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Atlanta International School

Annual Report 2010-2011

AIS Annual Report 2010-2011

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2010-11 Board of Trustees

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Letter from the Chair & Headmaster

Alan Colberg, Chair

Financial Report

Deb Sudbury, Vice-Chair

Kevin J. Glass, Headmaster

Larry Mock, Treasurer

Patrick Hurworth, Head of Secondary School


Alain Poiraud, Head of Upper Primary School

25th Anniversary AIS Annual Giving The 1984 Club 2010-2011 Annual Fund Alumni Donations and Legacy Gift 2011 Spring Benefit: Passport to Germany Spring Benefit Sponsors and Volunteers Parent Organization Council Parent Organization Events AIS Report Card

Thank you!

Atlanta International School truly appreciates the generosity of each supporter. Every effort is made to ensure that the 2010-2011 list of donors to AIS is accurate. If you have made a gift between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011, and your name is not listed or is listed differently than you prefer, please contact Mary Denson, Associate Director of Development at 404.841.3895 or Cover artwork by David Shayne, grade six Table of contents artwork by Alyssa Locke, Katie Brown, Robin Li, Zoe Reardon and Jandolyn Washington, grade six students Special thanks to AIS parent and photographer, Navid Yavari



Emily Willingham Adair Nancy Bauer Charles Bostwick Marlys Brothers ‘92 Verna Cleveland Woody Hall Jim Harvey Wendy Hayler Neil Johnson Fadlo Khuri Crissy Klaus Beth Kytle ‘98 Dennis Lockhart Chris Lowe Trish Marcucci Cecile Noziere Kevin O’Halloran Dan Reardon Andrew Whitney Laura Winchester Benny Varzi

EX OFFICIO Kevin J. Glass, Headmaster Roy Plaut, Jr., Chairman Emeritus Olga Gomez Plaut, Trustee Emerita Monique Seefried, Ph.D., Trustee Emerita Gerry Hull, Trustee Emeritus


Dusty Fretwell, Head of Lower Primary School Rachel Hovington, Head of Curriculum & Professional Development Stewart Lathan, Director of Development Reid Mizell, Director of Admission, Financial Aid & Marketing Scott McDonald, Director of Finance

DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Stewart Lathan, Director of Development Mary Denson, Associate Director of Development Kathryn Banks, Special Events Manager Kelli Naughton, Development Database Coordinator Maggie Dozier, Development Assistant/Alumni Coordinator

2010-2011 DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Emily Willingham Adair Linda Bruner Verna Cleveland Alan Colberg Kevin Glass Dawn Hawkins Beth Kytle ‘98 Andrew Whitney, Chair

Marlys Brothers ‘92 Lorraine Charman Susie Cogan Marcelle DeCuir Jim Harvey Gerry Hull Shefali Patel

Letter from the Chair and Headmaster

Dear AIS Community, 2010-11 was a year of tremendous progress for our school. The new school year saw our move into the beautiful Adair Arts, Science and Design building. This state-of-the-art building, made possible through the generosity of many in our $16M See Beyond Campaign, will not only improve student learning in the articulated academic disciplines but will allow our students to make increasingly important interdisciplinary connections across and between subjects. We are proud of this new addition to our campus and what it says about 21st Century learning in our school. Thanks to all who gave of their time, talent and treasure to make this building a reality. Buoyed by the favorable comments received from the visiting teams in our 2010 reaccreditation, the school launched and completed an inclusive, community-wide effort to identify overarching themes and goals to guide our school for the next five years, resulting in a new Five-Year Strategic Plan. This plan included input from all areas of our community—parents, students, faculty, staff, Board—and included input from key stakeholders outside our community as well. We are grateful to all who shared their thoughts and expertise in this process. Our progress against this Plan will be the topic of periodic reports over the next several years. Deb Sudbury Chair of the Board of Trustees

Despite a challenging economic climate, interest in AIS remained high and enrollment was strong. At a time when many independent schools were struggling, AIS remained on solid financial footing, allowing us to continue financial aid at levels well above our historic averages. Our financial aid efforts were strengthened by AIS’s successful and ever-growing participation in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit—a program whereby Georgia taxpayers are allowed to redirect a portion of their Georgia state tax liability to a private school. This program, at no cost to participants who would be paying state income tax regardless, substantially benefitted our financial aid program and allowed us to sustain and grow the socio-economic diversity of our community. AIS was also successful in increasing the Annual Fund and other fundraising to record levels. In particular, we are very proud of our 100% faculty, staff and Board participation in the Annual Fund and our parent participation at over 70%, an all-time high for our community. We will continue to devote considerable effort to fundraising as a means of addressing the ongoing affordability concerns of many in our community who make sacrifices daily to send their children to AIS. In 2010-11, the AIS Board voted to realize a long-held dream—to open an immersion Early Learning Center. The ELC, scheduled to open in August 2012 in a purpose-built, residential scale building, will allow AIS to offer a research-based immersion language experience to three- and four-year-olds. We know that the addition of this program will boost the inquiry-based learning in our Primary School and lead to better language and learning outcomes across the School. We are grateful for the research of our Language Acquisition Task Force which paved the way for this exciting new program and we are grateful to the countless members of our community who have assisted with the planning and execution of this important project.

Kevin Glass Headmaster

Our community continues to benefit from a very dedicated and hardworking group of trustees. This year saw transition in our Board Officers. We thank Board Chair, Alan Colberg, and Board Treasurer, Larry Mock, for their exceptional leadership of the school. We also thank retiring trustees Woody Hall and Marlys Brothers for their service to the school. Likewise, in continuing the circle of committed Board leadership, we welcomed Wendy Clark, Christian Fischer and Roland John to our Board. Equally dedicated and equally important to our school and its mission is the Parent Organization and its leadership. We thank the many members of the PO who energize and lead our parent community, the buddy program, the culture clubs, the booster clubs and the varied facets of our highly-diverse community. We thank Sylvia Williams for her leadership of the PO for the 2010-11 year and thank Sue Wooldridge for stepping up to lead the community in the current year. But more important than buildings, school finances, Board and PO appointments or fundraising success, is the backbone of this school—our marvelous community and the sense of hope created when people of dramatically different backgrounds and personal circumstances join together for the common goal of providing a world-class, globally-minded education for a group of children. We pay special gratitude to the true “bricks and mortar” of AIS – our faculty who inspire, guide, and nurture the children of approximately 70 countries and ethnic backgrounds. We thank our parents for believing in our unique mission and entrusting their children to this special community. In our opinion, the strength of this community is great accomplishment of 2010-11, every year before it and hopefully, every year thereafter. Sincerely, Deb Sudbury and Kevin Glass 1

FinanciaL report

2010-11, ending June 30, 2011

Auxiliary 0.8%


Other Income 4.3%

Tuition and Fees Charitable Contributions Other Income Auxiliary

$16,658,895 $1,985,867 $839,975 $163,100

Total Revenue

$19,647,837 100.0%

Charitable Contributions 10.1%

84.8% 10.1% 4.3% 0.8%



Salaries and Benefits $12,840,810 Buildings and Grounds $1,302,321 Depreciation and Amortization $1,478,958 Administrative $1,866,568 Educational Materials and Supplies $993,153

69.5% 7.0% 8.0% 10.1% 5.4%

Tuition and Fees 84.8%

Total Expenses $18,481,810 100.0% Remainder (towards Capital $1,166,027 Campaign & Endowment)

Buildings and Grounds 7.0%

Depreciation and Amortization 8.0%


Unrealized Gains on Investments Gains on Disposition of Property Increase in Net Assets

$757,472 $1,368

Administrative 10.1%



Educational Materials and Supplies 5.4%

2010-11 GIVING Unrestricted Restricted Total Annual Fund $690,843 $688,188* $1,383,616 Capital Campaign $368,089 $368,089 Spring Benefit $163,844 $54,585 $213,844




Includes, but not limited to payment of Goizeuta grant and remodeling of auditorium.




