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Timeless Temporary and


one space, three looks the transformative power of peel-and-stick wallcoverings

color confident
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Follow this formula to estimate the paint requirements of your project.

You’re nearly finished painting when you look down into the almost empty can and realize – yikes! You won’t have quite enough paint to finish the job.

Estimating the amount of paint you need is as important as choosing your color scheme. Save yourself time and a panic attack by taking the guesswork out of your paint requirements using a calculator similar to the one on this page. It’s as simple as measuring the dimensions of the room being painted to find the surface area.

STEP 1: Measure the Walls

Wall 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Wall 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Wall 3 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Wall 4 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Add together to find Total Wall Surface = _____ ft.

STEP 2: Measure the Doors

Door 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Door 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Add together to find Total Door Surface = ____ ft.

STEP 3: Measure the Windows

Window 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Window 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Add together to find Total Window Surface = _____ft.

STEP 4: Add Total Doors plus Total Windows to = Surface Not to Be Painted.

STEP 5: Subtract Surface Not to Be Painted from Total Wall Surface = Total Surface To Be Painted.

STEP 6: Divide Total Surface to Be Painted by the Spread Rate* = Amount of Paint Needed For Each Coat.

*SPREAD RATE: The spread rate is the recommended yield you can expect from a can of paint. Typically, a U.S. gallon of paint will cover 350-400 square feet. As coverage may vary depending on paint product and thickness of application, check your paint can label to determine the spread rate before purchasing.

PRO TIP: It’s wise to buy a bit more paint than you think you will need for the job. This way, you can ensure you will not run out of paint before the job is done, plus you’ll have leftover paint for touch-ups.

Don’t run out! Let WEST SIDE DECORATING help calculate the right amount for you

The best paint jobs start with

No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results.

© 3M 2019. All rights reserved. 3M, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.

Check out more colorful and inspiring spaces starting on page thirty.

SPACES: Real home redesigns with wall-to-wall ideas you

can use.



A 1950s home goes from disjointed to airy and modern thanks to a reimagined renovation courtesy of Amy Friedberg Design




Crystal Blackshaw Interiors weaves patterns, colors and textures together in this charming summer home



Lucy Penfield brings her penchant for color, prints and plenty of pretty to this waterfront summer house in Minnesota



A new cottage built upon old memories and the Canadian Shield makes for a wonderful weekend getaway, year-round

Products featured in At Home are available at West Side Decorating Center, some by special order.

5 FALL 2023

Handcraf ted Brushes

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Love the designs within our pages? Connect with the talented folks behind the gorgeous spaces.


PG. 30

Amy Friedberg Design

Amy Friedberg




PG. 38

Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Crystal Blackshaw




PG. 46

Lucy Interiors

Lucy Penfield




PG. 54

Envy Paint and Design

Bahia Taylor



P i c k s Up and R ele a ses M o r e Pa i n t ! P i c k s Up and R ele a ses M o r e Pa i n t ! L I N T L E S S
is the per fect compliment for all Latex or Oil/Alkyd Paints and Stains
Supreme Woven Fibers
Solvent Resistant
Exceptional Pick-up and Release Superior Roller Covers Today’s paints demand more from today’s applicators and the lintless Glossdel Plus delivers like no other cover. uperior C ve s 6 ISSUE 14
Core ✓


FALL 2023

Bahia Taylor

Editor in Chief


Leigh McKenzie

Creative Director


Twila Driedger

Contributing Writer & Editor

Olivia Hiebert

Graphic Designer

Melanie Truman (on leave) Project Management

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Helpful resources for any homeowner


Follow these guidelines and make meaning within your collections


HOT SPOT: Shining a spotlight on the world's hidden gems


From porcini, chanterelles, morels and more, gourmet mushrooms are ripe for picking

62 CHOW: Just thinking about it is making us hungry


Egg-cellent ideas for a lovely brunch or family meal

72 EXPLORER: Pack your sense of adventure and let’s go



Get away to the gateway to the Rockies and explore Colorado

80 CRAFT TABLE: DIY? We say Y-E-S!


Put your personality and passions on display

PG.94 PG.46


discovered after a long and arduous search or stumbled on by surprise. Sometimes they’re passed down from generation to generation, a priceless heirloom that’s been in a family for years. Other times it’s an item, like a piece of art to hang above the living room sofa or the next addition in a personal collection that you uncover on a weekend away. If you’re a decor enthusiast, maybe it’s flipping through a multitude of wallpaper books just to find that vibrant pattern that will go perfectly in the master bath. Or perhaps you unearth a patch of gourmet mushrooms and add them to a sizzling hot pan after a day of foraging (PG. 33).

This issue is all about the hunt. Starting, carrying on or inheriting a cherished collection of items - everything from crystal stemware, license plates and stamps to driftwood, postcards and seashells. Though meaningless to some, priceless to the collector (PG. 22). Style your treasures in clusters, creating an eclectic arrangement that adds personality and warmth to your space (PG. 80). And infuse charm into your renovation with artifacts of importance, like a repurposed dining table built by a beloved family member (PG. 54), grandma’s china and mother’s painted artwork (PG. 46) and vintage lighting from the ‘70s (PG. 38).

As we enter into autumn, and fall back into a regular rhythm and routine, we hope these pages encourage you to continue to explore (PG. 72), or to slow down and soak it all in. Take time to watch the leaves change from gorgeous green to radiant red and exquisite orange and yellow, and to sleep in and enjoy eggs and toast on a Saturday morning (PG. 64).

is season, whatever you’re hunting, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

WELCOME colors, there’s ceramic Ceramic. Known for its Aquaborne Ceramic features smoothness and toughness entire room. With a roller. paint. trademark of ICP WEST SIDE FALL 2023 WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTERS AT HOME ISSUE FOURTEEN Timeless Temporary and color confident PAINT IT BOLD COLORADO'S ALPINE MAGIC FROM GOLDEN ASPEN GROVES TO URBAN-MEETSMOUNTAIN IN THE MILE HIGH CITY GET CRACKING IN THE MORNING WITH THESE EGG-SPIRATIONAL BREAKFAST BITES one space, three looks the transformative power of peel-and-stick wallcoverings JACK-OLANTERN 1038 CALM INTERLUDE 0501 2020 DAGES HIKES POINT AINT WALLPAPER AT HOME ISSUE EIGHT Stormy Monday 2112-50, Aura® Eggshell Gennex breathtaking. ADD A POP OF COLOR FROM CHAIRS, TO DRESSERS, TO DOORS CRAFT YOUR OWN WOODEN GAMES FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO ENJOY SOUP'S ON! FROM THE GARDEN TO YOUR TABLE DAGES HIKES POINT PAINT & WALLPAPER OUTRAGEOUS ORANGE 2013-10 CHANTILLY LACE OC-65 BRINGING VACAY VIBES HOME: TAKE TIME TO REINVENT YOUR HOME AS A STAYCATION ADVENTURE DESTINATION WALLPAPER DAGES HIKES POINT PAINT & WALLPAPER GERMANTOWN Street, Louisville 502.635.2666 MIDDLETOWN 9810 Shelbyville Road, Louisville 502.429.5350 GERMANTOWN 1140 East Oak Street, Louisville 502.635.2666 $10 OFF A GALLON OF CALIFORNIA PAINTS NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH Expires 12-31-20 limit 1 coupon per household Expires 12-31-2023 limit 1 coupon per household CENTER Saginaw, MI 48603 westsidedecoratingcenter.com DECORATING CENTER Valid for Aqua Borne Ceramic & Fres Coat Paints only WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER 5789 State St. Suite 1 Saginaw, MI 48603 westsidedecoratingcenter.com 989.793.6182
FIND A BREAKDOWN OF THIS COVER ON PG.92 ALLPRO Blue Contractor Grade with ALLPRO professional masking tapes 888-898-7834 | itape.com Choose TRUE what’s BLUE • 14 day clean removal • Secure adhesion and easy, clean removal from most surfaces • For walls, trim, glass & metal • Not recommended on solvent clears AllPro blue-half page-.indd 1 6/15/23 10:28 AM 8 ISSUE 14
9 FALL 2023


Mike is the third President of West Side Decorating Center, a third-generation familyowned business.

Starting in 2000, Mike has had many roles over the years including stock, delivery, sales, product development and ecommerce management.

When Mike isn’t working, you can find him at the gym or on the golf course. His other interests include traveling, music and chess.


For the past 22 years at West Side Decorating, Sonia has had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and great projects both commercial and residential. Some of which include Team One Credit Union, SVSU, The Saginaw Club and City Rescue Mission.

In her spare time, serves on the Saginaw Arts and Enrichment Commission and member of several local associations. Sonia loves giving back to her community and promoting Saginaw. She loves to run, travel and is a music and art enthusiast.


Jenna has been with West Side Decorating Center since 2012. She attended Delta College and earned degrees in Business and Interior Design. Throughout her years at West Side Decorating, she has worked with amazing individuals, worked on fun and exciting projects and built strong professional relationships. What she likes most about her job is that not any two projects are the same and each day is different. When Jenna is not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, attending concerts, art and reading.


Tara joined the design team at West Side Decorating Center in 2023. She attended Baker College in Cadillac and achieved her certification in Interior Design.

She enjoys working with people and any opportunity to use her creative side. Tara has experience in construction along with tile and color design.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling out west, hiking the red rocks and enjoying the tranquility of the mountains.

WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER 5789 State St. Suite 1 • Saginaw, MI 48603 westsidedecoratingcenter.com 989.793.6182


Pull together the perfect color scheme with this timeless formula

Shhh! We’ll let you in on the little secret behind those swoon-worthy rooms as seen on TV, magazines and décor websites. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, or more accurately, 60-30-10.

The reason your favorite spaces look so elegantly harmonized is that they are professionally pulled together using the 60-30-10 rule of design. The color scheme has been divided into percentages: 60 per cent is the room’s main color, 30 per cent is the secondary color and 10 per cent is the accent color.

Let’s look at it another way. The 60-30-10 rule is like a well-tailored business suit; 60 per cent of the ensemble’s color comes from the jacket and pants; 30 per cent is the dress shirt; and the final 10 per cent is the jazzy necktie that gives it that certain little je ne sais quoi. If you understand the rule, then you’ll understand the principle behind decorating any room. It will also help you to collaborate and communicate with your interior designer to create the look you want.

