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Mar 2019


MAR 2019



EDITORIAL Kimmie Smith

Co-Founder, Creative + Style Director

Paul Farkas

Co-Founder, Artistic Director + Tech Director





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Spring’s Embrace Our March editorial focuses on Spring styles that you will want to have in your wardrobe when you workout, take a dip, out and about as well as for a night out.








The Mind is the Foundation with Ron Boss


We talk with Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Ron Boss whose clients include Ne-Yo and Kevin Hart, to talk about the importance of the mind when focusing on fitness goals.




We explore Ethiopian cuisine at Tsion Cafe.

More Power


We talked with Adam Carolla about his collecting cars and Jimmy Kimmel.


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Mar 2019

The Art of the Snack - Elevated Italian Fare at TREVI


Bingely Books


We talked with Executive Chef Jose Navarro about TREVI, a Morton Restaurant Group restaurant located in Las Vegas’ The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. He shares his culinary background, signature dishes to enjoy there as well as cocktails.

This month we’re reading a number of essentials for the season including Daisy Jones & The Six, Gingerbread and Girls With Sharp Sticks.

Bingely Streaming 84

Something You Should Know

This month, we’re keeping the good vibes going with streamed programming from The Thread, #TRIBEGOALS and The Burger Show

Mar 2019

Athleisure Studio We launched our podcast network, Athleisure Studio. Subscribe to Athleisure Studio shows on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Podcast and more.

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We talk about how model turned swimwear designer Monica Hansen was inspired to create Monica Hansen Beachwear, the process of designing and more.

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Mar 2019

SPRING'S EMBRACE PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Farkas STYLIST Kimmie Smith MUA Jessica Bonilla HAIRSTYLIST Lea DeLoy MODELS Theresa + Mietta/ Wilhelmina Models

And just like that March arrived, which means we can seriously think about transitioning into Spring and eventually changing over our closets to the next season! This month's cover editorial includes two Wilhelmina models Theresa and Mietta who showcase some of the things that we truly enjoy about spring as well as trends that you can expect to see as we continue through this time of year. Our photoshoot took place in the Financial District and also includes how one can get around town with the new 2019 sporty midsize SUV crossover by Chevrolet's Blazer which keeps you connected due to their OnStar service, enjoying SiriusXM channels which makes commuting, shopping, errands and roadtrips as well as being equipped with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and built in Wifi. PHOTOGRPAHY CREDITS Athleisure Mag's March cover story was shot by Paul Farkas, using Canon Mark IV; and selected Canon lenses: EF 50 f/1.2 L, EF 24-70f /2.8 L II, and EF 70200 f/2.8 L II. @PVFARKAS BEAUTY CREDITS To create the makeup looks for the March 2019 cover shoot, MAKEUP ARTIST Jessica Bonilla used the following products: THERESA'S FITNESS LOOK // FOUNDATION | BECCA Skin Love in the color Driftwood | Maybelline Concealer in the shade Sand Sable | Cinema Secrets Pro 300 Series for Cream Contour | Hourglass Veil Setting Powder | BH Cosmetics Blush and Contour | Dose of Colors Highlight in the Color Mirame | // EYES | Morphe 3b Palette in the colors Kinda Natural and Deep Hue Brown eye liner | Maybelline Lash Sensational

Mascara | // LIPS | Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb | THERESA'S SWIM LOOK // FOUNDATION + LIPS | Same as Theresa's Fitness Look | // EYES | Morphe x Jaclyn Hill PaletteRing the Alarm using colors Loli in the inner corners and Bomb Ass all over the lid THERESA'S OUT + ABOUT LOOK // FOUNDATION + LIPS | Same as Fitness + Swim Look | // EYES | We went back to a neutral tone on the eyes using the Morphe 3b Palette again in the color Kinda Natural and Deep Hue | Inglot Eyeliner | Ardell Lashes Wispies | THERESA'S EVENINGWEAR LOOK // FOUNDATION + EYE | Same as Out + About Look | // LIPS | Fenty Beauty in the shade Universal Red | MIETTA'S FITNESS LOOK // FOUNDATION | BECCA Skin Love in the shade Cashmere | Cinema Serets Pro 500B Palette Concealer and Contour | Hourglass Veil Setting Powder | Tatcha Dewy Mist for a glow | BH Cosmetics Blush and Contour | MAC Cosmetics Skin Mineralizer for highlight | // EYES | KKW Beauty in the shade Albanian and Armenian | Inglot Eyeliner | Ardell Lashes Wispie | // LIPS | NYX Nude Suede Shoes Liner | J Lo X Inglot Lipstick shade in Dolce | MIETTA'S SWIM LOOK