Salaries and Benefits 69.5%

AIS 25th Anniversary

25 Years of Excellence in International Education… with an Atlanta accent The 2010-2011 school year marked the school’s exciting silver anniversary. Celebrations abounded on campus, bringing together students, families, faculty, staff and alumni. The year kicked off with a 25th birthday party as a part of the Founder’s Day event for all students, featuring a birthday cake ceremonially cut by founding headmaster, Alex Horsley. The day continued with an Upper School assembly headlined by AIS founders, Roy and Olga Plaut. The Annual Back to School Picnic was held after a lapse of several years. More than 500 AIS families, both past and present, enjoyed the barbecue and reminisced about the early years at AIS. A special alumni theater production took place during the first-ever Alumni Week in November. More than 100 alumni performed in the show, with some traveling long distances (including England!) to be a part of the evening. The two-act production, featured 12 pieces from past AIS shows as the first act with the second act featuring the one-act play, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. A sell-out, the production was followed by a festive cocktail party, attended by nearly 500 people, in the new Adair ASD Center. Alumni celebrations continued nationally and internationally in January and February with reunions in London, Boston and San Francisco. Also, as a part of the 25th year celebration, AIS celebrated the successful conclusion of the See Beyond capital campaign with the dedication of the Adair Art, Science and Design Center in October, and in April, the dedication of the Klaus Field. To showcase, the silver anniversary year, a publication, Atlanta International School: A Legacy of Innovation, was produced under the guidance of AIS Board Trustee Emeritus, Gerry Hull and founders Roy and Olga Plaut. The hardback book was written and edited by the parent/journalist team of Betsy Carpenter and Peter Winter. Copies of the book may still be obtained by contacting the Development Office. As Headmaster, Kevin Glass, stated: “The founders of AIS had the vision all those years ago to build this school and community into a place that produces intellectually curious, caring global citizens who will make a difference. We celebrate the achievements of the past 25 years — but we also commit ourselves to educating our students for the future and the challenges of a world that doesn’t even exist yet.” 3

AIS ANNUAL GIVING / AIS Annual Fund Atlanta International School 2010-2011 Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the most important fundraising effort at AIS. All contributions raised through the Annual Fund go directly into our operating budget to help fill the gap between tuition revenue and our operating expenses. The worthwhile investments help support all areas of the school—from faculty salaries, to financial aid, to day-to-day classroom programs. To accomplish the goals of the Annual Fund, it takes the support of the entire community: parents, trustees, faculty and staff, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends. In 2010-2011, our 25th anniversary year, these individuals stepped up to set a record by raising almost $700,000 in unrestricted monies. Supportive AIS parents and dedicated volunteer grade chairs helped parent participation increase by 15% over 2009-2010. This year more than 77% of our parents participated either by giving directly to the Annual Fund or through their participation in the Spring Benefit. Sixty-five percent of the parents made a direct gift to the Annual Fund, and the top three grades (second, fourth and ninth) for parent participation won pizza parties. Faculty and staff and the Board of Trustees continued their long-standing tradition of 100% participation. Grandparents, alumni parents, alumni and friends were also generous contributors to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund. AIS ANNUAL REPORT



July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011 Total Giving Contribution Formula

Gifts of Cash or Securities to Unrestricted or Restricted Annual Fund

(Contributions made between

+ + + + +

July 1, 2010 & June 30, 2011)

To fully acknowledge the valuable – and often times multiple – contributions our supporters make, this formula is used by the Development Office to calculate each donors’ total giving contribution and is used to determine membership in our leadership gift society, The 1984 Club.

Matching Gifts from employers* Special Event participation (less any goods or services received)** Special Event item purchases (less the fair market value) In-kind gifts for the school’s operations (according to fair market value) Auction item donations (according to their original fair market value once they are sold)

= Total Giving Contribution for the year * Individuals must give a minimum of $1,750 personally in order to receive Spring Benefit tickets. ** Your Annual Fund pledge is a separate commitment from any Spring Benefit participation.

= Annual Fund volunteer

Founders’ Council ($20,000+) Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Branch Mr. & Mrs. John Charman Mrs. Marianne Halle Mr. & Mrs. James W. Odom Mr. Mark Wietecha & Ms. Marcelle DeCuir Ambassadors’ Society ($10,000 – $19,999) Anonymous Dr. Mark F. Baucom & Dr. Anne Baucom Mr. Ronald Carmichael & Mrs. Shelley Giberson Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Colberg Mr. & Mrs. Gerry G. Hull Dr. Nicholas Hume & The Reverend Dr. Janice J. Hume Mr. & Mrs. Neil R. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Halloran Mr. Mark Perkins & Ms. Adèle Pearson Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Ratchford, Jr. Mr. Todd Schaffner & Ms. Amelia Pane Schaffner Dr. Heinz-Bernd Schuttler & Ms. Deborah A. Sudbury Mr. Charles E. Taylor & Ms. Lisa Cannon Taylor Mr. & Mrs. John O. Winchester Consuls’ Circle ($5,000 – $9,999) Anonymous Mr. Dixon Adair & Ms. Emily Willingham Adair

Dr. W. Perry Ballard III Mr. & Mrs. Miles R. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy C. Faa Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ferguson Ms. Kim Gallagher-Valeri Mr. & Mrs. Nalin Garg Mr. & Mrs. William Gendron Mr. Jean-Marc Germain & Dr. Florence J. Germain Mr. Peter Z. Guan & Ms. Vivian Wong Mr. James A. Harvey & Dr. Lilia Cuesta Harvey Ms. Karen Lamassonne Dr. Richard C. Lodise & Dr. Valerie J. Jagiella Dr. Sagar Lonial & Dr. Jennifer Culley Mr. & Mrs. Willis E. Lowe III Mr. & Mrs. Roland H. John Mr. Peter McKenney & Ms. G. Penny McIntyre Mr. Lawrence E. Mock, Jr. Ms. Starr Moore Mr. & Mrs. Dean W. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Mark Padilla Mr. & Mrs. John P. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Damon Rose Mr. Peter W. Schweitzer Mr. James Tausche & Ms. Jane Kamenz Mr. Philip A. Theodore & Ms. Beth Lanier Mr. & Mrs. H. Benny Varzi Mr. Peter M. Winter & Ms. Elizabeth Carpenter Mr. Brent Yamaato & Mrs. Joyce Pascual Yamaato

Diplomats’ Club ($3,000 – $4,999) Mr. Cal Abel & Ms. Bree Pattillo Mr. & Mrs. David Bell Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Bostwick Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Brown III Dr. & Mrs. William H. Cleveland II Dr. & Mrs. Dan Dan Mr. Christopher Decouflé & Ms. Michelle Caruso-Decouflé Mr. & Mrs. Don Dory Mr. & Mrs. Christian Fischer Dr. & Mrs. Regis Haid Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hayler Dr. Eric Hunter & Dr. Susan Allen Mr. & Mrs. Nicola Kettlitz Dr. Elliot Levine & Dr. Rosana Levine Dr. & Mrs. James M. Mazzawi Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Pendergast Dr. Roberto Pacifici & Dr. Monica Rizzo Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Reardon Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Werner S. Richter Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Riggio Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Tuggle Dr. Rasmus Wegener & Dr. Cornelia Wegener Mr. Daniel Zdonczyk & Ms. Cynthia Fleck Shutze Guild ($1,750 – $2,999) Anonymous Dr. Volkan Adsay & Dr. Jeanette Cheng Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Francesco Balestrieri Mr. & Mrs. Armando L. Basarrate II Dr. & Mrs. Peter S. Bauer

Ms. Dana Bentata Mr. Paul Boulanger & Ms. Cornelia Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Britton Ms. Marlys G. Brothers ‘92 & Mr. Gordon Rowcliffe Mr. & Mrs. W. Andrew Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Clark, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Milo S. Cogan Mr. Glenn Cohen & Ms. Lynn L. Pattillo Cohen Mr. John R. Couvillon & Dr. Jacqui Fisch Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Crawford Ms. Heidi Deringer & Mr.William Foglesong Mr. & Mrs. James P. P. Dirr, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Dotts Mr. & Mrs. James A. Dunlap, Jr. Mr. Rodolfo P. Echeverria & Mrs. Maria L. Gimenez Dr. & Mrs. Alec N. Elchahal Mr. & Mrs. Safwan A. Elchahal Mr. William Foglesong & Ms. Heidi Deringer Mr. & Mrs. James W. Geddes Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Glass Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Goguillon Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hagan Mr. Woodrow A. Hall & Dr. Glennda M. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Hutchison Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Glenn G. Jordan Mr. Alan J. Ketzes & Ms. Susan J. Mitchell-Ketzes Mr. & Mrs. Umesh K. Khaitan Dr. & Mrs. H. Jean Khoury Drs. Fadlo & Lamya Khuri Mr. & Mrs. Karl S. F. Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. Leopold

Mr. Jamal Lewis & Ms. Isabel Coto Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. N. Litré Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Loudermilk Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Arnaud Michel Mr. & Mrs. Bradley L. Mitchell Ms. Lisa Mohr Mr. & Mrs. Eric Noziere Drs. Susmita & Umesh Parashar Mr. & Mrs. Chris Parker Dr. & Mrs. Manish Patel Mr. Dominique Petitgenet & Mrs. Sylvie Dardoise Mr. Roy Plaut & Mrs. Olga Gomez Plaut Dr. John G. Porter & Dr. Lucy Axtell Dr. & Mrs. James Proctor Dr. Vivek Rajagopal & Dr. Melissa Babcock Dr. Alfonso Rea & Ms. Jennene Cheshire-Rea Dr. Charles Read & Dr. Shilpa Vyas-Read Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Rolley Mr. Joel Saltz & Dr. Mary Saltz Ms. Emily C. Sanders & Mr. Jon M. Margolis Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Schmidt Hon. Consul Gen. Ferdinand C. Seefried & Dr. Monique B. Seefried Mr. Thad B. Servi & Ms. Barbara Vazquez Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Shore Dr. & Mrs. Robert Slosberg Mr. & Mrs. Stefan J. Terwindt Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Thomas III Dr. Vijay Vazirani & Dr. Milena Mihail Mr. Robert C. Watkins III & Ms. Stewart Lathan Mr. David A. Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Whitney Mr. & Mrs. David A. Wilke Mr. Guran Yet & Ms. Ozben Iyigun Yet 5

While initially attracted to AIS for the language immersion approach, we have become enamored with the mission and values of the school. The commitment to learning, not memorizing, encouraging and supporting our children to be bold and empathetic, allowing them to respectfully question and challenge perspectives and take risks is preparing them for a steadily evolving world. At AIS, there is a different cadence than at other schools—partially from the wonderful sound of various languages and dialects between students, parents and teachers but more from the energy generated by a community of countless diverse backgrounds, yet uniquely aligned.