60/THE MAIN COLOR: In a living room, this would include the walls and perhaps an anchor piece of furniture like a large sofa. This unifying color is the foundation for the room and it serves as a backdrop for what else will come into the space.

30/THE SECONDARY COLOR: In general, this color appears half as much as the main color. Think window draperies, accent chairs, painted furniture, lighting, linens or perhaps a single accent wall. The secondary color’s job is to support the main color in a complementary way and yet, look different enough to set it apart and create interest.

10/THE ACCENT COLOR: This is where the real fun comes in. You’ll likely find the accent color from artwork in the room or from a large fabric print, such as an area rug, and use it to choose throw pillows and other decorative accessories. Remember, a few bold choices can have a big impact.

Can you break the tried and true 60-30-10 rule? Why, of course. There are ways to break the rule and still strike a balance by going 6030-5-5 or even 30-30-20-20, you rebel, you! You can also play with a monochromatic color scheme, applying the 60-30-10 rule to varying shades of the same color.

While some rules are made to be broken, keep in mind that they are also helpful when we need a bit of direction. That’s certainly true in decorating. If you’re unsure about introducing bold hues or striking balance in your space, the 60-30-10 rule is definitely the key to color confidence.

WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER 5789 State St. Suite 1 • Saginaw, MI 48603 westsidedecoratingcenter.com 989.793.6182 FARROW & BALL PAINTS AND WALLPAPER NOW AVAILABLE AT WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER



Although the work of sectioning off your wallpaper might seem a bit intimidating, it will be well worth it once you see the finished result! Measure and apply wallpaper to the risers, the vertical sections of the stairs (the surfaces that won’t be stepped on), and you’ll have a totally unique statement staircase.


Whoever said that a ceiling had to be white hadn’t considered the potentialities of wall coverings. So long as the design is on the lighter side and it blends or contrasts nicely with your wall color, a wallcovering on a ceiling is a playful, unique, and bold choice.


The back of a shelving unit is the perfect opportunity to provide a splash of character to help your décor pop. PRO TIP: If possible, install the paper on the back surface before installing the individual shelves.

the paper on the back surface before installing the


If you have extra wallpaper from a previous project laying around you might want to think twice before throwing it out. Try framing it and placing it in a room in need of a little love. Don’t worry if the wallpaper is installed in a different room in your house—it could be a great way to add cohesion to the overall feel of your home.


Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years, and we’ve all come back around to embrace it for its magical ability to lend a space its own unique sense of character and depth. Because of this, we’re seeing manufacturers release some truly remarkable prints and patterns, so many so, that we are running out of precious wall space. Or perhaps, you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of wallpaper and aren’t quite ready to commit to a floor-to-ceiling application just yet. Regardless of the reason, it’s always a good idea to think outside the box. In fact, there are so many overlooked surfaces where a dose of print or pattern is just what the designer ordered. 01 02 03 04 05

We’ve never met anyone who loves doing laundry, but it is significantly less painful when your surroundings are pretty. Show your laundry room a little love with a wallpaper backsplash!

Talk to our experts at WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER for more ideas & how to browse our collections.


The right window covering is more than just a complementary feature in a room; it acts as a mediator between the outside world and your sanctuary. The perfect treatment will vamp up your view, letting in exactly the desired amount of light for the function of your space. As design professionals,

we know that context is everything, which is exactly why we offer our Shop at Home service. Our window covering specialist will bring our whole library right into your home to get a feel for the space and understand its unique needs so that together, we can ensure the perfect selection of shade is made.



These classic window treatments are wonderfully adjustable

Some people may have a “blind spot” when it comes to window treatments, yet horizontal and vertical blinds are a great option. With the tug of a cord, blinds can be adjusted for mood or occasion. They can be kept tightly closed for privacy, tilted open to allow in the desired amount of natural light, or pulled back from the window to provide an unobstructed view.


Horizontal blinds work great on midsize to smaller windows in homes, offices and cottages. Vertical blinds are ideal for wider windows or sliding glass doors as they can be gathered off to one side rather than at the top of the window. Both types of blinds come in a range of materials, including aluminum, wood, woven woods (which are made of natural grasses, reeds, jute or bamboo and look more like shades) and faux woods; and of course, sheer or opaque fabrics.

To choose blinds that will not look dated, pick a neutral that is closest to the color of the trim. This way, if you decide to change the color of the room, the blinds will not need to be replaced.

Consider how you want your blinds to raise and lower: top-down, bottom-up, or a combination of both? You’ll need to think about privacy and light issues before making the decision.

Do you need a top treatment? If choosing roller blinds, for example, it is recommended that you install a top treatment that will hide the roll-and-clutch mechanics of the blinds. Blinds can be mounted inside the window casing or outside of it. Inside-mounted treatments provide a clean look that highlights the window trim around the window. They are great for deep sills. But sometimes, the window isn’t deep enough for inside mounting. An outside mount overlaps the trim, creating the appearance of a larger window.


French Doors: Any blind you choose for a window can also work on a door. If you’re looking for a consistent look, use the same window treatments on the door in the room. You can add brackets to keep the blinds in place at the bottom of the door when it opens or closes.

Sliding Doors: Dress up a sliding patio door with verticals, which can be installed within the frame or over the frame as an outside mount.

Bay Windows: Take proper measurements in order to minimize gaps where the products meet. Bay windows can be treated the same as any other window as long as there are places to secure cords along the mullions of each window. Otherwise, cordless options may be necessary.

WEST SIDE DECORATING CENTER won’t turn a blind eye to any window treatment options. Ask us which designer blinds would be most at home in your rooms.


A little math goes a long way to buying enough for your project

Before you buy wallpaper, it’s important to make a generous estimate of how many rolls you’ll need. That way, you won’t run short during installation and risk not being able to order the same color or pattern –plus you’ll have a little left over in case you need to patch damaged walls down the line.


Unless you have purchased wallpaper in a solid or simple texture, it is patterned. The pattern repeat is the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again (repeats). Pattern repeat will affect the number of wallpaper rolls you need and how you will hang it.

(If the wallpaper pattern is random, you don’t need to worry about matching any pattern at all.)

Patterned wallpaper is a little tricky because you must account for the number of pattern repeats that will fit your actual wall height. When working with a drop match, know that a drop match pattern requires only half the number of inches as its repeat measurement.




Roll Length: Yards: ________ Inches: ________

Roll Width: ________ Repeat :________

Measurements: Width: ________ Height:________

Height: _____" Repeat _____" = _____ Round up = _____ x Repeat _____" = _____ " Working Ht


Length Per Roll: _____ Working Height per Strip _____" = _____ Round down = _____ Strips per Roll


Width of Wall _____" Roll Width _____" = _____ Round Up =_____ Strips to Cover Wall Width


# Strips to Cover Wall ____ # Strips per Roll _____ = _____ Round Up =_____DBL Rolls Total



How to make this task trouble-free

Painting trim is easily one of the most hated tasks when it comes to repainting a room. The chance of mistakes and drips are high, and the narrow, detailed nature of most trim, including crown molding, baseboards, window and door frames, make them a pain to paint precisely. But there’s a few things that can be done to limit the amount of triminduced stress that’s sent your way.

First, as is the case with most things, it’s important to invest in a highquality brush. Using a cheaper brush could result in very noticeable brush marks on your trim, or even stray bristles getting stuck in it, which is not what you want to see after you’ve spent hours painstakingly painting away.

For water-based paints, a nylon or polyester brush is what you’re after; for oil-based, a natural bristle brush is the way to go. You’ll also want to have a couple different sizes — a 1 1/2-inch and 2-1/2 inch brush should do — to accommodate various nooks and crannies.

Just like your walls, you need to inspect trim for damage, stains and scuff marks prior to painting. If there is a gap between the trim and the wall, it can be filled with paintable caulk, and if the previous paint used on

the trim was glossy, that should be sanded down lightly to help the new paint adhere.

After sanding, it’s important to take the time to wipe the area down with a damp cloth or sponge to pick up all the extra dust and debris. Also, if you did repair work and patching, it’s prudent to apply a coat of primer and let that dry before painting.

If you feel you need to, you can tape the wall off for an added layer of protection from drips and slips.

Now for the fun part — the paint! Only dip about 1/3 of your brush into the paint to avoid picking up too much product. To remove some of the excess, just tap the brush on the side of your can or container. Just as you would with painting a wall, it goes top to bottom — start with crown molding, then window and door frames, and then baseboards last. Apply the paint in as smooth a stroke as you can muster. If you press the brush lightly, the paint will come off evenly and will level off giving you a professional quality finish. If you overwork it, brush marks will start to show.



When green and blue meet and fall in love, teal is born – we are proud as peacock blue to announce it everywhere from kitchen cabinets, to work spaces, to laundry and mudrooms and on and on and on. A real statement shade that revives dull spaces instantaneously and conjures thoughts of Caribbean waters, Moorish architecture and the most instagramable Palm Springs locales, with a presence this geographically vast we’d say you can safely turn to a teal color treatment here, there and just about anywhere!


Big impact from bright and vibrant pops of colours need not always come from a feature wall or an all-over paint job. DIY projects like painted furniture, frames and accessories, doors, or small alcoves and passthroughs can result in big visual impact and satisfy the creative itch of the weekend warrior in one fell swoop. Sunny yellow is a happy and radiant choice that can bring a joyful vintage vibe great for cottages and retro spaces but also has the range to cross the design spectrum and partner with black and white for an ultra-modern look.

18 ISSUE 14



A deep blue, almost green, reminiscent of the sea or a grove of blue spruce. Rich and dramatic while surprisingly versatile, this color works in both traditional spaces as well as modern ones, and every style-stop in between. Pair with old world red or orange brick for a modern country kitchen, offset transitional cinnamon wood tones or period details, or opt for modern glamour with a high gloss finish in a sleek space – the options are as endless as the deep blue sea.


