development, DSLTI is committed to forming a cadre of outstanding Jewish educational leaders, who share a common language, and support each other as they take leadership positions in day schools across North America.

“The Davidson School is deeply committed to the preparation of Jewish education leaders across different settings and denominations,” says Dr. Zachary Lasker, director of Educational Projects for the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education and The Davidson School of JTS. “DSLTI fills a vital need by offering Jewish educators in the field advanced skills, a peer network, and the individualized support “Our fellows repthey need to move their resent a broad range of careers forward and Rabbi Micah Lapidus North American Jewtake on positions of leadry,” says Dr. Ray Levi, ership. In this case, diversity among incoming director of DSLTI. “What our participants adds value to the exthey have in common is their tremenperience by encouraging collaboration dous intellectual gifts, commitment and emphasizing similarities.” to educational excellence, and desire Participants in DSLTI join a netto serve and perpetuate the Jewish people. Their diversity enriches every work of more than 100 alumni serving aspect of the institute and provides a in senior leadership positions in Jewliving laboratory for Jewish plural- ish day schools throughout the United ism.” DSLTI offers a rich understand- States and Canada. Each graduate ing of day school headship through the has access to continuing professional development and networking opportulenses of: nities. • Judaism — Exploring how a Jew“We are very pleased that Miish worldview informs education- al theory, practice, and decision cah has completed this prestigious program,” said Davis Academy Head making of School Amy Shafron. “The Davis • Education — Enhancing knowlAcademy is dedicated to investing in edge of curriculum development the professional growth of all its facand assessment, theories and ulty. This unique training will serve to practice of learning, professional deepen the skills and understanding of development, and school culture this exceptionally talented leader and • Leadership — Developing skills in educator who brings so much creativbudget and finance, development, ity and ruach to our school community admissions, board relations, and everyday.” organizational change. Rabbi Lapidus says, “The DSLTI program has been an exciting experience that helps me to bring new skills and insight into my work at The Davis Academy. I feel fortunate to have spent time during the last two summers with such an intelligent and creative cohort of colleagues. Jewish day schools everywhere benefit from the thoughtful, skillful leadership training that is the focus of the DSLTI. I was privileged to be a part of this program.” DSLTI courses are interactive and include case studies, simulations, and problem-based learning as primary approaches. In addition to fostering indi-

Editor’s note: DSLTI is funded through the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation and the Alan B. Slifka Foundation. The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of JTS is North America’s largest pluralistic school of Jewish education, granting graduate-level degrees in Jewish education and providing professional development and curricula programs to educators currently in the field. It continues to fill the ever-growing demand for well-trained, competent leaders in Jewish education across the continent and beyond.


NEW YEAR, NEW SCHOOL SPECIAL FOR THE AJT tlanta Jewish Academy has started off the school year as the only infant-12th grade Jewish day school in Atlanta. On the first day of school, the student body greeted the school’s new beginning with excitement.

On Sunday, August 10, AJA’s Greenfield Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School held their Back to School Event and Open House. This event marked the unveiling of the school’s new logo, which appeared for the first time on signs and souvenir items. Families enjoyed the carnival atmosphere as students checked out their lockers, tasted samples from the lunch program, participated in a scavenger hunt, crafted bookmarks, shot hoops in the gym, and caught up with friends old and new. The following day, Monday, August 11, was the first day of school at AJA’s Greenfield Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School. AJA distributed a t-shirt bearing the new logo to every student, and students enjoyed trying on their new “Spirit Wear.” As always, Greenfield Middle School of AJA held their traditional Locker Race, in which 5th and 6th graders compete for the ribbon awarded to the fastest locker-opener. Middle schoolers also chose electives from a menu of twelve options that included offerings like Math Art, Yoga, Rube Goldberg Machine Engineering, and Kosher Masterchef. Many new students are registered at AJA this year, but their more experienced classmates made sure to guide them through locker procedures and to help them find their classrooms. Sixth grader Bobbie Sloan cheerfully assisted a new fifth grader with a locker combination, and the two were chatting as if they were old friends. When asked how long they had known each other, Bobbie explained, “Oh, we just met a few minutes ago — my locker’s right on top of hers.”

Leah Summers, Associate Head of Greenfield Early Childhood-Middle School of Atlanta Jewish Academy, examining the photos of the new students with a student.

AJA students and staff all seem ready to use their new, exciting start to create a great year of learning and fun.