The Britton Family Current Parent

The Britton family joined the AIS community in 2004 when their daughter, Clark, entered 4K. Their son, Harris, followed in 2008. Scott has served as President of the Black Parents Harambe Association and works with the Upper School students on topics such as “Jazz as an Art Form” and “Exhibiting the Courage to Challenge Stereotypes.” Tracy has served as room parent for several years, working with the 6th grade this year. She also lends her expertise helping with the Spring Benefit and is a member of the Black Parents Harambee Association. pictured: Scott,Tracy, Clark ’18, Harris ‘22 Photo by Navid Yavari





July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Atlanta International School sincerely appreciates those individuals who have generously supported the Annual Fund. Donors listed here made gifts to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Anonymous (38) Dr. & Mrs. Sadique Abdul-Mateen Mr. & Mrs. Lang Adler Ms. Kimberly Aguirre Dr. & Mrs. Kelly J. Ahn Mr. Alexander A. Akhavan ‘06 Mr. Arsalan A. Akhavan ‘11 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Albers Mr. & Mrs. Greggory Albright Mr. Michael Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Karim Ali Mr. Massoud Alibakhsh & Ms. Sabine Buchheister Mr. Amir Alibaksh & Ms. Sophie Michel Mr. Márcio Amazonas & Ms. Natália Ferreira Mrs. Lelav A. Amedi Mr. & Mrs. David Anbari Mr. & Mrs. Bradley S. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Patrice Andre Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. J. Anquez Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Louis Anspach Dr. Vinicius C. Antao & Dr. Germania A. Pinheiro Ms. Rosemary Armstrong & Mr. Jay Burton Mr. Gilles S. Assi Ms. Juliette N. Assi Mr. & Mrs. Ron G. Aube Ms. Edith P. Aubin & Mr. Dmitri G. Chtchekine Mr. & Mrs. Philippe A. Audibert Mr. Claudio A. Avendano ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Opher Aviran Mr. Sason Azani & Ms. Elizabeth Goodman-Azani Mr. Brad Baer & Mrs. Tosha Hays Ms. Carmen Baker Mr. & Mrs. Joel Baker Mr. & Mrs. Gholam R. Bakhtiari Mr. Victor Balaban & Dr. Jamie Weisman The Ballman Family Mr. & Mrs. Mark Balte Mrs. Kathryn Banks & Mr. Jeff Banks Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Bantlin Mr. Richard A. Bard Mr. Felipe Barral-Momberg & Ms. Gioconda Secchi-Rossini Mr. & Mrs. Keith Barringer Mr. Peter G. Barrio & Mrs. Elena Barrio

Ms. Lisette Barton Mr. Alex Bartsch ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Bartsch Dr. & Mrs. Demir Baykal Dr. Raymond F. Beach & Ms. Genette Ashby-Beach Mr. Douglas Beebe & Ms. Tijen Cirig Mr. & Mrs. Blair N. Belton Mr. Nathaniel Ben Haiem Prof. & Mrs. Paul Benkeser Ms. Elena M. Berger Mr. & Mrs. Vladimir Berman Ms. Christina M. Bernadotte Mr. & Mrs. Rudy M. Beserra Ms. Gabriel Bettsak ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Bilthouse Mr. & Mrs. Brooks W. Binder Mr. Heiko Binder & Ms. Nadja Mahmoud Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Birkbeck Ms. Kristin A. Birkness Ms. Gwendolyn Blasé Ms. Sherie Blumberg Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Boedenauer Dr. George Bokuchava & Ms. Nino Doijashvili Mr. Kevin Bolin & Ms. Laurel-Ann E. Dooley Ms. Severine P. Bonaime Mr. & Mrs. Gilles Bouvier Mr. Manuel Bouzas Conde Mr. & Mrs. Alan Box Ms. Carina A. Box ‘04 Ms. Nina F. Box ‘98 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Boyd Ms. Laura Branam Mrs. Irene Branch Dr. & Mrs. Oliver Brand Ms. Melissa Brewer-Torres Mr. Robert Brinson & Ms. Michele Howard Ms. Aude Broos ‘09 Mr. Darryl Brown & Ms. Milagros Esteban Ms. Suzanne Vining Brownlow Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Bryant Ms. Ana Buling ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Jason Bushell Mr. Harvey S. Cain & Ms. Michelle Williams Ms. Khes Muse Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Jean Y. Cap Mr. Rigoberto Cardenas Mr. Selman Careaga Mr. Aldwin Casas & Mrs. Keiko Ishii Mr. & Mrs. Ewout Cassee Mr. Humberto Castillo & Ms. Janet M. Tirpak Ms. Daniella Chandler Mr. Vinay Chandra & Ms. Nandini Naidu

Mr. Steven Y. Chang & Ms. Linda Tsai Mr. James Cheeks & Ms. Wendy Gutierrez Mr. & Mrs. Anil T. Cheriyan Dr. Tom Chiller Dr. & Mrs. Chol-yoo Choi Mr. & Mrs. Peter Chromec Mr. Steve Clark & Ms. Deborah M. Lenz Clark Mr. & Mrs. Dale Cohen Ms. Claire M. Colberg ‘10 Mrs. Helga E. Colella Dr. Eric Combest & Dr. Deborah Dee Ms. Christy Cook Ms. Nicole S. Cook Ms.Yanaëlle Cornez Mr. & Mrs. German E. Correa Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Cox Ms. Chantal Credolawson-Darras Mr. Timothy Cronin & Ms. Veronica Kirk Mr. Gustavo Cueto & Dr. Katia Castillo-Cueto Mr. & Mrs. James B. Cumming Dr. Christopher R. Cunningham & Dr. Solveig A. Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Lon C. Cunninghis Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. S. Paul Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Allen Curtis Ms. Sarabeth Custin Mr. Steve Dancz & Dr. Vicki Birchfield Mr. Thierry Darlis & Ms. Elyse Bashman-Darlis Dr. & Mrs. Mounir Darradji Mr. John Davenport Mr. & Mrs. David Davoudpour Ms. Monica De Leon Ms. Dorothy Anne De Lorme Mr. & Mrs. Ludovic de Potesta de Waleffe Mr. Geoffrey Dear & Mrs. Diane Dear Ms. Ruth A. Dearden Mr. John Decouflé Mr. & Mrs. J. Antonio DelCampo Ms. Regina Deloatch-Ratliff Mr. Jay Denslow Mrs. Mary Denson Mr. Alberto W. Dent & Mrs. Alejandra Dent Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Dorsch Mr. David J. Dorsch ‘11 Mr. Sean G. Dougherty ‘98 Mr. & Mrs. Kourosh Doulkhani Mr. & Mrs. Christian H. Douvre Mr. Antonio Dozier & Mrs. Nicci Mackey Dozier Mr. & Mrs. Eric Drummond Mr. Ravi Durairaj & Dr. Anissa Durairaj Ms. Jasmin Ebenhoch

Ms. Ceree T. Eberly Mr. Neema Ebrahim-Zadeh ‘11 Mr. Rodolfo P. Echeverria & Mrs. Maria L. Gimenez Mr. & Mrs. Juan F. Echeverry Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Edee Mr. Ahmad Eidizadeh & Mrs. Saily Eidizadeh Mr. Khaled El Dokani & Mrs. Karima Abroute Dr. & Mrs. Mikhael Elchami Mr. Michael E. Enfinger Mr. & Mrs. Markus Engel Mr. & Mrs. Mauricio Escoto Dr. Manuel Eskildsen & Mr. Graham Lee Mr. & Mrs. Rene J. Ferandel Mrs. Sandy Ferko Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Fernandez Ms. Beverly G. Fetter Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick & Ms. Patti A. Pasch Ms. Johanna M. Fleisch ‘01 Mr. Marcos Flores & Mrs. Peluchi Flores Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. R. Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Paul Forde Ms. Luz E. Forero Dr. & Mrs. Nino R. Fornasini Dr. Rutledge Forney Ms. Courtney Fowler Ms. Jessica Frank Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Fretwell Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gambardella Mr. & Mrs. David H. Gambrell Mr. Francisco J. Garcia & Ms. Patricia Obregon Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gates Mr. Marsal Gavalda & Ms. Jiaxing Weng Mr. Thomas Gebhard & Ms. Bettina Koenigstein Ms. Caroline E. Geiger ‘08 Dr. & Mrs. Robert V. Geiger Ms. Catalina D. Ghercioiu Ms. Amber Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gibson Mr. Anthony Gillett Mr. Levent Giray & Ms. Deniz Oktar-Giray Mr. Jorge E. Gomez & Ms. Luz Robledo Mr. Carlos Gonzalez & Ms. Cristina Bondolowski Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Arun Gore Mr. Mark Goshorn Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Gould, Jr. Dr. Damien Grattan-Smith & Dr. Ashley Hayes Mr. Joseph S. Grayman & Ms. Maureen B. McNamara Ms. Kath Gregurke