Ask any designer their top list of go-to-whites for a no-fail application and we bet our bottom dollar this classic ranks on each and every list. A perfect fresh white that elicits images of fluffy cotton, billowy clouds and pure silk. An excellent choice for an all-over drench of crisp white – utilize the power of paint sheen to differentiate areas and for practicality choosing flat for ceilings, washable mattes or eggshell for walls and durable satin or glosses for trim, doors, and millwork.

ai168547373764_AllPro_PolyamidePlus_Ad-FINAL-OL.pdf 1 5/30/23 3:08 PM WOOD STAINS THAT DELIVER Natural Dark Walnut Espresso Dark Mahogany Pickling White Weathered Wood Spanish Oak Carbon Black We Know Color Old Masters is the most requested wood stain by do-it-yourself and professional woodworkers. We know color and offer the top trending stain colors perfect for your next project. SCAN QR CODE FOR PROJECT AND HOW-TO GUIDES myoldmasters.com | (800) 747-3436 |

Confessions of a Collector

22 ISSUE 14

The act of collecting treasures from afar has long been a part of human history. There are documented personal collections as early as the 16th century. These were known as “cabinets of curiosity” and were often assortments of unique items acquired through adventure, travel or by way of gift. The objects found in these early collections were not necessarily useful; they were often objects that served as a reminder of an experience or a place representing a foreign culture.

In the 21st century, the word “collector” shares a fine line with “hoarder.” However, there are many ways to start a new collection, or maintain an existing one, which does not take over your living space or life. Follow these strategies to make meaning within your collections and demonstrate why collecting is important.


The trickiest thing about starting new collections is enjoying the hunt and not amassing an entire collection in a few weeks! That is buying, not collecting!

Collections should also connect thematically, or they aren’t really a collection but rather a bunch of “things.” Whether you are collecting watercolor paintings or mid-century furniture, it is important to set guidelines for yourself as to the limits of acquisition. Is it one piece per year? A maximum set dollar amount? The psyche of the collector is one of obsession, so limits are key. One further piece of advice: be subtle about your collecting, or you will suddenly be the person for whom everyone buys snow globes (or turtles, or whatever) and that isn’t always a good thing; true collectors enjoy the quest for the object.


Most of us have gained some inalienable wealth from the passing of a family member or friend. This is a difficult issue because we can’t really get rid of these objects. There are always ways to honor these collections, to give them meaning and life.

Another way to keep these collections alive is by adding to them. For example, I received a random assortment of Cross and Olive crystal stemware (nothing near a full set) but slowly I am finding pieces to build it up to be something more substantial and full – increasing its value and meaning, and maintaining the original integrity and goal of the collection.


Collecting never goes out of style, but our connection to objects has become a more detached one in our disposable society. Some things are disposable, sure, but others should be cherished. The idea of collecting for pleasure, memory or for monetary value teaches many lessons. I think all people, including children, benefit tremendously from the idea of a collection: something important, something special. Investing time, interests and a sense of responsibility to a collection is a wonderful experience for everyone.

An object to mark an occasion or something as simple as collecting beach glass as a family on a trip can turn into a jar full of memories. Collections don’t have to cost money as the importance of the collections is the meaning we attach to the objects. It is the memories that we are taking care of when we dust them off and use them for a tea party. That is what makes them priceless.

If you’re an avid collector, clustercore could just be the design trend of your dreams. Bring your collections to life by layering items in a space without making the corner look chaotic. Add layers and heights for your objects and decide on how you’ll group and display your treasures.

23 FALL 2023

Foraging the Forest Floor

From porcini, chanterelles, morels and more, gourmet mushrooms are ripe for picking. Explore wooded areas, go deep within wild fields and hunt in your own backyard.

24 ISSUE 14
Text: Twila Driedger

For Frank Hyman, that saying couldn’t be more accurate. Hyman ditched his day job in 1992 and makes his living pursuing his hobbies. From gardening and photography, to sculpturing and writing, Hyman has nine avocations that he’s brought up to a professional level.

Hyman’s latest passion, foraging for mushrooms, started as a simple walk in the woods.

“My wife and I were on vacation and somebody was leading a mushroom walk,” he explains. “And so, we went and learned about mushrooms, brought some home and cooked and ate them. And I distinctly remember thinking, ‘Frank, this is going to be one of your new hobbies that you never make a dime from.’”

What Hyman didn’t know was that foraging was mushrooming and the activity was gaining traction. “I had no idea that [foraging for mushrooms] had started blowing up,” Hyman says. “Chefs were wanting mushrooms and people wanted to learn about mushrooms and take classes and go on walks and buy books and read about them in magazines.”

Together with the trend in foraging and his own fascination for fungi, the multipotentialite turned his interest into another occupation. Before long, he was teaching others about edible mushrooms, writing about the activity for publications and selling gourmet mushrooms for profit.

Hyman became such an expert on the topic that he found his largest gourmet fungi without even foraging. While attending a meeting at a local photography club, Hyman caught a closeup of a lion’s mane mushroom billowing out of an oak tree. While almost everyone in attendance was disgusted, Hyman was

25 FALL 2023
Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Expert Tip for Cooking Mushrooms: Dry sauté

“One of the techniques that I’ve learned that novel foragers and chefs are using is what’s called a dry sauté,” Hyman explains. “Ideally, use a cast iron pan on the stove, medium heat. You clean and slice up your mushrooms and throw them into the hot pan without any butter, oil - anything. You just throw your mushrooms into a dry, hot pan and then you use a metal spatula with a very straight, smooth edge and you keep stirring the mushrooms around, so they don’t stick. As they heat up, they get hot enough for steam to come off. Then after a minute or two, the volume of steam will decline, which tells you that you’ve driven off most of the moisture in the mushrooms. That’s when you throw in some butter, olive oil or bacon fat. Then they will brown and get more of a meaty texture, with better flavor because you’re not drowning them in their own juices.”

delighted. After getting the go ahead from the photographer, Hyman cut down the voluptuous mushroom and sold 29 pounds of it to five chefs within two hours.

“I had learned what to look for from a pro just a couple of months before,” Hyman says. “That’s the ideal way to learn - to be introduced one-on-one by someone knowledgeable.”

If having an edible mushroom expert educate you through your foragescapades is out of the question, Hyman suggests investing in a pocket-sized guidebook that provides a beginner’s guide to identifying wild, edible mushrooms. The author’s most recent title, “How to Forage for Mushrooms without Dying,” covers common mushrooms that you’ll want to eat, use or avoid.

“[Before foraging for mushrooms you] need to have a good enough judgement that you don’t eat anything until you’re 100% certain of what it is,” he says, adding that while many people in English-speaking countries have a fear of mushrooms or believe mushrooms are dangerous, they’ve gotten a bad rap and they’re really not that risky. “Only about 1% of the mushrooms out there are what I call ‘killers,’” Hyman explains. “But the question is - which ones are they?”

Some mushrooms are so common, Hyman says you probably grew up kicking them around your yard. Others are obscure with varieties and characteristics that need to be inspected before being ingested. Another important task when taking edible mushrooms home for your dinner table is ensuring they’ve been kept fresh or by using some common sense.

“Most people who get sick eating mushrooms have eaten edibles but get food poisoning from leaving them in the back of a hot car, or they get sick from eating them raw, as many edibles need to be cooked before eating.”


Getting Mushy

Mushroom etiquette for novice foragers

• Be kind, leave some for others.

• Share the wealth with other foragers and leave the small ones to find in the next few days.

• While it doesn’t really matter if you pick or cut, some studies show that picking has a slightly higher production rate than plots that have been cut or controlled. But, if you cut, you’ll have less dirt in your basket!

• Only collect mushrooms ripe for the picking. Anything you won’t use, leave and let it enrich the ecosystem.

• Leave as small of a footprint on the area as possible when foraging.

• Forage respectfully and with permission.

Fungi Flicks

Interested in learning about mushrooms but would rather veg than forage? Check out these three mushroom documentaries on fungi and mycology.


Now streaming on Netflix, Fantastic Fungi features the work of Paul Stamets and the fascinating network of fungi beneath our feet. A descriptive time-lapse journey, the documentary delves into the magical world of mushrooms and their power to heal, endure and contribute to the regeneration of life.




Legendary Canadian biologist David Suzuki and a team of fungi researchers take viewers through the fungi kingdom, revealing how fungi have survived and thrived through the earth’s most hostile conditions.


While edible mushrooms are most common in the Midwest and on the coasts, they can be found almost anywhere in the world. Start foraging in spring when the harvest is most plentiful but keep an eye out any time of year (even winter), especially during the cooler weather in autumn. “The high season is summer and fall,” Hyman suggests. “That’s when the greatest number of species are out because it’s warm and there’s rain in the Eastern U.S.”

Before you book a trip to forage the forest floor (Copenhagen and Cape Town are among the top destinations) or register for an expert class on wild edibles (of which Hyman delivers with rave reviews), he recommends getting out in nature to explore.

“You don’t have to go on a safari,” Hyman says. “You don’t have to go out into the woods or fields for mushrooms. There can be edible mushrooms in your yard.”

Happy hunting!

This documentary, available on YouTube, explores the sacramental use of mushrooms, examining the evidence for their use around the world, including Ancient Egypt, India and China.

27 FALL 2023


Like a really good treasure hunt, the gold at the end of the journey is a basket full of edible and tasty mushrooms. If you’re hoping to prepare a pot of wild mushroom soup, interested in tasting the differences between the varieties or simply desiring to live seasonally and become more self-sufficient, start by searching for these popular, safe and easy to hunt mushrooms.


Known as the darling of many edible mushroom foragers, the morel is one of the easiest mushrooms to identify. Morels have a distinct look that makes them easy to spot - a pitted and deeply ridged cone-shaped cap that looks like a honeycomb. When you slice it open, if it’s a true morel mushroom, it’ll be hollow inside. When to forage - A rare treat, morels only appear from late March through May and love moist, slightly cool conditions.

Where to hunt - Take a hike through the forest or a nearby nature park and start looking on the edges of wooded areas. This delectable variety grows around the base of decaying elm and ash trees, or areas of the Midwest and west that have been disturbed due to a forest fire.

What to serve - Morels will make you sick if uncooked. Use this delicacy on top of your pizza or sauté them dry in a single layer and then add fat to bring out the earthy, nutty flavor.


Also commonly known as porcini mushrooms, the bolete is famous for its delicious addition to Italian cuisine. One of the safest varieties of mushrooms, some boletes will make you sick, like varieties that turn blue when cut or bruised, or boletes with bright red or yellow pores. Boletes lack gills, instead showcasing a yellow or brown surface of pores and a thick stem.

When to forage - Boletes burst onto the scene in late spring, summer or fall depending on the area.

Where to hunt - Like morels, bolete mushrooms are commonly found in woodland areas particularly under oak, birch, aspen, pine and hemlock trees.

What to serve - The king bolete was given his name for a reason: he’s handsome, dense and rich with flavor. Sauté this gourmet mushroom with herbs and garlic to amp up the complex and nutty components. Serve it with a brown sauce or add it to the side of a steak.


