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Nov 2017

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Thanksgiving is this month and while many of us are looking forward to family, friends, food etc. This year, an extra amount of anticipaton for the national holiday means the debut of NETFLIX/ Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It' which begins streaming on the network for this movie turned series. Rafael V DeLeon plays Manny Garciela and we caught up with him in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ATHLEISURE MAG: We've seen you in print campaigns and we know that you have acted in a number of shows/films, tell us about your journey in both areas. RAFAEL V DELEON: Yes, I have! Well, the journey is still ongoing, but I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given so far. When I first moved to NYC, I worked the graveyard shift at a hotel. That was the bottom...I mean, “beginning” of the journey. lol AM: Tell us about your role in Netflix/ Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It', how long were you filming and what was the auditioning process like? RVD: I filmed scenes over the course of several months. The audition process was like any other; you go in, do your best work, and leave the room knowing you gave it your best. AM: In your opinion, how has 'She's Gotta Have It' been tweaked from the world it existed in 1986 to now? RVD: Well for starters, in 1986, social media didn’t exist. The integration of social media and cell phones are the two biggest tweaks. Other themes like: racial inequality, gentrification, feminine empowerment, and social justice were already top-of-mind issues for Spike...back in 1986. “Been Woke” as Spike would say. AM: What did you know about this movie prior to auditioning and what are your thoughts on this now that you

have played the part of Manny Garciela that plays the best friend of Mars Blackmon played by Hamilton's Anthony Ramos? RVD: I was familiar with the project but had not seen the film prior to auditioning. I had done my research on the film and prepared accordingly though. My thoughts now are “Whoa. What an experience!” To work with creatives at the top of their game both in-front of and behind the camera is a milestone moment for me. You find yourself surrounded by so much talent it’s awe-inspiring sometimes. AM: With 'She's Gotta Have It' streaming on Thanksgiving, how excited are you to be a part of this iconic series? RVD: As excited as Spike was when the Yankees won the World Series in 2009. AM: We know that you live in Brooklyn, where are your 3 favorite places to eat, workout and to grab a beer?

To work with creatives at the top of their game both infront of and behind the camera is a milestone moment for me. You find yourself surrounded by so much talent it's awe-inspiring sometimes.

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RVD: 1.) Eat- I really enjoy Archie’s Pizza in Bushwick (I hope they read this). 2.) Workout- Any playground basketball court. Always good competition there. 3.) Grab a beer- The Rookery Bar (I REALLY hope they read this). AM: Do you still play basketball as we know that you played Division I at Temple? RVD: Temple is not only Division I, but is the 5th winningest Men’s Basketball program in NCAA history behind Kentucky, Kansas, UNC, and Duke; but I digress. ;) I do still play! A colleague of mine has pick-up every week (shout out to DG) and gets a bunch of ex-division 1 guys together for weekly runs. AM: What's your personal style when you're going out to grab a drink versus when you're running errands? RVD: Oh man, when I’m going out I try to dress in something that is comfortable, individualist, and on-trend. When I am running errands? Whatever is clean. AM: What roles can we see you in next? RVD: I have a few opportunities in the pipeline, but nothing I can announce currently. I will just say that I am excited for what 2018 has in store. AM: With Christmas around the corner, what are you doing this season and where will you spend NYE? RVD: I am spending the week leading up to Christmas with my family in Prince Georges County, MD and will be traveling to Costa Rica on the 26th through the new year! AM: Tell us about charities that you are

a part of? RVD: I work closely with the Make-APlay organization, Camp Ryan, and volunteer at a middle school in my neighborhood. Lending a hand in my community is something that is very important to me. AM: Is there anything else that you would like to tell us that we have not covered? RVD: I love playing Chess, day-trading stocks, reading The Atlantic, and watching critically-acclaimed films with my Somali princess. Oh, and I still haven’t beaten a local chess-master in Union Square. Our shoot took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the McCarren Hotel and Pool as well as the famed The Meatball Shop. You can watch Rafael V Deleon on NETFLIX in Spike Lee's, 'She's Gotta Have It' streaming now. You can also connect with him socially. Twitter | @RafaelVDeLeon Instagram | @RafaelVDeLeon Facebook | /RafaelVDeLeon We're big fans of The Meatball Shop at Athleisure Mag and it was fun to chat with their Marketing Director Natasha Miller about their history, menu, neighborhood locations and spirit. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about The Meatball Shop - what the concept behind the restaurant is, who are the co-founders, when it was created, and current as well as upcoming locations of this eatery. NATASHA MILLER: The co-founders are Daniel Holzman (Chef) and Michael Chernow, a pair of childhood friends who opened the first The Meatball Shop location on the Lower East Side in 2010. Since then, they’ve expanded to open locations in the Upper East Side, West Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen,

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and Williamsburg. The Meatball Shop is all about eating responsibly sourced, delicious food in a fun, hip location. AM: What are some of the signature dishes and cocktails that are available at The Meatball Shop? NM: The beauty of The Meatball Shop is that you can put together any dish you'd like! But, some of our guest's favorites combos are definitely our Classic Ball (a mix of beef and pork meat) with our Classic Tomato over Spaghetti. Our Kitchen Sink Salad is also a big hit with our guests. Our cocktail menu changes seasonally, but I’d say our Moscow Mule is pretty classic (and delicious). AM: For those who are vegetarian, can they also enjoy the experience at The Meatball Shop? NM: Totally! We have vegan veggie balls that are out of this world, I like them best with our pesto, but they can be served however you’d like! We're all about cooking seasonally and are always changing up our awesome roster of veggies sides. Currently were serving sides like Roast Brussels Sprouts and Apples, Braised Kale and Tomato Soffrito, and Butternut Squash Sage Rissoto. AM: If you haven't done so already, can you tell us about Sidepiece? NM: Sidepiece is the bar connected to our Hell’s Kitchen location – you walk to the back of the restaurant, past the restrooms, through a little hallway, and you’re there! Sidepiece has a totally different cocktail menu and acts as our meatball test kitchen where we serve some super fun dishes like Pretzels Balls and Meatball Nachos, in a speakeasy-esque space. It can also be rented out for private parties too! AM: With a number of locations in NYC,

