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Oct 2017

Jaymee Sire

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The fall is an interesting time of year as you can still rock summer looks with a few layers to transition. You have some crisp days and a few toasty ones and the idea of still being able to go out without having to fight the elements is still easy enough! In addition, this time of year makes you think of your favorite gameday, comfort food, grabbing a few beers and waiting for the holiday season. This month's celebrity cover is full of great fall trends you'll want to add to your closet (plaid, sweatshirts, layers and how to transition summer into fall). Food Network's Jaymee Sire, will be the floor reporter for Iron Chef Showdown whose season debuts next month on Nov 8th! We wanted to catch up with her on how she got into broadcasting, her love of food and what she enjoys eating and cooking! ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us your background and how you got into broadcasting and the various stations/networks that you have been on? JAYMEE SIRE: I decided pretty early on that I wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting, so I actually started running studio cameras at my local station in Great Falls, MT (my hometown) in high school. After studying broadcasting at Washington State University, I worked for a year in Great Falls before making the jump to San Diego, CA working as a sports reporter at the CBS affiliate there (KFMB). After 4.5 years, I moved to Northern California to work at a regional sports network, CSN Bay Area where I had the opportunity to cover two World Series by the SF Giants. Soon, ESPN came calling so I moved cross country to Connecticut, where I worked on various shows, including helping to launch SportsCenter:AM, the morning installment of the flagship program. In April of this year, I was unfortunately part of a mass layoff of over 100 on air talent. However, I'm a firm believer that everything hap-

pens for a reason, and it allowed me to pursue another passion of mine: food and travel TV! Starting November 8, I will be the floor reporter on Iron Chef Showdown on Food Network. AM: Have you always had an interest in food and how is preparing your work in this vertical different than sports? JS: Back in middle school, my mom made it a requirement for my sister and I to cook dinner for the family once a week. It really sparked my interest in cooking, especially when I realized I could really make anything I wanted as long as I had all the ingredients and followed the instructions of a recipe. That interest intensified living in California for 10 years, where there is no shortage of amazing produce and inspiration. While living in SF, I started my blog, E is for Eat, documenting my adventures in the kitchen, restaurants and even traveling around the world. Working in the food space is a dream come true for me, and while it's much different than sports, in some respects, it's also very similar in others. My role on ICS reminds me a lot of doing sidelines for a football game. I'm responsible for doing my research, knowing the storylines, quickly getting in and out for an interview, reporting my findings to Alton (Brown), and keeping an eye out for action happening on the floor. Additionally, the chefs are extremely competitive, we have a "home team" (the Iron Chef), and Alton calls the action much like a play by play commentator. It's actually the perfect transition for me from sports to food! AM: We're excited about Iron Chef Showdown which premieres next month. Tell us about this show and what to expect? JS: For die-hard fans of the Iron Chef America, you will be happy to know there are a lot of familiarities. The original Kitchen Stadium set has returned from storage, with some updates. Al-

ton is still the host and The Chairman is back with his crazy antics. But there are some fun new twists as well. For starters, we have a new Iron Chef, Stephanie Izard, thanks to this spring's Iron Chef Gauntlet competition. Also, there is now a Round 1, where two challenger chefs compete for the opportunity to face one of the Iron Chefs in the second round. And of course, there is a brand new floor reporter. :) I think fans will really enjoy the high intensity competition they loved from the original series, with some exciting, faster-paced elements. AM: As fans of the Iron Chef series, what are some of the inside details that you can tell us - do they really cook in just an hour and is it as intense as it seems? JS: This is a common question, and a valid one with everything we know of "reality" TV these days. But, they really do cook in just an hour! There's a lot of setup involved, with camera angles, shots, the revealing of the secret ingredient that takes longer to shoot, but the chefs are not allowed to start cooking until the 60 minutes starts. And once the clock starts counting down, it doesn't stop until it reads zero. It's one of the things I love about working on the show. Even though it's a taped show, during that hour, it feels like live TV, which is what I've done for 15 years. There are some practices in place to make it possible for the judges to taste their food while it's hot, but everything must be finished in the hour, even if it must be reheated and re-plated right before tasting. And yes, the competition is FIERCE! The chefs take this very seriously. It's the OG in food competition shows, and the reputations and bragging rights on the line far exceed any other cooking competition. This is their Super Bowl! AM: What other projects are you working on that you can share with us that we should keep an eye out for?

JS: Nothing is imminent, but I'm really hoping to further my transition into this space by developing some other food and travel shows of my own. We have some ideas we are working on, hopefully I can share more soon! AM: As someone who loves food, what are 3 of your favorite things to eat during this season? JS: Ooooooh! So hard to narrow down to just three, but I will try. I really do love eating with the seasons, and there are so many amazing ingredients and flavors we associate with fall. I love butternut squash, I think it's a far more superior and versatile option to pumpkin, which is kind of overplayed this time of year. Butternut squash is great in soups, salads, pureĂŠs, as a substitute for noodles in lasagna, or simply roasted as a side dish. I know they're cliche these days, but I love me some Brussels sprouts too. One of my go-to side dishes in the fall is roasted Brussels sprouts with red onion, garlic, apples, pears, fresh herbs and of course... BACON. Haha. I also really love pork this time of year. I just made pulled pork yesterday for a bunch of friends, which is an easy way to feed a crowd. But I also love to use it in ragus, or even just a big Berkshire pork chop served with a side of fall vegetables. AM: What is a Jaymee Sire Thanksgiving like? JS: Thanksgiving is such a nostalgic time for me. As much as I love experimenting with new dishes and flavors most of the year, Thanksgiving is a time for childhood favorites... with a Jaymee twist.. One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes is Green Bean Casserole (not what you were expecting me to say, right?) But since I started the blog, I've developed a way to make it with all homemade ingredients from the condensed cream of mushroom soup to the fried onions on top. It conjures up those memories, but omits the canned

or processed products. I also do a Sweet Potato Casserole that my mom requests every year. I use Grand Marnier and top it with candied pecans instead of marshmallows. Some of my other Thanksgiving table favorites include: Brie Mashed Potatoes (either that or Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes), Sourdough Stuffing, and Grand Marnier Cranberries. I was also lucky to snag a fresh Stone Barns turkey this year. They went on sale at exactly 10:00am on October 25th, and one of my friends told me she missed out when trying to reserve at 10:04. (I clicked at 10:00 exactly, because I'm a huge nerd and really wanted one,)

I really do love eating with the seasons, and there are so many amazing ingredients and flavors we associate with fall.

AM: Do you have a signature dish that you enjoy cooking?

JS: Traveling! Almost as much as I'm obsessed with food, I'm addicted to traveling. I studied abroad in Barcelona my senior year in college, and have had the travel bug ever since. I love experiencing other cultures, trying new foods, and seeing the world. Just in the last couple years, I've visited South Africa, Thailand, Peru, France (twice) and Tulum... just to name a few. I'd really like to get to Cuba before it gets modernized, so that's probably next on my list. I love documenting my travels on the blog, and even have a separate tab for it on E is for Eat.

JS: I would say Ragu is my signature. That's a very broad dish to name, but I like to make new ones all the time, and experiment with different pasta shapes to serve with it. One of my all-time faves was a Wild Boar Ragu (can substitute pork shoulder if you can't get wild boar), and it actually placed second at a pasta sauce competition in San Francisco! (number 1 in my heart.) I've done a similar one with Oxtail on the blog as well, but recently I did a more traditional one with ground veal, ground beef, and hot Italian sausage and some homemade veal stock I had in the freezer. My boyfriend says it's the best thing I've ever made for him, so I should probably get that one up on the blog at some point! AM: What's on your playlist whether it's to work out or simply when you're out and about? JS: People who know me well know that I'm sort of obsessed with a station on Pandora called "Hip Hop BBQ." It's seriously life changing, haha. It's basically a bunch of old school rap and hip hop from the late 90's/early 2000's and it's always the perfect station for any party, cooking dinner, working out, etc. In fact, I'm listening to it right now!

AM: When you're not working or trying the next meal, what can we find you doing?

AM: Are there any charities/philanthropies/mentorships that you are involved in? JS: I recently traveled back to my alma mater to attend homecoming with some girlfriends, and I decided to fly in a day early to spend the day speaking with broadcasting classes. I remember how cool it was to receive advice and guidance from others in the business, so I always do what I can to pay that forward and help young up and comers in broadcasting. Hoping to do much more in the future! Our cover shoot with Food Network's Jaymee Sire, took place in Battery Park at Treadwell Park Downtown (whose

sister location is on the UES) and is led by Beverage Curator and Certified CiceroneÂŽ Anne Becerra. The best way to enjoy the fall season with great style is to enjoy 20 continually rotating draught beers and ciders, cask beers and hand-crafted artisanal cocktails made from independent spirits.

local, national, and international beers that cover a wide range of styles. While we change the individual beers after each keg, our style guidelines stay fairly consistent so regardless if you're looking for a Belgian Tripel, American IPA or Imperial Stout- we'll always have you covered.

These beverages are paired with a curated menu from Chef John Villa that include in-house smoked beef brisket sandwiches, smoked crispy wings, and wagyu kobe style burgers. For those with a sweet tooth, they offer a selection of seasonal "Beer Floats" featuring unique beer and ice cream flavor combinations.

AM: Are there any beers that are limited in nature that are offered here that may not be found in any or many bars in the city?

We had a great time shooting here and sampling from the fare and we chatted with our girl Anne about more details on this location. ATHLEISURE MAG: One of the things that struck us about TPD is that people can select and have their beer canned! Can you tell us about the machine as well as a bit about the process? ANNE BECERRA: We love the fact that we're able to consistently rotate our draught beer selection so there's always something new and exciting. And because of this, it's happened so many times- people fall in love with a beer they're drinking and then find out it's only available on tap, or they may not be able to get it in can or bottle. Our crowler machine allows us to fill a 32oz can with any of our draught beers, reseal it and take it to go. Because it's sealed it gives the beer a longer shelf life than if we used the standard growler which is typically a screw top glass bottle. AM: How do you go about selecting the beers that are offered on tap? AB: It's very important for us to maintain a balanced menu. Our goal is on any given day to offer a mix of hyper

AB: Absolutely. We always get really excited when a brewery we love has a new seasonal, one-off, or small batch offering. We have longstanding relationships with brewers, importers and distributors who help keep an eye out for new and interesting beers we can put on our menu. However, what's more important than being "rare," is being good. Who cares if there are only 2 kegs in the country if no one likes the beer? So we try to hit that perfect combination of exciting, delicious, and of course- worth the money. AM: There are a number of options from the menu - does this change seasonally and what kinds of food can you expect here? Chef John Villa: We adjust the menu slightly seasonally. But we have standards and classics that stay on the menu all the time that people come for like the giant pretzel. AM: We loved the private room which seems perfect to watch a game with a few of your friends, can you tell us more about that? AB: Our restaurants are lively, fun places to have some beers, play (or watch) some games, and enjoy yourself. We have several TV's, good music and an upbeat atmosphere. But because there's so much going on, we generally don't play the sound for the games so this backroom is where we can. It's

a cozy place with a projector, awesome speakers and comfortable couches that you can watch your favorite games with the sound on and kick back and relax. It's typically first come, first serve but it is available to rent out for private parties,or as an intimate place to watch sports, movies, etc. AM: You guys have a number of pinball machines, foosball table and even board games - what is the typical girl/ guy that comes here? AB: One of the best parts of being in the neighborhoods we're in (East 60's and Battery Park) is that there really isn't a typical girl/guy that comes here. It's really the kind of place that everyone feels welcome and on any given day you'll find neighborhood folks, mixed with after work crowds, tourists, families, you name it. I think beer and games have always been great equalizers and hopefully when anyone walks in they feel comfortable and at home. AM: Now that it's fall, what special events or activities will be offered at TPD and can you tell us about what you are doing for the holiday season? AB: Well because the space is pretty sprawling, it's a great choice for holiday parties, office gatherings, you name it. We also see a lot of people coming to Treadwell Park for holiday shopping for the beer lover in their life. In addition to our crowlers, all our bottles and cans are available to go and we're more than happy to help put together gift baskets or give recommendations. We're also celebrating our 2 year anniversary of our uptown location November 30th so we'll be throwing a blowout party for that - I'm super excited! AM: We know that there are two Treadwell Parks (the other being on the UES), are there plans to open another location in the city?

