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A collection of 45 unique shops, services, restaurants and bistros in the heart of Buckhead.

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2 November 2013 | INtown

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Rules of the Road The lack of basic driving skills displayed by Intown motorists is truly frightening to me. The use of turn signals appears to be a thing of the past as more and more motorists simply slow down or come to a complete stop in the middle of the street and you’re left to wonder if they are asleep at the wheel, lost or experiencing a medical emergency. Most of the time, cars just simply veer in the general direction of where they are turning with absolutely no warning at all. The use of turn signals, the last time I checked, is required. It’s Learners Permit 101. And, of course, when you honk at the offender, they invariably give you the middle finger salute or you can see them raging against you behind the glass. In the Old Fourth Ward, a desperately needed four-way stop was installed a few months ago at the intersection of Sampson and Irwin Street. You would think this would facilitate the flow of traffic at the busy intersection, but it usually winds up being a series of starts and stops as inattentive drivers can’t decide who reached the intersection first. There’s usually a good bit of honking going on there was well. At the other end of Sampson, where it dead-ends at Highland Avenue, I cannot tell you how many nearmisses I’ve had at that three-way stop where drivers on their cell phones, chewing on a sandwich or totally ignoring the signage blow

through the intersection without ever slowing down. I’ve become used to sharing the streets with bicycles, and I’m a proponent of more dedicated bike lanes and infrastructure to make wheeling around town fast and safe. However, there are always a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. One rainy evening a couple of months ago, I was turning off Krog Street onto Lake Avenue when I had what could have been a deadly encounter with a cyclist. I was already in the intersection turning right when a cyclist wearing all black, no helmet and no visible front reflectors ditched his bike in the path of my car. I somehow managed to break and not hit him. This wasn’t a kid, but appeared to be a guy in his late 20s or early 30s. He was uninjured and jumped on his bike and raced off into the night with a “Sorry” thrown over his shoulder. Just a couple of weeks ago, at the intersection N. Highland and Freedom Parkway, a cyclist came speeding off the PATH trail into oncoming traffic, bopping his head to whatever tune he was listening to on his iPod and oblivious to the chorus of screeching breaks and horns. My point, and I do have one, is that I’m happy to share the rode with cyclists but some basic Bike Riding 101 (stop at intersection, helmets, pads, reflective clothing) needs to be instilled in riders. While I know we all want less government in our lives, I wouldn’t object to new rules that require motorists to retake the driving test every 10 or 20 years to renew their license. As for cyclists, just remember those lessons your mom and dad taught you when learning to ride in the cul-de-sac when you were 8. It will make sharing the road a much more pleasant, and less dangerous, experience.

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November 2013 | IN


BELTLINE UPDATE An autumn progress report on various trail projects By Collin Kelley Intown Editor If you live near or frequent the area around Irwin Street where the paved portion of the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail currently ends (or begins depending on your direction of travel) you’ll know that the amount of walkers and cyclists has significantly increased. New yield for pedestrian signs have been placed and the once-rough bump over the old embedded railroad tracks is now paved and smooth. With the reconstruction of the Edgewood Avenue Bridge still ongoing, many of those walkers and cyclists are now hanging a left off the BeltLine onto Irwin and proceeding to Krog Street to cross over to Wylie Street and pick up the BeltLine trail in Reynoldstown. Utilizing Krog and Wylie are all part of the plan to get trail users across the CSX Husley Yard, according to Beltline communications director Ethan Davidson. Reconstruction of the Edgewood Bridge is still expected to be completed by Spring 2014, despite workers running into some problems

Peggy Hibbert #1 Agent, Dekalb Board of Realtors® FOUNDING PARTNER



with utilities at the site. Davidson said once the bridge is finished, BeltLine users would begin to see more activity on extending the paved portion of the Eastside Trail from Irwin down to DeKalb Avenue. In the meantime, work will begin in Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown early next year on improvements to Wylie Street. Marked bike lanes will be added to Wylie, along with medians and new, staggered parking on the north and south sides of the street. Davidson said the environmental study process is still ongoing at Hulsey Yard, which will determine how the BeltLine will cross the busy rail yard. “Once the environmental part is done, it moves us closer to preliminary engineering and design,” he said. “It will be a big milestone for the BeltLine once we’ve decided the best way to cross Hulsey Yard.” Until the Hulsey issue is solved, the iconic Krog Street Tunnel will be a temporary connector, and the BeltLine is working with the city on improvements to the tunnel to make it safer for

Druid Hills. 1453 Emory Road

The Eastside Trail that divides Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park is busier than ever with cyclists and walkers, pictured at right from the Highland Avenue Bridge. Photo by Collin Kelley

pedestrians and cyclists including guardrails and lighting. Other BeltLine updates of note: • There are now 10 security cameras placed at intervals along the Eastside Trail and the Atlanta Police Department is patrolling regularly with its Path Force Unit. • With the support of the community in southwest Atlanta, the Atlanta City Council recently condemned several vacant parcels to accelerate work on the Southwest Connector Trail and the expansion of Enota Park. • Davidson said the BeltLine is working to get consultants under contract for the environmental study process of linking the

BeltLine to the Atlanta Streetcar in Downtown. • The City of Atlanta received an $18 million TIGER V grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the development of a 2.5-mile portion of the BeltLine. The section in question runs from Allene Avenue north to Lawton Street, where it will transition to the existing West End Trail for a few blocks, then return to the rail corridor near Ralph Abernathy Boulevard and run north to Lena Street and Washington Park, where it will terminate at the existing Westside Trail, a PATH Foundation trail. Davidson said the grant money would accelerate work on that part of the trail by three years.


Historic bungalow with lovely architectural details. Open and light-filled gracious rooms with inviting transition to outdoor terraces. One-level living with master plus two additional bedrooms and two full baths on main floor. Home sits on 1/3 acre of gardens plus garage. Walk to Emory University, CDC and Emory Village.

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4 November 2013 | INtown

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ART & COMMERCE Residents want an arts center in DeKalb retail development By Collin Kelley INtown Editor Ten arts organizations from Decatur and DeKalb County signed off on a proposal to save the old Scott Boulevard Baptist Church sanctuary from the wrecking ball and transform it into a performing arts center. The proposal was sent to Fuqua Development, which plans to turn the Scott Boulevard property, located across the street from Suburban Plaza, into a mixed-use residential and retail center called Decatur Crossing. Louise Runyon, a dancer and director of Louise Runyon Performance Company, was one of the signers of the proposal. She has also been high profile in her role in Good Growth DeKalb to try and prevent the building of a Walmart Supercenter at Suburban Plaza. “The proposal we sent to Fuqua asks that the sanctuary building be preserved,” Runyon said. “There are numerous attached buildings that could go, but the sanctuary is the most visible and historic.” Runyon said ever since Beacon Hill Arts Center was closed in Decatur, there’s no performing arts space in the city, especially for dance companies. She said the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center in South DeKalb, while beautiful,

The players in the Decatur Crossing negotiations (clockwise): Dancer Louise Runyon, developer Jeff Fuqua, the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church property, and CORE Performance Company Director Sue Schroder.

was too far away and the new Decatur High School auditorium was usually unavailable and cost too much to rent for small arts groups. Sue Schroder, director of CORE Performance Company, said there was no dedicated space for smaller dance companies, in Atlanta. “Leaders and developers in New York City, Minneapolis, San Francisco and

Seattle have all found that if you have a dedicated art space, you build audience and bring activity to the surrounding retail developments.” CORE, which is marking its 33rd year, currently moves around to different venues for their award-winning dance performances, but Schroder believes the Scott Boulevard church sanctuary could be an ideal place. “There’s something about a church space that lends itself to dance,” Schroder commented, noting that New York City’s famed St. Mark’s Church has been reclaimed to become one of the most famed art spaces in the country.”

Developer Jeff Fuqua said preserving the church building was not economically feasible for the Decatur Crossing project. “It would cost millions of dollars to renovate the building and also take up a good deal of parking. The church sits on substantial portion of the property,” Fuqua said. Fuqua is currently meeting with residents who live around the Scott Boulevard property to come up with a new site plan. The original included 40,000 square feet of retail and a fourstory apartment complex, but Fuqua said the plan was being revised at the urging of the community. He’s also not against incorporating some type of arts venue in the Decatur Crossing project. “There might be some opportunity to weave in an art component,” Fuqua said. “We’re very open to that.”





1265 University Dr • 6BR/5BA $1,299,000 • Ashley Czeschin • Erin Yabroudy



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10 ivy Ridge • 3BR/3.5BA $220,000 • Ashley Czeschin • Erin Yabroudy

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400 Brickworks #405 • 2BR/2.5BA $279,500 • Ashley Czeschin • Erin Yabroudy



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1387 Wessyngton Rd • 3BR/2.5BA $569,000 • Erin Yabroudy • kevin McGlynn




Colony house #1011 • 1BR/1BA $159,000 • Erin Yabroudy


77 Avery Dr • 4BR/4BA $1,399,000 • Erin Yabroudy



211 The Prado • 5BR/3BA/2 hB $2,799,000 Erin Yabroudy


3183 Argonne Dr. • 4BR/4BA $695,000 • Wendy leebern • Erin Yabroudy




2639 Battle Overlook • 6BR/5BA/2 hB $1,395,000 • Erin Yabroudy

3 Park ln • 1BR/1BA $155,900 • Ashley Czeschin • Erin Yabroudy


sAnDY sPRinGs

510 Chestnut Rose ln • 4BR/5BA/2hB $1,395,000 • Erin Yabroudy • kevin McGlynn


801 Vedado Way • 3BR/2.5BA $775,000 • Erin Yabroudy





48 Peachtree Cir • 5BR/4.5BA $850,000 • Erin Yabroudy



169 Avery Drive • 3BR/2.5BA $829,000 • Erin Yabroudy


189 Avery Drive • 4BR/4BA/1hB $1,795,000 • Erin Yabroudy

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November 2013 | IN


The Georgia Department of Transportation released this rendering showing how traffic will use Georgia 400 once the toll plaza is closed on Nov. 21. Demolition of the plaza will begin early next year.

By Collin Kelley INtown Editor As of Nov. 21, motorists can stop digging in their cup holders, pants pockets or under the seats for 50 cents to pay the toll on Georgia 400. Gov. Nathan Deal announced in August that the toll booths would be closed by that date, weather permitting,

just in time for Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Once the booths are closed, concrete barriers will be erected and traffic travelling both north and south will be funneled through the former Peach Pass lanes. Demolition of the toll plaza will begin early next year and will cost $4.5 million. Southeastern Site Development in Newnan was selected for the job over

the summer. Georgia Department of Transportation officials said motorists would begin to see preliminary work before the end of this month, including removal of signage and restriping of lanes. The question on most Georgia 400 users minds is what will happen to traffic once the toll ends. Christopher Tomlinson, executive director of the State Road and Tollway Authority, said he has seen studies that show an increase in traffic, but its unpredictable until the road is open. “There are others that say without having that stop and go caused by the toll, it will get better,” Tomlinson said in a recent interview. Tomlinson also noted that the opening of the new connector ramps to I-85 also make traffic predictability more uncertain. At press time, the GDOT was reporting that the I-85 connector ramps are on schedule to open in January with 60 percent of the work complete. Construction of bridge columns, deck installation and retaining walls is ongoing where Georgia 400 south divides at Sidney Marcus Boulevard. Motorists in the area can continue to expect construction delays, especially on weekends, as work progresses.

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6 November 2013 | INtown

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Public Safety Briefs The Decatur Police Department is currently utilizing the Nation of Neighbors (NON) website as a way to send crime alerts, updates and information out to community members. There are currently six Decatur communities/neighborhoods in the program: Sycamore Ridge Neighborhood Watch, Decatur Heights, Oakhurst, Lenox Place, Winnona Park and Parkwood Park. An example of how NON is used would be a resident having a suspicious person come to their door and sending an alert to their neighbors or the police department sending an alert regarding recent burglaries in the area via the NON site. For more visit, nationofneighbors.com. The Ansley Park Security Patrol sent out a warning to residents that applies to neighborhoods around Intown. Boxes for electronic equipment like televisions and computers are being left on the curb for trash pickup. Criminals are also seeing the boxes and know that expensive equipment is in your home. Tear the boxes apart and put them in your recycling container. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has awarded the Atlanta Police Department an $8,000 grant to purchase an Intoxilyzer 9000, which replaces the previous model. The Intoxilyzer is the only device approved by the State of Georgia for the analysis of breath alcohol content. An account to assist the family of late Atlanta Police Officer Ryan Baird has been set up the City of Atlanta Credit Union. There are locations at 670 Metropolitan Parkway, 375 Auburn Ave. and 245 Pryor St. Baird was killed in a car accident last month. Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Joseph Spillane has been appointed to lead the Strategies and Special Projects Division. Spillane has 25 years of service with the APD, having served in five of the six police precincts and in a variety of specialized assignments. Previously he served as the Commander over the Information Services Section. Major Stacie Gibbs, who has more than 22 years of service with the APD, will oversee the Information Services Section, which includes Central Records, the ID Unit, and the Electronic Maintenance Unit. Captain Todd Coyt, who has more than 21 years of service, will serve as the new Night Commander for the Field Operations Division, Former Night Commander Captain M. Scott Kreher will be the new Asst. Commander in Zone 4. The City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department reopened Station 25 at 2349 Benjamin E. Mays Drive last month after four months of renovations that included installation of a new electrical system, painting, flooring and lighting. A tip from the Decatur Police Department: As the holiday season approaches, reports of burglaries and entering autos typically increase. Please look out for your neighbors and call police immediately when you see something or someone suspicious. Practice basic safety habits like making sure doors and windows are secure when you go to bed at night or leave your residence and making sure your vehicle is secured and valuable property is out of sight. Also, if you have an alarm system please test it to make certain everything is working and that your monitoring company is calling the correct police department in a timely manner.


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November 2013 | IN

Sometimes the most important decisions end in flip-flops.

If you take vacations seriously, you’ll love planning your next beach getaway with Royal Shell. We provide concierge service, along with an impressive array of vacation rentals throughout gorgeous Southwest Florida. Choose from private estates, tropical cottages, condominiums and golf course homes, all within flip-flop distance to the beach.