Mr. & Mrs. Juan M. Guareschi Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Guenther Mr. Bharat Gupta & Ms. Tiyash Bandyopadhyay Mr. Arndt Hafele Mr. Bahram Hakimi & Ms. Laleh Sharifi Ms. Afrah Hamed Mr. Guy Harari Mr. & Mrs. Travis Harper, Sr. Mrs. Brenda F. Hasham Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Hassett Mr. & Mrs. Jim Haverstick Mr. Trace Hawkins ‘93 & Mrs. Emily Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. George T. Heery, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Heighton Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Hermann Ms. Erika Hibbert Ms. Michelle Hibbert Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hiebert Mr. Ian L. Hill ‘10 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Holcomb Ms. Monica Hollman Dr. & Mrs. Edgar Holmann Mr. Joerg W. Holzapfel & Ms. Elke C. Putzek-Holzapfel Dr. Ronald L. Howard Mr. & Mrs. Dean Howell Dr. Kevin Hsu Mr. Greg Hucks Mr. Josh Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Huitt Mr. Maximilian A. Hunt ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Huntley Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hurworth Mr. & Mrs. Takeshi K. Ikuta Mr. & Mrs. Octavian Ioachimescu Mr. Richard Isenberg & Dr. Holly Sternberg Mr. Paul Ismail & Ms. Kathy Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Israelite Mr. Robert Ivanier & Ms. Stephanie Brun de Pontet Mr. & Mrs. Bruno G. Jactel Mr. & Mrs. Bjorn E. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Jimenez Mrs. Korrin Hume Johnson ‘92 & Mr. Brian Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson Esq. Mr. Clarkson Jones & Ms. Laura E. Stevenson Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Jones Ms. Olivia A. Jones ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Joseph Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Thierry Kartochian Dr. Susan Katrin Ms. Maeva E. Kazandjian ‘11 7

The Rea Family Current Parent and AIS Staff Member

The Rea family joined the AIS community in 2006, when Heather began 4K. Her brother, Nicolas, joined his sister at the school in 2008. Both children are in the Spanish track and participate in many activities at the school. Jennene became involved in the school, serving as room parent, volunteering in the school clinic and chairing the Parent Organization’s Worldfest in 2009. Currently, she uses her professional nursing skills as Health and Safety Coordinator and consultant to the school clinics. Alfonso, a cardiologist, enjoys attending many AIS events and supporting Jennene in her role at the school. pictured: Alfonso, Jennene, Nicky ‘22, Heather ‘20 Photo by Navid Yavari

As a mixed culture family, (Jennene is from the US; Alfonso is from Ecuador) we wanted our children to be exposed to both cultures. Alfonso, attended an international school in Quito and felt that his children would benefit from the same type of education. AIS provided that opportunity for both cultural awareness and Spanish language skills. AIS is preparing them to be “citizens of the world” in a time when the world is smaller than ever. Our children get up each morning with anticipation of what their school day will bring. They have a joy for learning that we attribute directly to their attendance at Atlanta International School.





July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. Arvand Khosravi ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Kiessling Mr. & Mrs. Jackson T. King Mr. & Mrs. Marc E. Klempf Ms. Martha Korgi Ms. Beth Kytle ‘98 Dr. Gregg Koval & Ms. Linda Heaviside Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koziol Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kuhnhen Mrs. Jennifer Lagrange Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Laluyaux Ms. Karin J. Lancaster ‘11 Mrs. Marianne K. Lancaster Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Langer Mr. David L. Lanier & Ms. Lilia R. Gomez-Lanier Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lassiter Dr. & Mrs. S. Robert Lathan Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Latona Mr. Jean Laurent & Mrs. Isabelle Laurent Mr. Thomas Leatherwood & Dr. Carolyn Dudley Mr. Dominique Lemoine & Dr. Chantal Kerssens Mr. & Mrs. Stéphane Leudet de la Vallée Mr. Raymond Leung & Ms. Judith Cox Ms. Michelle Levin Mr. & Mrs. William C. Levine Mr. & Mrs. Michel E. Levisse Mr. Rohan T. A. L. Lewis ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Dieter Link Mr. Tony Locke & Mrs. Sarah V. Locke Mr. Rocco P. Lodise Ms. Laetitia Lo-Piccolo Mr. & Mme. Franck Loubrieu Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Lugo Mrs.Yolanda Lyles Mr. Stephen Macauley & Ms. Luz Soto Dr. Jamie MacKelfresh & Mr. Richard MacKelfresh Mr. & Mrs. John P. MacMaster Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Madden Ms. Fay L. Mann Dr. Keith Mannes & Dr. Catherine Dekle Ms. Trish Marcucci & Mr. Tom Sheeran Dr. Laurie Marion & Mr. Richard B. Marion Mr. Michael Reschauer & Ms. Amair Marques Mr. & Mrs. Darren Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Neil Marshall Mr. Marco Martinez-Obregon & Ms. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Martinez Mr. Akira Matsuyama Mr. Juergen F. Mauer & Dr. Catherine T. Mauer Mr. Matthew H. Maxwell ‘02 Drs. Erwin & Sabine Mayr Mr. & Mrs. John C. McAfee Mr. Patrick McAndrew ‘95

Mr. & Mrs. John McCusker Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell H. McGirt Mr. Robert McGlasson & Ms. Katrina Guettler Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Meiere III Mr. & Mrs. Iain Melville Mr. & Mrs. Asghar Memar Mr. Charles Mendels & Ms. Elaine Rosenblum Mr. & Mrs. Randy G. Merrill Mr. Alfredo M. Mesa & Ms. Elizebeth K. Ellison Mr. Gregorio Mesian & Ms. Gloria Keleba Mr. & Mrs. Robert Michael Ms. Stacey Milhollin Ms. Kathleen Millar Mr. & Mrs. William K. Millkey Mr.Yamba-Yamba Mitanga & Ms. Herrad S. Welp Mr. Jonathan N. Mitchell & Ms. Leonie C. Ley-Mitchell Ms. Reid P. Mizell & Mr. Bernard van der Lande Mr. & Mrs. Joshua K. Moffitt Ms. Françoise Monier Mr. Javier Monné & Ms. Kelley Jordan-Monné Ms. Jessica Morehead Mr. Neil Moreno & Mrs. Ileana V. Brugueras Mr. & Mrs. Ciaran Morris Mr. & Mrs. Glen G. Morrison Ms. Patricia Moscoso Mr. Rodrigo Tobar de la Fuente & Ms. Vanenka Mosqueira Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Mota Mr. Fasil Muche ‘93 & Ms. Muna Saadi Mr. & Mrs. Gustav M. Mueller Ms. Sandra C. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Manfred Mustroph Dr. Katarina Nalovic Chiller Mr. Albert L. Nasser & Ms. Laura Shamp Dr. Walid Nassif Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Naughton Dr. Thinh Nguyen & Ms. Han C. Phan Mr. Per B. Normark & Ms. Cynthia A. Price Mr. Edmund Nosegbe & Dr. Clare Babino Mr. & Mrs. Prescott L. Nottingham Mr. & Mrs. Felipe M. Nunez Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Nystrom III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Timothy O’Brien Mr. Davan O’Reagan & Mrs. Karena Nicholas-O’Reagan Ms. Deniz Oktar-Giray Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Olens

Mr. Mikael Öman & Ms. Ana Maria Barona-Öman Ms. Ilse Ortega Mrs. Shirley Osterloh Ms. Jessica L. Packman Mr. Johannes Palsson & Ms. Hye-Young Kim Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Christophe Pandolfi Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Panzer Mme. Véronique Parages Mrs. Martina Striedinger Parker ‘94 & Mr. Walter Parker Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Parrish Mr. & Mrs. Pankaj D. Patel Mr. Pablo S. Patiño & Ms. Victoria E. Gomez Patiño Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Pattillo Ms. Brittany M. Pavon ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. Denis G. Pellerin Mr. David Pemberton & Dr. Adina Alazraki Mrs. Karen Peters Mr. Mark Peterson & Ms. Sophia Herbert-Peterson Mr. Serge Petitpre & Ms. Martha Petitpre-Harris Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pierson Dr. Ana M. Pimentel & Dr. Juan L. Pimentel Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Piovesan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Poffenberger Mr. Alain Poiraud & Ms. Carine Poiraud-Bouton Dr. Catalin N. Popescu & Dr. Andreea Popescu Ms. Katherine A. Porter ‘09 Ms. Dianne Potdevin Mr. & Mrs. Olivier Poulard Mr. Alan Preis & Mrs. Kate Preis Ms. Jenny Price Mr. & Mrs. Tony Quan-Hin Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Quinby Ms. Rachel K. Ramsay ‘06 Drs. J. Thomas & Joanne C. Ratchford Mr. Alain Recaborde & Ms. Jean Terrell Mr. Kevin Reimer Mr. Volker J. Reinert & Mrs. Astrid A. Fontaine Ms. Grace Rembert Dr. Marcus Remmers & Ms. Jaquelinne Contreras Garcia Ms. Alessandra Ribeiro Mr. James E. Rice & Ms. Eva C. Gil Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Willie C. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Chandler T. Rickman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rieker Ms. Marianne Robbiani &

