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P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal 10 % OFF 15 % OFF ALL WOOD BLINDS AND SHUTTER ORDERS OVER $1000* ALL WOOD BLINDS AND SHUTTER ORDERS OVER $2500* * Exclusions & exceptions may apply | Can't be combined with other offers Coupon must be presented | Orders must be placed before December 1, 2022 P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal REGAL PAINT CENTERS Locations in: Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, & Winchester. TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU, VISIT:


Pass this coupon along to a friend who has not previously shopped with Regal Paint Centers and they will receive 20% OFF their first paint order! Regal rewards account set-up is required. Exclusions & exceptions may apply. Not redeemable with other offers. P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal REGAL PAINT CENTERS Locations in: Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, & Winchester. TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU, VISIT:


Products featured in At Home are available at Regal Paint Centers, some by order.special out more colorful and inspiring spaces startingon page thirty.





SPACES: Real home redesigns youwall-to-wallwithideascanuse.

Tour this traditional Toronto 1930s home with a modern update 38 A FINE BALANCE An Edwardian flat on the edges of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood receives a full-scale remodel from award-winning Bay area firm IDF Studio 46 LAKEHOUSE LIVING Georgia Zikas Design works their magic on a secluded lake house in the Berkshires to highlight a stunning view with low-maintenance living 52 A FAMILY AFFIAR Genius functional upgrades, a rustic but clean aesthetic, and a palette inspired by nature conspire to create the ultimate gathering place for family traditions to grow

CONTRIBUTORS CARLEE BAIGRIE ROBYN IRADARRENAUBREYJIMTWILAOLIVIAARTHURANDREACHUBEYDANELUKLIFFMANNHIEBERTDRIEDGERTAYLORTAYLORGRUNERUDVANDENBERG Love the designs within our pages? Connect with the talented folks behind the gorgeous spaces. A SENSE OF PLACE PG. Four30Blocks South, Beth Lowenfeld idfstudio.comIDFPG.A@fourblockssouthfourblockssouth.comFINEBALANCE38Studio,KassinAdleman @idfstudio_sf LAKEHOUSE LIVING PG. Georgia46 Zikas Design, Georgia Zikas TaysPG.A@georgiazikasdesigngeorgiazikasdesign.comFAMILYAFFAIR52&Co.DesignStudios, Laura Tays P i c k s Up and R ele a ses M o r e Pa i n t !P i c k s Up and R ele a ses M o r e Pa i n t ! L I N T L E S S ✓ Superior Taper ✓ Advanced Flagging ✓ Exceptional Quality ✓ Holds & Delivers More! Handcraf ted Brushes is the per fect compliment for all Latex or Oil/Alkyd Paints and Stains ✓ Supreme Woven Fibers ✓ Solvent Resistant Core ✓ Exceptional Pick-up and Release Superior Roller Covers Today’s paints demand more from today’s applicators and the lintless Glossdel Plus delivers like no other cover. uperior C ve s 6 ISSUE 12

every effort has been made to ensure that advertisements and articles appear correctly, At Home Magazine cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the contents of this publication. All material is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of its publisher or editor. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part prohibited without written permission from the publisher. Typeset in Adobe Garamond and Avenir Printed in Canada CONTENTS 22 TOOLBOX: Helpful resources for any homeowner A TOOL FOR ALL REASONS Discover the many uses for Warner 15-in-1 26 HOT SPOT: Shining a spotlight on the world's hidden gems GET WANDER-LOST Venture into farmland and learn from nature 62 CHOW: Just thinking about it is making us hungry TEA TIME Brew a cuppa with these inspiring tea recipies infused with garden delights 72 EXPLORER: Pack your sense of adventure and let’s go DESTINATION ICELAND The Land of Fire and Ice 80 CRAFT TABLE: DIY? WE SAY Y-E-S! A REC ROOM TO SWOON FOR Create a kid's afterschool haven PG.62 Co.&MooreBenjamintolicensedtrademarksregisteredaresymbol“M”triangletheandMooreBenjaminCo.&MooreBenjamin©2021 paint.actualfromslightlydiffermayrepresentationsColorpaints.MooreBenjaminqualityintintedwhenonlyensuredisaccuracyColor PG. 52 ROMANESQUEJADE476 BreakdownCoverPG.92 PINELANDS446 7FALL 2022 CHUBEYROBYNPHOTOGRAPHY,SPACECRAFTING


FALL 2022 Bahia Taylor Editor in Co-founderChief Leigh McKenzie CreativeCo-founderDirector Carlee Baigrie Contributing Writer & Editor Olivia Hiebert Graphic Designer Melanie Truman Project Ownedwww.galloncreative.comGallonGraphicManagementDesignStylingCreativeandPublishedby:GallonCreative For inquiries, please contact us at hello @ 5 Scurfield Blvd #25 Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y

F. SCOTT FITZGERALD WROTE THAT LIFE starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall, and we tend to agree. Not just because it’s a beautiful vantage point from which to see one of our favorite seasons, but because it’s a nice way to think about change and the opportunity it provides. For our ancestors, it was a time of gathering for a cold winter ahead. The summer’s sweetest strawberries were canned and beds were lined with extra linens. We see Autumn as a time of nourishment and care. A time to settle in and take stock. A time to slow down and relish in the quiet moments—the often overlooked morsels of life that are so often overlooked in favor of the busy milestones. We hope these pages inspire you to make the most of it all, from December’s dinner parties to Sunday’s rest. Soak up the seconds of a weekend getaway at nearby farmland (PG. 24)—expose yourselves to nature’s way and discover the art of slow living. Brew a cup of tea with intention and pay attention to how much you enjoy every delicious sip (PG. 62)—allow yourself to taste the flavors on your tongue rather than letting them wash over you without notice. Rediscover the simple joy of building something with your own two hands with the help of Robyn Chubey’s expert instruction (PG. 80). And of course, take time to appreciate the beautiful things in life and the spaces that give us the room to gather, as in all of our abodes featured this issue. However you choose to slow down and savo r this season, we hope you do so with an open mind and eager eyes. Stay inspired.

REGAL PAINT CENTERS Locations in: Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, & Winchester. TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU, VISIT:

8 ISSUE 12


P.72WELCOMEP.30 TWELVEISSUEHOMEATCENTERSPAINTREGAL2022FALL STAIR RUNNERS BRING SERIOUS STYLE TO ANY SKINNY SPACE STEP-BY-STEPGUIDE: HOW TO START A SOURDOUGHSTARTER iceland WHERE TWO CONTINENTS COLLIDE ROMANESQUEJADE476 ADD BIG IMPACT TO ANY SPACE WITH PAINTED FLOORS PINELANDS446 Decorate With REGAL CENTERSPAINT REGAL PAINT CENTERS Locations in: Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, & Winchester. TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU, VISIT: 10 % OFF 15 % OFF ALL WOOD BLINDS AND SHUTTER ORDERS OVER $1000* ALL WOOD BLINDS AND SHUTTER ORDERS OVER $2500* * Exclusions & exceptions may apply Can't be combined with other offers Coupon must be presented Orders must be placed before December 1, 2022


NO modified oils; NO Water Visit our ArmClark.comwebsite OIL BASED WOOD STAINS CustomerFavoriteGood Old Fashioned Traditional Oil Stain Our high-quality exterior wood stain is the perfect solution for any level — from expert craftsmen to amateurs — and everyone in between. Craftsman Quality DIY Friendly NO modified oils; NO Water Visit our ArmClark.comwebsite OIL BASED WOOD STAINS CustomerFavoriteGood Old Fashioned Traditional Oil Stain Our high-quality exterior wood stain is the perfect solution for any level — from expert craftsmen to amateurs — and everyone in between. Craftsman Quality DIY Friendly

STEP 2: Measure the Doors Door 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Door 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Add together to find Total Door Surface = ____ ft.

PRO TIP: It’s wise to buy a bit more paint than you think you will need for the job. This way, you can ensure you will not run out of paint before the job is done, plus you’ll have leftover paint for touch-ups.

STEP 3: Measure the Windows Window 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Window 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Add together to find Total Window Surface = _____ft.

Don’t run out! Let Regal Paint Centers help calculate the right amount for you

Wall 3 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Wall 4 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Add together to find Total Wall Surface = _____ ft.