Mitzvah Magician Party►

Magic show with Debbie Leifer, renowned magician Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child

Sammy Spider Party

Sammy Spider arts and crafts, activities, and games Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child

AUGUST 24, 2014

Everything Noah’s Party► 2:00Arkpm to 4:00 pm Children enjoy a live petting zoo Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child

Featuring the special creations of Elite Tallit and Craft Rae’sParty Designs ►

Atlanta Jewish Academy Opens Its Doors


Trunk Show birthday parties from oytoys and thou shalt read


Children create provided wooden craft Cake and refreshments

Learn how you can Story time Gift book for each child customize a tallit Call for priCes | for youself and your loved ones with your choice of fabric and personalized design!

birthday parties from oytoys and thou shalt read Explore the Mitzvah Magician Party► fascinating Magic show withworks Debbie Leifer,of renowned magician Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child Rae Antonoff, creator of beautiful Hebrew Sammy Spider Party micrography Sammy Spider arts and crafts, activities, and games Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child renderings of biblical scenes Everything Noah’s Ark Party► all done Children enjoy ain livealmostpetting zoo Cake and refreshments Story time Gift book for each child microscopic Hebrew lettering from the Craft Party Children create provided wooden craft Cake and refreshments appropriate parshiot.

A new AJA second grader and her mother meet some of her teachers. Left to right, Sharon Gendellman, Kim Linsider, Eliana Linsider, and Josh Pernick.

Rachel Wallenstein, Daliya Wallenstein, and Kayla Wallenstein enjoying the AJA Back to School event and Open House.

Call for priCes | |

AJA fourth grader Amber Lewis, AJA fifth grader Ella Goldstein can First grader Micah Kraitzick with father Darryl Lewis and open and close her new locker like knows that the future’s so bright at posing a friend, isn’t getting a locker yet— a veteran middle schooler. AJA, he’s got to wear shades! but she looks ready!

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Story time Gift book for each child


The Right Place. The Right Time. Welcome Home!





he Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) announced its 2014-2015 Arts & Culture Season offerings for audiences of all ages, with most programs taking place at the MJCCA (located at 5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody).

ResPite caRe ● PeRsonal caRe ● MeMoRy caRe

CoMPLIMenTaRy MeMoRy CaRe sCReenIng Providing life enriching care at an affordable Price! come meet our dedicated and caring team members. call 770-350-2393 or

A Notion of Peace

HIGHLIGHTS OF EVENTS FROMNOW THROUGH THE END OF 2014 INCLUDE: GODS CHANGE, PRAYERS ARE HERE TO STAY August 20 – November 30, 2014 These 24 original paintings by internationally-renowned artist Archie Rand provide a visualization of Yehuda Amichai’s beautifully iconoclastic poem on G-d, prayer, and Jewish life. This exhibition also includes the full text of Amichai’s work. George Vass and Laura Gordy Sunday, August 24, 2014, 6:00 pm



s part of an interactive community art project, the exhibit Peace: What Does it Mean to You? is the museum’s most recent and ambitious opening yet. The collection consists of a set of 50 portraits followed by a brief excerpt of each person’s biography and what “peace” signifies to them. The exhibit is part of a series which includes John Noltner’s previous work A Peace of my Mind.

Saturday, September 13, 2014, 8:00 pm


Aimed at fostering public dialogues, the exhibit challenges viewers to reevaluate their own beliefs towards Peace and how it compares to that of the excerpts before them. As visitors browse through each portrait, they are inadvertently exposed to a diverse group of individuals who all come from different walks of life.

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Arts & Culture Co-Chair Kimberly Dollinger explained, “From top comedians and award-winning instrumentalists performing on our stage; to various family, adult, and community productions entertaining our valued theatre-goers, we are thrilled to feature internationally renowned artists through Arts & Culture at the MJCCA.”

Acclaimed violinist George Vass is renowned on three continents for his unique interpretations and performance style of the classics. Accompanying pianist Dr. Laura Gordy is a celebrated interpreter of contemporary music as well as classical repertoire. They will perform works by Bloch, Beethoven, and Brahms in an intimate concert setting.



“We are pleased at the high caliber of talent that will be appearing at the MJCCA this year,” said Arts & Culture Co-Chair Jennie Medeiros. “This season features something for everyone: musical productions, a cappella and jazz performances, beautiful visual art exhibitions, comedy shows, and much more. Our committee felt a great sense of accomplishment to have hand-selected a first-rate season for our members and constituents.”

