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MOCHI noun | mo·chi | \ˈmō-chē\ A soft, pounded rice cake used in Japanese cuisine as an unbaked pastry wrapped around a sweet filling. .


noun | mo·chi ice cream | \ˈmō-chē īs krēm\

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SEP 2016

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FASHION CONTRIBUTIONS PHOTOGRAPHER | Eugene DeLucie, Paul Farkas, Arman Thanvir | STYLIST | Kimmie Smith |

BEAUTY CONTRIBUTIONS MUA | Angelica Alberti, Agnes Barnet, Sasha Dalger, Lorena Ferreira, Nydia Figueroa, Auralis Flores, Angel Morales, Jordan Norberto, Kat Osorio, Hadar Sagi, Aleck Zajac | HAIRSTYLIST | Brooke Bogle, Saidy Cepeda-Criado, Lea DeLoy, Diva LaSha, Angel Morales |

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With the summer coming to an end, we're starting to navigate back towards our Pumpkin Latte and favorite boots. Amidst our style and culinary transitions, we begin to think about our skin and how we can protect it to maintain that healthy glow. We chatted with Dr. Janet Prystowsky about this very topic to let you know about what you need to do to be prepared for this season! ATHLEISURE MAG: How does skin change from the Summer season to the Fall season? DR. JANET PRYSTOWSKY: Humidity levels change between warm and cold months, so that’s going to impact the kinds of skincare products you need to use. Moving into Fall, it’s time to start up a consistent moisturizing routine to keep your skin hydrated. Otherwise your skin can become dull and dry.


AM: What can be done to ensure that the skin has enough moisture (ie drinking water, certain nutrients one can have within the body)? DR. JP: Staying well hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet will definitely be reflected in your skin. This is more of a lifestyle tip than a quick tip though. One apple or donut won’t immediately make your skin better or worse. AM: When showering, what temperature should water be set at for the best way to cleanse the skin without damaging it? DR. JP: Don’t take hot showers! Hot showers may feel nice and hydrating, but they actually cause evaporation of water from your skin by melting off your own natural moisturizing oils, thereby drying you out. Opt for a warm shower every time. Also, a little soap can go a long way. Using too much soap can wash off your body’s natural, and protective oils. If you use a washcloth, you’re almost certainly rubbing off your body’s natural oils. Try ditching the washcloth, using less soap, or using a gentler soap if you have dry skin issues. I’ve recommended Dove gentle cleansing bars to my patients for years, and recently started working with the brand. If you still have dry skin issues, use a body oil right after you get out of the shower. I’m a fan of body oils with vitamin E. AM: If you have chapped lips, what is the body telling you and how can we treat as well as eliminate this? DR. JP: If your lips are chapped, they are probably dry and irritated. If you frequently use lip balms or are constantly licking your lips, stop! You’re only going to make your lips more chapped. Go to your local pharmacy and pick up a small tube of Aquaphor. It’s great for lips and other chapped skin too. Just wipe or blot off the excess if you use too much. AM: Dry/Ashy skin is always annoying, how can we treat this to ensure that we don't see this? DR. JP: Use a moisturizer with vitamins and essential oils. There are certain vitamins, like

vitamins A and D, that are naturally found in your skin. I like to call them bioidentical vitamins. By providing your skin with those same vitamins, I think you’re giving your skin its best chance to stay hydrated and soft. I made my own moisturizer that you can find at It has three essential oils and three bioidentical vitamins. We just finished a consumer perception study where 100% of the participants said our cream hydrated and nourished their skin. We’re coming out with a complexion cream, cuticle cream, anti aging cream, and after sun cream too if you’d like to try them when they come out as well! AM: What lotions, balms, salves, etc do you suggest for us to have on hand as we transition into fall? DR. JP: Besides my moisturizer, I recommend buying a gentle bar cleanser like Dove’s. I also recommend buying a body oil for right after the shower in the morning. Also Aquaphor for your lips. I think skincare should be simple and easy. Less is more. AM: Lightweight lotions, water based lotions, rich creams - tell us what we need to know about these and how it works within our skincare and when/how they should be used? DR. JP: Lightweight lotions are for late Spring to early Fall. There’s not much reason to bog down your skin with a heavy cream during the warmest, most humid time of the year. During the late Fall through early Spring, I absolutely recommend a richer cream. We all need something during the Winter that can combat the icy wind and office heaters that take out our skin’s moisture. AM: Are there certain skin areas that need to be treated differently than other areas ie softer skin (like underarms)? DR. JP: More often than not you’ll be O.K. treating your skin the same way across the board. If you notice any areas that need a little more tender love and care though, there’s probably a specific way to treat it! Dry cracked feet, itchy scalps, irritated inner thighs, and ashy elbows all can be nuisances, that vary

case by case. Consult with your skincare expert, i.e. your dermatologist. AM: What are your thoughts on Skin Masks how often should they be done and what are your thoughts on foot masks that peel layers of your skin off days after applying the booties? DR. JP: I don’t recommend skin masks. I’m not convinced that they are any more efficient than other moisturizers at rehydrating skin. I especially do not recommend DIY face masks. It’s difficult to know how fresh your ingredients are and how your skin may react. Allergic reactions are common! I wouldn’t recommend using foot masks that peel layers of your skin. If you’re interested in chemical peels, I recommend consulting a dermatologist. While there are over-the-counter products that are considered safe, it’s always best to have a trained professional take the helm when skin peeling chemicals are involved. AM: How can we maintain glowing fall skin? DR JP: Establish a solid moisturizing and cleansing routine. Cleanse just enough to feel clean in the morning and wipe off your makeup at night. Aggressive cleansing with hot water is an easy way to strip away your natural oils and dry your skin out, and dry skin isn’t as healthy as hydrated skin. Other than that, keep your skin well hydrated with moisturizers.

Pumpkin Beauty


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Around Athleisure, we love the fall season - there's a mix of warm weaher as well as crisp cool weather. For this month's roundup of beauty must haves, we're excited to include pumpkin within our routine as it can be enjoyed in more ways then in your Spiced Pumpkin Latte. | FARMHOUSE FRESH Splendid Dirt | BEAUTYKIND Plant Apothecary | FIG + YARROW Bath + Body Oil Meadow | SHEA TERRA ORGANICS Gingered Pumpkin Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2-in-1 Body Scrub |


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Accessories tell a story and the story is one that tends to combine the designer’s vision, his/her background, the pieces themselves and how the wearer embraces it within their lives. The story of ALEX AND ANI is no different. Carolyn Rafaelian serves as the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Creative Office. She has created an accessory brand that illustrates the way that empowerment, storytelling, authenticity and connecting humanity come together. She creates each piece within this coveted line, that is worn by athletes, celebrities, an influencers. The eco-conscious line that utilizes recycled materials that are processed ethically, was created in 2004 in the basement of Carolyn’s father’s factory in Cranston, Rhode Island (interestingly enough, her vivid memories are growing up within the jewelry business as her father used to make American Flag pins during the Vietnam War). In addition to being a brand that is Made in America, she is proud that her business has grown exponentially from 25 employees to well over 1,000 people (which she views as her tribe) – some having started from the very beginning. Her belief in a healthy work-life balance is demonstrated within her Rhode Island headquarters that has a subsidized café, which has local and organic foods available. In addition to retaining great staff, her commitment as a philanthropist is evident as ALEX AND ANI - has provided well over $30 Million to organizations locally and internationally to continue the concept of Doing Good. There are a number of areas where the success of Alex and Ani can be seen with nearly 60 retail stores, over 1800 external retailers, boutiques, etc. These environments are not just points of sale, but places where customers can share their journey through jewelry by connecting in a meaningful way through the product as a story. The brand has instilled a movement towards compassion, as well as individuality, through its themed collections as well as symbolism that is used. The success of the brand has everything to with Carolyn who is led by a commitment that is filled with purpose that allows her to clearly connect to her vision and to optimize the

brand as she sees fit. She also believes in enriching those who work with her, who are dedicated and instrumental in carrying out her needs for the brand. ALEX AND ANI has a number of partnerships with an array of national sporting organizations, the Olympics, but it is her focus on redefining corporate-giving through CHARITY BY DESIGN that allows a unique way to impact giving back to others through her jewelry via over 550 charities. In her way, she feels that this brings communities together and creates a sense of consciousness and empathy.