If you are lucky enough to find a lobster mushroom, you’re actually getting a two-forone treat. This mushroom has been attacked by another fungi. The fungus grows on a certain species of mushroom, enveloping its host. The lobster mushroom gets its name from its distinct and striking hard red to orange exterior and white interior, thus resembling the marine crustacean. When to forage - The lobster mushroom season starts mid-summer and can run all the way through September, October and into November.

Where to hunt - Throughout the continent, lobster fungi grow in mixed wooded regions. What to serve - A Mexican delicacy, the lobster mushroom is boiled, then fried with tomatoes and onion, and eaten with tortillas. The meaty mushroom can also stand up to grilling.


This mushroom is as pretty as its name. Bright yellow to orange in color and shaped like a goblet, chanterelles have very shallow gills that run down the stalk making V- and X-formed crosses. Naturally, to complement its sunshine shade, chanterelle smell fruity, like apricots or pumpkin, and taste nutty and spicy, making them one of the most sought-after stems.

When to forage - Hunt for these honeys in the fall after the first rains or throughout the summer in regions with high humidity.

Where to hunt - Chanterelles are found in old forests with moist floors and often pop their beautiful heads after heavy rains. Keep your eyes peeled in mossy and damp forest clearings. What to serve - Sauté them in butter with fresh thyme and let them shine as a stand-alone dish.


Beginner foragers have fun hunting the oyster mushroom because it’s one of the easiest to find, often growing in large clumps up off the ground. While the different varieties can be white, gray or brown, they all have white or light-colored gills down their stem.

When to forage - While oysters grow year-round, it’s best to harvest these clustered large cap mushrooms during cooler weather, as they’re easier to see in the winter when tree leaves have fallen.

Where to hunt - The fungi thrive on hardwoods - either dead logs, dead deciduous tree trunks or living trees.

What to serve - With a traditional mushroom flavor, add this variety to stroganoff, stir-fry or pan fry with butter and garlic.

30 ISSUE 14
Wishbone chairs with woven seats, a modern light fixture and lots of natural light pull the space together and give it a clean and contemporary vibe. From the dining table to the kitchen island to the shelves in multiple spaces, wood is a warming finish that creates continuity throughout the modern house.


Amy Friedberg took on the challenge of remodeling a 1950s home in Portola Valley, California that had undergone several extensive renovations through the decades, leading to a disjointed design. Through her design firm, Amy Friedberg Design, she reimagined the home to be an airy, modern space that is as functional as it is inviting.

Design: Amy Friedberg Design | Photography: Jen Bai Photography | Text: Andrea Danelak
31 FALL 2023

Amy Friedberg first became intrigued by the design world while working in the commercial furniture industry in Los Angeles. After remodeling several homes, she decided to take the plunge and explore a new career in design—and hasn’t looked back.

Friedberg places great importance on the collaborative process to achieve a final design that satisfies her clients. She attributes this approach to her success in the industry.

“I believe that’s part of the reason why I get the jobs I do—I connect well with my clients. I am able to help guide them with a design that captures their vision, as well as how they want to live and function in their home,” says Friedberg, principal at Amy Friedberg Design, which offers full interior design and space planning services. “A unique design is created for each client by asking the right questions, listening carefully and working together as a team.”

When Friedberg took on this California ranchstyle home as a remodeling project, she also took on the gargantuan task of updating a space that had seen several iterations since its construction in the 1950s. Accounting for the three large-scale renovations completed over the decades, she sought to connect the disparate spaces and bring a more modern spin to the overall design.

In the airy and bright kitchen of this revamped California home, a tall wall of white cabinets hides pantry staples, while a rich silhouetted coffee bar showcases the couple’s tastes - for both warm woods and warm drinks.

32 ISSUE 14

“All of the renovations looked completely different, and the house didn’t flow well together. For example, the kitchen was a drab room with limited natural and artificial light—it was dark and uninviting,” she says. “The cabinetry was oak with a shiny golden finish, while the countertops and backsplash were all tiled in a four-inch by four-inch brown tile with hand-painted flowers.”

The team was able to add more natural light to the room by choosing not to use any upper cabinets and placing a larger window over the sink. They also opted for a more European-style kitchen, relying heavily on drawers for storage. “All of the dishes, glasses, pots and pans were designed to fit inside drawers. You don’t see that design often in the U.S., but it worked well here,” says Friedberg. “The cabinets were built to the way the client lived—every drawer had a purpose and there were organizational systems placed inside of each of them.”

Because the homeowners drink a lot of coffee and tea, Friedberg also suggested creating a dedicated space for a small coffee bar, replacing the laundry machines that had previously blocked the natural light in the kitchen,

33 FALL 2023
34 ISSUE 14
A saturated blue goes floor to ceiling to envelope the living room in strength and softness. A French tapestry and complementary neutral colors and textures bring character and warmth to the gathering space.

separated only by a wall with a pocket door. “We moved them to another area of the home and were able to provide a nice tall wall of storage and a coffee/tea nook.”

Another goal was to create an open floorplan that provided a feeling of airiness with a clean design. Prior to the renovation, a wall separated the dining room from the kitchen, with only a small pass-through between the two. Friedberg considered how best to connect the rooms and ultimately decided to remove the wall altogether, adding a large island in its place.

“As a family with three children, they wanted to communicate without walls blocking them. Also, because of that wall, there was very little counter space in the kitchen. Entertaining-wise, we thought it would be great to open it up to see the double-sided fireplace in the dining room and at the island,” she says. “The island offered so much storage, counterspace and a place for people to congregate. This was also ideal for the children to do their homework. We wanted to make the kitchen a place where everyone could spend time together.” The countertops and backsplash were also given a refresh via a sintered stone slab material that resembles a light-colored concrete.

Another key element of the remodel involved raising the ceiling over the kitchen and dining room, which allowed the team to remove the exposed wood ceiling beams that made the room feel cramped and dark. They also added a flood of natural light via two large custom skylights. “Because this part of the home had a flat roof with exposed beams, all of the electrical had been fished through and recessed lighting could not be easily added as a result. Once we raised the ceiling with trusses, we were able to add LED recessed lighting over the dining room and kitchen.”

They also removed a large concrete wall with old Spanish arches and terracotta tile in the entry that didn’t flow with the rest of the house. “We removed those four arches and placed smooth columns for structure, where needed. This opened up the space, modernizing the look of the foyer, dining room and living room.”

The result: the kitchen was transformed into the true hub of the home. “When you

A narrow look-through nook brings deep teal from the living room into the dining space, adding character and giving the client shelves for accessories like books, vases and decor.

35 FALL 2023

walk in, the first thing you see is the dining room and kitchen. We tried to make it as spacious and inviting as we could, while making it a showstopper.”

A mix of finishes, colors and materials create unique pops of personality throughout the home, including in the flooring. “The red oak floors were original, but we bleached them and had them stained so we could achieve a light floor look. We also installed a playful Clé tile in the entryway to give it a little snaz when you walk in the door, while keeping the calm and elegance of the home.”

Color also played a pivotal role in Friedberg’s vision for the remodel. In the living room, a peacock hue adds life to the space, giving it a touch of personality and elegance. “We mixed it with a mustard yellow/gold and had a little fun with that room,” says Friedberg, who also painted the exterior a striking grey with green undertones. “In the valley, there is a lot of nature, so we wanted the trees, plants and flowers to really pop. The darker we went, the more the house popped against the landscape. It gave it more curb appeal.”

Upon completion of the 10-month project, the homeowners were thrilled. The remodel also garnered recognition from industry experts, including two gold medals for Residential Modern-Contemporary Kitchen and ModernContemporary Singular Space from the American Association of Interior Designers.

Friedberg couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. “Now, the rooms all unite together and it looks like one house, with one modern design.”

36 ISSUE 14
Top: Wood shelves and gold hardware pop against a cool-hued chevron tile and sleek white cabinetry, making this mini bar a chic spot to stop for a drink.
Multi-Surface • Durable • Ultra Matte To find your nearest stockist, visit farrow-ball.com. NEW DEAD FLAT • PAINT PERFECTED Surfaces Dead Flat. Floor Modern Eggshell. Colour Hague Blue®.

Gorgeous shades of green and gold, graphic fabrics and plenty of playfulness transform this kitchen from dull and drab to exuberant and unforgettable.

38 ISSUE 14


The owners of this charming summer home enlisted Crystal Blackshaw Interiors to bring her unique spin to a redesign. And so she did, producing an elegant countrymeets-contemporary design that weaves patterns, colors and textures throughout the home, along with the clients’ personal artwork. The result: A feast for the eyes, no matter where you look or which room you’re in.

Design: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Photography: Dustin Halleck

Text: Andrea Danelak

39 FALL 2023
40 ISSUE 14

SINCE OPENING HER CHICAGO-BASED STUDIO, INTERIOR designer Crystal Blackshaw has garnered a well-deserved reputation for taking an individualized approach to her clients’ homes, making them a true reflection of their personality and passions.

When she initially started designing 16 years ago, she stuck mainly to the Chicago area, but her work now takes her across state lines, including for this Indiana home. Her careful planning and attention to detail are displayed in the modern Midwest farmhouse that acts as a summer home for Blackshaw’s clients, for whom she has already designed four homes.

“The location of this house is in the woods, so we went with a woodland theme — with an artistic twist,” she says of the renovated home, originally built in the late 1930s. “There is a really cool juxtaposition between the country theme with a very contemporary feel.”

As with any of her projects, Blackshaw — owner and principal of Crystal Blackshaw Interiors — kicked off the design process with a consultation, walking through the home with the family to envision, together, how they wanted it to look and function. A family focus was a key consideration, as the homeowners use the space for weekend getaways, as well as for hosting family and sleepovers for their child and her friends.

TOP: This cottage in the woods is elevated with eclectic accents. In the dining room, an African wallpaper and plated art hangs on the wall, while a sturdy and stunning tree trunk table grounds the space.
41 FALL 2023
LEFT: Geometric patterns on the floor inside and outside the bathroom are bordered with botanical prints.

“In my consultations, I’ll typically ask questions like, ‘How many people do you imagine fitting into this space? Will it be more formal or informal?’ After the verbal interview, I like to ask the clients to pull a few images they gravitate toward, in terms of the overall feel. That gives me a jumping-off point on where they want the design to go,” says Blackshaw. “Some clients may pull more traditional spaces, while others may pull super contemporary clean ones. If I can get a little insight into what they want their home to look like, I can put my own spin on it and elevate it.”