With conflicts taking place all over the world and negative broadcasts filling the airwaves, it has become increasingly strenuous for people to connect with each other. Whether the discussion is in regard to a political quibble, an ethical dilemma, or a religious confrontation, the amount of energy individuals use to identify differences within each far outweighs that of finding similarities. This in affect has led to a more polarized society and allowed individuals to dismiss viewpoints which fail to mimic their own. That is, up until now. Since its release, the exhibit has altered the very way in which people perceive other’s points of view. As visitors stroll through the gallery, it is impossible for them to remain indifferent to the portraits before them. Each excerpt offers the chance to travel the world without ever stepping foot outside Atlanta, and as we read each passage we acquire a first-hand look into daily life within a different region. Remarkably, the sooner we start looking, the sooner we realize how our differences pale in comparison to our similarities and how we are all struggling to achieve the most important trait of all - PEACE.

Voted one of the top 10 comedians in New York City by the Hollywood Reporter and BackStage, MODI is one of the comedy circuit’s most sought after performers. Featured on HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, Howard Stern, and E! Entertainment, MODI has received rave reviews. Ticket includes complimentary glass of wine. This program is open to adults 21 and over. JAZZ AT THE JCC PRESENTS: The Andy Statman Trio Born in 1950 into a long line of cantors, composers, and both classical and vaudeville musicians, Andy Statman is one of America’s most gifted and sought-after mandolinists and clarinetists. Andy is a master interpreter, composer, and performer of the music that represents his dual heritage as an observant Jew and an American. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day December 4 - 14, 2014 Laugh and sing along with Alexander’s misadventures in this hilarious musical, featuring book and lyrics by Judith Viorst, author of the best-selling classic book. This program is ideal for children ages 5-10. MJCCA Youth Ensemble Presents: Disney’s The Aristocats Kids December 15 & 16, 2014 This feline adventure is sure to get your audiences tapping their feet to its hip, jazzy beat, which includes the Disney favorites “The Aristocats,” “Scales and Arpeggios,” and “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat.” This program is ideal for all ages. There are even more events running from January through June 2015. For more information about all of the events, contact: Media Inquiries: Lora Sommer at 678.812.4078, Purchase Tickets: 678.812.4002, or visit online at




ugust 15, 2014 is a significant day for Atlanta residents Irving and Norma Schiff. This day marks Irving’s 99th birthday, as well as him and his wife’s 72nd wedding anniversary.

Irving Schiff was born in Manhattan, New York on August, 15, 1915. He is the son of Abraham and Ida Schiff, immigrants from Russia. He had two sisters, Anna and Sally, and one brother, Philip. Irving married Norma Percell, the daughter of Lithuanian immigrants Jacob and Bessie Percell, on August 15, 1942.

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During World War II, Irving joined the U.S. Army and served in the South Pacific for two and a half years. He served in Morotai, Beaux, New Guinea and the Phillipines. Irving and Norma have two children, Brian Schiff and Alan Schiff; daughter-in-law, Barbara Sachs; grandchildren, Jennifer Schiff, Stephanie Schiff, Jordan Schiff, Matthew Schiff, Lauren Yurfest, Johanna and Drew Bailey; and two great-grandchildren, Ansley and Cameron Bailey.

Irving and Norma have lived in Atlanta since 1959.

Iteld Ellman Wedding Announcement


ershene Elisa Iteld of Atlanta, Georgia and CPT Gavin Marshal Ellman of San Diego, California were married on March 30, 2014 at 200 Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia. Rabbi Adam Starr, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Toco Hills, officiated. The bride is the daughter of Simone and the late Julius Iteld of Atlanta, Georgia and the granddaughter of the late Harry and Guta Iteld and Isaac and Rebecca Maman who lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Montreal, Quebec, respectively. The groom is the son of Jamie Ellman and Peter Ellman of San Diego, California and the grandson of Minnie Ellman and the late Jack Ellman of Scarsdale, New York and the late Gwendolyn and James Coman who lived in Amsterdam, New York. The bride is a graduate of The Epstein School, Yeshiva Atlanta and Boston University. She is currently working for Ideal Realty & Investment Company, Inc, a property management and real estate investment firm that was started by her late father over 50 years ago. The groom is a graduate of La Jolla Country Day in San Diego, California and the University of Chicago. He is currently a Captain in the U.S. Army, and the Commander of B Company, 3-81 Armor Battalion, at Fort Benning. He was a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq from October 2006 to December 2008 and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from April 2010 to April 2011. The wedding party consisted of Kadima Benezra and Bari Girnun as Matrons of Honor, and Kevin Weinberg as Best Man. Arielle Belfer, Rebecca Benezra, Sari Zlotnick served as Bridesmaids. Merrick Ellman, Miles Ellman, Shane Ellman, and Sam Raiche served as Groomsmen. Brooke Maman served as the Flower girl. Also walking down the aisle were the groom’s grandmother, aunt and uncle, and the bride’s aunt and cousins. CPT Matt Alvey, CPT Makonen Campbell, CPT Drew Robinson, CPT Michael Picchini, CPT Owen Long, and CPT Steve Naser performed the Saber Arch, a military tradition.

