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EAST BAY PAINT CENTER hot shades for your home

et's Paint with B E N J A M I N M O O R E ' S

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blue nova 825

gorgeous style underf t rug and color combos to make any room look luxe!



COLOR SAMPLE Limit 1 coupon per customer | Not valid with other discounts No cash value | In-store use only | Expires: 12/31/2024

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HOW MUCH PAINT DO I NEED? Follow this formula to estimate the paint requirements of your project. You’re nearly finished painting when you look down into the almost empty can and realize – yikes! You won’t have quite enough paint to finish the job. Estimating the amount of paint you need is as important as choosing your color scheme. Save yourself time and a panic attack by taking the guesswork out of your paint requirements using a calculator similar to the one on this page. It’s as simple as measuring the dimensions of the room being painted to find the surface area.

STEP 4: Add Total Doors plus Total Windows to = Surface Not to Be Painted. STEP 5: Subtract Surface Not to Be Painted from Total Wall Surface = Total Surface To Be Painted.

STEP 1: Measure the Walls Wall 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

STEP 6: Divide Total Surface to Be Painted by

Wall 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

the Spread Rate* = Amount of Paint Needed

Wall 3 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Wall 4 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Add together to find Total Wall Surface = _____ ft.

For Each Coat. *SPREAD RATE: The spread rate is the recommended yield you can expect from a can of paint. Typically, a U.S. gallon of paint will

STEP 2: Measure the Doors Door 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Door 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

cover 350-400 square feet. As coverage may vary depending on paint product and thickness of application, check your paint can label to determine the spread rate before purchasing.

Add together to find Total Door Surface = ____ ft. PRO TIP: It’s wise to buy a bit more paint than STEP 3: Measure the Windows

you think you will need for the job. This way, you can ensure you will not run out of paint

Window 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

before the job is done, plus you’ll have leftover

Window 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

paint for touch-ups.

Add together to find Total Window Surface = _____ft.

Don’t run out! Let East Bay Paint Center help calculate the right amount for you

The best paint jobs start with No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results.

© 3M 2019. All rights reserved. 3M, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.

SPACES: Real home redesigns with wall-to-wall ideas you can use.


HISTORY IN THE MAKING A historic loft goes from dull and dated to bold and beautiful thanks to a reimagined renovation courtesy of Studio Sven’s Lauren Svenstrup


THE LAKE HOUSE Lisa Clark Design turns a cramped cottage into the ultimate family getaway with a refreshing aesthetic update and a second storey


DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH Amanda Hamilton Design enriches this new build, nestled in farmland outside of Red Deer, Alberta, with contemporary design and lots of personality



BEST FOOT FORWARD A 1912 craftsman home has its character restored thanks to an elevated and whimsical design courtesy of Denise Ashmore of project22design P G. 34

Check out more colorful and inspiring spaces starting on page thirty.

Products featured in At Home are available at East Bay Paint Center, some by special

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Love the designs within our pages? Connect with the talented folks behind the gorgeous spaces. HISTORY IN THE MAKING PG. 28 Studio Sven Lauren Svenstrup studiosven.com @studiosven THE LAKE HOUSE PG. 34 Lisa Clark Design Lisa Clark lisaclarkdesign.net @lisaclarkdesign DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH PG. 40 Amanda Hamilton Design Amanda Hamilton amandahamiltondesign.com @ahidstudio BEST FOOT FORWARD PG. 46 project22design Denise Ashmore project22design.com @project_22_design


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Bahia Taylor Editor in Chief Co-founder Leigh McKenzie Creative Director Co-founder Twila Driedger Contributing Writer & Editor

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Olivia Hiebert Graphic Designer Carlee Baigrie Contributing Writer Andrea Danelak Contributing Writer Graphic Design Styling Gallon Creative www.galloncreative.com Owned and Published by: Gallon Creative For inquiries, please contact us at projectsgalloncreative@gmail.com 5 Scurfield Blvd #25 Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 3G4 www.galloncreative.com projectsgalloncreative@gmail.com Cover Photography - Aubrey James Projects aubreyjamesprojects.com

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CRAFTY: DIY? WE SAY Y-E-S! HANDMADE WAX SACHETS Pretty, fragrant bars of wax that look darling and smell amazing


HOT SPOT: Shining a spotlight on the world’s hidden gems LE MARCHÉ AUX PUCES DE SAINT-OUEN Explore the largest antiques and second-hand market in the world


TOOLBOX: Helpful resources for any homeowner HOW TO HANG LIKE A GALLERIST Pro tips for mounting pictures and artwork

P G.28 P G.46


CHOW: Just thinking about it is making us hungry PICNIC PERFECT Relax, soak up the sun and enjoy a basket full of delicious food


EXPLORER: Pack your sense of adventure and let’s go LE PRINTEMPS A PARIS Discover the City of Light as it gleams and blooms in front of your eyes


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e aren’t afraid of a little color. In fact, we believe color in your home can change your mood. Happy, bright, springtime colors are able to energize COLOR OFand THEmake YEARyou & COLOR TRENDS feel rejuvenated. Conversely, deep, dark hues have the ability to calm and create a relaxing space. We’re all about expressing ourselves through 2024 color, whether it be Blue Nova in a vibrant front door, bright pair of pants, bold hue in the half bath, or rug with825 a muted motif grounding the living area. Color makes a room, a canvas, even a closet, come alive.

hot shades for your home

Explore the extraordinary.


If you’re timid when it comes to adding color and pattern but want to add a juicy jewel tone or happy hue to your home, like this year’s Color of the Year, Blue Nova (PG. 70), rest assured, you are on the right track to decorating success. Find that one item that brings you joy and build your space around it. Perhaps it’s a beloved serving tray in a soothing shade of green (PG. 34), a funky Marketplace find or sexy sofa in mulberry velvet (PG. 28), or a whimsical print and a pair of shoes in your favorite shade (PG. 46). Use your treasures as a jumping off point to create a coherent color scheme for your space. 990 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA

(510) 524-6582 | contact@eastbaypaintcenter.com


Whatever inspires you, whether it be travel, fashion, art or nature, draw on those tones to enrich and enliven your space. Be brave, be bold, and experience the power of paint.



This issue is swimming with all the inspiration you need for incorporating a playful vibe or peaceful mood, as well as plenty of tips to get you there. Much of our influence for the spirited doses of color come from springtime in Paris, where cherry blossoms bloom on corners and people gather at cafes on cobblestone streets (PG. 62). At this time of year, the city comes alive with flea markets (PG. 24), and people enjoy picnics on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower (PG. 58). 23-1233205_AT HOME Magazine_COTY ad_v1_US.indd 1

et's Paint with B E N J A M I N M O O R E ' S

Color Year of the


©2023 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. 11/23




blue nova 825

gorgeous style underfoooott

• Resists water and weather • Advanced ultraviolet protection • Clear, durable finish • Dries quickly and cleans easily • Designed for exterior application on wood, fiberglass, coated metal, or painted surfaces • Available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens

Scan QR Code for Project Inspiration myoldmasters.com | (800) 747-3436 |


I S S U E 15


Limit 1 coupon per customer | No cash value | In-store use o

rug and color combos to make any room look luxe!

990 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA |


11/21/23 2:41 PM


TOUGHEST ENVIRONMENTS Ascend Exterior® Water-Based Clear Finish



Trending peel-and-stick wallpapers that pair perfectly with the Colors of the Year

Handcrafted Brushes

is the perfect compliment for all Latex or Oil/Alkyd Paints and Stains.

✓ Superior Taper ✓ Advanced Flagging ✓ Exceptional Quality ✓ Holds & Delivers More!


Tempaper began in 2008 by taking a 200-year-old industry by storm with the invention of peel and stick wallpaper. Today, Tempaper continues to develop wall décor products that are innovative,

Superior uperior Roller Covers Today’s paints demand more from today’s applicators and the lintless Glossdel Plus delivers like no other cover.

✓ Supreme Woven Fibers ✓ Solvent Resistant Core ✓ Exceptional Pick-up and Release

of the highest quality and that appeal to designers and consumers of all ages.

Voted #1 Best Wallpaper Supplier 2022 & 2023 by Home Accents Today



CUSTOMER SERVICE AT YO U R S E R V I C E @ T E M PA P E R . C O M 551.336.2071

Picks Picks Up Up and and Releases Releases More More Paint! Paint!

SPR ING 2024


An interior door is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color. Perfectly framed and primed to be a focal point, it’s a contained way to experiment and infuse your space with a bold new hue.


Help An Accent Pop: If you want to help a piece of artwork or



Downplay with Darks: Alternatively, if you don’t want to draw attention to a doorway, you can downplay it using darker hues

ONYX 2133-10

same sightline a similar shade.

Black works instantly to make a space feel modern and elegant.


beloved textile in your space pop, paint an interior door in the

BLACK: When in doubt, a deep, dramatic black is a wonderful option.

GREEN: Invite a sense of nature to ground your space. A soothing,

like a black or navy.

subtle green pairs effortlessly with predominantly white interiors, Balance the Void: In most modern shared spaces, you’ll see a TV or fireplace that leaves a void. A door painted in a deeper hue will

providing just the right dose of personality without overpowering.

help to balance these larger bulks of black, adding symmetry to

across as intentional and elevated while providing an opportunity to create cohesion in your home’s palette. Elongate your Ceiling Height: The contrast of a colored interior door will draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.


place, but it won’t make a statement either. A painted door comes


From Stock to Special: A white door won’t ever look out of


your space.