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VA C AT I O N & S E A S O N A L R E N TA L S Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Captiva Islands 8 November 2013 | INtown

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

INtown Faith Lighting the Chanukah Menorah at Thanksgiving Dinner By Dena Schusterman Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is a holiday that is obviously more than Pilgrims and turkey. It is a story of an arduous journey to escape religious persecution for freedom in a new land, the establishment of a democratic charter and the sense of Divine providence that carried the Pilgrims through their plight. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah shares this narrative. The story occurred during the era of the second Temple that stood in Jerusalem during the second century BC. The secular Greek Hellenists oppressed any group that wished to practice their religion. The Jews in Israel were particularly targeted for abuse. A small group of Jewish warriors known as the Maccabees led by their leader Judah rose up against their oppressors and miraculously brought about freedom for their brethren in the holy land. The Jewish people won this battle for religious freedom in their own land and immediately thanked G-d for the miracles that enabled this victory. As a Jewish preschool, we don’t share in the seasonal holiday excitement in October and December that is prevalent in every shop window, catalogue and thematic academic units. I must admit sometimes we feel left out. Not so with

Thanksgiving. This is an American holiday with a universal message and one that we take seriously at the Intown Jewish Preschool. Each Thanksgiving we invite our grandparents or older special people in our lives, to join the preschool for a holiday lunch. Our special older guests have a stronger connection to the past and are important links in a chain going back generation to generation. We look to the adults in our life to help us understand the past so we can be grateful for the present and enrich our future. Celebrating with our grandparents means that we create Students play games at last year’s Chanukah celpersonal invitations and decorate our school to welcome them. The children ebration at the Intown Jewish Preschool. The school families, including grandparents, to partake are involved in cooking and baking the invites in the celebration. feast, learning songs and engaging in from the lighthearted commentary on grandparent appropriate activities. the coincidence of these two holidays This year, our annual Grandparent’s converging, there is a deeper connection Day Thanksgiving Feast will be no between the two. different. It will actually be better, So this year, together with our enhanced by a special flavor of grandparents and special elders, the the uniquely Jewish holiday called children at IJP will construct creative Chanukah. Much ado is being made menorahs, say the blessings and light of this convergence of epic holidays. them, while we enjoy our Thanksgiving PresidentLincoln established the first feast. Life is good for a Jew in America, official holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863, and for this we are truly thankful. and since1888 we have not celebrated the two holidays together. It is impossible Dena Schusterman is the director of to determine if the two holidays will Intown Jewish Preschool. ever coincide again, perhaps 2070. Aside

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town 9

November 2013 | IN


ial S




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Rev. James Neil Hollingsworth Jr. Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

Churches welcome pastors back home By Melissa Weinman

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10 November 2013 | INtown


Rev. David Shivers, First Baptist Church of Sandy Springs

1 9 8 4

Life has led two local pastors back to where they started. Rev. James Neil Hollingsworth Jr. took the pulpit as senior pastor at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Buckhead – a church he often attended as a teenager. And Rev. David Shivers moved back to Sandy Springs in August to take the helm as pastor of First Baptist Church of Sandy Springs, a church he grew up in and where his father, E.B. Shivers, served as pastor from 1958 to 1980. Shivers said he left the area to go to college and never moved back. Now 35 years later, he’s exploring his hometown, which he’s found has changed quite a bit. “This was just farmland and a house on this corner,” Shivers said of the church property. Shivers grew up across the street from where the church now sits, and spent a lot of time riding his bike around the area. Shivers said the church was a big part of his childhood. “It was such a special place to grow up,” Shivers said. Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church voted unanimously to call Hollingsworth, known as Dock, to serve as its seventh pastor. His first service at the Peachtree Road church was Sept. 22. Hollingsworth has several connections to the church he now leads. Growing up, Hollingsworth attended special events at Second-Ponce de Leon with his high school friends. And while at Mercer University as an undergraduate, several of his college friends attended Second-Ponce de Leon. According to the church, Hollingsworth had no intention of staying when he came to Second-Ponce de Leon as interim preacher 15 months ago. He had served as interim pastor at nine different congregations over the past 12 years. Hollingsworth also worked at Mercer University’s Macon and Atlanta campuses for the past 18 years. He was assistant dean and assistant professor of leadership, and supervised ministry at Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology. He was also executive director for The Center for Teaching Churches,

according to the church. “I fully thought I would retire at McAfee, but the energy and possibility of this place has captured my imagination, and by God’s grace it would not let me go,” Hollingsworth said in an email. For nearly 20 years, the congregation at First Baptist Church of Sandy Springs has been trying to get Shivers to come back to Georgia and lead the congregation. “The first time I got a call was probably around 1994. I had just started pastoring a church in Mississippi,” Shivers said. “Life was happening. We were growing churches. It was just not the right time. I had to wait on God’s perfect timing.” But Shivers said he’s always been interested in returning to First Baptist. “This has been a church I have prayed for since I could pray,” Shivers said. “I have prayed for this church daily. It’s my first love, as far as churches go.” Shivers said he hopes to return the church to the vibrancy he remembers from childhood. In its heyday, the church had about 700 members. But recently, it has dwindled to fewer than 100. “This time when they called, and told me they needed my help, the timing was right,” Shivers said. Shivers moved from a small town in Indiana, where the closest traffic light was eight miles away. “I was in rural America and loved it,” Shivers said. He said he led a large, active congregation in Indiana, but with its rural location, there wasn’t much room for growth. “I was in rural America where the population of our county was 6,000,” Shivers said. Shivers said he’s not necessarily interested in creating a mega-church, though. He said he likes being able to form relationships with everyone in the congregation. Despite his aspirations for growth, Shivers said he enjoys the familiarity of the Sandy Springs community. “There’s still a small-town feeling about Sandy Springs,” Shivers said. “Weekly, I have run into people I have had a connection to that I haven’t seen in 35 years.” A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m




Morningside. $1,595,000 1649 Wildwood Road NE

Druid Hills. $1,495,000 2010 North Ponce de Leon Ave

Buckhead. $2,395,000 4280 Irma Court

Ansley Park. $2,295,000 295 The Prado

Ansley Park. $1,195,000 55 South Prado NE

Buckhead. $1,795,000 4141 Harris Trail NW

Ansley Park. $1,649,000 127 Avery Drive NE

Morningside. $1,195,000 1077 McLynn Avenue NE

Ansley Park. $1,499,000 120 17th Street


Ansley Park. $1,495,000 207 15th Street


Sherwood Forest. $1,295,000 240 Beverly Road

Morningside. $1,069,000 626 Yorkshire Road

Morningside. $599,000 969 East Rock Springs Road

Biltmore Estates. $439,000 1448 Stephens Drive NE

Virginia Highland. 680 Elmwood Drive

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Buckhead. $375,000 3180 Mathieson Drive #806

Morningside. 1268 East Rock Springs Road



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November 2013 | IN

PAIDEIA SCHOOL Offering challenging academics and excellent opportunities in performing and fine arts, sports, technology and community service to students ages 3 through 12th grade.

Prospective Parent Meetings Monday, November 4, 2013 Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Wednesday, January 22, 2014 All meetings start at 7:30 in the Black Box Theater 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Register for tours at www.paideiaschool.org Paideia considers applications without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Progressive education for children age three through sixth grade in the heart of midtown Atlanta

T h u r s d a y, N o v e m b e r 1 4 9 : 0 0 a . m . – 10:30 a.m . L im it ed sp ace is available. To m ak e a reservat io n , call 404-873-6985

T h e C h il dr en ’s S chool’s E a rly Lea r ning Pr og r a m We strive to prepare children to excel in a complex world. While offering them the security of a familiar educational community, the school leads children to test their skills, concepts and beliefs in larger settings. From these experiences, they value and learn from a diversity of lifestyles and beliefs and attain the confidence to act as responsible citizens of the world. You are invited to see us in action at The Children’s School. Reserve your space to observe classes, talk with parents of current students, meet with the administrative team, Principals, and Head of School and enjoy a campus tour. Visit www.thechildrensschool.com to learn more.

12 November 2013 | INtown

The IAFC U11 Premier Girls celebrate a recent win as the youth soccer club prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary. (Photo courtesy Jim Holbel)

GOAL! Youth soccer club celebrates 25th anniversary By Clare S. Richie Every Monday through Friday, my son or daughter puts on their soccer gear, climbs into the neighborhood carpool and heads over to the Arizona Fields for Inter Atlanta FC Blues (IAFC) Academy practice. They follow in the footsteps of thousands of Atlanta kids who have played soccer with this nonprofit club, formerly known as Atlanta Youth Soccer Association (AYSA), since its founding 25 years ago. In 1987, a time of VHS tapes, big hair and leg warmers, the closest youth soccer league was in Clayton County. So, city councilman and Inman Park resident John Sweet and his wife Midge started a neighborhood league for their daughter, at the suggestion of their neighbor Marshall Boutwell, an official with Georgia Youth Soccer Association. In fall 1988, these founding officers began a recreational program with 40 kids, grouped into four co-ed under age 8 (“U8”) teams. Practices were held at Mary Lin Elementary, where most players attended school. By the spring season, 150 children registered. City of Atlanta youth were hungry for a local soccer program. As the club grew it added competitive programs, Select and Academy, and leased more fields from the city or Atlanta Public Schools. What the club needed was more fields. From the early 2000s until 2006, the club worked to convert a polluted truck depot into 7.3 acres of recreational green space, known as Arizona Soccer Fields Complex. To date, the complex has received support from families, foundations and corporations, such as the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, U. S. Soccer Foundation, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Robert W. Woodruff

Foundation, Frances Wood Wilson Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In recent years, the club expanded with more on-field instruction and off-field support, more training for recreational coaches, more options for kids at younger ages, and more practices and tournaments for competitive players. According to John Downey, Director of Academy, these changes have yielded positive results. “Ability level is increasing across the board, every year,” Downey explained. Today, IAFC offers recreational programs ages 3-19 and competitive programs U8 – U19 to 1,500 youth, from many in-town Atlanta neighborhoods: Ansley Park, Avondale Estates, Buckhead, Candler Park, Decatur, Druid Hills, East Atlanta, Edgewood, Grant Park, Inman Park, Kirkwood, Lenox, Lindbergh, Morningside, Oakhurst, Piedmont Heights, and Virginia Highland. And it’s still growing. Future plans call for outreach to children in underserved nearby neighborhoods. Yet, even with all the growth and change, community involvement remains a club value. IAFC brings families and players together for social activities, provides soccer clinics in surrounding neighborhoods, and offers need-based scholarships. What’s next? “We are focusing our efforts on fundraising, outreach and field acquisition to support current growth and future expansion,” IAFC executive director Jenn Dobson said. The next 25 years are sure to be just as exciting. For more about the organization, visit interatlantafc.com. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

STANDOUT STUDENT Max Holland, a native Atlantan and recent graduate from Georgia State Law School, has launched a humanitarian project at the Al Zaatari Refugee Camp in Syria. The project includes placing solar-powered LED lights near female bathrooms to decrease the possibility of sexual assault and provide supplemental school supplies to support the camp’s student population. Holland said for health reasons, the bathrooms must be clustered away from the housing in the camp and women have been targeted for assault. “Tragically, these areas are not well lit, as electricity is extremely scarce and infrastructure support is virtually non-existent,” Holland said. “The LED lights will have a measurable effect in decreasing this threat.” The provision of school supplies to the camp’s children is also a vital goal of the project, Holland said. Despite local and international agencies assistance to refugees, the education of the children in the refugee camp, is often overlooked. Providing school supplies is a necessary supplement to the children’s educational experience. Holland spent much of his college years studying abroad including stints

in Thailand and teaching English and providing translation services in Korea. He is awaiting a Fulbright placement in Brazil where he will continue his studies and work toward the creation of more humanitarian projects. Those interested in learning more about Holland’s Syria project can visit rockethub.com/31222.

School Briefs

Roswell-Wieuca Shopping Center • 4407 Roswell Rd., Atlanta • 404-252-8881 Toco Hills Promenade • 2953 N. Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta • 404-636-4000

Tax professional services firm Ernst & Young Keith has partnered with The Intown Academy for employees to help tutor students. The partnership was the brainchild of Keith Petroni, who works for the company is a board member for the charter school. Twice a week, 15 employees tutor students in reading and math, and have already made a lasting impact on the improvement of education and engagement in the classroom. “The volunteers from Ernst & Young have been an amazing help,” said Gina MacCubbin, third grade teacher. “They have come into my classroom once a week and helped me pull small groups during reading. It has been a tremendous help with differentiating instruction in my reading groups.”



Pace Academy has launched the inaugural Pace Academy Social Entrepreneurship Challenge (PASEC), a partnership between City of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s Office, the Global Studies Center (GSC) and Pace Academy’s new Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, an extracurricular activity open to all students in grades nine through 12. It encourages student teams paired with mentors to tackle Atlanta’s transportation issues through entrepreneurship and innovation. In April 2014, teams will present their final business plans to a panel of judges, which will include prominent members of the business community and the Atlanta City Council. Plans will be judged based on creativity, feasibility and impact. Judges will award a $10,000 first-place prize as seed money to help launch the winner’s social enterprise. The Waldorf School of Atlanta’s 26th Annual Holiday Fair will be held Nov. 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a range of activities for kids, including games, shopping, artist market and much more. wooden toys, jewelry, knitted items, toys and more. Food and live music will be available throughout the day. For more information, visit waldorfatlanta.org. The Paideia School will host Art Visions, an annual indoor local artist market, on Nov. 16-17 at the school, 1509 Ponce de Leon Ave. The market will include paintings, sculpture, photography, fashion and home accessories, and gift items such as pottery, jewelry, candles, soaps and toys across a wide array of price points. With more than 80 returning artists, and 30 new artists, Art Visions 2013 will offer something for everyone. For more information, visit paideiaschool.org. Clark Atlanta University recently approved a Black College Fund grant totaling $300,000 to support infrastructural improvements to McPheeters-Dennis Hall. The historic building houses several academic departments, including Mathematics, Physics, African-American Studies and History, and was named in honor of deceased CAU educators Dr. Alphonso A. McPheeters, a former dean of Clark College, and Dr. Joseph J. Dennis. The grant money was used to replace the original roof – which was more than 50 years old – with a new LEED compliant roof. The funding was awarded in June, and the project was completed in August. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Ansley Park. $2,295,000 15 Inman Circle NE



Sherwood Forest. $2,475,000 1681 Friar Tuck Road


#1 Team Company-wide Top Agent in 30306 | 30309

Jim Getzinger 404.307.4020

Virginia Highland. $1,250,000 1085 Lanier Boulevard NE


Morningside. $1,295,000 1694 West Sussex Road NE




Virginia Highland. $915,000 1045 Hudson Drive NE

Morningside. $469,000 906 Courtenay Drive NE

View our listings at GetzingerGroup.com Direct: 404.307.4020 Office: 404.874.0300 © MMXIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

town 13

November 2013 | IN

Making a Difference

Mark Sweatman not only lost his leg due to a rare syndrome, but also his job and partner. After attempting to take his own life, Sweatman turned is adversity into a way to help other amputees.

Amputee plans 120-mile charity walk from Atlanta to Birmingham

Specialists in the Detection and Treatment of Digestive Diseases, Hepatitis and Colon Cancer

The specialists at Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates are experts in colon cancer screenings and evaluating and treating every type of digestive disorder, including: • Crohn’s Disease • Ulcerative Colitis • Lactose Intolerance

• Acid Reflux • Barrett’s Esophagus • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Ulcers • Intestinal Polyps • Hepatitis

• Diarrhea • Constipation • Heartburn

With our convenient location in Decatur, getting the care you need has never been easier. For more information, call our office or talk to your primary care physician.

Tommie Haywood III, M.D.

Barry Levitt, M.D.

Please join us in welcoming Aja S. McCutchen, M.D.

John Suh, M.D.

Paresh P. Kamat, M.D. Gastroenterologist

Decatur 2665 North Decatur Road | Suite 350 | 678.553.0226 www.atlantagastro.com | 1.866.GO.TO.AGA [468.6242] AGA is a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid and most healthcare plans offered in Georgia.