The couple met on JDate will be living in Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia.

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w/Master on Main Off Harts Mill! • This One of a Kind Estate Will Take Your Breath Away! • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • This One of a Kind Estate Will Take Your Breath Away! • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • This One of a Kind Estate Will Take Your Breath Away! • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • •Kitchen with Newer Cabinets, Granite, Gas Cooktop & Wine Limestone & Brick English Manor Home • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and • 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Full Baths / 1 Half Bath • Fridge Overlooks Keeping Room Large Great Room & Dining Room • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room • Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room Large Great Room & Dining Room • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • Open Floor Plan with Flexibility for Large or Small Scale Entertaining • Kitchen with Newer Cabinets, Granite, Gas Cooktop & Wine • 4-Bedroom Guest House & • • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and • 3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Full Baths Kitchen with Newer Cabinets, Granite, Gas Cooktop & Wine • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and Fridge Overlooks Keeping Room • Totally Renovated Custom Designed Kitchen Has All the Bells and Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room 1-Bedroom Pool House Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room • Elegant Master on Main w/ Stunning Bath and 2 Walk-in Closets Fridge Overlooks Keeping Room • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • Whistles and Overlooks Vaulted Great Room 3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Full Baths • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • 2 Spacious Bedrooms Upstairs with Jack-and-Jill Bath 3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Full Baths • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • Owner’s Retreat on Main with Sitting room and Peaceful Screen Porch •a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! 7 Bedrooms/ 8 Full Baths / 3 Half Baths • Elegant Master on Main w/ Stunning Bath and 2 Walk-in Closets • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! Large Upstairs Loft with Sitting Area- Perfect for Homework Elegant Master on Main w/ Stunning Bath and 2 Walk-in Closets • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • Upstairs Office Plus 3 Bedrooms, Each with a Private Bath • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • or Home Office 2 Spacious Bedrooms Upstairs with Jack-and-Jill Bath • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be • 2 Spacious Bedrooms Upstairs with Jack-and-Jill Bath • Exquisite Manicured Grounds, • Terrace Level Has a Bedroom, Full Bath & Artist Studio That Would Be a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! • Garden and Play Area Large Upstairs Loft with Sitting Area- Perfect for Homework Garden and Play Area • Screened Porch is for Entertaining in All Seasons a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! • a Perfect Playroom/Game Room, Media Room, Gym and More! Large Upstairs Loft with Sitting Area- Perfect for Homework Formal Gardens & Pebble Tec Pool • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility or Home Office • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility • Garden and Play Area Breathtaking Flat, Fenced Backyard with Gazebo, or Home Office • Main Level Walkout to the Pool, Waterfall, Outdoor Kitchen, Tranquility Garden and Play Area • Put into this Home Screened Porch is for Entertaining in All Seasons Put into this Home Garden and Play Area Stone Work & Irrigation Garden and Play Area • Offered with One of the Finest Collections of • Screened Porch is for Entertaining in All Seasons • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • “Healthy House”- Mead Environmental System with Sealed Breathtaking Flat, Fenced Backyard with Gazebo, • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have • • You Will Be Amazed at How Much Love and Care the Owner’s Have Put into this Home Eclectic Furnishings & Museum Quality Art • Restaurants Breathtaking Flat, Fenced Backyard with Gazebo, Put into this Home Stone Work & Irrigation Restaurants Put into this Home Mold-Free Crawl Space- Ideal for Allergy Sensitive People Put into this Home Stone Work & Irrigation • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • “Healthy House”- Mead Environmental System with Sealed • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • Fantastic Private Location, Yet Close to Hospitals, Shops, Schools and • This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! Restaurants • Restaurants “Healthy House”- Mead Environmental System with Sealed Mold-Free Crawl Space- Ideal for Allergy Sensitive People ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Restaurants ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Restaurants Mold-Free Crawl Space- Ideal for Allergy Sensitive People Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. ©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC.

