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issue #53 may 2020








To the Beach with April Ross


This month, we catch up with 2 X Team USA Olympic Beach Volleyball Medalist, April Ross. She talks about the AVP Tour, the 2021 Olympic Games and how she has outfitted her home to keep training.









She’s Superbad with Seniesa Estrada

We talk with WBA’s 18-0 flyweight title holder, Seniesa Estrada about her upcoming match in July. We also talk about how she got into the sport, the barriers that she has overcome as a female boxer and what it’s like to have Danny Trejo in your corner.

That California Girl Life 48 LIFESTYLE FEATURES






We talk with Gaby Dalkin about Williams-Sonoma, her new cookbook and more.

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SYSK with Emily Skye


We talk with Celeb Fitness Expert Emily Skye on staying fit as well as a great workout.

Issue #53 | May 2020


9PLAYLIST TM Naomi Campbell Supermodel and Fashion Icon, Naomi Campbell shares what she’s listening to as we all look to add new songs into our playlist .

Let The Games Begin 118 with Brooke Ence

Athleisure Studio

This month we talk to International CrossFit star, actress and Resident Tagger of FOX’s Ultimate Tag, Brooke Ence. She talks about her career as well as Naked Fitness.

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Issue #53 | May 2020

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Superhero Spotlight


As we do our part to flatten the curve to support those on the frontlines battling COVID-19, we acknowledge Rep. Hakim Jeffries (D-NY) and his church testing initiative with NY State.



This month’ we find out some of tennis great Rafael Nadal’s must-haves and why.


H C A E B oss

E R H l i T

r p O T ith A w

Back in 2016, we interviewed 2 X Team USA Beach Volleyball Olympic Medalist April Ross after her Bronze win at the Olympic Games in Rio. Flash forward to this month's cover, we caught up with April Ross to talk about indoor vs beach volleyball, the AVP Tour and the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo that are slated to take place next year. We also talk about April joining the KT Tape team and how she uses her social platform to to inspire and motivate her followers to stay motivated in their health and fitness journey. ATHLEISURE MAG: When was the moment that you realized that you wanted to transition from an indoor volleyball player to a beach volleyball player? APRIL ROSS: There was no specific moment, it was kind of a process and I had kind of given up indoor and just fell out of love with it. My big thing is that I just want to be able to enjoy my journey always. I just wasn’t enjoying my indoor journey. My teammate from USC was playing on the beach and asked me to play in some qualifying events on the beach with her to just help her out. I went out there and we didn’t do very well and I wasn’t very good, but I just fell in love with the sport of beach volleyball. I stuck with it and played it for a while, struggled for a while and I finally broke through and started to have some success and then you know, I just kept riding that wave.

there is a lot more accountability on each player in beach. AM: Last summer, we attended the AVP NYC Open which was a lot of fun. Obviously, you and Alix Klineman won and typically, right now you would be in the thick of the AVP schedule. How have you been spending your time since you’re not doing that at the moment? AR: Life looks a little different right now. I’m at home pretty much all day. I’m working on some home improvement stuff that I have never had time for. That’s actually really nice. I checked out a big amount of gym equipment from the USA Volleyball Gym and I cleaned out my garage which has been full of storage stuff for the last 10 years. I created a home gym and I am able to get my full lift in there which is about 2 and a half hours. I’m going to Home Depot today to get supplies to make a wooden squat rack. Because I do a little bit of woodworking too and I am getting back into the hobby now that I have some time to explore that so I thought putting my time into making a wooden squat rack would be great. I looked at some designs online that I want to try. Working out, visioning, I’m doing a lot reading and a lot of reflectioning as well as journaling. I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom calls. I mean, everyone is doing the Zoom calls.

AM: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between indoor vs. beach volleyball?

AM: For sure. Obviously, with the Olympics being pushed back to next year, what does this next period look like for you especially in regards to training and getting prepared for that?

AR: There are two biggest differences for me – obviously the surface, it is so ridiculously hard to move and jump in the sand – that just creates a totally different challenge in beach volleyball than when you are playing indoor volleyball. The other big difference is that you touch the ball every single play. You are involved in every single play. You can go through an entire rally during indoor and not touch the ball once. On the sand, when you want a point, you have to touch the ball. I feel like

AR: That’s a constant discussion with my team. We’re trying to grasp onto something in the near future that we can train for and that’s proving hard to do obviously. So, we’re kind of waiting and seeing the government guidelines are when we can get back out on the beach. We want to take advantage of this time, but it’s really hard if we can’t get out on the sand. We can do so much off of the sand, but you have to be able to practice. We’re trying to see how we can have a training


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Issue #53 | May 2020

Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020

Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020

Issue #53 | May 2020

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camp and if we can do it safely if there is a private court somewhere and we take the proper precautions, maybe in June at some point we can get on the sand and do 3 – 4 weeks of training camp. If there is still nothing on the schedule, maybe we can take a week off. I mean, it’s tough. I’ve never ever had to do anything like this. AM: It’s a day-by-day thing. AR: Right, it’s literally a day-by-day thing. It’s a constant brainstorm and getting creative and with each new piece of information, it changes so we’re trying to be really go with the flow! AM: The weekend of May 22nd, I love that you have partnered with KT Tape to do an Instagram Live event where we can train like an Olympian, actually work out with you and get off of our butts to get a good workout in. Why is this so important for you to participate in this? AR: I’m really excited for this KT Tape Instagram Live workout. Because I’m not playing and I can’t really interact with fans to encourage and motivate people through my competitions and stuff, I love doing this and engaging people and helping them while they’re at home. Maybe I am creating a little bit motivation or making it a little bit easier for people to have access and information on how to work out and to stay healthy during this time – as well as how to do it while you’re staying at home. I feel like I’m still of service in some way and I just really like to have some kind of positive influence on whoever decides to follow me on social media. I don’t want it to just be “look at me – look at what I’m doing.” I want to give back and I want to help people accomplish their goals and to stay healthy. AM: You just joined KT Tape earlier this year. What is it about the brand that is such a great synergy with you and how you operate? AR: I think KT Tape is essential to being an athlete, to staying healthy in general es-

pecially in this time. I don’t have a lot of access to physical therapy and therapists. That’s essential to my program and to staying healthy as I have these aches and pains. Because I have KT Tape, I’m able to use that to support my joints and my muscles. All of last season, it was huge as it was for qualifications. I strained my quad early on in the season and it was kind of a big factor and without being able to use KT Tape and tape it all summer, I think I would have been in so much more pain. I had to tape it through World Championships and all through our biggest tournament. Throughout my whole career, I have leaned on my ability to tape myself and literally keep myself together – so it’s a natural fit. As I get older, I need it more and more. AM: What kinds of workouts will you be including for your Instagram Live with KT Tape? AR: Well it’s going to be a shoulder stabilization and strengthening workout. I’m trying to think of things that maybe peo ple have not hit so far and that there aren’t a lot of information on. I think that a lot of us are probably on the couch a good amount hunched over and we’re sitting on the computer a lot with Zoom calls. To try and rectify our posture a little bit, I’m going to touch on that stuff. AM: Who have been 3 people that have inspired you in your career whether you know them personally, follow them online etc? We like asking our changemakers this question as it’s a key one for our podcast #TRIBEGOALS. AR: Oh wow! People that have inspired me – I would say that one person who has really helped me get through this time is Glennon Doyle. I’m reading her book and she does little Instagram TV videos daily. I love following her. I have recently been inspired by Megan Rapinoe and how vocal she has been for everything, that is amazing. Then, Dr. Michael Gervais – he is a sports psychol-

ogist. I was on a panel for Victoria Garrick, she played at USC and is kind of a mental health advocate. She has me, another athlete and Dr. Gervais on to speak to her and her following. Just listening to him, he gave me a lot of ideas that I could be doing in this time to kind of just get my vision right, my mission, my life philosophies etc. so that when we get out of this, I’m all in alignment – spiritually. He’s definitely someone that has influenced me as well. @AprilRossBeach PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS | PG 16 - 21 + 29 Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire \ PG 22 - 27 + 30 KT Tape. Editorial Design by Athleisure Mag | Hear 2 X Team USA Olympic Beach Volleyball Medalist, April Ross on our show, #TRIBEGOALS - which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! Make sure to subscribe to find out when the episode drops. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast.