what is the thought of the aesthetic of the restaurant in relation to the location of the neighborhood that it resides in? NM: The aesthetic of each individual restaurant definitely changes based on the neighborhood that surrounds it. We want each location to feel like its own restaurant - the Williamsburg location, for example, is more subdued and looks lovingly worn in, while the Lower East Side shop has a poppy-feel, with a deep navy wall coated in bright white metal meat grinders. AM: We shot a portion of our shoot in the Williamsburg location of The Meatball Shop. What can you tell us about this particular location (when it opened, those who tend to stop in)? NM: We opened up our Williamsburg Shop in 2011 and it's become a stable of Bedford Ave. We get a lot of neighborhood locals for sure but as the neighborhood has changed we're also seeing a ton of tourists stop in which has been really fun. We recently started serving brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-4:00pm – this was the first location we started doing so, and it’s been a nice change of pace. AM: What can we expect with the upcoming holiday season in terms of events or promotions taking place at The Meatball Shops? NM: We’re just about to launch our latest SHUT skateboard deck design, which will be available on our website. We encourage fans of the brand to check out our other gear as well, like our Ballers sweatshirt, Ballerina Tee, and our jarred Classic Tomato Sauce- which can all be found at www. AM: What are the Co-Founders' favorite dishes at The Meatball Shop?

week – they sit like dumplings atop a layer of cream of tomato soup and are dangerously good. Right before Christmas, we will be bringing back our Jingle Jingle Balls made with venison and paired with a traditional Cumberland Sauce. We also have a killer Bread Pudding special for dessert this month! AM: We know that you can buy The Meatball Shops' sauce and cookbook, are there other items that are available that people can purchase when they can't get to the physical locations? NM: We love designing merch! In addition to our sauce and cookbook, you can find our "Balls" shirts, Grinder Snapbacks, and Grinder Carhartt Beanies at all of our shops. We also carry limited quality items such as our Hedley & Bennet Aprons, "Mini Meatball" Onesizie, and (Baller)INA Pink T-Shirts that you can find in our different shops!

NM: Michael Chernow loves a Kitchen Sink with Veggie Balls and Pesto and Daniel Holzman loves a heartier dish of Pork Meatballs with Spicy Meat Sauce over Polenta with a Family Jewel on top! AM: Are there new dishes (whether ongoing or seasonal) that will be coming to The Meatball Shop? NM: We just started serving our Grilled Cheese balls in all of our locations this

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Nov 2017

Nov 2017

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e c k l n e a T n i t 's o nt e L nc I t ul

It's important for us to share issues with our readers about a number of health issues or situations that can take place in our bodies. A few weeks ago, we attended an event presented by Always Discreet Boutique where they shared innovations that they created with a new underwear that assists those that battle Adult Incontinence. To find out more about what it is, to clear up misconceptons about it and to more we chatted with Selin Waltz, Always Discreet NA Franchise R&D to find out more about this. ATHLEISURE MAG: What is Adult Incontinence and why does it happen? SELIN WALTZ: On the most basic level, incontinence is defined as the involuntary loss of urine; however, there are several different kinds of incontinence that can be caused by anything from pregnancy to menopause and even strenuous physical activity. The three types are urge, stress and mixed incontinence. Urge incontinence occurs when you have a strong need to urinate but cannot reach the toilet in time, while stress incontinence is when you experience a leak while coughing, sneezing or laughing; this is very common in younger women that have children and among athletes and active women. Mixed incontinence is a combination of both symptoms. Bladder leaks are very common, in fact 1 in 3 women experience them. That is why it is so important to get the word out and let women know they are not alone and there are solutions out there for them! AM: What are the innovations that are involved in Always Discreet Boutique that are different than what was currently in the marketplace for those who have need for this product? SW: Always Discreet Boutique is bladder leak underwear that looks flirty and fashionable, with stylist attention

paid to every detail, including its beautiful and sleek packaging. Made with silky-soft fabric and curve-hugging contours that come in a rosé color with a variety of delicate lace prints, the design is inspired by fashion industry and pantone trends. The 3 designs in each pack are a simple bow for everyday elegance and 2 different flowery patterns that go from the front to the back on one side. Worked on by lingerie experts and fashion designers, Always Discreet Boutique is panty drawer-worthy underwear that can be paired with a favorite bra with pride. The Always Discreet brand has been making strides in the adult incontinence category since its launch in 2014. The Always Discreet Boutique product has a superabsorbent core with unique RapidDry™ liquid-to-gel technology that absorbs leaks and odors in seconds and Double LeakGuard™ Barriers to help keep you protected all day long. AM: What are the similarities that can be found in Always Discreet Boutique versus menstrual products that are available in the brand? SW: The entire line of Always Discreet is specifically designed to handle urine, a thinner fluid than menstrual fluid. While we understand some women have used Always Discreet products for their menstrual needs and it is perfectly safe to do so, we recommend using a menstrual product for your period as it is designed specifically to handle the thicker fluid. AM: AI may seem like a condition that older women experience; however, what are common groups that also have an issue with this? SW: While adult incontinence is generally perceived as something that only effects older women, 1 in 3 women over the age of 18 experience bladder leaks. There are a number of reasons women experience leaks including

pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, excessive exercise (i.e. long-distance running), obesity and/or diabetes.

AM: What are the current offerings of this product and will there be more added to the line?

AM: How important was pushing forward on the stylish aspects of this product?

SW: Always Discreet Boutique underwear is available in Small/Medium and Large with Maximum absorbency. The sizes available are based on category sales demand. If there’s demand for additional sizes, those sizes will certainly be considered. As for the color, currently the rosé-colored underwear is available with a variety of 3 different delicate lace prints. The 3 designs in each pack are a simple bow for everyday elegance and 2 different flowery patterns that go from the front to the back on one side. We shared many design patterns and color options with women, and Always Discreet Boutique was ultimately approved by women like you! We’re excited to share this new style and designs, and we will continue to talk to women for their feedback. While we can’t share future innovations for competitive reasons, we’re committed to researching and developing products that will serve as advanced solutions for our consumers.