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Call today to learn about our Summer Two-Bedroom Promotion!

3755 Peachtree Road NE | Atlanta 404.237.2323 | REtiRE iN st ylE. youR st ylE.

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014





Take Your Best Shot! Enter Your Photos in Georgiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Celebration of Israel Enter your photo before October 15, 2014 into one of the following categories: Landscape; People (Portraits); Modern Israel; Ancient (Historical) Email your entry to with subject line reading: JNF Positively Israel on Our Minds Photo Contest. All entrants will receive a professionally printed copy of their entry. Winners will receive valuable services from Chuck Wolfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s photodesignbar, and chances to win other prizes. Contest Rules:

1. Include your name, address and phone number. Note if under 25 years old. 2. Submit the highest resolution photo possible. !                     submitted remain the property of the original creator. 4. Maximum of 4 entries per person. 5. Must be a Georgia resident to enter.

Sponsored by Jewish National Fund (JNF) in partnership with Chuck Wolfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s photodesignbar, The Atlanta Jewish Times, The Jewish Georgian, Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast, the Israel Ministry of Tourism and UGA Hillel.


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Friendship Circle Combats Loneliness Local Teen Inspired by Helping Others

where you get to see their joy would be something amazing”. What Ruthie didn’t bargain for was the huge success her sale would be, even having to close up shop early with everything selling out. Incredibly, Ruthie raised over $4000 in just a couple hours!



hen 16 year old, Ruthie Tanenbaum signed on to be a volunteer with the Friendship Circle she had no idea what an impact it would have on her life. The Friendship Circle certainly did not know that they were getting more than just a volunteer. So what exactly inspired a young girl to work for hours and raise over $4,000 for an organization she has only known about for a year?

The funds raised may have been quick to come in but the work to get to that point certainly was not. Ruthie spent close to a full year making over 160 interesting and beautiful pieces of jewelry. She had never before sold jewelry, nor fundraised, but she was determined to give back to

The Friendship Circle is a local Jewish nonprofit whose mission is to combat the loneliness and isolation so often felt by individuals with special needs through friendship and acceptance; to foster the values of volunteerism and compassion amongst our youth and ultimately realize the community’s responsibility for its members with special needs. More than 50 individuals with special needs enjoy home visits, holiday programs, cooking clubs, learning classes and other programs all enhanced by the incredible team of dedicated volunteers at the Friendship Circle.

Its people like Ruthie and those who supported the Friendship Circle on that day that are helping the Friendship Circle create an inclusive community where everyone belongs. For more information on the Friendship Circle visit or call Rickelle on 404 423 3371.

A Taste of Persia

1814 Peachtree St Atlanta, GA 30309

that we come. But it’s him that teaches us.”

Shabbat - Holiday - Special Event Lunch - Dinner - Banquet

Experience an authentic taste of Persian Cuisine on our beautiful patio or intimate dining room!

And right there is the beauty of the Friendship Circle. It’s not about servicing a segment of the community. It’s not about doing a good deed. It’s the circle of love from which everyone benefits. The volunteers don’t just give, they get. They get knowledge, understanding, respect and sensitivity. For Ruthie, she was inspired “by how upbeat David always is.” Ruthie wasn’t going to let her inspiration go unchaneled and looked for ways to give back to the organization that meant so much to her. Her idea was to sell handmade jewelry and hopefully raise $1000 to cover the first Jewish Holiday Party. “I wanted to do this because you could see how happy the participants are when they are at Friendship Circle. They deserve so much more. Many of them don’t have a lot of friends and so to throw them a huge holiday party

Delivery Available Through

For Larger catering orders call: 404.888.9699

AUGUST 22 ▪ 2014

Ruthie, inspired by a presentation given at the Weber School, joined the Friendship Circle a little over a year ago and signed on to be a Friends@ Home volunteer. As part of this program she began weekly visits to David,* a shy 4 year old with autism. It was not easy to begin with, and Ruthie left the first visit not particularly moved beyond having done a good deed. But things quickly began to change as her impact on David, and his impact on her began to become evident. “At first it was hard, but now he is genuinely happy to see me. When you see how he may not necessarily be happy with others, it shows just how special you are to him.” The once shy David, is a changed kid. He is animated and talkative and truly looks forward to Ruthie and her friend Lexi’s visits. “Friendship Circle is amazing” declares Ruthie. “You change a child. Not just at home but school included. It’s amazing for me to see how proud his mum is and how grateful she is

her special friend who has impacted her so much. Approximately 50 people came to her jewelry sale, many of whom she didn’t even know. Word spread about the great sale for a great cause and people came with open wallets, and more importantly, open hearts.