In the case of this home, she combined patterns, textures and colors to create an eclectic space that stands out among other contemporary styles. Black-and-whitecheckered floor tiles in the kitchen, for example, play against white brick and deep emerald green cabinets. In the living room, white walls look anything but boring thanks to a black brickwork fireplace and funky décor pieces picked out specifically for the clients.

“I’m known for pattern play and putting colors together that don’t usually go together, mixing styles, eras and elements,” says Blackshaw. “As long as you have a good base — in this case, a fairly neutral base — you can layer in interest through pops of color, interesting wallpaper, classic tile choices and plays on the same color palette in an interesting pattern.”

42 ISSUE 14
43 FALL 2023

The mainly neutral palette of grays and blacks is made more exciting through vibrant blasts of orange, something Blackshaw hasn’t seen much of in design. “The orange was a running theme or thread through the home, whether through fabric, lighting, wallpaper or art,” she says. “We wanted that continuity when you’re walking through the house.”

Blackshaw is also known for her affinity for incorporating found objects into her designs, exemplified in pieces like vintage lighting from the ‘70s. As avid art collectors, the homeowners also contributed many pieces of artwork that held special meaning for their family. Their art features distinct African elements as well as influential people, including professional boxer Muhammad Ali.

“In the dining room, instead of Victorian toile, there are African [elements] in the wallpaper,” says Blackshaw. “All of the art is from artists who are local to Chicago…Art is such a subjective thing, so I ask the clients to pick out the art and then I’ll work it into the space and help them place it.”

Though the project ran smoothly from a design perspective, it was not without its share of hurdles in terms of logistics. One of the biggest challenges for Blackshaw was the physical distance between her and the home, as well as its more rural location.

“They hired their own contractor and because it was out of state, it was [tough] to get the materials to the location, which is about three hours from Chicago,” she says. “Because of that distance and the non-proximity to hardware stores, it took longer than expected — about nine months from start to finish.”

The end result, however, was worth the additional time, and the homeowners are thrilled. “They wrote me a very nice letter, saying they go out to their second home and feel like it’s always been there,” says Blackshaw. “That’s the best compliment — when your work is comfortable enough that they can just go out to their home and relax.”

RIGHT: The cloudy grey wallpaper was the jumping off point for the colors in this house project.
44 ISSUE 14
ABOVE: A neutral color scheme, paired with punches of burnt orange, warm white and bamboo blinds is ideal for a cozy cabin in the country.

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46 ISSUE 14
This custom-designed sectional with brightly colored cushions is a nod to the client’s favorite hue and a comfy place where friends and family can snuggle and enjoy the summer sun.


Design: Lucy Interiors

Photography: Spacecrafting

Text: Twila Driedger

From designing collections in New York’s fashion district to transforming interiors in Minneapolis, designer Lucy Penfield has always had an eye for color, prints and plenty of pretty. Penfield brings her penchant for delightful design to this waterfront summer house in Minnesota.

47 FALL 2023
48 ISSUE 14
Warm white cabinetry and ceilings are a perfect backdrop for the wall of windows, beverage bar and rich walnut countertop. Shades of blue and blooms in every room complement the showstopping view.


“I’m always on the hunt for pretty,” Lucy Penfield, founder and design principal of Lucy Interiors shares. “I love to entertain, I love to style and design and I am just always on the hunt.”

The designer followed her passion and proclivity for all things beautiful, diving headfirst into the world of design before sidestepping into the fashion industry. “I went to design school, in interior design and art history, and just loved the world of color, the world of culture, layers and history,” Penfield tells. “When I got out, there was a little lull in the design world and I ended up, for the first decade of my design foray into the world, in the fashion business.”

Penfield spent time working in women’s fashion in Chicago, Boston and on 7th Avenue in New York, designing silk collections and prints for Bendel’s and Bloomingdale’s. The detour in fashion design introduced Penfield to the artistic quality of style and design and established the importance of color mixing and color statements, setting the stage for her success in interiors.

“The prints that you could wear, you could wrap yourself in, you could also put on your walls,” she explains. “It was that energy of color and print.”

Now back home in Minneapolis, Penfield brings the same pizazz to her interior design projects. One step into the airy and uplifting summer home Penfield and her team transformed for a couple of close friends is a radical display of just how pretty Penfield’s designs can be. Oozing with personality and charm, the three-generation summer house combines family-friendly fabrics and furnishings with enchanting prints and traditional elements.

“They wanted to create a place for all the little ones to come gather,” she says. “We wanted to create spaces that were family friendly, that were easy flowing, that were entertaining, so we opened up walls,” Penfield says, adding that the original house was a little more traditional and buttoned up. “And they wanted to invite a little more comfort - the pitter patter of feet, feet up on the ottoman in the family room. So, while it’s pretty, it’s not precious. It’s livable.”

49 FALL 2023

The Lucy Interiors team worked collaboratively with the client to carefully construct a color palette and design that would complement rather than compete with the charisma of color and pops of print bursting in every room. With Benjamin Moore’s White Dove as the canvas, Penfield’s art-infused masterpiece takes center stage.

In the enchanting sunroom-slash-family room that cantilevers over the garden and includes a TV and fireplace, a custom blue horseshoe sofa wraps around the room, enveloping family members and guests “like a big hug,” Penfield enthuses. “It’s the gathering room, the sunroom and the family plop-down room.”

The rich blue hue was used as a nod to the client who loves blue, a color that was used in various shades and patterns to highlight her vibrant personality and affection for vintage. “She loves tradition,” Penfield says. “Her grandmother was a collector - she loved chinoiserie and just beautiful pieces.”

From luxurious bathrooms, warm hardwoods and more than 10 wallpapers rich with history and heart, every intricate detail is a celebration of color, pattern and a true collaboration of Penfield’s artistry and the client’s taste. To further infuse her friends’ identity, the designer repurposed pre-existing items, telling a compelling and sentimental story.

“We love repurposing,” Penfield says, impressing the importance of taking inventory before starting on the project. “Find out what the client can’t give up. And sometimes we find the diamond in the rough. We may say, ‘Well maybe this has lived its time, but what if we repainted or recovered it?’ And we did that

ABOVE: Sit down for the sweetest soiree in front of the hearth and right in the heart of the home. Natural textures and fresh flowers create a heavenly tablescape for a dinner party or a light luncheon.

RIGHT: Sweet dreams are a step away in these darling bedrooms. A pirate-themed wallpaper in the kids’ bathroom inspires little ones to get out and enjoy their very own adventure.

50 ISSUE 14
51 FALL 2023

together a lot in this house. I think it feels right and sustainable. It feels representative of the family and tradition. And then you have your storyline of your grandparents scattered through the house and on the walls.”

Penfield reupholstered the client’s grandmother’s little boudoir chair in a pink and white pinstripe and added her mother’s painted artwork to the walls. “We used English garden colors,” she details. “The client is a gardener herself, so the colors were pretty pinks, greens and yellows.”

Another acknowledgement to the ways of the past is the powder blue pantry, tucked behind the welcoming white kitchen cabinets.

“They called it the back kitchen because there’s a beverage fridge, a coffee maker and it has the pantry,” Penfield explains. The galley space is accentuated with a whimsical floral wallpaper, marble countertops and chrome fixtures. “How do you make a hearty workstation beautiful? Doll it up with beautiful powder blue and throw on a spirited wallpaper and all of a sudden you have a little treasure of a room that could have just been yawn yawn, match the kitchen. Why not be creative in that back space?”

A similar splash of color exists on the coral kitchen banquette - a playful place for eat-in breakfast or a kids’ dining nook. In the kids’ bath, a quaint paper provides the perfect backdrop for daydreams and the day’s explorations.

“We picked the map [wallpaper] in the ensuite bathrooms because it was kind of voyeuristic storytelling. You know, kids, where have you been? Where’s grandma? Where can you go?”

Beyond the summer home’s radiant color and pattern play, the getaway is also stacked with books, includes a perfect spot for their pup and features the client’s grandmother’s china, which is set and ready for weekend dinner parties, family celebrations and many memories waiting to be made.

“They’ve done wedding planning, they’ve had baby showers, they are entertaining,” Penfield says. “It’s party mode, family mode, it’s keep your shoes on and come on in.”

A light and airy entryway has a modern touch of whimsy and introduces elements of cohesion around the home - a dusty blue hue, a geometric carpet runner, pretty petals and floor to ceiling white walls.

52 ISSUE 14

Crisp. Elegant.

Ties it all together.

Wander into energy-efficient style, lush fabrics, and sophisticated layers of drama with Graber Cellular Shades and Drapery. They’re everything you want in a custom window treatment—for less.


Design: Envy Paint and Design

Photography: Rachael King Johnson

Text: Bahia Taylor

54 ISSUE 14

Jack Winters’ grandparents found their family cottage plot on Eleanor Lake in 1956. The gang spent their first weekend in their new 800-squarefoot two-bedroom cottage on Victoria Day weekend in 1957. As their family grew, the need for more space prompted an addition of 240 more square feet. For more than 50 years, the Winters clan vacationed and played, grew up and grew in numbers in that cottage, on one of the 200 lakes that can be found in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. The cottage changed hands as it was passed down to Jack’s father and sister; it now rests in the care of Jack and his wife Diane, and Jack’s sister Rosemary.

Opposite: A front-to-back view of the cottage shows the kitchen with woven wicker lighting, embroidered roman shades and a custom-built island. The chenille couch is a dream to relax on.

Above: A pair of these glass-topped driftwood tables are unique conversation pieces.

A new cottage built upon old memories and the Canadian Shield makes for a wonderful weekend getaway, year-round.
55 FALL 2023
56 ISSUE 14
The sea foam-topped laminate table that Opa Winters made gets a new lease on life with a fresh lick of white paint on the legs and bench, and new chairs with custom cushions.

In the early 2000s the family decided that the shifting family cottage, constructed on post and pad, had come to the end of its useful life. Unlevel, water damaged, leaning and with the addition separating from the original structure, they decided that it would be more efficient to start from scratch than to try to repair the time-worn building. Plans were chosen and a builder selected. Diane, an architect by trade, went straight to Bahia Taylor of Envy Paint and Design Ltd. to assist with the finishes for the new cottage. Taylor had worked with the Winters previously on portions of their city home. This, however, was going to be different. Who wants to leave the city only to be met with that from which they were escaping? A lovely, transitional-style home, that definitely says ‘city,’ is what the Winters enjoy Monday to Friday. For their weekend retreat, a comfortable, charming, cozy space that felt like the old family cottage was the mandate.