With so many fundamentals of the brand, it’s easy to see how she creates a narrative that is welcoming to her customers. Earlier this month, ALEX AND ANI unveiled and exclusive jewelry collection that incorporates original copper that was preserved from the Statue of Liberty National Monument, which inspires the world to Carry Light. This copper is a part of a centennial restoration partnership with the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation, Inc, and includes 26 pieces. The pieces are an exact replica of Lady Liberty’s torch that are made from her preserved copper. From 1984 – 1986, the Statue of Liberty had its stainless steel armature bars replace the original, iron frame and copper supports. This copper, was preserved at that time. “The biggest honor of my life is to take her message and make it literally, physically attached to each and every one of us. LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD. That’s who she is. She holds the torch to light our path,” said Carolyn.

Via ALEX AND ANI’s social, you may have noticed the #CARRYLIGHT hashtag, which encourages followers to be inspired by Lady Liberty and to see how they bring light into the world. They are asked what do you CARRY LIGHT for – whether this is a passion, a cause, friends, family etc. Those who purchase this collection receive the signature meaning card that accompanies each LIBERTY COPPER collection which states, “Bearing her torch … we welcome Lady Liberty’s movement of light and hope. When we CARRY LIGHT, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible.” This collection supports the work of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

A Part of Athleisure Beauty focuses on great finds that allow you to go from one place to the next in seamless transition. Whether you're leaving home or heading from the gym to cocktails with friends, these pieces are must haves to include in your routine. | MAI COUTURE Blush Papier | SWEAT COSMETICS Skin Balancing Cleansing Wipes | MILK MAKEUP Eye Marker |




COVER + P 32 | YANDY Bodysuit | SOUNDCHICK ACCESSORIES Feather Earrrings | VINTAGE RING Tourmaline + Opal Ring | P 28 | YANDY Geometric Bodysuit | JESSICA ALBA X DL1961 Denim Jeans | VINTAGE RING Prescious Stone Giraffe Ring | THIS PAGE | YANDY Geometric Bodysuit | JESSICA ALBA X DL1961 Denim Jeans | ANDREW MARC Jessie Leather Jacket | PIKOLINOS Ankle Booties |

| YANDY Sport Bra | LUCY CLOTHING Leggings | NOVESTA High Top Sneakers |


Our fall style shoot took place at Aalto57 located on the UES. We had to find out what sets these units a part from others. ATHLEISURE MAG: What is the meaning behind Aalto57? AALTO57: The boutique rental building’s name—Manhattan’s prestigious 57th Street—its elegant design. Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s iconic vase, the tower’s sculptural architecture reflects classic concepts of design both inside and out. The curved silhouette is made from Italian glass and gives the 65-story tower a sculptural silhouette from every vantage point, and of course its location AM: Tell us about the model unit's interiors A57: (The 2-bed, 2-bath C line model unit) The unit was decorated by Eduardo Rodriguez, the principal of DSGNR, LLC. A Venezuelan native, Eduardo is a former Fashion Designer turned Interior Designer who has designed for television shows and commercials. His modern design style is minimalist with clean lines, bringing in color through furniture, accessories, paint and fabrics to reflect the owner's lifestyle and individuality. AM: Tell us about the open floor plans in your units? A57: The 169 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom residences redefine luxury rentals with quality, condo-like finishes and high-end appliances. The spacious, open floorplans are complimented by 9-foot ceilings and curvedglass walls designed to flood the residences with natural sunlight. Residences on the ninth floor have private terraces, while a selection of additional units offer private balconies. AM: Who are the creators/development team behind this property and when did it open? A57: World Wide Group and Rose Associates are the renowned New York real estate developers behind the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)-designed glass tower which opened its doors in August 2016. AM: What amenities are offered? 2016.Sep

- 31 -

A57: Aalto57 sets itself apart from other rentals, and even many condos, due to the second-to-none elite services are offered at the building. It is one of the few rental buildings that will grant residents with exclusive access to the premier concierge and lifestyle management company Luxury Attaché. Residents will have their own onsite Attaché charged with providing them with customized and unprecedented experiences, such as move-in/ out coordination, travel, event planning and gifting, and access to trusted child and pet care services. Additional building amenities include exclusive access to a landscaped terrace designed by Mathews Nielson Landscape Architects with a fire pit on the seventh floor, as well as a fitness center, resident’s lounge, business center and conference room, field house with a basketball court, kids playroom, Bosch washer dryers in every apartment, access to Spot 57 for pet care, bike room with a DIY tune-up station, onsite residential manager and a 24-hour doorman. AM: What is behind the design of the lobby? A57: An atmosphere of calm, comfort and style envelopes you from the moment you step into the SOM-designed lobby. One of the many stand-out elements in the lobby is a wall that is comprised of five glass panes with a banding of mirrors and frosted glass, which creates an abstract moment. The lobby also features a skylight that offers views straight up to the top of the building. AM: What are elements of note in the neighborhood that residents will enjoy from a culinary as well as a fitness perspective? A57: Aalto57 is located in Manhattan’s most elite Midtown neighborhood: Sutton Place. The area is a true dining mecca with opulent offerings such as Mr Chow, Betony and Le Cirque. The building is within walking distance to Central Park and the East River, popular fitness options such as Soul Cycle (located directly across the street) and Equinox, worldclass shopping destinations including Barneys New York and Bloomingdale's, and famous cultural institutions like MoMA and The Met. Residents can also enjoy the convenience of having a Whole Foods right next door!


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ially when you're on the court?

Earlier this year, we interviewed one half of Team USA'S women's volleyball team member, Kerri Walsh-Jennings. In this month's issue we sat down with Cali girl, April Ross (this duo took Bronze home) to talk about the importance of safe sun, especially as it pertains to eye health and her partnership with Xperio UV, training for Rio, dancing with Kerri, what she's up to off the court and the beauty of being strong and how important that is for women!

AR: The first 2 years that I played, it wasn't really something that I thought about that much! I didn't wear a hat a lot of times I didn't wear sunglasses, and I feel that I kind of paid the price for that I played in some really hot places. Ever since then, I definitely upped my suncare game. I think that I have improved the quality of sunscreen I use and I make sure that I always have zinc oxide (editors note: this is identified as a physical sunscreen that is made of natural elements found on the earth, and are said to “block” or “scatter” UV rays so they don't penetrate the skin in the first place. Zinc Oxide has more broad-spectrum protection and lacks hormone-disrupting effects on my skin). I always wear glasses with UV protected lenses 100% and I always wear a visor all the time. Even when I'm not playing, I'm always wearing sunglasses and a hat - even when I am driving. Sun gets in through the windshield and can damage your skin as the UV rays come in since you are in the sun driving. I feel like I have it down now!

ATHLEISURE MAG: What is Xperio UV eyewear? XPERIO UV: Xperio UV is a polarized lens brand that you can get it in your prescription or you can get it in non-prescription. We have a lot of cool colors that you can choose in either solid, gradient or mirror. The lenses can go in any frames. There are so many colors that allow you to rock your look. AM: How long has the brand been around?

AM: What's the difference between the shades you were for volleyball and the ones that you wear off the court?

X UV: The brand is new, but the company itself has been around for over 100 years and is headquartered in France. In terms of this brand, the good thing is that they are polarized lenses, but on top of that they have maximum UV protection as it is on the front and on the back of the lens. A lot of times, you don't think of the fact that the back of the lens has rays coming from the opposite direction which bounces into your eyes. They are also scratch resistant, which we put our sunglasses in our bags without the cases. They are also very easy to clean as well.

AR: The ones on the court are very performance oriented. I sweat a lot so I have to have rubber on the frames so that they don't fall off of my face - it's my number 1 thing besides the lenses being polarized. I think it makes the image so much clearer. Off the court, I'm a huge sunglass fan - it's a huge part of my personality. You can use it to show who you are. I like to do something different and I never buy the same pair!

AM: So April, you wear the lenses.

AM: How many sunglasses do you own - we have a feeling it is going to be a big number!

APRIL ROSS: Yes, I wear them for protection as she said. Because of the polarization as it makes whatever I am seeing - super clear - especially when I am playing volleyball.