SW: For decades, women have had to make a choice between protection from bladder leaks or pretty underwear that makes them feel confident and sexy. Over the years, we spoke to thousands of women while developing and enhancing Always Discreet, and they told us that bulky bladder leak products can erode their confidence and femininity. Always Discreet Boutique was designed to give women a unique choice that gives her amazing protection, but still looks, feels and fits more like feminine panties. We feel that women shouldn’t have to choose between an underwear that makes them feel both protected and comfortable in their own skin. Now, women won't have to make that compromise with Always Discreet Boutique.

Bladder leaks are very common, in fact 1 in 3 women experience them. That is why it is so important to get the word out and let women know they are not alone and there are solutions out there for them!

AM: When we attended the launch event, we found that women who are marathon runners and those that are pregnant - have an issue with AI - why does this take place? SW: There are many things that can cause women to experience bladder leaks. During pregnancy and after childbirth specifically because your birth canal stretches to let your newborn through. As it stretches, your pelvic floor muscles stretch out too and a weakened pelvic floor can weaken your bladder control. Similarly, in the vein of exercise, certain exercises such as long distance running can make your pelvic area feel strained and increase your chance of experiencing leaks. PHOTOS COURTESY | Always

The weather continues to get colder and that means your at home spa embraces a number of cozy or hygge influence to get you through the season. Here's what we think is essential to include in your bathroom right now. | MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator | HERBIVORE BOTANICALS CALM Bath Salts | POTTERY BARN Faux Fur Robe Without Hood | IN ESSENCE Australian Natives Aroma Diffuser |


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There are a number of cycling studios that are known for bumping beats, great comraderie and feeling like you're on another level. On your list of places to frequent whether you're in Boston, Madison and NYC - CYC Fitness is one to add to your list.

CYC FITNESS Boston 699 Boylston St, Boston MA 02116

WIth a number of rides that activate your whole body, each class focuses on calorie burning endurance intervals in tandem with weighted sectors that are fueled by high energy playlists. Classes are divided into 3 types:

Madison, WI

Cyc45 Clip into our signature 45-minute beatbased ride. Calorie burning endurance intervals are combined with weighted sectors for a unique, and transformational workout. CycLift Turn up the resistance, fire up your core, and grab your weights. This is our signature Cyc45 ride with additional weighted sectors that will sculpt your upper body, build your strength, and take you to the next level. CycLean Take the “weight� off your shoulders and transform your stress into sweat. Raise your stamina in this 45-minute, weight-free ride. Hills, jogs, jumps and the perfect balance of resistance will free your mind and keep your body lean. Cycologists lead the class and ensure that you're guided through the choreography under a night club like environment where lights change from purple, red and blue. Weights are also incorporated into the 45 minute sessions.

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Nov 2017

773 University Ave #205 Madison, WI 53715

Ave NY, NY 10036


CYC UES | 1231 3rd Ave NY, NY 10021

CYC Astor | 4 Astor Place NY, NY 10003

CYC Chelsea | 555 Sixth Ave NY, NY 10011 CYC Hell's Kitchen | 700 Eighth

Nov 2017

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SOULANNEX We've been fans of SoulCycle for years and were excited when we heard about SoulAnnex, the next evolution in fitness and wellness. The Flatiron location is where top instructors are piloting the latest and most effective off-the-bike classes. The focus of this platform is about elevating the way you move off the bike by strengthening, dancing, stretching and moving the body in a whole new way.

from head to toe. The result is an incredibly fun workout that leaves you breathless and happy. DEFINE: These total-body sessions utilize body weight, free weights, resistance bands and more to sculpt strong muscles. Drawing on varying modalities like high-intensity interval training and plyometrics, instructors will coach you through each rep to help you unlock your inner athlete and achieve your highest level of physical fitness.

Classes are offered 4-5 days and provide a full 360 approach to training that compliments their on-the-bike programming at SoulCycle. The classes focus on three key training areas.

ALIGN: The perfect balancing supplement to your cardio and strength sessions, our restorative classes stretch, lengthen and rehab overworked muscles. Drawing on disciplines like yoga and Pilates, you’ll release tight hips, glutes, and more while improving core strength. Each session integrates mindfulness and body awareness for a 360-degree experience that replenishes you mentally as well as physically.

MOVE: Feel the beat, embrace the rhythm, and experience how energy and momentum can take your workout to the next level. Every move you make is done with and for a purpose: Choreography, set to epic playlists, revs your heart rate and tones muscles

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Nov 2017

that include hair care products by Ouai and 100% organic tampons by LOLA.

During the first week of SoulAnnex's opening, we took Fundamental Flows with Eve which was a vinyasa workout that is a balanced mind-body experience where your breath, mantras and movement come together on the mat and beyond. As you transition from Inner Warrior to Warrior II, each person finds the shapes that awaken your muscles to find clarity, strength and flow.

SoulAnnex features a lifestyle boutiue with SoulCycle's original performance and athleisure collections, as well as a capsule collection that features the signature triangle logo of SoulAnnex.


Prior to and after class, guests can enjoy complimentary studio amenities Nov 2017

32 W 18th St NY, NY 10011 - 53 -

f o t r A e h k T c a n S e h t TURKEY DAY LEFTOVERS Thanksgiving means that it's time to think about turkey and all the sides that go with it to make it a great meal. But when Turkey Day has passed and you're still left with this festive poultry, it's time to think of ways that you can still enjoy it without having to have the same meal you enjoyed on the big day. We have a few favorites that you should bookmar! HAWAIIAN BBQ TURKEY FLATBREAD PIZZA COURTESY | Damn Delicious

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Nov 2017

Nov 2017

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When sides, appetizers and the protein of the hour come together, it's only fitting to create this decadent sandwich. TURKEY, BRIE AND CRANBERRY MUSTARD PANINI COURTESY | Just a Little Bit of Bacon

Nov 2017

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Taco Tuesdays just became a bit tastier when you dice up your favorite bird. LEFTOVER TURKEY CARNITAS COURTESY | Serious Eats

All you need is a glass of rosé with this pesto, turkey perfect bite. ARUGULA PESTO TURKEY TARTINE COURTESY | What's Gaby Cooking