It’s hard to see a place that’s jam-packed with so many fond memories go, even in its dilapidated condition; it was important to make the new space everything the Winters wanted, but to pay homage to the cottage built by their grandparents. The dining table, with its classic 1950s top, was original to the cabin in 1956. In fact, Opa Winters himself constructed it. The sea foam green top was the jumping off point for the main area’s color scheme. The sea foam banana fibre carpet was the perfect find to anchor the scheme, and reference the table. Neutral shades

of beiges
57 FALL 2023
Dishes are at the ready, adjacent to the table on the beautifully styled hutch.

Each bedroom has its own palette. The Winters children made some color requests, and Taylor delivered rooms that are unified in feel, but that are easily identifiable for guests to the cottage.

58 ISSUE 14
59 FALL 2023
60 ISSUE 14
The low sofa table, built to fit the height and width of the sofa, matches the island in form and materials. Sea foam accessories repeat the colored top of the dining table.

and browns counter the sea foam, and make for a restful atmosphere. The headboards in the bedrooms are doors from the original cottage, painted out in fresh shades that give each room a definite color scheme. This was custom-picked to the tastes of the main occupant of each room, but also gives guests to the cottage a clear idea of where to make camp during their visit – the red room, the plaid room, etc. Some amazing new pieces were added by Taylor to compliment the many that she and Diane had culled from the old cottage. The driftwood end tables, the uber-comfortable chenille corduroy sofa, the bark dresser and mirror and the dining hutch are all new. They fit in seamlessly with the painted bedroom dressers (one of which used to belong to Oma Winters), Opa’s horsehair chair (which was reupholstered) and the paddles and steering wheel from the first boat the family enjoyed on Lake Eleanor.

The Winters love their new four-season retreat. It’s incredibly inviting, texture-filled and relaxing. A bowl of crystal doorknobs, saved before demolition, grace the coffee table. Old dishes from meals gone by are still used, and conjure flashbacks as strong as the currents. It’s safe to say that Grandpa Winters built more than furniture and a dwelling, when he pounded that first nail 56 years ago. He laid the foundation for memories, good times, and tradition that have endured over three generations, and will for many more to come.

61 FALL 2023

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Get Cracking

We love eggs, and with good reason: Often said to be the perfect protein, they are quick cooking, economical and delicious to boot! Symbolically, eggs embody the essence of life, birth and new beginnings, springtime and of course, Easter. From simply boiled, fried or scrambled, to deviled, souffled, folded and meringued, eggs are staples in our kitchens. Debut these eggciting recipes for a lovely brunch gathering or family meal.

recipes and food styling MARISA CURATOLO photography BRIAN JOHNSON


One 8-inch, store-bought, unbaked tart shell


3 eggs

1 cup whipping cream

¼ cup milk

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon salt

8 bacon slices, cooked and crumbled

1 cup Swiss cheese or Gruyere

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Place the unbaked tart shell on the baking plate. In large bowl, beat eggs, cream and milk together. Add mustard, cayenne, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Sprinkle cheese and bacon in the bottom of the tart. Slowly pour egg mixture into shell. Bake until center is set and the top is golden brown, about 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat and cool slightly. The quiche can be made in advance and reheated in a 250°F oven for 7 minutes.

65 FALL 2023


2 cups quick tomato sauce

(recipe below)

4 eggs

¼ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

Fresh bread, to serve

Preheat oven to 325°F.

Grease 4 medium size ramekins. Spoon in ½ cup tomato sauce. Crack 1 egg into each dish. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Cover ramekins with foil and bake for 6 to 8 minutes, until eggs are cooked but centers are soft. Serve with fresh bread. Serves 4.


¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic, whole

1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, drained, juice reserved ½ teaspoon salt

Dash freshly ground pepper

Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and cook gently until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Add tomatoes, breaking up with spoon and bring to boil. Reduce to simmer and cook, uncovered, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes. Discard garlic and season with salt and pepper. Makes 1 ½ cups. The sauce can be stored in an airtight container in refrigerator for up to 3 days.

66 ISSUE 14


This is an easy method that produces perfectly cooked eggs each time. The type of center you desire is determined by the cooking time.

• Place eggs in a small sauce pot of cold water: cover eggs by an inch of water.

• Bring water to a rolling boil.

• As soon as the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat and remove the pot from heat. Cover the pot.

Do you want soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs? Leave eggs in the covered pot and set your timer for the desired amount of time for the right style.

See the times below:

• For runny soft-boiled eggs (barely set whites): 3 minutes

• For slightly runny soft-boiled eggs: 4 minutes

• For custardy yet firm soft-boiled eggs: 6 minutes

• For firm yet still creamy hard-boiled eggs: 10 minutes

• For very firm hard-boiled eggs: 15 minutes

To peel your eggs, remove from water with a slotted spoon. Place eggs in a bowl of ice water.

Tap the cooked eggs gently, peel and eat! Eggs keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.


Boil your water, adding a tablespoon of vinegar. Meanwhile, crack your eggs into a small cup so they’re ready to go when the water reaches the right temperature. Eggs poach quickly, so you have to move fast.

When the water reaches a boil, reduce it to a gentle simmer. Dip the bowl with the egg into the water, and let the water cook the egg for a moment before you let it drop into the water. This will help prevent any wispy whites. Drop in more eggs in the same way, and try to keep track of the order they went in. The first egg in should be the first egg out.

Gently keep the water moving with a spoon while the eggs cook. Take the eggs out after 3 minutes for soft poached, or let them cook to 5 minutes for a more solid yolk. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain as much of the water as possible. Place the cooked egg on a paper towel to dry slightly before serving.

Opposite: A classic Italian dinner that only requires some leftover sauce and a few eggs – this is a simple quickcook recipe for when the cupboard is bare. Caution: Make this once and you probably won't wait until necessity forces you to make it for dinner again. You'll make sure to always have the ingredients on hand!

67 FALL 2023


½ pound lean ground beef

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme

⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon coarse salt

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 small onion, chopped

8 baby potatoes, precooked

1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup cherry tomatoes

¾ cup quick tomato sauce

6 eggs

½ cup shredded old cheddar

Heat large skillet or cast iron pot over medium

– high heat, add ground beef, garlic, thyme, cayenne pepper and salt. Cook until browned, drain fat and set aside.

In same skillet, add olive oil and onions. Cook until slightly soft, 5 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add potatoes, beans and tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes. Add beef and tomato sauce and simmer for 3 minutes longer. Crack eggs over mixture. Reduce heat to low and cover pot. Cook until eggs are slightly set, about 4 to 5 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese and serve directly from pot. Serves 6.

This hearty and comforting skillet with beef, black beans and potatoes is perfect for game day or those evenings when you just need breakfast for dinner!

68 ISSUE 14


6 slices white bread, crusts removed

6 eggs

6 slices proscuitto

¼ cup freshly grated Asiago cheese

Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 325°F.

Grease 6 large muffin cups. Press a slice of bread into each muffin cup. Brush bread with butter.

In a medium skillet, cook proscuitto over medium, until almost crisp, 2 minutes. Lay 1 proscuitto slice in each bread cup and crack an egg over each. Season with salt and pepper. Bake until egg whites are just set, 20 to 25 minutes. Run a small knife around cups to loosen toasts. Serve immediately. Serves 6.

Bacon and egg cups are so simple to make yet look like mini masterpieces! Betcha can't eat just one!

69 FALL 2023


4 slices country bread

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

4 tomato slices

½ cup shredded white cheddar

2 eggs

1 tablespoons water

Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

Toast bread and spread with butter. Top one bread slice with tomatoes and sprinkle with cheese.

Heat non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add remaining butter and melt. Crack eggs into skillet. Add water to pot, reduce heat to low, cover and cook 1 minute. Uncover and season with salt and pepper. Place eggs on tomato bread half and top with toasted bread slice. Serves 2.

Thick and delicious toasted bread is the perfect vessel for cheese, tomato and fried eggs.

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With some of the most stunning views in the U.S., it’s no surprise Colorado tops the bucket lists of many a traveler. Dating back to the Gold Rush, Denver is quickly growing in popularity as a destination known for its lively spirit, proximity to the Rocky Mountains and opportunities for adventure for all.



Mile High City

73 FALL 2023
Text: Andrea Danelak

Sitting a mile above sea level, Denver has amassed a reputation as the gateway to the Rockies.

But Colorado’s bustling capital city is so much more than its moniker — namely, it’s a hub of rich history dating back to the Gold Rush in the Old West, world-class attractions, a thriving food and dining scene and majestic scenery that must be seen to be believed. No matter what time of year you visit, Denver offers the perfect combination of urban-meets-mountain, with about 200 named peaks visible from the city.

Weather is generally dry, mild and sunny. Though it’s considered a highly walkable city, visitors can also get around using public transportation or renting a vehicle to explore beyond the city limits. Wherever your destination, make sure to stay hydrated to avoid the effects of altitude sickness (and don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes and sunscreen).


Denver is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Whether you consider yourself an experienced hiker looking to feel the burn or want to enjoy a more leisurely trek in nature, there are plenty of trails and outdoor adventures waiting for you, both within city limits and a few hours’ drive.

The city boasts more than 200 parks, many of which connect via bike trails. Extending 71 miles through Denver — one of the longest continuous urban trails in the U.S. — and passing through several parks, the High Line Canal Trail is especially picturesque in the autumn when the cottonwood trees turn a brilliant yellow.

The Cherry Creek Regional Trail remains a favorite for locals and tourists alike. The 40-mile route begins downtown in Confluence Park, otherwise known as Denver’s birthplace.

For those who want to venture outside of the city, premium hiking spots can be found in Rocky Mountain National Park, only an hour and a half from Denver. With a third of the park above the treeline, it offers more than 350 miles of hiking trails that lead adventurers to breathtaking lakes and aspen groves that change colors in the fall, moving down in elevation until the entire park undergoes a magnificent natural transformation. Don’t forget your camera, because autumn is also a prime time of year for spotting wildlife like elk. Make a stop at bordering resort town Estes Park for dining, shopping and even more outdoor attractions.