14 November 2013 | INtown

By Collin Kelley INtown Editor Mark Sweatman believes in embracing adversity. In 2010 at the age of 38, the Midtown resident lost part of his left leg to a little known neurological condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Sweatman broke his foot, but it didn’t heal correctly leading to the condition that could have spread to his entire leg. While dealing with the pain of RSD, which included swelling, discoloration and loss of mobility, and the eventual amputation, Sweatman had to give up his pursuit of a Ph.D. in sociology, lost his job and his partner left him. The ordeal left him emotionally shattered. In 2011, a year after the amputation, Sweatman tried to take his own life. “I realized I had to come to grips with my circumstances,” Sweatman said. “I decided to change them and focus on what I did have and find the positive.” Part of that refocusing was writing a memoir, Amputated Yet Whole: How Adversity Made Me Complete. He’s also undertaking a 120-mile walk from Atlanta to Birmingham beginning Nov. 7 to raise funds and awareness for Limbs for Life, a nonprofit that provides prostheses for amputees who cannot afford them. Sweatman said he managed to hang on to his healthcare through the turmoil, which was a good thing because his

prosthetic leg cost $27,000. He said a growing child might need two or more prostheses in a single year, which could financially ruin a family. “I’m already on my fourth prosthesis, and I started to think about people who might not be able to afford them,” Sweatman said. “The walk is a way to give back, because I feel like I’ve been blessed and I want to inspire others.” Sweatman said one his recovery goals was to complete a 5K walk, but the 120mile walk will test his endurance. His walk will follow the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails through Georgia and Alabama. He plans to walk 12 to 16 miles a day for 10 days and has been training by walking more than 6 miles a day around Midtown and in Piedmont Park. In addition to training for the walk, Mark finally earned his Ph.D. and is employed conducting data analysis at the Shepherd Center in the heart of Atlanta and teaching at Georgia Gwinnett College. He’s also become a mentor to other RSD sufferers and those who have undergone amputations. “If I had two legs, I would have never attempted this walk or made the decision to dedicate part of my life to helping others,” Sweatman said. “The walk is just another example of how people can embrace adversity.” For more information about Sweatman’s walk, how to make a donation and his memoir, visit amputatedyetwhole. com. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Health & Wellness Briefs Moving Day Atlanta, a walk for Parkinson’s Disease, will be held Nov. 9 on the Georgia Tech campus in Midtown. The walk will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting at Tech Green near the student center. A movement pavilion will feature yoga, dance, Pilates, Zumb and tango demonstrations. For more information, visit MovingDayAtlanta. org. Ansley Park will host the Dash Through the Past 5K on Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. The race will feature posted facts about Ansley Park as participants make their way through the 107-year-old garden suburbs. Every participant will receive a race T-shirt, goodie bag and admission to the after-party. After the race, the Rhodes Hall “castle” will open its doors for an after-race party featuring food, refreshments, entertainment, a muscle relaxing clinic and prizes. The registration fee is $30 at georgiatrust.org.

Do you have any of these symptoms? R R R R R R

I have a burning sensation in my feet/hands I’m unsteady when I stand or walk I can’t feel my feet when walking My feet/hands are numb and feel dead My feet/hands hurt at night My feet/hands tingle

Stop suffering from painful peripheral neuropathy There is a new, cutting edge, drug-free treatment for peripheral neuropathy. Most insurances are accepted including MEDICARE. Call today to schedule an appointment with our board-certified doctor who specializes in treatment for neuropathy. 11 Dunwoody Park Suite 140, Dunwoody Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:30

888-286-2538 Our appointment line is available 24/7

Bonnie Ellenoff, M.D.


Condition Kettlebell Gym, 659 Auburn Ave. will host the 3rd annual Pushups for Charity event at noon on Nov. 23. This year, the event will raise funds for Tapestri, an organization to end violence and both male and female human trafficking. Registration and information at gymcondition.com/pushups. Eighteen students became part of an elite group last week when they graduated from the DeKalb Medical Radiologic Technology School. They join over 600 other former students who’ve graduated in the program’s 51 years. Graduates are certified in Radiologic Technology and eligible to take the national American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam. Since 2005, DeKalb Medical’s program graduates have had a 100 percent pass rate on the ARRT exam.

Fall in love with life again....

Piedmont Hospital has events and classes that are free and open to anyone who is fighting cancer, is a cancer survivor or is a caregiver for someone with cancer. The events and classes include massage therapy and relaxation, the PINK support group for women undergoing or in post-treatment for breast cancer, cooking demos with dietitians, exercise programs and more. Visit piedmont.org for more details. DoSomething.org and Be The Match recently held its annual Give a Spit about Cancer at cities and college campuses across the country. Give a Spit highlights the importance of more young people getting signed up for the Be The Match marrow registry. The event in Atlanta took place at Atlantic Station, pictured below. For more about the program, visit DoSomething.org/spit or text “SPIT” to 38383.

hear what you’ve been missing! Call today for a FREE screening and consultation or find us at www.hearatlanta.com

• • • • • • •

Hearing evaluations & earwax removal State-of-the-art, digital hearing aids Tinnitus evaluations and treatment Interest-free FINANCING available Health insurance accepted Musicians’ monitors and ear plugs Hearing aid evaluations with 45-day trial period

Proud Phonak Provider


1991 N. Williamsburg Dr. Suite A, Decatur, GA 30033 www.HearAtlanta.com

Georgia Urology’s newest location in Buckhead on the campus of Piedmont Hospital Specializing in medical and surgical urological services including: • Urological cancers (including prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular) • Male and female incontinence • Kidney stones Fighting hereditary disease among Jews is the aim of a multi-state public health initiative launched last month called JScreen. The JScreen program (jscreen.org), managed by Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Human Genetics, provides at-home genetic screening and private counseling for people with Jewish lineage to determine their risk for hereditary diseases that could be passed to their children. JScreen checks for Tay-Sachs, Canavan and 78 other diseases. Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital has honored one of its long-time volunteers by naming the hospital’s in-house flower shop after her. Marguerite Oberg, now 91-yearsold, retired from the hospital flower shop last month, after 40 years of volunteer service. She began volunteering at Saint Joseph’s in 1973 when the hospital was originally located in Downtown. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

• Robotic surgery • Prostate problems Robert Di Meglio, MD

Joel Rosenfeld, MD

GeorGia UroloGy TreaTinG PaTienTS. HealinG PeoPle.

• Erectile dysfunction • Urinary tract infections • Male reproductive health (including vasectomy)

35 Collier Road NW, Suite M245 | 678-205-8211 | www.gaurology.com

town 15

November 2013 | IN


Nigel is on the hunt for a foster or adoptive home. He is a 5-yearold Jack Russell Terrier. True to his breed, he is very energetic and needs an owner who is also active. A runner or someone looking to get into agility would be perfect. Nigel was abused in the past, and he needs someone who is willing to help him trust people again. To adopt Nigel or any of the other cats and dogs available, visit pawsatlanta.org or stop by the shelter at 5287 Covington Highway in Decatur.

Pet Briefs MIDTOWN LOCATION • 770-972-6000 Midtown Promenade Shopping Center 931 Monroe Drive, Ste. C-201 Arthur B. Silver D.D.S. David C. Schaefer D.M.D


Mention this ad to receive a free exam and panoramic x-ray!

16 November 2013 | INtown

The 3rd Annual Paws for Cocktails to Benefit Furkids will be held Nov. 7 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Park Tavern, 500 10th St. Tickets are $25 at the door; $18 in advance (by Nov. 4). Each ticket includes free parking, The fundraising event with food, celebrities, entertainment and live and silent auctions benefit Furkids. Retired WSB-TV sports director Chuck Dowdle will be the emcee. Pets are Loving Support (PALS) will host the Manly Miss America Pageant on Nov. 9 at Jungle nightclub, 2115 Faulkner Road, to benefit the charity. Gentelmen, find your best gown and heels and strut your stuff on the runway for a good cause. There’s also a $500 first prize. More details on how to enter at palsatlanta.org. Animal lovers can donate a Kandura Pet Bed to the Atlanta Humane Society. The comfortable, raised bed means that pets at the shelter won’t have to sleep on a cold, concrete floor. Beds are offered at special discount, come with a 1 year warranty and are sent directly to the shelter in the buyer’s name. For more information, visit atlantahumane.org.

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

TimmyDaddy By Tim Sullivan

The soundtrack of my life

Peachtree Battle Shopping Center

Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

Like many people in the late ‘80s, I thought Susanna Hoffs was smoking hot, but it was not very cool to admit that you liked any of The Bangles’ music. I was busy keeping up with the likes of New Order and Public Image Limited and Echo and the Bunnymen. I wanted a Johnny Rotten mo-hawk, but my hair lent itself more to a Lionel Richie mullet. Anyway, I did like The Bangles’ version of “A Hazy Shade of Winter,” the classic Simon and Garfunkel tune. It was something of a haunting, high-school heads up to take note that time can and will, slip on by. Indeed it has.

Look around, leaves are brown, and the sky is a hazy shade of winter…

I’m not giving The Bangles all the credit for my keen awareness of time, but I hate being late for anything and I loathe wasted time. Sometimes I can zone out just thinking about the concept of time, which is usually counterproductive. Still, Columist Tim Sullivan’s parents, Pat and Joe Sullivan, in I could swear there was a time their ‘70s finest. not long ago when I’d cram days anything but fresh in my mind. If you’re full of gym, work, errands, dinner with ever in the mood for a good cry, come friends, a favorite show and a book before on over and we can sit on the porch for bed. a spell. Since we’ve had kids, so much time is devoted to the feeding, bathing, loving, Look around, the grass is high, the cajoling, shuttling and playing with them fields are ripe, it’s the springtime of my that to-do lists and want-to-do lists serve life… as little more than spelling practice. I A few months ago, my brother, think the last time Kristen and I watched Marty, hosted a family reunion and I had a TV show Tony Soprano was sitting in a panoramic moment in his backyard. a diner and everything went black and Everything seemed to slow to a crawl that seems about right. Just getting the and my children were playing with kids into the car can eat up a chunk of their big cousins and two of my siblings an afternoon. Then, this morning, the were sharing an embrace and I came to sweatshirt that I swear fit Elliott perfectly realize that the results lay out before me. yesterday was perceptibly short in the Without a stitch of time to themselves, arms and Margo suddenly graduated to Pat and Joe managed to spend their time drawing things that actually look like masterfully. Maybe this was one of the things. occasions where having time enough to ponder time actually produced Look around, leaves are brown, something worthwhile. there’s a patch of snow on the ground... So cheers to Mom and Dad this My parents, Pat and Joe Sullivan, month and kudos to all that savor family had five times as many kids as I do. time, even if it’s just another manic All their time, their entire adult lives Monday (I couldn’t resist). And as I were completely devoted to raising us, indulge in sentimentality, a wry remark providing for us, loving us. And then typical of my father plays over and over they died so young. This month holds the in my head: “I thought this column was dubious honor of marking 25 years since supposed to be funny?” my mother died of a heart attack and 24 years since my father died of a broken Tim Sullivan grew up in a large family heart. The short time frame between in the Northeast and now lives with his their two deaths and the vast expanse of small family in Oakhurst. He can be time since it all occurred kind of makes reached at tim@sullivanfinerugs.com. my head spin. I doubt it will ever feel A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

It’s what we

about Buckhead. Come Live the Life. Ace Hardware Another Broken Egg Café Bank of America Baskin Robbins Burger King Café Lapin CaJa Popcorn Cartridge World Chico’s Children’s & Prep Shop European Alterations Festivity For Eyes Optical Framers On Peachtree Frolic Boutique GNC Nutrition Gramercy Atelier

H&F Bottle Shop Izzy Maternity Joe May Valet Jalisco’s Junko Hair Design LaRo Jewelers Maki Fresh--Sushi Master Shoe Repair Mint Julep Mori Luggage & Gifts nadeau furniture with a soul Nail Shadow Natural Body Spa Paper Affair Pasta Vino Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors

Peachtree Battle Barbershop Publix Richard’s Variety Store Rite Aid Starbucks Talbots WhiteHall Tavern Woo Skincare & Cosmetics Zoës Kitchen

Now Open J. McLaughlin Mud Monkey on Peachtree

Peachtree Road and Peachtree Battle Avenue

town 17

November 2013 | IN

A LOOK BACK This Month in History

Ann Taylor Boutwell NEW LISTING

Virginia Highland. $550,000 Morningside. $575,000 1109 East Springs

806 Adair Avenue

Charming bungalow on the best street. Classic renovated Tudor with hardwoods throughout and a 3-car garage. 3BR/2BA 4BR/3BA

Carmen Pope 404.625.4134

carmenpope@atlantafinehomes.com carmenpope.atlantafinehomes.com

16 years of buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs.

Edmund Park. $464,900

Virginia Highland. $785,000

Beautiful traditional-style home in the popular Edmund Park district. 3BR/2.5BA

1920s classic! 3BR/2.5BA

1326 Edmund Park Drive


1017 Highland View

Nov. 1, 1926: Paramount’s now lost, silent film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby opened at Atlanta’s old Rialto Theater, originally called the Piedmont. Directed by Herbert Brenon, the 80-minute film starred Warren Baxter as Gatsby and Neil Hamilton as Nick Caraway. Gatsby recently received a reboot with Leonardo DeCaprio as the star, while the Rialto continues to thrive as a performing arts center owned by Georgia State University. Nov. 15, 1893: Booker T. Washington, president of Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute, spoke at the DeGive opera house at Marietta and Forsyth streets in Downtown during the International Christian Workers Convention. Later in his 1901 autobiography Up From Slavery, Washington wrote: “My invitation to speak in Atlanta stipulated that I was to confine my address to five minutes. The question, then, was whether or not I could put enough into a five–minute address to make it worthwhile for me to make such a trip.” He realized it was a great opportunity to talk about Tuskegee and race relations before an Atlanta audience of Southern and Northern whites, so made a long trip by train to Atlanta between speaking engagements in Boston. Nov. 15, 1999: Gone With the Wind aficionado and memorabilia collection Herb Bridges, pictured right, signed his latest book, Gone With the Wind: the Three Day Movie Premiere in Atlanta, at the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown. On Sept. 24, 2013, Bridges, 83, passed away. The late lifelong Sharpsburg resident studied history at the University of Georgia, served in the Army in Korea, taught school in Warm Springs and Thomaston and become a rural mail carrier in Coweta County. But Bridges was known the world over as the man with the largest GWTW memorabilia collection, not to mention the most knowledge about the book and film.


© MMXIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Bay of Brittany by Moret used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

Atlanta’s Only Option for Creative Southwestern Fusion Discover why Agave is consistently rated one of Atlanta’s most excellent eateries for the last 13 years.

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An Eclectic Southwestern Eatery & Tequila Bar

242 Boulevard SE in Cabbagetown, Atlanta For reservations call 404.588.0006 or visit agaverestaurant.com

18 November 2013 | INtown

Nov. 18, 1909: The Sumner, a new three-story, twelve-unit apartment building at 106-108 Juniper Street opened for occupancy. The site, owned by Lillian Pauline Spalding Lewis, was directly behind the family residence at 647 Peachtree St., south of St. Mark’s Methodist Church. She named the building for her late husband, Thomas Sumner Lewis, a Massachusetts native who had established a well-known wholesale cracker manufacturer company in Downtown. She hired the architectural firm of Edwards & Walter to design the luxury abode. When completed, Lillian and her daughter, Margaret, settled into #11 on the third floor. The Sumner Condo building, pictured above, stands today at 754 Juniper Street in the center of a landscaped courtyard with trees, flowers, grass, shrubbery and fountain. Nov. 29, 1912: On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the headline in the McClure Ten-Cent Company’s display ads read Old Santa Has Arrived At McClure’s. Illinois native Charles Wylie McClure opened Atlanta’s first dime store in September 1896 at 73 Whitehall Street. By 1902, it relocated to 63 Whitehall on the Hunter Street corner. In 1910, when the Five and Ten Cent merchants gathered in Cincinnati to organization an association, McClure was elected as the first president. Ann Taylor Boutwell is an Atlanta historian, tour guide and docent at the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum. Email her at annboutwell@bellsouth.net. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

1837 W i N d E M E r E d r i V E


834 Lullwater Road

5138 Northside Drive

2511 McKinnon Drive

1194 Lenox Circle

843 Amsterdam Avenue




Under Contract!