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Nov 2017

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"You can't know where you are going, until you know where you have been." This quote always seems to take on more meeting when we find out the varied paths that people get to where they want to be. We sat down with Lights (Warner Bros Records) to find out how she got into the industry, her upcoming tour next year, her new Skin&Earth album, which also includes a series of comic books, her favorite travel destinations and how she defines balance as a songwriter, performer, wife and mother. ATHLEISURE MAG: How did you get into the music industry – tell us a little bit about your journey. LIGHTS: That’s a loaded question! I started out having no idea about how to get into the industry and I don’t think that anybody does. And there really isn’t one specific way to do it. I think at the beginning, I had a pretty skewed view of how it was to be done and how it would pan out. I did music because I loved it and I started writing songs when I was 11 – I had my little 8-tracks and I started producing when I was 13. By the time I was 15, I had multiple albums of music and at that time, it was before MySpace, Peer Volume or YouTube and there was no place to put it. You actually did have to have a way in. So I enter contests like songwriting contests, local singing contests and stuff – just to see what would happen. Randomly, my way in came. My mom worked at Walmart. She was an employee, so you could be in the flyer. We took a picture which they selected and we had the opportunity to be in the flyer. The photo I sent in had me with a guitar and they picked me. They came to my town and shot some pictures of me and a few other locals for the Walmart flyer. I got $30 and modeled their turtleneck – it was great. So the makeup artist said, “oh the picture that you sent in with you in the guitar – do you actually play?” I was like, “Yeah,

I have a whole EP.” I was like 14 or 15 at the time. So he asked me to sing for them and I did a Mariah Carey song in the trailer and he asked me to bring the EP by his hotel, which I did and then he brought it to his friend who was in the industry that happened to be coming into the area later that summer for a festival and he ended up becoming my manager. We worked on the music for a couple of years and then shopped it to the labels and then a couple of years later, I got a development deal with Sony and then I made some connections in the industry and 2 years after I was dropped from the development deal, I got signed to publishing which is songwriting for TV shows as well as working on my own music with sessions with other writers. At this time MySpace came along and that’s when I was able to put my stuff up and everything changed. It wasn’t the label that launched my career but an online platform that allowed other people to have access to me. Then Old Navy used a couple of my songs in their campaigns and that is when other people found out about me and then I got signed on from there at 19 with Warner – everything went from there! AM: We never figured that Walmart would play into this story! L: You never know where your break is going to come from! The most important thing is to do what you love and to take the opportunities that present themselves. You never know where it will lead to! With that said, many people ask me what way they can get into the industry and I tell them that they have what they need right in front of them as the access is online to get your music out there! AM: We’re beyond bummed that we missed your show here in NYC earlier this month, but what can we expect when we go to a Lights show and what

kind of music is it that you are doing? L: It’s really about putting my shows into a story arc and that’s even more imperative now with the comic that comes with the record as we will be implementing that into the next tour. It's an emotional journey and it starts out energetic as I want to make sure

that everyone is comfortable and singing along. My favorite part is to see that in a show and then I like to break it down to more of an intimate tone and then end it on a high note. Set lists are always really well thought out. People should come ready to dance and ready to sing and of course there are cool lights – literally, which is really cool.

AM: What is your personal style in terms of dressing at your shows versus out and about with you and your family? L: It’s interesting how I dress for a show isn’t too far from how I dress day to day, it’s just more amped up. It’s more extreme and over the years, I have come to know that how I dress really affects how I walk and how I am on stage. I need to feel empowered and I need to feel like a woman. It’s somewhere between Lara Croft from Tomb Raider with short shorts and big boots – I always wear big boots and big socks even in the summer time. I love a crop top that channels my whole Anime Manga face with the bright hair. I like a little spice of fantasy mixed in with a bit of a warrior. AM: Obviously you are extremely talented, how did the comic book into this portion of your music as well? L: I have always loved comics and have been reading them for years. I think that comics, like music is one of those forms of entertainment that all the fans want to become the creators. Once you read comments you want to make it, you want to try it – to create the content. I have always wanted to do it and it has been a dream of mine for a long time. Part of that dream has been wanting to see out in that world a music comic project, by a woman. It just didn’t exist and there were a few things here and there and even with dudes, it wasn’t that common. So I wondered, when is a girl going to do this? One day I was like, “why can’t it be you – get to your computer girl!” I shrugged off the fears of not knowing how to do it as I think that is one of the major factors that holds us back from doing what we want to do because we feel that we don’t know how to do it. I just taught myself how to do it! I did the research, I got the books - went online and watched webinars

and tutorials and I just had to start from somewhere. I have seen my dreams come true in putting this together over the last year. It’s just been amazing. I did a lot of work – I write it, draw it, render it, color it, package it and ship it! I send it to the publisher and it’s from my heart and mind and it’s so cool to see it all come together! AM: That is so cool so do you go to Comic Con with this? L: Yeah! I have always gone to Con as a fan and last year I was at Toronto Fan X which I have gone to for 10 years as a fan. This year, I was there as a guest with a professional pass and people were CosPlaying as my character! It was so awesome! AM: This is so inspiring and once again, we’re bummed that we didn’t see you tour! L: Well, when we came through the fall last year, it was a shorter set as we were supporting Paris but next Feb/ March when we come through, it will be a full production experience and a full set! It will be directly related to the comic. AM: Obviously you travel a lot, what are some of your favorite places that you love going to? L: Oh one of my favorite cities to go to is Amsterdam! Everywhere you look is an Instagram shot – it’s so scenic and there are flowers all over the place. It’s gorgeous and I have even more of an appreciation for it especially doing the comics – as an artist now. You have to do studies and backgrounds in art and lighting. I’ve noticed things in the environment that I would have never noticed before like the way a shadow falls – so you notice your surroundings more and Amsterdam is one of those cities that everywhere you look it’s picturesque and inspiring. Another area is Mexico – I love the beaches and it's

one of my favorite places in the world. I grew up traveling and last year, my husband and I went to Thailand and explored the jungles and then we went to Tokyo – that trip itself was a bit of a catalyst that made me really want to do the comic and a month later I was drawing! AM: We love Tokyo, being there really changed the way we looked at things for sure! L: I know – when I got there I was like, “I want to do music and have it played here – how can I make this happen?” So, we have Giants in four different languages and Japanese is one of them!