STEP 1: Measure the Walls Wall 1 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft. Wall 2 Width: ___ ft. X Height: ___ ft. = _____ ft.

Follow this formula to estimate the paint requirements of your project. You’re nearly painting when you look down into the almost empty can realize – yikes! have quite enough paint to the job.

= Surface




STEP 5: Subtract Surface Not to Be Painted from Total Wall Surface = Total Surface To Be Painted.

Estimating the amount of paint you need is as important as choosing your color scheme. Save yourself time and a panic attack by taking the guesswork out of your paint requirements using a calculator similar to the one on this page. It’s as simple as measuring the dimensions of the room being painted to find the surface area.


*SPREAD RATE: The spread rate is the recommended yield you can expect from a can of paint. Typically, a U.S. gallon of paint will cover 350-400 square feet. As coverage may vary depending on paint product and thickness of application, check your paint can label to determine the spread rate before purchasing.


STEP 4: Add Total Doors plus Total Windows to Not to Painted.

STEP 6: Divide Total Surface to Be Painted by the Spread Rate* = Amount of Paint Needed Each Coat.

You won’t

Visit your local Regal Paint Centers store for expert color and technical advice to help choose the right colors and products for your home. Need help selecting a paint contractor? Ask one of our team members for a recommendation. Our people make the difference. Regal Join our Regal BenjaminreceiveprogramRewardsandonefreeMooresamplecanpermonth! t EXPERIENCE THE REGAL PAINT CENTERS DIFFERENCE Need help personalizing your space? Visit your local Regal Paint Centers store for expert color and technical advice to help choose the right colors and products for your home. Need help selecting a paint contractor? Ask one of our team members for a recommendation. Our people make the difference. P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Wheaton, Winchester, Warrenton Join our Regal BenjaminreceiveprogramRewardsandonefreeMooresamplecanpermonth! t Need help personalizing your space? Visit your local Regal Paint Centers store for expert color and technical advice to help choose the right colors and products for your home. Need help selecting a paint contractor? Ask one of our team members for a recommendation. Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, Winchester P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal Our people make the difference

When it comes to designing a space, it’s easy to let personality and style fall victim to the constraints of budgets, standard aesthetic categories, and the opinions of contractors. This is the nature of renovation projects, but it’s important to remember that you’re the one who needs to live in this space, and it should be tailored to your personal tastes. This can be challenging when there are so many moving parts, but there are ways of ensuring your style vision remains intact. Have a favorite hand me down throw that you can't let go of? Build your space around the sentimental.




Famous designer Nate Berkus once said “Your home should be a reflection of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” and we think this quote really underscores just how personal designing a space really is. The problem many run into when trying to imbue their space with as much of their own individualism as possible is channeling these elements into a cohesive whole. One excellent way of circumventing the scramble to make sense of seemingly disparate parts is by looking to a source piece for inspiration and drawing out colors and motifs from it. This source piece can be anything from a beloved blanket with an intriguing print, an antiquated heirloom with a fascinating design, or a cherished painting with some of your favorite colors. It can be anything with multiple tones/textures that you’d like to expand upon in the room you’re renovating. This sort of starting point will work wonders when it comes to selecting paint colors and determining other stylistic choices such as furniture and décor. We recommend bringing a swatch or a photo of your inspiration piece to your color consultation; it will articulate and elucidate what it is that you want to achieve with your space, and ensure your interior is a reflection of your personal taste.


2. OBSERVE AND (OVER)SHARE: The more you tell your designer about the space you’re looking to makeover, the more suggestions and ideas they might have to enhance your vision. Take note of these subtleties in the days leading up to your consult. Does the room get a lot of natural light at certain times during the day? Does it feel colder than normal? Your designer might have ideas on how to work with these natural elements of the room to have it functioning optimally.


3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: We are living in the age where millions of ideas are just a few clicks away. Make sure you take advantage of this wealth of information and inspiration by checking out websites like Pinterest and Houzz to get a clearer picture of what you want (and what you don’t). Focus on everything from functionality to color; texture and print. You’ll be surprised how quickly your own ideas come into focus. The more research you do, the better you’ll be able to articulate what exactly you want form your consult to the professional you’re working with, and the better they’ll be able to execute your vision.

The initial design consultation of any project is always an exhilarating and often overwhelming experience. It’s difficult to know exactly how to communicate what it is you want out of your space, and that’s why we’ve put together a list gathered from the experts that will help you and your design team maximize your time and your space. These helpful hints will have you looking like the pro and will ensure your initial meeting is as productive and as seamless as possible.


5. BE OPEN MINDED: Of course, at the end of the day the designer understands that you are the one that will be living in your home, and therefore you get the last word, but it is important to keep an open mind. Remember the years of experience these professionals have under their belt and understand that they may bring some insight to the table that you may not have considered. Listening and being open to new ideas can ensure your space maintains a cohesive overall aesthetic that works in your home. Another way of saying this is trust your designer: trust that they will hear what you want to bring to life and find a way to make it happen.

4. NAIL-DOWN YOUR NEEDS: Make a list of your have tos: these are the things that are most important to you or certain functions you rely on. This can be anything from a “family control center” that helps keeps everyone in the household organized to a walk-in closet. Having your priorities clearly in order at the start of this process will help ensure the most important aspects of your home’s makeover do not fall victim to compromises in case you meet any unexpected road blocks. This also means deciding what aspects of your home (furniture, accessories, artwork, etc.) that you are willing to part with, and what has to stay.

1. FIGURE OUT YOUR BUDGET: Be honest about the amount of money you are able to spend on your project(s). This way you and your designer can have an open conversation about what is feasible and what may have to be accomplished at a later date. This gives you the opportunity to decide on a timeline to achieve all of your projects in a way that makes sense to you and your lifestyle. Additionally, this will help your designer prioritize where they need to try to cut costs, and offer materials/ideas accordingly.


The right window covering is more than just a complementary feature in a room; it acts as a mediator between the outside world and your sanctuary. The perfect treatment will vamp up your view, letting in exactly the desired amount of light for the function of your space. As design professionals, we know that context is everything, which is exactly why we offer our Shop at Home service. Our window covering specialist will bring our whole library right into your home to get a feel for the space and understand its unique needs so that together, we can ensure the perfect selection of shade is made.



Book Your In-Home Color Consultation Today! A Regal Paint Centers’ in-home color consultation is a quick and easy way to get expert advice without leaving the comfort of your home! Our color experts arrive with all of the color tools and expertise necessary to help take the stress out of selecting paint colors. We take into account the fixed elements of your home like the architecture, lighting conditions, and existing materials in addition to the more subjective elements such as your personal style, ideas, and sources of inspiration to create a personalized color scheme that meets your unique project needs. Visit: REGALPAINTCENTERS.COM to learn more, meet your local consultant, or book your appointment today! P AI NT CEN TE RS Book a Benjamin Moore in-home Color Consultation or a schedule a complimentary Window Treatment Appointment and we’ll bring both our tools and our design expertise into the comfort of your home. Regal Your Locally Owned Benjamin Moore Retailer Paint – Wallpaper - Window Treatments To learn more or to shop for your next project visit Annapolis – Crofton - Frederick – Germantown – Gaithersburg – Rockville - Silver Spring – Winchester – Wheaton P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal Annapolis – Catonsville – Crofton – Frederick – Germantown – Gaithersburg Rockville – Silver Spring – Warrenton – Winchester – Wheaton

CHAMPION COBALT 2061-20: A deep royal blue with a hint of teal, this bold and moody shade offers a welcome dose of personality that pops. While it provides plenty of richness and depth, its charm can still feel understated in the right context. It pairs perfectly with darker wooden hues and acts as an ideal backdrop for creams. PG.30 PG.38



18 ISSUE 12

ThisOC-61DIAMONDWHITEsparklingwhite has been brightened thanks to a hint of a blue undertone, elevating this lovely neutral everso-slightly from the rest. Cooler in tone and versatile in nature, it works particularly well in settings with plenty of light thanks to its reflectivity. In ambient lighting, the shade becomes even more brilliant.

ThisHC-166warm grey borders brown in its rich and varied undertones. Known as a dark neutral, it pairs elegantly with a wide range of colous. Steadily gaining popularity in recent years, this slate grey brings depth and luxury to its surroundings. Use it to coat kitchen cabinets, in a moody bedroom color scheme, or on exteriors.