// FOUNDATION + LIPS | Same as Mietta's Fitness Look | // EYES | Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Ring the Alarm in the shade On Camera and Boom all over the lid | Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Ring the Alarm in Alert on the lower lash line | MIETTA'S OUT + ABOUT LOOK // FOUNDATION | Same as Mietta's Swim Look | // EYES | Switched the eyes using the same Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Ring the Alarm in the shade Rush all over the lid and lower lash line | Added a second pair of Ardell Lashes Wispie for extra fluff | // LIPS | Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb | MIETTA'S EVENINGWEAR LOOK // FOUNDATION | Same as Mietta's Out + About Look | // EYES | Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Bling Boss in the shade Bling Bling for the inner corner | Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Hush Hush all over the lid | Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Gluts and Glam over top | Inglot Eyeliner | // LIPS | MAC Cosmetics X Aaliyah Collection Lipgloss in the shade Lili’a Motor City | // BODY GLOW | Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist used on both models | @Laniidoa_Cosmetics To create the makeup looks for the Mar 2019 cover shoot, HAIRSTYLIST Lea DeLoy used soon to be launched by Lea DeLoy and Styling Company: Lea started each look with blow drying in Enlightenment medium hold mouse heat protectant and style memory.

For the down styles sprayed in for heat protection and long lasting curls. Wrapped each section of hair in the same direction, on the inside of the curling iron, to create a wavy beachy and romantic texture. Lea used Sunday Ritual Texture Spray to give volume and an undone, voluminous, texture. It simplified the 1/2 half up half down looks, as well as making up-styling easier. Sunday Ritual Texture Spray also added another layer of heat protectant for heat styling, and anti humidity to ensure frizz free all day. She also added a glow and extra shine on each style with Moonlight Oil, Shine serum to add a glow to each final look. It adds super soft and weightless shine to each look. Lea finished with Retrograde flexible hold spray for moveable texture hold. @HairByLeaDeLoy FASHION CREDITS MIETTA'S FITNESS STYLE | OUT OF ORDER Illuminate Sport Bra | BEYOND YOGA Leggings | TRETORN Lexie3 Sneakers | KATE YOUNG FOR TURA Donna Sunglasses | CRISPY GREEN Freeze Dried All Pear Slices // THERESA'S FITNESS STYLE | PHAT BUDDHA WEAR Penn St Blueprint Sports Bra | GOLDSHEEP Neon Palm Leggings | UMBRO Runner M Sneakers | VINCE CAMUTO Sunglasses | GOLD TOE Socks | MIETTA'S SWIM STYLE | OVID COLLECTIVE Funky Pineapple Print + Jungle Print Bikini Set | LOVE BINETTI Black Surger Girl Kaftan | STELLA + RUBY Calypso Earrings in Turquoise // THERESA'S SWIM STYLE | MEI L'ANGE Eve Bow Tie One Piece Swimsuit | OLIVIA VON HALLE Mimi Venus Short Length Kimono Robe | STELLA + RUBY Wilting Rose Earrings | LAGOS 18K KSL Dia 2