With that said, many people ask me what way they can get into the industry and I tell them they have what they need right in front of them as the access is online to get your music out there! AM: This holiday season, are you doing a lot of performances, will you be doing festivals for 2018? L: Yeah it’s going to be a festival summer this year I think and our tour is 2.5 months in the spring with the festivals in the summer and then touring in the fall. The final issue of the comic comes out next month and then we will be packaging it into a graphic novel and then will tour on that in comic shops which will be some pretty cool stuff on that as well.

AM: Clearly your busy, how do you take time for yourself – are you a yogi – what do you do? L: I do a bit of that. It’s all just balance. I’ve learned a lot over the years and still have a lot to learn about getting work done and taking time. I mean it’s not about saying I’m going to work here this week and then take time out here on this day. There was a time in my life, that I thought that was the way to do it. Instead it’s more like, today I am going to work 4-5 hours and then have dinner with my kid or spend some time tonight to do whatever. Everyday is in front of you so you need to take the time daily you need to do the work but you need to take the time. I mean life moves and we spend so much of our time waiting for life to happen and it’s right now and we need to enjoy it while getting stuff done. AM: What would you like to share with Athleisure Mag’s readers that you may not have been able to share? L: I’d say check out the album …… it’s my Opus and the greatest thing that I have done so far and I’m proud of it. Listen to the music on its own, read the comic on it’s own and then do so together – it’s a totally augmented experience and check out the Instagram page @SkinAndEarthWorld – it’s a map of the world from within the comic and its interactive - click through the various accounts and explore the world and go to different locations and find hidden song clips. It’s just a fun way to experience the world without having to pay for anything right now. PHOTOS COURTESY | Matt Barnes/ Warner Music

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There are a number of events that aretaking place in the first few days of Dec as we begin to close out your year. From music festivals, Art Basel Miami and more. Sole DXB takes place in Dubai Dec 7th - 9th and focuses on Fashion, Footwear and Lifestyle by merging a number of brands and musicians together for a fun experience. Sole DXB is helmed by Hussain Moloobhoy (began his career at Saatchi London and moved to the Middle East and joined Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai where he served as its Creative Director - he took a sabatical to explore global designs and fashion industries which led him to create a creative agency), Joshua Cox (serves as Co-Founder of Sole DXB to create a platform to help revive culture and inspire the urban fashion industry of the region), Kris Balarite (with a focus on creative design and advertising as well as freelancing with sports brand consulting, he serves as a Co-Founder of Sole DXB and is the brand creative director for the first ever basketball concept store in the Middle East known as Conquer) and Rajat Malhotra (in addition to bein a partner in Sole DXB, Rajat established a media and telecom business where he served as a CEO as well as partnering with Sunny Rahbar as a Co-Founder of the Third Line Gallery which has allowed curated exhibitions in NYC's gallery Stellar Rays). With their creative backgrounds, we wanted to know more about what Sole DXB is as it has taken place for a number of years and is constantly focused on specific cultures that are being presented. With its mixture of art, sports, music and footwear, we took some time to find out more about this event. ATHLEISURE MAG: Summarize in your own words what Sole DXB is? SOLE DXB: VERY. DOPE. A celebration of hip–hop culture that has been so integral to our lives. We’re simply creating an event that we, as people, would want to go to. Just so seems there’s a lot of others like us too…

AM: What is the decision behind celebrating various cultures at various points of your event from American Hip Hop one year, British Hip Hop and this year, Japanese contemporary design? SD: Culture is global, its nuance local, our individual upbringings widespread. As partners, we all grew up across different cities all around the world, but moved to Dubai eventually. During that process, Dubai had so much to offer, but there were parts of our past lives that we missed and we didn't feel that we should have to get on a plane every time we wanted to experience it. Last year we looked at how the scene goes down in London. For many it was the year of grime, so we brought out champions of UK sounds like Skepta, Stormzy, Little Simz, and Chipmunk. The year before it was very much a look at how the originators of hip-hop, the US, did things. So we brought in legends like Mobb Deep and DMC (of Run DMC). We consider every event an education through experience for our consumers. This year we've looked East, especially at the real design finesse from Japan. So we're bringing out (Fragment founder and) icon Hiroshi Fujiwara to give a talk. Then we have brands like Visvim, Wacko Maria, Neighborhood and Undercover showcasing their wares. Beyond that there’s some real godfathers of the industry coming down – we have Mass Appeal offering an exclusive international screening of (yet to be shown) Word is Bond. And that’s before we even talk music (read: Kano, Pusha T, Goldlink, IAMDDB and more…). AM: What are the pillars of DXB offerings that attendees come to expect regardless of the theme running within the year? SD: The best in beats, kicks, design, food and vibes, all under a big blue sky in the sun. As Bobbito Garcia, our longterm guest and friend said, “there really is nothing else like it in the world.’

We pride ourselves on a humble and open atmosphere. The days are smooth, the parties are bumping. AM: What is the Dubai Design District (d3) and why has this partnership been integral to your event? SD: Dubai Design District is our home, and moreover, the city’s destination singularly dedicated to design. It’s the chosen home for the region’s growing collective of creatives, artists and designers – and an institution we are very proud to work with. We have been partnered with Dubai Design District for three years now, and recently signed a further three-year contract to mark our mutual respect, and furthermore, agreement to nurture the Middle East’s creative culture together. If the last 3 years have been about building our brand and establishing a global presence, the next 3 years will be about nurturing and fostering regional talent. We will serve as a platform to showcase our stories to the rest of the world and to connect our international visitors to the community here. d3 are central to all of this. AM: You have a number of amazing entertainers and brands that are participating this year, who are you excited about? SD: NxWorries (presented by PUMA), King Push, Kano, Teyana Taylor (presented by Reebok), Goldlink, IAMDDB… We have such variety of great performers it’s difficult to pinpoint just one. But there’s also the talks, the brand showcases, the art. Hiroshi Fujiiwara (Fragment), Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Melody Ehsani, and Peter Bittenbender (Mass Appeal Records) are all speaking amongst others. Then we have the Nike basketball tournament in conjunction with Ball Above All. And Cadillac is hosting the regional debut of Cadillac x Warhol: Letters to Warhol. FRAME is a concept

store bringing down some of Japan’s leading brands. Then there’s a wealth of really exciting local brands, like amongst few and ANTHLGY doing their thing. And really, that’s just the start of it. There is a lot to see and do! AM: Are you already planning next year's event and will there be future cities that you will bring this to? SD: We are always cooking up plans. 2018 will be a madness – trust us on that! AM: Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about DXB and how those of us who may not be attending can still be a part of this event? SD: Follow us on soledxb - you might not be there, but it will definitely make you want to visit.