BERMUDA 2061-30 alluring cobalt blue distinguished by rich teal undertones, this vibrant shade is equal parts playful and sophisticated. Containing the unmistakable charm of the tropics, this hue offers a hint of escapism and the essence of a warm ocean breeze. Use it in a kid’s room to inspire creativity and fun, or, try it in a kitchen or front door as a pop of color.

Co.&MooreBenjamintolicensedtrademarksregisteredaresymbol“M”triangletheandMooreBenjaminCo.&MooreBenjamin©2021 paint.actualfromslightlydiffermayrepresentationsColorpaints.MooreBenjaminqualityintintedwhenonlyensuredisaccuracyColor PG.46STARKCHRISTOPHERPHOTOGRAPHY,SPACECRAFTING PG.52 19FALL 2022


Visit It started with one product. ©Shurtape Technologies, LLC 2020/83194 An unexpected color and unbeatable results. The FrogTape® brand delivers innovative solutions that give you the best painting experience, every time.

Learn more at LafayetteInteriorFashions.comshadesdraperies& Custom Crafted in the USA Learn more at STAINS & FINISHES MASTERED SCAN QR CODE FOR PROJECT AND COLOR INSPIRATION | (800) 747-3436 | Gel Stain • Highly pigmented for intense rich color • Exceptional adhesion on fiberglass, paint, and other non-porous surfaces • Superior color control on soft and difficult to stain woods

A Tool forAll Reasons

22 ISSUE 12

TOOLBOX The Warner 15-In-1 painters tool is truly a workhorse tool that has you covered for all your paint project needs. When you find yourself needing to scrape, clean, open, and unscrew; instead of hauling out a dozen tools, you can reach for just one and simplify your process.

LIFEOFGLOWPHOTOGRAPHY A relatively simple paint project in a room can require a paint can opener, a flat-head screwdriver to remove all the outlet and switch covers, a scraper to get caulking and putty out of corners too deep to sand, a hammer to pull any nails out, nail setter to sink any sticking out, and using your hands to clean your rollers. Enter the Warner 15-In-1 Painter’s Tool and you have everything you need in one handy tool! No more searching for numerous tools and managing them in the workshop. It's a DIY dream! WHAT IT HAS: A SCRAPER A SPREADER A CRACK CLEANER A ROLLER CLEANER A RADIUS SCRAPER A NAIL PULLER A WINDOW PUTTY TOOL A UTILITY CUTTER A BOTTLE OPENER A PAINT CAN OPENER A NAIL SETTER A SMALL PHILIPS BIT A LARGE PHILLIPS BIT A SMALL FLAT HEAD BIT A LARGE FLAT HEAD BIT 23FALL 2022

It’s autumn. The apple trees are ripe for the picking, pumpkin patches and sunflower fields are turning a bright hue of orange and yellow, and corn mazes are packed with people enjoying the country scenery, burning a bit of energy, and exploring a new activity. If navigating your way through a corn field full of false trails is at the top of your fall bucket list, make sure you visit one of the top mazes in your area. Daneluk Boldt


| Photography: Pauline

24 ISSUE 12

Get Wander-Lost Text: Andrea


hether you live in Manitoba, Minnesota, Massachusetts, or Michigan, there is an adventure farm waiting for you with plenty of fall activities right around the corner. From petting zoos and fire pits to zip lines and haunted fields, corn mazes offer a full day – and night – of fun and excitement. Down at one of our favorite family farms, just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the corn maze is just one of many amusing attractions offered. In addition to all the aforementioned activities, A Maze in Corn features a giant bale pyramid you won’t be able to keep your kids - and even yourself! - from climbing all the way to the top. At the same venue, meet up with family and friends and enjoy group picnic sites, hayrides, and pony rides.


And forget a short trip wandering around a rudimentary maze; today’s puzzles are for people of all ages and interests. The designs span acres and are both modern and massive - an attempt to outwit participants looking to navigate the twists and turns of the annual attraction. For instance, the interactive maze at Pennsylvania’s Cherry Crest Adventure Farm will keep you busy with more than two miles of paths, clues, and a play-along game board. And Exploration Acres in Lafayette, Indiana, is one of the largest puzzles, spanning 22 acres.

A visit to a corn maze is also a feast for the senses, with the smell of kettle corn, the sight of bright sunflowers, crunchy corn stalks, or a mountain of pumpkins, and live music spilling from a big red barn. If you’re ready to start planning your fall field triphere are some of the best corn mazes to get lost in.

It’s impossible not to have a good time at a place called CornBelly’s! Deep in the heart of Utah exists a corn maze so spectacular, the original labyrinth created in 1996, was coined 25FALL 2022



Come for the corn maze but stay for the cookin’ at Honeysuckle Hill Farm. In addition to a zipline, cow train rides, rock wall, and bungee trampolines, the Tennessee farm has something for both your savory and sweet tooth.


Head to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm for some good old-fashioned fun. Featuring wholesome family “agri-tainment,” like a hay chute slide, straw bale racer, petting zoo, and farm tour wagon ride, the farm stays true to its roots and is completely solar operated. And don’t miss a visit to the farm during their annual festivals in fall – Cherry Crest hosts a Sunflower Festival, Hometown Heroes Festival, and Pumpkin Madness Festival in addition to their dynamic and interactive five-acre corn maze.

the largest corn maze created in the western United States. The destination now boasts more than 50 attractions and events, including a pumpkin smash, stunt dog show, scavenger hunt, fireworks, gravity houses, midway-style rides, and even pig and duck races. If you’re a thrill seeker, stay to play some paintball, or ride the barn swing, bungee bouncer, and corn flyer.


From Grandma’s Country Kitchen, featuring home-cooked comfort food, to Paw Paw’s Kettle Corn, and KK’s Sweet Shop, you’re sure to have a snack in hand while you explore the puzzle that is the pride of country music.

From intricate designs showcasing top movies and favorite sports teams, to themes and statements standing up for unity and equality, modern day corn mazes are works of art. Maze designers and companies specializing in creating complex labyrinths use specialty technology like GPS to transform a field of dirt into amazing artwork.



This 10-acre corn maze masterpiece is a top agri-puzzle in the prairies, with people coming from all over to meander through the tall stalks, ride the zip lines, and climb the giant hay bale pyramid. But when the snow flies and temperatures drop –which it does in this part of Canada – the farm transforms into the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest snow maze. Put on your parka and toque (what Canadians call a warm winter hat) and guide yourself through the tall white walls before sliding down the giant snow mountain, going for a sleigh ride, or warming up with a cup of cocoa beside a warm bonfire.

Stop and smell the lavender and zinnias and pick the blueberries and raspberries at Happy Day Farm in Manalapan, New Jersey. Along with a full crop of colorful produce and flowers, the farm features Maize-O-Poly, a corn maze version of everyone’s favorite family game. Navigate your way through the labyrinth in search of each square on your gameboard and you could become “Farmer of the Ear.” The 10-acre maze includes two paths - both a short one for youngsters and a more challenging route for maze enthusiasts.

Each autumn, Exploration Acres reveals a new corn maze with 22 acres of paths (2018 paid homage to the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, and last year’s design celebrated Indiana racing with Indy-style and NASCAR cars). No visit to the farm is complete without a country hayride pulled by an antique tractor, a play in the big mound of straw, or a treasure hunt at the attraction’s gem mine. Cap your day off with a big bag of kettle corn popcorn.

Bella’s takes the quintessential fall farm, with its pumpkin patch and corn maze, and elevates it to new heights, offering guests a unique experience, complete with its organic fruit and vegetables, and wine and cider tastings. Following your






Get lost in more than 21 acres of corn with multiple mazes for a range of players at Maze Craze in New Springfield, Ohio. Each puzzle provides interactive games, clues, and activities to keep you wandering around the trails for hours. Once you’ve figured your way out, go back for date night, when the attraction offers a Wine and Cider Adventure event. Wind your way through the rows of corn and follow the paths on your maze map to discover 12 tasting stations located throughout the maze. Cheers!

While it would be more fun to believe that these amazing designs stamped into the flourishing fields across North America are the work of aliens, they’re not. Most farms partner with corn maze companies who use a GPS-driven tractor to plant corn seeds in exact locations, allowing the corn to grow into the shape of the maze design.