AB: The goal of Treadwell Park is to get great beer to as many people as we can in a laid-back, non intimidating atmosphere. The fact that everyone has been so welcoming and into what we're doing is fantastic. Although there are no immediate plans, if opportunities arise in neighborhoods and communities that share our passion for beer, food and everything in between, I can't see why we wouldn't want to continue to grow.

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h t i w p e t S In

a e Br

t S

n o in s

We're about putting our best foot forward no matter what we're doing or going to. So when we had the chance to talk with Celebrity Celebrity Costume Designer, Brea Stinson whose work has been on Beyonce, TLC, Rita Ora, Willow Smith, Justin Beiber, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes and more. In addition to having a great eye, she has recently partnered with The The Tampax and Always Radiant Collection and the HBCU Dance Corporation during Homecoming season to host the #RadiantDanceOff, a national online dance competition that officially launched earlier this month, and is exclusively open to majorette teams at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The winning HBCU dance team will receive custom uniforms designed by Brea as well as a donation of $25,000 to cover team expenses. We took some time to find out about how she got into the business, the importance of confidence for women in the entertainment business and why she has partnered with Tampax and Always Radiant Collection during Homecoming season at HBCUs. ATHLEISURE MAG: How did you get into designing and tell us who some of your celeb clients have been as well as what is the memory of the first piece that you created for a celebrity? BREA STINSON: I've been designing as long as I can remember. From drawing cartoon characters and bubble letters on jeans in the 6th grade for $5-25 dollars a pop, to designing prom dresses for my high school friends.....I've been putting in work for some time now! I've had the honor of working with Will Smith, Usher, Beyonce, Zayn, Missy Elliott, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and more. The first celebrity piece that stands out for me is the jacket I conceptualized for Jay-Z for his "Fade to Black" ("retirement") concert at Madison Square

Garden. I had been a fan of his for so long by that point. I felt like I knew all his lyrics and certain principles that were valuable to him. I was working as an assistant stylist at the time and I sugested that we use vintage tattoo art to convey a message on a cashmere blazer that we pulled for him. I selected the dagger going through the heart and it read, "death before dishonor". The look on his face when my boss revealed the jacket was priceless. He loved it! It was at that moment, I realized there was something special in these little ideas of mine. To have him embrace my concept at such a huge moment in his career was an overwhelming feeling. I'm forever grateful for that moment. AM: You have dressed the world's most stunning and confident women, how impactful is that on you to be around such bold women who represent the entertainment industry? BS: It's insane!!! It fuels me. I've been blessed to work with the most talented female creative directors, dancers, producers and artists!!! Having such women of influence choose me, wear my designs and support my dream, is more than flattering. It's inspiring to be in the presence of such power and positivity. I just try to soak up all the knowledge and good energy I can. I only hope to leave them with as much as they give. AM: Why did you decide to partner with Tampax and Always Radiant Collection in their initiative with HBCUs? BS: Tampax and Always have always been my brands of choice. I come from a family of female go getters and to be honest, Tampax was the only brand I recall seeing as a child. Our relationship goes all the way back to when I was a dancer in my younger years and from then until now, Tampax has never failed me. Comfort and leak-free protection equals confidence and those

qualities are things the Tampax and Always Radiant Collection embody. Also I know from personal experience and from working with my clients that it's important to feel your best in order to perform at the highest level. All these things are the reason this partnership and initiative geared towards HBCUs really spoke to me, especially given that I graduated from an HBCU, Clark Atlanta University, myself. I'd like to think, this is indeed a way to give back. AM: You went to Clark Atlanta University, a HBCU - how meaningful is this partnership as the competition with Tampax highlights these elite schools? BS: Yes, I did! Our school motto is, "find a way or make one". This has stuck with me through my education and career. HBCU's have produced some of this nation’s most RADIANT achievers. So it's not only meaningful, it’s a perfect fit! While we won't be able to visit all the schools during this campaign, the great thing is that everyone can participate in the competition in some way. Each qualifying HBCU majorette team can enter for a chance to win $25,000 and costumes designed by me!! And, the general public can participate by casting their vote November 2 -November 15th on who they think the winning team should be.

The first celebrity piece that stands out for me is the jacket I conceptualized for Jay-Z for his "Fade to Black" ("retirement") concert at

Madison Square Garden... The look on his face when my boss revealed the jacket was priceless. He loved it! AM: Beyond your involvement with this contest, how important is it to bring the awareness of this study to the African American community? BS: It's crucial. Studies have shown 4 out of 5 women avoid wearing certain clothing and or doing certain activities during that time of the month, that could be up to a week when they don’t feel like their best selves! Tampax and Always have been steadfast in creating products with premium protection over the years. It's time to let the girls know, that they can live their best lives any day of the month and completely show up for the task at hand, feeling comfortable and confident. There's so much to be unsure about these days, so this is one less thing to stress about. This Radiant campaign celebrates that personal freedom and fearlessness. AM: How excited are you for the Radiant Tailgate taking place at Howard University? BS: I'm totally excited! Howard University was one of my top 3 choices. Although, I chose CAU....I've always had a love for this school. Being a part of this campaign allows me participate in the Howard University festivities and deliver a message of style and confidence that is very dear to me. PHOTOS COURTESY | Brea Stinson

When you travel overseas, the first night is the perfect way to relax in your suite. This month's Athleisure Beauty, focuses on making your own in-room entertainment in the stunning bathroom at The Ritz Carlton Suite in Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island. | MATRIX Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Mask | JURLIQUE Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturizing Cream | LANEIGE Waterclay Mask | LAURA MERCIER Almond Coconut Milk Scrub |


Fall Getaway





of polycarbonate – a transparent material that allows for ample natural light that shifts beautifully throughout the day. There is a smaller studio as well, a lovely lounge area with a library of inspiring books and writing/ drawing materials, a sizable dressing room, and restroom with shower. Reverb also offers a small selection of yoga mats and branded gear.

Reverb launched in its current home in April 2017; however, it began as outreach classes in Nov 2016 by founder, Ashley Bell who first taught dance and group fitness in the early 90s. At Reverb, Center classes and Unwind classes are among their most popular offerings. Center classes allow folks to find the fluid nature of vinyasa practice at a slower pace, and without the shoulder and wrist heavy transitions of that practice. Unwind classes focus entirely on mobility and breath work, allowing the teachers to call on their preferred techniques, such as yin yoga and myofascial release, to unpack stress and tension. People also enjoy the studio's Lotus Flow classes. This dynamic style was created in NYC by Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Ashley has 300-hours of training from the Manhattan outpost of that studio, Laughing Lotus.

There is a deck that is shared with neighboring offices that overlooks a courtyard adjacent to several restaurant concepts: Bad Wolf, a coffee shop with tasty pastries, homemade ice cream, and a small but crafty cocktail menu; Workshop, an upscale food hall featuring five different rotating restaurant concepts; and Edmund’s East Brewing Company, the tap room/ brewing and bottling facilities for a successful neighborhood eatery with a celebrated bar program. PHOTO CREDIT | Jess Spence

Community outreach is approached in a variety of ways. On site, the studio offers a self-selected drop-in rate, allowing students to choose a cost from a price range that works for their budget. Space is also donated to two local non-profits each week so that they can use the income from those classes to raise funds for their organizations. One of those classes is a Recovery Yoga class, for those affected by the disease of addiction. Residents of a local treatment program also participate each week. They recently added a free class for local F&B workers in conjunction with the Heirloom Foundation, a group that champions health initiatives for folks in the food and beverage industry – a cornerstone of our local economy.

REVERB 1503 King St Ste 200 Charleston SC 29405

Reverb’s studio includes the “Light Box," a 33’x33’ square space with three of the four 20-foot walls made entirely

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Oct 2017

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When it comes to working out, there are as many methods as personality types which is a great way to target what makes you feel your best you. Hot yoga has been around a number of studios but time and again, we always hear about the cool vibes of Y7 Studio and with their recent launch of their newest location in Williamsburg, BK we knew we were going to get a significant workout here.

Co-Founded by Sara Levey, Y7 has two kinds of classes which include WeFlowHard™ which is a fast paced vinyasa class while Slowburn goes deeper into your tissue and allows you to hold the poses for a longer period of time. Both allow you to have a very successful sweat as you work out in their specially infrared rooms which make you feel like you have walked into a sauna but also ensures that you will be dripping. Music for WeFlowHard™ focuses on hip-hop and driving beats while Slowburn is more typical of yoga music and is condusive to the movements and vibe.

Y7 Studio combines a vinyasa yoga (which is all about flowing and repeating movements in a fluid movement) with hip hop and beats that keep you focused while sweating your butt off in a candlelit studio. It's during each movement, that you realize that your body can seriously push past its limits to stay in sync and that the moves become central to your core.

Although you can rent mats and towels, we suggest bringing your own as it's a good idea to have the mat that works best for you when you're doing the workouts. We definitely suggest laying a towel down on top of your mat as it definitely gets slippery.

Y7 has a number of locations that you can get your sweat on and those who attend the classes swear by their mantra of "A Tribe Called Sweat" and "We Flow Hard".

Check your location for full amenities as all Y7 Studios have refresh spaces, but Soho has a shower while the Wil-

- 48 -

Oct 2017

liamsburg location does not.

Although it's suggested that beginners should do Slowburn first, you can also go right to WeFlowHard™.

We also love that Y7 carries its own line of apparel which is great to wear when working out or after the gym. Their line includes their key phrases and definitely makes you feel like you're part of the cool set when you're entering/leaving the studio or wherever you're going next.


Most importantly, it's worth noting that the instructors really do operate on a "do what you can" mentality so as you're taken through each movement, if you're body is not comfortable doing something - there are no judgments whether you pause or sit in the other pose.

Willamsburg - 170 S 1st St Flatiron - 25 W 23rd St, 4th Fl Soho - 430 Broome St, 2nd Fl Union Square - 58 E 11th St UES - 1459 3rd Ave, 4th Fl Lab - 262 Bowery, 4th Fl

You'll find that as you move and see those around you doing so that as a beginner, you pick up what is going and and begin to get into sync with the group.