If you’re visiting Denver from late fall to late April, hit the slopes at a nearby ski resort. Loveland Ski Area, just over an hour away, is a popular choice due to its proximity to the city. A little further from Denver, the massive Vail Ski Resort has more than 5,300 acres of terrain waiting to welcome skiers and boarders. Spread out over five mountains, Breckenridge Ski Resort features the highest chairlift in North America at nearly 13,000 feet.

Love nature but hiking and skiing aren’t your thing? Stop and smell the flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens in Cheesman Park, where North America’s largest collection of plants from cold temperate

climates greets nature-lovers. Plan out your visit to take full advantage of its programming, which includes live music and traveling art installations and displays.

Music fans won’t want to miss Red Rocks Park, where an openair amphitheater now sits grandly in the natural historic landmark. Through the decades, concertgoers have had the chance to groove to some of the world’s biggest musical acts, the all-natural acoustics delighting ears while the red sandstone acts as a stunning backdrop. Take a walk down the Trading Post Trail, a 1.4-mile journey through the giant rock formations.

Fishing fans will want to check out the South Platte River for prime trout fishing. Cheesman Lake in Deckers, Colorado also offers some of the best fishing in the area.


Pay a visit to Coors Field, smack dab in the heart of downtown Denver, to take in an MLB Colorado Rockies ball game. Sports fans can also watch the Denver Broncos at an NFL game, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets shoot some hoops or the Colorado Avalanche take the ice in an NHL game. Fun fact: Population-wise, Denver is the smallest U.S. city with professional teams in the four major sports—but is arguably one of the most passionate!

No matter your interests, a museum is waiting to be discovered. One of the largest art museums between Chicago and the West Coast, the Denver Art Museum showcases more than 70,000 works of art from cultures around the world. Architecture aficionados will marvel at the museum’s awe-inspiring Frederic C. Hamilton Building, inspired by the peaks of the Rockies and covered in 9,000 reflective titanium panels.

History buffs, take note — Denver is a wonderful place to soak up the past. Start your journey at the History Colorado Center, which features more than 15 interactive exhibits that will delight the entire family. Hear the story of the Ute people, Colorado’s longest continuous residents, and dive deep into accounts of the state’s bygone era.

Everything from Egyptian mummies to gems and minerals to wildlife are on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, worth a stop for its exhibitions, films and planetarium.

The Molly Brown House Museum tells the story of American socialite, activist and philanthropist Molly Brown, a Titanic survivor better known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Explore the houseturned-museum, restored to its original splendor, to learn more about Brown’s life, including her journey on the doomed ship.

See Amelia Earhart’s bright yellow 1923 Kissel Speedster at the Forney Museum of Transportation, which showcases a display of cars, buggies, locomotives and other forms of transportation from across the centuries.

The Denver Mint produces billions of coins each year. Explore the historical building with a free guided tour, then hit the gift shop for souvenirs.

75 FALL 2023


Beer fans, rejoice — Denver is home to about 150 breweries to wet your whistle. To sample a slew of suds, join a local guided tour or map out an itinerary based on the Denver Beer Trail on your own. Located just outside the city in Golden, Colorado, the Coors Brewery is the world’s largest single-site brewery. Take a guided tour — which includes sampling— to see where millions of barrels of beer are brewed each year. If you’re visiting Denver in late September, imbibe in your favorite brews and discover new flavors at the Great American Beer Festival.

On top of Denver’s many breweries, don’t be surprised to see cannabis dispensaries in every neighborhood. As one of the first U.S. states to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado has embraced cannabis culture.

Denver is also known for its thriving dining scene, with awardwinning chefs dazzling tastebuds across the city. From casual spots with burgers and tacos to elevated dining experiences, there is cuisine to satisfy any craving. Green chiles, lamb, bison and fresh Palisade peaches are some of the most common ingredients making appearances on Denver menus. Those with an adventurous palate will want to try Rocky Mountain oysters. Fair warning: This delicacy is not made of seafood, but deep-fried bull testicles.

Lower downtown Denver — affectionately referred to as LoDo — is adjacent to Larimer Square, which holds the titles of first city block, commercial district and city hall, among others. Visit the string of Victorian buildings in the historic district for a unique shopping experience, vibrant nightlife options and good ol’ people-watching at one of its outdoor cafés.


If you have access to a vehicle, prioritize a day trip (or two) and pay a visit to one of the nearby mountain towns and attractions.

Located a short drive from Denver near Morrison, Colorado, Dinosaur Ridge marks the site of famous dinosaur bones, tracks, fossils

and history, including the world’s first Stegosaurus discovery — a mustvisit for any Jurassic Park fan! Explore via a self-guided audio tour or reserve a spot on a walking tour with a guide or geologist.

Plan a day trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where you can embark on an adventure at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center or step aboard a nine-mile train tour to the summit of Pikes Peak. Pack a picnic lunch and head an hour south of Denver to Roxborough State Park, which offers thousands of acres of dramatic red rock formations and a variety of flora and fauna.

Evergreen, Colorado lives up to its name, surrounded by trees and situated next to a tranquil alpine lake. Nearby Maxwell Falls hiking trail and Alderfer/Three Sisters Park are worth a visit for their colorful fall views. The mountain town also has art galleries, golfing, museums and much more, making it a perfect day trip from Denver. Cap off your adventure with a visit to Little Bear Saloon for a fun experience that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

For incredible views, drive the 40-mile Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway in the foothills west of the city. Combining two historic routes, it connects multiple communities like Golden, Morrison and Evergreen, and is dotted with plenty to see and do, including the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, Colorado Railroad Museum, Lookout Mountain Preserve and Nature Center and many of the aforementioned attractions.

Another day trip option is Denver’s smaller — but rapidly growing — neighbor, Boulder. You could easily spend a few days exploring its parks, trails and lakes, but make sure not to miss the iconic Flatirons — striking slanted sandstone formations. While you’re there, drive up Flagstaff Mountain for sweeping views and great photo ops. Wind down on Pearl Street, home to first-class dining, shopping and breweries. Bonus: You can schedule a day trip to Boulder even without access to a vehicle, as the Flatiron Flyer leaves regularly from Denver.

A four-season city, Denver has one of the longest periods of fall colors in the country, and a trip to Colorado would not be complete without

76 ISSUE 14

viewing the fall foliage. From mid-September to mid-November, watch the aspens turn spectacular shades at different elevations. Golden Gate Canyon State Park is worth the 45-minute drive for the bright gold aspen groves and exquisite views. Or, for a one-ofa-kind viewing experience, ride the train on the Georgetown Loop Railroad between Georgetown and Silver Plume and wind your way through the canyon.

In 2022, Denver welcomed more than 31 million visitors from around the world, a number only expected to grow. Whether you are there for work, play or a combination of both, the sunshine, inviting atmosphere and some of the best views in the country will ensure your first visit to Denver will not be your last.

78 ISSUE 14

Clustercore Put your personality and passions on display

Text: Twila Driedger

80 ISSUE 14


Your grandmother’s antique candlesticks, a framed watercolor from your child’s kindergarten year, a piece of fine china used as a jewelry dish and wildflowers poking out of a champagne bottle from a special celebration. The grouping may seem haphazard, but for the curator, each piece tells a story, and together, the eclectic arrangement becomes meaningful and beautiful.

Coined clustercore by TikTok creator @acnugs, her vision was to bring together knickknacks and intimate objects - books, travel trinkets, perfume, candles, a favorite mug - into a purposeful and charming presentation.

If you’re one of those people who finds solace in a clean, minimalistic space, and believe that the fewer tchotchkes and clutter, the better, then this look is probably not for you. For many people, a streamlined, uncluttered space promotes peace, focus and room to breathe. Clustercore creators, on the other hand, thrive on bringing a warm personalization to their space, adding collections and curating vignettes that spark interest and infuse belonging.

Think of clustercore as a display of your most cherished items, mementos and memories. Or consider it a scene from your latest season - shells from the beach, the trophy from a big win and a handwritten note from a good friend. Instead of keeping your prized possessions tucked in drawers or boxed up in the basement, clustercore celebrates your stuff by encouraging you to set them out in groupings.

But before you dump all your keepsakes onto the mantle, beware. If you go too far, a special vignette starts to look sloppy. Refined cluster can look like random clutter if you’re not careful. “Clustering is an art form, and it’s hard to pull off because if you do it wrong, it can veer towards just mess,” Avery-Claire of TikTok fame said in the now-viral video about clustercore, inspired by the aesthetically eccentric apartments lived in by your favorite film and TV characters. She suggests curating little ornaments, souvenirs and everyday items into “the movie set of your own life.”

Think about your interests and personality and how your most prized possessions express who you are and what you care about. Find that dusty bin of childhood keepsakes hiding under the stairs, open the cupboard with the handcrafted pottery and walk around your home picking up items that are extra precious or particularly ‘you.’ Wine corks from your getaway to Niagara on the Lake, glitter nail polish or a leopard print scrunchie that speak to your style, your mother’s pearls that you’ll probably never wear but are too beautiful to part with and that gold angel figurine that represents healing. While none of your items may connect or go together, play around with the pieces to create an aesthetic that sparks joy, infuses rich character and showcases your personality.

81 FALL 2023

Curating Clustercore in Your Home

While it seems as if there are no rules when it comes to clustercore, following a few simple steps will take your space from feeling superficial and cluttered to charming and heartfelt.

82 ISSUE 14

Share Your Story

If you love to dig in the dirt and spend your weekends gardening, communicate your hobby with a cluster of items that show affection for your green thumb. Recently back from a vacation? Stack your tourist books, baubles bought along the way and a framed photo of your adventures in a collection that tells of your travels. Remember a loved one with memories from your shared experiences - a knickknack from your childhood, keys to an old apartment, wine corks from a celebration and a candle to light when you miss them. Think about the story you want to tell before you compile your items and let it be the motivation when building your scene.

Include Heartfelt Heirlooms

While trendy trinkets bought in bulk at your nearest big-box store may be cute, steer clear of cheap or cheesy items that make your aesthetic unauthentic. Instead, only collect objects that you truly care about and convey who you are. Consider heirlooms entwined with rich history and beautiful ornaments that express your taste and traits.

Put it Anywhere

Create an effortlessly beautiful display in any room of your home - on tables, bookcases, mantels, even on the walls, or wall shelves. A gallery wall with an assortment of artwork, photographs and a wall hanging is a creative way to use vertical space and feature your curations.