AR: I don't know the actual number. The sad thing is I go through them quickly. I horde them and then I leave them places. So I'm always needing new pairs of sunglasses and it's a really bad habit of mine. I love them so much - so I find a pair, I buy them and then I lose them!

AM: How vital is sun protection for you espec-

AM: What are your must haves to wear on the 2016.Sep

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Photo Courtesy Wang Haofei/Xinhua/Alamy Live News


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court and then what do you wear when you're going out to brunch with friends? AR: Must haves on the court - I always compete in my Mizuno bikini and then sunglasses, and a hat. I really love the suit we wore at the Olympics with the high cut as I am a huge fan of the high cut bikinis - I like the way it looks and it's full coverage so you don't have to worry about it. Purple is my favorite bikini color to wear. I feel like it is feminine and powerful at the same time. I call it my power color as I love purple. Off the court for brunch and stuff, I'm super casual. I like to be feminine as I feel that as an athlete I'm so aggro all the time. I'm always in performance gear so I like to have frills and lace and flowy stuff. I'm almost always in jean shorts, but I'll have a flowy flower top and sandals. AM: How did you prepare for Rio and how was it having a different partner as well? AR: Preparing for Rio was one of the most intense experiences in life. My team with Kerri was all encompassing. We trained really, really hard as our coach Mario Sicoli had a very clear progression for us, and we stepped to that and we trusted him 100%. So everyday at practice was really tough. We had a sports psychologist that we worked with, which I hadn't done before. That was big! We added in a lot of meditation and visualization and had a ton of help with physical therapy. I felt the best that I have ever felt this year because of all of that support. But it was a 24/7 job that you never stopped thinking of it. When we got together 3.5 years ago, it wasn't like that - it was more like, let's see how this goes. AM: That's what Kerri told us ... AR: Yeah, we just said, let's just get on the court and do the best that we can and slowly it became more and more detailed. By the end, it was all-day every day on how we could perform the best that we could in Rio. AM: All of that effort paid off as you guys looked so in sync watching you in Rio? AR: We felt so in-sync. We felt it, it was crazy! From the first time, that we got on the court, 2016.Sep

- 37 -

I thought that we played well and had rhythm so the amount that we grew from that point astonished me. By the time we got to Rio, we were in each other's heads and we could flow together - we call it "dancing" and we danced together really well there. Then right after Rio ,we played together in the Long Beach World Series Beach Volleyball. AM: We saw that and had no idea that your season continued on after the games! AR: I was like, what are we doing still playing volleyball - but it was so mindless at that point and we just played together so well that we just breezed through that tournament. But yeah, it's super sad to me that it's over as our last tournament ended last weekend and we've played so well and worked so hard to get to this point, like I just want to keep playing. I'm bummed that it's over, but I'm really proud of the point we got to and how we played in Rio. AM: Now will you guys continue on as partners when the season starts again? AR: I am gong to try to start a family with my husband. As an Olympic athlete you have to base it on the quad and so if I can have a baby as early as possible in the quad that works the best, I might have to miss next season, but then the plan is to come back and qualify for the next one. If it doesn't happen according to plan, then I would end up playing next year and I'll play with Kerri. AM: What do you do now that you're off for the season - what do you indulge in and what do you get back into doing? AR: I travel a lot, which is crazy because I do it

"By the time we got to Rio, we were in each other's heads and we could flow together - we call it "dancing" and we danced really well there."

a lot for my job as well. Honestly, I book as many trips as I possibly can. It's tempting to stay home, but when I do I get antsy. Especially if it's not a purpose and I'm not training - I'm like what am I doing here? Any opportunity that comes up I am prone to say yes to. So we're going to visit President Obama this month with the whole team, throwing out the first pitch for the Angels, going to Vegas for a weekend, a trip to Italy and Germany to see friends that I have who are playing over there, I'm going to Mexico with a company called South of the Border Volleyball Vacations where volleyball fans go down and play and they bring in pros to hang out. I'm then going to Montana for a week after that for Thanksgiving and then onto Hawaii with my friend after that. It's super busy, lots of traveling and I like to have fun! AM: How do you stay balanced and give yourself enough time that you need? AR: I focus on what feels good to me and I don't know, if it's balanced but for me, it's what works. Like during the season and leading up to Rio the balance was off because I was training so hard and it was all about volleyball and now I feel like the balance will go in the other direction and that I will have too much fun because I am traveling too much. It will be hard for me to get into the gym and stay in shape because I definitely want to stay in shape for sure and eat healthy. When I was leading up to Rio, I didn't feel like hanging out with my friends or doing fun things and it's just understanding that being tired isn't an excuse to shirk on the balance in your life. Now that I am traveling a lot - last night I didn't want to go and workout but you're just tired it's not like it's a death sentence. Just go and get it done. It's do what you know you should do. If you can be aware of that, it's a good way to keep balance in your life. AM: What were your workouts like for Rio and what are they like for maintenance? AR: Leading up to Rio it was very strengthbased for explosive-minded speed and agility. It was hours and hours and hours of time spent in the gym every week. And now, I'm shifting to more cardio based. In between cardio - higher 2016.Sep

reps, lower weights for circuit workouts. You warm up and then do the circuits with lower weight higher reps and I end with running for about 20 minutes or so. I think that's a great balanced workout that's not killer and doesn't deter me from doing it. There are enough variations in the weights to keep it fresh and then I want to get inot pilates as I haven't done it and that's a goal. AM: We loved your comments in ESPN's Body Issue about strong versus skinny. AR: I think that being strong is more important then being skinny. If you focus on being strong, you're going to have a fit body type. Mentally, it makes us feel stronger as a person and I think it just makes us feel better. For me, if I'm not strong, I ache a lot more. My back hurts, my knees hurt and I get tired more easily. The whole package of being strong makes you feel better about yourself and physically. Being skinny is all about deprivation and denying yourself and not living life, to the fullest. You need to be able to indulge when you're eating and enjoy food and then focus on getting in the gym, sweating and getting those endorphins going. It's a much better lifestyle that promotes health as opposed to focusing on skinny. And I think that it (beng strong) looks better. I think that looks are the last thing you should worry about, but it makes you feel healthier I think. AM: How did April Ross and Xperio, come together in this partnership? AR: For me, it was a no-brainer. I wear sunglasses all the time and their product is one of the best. It goes along with a healthy lifestyle and you have to protect your eyes. They have the best protection and performance wise the quality is very good for vision and clarity. They are launching a new program, All day Coverage when Exposed to Sun (A.C.E.S.) for that awareness. I like that and I like to have a bigger cause than just wearing a product. That was a big thing for me too. Find out more about A.C.E.S., and how you can support positive eye health. - 38 -


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Earlier this month, Athleisure Mag presented its first event during NYFW with ATHLEISURE HOUSE, a fitness, fashion and branded showcase event. We showcased: HOM, a mens underwear and activewear line (this show was paired shoes by Sand by Saya as well as Pikolinos), Maaji Swimwear, a vibrant swim line (paired with feather accessories by SoundChick Accessories, gold jewelry from Kemi Designs, shoes by Sand and Saya as well as Yosi Samra), and pool floats by Big Mouth Inc), and Noli Yoga, a NYC based activewear line (with accessories from Misfit, Apple Watch, Yosi Samra, and Sand by Saya) which took place in a private luxury residential property, 535 W 43rd St, in Hell's Kitchen.