Finger 6 Pyramid Open Statement Ring | MIETTA'S OUT + ABOUT STYLE | ROBERT GRAHAM Gabriella Beach Print Silk Shirt | MAVI JEANS White Denim | KELLY WYNNE 3-in-1 Belt Bag | QUPID Shoes | VINCE CAMUTO Aviator Sunglasses | LAGOS Maya Turquoise inlay 3 Circle Pendant on 2.5 MM, 18K Caviar, Icon Turquoise 6MM with Caviar Ball Stretch Bracelet and Caviar Icon Turquoise Beaded Bangle Bracelet | SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Touch Hand Cream | INNISFREE Lip Sleeping Mask // THERESA'S OUT + ABOUT STYLE | JUICY COUTURE Queen Bee Dragonflies Jacquard Jacket + Shorts | LAGOS 18K Caviar Color Amethyst Gemstone Ring | VINCE CAMUTO Acha Heels | DAGNE DOVER Essentials Clutch Wallet in Sunbeam | STELLA + RUBY Heart Drop Earrings | MIETTA'S EVENINGWEAR STYLE | IMMACULADA GARCIA Gown | BE THE GOOD Good Necklace | NINA JEWELRY Earrings | LAGOS 18K Torsade Wide 23MM Rope Bracelet // THERESA'S EVENINGWEAR STYLE | HERNAN ZAJAR/ GROUP 868 Macrame Gown | LAGOS Maya Drop Earrings in Turquoise | @Shes.Kimmie

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Mar 2019

Mar 2019

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Mar 2019



We caught up with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Ron Boss whose clients include: Ne-Yo and Kevin Hart. He shares how he came into the fitness industry, his approach to working with clients, his partnership with Cellucor, how important it is engaging audiences at fitness events, as well as his social media is in order to showcase his brand and vision. ATHLEISURE MAG: Prior to creating Just Train what was your background before becoming a celebrity fitness trainer? RON BOSS: I kind of got my start from football. I was always an athlete and my background just always came from sports teams and always being in the gym and competing with myself to be better and to compete with my teammates and starting Just Train came from that mindset. AM: What was the moment that you decided that in addition to being a fitness trainer, you also wanted to have a brand? RB: Well for me, it was always about something bigger than myself and once football was one of those things that were kind of taken away from me or that I didn’t excel at it the way that I wanted to, I obviously had to change careers and being very passionate about entrepreneurship, I didn’t want to go to work for anyone. If I did create something, then it would need to be something that benefited multiple people. That’s kind of how we started to build. AM: How do you define yourself as a trainer and what do you think that people are looking for when they want you to train them? RB: I define myself as a committed trainer. I approach it from a psychological standpoint and with those that are committed in terms of their long term goals and not a short term one. We’re going to get results, but obviously, the main focus is to mentally challenge

people. I believe that if you train the mind, the body will follow. We want to get people to believe that they can do anything at first and that’s really my approach. So, we use competition, we use a lot of reassurance, and also holding them accountable for when they fall short. So using competition and doing this throughout their workouts will build upon the things that they may not be good at. AM: What methods or modalities can clients expect when they are training with you? RB: Well you’re definitely going to come and feel like an athlete. That’s one of the things that I love to get my clients to understand that everyone is an athlete. I want you to move a little bit more and to have fun. We’re going to put our bodies into various positions and I want you to do a number of things – not just lifting weights, but to move, and feel good that you can do all things whether it’s lifting, or jumping or running. Having a strong core and all of those things which is why I have an athlete's approach to training. AM: Which is what we saw when we were going through your Instagram seeing all of the drills that are like what athletes go through. RB: You want to make it fun for people and one of the things that you see on TV every day is sports and sports is fueled by athletes who are very motivating not only to young kids, but to athletes who they have motivated us as young people when we were growing up. That’s where we get a lot of our fuel from and thinking back we look to athletes that inspired us and why not try to be more like that by moving more and creating longevity in our body and to look good while we’re doing it? AM: What are 3 routines that you feel that people should include in their workouts regardless of what their