We've officially entered the holiday seas co-workers, friends, ladies who brunch a small but powerful that you can have at friends and family will enjoy.

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son when you're bag is filled with gifts for your and more. We have a great list of items that are the ready and shows that you know what your

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: S T C A F Y T E U H A T E B T E W G O L

The world of makeup artistry is ever changing from following trends, making new ones and seeing what exists within the cosmetic and skincare industries. We had a change to chat with Karim Orange on celebs that she has worked on, her about new line that she has collaborated with via Vapour Organic Beauty, being a Low Beauty Makeup Artist and what that means in a world where we are navigating green, non-animal tested products, sustainable as well as other products. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about your background and how you became a Makeup Artist. KARIM ORANGE: I have been a professional make up artist for over 25 years. When I was younger I always loved the beautiful girls in the magazines with makeup on. They always looked so happy. I started as an assistant to another celebrity makeup artist. We worked on over 100 videos a year in the early 90s. My big break was touring with Mary J Blige's. After that I beat out 23 other make up artists for my spot at The View. This is where I received my two Emmy nominations.

have beautiful tones of orange. Some amazing foods are orange. Orange makes you glow. Inner Orange is about glowing strong in whatever-you do, and the colors in the collection reflect a 'glow strong' attitude. AM: What products are currently in Inner Orange and what are your plans for this portion of the line in terms of extending the product range? KO: Inner Orange currently consists of two collections. The first collection is called Spark and it's for light to medium skin-tones. It consists of peachy and soft gold neutral tones. The Crave collection consists of warm burnt orange shades and rich chocolate browns. It is more for medium to darker shades. Inner Orange will continue to develop with Vapor Organic Beauty. You will see the addition of seasonal colors and products to support the crave and spark collection, giving you more possibilities.

AM: Who are celebrities or projects that you have worked on that we would know?

You will also see additional products under the Inner Orange umbrella. The next product is a synergistic essential oil blend called Inner Orange, which will be available in January on the Inner Orange website.

KO: I worked on The View and with artists like Jay Z, Nas, Sean Puffy Combs, Lauren Hill, Rosario Dawson, Goldie Hawn, Mary J. Blige, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, The Dixie chicks, Deepak Chopra, I've even done Donald Trump's makeup.

AM: When we talked with you at the event, you explained that you're a Low Beauty makeup artist - can you explain more about what this and misconceptions that people may have on this title/ category?

AM: How did Inner Orange come about (from it's name, your partnership with Vapour etc)?

KO: Over the years I have seen the words clean, green, organic, sustainable, natural all used to describe more conscious personal care products. These are the words that I have used to describe personal care products. Recently, I have thought about what it is that I do. What it is that I would like to teach women. It became a concept that I have personally coined to describe my practice which I call 'Low' Beauty. It's very easy for the average person to understand. Everyone likes things in life

KO: Vapor Organic Beauty and I have been working together in different capacities for over five years. I have always respected them as a brand because they have always been inclusive of all shades. The name Inner Orange is of course a play on my last name. I find that orange, the color, usually makes people feel excited. The sun has hues of orange, changing leaves

that are low! Low mortgage rates, low risk activities, low pesticides in food. Low beauty is three basic steps and rules, that I try to follow. *As a make up artist I try to use the minimum amount of products to get maximum results. When I teach a women how to do their make up I try and make it as simple as possible. If she is currently using 10 products I try to get it down to five or six. *I also try to introduce products with low undesirable ingredients. *Lastly I try to pick products with low carbon footprints. Sometimes the low carbon footprint part can have shades of grey. AM: How did your journey to being a Low Beauty artist come about? KO: My journey as a low beauty make up artist came about by trial and error. Using minimal products came about on a tour with Mary J Blige's. At the time Mary had her own make up kit that I was using. Somehow her make up kit got left behind at the last venue. That night I had to do Mary's make up with a few products. It taught me how to be a minimalist. Also working on The View (live television), where you have no extra time for extra products, confirmed my minimalistic approach. The need to use products with low undesirable ingredients came about through my personal nightmare. A lipstick that I had been using every day for years sent me to the emergency room because of a sudden allergic reaction. I didn't wear lipstick for almost 10 years after this. I also started making the connection between women and auto immune disease and what we put in our bodies. There are so many women that have reactions to something they have been using every day. The body one day says that's enough, and makes the immune system go haywire. I was lucky that my reaction happened on

the outside of my body immediately. I was able to stop using the product, a lot of women are not so lucky when symptoms happen internally. The low carbon footprint aspect can be a bit overwhelming. While I understand that sometimes companies can't do everything right, they should still make an effort not to intentionally incorporate practices that are wrong and harm the earth or animals. They should support sustainable practices and know every element of their manufacturing. AM: There is a growing conversation among many about the need to transition a number of beauty products from those that are chemically based to those that have less as well as those that have not been tested on animals. What products swaps do you suggest for mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, cleansers, toners, moisturizer etc. Are there any products that you suggest that people continue to use that may not be Low Beauty oriented but are safe to use? KO: You're trying to get me in trouble on this question (lol). I believe in education not scare tactics because I'm a magician not a preacher. I encourage women to switch three products first. Their lipstick because they eat it. Their body lotion because your skin is the biggest elimination organ in the body, and your nail polish because the nail beds are so porous and traditional nail products are so toxic. Let's also remember that I am a make up artist and I love make up. I still follow the trends and products in traditional makeup. I have to relate to any woman that comes to me for a consultation. I have to understand what she is using and why. So, if you come to me as a virgin when it comes to owning cleaner versions of beauty products, I'm going to be very gentle with my recommendations. My