ATHLEISURE HOUSE CREDITS | MENSWEAR SHOW: Hom | FOOTWEAR Pikolinos, Sand by Saya | ACCESSORIES Sand by Saya | | SWIM SHOW: Maaji Swimwear | FOOTWEAR Yosi Samra, Sand by Saya | GOLD ACCESSORIES Kemi Designs | FEATHER ACCESSORIES SoundChick Accessories | WEARABLE ACCESSORIES Misfit | | YOGA SHOW: Noli Yoga | FOOTWEAR Yosi Samra + Sand by Saya | ACCESSORIES SoundChick Accessories, Quilted Koala | WEARABLE ACCESSORIES Apple Watch, Misfit |

Our event was supported by a number of partners including: TRULY Spiked Sparkling Water, JUST WATER, Maple Water, Bai, Truth Bars, Macro Bars and Organic Gemini. Guests enjoyed a lifestyle curated bag filled with Nature Republic, Trilogy, Victorinox Swiss Army, The Green Blender - placed in a Quilted Koala market tote.

| MAKEUP LEAD Nydia Figueroa | MAKEUP KEY ASSISTANT Kat Osorio | MUA TEAM Angelica Alberti, Agnes Barnet, Sasha Dalger, Lorena Ferreira, Auralis Flores, Jordan Norberto, Hadar Sagi, Aleck Zajac | HAIRSTYLE LEAD Brooke Bogle | HAIRSTYLE TEAM Saidy Cepeda-Criado, Lea DeLoy, Diva LaSha |

For the backstage, a number of our food and beverage sponsors were enjoyed by our models and creative team members. Our Official Makepup Sponsor was Eve Pearl which created 3 great looks to showcase the lifestyle of each of the lines that were presented.

| ATHLEISURE HOUSE ASSISTANT Christina Sanchez | | PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHY Paul Farkas | | MODELS | MSA Callie G, Deandra, Johanna, Julie D, Taylor, Becky B, Jordan | COUTURE MODELS Jessy L, Lauren A | TRUE MODEL Nicholas, Oheni Morris, Christian, Lance | Vicky, Margo, Fazon Gray |

To the right, you can find out more about our teams and brands featured within this immersive event during fashion's biggest week.


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SIN WORKOUTS SIN, standing for Strength In Numbers, is an industry leading Fitness Concierge service that launched in 2012 in Manhattan Today SIN Workouts is servicing clients in major US cities and abroad assisting in client training scheduling, program design and bookings at boutique fitness studios. Founded by Vanessa Martin, CEO. Vanessa got her start in the NYC fitness scene after graduating from The University of Tampa and moving to New York to begin her career with a Residential Design and Management Firm. During her time as an acting Director for this company, Martin took it upon herself to introduce the concept of the boutique fitness industry that was on the rise to these projects in the residential space. Vanessa began to take multiple classes a day at leading studios and soon understood the phenomenon of boutique fitness. She recognized niche opportunity in this industry on the customer service front and organically grew SIN Workouts to what it is today. Currently, SIN Workouts does not have a physical location in which clients are 2016.Sep

trained. SIN partners with existing studios and training facilities to send their members to. These services take place in New York City, The Hamptons, Miami, Boston, Chicago, LA and oversees. SIN Workouts sends clients to an areas most elite fitness studios. At these locations clients have juice bar options for pre and post recovery shakes, name brand toiletries and exceptional upkeep of the clubs. They also have an apparel line. - 54 -

The beauty behind what is offered through their Fitness Concierge services is that each individuals program is customized specifically for them. Since SIN partners with many studios and training facilities, we are able to schedule clients with an incredibly diverse fitness program ranging from Bootcamps, Indoor Cycling, HIIT training, Yoga, etc! As a company, they also host special event classes and workouts throughout the year, known as signature SIN CRAWL that takes

place on the West Side Highway Pier in the Fall. 2016.Sep

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ELEMENTS FITNESS Elements Fitness is a fitness, wellness and life style brand featuring boutique fitness studio locations, corporate and hospitality fitness activations, and on location small group and private training. The brand features a signature class series centered around functional training, barre, dance and hiit training that serves as the foundation for all of the fitness and wellness classes. While pulling together identity and messaging for the brand Andrea Hunsberger was looking for a name that would incorporate all aspects of a healthy, well balanced, rich lifestyle. In addition, the name Elements was also fitting because the idea behind each of the modalities that she teaches pull together all different parts of her training and career. She identifies as a Dancer, a Trainer, a Fit Fashion Lover, and Lifestyle guru, and the term Elements seemed fitting to represent the work that is done with her clients and the message of the brand. From their Barre, Dance Fusion, HIIT, SUP, and SUP BARRE signature class series to their wellness boutique featuring Barre & SUP inspired Athletic and Ahtleasure wear, Elements is specific enough to deliver the brand message, and broad enough to cover our diversity. 2016.Sep

Elements operates in The Hamptons, Manhattan, and South Florida, featuring our Flagship studio in East Hampton, In home private training & corporate wellness activations in Manhattan, and Pop up locations in Miami. As the Founder, director, and head trainer at Elements, Andrea started - 56 -

the brand from inception in 2010, as a small private training and fitness consulting group and have grown into a large fitness wellness and life style brand. Having been in the industry for over 15 years she had a very specific vision of what she wanted and where she wanted it to go. She is a professional dancer, trainer, and has taught fitness and dance classes for

high profile studios throughout Manhattan prior to starting Elements. She began teaching a survival job in between broadway gigs and then changed to her focus because of Andrea's passion and drive to create a successful meaning full brand and company.

tique features a curated collection of luxury lifestyle, active and athleasure wear, an artisan tea collection and organic fragrances. The elements lifestyle boutique features a curated collection of top brands such as Vimmia, Vie Active Wear, Prism Sport, Sondra Roberts handbags, Koral, Gracied by Grit and more.

Elements Fitness is currently located in East Hampton, and has private training and corporate wellness in Manhattan. Keep an eye out for Elements flagship in Manhattan in the near future, as well as pop up locations in Miami, London, and beyond.

Elements Fitness has a custom branded fitness tee that is powered by Phat Buddha, and features other emerging brands for trunk shows and events!

Elements Features is a three story facility featuring a large group fitness studio, lower level private training room and lounge, and a curated retail & wellness boutique. The studios feature Elements' signature wall mounted custom ballet barre system, sprung dance floor system, high ceilings and beautiful natural light. The retail bou2016.Sep

Elemets Fitness offers Barre, Dance Fusion, HIIT, and SUP classes and feature a holiday inspired pre and post turkey burn! A HIGH INTENSITY fusion of strengthening and toning exercises perfect to pre burn or post burn before and after all of this delicious holiday meals. - 57 -

f o t r A e Th Snack e th

CHAI With fall settling in, you start thinking about your favorite flavors. We're loving Chai and it's for more then just tea - here are our favorites from Laure of Buttercream Chantilly, Elanne Boake of Sweet Boake, and Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts. 2016.Sep

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Photo on left, courtesy of; on the right, courtesy of Buttercream Chantilly 2016.Sep

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Chai Spice Mix :

Yields 36 Squares

1 tbsp Ground Cinnamon 2 tsp Ground Ginger 1 tsp ground cardamom 1 tsp cloves 1 tsp allspice 1 tsp vanilla powder (or one vanilla pod gratted)

Ingredients: Chai tea syrup / concentrate: 1 Liter / 4 cups water 3 sticks cinnamon 10 cardamom pods, crushed 10 whole cloves 1/2 teaspoon of whole black peppercorns 1 inch section of fresh ginger, thinly sliced 1 vanilla bean, split in half 10 tsp black tea or 10 bags 240g / /1 cup packed brown sugar 2 tbsp maple syrup Directions: Put all of the spices in one large tea filter bag and tie it shut with kitchen twine. The same can be done with the tea in another filter. If you use teabags don’t forget to take the labels off. You can use a cheesecloth square section as well, or you can just add your spices to the water and strain them out later. Bring the water to a boil in a large pot. Add tea and spices. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20/25 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat. If you are using tea filter bags or cheesecloth and tea bags, just take them off the water. (If not strain concentrate and pour it back into the pot.) Add brown sugar and maple syrup. Stir well to dissolve and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer.

Steps : Mix all the spices in a small jar. Store in the fridge. Ingredients : 396g / 14 oz / 1 can condensed milk 56 g / 2 oz / 1/4 cup butter, cubed 1 pinch salt 425g / 15 oz / 2 1/2 cups white chocolate chips 3 tsp Chai spices 2 Tbsp Chai Tea Syrup Directions : Line an 8Ă—8 inch (20cmx20cm) pan with parchment paper (leaving a 2-inch /5 cm overhang on two sides). In a large microwave safe bowl combine condensed milk , butter and salt. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. It will be very bubbly. Add the white chocolates chips. Stir well until all the chocolate is melted and the mixture is really smooth. Add the Chai spices and Chai tea syrup. Mix one more time and freeze until completely set.

