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SPACES: Real-home redesigns with wall-to-wall ideas you can use.


THE BROWNSTONE BEAUTY A stunning remix of traditional and trendy.


THE HOME THAT WORE ITS HEART ON ITS SLEEVE A lesson in self-expression in the home.


DWELL WHERE YOU DREAM Transitional style with modern impulses.


THE NEW CRAFTSMAN CLASSIC A stunning new build with craftsman character and modern appeal.


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: OUR FAVORITE MOODY LOOKS Innovative ways to use deep and dramatic hues in your home.

PG . 32

Check out more colorful and inspiring spaces.

Products featured in At Home are available at JC Licht, some by special order.

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Love the designs within our pages? Connect with the talented folks behind the gorgeous spaces.




Caroline Grant & Dolores Suarez, Dekar Design | dekardesign.com info@dekardesign.com THE HOME THAT WORE ITS HEART ON ITS SLEEVE


Sommer Tate, Folkway Co. Design & Wares | folkwayco.com design@folkwayco.com DWELL WHERE YOU DREAM


Ginger Curtis, Urbanology Designs | urbanologydesigns.com hello@urbanologydesigns.com THE NEW CRAFTSMAN CLASSIC Melanie Love, Love & Interiors | loveandinteriors.com info@loveandinteriors.com



FALL 2019

Bahia Taylor Editor in Chief Co-founder Leigh McKenzie Creative Director Co-founder Carlee Baigrie Contributing Writer & Editor Olivia Hiebert Graphic Designer

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CRAFT TABLE: DIY? WE SAY Y-E-S! THE CRAFTY CARTOLOGIST The perfect DIY for the travelobsessed.


HOT SPOT: High standards and ethics breed beautiful products.

P. 60 P.74

FROM RUGS TO RICHES Annie Selke on her rugs, running an empire, and staying relevant in the digital world.


CHOW: Just thinking about it is making us hungry. TONIGHT & TOMORROW Mouth-watering eats that go the distance.


EXPLORER: Pack your sense of adventure and let’s go.

HARDWARE FOR THE HARDY Find out more on page 82.

SOJOURN TO SALEM Travel to the town of perpetual Octobers.


TOOLBOX: Helpful resources for any homeowner. HARDWARE FOR THE HEARTY Tools fit for the titans.

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Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “life starts all over again when the leaves get crisp in the Fall,” and this issue, we’ve taken these words to heart. Every new season is a chance for reinvention, but perhaps especially Fall, with its stoic winds stirring magnificent shades of sunset swirling through the air, and the trees’ thinning branches learning to accept their nakedness, even with the promise of winter gnawing at their roots overnight. Perhaps above all else, Fall is a demonstration of bravery: of learning to strip it all down and get to the marrow of things, so that we might discover what new configurations emerge. Swapping the comfortable for the courageous is not always an easy endeavor: it can be understandably terrifying to step out of your comfort zone and welcome in the new, we might never know what our lives could look like if we never find the courage to let go of what we have now. When we learn to accept the vibrancy of our own lives and the world around us, we begin letting in colors we never thought we had the right to before. This issue, we wanted to challenge ourselves to dream bigger and embrace change and all its inevitable awkwardness to the fullest, letting faith in the final vision see us through. We’ve leaned into the deep, the dark, and the moody (see pg. 60 to view our favorite spaces that don’t shy away from the drama), we’ve spoken to designers that wear their heart on their sleeve (pg. 40) and we’ve talked to an exceptional woman who has turned her creativity and passion into an empire (Annie Selke, pg. 26). What we’ve learned is that being true to yourself takes you a heck of a lot farther than following trends will. We hope this issue will be a lesson in boldness for our readers, and that you too will be encouraged to dive deeper into yourself and discover your true colors. We hope these spaces and their stories will inspire you to forge ahead fiercely into the unknown, to walk boldly and think creatively, and to let every adventure inspire you along the way.

FALL 2019

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Color! our favorite moody looks






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A B R E E Z E TO M AI NT AI N • Can be applied in 110+F direct sunlight • Able to walk on wet stain without having to back brush (Application footprints blend in over 24 hours) • Wet stain marks blend in when stain is applied within 20-30 minutes • No stripping / sanding on maintenance coats • Can be exposed to rain 60 minutes after stain fully absorbs into wood

• • • • •

Wood can have up to 20% moisture content No peeling, cracking, flashing, or shiners Conditions and rejuvenates wood Formulated for single coat application A 2nd coat can be applied wet on wet or wet on dry for extra protection (for many applications)

Oil Based Exterior Wood Stains compliant in all states (not modified oils)


Ask your ALLPro Retailer for Armstrong-Clark




The initial design consultation of any project is always an exhilarating and often overwhelming experience. It’s difficult to know exactly how to communicate what it is you want out of your space, and that’s why we’ve put together a list gathered from the experts that will help you and your design team maximize your time and your space. These helpful hints will have you looking like the pro and will ensure your initial meeting is as productive and as seamless as possible. 1. FIGURE OUT YOUR BUDGET: Be honest about the amount of money you are able to spend on your project(s). This way you and your designer can have an open conversation about what is feasible and what may have to be accomplished at a later date. This gives you the opportunity to decide on a timeline to achieve all of your projects in a way that makes sense to you and your lifestyle. Additionally, this will help your designer prioritize where they need to try to cut costs, and offer materials/ideas accordingly. 2. OBSERVE AND (OVER)SHARE: The more you tell your designer about the space you’re looking to makeover, the more suggestions and ideas they might have to enhance your vision. Take note of these subtleties in the days leading up to your consult. Does the room get a lot of natural light at certain times during the day? Does it feel colder than normal? Your designer might have ideas on how to work with these natural elements of the room to have it functioning optimally. 3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: We are living in the age where millions of ideas are just a few clicks away. Make sure you take advantage of this wealth of information and inspiration by checking out websites like Pinterest and Houzz to get a clearer picture of what you want (and what you don’t). Focus on everything from functionality to color; texture and print. You’ll be surprised how quickly your own ideas come into focus. The more research you

do, the better you’ll be able to articulate what exactly you want form your consult to the professional you’re working with, and the better they’ll be able to execute your vision. 4. NAIL-DOWN YOUR NEEDS: Make a list of your have tos: these are the things that are most important to you or certain functions you rely on. This can be anything from a “family control center” that helps keeps everyone in the household organized to a walk-in closet. Having your priorities clearly in order at the start of this process will help ensure the most important aspects of your home’s makeover do not fall victim to compromises in case you meet any unexpected road blocks. This also means deciding what aspects of your home (furniture, accessories, artwork, etc.) that you are willing to part with, and what has to stay. 5. BE OPEN MINDED: Of course, at the end of the day the designer understands that you are the one that will be living in your home, and therefore you get the last word, but it is important to keep an open mind. Remember the years of experience these professionals have under their belt and understand that they may bring some insight to the table that you may not have considered. Listening and being open to new ideas can ensure your space maintains a cohesive overall aesthetic that works in your home. Another way of saying this is trust your designer: trust that they will hear what you want to bring to life and find a way to make it happen.




Some see a wall, we see a blank canvas

• Paper & Non Wovens • Grass Cloth

• Glass Bead & Sand • Handcrafted Naturals

• High Performance Vinyl • Specialty, Mylar and Flock

has the largest selection of wallcoverings in the Midwest. 38 Chicagoland Locations & 17 Design Studios Visit jclicht.com for a complete list

BIG PICTURE PALETTE When it comes to getting the gears turning on a new room-reno, the first thing most homeowners think about is their wall color. This initial step in the home makeover process is often the most difficult and impactful; it’s easy to find yourself paralyzed in front of a color wheel. Paint color technology has advanced to the point where virtually every shade under the sun is on the table, so it’s understandable to be a little slow to pull the trigger on your dream hue. The wall color you select not only sets the tone of the room, but it will act as a backdrop for and ideally tie together your décor, textiles, and furnishings. The degree to which these elements work together to tell a cohesive story determines the difference between a house and a home. Beginning your renovation with the single most consequential choice can be tricky, especially if your planning on bringing existing furniture or décor items into the space. The goal is always to find a color palette that will work for you and your lifestyle for years to come. With longevity in mind, we recommend asking yourself the following questions before setting your sights on your perfect shade:

WHAT’S THE BIG PICUTRE? The best selection is always the one that considers the whole picture: the walls, the stain of any woodwork or furniture, and the hues of any adjacent rooms. Think about how your selection will flow with the rest of your house. WHAT WILL REMAIN IN THE ROOM? Create a list of items or pieces that will stay in your newly rendered room after painting is complete, including any furniture. Your perfect-match paint color needs to be compatible with these items as well. WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? Balancing budgets is all about trade-offs. Try to think about what changes will pack the biggest punch for the least amount of cash, including paint, slip covers, and fresh accessories. Having these seemingly minute details worked out before-hand lets you evaluate where you can afford to splurge on a higherticket item, and where you can cut some corners with more budget-friendly options. WHAT IS THE ROOM’S PURPOSE? Consider the function of the room, what it will be used for and how



you’d like to feel when you’re in it. The utility of a space will dictate its mood to a certain extent, but there is still plenty of room to play up a space’s overall feel. For example, some want their living room to be a sanctuary from the non-stop busy-ness of the world; others prefer to use this space as a hub for entertaining. WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL COLOR PREFERENCES? Look at the color choices you typically gravitate towards—are they usually warmer or cooler hues? Picking a shade in line with your personal taste will give your shade with staying power and ensure it isn’t just a passing fancy. WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION? Long before your settle on a shade, start collecting pieces of inspiration, from color and fabric swatches to images from Pinterest and magazines. This will help fine-tune the direction of your designs. Once you have a decent collection gathered, edit your choices and select only the elements that stand out to you. Look at your edited collection against the list of items that will remain in the room as well as the space’s natural light.