Mr. Fernando A. Paulete Mr. Richard Robison & Prof. Andrea Doneff Mr. Houston Roby Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Rogers Ms. Victoria Rokhlin ‘04 Mr. Darren Rollins Ms. Daniella Roper Dr. Joseph M. Rosenfeld & Mrs. Esther S. Rosenfeld Dr. & Mrs. Christoph E. Ruckel, Jr. Ms. Hannah C. Rueckel ‘07 Mrs. Jennifer Ruppel Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rutledge Ms. Stella Salazar Ms. Carmen Samanes Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Sanborn Mr. Carlos Sanchez & Ms. Guiomar Obregon Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Sanchez Dr. Jean-Louis G. M. Sankale & Dr. Jyothi Rengarajan Dr. Juan M. Sarmiento & Dr. Patricia Yugueros Ms. Maria Sarmiento Mrs. Leigh A. Saunders Dr. Richard A. Schieber & Dr. Barbara J. Pettitt Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schiller Mr. Ricardo Martinez & Ms. Jutta Schlicker-Martinez Ms. Gabriele Schlumpberger Dr. Thomas J. Schmitt & Dr. Melinda Wharton Dr. & Mrs. Tim Schrader Mr. & Mrs. Giso Schroeder Dr. Benjamin Schwartz & Ms. Cheryl Keshner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Jumbe Sebunya Mr. & Mrs. Christoph Seidler Mr. & Mrs. James H. Session Ms. Urmilla Sethuraman Mr. & Mrs. Harshad Shah Mr. Gregory Rosshandler & Ms. Jumana Sharabi Rosshandler Mr. Robert Shaw-Smith & Ms. Geraldine Higgins Dr. Philip Shayne & Mrs. Helen Marqués-Shayne Mr. & Mrs. Juan R. Shelley Ms. Catherine H. Silvo ‘04 Mr. & Mrs. Josh M. Simon Ms. Sonia E. Simon Ms. Mayte Simpson & Mr. A. Joel Brene Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Slater Ms. Charlotte M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith

Ms. Tracy Smith Mr. & Mrs. James T. Snoddy Dr. & Mrs. Changrok Soh Mr. & Mrs. Albert Soskin Mr. & Mrs. Miles G. Sprott Mr. & Mrs. John Stabler Mrs. Andrea Q. Stangenberg Mr. & Mrs. Erik H. Steavens Mr. & Mrs. Roland A. Stebbins, Jr. Mr. Stan Steingold & Ms. Jolie Fainberg Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Steinworth Mr. & Mrs. Colin David Stephenson Dr. Stuart Stock & Dr. M. C. Stock Mr. Drew Strain & Dr. Alison Aitken Mr. José Suarez Diaz & Ms. Simone Becker Prof. & Mrs. Nikolay Suslov Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sussman Ms. Bridget Sweeney Mr. Turner Swicegood ‘05 Ms. Alexandra Szilagyi Mr. & Mrs. Colin Tamsett Mr. Chee K. Tan & Ms. Lan T. Chiem Mrs. Linde M. Rickert Tassell ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tausche Mr. & Mrs. Bjarne Tellmann Mr. Chris Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Guerry R. Thornton, Jr. Ms. Mary E. Thurlow Mr. & Mrs. Levon M. Tobin Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Toledano Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Toomer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Towery Mr. John Turman & Dr. Kathryn L. G. Turman Ms. Carrie Turner Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Turner Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Turner III Dr. Anjum Ullah Mr. Simon Underhill & Ms. Abigail Beeson Ms. Kerstin L. Valdes Mr. Dominicus Van Asten & Mrs. Marie-Luce R. Van Asten-Lerat Ms. Sarah Vance Knetchel Mr. Charles Vanijcharoenkarn ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. Somsak Vanijcharoenkarn Dr. & Mrs. Atul Vats Ms. Reni Vaughn Mr. Salomon De Lima Guzman & Ms. Erika P. Velez Sukier Mr. Erik Verrijssen & Ms. Ria Vandersteen Mr. & Mrs. Didier M. Viala Mr. Lawrence P. Vickers & Mrs. Amparo Mantilla-Vickers Mr. Adolfo Villagomez & Ms. Veronica Roldan Ms. Chiara Visconti-Pervanas ‘95 & Mr. Angelos Pervanas Mr. & Mrs. Detlev von Platen 9

When we came to Atlanta, we looked for a school that would support our son’s German language education and also let him be true to his Turkish origins, while learning English and Atlanta’s culture. We believe AIS is a great place where we can work on this. As soon as we arrived at AIS, we felt at home. It was a joy to see our four-year-old son enjoying school and forming friendships from the very first day without knowing English at all. In a couple of months he mastered English, and most of his friends forgot that he hadn’t known any English when he arrived! However, it is always an ongoing effort to juggle living Turkish, Austrian, German and American cultures and speaking English, German and Turkish languages. We love the fact that every student and family at AIS can express their identities and represent their culture. It enables our son to understand that there are different lifestyles and ways of thinking. It is a pleasure to us to be part of AIS and see that the quality of the school continues to grow. If we can be a bit helpful in that regard, we will feel proud about it.

The Yet Family Current Parent

The Yet family joined both the Atlanta and AIS communities in 2008, moving from Istanbul, Turkey. Dalyan joined AIS at that time as a 4K student. Both Guran and Ozben enjoy working with other parents in many of the school activities. As Ozben says, “We believe our time spent at school activities gives a strong message to our son that we do value his education and support his school staff and administration in their daily activities and decisions.” pictured: Guran, Ozben, Dalyan ‘22 Photo by Navid Yavari





July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wagner Mr. William Walker & Ms. Jinger Simkins-Stuntz Mr. Robert Warren Mr. & Mrs. Isaac T. Washington Mr. Raymond H. Wattles Mr. Keith I. Weal & Ms. Marcia Cowan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Webb Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Weeks Ms. Ursula Weibert Mr. & Mrs. Axel Weichert Mr. & Mrs. Nils S. Wendik Ms. Jennifer Weyburn & Mr. Garrett Kyle Mr. Mark Whitfield & Ms. Kim L. Ireland Mr. Harrison M. Wiener ‘06 Mr. Jan Williams & Dr. Karen Mills Dr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Williams Ms. Abasiemek Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wilson Mr. Bruce L. Winston & Dr. Jane L. Wilkov Mr. & Mrs. Stefan H. Witte Mr. Steven Woodruff & Ms. Andrea Santana Captain & Mrs. Mark T. Wooster Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Wren Mr. Mark Wright & Mrs. Sara Yeglin Mr. Karim Yahi & Ms. Gizem Koksal Yahi Mr. & Mrs. Navid Yavari Mr. & Mrs. Cem Yazmanoglu Ms. Duden Yegenoglu ‘01 Ms. Lara Yegenoglu ‘05 Mr. Miguel Yelos San Martin & Ms. Patricia Janiot-Yelos Ms. Hong Yi Ms. Elena Zapico Mr. & Mrs. Kouros Zarrabi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zigan Mr. & Mrs. G. Henry Zuver Matching Gift Companies AT&T Matching Gift Center Bank of America Foundation Cisco Systems Foundation Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. GE Foundation ING Community & Volunteer Matching Gifts Program Intuit Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. NICE Employee Matching Gift Program SAP America, Inc. Atlanta Sprint Foundation Matching Gifts SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation The Home Depot Foundation Time Warner Foundation Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

In-Kind Donors Anonymous (3) Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant The Art Institute of Atlanta Mr. Gilles S. Assi Atlanta History Center Babcock Dermatology Dr. Mark F. Baucom & Dr. Anne Baucom Bhojanic Bill Packard’s Magic Man Entertainment Ms. Sherie Blumberg Mr. & Mrs. Alan Box Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Britton Mr. & Mrs. W. Andrew Bruner Mr. Declan Butler & Ms. Helene Dubarry Butler Mr. Ronald Carmichael & Mrs. Shelley Giberson Mr. Humberto Castillo & Ms. Janet M. Tirpak Center for Puppetry Arts Mr. & Mrs. John Charman Chattahoochee Nature Center Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Clark, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Miles R. Cook Dante’s Down the Hatch dataLogistics Corporation Mr. Christopher Decouflé & Ms. Michelle Caruso-Decouflé Mr. & Mrs. Don Dory Mr. & Mrs. James A. Dunlap, Jr. Facelogic Spa Fernbank Museum of Natural History Foot Solutions Buckhead For Girls Only - Portrait Photography by Beverly Hall Dr. & Mrs. Nino R. Fornasini Dr. Rutledge Forney Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta Ms. Courtney Fowler Ms. Kim Gallagher-Valeri Georgia Grille Georgia Plastic Surgery Mr. Jean-Marc Germain & Dr. Florence J. Germain Dr. & Mrs. Regis Haid Mr. & Mrs. George T. Heery, Jr. High Museum of Art Dr. Eric A. Hunter & Dr. Susan Allen Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta InterContinental Buckhead IQ Fitness Buckhead Mr. & Mrs. Roland H. John Mr. & Mrs. Karl S. F. Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. Stéphane Leudet de la Vallée