Continue simmering,uncovered, until the liquid reduces to a syrup, approximately 1 cup.

Lift bars from pan and cut into 36 squares.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes then pour the syrup into a sterilised bottle/jar.


Store in the fridge.


Photo courtesy of Sweet Boake


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Photo courtesy of Sarah Hearts

1/2 cup butter 3/4 cup icing sugar 1/2 cup ground almonds 1/4 cup corn starch 2 tbsp ground chai tea 1/2 tsp vanilla 2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1 pinch cayenne pepper

cream and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into a running ice cream maker and run it according to the manufacture’s directions. I recommend tasting the mixture before pouring it into the ice cream machine. Since the Trader Joe’s chai mix already has sugar in it, I chose not to add any, but you may want to add 2 tablespoons of sugar to make it a bit sweeter.

Beat the butter until fluffy.

If you’re using the Cuisinart one, like mine, I recommend running it for 20-25 minutes. Any longer and the ice cream will overflow. Once it’s churned, spread the ice cream in an air tight ice cream container (this one is my favorite because you get perfectly round scoops) and put it in the freezer overnight. Then it’s ready to be enjoyed tomorrow!

Add the icing sugar, beat until incorporated. Add one ingredient at a time, add the ground almonds, corn starch and ground chai. After each addition, scrape down the sides and mix thoroughly. Lastly, add the spices and vanilla and mix. Transfer into a small pastry bag fitted with a round tip and pipe a dollop onto half of the macaron shells. Sandwich two of the shells together and slightly squeeze. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

NO COOK CHAI ICE CREAM SERVES 2 Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole milk 6 scoops Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix half and half (about 1/2 cup) 3 cups heavy cream 1 1/2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract Heat up the ½ cup whole milk in a microwave proof measuring cup (the flex-it ones are my favorite for liquids) until is warm and just before boiling. Add 6 scoops of the chai mix and stir until the mix completely dissolves. Top it off with half and half until there are 1 ½ cups of liquid. Place the mixture in the fridge for about 30 minutes so it can cool. Whisk together the chai mixture, heavy


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For our next Trailblazers series, we caught up with good friend and colleague Frank Radice to see what he's up to since his move to England and get some inspiration with work-life balance and music. Frank is a veteran media industry executive, director, producer, writer, and musician. He is the owner of Vida FR Company in the US and BadCatCo in the UK. and is currently the Expert in Residence at the global ad agency, Definition 6, the Global Expert in Residence for Man Made Music, a consultant for El Rey Network, and the Chairman of the PromaxUK 2016 Conference and Awards. Radice is the former President and CMO of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (where he brought recognition to the creative field of on-air promotion with its first national Emmy award category). He is a former Executive Vice President of the NBC Agency, a member of the NBC Universal Marketing Council, Executive Producer at CNN, Director at Entertainment Tonight, and a consultant to Univision Communications, The Univision Agency, and Univision Deportes. As a journalist, he received two DuPont Columbia University Journalism Awards and two national Emmy Awards for his work on ABC News, "Nightline." As a marketing executive he received the TV Week Magazine/PromaxBDA “Campaign of Distinction Award," was inducted into the “PromaxBDA Hall of Fame," and named a “Brand Builder of the Year” by Multichannel News and Broadcasting and Cable Magazine. As a songwriter he has received 2 national Emmy nominations, 2 Cine Golden Eagle Awards, and the Mobius Award. His career includes executive positions at NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN. He has extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and is a published author by Random House Childrens Books. Radice can be seen regularly as a contributor to TechCrunch TV's "Gillmor Gang." ATHLEISURE MAG: So how have you been, how has it been living abroad. FRANK RADICE: Things are great. I have been here in London for a year and never have been 2016.Sep

busier. At my age, I want to stay in as good shape as I can. I don't feel like I'm near retirement. I am actually putting together a big conference as Chairman of Promax for next month. I am working closely with Marc Ortmans, Vice Chair, and my team for the event in the former London Olympics 2012 arena, It's exciting. AM: We've been keeping up with your latest pics and weekly YouTube music videos. How do you stay in shape and keep things balanced? FR: I do boxing, swim, cardio, and weights, and lost about 35 pounds. I belong to David Lloyd Fitness Center and train with New Zealand master trainer Karl Anderson. He's fantastic, he's a former rugby player and boxer, really trained in things like Osteopathy. He pushes very hard. Every morning, I do emails early on as I have many people that I message in the US.I take the tube to the gym, have some coffee in the lounge, do some emails, from 830a to 10a in the gym. After, I may take a swim, have a steam. It's the balance between work and lifestyle, I found it or I'm very close to finding it. Funny story, when I started getting into boxing as a form of fitness, I was going to the UWS Equinox in Manhattan, had a trainer named Mike Carlsen (plays Mikey, the construction worker in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). He's now becoming a superstar, I stay in touch with him. I've seen him take over as one of the stars of the show and it's great to see him succeed. AM: Why are some of your secrets to having a healthy and happy life? FR: Music has always been a part of my life, whether performing professionally or on my social pages, where I try to do one video a week. Like working out, and dieting and music, it's all about a certain kind of discipline. You only get good at playing an instrument by playing it over and over and over again - that's called practice. Same for getting in shape, that's working out and you can only get healthy, that's by eating the right kinds of foods with diet. So, it's got a lot to do with making a decision that you are going to do this, go down a road and stick with it. That's the same thing wth my sobriety. Same - 68 -

working out, playing guitar, and diet, I don't want to fall in bad habits and avoid those kinds of things with all my heart and soul. All of these things are very much the same thing. AM: Do you have a specific routine with diet and sleep? FR: First of all, my passion foods I don't eat. I have a tremendous sweet tooth, but I know the dangers of sugar. I try not to eat anything that is white. No white rice, no white bread. White things to me signify bad as too much carbohydrates, too much sugar. A day doesn't go by where I don't eat an apple or an orange. A meal doesn't go by where I don't have something green on the plate. I have one passion that I try to get to at least once a month .. that's a nice big steak. Now I am not a meat-eater as much as I used to be. So all of my passion hass been transferred to fish and chicken, I used to be a 2016.Sep

tuna and swordfish guy, and now I am going to those that are also less mercury content and less meaty and more flaky. I probably drink too much coffee, but that helps me stay energized. I drink a lot of water and sparkling water and stay away from sugar sodas at all costs. Also I am adding spice to foods with pepper and cardamum, staying away from salt. Used to go to sleep late and feel groggy, now I go to sleep earlier and wake up refreshed. Normal sleep patterns are a really important thing. I get six good hours, that's critical. So all of this stuff is part of the work-life-mind-body experience that I try to live by. AM: We'd love to share your dynamic journey in journalism, music and entertainment. When did you start playing an instrument? Did you start with the guitar? - 70 -

FR: My mother was a singer in the big bands in the 40's and also a photographer at a Washington newspaper. Influence of music and visuals came from her. My brothers gravitated to play football and basketball, and I picked up the accordian. And it wasn't like the cool instruments, 'cause I was 12 years old and it was the 60s and Rock and Roll was coming into its own. I used it to learn the basics of music theory. I saw my friends playing the Hammond B3 when coming in for lessons, so I switched to the guitar. From 1966 on, I played the guitar. I was only 13 when I started playing professionally at the time of the Washington Riots. I had the ability to sightread at that time, and had a good ear. People like Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton played, and this guy named Phil Flowers brought me in while going into high school for three or four years. Phil Flowers and the Flower Shop and then formed a band called the Flames. AM: Ok, so when did it ramp up? Was there a big first moment when you began breaking in on the scene? FR: Then I eventually got in with Sideshow that played all the best clubs, and played with people like Ray Charles and the Righteous Brothers when they would come into town and wouldn't bring their full bands. So bands would be put together in their locak markets and we would