Under Contract!

Atlanta’s Exceptional Property Specialists

donna boynton & joy myrick (404) 897-1494 | (404) 897-5558 www.boyntonandmyrick.com boynton.myrick@harrynorman.com #1 in Sales - The Intown Office The Intown Office | 1531 Piedmont Avenue NE, Suite B | Atlanta, GA 30324 | Mike Wright, Sr. VP/Managing Broker | ww.harrynorman.com The above information is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. Offers subect to errors, changes, omissions, prior sales, and withdrawls without notice.

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 19

November 2013 | IN




Urban Agriculture Program grows at Paideia By Anne Dukes The spirit of “Old MacDonald” is alive and well at Paideia School in Midtown as students from all grade levels participate in the Urban Agriculture Program. With a little help from their teachers, each other and the community, students grow crops, compost food scraps, raise chickens, sample home grown vegetables and share their bounty with local organizations which feed the hungry. The 2012/2013 Crop Report shows a whopping 1,664 pounds of food grown under the auspices of the program. In all, 28 different types of food were produced, including sweet potatoes, kale, snap peas, carrots, strawberries and poultry. Tania Herbert, an alumni parent, is the urban agriculture coordinator who oversees the program. On a recent sunny afternoon, she helped a group of elementary students use their fine motor skills to carefully place tiny kale seeds into soil. In order to grow into seedlings, the soil trays were placed in a new greenhouse, a gift from the class of 2012. Herbert explained that the UA program began with the composting

program started four years ago by herself and former parent/board member Jane Cronin. The program made plenty of compost, but then they had to find a use for it. “The composting program kick started the whole urban ag program and it remains pivotal to our farming endeavors…if you feed the soil it will feed you,” she said. Now, the program uses the compost at two farmlets offsite, one where the greenhouse is and a second location that is also home to 14 chickens. Midway through the last school year, students helped construct a “windrow” composting system at the farmlet, which generated approximately five cubic yards of finished compost. That allowed the farm beds to be fertilized this fall without having to purchase compost. “In sustainability terms, it means we are able to add fertility to our vegetable beds from on site, using a passively aerated system (no electricity), reduced labor, and by accessing the organic waste stream from local restaurants and cafes, including the Wrecking Bar brewery and kitchen and Cakes and Ale,” Herbert said. This fall, the Paideia chickens will

Students at Paideia School get hands-on education about gardening and growing food in the school’s thriving Urban Agricultre Program.

dine on high quality food scraps from Sevananda Natural Foods and Open Door Community Center. “This makes it a full circle project since we also grow food for them – as well as school events such as the barbeue and feast,” Herbert said.

With regard to other aspects of farming, students learn about crop families, crop rotation, tools to avoid pesticides, how to dig sweet potatoes and prepare kale dishes, and also very important, how to share and give back to their community.


NOW OFFERING EXTENDED HOURS Dr. Summers is a family medicine practitioner and her office sees children and adults. She has extended hours for flu shots and walk-ins (7:15-8:15 a.m. on Tuesday)



20 November 2013 | INtown

New Hours:


Monday & Wednesday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday 7:15 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

240 North Highland Avenue Suite E Atlanta, GA 30307 404.524.2424

Flu vaccinations available.

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also interested in social justice, which is why we donate so much of our food to local food pantries. All people deserve quality food and the promise of a quality earth for their children,” she said. Alumna Eva Steinberg ’13 recently e-mailed Herbert to tell her how well the Urban Ag experience had prepared her for her current work at her green hall dormitory at Wesleyan University. “I’m involved with sustainability, composting and farming – all I learned from you,” she wrote. As with regular farming, predicting the harvest is tricky due to all kinds of variables, including weather. But Herbert said there should be fresh, locally produced vegetables every week for these community groups. “Part of what makes this program so awesome is that the kids get to help people outside of Paideia grow food,” she said. In addition to Clarkston, students are working with residents at the Decatur Housing Authority in their community garden. And students who are in the junior high Homeless Immersion Course worked to install a summer vegetable garden on what was previously an asphalt parking lot for an under-resourced community in southeast Atlanta. The program also helps the school bond with its neighbors as alumni families lend their land for farming and enjoy the harvests of fresh locally organic food, said Herbert.

hC G

Most of the food grown goes to community partners like the Clarkston Community Center’s women’s food coop, where Herbert delivers food every second Monday. The program also provides nutrient dense food for the Open Door Community and Clifton Ministries. The Urban Ag program also is building partnerships with the residents. While school was out for the summer, some students continued working in these community gardens, growing tomatoes, sweet potatoes, snap beans and pumpkins. Tenth grader Sally Apolinsky worked in the program last year and is back again tending chickens, watering plants and harvesting food. She also helped build the chicken coops with elementary students. She had no previous experience with farming. The fact that most of the food grown at Paideia goes to feed people without much access to fresh food has made an impression on her. “Before, I just kind of took it for granted that people have good fresh food to eat, but they don’t,” she said. Growing food has made her more thoughtful about what she eats. “I became a vegetarian because of dealing with the chickens,” she said. Senior Lulu Lacy has been involved in the program since it started in her sophomore year. She has gardens and chickens at home, so her work at school is a natural extension of her ecological and environmental interests. “Tania is

A Growing Culture (agrowingculture.org), a nonprofit focused on the advancement of ecological agriculture practices around the world, will hold a fundraiser event on Nov. 16, 7 to 10 p.m., at The Hangar on Sampson Street in the Old Fourth Ward. The evening will feature music, wine, beer and local food trucks. All money raised will be used to support the planning stage of the organization’s International Pilot Project, which will create a global coalition connecting farmers with the resources they need to contribute to an ecologically sound food system and prosperous planet. The Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable (sothface.org/sart) convenes once a month to discuss the region’s current environmental issues – from water to energy, urban planning to policy and much more. Members of the audience are encouraged to ask questions, make comments, network and learn about Atlanta’s current and future opportunities for sustainable development. The next meeting is Dec. 6, 7:30 – 9 a.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church, 634 West Peachtree St.

Come Live at Saint Anne’s Terrace in the Heart of Buckhead and Enjoy Retirement Living Your Way! What Bud Lovell loves about living at St. Anne’s Terrace: “I can commune with nature from my apartment by looking out at the fruit trees changing color with the seasons and watching the birds on the two feeders outside my window.”

3100 Northside Parkway, NW Atlanta 30327 www.saintannesterrace.org


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town 21

November 2013 | IN

IN BUSINESS Retail | Money & Finance | Development

Battle over Glenwood Avenue big-box development moves to courtroom By Collin Kelley INtown Editor As expected, the developer and owner of property proposed for a big-box development on Glenwood Avenue have filed suit against the City of Atlanta after a controversial, retroactive rezoning. Fuqua Development and Lafarge, owner of the property at 800 and 860 Glenwood Ave., said the city’s rezoning from industrial to mixed-use residential would prevent the construction of a 150,000 square-foot retail center, which is rumored to be a Walmart, along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. The lawsuits seek an injunction against the rezoning. Fuqua and Lafarge warned the city that they would file suit over the issue in August. Smart Growth Atlanta, an umbrella organization of neighborhood groups opposing the Glenwood development, are raising money to assist in the court battle. In October, the Grant Park Neighborhood Association and two residents asked the board to rescind a special administrative permit (SAP) granted to Fuqua Development to build the big-box store. The board ultimately decided that the neighborhood association and residents did not

If Fuqua Development builds a big-box retail development, one of the entrances will be just off Bill Kennedy Way next door to the enso apartments. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

having sufficient legal standing to request an appeal to the SAP. Glenwood Park resident Danny Lanhart, who was one of the residents appealing the SAP, said the construction of the big-box retailer would “destroy the fabric of the

neighborhood” by increasing the amount of traffic on the two-lane roads that surround the property, currently the LaFarge concrete plant. He asked for Fuqua to continue to work with the neighborhood residents to arrive at a mixed-use solution, which would create

both residential and small retail. Dana Maine, the attorney for the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, argued that Fuqua’s plan for the development did not meet the criteria of the Atlanta BeltLine Overlay district. “The plan for the district calls for human scale development to create a neighborhood feel,” Maine said. “Not this kind of big-box development.” Fuqua attorney James Washburn said that his client had applied three times for the SAP before it was granted over the summer and followed the BeltLine Overly criteria to the letter with the industrial zoning that was on the books at the time. “The move by the neighborhood association and residents is an attempt to control the use of the property,” Washburn said, noting that Fuqua had agreed to build an expensive streetscape to help the development blend into the neighborhood and go above the requirements outlined in the BeltLine Overlay. Attorney Doug Dillard, representing Lafarge, said the arguments by local residents about increased truck traffic didn’t hold water. “Hundreds of trucks have been coming in and out of the property for decades,” he said.

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www.AtlantaGymnasticsCenter.com 22 November 2013 | INtown



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atlantafinehomes.com UNDER CONTRACT


Alpharetta. $599,000 3050 Compton Court 4BR/4.5BA FMLS: 5139766 Christine Gary 404.693.1030

Briarcliff. $439,000 1448 Stephens Drive NE 3BR/3BA FMLS: 5201992 Jim Getzinger 404.991.7700

Brookhaven. $249,000 3873 Commander Drive 3BR/3BA FMLS: 5188978 Nancy House 770.310.3445

Buckhead. $1,395,000 4714 E Conway Drive 5BR/5.5BA FMLS: 5162772 Neal Heery 404.974.4388 George Heery 404.974.4378


Buckhead. $1,495,000 4722 E Conway Drive 4BR/4.5BA FMLS: 5152224 Stacy Vaughn 404.787.9854 Sam Bayne 404.375.8628

Buckhead. $190,000 6 Plantation Drive NE 2BR/2BA FMLS: 5183197 Randy Walters 404.432.6162

Buckhead. $339,000 3325 Piedmont Road NE #2203 1BR/1BA FMLS: 5195380 Shira Cohen 678.523.0757

Candler Park. $649,000 1373 Marion Avenue NE 4BR/3BA FMLS: 5203968 Lisa Cronic 678.641.4325

Edgewood. $315,000 192 Flora Avenue NE 3BR/2.5BA FMLS: 5196464 Chrissie Kallio 404.295.2068

Fairburn. $245,000 8218 Cedar Grove Road 3BR/2.5BA FMLS: 5154441 Sandra Storrar 404.310.3558

Midtown. $325,000 943 Peachtree Street NE #911 2BR/2BA FMLS: 5190371 Jared Sapp 404.668.7233

Midtown. $549,900 905 Juniper Street #303 2BR/2BA FMLS: 5203962 Jared Sapp 404.668.7233

Old Fourth Ward. $324,900 385 Angier Court NE 3BR/2.5BA FMLS: 5185469 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595


Buckhead. $588,000 2921 Margaret Mitchell Court 4BR/2Full 2half BA FMLS: 5187928 Neal Heery 404.974.4388 George Heery 404.974.4378

Buckhead. $7,500,000 3611 Tuxedo Court 6BR/8Full 3half BA FMLS: 5179541 Deane Johnson 404.202.3522


McCaysville. $2,200,000 192 Delphi Hills Lane 5BR/5.5BA FMLS: 5186386 Annie Boland 404.449.1179

Ormemond Park. $269,900 981 Walker Avenue SE 3BR/2BA FMLS: 5203961 Robert Blaha 404.402.9741

Midtown. $170,000 950 W Peachtree Street #101 1BR/1BA FMLS: 5180210 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Rockmart. $975,000 93 Country Road 3BR/3.5BA FMLS: 5173764 Donna Murphy 770.312.5776 Ann Sander 678.234.9855

Cabbagetown. $139,900 172 Carroll Street SE 1BR/1BA FMLS: 5189631 Chrissie Kallio 404.295.2068


Midtown. $250,000 886 Argonne Avenue 2BR/1BA FMLS: 5201527 Brendan Wright 404.991.7778

Summerville. $349,000 168 Whipporwill Hollow 3BR/2BA FMLS: 5191463 Randy Walters 404.432.6162

Cabbagetown. $279,000 805 Kirkwood Avenue SE 2BR/2BA FMLS: 5196880 Chrissie Kallio 404.295.2068


Midtown. $289,000 75 14th Street #3240 1BR/1BA FMLS: 5169898 Kevin McBride 404.626.6884 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Virginia Highland. $1,059,000 1171 Rosedale Drive 5BR/4.5BA FMLS: 5200422 Jere Metcalf 770.337.7122 Trey Daniels 678.613.2705

Virginia Highland. $150,000 608 Seminole Avenue NE 1BR/1BA FMLS: 5174574 Jere Metcalf 770.337.7122



Virginia Highland. $749,900 1109 Monroe Drive NE 4BR/3BA FMLS: 5189935 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Virginia Highland. $859,900 1081 Los Angeles Avenue 4BR/3BA FMLS: 5201413 Sylvia Mallarino 404.786.3944

V I S I T U S O N L I N E AT W W W. AT L A N TA F I N E H O M E S . C O M Buckhead ~ 404.237.5000

Intown ~ 404.874.0300

North Atlanta ~ 770.442.7300

© MMXIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Breton Landscape by Moret used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 23

November 2013 | IN


(plus $100 rebate each additional unit)

Business & Retail Briefs

Republic of Couture (rocintheweb.com), a new fashion store for men and women, is now open at 12th and Midtown, 1075 Peachtree St.


Hunter Collective (shophuntercollective.com) boutique has opened at 22B East Andrews Road in Buckhead offering designer jewelry, an eco-friendly holistic skin care line, fashion accessories and more.

Choose ATL, a community-driven campaign to brand the city of Atlanta as a digital hub, was officially launched in October. The goal of Choose ATL is to define Atlanta as the ideal place for residents to learn and grow, find work they love or start a business. The new website at chooseatl.com extolls the virtues of the city, including its reputation for being “start-up friendly” as well as being home to small businesses that became big business like Coca-Cola and Home Depot. The website also offers information for those who are looking to relocate to Atlanta, clearly delineating Intown neighborhoods, schools and universities, and even a section for foodies. There’s also a social media hashtag campaign encouraging Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users to mark their photos of the city with #chooseatl. The Choose ATL board is composed of various influencers and thought leaders from Atlanta’s top businesses, professional organizations, start-ups and local governments including Turner Broadcasting, MailChimp, Nebo Agency, Dragon Army and more.

Atlanta City Councilmembers Joyce M. Sheperd, Natalyn Archibong and Keisha Lance Bottoms have been named to Atlanta’s Top 100 Black Women of Influence list by the Atlanta Business League. For nearly 20 years, the Atlanta Business League has recognized business owners, professionals, community, and civic leaders in metro Atlanta who have reached senior level positions; are leading entrepreneurs in their industry; have proven history-making feats; or have attained the ability to influence large public bodies politically and in government.

It’s you the

Loop Salon (loopsalonatl.com) is now open at 537 Ponce de Leon Ave., Suite B offering haircuts, color, and blowouts in an eco-friendly environment.

Florist Foxgloves & Ivy (foxgloves.biz) has moved from Memorial Drive to 484-B Moreland Ave. in Little Five Points next door to Savage Pizza.