Dr. Sagar Lonial & Dr. Jennifer Culley Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Loudermilk Mr. Stephen Macauley & Ms. Luz Soto Dr. Jamie MacKelfresh & Mr. Richard MacKelfresh Marriott’s Evergreen Conference Center & Resort Mr. Robert McGlasson & Ms. Katrina Guettler Mr. Peter McKenney & Ms. G. Penny McIntyre Mr. Charles Mendels & Ms. Elaine Rosenblum Michael C. Carlos Museum Mr. & Mrs. Bradley L. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Dean W. Morris Mr. & Mrs. James W. Odom Dr. Roberto Pacifici & Dr. Monica Rizzo Mme. Véronique Parages Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Pendergast Peridot Distinctive Gifts Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Ratchford, Jr. Mr. Volker J. Reinert & Mrs. Astrid A. Fontaine Mr. & Mrs. John P. Richard The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Rolley Mr. & Mrs. Damon Rose Mr. Joel Saltz & Dr. Mary Saltz Mr. Todd Schaffner & Ms. Amelia Pane Schaffner Shutterfly Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Smith Sotto Sotto Styles by Liles Mr. Charles E. Taylor & Ms. Lisa Cannon Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Didier M. Viala Mr. Lawrence P. Vickers & Mrs. Amparo Mantilla-Vickers Villa Christina Mr. & Mrs. Detlev von Platen The Westin Peachtree Plaza Whole World Theatre Dr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Williams Mr. Peter M. Winter & Ms. Elizabeth Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Navid Yavari Zoo Atlanta Organizational Donors Atlanta Business Products, Inc. Bain & Company, Inc. Bestar LLC Bridgehouse Ruckel & Bolthausen LLC

Vaughan W. Brown Charitable Trust Buckhead Blooms, Inc. Burton & Armstrong LLC CASIE Cisco Systems Foundation The Coca-Cola Company James M. Collins Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Diversapack LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Geiger Foundation, Inc. General Mills Box Tops for Education The Goizueta Foundation Grape Innovations, Inc. Harriet W. & Edward P. Ellis Charitable Trust Heidelberg USA, Inc. The Warren & Augusta Hume Foundation IBM Employee Services Center ING Community & Volunteer Matching Gifts Program The Inman Foundation Johns Creek Orthodontist, PC Knobloch Family Foundation Kurt Salmon Associates, Inc. Leading Technology Micro, Inc. Live Oak Foundation Law Office of Tito Mazzetta PC & Associate Michael C. Carlos Museum James Starr Moore Memorial Foundation Naturally Fresh, Inc. Noro-Moseley Partners North Fulton Class of 1961 Northern Trust Papa John’s USA Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Publix Partners Program The Quikrete Companies, Inc. Richard S. Hutchison Management, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP Soho Myriad, Inc. Sterling Restaurants LLC Swiss Parent Association at AIS, Inc. T-Mobile Target Corporation’s Take Charge of Education Program Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. United Acceptance, Inc United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. United Way Silicon Valley UPS Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Ware Foundation

Honor & Memorial Gifts In Honor of Chi Colberg Mr. & Mrs. Sami Badarani Dr. David A. Baker & Dr. Christine Berthelin-Baker Mr. & Mrs. Armando L. Basarrate II Dr. & Mrs. Oliver Brand Mr. Declan Butler & Ms. Helene Dubarry Butler Mr. Glenn Cohen & Ms. Lynn L. Pattillo Cohen Ms. Nicole S. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Lon C. Cunninghis Ms. Ruth A. Dearden Mr. & Mrs. James P. P. Dirr, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Mehron Ebrahim-Zadeh Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fabian Mrs. Sandy Ferko Mr. Marsal Gavalda & Ms. Jiaxing Weng Mr. & Mrs. William Gendron Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Glass Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Hassett Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hayler Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hill Dr. & Mrs. Edgar Holmann Mr. & Mrs. Bruno G. Jactel Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Jones Mr. & Mrs. Marc E. Klempf Leading Technology Micro, Inc. Mr. Robert Light & Ms.Yupha Vatcharapijarn Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. N. Litré Mr. & Mrs. Goran Lucic Ms. Fay L. Mann Mr.Yamba-Yamba Mitanga & Ms. Herrad S. Welp Mr. & Mrs. Eric Noziere Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Halloran Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Palmer Mr. Johannes Palsson & Ms. Hye-Young Kim Mr. Roy Plaut & Mrs. Olga Gomez Plaut Mr. & Mrs. Olivier Poulard Mr. Alain Recaborde & Ms. Jean Terrell Mr. & Mrs. John P. Richard Dr. Joseph M. Rosenfeld & Mrs. Esther S. Rosenfeld Mr. & Mrs. Karl Sachsenmaier Dr. Heinz-Bernd Schuttler & Ms. Deborah A. Sudbury Ms. Charlotte M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Stabler Mr. Joel Tache & Ms. Brigitte Langevin-Tache Mr. Chee K. Tan & Ms. Lan T. Chiem Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. ten Lohuis 11

The Tan Family Current Parent

The Tan family moved to the United States in the early 1990’s, Chee coming from Singapore and Lan from France. Their daughter,Yannie, began as a 4K student at AIS in 2005. Now in 5th grade, she is studying in the Spanish track. Both Chee and Lan are very active in the Asian Culture Club, with Lan serving as President this year and leading the “Year of the Dragon” Asian New Year celebration.You can also find Lan at the school many days of the week, volunteering in the classroom, library and working with the Math Club. Lan certainly exudes her personal philosophy: “The more you give, the happier you will be.” pictured: Chee, Lan, Yannie ‘19 Photo by Navid Yavari

We were overjoyed when our daughter was accepted to AIS in 4K. We definitely selected the right school for her. The IB and the flexibility of the language programs are what we are looking for her future.





Georgia private school tax credit Donors


Mr. & Mrs. Didier M. Viala Mr. & Mrs. Isaac T. Washington Mr. Robert C. Watkins III & Ms. Stewart Lathan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Webb Dr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Ian J. Wray Mr. Daniel Zdonczyk & Ms. Cynthia Fleck

In Honor of Gerry Hull The Inman Foundation

In Honor of Stewart Lathan & Robert Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Jim Haverstick Mr. Roy Plaut & Mrs. Olga Gomez Plaut In Memory of Margaret Umstead Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Chris Parker In Memory of Eva Margarita Gil Mr. James E. Rice and Ms. Eva C. Gil

In Honor of Nicholas Klempf Mr. & Mrs. Marc E. Klempf

In Memory of Helene “Chickie” Hartman Anonymous

In Honor of Dennis Lockhart Noro-Moseley Partners

In Memory of Marion Herd Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Lugo

In Honor of Jutta Schlicker Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Fernandez

In Memory of Mike Marcucci Ms. Trish Marcucci & Mr. Tom Sheeran

In Memory of Samuel A. Mohr Ms. Lisa Mohr

In Memory of Claire Watkins Harriet W. & Edward P. Ellis Charitable Trust

In Honor of Roy Plaut & Olga Gomez Plaut Mr. Peter W. Schweitzer

In Memory of Cathie Tuohy Wattles Mr. Matthew H. Maxwell ‘02

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit allows eligible citizens to redirect a portion of their Georgia tax liability to support financial aid for the school of their choice. 2010 was the second year that AIS has participated in the program, raising $57,000 to provide financial aid for AIS students who qualify under the program. Each year since 2008, the state has set aside $50 million in credits, distributed on a firstcome, first-served basis. By redirecting your taxes (up to $2,500 filing jointly or $1,000 filing single), you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit at the state level against your Georgia income tax liability while providing scholarship assistance to incoming AIS students who are currently enrolled in public schools. C-corporations can redirect up to 75% of their state tax liability. In order to take advantage of this program, AIS has partnered with Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund.Your donation to Apogee will allow you to redirect your taxes and benefit AIS. Participation is open to anyone who pays Georgia taxes. Please continue to share this information with anyone who would rather direct their dollars to AIS rather than to the state. Thank you to the following individuals and corporations who made contributions in 2010 to Apogee to benefit Atlanta International School.