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Issue #53 | May 2020

Issue #53 | May 2020

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SHE'S SUPERBAD with Seniesa Estrada


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Issue #53 | May 2020

We're all settling into new routines and we caught up with WBA's 18-0 flyweight champion, Seniesa "Superbad" Estrada who is taking the boxing world by storm by breaking barriers one fight at a time! We took some time with Golden Boy Promotions' boxer as she is in the midst of training for her July match. She shared her journey through the sport, her passion that began for it when she watched with her father as well as how she stayed focus despite obstacles that stood in her way. We also talked about her partnerships as well as having the support of Danny Trejo noted actor of Machete and Predators as well as restaurateur of Trejos Tacos. She even shared how she wants to give back to her community and those with an interest in boxing. Finally, she shares how she has set up her training as we continue to live in these uncertain times. ATHLEISURE MAG: When was the moment that you realized that you loved this sport and that you wanted to be involved in it? SENIESA ESTRADA: When I was about 6 years old, I believe. I would watch boxing fights with my dad. My parents divorced when I was 1. The only time that I would see my dad was on the weekends and I would go over to his house. Every weekend, there would be a big Pay-Per-View fight that was on. He would order it for us to watch or we would just watch a classic boxing fight from an old tape that he had – Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson – all the great fighters. The first moment that I watched the fight, it would intrigue me and everything just made sense to me and I knew that that was what I wanted to do. AM: When did you actually start and who was your coach? SE: I started when I was 8. From the age of 6 that’s when I watched it and I really wanted to box. I spent 6-8 months just asking him if we could go to the gym and start boxing. But he was totally against it. I remember when I would ask that he would tell me that boxing was for boys and I could do cheerleading or something

like that. I remember thinking, “cheerleading – that’s so boring.” My brothers played baseball from t-ball all the way to high school. I was always at the park with them and I loved baseball, it is my second favorite sport. Even for baseball, he was against that too as he felt that that was for boys. The very first gym that I went to was just a little outside of East LA and my dad walked into the gym and the trainer said, “oh she’s too young and we usually work with people who are 13. Bring her back when she is 13 – plus she’s a girl and we don’t really train girls.” My dad got in the car and he told me what the trainer had said and I started crying. At that point, my dad realized how much I really wanted to start boxing and he took me to a local gym in the neighborhood that he grew up in at the Colmbacke center and it’s a great place with a boxing program free for all kids and it was an awesome place. The very first trainer that I had when I walked into the gym, I remember that he said, “you want to box?” The gym was filled with little boys and I was the only girl in there. He said, “ok I’m going to train you, but I’m going to tell you right now that I am going to treat you just like one of the boys. I’m not going to treat you any different.” I said, “ok” and we started from there and I haven’t stopped since. AM: That’s a great story and at what point did you decide that you were going to go pro and what led to that decision? SE: I would say when I was 16, I won the USA National Championship which ranked me #1 in the US. The first Women’s Olympic Boxing was going to be in 2012 which was 3 years later. At that point, I had had over 100 amateur fights already. I wasn’t sure - I didn’t want to wait another 3 years. I was tired as I had been doing a lot of traveling for tournaments. I also fractured my toe – I dropped a weight in the gym on it. The toe kind of kept me from being able to compete and there was just

a lot going on from the injury as well as waiting 3 years so I decided to turn pro. Turning pro, I didn’t realize how the transition was different. When you’re in the amateurs, there is pretty much a tournament every month and you’re fighting constantly. When you turn pro, it’s not like that. Especially for women, now it’s great, but back then it was different. It was difficult to get a fight, it was difficult to get signed by a big promoter. I was fighting every 7 months and sometimes, every 8 months. So I didn’t realize how different the transition was and how dead women’s boxing was. Just to see the change now – the difference, that change has only taken place in the last 2 years. It’s insane to see the difference of where boxing was 5 years ago vs. today. It’s only getting bigger and better now which is something that I am looking forward to in the future.

course. We have been running at the parkas well as training there. I have also trained in my dad’s backyard. We got as much equipment as we could out of the gym to the backyard. So we’ve been doing that. It’s a lot different not having a boxing ring and easy access to everything, but I was talking about it with my trainer. We’re getting ready for a fight that is supposed to take place in July – what we’re getting ready fo. We’re not able to spar but I have been through so many training camps where I couldn’t get any sparring and I only sparred 6 rounds during the whole training camp which is insane. So all of the little obstacles that I have dealt with throughout my career this isn’t difficult because I have been through this before as it comes to training. We actually didn’t have a gym for awhile years back. So we trained at AM: To know that it has only been in the the park so I have done this before. last few years that these changes have taken place is really interesting. In doing our AM: What is it like on fight day for you? research of you as a female fighter, being Are there certain routines that you Mexican-American, winning the women’s have leading up to the fight? Golden Gloves match, being signed under Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions SE: I would say that he day of the fight, – you have had so many firsts that you I just like to be left alone. I don’t realhave broken through. What was your mo- ly like to have friends or family around tivation to continue to play the sport with me. I don’t like to talk. I just want to all of these things that could have imped- stay focused and be by myself on the ed you from breaking through? day leading up to the fight. I get very nervous. So many people are surprised SE: My motivation, I would say that there to hear that I get so nervous because were so many times that I wanted to give it doesn’t show especially when I get up. I knew that I didn’t want to live my life into the ring – it doesn’t show. wondering if I could have done it if I gave up. That was the biggest motivator for me Having so much amateur experience and kept me going. and just being as good as I am, people don’t expect that from me. But I do, my AM: What is a typical training session like hands are just dripping in sweat and I for you normally and since we’re all stay- don’t eat. I mean, you’re supposed to ing in due to COVID-19, how have you mod- eat a good breakfast of course which ified those kinds of things to stay fit? is good for the body and to have lunch if you can, but I get so nervous that I SE: Typical training, I would do strength can’t eat that much the morning of or and conditioning for 1 hour to an hour and anything. a half. Then I would go to the boxing gym and I would be there for about 3 hours. AM: Who have been your mentors in this sport? But now, it’s been a little different of

SE: I would say, my dad. Because he’s been through so much personally and has overcome so much. As far as him being in and out of prison, addicted to drugs and changing his life. He’s been my number 1 supporter and has always made sure that I have never gave up and I always continue to have faith in myself and faith in God. He is the one person that no matter how down I’m feeling or no matter what it is that he is there to lift me up and to put my head in the right place.

sent them. i wanted a relationship and to have a feeling of loyalty. That’s what stood out to me about RVCA and why I liked the brand, the people, the athletes and those who work for them. Everyone is just really good people and that’s what I appreciate about RVCA. Ladder is a great company and they have been great to work with and I love the products. I have always had a hard time finding supplements that I liked. Supplements that are actually working – I have never really felt that AM: You have had a phenomenal career, until I found Ladder and everything you’re 18-0. What do you think about that tastes good which is very important and what are your goals that you want to and it works. do in the sport as you have such a dynamic career? AM: That is the perfect combo. SE: In the sport, I just want to continue to elevate the sport of women’s boxing to be better. It won’t be easy for all female fighters, but all I can do is continue to accomplish my goals and for people to see me and recognize me so that they can be more open minded to watching women’s boxing and supporting other women in the sport. Of course, my goal is to win multiple titles in 3 different weight divisions – which is definitely something that I want. AM: We know that you signed with RVCA the SoCal sportswearbrand, you have partnerships with Ladder – why are these great fits for your brand and are there others that you will be apart of as well? SE: RVCA is a great fit for me because, it’s difficult to find a brand that really supports you no matter what during the ups and the downs. I feel that there are a lot of sponsors and brands that will only want to work with you when you’re at the top and winning. RVCA has been with me even before I had a deal with them. They supported me and have always been there. Pat, who is the owner of RVCA, the way he’s so genuine and that’s what really got my attention. It was the kind of brand that I wanted to work with and the kind of relationship that I wanted to have. I didn’t just want to wear the clothing and repre-