The The Perfect Perfect Solution Solution for for High-Traffi High-Traffic c Commercial Commercial Spaces Spaces

SCUFF-X® holds up to scuffs, stains and repeated cleaning, SCUFF-X® holds up to scuffs, stains and repeated cleaning, yielding reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and yielding reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and pristine walls that continue to look freshly painted over time. pristine walls that continue to look freshly painted over time. May 22, 2017 2:38 PM

Job #: 17-16152

4 Color

Pantone PMS

Additional Info:


May 22, 2017 2:38 PM

4 Color


Job Name: SCUFF-X Ad For Clement’s Paint Final Flat Size: 8.375” x 10.875” w/ .125” bleed Job 17-16152 Final#:Finish Size: 8.375” x 10.875 Job Name: SCUFF-X Ad For Clement’s Paint Designer: Cat

Final Flat Size: 8.375” x 10.875” w/ .125” bleed


Additional Info:


Final Finish Size: 8.375” x 10.875


Designer: Cat


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HOW TO USE A STANDARD COLOR WHEEL TO PAINT YOUR HOME Colors don’t exist in a vacuum; rather, every shade is intricately connected and bears a relationship to one another. By familiarizing yourself with the color wheel and the way it operates, you can gain a better understanding of the relationships between shades, and therefore be in a better position to select colors that help achieve the desired aesthetic of your home.

Working with a color wheel, the potential for devising attractive decorating schemes is practically limitless. Schemes are helpful guidelines that ensure cohesion and cooperation amongst your selected shades. The most successful and intriguing combinations fall into one of the following categories:

MONOCHROMATIC (ONE COLOR) This scheme utilizes one color in several different shades or tints, often in light, medium, or dark tones. A monochromatic palette screams sophistication, especially when dealing with a softer or more subtle shade. When a monochromatic palette is utilized in a darker or bolder shade, the result it daring.

ADJACENT OR ANALOGOUS (TWO – SIX COLORS) This system employs two or more colors which are found next to one another on the color wheel. The best execution of this color scheme involves choosing one color to use more dominantly than the others.

COMPLIMENTARY (TWO COLORS) The say the best clichés are irrefutably true, and that’s certainly the case with the saying “opposites attract” in the world of interior design. This scheme mobilizes two colors that sit opposite to one another on the color wheel. Again, the best results will favor one shade more prominently to prevent the shades from clashing.

TRIAD (THREE COLORS) This scheme takes three colors that form an equally-spaced triangle on the color wheel. For example, yellow-orange, blue-green, and redviolet. With the triad scheme, you’ll want to select one shade as your dominant, one as your secondary, and another as your accent.




Chalk Paint If you’re a home-owner, you’ve probably considered slathering a wall of yours in chalk-board paint with dreams of having a surface built into your home where you could integrate reminders and lists organically. These opportunities for personality to shine through in our interiors are ways to humanize our spaces and keep them from feeling too sterile. The chalk-board wall is also highly functional, with most who have completed the

follow-through raving about their organizational and aesthetic benefits. What holds many home-owners back from seeing this idea through is finding the wall space to spare. But the fabulous thing about chalk-paint is it can virtually be applied anywhere! No need to reserve your effortlessly incorporated scribbles and memos to a full-on wall surface. There are plenty of other opportunities to utilize this unique trend in your home.

We’ve put together a list of alternative options for you to peruse and find the right fit for your lifestyle! 1.

Family Command Centre: Section off a piece of wall wherever your family keeps their mail, schedules, and other aids of organization. This is a great opportunity to increase your household’s efficiency, and acts as a catch-all for reminders, last minute adds to the grocery list, or little love notes for family when the morning routines don’t sync up. For added style, frame your block of chalk paint with an old deconstructed photo frame (Remove the glass & backing).


Metal Tray: Who doesn’t have old metal trays laying around their kitchen cabinets, inherited from relatives or an afternoon of antique shopping. Slather the center of your tray in chalk-paint to create a unique menu display for dinner parties! This will create ambiance & elegance in your dining space, ensuring anticipation for the main event!




Play Room: Every child is already an artist, and it’s a parent’s job to ensure they have the space in which play, curiosity, imagination, and exploration are encouraged. An easy way to ensure this is to get your child to engage with their surroundings, letting them constantly play the role of creator. A chalk-board wall in a playroom or child’s bedroom is perfect for playdates, reinforcing routines (to encourage independence), and artistic expression.


A strip of chalk-board paint in a kitchen is perhaps the most useful, as it can be used to signal meal plans, grocery lists, or chore assignments. No wall real estate to accommodate? Cover an exposed side of a cabinet (ensure the material is compatible first) instead!


Mason Jars: Ever have a party and wake up in the morning with virtually every glass you own dirty and in need of a wash, because no one could keep track of which glass was theirs all night? We certainly have. A quick fix is to coat either a swatch or the entire exterior of the glass (mason jars work great for a rustic appeal), so guests can easily pen their names onto their glasses.


Office: Sick of trips to Dollarama to stock up on post-it notes? We know the feeling. An office space is the ideal spot to have a chalk-board for plenty of reasons. Having an erasable to-do list means using less paper, and zero risk of misplacement! Block out a small surface like with the family command center, or else slather a whole wall for on demand visual brainstorming space!


SEE THE COLOR YOU EXPECT TO, FOR AS LONG AS YOU EXPECT TO. You can tell when the color in the store doesn’t match the color on your wall. When we reinvented our paint, we created our exclusive Gennex® Color Technology which makes our paint simpler on the inside and truer on the outside. So you get exactly what you expect. That’s proudly particular.

Stop in today for color, paint and decorating advice, and ask us how Benjamin Moore® products with Gennex Color Technology deliver greater color consistency and exceptional durability.

38 CHICAGOLAND LOCATIONS VISIT JCLICHT.COM FOR LOCATIONS & STORE HOURS ©2018 Benjamin Moore & Co. Aura, Benjamin Moore, Color Lock, Gennex, Paint like no other, and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co.

D E S I G N E R inspiration P.32

TWILIGHT BLUE 2067-30 A deep and vibrant hue with staying power was the perfect match for these cabinets and island base. The sophisticated shade breathes new life into the space, adding a playful texture and character to this culinary couple’s dream kitchen that bodes well amongst the restored brownstone architecture of this historic home. Its bewitching depth and clarity bring an understated charm into any space, especially in smaller doses as seen here.


DREAMY CLOUD 2117-70 Elegant, enchanting, and infinitely versatile, this shade brings just the right amount of airy allure to this eclectic space and acts as the optimal background for folksy art and artisanal dĂŠcor. The perfect neutral with a hint of character that morphs to fit its surroundings, lending a subtle sheen of warmth to whatever space it occupies. Its refined simplicity is at the root of its appeal, making it the quintessential floor-to-ceiling shade for open concept spaces.



Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint


JET BLUE CC-870 While this room features a stunning textured wallpaper in this deep and moody shade, you can achieve the look with “Jet Blue” by Benjamin Moore: a bold navy with black undertones sure to add a dose of depth to any room it inhabits. Despite being on the darker side, this hue is rich, both in its composition and in its potential. The ideal shade to blanket a moody motif onto any space. Because of its potency, this shade is ideal as a feature wall in a bedroom or common area.

Cozy and cool, this tried-and-true gray is the perfect fit for an accent piece of furniture, as pictured here on this stunning bathroom vanity. Highly dexterous, this neutral fits seamlessly within a multitude of contexts, while also sporting a blueish undertone that brings just the right amount of visual variety. It’s simple charm soothes the eye and its complexity brings intrigue and a hint of drama, making it the perfect color to brighten the scheme of this powder room.


GRAY 2126-40 P.54

F A L L 2 0 19



then paint with confidence! IPG®’s full line of masking tapes provides value and performance for both the contractor and consumer alike! Whether on the job at a new construction site or giving your home a fresh new coat of paint, IPG has the solution for you!

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You deserve the very best for your home. And with Shaw Floors, you can expect just that. For 50 years, Shaw Floors has been the name to trust for the most beautiful and comprehensive assortment of high quality flooring solutions. From luxuriously soft carpets to todays’ most desirable looks in hardwood, Shaw Floors has the perfect products to help create a home that’s uniquely you.