Last year, Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California, honored the United States Military, and all the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country, with a design on their world record holding corn maze. And Winterbrook Farms in Thurmont, Maryland, paid tribute to the armed forces while bringing awareness to suicide prevention with their Platoon 22 design.

POP CULTURE PARADISE Farmers fond of getting off the field to cheer on their sports team have opted to weave their favorite pastime right into their crop. From Cross Farm Classic’s old-school White Sox logo cultivated right into the corn, to the plethora of mazes for the beloved Chicago Blackhawks, a World Series Champion labyrinth fit only for a Minnesota Twins fan, or a tribute to the Toronto Raptors at Cooper’s Farm & Maze just north of Toronto, sports motifs are superlative when it comes to corn mazes. Visitors celebrating their love for puzzles, popcorn and pop culture can enjoy all three at many different corn mazes and family farms across both Canada and the United States. Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois, celebrated 50 years of Star Trek with its super-galactic design spanning 21 acres and 10.2 miles of trail. Other elaborate pop culture mazes included Scooby Doo and Super Mario themes courtesy of All Seasons Orchard in Woodstock, Illinois, and a Harry Potter pattern at Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon.

intrepid trek through 2.7 miles of pathways in Bella’s sevenacre corn maze, share a charcuterie board while sampling the organic grape and berry vintages specific to the Oregon tilth.

Nothing says Texas like steak nights and barn dances! Dinner and entertainment are on the menu at this family adventure farm just a short country drive from San Antonio. Go for the seven-acre corn maze and join in on the downhome, old-fashioned South Texas fun. Graff 7A Ranch hosts different bands, including honkey-tonk, bluegrass, rock, and old-fashioned country, to groove and move to throughout the season.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze, a monolith labyrinth spanning 24 acres, created the largest visual sign in support of frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. The design was a giant caduceus symbol surrounded by the earth and the words “THANK YOU!”


Naturally, agricultural, educational, geographical, and often seasonal (think farmers, tractors, history, and pumpkins) are go-to themes for farms wanting to celebrate their rich history or the spooky season. At Cross E Ranch in Salt Lake City, Utah, Maze Play designed a landscape commemorating the state and the industrious pioneers who came to the valley on hand carts. Winterbrook Farms used 13 acres of corn to celebrate 95 years of farm activity, Anderson Farms in Erie, Colorado, showcased the Denver skyline in its cornstalks, and Thomas Family Farm in Snohomish, Washington, kept their design straightforward with a beautiful landscape featuring the locale’s majestic mountains and pine trees.

This family fun farm transforms into a terrifying haunted attraction at night. Newberry Cornfield promises a thrillinducing experience when darkness falls, with nocturnal life at every twist and turn. Once you escape, keep your heart racing on a hayride adventure through the haunted Sullivan Trail as you encounter the living dead.

Instead of shouting support from the rooftops, farmers are opting to design slogans and statements right into their fields. Last year, the corn maze at Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada, featured an insulin bottle commemorating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, and creating awareness, support, and funding for Type One Diabetes. Past designs include support for Ronald McDonald House as well as the fight to end hunger.






888-898-7834 | AllPro Gold Plus™ • 3 day clean interior removal • Sticks where most tapes won’t • Smooth crape/great cornering/ clean paint lines • Works in humid conditions STRIKE GOLD, GOLD, with so many possibilities 29FALL 2022

A OFSENSEPLACE SPACES Design: Beth Lowenfeld, Four Blocks South Photography: Mike Chajecki Text: Carlee Baigrie 30 ISSUE 12

Curved lines, a whimsical wallcovering, and the home’s original wainscotting conspire to create a modern twist on the traditional dining room.

31FALL 2022

In one of Toronto’s few keenneighborhoodsonpreserving its traditional charm, local firm Four Blocks South worked to update one of the locale’s 1930s homes for a growing family helmed by busy professionals.

T oronto design firm Four Blocks South is wellversed in the art of creating a sense of place. Even their name, which was partially selected to avoid attachment to any particular designer and pay homage to the collaborative nature of design, alludes to a hyperawareness of the urban environment within which they work. “It references a place in relationship to other elements within the structure of a city,” shares Beth Lowenfeld, principal and founder, “but I also literally lived four blocks south of the office,” she adds, chuckling. She and her team strive to infuse this importance of locale into all their spaces, taking into consideration both the context within which the residence is situated and the personal affinities their clientsThishold.project was no different. The clients had fallen in love with the quintessential detached home’s historical details during their real estate search—the leaded glass at the front of the house, a set of original wooden French doors separating the front and middle room, an existing staircase, and stunning wainscoting in what became the dining room. These features spoke to the beauty of the well-preserved neighborhood of Allenby, where, despite the city’s expansive and rapid development over recent decades, homeowners

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The architectural chair frames perfectly complement the circular dinette, while coastal artwork alludes to visions of the client’s homeland.

remain committed to preserving its Tudor-style architectural charm. While Beth plotted to highlight these character-moments in the home, she also set out to understand how to make the space feel personal and functional for the family. “Right off the bat we ask a lot of questions: what their average day looks like, the way they like to live. Do you have a rice maker, do you have three blenders—you’d be surprised!” These conversations help the design team come to understand their likes, dislikes, and wish list. “From there, we’ll work through any inspirational pictures, create our own galleries… and make a series of smaller presentations to further develop design ideas.” Eventually, this leads to a larger-scale presentation containing a full walk through of the home, 3D imaging, renderings, live samples, and elevations. “We really want to express what the end goal is, and typically we’re very full service and turn-key, bringing accessories into our presentation as well.” Beth was able to execute this aspect of her creative process before the remodel began, allowing her input to be reflected in the bones of a three-story addition to the back of the home executed by Mather Fine Homes. While highlighting traditional elements of the space

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Symmetry anchors this neutrally-minded boudoir, while a subtle wall paper gives the illusion of texture.

was important, the clients were still seeking a state-of-the-art upgrade to accommodate life for two busy professionals (both doctors) and their two young children. “The function has a lot to do with what you don’t see,” explains Beth. One half of the married pair, the wife, is an incredible chef, so Beth was sure to create places for all her gadgets as well as an extensive array of spices. “That meant pull outs, different kinds of niches, an appliance garage—this all played a role in the planning.” The bathroom is similarly thought out, with a clean appearance and a streamlined vanity that hides several well-appointed cabinets and drawers. “It’s small but mighty,” describes Beth. Throughout the thorough “getting to know you” process Beth implements with her clients, she also learned that the wife hails from Newfoundland, a beautiful coastal province best emblematized by its remarkable array of seaside landscapes. With family coming to visit regularly and her homeland holding a special place in the client’s heart, Beth created a color theme using the blues and green tones from Newfoundland’s rural landscapes. Not only did these bolder shades contribute to a bespoke design, but they also helped make the space inviting and comfortable. “If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that living in a purely white interior, very minimalistic, can be a little difficult if you’re spending a lot of time there.” An expert combination of closed and open storage allows the homeowners to show off the personal wares they want on display and keep others tucked away.

The function has a lot to do with what you don’t see

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All in all, the remodel spanned just over a year and a half (and even included the addition of an in-ground pool!). After living in a cramped condo, the foursome, who was now looking to add a large dog to their brood, was more than ready to settle into their new digs. Beth recalls the two boys, who had both selected their bedrooms preconstruction, rushing up the staircase to find their respective new rooms with what she could only describe as “elation”.

Spa-like tranquility reigns supreme in the master bath, featuring oceanic teal tile as an homage to the Maritimes, where the client calls home.

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Deeper, richer paint colours with an extraordinary response to light. Locate your nearest retailer on

SPACES Ornate details balance out natural materials and playful nods in this living room. 38 ISSUE 12

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Design: IDF Studio Photography: Christopher Stark Text: Carlee Baigrie says luxury quite like a velvet emerald green sofa. Edwardian flat on the edges of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood receives a full-scale remodel from award-winning Bay area firm IDF Studio.