Shaindle’s Shpeil

Send a Condolence Gift Plant a Tree in Israel in Memory of a Loved One



une was always an important month for my family and friends. When May 31 would appear on the calendar, we were all beginning to feel an air of anticipation. But once we saw June 1 appear, we knew two things for certain; we celebrated my sister’s birthday and we were getting closer to summer vacation. June 26 meant another sister’s birthday and summer vacation was a stone’s throw away.

800.542.TREE(8733) • JNF.ORG/PLANTNOW

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My birthday was the biggie. The one every student and teacher in the entire school system, without regard for grade level, race, religion, favorite color, apartment dweller or if you lived in a private home, was anticipating with bated breath. When I was little, every year my entire class looked forward to my birthday. It was a day of celebrations and excitement. The closer we got to my birthday, the rowdier my class would get. Until finally, June 30 would roll around, and we celebrated like crazy. June 30 marked the last day of school, and the beginning of our summer vacation. During the weeks leading up to this auspicious event, moms all over the city were already packing boxes filled with summer blankets, pillows, sheets and towels. Boxes filled with cookware and utensils. Boxes filled with clothes and toys. Boxes filled with nonperishable food items. Suitcases filled with more clothes. Smaller boxes filled with toiletries. And lest we forget- the Maj Jong sets were polished and packed for play. For those of us lucky enough to go away to summer camp, (or in my own case sent away) families were shopping for bathing suits, flashlights, bathing caps (remember those,) shorts, jeans, raingear, light jackets or sweaters, post cards and stationary (that would be for letter writing- a thing of the past,) all in an attempt to purchase all items on the ‘must have’ list sent home by the camp director. Schools were not air conditioned, and were barely heated. Yet, somehow we made it through the school year. Through snow storms, sleet and hail, rain, and winds, late trains and buses, we all persevered. All

those states whose school year begins in the middle of summer and ends in the middle of spring, have no climate excuses. Buses and the brave and talented bus drivers who expertly move students from one place to another, have headlights for dark mornings, and fans for hot days. Black ice? Drive slowly! Hurricaneswell let’s not go there. I am proposing a nonpartisan bill to be presented as soon as possible, a bill proposing a new school year calendar. Are you with me? If so, may I suggest we pick a day when we all roll down our car windows and shout: we ain’t gonna’ take it anymore! Mark your calendars for Tuesday September 2. On this day, TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 2, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or anyone who hates not knowing when and where, or even if traffic delays caused by these silly rolling open school dates occur. I propose the entire country offer the same school year calendar. I propose that the first day of school should be the day after Labor Day, and should conclude June 30. And while I’m on the subject, let’s all have winter and spring breaks at the same time. Come on people! Give our educators and students a break. Think of it: parents would not have to scurry around looking for day care when one child starts one day and another a different day. When one child has school break in November, the other child in January. What sense does this make? Are we not a family friendly nation? If not, we should be. Summer and winter camps unite, join me in my quest for some order, not disorder on the school calendars. Educators, physicians and psychologists all agree, playtime is essential for the students’ intellectual health and emotional health, relieving stress and anxiety. Let’s relieve some of the family’s stress and anxiety by organizing the school calendar in a way that makes more sense. Multiple children in the same household celebrating at multiple times of the year, be it for school break, school holidays or teacher work days, drives parents crazy. Let’s help our families all celebrate at the same time, let’s vote for sanity in the home.


may their memories be a blessing

Shirley L. Halpern 89, of Atlanta

She was preceded in death by her husband, Bernard Halpern, of blessed memory, a prominent Atlanta real estate developer and philanthropist. Shirley will always be remembered for her kind and gentle spirit, sweet demeanor, and generosity. Her grandchildren, who knew her as Mema, were the special beneficiaries of her love and dedication to family. Survivors include her son, Alan Halpern; son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Lynne Halpern; son, Owen Halpern; son and daughter-in-law, Rick and Robin Halpern; daughter, Carolyn Oppenheimer (all of Atlanta); sister, Ann Goldwasser (Camarillo, CA); grandchildren: Cary Halpern, Robin (David) Lubin; Beth (Dr. Gavin) Brown, Benjamin Halpern, Rachel Halpern, Dov Halpern, Vered (Aaron) Attar, Akiva Halpern, Chaya Halpern, Yocheved Halpern, Matthew Oppenheimer, Brad Oppenheimer, and Eli Oppenheimer; and seven great-grandchildren. The family also wishes to acknowledge the devotion and loving care given to Shirley during her final years by Marjorie Francis, Cylina (Jennifer) Francis, and Barbara (Precious) Latner, and the staff at the William Breman Jewish Home and Weinstein Hospice. Sign on line guest book at In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the William Breman Jewish Home, 3150 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30327. A graveside service will be held Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM at Greenwood Cemetery with Rabbi Neil Sandler officiating. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, Atlanta.