goals are? RB: Oh haha you’re going to be put me on the spot. I think that plyometrics is very important in being able to move without weight – calisthenics for pullups, pushups and things like that, I obviously want people to do and jump. The third one is core – keeping a strong core. We focus a lot on that as it’s the base of your body and is the center and we want it to be strong. Those are all great things that I like to approach with my clients is being able to move your body weight, move from side to side, plyometrics – jumping and things like that and obviously, the core component for foundational movement which keeps it as the baseline. AM: We know that you are a Cellucor athlete as you did a session recently at Model Volleyball in Miami, you were recently at The Retreat - FUNKSHION at SXSW - why is this synergy between you and the brand such a great fit? RB: Well I have been with them going on for 4 or 5 years now. One of the main reasons why it's #1, I appreciated them for the being the leader in the industry and I saw an ability for them with their amazing products that I use and then to have the ability to continue reaching people through energy and motivation. To be able to be at events like that and to spread the knowledge and to be with them as they evolve. To see them focusing on the body builders to the everyday moving people to also dealing with the natural products like C4 with the natural zero energy is incredible to be with people who not only knows that it works, but to push it in order to continue to evolve. AM: How is that beneficial for you in terms of extending your brand and do you feel you will do more of these engagements? RB: It's important to have these type of events and partners to gain more

exposure and I gain more exposure. We have a really unique message. I am on the go all of the time – they have a product that is on the go and it benefits and tells people that you don’t get to make excuses and you can make time no matter where you are. You’re busy but you can make time. I’m flying all of the time from here to there and you never know what to expect and there is never a reason for you not to train! AM: The challenges of building a business and growing it can be intense, what are lessons that you learned that have carried you through your business? RB: Just stay consistent to the plan. It’s not easy – it wasn’t easy. When you’re building a business, it’s always important that you stay and believe in the core mission of where you are trying to go. People won’t understand it, but if you do it and remain consistent and hold yourself accountable with the things that you do good and the things that you do bad – nothing is a guaranteed success, but you have a damn good shot at it to excelling and being successful. You have to define your success in the beginning of the process and if it’s money, it can’t be that, it has to also be other things that continue to motivate you and take you to the next level. AM: In order to commit to working out and being where you want to be, we know you have a no talking policy when working out - what are 3 must haves of other things that are essential for clients to know when working out with you? RB: There aren’t three things, there is only one thing – the mind, once you’re ready to go. I don’t care if you’re not a great mover or the best mover – if you’re not mentally ready, to be able to challenge yourself, that’s the thing – the mind. To be able to come out

and work out with me, you have to be mentally prepared to challenge yourself to the next level. So, for me its not a three part thing it’s a one part thing. Once you have decided that you want to see a change, no matter whether it’s fitness or entrepreneurship or going to work – when you decide that you want to be the best, it starts with your mind first. So when you decide to work with me, it’s a mindset thing. All the physical components will fall into place. AM: You train a number of celebrities including Kevin Hart, how did that come about as his trainer who also travels with him, how do you balance that schedule along with your other clients, trainers, etc? RB: Yeah you know that I have been fortunate enough to build a team. You know, you find a balance. I met Kevin through Ne-Yo, well honestly, I met Kevin back in 2004 when we met at the barbershop so we go way back and I was training another client, Ne-Yo and they are really good friends. Kevin and I just had this energy to continue to build something with one another and we just found ourselves building towards some runs, fitness movements and then it kind of got us to this point. You just find yourself between that balance of doing what I am hired to do and what I want to do which is again – to building something that is bigger than myself. If it was just about me being a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, that would not be interesting to me for the long term, so we have to get these moments with the Just Train idea, the Cellucor partnerships and the things that we have been able to build along the way! AM: As someone who travels a lot, what are 3 must haves that you have in your bag that are your essentials? RB: I keep resistance bands on me all