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“[The client] was both well-educated and well-travelled and that combination allowed us to create a really cool aesthetic that wasn’t held to tradition. We could have fun with the right colors and bold patterns, and add that to more traditional fixtures and the mid-century feel and come up with this blend that really reflected her and honored the home.” The results are a home that feels simultaneously Outdoor and indoor space melt into one another with the spotlight on plant life and a soft and subtle palette.

41FALL 2022

SITUATED ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF COW HOLLOW, SAN Francisco’s sunniest neighborhood, is an Edwardian flat that has turned heads since its completion in 2018, winning BlueStar’s third annual kitchen design competition and earning multiple magazine features. The space, now characterized by a balance between playful impulses and a tempered traditional feel, always had good bones. “It did feel dated in some places… there was a very generic kitchen, a funky layout, oak cabinetry, and then the standard Edwardian bay window shape. But what we did was preserve the overall feeling of the space and architecture,” shares IDF Studio founder and CEO Kassin Adelman. “It felt like a beautiful home that needed some love.” Kassin, who started IDF Studio in 2010 with a singular vision she describes as “unpretentious service with unparalleled results,” and her team set to work on bringing the space into the twenty-first century while also ensuring the client’s unique personality would find representation in its new iteration. The main method of approach taken to achieve this end was deeply rooted in balance. The home needed to feel current, while still paying homage to its architectural roots. The design required consideration of the client’s playful side, while still being wellsuited for a professional.

While wall colors remain neutral, textiles offer personality in spades.

sophisticated and young-at-heart (in part thanks to the recurring animal motif that appears in measured doses throughout the spaces).

In IDF’s material and furniture selections, they oscillated between anchoring pieces and statement pieces, offering character while remaining conscious of overall cohesion. A great example of this is the kitchen, which features a suite of BlueStar appliances, including a dreamy built-in refrigerator. The all-white appliances (which lend an unmistakable farmhouse feel) are perfectly offset by a geometric ceramic floor and marble subway tile that extend all the way up to the ceiling. In the center of it all sits an antique wood kitchen island—an unexpected but welcomed choice to warm up the cooler tones of the space. Moving

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The homeowner worked collaboratively with the IDF team throughout the renovations, and was an enthusiastic participant in her home’s redesign, often purchasing artwork on work trips to add to the finished project. When the final pieces were coming together, she was out of town, giving way to a grand unveiling which added to the excitement of reaching that finish line. “She was thrilled!” recalls Kassin, noting that her cat seemed equally as pleased, a necessary final stamp of approval for an animal-lovers abode.

into the living space are cozier and curvier lines—chairs with rounded arms and curved backs, which Kassin says have a “sink into me” vibe. These softer forms are the perfect counterpoint to the sharp angles of the floating shelves, purchased from a local vendor on Etsy, which flank the fireplace.

The sofa is rendered in an elegant, simple shape, featuring classic clean lines, but IDF opted for a bold, green velvet to maintain visual interest.

“We play up the color and tone down the form, or you do the opposite,” explainsBecauseKassin.the majority of the home’s walls are donned in a versatile white (Distant Grey by Benjamin Moore), there was plenty of opportunity to play with color and print through other elements. An alluring teal blue wallpaper backdrops the wet bar—a fun addition which replaced the home’s original laundry room. An adorable wall covering in the bathroom features illustrated puppy faces in small scale, the client’s affinity for animals once again on display without feeling too youthful thanks to a black and white colorway. Everywhere there are testimonies of a life well lived, and a home that still has its Edwardian charm fully intact. Mission accomplished, some might say, the client included.

When extra space appears, a wet bar is never a bad idea. Particularly when it’s used to bring personality with a playful pop of color.

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Warm wood tones with just the right amount of wear create the ultimate gathering spot for family game nights, delicious meals, and morning coffee overlooking the lake.

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Georgia Zikas Design works their magic on a secluded lake house in the Berkshires to highlight a stunning view and low-maintenance living. 47FALL 2022

Design: Georgia Zikas Design Photography: Carl Vernlund Photography Text: Carlee Baigrie



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Built-in storage was provided as the perfect way to showcase the client’s brilliant collection of Danish glass birds, while the scenic view provides the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation.

Work began on levelling the Berkshires property’s current structure and beginning anew. “They decided to build up, taking advantage of the view.”

49FALL 2022

With a fresh start already laid out in front of her and some encouraging words from her husband, she enrolled in New York School of Interior Design, taking night classes to leave her days free to gain more experience in the industry. Long before the days of Instagram and LinkedIn networking, Georgia knocked on doors until she landed herself a position with a furniture maker. From there, she continued checking course requirements off her list and making a name for herself in the industry, working for Architectural Digest AD100 firm, Gomez Associates, before a move to Connecticut (and yet another vote of confidence from her ever-supportive husband) spurred another leap of faith—the inception of Georgia Zikas Design. “That was nine years ago,” recounts Georgia, a timeline that stays fresh in her mind for more reason than one. “I birthed the business at the same time that I was also becoming a mom,” she shares.

Although now settled in Connecticut, Georgia still finds herself taking projects in the big city—including the New York apartment of a real estate broker friend who enlisted her help in refreshing its interiors before selling to a neighbor. During the course of the project, an idea formed to use the profits from the apartment sale to renovate the client’s lake house. “[The client’s] sons were in college and they were planning for grandchildren and things like that in the next 10 years, so we had an opportunity to think about how they wanted to live forever.”

L ike so many of life’s accomplishments, Georgia Zikas’ interior design career began with a little nudge, a whole lot of hustle, and some good timing. Georgia, a Boston native then utilizing a degree in communications earned at Suffolk University, and her husband had just decided to make the move to New York City. Her husband had landed a job at a great law firm, but she would have to start searching for a new role in Manhattan. “[Interior design] was always a passion of mine,” recalls Georgia. “My dad is in commercial construction, and he built every home we ever lived in. As a little kid, I kind of danced around from site to site with him.”

The client’s primary residence is a brick colonial, so she wanted the lake house to feel like a slight departure from that while still incorporating some more traditional aspects. Georgia achieved this by leaning into a more modern architectural style (shaker-style cabinetry, a light and bright palette) while allowing antique items, like a stunning 100-year-old kitchen table and a painted-over bookshelf, to do the storytelling. Georgia describes the client’s tastes as impeccable: “because she is a real estate broker, she has a great sense of style and material selection. She just needed someone to help validate what she was already gravitating towards.”

Georgia calls attention to the fact that the space, so expertly executed in its built-in details, is nearly void of additional furniture. “Everything has a place,” she insists—even the clients stunning collection of Danish glass birds. “If you had them in an old colonial home, you might miss them. But when you put them against this stark white cabinet with really simple lines, they really pop and stand out.”

Since completing this project, the clients have welcomed the grandchildren they hoped and planned for, allowing this space to function as a gathering spot for their growing family—something that’s been wonderfully gratifying for Georgia to witness. “As designers, we all love to get that iPhone picture sent to us during a holiday saying ‘I love this space,’” she says, sharing that the exchange was the only validation she needed of a job well done. A fabulous wildlife mural provides a welcome dose of whimsy and the perfect complement to the baby blue and pristine white palette of this bedroom.

Additionally, the client wanted her family to be able to enjoy the space without additional fuss. “For a secondary house, you [don’t want to] get tired of something. Everything was intentionally neutral so it can be enjoyed in every season.” Low maintenance finishes such as quartz countertops and shakerstyle cabinetry were selected due to their ability to stand up to the regular wears of living well.

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Beyond that, there was some additional freedom found in this being a more casual space to relax and recharge. “They were having fun with this space, they weren’t taking themselves too seriously,” explains Georgia of the client and her husband’s approach to styling the space—a process that was more of a joyful collaboration than a singular mission on Georgia’s part. This playfulness is evidenced in a whimsical mural that sits opposite to the window in the bedroom—a framed piece of wallpaper scattered with almost mythical appearing animals. It’s also seen in the more subtle details: a wooden fish, a ceramic owl, a tiny painting.

The choice to have all the interior walls neutral was yet another strategic decision. “The view really was everything; we didn’t want to take away from that. We didn’t want color to dictate a certain season, we wanted the interiors to be influenced by what’s going on outside the window.”