CA West Hollywood - 8270 Melrose Ave

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f o t r A e h k T c a n S e h t BLOODY MARYS The perfect brunch beverage for a great weekend is the classic Bloody Mary, and of course the only way to improve on this tomato, vodka and seasoned drink is to kick it up with garnishes and seasonings that you may not have thought of to add more zip! If you're in NYC, the 21 Club is a must to enjoy this cocktail. In this month's The Art of the Snack we share a few variations to keep on your drink list. COURTESY | 21 Club

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Oct 2017

Oct 2017

- 53 -

The British Bloody Mary is a classic with the addition of English Mustard, your hot sauce of choice and of course garnished with a cucumber to add a bit of a refreshing element to this cocktail. COURTESY | Tesco Real Food

Oct 2017

- 55 -

Spicy Sriracha Bloody Mary's is the perfect way to cap off your weekend as this classic not only has sriracha but pineapple juice as well! COURTESY | Oh Little Foxes

The Chipotle Bloody Mary from The Pioneer Woman has a warm smoky taste that includes fun garnishes. COURTESY | Chipotle Bloody Mary


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Oct 2017

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We have been fans of Hannah Storm for years as we know her best from her work on ESPN speaking with a number of athletes across various sports, as well as her work with NBC covering Wimbledon, MLB and the Olympics. We were very excited to chat with her about the depth of her career, Brainstormin' Productions and The Hannah Storm Foundation. We also attended her Charity Waiter Event earlier this month which included a number of her colleagues at her network, athletes, personalities, and industry leaders. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us your journey to becoming a Sports Broadcaster and how you came to ESPN, as well as what shows you've been on with the network. HANNAH STORM: That is a very very long answer! So, I’ll try to condense it. So growing up, I was the daughter of a sports executive and we moved all around the country. When I went to Notre Dame, I came in there having been in a lot of plays and musicals in high school and was somewhat of a ham as I loved performing. I decided I would channel that into television work and because I had really grown up around sports, I decided to pursue that and that was something that women didn’t really do at that time as a career option. I started off on the radio and began at my local station. We had a little TV station at my time so I interned there for free. I think that internships are so important and I did them at TBS in Atlanta over the summer. When I was in Houston, I did an internship there for experience while I was waitressing for money. When I got out of college, of course no one wanted to hire me. It was just uncommon to have a woman in that field. I would have news directors tell me that their audience would not accept a woman or that their sports directors would not work with a woman. One even said that they would hire a wom-

an over their dead body. I got a lot of those kinds of responses. My father actually said that there were a lot of radio stations and TV stations around the country, so I started answering want ads. I actually got hired by a Rock and Roll heavy metal station to be a DJ. I loved the music as well and I thought, “ok I need to get on the air.” It was a great first job in Corpus Christi, TX. I saw another want ad up in Houston and this time, it was a person that was a DJ on the weekends and then they did sports during the week! I thought, “Ah ha! That’s me – that’s my in.”. So I drove up there and waited in the lobby for the program director to leave work one day. I popped up and handed him my tape and resume in person. I got that job and I started working part time in TV in Houston. I went to do the Rockets and Astros half time and pregame and I kept sending tapes out the whole time across the country. I was literally mailing tapes and resumes out all the time and then I got hired by a station in Charlotte that was a brand new station starting up looking to be different than other stations in the market. They thought, wouldn’t it be wild to hire a woman in sports. So I was hired there as sort of a “let’s be different” kind of thing and less than a year later, I was hired by CNN. I was the first full time female sports anchor there. I was in a department of about 75 men. So that was quite the experience there and a great thing was that I met my husband, Dan Hicks. Then I went from CNN to NBC. My first assignment was Wimbledon and my second assignment was the Olympics in Barcelona – Dick Ebersol from NBC was a really late night TV watcher and I was on at 2:30am a lot (sometimes 11) and so he saw me quite a bit on the air and thought that I had a lot of potential. So after 3 years at CNN, I went to New York at NBC for 10 years and he gave me unprecedented opportunities that a woman had never had in the business. I hosted Major League Base-

ball, I hosted the NBA, I hosted Notre Dame football – basically every event NBC had as they had a lot at that time. Then, NBC lost a lot of their sports properties media rights and I had always wanted to do morning news. Precipitously, they had started a new morning crew at CBS so I was on in the mornings at CBS for 6 years. CBS News had a lot of turn over and that whole morning crew was swept out, and then roughly at about 8 months later, ESPN was getting ready to launch daytime SportsCenter in the morning and you really needed to launch it with someone who had a name and an understanding of the morning show sensibility along with knowing sports. So I went back into sports at ESPN. I made a lot of decisions that brought me to various reasons for working where and when I did as this is just the quick version and a lot of it had to do with my children and their schedule. I always worked daytime or in the morning because of my kids. Now I have 2 in college and one that has 2 more years in high school. It’s gone by really fast! AM: As a fan of your work, I like that you wear many hats from being a broadcaster, being an author and being a producer. What is Brainstormin' Productions and what was the catalyst behind creating this company? HS: Great question. When I left CBS, and before I knew that I was going to ESPN, I had already been through a time at NBC and CBS where they were making broad business decisions for various reasons. None of them had to do with whether I was doing a good job, but it was based on things happening at a company wide basis. I think with my dad being a commissioner at the ABA and having an understanding of how things work with franchises and I have always understood how things

along the way that are decided upon that are not personal. I wanted something that I had control over. This was important to me to be able to have something of my own and that I could create and do it in my own way and to run. It’s interesting because this was the impetus of what lead me to write my own book and I have always felt that I needed that creative outlet that I had control over and I wouldn’t wake up to find that it was gone. So Brainstormin’ and my foundation were created when I left CBS and before I got to ESPN. My foundation and my production work were grandfathered into anywhere that I went. We started it out of my daughter’s tiny bedroom, we kicked her out of her room, and it was perfect for me as it was my first office. She slept in her sister’s bedroom and I was able to work in this closet and then it grew into my basement and now I have a cottage that we work out of which is awesome. We got our first big break when I was being introduced at the UpFronts to ESPN and as I was watching them do the presentation about the original 30 For 30 series. I thought that I could do that and wanted to do that! I introduced myself at ESPN to the person running 30 For 30. I asked if they had any slots left and he said he had two. I asked if there was anything that they didn’t have that they were desperate for. To me, this is something that I learned from my really good friend Nicholas Sparks (Bestselling Author of novels The Notebook, A Walk to Remember) which is to find out what the needs are and to fulfill those. He said that they did not have a women’s film nor a tennis film. My thoughts went to Chris Evert and Chris and Martina [Navratilova]. I ended up producing my first film Peabody Award winning 30 For 30 which was awesome and a

great experience. I did several films: 9 For 9, SEC Stories, shorts, full length, etc. My first film which comes up on a different network, Epix, debuts on Nov 8th – Danica. I’m very proud of it as my films tend to be inspirational and aspirational whether they are about men or women. My last film was about Shaq and his coach Dale Brown at LSU – a relationship between two men. I’m already in discussion about more films and content across the board. It’s exciting to get into these conversations. Now that I have had a little bit of time to devote time to this it’s been a lot of fun. AM: What is the process behind deciding which projects are greenlit or are a fit to being included within Brainstormin' Productions? HS: There are definitely things that I know are good stories. I pitch those up to whatever entity that I think would be a great fit. It’s the same formula I have used all along – what do you need, what are you looking for – what are you missing? What fits your sensibilities and I take the myriad of ideas I have and take them in. That makes it a great fit. I have a varied team of people that I work with and I pair various producers and editors. It’s about pairing people that are right for the project and it’s ongoing team building. Just putting together groups of people and projects is fun as you’re running a project, working with a network and you’re creating the whole time and always thinking about it. Sometimes you work on something and realize that that isn’t what you want to do and you don’t want to do things unless they’re going to be good! AM: Tell us about the Hannah Storm Foundation and why this organization is so important to you. HS: Yes! It’s been great! I was born with a port wine stain on my left eye area and it looked like I had a black eye, and

I still do when you don’t see me with makeup on. People will ask what happened to my face etc. Growing up, my parents tried all kinds of surgeries – the cold laser surgery wasn’t available then. All different methods of surgeries growing up and it was a lot – they really tried to make it look better. Now the surgeries and technologies are available, but they are not covered by insurance and is prohibitive. Kids really need 10-12 surgeries, and many are severely disfigured. We’re able to fund those surgeries with one of the best surgeons in the world and one of the inventors of the laser, a South African doctor Dr. Milton Waner, who is at the top of his field and is known worldwide. We’re able to do the surgeries in conjunction with him and it’s a specific charity, but it is very close to my heart. The other mission of this charity is to fund a journalist internship at my alma mater, Notre Dame. It allows students to work on a practical level by writing for our alumni publication so that when they get out of college they have online and print content. Now we’re going more into visual, but when they get out they have published work when they leave college. AM: We're excited to attend this year's Celebrity Waiter Event which is one of your foundation's events. Why did you come up with this format for this charity event, and since you have done this for a number of years, how do you decide which Celebrity Waiters will participate and are there those that do so at each of these events? HS: Actually, Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals kind of gave me that idea. I saw that he was doing an event in Phoenix at Morton’s and I thought what a fun concept. He got his teammates to wait tables and I thought that was really neat and we partnered with Morton’s for our first event. I asked how the Phoenix event worked and

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whether he thought it would be a good idea for me to do and he said to go for it. It was crazy. My celebrity waiters will eat and drink as much as the patrons and they have been hilarious. Mike Ditka enjoyed eating mash potatoes out of the center of the table which is one of my favorite memories from a previous event. It was hysterical and people love it. It’s just a fun and different experience and people don’t really do that. People get a kick out of it and my waiters have fun and it’s like – I’m not stuffy and I want it to be a party. We do a live auction and this year we’re being honored by All Sports United. It’s just really amazing and very celebratory and we’re coming together to do good. It’s a different and needed cause and we’re a global charity that people reach out from all over. We always identify a special child who will need something immediately and we have a fund in need that focuses on them. One year, we had a child that had something wrong with his eye and he needed immediate surgery and we set aside portions of the auction within the “funds in need” to take care of this critical surgery. A charity event impacts a number of lives and it doesn’t matter the number – just the act of doing it and that’s why we’re on this earth. We have to impact individuals and it costs a lot of money to take care of one child but we have to help – we’re their only hope! It’s been very gratifying and many of these children and families I may never meet! Some I have and it’s important that we know the doctor that is doing it and we are very much so on top of each case and what is taking place from the treatment plan. It helps to have such an acclaimed doctor that is a part of this as I think he is the most interesting man in the world!

Actually, Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals kind of gave me that idea. I saw that he was doing an event in Phoenix at Morton's and I thought what a fun concept. He got his teammates to wait tables and I thought that was really neat and we partnered with Morton's for our first event. AM: You’re doing so many good things and it’s amazing that you’re able to get them done! HS: Well I don’t know how either! It’s so busy around here – that’s all I have to say! I have an incredible business partner, Carmen Belmont. We met when our kids were in pre-school and we’re still together to this day. She believes in me and everything we have going on. I am super creative with a ton of connections. She is super practical, she line produces, she does the books – she’s over at the hospitals. She’s the nuts and bolts of what we do. AM: We know that you are married to NBC Broadcaster, Dan Hicks. How do you balance your time when you both

may me be traveling to cover similar stories such as the Olympics or when you have schedules that cause you to be apart - how do you ensure your connection? HS: The cool thing is that he is around during the week. So that’s nice. He is here now eating lunch and we’re able to go to my daughter’s field hockey games, we can have lunch together, we have dinner when we’re both home as I love to cook. I love that time right before dinner when I’m cooking and I have a glass of wine or scotch! Golf is essentially on the weekends so we can hang out during the week. Right now, golf is on a hiatus so that's

nice for a couple of weeks. Then obvioously we do a lot of events – so I just got back from Chicago interviewing the Mannings for a corporate event. It’s funny, there is a lot more travel now than before. Whether I’m doing corporate events, filming or doing things for ESPN – there’s travel. It’s about balancing that out while having a daughter at home and it’s about being cognizant of that. Sometimes, you just have to do it and it sucks but it’s the reality of what we do. I mean, I suppose if we were actors we’d be shooting and doing the same thing. We’re home for spurts and then we also travel quite a bit!