Architect and developer John Portman was presented with the 2013 The Art of Four Pillar “Responsibility” Award last Window Dressing ideas booklet month during a gala event hosted by the Council for Quality Growth. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta with this ad in downtown Atlanta. The Four Pillar Award is given annually to an honoree who has made significant contributions, both personally and professionally, to the metro Atlanta community. The Council considers the “Four Pillars” of leadership and success to be Quality, Responsibility, Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell Vision, and Integrity. In addition to the presented the Four Pillar Award to John Port“Responsibility” Pillar, Portman was man. presented with the “Quality” Pillar by Dean Mohsen Mostafavi; “Vision” Pillar by Charles Loudermilk, Sr., and the “Integrity” Pillar by Ambassador Andrew Young. Portman designed the Peachtree Plaza Hotel (now the Westin Peachtree Plaza), which gained landmark status as the tallest hotel in the world in 1977.

The City of Atlanta has been selected as a 2014 Code for America City, an 11-month program where developers, designers, researchers, and product managers work alongside with governments to solve community issues with new technology. Over the past three years, the program has produced more than 75 web apps and partnered with 20 municipal governments. Past apps have supported citizen engagement, criminal justice and public health. The City of Atlanta will work with partners to develop a platform aimed at connecting city services and operations to improve customer service. Non-profit Startup Atlanta has launched a new website, startupatlanta.org, to connect, support and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the metro Atlanta region. Founded in May 2013, Startup Atlanta is backed by Atlanta Technology Angels, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Invest Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta Chamber. The new website features a resource map, interactive events calendar and a blog, which will showcase best practices and ideas from well-known Atlanta entrepreneurs and thought * leaders. It also includes Atlanta’s startup$deal flow, outlining angel investments and venture capital that support promising area with companies. any of the following purchases:

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2 Pirouette® Window Shadings ® Window Shadings or 2 Silhouette 4 Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades or 2 Vignette (plus $25 rebate each additional unit) ® Modern Roman Shades (plus $50 rebate each additional unit) 2 Pirouette® Window Shadings ® Vignette® Modern Roman Shades 1 Luminette® Privacy Sheer or Modern Drapery or 2 Silhouette Window Shadings ® or 1 Skyline Gliding Window Panels Shades or 2 Vignette® Modern Roman or 1 Vignette (plus $50 rebate each additional unit) ® Traversed™ with Vertiglide™ Shade Offered by PalmerHouse Properties (plus $100 rebate each additional unit) ® Vignette® Modern Roman Shades 1 Luminette Privacy Sheer or Modern Drapery & Associates ® or 1 Skyline Gliding Window Panels or 1 Vignette® Traversed™ with Vertiglide™ Shade (plus $100 rebate each additional unit)

Three Fabulous New Virginia Highland/ Morningside Listings!

SEPTEMBER 14 – DECEMBER 17, 2013 * Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases $100 made 9/14/13 – 12/17/13 from p


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cheers. cheers. It’s time to decorate

Over 6,000 Sq. Ft of Luxury + Side Lot 4 Stories w/Elevator on Creek Setting $1,395,000, 4 BR’s, 5 Baths Tom Ellicott, Listing Agent 404-643-6180

Priced To Sell! LRG Custom Newer Construction Over 6,200 sq ft with Elevator Walk To Piedmont Park, Belt Line, VA Highland Village! $1,129,000 4 BR’s, 4 Baths, 2 ½ Baths Nancy Brown, Listing Agent 770-653-9507





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1343 Berwick Ave.



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220 Sandy Springs Cir Ste 129 4 Duette Architella Shadings Shades 2 Pirouette Atlanta GAWindowHoneycomb Georgia Blinds Interiors (plus rebate each additional unit) Window Shadings or& 2$25 Silhouette with this ad M-F: 10am-5:30pm Modern Roman Shades orCir 2 Vignette 220 Sandy Springs Ste 129 2 Pirouette Window Shadings (plus11am-3pm $50 rebate each additional unit) Sat. Window Shadings or 2 Silhouette Atlanta GA Privacy Sheer or Modern Roman ShadesDrapery or 12 Luminette Vignette Modern 404-252-6991 M-F: 10am-5:30pm or 1$50 Skyline Gliding Panels (plus rebate each Window additional unit) or 1 Vignette Traversed™ with Vertiglide™ Shade Sat. 11am-3pm www.gablinds.com 1 Luminette Privacy Sheer or Modern (plus $100 rebate each additional unit) Drapery 404-252-6991 or 1 Skyline Gliding Window Panels or 1 Vignette Traversed™ with Vertiglide™ Shade www.gablinds.com TM

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925 Ponce Place NE



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$839,900, 4BR’s, 3.5 Baths Georgia Blinds & Interiors Chic Custom Renovation 220 www.gablinds.com Morningside School District www.gablinds.com Atlanta GA 220SandySpringsCir.,Ste.129,AtlantaGA Follow Us At Facebook or Twitter M-F: 10am-5:30pm Kim Wilkin, Listing Agent M-F:10am-5:30pm,Sat.11am-3pm Sat. 11am-3pm * Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 9/14/13 – 12/17/13 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. A qualifying purchase is defined as a purchase 404-252-6991 • www.gablinds.com 770-653-9507 FollowusonFacebookandTwitter ™

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Allerights rights reserved. trademarks used used herein herein are are the the property property of of Hunter Hunter Douglas. Douglas. ®



2911 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 • www.palmerhouseproperties.com

24 November 2013 INtown


® ®


Georgia Blinds & Interi the holidays. 220 Sandy Springs Cir Ste 12 37203 37203

The Art of Window Dressing ideas booklet


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THE STUDIO Arts & Culture

THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN November is popping with events, activities & shopping By Collin Kelley INtown Editor The holiday season officially kicks off in November with glowing lights, music, puppets, theatre, shopping opportunities, a pink pig and much more. There’s something happening for all ages this month, so check out our highlight guide and be sure to visit AtlantaINtownPaper.com daily for more upcoming holiday events.

Chastain Park Arts Festival Find a unique gift or piece of art for the holidays at the annual festival set for Nov. 2 and 3 in the park. Nearly 200 artists will be on hand along with a children’s area, live music, food from local food trucks and more. For more, visit chastainparkartsfestival.com.

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Midtown becomes a glowing wonderland with millions of lights from Nov. 16 to Jan. 4. The trees, Imaginary Worlds topiary and more will be wrapped in special LED lights for this nightly display. Adults will enjoy wine, signature cocktails and refreshments in the Glow Bar, while the whole family can take part in Dinner & S’mores provided by MetroFresh each evening from 5 to 9:30 p.m. For ticket information and more details, visit atlantabotanicalgarden.org. Above: The Atlanta Botanical Garden will present Garden Lights, Holiday Nights through Jan. 4 with the Midtown greenspace lit up with dazzling LED displays.

Turkey Eve with the Yacht Rock Revue Before you stuff your face with all the Thanksgiving goodies, get your ‘70s AM radio groove on with the Yacht Rock Revue in the Fox Theatre’s Egyptian Ballroom on Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. Tickets and information about the show at foxtheatre.org.

Left: The recreation of the classic animated TV special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer returns to the Center for Puppetry Arts and is sure to sell out. Below: Lenox Square is the place to be on Thanksgiving night for the Lighting of Macy’s Great Tree, entertainment and a big fireworks display to kick of Intown’s holiday season.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The faithful recreation of the classic animated TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer returns to the Center for Puppetry Arts for a fourth year from Nov. 7 to Dec. 29. There will also be create-a-puppet workshops. The shows usually sell out quickly, so reserve your tickets now at puppet.org.

Centennial Olympic Park’s Holiday in Lights and Ice Rink Centennial Park in Downtown will be turned into a festival of lights beginning Nov. 23. Stroll through the park or practice ice-skating spins and twirls at Atlanta’s only outdoor ice-skating rink, which will be open daily. The park is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., including Christmas Day, to see the lights. For more information, visit centennialpark.com.

Pink Pig & Lighting of the Great Tree For more than 50 years, Atlantans have started their holiday traditions by riding the Macy’s Pink Pig (and this year they started in October!) The Pink Pig ride on top of the parking deck at Lenox Square is open daily through Jan. 1 (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days) featuring a winter and holiday wonderland. On Thanksgiving night, the annual Lighting of Macy’s Great Tree will draw thousands to Lenox Square. The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with entertainment and music. Find A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

more details at simon.com/mall/lenox-square

Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular

Local artisans will be on hand Nov. 23-24 at Ambient Plus Studios, 585 Wells St., from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. If you’re looking for original, one-of-akind art, gifts and more this event is not to be missed. For more information, visit ice-atlanta.com.

A Christmas Carol

The Alliance Theatre will present its staging of the Charles Dickens’ classic about a visit from the ghosts of Past, Present and Future to mean old Mr. Scrooge from Nov. 29 to Dec. 29. Visit alliancetheatre.org for information and tickets.

Hanukah Hootenanny

The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta will host this free family Hanukah celebration on Dec. 2 from 5:15 to 7 p.m. at Zaban Park, 5342 Tilly Mill

Road. Festivities will include a Menorah lighting, songs, and a special performance of “Milton the Menorah” by The Bible Players. Chanukah dinner and treats will be available for purchase following the show. For more information, visit atlantajcc.org.

town 25

November 2013 | IN

Book Festival of the MJCCA returns Nov. 2-17 A rtfully uniting



extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives. East Cobb. $595,000 600 Maddie Way 5BR/4BA

Virginia Highland. $859,900 1081 Los Angeles Avenue 4BR/3BA



By Collin Kelley INtown Editor The 22nd annual Book Festival of the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta will be held over two weeks, Nov. 2-17, and features more than 40 authors including Scott Turow, Jeffrey Toobin, Chris Matthews, Elin Hilderbrand, Clark Howard, Alan Dershowitz, Brad Meltzer and Pat Conroy. More than 10,000 visitors are expected for this year’s festival, which will offer speaker programs, author meet-and-greets, book signings, panel discussions, The Family Reading Festival and more. Most events will be held at the MJCCA, 5342 Tilly Mill Road in Dunwoody.

Some of this year’s highlights: Morningside. $669,000 1216 BeechValley Road NE 3BR/3BA

Druid Hills. $1,495,000 2010 North Ponce Avenue 3BR/3.5BA

Sylvia Mallarino Bras




• Opening Night: Scott Turow reads from and signs his latest novel, Identical, which focuses on a complex web of murder, sex and betrayal between a family and their neighbors. Nov. 2, 8:15 p.m. Tickets are $18 for members, $24 for the community. • Clark Howard: The consumer advocate will discuss and sign his latest book, Living Large for the Long Haul: Consumer-Tested Ways to Overhaul Your Finances, Increase Your Savings, and Get Your Life Back on Track, on Nov. 6, 8:15 p.m. Tickets are $13 for members, $18 for the community.

sylviamallarino@atlantafinehomes.com Founding Member, Intown Office 18-year Morningside/VA Highland Resident 12 Years Residential Real Estate Experience

• Prologue to the Book Festival: Brad Meltzer will talk about his book History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time on Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $13 for members, $18 for the community.

LaVista Walk. $349,900 2265 LaVista Walk Court 3BR/3.5BA


LaVista Park. $1,995 / Month 1103 Wild Creek Trail 3BR/2BA


© MMXIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Bay of Brittany by Moret used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

• Jeffrey Toobin: CNN legal analyst discusses his latest nonfiction book, The Oath: The Obama White House and The Supreme Court, on Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 for members, $24 for the community. • Family Reading Festival: This event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 10. Tickets are $7 for children members, $10 for children from the community. There will be authors interacting with the kids, a visit from the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders, a sing-a-long, dance and gymnastic exhibitions and more. • Sheri Fink: The author reconstructs Five Days at Memorial in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina at the New Orleans hospital. The reading is Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $13 for members, $18 for the community. • Alan Dershowitz: The lawyer and legal analyst reads from his memoir Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $18 for members, $24 for the community.

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• Closing Night: Bestselling author Pat Conroy discusses his new memoir, The Death of Santini, with Atlanta magazine’s Theresa Weaver on Nov. 17, 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 for member, $24 for the community. To see the full lineup of authors and purchase tickets, visit atlantajcc.org/bookfestival.

Unique fabrics and personal service


886 Huff Road | Atlanta, GA 30318 www.arteefabricsandhome.com

26 November 2013 | INtown

404-554-1215 Mon.-Sat. 10am - 5pm A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m


Breman Museum opens exhibit on famed store By Collin Kelley INtown Editor For Atlanta natives, Rich’s is a sorelymissed department store with fond memories of shopping trips, Christmas wonder and tasty food. The late, great journalist and humorist Celestine Sibley wrote a book about Rich’s called Dear Store back in 1967, a testament to how much the retail mecca meant to the city. While Rich’s would eventually branch out to mall stores, be gobbled up by a conglomerate and then disappear altogether, the Downtown flagship store on Broad Street was always the beating heart of the company. Thanksgiving night meant crowding onto Forsyth Street under the Crystal Bridge that connected Rich’s two buildings for the lighting of the Great Christmas Tree. Children eagerly sat on Santa’s lap then went to the roof of the building to ride the Pink Pig monorail. Lunch at the Magnolia Room was always a special outing for generations of families. On Nov. 17, the Breman Museum will open the exhibition, “Return to Rich’s: The Story Behind the Store” that will bring all the memories back for those who remember the store and educate those who never got to visit.

“Rich’s was a Jewishowned department store that created Atlanta traditions like the Pink Pig, the Magnolia Room and Fashionata” said Breman Museum executive director Aaron Berger. “It is the largest exhibition in our history and will encompass two-thirds of our gallery space.” The “Return to Rich’s” will continue through May 27 and feature artifacts from the store on loan from Delta Airlines, The Coca-Cola Company, the Atlanta History Center, The Rich Foundation and dozens of private collectors. Also coming up at the Breman is the Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series, which marks a new direction for the museum by expanding its cultural offerings, Berger said. The first concert in series will be “Music of the Holocaust: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht” on Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. The evening, led by Maestro Arthur Fagen, whose parents were saved by Oskar Schindler, will feature chamber

Artifacts from the Rich’s exhibition.

music interwoven with a selection of visual images and readings prepared by the Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education at the Breman Museum. Selected pieces include: Gideon Klein’s String Trio from 1944; Hans Krása’s

Passacaglia and Fugue for string trio from 1944 as well as songs by Isle Weber, Adolf Strauss and Martin Roman. The Breman Museum is located at 1440 Spring St. For more about the Rich’s exhibit and concert series, visit thebreman.org.