The client engaged with a builder, but Georgia was also able to provide input for layout considerations and functional details, ensuring the home’s 3,000-square-foot design would be used to its fullest potential. “It’s not a big space, so we did want to be cognizant of efficiency. In the primary suite, we floated the bed in the room and the back of the headboard creates this great dresser, which lends itself to side tables that are electrified for lamp lighting, phone charging, and things like that. But also, they have these great his and hers closets.”


Design: Tays & Co. Design Studios Photography: Spacecrafting Photography Text: Carlee Baigrie FAMILYAAFFAIR Organic materials and natural wood beams help this A-frame living space sing. 53FALL 2022

No wall is left unaccounted for in this stunning cabin. Equal parts functional and eye-pleasing, this wet bar provides an accessible station for cocktails, additional storage, and an opportunity to showcase accessories.

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Genius functional upgrades, a rustic but clean aesthetic, and a palette inspired by nature conspire to create the ultimate gathering place for family traditions to grow.

innesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so it’s no surprise that cottage country holds massive appeal for city dwellers looking for a serene gathering place for family. Of the plentiful vacation spots with scenic lakeside views, Gull Lake is a favorite. Near its northern coast sits a peninsula where Tays & Co. Design Studios has been embarking on a slow but steady renovation of the five buildings on a family’s impressive plot of land. Already having completed the main cabin, a summertime escape for a couple flirting with retired life while awaiting a boom of grandchildren from their four kids, Tays & Co.’s husband and wife design duo began working on the property’s secondary cabin, fondly referred to as “the kid’s house.”

The base structural changes took place on the main floor, where additional bedrooms were added to the layout to ensure all four children and, eventually, their children, would have a comfortable place to sleep. To minimize layout changes on subsequent floors and avoid the need for additional square footage, Laura Tays, Tays & Co. principal designer and founder, opted for bedrooms

55FALL 2022 M

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This bench offers a place to tuck shoes and boots out of sight, while contributing to an inviting entryway.

57FALL 2022 that were smaller than what she might have been comfortable with in a primary residence. She also removed the closets, an unnecessary feature for most weekend visitors who won’t need much more than a few hooks to hang a bathing suit and a change of clothes. This strategic move paid off. The original layout of the main floor contained three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a laundry room (in addition to the shared spaces). Now, the floor boasts five bedrooms (including a fun bunk room for future grandchildren), two bathrooms, and a laundry room. Rather than rewiring and moving the location for a kitchen stove—a corner spot that felt counterintuitive—Laura opted to enhance it, installing a large window that gives the chef a stunning view of the lake and the property’s oldworld family pub, another collaboration with Tays & Co. that transformed a freestanding garage into a meeting place for happy hours and night caps.

“We’re heavily focused on bringing the outside in,” shares Laura, who noted that the stunning views of the lake, with water on all three sides, were a major source of inspiration in terms of cultivating that laid-back lake house sensibility. “We were a great match stylistically [with the clients],” who were wanting a rustic feel using natural and organic materials without sacrificing clean lines. To bolster this, Laura brought in soft herringbone brick in the entryway, textured wood, different types of natural stone (granite countertops on the kitchen island compliment a built-in butcher block), and paint colors that feel like an extension of outdoor scenes. While every square inch of the structure is maximizing for efficiency to accommodate a large set of siblings and their growing families, the remarkable views were anything but a second thought.

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Thoughtful touches like inset shelving and hidden outlets for curling irons and razors are included in the powder room. “The vanity is a decent size, but if you have multiple sisters in the space, it’s nice to have space to put things where they are easy to grab.”

The bathroom posed an additional challenge for the design team: its door was placed directly off the main living room and dining room. “It felt very non-private,” admits Laura, who decided the Where there are young children, laundry inevitably follows. Laura was sure to accommodate accordingly with a full-service laundry room.

In terms of process, Tays & Co.’s is quite sophisticated. Laura’s husband joined her design team three years ago, leaving behind a promising career in audio engineering. These technical skills have come into service in a new way, with the creation of CAD files, technical specs, and advanced 3D renderings that capture elements from furniture to lighting. “We can actually show them how the light will move through their space,” explains Laura. We place the structure in the computer in a way that’s true to real life, so that influenced where we placed the windows.” Tools like these paid off in full, with natural light streaming in from just the right angle everywhere from bedrooms to shared spaces. These renderings, as well as Laura’s problem-solving mindset, also paved the way for several clever functional elements that almost go unnoticed in images (but are certainly appreciated by visitors).

59FALL 2022

The bunkbed room of everyone’s childhood dreams, featuring a convenient kid-sized closet that fit perfectly under the staircase. best remedy would be to add additional thickness to the shared wall with storage and to camouflage the door as part of the cabinetry. “It became this secret door to the bathroom. It turned out really well.”

Although all these functional elements help set the stage for an easy flowing weekend surrounded by the beauty of nature, the overall aesthetic is what really captures the eye. Navy blues and natural wood help open spaces feel relaxed and inviting, equally primed for a snooze on the sofa or a lively game night. A grid-like gallery wall acts as the perfect way to showcase past memories and memories yet to come—memories Laura happily reports have already started taking shape. North America’s largest manufacturer and stockist of wallcoverings with over one million rolls in stock. Naturals | Specialty | Murals | High-Performance | Wallpapers | Textiles | Acoustical

Recipes, Food Styling & Photography: Robyn Chubey | Life of Glow CHOW 62 ISSUE 12 Tea Time

A teapot with a built-in infuser means all the delicious herbal flavors land in your cup, but their origins do not! 63FALL 2022

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By using an infuser tea pot, everything you don’t want in your cup is contained in the teapot while maximizing flavor.

chocolate mint tea latte 1 tbsp of chocolate mint, rinsed 1 tbsp of brown sugar 1 tbsp of dark or mint chocolate chips 1 tbsp of black tea Frothed milk

To make this tea, simply add the chocolate chips to your mug, then add the tea, brown sugar, and chocolate mint into an infuser tea

pot (or whichever tea holder you are using) and allow to steep for 3 minutes. While steeping, froth your milk using a French press or a manual or electric milk frother.

Chocolate and mint are united in this delicious tea latte, made with chocolate chips, home grown chocolate mint, and black tea. When hot chocolate dessert-in-a-cup vibes meet the benefits of herbal tea, what could be better?

Once steeped, add your tea to the mug with the chocolate chips and stir until combined, then top with the frothed milk, and enjoy!

Sunny citrus flavors in a cool tea infusion are perfect to beat the heat in the summer or a warm fall day. 66 ISSUE 12

There’s just something about fresh mint, tangy lime, tea, and the healing energy of the sun infused into fresh water and poured over ice to bring out the happiest of feelings and sips of wellbeing, which are, of course, always best when shared with a loved one.

67FALL 2022

mohito mint and lime sun tea A large well cleaned jug, filled with water that was previously boiled for 5 minutes and set to cool in the refrigerator 3 limes, washed well and sliced 10 sprigs of mojito mint, washed well 4 black tea bags Sugar, to taste after steeping and cooling

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LEMON BALM AND CATMINT TEA: Fill any infuser teapot with equal parts catmint and lemon balm. Allow to steep for 2-3 Catmintminutes. (different than catnip) is a sweet and mild type of mint that beautifully compliments other herbs, with lemon balm being a delicious choice! This tea will be naturally sweet after steeping, and is such a soothing choice to destress, both from the herbal tea properties, as well as the heavenly scent. Enjoying your tea in a beautiful outdoor location will encompass all your five senses, for a truly theraputic tea experience. Enjoy!

Robyn Chubey is a photographer, content creator, mother, and part-time flower farmer creating her home on her acreage, Prairie Glow Acres, in Manitoba, Canada.


69FALL 2022

She has a deep passion for documenting and sharing her home and life, and strives to educate and inspire others to create the homes and lives they dream of.

Invite natural textures and earthy tones to the table.





73FALL 2022

From dazzling waterfalls to glittering glaciers, black-sand beaches to erupting volcanos, natural wonders sweep over an almost-mystical place steeped in history, where legends and folklore abound.




n recent years, Iceland has become a tourism hotspot as a land brimming with beauty, hospitality and culture, landing on many-a-traveler’s must-visit list. With a rich history dating back to its settlement in the Viking Age, the country boasts plenty of things to do and see year-round, so plan your trip around the type of experience you’re looking for. Given the Nordic country’s location near the Arctic Circle, it can experience unpredictable weather that changes on a dime. It’s not unusual to wear a t-shirt one day and a thick coat the next—so pack for four seasons and check the weather before heading out for the day!