WEISS MEDIATION Effective & Efficient

Cliff Weiss has been mediating cases for seventeen years. His combination of compassion, patience and logic, along with twenty-four years of representing governmental agencies, small businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, as well as individual consumers, provides a broad range of knowledge and experience, which enhances his ability to mediate cases. Eleven years of judicial experience as State Administrative Hearing Officer for the Georgia State Health Planning Agency and the Georgia Department of Community Health, during which time he presided over trials, adjudicated verdicts, and entered orders regarding new institutional health services requested to be provided by doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare systems, provides the judicial insight that makes him so effective. The skills he has honed teaching courses as an Adjunct Professor of Law and working as Chief Counsel for Emory University Student Legal Services enable him to explain difficult situations to clients and convince them to consider all options.

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Hilda F. Smith Hilda F. Smith, 89, of Atlanta, passed away peacefully Tuesday, August 19, 2014. Born in Frankfurt, Germany to Lena and Jacob Fox, both of blessed memory, she came to the United States at the age of 13. Hilda managed the dental office of her son, Dr. Jeffrey Smith, for 34 years. She was preceded in death by her loving husband of 53 years, “Smitty”. Hilda is survived by her sons, Jeff (Jan) and Larry (Leigh); grandson, Mitchell; brother, Lothar; cat, Otis; and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and good friends. An online guestbook is available at In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Bremen Jewish Heritage Museum, Funeral service will be held 10:00 AM Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at Ahavath Achim Synagogue, 600 Peachtree Battle Ave. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, with Rabbi Neil Sandler officiating; burial in Greenwood Cemetery will follow. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, 770-451-4999.

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89, of Atlanta



what’s happening

Sun., Aug. 24 Atlanta Jewish Times’ the Gift of Chai Drive. Plan for your family’s healthy future, and be a life saving match for someone in desperate need, all at the same time by attending the Gift of Chai Drive on Sun., Aug. 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the MJCCA. The event is sponsored by the Atlanta Jewish Times and the Hebrew Order of David in partnership with JScreen Genetic Screening and the Gift of Life Stem Cell & Bone Marrow Donor Registry. For more, contact David Lurie, 404-518-7066 or, or Steve Kaufman, 770-597-2066 or To preregister for a JScreen saliva kit, visit

Sat., Aug. 30 Saturday Night Kick-off Show. Nibble and Noshfest proudly presents: “Mystery Dessert Theatre: An Evening of Desserts, Drama, and Drinks.” Grab some friends and enjoy a night out with Laughing Matters Improv Troupe. The show will take place on Sat., Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. at Temple Kol Emeth. For more, and to

purchase tickets, visit www.noshfest. com.

Sun., Aug. 31 Nibble and Noshfest is a two-day family festival providing visitors with a taste of Jewish and ethnic foods sold in sample-size portions. Community vendors will be selling their wares and all will be wowed by fabulous entertainment. A huge children activities area will keep little ones happy for hours. Admission is two canned goods that will be donated to Must Ministries to help those in need. Nibble and Noshfest will be held on Sun., Aug. 31 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The event will take place in the parking lot of Temple Kol Emeth. For more, visit

Mon., Sept. 1 Nibble and Noshfest is a two-day family festival providing visitors with a taste of Jewish and ethnic foods sold in sample-size portions. Community vendors will be selling their wares and all will be wowed by fabulous entertainment. A huge children activities area will keep little

ones happy for hours. Admission is two canned goods that will be donated to Must Ministries to help those in need. Nibble and Noshfest will be held on Mon., Sept. 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event will take place in the parking lot of Temple Kol Emeth. For more, visit

Sun., Sept. 14 South Region Volunteers for Israel Picnic. Learn more about The South Region Volunteers for Israel by joining the organization’s past, present and future volunteers on Sun., Sept. 14 at 1 p.m. at 2276 Fair Oaks Road in Decatur. Enjoy tasty food, while finding out more about this great organization. If you choose to contrib-

ute to the potluck meal please bring items that are strictly dairy or parve. For more, contact Barbara Ribner,, or call (404) 8254730.