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BG-118272-17 ALLPRO At Home Magazine Ad.indd 1

The Right Tool Can Make a Do-It-Yourselfer Feel Like a Pro


The Wooster Brush Company

5/31/17 3:35 PM








ifty years ago, a travelers greatest companion was her ever-expanding map, with its worn edges and permanent crease-lines helping her to navigate the foreign and return back safely to home once her feet began to tire. Now, we rely mostly on our phones to get us from place to place, but there is an odd nostalgia that has attached itself to these relics of vacation’s past. These almost comically large fold-out maps remind us of a simpler time when adventure could still be stumbled upon by happenstance (or a misinterpretation of road configuration), but they also work wonderfully as dÊcor in the right context. With the task of navigation gone digital, many of us have a junk drawer filled to the brim with old maps sitting grimly in obsolescence. Fortunately, a thing becomes the perfect ammo for artwork precisely when it loses its use. Dig out those maps and follow these simple steps to create your very own map art: choose a city or place that holds meaning for you (perhaps your hometown, or a favorite vacation spot) to add a personal touch.

YOU'LL NEED: - - - -

Wooden Heart (or any desired shape) with key chain hole. Paper Scalpel (X-Acto Knife) Clear Polyurethane Top Coat Key Chain Ring (for key chain only) or Ribbon (for Ornament)


The best part about this project is its versatility, you can use virtually any map on any surface to create your own unique look. For an ornament or key chain, you can pick up your desired shape in wood from a craft store or order online on Amazon.

1. Place the wooden shape on top of the map (over the area you’d like to be featured on your ornament) and use your paper scalpel to cut out. Ensure you’re working over a hard surface or cutting mat that won’t be damaged by your knife. 2. P aste both the wooden shape and the map cut-out with your clear polyurethane top coat, and then carefully place and press your map cut-out on top of your wooden shape.

3. A dd a layer of clear polyurethane top coat on top of the map to seal. Apply at least two coats while allowing drying time in-between. 4. R epeat steps for the other side of your ornament. 5. T o complete your ornament or keychain, finish with a ribbon or key chain ring.




1. Find an old planter that you’d like to revamp. Cut your map using your paper scalpel over your cutting mat so that it will fit around your planter and overlap slightly at the back side (whichever side of the planter will face the wall and stay out of sight). Use a measuring tape if the map is too large or awkward to measure by eye. 2. Coat your planter in a layer of Polyurethane Clear Coat, and apply map, smoothing any bumps that arise. Apply another two coats on the map’s surface, allowing time to dry in-between.

You can add quotes, poems, or phrases to your maps prior to cutting using permanent marker (if you trust your handwriting skills) or, if the map is in decent enough condition, you can run the map through the printer for a typed and polished look.

F A L L 2 0 19


Dash & Albert




From Rugs to Riches

With a seemingly un-yielding creative furnace and a keen eye on ethical business practices and quality materials, it’s no wonder Dash & Albert’s rugs have become ubiquitous in homes all around the world. Annie, the mastermind behind the brand and its affiliates, reveals the secrets to running a successful empire, staying relevant in the digital world, and keeping the playfulness alive in her creative process.

From ideation to execution, Dash & Albert's rugs are crafted and handled with meticulous care so that they can be proud of the products they put in your home.

F A L L 2 0 19


Bold patterns, playful prints, and top-tier quality materials for every lifestyle: the tried-and-true recipe behind Dash & Albert's success.





hen Annie Selke launched Pine Cone Hill in 1994, no one could have anticipated the massive success that spun itself from Selke’s genius. Her employees describe her as having “more ideas than we could possibly imagine or keep up with” and “a consummate traveler and flea market treasure hunter” who “gathers inspiration wherever she goes.” With this otherworldly imaginative capacity, inspiration rarely runs dry, which is perhaps why Annie has enjoyed expanding and diversifying her brand so much. The Dash & Albert story begins back in 2003, when Annie was reviewing cotton placemats for addition to their original line. She had laid out all the different options and samples on her front hall floor, and suddenly realized the fabric would make amazing rugs. Annie wanted to create a separate entity for her rug line rather than simply add onto her bedding brand. In fact, the company rarely used the Annie Selke name in its early years, hoping that Dash & Albert would be able to stand on its own two feet (or should I say four?!). The strikingly cute name stems from Annie’s love of dogs, two in particular: her Clumber Spaniel, Dash, and her red and white Basset hound, Albert. The name “seemed to strike the right tone,” evoking the playful yet polished demeanor of all of Annie’s design endeavors. Annie describes the Dash & Albert brand as “spirited and well-bred” and “the smart solution for floors pining for personality.” Their sole mission is aimed at making “people happy by designing beautiful, qualityconscious products that bring joy to your home.” It seems Dash & Albert is achieving

The only thing better than your classic white subway tile back splash is knowing that you are supporting a company that takes their impact on the environment seriously.

F A L L 2 0 19


All Dash & Albert rugs are manufactured at Pine Cone Hill, India, pictured above, where Annie Selke’s company has worked tirelessly to ensure they provide opportunities for women’s employment and empowerment.



Fireclay Tile

this vision in strides, with millions of happy customers: everyone from “first-time-homeowners, experienced designers, college students, secondhome-owners, those who have never purchased a rug before, and rug aficionados” can find a rug that feels true to their style and space at the right price point. “We have many individuals involved when it comes to developing new products” Annie reveals about their wide-ranging target demographic: “those with an affinity for all things bohemian, the mid-century-modern-obsessed, the modest minimalist, the romantics, the contemporaries, the eclectics,” and the list could go on. This extraordinary array of aesthetic and fabric choices offered by Dash & Albert’s extensive collection requires a tremendous amount of creative energy to produce. When it comes to process, Annie typically begins with a spark of inspiration from a piece of art, antique fabrics and textiles, or just a general mood board to get the creative juices flowing. “From there, we submit the visuals to our vendors and they interpret the design into a particular construction of rug. This can be as simple as a stripe or as intricate as a micro hook. Once we see samples in person, we make our decision of whether or not we’re going to put the rug into production,” relays Annie. Also unique to the Dash & Albert brand is their commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. They introduced their largest recycled product line five years ago (their P.E.T. line; short for polyethylene terephthalate), which features area rugs offered in indoor/outdoor options with “the sophisticated look and feel of wool,”

but is made entirely of recycled plastic. Their team in India, where the production facility is located, ensures they are only working with the best vendors, both from a product and business perspective. Their favorite of these vendors being a female-run production unit built to make rugs exclusively for Dash & Albert. The factory originally began with just two women in 2010, but within four months, they grew to sixty women. “We are so proud to be able to contribute to women’s empowerment and employment in an area that had been dominated by men,” shares Annie. In 2019, the Annie Selke Company is busy as ever, venturing into the hospitality industry while still holding a significant command over the interior design world. While many well established businesses and brands falter in the face of an increasingly unrecognizable technological market landscape, Dash & Albert has thrived and maintained its relevance and authenticity by “moving with the current and adapting to new technologies and platforms.” Social media has been a big part of enhancing their marketing strategy; they began dabbling in user generated content two years ago and have found it to be an extremely effective and resonant form of marketing. “On Instagram, we are able to form symbiotic, organic relationships with influencers and designers who share our vision and whose presence on social media enhances our business.” Annie praises this and other

online platforms for facilitating connections with like-minded individuals “who share their passion for design.” Ultimately, it is Annie’s unique ability to “predict trends before the trend even knows it’s coming” and her strength of vision that have made Dash & Albert and the other Annie Selke companies such household names. “The designs are timeless, chic, and playful and the quality is superior”: it’s tough to mess with a sure-fire recipe like that. Annie reflects that Dash & Albert has become so much more than just a household brand, “it has become a tradition that is passed down from mothers and fathers to their daughters and sons… Dash & Albert endures because we have something to offer for every aesthetic and every lifestyle, for every season of life.” In terms of the future, Dash & Albert has no plans to stop forging ahead and bringing us the beautiful rugs that have become such permanent fixtures in our homes and lives. “We’re always looking to broaden our horizons and continue our trajectory of growth.” We can look forward to a pet line and further expansions into the hospitality industry from Annie Selke in 2019, as well as “fun, new brand enhancing collaborations to bring to customers.” There’s no doubt that this brand will continue to put wonderfully crafted and stunningly beautiful rugs under our feet and inspiration in our hearts for years to come.

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THE BROWNSTONE Design: Dolores Suarez & Caroline Grant, Dekar Design Text: Carlee Baigrie Photography: Brett Beyer Photography Architect: Ben Herzog Architecture

Vintage rugs, playfully printed pillows, and architectural elements that call to the Brooklyn neighborhood’s classic brownstone appeal mingle to create a cozy living space with a trendy twist.



Dekar Design revives the vintage sensibility of an out-of-use brownstone in the Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn, delivering the district’s native detailing with a modern execution.


hree years ago, in the highly coveted neighborhood of the Carroll Gardens area in Brooklyn, Dolores and Caroline of Dekar Design visited a worn-down townhouse building, which had been previously separated into discrete units and used as an apartment complex. The dilapidated building had been purchased by a young couple with one child and another on the way, with dreams of restoring the structure to its original glory. For Dekar Design’s clients, this meant creating a home that paid tribute to the traditional brownstone feel, while also adding their own unique flare and personality. Because of New York’s backlogged building permits and the forest of red-tape involved in restoration projects, this also meant Dolores and Caroline would have plenty of time to work through their ideas and flesh out their design. “The clients were very involved” shares Caroline, “they were really into making it look like a modern update of the classic brownstone. We added a lot of molding, giving the rooms substance.” One of the ways Dekar Design brought the Brooklyn sensibility into this project was through the stunning archways that dominate the main floor, a cardinal feature of the brownstone structure. These arches persist throughout the home, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the home and adding significant character to the space while softening the edges of the home’s relatively rectangular layout.