You also have a sponsorship or partnership with Danny Trejos? We love his taco destination, Trejos Tacos, his movies and his personality. How did that happen and has he given you any advice on staying motivated? SE: He’s great! Daniel my publicist, actually worked with him when he was at the LA Rams and introduced me to him as they became close friends. He’s amazing and super supportive. He is someone that is just great to have and genuine as he cares for his close friends and his family. I am grateful to know him. I would tell people – because they ask me, “how is Danny?” I always tell them an example. If he is doing an interview, he would invite me to come along with him so that we could talk about me. Every week, I will get a random call from him on a Mon or a Wed. I would say, “hey what’s up.” I would wonder what he needed. He was like, “nothing just checking up on you.” A call to check up and not because he wants to say something or wants something specifically. I don’t even have friends or family that do those calls that are just to check up! Everytime I tell people that, they find it interesting. No matter what he has going on or movies that he’s in, he still takes the time to think about people

that he cares about.

perbad" Estrada

AM: When you look at goals as a brand or things that you want to be involved in to add to that – what do you envision for yourself whether it’s in the sport or an adjacent area? SE: As far as outside of the ring, I’d like to motivate those that are in the inner city and communities that I grew up in. I’d like to open up a gym in a community like where I grew up in. I know that a lot of gyms are expensive now. Being able to start boxing back at home in the community center that was a free program. My parents couldn’t have afforded being at a gym where there was a monthly fee and I know how important that is. Especially when there is a family that 3 or 4 kids that want to box – it’s not easy to pay $125 for each kid for a gym fee. I’d like to open a gym close to my community, have it affordable and classes for counseling. That way, everyday that you’re going to the gym, it’s a place where you can feel comfortable to talk about what is going on in your life and around you.

Hear 18-0 WBC boxer, Seniesa "Superbad" Estrada on our show, Bungalow SK - which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! Make sure to subscribe to find out when the episode drops. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, AM: I think that it’s awesome that you Google Podcasts and wherever you enwould want to create that in order to joy listening to your favorite podcast. merge that balance between athleticism and mental health! SE: I think it’s really important for kids and the community to find someone or a place where they are really comfortable speaking about these things going on in their life. AM: You were saying that you are training for the fight taking place in July. Is there a place that we should keep an eye out for on your social? SE: Yes! We’re looking at July. I think Golden Boy hasn’t said a date but I know their first boxing fight will be then. So I’m just preparing for that on any date in July. @Seniesa_Superbad PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY | Seniesa "Su-

Go! crispygreen.com




Inspiration doesn’t just occur. It’s created. Perfection isn’t simply achieved. It’s worked for. Reserved for those who get out and go. Fueled by nature. Motivated by spirit. How do you go?


Food has always been a great way to bring people together, explore cultures and even to give insight into who you are and your creativity. This month, we talk with cookbook author, founder of What’s Gaby Cooking culinary creator, and who has created a line of seasonings, sauces and cocktail mixers that you can purchase at Williams Sonoma for a number of years – Gaby Dalkin. She shares how she created her culinary universe, her focus of California Girl Living, being inspired through travel and lifestyle as she approaches creating her dishes. We also talk about her popular site and how she grew it as well as her newest cookbook that’s out now, What's Gaby Cooking, Eat What You Want. She even tells us how we can enhance our movie nights in with her dishes as we all do our part to flatten the curve! ATHLEISURE MAG: When did you fall in love with food and realize that you wanted to work in the industry? GABY DALKIN: So I fell in love with food really when I was in high school. I used to come home from school everyday and watch the Food Network and I just loved watching them cook. It was mesmerizing to me. I would watch it everyday for a couple of hours when I would do my homework. Then when I got to college, I started cooking for my tennis team. I played tennis in college and I met my husband, he was my boyfriend at the time. He was on the men’s team and I would cook for everyone – we have both not picked up our rackets in years. I would cook for the men’s and women’s teams right before matches. I loved getting people around the table. It brought me so much joy for me to be able to feed them and just watch the conversation happen when you bring people to a table and include food. After college, I got a job in the fashion and marketing/PR industry for a couple of months. The whole company folded and then instead of getting an-

other job, I decided to go to culinary school – just for fun. I had no intention of going into the culinary world fulltime. I ended up loving it and falling in love with food. I got a job as a private chef and I started my blog and it just snowballed and that was a little over 10 years ago. AM: That’s a great story and one of the things that we enjoyed reading about you is that you’re all about the California Girl Life. We’re based in NY and we wanted to know how you define the California Girl Life? GD: To me, the California Girl Life is not about being in California. It’s more the state of mind as opposed to an actual place. I think it’s all about living your life in balance, being your own sunshine and making sure you’re happy and all of that. I think that that is what my definition of California is. I can have a beautiful salad with all of these incredible vegetables and I can also indulge in pizza, pasta and cookies – that’s the balance part of it. I mean, we’re very fortunate in California to have incredible weather most of the year. Whether or not, you can experience that or not, I think that we can all bring a bit of sunshine into our kitchens via food. AM: Would you define that as your style of cooking or since you went to culinary school, do you have a specific way that you like to cook? GD: I would say that I am very California focused, but I would say that I was trained in French cuisine, but I wouldn’t say or even qualify myself to say that I am a French trained chef. I like to say that the way I cook is very carefree, I like to do simple ingredients – I would say that I am a Mediterranean style cook and that really resonates with California. I also grew up in Tucson, Arizona so there is definitely some South West and Mexican influence in my food. AM: We can definitely see that. You are

a recipe developer. What does that mean and what does it involve? GD: A recipe developer is someone who has an idea and takes it from an idea to a finished recipe. Normally, it takes anywhere from 3-6 tries to get a recipe perfect before it gets up on my website or one of my cookbooks. For me, it’s important for me to stay continuously inspired. Pre COVID-19, it came from traveling and being able to eat at restaurants and all of that kind of stuff. Now, I’m finding inspiration from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Boxes and things that I’m doing because before, I had access to Farmer’s Markets and now I get these things delivered once a week and I’m like, “what do I do with this and this?” It’s creating so many ideas because I’m being forced to cook with things that I normally would not get on my home. It’s been cool to recipe develop during this period of time when things have been more limited. AM: Can you tell us more about the website, What’s Gaby Cooking? GD: What’s Gaby Cooking is my website that I started back in 2009. It was originally a blog that I was able to put up things that I was cooking in culinary school and beyond on it. It has now been turned into more of a hub that houses all the What’s Gaby Cooking things. So we have recipes on there, meal plans on there, we feature companies, we do travel guides, menu planning for Memorial Day or Mother’s Day, our podcast is on there now and we just recently launched a culinary school on there as well. AM: Which is awesome. GD: I’m basically reliving my culinary days and turning it into videos so that people can get the same education I got A. for free and B. done in quick snippet videos. While everyone is cooking more at home right now, you have access to some cool how to videos.

AM: When we looked at it, we loved seeing how you had all the different ways that you could make eggs because there are some that you know how to do, but then there are others that are a bit more challenging and it was cool to see the one on poached eggs. It’s great how easily bite sized that it is where you can just start from there, do it and then you just roll into other videos. Couldn’t agree more that especially during this time, you may not have cooked a lot but you find yourself doing it a lot more now and you’re looking for fun places that you can kind of make it fun for yourself to do it. Especially since we’re all at home! GD: I think it’s important to make things accessible. Yes cooking can be complicated, but at its core, it’s not. I’m enjoying being able to dispel some people’s fears around cooking while doing culinary school. AM: Your husband works with you as well, how is that in your coupleship? As our co-founders are a couple, it’s interesting to see all the roles and those that spill over work between them as well as finding that balance with them. GD: Thomas came on fulltime about a year ago. The first couple of weeks were rocky because we were so used to – I mean I have a team that helps me but I wasn’t used to having someone in my space every day. It was really interesting getting Thomas and I into a groove. Now a month in, we’ve been smooth sailing. He runs the whole production, tech and design side – he does all the video editing, the website design – all that and creating all the graphics and things. I do all of the recipes and camera facing work. He’s also been apart of What’s Gaby Cooking from the beginning. He wasn’t getting paid as he had an other job, but he knows my business inside and out. It’s hard to find someone who cares about the company as much as I do. So, it’s really cool to have him involved full time now and to have someone who is

as equally invested in it every waking moment of every day.

tone as well as pictures. What inspired you to creating this particular book?

AM: You have so many aspects to your business. What was the moment that you realized that you wanted to include a cookbook within your ecosystem? We were fans of Absolutely Avocados – we’re a fan of the fruit. What was the process like when you decided that you were going to do your first cookbook and how long do you spend doing your cookbooks?