the time. You have to have some good deodorant on you so that you don't get musty! I always like to have a pair of fresh work out clothes because you feel good and you look good. You’re motivated to keep going into the gym to put in good work. Contrary to the last few weeks, I haven’t been changing my clothes very often because I have been in my focus mode. You really want to stay and look good when you go to the gym and you want to build on that! I keep resistance bands, fresh outfits and some deodorant to make sure that I smell good! AM: We love that your Instagram shows you working out, including videos of you and Kevin, people that you have met who are inspiring and just you when you're just hanging out - how important is social media and having this well rounded presence to your business? RB: I’m just so fortunate to have social media right now to be able to spread a lot of messages to get up and do more and move more. Physical fitness has been a by-product of that to challenge people to that part of the life. Social media has been a great way to be able to reach so many different people in so many different walks of life. It’s very interesting to be a football player and then for people to be able to come and find you – they say, “man where can I find you?” and then you give them your Instagram and then they’re like, “man, my boy on Wall Street – he follows you.” What’s the chance of that and it’s cool when they say that their mom follows me and it’s like “oh shit” – social media is a really great tool to do that! I don’t know why they are following me, but I want to be a source of good energy and social media has been able to provide me that and I want to be able to create good content to be able

to motivate people. It inspires them that they are able to train and do great things as well as being able to live and have fun! It’s not about being one dimensional. I don’t believe in eating a certain way, I like to enjoy life, take vacations – whatever it is. But social media has been able to allow me to show that life is not one dimensional. You don’t have to just wake up, go to work, go to the gym, sleep, wake up and do it all over again. AM: We are all about tribes and those that inspire us to be our best selves who are 3 people that you look to in your tribe as sources of inspiration? RB: I’m inspired by my family number 1 as an overall. The people that I am around – Kevin inspires me just because you can’t become complacent! The third person is myself - if that’s ok to say! When you look at who you are and where you came from and that there is more that you can give as you know where you have been and where you can continue to push that ball forward. AM: When you hit the gym, what songs are on your playlist at the moment that you enjoy listening to? RB: Aww man! I’m kind of all over the place these days! I like R&B, a lot of slow jams then I go to a lot of old school 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. Man, I go to A-list R&B, I don’t know, it just depends on the mood. Sometimes I’m really in a sweet mood and everybody says that I am not a sweet guy because I don’t smile much but actually, I’m the opposite! So, I’m really a nice person and listening to slow music makes me happier. AM: When it's time for a bit of down time and you're not focused on clients and your brand - how do you take time for yourself? RB: I take time for myself by going to

the gym actually. Really thinking about things and sometimes I just need to sit down in a room or in my office and think about my thoughts. I like drives. It sounds corny but sometimes I like to just get in the car and just think about and look at things that I want to achieve and accomplish and it just helps me to refocus! AM: Tell us about your style. What's your go-to's for working out, going out, around town and lounging? RB: Just Train apparel is amazing and I wear it a lot! There are some other brands that are really cool – Alo Yoga has some really cool men’s stuff that came out recently and that’s kind of my loungewear. I’m really simple as I like comfortable t-shirts and pants when I go out at night. I love Jordan 1’s as it’s kind of one of my favorite shoes – I have a number of them as well as some exclusives that are really cool. A nice kick will make a whole outfit look 10X better. AM: In the city that you're based, where can we find you grabbing a drink or meal, working out and to go shopping? RB: I’m based in LA so when I’m shopping, I like Nordstrom, it’s one of my favorite department stores because you can get really expensive stuff although I am a middle kind of guy so I like to get really nice t-shirts and things like that. In LA, you’ll find me at a restaurant called Leo & Lily a lot. They have a homemade breakfast. There is a new spot called Mister O’s for a good brunch on a Saturday morning – it’s really incredible there and is owned by the people who own Bull Steakhouse. I have a Just Train gym here in LA that has really cool equipment that influencers can come in and use. A lot of trainers in this industry don’t have the equipment or place that they can go to where they can train their clients as

well as to build content, to my partners over at XD Fitness Equipment, they built this whole gym facility that is super cool so that people can come in and be as creative as they want to be to film content. So I love to go there and if not, I am at Equinox in the Valley just kind of putting in some work. I like the space of creativity to kind of do what I want and to just throw shit around! PHOTOS COURTESY | Ron Boss @JustTrain

You can hear Ron Boss' interview in April on our show, #TRIBEGOALS which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! Make sure to subscribe to find out when the episode drops. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast shows.