F A L L 2 0 19


Rows of windows in black trim peak out from below molded window caps, while standard black fencing & curated foliage lay the curb-appeal on thick, providing plenty of reasons why this neighborhood is so highly coveted.



Caroline and Dolores begin every project by asking their clients how they want to feel in their new space. They consider it their job to anticipate what their clients envision, and then “push a little bit to see if we can expand upon their original vision.” After narrowing down the client’s tastes and aims for the space, Dolores and Caroline then created a design deck to further cement their vision. With time on their side due to construction delays, Dekar Design was able to go through the creative process organically, starting conceptually and then honing in to select color palettes, textiles, furniture, and décor items while looping their clients in throughout. Caroline and Dolores were adamant about developing an aesthetic that was authentic to both Brooklyn’s historical architecture and their client’s personalities. For the Carroll Gardens project, this meant paying attention to elements of their lifestyle that might require a particular kind of functionality: “they wanted it to feel lived in and not worry about anything being damaged or stained. They really wanted to use their house so the idea was to make it comfortable,” a task which was simplified by the client’s love of the bohemian aesthetic. Mixing modern and vintage elements, Dolores and Caroline merged “lots of texture with accents of color, bringing in the modern lighting and the rugs, which have a lot of layering and texture and really lend that vintage feel.” Having small children certainly played a role in their selections, citing the ottoman in the living room as a particularly kid-friendly piece: “no edges!” Dolores points out.

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Caption Top left: Stunning archways lay the foundation for the brownstone feel of the home, while bohemian influences in the form of textiles lend a lived-in and laid-back texture to the home. Caption Top Right: Cabinetry provides a pop of color in this stunningly polished kitchen, while butcher-block countertops are the perfect match for clients active in the culinary industry.



Another way that Dekar’s design team customized the home for their clients was in their kitchen, which was designed with the couple’s immersion in the food industry in mind. The couple decided against a formal dining room, opting instead for a multi-purpose and open-concept kitchen/dining space, which flows seamlessly into the living room thanks to the understated but extraordinary detail of the archways. Dolores calls the kitchen one of the highlights of the house, stating, “It’s a beautiful thing to have a gorgeous kitchen and have the people actually use it!... I mean, he literally bakes his own bread!” Choosing a non-traditional color for the kitchen cabinets added that youthful and fun appeal their clients were seeking, while also creating balance between the white walls and darker blue trim of the arches and ceiling. A butcherblock counter-top serves as the perfect surface for culinary creations of all kinds, while the wood texture breathes warmth into the space to compliment the cool navy of the cabinets. One of the main objectives in mind when Dolores and Caroline began this project was to create a space that complemented their lifestyles and fit effortlessly with their family. “There’s this beautiful flow to the house,” Caroline explains. This flow is no doubt a product of the cohesive color palette that maintains itself throughout the home, with subtle shifts from room to room to leave space for novelty and nuance. All in all, the designers’ mission of bringing back details authentic to the Brooklyn brownstone was a roaring success, while also managing to imbricate their client’s own personal style into the fabric of the structure. The result is a

A laid-back dining table sporting mid-century chairs and a cushioned bench acts as the ideal meeting place for meals, a game of cards, or a morning coffee. F A L L 2 0 19


A stunning soaker tub with an old-school feel is donned with a waterfall of foliage hanging above, lending a dose of the great outdoors to this classic bathroom.



“CAROLINE AND DELORES WERE ADAMANT ABOUT CREATING A SPACE THAT WAS AUTHENTIC TO BOTH BROOKLYN’S HISTORICAL ARCHITECTURE AND THEIR CLIENTS’ PERSONALITIES” home that feels understated and intimate in all the right places, while also being something to marvel at in its own regard, with unexpected moments of complexity and charm. In short, it’s the kind of home that breeds belonging. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for in the place where we rest our heads? A convenient playroom located up the stairs features neon signage, white and bright surroundings, and an easy storage system for toys and trinkets of all kind.

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Design: Sommer Tate, Folkway Design & Wares Co. Text: Carlee Baigrie Photography: Jen Morely Burner

For Folkway Co. Designer, Sommer, designing a home is an act of self-expression. Her unique stylistic selections slather her walls in authenticity and intrigue from corner to corner, proving that staying true to your personality will take you farther than any trend ever could.



An evenly-spaced gallery wall offers a structured but subtle pop of personality above a bench filled with cozy furs.

This small corner of the room boasts a big personality: a wooden bar cart acts as an entryway table to store stacks of reading material, an impressive coffee press, and layered artwork.

F A L L 2 0 19


A well-loved looking cabinet brings a moody hue to this space, while its complimenting antique side table and twin blush chairs bring a sense of luxury into the mix. A relaxed arrangement of layered artwork and various accessories bring a tempered dose of vibrant personality.




he home of Folkway Co interior designer, Sommer, is an explosion of character that wears its heart on its sleeve. Built in 1941, the unique house has been a labor of love for Sommer and her family, who were able to paint the home prior to moving in, but had to stomach (literally—Sommer was eight months pregnant at the time) a full kitchen renovation while residing amongst the chaos. Thankfully, the house had great bones, so the majority of the changes and updates required were cosmetic rather than structural. Sommer insists: “we honestly just did a lot with paint!” The offwhite color that permeates the common areas of the home was a strategic move for Sommer, who wanted to create a feeling of expansiveness to combat the lower ceilings and tighter corridors typical of homes from this era. “For walls, I tend to gravitate either really light and airy or dark and moody and I like that contrast” Sommer shares. “And then your accessories can kind of land somewhere in between.” The bolder colors in Sommer’s home are found in complimentary doses, such as the kitchen cabinets and fireplace, which Sommer divulges she has painted over three times now in an effort to find the ideal shade. “I just find myself thinking that’s not quite the right color… so I’ll paint it again! Sometimes I like to be able to just do things on a whim. It’s kind of fun for me. It’s nice to be able change things up.” Elaborating further on her preference for fluidity and novelty, Sommer shares her home is “constantly evolving…I feel like if you use great neutral colors that don’t necessarily scream ‘kid’s bedroom’ or whatever, it can evolve without needing a ton of work.”

Custom built locker-inspired storage acts as a mudroom area for Kimberley's busy family. F A L L 2 0 19


“WHEN YOU GO TO SOMEBODY’S HOUSE IT TELLS YOU A LOT ABOUT THEM: WHAT THEY LIKE, WHERE THEY’RE FROM. LITTLE THINGS LIKE THAT” Simple and delicate touches, like the gold bedside lamp and whimsical artwork pictured here, show a lighter and playful side of Sommer’s home.

Sommer describes her personal style as “collected or eclectic,” preferring to mobilize the personal and unique pieces rather than the mass produced when it comes to decor. “I go antique shopping and to flea markets a lot,” Sommer relates. As an avid collector of original art (“nothing expensive!” Sommer clarifies), and a careful curator of her and her husband’s family heirlooms, Sommer has no shortage of these more intimate pieces in her arsenal. “Just trying to mix all of those things that we love and have character and meaning to bring the space together.” This approach is the same Sommer utilizes when working with clients. A lot of people keep personal items “stored away in the attic and don’t know how to incorporate them, and so we try to bring out those things and find out more about them,” Sommer’s approach is all about finding the right space to put these intimate items on display. “When you go to somebody’s house it tells you a little bit about them; what they like, where they’re from. Little things like that.” The impulse toward the antique found in Sommer’s home can be found in her clients' as well in its own right: Sommer shares she is “always adding antiques or vintage items to anybody’s house”. Elaborating, Sommer expresses: “I just feel that it adds character. Even if they have a more modern style, adding a little bit of something rustic with the modern gives it a warmer feeling.” A perfect example of the sparkle of the rustic in Sommer’s space is the metal cabinet back-dropping the two dusty pink chairs: “I found that along the road at a little store or something. It’s huge, and this house isn’t so big so we had to kind of find a place for it,” Sommer shares. Originally sporting industrial wheels, Sommer and her husband refurnished the piece and modernized it slightly by building a wooden cabinet around it. Being a bit of a nomad, Sommer and her family have had to carry this piece with them from state-to-state, no easy feat considering its size, but a stunning piece that oozes charm.



A beautiful dresser in a warm wooden hue provides the perfect contrast for the blueish white that occupies the room’s walls. Gold hardware and a spherical lamp offer a sense of luxury.

F A L L 2 0 19


Sommer considers coziness, livability, and functionality to be the key components of her design aesthetic, features that are mandatory for a home housing two small children as well as two dogs. “There is a lot going on in the house,” Sommer confesses, but, Sommer’s design embraces life in all of its beautiful mess, letting the personal determine rather than detract from her interiors, and letting love flow freely between her walls. This relaxed sensibility is a true art form, and an undervalued one at that, but one Sommer seems to have mastered. She shares that she avoids planning too much, preferring to let her heart lead the way: “just buy things you really love that you think will work well together.” Her simplistic approach to design is somewhat refreshing in an increasingly cookie-cutter world where pristine white walls reign supreme. This sense of effortlessness constitutes the beauty in Sommer’s space: there is no detectable sense of obvious calculation. Her home simply feels as though it is a collection of cherished items curated for cherished people, where love and comfort are in abundance. Sommer draws the beauty of the natural world into her home’s interior with plenty of indoor plants (the greener the better), bamboo blinds, and earthy shades.