Level Up

Add interest to your vignette by mixing up the height of your items. Pair tall candlesticks with a small succulent and use stacks of your favorite books to add layers. Incorporate textures with items such as a handwoven doily, rattan tray or eucalyptus leaves. Play around with the composition of the cluster, matching soft items with metals or something more colorful and structured.

Style it in Seasons

Change up your cluster with the time or year - or the season of your life. Since it’s a reflection of who you are and where you’re at, allow your vignette to grow with you. Frame that beautiful butterfly card from a dear friend, add some sunflowers in the fall or let it collect a bit of dust when your days are full. When time and life changes, curate a new collection with newly found trinkets or recently recovered gems.

Metallic Paint COLLECTION ™ Non-tarnishing Metallic Paints Water Base 49 Premixed Colors Available in 6 oz, Quart and Gallon Sizes modernmasters.com Contact Your Rust-Oleum Area Manager for Current Metallic Paint Color Cards and Literature
Featuring Prosperity 0107 Color Of The Year 150 Dascomb Rd., Andover, MA 01810 | 978.623.9980 www.icpgroup.com | ©2023 ICP Group TREND 2023

As we look ahead,

reconnecting with nature and creating meaningful moments with loved ones is what’s most important.

To reflect this, our homes will become a sanctuary where we feel grounded and can build memories to cherish forever. With this in mind, we introduce our color of the year Prosperity 0107, a deep and rich shaded pink, designed to reassure and support.

To inspire you, we’ve designed three striking palettes featuring our 2023 trend colors that highlight the versatility of our color of the year. With Prosperity at the center of each, it’s time to discover your own vision for the future and enrich your home with one precious hue.

Prosperity 0107

Bleached Meadow 0376


White Shoulders 1265

Twinkle Twinkle 0355

Lemon Bar 0865

Sauterne 0126

Motherland 0793

Thistle Gray 0197

Abstract Idea 0643

Romantic Night 1138

Thistle Gray 0197

Orange Ballad 1019

November Storms 0543

Ranch House 0142

On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. For the truest color representation, view selected chip in area and light where the color will be used.

Atmospheric Pressure 0587
Calm Interlude 0501
Prosperity 0107

rustic living

The grounding quality of Prosperity makes this an ideal choice for spaces where you can be at one with nature. Taking inspiration from fall harvests and rural landscapes, our color of the year is joined by rich earthen Orange Ballad, energising green Motherland, and a clear sky blue, Atmospheric Pressure. The addition of Bleached Meadow and Calm Interlude further enrich the palette. From farmhouse-style bathrooms and kitchens to rustic bedrooms and even the façade of your home, welcome the outdoors in with Prosperity.

0376 Atmospheric Pressure 0587 Motherland 0793
0501 Orange
1019 Prosperity 0107
Bleached Meadow
Calm Interlude

self expression

If you prefer bold, statement styling, this confident, eclectic palette is just right for you! The dramatic aspect of Prosperity is accentuated by two saturated jewel tones, Lemon Bar and Romantic Night. In addition, the monochromatic trio, crisp White Shoulders, Thistle Gray and black November Storms add depth and definition. In 2023, create meaningful memories in spaces to entertain or bring your personality to studies and bedrooms with a little creative expression.

White Shoulders 1265 Lemon Bar 0865 Thistle Gray 0197 Romantic Night 1138 November Storms 0543 Prosperity 0107


America’s most trusted brand of sealants brings you ALEX ULTRA with first of its kind advanced ANTI-SHRINK TECHNOLOGY. Increase productivity with a fast 15 minute paint time, easy gunning, tooling and clean up. With strong multi-material adhesion and a Lifetime Guarantee, achieve premium, professional results that stand the test of time.
When you want more time for this... ...choose this. With no laps, no runs, no streaks, and no backbrushing required, the project is finished in less time with Ready Seal Stain & Sealer for Wood. readyseal.com
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Timeless Temporary and


Have a small backsplash area, coffee bar alcove or workstation niche that could use an easy update? Peel and stick your way to a simple and stylish update!

94 ISSUE 14

Step aside subway tile. Move over marble, granite and quartz. There’s a new kitchen backsplash that’s all the rage: wallpaper.

Give your kitchen new energy, a pop of print or a dramatic edge with an easy and affordable update. With everything from pompous prints and classic graphics to subtle textures and whimsical designs, you can showcase your personality without the cost and long-term commitment of tile, stone or a slab. Wallpaper is turning heads as the new trend in kitchen backsplash.

Perfect for a renter, a DIYer whose style shifts with the seasons or the budget conscious, peel and stick wallpaper provides a perfect way to reinvent your kitchen. As the popular entertaining space takes a turn from the all-white way of the past and toward a more personal style, wallpaper walks in with all of its colorful, graphically enchanting and textural glory to steal the show.


Unleash your adventurous spirit and go all-in on the tropical trend with Funky Jungle Peel and Stick Wallpaper from York Wallcoverings. A fresh take on a botanical print, the verdant style adds just the right amount of drama to amp up an otherwise monochromatic kitchen. Juicy coral, leafy green, and lively blues jump off the wall and beg to be styled around. Showcase your colorful stoneware, display your fresh produce, and add warm tones with useful wood cutting boards.

With its easy up and smooth to remove formula, adding a bright, bold and oh-so-beautiful large-scale statement backsplash is a super low commitment. Tired of the tropics in a year or two? The product is guaranteed to come off walls in full strips.


With the magic of peel and stick wallpaper, achieving your Carrara marble dreams is closer than you think. If splurging on extravagant marble, granite, or quartz isn’t in your budget, but you still want the classic and expensive look of stone, get rocking with this eco-friendly Oil & Marble Premium Peel + Stick Wallpaper by York Wallcoverings. The pattern is described by the paper company as a ‘dance of colorful marbling inspired by the Persian art of oil on water known as clouded paper.’

With simple installation, making it easy to remove and reposition the paper, you can save yourself the cost and the heavy lifting of stone. Just like a luxury mineral, you’ll want to protect your paper with a waterproof varnish. The finish will help it hold up to the wear and tear as a backsplash in a busy kitchen. With three beautiful shades (white/grey, clay/ taupe, and blues), the hardest part of the process will be selecting the color!

With a black background and myriad lush and leafy accent colours to choose from Funky Jungle provides ample opportunity to flex your stylish accent muscles. Pick a color, any color (or two) and go wild with beautiful ceramics, fresh tropical fruits, and wonderful wood grains.

York RMK11576RL
95 FALL 2023

This Marrakesh-inspired style is for those who prefer monochrome. It has all the exotic appeal of an ancient, artisanal city with a neutral palette. Let the eclectic shapes and intricate patterns hold court by opting for a deep and dramatic off black or space gray

Elegant and worldy, marble never goes out of fashion. Its wispy movement and reserved nature make it the perfect backdrop for modern spaces and those who fall into the minimalist camp. Use white to keep the overall space quiet enough to speak volumes without raising its voice. Simple and special artifacts are all you need to crank the

York PSW1127RL
York RMK11648WP
96 ISSUE 14

Combine the hazy and swirly medium of watercolor with a classic Moroccan tile in the hands of an internationally known artist like Paul Brent and you have a soft yet geometric backdrop perfect for vintage metal finds and orchard-inspired accents like fruit and branches.

Nothing says timeless style and nostalgic appeal like the distressed glamour of old-timey brick. Have your cake and eat it too with an easy care smooth and durable installation void of rough texture and problematic pits and pores. A whitewashed finish highlights potted herbs, farm fresh produce and well-loved cookbooks while evoking the sense there’s a potager garden just outside the kitchen.

York RMK11237WP
97 FALL 2023

The train that is the terrazzo trend, bringing the Venetian substrate out from under foot and onto, well, everything, is still chugging along. This earthy palette of grown-up confetti offers a lot of design tracks to venture along from creamy white, to warm sand, milky latte, buff, terracotta, to mocha and beyond. Pick one and punch your ticket or mix a melange of color destinations.

If lavish and ornate florals a la Victorian era masters are what your botanical dreams are made of then a floriferous papered niche is just one DIY day away. Instead of going gilt, modernize your blooming backsplash (or otherwise) with accents of bright white and clean lined shapes.

LITTLE DOVE 0006 York RMK11425RL York RMK11277WP
98 ISSUE 14

A Three-Step System for Selecting Counter Stools

With great rooms and gathering spots at large islands more popular than ever, the ideal counter stool has become a crucial component of the kitchen. From sanding and re-staining age-old counter stools to finding cool cognac stools that coordinate with your mid-century vibe to splurging on woven ones from your favorite designer, it can be tricky to select the right style of stool for your space. Plus, you also need to consider height, comfort and function. Follow our simple, three-step system for selecting the counter stool that works best in your kitchen.


If you’ve ever sat at an island with your knees touching the underside of the countertop, you’ll know how important the proper height of your stool is for top performance. Standard countertops measure 34-39 inches high and standard residential bars are 42 inches high. You’ll want to allow for approximately 10'' between the bottom of the table or countertop and the top of the stool so that it slides nicely underneath the counter, with optimal space to sit.


While you may love the look of a low back counter stool, if comfort is higher than style on the priority list, consider stools with a full back, arms and upholstery. If you have kids and don’t want to obsess over spaghetti sauce ruining your woven wicker seats, opt for a finish that is easy to clean. Or perhaps your husband needs to turn to watch the game – then select a stool with a swivel. Whatever you choose, ensure that the stools function well for life in your house.


Once you’ve determined height and function, find the stool that speaks to your style. While you may have worked hard to create beautiful combinations in your kitchen, coordinating countertops with cabinets and hardware, feel free to add some dichotomy to your kitchen design with your choice of counter stools. Create interest by going against the grain – adding a traditional stool to a modern design, or a unique stool to an otherwise basic kitchen build. Incorporating elements of texture and color, playing with materials and mixing and matching old and new stools will add personality and encourage camaraderie around the counter for years to come.

99 FALL 2023

Forget soft pastels and bright white, instead embrace a nursery thats enveloped in a rich and bold color that’s both sophisticated and stylish. These genderneutral ideas will inspire your own space.

Try an all-over charcoal for depth, dimension and drama. Repeating the color on the feature wall, crib, chair and dresser maintains the serene and restful mood the color creates.

Accenting with muted color choices that share the same undertones is key. A soft and slightly murky pink is the perfect accompaniment.

Fresh greenery is literally a breath of fresh air in any space, with the uplifting qualities of plants boosting moods, reducing stress and decreasing pollutantsthe perfect companion for late night feeding and changing.

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