back them up, we just had to learn their songs. Music became very important to me, I went up to New York and started writing music and got a contract as a song-writer at 17 years old and I continued to play through college. In 1972, I got a job working as a film editor at the local NBC station, as my brother heard a job opening at his local bar and Watergate broke a couple weeks later with the Saturday Night Massacre, and ending up producing coverage as one of the few people working that day. When I got to ABC, they didn't like the idea of me playing Rock and Roll, I started to get a reputation as "Rock and Roll Radice", and I was a journalist. They did not like that. They said literally, look you can become an Associate Producer, but you have to quit playing music. So I had to quit and consequently went on to covering things all over the world, from wars in Middle East and Central America to the White House and Capitol Hill. So I let my music go, for years and years. Eventually, I got an opportunity to produce a show of my own, an entertainment news show at CNN (Show Biz Today) and they didn't care, and I had the opportunity to interview to all of these incredible guitar players, like Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Les Paul, and Freddie Mercury. It was just an unbelievable assortment of phenomenal talent to sort of reinvigorate my ideology and thinking and start playing

again. I had an opportunity to turn that to a director's role in the early days of Entertainment Tonight and stand up and jam with musical guests during pre-show warmups. I've had great teachers and experiences and played a lot of great music over the years. AM: That sounds fantastic, what happened next? FR: I moved into marketing and promotion at NBC, where being a musician was actually a plus. While there, I had the managed to co-write a theme show for The Today Show which was called America's First Family, with three great guys at music house Kingsize Music. And it became the theme for eight years, and all of the while I was writing a children's book (Sam Katz on the Loose) over a year and a half, which I co-wrote with my wife, Meridith Ahr helped edit, published by Random House and I was fortunate enough to have Dr Seuss' editor Kate Klimo and brilliant artist Charles Fazzino do the artwork and bought a house in France. For me, it is always a manner of being a part of team. I like to be the guy that leads the charge, but you can't lead a charge unless you have people behind and next to you to charge with. And that's always been a critically important part of how I live life.

FR: When I moved to England, I met a luthier guitar tech named Kevin, owns Stairway to Kevin, it's above one of the most famous music stores in London, called Regent Sounds on Denmark Street in London (Denmark street is London's "Tin Pan Alley"). And I met this guy and we started talking about what kind of guitar I'd want built, what would it have? What are the things I would like in a guitar? I can build that for you. I had sold 15 of my 18 guitars moving to London, they were hard for me to sell. I thought I should do this. I started stashing twenty pounds a day and went in with a hunk of money and went in. It's based on a Fender Telecaster, the first electric guitar I had ever bought. I always regretted selling that guitar, bought in 1966 and probably sold in '67. Really wanted a Stratocaster then. Since, had many. Had one stripped down, had Charles Fazzino paint it. This guitar now is everything I've wanted in a guitar, and more. I have not named it, I was never a guitar namer. I never called it him or her, I just grabbed it, picked it up and played it. I like it so much, I play it everyday.

There hasn't been a day that went by since I haven't played it. That is the same philosophy that I had back in the 60s and 70s - it's called dedication. You have to be dedicated to be healthy, eat right, play music, be sober, to succeed. Being happily married, with similar tastes is an importSo music followed me all along my career as a ant thing as well. promotion guy. When I retired from NBC, I didn't play much anymore. I did go make a record, we Oh, for my Youtube page, Frank Radice Guitar did a soundtrack for House MD, with Hugh Lau- Jams, where I post weekly. I use a cool little derie, and I brought in my good friend David Fos- vice, called a Focusrite iTrack pocket, plug guitar ter. He's probably one of the greatest producers and phone. Also use a drum machine, Beatboy alive, he's worked with Whitney Houston, Mi- size of deck of cards for sounds and hundreds chael Jackson, everybody you know. And I also of rhythms. All videos used making it. The combrought in bassist, Lester Holt. We did a CD, it mand center is the iphone, another thing iRig, was basically the music from House MD, and a plug guitar and many cool sounds. There really couple of tracks were covers we did from Hugh is nothing you can't do without an Iphone when Laurie's band, which was called Band from TV. A it comes to music. drummer from that band, Greg Grunberg (was in Heroes, Star Trek, Star Wars) and first bachelor AM: Rock on, Frank! Bob Guiney (1st Bachelor). This was something I also did for The Today Show. About four years Pictures courtesy of Frank Radice ago, I did a song with Univision for a morning show as well. AM: Do you have a favorite guitar now in your collection? Where did you get it? 2016.Sep

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Sometimes you want to go on an epic adventure like Apple or Pumpkin picking but you don't need to have a lot with you. Your cross body bag can handle all of the above items whether it's a day trip to the farm or you're heading to one of the many festivals that are calling your name! | LIME + VINE Mesh 2 Way Fanny/Crossbody with Rose Gold Hardware | SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless Earphones | HELLO Supermint Breathe Spray | L'OCCITANE Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream | SEPHORA Express Cleansing Wipes To Go | IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ |


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put an end to sex trafficking Athleisure Mag proudly supports SOLD in efforts to help stop children sex trafficking.

The story of one brave thirteen-year old Nepalese girl who dreams of buying a tin roof for her family home, only to be tricked and taken to a prison brothel in India where she is coerced into bonded sexual slavery. Despite conditions, her will is never broken. Gradually, she builds friendships and trust with others, creating a new family, while secretly planning her escape. Grounded in hope and the resilience of the human spirit, the film rouses feelings of outrage and inspires action. ATHLEISURE MAG: What led you to begin the project and mission? (tell us more about the book by Patricia McCormick) JEFFREY D. BROWN: My father is a pediatrician who worked in refugee camps most of his career helping children in dire circumstances in Haiti, Somalia, Biafra, Bengladesh, Vietnam, Sorevjo, and many other countries. I wanted to make a film that could drive a campaign to help real children. When I read SOLD in one sitting 10 years ago, I knew I had found the vehicle I was looking for. AM: Who else joined forces to get the film made? JDB: Jane Charles was the first call I made and she read the book and came on board immediately. Together we raised the funds to get the film made and distributed and now we are raising the funds to continue our campaign across the world. We made SOLD as a tool for change, and everyone can be part of it by bringing SOLD to your community, church group, college, high school or corporation. We created two versions of the film for this purpose - the full length version which has op-

ened in 9 film festivals, won 4 audience awards and two Jury Awards and a shorter 50 min version which is rated PG-13 for high schools and corporations. If you go to www.soldthemovie you can request a screening there. AM: Tell us about the film? How is it a call-toaction and what light does it shed about human spirit? JDB: The film, ike the book, is in a first person account. We put you in the shoes of one amazing girl who we follow as she is tricked and trafficked. By telling one girl's story - we tell the story of the 5.5 million children who are trafficked every year. Statistics go into your head - SOLD goes straight into your heart. When you learn first hand what is happening - you have to then do something about it. The Taught Not Trafficked campaign gives our audience a way to become part of the solution. Along with our many partner organizations we are re-building schools in Nepal destroyed in the earth quake. If you can keep a child in school until they are 16 years old, their chances of getting trafficked drop 80%. We are bringing vocational training and healing to children who were trafficked. And we are building safe houses to get the children of sex workers out of brothels before they are forced into the work their mothers do- so we are interrupting second generation trafficking. AM: What personal lessons and growth have you seen over the course of doing the film and project? JDB: Making this film and waging this campaign has personally made me much stronger. We have encontered all kinds of tests and challenges. It has affirmed my faith that nothing succeeds like patience and any time not spent on love is wasted. I have described this journey as a long and winding walk on red hot coals. You have two choices- keep going and trust or get off. Jane and I have kept going because in meeting thousands of girls who were trafficked - we now must make a difference in their lives. AM: What were the first steps to action (and what were difficult obstacles to get going)?