BLUE: Pick a bright and brilliant blue to add character. With the right

hue, this can feel fun and sophisticated all at once.

and knicks. A bold color will make these small quirks and smudges less noticeable.


adorn interior doors, it’s easy to see imperfections like fingerprints



a lot of traffic, and paired with the standard white that usually


Hide Imperfections: Interior doors have a tendency to pick up


MEET THE TEAM! We are lucky to have awesome team members at East Bay Paint Center. In this issue you will meet our supervisor team. Across the three of them they have over 50 years of paint industry experience! ALLEN How did you get into the paint industry? I had a family member working in the paint industry, and she helped me get a job at the KellyMoore in Vallejo in 1990. I worked for Kelly-Moore in a few different locations - Fairfield, Berkeley and Fremont. I was looking to move closer to home, and started working at East Bay Paint Center in 2007. What is your favorite part about working in the paint industry? I enjoy working with color and seeing how color can change a home so drastically. And the people of course! Creating long lasting relationships and friendships, many spanning over 20 years. What is your favorite paint color? OC-65 Chantilly Lace. I like crisp whites. I love the color and I love the name. It goes with everything! Outside of work, what do you do for fun? I have a passion for cooking. I also love to bowl and watch my favorite sports teams, the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Saints and LSU.

TZANLOW How did you get into the paint industry? I was living in Santa Cruz attending UCSC and was looking for a job while I was in school. I started working at Kelly-Moore and ended up transferring back to a store in my hometown of Oakland for a full time supervisor position. I made the move to East Bay Paint Center in 2019 and have specialized in color matching and Festool knowledge! What is your favorite part about working in the paint industry? My favorite thing about work is helping customers and making sure the right product and tools end up in their hand. It is rewarding to know that I helped make their jobs a success! What is your favorite paint color? AF-700 Storm. I like gray colors and it is a good classic neutral gray. Outside of work, what do you do for fun? In my spare time I like to go fishing or crabbing. I also have a dog, Remi, that I rescued.

NATHAN How did you get into the paint industry? I started off house painting in the summers when I moved to the bay area from Alaska in 2001. Looking for work after the summer season, I was referred to a job at Kelly-Moore and ended up enjoying the work and stayed for 19 years! I moved across the street and joined the team at East Bay Paint Center in 2021. What is your favorite part about working in the paint industry? I really enjoy working with customers and getting to know our local community, in tandem with a role that helps me be hands on and contribute in an active environment. What is your favorite color? It depends! Context is everything. I tend to gravitate most recently to off whites such as White Dove. It’s hard to go wrong with that color!

Enhance and Protect with the Beautiful Color of Solid Exterior Stain ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain in Solid brings beautiful Benjamin Moore® color to outdoor wood surfaces while letting a hint of the natural wood grain to still show through. The waterborne stain offers maximum protection against the elements while creating a striking aesthetic.

ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS. ARBORCOAT solid is available in 3,500-plus Benjamin Moore® colors. But if you’re not sure where to begin, consider one of these popular hues, curated by the color experts at Benjamin Moore.

The best just got better. Benjamin Moore set out to do the impossible—make AURA® Interior paint even more beautiful, more durable and longer-lasting. Benjamin Moore elevated this ultra-premium paint, which was Cliffside Graythat lasts. already inMaritime a classWhite by itselfBriarwood for deep, rich color

The best just got better. OC-5



Benjamin Moore set out to do the impossible—make AURA® Interior paint even more beautiful, more durable and longer-lasting. Benjamin Moore elevated this ultra-premium paint, which was already in a class by itself for deep, rich color that lasts. Boston Brick 2092-30

Call us to learn more.

Mahogany ES-63

Normandy 2129-40



<Retailer Name> <Address Line> 990 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA ® <City, State Zip> Retailer Logo (510) 524-6582 | contact@eastbaypaintcenter.com Call or visit us today for more information. <Phone Number> Exterior Stain EASTBAYPAINTCENTER.COM <Website> <Retailer Name> <Address Line> Offer valid for $XX off retailer’s suggested retail price per gallon of up to five (5) gallons of ARBORCOAT Exterior Stain from participating retailer. Products may vary from store to store. <City, State Zip Code> <Retailer Logo> Subject to availability. Offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions, or applied toward prior purchases. Retailer reserves the right to terminate, cancel or modify this offer Call or visit usMoore today for more may information. at any time without notice. Offer expires XX/XX/XXXX. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin paints. Color representations differ slightly from actual paint. <Phone Number> ©2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. Arborcoat, Benjamin Moore, Gennex, and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. 8/20 <Website> <Retailer Name>



At East Bay Paint Center one of our core principles is to provide quality service. How do we go about achieving this, and what does it look like to our team?

1. FRIENDLY GREETINGS When a customer walks in our store, we want them to feel welcomed and assisted quickly. OUR GOALS ARE • Greeting every customer with a “Hello! How can we help you?” • Checking in with all waiting customers to see if they need assistance, or need help while they are waiting It is not uncommon to be asked multiple times by our employees if you need help or if you have been helped - It is our job to help you! 2. PROMPT SERVICE Nobody likes to be waiting forever anywhere, we all have lots of things to do! Our goal is to help customers quickly and efficiently. • While paint is being mixed, we use that time to ring up orders, or package other orders that are completed. • Teamwork makes the dream work! We work as a team to complete tasks. Time is of the essence!

3. Employee Training We place a high emphasis on employee training! There is so much to learn, how do we do it? • New employees complete a 12 week training program! Each week features a curriculum based on specific topics - paint sheens, primers, interior stains, you name it! • The goal of each week is for the new employee to feel comfortable answering and discussing all of the curriculum questions. A trainer is assigned to help review material as well! • At the end of the week, new employees sit down with the ownership team and review their learnings from the week! It is a great way to share and build knowledge together.

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT PLATYPUS PAINTING Tell us about your business. How did Platypus Painting come to be, and what has it grown to become? Platypus was conceived and began shortly after I had moved to the West coast with my wife in 2009. We were starting a family, I was at a crossroads professionally, had been painting for years and was feeling exhausted by the demands of being a small operation. Working in the field all day and trying to keep up with estimates, paperwork and regulatory demands at night was unsustainable. It was in this space that I decided to commit to growing Platypus into something more manageable, balanced and professional. 15 years later we’ve grown to employ 35 full time, dedicated people. From our client's first call to our office through invoicing and thank you cards, Platypus Painting is dedicated to providing its clients with excellent customer service, the highest quality craftsmanship and a broad knowledge of the products of the trade. Our main objective is to provide the best overall painting experience possible.

What is a memorable painting project that Platypus Painting has completed? There are so many it’s difficult to choose, but I’d have to say the most memorable projects are those where we’re really building connections with our clients. Sure, a flawless paint job is great, and we do many, but the most rewarding ones are when we build particularly strong relationships by applying our expertise and manpower to help clients overcome big issues.


We do this by honestly advising folks about their projects at the outset and providing solutions to maintain and beautify their homes and buildings. I’ve learned that relationships and the experience our clients have is often as important or even more important than straight paint lines. What do you like about shopping at East Bay Paint Center? Along the same lines as building relationships with clients, it’s the people at East Bay Paints that make them stand out. They really care about their customers. I’m not just a number when I shop there. They also have a deep understanding of the products they sell. If I have technical questions about a product or piece of equipment, which I often do, I am confident that when I call East Bay they will have an answer for me. If they don’t have one off hand they’ll call manufacturers and find the specific information I need. That sort of service is exceptional and exceedingly rare.


Tell us about your business. How did Level Five Painting come to be, and what has it grown to become? I will tell you how I got into this beautiful painting profession. It all started when I first came to this lovely country of opportunity. I started working with my older brother, who taught and motivated me to develop my skills. Then, when I was employed at my first company, I had the opportunity to work with excellent painters from different parts of the world, each with different specialties. Some focused on interior work with exquisite precision and quality; others on exterior work using the best preparation methods using high-quality materials with an emphasis on durability. I also worked in their shop at this company, an experience I am grateful for. There, my responsibility was to keep the facility clean and organized. Ensure the supervisors and painters had all the materials necessary to complete their jobs. To summarize, my preparation and accumulation of knowledge before I started Level 5 Painting consisted of 13 years of working in the industry. Because of this, I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with great mentors/foremen who all helped me develop my skills. The event that propelled me to take a chance and start this company was the loss of my father and two brothers, both of whom were married and had young children. After this tragedy, I thought this was the best way to support my mother and nephews. I started with my wife and another person to do our first jobs. Our first clients were people I had already worked with many years before on the weekends doing side jobs. One of them even helped make our website; the rest helped us with recommendations to their family and friends. Level 5 Painting is now a larger company formed by painters from different parts of Latin America. A team made up of people who are honest, family-oriented, hardworking, and responsible. A team that I am very proud to work with, a team that to me resembles a family. We provide support to one another during both happy and sad times and work to keep ourselves busy so that we can bring food to our families’ tables. And in the 12 years that we’ve been operating, we’ve been successful in that regard because we do the best we can in all our jobs. The best way to show our gratitude and thanks to those who hired us is by doing an excellent and as durable job as possible.

What is a memorable painting project that Level Five Painting has completed? Our most memorable job was one early in the company’s history. It was a job that my wife and I completed, but we also received additional moral support from my son and daughter. This job was from the Lake Merritt Apartments. My wife would clean “los metales” (metal flushing), I would spray them, and my son would hang them to dry. To this day, the memory of the “metales” is mentioned from time to time and always makes us smile. What do you like about shopping at East Bay Paint Center? I like the environment and the energy that every person who makes up East Bay Paint Center brings, always with a good attitude and a smile. It is an excellent company from which we have always received support and many words of motivation from the owners, who have given us their trust and the best service we have had since the first day we started working with them. I can buy from other places, but no one rivals East Bay Paint Center in customer service. Level 5 Painting is 100% grateful for the support with the paints, the reliable services on time, and for treating us with kindness, respect, and patience.