Let's also remember that I am a makeup artist and I love makeup. I still follow the trends and products in traditional makeup. I have to relate to any woman that comes to me for a consultation. I have to understand what she is using and why. first step is to educate you and get you out of any lipstick that has toxic ingredients. With that being said if you're addicted to your Dior Show mascara (which I know is fabulous) I'm going to say enjoy it and tackle other things (first things first). Here are some of my favorite products (yes they all fall under Low Beauty lol) Mascara: Mineral Fusion and Gabriel Cosmetics Eyeliner: Zuzu Luxe (they have a ton of fabulous colors and shades, for both eyeliners and lip liners). Lipstick: Any color you love that's non toxic. Foundation: I love Vapour and Mineral Fusion in liquid formulas. (they offer so many varieties and formulations). I also like Au Naturale sticks and ZuZu Luxe for powder. Eyeshadow: Most mineral shadows are ok. Just make sure they are not made in a country that tests on animals. Also try and find some that contain no FD & C Dyes.

Cleansers, Moisturizers, Toners: Try brands like Indie Lee, Kimberly Sayer, Dr. Hascka and Even Healy. All of theses brands are amazing.

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OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH join our mission: no one should die from breast cancer. find an event + donate.

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K N OW Get Travel Ready!

We're always traveling but the holidays mean that you're logging more flights than usual. Traveling also means you encounter a few unwanted travelers germs! We took some time to chat with Celine Thum, Medical Director of Paradocs Worldwide, Inc to identify germy areas, how to stay safe when we are under the weather and more. ATHLEISURE MAG: What are 5 "germy" areas on a plane even for those that are flying first class and what/how can we combat this? CELINE THUM: A message to all travelers, the actual risk of catching a serious communicable disease during air travel is no different from if on a bus or train, however, those that are on larger flights have a higher risk of catching a disease. Even boarding processes have an impact on transmission — if front boards first, there is more clustering of people while passengers find a spot for their overhead baggage. Most importantly, you should notify an airline employee if don’t feel well as you are putting your own and others’ health at risk. Tray tables: People place all kinds of objects such as money on tray tables and use it for personal things, from filing nails to changing a diaper. It catches respiratory droplets and is a big source of germs, as it is frequently touched (and eaten off of!). In addition, they are not cleaned during turnaround. Pack disinfecting wipes for this area right in front of you. Carpet and bathroom floor: Don’t go barefoot! The carpets are filthy, and the bathroom floors covered in urine. Blankets and pillows: they are thrown around overhead and sometimes cases never changed! Bring an extra fleece sweater and your own pillow when traveling. AM: Sometimes we fly when we have a

cold, what can we do to nurse ourselves back to health in flight? CT: Because the high altitude can increase sinus pressures, cold symptoms can be aggravated by flying. Steam from hot beverages can open up nasal passages, and chewing gum can encourage equilibrium for difficult to pop ears. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep tissues around to keep your nose decongested and clean AM: What should we pack in our carry-on in case we get the sniffles or need to stay refreshed while traveling? CT: You should definitely pack eyedrops and lotion, as the recirculated air is very drying. If you wear contacts daily, consider glasses for the flight. I always keep a face wipe, Vitamin C with Zinc, Benadryl, and Ibuprofen incase I get allergies or a cold! AM: How can we prepare our bodies for flight prior to boarding and post boarding? CT: Make sure to practice good sleep and hygiene, as frequent changes in time zones and poor sleep can weaken your immune system. Drink plenty of water before the flight, and make sure to walk around or keep legs moving to prevent blood clots from forming. Keep an alcohol based hand sanitizer for during the flight to kill bacteria.

Bingely Books friends coming over and beyond. It encourages you to step up your game when people come over or if you tend to be the default bartender. Just imagine at your next viewing party for X-Men, Agents of Shield and create beverages that merge nerd culture and cocktails together! Not only are there a number of drinks that are offered, but it is authored and tested by Andy Heidel (he is known for his Doctor Who Bar), the owner of The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY, a bar and music venue. This is a fun gift and staple to have by your bar cart and will serve as a great conversation starter/ice breaker.


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THE COCKTAIL GALAXY St Martin's Griffin Andy Heidel

There's always an excuse to celebrate something! A new job, engagement,

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What is the relationship between Power Food and Power Foodies? Well, Power Foodies are people that are constantly on the go from work, working out, meeting with friends etc. In order to continue this pace in a healthy way, Rens has created a book filled with healthy options that allow you to do meal prep and to avoid having to go to other options like eateries, food trucks etc, that can be time consuming, Nov 2017

state is a destination for Beer, WIne and Spirits! With 18 distilleries, nearly 50 breweries, and a dozen wineries - there are a number of drinks to enjoy year around that include hard apple cider, whiskey, and more. The book navigates what the state has to offer and introduces you to brands that you'll want to enjoy when you're in the area or perhaps find at your local store. We suggest that this is a giftable book as it's a bit of beverage tourism that you'll want to have handy when you make the journey or just for those that like being in the know of what regions have to offer.

unhealthy or even just a waste of money/taste. Those who are fans of Rens' approach to Power Foods will love that she has included her focus on preparing, preserving and easily taking items along. With a number of options available, you may find that you start a trend amongst your friends to do the same.

DRINK VERMONT: BEER, WINE, AND SPIRITS OF THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE Skyhorse Publishing: Brdbk Edition Liza Gershman Reading definitely transforms the mind! When we thought of the state of Vermont, we thought about maple syrup as well as snowboarding but after reading Liza's book, we now know that this Nov 2017

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Bingely Streaming that the town in Godless, a Netflix Original limited series, is populated by women only! The classic ruthless outlaw terrorizes the West to seek out a former member of his gang who has found a life in this quiet town! This show stars Jeff Daniels (The Sinner), Michelle Dockery (Good Behaviour) and Jack O'Connell (Money Monster).