Anna Kaiser is the Founder of AKT, one of the nation's fastest growing luxury boutique fitness franchise concepts. Growing up as a dancer, Anna constantly struggled to find ways to keep herself in shape. She opened her first studo on the Upper East Side in 2013. Anna wanted to create a culture and a brand that combined the personalization of private training with the community and electric experience that a boutique studio offers. AKT has an incredible fit following, with notables such as Kelly Ripa and Shakira.

bines cardio-dance intervals with strength and training. AKT offers four unique class modalities: Dance, Bands, Circuit and Tone. Dance: A dance-based interval workout that pairs dance, cardio and toning. Bands: A unique interval workout that uses overhead bands and a box to work on full-body conditioning. Tone: Tone is our strength-focused low-impact muscle endurance class, that ends with a guided foam roll.

She found that the consumer would plateau after only a few months of working out at a single modality studio (barre, Pilates, yoga, spin, etc.) because the workout wasn’t changing. AKT was a solution to provide members with an ever-changing workout experience focused on something no other fitness concept does — a kinetic approach to physical wellness with a cutting edge in pop fitness culture.

Circuit: Circuit is our timed full-body power and strength class. Guests at AKT have access to towels, water and an AKT retail shop. AKT On Demand is available to download and has over 800 subscribers per month. From the beach to the gym or your hotel suite, AKT's streaming workout videos are available to help

AKT is a full-body workout that com-

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Mar 2019

you continue your AKT program. New content is added every week and you can choose which class to take based on what equipment you have with you any how much time you have.


Locations are currently in NYC, The Hamptons and Connecticut. Additional locations will open in LA, Miami, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Westchester, Charlottesville, New Jersey and Arizona. @TheAKTStudios

Mar 2019

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Beejhy Barhany, an Israeli Ethiopian opened Tsion Cafe in 2014 in Harlem's historic Sugar Hill district. Her goal was to bring the Ethiopian and Mediterranean healthy culture and living to the Harlem community because this area was her home. The location of Tsion Cafe is famously known for being Jimmy's Chicken Shack. Back in the 40's, that's where Malcom X and Redd Foxx were frequently spotted hanging out and where jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker Jr., washed dishes before his big break.

gomen, beets served with injera; Tsion Eggs - caramelized onions, smoked salmon with injera and Shakshuka - 4 poached organic eggs sauteed with organic tomato, onion, pepper, spices and cilantro with bread. Inerja comes with a number of the meals at Tsion Cafe, it is made with teff grain, a tiny round grain that is native to Ethiopia, it is also gluten free. The fermentation process takes about 3-5 days. This process is what gives injera its mildly vinegary (sour) taste. At Tsion our injera is made in-house, so it is always fresh.

She sees Tsion Cafe as a medley of Ethiopian, Israeli and American cultures. Guests can enjoy these foods, live music and art of the community when dining at Tsion Cafe.

Teff is rich in protein and contains many essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your digestive system, metabolism and immune system.

Three signature dishes that should be enjoyed is the Ethiopian Veggie Combo - Shiro atakilt, red lentil, kik alicha,

The dishes are from recipes that were passed down from her grandmother

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Mar 2019

and mother and live on as a legacy to celebrate them at Tsion. These women influenced and shaped her into the woman she is proud to be today. Due to her global travels, she has added her twist and flavor to these already flavorful dishes.

showcases. The response encouraged her to open the restaurant. It was an important way to showcase her culture in the community, and food is the gateway to learning a new culture. Guests can enjoy a brand new menu that includes appetizers/bar menu, dinner and brunch which included Falafel. Recently, they introduced new handcrafted spirits to the drink menu. Patrons can enjoy their outdoor patio area while enjoying their meals.

Beejhy wanted to tell her story. As an Ethiopian-Jewish women in Israel and then the US, the narrative of Judaism did not include the thousands of years of history and cultural relevance that the Ethiopian Jewish community added to the larger story of Judaism. She started a non-for profit that created cultural showcases in the NY tri-state area, encouraging filmmakers and artists to have the opportunity to exhibit their works while promote the cultural heritage of the Ethiopian Jewish community. In doing these regularly, food became a cultural staple at these Mar 2019

TSION CAFE 763 St Nicholas Ave NY, NY 10031 @tsioncafe - 57 -




Inspiration doesn’t just occur. It’s created. Perfection isn’t simply achieved. It’s worked for. Reserved for those who get out and go. Fueled by nature. Motivated by spirit. How do you go?