SHEEN CHEAT SHEET A breakdown of the sheen spectrum from flat to high-gloss

From flat and matte to eggshell, pearl or satin, semi and high-gloss, it can be hard to know which sheen will work best for your space. For newbies who are just dipping their toes into the sheen pool, your best bet is to chat with the professionals at East Bay Paint Center, who can point you in the right direction, but before you go shopping it never hurts to have a basic idea of what you’re after. Generally speaking, the sheen spectrum — from low to high sheen — goes flat, matte, eggshell, satin or pearl, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Check out the sheen cheat sheet below to get the details on each of these options and see which one sounds like the perfect fit for your project.

SATIN OR PEARL: Has a lustrous finish, and is a good option for high-traffic areas due to its durability. It can also stand some exposure to moisture.

FLAT: Low-sheen with a non-reflective finish. Ideal for very low-traffic areas and ceilings.

SEMI-GLOSS: Super sleek, shiny appearance, and best for hightraffic areas and spots that get touched or bumped a lot, such as doors and trims.

MATTE: Low-lustre finish, relatively durable, easy to clean and hides minor surface imperfections well.

HIGH-GLOSS: Creates a bright, ultra-shiny and reflective finish that almost resembles glass. Suitable for surfaces in a high-use environment.

EGGSHELL: Has a soft, smooth appearance, very much like its namesake, an eggshell; slightly reflective. It’s a moderately durable sheen and is a safe choice for most types of walls in your home.


More sheen means more durability: One rule of thumb is the higher the sheen the better it will be in a high-traffic area that requires a bit more durability. Flat and matte sheens that have little or no shine can be quite easily scratched and marked up, so bedrooms and home offices or similar, lower-traffic spaces would probably be the only places you’d want to use those sheens in. That said, some manufacturers have developed matte finish products with durability equal to that of their eggshells. Moderate sheens like eggshell, satin or pearl, and higher sheens such as

semi or high-gloss, however, can stand a lot of abuse, so they are great for busy areas. Moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom or kitchen are great candidates for paints made specifically for those conditions, ask your local expert. Sheen affects room mood: It’s important to base your sheen selection on the function of your room and using the sheen that will accommodate that, but you should also consider how it will look in that room and the overall feel you are after. For example, lower sheen paints soak up light, which helps hide imperfections, and high-gloss sheens do the opposite, reflecting light to make darker rooms feel brighter and lighter and emphasizing imperfections.




RUTH ACTY ELEMENTARY MURAL PROJECT East Bay Paint Center is lucky to be part of an active, diverse and vibrant community in the East Bay. This spring we were excited to partner with a local school to celebrate this community. In tandem with Benjamin Moore, we were happy to donate paint! Recently renamed, Ruth Acty Elementary was looking to spruce up its campus and celebrate Ruth, the first African American teacher hired by Berkeley Unified School District. The mural team had a vision to create a large handprint wall featuring handprints of current students. Every year the school plans to add the handprints of each new kindergarten class, making an artistic representation of the growing community at the school. Additionally, the school wanted to showcase the strong Rainbow Families group by painting several columns with eleven colors from the Pride Flag. Take a look at the finished project and the featured colors and paint! What’s next for this partnership? Another mural, featuring Ruth herself!


Starry Night Blue 2067-20 HANDPRINTS

Blue Lapis 2067-40, Summer Blue 2067-50, Caribbean Coast 2065-60 PRIDE FLAG COLUMNS

Red 2000-10, Orange Burst 2015-20, Sun Kissed Yellow 2032-20, Traffic Light Green 2032-20, Big Country Blue 2066-30, Mystical Grape 2071-30, Black 2132-10, Boston Brick 2092-30, Cayman Blue 2060-50, Island Sunset 1346, Simply White 2143-70 PAINT USED

Element Guard Exterior Low Luster

see what pain t can do! Shop these stunning Benjamin Moore paint colors, from the homes featured in this issue at, East Bay Paint Center. The friendly staff will help you get all the right tools to help with your project.



Add unexpected depth to your space with a wall or accent in this saturated shade. Like a still and clear night sky, this dark, rich blue offers an otherworldly elegance. But a big impact doesn’t always have to come from a wall or full-room paint job. Consider adding this sophisticated shade to a kitchen island, side table or front door. Deep blue is also a bold and beautiful choice for a boy’s bedroom or home study.

18 I S S U E 15


TWILIGHT 2058-10



Looking for a color that will add some oomph to your abode? Turn up the heat with a rich, earthy red that captures the flavor of vine-ripened tomatoes and a bottle of Chianti. This velvety shade makes a statement everywhere, whether covering a bedroom or adding it as an accent to painted furniture, frames and accessories.



Bathe this timeless shade from floor to ceiling for a refined backdrop. Whatever your style preferences, this neutral gray will add a soothing hue in the dining room, on mudroom cabinetry or statement moldings. Pair this color with rich wood tones and gold and brass finishes and bring a touch of polish to this paint hue.


©2021 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.



This versatile white is a go-to for many designers because it works so beautifully in so many spaces. From baseboards and moldings to board and batten and shiplap, this hue is often the choice for trim work but can be rolled anywhere. Lightweight and luminous, use this subtle shade of soft white on walls, ceilings and cabinets for depth and warmth.

SPR ING 2024




Professional Gold Series™ ™

Pro Plus

• Handcrafted in USA with global components • Firm Nylon/Polyester blend • Hardwood handle, stainless steel ferrule, chiseled edge for ease of use • Designed for all interior or exterior latex and oil-based paints, stains, primers, and polyurethanes • Durable construction suitable for everyday use • Excellent cleanup attributes

Proud Third Generation Family-Owned Business www.premierpaintroller.com



22 I S S U E 15

Hung or displayed around the house, wax sachets evoke a subtle scent without the use of chemicals found in store-bought air fresheners or the worry of an open flame candle. Stack some on pretty plates or lovely baskets, tuck them into a drawer, suitcase or closet or put a few on your desk. Hang on your clothes hangers, towel bars and bespoke hooks or in a window that doesn’t get too hot, and let the sun help release the scent. It’s heavenly!

HANDMADE WAX SACHETS Ingredients 1 cup soy wax 1/2 cup beeswax 1 tablespoon essential oil Silicone molds Double boiler or large aluminum can in a pot Dried fruit, flowers or spices String or leather cord HOW TO Place the soy wax and beeswax in a double boiler or a large aluminum can in a pot of boiling water for a makeshift double boiler. Over medium heat, melt wax. Stir until melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and allow the wax to cool slightly. Protect your hands if you are using the can method as it will be very hot to touch. Add in essential oils and stir until the oils are mixed well with the wax. Pour the wax mixture into silicone molds. Once set slightly, add flowers, spices and seeds as desired and press gently into the surface. Use a bamboo skewer or long nail to poke a hole through the wax about 1/2" from the top.


Allow the wax to completely harden and then pop out of the molds.

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Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen


Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen’s origins date back to the 19th century, before the city’s garbage collection infrastructure was put into place. Ragmen (sometimes called crocheteurs, or, in English, ‘hook men’, for the hooks they used) would scour through garbage, collecting objects they hoped to resell. In 1860, these men were barred from the city on account of health concerns, pushing them to the outskirts where they constructed temporary structures (building was illegal in this area) to conduct their business. Before long, rumors of incredible bargains (and cheap firearms) circulated, bringing more and more traffic to the area. In the early days, the market operated in ostensible unorganized chaos, with items for sale in stacks and heaps on the ground. One visitor called what he saw “nothing but a flea market” – which is where the now popular phrase was born. Today, the market spans 17 acres, with 12 official markets connected via five streets (although you can access all markets from the main road, Rue des Rosiers), and around 2,500 vendors. In 2001, it was classified as a heritage zone due to its significant historical roots and particular brand of ambiance. The Saint-Ouen flea market has grown into a sprawling community, where passers-by can find everything from antique cut

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crystal to perfectly-patinaed French-label leather jackets. But even if you’re not on the hunt for a bargain (or you have absolutely no wiggleroom in your suitcase), it’s a worthy endeavor to experience the unique charm and bustle that attracts so many year over year.

DO AS THE PARISIANS DO: BARTERING 101 The only thing more thrilling than snagging a one-of-a-kind piece is knowing you got it for less than asking. A little bit of haggling is expected and welcomed at the Paris flea. Provided you are maintaining decorum, you’ll fit right in.

A few things to keep in mind: • Always greet your merchants with a polite smile and a simple “bonjour.” • Allow vendors to share their knowledge with you about whatever pieces you are considering – many of them are experts and want to know their pieces are going to a home where they will be appreciated. • Although the market doesn’t break for lunch, you’ll sense when vendors are slowing down to grab a bite. If you see them unfolding a small card table, consider it your cue to take a lunch break yourself!



rimming with treasures and trinkets varying from vintage gems to up-and-coming architectural marvels, the Paris flea market is an iconic European shopping destination, drawing celebrities and internationally renowned designers from around the globe. Each weekend, it receives around 150,000 visitors, totaling more than five million every year, making it the fourth most visited attraction in France.

PLAY HARD TO GET: You won’t want to express too much interest at first, as it may expose yourself as an easy target, limiting your negotiating power.