Tour the national historic mansion dressed for the holidays by Atlanta’s top interior and floral designers! • Breakfast with Santa • Holiday Shopping • Teddy Bear Tea • Garden Club Day • Live Entertainment • Seasonal Workshops Callanwolde Fine Arts Center 980 Briarcliff Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

December 6 -17 A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Callanwolde.org town 27

November 2013 | IN

the Kristallnacht with musicians from the Atlanta Opera in performance. November 9. $65. thebreman.org

A guide for arts and cultural entertainment for the entire family Visual Arts Ant Linkage: Artists Joe Peragine and Craig Dongoski teamed up with Georgia Tech biologist David Hu for this GSU exhibit that uses sculpture, sound and projection to take a fresh look at the ant world. Closes November 15. arts.gsu.edu/cencia Conserving the Memory: The Fratelli Alinari Photographs of Rome: Drawn from the Carlos Museum’s permanent collection, this exhibit highlights the Alinari photographs that document Rome’s great works of art and architecture as they appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tuesday through Sunday. $6 to $8. carlos.emory.edu Down and Out in the South: Dutch photographer Jan Banning’s photographs of homeless men and women in the Southern United States place them in a studio free from stereotypical belongings and depictions. Tuesday through Saturday. Free! hagedornfoundationgallery.org On Air: Paris-based artist Laurent Grasso uses imagery culled from cinema and art history to recreate surreal phenomena — both human and natural — in this SCAD Trois Gallery exhibit as part of France-Atlanta 2013. Monday through Friday. Free. scad.edu/exhibitions

Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies: This special Georgia Aquarium exhibit showcases the world’s largest WAY OF plastinated sea creatures, allowing guests to see both outside and inside the bodies of aquatic life. It includes more than 18 full-body sea creatures, including a 6-foot-wide devil ray and an 18-foot-long whale shark. Daily. $23.95 to $29.95. georgiaaquarium.org Victor Hugo: Selections from the Schlossberg Collection: Oglethorpe Museum of Art features drawings, prints and sculptures celebrating the life and work of literary and political figure Victor Hugo. Jean Boucher’s 1903 bronze sculpture of Hugo will be on display, which was presented by the French government to the island of Guernsey where Hugo was exiled. Tuesday through Sunday. $5. museum.oglethorpe.edu Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney: View the first major exhibition to provide an overview of Caldecott Medal winner Jerry Pinkney’s 50-year career as an illustrator and artist at the High Museum of Art, , which has extended hours on Thanksgiving weekend. Tuesday through Sunday. $12 to $19.50. high.org

Performing Arts

JOE PERAGINE Paul Rand: Defining Design: Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) uses short film, interviews and writings to look at the career of American designer Paul Rand (1914 -1996) and his iconic logos (IBM, Westinghouse, UPS and ABC), which are some of the world’s most recognizable. Tuesday through Sunday. $5 to $8. museumofdesign.org Peter Sowiski: Pulp Painter: The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech features a unique large-scale wall installation by Peter Sowiski, who is primarily known as a pulp painter, as well as work spanning his entire career since the 1970s. Monday through Friday. $2 to $3. ipst.gatech.edu/amp

28 November 2013 | INtown

Sonic Generator and L’Orchestre National de Lorraine: Sonic Generator, the hightech contemporary music ensemble, joins members of L’Orchestre National de Lorraine and their conductor for a concert of innovative French and American contemporary music featuring Steve Reich’s “City Life,” which uses digital samplers to bring the sounds of New York City into the concert hall. November 3. $25. ferstcenter.gatech.edu Ghost The Musical: Based on the award-winning 1990 film of the same name, this musical at The Fox Theatre follows a murdered man who needs the help of a phony storefront psychic to save his fiancé from danger. November 5 through November 10. $30 to $75. broadwayinatlanta.com

King Lear: Often regarded as Shakespeare’s crowning achievement, this


tragedy about the relationship between parents and their offspring shows how quickly one can become blinded by fear and killed with love. Opens November 7. $15 to $36. shakespearetavern.com Radio City Christmas Spectacular: The Rockettes return to Atlanta with an all new show featuring eye-high kicks and incredible precision among brandnew, sets, costumes, special effects and an unforgettable new finale. November 7 through November 23. $27 to $125. cobbenergycentre.com Clue: The Musical: The internationally popular game is now a fun-filled musical which brings the world’s best known suspects to life and invites the audience to help solve the mystery at OnStage Atlanta. Closes November 9. $12 to $23. onstageatlanta.com Waiting for Balloon: In this Alliance Theatre play for children ages 18months to 5 years old, two childlike hobo-clown characters are waiting near the railroad tracks for “balloon,” but the problem is that neither of them knows exactly what “balloon” is. Closes November 9. $10. alliancetheatre.org James Brown: Get on the Good Foot - A Celebration in Dance: Conceived by acclaimed choreographer Otis Sallid, this performance by Philadanco at the Rialto Center for the Arts honors the Godfather of Soul’s worldwide influence through a modern dance vernacular. November 9. $39.72 to $65.64. rialtocenter.org Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series: Music of the Holocaust: The inaugural concert of the Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series at The Breman Jewish Museum commemorates the 75th anniversary of

Harabel: Jonida Beqo (known on the slam poetry scene as Gypsee Yo) intertwines theatre, dance and poetry in this one-woman narrative detailing her journey from Albanian refugee to American citizen. Closes November 10. $20 to $50. theatricaloutfit.org Stars Shine on Shaw: The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra celebrates the life and legacy of Robert Shaw, founder of the ASO Chorus, with special guests Christine Brewer, Lynn Harrell, Sylvia McNair, Marietta Simpson and Robert Spano at Symphony Hall. November 10. $50 to $75. atlantasymphony.org Book Festival of the MJCCA: Comedy Night at The Punchline: Holly Firfer and Tom Sullivan host this evening of comedy featuring TV’s Fred Stoller and Marion Grodin as part of the MJCCA’s annual book festival. November 14. $20. atlantajcc.org 24th Annual Tellabration!: The Southern Order of Storytellers presents this evening of folklore and legends at The Friends School of Atlanta as part of the annual international night of storytelling held in more than 200 cities across the world. November 16. $10. southernorderofstorytellers.org Urban Nutcracker: Ballethnic Dance Company’s twist on “The Nutcracker” classic is a soulful celebration that takes place on Atlanta’s own Sweet Auburn Avenue in the 1940s. November 21 through November 24. $29 to $52. ballethnic.org Experimental Trombonist Dave Nelson & Drummer Marlon Patton: Brooklyn-based experimental trombonist Dave Nelson joins Atlanta-based drummer Marlon Patton at this concert with a special video installation by artist Lana Vogestad at The Goat Farm Arts Center. November 22. $5 to $10. facebook.com/ thegoatfarmartscenter Pluto: This new play by Steve Yockey at Actor’s Express tells the story of a single mother who tries to jump-start her relationship with her son at the breakfast table among berserker appliances, shifting astronomy and the talkative new family dog. Closes November 24. $15 to $40. actors-express.com Turkey Eve with Yacht Rock Revue: Kick off the holidays at the picturesque Fox Theatre with one of Atlanta’s finest tributes to ‘70s light rock – Yacht Rock Revue. November 27. $21 to $25. foxtheatre.org A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

The Thinking Artist Patrick Dennis

Self Service I am an artist and I’ve been thinking… There’s an undeniable and distinct shift in the way we all behave as a society. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been coerced into becoming do-ityourselfers. At the grocery store we do our own check out. At the bank we process our own drive-thru transactions. Home Depot and Lowes are constantly pushing ‘how- to’ courses on us to become more selfreliant and handy. About the only thing we can’t do ourselves anymore is fix a

car because they’ve become computers on wheels. Not everyone is inclined or able to become an independent, selftaught specialist and that’s particularly noticeable in the arts. Even with the advent of smart phones and digital cameras, there is a wide gulf between ‘selfies’ and artistic photos. Just ask a professional photographer, which is exactly what I did recently. Ellen Stein called. She’s the woman who worked her magic to bring “The Marilyn Project” to MODA. Her intuition includes reading my mind and somehow she knew I would come out to an event midweek. I’m afraid to ever say no to her. I’m pretty sure she knows everyone in the arts community and has the most excruciatingly good taste of anyone I’ve ever known or she’s the most critical person in the world. It could go either way but she’s still irresistible. At an event hosted by Thomas Deans Fine Art

celebrating photography in Atlanta, I listened to Kathryn Kolb provide an expert’s approach to establishing a photographic composition and it was more than a little enlightening. It was intimidating in an exciting way. Seeing through the eye of an artist humbled me and gave me new appreciation for true artistic expertise. With a strong yet delicate use of perspective and balance both with subject and color, her photos allow the viewer to literally travel the scene as ones eye moves in a deliberate circular pattern intended by the artist. In “Sapalo Sunrise no. 1,” the artist gives us the point of view from lying prone on the beach, using mid-range focus to draw the eye forward to discover a dreamlike horizon. Points of light entice the eye to travel forward, creating a restful yet hypnotic experience. “Color Sweetgum” masterfully illuminates the color of leaves that appear to have been arranged in a manner suggesting placement in thin air. Kolb’s explanations were thorough

and easy to follow although interspersed with technical jargon that flew over my head. I have huge admiration of her as an artist. Her professional training combined with personal vision and autodidactic exploration have served her well. It’s much easier for me to understand the role of the ‘selfie’ photo now. Those stay in my iPhone. As a painter, my mind forms compositions that are slightly ambiguous but become realized with a brush. I enjoy the luxury of changing my mind to add color, change perspectives or starting over. I could never do that with a camera without years of training. Even then I’m sure that I could not achieve the same skill set employed by professional photographers such as Kolb who give us reason to celebrate photography. Patrick Dennis is an artist, gallery owner and President of the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces. Contact him at Patrick@affps.com.

Upcoming Atlanta art events: Through Nov. 9, Thomas Deans Fine Art “A Painterly Nature: Photographs by Betty Edge and Kathryn Kolb; paintings by Stephen Pentak” Poetry in nature’s geometry is captured by these Atlanta photographers. Pentak’s oil paintings conjure landscapes from elemental forms. Part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography. 690 Miami Circle. thomasdeansfineart.com Nov. 15, Hudgens Center for the Arts “2nd Annual Juried Member’s Exhibition – Georgia Gallery” Juror Linda Armstrong, Chair of the Visual Arts Dept. at Emory University and sculptor selected these works from over 50 entries. 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Bldg. 300, Duluth, GA 30097. thehudgens.org

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One Hundred West Paces Ferry Road • Atlanta, Georgia 30305 • dorseyalston.com Information believed to be accurate but not warranted. If your house is currently listed, this is not a solicitation. Equal Housing Opportunity.

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 29

November 2013 | IN



Eating out | Eating in | Food News | Wine



Many Intown restaurants serving up Thanksgiving feasts By Collin Kelley INtown Editor Let’s face it – cooking up a big Thanksgiving meal can be hectic, frustrating and, most of all, time consuming. If you’d rather spend quality time with family and friends, many Intown restaurants will be serving up Turkey Day feasts with no cleanup required. Here’s at look at some of the restaurants open on Nov. 28. You can find more at OpenTable.com. As more people decide to eat out for Thanksgiving, reservations usually fill up fast so don’t wait. South City Kitchen Midtown Known for its modern take on southern cuisine, South City Kitchen will be offering a three-course, prix fixe menu of holiday favorites. 1144 Crescent Ave. midtown.southcitykitchen.com Poor Calvin’s Known for its Thai menu, the Midtown spot will be serving up a three-

course dinner including turkey, sides and a dessert tasting. 510 Piedmont Ave. poorcalvins.com Park 75 The Midtown steakhouse will offer a Thanksgiving brunch buffet from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 75 14th St. fourseasons.com Hudson Grille Catch the football games while enjoying the family-style buffet being served all day. 942 Peachtree St. hudsongrille.com Seasons 52 The Buckhead restaurant will be serving a special Thanksgiving dinner all day, with special portions just for kids and the regular menu available, too. 3050 Peachtree Road. seasons52.com Maggiano’s Italian favorites such as spaghetti and lasagna will be on offer as well as traditional Thanksgiving dishes at the Buckhead restaurant. 3368 Peachtree Road. maggianos.com


Murphy’s in Virginia Highland will be offering its Thanksgiving Dinner To Go.

The Colonnade It doesn’t get any more southern or traditional than The Colonnade’s fourcourse Thanksgiving meal. Try not to fill up on the rolls and cornbread. 1879 Cheshire Bridge Road. colonnadeatl.com Rosebud Head over to Virginia Highland for a traditional dinner of turkey, ham and all the fixin’s served family-style. 1397 N. Highland Ave. rosebudatlanta.com Murphy’s If you want to eat at home, but don’t want to cook, Murphy’s in Virginia Highland is offering its “Thanksgiving

Dinner To Go,” which feeds four. Reservations are required to order and you must pick up the food. Call (404) 872-0904 to order your feast. ROOM at Twelve Celebrate the day in Downtown Atlanta with a Thanksgiving Buffet. Children age 5 and under eat free. 400 W. Peachtree St. roomattwelve.com Legal Sea Foods If you’d rather have surf and turf for your holiday meal, the seafood eatery in Downtown has you covered. There’s even private dining rooms available, but reserve now. 275 Baker St. legalseafoods. com/restaurants/atlanta-downtown

Now o for L peN uNch


Take over our restaurant for the night, or we’ll bring the catering to your home, office, backyard or desired event space. We’ve Got You Covered: • Full Catering Services • Private Dinner Parties • On-Site Chefs • BBQ / On-Site Grill • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menu Options

Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner & Dancing

2 for 1 cocktails Tuesday from 5pm to 9pm Ladies Night Wednesday The first cocktail is on us. Pink Pony Tail Thursday Free cocktail to all ladies wearing pink or have their hair in a pony tail.

For Special Event Discounts, Custom Menus and Date Inquiries, Contact our Catering Director Marci Leonard: Marci@American-Roadhouse.com

842 North Highland Avenue NE | Atlanta GA 30306 404-872-2822 | AMERICAN-ROADHOUSE.COM Open 7 Days a Week Serving Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch FREE Parking | FREE WiFi | Open Patio | Dog Friendly 30 November 2013 | INtown

Special Game Day menu with food and beer specials! A Social Club in Buckhead • Chic Attire. Casual Attitude. Upscale Piano Bar with Live Entertainment Facebook.com/AspenBartini Twitter.com/AspenBartini

322 East Paces Ferry Road 404-549-8700 | AspenBartini.com A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

FRESH IN THE BOX PeachDish delivers recipes & ingredients to your door excess packaging easily turns me off. The first meal sent had salt, pepper and olive oil. A couple of weeks I emailed PeachDish ago, I was delighted founder, Hadi Irvani, to to find out the Atlanta let him know I already based company had those ingredients. PeachDish was planning I was happy to discover to send me a few readythe second package to-cook meals. The idea eliminated the excess. is they send you all the ingredients you Having just started their company need to make dinner, along with an easy to in February, the PeachDish crew has follow recipe, and for just $20, you have a proven to be innovative, professional and three-course meal for two. attentive to a customer’s wants and needs. On a Thursday afternoon, I received That’s important. a small box at my doorstep. Inside was a Tina Adams is the resident master chef and she works hard to create original dishes, which have included Hangar Steak with Ratatouille, Cilantro Slaw and Tilapia Tacos and Pan-Seared Trout with Sautéed Corn. And lots of fresh veggies. My Mediterranean Chicken meal took about 20 minutes to prepare and it was very good. Bob and I enjoyed all of it and licked our plates clean. I was surprised how happy I was to receive that box of food at my doorstep. As someone who doesn’t cook very often, I hate the grocery store. To avoid the supermarket, but still eat well is rather dreamy. For dessert, PeachDish also offers fresh fruit. This time, they sent really delicious plums and Cooking up the Mediterranean Chicken from PeachDish. Bob and I added raw honey and put them in the broiler for a few minutes – so good. That’s the trick with recipe card for Mediterranean Chicken, the delivered meals; if you have extra Parmesan Asparagus and Fresh Plums items in your cabinet, you can take the for dessert, plus ingredients. I called my meal up a notch or two. friend Bob and made it for both of us. As the menu changes each week, The great thing is you have everything I can’t help but be excited to see what you need without going to the grocery arrives next. store. The only downside I found was that everything was packaged in its own piece For more about PeachDish, visit of plastic – every tomato, every herb. peachdish.com. Although I understand why it’s necessary, By Pamela Berger sweetpeachblog.com

it ! s s i ’t m Don

One Day Only

bag sale

Saturday, November 9 Take 20% OFF everything you can fit in our shopping bag. Artisans have been paid in full. Valid at participating stores only. Not valid with other discounts or purchase of gift cards.

Virginia Highland 1056 St. Charles Avenue Mon-Sat 11-6 Sun 1-5 (404) 892-5307

Use this logo for reductions only, do not print magenta. Do not reduce this logo more than 35%. Magenta indicates the clear area, nothing should print in this space. You may reduce the logo to 30% without the tag and strap lines. Color of Wood Block Motif critical match to Pantone 1805. Letters print Pantone Process Black.