Anonymous Access Test Prep & Tutoring Mr. Dixon Adair & Ms. Emily Willingham Adair Mr. & Mrs. Armando L. Basarrate II Dr. Mark F. Baucom & Dr. Anne Baucom Mr. Nathaniel Ben Haiem Mr. Robert Brinson & Ms. Michele Howard Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Clark, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Colberg Dr. Manuel Eskildsen & Mr. Graham Lee Mrs. Sandy Ferko Ms. Jessica Frank Mr. James A. Harvey & Dr. Lilia Cuesta Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hayler

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Hutchison Mr. & Mrs. William H. Keeter Dr. & Mrs. S. Robert Lathan Dr. Bryan Philbrook & Dr. Susan Palasis Mr. Roy Plaut & Mrs. Olga Gomez Plaut Dr. John G. Porter & Dr. Lucy Axtell Dr. & Mrs. Keith C. Raziano Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. John P. Richard Hon. Consul Gen. Ferdinand C. Seefried & Dr. Monique B. Seefried Mr. & Mrs. Valery Shver Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sternberg Ms. Joann Stiefel Ms. Reni Vaughn


My wife and I have always wanted our children to have a well-rounded international education. Living in a comfortable suburban neighborhood north of Atlanta, our children began taking Spanish classes in the public school, but due to budget cuts, secondary languages were shut down. We knew that time was running out for our children to truly get the benefits of an international language program, so in 2009 we enrolled them in AIS. Every day we congratulate ourselves on our decision and realize that AIS is the best atmosphere for raising our children in a truly global environment. Both of our daughters agree that their foreign language skills and worldwide view is far superior to their peers in their previous school.

The Yavari Family Current Parent

The Yavaris are relative newcomers to AIS, joining the community in 2009. Daughters Leila and Shana study Spanish, with Leila also studying French and Shana studying Chinese. Both Marjan and Navid have become very involved in the school. Navid helps with Shana’s sports activities and has also begun a photography club at AIS.You can see him on campus quite often with camera in hand. Marjan owns a bakery and often offers some of her delicacies for events at the school. pictured: Navid, Marjan, Leila ’14, Shana ‘16 Photo by Navid Yavari



Alumni Donors

AIS Legacy Gift

We are grateful for our alumni who give back to AIS. Alumni gifts are a symbol of support for AIS and its mission. Every time an alum chooses to make a gift AIS, he or she demonstrates gratitude for the education and experiences received at our school. Anonymous (3) Mr. Alexander A. Akhavan ‘06 Mr. Claudio A. Avendano ‘03 Mr. Alex Bartsch ‘09 Ms. Gabriel Bettsak ‘00 Ms. Carina A. Box ‘04 Ms. Nina F. Box ‘98 Ms. Aude Broos ‘09 Ms. Marlys Brothers ‘92 & Mr. Gordon Rowcliffe Ms. Ana Buling ‘09 Ms. Capiz Calloway ‘98 & Mr. Forrest Hasbrook Ms. Claire M. Colberg ‘10 Mr. Sean G. Dougherty ‘98 Ms. Johanna M. Fleisch ‘01 Ms. Caroline E. Geiger ‘08 Mr. Trace Hawkins ‘93 & Mrs. Emily Hawkins Mr. Ian L. Hill ‘10 Mr. Maximilian A. Hunt ‘08 Mrs. Korrin Hume Johnson ‘92 & Mr. Brian Johnson Ms. Olivia A. Jones ‘08 Mr. Arvand Khosravi ‘03 Ms. Beth Kytle ‘98

Mr. Brandon A. Lenz ‘10 Mr. Rohan T. A. L. Lewis ‘09 Mr. Matthew H. Maxwell ‘02 Mr. Patrick McAndrew ‘95 Ms. Jennifer J. Millkey ‘05 Mr. Fasil Muche ‘93 & Ms. Muna Saadi Mrs. Martina Striedinger Parker ‘94 & Mr. Walter Parker Ms. Brittany M. Pavon ‘05 Dr. Victoria Plaut Bartlett ‘92 & Mr. Bobby Bartlett Mrs. Veronica Plaut McDaniel ‘97 & Mr. Mark McDaniel Ms. Katherine A. Porter ‘09 Ms. Rachel K. Ramsay ‘06 Ms. Victoria Rokhlin ‘04 Ms. Hannah C. Rueckel ‘07 Ms. Catherine H. Silvo ‘04 Mr. Turner Swicegood ‘05 Mrs. Linde M. Rickert Tassell ‘00 Mr. Cornelius W. Thomas ‘05 Ms. Alyce W. Thompson ‘03 Mr. Charles Vanijcharoenkarn ‘07 Ms. Chiara Visconti-Pervanas ‘95 & Mr. Angelos Pervanas Ms. Duden Yegenoglu ‘01 Ms. Lara Yegenoglu ‘05

Each year the senior class gives a Legacy Gift to commemorate their time at AIS.This gift is divided into two parts: the first is the Legacy Scholarship, that began with the class of 2009’s desire to give something back not only to the school but to a rising senior.The award enables the recipient to take part in an academic or artistic summer program.The award last year went to Cedric Parages, who spent two weeks in the Peruvian Rainforest volunteering at the Tericaya Conservation and Research Center. With the completion of the Adair Art, Science and Design building, there was welcomed outdoor space for the seniors to congregate.The second part of the gift from the class of 2011 was two round picnic tables that are constantly in use, as the students take advantage of the mild Atlanta climate. We thank the Class of 2011 for continuing the tradition of the Legacy Gift so that they will be remembered in the history of AIS. Mr. Arsalan A. Akhavan ‘11 Ms. Julie M. Anquez ‘11 Ms. Manon M. Audibert ‘11 Mr. Peter B. Beach ‘11 Ms. Alana R. Beserra ‘11 Mr. Benjamin A. Cheriyan ‘11 Ms. Martha L. Correa-Jamison ‘11 Ms. Nicole Dancz ‘11 Mr. David J. Dorsch ‘11 Ms. Alexandra Douvre ‘11 Mr. Neema Ebrahim-Zadeh ‘11 Mr. James M. Forde ‘11 Mr. Anton Gebhard-Koenigstein ‘11 Mr. Charles O. Geddes ‘11

Ms. Samantha O. Grayman ‘11 Ms. Karma Y. Gurung ‘11 Mr. Karl A. Hsu ‘11 Mr. Samuel N. Jactel ‘11 Ms. Maeva E. Kazandjian ‘11 Mr. Nicholas B. Klempf ‘11 Ms. Karin J. Lancaster ‘11 Mr. Matthieu W. Lefort-Le Corvec ‘11 Mr. Maurice K. Link ‘11 Ms. Guiliana C. Mazzetta ‘11 Ms. Hannah E. Melville ‘11 Ms. Amy O’Halloran ‘11 Mr. Jonathan W. Olens ‘11 Ms. Ana Paula Shelley ‘11

Ms. Alexandra E. Taylor ‘11 Mr. Michael A. Webb ‘11 Ms. Nicole J. Wilke ‘11


A work environment should be a perfect match with your convictions, life philosophy and a place where you can grow. It deepens your convictions, while challenging you to rethink them also. It feels like your second home. This is the environment that my family found at AIS and why I continue to teach and be involved,” states Christiane. “The school gave my children the opportunity to speak German and to develop their German identity. In fact, Alan, a very supportive husband and father, even turned down a promotion that would have taken the children out of AIS. He left the company and began his own business, just so we could stay at AIS. My daughters continue to talk about how well AIS prepared them and what an amazing school it is.

The Box Family Alumni Parents, Alumni, Faculty

The Box family joined the community in 1990, when daughters Nina began 4th grade and Lisa 1st grade. Christiane, a longtime faculty member, has served many roles including Head of the German Department as well as Group Leader for all languages. She has been on headmaster and principal committees, represented the faculty on the Board of Trustees and is a longtime faculty division chair raising money for our Annual Fund. Christiane continues to teach part time and is active in many areas of the school, such as fairy-tale telling at the German Christmas Market each December. Nina, who graduated in 1998, attended Bryn Mawr after living in Bolivia and working in an orphanage for her gap year. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and her master’s at Columbia University. She was awarded the Fulbright stipend, allowing her to spend one year of English teaching in Korea. Currently, she lives in Germany and is on a sabbatical after teaching for six years in a high-need school in Brooklyn, New York. Lisa spent her gap year in Paris, working with the homeless and reading on tape for the blind. She received her bachelor’s degree from Vassar College in comparative Literature – English, German and French. Her current job is being a mother to her 17-month-old daughter, Annika (pictured.) pictured: Alan, Christiane, Nina ‘98, Lisa ’01 and Annika AIS ANNUAL REPORT


Spring benefit

Passport to

Germany What an amazing event! On Saturday, April 9, 2011, Atlanta International School transported nearly 500 guests to the Black Forest in Germany with towering painted trees, fairytale vignettes and even a larger than life Kuckucksuhr. Guests enjoyed the sights and sounds of Germany (including Kevin Glass in lederhosen!) as well as fabulous silent and live auctions, dinner and dancing. The annual black-tie gala, organized by the Development Office and headed by parent volunteers, included, for the first time, a “Stand and Pledge” event, where guests were invited to pledge funds directly to support financial aid at AIS. AIS raised an incredible $53,000 in just five minutes! This directly impacts the school’s ability to offer additional financial assistance to current AIS families in need for the upcoming school year. The Spring Benefit started in the late 1980’s to support AIS’s mission of providing the increasingly global Atlanta communitywith an outstanding independent school. All proceeds from the Benefit contribute towards financial aid scholarships, faculty development programs and continued preservation of the historic campus buildings. This year’s Spring Benefit raised more than $220,000 for Atlanta International School. This event would not have been possible without the leadership of Chair Marcelle DeCuir (Primary School parent) and a host of parents, staff and faculty volunteers. Mr. Hartmut Lademacher, a longtime supporter of Atlanta International School, was the honorary chair of this year’s Benefit.