BE A LITTLE DRAMATIQUE: If a price is given that you aren’t prepared to pay, react! There’s no need for raised voices, but a tiny gasp paired with a saddened “tant pis” (oh well) can work wonders.

EXTORT THE EXPORT: During your negotiation, don’t forget to mention the fees that might be involved in bringing the product back overseas. They may agree to lowering the price even further.

A HANDSHAKE SEALS THE DEAL: Once a price is decided on and hands have been shaken, it would be considered rude to go back on your end of the bargain.

MARCHÉ VERNAISON: This market holds some of the oldest stalls, with dealers who specialize in toys, glassware and objects related to science. Bizarre and brilliant are two words that come to mind. While you’re here, pop into the iconic Chez Louisette, a cabaret café that is an experience in and of itself. MARCHÉ DAUPHINE: A vintage lover’s dream and one of Saint-Ouen’s largest markets set inside a stunning glass pavillion. Here, you’ll find Booksellers’ Square, furniture and antiques from the 17th and 18th centuries and stands with vintage records, prints and clothing. Don’t miss the larger-than-life mural that colors the entrance.

Shipping & Handling

MARCHÉ BIRON: Visit 220 antique dealers and art merchants offering ornaments, ceramics and artwork. Discover pieces that hail all the way from Asia or made right in Paris during its Art-Deco phase.

A lot of the individual dealers at the market

MARCHÉ PAUL BERT SERPETTE: Perhaps the most popular of all the

will ship items for you, however, this option can sometimes be less cost-effective than seeking a third party. There are shipping vendors on site at the market too, which can be enlisted for help, or, you can use a professional shipping service. Often, market dealers will have recommendations, but some favorites of Saint-Ouen’s regulars are

markets, this collection of sellers showcases fine furniture, art and décor ranging in origin from antiquity to the 1970s. These dealers are exceptionally knowledgeable in their craft of interior design, with an eye on future trends and avant-garde aesthetics. This particular market has been known to attract celebrities so keep your eyes peeled! The expansive outdoor terrace on the second floor of Ma Cocotte is a great place to break for lunch and a glass of rosé.

MARCHÉ ANTICA: The smallest of all the markets with about a dozen stalls offering jewelry, rugs, art and furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Hedley’s and Euroline.

MARCHÉ CAMBO: Held in a former furniture store and spread over

Hours of Operation

two floors, this market holds around 20 dealers who specialize in furniture, musical instrumentals, art objects and décor from the 1600s-1900s.

between 10am and 6pm, and Mondays

finds and forgotten treasures like military memorabilia, old movie posters, rare books and unusual collectables. Many visitors liken it to a trip up to a very well-lived grandparent’s attic.

Operating hours are reduced to the weekends between 11am and 5pm, with vendors working right through the lunch hour.

Custom guides are available for hire if you’d like help navigating the Marché aux Puces.


Must-See Markets:

MARCHÉ JULES VALLÈS: With 120 stalls, this market offers unexpected

MARCHÉ L’ENTREPÔT: Here you’ll find large-scale architectural pieces like staircases, mantles, gates and even outdoor structures. Shipping can often be arranged through the appropriate channels on the spot.

These guides are equipped to personalize

MARCHÉ LE PASSAGE: This is a newer addition to the Saint-Ouen

your shopping experience, bringing you

markets, holding mostly decorative objects form the 20th century. It's a great place to visit if you want to try out your bargaining skills!

to markets that align with your interests, assisting with price negotiations and even arranging for shipping on occasion.

MARCHÉ MALASSIS: Hundreds of merchants and artists gather here to sell items from the 18th century to modern day, with an emphasis on 20th century goods. Look out for restored furniture, Asian art collectibles, unique tableware and Maritimethemed items. SPR ING 2024


Famous Fleas from Across the Globe PORTOBELLO ROAD - London, UK From first editions to forgotten movie posters, this world-renowned network of nearly 1,000 vendors spans two miles and has earned its rightful place in the historical fabric of London’s vibrant culture. ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET - Pasadena, USA

What do football and flea markets have in common? On the second Sunday of every month, this iconic stadium transforms into a bargainhunter's dream, attracting 20,000 buyers every month.


A curated selection of Martha Stewart-approved goods including furniture, plants, tableware, art and linens that the multi-hyphenate is looking to find new homes for. Hopeful attendees must purchase a ticket in advance to shop the sale.

FERIA DE SAN TELMO - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Patrons pour over 13 blocks of cobbled streets, admiring the neighborhood’s stunning architecture while hunting for treasures and trinkets to bring home for a steal.


Hunt for fashion-forward finds for the closet and home in this trendy spot, open every weekend from 9am to 5pm.

GRAND BAZAAR - Istanbul, Turkey Explore spices, traditional pipes, artisanal carpets, ceramics and more in this market, which dates back to the 15th century. TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET - Hong Kong, China While in Hong Kong, be sure to visit the Temple Street Night Market to get a taste of the city’s exuberant nightlife scene. Lively and vibrant, visitors can expect to stumble into a variety of authentic nightlife experiences while indulging in local cuisine and admiring captivating art installations and dazzling lights.

Always bustling with traffic, the Stanley Market offers a chance to explore local artwork and souvenirs, people watch and sample delicious cuisine.

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STANLEY MARKET - Hong Kong, China


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HISTORY IN THE MAKING Design: Lauren Svenstrup, Studio Sven | Photography: Ryan McDonald | Text: Twila Driedger

Renovating a loft with your partner is no easy feat, but designer Lauren Svenstrup and her husband Jim Fessler took on the challenge, creating something bold andand beautiful from thethe bones of aofhistoric building. something bold beautiful from bones a historic loft.

A soft, curvy sofa in mulberry velvet provides comfy seating while also making a statement in this Chicago condo. The exposed brick, glass coffee table, eclectic art pieces and giant cacti add even more interest and texture.

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“The client was highly design-forward, big into taking risks and very opinionated… and I’m allowed to say all that, because I was the client,” shares designer Lauren Svenstrup, founder of Studio Sven. When Svenstrup and her husband Jim Fessler first laid eyes on this historic organ-factory-turned-loft in Chicago, they knew they had to make it their own. Once home to the Hammond Organ Company, the space hadn’t seen an update since the 1990s and was ripe for renovation. “We at Studio Sven are all about bold, unapologetic personality, so a loft with a unique history was the perfect base for our style.” At the time, the couple hadn’t yet expanded their family, and they wanted a home that reflected their busy, urban lifestyle. So, Svenstrup started designing a dramatic space that reflected both of their personalities. “If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I choose the bold choice nearly every time,” Svenstrup says. “I knew I wanted my home to reflect that – for the sake of creativity and my portfolio – so I made a statement at any chance I got. As for my husband, he leans far more utilitarian. In his single-guy apartment, he was content using a barstool as a side table next to his sofa. I didn’t want him to feel like he was sacrificing function in favor of my vision, so the design looked to infuse livability and practicality into every room.” Below: Svenstrup scored second-hand gold when she went to purchase this green marble dining table and the owner offered to sell her the Italian Murano chandelier that now hangs above it. Together with the green vinyl banquette, it’s the perfect place to wine and dine. Beside: Black is anything but basic in the kitchen, where the bold black walls, cabinets and countertops are warmed with wood floors and ceilings, soft decor and glitzy accessories.

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Renovating bathrooms and a kitchen while living in the home proved to be the biggest hurdle for the couple, who tackled some of the work, like painting the dated oak kitchen cabinets, themselves. “We started construction within a few weeks of moving in together – just to add a layer to the stress beyond the acclimation period of moving in with your significant other,” Svenstrup says, laughing. Thankfully, all the drama came by way of design and not in the relationship. The architectural bones of the project – including the exposed brick, fireplace and wooden beams – already told a distinct narrative and guided Svenstrup in the design. Her penchant for dark, moody hues played out in the edgy black walls and kitchen dripping with drama. According to the designer, the black started small but quickly spread from the countertops to the cabinets, then to the backsplash and eventually crept up the Venetian plaster walls. “Venetian plaster is a technique combining marble dust and plaster to create a textured look and feel, and we took this route over more expensive wallpaper or backsplash. Not only was it a budget-friendly choice, but it’s one of the most conversation-sparking elements of the whole home. The Venetian plaster is a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom – it’s inherently waterproof and antimicrobial.” Generating conversations is easy in this loft, with authentic elements and curated artifacts that were carefully displayed throughout the space. The couple selected a handful of new items and paired them with vintage or pre-owned furniture

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and materials that add an elevated edge. An eight-foot mirrored floor lamp, a green marble dining table, an Italian Murano chandelier and a few cacti in the corners bring a character that is as refined as it is surprising. Punches of color such as mulberry velvet on the sectional, green vinyl on the banquette and a burst of teal in the bedroom are as fun as they are functional. “I kept the existing architectural elements of the space, then built around them with light fixtures, hardware and furnishings,” explains Svenstrup. “Given the setting and our own taste in vintage pieces, we wanted the entire space to give off the ‘collected’ feel of a favorite vintage shop, while also paying homage to the building’s history.” The designer stayed true to the age of the space, allowing the bones of the building to be the backdrop to bold layers of prints and patterns, like a hand-stamped border in the dining room, a tiger print rug and a large-scale line mural in the bedroom. “The interiors are a mix of old and new, with unique stories layered into every room. Many of the furnishings and accessories within are vintage, and there’s texture everywhere from the walls to the soft finishes,” she says. Svenstrup used three paint colors on the wall in the primary bedroom to create movement within a textured background and then painted a pattern over it with a creamy satin finish paint to catch the light. While the tones are dark and moody, the clients are anything but. “We wanted this space to be ready for entertaining and relaxing – and what sparks better conversation than bold design elements?” Since Svenstrup spends her days designing for others, pouring her creative energy into her own home was extremely satisfying. “This is the first time I was ever able to fully start over and do this for myself, for our aesthetic and functional needs first,” she details. “Devising a plan and executing it versus mixing and matching what we already had was very exciting and rewarding. It was important to leave everything else behind and begin again with a space that best represented us versus what our individual lives were before.” The couple has since had another opportunity to start anew, handing the keys off to the loft’s current owner and opting for a larger family home suited to their current needs with two young daughters. “I’m jealous of [the] new residents – it truly is a special place.” A saturated blue goes floor to ceiling to envelope the living room in strength and softness. A French tapestry and complementary neutral colors and textures bring character and warmth to the gathering space.