Avid readers of Athleisure Mag know that we enjoy sharing a number of initiatives that are taking place with our friends at No Kid Hungry and have talked to a number of fascinating chefs that participate in various campaigns with them. Next month is Thanksgiving and as people think of attending and hosting this food filled holiday, Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry allows you to spread love to those that are less fortunate. This campaign encourages people to add a fundraising component to their feasts by signing up to host and invite friends to fundraise in support of the effort to end childhood hunger in America. In addition to signing up among your group of friends and family, No Kid Hungry has partnered with renowned chefs and culinary supporters to provide hosts with expertise, recipes and tips to ensure that their fundraising feasts are easy! We took some time to talk to two people who are key to dinners that will take

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place across tables in the states - Emily Elsen, Co-Founder of Four an Twenty Blackbirds pie shops, and Will Elliot, Bar Director of Maison Premiere - both in Brooklyn. We talked with them about how they got into the business, why they have partnered with No Kid Hungry for Friendsgiving and what the holiday season is like for their businesses. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us your journey into the food industry and what led to the creation of Four and Twenty Blackbirds? EMILY ELSEN: Melissa and I grew up working in our mother's restaurant from the time we were little girls. This laid the foundation for our keen interest in and ability to understand and be prepared for the demands of the food world. When Melissa moved in with me in NYC, we had already had aspirations of owning our own business - not necessarily a food business though! As it Oct 2017

us about them and are you anticipating additional locations? EE: Our original shop in Gowanus is a busy, comfy cozy pie shop that has customers in all day long - it's the flagship. Our Café + Pie Counter in the Brooklyn Public Library offers soups, sandwiches, salads and of course pie. Our seasonal shop in Orient, LI offers pie by the slice, breakfast snacks and treats, espresso and pie a la mode - it's a great summer destination. Our newest location, our Pie Counter + Bar in Prospect Heights is a 10 seat counter that offers beer, cider and wine pairings that compliment our pies. Our four thousand square foot production kitchen is where the magic of the pie making happens and we run nearly 24 hours. We will crank out 5000 pies in a week's time for Thanksgiving 2017. Having this kitchen has allowed us to grow into the wholesale market in NYC and to work with larger clients such as Shake Shack on nationwide distribution, Fresh Direct, and Wholefoods. goes we gravitated back to our roots, and the inspiration for becoming pie makers came from our Grandmother Liz who was famous locally for her handmade pies. One thing led to another, and after a year of developing and planning and running a small home based pie company, we signed our first commercial lease and have never looked back! We sincerely set out to make the best pie in New York City, and to bring attention back to pie in America. AM: You and your sister work together what are your roles/responsibilities and what are Melissa's? EE: We both wear a lot of hats, and we do what needs to get done. Melissa has a degree in finance and I have a degree in sculpture and photography - so we naturally have gravitated to roles that employ our strengths.

AM: With the holidays coming up, we can only imagine how busy a pie shop can be - what are the favorites among customers that we should keep on our radar? EE: Our Thanksgiving menu has been the same since year two - our takes on the classics have become a tradition for many: Salted Caramel Apple, Brown Butter Pumpkin, Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan and our cult favorite, Salty Honey. AM: We know that you have partnered with No Kid Hungry for Friendsgiving. Can you tell us about this initiative as well as how you are participating in this effort? EE: We’re excited to help support No Kid Hungry’s efforts to encourage people to give back during the holidays. Their Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is a fun way to celebrate the season while helping others. You can sign-up to host a Friendsgiving on and receive resources to assist with planning

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Oct 2017

your celebration (from decor templates to recipes), as well as fundraising tips to help your family and friends support their work to address childhood hunger in the U.S. Melissa and I are honored to be in great company sharing recipes to help celebrate the season, with two of Four & Twenty Blackbirds’ most popular Thanksgiving pies, Brown Butter Pumpkin and Salted Caramel Apple.

AM: How often do you change your menu as we love that you have some creative pies - what are 3 slices we should try?

AM: How long have you worked with No Kid Hungry and why is it an organization that you like being involved with?

AM: When you're making pies is there a playlist that you listen to and if so - what is on there now?

EE: We’ve participated in other fundraisers for No Kid Hungry in the past, but this year we’re excited to do more as it speaks to the core of what we believe as a Brooklyn neighborhood business that food brings communities together. No Kid Hungry is doing immensely valuable work in the food arena, from feeding kids in need directly through programs like school breakfast and summer meals, to teaching families how to shop for healthy food on a budget.

EE: We always have great music on in the kitchen - a huge variety of things get played. Lately I personally have been listening to Isaiah Rashad, M.I.A., Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Calvin Harris - but I love older hip hop, motown, reggae, a lot of pop dance music...anything with a good beat and lyrics.

AM: Between running your locations, your book and teaching courses, how do you take time for yourself to stay fresh for the next thing? EE: It can be very hard to make time for yourself in this industry. Everyone wants a piece of you and the requests are endless. Finding time to get out of town is important to me, I head to the Catskil Mountains to visit friends, or go to our shop in Orient to enjoy the coast during Summer months - and Melissa likes to make sure she keeps her Sundays free for her personal life without interruptions of calls and emails. Getting enough sleep is hard, but important to try to - and I've learned that I need to work hard to keep a balanced diet and eat enough protein and veggies - when you are thinking about and around food all day every day, sometimes you forget to eat it yourself!

EE: The menu changes regularly with the season - about every 3 to 4 weeks, depending upon availability of fruits. Lemon Chess, Plum Streusel and Matcha Custard, oh and Black Bottom Oat.

AM: Tell us your journey into the hospitality industry and what led you to becoming a mixologist? WILL ELLIOT: I started when I was nineteen years old on a little island off the coast of Maine. I was in college filling all of the front of the house roles. I was the only bartender in the only restaurant on this tiny little island for about seven years. I was also a musician and as many stories go, I started realizing that I was spending more time in restaurants than playing music and I gradually fell in love with not only cocktail-making, but food and restaurant culture in general. AM: You head up the bar program at Maison Premiere tell us what this role entails and more about the restaurant. WE: The role of Bar Director at Maison Premiere is that of wearing many different hats. Of course, my primary role is the menu development and ideation and creating all of the recipes for our cocktails. But beyond that it's being the bar manager, so choosing all of our li queurs, making sure the bar is properly

stocked, and doing all of the nitty gritty work that goes into running a restaurant! Maison Premiere is a really special place-- it's definitely New Orleans inspired, but also has a horseshoe bar like found in Paris. It makes it a very communal place because you interact a lot with people around you and with your bartender. AM: What are your favorite signature fall cocktails at Maison Premiere? WE: My favorite new cocktail for fall right now is our new Pimms Cup. It uses a cool aged plum eau de vie that is really reductive and oily and has such an intense representation of plum. It's just super aromatic and delicious. The drink also has a little bit of cardamom -- overall just textbook autumnal flavors of stone

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fruit and warm spices. AM: With the holidays coming up, what are some warm cocktails that we should enjoy on our next visit to Maison Premiere? WE: We have a few great warm drinks at Maison Premiere. Of course, the classic is the Maison Hot Toddy, which is pretty fantastic. It's one of those great recipes that works with many different spirits, so if you're not a whiskey person you can still enjoy it! I love the toddy made with Calvados, it's perfect for fall. We also have a delicious drink called the Lady Lyndon made with framboise eau de vie, a rose cream (rose flower water on top), pineau de charentes, germaine-robin absinthe which has a lovely tea-like flavor. It's really great.

Oct 2017

few years ago when I learned that one in six kids in America struggles with hunger. The relationship between No Kid Hungry and the culinary community is 30 years strong and makes sense. There isn’t a community more passionate about food and feeding people. Every $1 you raise can help connect a child with up to 10 meals. Every little bit counts. AM: When you're not at Maison Premiere, how do you take time for yourself to recharge your batteries? WE: Working in restaurants and bars can be challenging so to recharge I definitely focus on getting some actual rest, first and foremost. Second, I love to go out to restaurants with friends-- like Four Horsemen, Diner, and Spuyten Duyvil. All conveniently located near where I live in Williamsburg. Also, when I get the time I love to head upstate to relax-Josh, one of the owners of Maison Premiere, has a great cabin upstate that I like to go up to and my family is from rural New Hampshire so those are both great escapes! AM: How often do you update your cocktail list? AM: We know that you have partnered with No Kid Hungry for Friendsgiving. Can you tell us about this initiative as well as how you are participating in this effort?

WE: Its not super regimented, but we generally like to update quarterly depending on the season. We're constantly working to have cocktails that we love and that fit the seasons!

WE: Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is a way to kick the holiday season off right by giving back. And it’s easy. Anyone can transform their next dinner party or holiday gathering into an opportunity to help others. I partnered up with No Kid Hungry to share two of my favorite signature cocktail recipes with people who sign up to host Friendsgiving.

AM: When you're creating cocktails prior to getting them on the menu, is there a playlist that you listen to and if so - what is on there now?

AM: How long have you worked with No Kid Hungry and why is it an organization that you like being involved with? WE: I partnered with No Kid Hungry a

WE: As a musician, I am definitely inspired by music as part of my creative process-- I've been listening to a ton of post-disco/early 80s New York/Bronxstyle music. It's super trippy stuff like Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band and Kid Creole and his Coconuts.

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Oct 2017

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This month, we attended an immersive experience with Anima Sana In Corpore Sano known as Sound Mind in a Sound Body - or better known as the 70 year old iconic Japanese brand, ASICS. This experience introduced a partnership and campaign between the sports performance brand and Grammy-nominated, DJ/producer, international entrepreneur and fitness fanatic, Steve Aoki, who serves as the face behind the I MOVE ME campaign in North America. The campaign allows the brand to connect with new audiences in an ever-changing fitness industry and builds upon ASICS' core philosophy. I MOVE ME aims to bring people together and inspire them to be healthy and happy through movement. At the event in the LES, guests enjoyed a large Jump Room with 180 degree cameras tracking their movements, and of course, Aoki also showed his movements on the trampolines as well. The actual campaign is a sensory film that stars the DJ, set to his new Kolony track and reflects the correlation between his music and movement. In addition, their is an inclusion of energy, motivation and passion that he brings to whoever his path crosses. He also connects with other passionate people from Kinjax, Overthrow and Cobra Fitness Club. The campaign is shot in his home in Las Vegas, in LA and in NYC. In addition, ASICS sponsored athletes - four-time World Championship Wrestler and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordan Burroughs (U.S.) and World Champion track and field athlete and bobsledder, and three-time Olympian Lolo Jones (U.S.) intersect with the DJ as he appears during their training routines. "I am really excited to work with ASICS, an iconic Japanese brand," says Steve

Aoki. "My life is not only about music and fashion, but also fitness, nutrition and health. I'm really grateful for an opportunity to partner with an athletic brand that not only supports the same philosophy as me and allows me to infuse my DNA into the creative process, but is also aiming to inspire and encourage others." You can see more on the I MOVE ME campaign as well as how it will roll out socially, in stores and beyond by starting with the 90 second film.

In the debate of the backpack, we have a your day to day style; however, our Co-Fo lived out of a mini backpack that could ho of course - this month we're giving a nod

| MOLESKINE Keith Haring | WATERMELO Wave Backpack | BAO Kombucha Mango iPhone X Pre-Order Oct 27th |

In Ou The Day

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always been a little dubious on bringing this into ounder fell in love with this style as she literally old her laptop, notebooks, charger and more. So, d to the Day Warrior who is getting things done!