GD: Thank you! I get asked all the time, “Yeah you post all of these pizzas, pastas, cookies and salads. But what do you really eat Gaby?” I was like, “this is what I really eat.” I just wanted to really drive the home that you could do it all, you could do it in balance and you really have a great life. I think in today’s world, there is a lot of noise in food. You’re not supposed to have bananas in your smoothie and all of these things that aren’t necessarily true and it’s because of the diet industry that is rebranding as part wellness industry basically. I wanted people to get rid of the noise. Food makes you happy. It’s supposed to nourish your body, make you happy and bring people around your table. I wanted to create a book that was going to celebrate all of that.

GD: When you write a cookbook, it normally takes you 2-2.5 years start to finish. But when I did my first cookbook which was 8 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and I walked into it very blind and it was an incredible learning experience for me. I LOVED Absolutely Avocados. It was my first child if you will. I’m very proud of it, but it also came with so many lessons about what kind of person I wanted as my agent, my editor, how I was going to be pushed and did I need someone to be my best friend who would hold my hand the entire time or did I need someone that would push me to make it an incredible book and to make it even better. From my first book to my second and third book, I actually switched both agents and publishers. What I learned was, I can have both. My editor now, is someone who is going to push me to be a better writer, a better thinker and all of these things. She has now turned into a friend, but at first I was just looking for a friend. I wasn’t looking for anyone to push me because I thought that I was doing it so well to begin with. But we all need to be pushed and I think it’s important to have someone that keeps me accountable. I’m lucky that I have thatwith this team. But the first book, was a really great learning lesson for me. AM: You just released your third book, What’s Gaby Cooking, Eat What You Want. It has such a great conversational

AM: To have the section on the sauces, the splurge foods, you have the foods that are definitely the healthy ones – having the balance and destigmatizing it as opposed to saying what should and shouldn’t be really rang true to when we created Athleisure Mag. We wanted to present the options and allow people to decide if they wanted to do something in the manner that works for them. To have it in a succinct and awesomely packaged way, it made us want to make a number of the recipes because there are so many fun things that are in there. The flow and the way that it is broken out is conversational which makes it super approachable which is exactly on point with your brand. GD: Thank you! That’s exactly what I wanted people to feel when they are reading it. I wanted them to feel like they were in my kitchen with me and they were just hanging out with their friends. I hope that everyone else feels that way as well. AM: With all of us staying in. We have been doing movie nights 3-4 times a

week. We have our projector that goes up, we have our snacks and things together. What are 3 dishes in your book that we should be making when we do our movie nights? GD: Definitely the Parmesan Pizza Popcorn. It is made for movie night. I would say the brownies in the back – The Caramel Marshmallow, Chocolate Chunk Brownies – it’s a very nice decadent treat to watch a movie to. And then, while it’s not exactly good food to eat on your couch as they’re a little messy. The Chipotle Wings in the appetizer section are such a gamechanger. They’re so good and they’re not – punch you in the face spicy, they’re smokey and they leave you with a nice heat. I think that that is really fun also. AM: That sounds amazing. Are you already making plans for your next cookbook and what it is going to be? GD: Oh my gosh, yes! I just talked to my team the other day and they said, “so what’s book number 4?” I was like, “I don’t know.” Give me a few months to think about it. I would love to continue to do cookbooks. It’s so much fun to see people use them in their kitchens, tagging me in their recipes, hearing how food is effecting their lives and making them better. Right now with the quarantine and people being home with their children and homeschooling them, so many moms have been messaging me and saying that they are using my book as a textbook to teach their kids fractions, how to read and colors. I think that that is just the coolest thing and I never would have thought of that and I think it’s just really cool. AM: That’s huge! You’re really synced into your social media! You were just talking about how people let you know how they are using your books and recipes. It’s awesome to hear that as busy as you are with so many things going on that you’re able to stay engaged with them.

GD: It’s my favorite part of my job! One of my favorite things to do it to talk to my whole audience they’re my family and friends. I have had the opportunity to meet some of these people on book tours and hosted events. I’m with them every day in my kitchens so it’s so much fun to be able to communicate with them via Instagram, Twitter or the blog. I can answer their questions, hear their stories – hands down one of the favorite parts of my job. AM: With your new podcast, What’s Gaby Cooking… In Quarantine, it focuses on the quarantine and different dishes that you can make, how do you decide what dishes are going to go on the podcast? GD: So the podcast is all user generated content. So I have a hotline. Remember back in the day when there was, 1-800-Jenny-Craig from back in the day? AM: YES! GD: I have one of those numbers now and so people call in and ask questions based on quarantine. How do I cook x y z in my pantry, how do I clean this and how do I this? It’s been so cool to listen to everyone’s voicemails and then to listen for things that are fairly common themes across everyone’s questions and to answer those on the podcast. It’s helping people to get even more comfortable in the kitchen. We just started having guests! My mom was my first guest and we talked about food noise, food shaming, raising children in today’s world and how we shouldn’t pay attention to the crazy food noise as well as how she did that she she was raising me and my sister. It’s going to be cool to see everyone’s response to that. AM: Looking at Williams-Sonoma, how did that partnership come about and what is it like to create all of these amazing seasonings with them and what’s it like working with them?

GD: Williams-Sonoma came about a few years ago back in 2016. I had decided that the next iteration of What’s Gaby Cooking would be for people to have something tangible that they could use in their kitchens that felt like I was there with them. I knew that they were cooking the recipes and they were watching us on YouTube and all of that kind of stuff. I wanted them to have something that they could literally put in their recipes. I cold called a number of companies and told them my idea. Everyone that you can imagine that sells food products, and a couple of them wrote me and asked me to fly to their headquarters to take a meeting. Williams-Sonoma did not call me back right away, but I knew people there and I knew that everything that they’re about made sense for my brand. I went ahead and went to the meetings for the brands that reached out – they said, let’s get this rolling. I felt that it just wasn’t right yet. 24 hours later, the head food buyer of Williams-Sonoma emailed me and asked me to come up to San Francisco and to cook for the whole team and tell them my story. So, I dropped everything that I was doing and I hopped on a plane, flew up there a couple of days later, cooked for everyone, told them my story and we talked about my social, my website and culinary school. I didn’t know this at the time, but salsa was not their best SKU. So they said, “let’s try a line of salsas.” I was like, “ok cool.” I’m from Arizona, I love salsa – let’s do it. We crushed it. We developed 3 salsas that came out that were also able to be used as multiuse sauces as well. It did so well and outperformed all their salsas. I think that that was their way of testing me. From there, we expanded into seasonings, oil, perishable products and cocktail mixes. It’s been such an incredible partnerships for the last few years and I feel incredible lucky to work with people that have become like family and friends to me. To be part of a company that has such strong messaging

and goals – I feel fortunate to be apart of the WS Fam! AM: So each season, do you have a particular focus on foods that you want to attack and then create those items that would go under that particular assortment? GD: They do that for the catalog. A couple of years ago, they did a Mexico vibe and that’s when the salsas went into it. Now, they do have priorities like brunch was a focus for them this spring and we introduced our cocktail mixed with that as well as the All Things Eggs Seasonings. That plays into it. But at this point, they know that I know what will resonate with my audience. So we have collaborative brainstorm seasons where I say, “I think that we need to do this or we need to do that.” Then, we can make that happen. AM: What in the culinary world have you yet to do, but want to embrace that and bring it into your empire – or even outside of it as you are a lifestyle brand? GD: Interesting question. I haven’t done any travel to Asia and I’m dying to explore the different cultures and food – everything. I want to cook with people for a month or two when we’re able to travel again and to learn all about that. I would love to learn from someone that is an expert or multiple experts and then bring that back to share that knowledge. We have dabbled in it at What’s Gaby Cooking but I really would love to immerse myself in something like that. That is high on my priority list in terms of growing the brand. But it changes so much. What’s Gaby Cooking Culinary School came about because so many people were messaging me on how to prep vegetables. It wasn’t something that we thought about doing until we were like, we should start this. Being a small company and being nimble is so important because you’re able to pivot and adapt to make changes really

quickly. Who knows? Whatever we do when we’re over with COVID – it will be interesting to see how we change our business to accommodate that. AM: What are 3 items that you always have in your fridge? GD: I always have mozzarella in the fridge, I have fresh tortillas and salsa. I think those are things that I can’t live without. AM: With someone that is so busy and now with having a number of the issues that we have all dealt with regarding COVID and staying at home. How are you taking time for yourself as well as your husband to taking down the noise and still being able to do the self-care that you need to be a calm and normal person? GD: It’s really interesting. I do struggle with this and I am attached to my phone for most of the day. When we wind down at night, I leave my phone in the kitchen plugged in and I don’t take it with me to bed because I don’t want to be responding to DM’s until 11pm which I could easily be doing. I try not to. So that’s been helpful. We have been going out for walks every night after dinner - again without my phone to decompress from the day. That’s also been helpful. We also have been using FaceTime and Zoom dates with all of our friends. Honestly, we have talked to and seen them more now then we did before COVID. Because, they all live in different parts of the country. Some of our best friends in Portland, we FaceTime with them and their little daughter, multiple times a week which we didn’t do before all of this and it’s been so fun to be able to hang with them because we wouldn’t have been able to see them in person anyways because they live in a different state. It’s been nice to do that and to pay attention to the conversation rather than what’s going on around us. @WhatsGabyCookin PHOTO CREDIT | Matt Armendariz

Hear the full interview with What's Gaby Cooking, Gaby Dalkin on our show, Athleisure Kitchen - which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! Make sure to subscribe to find out when the episode drops. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast.