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It’s heaven for a treasure hunter in this Chicago condo, with artifacts and antiques adorning every corner and on every curated countertop.



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THE LAKE HOUSE Design: Lisa Clark, Lisa Clark Design Photography: Lynsey Corbett Photography Text: Twila Driedger

A cramped cottage in Lake of the Woods gets a refreshing aesthetic update - and an extra storey - to make it the ultimate family getaway.

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Gorgeous shades of green and gold, graphic fabrics and plenty of playfulness transform this kitchen from dull and drab to exuberant and unforgettable.

Left: Warmer natural woods win out over cooler white oak in this kitchen, which also favors creams, greens and caramel. Dinner with a view is on the menu in this charming cottage, where a solid wood table and black Windsor-style chairs enhance this dining area.

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When Lisa Clark was 12 years old, she saved every penny of her babysitting earnings to design the bedroom of her dreams. “My sister was saving up for makeup and name brand clothes, and I was saving up to buy paint, fabric, wallpaper and furniture,” she explains. “By the time I was 13, I had bought all new furniture for my bedroom.” Using her artistic juices to make spaces sparkle was simply a hobby for Clark, who grew up in rural Manitoba, Canada, and didn’t know that interior designers existed. “I was always this person who, when I was in a space, was trying to figure out how to make it more beautiful or welcoming,” Clark details. “I didn’t know that making a living being creative was an option for me.” It was only after Clark got married and she and her husband were building a little bungalow that she started seeing the literal painting on the wall. Tradespeople coming in to work were not only admiring her design work but interested in hiring Clark to join their team. “It was really serendipitous, it was just meant to be,” says Clark, who poured herself into learning the practical skills, enrolled in classes, and eventually made a complete career change. “I totally shifted direction.” After a local radio station featured the aspiring designer in a Trading Spaces-style story, word of mouth spread, and the designer started connecting with clients and transforming their spaces into places with function, beauty and longevity. “What I do is all about the people, because as much as I love design, I’m not about my portfolio,” Clark clarifies. “I’m actually all about the people for whom I’m creating. At the end of the day, I want to know how families live, how they

From plenty of seating space in the large living area, to the roomy entrance (check out that brick floor!) and beverage center, every area in this lake house is intended for gathering with family and friends.

36 I S S U E 15

work and how they connect with one another. And then I create spaces that make their family life more enjoyable.” When Clark’s clients – a mother-daughter duo, both businesswomen – approached her, they were looking for the designer to create a lake home where they could escape and unwind with their families. The property on Lake of the Woods, close to the Manitoba-Ontario provincial border, featured a toosmall cottage, with great bones and incredible views on all sides. In order to make the space big enough for extended gatherings, summer sleepovers and weekend getaways, Clark teamed up with Black Fox Construction who gutted the main floor, added a mudroom and doubled the size of the complete space with a second storey. “It took an army to piece together the structural engineering to get the second floor on,” she explains. “There’s a room that’s called the bunk room and it’s just built-in bunk beds - doubles on the bottom, singles on the top, in a teeny tiny footprint. But the thought was that we can fit so many people in there!” While space was essential for the women, so was warmth and walls of windows showcasing the area’s breathtaking views. So, Clark brought tones and textures from the flora and fauna and sticks and stones and incorporated them seamlessly into the renovation. “I’m always drawn to respecting the environment that I’m building in and so, I’m often thinking about how I can use natural materials,” explains Clark, who opted for hickory on the island and open shelving.

SPR ING 2024


“I wanted a very warm wood that had some knots in it and some texture that felt a little more rustic and a little more [cabin-like] as opposed to a white oak that can read a little cleaner. And so we went with a hickory because of all that character and graining and knotting that you get in it.” To create a charming cottage that feels entrenched in history with years of memories in the waiting, Clark matched the exact shade of the kitchen cabinets to a beloved green serving tray that the clients brought in, selected standalone appliances, pulled the warm wood forward into the sink cabinet and added cupped brass hardware. “I wanted the island to have a wood top as well. I didn’t want quartz on top of it. I wanted the island to feel like a piece of furniture,” Clark details. “Every little detail, every little molding was thought out so that it wouldn’t read like cabinet boxes.” Splashes of color were added to bathrooms and bedrooms to help tell the story of the space. A bright blue vanity with Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue is mirrored in the crisp cool waters off the dock. The green walls in the main floor powder room acknowledge the thick boreal forest bordering the cottage. And additional shades of blue are brought onto the ceiling in the bunkie and on the walls of the master bedroom, a sign of clear skies and fun times ahead. “We tried to keep all of our floors black and white and neutral but then inject some color in each room,” Clark shares, adding that the walls, baseboards and casings in the main living space were all painted the same soft shade of white to draw the eye to the view out the window. “I didn’t want too many competing focal points because everything was so light and bright. But then when you contrast that with the change to a much different, deeper color, it changes the feel. If you do everything light or everything dark, I think you miss out on some of that opportunity to change your experience as you move through [the space].” The client certainly hasn’t missed the opportunity to experience the joy of making memories at their Lake of the Woods property. From gathering around the island and baking cookies with grandchildren to packing the place full during Manitoba’s magical summer weekends, the lake house continues to bring the family together. “That’s the rewarding part,” says Clark. “I know that this family is growing and creating memories in this space and it’s functioning for them in such a beautiful way.”

38 I S S U E 15

Brilliant blue is balanced with soft textures and creamy tones.

We Have All The



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DIAM OND IN THE ROU GH Design: Amanda Hamilton Design Photography: Joel Klassen Text: Twila Driedger

The owners of this hidden gem of a house, nestled in farmland outside of Red Deer, Alberta, enlisted Amanda Hamilton Design to enrich their new build with everything they envisioned. And so, the studio delivered, curating a contemporary design with lots of personality and loads of space to play.

The main living space is light and breezy but also warm and inviting with layered textures, brushed brass, rift sawn white oak, custom paneling and plenty of seating.

40 I S S U E 15

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Amanda Hamilton Design has given a family of four beauty for ashes. The client, a husband-wife duo, along with their two young daughters, reached out to the studio via their website after losing their home to a fire. “It was totally turnkey,” Amanda Hamilton of Amanda Hamilton Design says of the project. “They didn’t have anything. It was all gone.” The designer, along with her team of 12 headed by lead designer Sarah Peters, took on the task of turning adversity into advantage and delivering a warm, inviting family home. From the full scope of interior design drawings to lighting, hardware, finishes and furniture – even the itty-bitty details, like the vessel on the nightstand and towels in the powder room, Hamilton’s team was part of every piece of this custom project. “[It included] all the plans, all the elevations, all the renderings, specifications, finishes and materials,” Hamilton explains. “And then, of course, the furniture package which was extensive. There’s actually a lot of custom furniture in the house.” The approximately 8,000-square-foot residence, nestled in the trees just outside of Red Deer, Alberta, is bathed in luxe, yet livable design and family-friendly function, a necessity for the laid-back clients who are busy business owners. Working alongside the professionals to create this classic contemporary custom home was a delight for the team at Amanda Hamilton Design, who used their signature approach of thoughtful exploration and true distillation of the client’s aesthetic, values and lifestyle. “From a personality standpoint, we just really hit it off. They are very down to earth, hard-working people and just very modest. And we ended up building this really beautiful house

42 I S S U E 15

for them,” Hamilton says, explaining that prior to the aesthetic plan, an initial design call determined the client’s expectations, the scope of work and ultimately if they’re a good fit for each other. According to Hamilton, part-way through the project, the customer trusted the team enough to give them the go-ahead to proceed without showing them all the specs, furniture choices and details. And so, they set out, selecting sumptuous finishes, custom furniture and relaxed and playful accessories to adorn the blank canvas. To create a bright and calming vibe on the second floor, where the kitchen and living room are situated, Hamilton and her team chose a predominately soft and ethereal palette featuring a combination of natural stones, brushed brass, rift sawn white oak, textural wallcoverings and custom paneling. “One of the things that I think is really important in a custom home is making sure that there’s lots of variation in a big house,” Hamilton details. “We’re really mindful about modifying the finishes and materials.” The studio used three or four different wood stains to complement the hardwood, with hickory on the custom coffee table and white oak in the millwork and played with materiality between the rooms that mirror each other. “We don’t want them to be identical. But you can see that the countertops are the same material as the surround for the fireplace,” she adds. “For the backsplash in the kitchen, we introduced another stone – something that has a little bit more movement and character to it.” The backsplash acts as art and is complimented with two-toned cabinetry gushing with glamor and exceptional symmetry. And the five stools at the counter accommodate plenty of opportunity for gathering and play, a specific client request. In addition to the bright main floor, the house showcases an indoor pool for the kids to swim in during Canada’s cold winter months, an outdoor living space for the area’s stunning seasons, a home gym and a collection of contemporary bathrooms, including one that is ultra spa-inspired. “We decided during construction that we wanted to keep [the primary bathroom] really light and bright, but very elevated, like a hotel aesthetic,” Hamilton details. “So, we played a lot with the brass detailing and did some accenting, because one of the things that really dates the house is if you only use one metal type all the way through. So, in the same way that we like to use three or four different