Tour companies offer regular trips to some of the most well-known sightseeing spots, but a road trip is one of the best ways to experience the country at your own pace. The famous 800-mile Ring Road, also known as Route 1, wraps around the entire country, with breathtaking scenery and plenty of opportunities to go off the beaten bath. Mountain roads, ice and snow can make driving conditions difficult, so if you’re planning to drive, pay close attention to the conditions prior to venturing out.


Waterfalls of all sizes dazzle professional and amateur photographers alike. Make sure to check out Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National Park, one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. Between September and April, experience the beauty of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. Of course, there are no guarantees you’ll see the natural phenomenon, but try your luck outside of populated areas for your best chance at seeing the dancing skies.

Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is home to some of Europe’s largest glaciers as well as active volcanoes like the famous Hekla, a popular destination for tourists.

76 ISSUE 12


Iceland is typically divided into eight regions, including the capital region where Reykjavík is located. The vibrant seaside city is home to boutiques and shops, museums, and a lively restaurant and nightlife scene.

Another popular day trip takes visitors to Iceland’s south coast, where you can stroll along a black sand beach, marvel at waterfalls and see the rapidly shrinking Sólheimajökull glacier.


With three national parks to choose from, outdoor enthusiasts can get up close and personal with the landscapes. Embark on one of the many hiking and walking trails Iceland has to offer, some as short as a few hours to multi-day treks.

A visit to the Blue Lagoon—a geothermal spa on the Reykjanes Peninsula voted one of 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic—is an absolute must. Relax in the mineral-rich geothermal seawater while soaking up the scenery.

Wildlife-spotting is nearly a guarantee! Embark on a whale-watching adventure in Húsavik or Akureyri—the unofficial capital of North Iceland—and keep your eyes peeled for Icelandic horses or sheep roaming along the side of the roads. Bird-watching is another draw, with Lake Mývatn home to more than 115 feathered species.

For a day trip from Reykjavík, the scenic Golden Circle route loops through spots like Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to Iceland’s largest natural lake. The route also includes stops at the Geysir geothermal area and iconic Gullfoss waterfall.

No matter your travel style, there’s an accommodation type waiting for you. From boutique hotels to hostels, bed-and-breakfasts to camping excursions, Iceland has somewhere to stay for every budget and preference.



Practice the no-trace rule by ensuring you take your garbage with you and always respect the land and wildlife. Some of the cleanest drinking water in the world flows through Iceland’s taps, so bring a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water.

ith the abundance of natural wonders and proximity to the Arctic Circle—coupled with the high volume of visitors every year—it’s no surprise climate change, conservation and sustainability are priorities for Iceland.

Take advantage of eco-friendly transportation when possible.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help make your stay in Iceland more sustainable:

If seafood isn’t your thing, pylsa—an Icelandic hot dog—is a popular and widely available fast food. From smoked to slow-roasted, lamb meat dishes are also common. Kjötsúpa (traditional lamb soup) is the perfect way to warm up on a cold day. If you’re feeling adventurous, tickle your tastebuds with fermented shark or sheep’s head, both local delicacies. Finish off your meal with a bowl of Skyr, a traditional dairy product often enjoyed with wild berries and cream.


Given the country’s location in the North Atlantic Ocean, it’s no surprise fresh fish and langoustine—similar to lobster—are dining staples. Harðfiskur, or dried fish, is also available and makes a wonderful snack while hiking.

78 ISSUE 12

Iceland is known for its hundreds of museums—on everything from photography to sheep farming to textiles—waiting to be discovered. In Reykjavík, learn about Iceland’s fascinating culture and life through the centuries at the National Museum of Iceland; its seafaring history at the Reykjavík Maritime Museum; and its glaciers, ice caves and other natural wonders at Perlan. If you’re a fan of Nordic history or Viking ships, a stop at Viking World in Reykjanesbær is required. Though Húsavik is a smaller town, it’s home to several museums, including the Húsavik Whale Museum. For those interested in all things spooky, the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft in Hólmavík highlights the witch craze of the 17th century.


Bring a little bit of Iceland home with an authentic lopapeysa wool sweater, famous around the world for its distinct look; local sea salts or a sweet treat like chocolate-covered licorice; or a bottle of the signature (and potent!) beverage, Brennivin. With around 700,000 international tourists in 2021, Iceland is no longer a well-kept secret among travelers. No matter where your interests lie, the country will offer an experience like no other and gain a special place in your heart and memories.


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TABLECRAFT A comfortable hangout place just for kids (and their messy habits) is a wonderful way to encourage giggles, ghost stores, games and more! Text, Styling & Photography: Robyn Chubey | Life of Glow FOR…SWOONTOROOMREC-KID’SUNISEXA 80 ISSUE 12

81FALL 2022

As a parent, nothing beats having a space for your kids to craft, watch tv, hang out, game, and most importantly - to contain the messes that being a kid having fun is sure to create. A space that has great style without being too childish (so it can grow through kids to teens), and possesses a unisex style welcoming to all kids (and their friends) to enjoy, can definitely present challenges for decor! It isn’t always easy to keep things neutral and pleasing to all, but a sure way to make that happen is to draw inspiration from nature. After all, who doesn’t love a vibrant sunset, and all the good vibes that go along with it?

82 ISSUE 12

• A pencil tied to a string cut to a length equalling half the width and the height of the sun you wish to create. This will be used as a fulcrum in order to trace the sun.


• Painters tape, 1 inch wide.

A great idea to create a cohesive and bold feeling in the space, is to use one of the colours of the sunset to paint one or more of the walls on either side. Complete the look by adding fun mid century modern pieces to the room that bring the retro sunset style together, and you’ll have a space that is sure to please kids and adults alike!

• Foam paint rollers, to roll all the horizon lines.

• Sample sizes of deep green, turquoise, yellow, and orange paints.

Then, using your level, mark out where to apply the tape all the way across the space you are using. Apply all the painters tape to mark out the top and bottom of your horizon lines. On the very top line of tape, draw your sun. Use the string tied to the pencil and tape the string end to the centre of where you’d like the sun to be placed. Using the string as a fulcrum, drag your pencil with the string taught in an arc over the top horizon line.

Timeless Quality. Modern Design.

Beginning with the sun, begin to paint using a stiffer brush to carefully follow your pencil line. Don’t worry about it being completely perfect, from a few steps back it’ll look great even with a few imperfections. Then move down all the horizon lines using a brush to cut in the sides, and a foam roller to fill them in. As shown, two to three coats were applied to each area for the desired opacity, and allowed to dry in between for 1 Oncehour.alllines and the sun are painted, carefully remove the tape when the paint on the final coat has set for 30-40 minutes for easier tape removal.

• A level.

• Paint brush, to paint in the perimeter of the sun by hand.

• A tape measure. Begin by marking out the bottom line of the horizon, using your tape measure to mark the width of the lines you wish to create, leaving one inch in between for the tape, (in the photo the lines are 11”, 8”, 6”, and 5”).


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Using shades Decorator’s White OC-149 and White Opulence OC-69, this staircase immediately looks brighter and more inviting.

W hen considering a home reno or DIY project, you’re likely fantasizing about renewing spaces like the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Often overlooked as more of a functional piece of the home, staircases can be cast aside in favor of flashier updates. But together with your entryway, staircases are a main focal point in your home and often the first thing your visitors will see upon entering. As a high-profile area that sets the tone for your home’s overall look, it’s the perfect place to add a pop of color—with quality paints to protect it through years of memory-making with your loved ones. Whether your style leans more traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, there are paint and color options that will help you make a statement and inject style into your staircase and the surrounding areas. A fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease can lead to a remarkable transformation! Bust out your creative side with these ideas and bring some life to a high-traffic area in your home. Go ahead and make that staircase your own!

A paint makeover needn’t be extreme to make an impact.While bolder and brighter palettes can be a great source of inspiration when searching for the right paint colors for your staircase, the elegance of coordinated neutrals simply can’t be beat. For a timeless—yet surprisingly versatile—color combo, look to a neutral palette that will lend interest without overpowering the color schemes in adjacent rooms.