Saturday, June 27 3-10pm, House of Yes NYCPride.com

How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Cloth Face Covering Accessible: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html


Wash your hands before putting on your face covering Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face Make sure you can breathe easily Do not place a mask on a child younger than 2




USE THE FACE COVERING TO PROTECT OTHERS • Wear a face covering to protect others in case you’re infected but don’t have symptoms • Keep the covering on your face the entire time you’re in public • Don’t put the covering around your neck or up on your forehead • Don’t touch the face covering, and, if you do, clean your hands




• Stay at least 6 feet away from others • Avoid contact with people who are sick • Wash your hands often, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds each time • Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available


Untie the strings behind your head or stretch the ear loops Handle only by the ear loops or ties Fold outside corners together Place covering in the washing machine Wash your hands with soap and water

Cloth face coverings are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators, both of which should be saved for health care workers and other medical first responders.

For instructions on making a cloth face covering, see: CS 316439A 05/18/2020


Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Know the symptoms of COVID-19, which can include the following:



Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing*


Sore throat

Muscle pain

New loss of taste or smell

Symptoms can range from mild to severe illness, and appear 2-14 days after you are exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. *Seek medical care immediately if someone has emergency warning signs of COVID-19.

• Trouble breathing • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest • New confusion

• Inability to wake or stay awake • Bluish lips or face


MAINTAIN SIX FEET OF DISTANCE All New Yorkers must wear a face covering when outside their home if unable to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and others. New York State Executive Order No. 202.17.


Text COVID to 692-692 for real-time updates or visit nyc.gov/coronavirus. Call 311 to report harassment or discrimination. Call 888-NYC-WELL, text “WELL” to 65173 or chat online at nyc.gov/nycwell to connect with a counselor. *Messages and data rates may apply. Check your wireless provider plan for details.


One of our favorite Celebrity Fitness Experts, Emily Skye is always showcasing how she focuses on being strong through her fitness journey. She has graced a number of covers, provided countless advice and juggles it all while being a mom. She is currently pregnant with her second child and took some time to share some advice that she has as we continue to add new favorites into our routines. We also talk about her role as an ambassador with Women's Best and why this brand is synergistic with her platform.

ES: Strength is more important to me than being “toned’. People often don’t realise that in order to get “toned” you need to do resistance training and have a good diet. Feeling strong is the best feeling in the world to me and I’d pick that over being lean any day. I have been educating women (and men for that matter) on the benefits of lifting weight for women. I have seen a huge shift over the years and women are more open to lifting weights, but there are still a lot of women afraid of getting “bulky”.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell the readers of Athleisure Mag how you found your interest in fitness?

AM: What is your modality of choice and what does a week of working out look like for you?

EMILY SKYE: I spent most of my life up until I was almost 25 years old being unhappy & unhealthy. I suffered from depression, anxiety, and self-worth issues. I couldn’t imagine living my life like that forever, so I decided I had to do something about it and make changes. I used to think someone was going to come along and save me, but I had to save myself. 

ES: As previously spoken about, I love strength training and being strong so I usually base my workouts around lifting as heavy as I can with good technique. I do mix it up sometimes though and will do some sprints, or circuit training. That’s the key to staying motivated I believe, change it up and make it exciting and different if you’re getting bored.

I heard that healthy eating and exercising had an impact on mental health, so I started eating healthy food and exercising and also changed my attitude to be more positive. Fitness changed my life, it made me feel incredible and I loved the way the exercising influenced other areas of my life. Working out and healthy eating, made me feel more confident like I could do anything, kind of like a superhero! I felt on top of the world and I’d never felt like that before in my life and I wanted everyone around me to feel the same way. So, I’d tell my friends and family to come and train with me, but it wasn’t enough. I just wanted to get out there and share with the world how good it is makes you feel! I still do this over 10 years later!

AM: Are there any challenges or fitness programs that you are currently sharing with your followers?

AM: As many people find their modality of choice, there seems to be a new awareness, especially for women, that there is an interest that in addition to being toned, that they want to be strong. How important is that for you?

ES: I have a 30-day free trial on my FIT Program which has home workouts so it’s perfect for all the people currently stuck at home. It also has gym workouts and a Booty Challenge as well as a customisable meal plan that members get access to. AM: Tell us about being a Women's Best brand ambassador. Why do this partnership between you and the brand make sense and what do you love about them? ES: It’s such an honour, all the Women's Best team and other ambassadors are the lovliest people - they truly are like a family. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet up with some of these amazing women in New York City for the Women’s Best launch in the U.S. through a partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe and had the most amazing time connecting with

them! They’re passionate, supportive and genuine and that’s what I’m all about and I love being surrounded by likeminded people. We all want the best for others and want to see them happy, healthy and fit. Women’s Best has an amazing line of supplements, now exclusively available in the U.S. at The Vitamin Shoppe, to suit everyone and the flavours are all delicious and help keep me on track with my training. My personal favourites are all of the BCAA AMINO flavours - they honestly are all SO GOOD - I have them before and while I exercise. I love their Vegan Protein, it’s the only protein I have ever had that doesn’t upset my tummy and make me bloated and crampy. The Cookies and Cream is amazing and a current favourite of mine, but I also love the vanilla and chocolate flavours. I like to have one after my workout, if I’m craving a late-night snack and love to make pancakes, muffins and smoothies using the protein. My twoyear-old daughter also likes sipping on my smoothies! The Women’s Best Wear is the most flattering and comfortable sportswear I have ever worn - even while pregnant!! I’m really grateful to be in partnership with such an amazing brand. AM: What are 3 go-to foods that you enjoy eating to assist your workouts? ES: When I’m not pregnant I love eating high fat and lower carbs and feel my best eating that way - it also keeps my sensitive tummy happy. I usually have chicken or fish with veggies or salad and for dessert I love an açai bowl with my partner Declan’s special homemade caveman crunch on top! It’s delicious!
 AM: With the summer coming up, what are 3 workouts that we should incorporate into our routine for our arms, legs and butt?
 ES: LEGS & BUTT - Lift as heavy as you can while maintaining good technique. Rest for 2 mins in between sets.
 Front or Back Squat 4 x 10-12 reps - tight tummy with core engaged, back straight,

shoulders back & down, chest out push through the glutes. Make sure your knees push “out” and don’t come “in.” Maintain a straight back and tight core throughout.
 Deadlifts 4 x 10-12 reps - pick a weight you can comfortably life, if you’re not an experienced lifter ask someone to help you with technique - especially before upping the weight. Start by bracing your core and a straight back, pull up on bar without moving it off the ground to set yourself up into a strong starting position and hold that while lifting the weight off the ground but driving through your legs and glutes. Think about pushing the floor away from you in a fluid motion to stand up straight. Squeeze glutes at the top and keep your tummy tight and back straight. Don’t hyper extend by arching your back and pulling your shoulders back past where your hips are. You want to finish with your body as straight as possible before lowering the weight to the ground to complete the rep. Remember to BREATHE!
 Walking Lunges 4 x 10-12 reps - lunge forward as if you’re on train tracks so you’re stepping out in front and not crossing over your body. Try not to let your knee go past your toes, push through your glutes, keep tummy tight and back straight with shoulder back and chest out.
 Hip Thrust 4 x 10-20 reps or until failure (make sure you have a decent weight for these) - Keep back straight, core tight and push through gutes, don’t let your back arch too much, the movement is all about the glutes doing the work. 
 BACK & BICEPS - Lift as heavy as you can while maintaining good technique. Rest for 2 mins in between sets.
 Lat pulldown 4 x 10-12 reps - keep core switched on, back slightly arched & don’t use momentum for the movement. Slow and controlled reps.
 Single arm bent over row 4 x 10-12 reps Core “on”, back straight, chest out, head neutral and in line with spine. Slow con-