SPR ING 2024


types of millwork stains and color, we also like to mix metals, and brass and black complement each other really well.” As light and bright as is this home’s main living space, the lower level is a complete contrast. Dark paneled walls, a hip bar with backlit onyx, an oversized green velvet sectional and separate theater room add a moody aura to this otherwise airy abode. And its interior is as diverse as its exterior locale – a treasure tucked in the countryside of central Alberta. “I just remember going to a site visit once and both of their girls were in pink tights, with no shoes, playing in a dirt pile,” she says. “I think it’s so interesting because I think people make assumptions based on the formality of the house, how people live, but this is a house that people actually live in.” The clients appreciate their stylish space so much that they’ve acquired Amanda Hamilton Design to bring their Palm Springs-inspired lake house design dreams to reality. “If you have multiple properties, why not express different aesthetics in each of the properties? Because when you go to them, you’re going there for a different reason,” Hamilton says. “So, your mountain home shouldn’t feel like your city home and your city home shouldn’t feel like your mountain home.” Either way, with Hamilton driving the design, it’ll feel like home.

In comparison to the main floor, the lower level is a dramatic departure, with brass accents, dark stone, contemporary wallpaper and mod decor for a hip, laid-back vibe.

44 I S S U E 15

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BEST FOO T FOR WAR D Design: Denise Ashmore, project22design Photography: Janis Nicolay Photography Text: Twila Driedger

A 1912 craftsman has its traditional character restored and elevated with a touch of sophistication and a bit of whimsy.

The oxblood in the island and warm whites and grays in the cabinets are echoed around the house, including in the kitchen’s playful terrazzo flooring.

46 I S S U E 15


nspiration for the design of this large Kitsilano craftsman renovation project literally walked into interior designer Denise Ashmore’s office. Her client, a well-traveled father of two, was wearing shoes that kicked off the color scheme. “David came in one day – he’s always well dressed, he’s a fashionable fellow. He came in with oxblood shoes and we decided, why do a gray kitchen when we could do something much different, like a classic burgundy or oxblood color, based on his shoes,” explains Ashmore. As international travelers, busy professionals and parents to young twins, the clients approved of the surprising shade. Another item they hoped Ashmore’s project22design firm could help them with? Restoring their classic Vancouver heritage home to its rich character. The clients were relocating from Hong Kong to Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood and needed help bringing their traditional craftsman build up to date, while respecting its beautiful bones. “We basically wanted to restore it back to what it was,” she shares. “The vision was to take it back to looking and feeling like a Kits craftsman house. A lot of the detailing was kept. More than anything, they wanted something that was much more playful and not typical.” The original house was divided up into a number of suites and needed a ton of work. Through the studio’s design Built-in storage was provided as the perfect way to showcase the client’s brilliant collection of interview process, Ashmore discovered the best arrangement Danish glass birds, while the scenic view provides the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation. for the busy family was to rebuild the house and recreate the traditional elements that attracted the owners to the property. “It made sense for us to lift the house, move it over and drop it back down and create this much more livable permanent dwelling for them,” Ashmore details. By the time the crumbling craftsman was gutted, lifted and moved onto a new foundation, there was nothing left but a shell, requiring a rebuild courtesy of Lepp Construction and meticulous interior planning by Ashmore and her team to completely restore the one-of-a-kind project. “The client wanted to keep that little turret space in the back completely intact and the inlaid oak floors in the main,” says Ashmore. “And so, we painstakingly took photos. We documented that house and then recreated all of it.” Signature archways, moldings and trim work and distinctive details were all restored and preserved. The historic home’s original stained-glass windows were salvaged and reinstalled in new frames, rousing a rich palette for Ashmore to echo in various elements. Greens and oxblood, tempered with warm white and soft gray, are playfully placed bringing color and pattern, such as in the kitchen’s terrazzo tile. In the cozy breakfast nook, the stain was matched, and the original oak paneling was recreated for the family of four. Other elements unique to the 1912 build were also brought back to life, albeit some with a different purpose. “There were a few little treasures in the house that they really wanted to keep,” Ashmore details. “There are a few hot water heaters that still remain but they’re unfunctional. They

SPR ING 2024


use them as plant stands or just as decorative objects in the house. So, they were very much trying to pay homage to the house and be respectful of what it was.” The original clawfoot tub was also salvaged and dramatically re-enameled in oxblood and antique gold and moved to the principal bathroom on the second floor. The luxurious ensuite is rich in design materials with contemporary black metal shower enclosure, porcelain terrazzo tile and complementary puzzle tile pattern on the shower wall. In the main floor powder room, the client’s personalities and penchant for travel are displayed in the playful fabric wallcovering featuring extinct animals. “They didn’t want it to be an expected experience. They wanted something different,” Ashmore explains. “They’re internationally sort of grounded in the world. So, they have a very fun wallpaper that is of extinct animals; it’s a very cool print.” Treasures and objects and art from the clients’ travels and personal collection are displayed throughout the home, generating interest and elegance, and weaving stories throughout the sophisticated spaces. But not all elements of the remodel evoke history. Contemporary and elegant elements, such as the black reeded glass sliding screen between the office and living room and stunning chandeliers bring a modern spin to the traditional build. In addition to desiring a beautiful reinterpretation of the original character, Above: Sink into luxe living room furniture in front of a blazing fire - and stunning architectural fireplace surround. The modern take on the room’s chandelier makes the eye bounce around the room and highlights the meticulously recreated moldings. Right: Contemporary reeded glass and black metal details are interwoven throughout the home, like in the sliding screen between the office and living room.

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the clients needed a space that was equally functional for their family. With house guests coming from overseas and across the country, two busy working professionals and active kids, each room needed to suit their lifestyle. “They like to entertain. Roy works at home and David travels for work but also works at home,” Ashmore explains. “So, we have one office on the main floor, a little nanny suite at the back and a great mudroom for coming in with all kinds of stuff and gear. The house is very functional.” Now when the family comes home, there is a locker for every member, and plenty of floor space for putting on shoes and boots. Thanks to Ashmore and her team at project22design, her clients are finally able to hang up their coats at the same place and unwind in a space that is unequivocally created for them. “The most exhilarating part was probably moving them in and seeing the kids enjoying their space,” she says. “It sounds cliché, but honestly, the family had never lived together in the same house. Roy was living with the twins and David was living in another apartment, so actually getting them together in the same home really felt good.” Above: The whimsical wallpaper in the main floor powder room reflects the client’s global background. Left: A place for everything and everything in its place. The spacious mudroom is both functional and fashionable, with crisp cabinetry and lots of storage space.

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how to hang like a gallerist

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Just as no floor space is complete without furniture, no wall is complete without the adornments of pictures and artwork. Incorporating frames helps to personalize a home while creating varied focal points for the eye to rest upon in delight. Don’t be intimidated by the process we’re breaking it down step by step to have you hanging like a gallerist. S U P PL IES : • LEVEL • MEASURING TAPE • PENCIL • HAMMER, ELECTRIC DRILL OR SCREWDRIVER • YOUR HARDWARE OF CHOICE (see "METHOD" section below)

STEP ONE: Select the photographs or artwork you’d like to hang. It can be as simple as a snapshot of a fond memory or as obscure as a movie poster of one of your favorite flicks – in the right frame, anything can be art. As long as it means something to you and doesn’t detract from the color scheme and overall feel of your space, it’s a great opportunity to display a little character. STEP TWO: Find the right frame – photographs will generally look better with a larger matting around them to draw the eye inward on smaller details, while artwork or prints that are larger in scale can be fitted to the frame. STEP THREE: Select your method of hanging in coordination with the hardware attached to your frame (if no wire or holes are visible at the back of your frame, you can select what works best for you depending on your comfort level and the weight of your frame).

RENTER’S TIP: If you’re looking to avoid holes in your walls altogether or have a strict damage-deposit policy to work with, Command Strips can be a great option! You can find them at most independent paint and decorating stores!

method LIGHTWEIGHT: If a frame is lightweight enough, a simple nail (which will leave the least amount of damage on your wall) paired with one of the following hardware options will often do the trick. Measure your desired height and hammer the nail into the wall so about 2 cm remains sticking out. Sawtooth: A small bracket with a zig-zag edge – a great option for lighter-weight frames. Place the jagged-edge of the sawtooth upon it until it finds the right “groove” to rest level. Hanging Wire: Can often be the simplest solution, but will sometimes allow your frame to lean slightly forwards. Position your frame so the wire can rest upon the nail and use a level to find the right angle. HEAVYWEIGHT: For heavier frames, keyholes and D-Rings are the best option to ensure your frame will have the support it needs. You’ll need to measure your desired height as well as the distance between the hardware on the back of your frame. Plot one of the corners first using a pencil, and then hold your frame with a level on top to plot the second mark. A double headed screw is the best match for this type of hardware – you can screw them in using an electric drill or a screwdriver. Keyholes: A slotted hole mounted to the top corners of the back of your frame. D-Rings: Two rings mounted to the corners of your frame.

pro tips: • When hanging a single frame of a larger size, a good rule of thumb is to have the bottom of the frame float exactly 60" above the floor. This will put the frame roughly at eyeline height, right where we want it! • If you’re hanging a frame above a console table or another object, have the bottom of the frame float about 2" off the surface.