LIGHT AND AIRY News flash: White paint is anything but boring—and it isn’t just for walls! White paint is a classic for a reason, and with so many available shades, the décor possibilities are endless.Fora refreshing take, integrate the staircase color with the rest of the space. Pro tip: As stairways are bridges between floors and paint colors, make sure to look at the space from every angle before deciding which colors would work best.

Look at your landing space in a new light! Give your landing the attention it deserves by adding a touch of your personal style with anything from a statement mirror, chandelier or gallery wall that helps spice up the space. Go ahead and be as bold or as subtle as you want! We love small accent walls that make a statement, as seen in this sample landing in Smokestack Gray 2131-40. Other eye-catching accent colors that work well against white walls: Concord Ivory HC-12, a saturated golden-yellow; Sharkskin 2139-30, a moody gray-green; or, if you want to go extra bold, Caliente AF-290, a stunning red and former Benjamin Moore Color of the Year.



Pairing French Press AF-170, Hush AF-95, Frappe AF-85 and Steam AF-15, this staircase includes an element of contrast that will help keep it fresh and exciting, even as trends and styles change.


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The result? A contemporary monochromatic color scheme that gives rise to an elevated—and elegant—style.

Add a bit of artistic flair through contrasting colors that bring out each other’s richness. Take a spin on the color wheel to find a staircase color that appeals to you, then look for complementary colors. In this sleek modern look, the dark Hale Navy HC-154 on the treads, risers and balusters provides a strong contrast to the paler baseboard and wall colors (Decorator’s White OC-149 and Smoke 2122-40, respectively).

Why settle on a single staircase color when you can have Addtwo? a contemporary twist to more traditional homes with subdued shades like these blues. If you can’t decide on one


The rustic décor trend continues to grow in popularity, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If your décor screams modern farmhouse, a rustic accent is a fun, cohesive way to emphasize your staircase and make for a welcoming space that matches the rest of your home. This staircase brightens up the general area by tying the offwhite Ice Mist OC-67 to the walls in Simply White OC-117 and striking a beautiful contrast with the natural-wood post and railing. The design adds character while setting the stage for similar décor throughout the home.

89FALL 2022


GO BOLD OR GO HOME Dare to be different with your decorating!Forafun surprise that marks a creative use of your space, consider adding a bold focal point to your staircase, like this antique hand-carved newel in the rich Black Satin 2131-10. With a higher gloss, it pops against the contrasting white of the walls and balusters.Whosays staircases can’t be edgy? Embrace a dramatic look that’s sure to dazzle your guests.

color, consider a striking two-tone treatment that creates visual interest but doesn’t require hours of extra work. The sky’s the limit when it comes to color Thecombinations!alternating colors on the staircase risers—in Feather Gray 2127-60 and Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-50—make for a splash of fun in this traditional foyer, especially when paired with the trim and treads in Snow White OC-66.


PAINT: Use high-quality paints with a durable sheen like Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio for the treads and ADVANCE® for the other surfaces so the space can withstand constant traffic. Happy painting!

Tackling a staircase painting job yourself? We’re here to help —with this quick guide, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

PREP: Clean and prime all surfaces before painting to ensure best results.

PICK A COLOR: Check out the free Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ App to test different color ideas virtually. You can also order swatches or samples online or from your local retailer so you can try them out before you purchase.


Decorate With

FORMULACOVER T he cool and crisp autumn air makes for the very best, and most comfortable, outdoor dining. While Mother Nature does the heavylifting to set the scene, some small touches will go a long way in making your alfresco experience an unforgettable one! Vibrant colors and organic neutrals appear side-by-side in the great outdoors and as the saying goes if it ain’t broke… Apply the same logic to your home for a color scheme inspired by the season. Try brilliant reds and rich burgundy, both soft and golden yellows, burnt and spicy oranges, and rich browns tempered by lots of neutrals like beige, greens or even whites.



A bounty of fresh harvested florals and pretty plants and overflowing planters will add plenty of charm to your alfresco table setting and have you feeling like you are dining right amongst the flora. Juxtapose heavy and light items like an antique harvest table paired with open-backed bistro chairs, and substantial pottery and translucent colored glassware to keep the atmosphere casual and comfortable. A tablecloth or runner in a lush velvet makes an aboveboard statement, while an interesting painted floor adds beauty to the space from below, while being a durable and weatherproof choice.

BRAND POWER YOU WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE © CBD Group RCBG4/20 G A L E R I WALLCOVERINGSE A BRITISH WALLPAPER BRAND SINCE 1990 | 800 985 9151 “Offering an unrivalled choice of statement designs, Galerie Wallcoverings delivers visual interest, rich textures and unique patterns that will transform interiors”

TOSTYLESTEAL CHANTILLYLACEOC-65 A pure white floor is the interior design equivalent of a little black dress: timeless, versatile, and classic. Boho never looked so chic! top floorYes, You DO Want To Get Paint On the Floor WOODCOCKBRIAN 96 ISSUE 12


T oo often, we find ourselves ‘making do’ with our existing flooring. Whether it’s the cost of replacement, the hassle of literally emptying entire rooms, or associated ‘trickle-up’ projects like modifying baseboards, trims and doors, there are countless reasons to avoid taking on this project. Whatever the reason, there are numerous options for painting floors… so if you’re facing worn hardwood, unfinished subfloors, tired linoleum or a concrete slab, the solution may just be a few steps away.

DISTANTGRAYOC-68Co.&MooreBenjamintolicensedtrademarksregisteredaresymbol“M”triangletheandMooreBenjaminCo.&MooreBenjamin©2020 paint.actualfromslightlydiffermayrepresentationsColorpaints.MooreBenjaminqualityintintedwhenonlyensuredisaccuracyColor ASH2057-40BLUE

An on-trend twist on traditional ebony-toned hardwood, this rich navy blue hides imperfections, making it a great option for patched areas and high-traffic zones.

Diamonds are a floor’s best friend, especially in a fresh and playful color palette. Try this large-scale pattern in larger spaces to fully appreciate the checkerboard effect!

Consider your space: while light colors can brighten up spaces, they’ll show dirt more easily in high-traffic areas. Patterns can add style and dimension, but are more labor intensive than a single-color applied across the entire floor. High gloss sheens offer dynamic impact, but a satin finish will give you better traction on stairs. Are you planning to Weekend Warrior this job yourself, or are you bringing in a professional? If you’re going the DIY route, you’ll find lots of helpful tips (and great design inspiration) online that’ll have you dancing down your hall faster than Tom Cruise in his tube socks.


Green HC-132 SIMPLY KENSINGTONOC-117WHITEBLUE840 WHITEOC-17DOVE Break out the stencils, rulers, and tape! Existing printed vinyl is a great place to go all-in with pattern; use the existing grooves as a grid to lay out your new design! Clever contrasts can be as effective as trompe l’oeil - here, the deep-toned walls give the painted floor the feeling of high-end white oak planks. Co.&MooreBenjamintolicensedtrademarksregisteredaresymbol“M”triangletheandMooreBenjaminCo.&MooreBenjamin©2020 paint.actualfromslightlydiffermayrepresentationsColorpaints.MooreBenjaminqualityintintedwhenonlyensuredisaccuracyColor GETTYLIFE,HOUSELAKE 98 ISSUE 12

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"Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well being." Albert Hadley


The best paint jobs start with

No two surfaces are alike — that’s why starting with the right prep can make all the difference. With a family of tapes designed specifically for your surface, Scotch® Painter’s Tape helps you prep right for professional-looking results. © 3M 2019. All rights reserved. 3M, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Edge-Lock and the BLUE color of the tape are trademarks of 3M.

Insist on Benjamin Moore paint. Because the gorgeous Benjamin Moore color you love can't be matched in another brand of paint. Get The Color You Want. HC-156/BlueDeusenVancolor:SwatchColor accuracy is ensured only when tinted in quality Benjamin Moore® paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint. ©2022 Benjamin Moore & Co., Benjamin Moore, and the triangle 'M' symbol are trademarks registered in the United States and various other countries around the world. Benjamin Moore & Co. uses these marks under license in the United States. 7/22. P AI N T C E N TE RS Regal REGAL PAINT CENTERS Locations in: Annapolis, Catonsville, Crofton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, Warrenton, Wheaton, & Winchester. TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU, VISIT:

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