ON ROAD Pineapple Mojito | COLE HAAN Loralie | L'OCCITANE Shea Organic Shea Butter | APPLE

ur Bag y Warrior

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The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will take place in PyeongChang China from Feb 9th - 25th, and we're excited to talk with one of the athletes that made an appearance at the Olympic Summer games as a member of Team USA in Rio, Lauren Fendrick, American Beach Volleyball player whose teammate during the games in Brazil was Brooke Sweat in 2016. Since the games, she is currently partnered with April Ross who we interviewed last year prior to her Olympic appearance. As we have mentioned in previous interviews with Olympic athletes, before and after the games there is a lot of work, tournaments and competitions that take place beyond what we see during the global games. We wanted to know more about Lauren from how she got into the sport, how she trains (whether there is a different focus when she is preparing for her next game), what she is up to in between Olympic appearances, her goals as she prepares for Tokyo to medal, her foundation, her work with teammate April Ross, what tournaments she's apart of and her recent shoot with JOLYN.

everything I could do make that possibility a reality. The hardest part initially was figuring out how to structure training and finding a way to make money. I worked part-time, trained on the Beach as much as I could, picked the brains of anyone who would let me, watched the top players habits, routines, playing styles and tried to be ready for any opportunity that presented itself within and around the sport. It was a lot of hard work and I made a ton of mistakes along the way, but I fell in love with the sport so I was willing to put in extra work and find ways to get around obstacles. I am also very grateful to have had a number of great mentors, coaches, teammates and competitors to learn from. AM: What's your training/workout like when you are preparing for a game and when you're in the off season?

In addition to finding out more about this powerhouse, we also wanted to know more about her partnership with JOLYN which makes swimwear that you will find her wearing when she is on the sandy court, as well as what makes this brand one that stands out in its support of athletes and models. We're getting in the sand as well as making a few notes on closet additions we need to make for our next trip.

LF: My workouts and training leading to a match generally taper slightly with volume, but not with intensity. I'll hit my speeds and weights that I normally do, but I'll do fewer reps and sets to fully activate the muscles, while limiting fatigue. In the off-season most of my focus is in the gym on getting stronger, more explosive and balanced. I also like to take time to do other things; cook, read, journal, get out in nature (we went to Yosemite a few weeks back). I'm also coaching the Stanford beach team with the all-star cast of Andrew Fuller (my husband) and Karissa Cook and I've been thinking about signing up for an improv class.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us how you got into volleyball and what your journey was to make the decision to go pro.

AM: How was it preparing for the Olympics and are you in prep for the next round of Olympic trials?

LAUREN FENDRICK: I played a tiny bit growing up down at moonlight beach (I grew up in Carlsbad) with my friend Molly during the summers, but I honestly didn't even know you could play beach volleyball for a living until I attended my first AVP qualifier in Tempe, AZ in 2003. I was instantly hooked and so determined to do

LF: Preparing for the Olympics was similar in some ways (like format and teams), but very different in other ways to preparing for other matches and tournaments. In the Olympics, you have much more time to prepare everything (your strength program is at its peak, you can spend more time mentally pre-

paring (meditation/visualization for me), more time to break down video, game plan and strategize and practice those game plans) and there is much more pressure and emphasis on this one event... the entire nation and a lot of the world is following your progress. So the pressure aspect was more than I expected and I didn't even realize I felt pressure until I had some distance after the Olympics to decompress. It's a little surreal with how much attention is paid to just this one tournament, when the actual tournament is so similar to other tournaments. I was so shocked when Matt Lauer knew who we were. Haha. Originally, I thought I would be done after Rio, but I feel great, I'm in some of the best shape of my life and I'm still learning and getting better, so the goal is to get back to Tokyo, implement the lessons I learned in Rio (and over the years) and medal. AM: We know that you and April Ross were teammates this year! What is the process like for you when you're training with new partners? LF: April and I had some great results this season with winning silver at World Champs being the highlight. And considering that we didn't get an off-season together and that she had to take almost 6 weeks off for a broken toe in the middle of the season makes the success even more special. I learn something different from each person I play with. April is such a mentally strong competitor and she knows how to perform even when she's not 100% physically. It's definitely something that I admire about her and look to emulate in my game. AM: Where can we see you playing next? LF: I just finished my last tournament of 2017 in China and the schedule hasn't officially come out yet, but I believe my next tournament will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the end of February. AM: Tell us about your foundation and why you created it and what it does?

LF: The foundation was created as a way to create mentorships within the beach volleyball community. I'd like to bridge the gap between youth, collegiate, aspiring pros, current pros and former pros. There is so much knowledge and beach volleyball is a community of incredible people and I believe each level has so much knowledge and wisdom and connection to share. Beach volleyball has some of the greatest people I've ever met. The foundation is on the back burner right now, but I'm working to find ways to expand it's capabilities and reach. AM: When you're off season, what is your day to day like? LF: So, typically I wake up and the first thing I do is check my pulse and oxygen saturation with this cool little device from Masimo. It sounds high tech, but having the data makes my training scheduling so much easier. Then I like to meditate and then I'll head to the gym for my workout for about 3 hours, followed by conditioning, and then I usually have some sort of sports psych, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, journal, or visualization session and then I head to practice with the Stanford beach team. Next up is cooking dinner with my husband and prepping for the following day! I try to cook all my meals in the offseason with an emphasis on organic vegetables and pasture-raised meats or wild fish. AM: We have stunning images of you in JOLYN Clothing - how did this shoot come about and how long have you been associated with the brand? LF: I've been wearing Jolyn since 2013 when Brittany Hochevar and I wore our one pieces in the AVP finals in Huntington. I had a mutual acquaintance with Tanya Gandy, one of the many rad people who work at JOLYN, and I instantly knew that this brand and their products were a perfect fit for me and beach volleyball. It's a suit that can withstand me diving around in the sand, with flatter-

ing cuts and styles and cutting edge prints And on top of all that, they use elite athletes as product testers and fit models and their suits are all made in the USA. The photo shoot was the brain child of Mallyce Miller, the creative director at Jolyn, shot by Sarah Orbanic, hair and makeup by Lauren Urasek, and spirit animal Melissa Matheson. Honestly, they did all the hard work to make me look good and I had a blast doing it. AM: What are 3 power foods that you eat to have great energy that we should consider when we're about to work out? LF: I'm all about eating whole non processed foods!! 1) I'm currently obsessed with bone broth!! But you have to find one that has top shelf ingredients like grassfed beef bones and or ganic herbs and spices. Kitchen Witch is my go-to brand. I love making an elixir by blending the broth with a bunch of fresh herbs and aromatics. 2) I love incorporating fresh herbs and garlic into my diet (see above). When I'm traveling I'm not able to cook and the first thing I do when I get home is make a big salad with a home made dressing that has garlic and fresh herbs blended into it or a pesto to put over zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. And 3) avocado. I even try to bring a few when I travel. It's a great healthy fat that is natural and has all the phytonutrients that come with that! AM: With the holidays coming up, having great arms, legs and a firm butt are great in glam outfits - what exercises do you suggest that we do to have a great physique? LF: Get strong! There is a huge mistaken notion that building strength will add bulk! Not true! Building strength is not only healthy for your body but also your mind! I love walking through this world as a strong female and I'm proud that people on the street can pick me out as an athlete. I honestly think that the goal should be mental and physical health! I think you look your best and are your most confident self when you are putting health as

a to priority and that healthy feeling becomes addictive!

I wake up and the first thing I do is check my pulse and oxygen saturation with this cool little device from Masimo. It sounds high tech, but having the data makes my training scheduling so much easier. AM: What is JOLYN Clothing and who is the JOLYN girl?

JOLYN: JOLYN is based out of Huntington Beach, California and creates swimwear and activewear for swim and turf, sand or surf! JOLYN is centered around creating fun and functional products for women who inspire us. At JOLYN we believe that competitive swimwear and activewear should be fun. We make products that will stay put through your hardest practice, longest slip-nslide, and toughest dig, while looking super cool if we do say so ourselves. The “JOLYN girl” is any girl that is getting out there and going for it. Whether you’re an elite athlete competing for a world title or someone who just enjoys the occasional splish and splash, JOLYN is the suit for you. AM: Who is the founder of the brand and what is their backgroung? J: JOLYN was created by a lifeguard and longtime lover of the water. There was an abundance of badass water women

and an extreme lack of suits as cool as they were. JOLYN was born to solve this problem and put women in the kind of gear they deserved to be in. The suits we make now reflect the spirit of the rad girls in the water, allowing them to perform at their best and look awesome playing the sports they love. AM: How important is living an active lifestyle to the brand? J: At JOLYN we’re always up to something. Our company is made up of ex-college athletes, olympians, and pros. We all love to get out there, tear it up at whatever adventure or sport we’re doing currently, and not have to worry about our swimsuits falling off. Living an active lifestyle is the bread and butter of JOLYN and everything that we represent! AM: With the holidays coming up, what are three of your favorite pieces that we should keep on our radar as we begin to gift ourselves and others? J: In support of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are dedicating 25% of sales on all suits sold in the print "Careberry" to the organization Breast Cancer Angels. We also have a brand new line of Activewear launching this fall featuring new styles of leggings, shorts, sports bras and sweatpants in all new prints! A lot of research and development went into this line and we are very excited to launch it to our fans. JOLYN is constantly releasing limited edition prints throughout the year that sell out extremely fast. In order to keep our fans up-to-date, we created a text message based alert system called “Print Patrol” to send out updates when we drop new prints! AM: Had you previously worked with Lauren Fendrick prior to the shoot that is within this issue? J: JOLYN Sponsored Lauren just before she went to the 2016 Rio Olympic games and that relationship has continued through her 2017 season! Being able to sponsor an elite level Olympic athlete has been really

exciting for JOLYN as an up and coming brand. As our first official "JoPro," Lauren has embraced us and we couldn't be happier to have her represent JOLYN in beach volleyball globally! AM: Are there other ambassadors that are associated with the brand that we should know about? J: We currently sponsor professional athletes in a variety of different sports including other beach volleyball players like Betsi Flint and Kelley Larsen, wakeboarder Nicola Butler, freestyle kayaker Brooke Hess, stand up paddle athletes like Penelope Strickland and Harriett Brown, wakesurfer Stacia Bank, and a handful of other rad water women! Our greatest Ambassadors and JoPro's call themselves leaders, professional athletes, travelers, coaches, teammates and Olympians. All lead active, awe-inspiring lifestyles and have their own unique talents, but have one a common love for the water and inspiring others. For more information about JOYLN and those that they sponsor that you'll want to see in their next competition, check out their site. Check out more about where you can see Lauren Fendrick as well as addition Team USA Olympians for the upcoming winter (2018) and summer (2020) games here.

is the ne


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Oct 2017


OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH join our mission: no one should die from breast cancer. find an event + donate.

ew black.