What is


• We’re your local paint store. Each of us is part of a cooperative of over 1,700 independent, family-owned paint and decorating stores. • Since 1960 we’ve built a network of retailers who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, community, hard work, and determination. • By working together we’re able to thrive in an ever increasingly competitive market. Spending less time focused on the business of business and more time focused on you. • So next time you have a painting project or need decorating expertise, shop your local ALLPRO retailer.

To find the retailer nearest you, visit our website at www.allprocorp.com/locator


Picnic ic Perfect recipes and food styling MARISA CURATOLO photography CORY ARONEC

From spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn to extended family potlucks in the park, how can you go wrong sitting in nature, enjoying great company and a plate full of delicious food? 58 I S S U E 15

Picnic Essentials:

The perfect summer day is spent in the fresh air of your favorite outdoor spot by the river, on a boat or in your own backyard. Relax, soak up the sun and enjoy a lovely meal. - a basket to carry your food - a large blanket - plates and bowls - glassware - cutting boards - metal bucket for ice - cloth napkins

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c h ow

ASIAN SLAW 2 cups shredded cabbage 1 cup sliced snow peas 2 green onions, sliced Dressing: ¼ cup Japanese mayonnaise 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon light soy sauce 1 teaspoon sriracha sauce ½ teaspoon ground coriander Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste For dressing, combine all ingredients in medium bowl; set aside. In large bowl, combine cabbage, snow peas and green onions. Pour dressing over cabbage mixture and toss well. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and chill 1 hour. Serves 6.

There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp crunch of a great slaw.

MUFFULETTA SANDWICH 1 (6-inch) round French or sourdough loaf ½ cup pesto 1 cup roasted red peppers 4 ounces sliced provolone 4 ounces sliced capicolla 4 ounces sliced mortadella 4 ounces sliced Genoa salami 6 ounces sliced mozzarella

60 I S S U E 15

For sandwich, slice bread in half horizontally and hollow some bread from bottom and top. Spread pesto on bottom of loaf. Place peppera on bottom crust. Layer with provolone, capicolla, mortadella, Genoa salami and mozzarella. Cover with top half of bread and press down. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill 30 minutes. Cut into 6 wedges. Serves 6.

CHERRY & PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES These no-bake treats are a summertime childhood classic. This grown-up take gets an update from the addition of flaked oats, chopped peanuts and dried cherries. A dash of food coloring paste gives the dish a pink color. ½ cup butter ½ cup 35% cream 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup peanut butter 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup large flaked rolled oats 2 cups Corn Flakes ½ cup chopped dried cherries 1 cup chopped peanuts 1 cup mini marshmallows Line 8-inch metal square pan with parchment paper. Set aside. In medium saucepan, melt butter with cream. Add sugar and bring mixture to boil; reduce to low. Stir in peanut butter; add vanilla and red paste; remove from heat. In large bowl, combine oats, cornflakes, cherries, peanuts and marshmallows. Pour sugar mixture over oats mixture; toss to coat. Pat mixture into prepared pan. Cover and chill 2 hours or up to 3 days. Cut into squares. Serves 10 to 12.

A muffuletta is a large, round and somewhat flattened loaf with a sturdy texture. The sandwich is the perfect picnic food as it travels extremely well and the longer it sits in a cooler the better the flavors will be. You may use any cold cuts you wish, but the Italian trio is a true and delicious classic.

POTATOES WITH GREEN BEANS ½ cup extra virgin olive oil ⅓ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons grainy Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon finely chopped shallot 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, plus more for garnish ½ lb fresh green beans, trimmed 10 baby potatoes 1 cup cherry tomatoes In medium bowl, whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, shallot and thyme. Set aside. In large saucepan of boiling salted water, cook beans for 5 minutes. Drain and refresh under ice water; drain well. Pat dry. Place potatoes in a large pot and cover with cold water and salt. Bring to boil and reduce to simmer, cook until fork tender; about 8 minutes. Drain and cool. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Toss potatoes, beans and tomatoes with dressing. Arrange on serving platter and garnish with fresh thyme. Serves 6.

Nothing beats fresh from the garden vegetables at a picnic or otherwise. If you aren’t a green thumb, check out the homegrown fare at the city’s farmers' markets this summer.



Printemps A Paris Text: Andrea Danelak

Discover the City of Light as it gleams and blooms in front of your eyes.

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he great American novelist Henry Miller once wrote “when spring comes to Paris, the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” Indeed, as the city saturates with blooms that seem to cover every façade and Parisians shed their cozy peacoats that kept them warm all winter, there is an air of possibility, an unmistakable joie de vivre, discernable at every street corner. It’s a time of optimism, a time of liveliness and perhaps most importantly, a time when tourists have not yet arrived en masse to crowd every reservation list, vintage shop and museum. The sunshine is warm while the breeze is cool, tinged with the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms. Birds flutter busily overhead. The scene is set for you to “flâner” (a French word which means to stroll aimlessly) about the city at your preferred pace.

FUN FACT Paris received its nickname, The City of Light, after its early adoption of an extensive system of street lighting in the 19th century.

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Jardin du Luxembourg

The biggest and busiest flea market in the world, sporting over 1,200 stalls and a charm that will have you feeling like a true Parisian. Bring your bartering skills and a keen eye for vintage! (Read more on PG. 24).

Covering 25 hectors of land and offering free admission to tourists and Parisians alike, the Jardin du Luxembourg is a wonderful place to dream away an afternoon amongst manicured lines of tulips, a beautiful rose garden and 106 statues spread throughout the park.

Arc de Triomphe This monument erected by Napoleon in the peak of his career to commemorate military glory must be experienced in person to appreciate its grand stature. It’s also the perfect starting point for a romp down the luxurious shops of Champs-Élysées.

The Louvre If you only visit one museum while in Paris, let it be the Louvre. Famous throughout the globe and home to the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue, it’s filled with essential pieces of art history you’ve learned about all your life.

The Eiffel Tower As you may have guessed, the Eiffel Tower is not to be missed. In fact, we’d recommend putting this on your itinerary twice: once for an afternoon picnic (don’t forget your baguette and a bottle of bubbly for the full experience), and once after sunset so you can see it all lit up!

Musée de l’Orangerie An exhibition of impressionists and post-impressionists, you can find Claude Monet’s large “Water Lilies” mural here.

Saint-Germain-Des-Prés With a storied past that housed writers like Oscar Wilde, de Beauvoir and Albert Camus, this neighborhood is home to classic cafes where existentialists did their bidding (a.k.a., talking). Stop by Café de Flore and Deux Magots to take in a piece of literary history.

Easter Church Service Some of the city’s oldest and most monumental buildings are churches (Sacré Coeur Basilica and the Église Saint Germain des Prés) – and what better time to see them than during Easter celebrations. Paris’ American Cathedral, Trinity International Church and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church all offer English-language services.


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WEATHER: The temperature in springtime ranges from a comfortable 54 F to 68 F, creating the perfect climate for street markets and outdoor exploration, although dressing in layers is always a good idea, especially for after dark. The city sees a good amount of rain during late March and early April, so it’s a good idea to pack an umbrella or make a point to pick one up on your first day. Luckily, there are no shortage of museums to pop into should you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected downpour.


A staple within the Parisian landscape is Montmartre village, which sports a distinctly vintage feel and authentic ambiance. Famous in its own right (thank you, Moulin Rouge!), you can enjoy an afternoon simply wandering its sloped cobblestone roads and popping in and out of hip bistros and shops.

L’Histoire De La Belle Epoque aris and its beauty are inextricable from its history. So much of its distinctive charm came about during a period of time now known as the Belle Époque, a time of remarkable economic, artistic and architectural progress between 1871 and 1914 that began after the fall of the Paris Commune and ended with the onset of the first world war. The radical left-wing group known as the Paris Commune had seized power in the wake of France’s defeat during the Franco-Prussian War and the subsequent collapse of Napoleon III’s Second Empire. They ruled from March 18 through to May 28, when the French Army reclaimed the city – but not before significant destruction had occurred. Several beloved buildings were casualties of the violent confrontation, including Paris’ city hall, Hôtel de Ville and Tuileries Palace. In the decades following, Paris was rebuilt with new vigor, with the influence of Art Nouveau weighing in, a sensibility that favored ornate details, intricate awnings and naturally-inspired forms. Most notable among the Belle Époque’s architectural advancements is the Eiffel Tower, which was constructed to serve as the grand entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair. The city’s metro entrances are also a stunning example of this aesthetic at work. Installed between 1900 and 1912 and designed by architect Hector Guimard, 86 of 141 still stand today.

te the ure attribu n a c hitect One s’ arc ri a P f f ny o fect o harmo his Pre d n o a h I visual n II nn, w poleo ussma a H to Na rd n a s ro stand ine, Ba hetic t s the Se e g a ct idenin ed stri also w e il y to impos h a w ing w ildings rds, giv for bu a gh v u le bou es thro town t buzz a h t down y it able c ons. r seas a walk all fou

The architecture boom at the turn of the 20th century was also accompanied by an explosion of culture – writers, artists and creatives from all over the world took their turns contributing to a rich intellectual scene. Already known as a scientific and philosophical hub of activity thanks to its instrumental role in the Age of Enlightenment, it quickly became a destination for dreamers and free thinkers. The city’s art world underwent an “avant-garde” reinvention – a reaction to the traditionalism that had previously ruled. Historical subjects and religious allegories were put aside in favor of new approaches to ordinary scenes – leading the charge were a group who would later be known as the Impressionists (Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir). This influence steeped into graphic design as well with the introduction of the color lithograph, an invention from the “Father of the Modern Poster,” Jules Chéret. Artists used this new tool to immortalize cafes and cabarets (you may be able to call to mind the iconic Moulin Rouge poster by artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, which has been reproduced countless times). It was this critical period of prosperity that still seems to define Paris today, a time that poised Paris as the cultural capital of the world, cementing its romantic ideals in our collective consciousness and paving way for new dreams to be built upon an already rich legacy. This vision of Paris has proven to be so seductive, it attracts tens of millions of visitors every year – people who come to add their own chapter to the city’s ever-expanding story.