Anchor Builders replaced the original one-car garage with spacious two-car unit along with the master bedroom that sits atop, overlooking the front of the property.



A young family’s 1920s style tudor-home gets a refresh from Urbanology Designs: the result is a masterful mix of transitional and modern elements with an organic feel.



Design: Ginger Curtis, Urbanology Designs Text: Carlee Baigrie Photography: J. Turnbow Photography

F A L L 2 0 19


This space strikes the ideal balance of texture and structure in the perfect palette of rich and earthy neutrals.




hen these young homeowners made their move from the East Coast to Texas with a newborn baby in tow, they enlisted the help of Urbanology Designs to create a nursery space for the newest addition to their family. After falling in love with what the Urbanology team had created for their little bundle of joy, they knew they wanted to expand the scope of their partnership, eager to see what they might dream up for the rest of their home. Ginger, the lead designer on the project and the owner of Urbanology Designs, describes the family as ideal clients: trusting, laid-back, and incredibly sweet: “it made it really fun because we were all on the same page,” shares Ginger. After meeting again with the clients to discuss their vision and personal style, which Ginger described as “slightly eclectic modern transitional,” and completing a series of site visits, the Urbanology team got started on what they call “the dream phase” of the project. This “dream phase” is a collaborative process involving their whole internal team bouncing ideas off one another and channeling their energy to optimize their creative breadth. “This is where we say, okay, the sky is the limit, what can we come up with here. And then we hone in and refine it and bring it into reality so that its tangible and doable within the budget.” Elaborating, Ginger admits, “we kind of all obsess and geek out over it. It’s what we love about our jobs” adding “it’s like we’re dreaming on our client’s behalf.” And what a beautiful dream it was. Ginger describes the finished product as “a melting pot” of aesthetics that “felt design forward but also really fresh, hitting on the high notes of what [the client] gravitated towards.” With strong architectural bones, Ginger and her team sought A beautiful a-frame ceiling provides the perfect skyscape for this living room, which brings together moody baby blues, creamy whites and browns, and circular shapes to create a haven for afternoon and evening lounging.

F A L L 2 0 19


out to “compliment the contrast” of the tudorstyle 1920s home. “It’s tempting for a lot of people in the design world to be very matchy-matchy,” Ginger explains, advising that this approach is not always the most practical, nor will it yield extraordinary results. Instead, Urbanology opted to enhance and compliment the features of the house by pulling in unexpected and sometimes contrasting elements in such a way that “the same thought pattern is maintained throughout the different rooms.” To ensure the space didn’t come off as overly formal, Ginger incorporated natural materials and pieces: warm wood tones, ample greenery, and natural wood finishes. This stunning interplay of formal transitional elements and earthy influences is most visible in the A-frame living room, which Ginger feels is the heart of the home: “it’s so simple, yet classic and absolutely timeless.” The room’s character stems from the stunning gabled ceiling, which frames the space while also creating an airy quality. Sometimes those expansive and never-ending ceilings “can feel like a void” says Ginger, but the A-frame in this home feels “charming, cozy and intentional.” After realizing the chain on the chandelier intended to hang from that soaring ceiling was far too short the night before installation, Ginger vowed to never underestimate a gabled-ceiling again. Thankfully, the company was able to outfit a customized chain and have the chandelier installed in time for the reveal. “The whole house needed to be practical for a young family with a baby that was soon going to be a toddler, the dog, and a mom and dad that like to have wine on their sofa. It needed to be functional and comfortable, but beautiful.” Another bonus space for this growing family was the outdoor seating area, which acts as the perfect “landing spot” for the trio, who love to take their dog for walks, to re-group after an evening stroll. “It’s just something really simple, we didn’t want to take away and draw a lot of attention, we just wanted it to add and enhance value but also be functional” Ginger shares. “Nowadays, we don’t have to choose between function and form, you can truly have both” relates Ginger, who is clearly already a master of this balancing act. Her design is effortlessly intimate, and coated in character, but still understated enough to give the family plenty of room to grow into the space and layer in more of their personalities as the years go on and their styles evolve. A slim desk with a minimalist feel houses a wood framed circular mirror and a distressed gold planter.




THE NEW CRAFTSMAN CLASSIC Modern design enlivens this traditionally-inspired structure with a refreshing remix of sleek interior lines, dynamic finishes, and unique materials. Design: Melanie Love, Love & Interiors Builder: Peter Rosenthal, Buzzer 9 Development Inc. Architect: Jarvis Architects Text: Carlee Baigrie Photography: Meghan Caudill



A bright and airy kitchen sporting more than its fair share of natural light lets its white herringbone backsplash soar to its ceilings.

F A L L 2 0 19


A grey apron sink calls to its matching island frame, while open shelving flanking a stainless steel vent hood offers an opportunity to showcase dinnerware that belongs in the spotlight rather than behind cabinet doors.




ove & Interiors’ Melanie got in on the ground floor of this stunning new build nestled in the historic neighborhood of the Berkeley Hills. Her early involvement meant she had the opportunity to provide feedback on architectural plans in order to optimize her design’s impact. “It was really nice to define the overall direction from the very start,” Melanie comments. Embarking on a new build in an area already dominated by older homes with an established continuity throughout can be a bit of a balancing act, as even the most appealing of structures can be an eyesore or a disruption if it doesn’t make sense contextually. “There are a lot of older homes in the neighborhood—a lot of older craftsman homes—so we wanted to respect the existing architectural styles that were there, but also make it appropriate for a young family that would likely be buying it.” Finding a happy medium, Melanie opted to uphold the traditional craftsman aesthetic on the exterior of the home, and then focused on modernizing the home’s interiors, relying on a bright and fresh color palette to elevate the home’s customary craftsman sensibility. The home was intended as an investment property to be placed on the market shortly after completion, placing added pressure on Melanie to deliver a space that wouldn’t alienate their desired demographic, but still had its own personality. Melanie’s goal of creating “something that feels unique, and doesn’t look like all the other cookie-cutter homes on the market” meant juggling tradition and individuality. The difficulty here was in managing the desire to bring this modernized sensibility to life without sacrificing mass-appeal. “It’s always tricky to make selections that will feel special without being too generic… you don’t want to be divisive,” Melanie advises, a challenge she clearly rose to meet. Though the home is scattered with enticing and unique materials, prints, and patterns, Melanie’s selections work perfectly in unison to cultivate an aesthetic with a surprising amount of charm and personality. The unique merit of the home lies in Melanie’s commitment to thinking outside the box: “when I’m collecting things for a space, I try to make selections that feel unique to the home—that have a story to them.” The character and personality of Melanie’s designs are most evident in elements like the funky pattern on the living room fireplace or the floor in the master bedroom. Melanie capitalizes on these selections that often go overlooked, or at least underused, by other designers, particularly when designing spaces intended for sale. The idea with investment properties is so often aimed at blandness, mass-appeal, and generic mentality. Melanie challenges this idea with exacting precision. Continuing her standard revolt against the mold, Melanie plays with the finishes of the hardware in her spaces as well, a revelation that jolted us to take a second look. The varying textures are barely visible at first glance because of how well they mingle together. “I like to mix finishes so that things don’t feel overly designed or matchy-matchy,” Melanie confesses,

The craftsman style adopted and maintained throughout the exterior of the home receives a modern twist with striking black trim.

F A L L 2 0 19



Divergent finishes bring visual variety to this double vanity while a grey-blue tone produces a calming effect. Delicately patterned tile acts as the perfect foundation for this spa-like ensuite.



adding, “I fear things becoming dated down the road. Like if everything is in brass or a specific finish. It’s really nice to be able to play with those finishes and have a client trust that process and trust that it’s all going to come together. You’ll notice that not all the light fixtures are the same finish necessarily. You’ll see a nickel faucet with a darker mirror in the master bath, but then the brass hardware is on the vanity, and all of that comes together and works.” Risks are a part of the job for Melanie, placing a premium on trust in her working partnerships. Thankfully, Melanie had worked with Peter Rosenthal of Buzzer 9 Development Inc, a custom home builder based in Suasalito, before and had already established the trust necessary for the execution of her bolder design choices. Melanie and Peter are currently wrapping up their third custom home together and share a collaborative partnership, balancing Melanie’s willingness to take risks with Peter’s extensive knowledge and experience. Melanie credits their great working relationship with their ability to pull off the more adventurous features in the home, like the darker island, which may not have been possible

had they not had the time to develop that confidence in one another. “It’s very exciting and rewarding to have him trust me to make these decisions,” shared Melanie. Melanie considers the defining feature of this space to be its coziness, especially considering the home’s modern structure: “Even though it’s a new build, it feels like a comfortable and livable home. It doesn’t feel too sterile. That’s always my goal when working with a very modern style: for things not to feel too cold.” Indeed, Melanie’s modern designs in the interior portion of the home work harmoniously with the exterior, which succeeds in blending in with neighboring homes while still retaining enough curb-appeal to stop passers-by in their tracks for a lingering look. Though the property was an investment and ultimately intended for sale, we cannot help but imagine the young, vibrant family enjoying the designs that Love & Interiors dreamed up for them, cozied amongst the stunning collage of disparate but cohesive finishes and pieces. The family that is lucky enough to bask in the fruits of Melanie’s labor is a lucky one indeed!