Thurs., Sept. 18 Drake House Fashion Show. Join the women of Temple Kehillat Chaim’s Sisterhood on Thurs., Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Temple Kehillat Chaim for the Drake House Fashion Show. The show will feature clothing from The Drake Closet, a resale boutique that benefits the Drake House. Sales from the Drake Closet will help provide short-term crisis housing, education and empowerment programs

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times Friday, Aug 22, 7:58 p.m. Shabbat, August 23, 2014 8:54 p.m. Friday, Aug 29, 7:50 p.m. Shabbat, August 30, 2014 9:18 p.m.


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by David Benkof


Across 1. Black Sabbath alternative 5. Resident of Hendon 9. Abba alternative 14. Leopold’s co-defendant 15. Ashkenazi Jews affix mezuzahs ___ angle 16. “___ corned beef sandwich, please” (deli order) 17. Member of Malcolm Hoenlein’s organization 19. Benefits of working for Facebook or Google 20. Payroll co. founded by philanthropist Henry Taub 21. Word Meg Ryan repeated six times in a row in a famous “When Harry Met Sally...” scene 22. Bacall known for “The Look” 23. Diane Keaton to Woody Allen, often 25. Part of ZBT 27. Golden Calf Torah portion Ki ___ 28. “Build-___” (St. Louis-based chain that lets children create their own rabbi dolls) 29. Some kosher dishes 31. Spielberg, e.g. 32. Romanian city ___ Mare that produced the Satmar Hasidim 33. Far-right Knesset member of note 35. It might help catch a carp for gefilte fish 37. “___-Tough” (1978 football film written by Walter Bernstein) 38. Traditionalist Hungarian rabbi 42. Abe Vigoda role on “Barney Miller” 46. Cry of frustration for Freud 47. City in the Jezreel Valley 48. Homophone for a Reform youth group 49. Etrog part 51. Levin or Gershwin

52. Behaved like public opinion expert Frank Luntz 53. Einsteinium alternative 55. ___ Hasharon (city not far from Tel Aviv) 56. Noah’s pitch, basically 57. Possible tools for calculating gematria 58. Dreyfus Affair accuser 61. Chronic ___ Disease (kidney malady faced by many Israelis of North African descent) 62. Kohn’s kosher ___, the “home of the killer pastrami” 63. Janis Ian album “Working Without ___” 64. Yinglish, e.g. 65. Baron of Columbia University? 66. Abba alternative Down 1. Mammals like camels 2. Important city during the Golden Age of Spain 3. Kind of anti-Semitism discussed in “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” 4. Network that broadcasts actress Mayim Bialik’s show “The Big Bang Theory” 5. Ginsburg, well before she was a judge 6. Israel’s no. 2 and no. 6 7. Ziering or Kinsler 8. Network that aired Kyra Sedgwick’s “The Closer” 9. “___, Can You Hear Me?” (song from “Yentl”) 10. Neighbor to some of the “Frozen Chosen” 11. Philosopher Jacques 12. Gathers shekels 13. Act like the “khappers” who grabbed Jewish children for the Russian army 18. Nisan, ___, Sivan 22. One who audits a Jewish Studies course

24. Bay Area philanthropist Tad 25. ___ chi (krav maga alternative) 26. Kind of strikes against Gaza in early July 2014 29. Undesirable way from Tel Aviv to Haifa 30. ___ Suf (body of water that God split) 33. Joseph, among his brothers 34. Hebrew causative construction 36. King of Judah whose name means “healer” 38. “Lift up your head; wash off your ___” (“Little Shop of Horrors” lyric) 39. Sukkot month, often 40. Alternative to megillah in the phrase “The whole ___” 41. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-___) 43. Journalist who wrote “The Trial of Socrates” 44. Gonif 45. What one must do constantly in the Negev 48. Like Michelangelo’s David 50. Location of Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian casino that opened in 2007 52. Salk’s conquest 54. Accent for Joyce character Leopold Bloom of Dublin 55. Steven Bochco’s “___ Street Blues” 58. Some employees of the Jewish Journal of Southern Calif. 59. Tillie Olsen novella “Tell ___ Riddle” 60. Fighting word for Bob Kane’s Batman

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Atlanta Jewish Times, No. 27, August 22, 2014  

2014/5775 Synagogue Issue