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Sipping & Dining FROM FORMAL DINING TO CASUAL BITES, EXPLORE THIS CURATED LIST OF PARISIAN PIT STOPS. Le Clarence Set in a luxurious private mansion lined with neoclassical paintings and draped with crystal chandeliers, Le Clarence offers more than a delicious meal (although Chef Christophe Pelé’s seasonal menu is reason enough to visit). If you appreciate the finer things in life (like an expertly curated natural wine list and the ornate decadence of wood paneling), it’s a must see.

Maison Sauvage Located in a lively corner in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and covered in a sea of seasonal florals, this caférestaurant is the perfect lunch spot (or anytime spot - stop by between 7am and 2am without reservations).

Le Recamier It would be a shame to leave Paris without trying an authentic souffle. Situated a short walk from Le Bon Marché and Jardin du Luxembourg, you can make an afternoon of it.

Clown Bar Contrary to what this establishment’s name would have you think, Clown Bar’s food is nothing to laugh at. Its chef, Sota Atsumi, has curated a delicious menu to be enjoyed amongst quintessential Art Nouveua paintings (be sure to look up at the ceiling!).

Bisou An intimate evening is always in store at Bisou, where mixologists create individually tailored craft cocktails on the spot and chefs will cook up your cravings using fresh ingredients they have on hand.

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Metal Effects ® COLLECTION

Modern Masters® Metal Effects® products create the distinctive and timeless look of bronze and copper patina, or the weathered appearance of rusted iron in the matter of minutes.

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WALL & CABINETRY: Blue Nova 825/CC-860


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Explore the Extraordinary Elevate the everyday and expand horizons through juxtaposed color that is sure to inspire, with Blue Nova leading the way.

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COLOR TRENDS New horizons are sought by exploring disparate places, thoughts and colours to form endless creative possibilities. Softly saturated with a nuanced approach to contrast, the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 palette takes inspiration from the hues experienced through travels and moments that span beyond routine. On adventures near or far, we encourage collecting poignant color moments with verve and personality that are unexpected and boundlessly magical.

White Dove OC-17

Pristine OC-75

Topaz 070

Teacup Rose 2170-50

Honeybee CSP-950

Regent Green 2136-20

Antique Pewter 1560

Blue Nova 825/CC-860

Polar Sky 1674/CC-790

Hazy Lilac 2116-40


I S S U E 15 Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore® paints. On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. Las representaciones del color pueden diferir ligeramente de la pintura real.

Right: TRIM & STAIR RISERS: White Dove OC-17 Unerring style defines this clean and classic white. LOWER WALL: Topaz 070 A deep, radiant orange with rich undertones of brown and red.

Left: FAR WALL & TRIM: Pristine OC-75 Dusty rose undertones define this delicate off-white. NEAR WALL TRIM & CEILING: Antique Pewter 1560 Reminiscent of a rich patina, this green hue is grounded by a touch of gray.

SPR ING 2024


LEFT: WALLS, TRIM, ISLAND & CEILING: Regent Green 2136-20 A deep pine green that verges on black.

RIGHT: CEILING & CROWN MOLDING: Teacup Rose 2170-50 A vibrant mixture of pink and coral, this pastel hue is full of quaint charm.


I S S U E 15

RIGHT: WALLS: Antique Pewter 1560 BANQUETTE: Pristine OC-75 LEFT: WALL & TRIM: HAZY LILAC 2116-40 A hint of gray brings moody allure to this mid-tone violet hue.

SPR ING 2024




blue nova 825


quipped with otherworldly allure and surprising versatility, this violet blue crossover shade is inspired by the great expanse of the cosmos. Suggestive of the limitless possibilities at hand when the full range of color is embraced, Blue Nova is comfortable operating as a background character or in the spotlight. Try it out as an elevated alternative to navy, enlivened with greater depth and intrigue, but still dialed-back enough to generate classic appeal. Or, envelope a room in its galactic glow from baseboards to ceiling for a monochromatic color moment, perfect for a bedroom.


I S S U E 15

©2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.

“Inspired by the brilliance of a new star being formed in space” – Benjamin Moore

SPR ING 2024


Hazy Lilac 2116-40 A hint of gray and a blush of moodiness infuse this subtle violet mid-tone with enduring appeal.

Topaz 070 A deep, radiant orange with undertones of red and brown, undeniably reminiscent of a tropical sunset in summer heat.

hot shades

for your

home With the theme of exploration at the forefront, Benjamin Moore 2024’s color palette inspires us to reach for the potential that lies just outside of our comfort zones and to marvel at the beauty that arises when new possibilities are embraced. Emboldened, we approach color with a newfound playfulness, bringing together unexpected shades.

Blue Nova 825 Reassurance and elegance underscore this charming, cosmic mix of violet and blue.


I S S U E 15

Polar Sky 1674 Pale and crisp, like an early winter’s morning sky.

Teacup Rose 2170-50 A charming and quaint marriage of coral and pink in a pastel hue.


enjamin Moore asks us to “explore the extraordinary” with their 2024 palette, selecting shades that favor bold strokes rather than the greiges of that past. Bringing energy and charisma, these hues work well as stand-alone pops of color or in varied combinations of one another, offering us an infinitely expanding network of color moments to integrate into our spaces. In putting together this selection of shades, the Benjamin Moore team was focused on balancing the juxtaposition between the routine of homelife and the revitalizing energy of new experiences, often encountered outside of our own four walls. By incorporating colors that reference the beauty of our world, from the night sky above to the sun-soaked streets of South America, Benjamin Moore has influenced us all to expand our horizons and lean into the uplifting moods these new color moments offer us.

Regent Green 2136-20 A deep pine-inspired green that is dark enough to read black in certain settings.

Honeybee CSP-950 Soft and sweet like honey and well-poised for versatility.

SPR ING 2024



find your

fo o t i ng When it comes to crafting a coherent color scheme for your space, look no further than beneath your own two feet. A thoughtfully selected rug can provide all the inspiration and direction you need. From bold and brilliant patterns to muted motifs, looking to this single item will ensure you end with a final look that feels true to your taste and organically integrated.


A selection like this is guaranteed to become the focal point of the space, so the work becomes about complimenting the established playful vibe. Because the pattern is working on a larger geometric scale, you can invite other patterns in that feature smaller-scale prints, like striped cushions.

80 I S S U E 15





Multi Paint Chip Annie Selke hable Rug Was ne hi ac M

A fun print featuring a well-established color scheme is a great choice, as it allows you to select shades that are already proven to play well together. We recommend pulling two paint matches (one neutral, and another with more personality, as seen here) to use for your walls and accents.

Annie Se lke Malta G Machine Washabl rey e Rug

©2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.

OLIVE MOSS 2147-20



A classic striped rug will allow your creativity to soar, especially when it features a tried-and-true contrast as shown here. Uniformity underfoot calls for an unexpected pop of color – a bright yellow is an excellent way to add character and charm to this old-school formula. SPR ING 2024



ROSEWOOD 2082-40


This ornately detailed pattern is primed for the royal treatment. Play up the romantic vibes with a delicate but deep rose hue and bring in accessories and accents that call back to the rug’s undertones.


82 I S S U E 15

This busier print featuring muted earth tones welcomes a pop of color: look for an opportunity to amp up an undertone like we’ve done here with the pale pinks found throughout the motif.

©2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.


Annie Selke Cat's Paw Gr ey

Hand Micro

Hooked Wo

ol Rug

Annie Selke Casar Hand Knotted Wool Rug

If you’re going for the best finish, go with the best brush. Corona. The finest paint tools. Handmade in the USA since 1961. For more information, contact your local Corona Dealer or our Customer Service Department at 800.458.3483. www.CoronaBrushes.com | @CoronaBrushes


SPR ING 2024




True comfort is about so much more than our physical senses. It’s a feeling — the distinct sense that we are at one with our surroundings. We cultivate it by creating spaces that envelope the eye and put our bodies at ease. One of the most impactful tools we have at our disposal in this pursuit is the language of color. While every shade carries a world of significance, it is also sublingual, allowing us to project our own meanings. Now that we have bid adieu to the standardized neutral palettes of decade’s past for the full spectrum of possibilities, we have given our homes permission to say new things through the power of paint. Next time you step into a room and ponder over paint chips, ask yourself: If these walls really could talk, what would I want them to say?

84 I S S U E 15


©2020 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.

the language of color

Why caulk before you paint? • Fills gaps and provides a uniform surface Saves on heating and cooling by stopping • air leaks • Caulking can enhance every paint job are likely to last longer, saving you • Projects time and money

Learn more at www.allprocorp.com For product information call 866.897.7568 or email tech@towersealants.com


2024 Blue Nova 825

Explore the extraordinary.

©2023 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. 11/23

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