trolled reps.
 Seated Row 4 x 10-12 reps - Back straight, tummy tight and no rocking. Slow controlled movements.
 Bicep curls 4 x 10-12 reps - standing or seated - no swinging, keep elbows close to body & stable - slow, controlled reps.
 SHOULDERS & TRICEPS - Lift as heavy as you can while maintaining good technique. Rest for 2 mins in between sets.
 Seated shoulder press 4 x 10-12 reps - core tight, back straight - slow and controlled reps.
 Shoulder fly 4 x 10-12 reps - standing with a tight tummy, straight back, slightly bend knees, shoulders back and down, head neutral raise dumbbells to just lower that shoulder height - slow and controlled.
 Dumbbell kickback - 4 x 12 reps - tight tummy, back straight, keep elbow in tight to the body and try not to move it. Squeeze through the tricep.
 Tricep pulldown 4 x 12-15 reps _ straight back, tight tummy, slight bend in knees, pull the ropes down by straightening your

arms and keeping your elbows in close to the body and try not to move them. AM: How do you balance your life as a wife, mother? ES: It’s hard to be honest. I have had to let go of the idea of getting EVERYTHING done and done perfectly. There is no such thing. I’m not as hard on myself now that I’m a mother and my priority is always my family. I try to allocate hours where I work and most of my work is either on the computer or phone so I try to do it away from my daughter Mia so she doesn’t see me ignoring her. I break up my work by taking time out to play with her and go outdoors if I can. Things are about to get harder with a new baby, but I have a wonderful supportive partner who is a fantastic father. I’m very blessed. The worse thing a parent can do I think is beat themselves up for not doing everything. We just do the best we can and love our kids. :)
 AM: Can you share with us any upcoming projects that you have coming up? ES: I’m so excited that my new app is launching in a couple of months. @EmilySkyeFit


PELETON Another option on the app is a Peleton Digital Membership that is $12.99/ month and can be done without official Peleton equipment.

We're all familiar with Peleton's classes that you can take in studio as well as their bikes and treadmills that can be in your home or may have been in other facilities that you have visited. In this month's issue, we're focused on Peleton's App which allows you to take a number of classes across over 10 modalities, whether it is on their equipment or what you have at home! You can stream from your home a number of classes that include: meditation, cycling, bootcamp, running, strength, yoga, stretching and outdoor running. You can also track the goals that you have as you navigate your options.

Whatever your schedule involves, you can access On Demand as well as live classes through the app that focuses on flexing, toning, stretching and strengthening. We like that the app tracks your progress as well as allows you to work along others which is definitely a nice aspect especially as many of us are #stayingathome. You also gain achievements which is great for boosting al the hard work that you have executed.

With two membership options, you can have the Peleton All-Access Membership which allows you and the members of your your household to to enjoy the benefits that can be enjoyed on the bike or treadmill that is available at the brand.


When you are ready to take it outside, this app also incorporates running. You're able to hit the trail with runs that are guided via their Peleton instructor team. Your still on track with GPS support for pace, splits and eleva-

- 72 -

Issue #53 | May 2020

tion metrics on iOS devices so you'll never lose sight of the road ahead— or how far you've come. Get your stats on your Apple Watch. If you have yet to incorporate this fitness into your routine, you can enjoy 30 days for free and access it through your phone, tablet or TV.

PELETON 140 West 23rd Street NY, NY 10011 646.277.4497 www.onepeleton.com @onepeleton

Issue #53 | May 2020

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ATHLEISURE LIST: Subscription Box

PURPLE CARROT When it comes to a well balanced and optimal culinary lifestyle, regardless of your diet, having a plant-based diet for a portion of your meals is encouraged whether you have a meat based diet, are a pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian. As we are at home creating an array of dishes, implementing elements from a subscription box is a great way to create a meal that give you the necessary ingredients and directions.

It's worth noting that there are over 20,000 edible plants on the planet! When you receive your box, you're not only reducing the carbon footprint versus going to the grocery store, but you receive sample surprises, chef tips and tricks, and contests. As you build your boxes, you add in breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. You can select those meals that are familiar to you as well as those that you're excited to try that you have yet to have. You'll find that you won't be bored as every week has a new assortment of menus that your tastebuds can navigate.

Purple Carrot is a plant-based subscription meal delivery box that allows you to become introduced to this style of eating as well as playing with your veggies in a positive way! When you incorporate this into your diet, you decrease the chance of high blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and lower the risk of diabetes.


As you select your desired meals, you can select between 2 and 4 servings, opt between an array of dietary needs

- 74 -

Issue #53 | May 2020

(high-protein, gluten-free, quick & easy, Chef's Choice or customize your meal), add flexibility with additional meal options and should you need to pause, you can do this as well.

Issue #53 | May 2020

PURPLE CARROT www.purplecarrot.com @purplecarrotxo

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- 80 -

Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020


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Issue #53 | May 2020

MANAGING THE ANXIETY with Heather Centurioni

We are living in the midst of times that we couldn't create out of the most vivid of our imaginations! With so much uncertainty, we checked in with Heather Centurioni of CODE RED to talk about how being an athlete has fueled her career, how to motivate others to make good choices as they sustain their fitness goals as well as their mental health. She shares insightful tips that are worth noting as we continue to navigate our new reality. ATHLEISURE MAG: You grew up as a junior elite level athlete in downhill skiing and suffered a horrific downhill ski race accident - how did that shape your focus in living a healthy lifestyle? HEATHER CENTURIONI: As a young athlete, I could eat whatever I wanted. I could get away with a lot. We were taught to carb-load, etc. I don’t think I ever realized the power of food until I became over weight and nothing was working. I wanted to be healthy, but I had no idea where to start. I knew I was addicted to sugar and carbs. I knew I didn’t need another diet. I needed to learn how to eat. How to fuel my body. How to take care of myself. I also wanted to feel good again, like I did as a young athlete. AM: When did you realize that you wanted to work in the wellness industry and become a health and wellness coach? HC: I always have felt the pull to help people. I knew it was my calling, but I struggled for years to figure out what that meant and what it looked like. I am a mother hen at heart. I am at my best when I am lifting others up. When I began my wellness journey in June 2017, I saw that I was going to get healthy and when I could lift others up who were on the same path, it felt really good! I saw how a high vibe tribe can guarantee success. AM: How important is accountability in your wellness journey whether you're looking to stay fit, loose weight or to fo-

other goals that involve transforming your goals based on your desired need?

was told to drink water, eat from a healthy food list and sleep! It’s truly that simple.

HC: Listen, if we all could do it alone, we would have already done it, right? I was an elite ski racer, it was me and the clock on the course. I played tennis and golf. I tend to lean towards individual things. “I can do it on my own” type things. In high school and college, I loathed group projects. I prefer things my way. That type A, self centered trait was not serving me well in my desire to get healthy. I was failing at every corner. I was ashamed. I managed to pack on over 200 pounds, which was far too much for my 5’3” frame. My prosthetics didn’t fit. I was a fat amputee and it was depressing. Having an accountability group was integral to my success. It required me to open up, to be honest and to be vulnerable. Sharing your good days, right along with your bad days is as important as seeing others do the same. I came to Code Red feeling very isolated. I was depressed. I assumed I was the only one. Being part of a group that understood my feelings really made a difference.

AM: Because of your success, you became a Certified Coach with CODE RED, why did you decide to work with them?

AM: Tell us about CODE RED and why you decided to use their program when you were looking to lose weight?

AM: What is the CODE RED Lifestyle model?