When you think of Adam Carolla, Loveline comes to mind immediately. He co-hosted this call-in show with Dr Drew on MTV and you learned a lot of information while having levity throughout the show. He is also known for The Man Show, being a host of a number of TV and radio shows including, The Adam Carolla Project, which focused on home improvement on TLC. In addition to appearing on Dancing with the Stars, The Celebrity Apprentice, his voiceover work, his own sangria line known as Mangria writing a number of books and more – his passion for cars is undeniable! Last month, we interviewed Adam at The Chicago Auto Show where he shared where his passion for cars emerged, investing in Paul Newman cars, working on cars, Exotic EVs and of course his bromance with Jimmy Kimmel. ATHLEISURE MAG: What was the moment that you knew that you fell in love with cars? ADAM CAROLLA: I have always loved cars since I was a little, little boy. I was a big fan of cars, I just never had any money and my parents, they didn’t have any money. My dad didn’t like cars and my mom didn’t like cars – it was kind of crappy because it was like being a musician and never having a guitar to play. I got older and I was poor again and drove pickup trucks, worked as a carpenter and at some point, I got into showbusiness and made some money and was finally able to buy some cars. AM: How did it happen that you became the guy that had so many Paul Newman cars? AC: I always liked raced cars and I liked Datsuns for some weird reason. Paul Newman drove for Datsun at the beginning of his career and then he drove for Nissan. So I was collecting these Datsun race cars and these Paul Newman cars kept coming up! So I would go, “well it’s a Nissan race car – I’ll take it.” The Newman name was not as important to me at the time, but at a certain point it dawned on me that I was actually collecting Newman race cars

and not Datsun race cars and that's when it started to turn and that’s when I started to focus a little more on just collecting the Newman stuff. AM: You’re at The Chicago Auto Show. What do you love about the show and what are you looking forward to seeing? AC: I love all the cars, they are all my children – sort of like Michael Jackson felt about the children of the world – but in a wholesome way! None of the later year stuff! I look at the cars like all of my children. You know the electric cars are like my step kids that have been in and out of juvi – I’m not that into. He can still sleep at the house, but he has to stay away from my beer. AM: What do you think of the whole Exotic EV movement that’s going on? AC: I think it’s fine, my wife has a Tesla, but it just died in the garage literally 2 days ago – there is nothing that we can do about it. They took it and said that they didn’t know what was wrong with it. We don’t know when we will be able to get it back to you. I like a car with an internal combustion engine in it and a car that I can dump some Castrol Edge into versus and electric car that doesn’t have a crank case. AM: Well, I guess there won’t be any additional Exotic EV’s being added to your collection. AC: No! We needed one car with an internal combustion engine in it to get around. Like I said, when the electric cars die – they just die! I’m pretty good at wrenching on cars, but I’m looking at a Tesla and it just says that it is dead and I don’t even know where to begin. Where if it was an old school car, I’d put it in neutral and bump start it or get out the cables and jumpstart it or try something. AM: What trends are you seeing at the show that we should keep an eye out for?