AIS recognizes the generosity of our corporate sponsors Live Auction Donors Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Britton German Consul General Lutz Görgens Mr. Ronald Carmichael & Mrs. Shelley Giberson Mr. & Mrs. John Charman Mr. & Mrs. Karl S. F. Kirchner Lufthansa Cargo Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Rolley Mr. & Mrs. Damon Rose Mr. Joel Saltz & Dr. Mary Saltz Mr. Todd Schaffner & Ms. Amelia Pane Schaffner Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Schmidt Mr. Charles E. Taylor & Ms. Lisa Cannon Taylor Ms. Mary Villon de Benveniste Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Friends of AIS Northern Trust Generous Supporters & In-kind Donors Big Vintage

Lisa Cannon Taylor Special Thanks AIS Development Office AIS Faculty and Staff Event Volunteers AIS ANNUAL REPORT


2011 Spring Benefit Committee Chair - Marcelle DeCuir

German Advisory Council Stefani Glass Deniz Oktar-Giray Martina von Platen


Constance Heery Daniela Schmidt

Darcie Adler deLille Anthony Stephanie Bell Linda Bruner Betsy Carpenter Michelle Caruso-Decouflé Lorraine Charman Christine Le Corvec-Lefort Isabel Coto Marcy Cowan Kristin Dean Nicci Mackey Dozier Astrid Fontaine Ramona Goetz Vickie Gore Dawn Hawkins Carol Hoffmann Lynn-Anne Huck Nathalie Israelite Andrea Kane Marie-Louise Kirchner Anita Leopold Roane Loudermilk Laurie Marion Tatjana Meiere Laura Murvartian Cynthia Normark Peyton Nunez Silvia Nystrom Jennie Odom Bree Pattillo Laura Poffenberger Deslie Quinby Eleanor Ratchford Eileen Rose Kathy Sanghani Bengu Sezer Martha Elena Shelley Ricardo Shelley Tracie Slosberg Amy Smith Jessica Soto Lisa Cannon Taylor Jennifer Terwindt Alice Turner Kim Valeri Amparo Vickers Dawn Werner Steven Woodruff Latife Yazmanoglu

parent organization council positions 2010-2011

Executive Council


President Sylvia Williams

Ambassadors Robin Francis Cheryl Rolley

President-Elect Sue Wooldridge Secretary Marsi Bostwick Treasurer Leslie Thomas School Representatives Kindergarten Susan Brown Lower PS Linda Bruner Upper PS Brigitte Langevin-TachĂŠ Middle School Kim Gallagher Valeri Jennifer Culley Upper School Cynthia Fleck

Arts Alliance Betsy Carpenter Parent Programs Susan Bartsch Sports Boosters David Bell Peter McKenney Worldfest Tracie Slosberg Development Liaison Dawn Hawkins Sustainability and Health Nabiha Megateli-Das Cultural Clubs Amigos Natalia Amazonas Amparo Mantilla Asian Culture Club Hye-Young Kim Mark Hayler Ensemble Christine Le Corvec-Lefort Deutsch Connection Deniz Oktar-Giray Harambee Joel Baker


parent organization report The Atlanta International School community benefits immeasurably from the dedicated efforts of the volunteers of the school’s Parent Organization.The PO is responsible for many of the school’s most important events each year, including the following:

Jazz in Black and White


GERMAN Christmas Market

Asian New Year



strategic plan report card


Student Retention

• Primary School: 488 • Middle School: 199 • Upper School: 301

• Primary School: 89% • Middle School: 85% • Upper School: 91% • Number of Nationalities of Student Body: 70 Faculty

• Number of Full-time Faculty Members: 132 • Number of Part-time Faculty Members: 11 • Number of Staff Members: 44 Total • Average Tenure of -Faculty: Enrollment 981 17 years of total teaching experience, 7.5 years at AIS • Number of Nationalities of Faculty Members: 26 • Attrition: 10% Tuition

Financial Aid

• Primary (4K-4): $17,230 • % of AIS students receiving Financial Aid: 17% • Middle (5-8): $18,715 • Upper (9-12): $19,658 Academics

Participation in IB Program • PYP: 100% • MYP: 100% • IBDP: 100%

Testing Summary:

IB • % of AIS students attempting full IB Diploma: 97% • % of AIS students earning IB Diploma: 96% • Average AIS IB score: 32 • % AIS students earned a bilingual IB Diploma demonstrating native-level abilities in two or more languages: 55% • % of all IB candidates worldwide attempting full IB Diploma: 48% • % of students worldwide earning IB Diploma: 78% • World average IB score: 30 SAT • Critical reading average (native speakers of English): 623 • Math average: 609 • % of Class of 2010 receiving National Merit honors: 12%

College Admissions for Class of 2011 (73 Students)

• 73 AIS graduates representing 32 nationalities • 73 students enrolled at 47 different universities • 10 students enrolled at universities abroad • 1 student taking gap year


Athletics • 62% of all 9th-10th and 74% of all 6th-8th grade students participate in extracurricular athletics, competing on 34 different teams. • AIS teams have qualified for 19 state championships and have won two. Theater • AIS recognized for “Best Overall Production” and five other awards in 2010 Shuler Hensley Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theatre. • Theater department stages two Upper School productions and one Middle School production per year, in addition to grades 11 and 12 IBDP theater showcases. Music • The Department of Music, with four full-time and three part-time faculty members, serves the needs of over 700 students in grades 4K-12 with a full offering of academic music classes, music performance ensembles, and an extensive after-school private music lessons program. • In the Primary School, ensembles in chorus, strings, and band are offered. • In the Middle School, AIS offers a choir, a string ensemble, and a symphonic band. At the Upper School level, ensembles are offered including four different choral groups, a jazz band, and a string orchestra. CAS • CAS stands for “Creativity, Action, Service.” It is required of all students in grades 6-12 and for the IB Diploma. • There are 39 CAS groups at AIS, working with organizations locally, nationally & internationally. Alumni

• 923 alumni who currently live in 27 countries around the world. • The average age of our alumni is 25 years old. Accreditation

• AIS is accredited by CIS, AdvancED, SAIS. We are an IB World School.


Our Mission To meet the challenges and opportunities of our interdependent, fast-changing world as responsible citizens, young people require flexible intellectual competence, self-discipline, and a global outlook. To achieve these goals, they need rigorous academic preparation and a passion to become the best they can be. To thrive in and contribute to this world, they must have a solid sense of self and respect for others—as individuals, as members of a group, as citizens of their nations, and as members of the global community. Extraordinary individuals will be called upon to shape the 21st century. The mission of Atlanta International School (AIS) is to develop such individuals. To fulfill this mission, AIS commits itself to the following goals: – to sustain and grow the exemplary level of teaching and learning that has earned it a world wide reputation for excellent standards in international and multilingual education within the framework of the International Baccalaureate; – to develop each child fully by helping each one to live our core values: the joy of learning and purposeful effort as well as mutual respect and understanding in a diverse setting; – to maintain an optimal size and composition of faculty and students to maximize the opportunities for learning and shared understanding that are necessary for a healthy community; – to help shape and improve local and global communities through the committed participation of its multilingual students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff.

Our Core Values What We Believe Is Fundamentally Important We believe that encouraging each student to discover the intrinsic joy of learning and purposeful effort will help each one to set and achieve high academic standards. Furthermore, we believe it is vital to nurture mutual respect and understanding among all members of our community. Together we cultivate a spirited sense of hope in human potential. We believe the diversity of our community provides an extraordinary opportunity to enable our students to communicate, create, and collaborate in order to build a peaceful future. The joy of learning and purposeful effort We want our students to experience joy in their intellectual, physical,social, and emotional development. At AIS we will create a safe, stimulating educational environment, promoting the wonder and curiosity that motivate a student to explore learning in and beyond the classroom throughout life. We believe that achievement derives from sustained, purposeful effort and that our potential is best developed by learning to think critically, debate confidently, and push our limits. Ours is a community that nurtures and celebrates disciplined and myriad intelligences, and we approach teaching with the expectation that every student will be successful. Mutual respect and understanding in a diverse community We believe that every human being is valuable and deserves respect. We further believe that respect springs from understanding and that the best way to understand others is by learning to see the world from other points of view. Since each language reflects the values, history, and way of thinking of those who use it, learning another language is a particularly effective means of understanding and respecting others. We believe that a cohesive community of students, faculty, staff, and parents from many backgrounds—socio-economic, ethnic, racial, linguistic, national, and religious—provides an ideal setting for the development of respect and understanding and helps prepare students to thrive in a diverse, interdependent world.

AIS Non-Discrimination Statement 2890 North Fulton Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30305 USA 404.841.3840 •

Atlanta International School practices a full non-discriminatory policy in all schooladministered programs and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national and ethnic origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or gender preference in all of its admissions, educational and employment policies, programs, and practices.

2010-2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report