HC: I was drawn to Code Red for several reasons. It was simple. I wasn’t going to have to exercise (for an overweight amputee, this was key!). My prosthetics were so ill-fitting, just walking around the house was painful. I started with an entry level challenge. I had nothing to lose. I was deflated, depressed and quite possibly the lowest spot in all my years. The easy rules, support and no nonsense approach drew me in. I also knew that the program had a maintenance plan. I knew I could get the weight off, but I had never found program that taught you how to maintain. Funny enough, the end and the far future was most important to me and I knew in my heart that Code Red would give me the tools to stay healthy long term. I also didn’t have to buy crappy shakes, expensive supplements or prescription drugs. I

HC: I believed in the owner, Cristy Nickel and I think she saw my servant heart and picked up on my keen ability to understand people. I learned a lot after my ski racing accident and in the years that followed. Deciding to have your leg amputated as an 18 year old, learning to walk again, finishing high school, living in constant pain, I learned a ton about myself and the power of the human spirit. I knew how to overcome. I knew Cristy’s no-nonsense, simple approach worked and she taught me well, so I was grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and to work along side her. I also knew, this was it…my calling! I finally found it! The opportunity to help people lose weight, get them healthy and watch their lives change for the better, to them overcome, it has been a dream come true.

HC: Code Red is a rallying cry for every person who is fed up with the information overload, complicated diets, and extreme exercise programs. We focus on water, sleep and real food. AM: We're living in strange times as we are staying at home to flatten the curve, our routines have definitely been altered and anxiety has become a result of these changes - how can we manage this? HC: Good gracious, it has been hard, right? I think there are several things that can help folks: * Be grateful and find Grace in the tough moments and the good ones. * Stay on track with life via a list and a plan.

* Take a time out each day to just be. Being present when you are feeling anxious really helps. * If you are fortunate enough to have the gift of extra time, use it wisely. Spend it with your family, learn something new, embrace it. When will we ever have extra time again? AM: For those that are focusing on losing weight during COVID-19 quarantine, what tips do you suggest? HC: * Drink water! * Sleep at least 7 hours! * Ditch the sugar! * Plan, prep and schedule meal times. Don’t leave your kitchen open all day. Having kitchen hours keeps you from grazing all day and mindless eating. * If you find yourself turning to food and drinks to soothe your soul, make a list of 12 things you can do instead of over indulging. Maybe you have some chores to tend too, maybe you have a craft to finish, maybe you want to learn something new. DO IT! AM: Many have found issues in terms of ordering the food that they need whether there are shortages in their grocery stores, delays in deliveries that are coming to them, etc. How can they reduce their anxieties on not being able to control these issues while also staying on their plan? HC: Keep things simple. Eating well isn’t complicated. You don’t have to be a kitchen whiz to make good food and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Less is more. Look for vegetables (fresh, frozen, even canned), fats and proteins. Avoid the inner aisles of the grocery stores. AM: From a mental wellness standpoint, what are some tips that you have for those that are looking to reduce the noise of everything that we've all gone through from

updates on COVID, anxiety over when there will be concrete information about re-openings and going back to our routines etc? HC: I talk a lot about the back ground noise in our lives with my clients. It comes at us from all directions. Currently, it is every where, all the time. No two reports are the same, it’s hard to have faith in anything. I encourage people to cleanup their newsfeeds, if watching the nightly news is depressing, STOP watching! Find something else to do with your time. Don’t buy into all the hysteria. If you can eat real food, ditch the sugar, drink water and get a good night’s rest, you will feel so much better. How you fuel your body will help you with deal with the uncertainty. I know that sounds strange, but you will have less brain fog and less anxiety. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to get sick. Taking care of yourself now, will keep you healthier no matter the situation. @Code_Red_Coach_Heather PHOTO COURTESY | Heather Centurioni

America’s kids need us now.

Millions of children are losing the healthy meals they depend on as the coronavirus closes schools, but No Kid Hungry has a plan to feed them. We’re working with school districts, local government and community groups across the country to ensure kids get the meals they need during school closures and all year long. Find out how you can help at NoKidHungry.org

BingelyBooks coffee table book that we will actually enjoy doing as we have time on our hands! What we love about her approach is that she breaks down the cheese plate by laying out what you need in terms of the cheese, meat, produce, dips, crunch and garnish. It's a great way to get creative and will change all of your future gatherings as well as create at home Instagram worthy moments! You can also enhance it by adding your favorite beverages to make it an occassion whether it's watching a movie, having a friend swing by or to do the ultimate self-care solo!

CAMINO WINDS Doubleday John Grisham


One of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @CheeseByNumbers which walks you through how to create stellar cheese plates through videos that lay out what you need for your desired look. Being that we can never get enough cheese, we were very excited to hear about Marissa Mullen's new book that is the next AthleisureMag.com

- 108 -

We have been fans of John Grisham since his first novel, A Time to Kill. His ability to take legal situations and make them into gripping thrillers that also became movies includes: The Firm, The Client and more, means that we know when he releases another book, we need to get on it! Camino Winds takes place at Camino Island, Florida. Bruce's Cable Bay Books is preparing for bestselling author Mercer Mann. In addition to this arrival, Hurrican Leo decides to also head to Issue #53 | May 2020

BUTTERMILK KITCHEN Gibbs Smith Suzanne Vizethann

This cookbook has 100 farm-to-table redefined breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner recipes with a modern Southern sensibility. Recipes utilize traditional cooking techniques, healthier comfort foods and farm-fresh ingredients, regional favorites, as well as pantry and refrigerator staples like granola, preserves, pickles, pastry recipes, beverages, vegan, vegetarian options a leftovers chapter and other condiments. Suzanne trained in several kitchens with “Top Chef� winner Richard Blais. She won the Chopped competition on the Food Network competition show, owned the small restaurant The Hungry Peach, and now is the chef and owner of the award-winning Buttermilk Kitchen.

the island. As the governor decrees a mandatory evacuation and residents board their homes and head to the mainland, Bruce decides to ride out the storm. We're introduced to an eclectic assortment of mystery and crime authors - some which are felons who discover that Nelson Kerr, a friend of Bruce's and an author of thrillers has been murdered! Who would want him killed? As officials are focused on the storm and its aftermath, this assembled group decides that they will solve the murder on their own. They all learn that the plot twists are even more dangerous than his novels. Issue #53 | May 2020

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BingelyStreaming are introduced to actors, filmmakers and writers who are focused on rising to the top in the film industry no matter what the cost is. As we follow each character's journey, we learn more about the industry from the power that happens in the rooms where decision are made, the challenges that take place and biases that are still apart of the mechanisms that exist in this industry to this day. The show makes a case for what would have happened if these systemic had been erradicated. To this day, what took place during the Golden Age are still being navigated in the current day.

SELENA A STAR DIES IN TEXAS Vault Studios Spotify This six-part series chronicles the life and legacy of Selena Quintanilla-PĂŠrez. The podcast details the senseless murder to this Tejano star who was quickly becoming a crossover artist after enjoying a meteoric rise to to fame by the hands of a superfan that broke the hearts of millions of her fans.

HOLLYWOOD Netflix Netflix Originals Ryan Murphy's Hollywood takes place during the Golden Age in a Post WWII era with a cast of characters that are making efforts to make their dreams come true as they navigate the culture around them. We AthleisureMag.com

- 110 -

Throughout the podcast, listeners are privy to rare and never before heard audio that details various components of her murder as well as those that weighed in on what was going on during the star's life. We also learn about those that were involved in her daily life and how they impacted a number of events that took place.

Issue #53 | May 2020

WIND OF CHANGE Crooked Media Spotify

Patrick looks to find the truth by interviewing former operatives, rockers and more from Ohio, Moscow and Kiev! This show focuses on spies, propoganda and government secrets in this eight-part series.

