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Project Profile, Adana, Turkey Project Description y Adana is Turkey’s fifth largest city with a population of 1.3 million. y The site is referred to as the ‘Adana Bossa Site’. The plot has a facade towards E-5 and it is located not far away from the Hilton Hotel, the biggest hotel in the city. Our plot is app 5 min minutes driving from the city center, on the other site of the river Ceyhan, Ceyhan in the Yuregir district. district The plot has medium visibility but good accessibility, y The site is split by a road with a width of 12 meters dividing the plot into one parcel of 18.000 sqm with façade to the E5 and the rest to be located at the other side side.


Adana –Site description Main Data Date of Acquisition


Land Size (sq. m,)


Land Ownership


Zoning Status

Industrial Zoning which needs to be changed for the development of a large shopping center.

Building permit Status

No building permit or pending application


Adana – Competition Map


Adana project outline presentation 138 581m2 atillagençten  
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