A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 31

November 2013 | IN


Restaurants newly-opened and coming soon to Intown By Collin Kelley INtown Editor Slice & Pint The pizza and beer pub has taken over the former Everybody’s Pizza space in Emory Village, 1593 N. Decatur Road, serving up pies and beer to the hungry college and neighborhood masses. Check facebook.com/SliceandPint for more details. Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand The long-awaited Westside version is finally under construction after delays from city hall over building permits. The new stand at 881 Marietta St. will feature a rooftop deck where fans can enjoy the delicious chicken sausage sliders. Visit thesausagestand.com to keep abreast of the opening date. The Pig & The Pearl This “smokehouse and raw bar” is now open in the former Geisha House spot in Atlantic Station. Todd Richards, formerly of Ritz-Carlton Buckhead and The Shed, is executive chef. More about the restaurant at facebook.com/ ThePigAndThePearl. Diner Ron Eyester, owner of Rosebud and Timone’s, will open Diner this winter in the former Fox Sports Grill space in Atlantic Station, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Anna’s Barbecue Now open in Kirkwood at 1975 Hosea L. Williams Dr., Anna’s serves up traditional smoked barbecue and sides. Local poet, professor and foodie Karen Head reports that the meat is perfectly cooked and you could make a meal off the delicious sides. Caffe Gio Giovanni Di Palma, of Antico Pizza Napoletana fame, has opened this traditional Neapolitan caffé and gelateria behind Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano at 1099 Hemphill Ave. The menu features traditional Neapolitan street food like fresh-to-order Parmigiano or Meatball Panini’s on crispy Ciabatta with San Marzano marinara sauce and melted mozzarella. gioschicken.com Egg Harbor Café A third outpost of the breakfast and lunch spot will open in Buckhead on the ground floor of The Brookwood condo building on Peachtree Road in early 2014. The Smoke Ring 101 Concepts, which operates Food 101 and Meehan’s Public House, has opened its latest concept in Castleberry Hill. Located at 309 Nelson St., the barbecue restaurant offers a variety of sliders, small plates, sandwiches, soups, salads and barbecue plates. 101concepts.com

Above: Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, a huge hit in East Atlanta Village, finally got its building permit from the City of Atlanta and is at work on a new Westide location. Don’t those sliders look tasty? Left: Jenni Britton Baur has opened Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in the Westside Provision District. The New York Times bestselling cookbook author opened her first shop in her hometown of Columbia, SC. Below left: Kimball House, located in the old train depot in Decatur, is serving up seafood and delectable desserts. Below right: Slice and Pint is serving up beer and pizza in the old Everybody’s spot at Emory Village.

Kimball House The old train depot in Decatur, fondly remembered by those of a certain age as The Freight Room, has re-opened as Kimball House. The restaurant at 303 E. Howard Ave. is the latest offering from the folks behind the ultra-successful Leon’s Full Service and Brick Store Pub, and features a seafood-inspired menu. cargocollective.com/kimballhouse Folk Art Located just down the block from sister restaurant Wisteria at 465 N. Highland Ave. in Inman Park, Folk Art is serving up comfort food for breakfast and lunch, including some delicious waffles. folkartrestaurant.com Juicy Jenny Jennifer Levison’s homemade soups at Souper Jenny have made a national star, and she’s opened her third concept in Buckhead, 56 East Andrews Drive. The menu features organic, cold-pressed juices and a menu of vegan, gluten-free food. facebook.com/www.juicyjennyatl Smash Kitchen & Bar From the Here to Serve Restaurants team, this new eatery at Town Brookhaven offers sandwiches, steaks, burgers, salads and flatbreads. h2sr.com/ smash Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Columbus-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has opened its first Atlanta scoop shop in the Westside Provisions District, 1198 Howell Mill Road, right next door to Star Provisions market. The shop works with local farmers and artisans to source its ingredients. facebook.com/JenisWestsideProvisions

32 November 2013 | INtown

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

TASTING INTOWN Inman Park’s Wisteria packs southern punch By Art Huckabee Wisteria has been serving the Atlanta dining scene since 2001. Given the tough economic challenges of the past decade, those 12 years could easily qualify as “dog years” particularly for a restaurant. With scores of reviews and blog entries, many decidedly positive and some even effusively so, we wanted to visit this “venerable institution.” Wisteria offers complimentary valet parking immediately adjacent to its storefront so it’s a short few steps and you’re being greeted with a smile at the hostess stand. It’s an eye-pleasing relatively small space that has been carefully utilized to accommodate around 100 people. You might think that you’ll be dining only with your date tonight but a brush of an elbow and you’re now a party of 8. We found seating at the end of a wall-length banquet that ended up being quite intimate. We ordered cocktails and wine. The bar does a nice job with its version of the currently popular bourbon and ginger beer libation, calling it the Old Wive’s Tale. There’s also a cucumber-vodka martini that is a subtle relative to a Bloody Mary, replete with salted rim and pimentostuffed olive and cherry tomato garnish. The wine list is fairly extensive. It has some helpful tasting notes and even “points reviews” on its reserve wines from such well known wine aficionados as Robert Parker and the Wine Spectator. Tasting

flights are also offered. For the salad and appetizer round, we ordered the Kale and Acorn Squash salad, the Arugula and Grilled Apple salad, the Black-eyed Pea Hummus and the Gouda Stuffed Arancini. The Kale and Acorn Squash salad was crispy cold perhaps needing just a touch more apple cider vinaigrette. The Arugula and Grilled Apple salad was exceptional with the tartness of the apples playing perfectly with the sweetness of the honey roasted pecans and the crunchy, saltiness of the fried onions. The Black-eyed Pea Hummus was good but would have really sung had the accompanying sweet potato chips been warm and slightly crispier. The Arancini were the hands-down favorite; the lightly fried rice balls popped with the warm Gouda filling complimented by a thin drizzle of Meyer lemon aioli. The salads and appetizers range from $7 to $15. For entrees, our party ordered the Pan Seared North Atlantic Skate Wing, the Georgia Mountain Trout Almond Encrusted and All-Natural Half Chicken Iron Skillet Fried. If you’ve never had skate wing, this is the place to try it. It has the taste and mouth feel somewhere between lobster and crab. It was delicious with the stone-ground grits, asparagus and lemon brown butter. The trout was another winner. The bacon vinaigrette did not overpower the delicate, flaky, Pankocrusted fish and united the flavors of the accompanying fingerling potatoes, roasted

Above: Gouda stuffed Arancini, fried rice balls. Left: Black-eyed pea hummus with sweet potato chips.

tomatoes, green beans and corn. The skillet-fried chicken was a perfect example of a dish that is made better by the sum of its parts. The deboned half chicken was crispy and well seasoned. It was served over a bed of baconbraised collards that were perfectly done with a hint of vinegary tartness. The accompanying corn pudding was served as rectangular blocks with a crusty exterior and a sweet, soft middle. The one element of the dish that initially appeared out of place was the mushroom-herb broth, but it worked, acting as a delicate gravy even though it contained bits of meaty mushroom. The entrees range from $17 to $32. The portion sizes are on the large side. We also ordered the Braised Greens Mac & Cheese and the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts, Grano Padano; both

were exceptional. The braised greens cut just enough of the richness in the mac & cheese such that every one at the table could have probably eaten a hotel pan full of the stuff. We ordered three “small bite desserts” (3 for $10); the Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting and bourbon sauce, the Bread Pudding “Traditional Style” with bourbon sauce and the Handcrafted Caramel and Sea Salt S’more. Each of these “small cupcake-sized” portions were enough for our party of four to each get a bite and each was delicious. Wisteria is located at 471 N. Highland Avenue and can be found online at wisteria-atlanta.com. Art Huckabee is one of Yelp’s Elite Reviewers, as well as a pilot and food lover. Send feedback to TastingIntown@ AtlantaINtownPaper.com. For an expanded version of this review, visit AtlantaINtownPaper.com.

Great food for the savage in you.

$3.00 OFF

14 Flat Screen tVS

Watch Your FaVorite teamS

coldeSt Beer in toWn order a ‘Bucket oF Beer’ tWo PriVate areaS For GrouPS (uP to 30)

SundaY-mondaY: WinG SPecial tueSdaYS triVia 8Pm Family-Friendly Atmosphere Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner In Virginia Highland 1041 North Highland Avenue

404.892.3648 A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

ANY MEDIUM OR LARGE SPECIALITY PIZZA Not Valid with any other coupons

OPEN DAILY FOR LUNCH & DINNER dine in, pick up or delivery $12 minimum/limited area

Little Five Points

484 Moreland Ave. (next to L5P Pharmacy)


Avondale Estates 115 Laredo Dr.

(corner of Clarendon)

404-299-5799 see our menu at SAVAGEPIZZA.COM

town 33

November 2013 | IN

Construction Starts Fall 2013 Major Renovation Coming Soon!

CREATIVE LOFT OFFICE SPACE Sweetwater Design District 225 Ottley Drive • Atlanta, GA • 30324

CREATIVE LOFT OFFICE SPACE Sweetwater Design District 225 Ottley Drive • Atlanta, GA • 30324

Quick Bites The City of Decatur is launching a new website, DecaturRestaurant-Tour.com on Nov. 5. The website will feature video tours of the city’s hottest new restaurants along with its beloved institutions. Each video focuses on an individual restaurant, capturing its unique flavor of ambience, food philosophy, talent and comments from the chef. Interviews with the chefs will be conducted by Mary Moore, former chef and owner of Cook’s Warehouse. Brothers Craig and Jeff Moore plan to open Old Fourth Distillery next year at 487 Edgewood Ave. in the Old Fourth Ward. The distillery, which will be open for tours and tastings, will startup with vodka and gin production then expand to whiskey and rye. Midtown’s Livingston Restaurant (livingstonatlanta. com) earned a spot in the latest Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Dare to Look book. The eatery earned the distinction by having 50 guests pay to eat eight different blood-inspired dishes. FLIP burger boutique (flipburgerboutique.com) has named Rick Tasman as its new CEO. He spent 14 years with PF Chang’s and also held executive positions as Grady’s America Grill and Boston Market. Roots Juices (rootspressedjuices.com) is now open at the Around Lenox Shopping Center in Buckhead in Suite 202-A. Red Pepper Taqueria (eatredpepper.com) now open at 3135 Piedmont Road in Buckhead.

Phase 1 | Opening May 2014 • Next door to Sweetwater Brewery • 1,000 to 15,000 SF Available • Executive Suites Available • Custom Buildout • 24-Hour HVAC Control Renovated Loft Office Building for Lease • Excellent1,000 Accesstoto44,000 I-85 and SFI-75 • Restaurant Space Available

Les Dames d’Escoffier International, a worldwide society of women dedicated to creating food culture in the community, has inducted Pastry Chef Kathleen Miliotis of Davio’s Atlanta into the organization. An Atlanta native, Miliotis has been working in the industry for more than 23 years, starting by working with her mother at Affairs to Remember Catering. King + Duke (kinganddukeatl.com) has been named one of Esquire magazine’s Best New Restaurants of 2013. “We are thrilled to have one of our restaurants recognized for the second straight year by Esquire magazine,” said Chef Ford Fry, whose The Optimist made last year’s list. Esquire food and travel correspondent John Mariani described King + Duke as a “can’t-miss spot.” Chef Kevin Ouzts, who runs The Spotted Trotter in Kirkwood, will open a new restaurant, The Cockentrice, at the Krog Street Market in 2014.

Excellent Access to I-85/75 on Atlanta Beltline Phase II | 30,000 SF Build-to-Suit Custom Buildout • For Lease and For Sale 16’ Ceilings • Skylights • Exposed Brick Walls • Freestanding 30,000 SF Buildling • Loft Office, Showroom, Restaurant

For Leasing Information:

317 9th Street

For Leasing Information: Douglas James Kyle Jenks Kyle Jenks Douglas James 404.372.1280 404.239.9828 404.239.9828 404.372.1280

Charming 1920 Colonial home with 6 bedrooms & 5 baths, spacious kitchen, professional landscaping, saltwater pool, large patio & 2 car garage.

www.ParksidePartners.com www.ParksidePartners.com JointVenture VentureOfOf AAJoint

listed for $1,149,000

BONNEAU ANSLEY 404-906-3161 • mobile 404-233-4142 • office bonneau@bonneauansley.com

HIL HARPER 404-906-3761 • mobile 404-233-4142 • office hil.harper@harrynorman.com

T H E B E S T M A R K E T I N G P L A N I N AT L A N TA 532 East Paces Ferry Road Suite 200, Atlanta, Ga. 30305 | www.harrynorman.com | Betsy Franks, Managing Broker | The above information is believed to be accurate but not warranted. Offer subject to errors, changes, omissions, prior sales and withdrawals without notice.

34 November 2013 | INtown

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Home & Real Estate City Living | Neighborhoods | Development


New report shows trend toward pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods By Collin Kelley INtown Editor A study of Walkable Urban Places, or WalkUPs, in the Atlanta region is being heralded as a “harbinger” for the rest of the country as urban sprawl ends and more pedestrian-friendly communities emerge. The report, authored by Chris Leinberger of the George Washington University School of Business, says that WalkUPs will drive tomorrow’s national real estate industry and the economy, turning what was once a niche market into the predominant market. The report demonstrates that WalkUPs significantly impact economic growth and development in the Atlanta region and across the nation. “During the second half of the 20th Century, the dominant development model was the familiar drivable suburban approach, and few places have done it better than metro Atlanta,” said Leinberger. “However, the pendulum is swinging back toward building walkable urbanism, the dominant pattern prior to the Great Depression. According to this latest study, metro Atlanta is on the leading edge of this new urban development trend.” Some of the neighborhoods cited in the report as leading the WalkUPs trend Intown include Downtown around Georgia State University, Castleberry Hill, Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Tech, Atlantic Station, Midtown, Inman Park, Emory Village, Decatur and Buckhead. The report says Metro Atlanta’s walkable urban places are attracting an increasing share of new development and have seen a rise in rent premiums over drivable suburban areas. The report notes that from 1992-2000, roughly 13 percent of real estate investment in the region went into current and emerging WalkUPs. From 2001-2008, that number doubled to 26 percent. Since 2009, metro Atlanta’s share of development in WalkUPs more than doubled again, reaching 60 percent in 2013. “We are pleased to see thriving, walkable urban places emerging throughout metro Atlanta,” said Tad Leithead, chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission. “It’s evident that the market favors the kind of development that offers real mobility choices and opportunity for new community vitality. Greater walkability, housing and retail options are keys to our future economic growth.” Local real estate agents are also excited about the new report because it validates what they’ve known since before the recession: homes in walkable communities are in demand. Randal Lautzenheiser, managing broker for Atlanta Intown Real Estate, A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Two of Intown’s most walkable communities: At left is Centennial Olympic Park and the Skyview Ferris Wheel in Downtown (Image courtesy of SkyView). At right is the colorful MARTA plaza in Downtown Decatur (image couretsy City of Decatur).

chaired Midtown’s Neighborhood Planning Unit for five years and has seen first-hand what responsible zoning can do for a community. “Midtown has taken steps to become more pedestrian scaled,” Lautzenheiser said. “All the new residential development has retail and restaurants on the ground floor.” Lautzenheiser said homebuyers come into his office wanting walkable acces to restaurants and stores so they can leave their cars behind. “With three MARTA stations, Piedmont Park, all the local stores and connection to the Atlanta BeltLine – the city is just outside your door.” Zac Pasmanick with Re/Max Metro Atlanta Cityside said the trend of suburbanites downsizing and moving back into the city continues. “Empty-nesters want to ride their bikes or walk to shops and to eat,” Pasmanick said. “Many of the condos being sold in Intown are being bought by people in their 50s and 60s who moved out to suburbs for schools and more space, but now that the kids are grown and out of the house, they are downsizing and moving back to the city.” He said the real estate market is definitely on the rebound and that prices are going up because of a scarcity of available properties. Beth Ann Clanin with Keller Williams Realty in Decatur said even during the real estate boom in the early 2000s buyers were looking for walkable communities. She said that the age range she sees the most are 25 to 35 and emptynesters looking for a property where they can park their car on Friday and not have to get back into it until Monday morning. “A lot of my clients are moving here from places like Boston, New York City and Chicago and are used to having walkability, and they crave that here, too,” Clanin said. Carmen Pope, founding partner of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty, said having

restaurants, a dry cleaner, gym, clothing stores and more at your fingertips is a very big bonus. “Home owners are able to come home from work – if they don’t already work from home – and walk out their doors with everything there for them,” Pope commented. She also said the Beltline has played

a really big role in drawing more homebuyers. “I’m working with two different families that are selling their townhomes and buying single-family homes to get more space, but they want to stay near the BeltLine,” she said. Pope said there is a need for more mixed-use development with homes and retail for busy families and individuals.