We went to India and made a trailer before we made the film. We did this incredibly inexpensively to give people a feel for what we were aiming to create. It still took 2 years to raise our funds. It also took 6 months to find the lead Niyar who is just amazing. We saw over 1000 girls before she was cast. AM: What went into the casting process and tell us about some of the amazing talent in the film? JDB: Tess Joseph in Mumbai was our casting agent and she found amazing talent for us. There are so many wonderful, well trained actors in India. Sushmita Mukerjee who plays the iron fisted brothel madam- auditioned for us- she is famous in India and had never auditioned for anything. She is an amazing TV star. She rented a long wig and just nailed the part in her audition. She is funny and scary and unpredicatable. The other amazing cast includes Gillian Anderson from X- Files and David Arquette from Scream- both were friends of mine. From India we have many award winning cast members: Tillotama Shome (Monsoon Wedding) Seema Biswas (Water, Midnight's Children) Ankur Vikal (Slumdog Millionaire) Parambrata Chatterjee (Kaahani). But the most incredible performance is from Niyar Saikia who plays the lead - Lakshmi. AM: How many schools have been rebuilt so far and what are short and longer term goals. Tell us more about the educational awareness and boarding facilities programs. JDB: So far, with Childreach International and the #TaughtNotTrafficked campaign we have re-built 90 classrooms. We will build another 200 in the Spring when SOLD goes out to 40 UK Universities. 32,000 classrooms were destroyed in the earth quakes, that is 5,000 schools leaving over a million children with no schools to attend. They are now 300% more likely to get trafficked then they were when they were attending school. We are also with Arto of Living's Care For Children Initiaitive, using SOLD to raise funds to build 10 boarding safe houses for children of sex workers. If we can get thousands of chil-

dren out of the brothels before they are forced into prostitution at age 13- things will change. We are bringing vocational training with Build A Nest and healing with iRest training from the iRest Institute. Initially we are bringing this to survivors at 5 NGO's and also to three businesses which employ survivors. With vocational training the girls who were trafficked can earn their own way. Sadly, most of them cannot go home because of the shame and stigma. Our long term goal is to prove this vocational training and healing work and spread it to the 50 other NGO's in India and to all NGO's with survivors in Nepal as well. AM: Where can we see the film and what is the present campaign? JDB: If you go to, there are buttons to click there with links to bringing the film to your community or school. If you go to our website and click on Take Action - there is a host of things you can do to become part of the solution including shopping from survivor made products like clothing and jewelry. All of what you purchase supports survivors and 15% of sales that go through our website support the TaughtNotTrafficked campaign. It will take hundreds of people working together to make change. Together we can do it. AM: How can people help? JDB: Arrange to see SOLD in your church, school, rotary club, club or corporation and support the #TaughtNotTrafficked campaign. Bring others to this issue by showing SOLD. After the screening unite the audience together with a pledge to make change. Funds are needed for local and international non-profits who are dedicated to making a difference. Our supporters started in Seattle and have made huge changes there. We have a downloadable PDF called Circles of Changewhich shows how to start an organization like that which simply raises funds each year for existing organizations in Seattle to help them scale up.


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THE PARTY'S OVER? By Ron Mwangaguhunga Looking backwards, historians of the future may regard this as the moment in modern American history in which the present two-party duopoly, at its weakest, implodes. And not with a bang, but a whimper. There are, at press time, legitimate questions as to whether or not the Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate, Bill Weld, will get on the second debate stage. Ross Perot’s odd outlier candidacy in the 90s notwithstanding, this would be a momentous American political event, to have on the vice-presidential debate stage shared by three, not two, candidates. Further, former 2016.Sep

- 90 -

Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld is a formidable debater, able, arguably, to hold his own against former governors Kaine and Pence. Not that I am suggesting here that the Libertarians could win the Presidency – far from it – but they might just draw so many millennial and economic conservative votes away from the major parties that such exposure could hasten the demise of the two-party system. But wait -- there’s more. 60 Minutes, which has been the highest-rated Sunday evening non-sports show for decades -- an American institution -- interviewed the Libertarian ticket of Weld and his partner at the top

of the ticket, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Has the long-running Sunday news magazine ever done such a thing before? And, if not, why now?

had the name recognition, and Bernie obviously needed the debates more than Clinton. So why were so many debates held on Saturday and Sunday nights, evening where most millennial – most voters, even – would be out?

It is a crazy political season, to be sure. The two parties are at the weakest that they have been since … when? The Republican Party has finally had its public, humiliating crack-up. The conservative core that has for the last half-decade held the various constituencies together has been overtaken by the populist-nativist right-wing. I have always, quite frankly, been of the opinion that modern conservatism is more an entity of mood than of philosophy, more Archie Bunker than Friedrich Hayek.

And then there was Wikileaks. The release of more than 20,000 leaked Democratic National Committee emails proved what every alert political observer of the scene already knew: the DNC loathed Bernie and favored Hillary. Whether or not the DNC actually rigged the primary is inconclusive from the emails, but the release caused enough of a hubbub that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign (and, we cannot fail to note, was picked up as an official campaign surrogate in late July by Team Hillary). It remains to be seen whether the Bernie progressives will return to the Democrat Party in large numbers.

The heart of the Republican Party has split from its mind, its organizing principle. William F. Buckley, Jr, the late godfather of modern conservatism, cobbled together a winning coalition of laissez-faire economic theorists, anti-abortionists, military hawks, anti-hippies and, of course, the steak-and-potatoes eating anti-Communists. Tonally, Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign commercial, his Summa, was not so much political philosophy as a reproduced Norman Rockwell canvas. The prevailing mood of post-war American conservatism was always above all one of nostalgia, of the profound desire to return the United States to an improbable Garden of Eden state best characterized by black-andwhite 1950s TV shows. Think of the message: an appeal to how things used to be pre-counter-culture. Think of the messengers: Pat Buchanan, Bill Buckley, corporate CEOS and a lot of old Establishment white guys in grey flannel suits. The Democrats are in better shape, but not by much. Hillary Clinton is by far infinitely better prepared to assume the role of President than Trump. Still, the stink of Establishmentarianism, inevitability, privilege and entitlement clings to her campaign. Vermont true-believer Bernie Sanders mounted a surprisingly robust challenge, lighting a fire under the asses of millennial voters. But there was always something a bit … off about the debate schedule. Hillary 2016.Sep

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows Libertarian Gary Johnson over performing with voters under 30, a bad sign for Hillary Clinton, who should own that demographic. Then again, the young want change. And perhaps change, in the near future, means more than just a political duopoly.

Ron Mwangaguhunga is a Brooklyn based writer focused on media, culture and politics. His work has appeared in Huffington Post, IFC and Tribeca Film Festival, Kenneth Cole AWEARNESS, NY Magazine, Paper Magazine, CBS, and National Review online to name a few. He is currently the editor of the Corsair.

- 91 -


Bingely Books DELIVERING DEATH Julie Kramer

Simon & Schuster TV reporter Riley Spartz is a star investigative journalist for Channel 3. But when she receives a package of human teeth in the mail at work, she’s quickly embroiled in a homicide investigation that spirals into one of the odder cases the Minneapolis police force has ever seen. Though the cops try to keep certain grisly details quiet, this murder has a strange twist—it seems that the killer wants the crime publicized. Is it a revenge killing, or something more? Riley’s investigation takes her inside a lucrative identity theft ring that links low-life crooks to white-collar opportunists. While Riley pushes to keep the homicide in the news, her boss is convinced that coverage of the Mall of America’s unique version of a royal wedding is key to the station’s winning ratings. An irresistible suspense novel that will keep you turning pages until the stunning conclusion, Delivering Death brings the humor, intrigue, and twists and turns that Kramer’s fans love.


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Penguin Random House Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect.

something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?

And then she sees

THE KEPT WOMAN Karin Slaughter Simon & Schuster With the discovery of a murder at an abandoned construction site, Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is brought in on a case that becomes much more dangerous when the dead man is identified as an ex-cop. Studying the body, Sara Linton—the GBI’s newest medical examiner and Will’s lover—realizes that the ex2016.Sep

tensive blood loss didn't belong to the corpse. Will is compromised, as the site belongs to the city’s most popular citizen: a wealthy, powerful, and politically connected athlete protected by the world’s most expensive lawyers—a man who’s already gotten away with rape, despite Will’s exhaustive efforts to put him away. - 93 -


Bingely Streaming I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD Netflix I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, directed by Justin Krook, is a heart-pumping yet heart-wrenching Netflix documentary about one of the most eminent DJs working today: Steve Aoki. In the lead-up to Aoki's biggest show of his career, this introspective doc examines the driving force behind his passion: Rocky Aoki, daredevil showman, Benihana founder, and Steve's looming father figure. From producers Matthew Weaver (Rock of Ages), Matt Colon, Happy Weaver and David Gelb (Chef's Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi).