The best designers say that your home should be a reflection of your personality, which sometimes comes as a surprise when considering the never-ending slew of crisp-white homes that find themselves dominating feeds everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram. Our personalities are as colorful as the chip wall at your local paint store, so why not spice it up!? Although it can often be intimidating to



branch out of your comfort zone and embrace the spectrum, these rooms prove that a little drama never hurt anybody. In fact, dabbling with darker hues can produce phenomenal results with no shortage of character. Better yet, Autumn brings (along with the desire to nest and eat) a whole slew of rich and robust shades and tones perfect for the colder months and the yearning for coziness that comes with it.

Text by: Carlee Baigrie | Designer: Cody Derrick | Photographer: Lucy Call




his man cave feels like it’s of another era: brimming with antique influences like the black and white portrait photos of great men of the past lining the cobalt blue walls, lending a decidedly historical version of masculine charm to the basement space. Exposed beams, dark cherry wood trim, and heavy accents of studded leather scattered throughout cement the space’s warm palette and its theme of gallantry. It’s the smaller details that make this man cave such a marvel: a vintage transom window leaded in a crisscross pattern hovers above a sword mounted on the wall, calling to an earlier time of civilization. Feathered quills replace flowers in a vase on the fireplace, while American flags suggest the room may be an ode to the first explorers of the United States. Low lighting lamps layered throughout the room mimic the customary candlelight of the early modern period. A chest engraved with symbols of Catholicism acts as a bar, lined with whiskeys and scotches (ready for next week’s poker tournament no doubt!).

Designer: Charlie & Co. Photographer: Corey Graffer Photography



himsical and laid-back, this stunning beach house sports saturated hues, warm wood, large-leafed foliage, and playful colors and patterns. A fun and retro looking “Play the Game” poster illustration beacons to the bold yellow chairs, which complement the cool navy of the upper walls. White extended trim wood paneling on the lower portion of the walls keeps the space feeling buoyant with energy. A large, spherical light fixture piles on more playfulness while bringing the eye into focus under the central fixture of the room: a stunning dining table that compliments the hardwoods perfectly. Nautically inclined white and blue striped chairs peak out from the corner, promising more brilliant beachy features beyond the page.

Designer: CM Natural Designs Photographer: Chipper Hatter

F A L L 2 0 19




fraid of the Dark? Don’t be! This polished powder room proves that bold is best, even when dealing with a smaller space. The expansiveness of the deep black provides dramatic impact and creates the illusion of spaciousness. Mel Wright, of Mel Wright Designs, advocates for these big risks in smaller spaces, and encourages her clients to treat their bathrooms—especially a half-bath which is typically dislocated and closed-off from the rest of the house—as “the jewelry box” of the home. Gold accents provide a focal point for the eye so it can find a harbor in the sea of blackness, preventing the design from overpowering with the depth of the wall color, while a luxurious chandelier provides an undertone of glowing light to be reflected onto the sheen of the walls.

Designer: Mel Wright Designs Photographer: Marc Angeles





t’s difficult to resist the rainy-day allure of this understated grey sanctuary. It looks like a humble hide-away, a place to seek refuge from the busy-ness of the big wide world with a mountain of books and enough coffee to read them all (check that espresso machine!). Although demure because of its moody color palette, this space is miles away from boring, with stunning details and accessories that add an element of luxury. Beautiful book-laden wallpaper brings the expansive and stately library feeling without sacrificing the wall space. Balancing the darker walls is a crisp white plush rug, anchoring the eye and preventing the otherwise domineering palette from coming off too heavy-handed. Dark cherry wood frames trim doorways and windows to bring warmth to the cooler palette of the living room, adding masculine tones and charm by the boat load. Radiator heating, antique features, and eclectic artwork bring an old world aesthetic into the more modern aspects of the space, mixing the old with the new with effortless cohesion.

Designer: Cody Derrick Photographer: Lucy Call

F A L L 2 0 19




ophistication at its highest peak, this dining space is fit for the sleekest of tenants. Symmetrical mirrors compliment the rounded square shape of the chandelier, while brass finishes on the chair legs, mirrors, and buffet table accessories collaborate in perfect harmony. The golden touches lend a sense of luxury and glamour, while the darker hues anchor the space in a masculine energy. A ceiling laden in geometric patterns catches the tone of the gold accents so perfectly, your eye barely notices it at first glance.

Designer: Lauren Allyn Interiors Photographer: Tre Dunham, Fine Focus Photography



These playful and unique elements are crucial in a room dominated by darker colors, as it elevates the aesthetic to ensure it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This designer utilized the natural light brought in from floor-to-ceiling windows and dabbled with the dark arts, letting the rich moody tones play in the shadows and highlights. A multi-toned grey rug centers the room while a circular table rounds the edges of the more structured silhouettes in the space.

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Tonight & tomorrow Photography, Styling and Recipes by Brian Johnson

Many years ago I came up with the concept of 1 meal that would go the distance of 2 meals. Tonight & Tomorrow was born! That is, grocery shop, prepare and serve all with the intention of making 2 meals out of the efforts of 1. A reinvention of the initial meal, not only elevates the word ‘leftovers’ but is also sustainable and efficient. Admittedly, it’s also fun in the challenge of using the same ingredients, but in a fresh, new way. Impressing my guests with a traditional Sunday dinner of porchetta, risotto and beets, and then a reimagining of the meal with casual facility to a delicious pressed sandwich, and creamy beet soup the next day made it all the more delicious!




Gomae, recipe on p. 60. F A L L 2 0 19


TONIGHT PORCHETTA 2 kg piece of pork belly with skin removed 3 tbsp fennel seed 2 tbsp cumin seed 1 ½ tbsp peppercorns 1 tbsp salt 3-4 cloves of garlic, minced Zest of 1 lemon Juice of 1 lemon ¼ cup of parsley, chopped 2-3 tbsp olive oil 1. T oast fennel, cumin and peppercorns in a fry pan on medium heat until aromatic. 2. In mortar & pestle or spice grinder combine toasted spices & salt, grind to fine. 3. In a bowl, mix ground spice & remaining ingredients to make a thick paste for the rub. 4. Pat pork belly dry with paper towels. 5. Score both sides in a criss cross pattern. 6. Rub 3/4 mixture on the non fat side and squeeze lemon juice over. 7. Roll belly into a tube and tie with butcher twine. 8. Rub remaining mixture on the outside and let rest in the fridge for 6 hours to overnight. 9. Cook at 450° for 20 minutes then lower heat to 275° for 2.75 to 3.5 hours depending on size of roast. Let rest for 15 minutes before serving. BEETS 10-12 medium beets 1 tbsp thyme 2 tsp salt 2 tsp pepper 3 tbsp olive oil Pre-heat oven to 400°, peel beets and cut into 1 inch cubes, toss beets in oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper & thyme. Spread as a single layer on a cookie sheet, roast for 35-40 minutes, turning once or twice.




F A L L 2 0 19





TONIGHT & TOMORROW RISOTTO 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp oil 1 ½ cup of arbrio rice 3 cloves of garlic ½ large onion 1 cup white wine 4 cups chicken/veggie stock ½ cup grated parmesan Salt & pepper 1. H eat oil in large fry pan, sauté onion until translucent. 2. A dd rice and cook until it starts to toast. Add garlic and cook 1 minute longer. 3. Add white wine and simmer until reduced. 4. A dd stock 1 cup at a time and simmer until absorbed. Then continue until rice is tender and done. 5. M ix in parmesan cheese. Salt & pepper to taste. BASIL ARUGULA CHIMICHURRI ¼ cup red wine vinegar 3 cloves garlic ½-1 tsp pepper flakes 10-12 leaves fresh basil 2 cups arugula ¼ cup olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Add all ingredients except oil to a food processor & blend until a paste is formed. Slowly drizzle in olive oil while blending until all mixed in, then add salt & pepper to taste.

F A L L 2 0 19



TOMORROW PRESSED SANDWICH Ciabatta bun Leftover porchetta Mozzarella & Provolone Sun-dried tomatoes Mayonnaise Chimichurri 1. A ssemble sandwich by spreading mayo on both sides of the bun, add thin slices of porchetta. Then top with chimichurri, sundried tomatoes, and slices of mozzarella and provolone. 2. P ut sandwich in a sandwich press and cook until bun is toasted and cheese is nice and melted. If you don’t have a sandwich press, toast in a fry pan and use a heavy pot or pan to press down sandwich while cooking and flip half way through to toast other side. CREAMY ROASTED BEET SOUP 2 tbsp butter 1 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, chopped coarsely 3 cloves of garlic, crushed 1 tsp sweet paprika ½ cup/can of beer 5 roasted beets 4 cups vegetable or chicken broth ¾ heavy whipping cream 2 tbsp coarsely chopped fresh chives 1. H eat butter and oil in a large saucepan over medium heat; cook onion and garlic, stirring until onion softens. Add paprika, cook, and stir until fragrant. Add beer, and simmer uncovered for about 2 minutes or until reduced by half. 2. A dd beets and broth to pan, bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally about 20 minutes. 3. B lend or process soup, in batches, until smooth. 4. R eturn soup to pan, add cream and stir over medium heat until hot. Season to taste. 5. Serve soup and sprinkle with chives.