Virginia Highland Own a piece of history!

Built in the mid 1900’s - totally renovated independent home with private parking. Just like a loft only better: no HOA fees, no stairs to climb, full kitchen and bath, private patio, maple floors, soaring ceilings. In the heart of Virginia Highland. One of a kind. 1243 Virginia Ave. NE, Atlanta 30306

$395,000 Jane Holley

Associate Broker 404-314-8776 • jane@janeholley.com

Holley Realty Team...Since 1948

town 35

November 2013 | IN

Foreclosures back to pre-recession levels in Atlanta

T O O U R C O M PA N Y • •

Tina Hart


14-year Atlanta resident with expertise on geographical and city developments Passionate about the creative process with experience in interior design and home staging Knowledge of international residential design trends and fashions


marketing for homes in all price ranges.

AtlantaFineHomes.com 404.237.5000

“Even with some of the most beautiful built homes in the country, Atlanta is more affordable than most top 10 cities. I see Atlanta as being a city reflective of the American Dream.”

Other findings include: • Every county has fewer foreclosure filings in 2013 than in 2012 during the same period (through September). • Gwinnett County still leads the region in the total number of foreclosure filings in 2013, but the number is more than 60 percent lower than 2010 levels. • Metro Atlanta (28-county) ranks 7th out of the 25 most populous metros in the percentage of mortgages that are considered “seriously delinquent” (those 90 days past due or already in the foreclosure inventory).

© MMXIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Provence France,Trotter, used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

• But, metro Atlanta also ranks 7th out of the top 25 metro for overall decline in serious delinquency rate between December of 2010 and March of 2013.


See how Dr. Robinson can make a difference in your healthcare.


The drag on the region’s economy due to home foreclosures appears to be easing. As reported by the Atlanta Regional Commission in this month’s Regional Snapshot newsletter, the Atlanta region has returned to foreclosure levels not seen since 2006, and foreclosure filings in 2013 are down more than 50 percent from 2010 levels.

Dr. Charlene Robinson oversees all clinical and medical operations including reporting of tests, procedures, and coordinated care for patients at Concentra’s Edgewood Primary Care center in Atlanta. Dr. Robinson received her medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn., and completed her internship and residency at Mercer University Medical Center in Macon, Ga. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Georgia Academy of Family Practice.

Stay healthy and active in metro Atlanta. Stop by for a tour of Dr. Robinson’s clinic and meet the doctor herself.

Edgewood Primary Care 1220 Caroline St. NE, Suite A-230 Atlanta, GA 30307

“Everyone’s private, hourly worker.” “Freddy did an excellent job painting the home office! I will be reaching out for help with cleaning up the backyard patio that is fully covered with ivy!” Misty G. (Atlanta, Ga) May 2013 Easy to Book Online www.handsYOUdemand.com OR Call Toll Free 855-YOU-DEMAND (855-968-3362)

$10 OFF with this Ad! Offer expires November 30, 2013

Transportation service available

Visit ConcentraPrimaryCare.com/Atlanta for her hours.

36 November 2013 | INtown

CONC-1313B-ATL-PC-Intown-4.94x6.185-F.indd 1

Call 678-916-3600 for an appointment. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m 8/23/13 11:08 AM

Perspectives in Architecture Melody L. Harclerode

Greater Atlanta home inspirations are brought to life at MODA Floors & Interiors

Oscar Harris has designed some of Atlanta’s most noted structures, including Concourse E at the Atlanta Airport and the light towers at Centennial Park.

Architect Takes a New Path Oscar Harris, FAIA, is recognized as the architect of Atlanta landmarks such as the City of Atlanta Courthouse, City of Atlanta Public Safety Headquarters and the Atrium and Concourse E at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This fall, he celebrates his 70th birthday and the recent publication of his book, Oscar: The Memoir of a Master Architect!, available at Sugartop Publishing. During an interview at his stunning home in southwest Atlanta, Oscar discusses the book, his career and future plans.

For inspiration, tour our showroom and link into a library of design resources. www.modafloorsandinteriors.com

MODA Floors & Interiors 1417 Chattahoochee Ave. Atlanta 30318 404.477.3744

Carpet • Area Rugs • Hardwood • Natural Stone • Designer Tile • Window Coverings

What inspired you to write the book? I started the path to write the book when I began my career as an architect forty years ago. Few have taken my career path. I want to share my experiences with others, inspire, educate and give historical documentation of the time.

Who is the target audience for your book? High school students, young adults and parents. I want them to know that my success was not overnight. I recall being bullied, and I was very rebellious during my youth, but I could draw. I worked well under pressure, which helped me later in life.

How were you exposed to the field of architecture? My grade school visited a construction site for a field trip, and I was fascinated. I saw a person dressed in a suit. I wanted to be him: the architect. Later, at age 10, my mother and I took a prop plane to Europe. We saw great architecture. The Louvre. However, my parents discouraged me from becoming an architect at first because they saw the struggles of an African-American architect at the time. However, after four years at Lincoln University, they supported my decision to become an architect.

Which of your projects do you enjoy the most?

Allen Snow Showcase of Homes Leading Atlanta in Real Estate

CLIENT: MODA PUB: Atlanta INTown 11 new Modern homes The4.9” MeTropoliTan aT phipps SIZE: x 5.4” (NON-BLEED) in the heart of Buckhead DATE: 1/17/13 3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Baths CONTACT: Don Patton, Art Director 3 Car Garage 4,000+ sq ft PHONE: 404.451.1096 From the $900s Expertly planned 4 story town homes with open layouts and large windows. Steps away from Atlanta’s most prestigious residential neighborhood and premier shopping district.

The Atrium at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. I love the ever-changing quality of the light, the sculpture in the space and the art design of the floor. It’s a world space as the busiest airport in the world. I also love the light towers at Centennial Park that I designed in 1996. These towers have become an iconic symbol of Atlanta. The book also shares the story of how I won the Concourse E project and other projects.

What are you doing these days? I am a partner in the International Aviation Consultants. We provide program management at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I also began a pullback from practicing traditional architecture six years ago. I’m more free to paint and make a transition with my son, Todd, to product design. I like the opportunity to be creative, innovative and passionate for a focused project.

What is your advice for young people? Find out your passion. Get focused. Set goals and timetables. Promote yourself. Melody L. Harclerode, AIA, a local architect, promotes the power of architecture and design to benefit the public as the 2014 President-Elect for the Board of the Atlanta chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Associate Principal of Hyer Creative (hyercreative.com). For more information, check out aiaatl.org. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

EASt AvEnuE cottAgES from $400k old 4th wArd Craftsman-style 2 and 3 story town homes close to the new Beltline in Atlanta’s most sought after neighborhood.

OFFICE 404.292.6636 DIRECT 404.931.1176 allensnowrealty@gmail.com 900 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30309 © 2013 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated By NRT LLC

town 37

November 2013 | IN

Real Estate Briefs

real estate Intown. Founded by Terry Fine, an Ansley Park resident and local builder/ remodeler, the firm moved from its original location near the intersection of 14th Street and West Peachtree to its present location at 1411 N. Highland Ave. in 1975.

Harry Norman, Realtors (harrynorman.com) has announced the addition of new agents, including Kelly Prewitt and Sam Lenaeus to the Buckhead North office and Connor McGarry and Lauren Mullinax to the North Fulton office.

For the fifth consecutive year, Re/Max (remax.com) has ranked as the leading real estate franchise organization in the Franchise Times Top 200 based upon worldwide sales. Re/Max placed 14th among all types of franchises, gaining two places over its standing last year.

Architect and landscape firm TSW (tsw-design.com) has received two planning awards from the Georgia Planning Association. TSW won the Outstanding Planning Document award for its work on the Augusta Sustainable Development Implementation Program and Outstanding Planning Process, Large Community Award for Alpharetta’s Envision Main Street initiative. Fourteen West (14west. com) is marking 40 years selling

Columbia Residential broken ground on its latest community, Forrest Heights Senior Residences, in Decatur at 1004 Columbia Ave. The new community is a redevelopment of the former Forrest Heights Apartments into a high-quality senior independent living community designed to complement the residential neighborhood. Ashton Woods Homes (ashtonwoodshomes.com) has opened two model homes at its newest community Savoy at Town Brookhaven. Priced from the $460,000s, the homes have an eclectic color palate, controlled-access gates and are just steps away from the dining and retail at Town Brookhaven.

TSW architects Garrett Hyer and Laura Richter accept the Georgia Planning Association Awards.


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Tickets for the annual Virginia Highland Tour Homes go on sale Nov. 11. Tickets are $25 in advance at vahitourofhomes.org or at Intown Ace Hardware located at 854 N. Highland Ave. The price goes up to $30 the weekend of the tour, Dec. 7-8. There will be seven homes on the 19th annual tour, which will be decorated for the holidays. Be sure to check out Atlanta INtown’s guide to holiday home tours coming up in our December edition.


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A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Put Zac’s 30 years of knowledge and experience to work for you.

1143 Rosedale Road $949,000

914 E Rock Springs Road $825,000

970 Blue Ridge Avenue $850,000

1055 Greencove Avenue $684,850

805 Peachtree Street #502 $410,000

361 17th Street - Penthouse


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1721 Monroe Drive $359,000

NMLS ID: 157539

1102 St. Augustine Place 599,850

331 4th Street $500,000

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town 39

November 2013 | IN

Coldwell Banker



MORNINGSIDE - Incredible curb appeal,

CANDLER PARK - Classic 1917 bungalow w/ beautiful period pieces, 4 working fireplaces, built-ins, coffered ceils, modern updates, rear courtyard. 3Bed/2Bath $499,900 FMLS: 5201886 Kathleen Sickeler 404-368-3234

PONCEY HIGHLAND - Amazing new con-

wonderful intrinsic charm throughout. Phenomenal rear screen porch overlooking lush fully fenced backyard. 4Bed/4Bath $799,900 FMLS: 5208731 Sally Westmoreland 404-210-4141

struction from Stoney River Homes. Spring 2014 completion – work now with builder for customizations. 5Bed/4Bath $719,900 FMLS: 5198084 Kathleen Sickeler 404-368-3234

BUCKHEAD - Must see panoramic views of downtown, sophisticated floor plan, 4 tiled balconies, floor to ceiling windows, luxury amenities. 2Bed/2.5Bath $1,439,000 FMLS: 5206416 Marc Castillo 404-449-6862 Helene DeLoach 404-210-6250

BUCKHEAD - Great opportunity to build on a large 1+ acre lot. Across the street from new neighborhood and greenspace with Little Nancy Creek. 3Bed/2Bath/2Half Bath $450,000 FMLS: 5193599 Amber Mason 678-637-3530

JOHNSON ESTATES - Features original hardwoods, large walk-in closet, partially finished basement, Morningside Elementary School district. 3Bed/2Bath $325,000 FMLS: 5197406 Derek Scheidt 404-593-4754 Stephen Simonson 404-326-0876

KIRKWOOD - New construction featuring

DRUID HILLS - Tasteful renovation w/all the

open floor plan, master on main, large rec/ play room, details and craftsmanship galore! 4Bed/3Bath $450,000 FMLS: 5208037 Melissa Stratton 404-713-5850

upgrades one would expect. Separate formal dining rm, expansive living rm, custom builtins, spacious deck. 3Bed/2Bath $399,900 FMLS: 5197407 Bradford Smith 404-210-4141

BUCKHEAD - Featuring eleven, 4-story town-

DECATUR - This beautiful home has been


recently renovated to like-new condition. Features hrdwd floors, open kitchen overlooking family room, separate LR & DR. 4Bed/3Bath $214,900 FMLS: 5193658 Michael Lamb 404-550-7799

Craftsman style homes feature hrdwd floors, granite countertops, SS appliances, gas cooking, fireplaces, double vanities, walk-in closets, private 2-car garages. 3Bed/3.5Bath $394,900 FMLS: 5138526 Allen Snow 404-931-1176

INTOWN - Move into this divine In-town bun-

homes designed by award winning architects Smith Dalia & constructed by Cablik Enterprises. 3Bed/3.5Bath $1,050,000 FMLS: 5182843 Allen Snow 404-931-1176



Final opportunity to purchase NEW inventory in Midtown! Dramatic design. Stunning views. Amazing curves. It’s 1010 Midtown. Incredible floorplan & walls of huge windows. 2Bed/2Bath $539,900 FMLS: 5192338 Sales Center 404-815-4622

DRUID HILLS - 4 levels of luxurious living

- Pre-construction purchasers may select finishes for a custom home. Homes include 2-car gar, custom lighting, fine cabinetry, stone c’tops, roof-top terrace, & balconies. 3Bed/3Bath $559,900 FMLS: 5029379 Allen Snow 404-931-1176

- Penthouse showplace with amazing city views & spectacular finishes. Oversized LR, floor to ceiling windows & huge kitchen island. 3Bed/2.5Bath $547,167 FMLS: 5184358 Rea Kelly 404-428-9929


Yes, you can buy peace of mind! Contact a local Coldwell Banker associate. ®

Create your Intown lifestyle. We can help you buy or sell a home where you live, work, and play.

Intown 404.874.2262 | Midtown 404.705.1570

galow! Home boasts a renovated kitchen & hrdwd floors throughout. Community features playgrounds, parks & community garden. 3Bed/2Bath $289,900 FMLS: 5194802 Katherine Nguyen 404-575-2211

w/2 apartments on bottom level. Great income source. All brick. 16’ top-floor loft, 2 covered porches, 2 fireplaces, 4-car gar. 8Bed/6.5Bath. $849,222 FMLS: 5181848 Drew Cockrell 404-323-2273

Administered by American Home Shield

Jason Downey 404.593.5176

The property information herein is derived from various sources that may include, but not be limited to, county records and the Multiple Listing Service and it may include approximations. Although the information is believed to be accurate, it is not warranted and you should not rely upon it without personal verification. ©2013 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International and the Previews logo are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 6098ATL_B8/13

40 November 2013 | INtown

A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

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November 2013, Atlanta INtown  

Read the entire November 2013 edition of Atlanta INtown online.

November 2013, Atlanta INtown  

Read the entire November 2013 edition of Atlanta INtown online.