LOVE, LIES & RECORDS Acorn TV If you enjoyed Ashley Jensen in Agatha Raisin and a number of her roles in an array of films and series, you will enjoy seeing her in Love, Lies & Records. The series begins with her character, Kate landing her dream job promotion to Superintendent Registrar (marriages, deaths and births). Not only does she have to balance the needs of being a mom as well as working a position that had a number of demands - she also has to navigate co-workers that are less than pleased with her success. She is acutely aware of the jealousies as well as secrets from her personal life that could take her from the life that she has just recently embraced.

GODLESS Netflix Originals There's nothing new about shows that focus on the Old West where there are outlaws, good guys and those that may have a secret or two that they would rather not be known by others. These motifs are turned on their head when you realize

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THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL Amazon Original In The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we are transported to 1958 in New York where we see a woman whose life is exactly what she

Nov 2017

her life shift. This shift makes her evaluate her life as a housewife to a standup comic which is not surprising to Mrs. Maisel herself.

wants to be - a great husband, kids and upscale Yom Kippur meals at their Upper West Side apartment. With such a great life, it only takes a surprising turn to have

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There is nothing better than being able to hop a flight and head to a tropical destination such as Oasis Spa in Phuket, Thailand. Known as an experience for the mind, body and soul - it's worth placing this on the bucket list. If you can't travel just yet, an at home spa isn't complete without an all purpose balm and beverages that replenish as well as energize you. | THE BODY SHOP Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm | APRES Mint Cacao | MATI ENERGY Citrus |


#TribeGoals Recommended for your Tribe to eat, work & play

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When you say truffles, you think about how they pair well in butters, salts, popcorn or you favorite steaks. But did you know that in beauty, this leaves your hair and skin so soft? Here are our faves. SKIN & CO Umbrian Truffle Hand Cream | MMXV INFINITUDE Universal Facial Treatment | PHILIP B. White Truffle Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Shampoo |

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When you think about elite sports that involve grace and agility, polo comes to mind. We had the opportunity to chat with Ashley Busch, who is not only plays polo for the US team, but she is also the global brand ambassador of the United States Polo Association as well as a model for Wilhelmina. We chat about her career, how she balances her life with her husband and NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, as well as her new swim line that will make its debut in 2018. ATHLEISURE MAG: How did you get into Polo and how did this culminate in you becoming the face of the United States Polo Association (USPA) as their global brand ambassador? ASHLEY BUSCH: I started riding at age 5 where I showed Hunters. When I was 11, I went to a polo school that was in Middleburg, VA. After my first lesson, I fell in love with Polo and have been playing for the past 16 years. As far as the brand ambassadorship with USPA, I previously have done several campaigns for them, in the past, as the brand likes to use actual polo players because it represents authenticity. After building my relationship with USPA and gaining notoriety as a female player, they decided to choose me as their first ambassador. AM: What are takeaways that you have from Polo that can become keys to living a quality life day to day? AB: The commitment it takes to be a competitive polo player can be parlayed into several aspects of daily life. Such as physical fitness, motivation, consistency, nutrition and learning that you "win some and you lose some." AM: Tell us about the US Eastern Circuit Polo Team. AB: The US Eastern Polo Team was a team that myself and a few other American players brought to England

On The Fie Ashley Bu

eld with usch

to play against the British Armed Forces where it was a series of 3 tournaments played at Sandhurst Military Academy, Coworth and Guards Polo Clubs. The US Team was able to defeat the British. AM: We love swimwear and want to know more about how this became your passion and how you came to collaborate with La Isla's Founder and CEO Enrique Sanchez-Rivera. AB: Another passion of mine has been fashion design and I used to collect swimwear. Enrique is a fellow polo player and has his own swimwear line called La Isla. He also does private label manufacturing, so after speaking with him about the highlights of being involved in design and swimwear, we decided to work together. AM: What can you tell us about this upcoming line and will you be showing at Miami Fashion Week this year? AB: I decided to create my own brand and hired his company to do the private label for me. I don't want to give away too many details about my upcoming line, but it will be similar to the Aqua Bendita swimwear line. My line will have a variety of price points and will be made for all shapes and sizes. My goal is to be showing at Miami Fashion Week. AM: A portion of the proceeds will go to which causes? AB: I haven't selected which causes, as it may be a different one each season or may choose several causes to divide among. Hospice, Children’s Hospital, Cancer Research, Humane Society, Horse Welfare, our Military, etc. are all causes I am passionate about! AM: How is it juggling your busy schedule as a model, USPA Ambassador, designer and the wife of NASCAR champion, Kurt Busch?

AB: It is definitely a lot to juggle, but Kurt and I have a commitment to make time for one another, family and friends. My tip to all trying to juggle a busy schedule is to try to take each day with a positive mindset and fresh start. AM: Clearly, health and fitness are important to you, what are your go to foods that you enjoy eating for energy? AB: Depending on what the day may entail my foods may change. I try to look at food as fuel and how my body responds to it. I enjoy high protein meals that include veggies and quinoa or other high protein grains. Snacks include protein balls & protein shakes, apples with natural peanut butter & yogurts for when I need a fast option. I also avoid alcohol for optimal energy before games and trainings. AM: With the holidays coming up, many people want great arms and legs which look great in cocktail dresses what would you suggest adding into your routine in terms of working out? AB: My trainer, Molly Deaton, is doing lots of bodyweight exercises with low weight. We always start with variations of plank to warm up along with pull-ups & pushups. She has me do something different things each training session, but we use the TRX a lot along with isolated holds for abs and legs. If you are looking for some great toning workouts check out some local classes that are offered in your community. It is a great way to work with a professional who can help you achieve those goals and have fun while getting in shape! AM: Are there any other fitness methods that you do? AB: I've recently gotten into Air Silks. It is probably the hardest workout I've ever done but is so much fun. Kurt and I also enjoy working out together.

Athleisure Mag Nov 2017  

Our Celebrity Cover is Rafael V DeLeon from the cast of NETFLIX/Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It', we interview Ashley Busch - polo player f...

Athleisure Mag Nov 2017  

Our Celebrity Cover is Rafael V DeLeon from the cast of NETFLIX/Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It', we interview Ashley Busch - polo player f...