Brian Johnson spends his free time experimenting with flavors. Although he loves being adventurous with food, this self-taught cooking enthusiast truly appreciates a simple meal made of fresh ingredients and thoughtful preparation. Brian enjoys making soul-satisfying meals for his family and community of friends who happily clean their plates then ask, "When are you opening your own restaurant?" While that dream may someday be in the works, Brian's recipes continue to transform his kitchen into a chef-owned eatery that gives his wife and three children the best table in the house.

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S ojourn to Salem retreat into salem’s storybook landscape and immerse yourself in a remarkable city that has managed to spin its tragic past into a beautiful lesson in community that colors their local culture.



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"time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind." - nathanial hawthrone





alem, Massachusetts is a city that has captured our imaginations for centuries. Its sinister past hovers over the city with an air of magnetic curiosity. As the site of the Salem Witch Trials, one of the most devastatingly unjust periods of American history, Salem stands tall as an example of the cataclysmal damage a group of people can cause in the face of terror, the dangers of group mentalities in which moral responsibility is outsourced, and the catastrophic consequences of judicial oversight. Further, it stands as an example of just how large a role we play in shaping our perceptions of the worlds we inhabit. Though, the memory of the Witch Trials will be forever linked to the fabric of the town, Salem can also be held up as an example of a town that has chosen to embrace the darkness of its past, and celebrate its historical significance rather than cower in the shadows. In 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began, marking an unprecedented period of calamity in the United States, and causing the death of twenty innocent people: fourteen women and five men were hanged, and one particularly unlucky man was pressed to his death. The conditions that produced this wide-spread terror and suspicion were bolstered by the seventeenth century stressors of settlement life: a smallpox epidemic, family rivalries, threat of attack from warring tribes, and a strong belief in the devil all helped lay the fertile ground for mass hysteria and superstition. An unprecedented example of the atrocities humans are capable of when operating under extreme fear. The inhabitants of Salem quickly scattered into a frenzy, pointing fingers under the erroneous assumption that this might help avoid any accusations against them from springing forth. A startling example of the power of an unlawful form of government to quickly manifest toxicity. The trials were put to a halt only after Governor William Phillips’ own wife was accused of witchcraft, motivating Phillips to disband the court and abolish the use of spectral evidence.

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ortunately for curious tourists eager for a more comprehensive look into the events of 1692, the town created the Salem Witch Museum, which features lifesized stage sets, exhibits, and tours. The Museum contemporizes itself by also examining how the concept of witchcraft has persisted in the modern age. Another historical landmark to visit, “The Witch House,” is a must see. As the home of Judge Jonathon Corwin who presided over the Witch Trials, it is the only original structure still standing with direct ties to the events of 1692. Another historic site that is sure to bring chills is The House of the Seven Gables, built in 1667 for Captain John Turner. The house was occupied by the family for three generations, until the Ingersoll family took it over, relatives of the famous author, Nathaniel Hawthrone, who would pen several novels that put Salem on the literary map. Hawthrone’s most notable and widely acclaimed novel, The Scarlett Letter was published in 1850, but was considered by residents of Salem to be a pejorative depiction of their town and its people. The following year, Hawthrone released his novel The House of the Seven Gables, which tells a gothic tale about a family living in their ancestral home and deals with the haunting reverberations of the Salem Witch Trials, with themes of the supernatural permeating throughout. The House of the Seven Gables would go on to inspire several adaptations in film and print, in part due to the author’s authentic connection with the novel’s content. This house is still standing today, and a popular tourist site for its rich

history and prominence in literary circles. Today, the home has been restored and enhanced with verdant seaside gardens, making the stop both a visual feast of local vegetation and a glimpse into the 17th century mansion that inspired so many haunting stories. While Salem learned to embrace its chilling past with festivals and monuments throughout the city in the 90s, the town and its rich history becomes somewhat of an obsession within popular culture, with shows like Bewitched dominating networks, and movies like the 1993 film, Hocus Pocus, capitalizing off the town’s intriguing past and titillating allure. With a generous selection of themed tours to guide visitors to historic sites and landmarks pertaining to Salem’s storybook past (and yes, there are daily walking tours to visit the set locations for both Bewitched and Hocus Pocus!), Salem is the perfect trip for the history buff and Halloween enthusiast, but it is also a beautiful city filled with tremendous natural beauty. Stop by the Bella Verona Ristorante for an authentic culinary experience with charm served by the mouthful. For a more laid-back meal experience, visit Salem Willows Park, which features several food vendors and a beach for lounging. In terms of entertainment, Salem does not disappoint. Many of its local merchants have opted to take advantage of the town’s superstitious tendencies; Salem boasts a colorful array of world-renowned psychics. Not the mystic type? A few days in this city will make a believer out of you (or at least entice you to join in on the fun)!

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salem worships its folklore as a reminder of past mistakes & a celebration of its potential


alem seems to exist in a perpetual state of Octobers in our collective imagination, with a melting sunset casting its last spell of golden light over scattered leaves before a harvest moon rises into a black velvet night. The version of Salem we have in our minds is a beautiful one with an unmistakable shadow of its ominous past. It’s difficult to resist the fictions one can spin from the Halloween hallmarks that hover like a mist in this coastal Eastern town, perhaps because the town’s history reminds us how thin the line between fantasy and reality is; how easily the consequences of the stories we tell might manifest in our lived experiences. After all, the Salem Witch Trials began with a story; rumors spun under the torment of fear which snowballed into hysteria. With a heightened awareness of the ultimate power of story, Salem worships its folklore as both a reminder of its past mistakes and a celebration of its dynamic potential. Beyond its storybook setting, Salem is just your regular salt-of-the-earth American town, with its inhabitants leading normal lives amongst the ruins of one of the greatest lessons of American history. As Nathanial Hawthrone wrote in his novel, The House of the Seven Gables, “time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind”: with enough distance it seems this shadow, too, becomes beautiful.

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written by: carlee baigrie


From time to time, even the most daring of DIY-ers need a helping hand. In fact, most of the pros are pros because they have the best tools in their box, from the better-known products we all rely on, to the more obscure



but equally helpful products that make the difficult tasks a little easier & safer to accomplish. Don’t get caught taking the long-way around; pick up these items to enhance your toolbox and increase your efficiency!

01 LADDER HOOK: This handy and affordable gadget transforms a ladder into painter’s paradise by allowing you to attach your can of paint to whichever level your working on. This eliminates the need to scale up and down the ladder for every re-saturation of your brush/roller. This convenient hook need not be limited to use for paint—it can be used to attach a bucket to awkward work spaces for whatever your project’s needs might require: fruit-picking, eaves trough cleaning… its potential uses are for you to discover!

02 BRUSH SPINNER: Paint brushes make all the difference in terms of even and seamless application of paint. A great way to increase the longevity of your brushes is to ensure you’re giving them a thorough and proper cleaning after each use. This step can often be cumbersome, generating even more mess during the clean-up than the actual project. A brush spinner can help to extend the life of your brushes and rollers by utilizing high-speed spinning action to provide a deep and hassle-free clean in between uses. The brush or roller is inserted into grippers, dipped in appropriate solvent or water and spun until clean.

03 LADDER BUMPERS: If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely been called to the base of a ladder a time or two to offset the potentially disastrous effects of a shaky ladder or to add extra support. These essential grip tools reduce slippage, increase safety, and prevent potential damages to exterior or interior walls where your ladder is propped up. An easy upgrade that can be installed in seconds simply by securing on the top rails of the ladder.

04 BRUSH EXTENDER TOOL: In the modern age, homes come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of nooks and crannies that can be hard to get at using a traditional brush or roller. The brush extender tool increases the reach of your brush, allowing you to get at awkward or hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. Simply adjust the grips of your extension to fit the brush, and you’re back to business as usual!

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05 PAINT EXTENDER: Everyone aims for a smooth and seamless finish when painting a space, but avoiding brush strokes and lap marks can often feel like a race against time. To combat these annoying imperfections, use a specially formulated additive designed to enhance application properties of interior or exterior paint without adverse effects. Simply mix into to existing paint to enhance performance. It slows down drying time to provide a larger window in which you can overlap just-painted areas, eliminating lap marks, and levels out paint so brush marks are reduced.

06 LADDER LEVELER: Create a level surface on stairs or any staggered ground or sloped earth for a ladder to sit, or create a level platform using a board for a convenient workstation on uneven ground. This lightweight and easy-to-use tool prevents slipping with its rubber grippers, improves ladder safety, and makes working on awkward and uneven surfaces a breeze.

07 PAINT SPOUT: This DIY tool seems like a no-brainer, as it is both affordable (often coming in at a price point below the 5$ mark) and easy to use. Simply snap it on to the rim of your paint can for a perfect, mess-free pour. It also prevents unwanted drips from running down the side of the can onto surfaces.