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TRANSPARENT Amazon Prime The Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning series, Transparent, is back for its 3rd season on Amazon Prime. As always, it's always a good time to binge what you haven't seen or to watch it again for your favorite parts. As a recap, Season 3 (which debuts in late Septembher will focus on what’s next when you have already taken the big leap! In previous seasons, Maura Pfefferman was on an epic journey when she came out to her family in Season 1. Her story continues when she fell in love during Season 2! Despite the moves she has made, she continues to wonder why she’s still unhappy despite having “everything - it's time to tune in.

THE MINDY PROJECT Hulu The Mindy Project will be kicking off a new season next month, but that doesn't mean that you can't binge to catch up on previous seasons - or get hooked this month! Check out what you've missed on Hulu to get the scoop on Mindy Lahiri who is a successful doctor who showcases her vulnerabilities when she is not in her office! She shares how she attempts to balance her life in a well-rounded way, which reminds us how we should be within our own lives but it's always a good laugh to see how she deals with her day to day.


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FOR THE PILATES STUDIO #ATHSPO The fall is all about switching it up and when you're heading to your next pilates class, we have a few ways to add a little oomph into your look as well as to recover from your sessions. We're all about rocking a one piece which you can pop a jacket over once you're done and heading out to cocktails with friends.

| NO KA'OI Multi Colour Block Kimo One Piece | MAJI SPORTS Yoga/Pilates/Massage Bolster | TOESOX Knee High Leg Warmers | MARA HOFFMAN Weekender Duffle |

Exhale Pilates in Burlington, Ontario in Canada


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The UK 23-year old hybrid DJ, Harrison, is truly a man who can do it all as he can play a DJ set, produce the tracks, write his own songs and perform them all during his live sets! His energy is boundless, which is felt within his shows (and we felt it when we interviewed him at his studio via Skype). Harrison has collaborated with a who's who of an array of DJs which has included David Guetta (and his breakthrough track, 'Ain't A Party' in 2013), Steve Aoki, Dannic, Vinai, Laidback Luke, and Hardwell (which he notes is one of his favorite people to work with). As someone who has exploded into the EDM and progressive house charts, he has performed alongside these greats at a dizzying pace, produced tracks and is now focused on doing his solo projects to further his musical fingerprint. By working with so many notables, he was able to garner visibility to a wide fan base that allowed him to excel quickly in notability. Without a doubt, it is his uniqueness that skyrocketed his success and keeps him as a coveted DJ. This past summer has been a whirlwind of activities that included video releases (such as 'LA Girls') and playing a number of stages in Europe and Asia. With all of his collaborations and travels, he honors the process of being able to step back to ensure that his work receives the time needed to continue to engage his fans. His mastery of various genres of music keeps them guessing on what to expect next while also enjoying what is becoming the Harrison sound. When chatting with him about his influences he had an array of artists that included Sting, Phil Collins, Eminem and more. In addition, when we noted that our Style Director had worked with Nile Rodgers, his face lit up in appreciation of the iconic music producer and guitarist. His respect for the industry and its musical nuances is clear when speaking with him. You get the sense that what you see is what you get when you're talking with Harrison. When asked about his personal style vs. his DJ style, he noted that, "at the end of the day, I like to wear dope shit and it's the same whether I'm on stage or just hanging out." He was so excited that he had to share a recent jacket that he purchased which included zipper detailing and straps. We wanted to know if he had a workout routine that we may need to know about and he laughed as his attention to his brand and craft is so attuned that when he's not on stage, he's in the studio and it's essential that he gives of himself in this way to produce the best music possible.


- 103 -


- 104 -

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we can't wait to see additional music that he is working on between collabs as well as his own and we'll keep an eye out for where we can see him next. We'll keep our fingers crossed that one of those tour dates will find its way to the states and right here in NYC of course! Pictures courtesy of Harrison



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We caught-up with beloved claymation artist @AZXD to chat about his sports claymation video shorts; how he got involved and perfects his craft; and learn about what some of his favorite claymation shorts. AM: Great to chat with you, love your work! What's your background, how did you get into this? AZXD: I've had no training in the arts. Coming from a small town in Mississippi, I've had plenty of room to imagine. Drawing Nike signs and jumping Michael Jordans in middle school while taking notes is I guess where I started with doodling. One day I linked two video cameras and made silly stuff for some friends. It was fun and I got a reaction. I got a computer in High School and began using that. I went to the NY Film School in LA for a three month program and learned a lot from classes, directors and colleagues. Between LA and back home in Mississippi, I did a lot of post-production editing work for years. Early on, I was involved in a documentary focused on an orphanage in Haiti. The trip was scheduled and the big earthquake happened about a week before. The team still went and it was difficult work, but I wound up shooting a lot of video to capture what was going on. I had to disconnect emotionally, but got it done. I was planning to move back to LA, but met my wife in DC, who is also an artist, and we wound up together, living in Mississippi. AM: Was there a time period or particular event where you kicked things into high gear? While freelancing I did a few stop-motion projects. My brother Arrmon gave me a Christmas present called a 100 Day Challenge - the mission was to do 10 projects in 100 days. I was hesitant and didn't predict that I could do it, but I chose to do claymation as my topic. Of course, I picked Klay Thompson as my first subject due to the irony of the name. I did the first one, and saw a bit of magic. I kept doing it and it was soon picked up by Deadspin. I wound up doing 24 and crushed the challenge. I knew I was onto something! It is a crazy balance of quality and quantity, it

is wild to keep doing it day in and out as fast to keep up with events as long as I can consistently over and over again. Now looking back, I can see the progression of my sculpting. I got a lot of great feedback and notoriety for my Beastmode piece. I can see great work product and spirit in it, but now I know I have even more ability and attention with details and nuances that I can bring. I am proud of that work and love how I got better as a more seasoned artist. AM: When did you know you were going super next-level? Was there a moment in time where it hit you? AZXD: One time I was standing in a doorway in my home. I was working all day and through the night. And it was not like I blacked-out, but I kept working, and time was going by and the sun was coming out. I looked down, and there was Russell Westbrook's clay head in my hand, I guess I had been working on it for something like five hours. It was a great face, and I learned so much about my craft. I started sculpting things better since then. I leveled-up at the defining moment. AM: Your topics are so creative, how do you come up with them? AZXD: Some events are more obvious. If it is of interest and can be anticipated, I can make things in advance. I judge time in how many sittings that have to be done. Other times I have to move very quickly, making things from scratch. AM: What is your process in making your sports claymation shorts? Take us through it. AZXD: I start coming up with ideas, pull clips, brainstorm and see if there is some interest, start building it, maybe look to Twitter and social media to see what some people are saying. I'll do a skit with some of the characters or use myself as a stand-in in the mirror. It's a lot about setting up for the performance to get in the zone and bringing the characters to life, whether it is going towards the pop culture buzz or doing something more unexpected. A lot is about getting the timing


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down, there is a need to keep playing with it to make it work. I can re-use about 80% of the clay characters. After animating them for long periods, they can start breaking down with wear and tear and motion back and forth. Detailed new sets and backgrounds can take a really long time. Some are more minimal and I can re-use some in my arsenal when made. Overall, the performance is exciting to do and I can't wait to see how the end-product looks. The most tedious part is going frame-by-frame in editing to remove the wiring. A lot of the excitement has dropped until that gets done. AM: Which ones have done particularly well? Which are your favorites? AZXD: I am a sports fan. It's great to see the athletes, teams and fans all get enjoyment out of it. Some of my favorite ones are not necessarily the most popular or supported by the most popped analytics. I'd say Tim Duncan (he is probably my spirit animal and we share the same birthday) and Mr. Miagi, I think I have him nailed down well. The MMA fans really resonate with my work. Basketball fans do really well, that was the sport that served as the initial inspiration to get my sports claymation started. Instagram has made everything really blown up to great heights. A lot of featured athletes and teams have shared my work, including The Rock (who doesn't love The Rock, right?!), Beastmode, Ronda Rousey, ESPN, Orlando Magic, NBA, St Louis Rams to name a few. You can follow AZXD's work on Instagram at @AZXD and also at Pictures courtesy of @AZXD

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Athleisure Mag Sep 2016  

This month we are officially transitioning from the long summer days to the toggling temperatures of warm winds and crisp air that ends in l...

Athleisure Mag Sep 2016  

This month we are officially transitioning from the long summer days to the toggling temperatures of warm winds and crisp air that ends in l...