FROM AIR TO TABLE PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Farkas Chef Robert Irvine is known for his ability to come into restaurants and turn them around while also boosting the morale of the owners and staff. He is also known for his work with the military through his USO efforts, serving them during the holidays and working out. In addition to his work in these areas, you'll see him frequently on Food Network, morning shows, his own restaurants as well as with additional items within his brand that include gyms, his own food line FIT Crunch and more. During NY's Food and Wine Festival, we caught up with Chef Irvine at JetSmarter's Meet and Greet at Hunt & Fish Club in midtown to find out about his role as an ambassador with the charter, his work out routine and how he is spending the holiday season. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us the level of your involvement is with JetSmarter. ROBERT IRVINE: I’m an ambassador and I am also a user of the service as well as I travel 340 days out of the year. I’ve partnered with JetSmarter to help design handcrafted meals for members – ensuring access to a healthy meal even in the middle of traveling when many people seem to eat whatever is most convenient. I’m excited about this new partnership with JetSmarter because we share the same views about the culture of air travel and never compromising the quality of a meal, whether on the ground or in the air. Each meal is prepared just hours before takeoff, made fresh to order in Manhattan’s Great Performances catering kitchen.

AM: What are your favorite amenities that are available at JetSmarter? RI: JetSmarter gets me to where I'm going quickly and has changed the way I travel as flights can be booked through the app which saves time and there are a number of routes available. It's a no hassle service which is great for me. AM: With the holidays coming up what is a typical Chef Irvine feast? RI: It really depends as I spend a lot of time at military bases serving the nation's men and women. I think the holiday season is so important to spend time with loved ones and those that you honor and to give the gift of time. AM: How do you stay fit and what is your diet like? RI: I work out six days a week and I am able to work out each muscle group using low weights and higher reps. I start each session with 30 minutes of cardio and then each day focus on a different muscle group (chest, legs, arms, etc.). Use a low amount of weight so you can do a higher amount of reps, typically four sets of 12 to 15 reps. I eat small meals more frequently — eight to 12 meals a day, every two and a half hours. My protein is literally — whether it be chicken or shrimp, whatever it is — no bigger than a deck of cards each meal. And my starch — rice, potatoes, French fries even — no bigger than a mouse you use on your computer per meal. In the afternoon, I don't do carbs. I just do protein and salads and vegetables.

Bingely Books Dennis, a London based breath coach and workshop leader who was trained by Judith Kravitz (Transformational Breath) has written a guide on deep breathing for health and happiness. The average person inhales and exhales about 20,000 times a day; however, most of those breaths are short and shallow and are known as "stress breaths" because they just reach the chest. This kind of breath creates a constant "fight or flight" response in the body and according to the World Health Organization, they believe that by 2020 depression and anxiety will be the number one disability worldwide. Throughout the book, there are exercises that are described to guide you through deep diaphragmatic, conscious breathing. These are tools you can use throughout your day and can be done anywhere whenever you need. In addition Rebecca reminds us that breathing is natural and we must retrain our mind to this way of being.


AND BREATHE Hachette Rebecca Dennis

Can you breathe your way to health and happiness? In And Breathe, Rebecca

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Crisp temperatures mean that it's time to start preparing your favorite meals via the Slow Cooker. With over 400 recipes, you'll find that there is something for Oct 2017

which has been embraced and was/ is preferred by world-renowned musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck — to name a few. Although his work was enjoyed by vibrant luminaries, Leo was a shy inventor who was nearly deaf and had one glass eye. Beyond designing his notable quitars, in 1946 he founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company — the launch pad for his most iconic designs — and later on, G&L Musical Instruments. Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World shares his story. everyone that can be cooked from appetizers to desserts! You'll find a number of recipes that take 8 hours to cook via the Slow Cooker as well as those that only take 15 minutes to prepare. We have a feeling that you'll tag a number of finds that you'll make this fall and winter season.

LEO FENDER: THE QUIET GIANT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD Leadership Institute Press Phyllis Fender + Randall Bell

In the midst of some of the greatest inventions that the world has also enjoyed, Leo Fender created the electric guitar. His interest in electronics lead him to open a radio repair shop in his hometown of Fullerton, California. Band leaders and musicians knew that if their equipment needed to be repaired, then they should go to him. Leo invented the Fender Stratocaster Oct 2017

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Bingely Streaming If you've yet to binge last season's Stranger Things to see how all of this took place in the town of Hawkins with a band of friends and a strange little girl that shows up along with a few unexplained happenings that includes a missing boy, it's time to do so before Oct 27th with the second season.

RIVIERA Sundance Now Original Series Living the life of the rich and famous seems pretty easy; however, after a year of marraige - the perfect life that Georgina (Julia Stiles) is turned on its head when her husband, Constantine is killed. Her art collector husband was killed on a yacht of a Russian oligarch. She quickly realized that there is more then meets the eye and she wants to know what happened. Along the way, she realizes that the closer that she gets - she learns more about ugly truths that involved his dealings that are morally questionable, criminal and beyond. To survive as well as to maintain the lifestyle that she has inherited, she learns to operate within this world.

STRANGER THINGS 2 Netflix Originals


It's been awhile but now it's time to return to 1984 and he world of the Upside Down with supernatural forces that come to affect the town. We're joined by our favorite characters from last season as well as new ones that continue the storyline.

The psychological thriller based on Kem Nunn's novel is back for a second season that focuses on Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie), a San

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Hulu Original

Oct 2017

darker side, he is also grappling with his own life. Eldon is in the midst of a rocky divorce and dealing with issues surrounding his daughter.

Francisco based forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets involved into a world of violence, mistaken identity, mental illness and police corruption. It's an interaction with his patient that brings him to the attention of his patient's abusive spouse who is also a ruthless police detective. As he continues to descend into the city's

Oct 2017

He finds that he has begun to descend into navigating the depths and intricacies of the human mind.

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Oct 2017

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As the fall continues here in the states, we can chase the sun for warmer weather and there's no better place than to head out to Bondi Beach in Australia. Here's three things you should pack when you head out for your fall travels for warmer weather. | QUAY AUSTRALIA Camden Heights | BODY GLOVE 80's Throwback Time After Time One Piece | ADIDAS ORIGINALS Superstar |


#TribeGoals Recommended for your Tribe to eat, work & play

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Cranberry is a healing ingredient that is perfect when you're exfoliating your skin and also to leave a protective layer on your skin to ensure its optimal health. BURT'S BEES Cranberry + Pomegranate Sugar Scrub | ARCONA Cranberry Grommage Exfoliator | ST. IVES Intensive Healing Lotion Cranberry + Grapeseed Oil |

Oct 2017

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Something You Should Know RUGGED MANIAC

Whether you run obstacle competition courses or enjoy watching them on TV, I think we can agree that we're obsessed with this method of fitness that our friends and co-workers tell us about. We found out more about Rugged Maniac, the health benefits and how they compare and differ from other courses that are offered in this space.

niac and what is your role there?

ROB DICKENS: Rugged Maniac was founded in 2010 with its first event in October of that year in MA. We now produce 30 events across the US and Canada each year.

RD: Rugged Maniac was founded by my business partner, Brad Scudder (CEO), and I (COO, CMO). We met in law school and we both worked as attorneys for a few years before embarking on this adventure. Brad was doing insurance defense litigation at a small firm in MA, while I was at a large international firm on Wall Street doing finance. We both grew up in rural areas and had spent much of our childhoods playing outside and participating in outdoors sports (skiing for Brad and surfing for me - I'm from coastal NC), so sitting at a desk all day didn't quite feel right. We both wanted to do something more adventurous.

AM: What brought you to Rugged Ma-

I got an email from Brad one day stat-

ATHLEISURE MAG: What is Rugged Maniac, how long has it been around and how many races take place a year?

ing that he was leaving the practice of law to organize an obstacle course race in his hometown in rural MA. I was intrigued and after some discussion I also left law to found Rugged Maniac. I'm the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer, which means I manage a large part of the company's operations while also overseeing all advertising, design, and PR. AM: What are the similarities/differences of Rugged Maniac versus other obstacle competition companies? RD: Rugged Maniac is now the third largest OCR in the country behind Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. Our goal is to get everyone off their couches and outdoors having FUN with friends while being active. Our courses are undoubtedly challenging, but we're not going to shock you with electricity, make you jump in ice water, or punish you for not being able to complete an obstacle. It's not about being bigger, badder, and faster than those around you. It's about pushing your own limits while helping your friends (and strangers!) over the obstacles. This philosophy has made us the go-to event for people of all fitness levels, not just hardcore athletes. We also have more women participants than any other OCR. In fact, women make up 55% of our participants! Speaking of obstacles, we pack more into our 3-mile course (25) than Spartan Race's 5k (20) and Tough Mudder's normal 12-mile course (20). We also put a lot of emphasis on the entertainment in our festival. We have a DJ on the main stage, a comedic emcee entertaining the crowd all day, a mechanical bull, pie-eating contests, dance parties, and plenty of craft beer. You simply don't see as big of a party at any other OCR. As for Warrior Dash, they also focus more on the fun aspect of obstacle course racing, but they provide only

10-12 minor obstacles in a 3-mile course, which just doesn't measure up to what other OCRs offer. AM: What are the health benefits to training for Rugged Maniac and how long is training for a race of this nature? RD: Rugged Maniac is a 5k (3-mile) offroad run with 25 obstacles, each of which poses a different physical challenge. This means that your training has to include not only running, but climbing, crawling, jumping, and balancing - more of a total body workout than when preparing for a normal 5k or marathon. How long you have to train depends on (1) your race goal and (2) your current fitness level. If your goal is to win the race (only about 5% of runners have this as a goal), you'll need to be able to run a normal 5k in about 16 minutes AND have the upper body strength necessary to complete The Ringer, Pull Your Weight, and The Warped Wall (see www.rugedmaniac. com/obstacles). However, the vast majority of our maniacs aren't "in it to win it." They come with a group of friends in order to have a ton of fun while challenging themselves physically. It's not about beating everyone else; it's about camaraderie and fun. So if you fall into this category, you'll likely just want to be able to complete all the obstacles. For most people, this means working on your upper body strength and balance (The Gauntlet, Frog Hop, and Tipping Point). Again, how long it will take to reach that point will depend on your current abilities. AM: How can training for this race be adopted throughout a person's life? RD: There are no shortcuts to getting in shape, unfortunately. It doesn't matter what you're training for, you simply have to make exercising part of your daily (or weekly) routine - no excuses. If you want to be in great shape,

you need to work out at least three times a week, with the bulk of that time being spent on cardiovascular activities with some strength training mixed in. You don't need a gym membership; you can get in perfect shape by running and doing cody-weight exercises, like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. AM: Are Rugged Maniac courses the same and what's it like creating them? RD: The obstacles at each Rugged Maniac event are largely the same nationwide (as are the obstacles for every other OCR brand). Think of an OCR event as a traveling circus, of sorts. Everything is packed up and shipped to the next location following each event. Variety comes from the differences in the venues; some are completely flat, some are on mountain slopes, some are in the desert, some are next to a lake. So the runner experience from event to event can vary quite a bit. Of course, we add a few new obstacles to our courses each year to keep things interesting (while retiring some older designs). AM: What other events are produced? RD: Rugged Races, the parent company of Rugged Maniac, also owns and produces The Tour of the Battenkill cycling event in upstate New York; the Costume Dash 5k (Halloween costume run) in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco; and 16 other 5ks/marathons/half marathons throughout New England under the Loco Races name. AM: What should we keep an eye out for within Rugged Races 2018? RD: We plan to continue acquiring a variety of sports properties throughout 2018 as we grow into one of the country's largest event producers. We have some exciting opportunities in front of us so stay tuned for more announcements!