What would you say if a popular song by a heavy metal West German band known as the Scorpions was released after the fall of Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union? The power ballad "Wind of Change" became the essence to a peaceful revolution that was sweeping across Europe. This song also became the biggest rock single ever and many fans felt that this song also ended the Cold War! Many decades later, NewYorker writer and host of Wind of Change Podcast, Patrick Radden Keefe and Pineapple Street and Crooked Media heard a rumor that this song wasn't written by this band and was actually created by the CIA! Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020

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LET THE GAMES BEGIN with Brooke Ence

We had a great time chatting with International CrossFit Star and actress, Brooke Ence who took her love of dance, fitness and being a natural athlete to another level. She shared the road to the CrossFit Games. We have enjoyed watching her in Wonder Woman as well as Justice League as well as in her new show where she plays a Resident Tagger in FOX's Ultimate Tag which takes the game to another level with an array of courses. She talks about her journey, the importance of timing, sacrifice and being ina team of people that are focused on her success. We also talk about her new app that she recently launched that allows us to stay fit and embrace a community that supports the efforts that she believes in. ATHLEISURE MAG: We know you have a dance background and that you have been in the fitness industry for some time, when did you know that you wanted to work in this industry? BROOKE ENCE: I never really knew that I wanted to be in fitness. As far as in dance and performance, since I was like 3. I really found CrossFit in preparation for an audition that I had for a show in Las Vegas called Le Rêve which is a Cirque du Soleil show. It really started as me training in CrossFit to compete against an individual athlete in 2013. I was doing it before hand while still going to school. I was a fulltime Dance Major at the University of Utah. I was one of stronger girls in the gym, I was on the team and I didn’t decide that I wanted to compete and do it as an individual until 2013 CrossFit Games when I was spectating. I didn’t expect other opportunities that came across and happened. The opportunities that came were byproducts of what I was doing. Now everything that I do, health, fitness, performance, dance, training, competing or just to have a voice and influence on people to live a happier and healthier life, I know that this is where I’m definitely meant to be. I still like to do other things like dabbling in movies and films. AM: What is it about CrossFit that you en-

joy? We know of a number of our followers and listeners that started it a few months ago and they’re just obsessed with it. Can you tell us what CrossFit is and what is it that people embrace about it? BE: CrossFit as a sport is very different then CrossFit as a training methodology. The goal for training is to keep you doing the things that you love. You use it as a means to get better at doing other things that you do a sport or an activity. Beyond that, it’s about keeping people functional as long as they are living. Keeping them to do a series of basic functions and tasks so that they feel that they can do better and to be able to do things for yourself. It’s just about living a happy, healthy lifestyle that you can maintain forever. As we get older, some things will be different, but the biggest goal is to keep you in whatever time that you’re on in your life journey as healthy as possible. I think that what people are really drawn to – people who come from an athletic background or played sports, at a certain age, if a professional athletic career wasn’t in the books for you, it’s a great opportunity for people to kind of do this and it feels satisfying to give them another chance to be really good at something competitive for that want and that drive. A lot of people maybe never were as they didn’t play sports and weren’t on team sports or anything competitive like that. It transfers over to how you work in your family, your business and it’s a community. When it comes to fitness, when you’re thinking of truly having a better lifestyle, that’s how we create health and fitness longevity. You have to adjust your lifestyle. Being able to connect to a community where everyone is doing the same thing, you have these things that you can really connect with and relate to. It feels so amazing when you are able to do something that you have never done before and it becomes very addicting. It’s the opportunity and experience to become better, accomplish goals and to see yourself do things that you couldn’t do before. It's

very motivating and you see yourself getting better. When you have a group of people doing it with you, you have the better chance of sticking with it longterm and making the lifestyle changes. AM: What is involved? We’re definitely excited to hear from a World CrossFit Champion on what that is! BE: Right! Just to clarify, I didn’t win the CrossFit Games, but I was the Champion of the California Regional and in my Rookie appearance, I took 2 first place finishes and I finished 14 in the world! When you want to get better at anything. You have to be willing to sacrifice, time, how bad you want it and when do you want it. Fitness isn’t free and the work that you’re going to put it in it is what you are going to get out of it. People are in training mode - they’re in that schedule all the time. It becomes like the most important thing. Everyone that is part of their team, everyone is thinking about that person’s training. You have to be super consistent. You’re training has to be really balanced. Your coach whether they are at your CrossFit gym or someone that is just for you. It’s this big road map that you have to think about in terms of looking at the big picture. You can’t take a week, it’s months and years of being really consistent. The better you get, the stronger you get, the harder it is for you to have adaptations and the longer it takes for you to get stronger – it takes time. The only way to do that and to reach those goals and get better is that you have to constantly push the limit so that your body can adapt to what you’re doing. It’s a full time job! AM: In addition to that, you crossed over to Hollywood by being in Wonder Woman and Justice League. We enjoyed both of those movies. How is that to go into this part of your career and how did it take place? BE: I always wanted to be in a movie growing up. I really wanted to be on Broadway! I spent most of my time doing dancing, singing and doing musical theater. Musi-

cal theater is much more theatrical. It was crazy to me to get a call out of the blue to read for a movie and I was just focused on my training in 2015 when they called me. I was on my way to the CrossFit Games and I almost turned it down! AM: Wait what – it’s Wonder Woman, we love that movie. BE: I found out that when they called me and I got the part, I thought it was cool and a great opportunity. I thought that we would be filming in Hollywood so I could continue to train in the gyms down there so I could keep up my schedule. I was worried that I would do this and what if I didn’t make it back to the CrossFit Games and it disrupts my training so much that I would let them down. AM: Now on May 20th, you will be one of the Resident Taggers in FOX’s new show, Ultimate Tag which is hosted by NFL brother’s JJ, TJ and Derek Watt. Can you tell us more about this show and why you wanted to be apart of it? BE: It is Ultimate Tag! It is the adult athlete version of a flag football version of tag and awesome. It’s high intensity, really fun – like most games we played as kids. You get beat up! I got beat up! I didn't know anything know anything beyond that when they called me. I was brought in extremely last minute. It’s a brand new show and I wanted to try something new, do something exciting and be around people where we would have a really positive experience. It’s so much more than what you think it would be and I think that they have done a really good job in showcasing that in the way that it is filmed too. Fingers crossed that they have a second season and that they can get even better at being able to show the best way that an audience and the people at home can experience this! You’ll feel the intensity on the floor. AM: As a Resident Tagger, will you be on

the show every season? BE: No so, we have a pretty big tagger team. Not every tagger plays every game. We sub taggers in and out. You don’t want one tagger being out there and taking too much time taking out one person. It’s so intense out there as you’re going from 0-100 that we play our teams the smartest way possible. We think about the strengths of the taggers to put the best person in based on their abilities. AM: You must have been really tiring after filming each episode with so much energy and physicality going into it! BE: For me, the other taggers were there when I went down to tryout. They had been there. Fun Fact: Every time we played, it was my first time seeing the game and doing it! Every time I was like wow – my played, it was my first time seeing the game and doing it! Every time I was like wow – my nerves were very high and coming from a very athletic background and playing a lot of sports growing up, even with CrossFit and the practive of adapting to things and learning on the fly and learning quickly. That helped me. AM: That is insane! Many of us during this time have figured out how we can continue to keep our workouts going. What are some tips that you have that we can share that people should think about in terms of their fitness as well as items they can buy to aid their fitness goals? BE: Of course, I’m going to just plug myself as I 100% stand behind this program – it’s called Naked Training App. We launched 2 at home programs. One is with body weight and one is with dumbbells. If you need some kind of equipment at your house, I would say that a couple pairs of dumbbells is great. We have all the videos to show you how to do things. What’s cool with what you’re trying to do when you’re working out, it’s so much easier when someone is there to show you what to do. It’s like, “what am I doing – oh that? Ok let me do that.” Not only do that, but

my team creates the road map because we know we’re all here to get fit and strong. Our team does the work of programming it for you with the big picture in mind If you want to get fitter, stronger etc you do have to adapt with the times and your circumstances and to be realistic about it. You have to do more then just something. If you’re looking for minimal equipment and the goal in mind when programming is to get you closer to being a stronger, healthier more fit person – while the programmer understands where we are in our situation right now, you have a better chance of sticking to your goal while not sacrificing too much as we can’t really leave our house too much! AM: For the Naked Training App, do you have nutrition in there as well as a sense of community? BE: We do have nutrition. We have a Facebook Group. We have an ebook available to get you started and we do talk about nutrition through our Facebook Live and we're in the process of launching our own nutrition along with coaching. It will become much more than just hearing this information to get started – but then it would be in the person’s hands and a lot more 1-on-1 coaching and following. We didn't want to run too fast into nutrition without having the team behind it. @BrookeEnce PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS | PG 121 + 126 Brooke Ence | PG 118 + 127 FOX | 122 Michael Becker/FOX |

Hear from CrossFit Star and FOX's Ultimate Tag Brooke Ence on our show, Bungalow SK - which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! Make sure to subscribe to find out when the episode drops. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts and wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast.

Issue #53 | May 2020

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Issue #53 | May 2020

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