08 PIPE PAINTER: This handy tool makes painting pipes, beams, railings, and other tubular shapes a breeze, as twin roller cages spin smoothly to hug each side of the surface simultaneously. This gadget simplifies this often awkward and pain-staking task with adjustable cages, so your rollers fit snuggly with whatever shape you’re working with.




Next Generation

Put Productivity



The world’s best sandpaper just got better.


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Disaster Restoration Solutions Moisture & Mildew Mitigation Mold



Dramatic Deeps



Walls: Caliente AF-290, Trim: White Opulence

HARVEST-INSPIRED DINING ROOMS The holidays are getting closer, and, for many of us, that means hosting the whole family around the dining room table. Is your dining room up for the occasion? If you feel yours is falling short, Sharon

Grech, color and design expert for Benjamin Moore, has seasonal decorating tips to achieve the perfect look with a few quick and easy upgrades.

F A L L 2 0 19


Walls: Wish AF-680; Trim: Chalk White 2126-70; Ceiling: Chalk White 2126-70

THE MOST COLORFUL TIME OF THE YEAR “Reds, yellows, browns and oranges capture the essence of fall,” says Grech. “Integrate the beauty of the outdoors through colorful accessories such as larger-than-life artwork, tableware or linens in rich oranges and



golds. I love to decorate with natural magnolia leaves arranged down the center of my table to create a natural, rustic runner.”

Walls: Wolf Gray 2127-40; Back of Shelves: Wythe Blue HC-143; Chair: Beacon Gray 2128-60

BRING AUTUMN'S BEST HUES TO LIFE The gorgeous earth tones of fall are on-trend for dining rooms. Grech says they’re timeless and extend far beyond the brown color family. “Some of my favorite colors for fall that achieve the perfect cozy feel are Dinner Party AF-300, a rich timeless red, or something less expected like Wet Concrete 2114-40, a beautifully nuanced purple-grey. I recommend

Benjamin Moore Aura in a matte or eggshell finish to ensure the rich colors resist fading.” Before choosing your wall color, it’s important to think of the rooms that are adjacent to the dining room since you want to select a hue that relates to the two spaces.

F A L L 2 0 19


Walls: Teal Ocean 2049-30; Door: Brookside Moss 2145-30; Trim: Decorator’s White OC-149

LIGHTEN UP WITH A SHOW-STOPPING FIXTURE Hosting a gathering is the perfect excuse to upgrade your lighting. “Changing your fixture can make a huge difference,” recommends Grech. “There are so many great options these days for overhead dining room lighting. Currently, I am drawn to the pendant style with several



varied fixtures that work to create an eye-catching statement. Sconces are also making a comeback with beautiful features in a blend of glass and attractive sleek finishes.”

Delve Into Deeps

Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint


F A L L 2 0 19


Stack books in color blocks and pair with contrasting accessories with unique shapes and textures for a curated look.

An inviting harvest table in a light wooden hue is the perfect meeting place for family and friends to gather. Bring your dinnerware in on your design scheme by Classic wooden chairs are given new life with each

selecting items in bold shades for a polished end result.

coat of paint! Mix and

match in complementary

colors for an added punch of character.

A colorful and vibrant rug acts as the perfect foundation for this dining space.



Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint


nsure of where to start with your color palette? Begin with a colorful rug in shades that speak to you and your aesthetic preferences and then draw elements outward. This will ensure your space stays cohesive and prevents clashing. This stunning rug utilizes a simple asymmetrical pattern in a multitude of rich and playful hues, making it the perfect jumping off point for a room with substance and plenty of visual variety.

Caribbean Teal 2123-20

Riviera Azure 822

Bouquet Rose 2172-50

Desert Sunset 2155-10


It’s all too easy to get into the pattern of discarding unused and unwanted furniture, and while getting rid of clutter that doesn’t “spark joy” is great for keeping a clean house and streamlined lifestyle, you don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater! These chairs had been written off, but with a simple coat of paint, they were given a second lease on life! Their classic frame provides the space with traditional character, while their colorful new look adds a splash of youthful whimsy.

F A L L 2 0 19


BOUQUET ROSE • • • • •




Cliff diving off the coastline

Skinny dipping in a lagoon

70s eyeshadow

Turks & Caicos

Swim up bar

Cotton candy Blush-tinted sunsets Cheeks when flattered Watermelon on a hot day Valentine's Day

RIVIERA AZURE • A cloudless sky • Sapphires •

Your favorite denim jeans

• Peacocks •

The eyes of a husky

Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint


Juicy oranges

Evenings on the beach

• Mimosas •

The inside of a peach

Breakfast watching the sunrise

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Patterned to Perfection: Beyond the Red Carpet M

ixing patterns can be a difficult thing to do without creating clashes or overwhelming the eye. Even designers of the highest caliber sometimes struggle to incorporate two dynamic prints into one space, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. In fact, when it’s done correctly, it can create a room with dynamic appeal and effortless ambiance. The goal is to create harmony amongst the elements so that it feels organic, while retaining the visual variety that makes a space truly unique. The best way to approach this is to first discover your dream scheme: the colors you’d like to comprise your space. Think about the functionality of the room: what you spend time doing there, how you’d like to feel within its walls. Then, simply choose the colors that will foster the feelings you’d like to project onto its inhabitants. Many designers opt to start with a mood board, where they collect images of items, fabric swatches, and paint dollops to help clarify their vision. Once you have your color scheme established, you can move



into selecting patterns and prints. Beginning with a rug as a starting point and pulling complementary elements from there is an excellent tactic. When choosing a second print to bring into the mix, look at the scale of the imagery or pattern and ensure the sizes of the prints will not be in competition with one another. Another thing to look out for is that you are not just repeating the same pattern in alternative shades (even if they fit your color scheme). Differentiate the patterns by choosing a lighter and darker pattern. Texture and shape are other important aspects to pay close attention to, as they work well to provide variety without diverting from a limited color scheme. The potential for personality and charm to pull through in patterns is immense, and often goes untapped due to a desire to keep things uncomplicated. We say, go for it! Our homes should be reflections of our vibrant personalities, and they deserve to be showcased by the cornucopia of design options available out there as tools for that expression.

STRIPED TO PERFECTION This classically crafted palette is warm, with wooden textures beaming throughout and a heavy dose of coral paint. The darker hues from the larger rug are complemented by the blush pink and cream wallpaper, with geometric shapes slightly complicating the more linear lines that form the rug.

Peach Pink 2009-40

Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint

GEOMETRIC BLUSH This rug features a larger scaled and textured pattern throughout its creamy beige surface, calling to the sharper geometric lines of the wallpaper. A rich russet brown draws the golden hues from the rug, while rustic accessories layer on an earthy aesthetic: the perfect juxtaposition to the more modern sensibilities of the grey wallpaper.

Walnut CW-240

F A L L 2 0 19


Pacific Grove Pink 889


Bold colors sing in perfect harmony in this dreamy palette, featuring plush accessories such as a magenta floor cushion. Distressed and moody wallpaper in a shadowy teal provides the ideal contrast to the more feminine colors of the rug, while slender silhouettes, like the lamp pictured here, bring an element of modernity into the space with its concretelike finish.

Silver Lining 2119-60



Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore(R) paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint


Asymmetrical broad strokes scattered in brilliant and dramatic shades comprise modern art, calling to the emerald green of the velvet armchair, paired with a blue sidetable with gold accents and a unique frame. An orangey pink rug brings the perfect amount of texture to this elegant ensemble and reinforces the similar geometric of the soft gray and white wallpaper.

WE CAN GET YOU THERE Great tools are the key to achieving quality finishes. Wooster Ultra/Pro® Firm paintbrushes continue to bring success to every-day painting jobs nearly 35 years after hitting the paint store. When the need arises for a dependable brush that will glide through the day’s application and provide excellent cuts, experienced painters know that Wooster is the way to get there. The Wooster Brush Company • woosterbrush.com • 800.392.7246

You deserve the very best for your home. And with Shaw Floors, you can expect just that. For 50 years, Shaw Floors has been the name to trust for the most beautiful and comprehensive assortment of high quality flooring solutions. From luxuriously soft carpets to todays’ most desirable looks in hardwood, Shaw Floors has the perfect products to help create a home that’s uniquely you.

carpet | resilient | hardwood | tile & stone | laminate | shawfloors.com

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Rosy Peach 2089-20

PA RT IN G S HO T Bryant Gold HC-7

Burnt Peanut 2081-10

Blackberry Punch CC-962 Floral White OC-29

Here, fabric and paint swatches in an elaborate fall cornucopia of color throw old fashioned color pairings out the window. Each shade brings its own unique character: an earthy green against rustic red, a slightly faded navy brings dimension and anchors the palette, while soft creams and greys keep the bolder hues from coming on too strong. Bright punches of hot pink and purple add an element of playfulness. Go ahead and choose two or three in your next project, dabble with the unexpected and make your mark with color. We dare you!

100 I S S U E


Cherry Wine 2080-30

RICH COLOR THAT STAYS TRUE OVER TIME. RICH COLOR THAT STAYS Find expert TRUE service and every color you can imagine OVER TIME.

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