Oct 2017

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Our Style Director grew up in a suburb in the Midwest at a time where everyone knew their neighbors in their subdivision and events were celebrated together. When her father mowed the lawn, it was a time to gossip with other fathers in the neighbhorhood and their wives planned ways to come together. The highs and lows were celebrated through food. Now more than ever, the need to bring warmth to the everyday through food is an essential. We had the opportunity to sit down with Elizabeth Heiskell, who just released her lifestyle cookbook, What Can I Bring, to talk about how she got into the culinary industry, a Today Show Contributor, a caterer and how we can approach incorporating food into lifestyle situations. We laughed more than any interview we can think of and the food and the presentation of it from this book is from a place of love. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us how you came to this journey as a cook, TODAY SHOW contributor and writer. ELIZABETH HEISKELL: I started in highschool with a catering company and my mom was really good friends with the owner of the company and so I would go and cater on the weekends. I would work during holidays and when I came home from college and I would work for her. So when I finished school, I was looking for a job and ended up finding a husband instead of a job and then very quickly had a baby right after we got married. I hadn’t planned on working as I was just going to raise children and my family and that was just what I was going to do. Then I had this friend that I just adored and she had just moved back to town. She didn’t have a job and she would just come over to my house and literally every morning, we’d visit and have so much fun! Her husband was making her get a job. So it was so bad that I would load up the baby and then sit in

the car while she would go off to do interviews and then we would go eat lunch – it was awful! Finally I said, “this is ridiculous, we just need to start our own company and then you don’t have to get a job and we can still hang out!” I told her that I had this idea call Instead of Flowers. So basically instead of getting flowers, you called us and we would bring you food. If you had a friend that died or someone who had a baby or sick – we would take food. So we did that and of course our husbands called it, “Instead of a Job”, but it was really successful and it moved into catering almost immediately. Then we moved from Memphis back to the Delta in Mississippi where I’m from originally and I slowly started catering again and then I became the head chef at Viking Corporation – which of course is the stove company. I was there for 8 years while still catering and then we were approached by this couple that owned a farm in Oxford. They had just bought it and were going to develop it with house, but then the market turned and they thought they were just going to hang on to it. In the meantime, they had started a farm down in Louisiana and they were servicing New Orleans with some of the most beautiful vegetables that you have ever seen. So they decided to shift plans with the property that they were holding onto and to work with someone to do the same things that they were doing there. So my husband came home from work (he was a builder at the time but had grown up as a farmer) and started talking to me about all of this. We had just built my first house as we had lived in rental after rental after rental – it was my first house. We were going to live in that house, we were going to die in that house – I wasn’t going to go anywhere – they were going to have to lay me out on my dining room table when I was dead for people to see me - that was it! I wasn’t going to go to Ox-

ford Mississippi! He wouldn’t shut up about it and I agreed to look at the property in Oxford. We went down to Lousiana at their other farm and they started pulling out vegetables that I had never seen before! This was 7 years ago before we even had a WholeFoods. You’d see these vegetables in magazines but the thought that you could harvest them and cook them took me to a whole other level. So we ended up selling my beautiful house and moved to Oxford and started growing them. The plan was that Luke would grow the vegetables and that I would sell them. That’s the way it was going to be because I was a chef and knew what the restaurants wanted and what they needed and I was connected to them in Memphis and in Oxford. The crates were a thousand pounds because there were crates of squash and tomatoes. It wasn’t feathers that we were selling and it was the hardest 5 months of my life. I went to Memphis 3 days a week and sold these vegetables and then we had a barn on the farm that we were redoing so that I could get back to catering and of course we’d use all the vegetables in the catering company. It was a perfect marriage and then I had wanted to be on the Today Show for 17 years. I remembered sitting in my house back when I had Instead of Flowers seeing Martha Stewart on with Matt Lauer with a Turkey that she was making. I told my friend, “One day, I’m going to be on the Today Show and I am going to show my grandmother’s Pillowcase Turkey and it’s going to be fantastic.” My children would always ask me if I could take them to New York and I’d say, “we can go to NY as soon as I get on the Today Show.” So I was asked to do a dinner for Andy Lack in Oxford at Roanoke. I cooked out of William Faulkner’s kitchen and I was the first one to cook out of his kitchen since his death. It was 12 peo-

ple at the dinner and he was coming back out of retirement to take over as the head of NBC and that was on a Thursday and he was taking over on Monday. I knew that this was my chance. Honey, we put the dog on! AM: So wait – what was this dinner like? EH: It was the most magical thing that I had ever done. We had silver on the lawn, the oak trees were uploft, beautiful bars and we served mint juleps out of sterling silver cups with sterling silver straws as that is what Willian Faulkner served. We passed ham and biscuits because he always had a ham everytime he had a party. They were seated at his table – it was a magical night and at the end of it, Andy just held my hands and said, “you need to understand that you are wildly talented.” And I said, “Oh Andy – you tell all the girls that!” I sent him a package reminding him of my interest to beon the Today Show and I didn’t hear anything for about 2 and a half months and my fingers were bloody from hitting the email button! I wasn’t going to let it go and we have a Bloody Mary mix called Debutante Farmer Bloody Mary Mix that was born on the farm with Luke growing 10,000 tomato plants and me having nothing to do with them as we only had 6 restaurants. I knew that Andy loved Bloody Marys as I had already put some in his room at the hotel and he drinks the mix every morning – not with the vodka but he loved it. So I FINALLY got a call from the Senior Producer of the Today Show and I talked to her for 2 hours as I was headed to Nashville. It didn’t dawn on me how long it was as I was driving to Nashville and I know she didn't get a word in edgewise and my Suburban was filled

with tomatoes. So at the end of the conversation she said, “we’re going to send a crew to you and I really want to see what you’re doing there. We’ll get one of our anchors to come down to be with you.” She said, “I know, you want to be on the Today Show with Matt Lauer – there isn’t a person up here who doesn’t know what your dream is. We will get you on, but if you don’t mind we’d like to come and do a segment on you.” They came down with Erica Hill and did a beautiful segment and it was nominated for a James Beard – which I didn’t know until after the awards happened. Then she called and it was about a month before Thanksgiving and she let me know that they wanted me to come up and to do the Thanksgiving Turkey. She didn’t know that that was what I wanted to do – just my friend. So I came on and did the turkey in 3.5 minutes with Matt and I thought that that was it. That was my dream – we went to Tavern on the Green, had champagne and went shopping with the girls. That’s how we got to all of this and because of the Today Show, Sid Evans (Editor in Chief of Southern Living Magazine) called and said he wanted me to come to Birmingham to do Facebook Live and webisodes. We then had lunch with Katherine Cobb the Editor at Time Inc and Oxmoore House had this idea of What Can I Bring which is based on a column that they already have in the magazine and with that column they wanted to do a book. I had already thought about doing a book about 3 months before this and my prayer was that I wanted to do one but it had to be simple and easy as I didn't have time to find an agent, a publicist etc. I just wanted it to be the easiest book that I could write. So Katherine told me about it and I was like "Kather-

ine that was my first job – ‘Instead of Flowers’ that’s what I did.” I can do that with my eyes closed – lock me in the room for 2 hours and I’ll have a book for you. After that I agreed and I wrote a little bit and Sid said we’ll see if you can write and if not, we can get someone to help you write. I let him know that I thought I could write it and he said, “we’ll be the judge of that.” I sent him a few things so that he could pitch it to Time and they said the book went through. I asked Katherine if Sid thought that I needed someone to help me write and she said, “oh no no you’re doing this all by yourself.” It’s so funny as English was my worst subject and to see this book sitting here, I can’t believe it! It’s beyond! I just wrote what I was thinking and I figured that Katherine would fix whatever needed to be done and she never called – and now there is a book. AM: Tell us more about the Debutante Farmer. EH: So, we started with the Bloody Mary Mix and started canning it. So we had big stove pots we would mash the tomatoes down and cook them, strain them and then add what you do – Wooster, Garlic, Salt and Lime – that’s it – nothing else. We canned and canned. I’d take it to friends and then people started asking for it and it became this thing. So then we found this wonderful guy that makes it for us and he uses local tomatoes and does right by the product. So now it’s a really great product. The next step will be to work on the Pimento Cheese, Pickled Green Beans, Pickled Okra - all of those things will follow suit with this. Because there is nothing better to me then Cheese Straws and Bloody Marys and Pimento Cheese and a Pickled Okra. The Bloody Mary is the only thing that

can drink at 9am and no one is going to roll their eyes at you or to put you in the Betty Ford Clinic! They just think that you’re getting in your vitamins. AM: What foods are classic to the Mississippi Delta? EH: Well just the ones we were talking about. We have such notoriety for our fried foods and things that aren’t healthy like Pimento Cheese and Chicken Dumplings which are fantastic. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that we have the vegetables and the produce and the ability to grow it with the land that no one else has. We have beautiful Farmer’s Markets and people are moving back to this seeing this huge resurgence. When I grew up, we had a vegetable patch and most of my friends did. We had big lunches everyday and it’s going back to that but it wasn’t very long ago. So I still remember this as it’s not 2 generations or 3 generations – like it is in a lot of other places. There was a meat and 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 including sliced tomatoes, creamed corn, wonderful black eyed peas – oh my God! So although we’re famous for the fried chicken, it’s moving to a healthier aspect and I honestly think that we will be known as almost the vegetable basket (just like the bread basket in the midwest) – because we do know how to grow the vegetables and they flourish there. AM: What Can I Bring debuted this month, what can people expect when reading this book? EH: Number one it’s funny. I wrote it just like I’m sitting here talking to you talking about my favorite pound cake recipe. Even though I am going to promote vegetables and healthiness all day long, there is sometimes a need to take a shortcut to get to the end result! The whole point of this book and why it's

important is that when people are sick or hurting or celebrating – if you stop your world and take your time to care for them, by bringing them something that you made, it’s like God magnifies it and impacts them in ways that are lasting and memorable forever. I have a friend and I talk about this – my youngest daughter had an eye surgery and she was only 6 months old and we had to go to Baltimore. She was blind in one eye and it was terrifying. We came home and my neighbor saw me getting out of the car and she came over and hugged us. A few hours later, she brought back a beautiful roast chicken with lemon rice, asparagus and muffins. That was 19 years ago and I can still tell you everything that she brought. I can’t remember what I ate yesterday or where I was but I remember every single thing of what Lee Fife brought me that day. That is the reason why this is so important. Especially in our day and time today – there’s nothing more important then sharing your time with someone else. That’s what this all boils down to and that’s why the book is doing so well. AM: So can anyone give you a lifestyle situation and you can give them a dish/ dishes that can pair well with it? EH: I can – that’s the catering background that I came up in! AM: Oh great as we have some Athleisure situations that we’d love to know what it can be paired with! We always like asking 3 things and this seemed perfect! First up, what’s a great meal for a girls night in? EH: Ok [laughter] Ok Girl’s Night In – now this is funny because usually with a girl’s night in or at least my friends, the wine starts flowing first. So what happens is that everyone starts talking and their mouths are moving a mile a minute. I mean, we're the loudest group in Oxford, Mississippi and you want things that are easy - easy- easy

to pick up. So a gorgeous charcuterie board with beautiful cheeses and bread and honeycombs are perfect because you can just eat it. Just a little nibbles and noshes is what I call it. So a wonderful tiny BLT – things that you don’t have to fix and make a plate to stop that energy. Because the energy of those kinds of parties are so fun that you don’t want people to have to stop, go sit down, get a fork and a knife to eat – because the mood is ruined. AM: Second one – your friend just moved out of her home office and her business has its first space and you want to bring her her first lunch – what can we bring? EH: Mmmm ok so if you’re traveling with anything, you want to make sure that it’s easy and portable. I love Chinese To Go containers. I think that they are the most adorable things in the entire world. So I would have the most beautiful marinated vegetables and put that in and then I love salad. So we have the marinated veggies in the to-go containers because packaging is fun and it makes it. Do another to-go container lined with Bibb lettuce and put your chicken salad in there and tie it up with some crackers and bread and then have some finger pimento cheese sandwiches. Honey, that is the most delightful lunch ever! But then put it in a great basket and take it to her and then she has something to remember the lunch by and the food is always going to be fantastic, but then you want to take it to the next level and consider what it looks like, how portable it is and what is the impression that you’re going to make when you give it to somebody. If you threw that into an old to-go container, yes it’s going to taste great but is it going to be spectacular? You want to put an exclamation point at the end of that lunch, not a period. AM: And finally a tailgating -

EH: Oh shut up – you don’t know nothin' about no tailgating! I mean …. That’s all we do down in Oxford, Mississippi and right now we’re in the throws of it with LSU being home this weekend. Our tailgating is very different than most. Because we put a lot of effort into it but there are things that you have to remember. Number 1 – it’s weather dependent, you want to make sure that if it’s boiling hot you don’t want to do a bunch of mayonnaise and shrimp – things that go bad. Because people are drinking so much and talking so much (much like the Girl’s Night In), you want to make sure that things are already assembled like the hangover slider and you can pop it in your mouth. You don’t want to have to set your drink down to fix something. You want to be able to hold onto that drink and pick it up whether it’s chicken tenders – fried chicken all day. Same thing with wonderful roast beef sandwiches with bleu cheese. I have a wrap that’s a flank stank wrap that I love that has carmelized onions and bleu cheese and it’s easy to pick up and put in your mouth. This is not the time for crudité or no damn marinated vegetables – we are all in on this tailgate. And a lot of pick up sweets like cookies that have you theme on them, tent name or greek name. That’s a ton of fun! It’s so easy to pull in the car right there, unload everything, set it up, cars go out and then the cars come back in to load it up at the end of the night. So we do it up! There are a ton of tents that have chandeliers and candleabras – we’re talking tablecloths, overlays and everything. You have to come – you’d die and everyone is dressed up, I’m talking cocktail dresses. Huge flower arrangements although many times I do my own but last weekend, I didn’t have time. When I started tailgating, that’s when I realized I’m competitive. My tent, I'm

going to know that I won because when I walk by every other tent, I can tell you that it was me. I mean we kill it every single time. We’ve made gameday twice! AM: For the holidays, what are things that people should have on hand in terms of gifts to give delivery men? EH: Delivery men, I give them beers – just kidding but I do give it our trash guys and put a bow on it, they love it! You want something that is easy and portable and that they can snack on when they are driving around. I love Rosemary Cashews which is one of the recipes in the book and Fried Walnuts will make you swoon. Put them in a great bag and tie them with a festive ribbon and they can take them home and serve them to their friends. AM: So what’s a typical holiday dinner like at your home? EH: I was raised that my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my mother all had beautiful beautiful holiday dinners – they’re always perfect. They were PERFECT. The thing that is difficult for me is that my house is where everyone comes and I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love it more then anything. But with the catering company by that point, I’m a little exhausted. But still, it’s 25 people for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – whatever the holiday is and everyone comes over. I am really funny, I don’t usually let people bring things to my Thanksgiving or Christmas because I want them to enjoy themselves and it’s how I can give back to them and … I don’t trust them! There are some people in your life that you can’t entrust them with key parts of your dinner, there are some people that just need to bring the rolls an the wine - or just the vodka! AM: What charities do you support?

EH: St. Jude – We have the Taste of St. Jude which is an unbelievable event in Oxford, Mississippi and I have been on the board for about 5 years. We raised over $237,000 last year – this is in Oxford! We get things donated like trips and I do a lot of the culinary packages. We auctioned off a dinner for 40 people on the 50 yard line in the stadium the night before the LSU game. We will be in the stadium, we bring in a Celebrity Chef Ryan Trimm is going to be cooking. Literally, they will sit on the field and have dinner with the stadium lights on – nobody is in there but them. That went for $10,000 this year. We do a Pig, Pizza and Produce event. We have a great chef in town that does barbecue with amazing pigs and then we have an amazing wood fire pizza place that brought their ovens out and I did all the produce. We auctioned that off for $8,000. I auctioned off a VIP tour to the Today Show. So there are tons of trips and events and our team is second to none. Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude, the LeBonner House, Young Life, Doors for Hope – there are so many. It’s weekly that we’re doing something because I honestly feel that I have been given so much and blessed beyond that God will give back. One year, my husband figured out how much we as a company had given out in time and money and he said, “we can’t afford this” and I said, “we can’t afford not to do this.” God will give it back to me a million times over. It doesn’t matter what it is but the moment that I feel that I don’t have enough to give to someone that is in need, that’s the minute that I will not have enough to give. That’s how I believe. We give a ton and we get a ton! PHOTOS COURTESY | Time Inc.

There are bonafide BRAVO Real Housewives fans at Athleisure Mag. We love the franchise as a whole and of course we have certain cities that are favorites, but within each one there is always a few characters that we love! When Real Housewives of Dallas joined the franchise, Cary Deuber was an instant favorite and we took some time to find out more about this mom who works with her husband, enjoys her friends and gives back to others. ATHLEISURE MAG: We have enjoyed seeing you on Real Housewives of Dallas, how did you get on the show and which of the girls from the first season were you already friends with? CARY DEUBER: I am thrilled to be an official cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas, which premiered on Monday, April 11th, 2016. I can’t believe we’ve come so far! I was found for the show through a friend online through social media. I knew Stephanie Hollman before the show, but I’m so glad to have become closer to her and the other ladies. Season 2 also brought some familiar faces with both Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons who I had known for several years before Housewives. AM: Prior to joining the show, what did you think it would be like? CD: I had no idea what to expect! :) Honestly, I think that one really can’t KNOW what to expect until they end up in this situation, but it’s certainly been UNIQUE. I thought that it would be a great way to share my story and what I do in business with my husband as a partner. Being in the public eye as a cast member brings a lot of pressure and scrutiny, but we’ve had to learn to keep a thick skin and stay positive. I think that’s what this is all about! AM: What is it like filming the confessionals and the Reunions?

The Texas S

Star Shines on Cary Deuber

CD: The confessionals are actually pretty bittersweet for me because on one hand, you get to crack jokes and revisit funny moments throughout the season and really narrate what was going on in your head at the time. On the other hand, you occasionally have to re-live some not so pleasant moments and talk about them all over again whether you’ve gotten past it or not. This is especially challenging when you have a disagreement with a friend or loved one, but in the same way- it is also a bit therapeutic! You also have to look at the Reunions as a “glass half full” situation as well. It’s great to set the story straight for things that may have been misconstrued, but it can also open wounds if you let it. With both confessionals and Reunions, the most exciting part is dressing up and speaking your truth! I will always be excited to do that. Unfortunately, at Reunions, however, you cannot wear your sweatpants underneath your ballgown like we do in confessionals! Haha! AM: Was it a no-brainer for you to return for the second season and what do you like about being in the cast? CD: I think that coming back for a season 2 was a great opportunity: Another chance to grow our business and also relate to others with our personal lives. What I love about being involved with Housewives is how it allows each of us to connect with other people out in the world that we would have never known otherwise. You just never know who you will cross paths with! It’s like having another job - you make connections and friends and stories that will last a lifetime. AM: You're a working mom with a number of responsibilities in the home and you work with your husband. How are you navigating these realities? CD: I think that it’s safe to say that I’ll

be navigating these different realities for years! It’s honestly different everyday, but I love being able to wear all the different hats. I’m a wife, mom to a 5 year old, stepmom to a teenager and a 20 year old, nurse, and now, I guess a TV personality! There are so many other multi-tasking moms out there that can relate, and I’ve had some great mom advice and work tips from fellow nurses and health professionals that have really helped! Everyone has a special story, but we can also find ways to relate. This is why I think it’s so key to have such different personalities within the group - to reach the masses and help others feel less alone in their issues (whether they be very serious problems or 1st world problems!). AM: How long have you been a yogi and is there a specific type of yoga you do? CD: I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and I truly love it. I personally like to think of yoga as "my church" because it represents a safe place that I often retreat to for true self-reflection and soul balance. For me - yoga is just a way of life, release, and a great type of exercise! It is all about moving your body, finding a way to connect, identifying peace, and taking a little time for yourself to refresh your mind & body at the same time. I typically gravitate towards vinyasa flow power yoga. AM: You're very stylish - what's your personal style at the office, when you're out and about and for charity events? CD: What style at the office?? Haha! For work, I generally wear black scrubs, which totally save me during the day because they look neat and feel like pajamas! They also work for running quick errands during the day, as I don't really make time to change before going out.

When I’m not at the office, though, you can typically find me in some sort of yoga gear or workout athleisure look that can transition well from the grocery store or carpool lane to the yoga studio. Lines like F.WORDS, K-DEER, Alo Yoga, and Spiritual Gangster are some of my top favorites. Now, when it comes to charity, my husband and I typically prefer to support anonymously, but on the occasion that we attend an event, I defer to my personal stylist (my husband!) to help me out! I’m more of an everyday shopper, and he is great with special occasions. I usually gravitate toward something from Cavalli, Marc Bouwer, Herve Leger, or even a local designer here in Dallas that I love, Mackenzie Brittingham. AM: What is your style secret weapon? CD: My plastic surgeon and husband Dr. Mark Deuber is totally my style secret weapon! As an expert in the aesthetic field with European taste, Mark’s eye for detail and style has totally gotten me through several events when I had no clue what to wear. He will sometimes surprise me with a new dress or pair of boots without me even trying anything on! AM: What charities are you involved in? CD: Connect Med International is a group that I travel with and assist with cleft lips and palate surgeries as well as other congenital deformities or injuries. Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization near and dear to our hearts. I personally have a "little sister", named Leslie. She is in third grade and has a younger brother who is 4. I have a school placement which means I go to her school to meet with her. Generally, I go every other week. We play games, draw, make each other cards or just chat. My dream for her is that she is

able to achieve her goal of becoming a dentist. After serving as a Big for 2 years, I can wholeheartedly say that my Little Sister has changed my life just as much as I have changed hers. Supporting this BBBS in makes matches like ours possible. AM: In Dallas where should we eat, shop and get a cocktail? CD: I love Nonna for great food and cocktails. It’s one of our family go-tos and not too far from home! Stanley Korshak, Neiman’s, and Lululemon are probably my most visited shopping spots in town. As a mom on the go, I’m usually on a tight schedule and need a place with a good variety to pick up everything I need! Bistro 31 always has a great cocktail menu upstairs, but I have to be completely honest… I’m really partial to Mark’s world-famous Deuber-Ritas! He should bottle that recipe and sell it! AM: For the holidays, what are you looking forward to and how does the Deuber family celebrate? CD: We are all looking forward to things slowing down a bit. Our family just likes to get together and really spend time with those that matter the most. I miss my stepson so much during the year, as he’s away at college, so we all look forward to having him home with the rest of the Deuber bunch. I can’t wait for cold weather, tree decorating, and holiday SALES! A typical Deuber family holiday includes Mark and I actually cooking together for once, everyone around the table, and lots of thankful hearts. It’s a great opportunity to teach our little one about sharing and helping others, so we always find a special way to involve the family in giving back to those in need.

Athleisure Mag Oct 2017  

We are in the thick of the fall which means it's about enjoying our favorite games with friends and plenty of food and beverages. We're near...

Athleisure Mag Oct 2017  

We are in the thick of the fall which means it's about enjoying our favorite games with friends and plenty of food and beverages. We're near...