MORE POWER with Adam Carolla

AC: I'm seeing smaller motors - V8's giving way to V6’s, V6’s giving way to straight or in-line 4 Cylinder engines. They’re putting turbo chargers on them. They’re asking more of smaller engines and that’s where Castrol Edge comes in for maximum engine performance. You need a better lubrication because you’re asking for more out of a smaller engine. AM: What are your 3 must hav3s that you have in your garage when you’re working on your cars? AC: My 3 must hav3s are a metric set of sockets because I’m working on foreign stuff mainly, an IPA beer and Castrol Edge. And I’ll take a swig off of both of them – oh yeah! AM: In terms of your tribe, who are 3 people that have influenced your career? AC: Well, I would say God, but I am an atheist and then I’d say my dad, but I don’t really like him. I’ll say Paul Newman oh and there’s Jimmy Kimmel – I mean come on, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jimmy Kimmel! I don’t like my dad, but I like Jimmy’s dad! So, I’ll say Jimmy’s dad, Paul Newman and Jimmy Kimmel! By the way, Jimmy’s dad is a Jim Kimmel, but for some reason, we don’t call him Jr! AM: Alright, those are some pretty great picks. It was so much fun talking to you about Paul Newman, cars and Jimmy Kimmel! Is there anything that we should keep an eye out for? AC: If you guys want to see a pretty cool video, go to Castrol Edge USA’s channel on YouTube and see me driving the wheels off this Audi RA! @AdamCarolla

You can also enjoy hearing Adam Carolla's interview with us right now on our show, #TRIBEGOALS which is a part of Athleisure Studio, our multi-media podcast network! You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and wherever you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast shows.

f o t r A e h k T c a n S e th

ELEVATED ITALIAN FARE In this month's The Art of the Snack we head to the award winning TREVI Italian Restaurant (Morton Restaurant Group) at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which is known for their Italian menu that has a traditional menu, along with a few unexpected twists that their guests enjoy. We talked with their Executive Chef, Jose Navarro about his culinary background, his role at the restaurant and what dishes and cocktails we should enjoy there. ATHLEISURE MAG: You’re the Executive Chef of TREVI. Tell us what your culinary background was prior to coming to the restaurant as well as what your role as an Executive Chef is at TREVI? EXUTIVE CHEF JOSE NAVARRO: My culinary background has been pretty diverse. I started off in my serious cooking journey at Palace Court (now closed), where I spent two years leaning the classics, as well as nouvelle French culinary techniques. My earlier Italian culinary education came under Chef Paul Bartolotta, where an emphasis on fresh ingredients and classic Italian preparations was the focus. Prior to TREVI, I was in the steakhouse wheel house. I was the Executive Sous Chef at Morels in the Palazzo, Executive Chef at Beso -Eva Longoria's Restaurant, and Chef d' Cuisine at SHe by Morton’s. In my role as Executive Chef at TREVI, I'm responsible for the seasonal menu, where the focus is to source quality ingredients and prepare them in a way that showcases the season. Additionally, I am responsible for the training of Sous Chefs, but most importantly, training the cooks whom will be making the dishes day in and day out. In addition to the core menu, I'm also responsible for crafting a Vegan Menu, which is a personal passion as I have a lot of respect for vegetables, and this is a great platform to showcase both. AM: For those who have yet to attend

TREVI, what can one expect in terms of the ambiance, dishes, etc? EC JN: Our menu is peppered with classic Italian-American dishes, with a modern theme, focused on seasonality and quality. The food is approachable, with a touch of comfort. There is also a focus on ingredients that typically would not be on a neighborhood restaurant, like our Short Rib Ravioli with foie gras sauce, as an example. AM: What are signature dishes that we should know about at TREVI? EC JN: In referene to our "signature" dishes, they really change from season to season, and even week to week. It's here where the creative legs are stretched a little, and future menu items are developed. As a rule of thumb, I recommend trying the kitchen's special for the night. AM: What are 3 signature cocktails available at TREVI? EC JN: Tuscan Dream, which is a spin on the classic Negroni; made with sweet vermouth, Millet Bitters and Vietti Moscato. Aperol pear spritz, a modern twist on a very classic cocktail found in Italy. Made with Aperol, St. George Pear liqueur, St. George vodka, and sparkling wine. And of course our, a must try, the TREVI Bellini. A frozen blend of peach nectar, Peach Schnapps, rum and sparkling wine. PHOTO CREDIT | TREVI @TREVIlv

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Mar 2019

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Bingely Books We're introduced to Daisy in the late sixties who hangs out on the Sunset Strip sneaking into clubs, sleeping with rockstars and dreaming of her own turn when she can perform at Whisky a Go Go. When she hits 20, she's beautiful and is getting noticed. At the same time, The Six, a band led by Billy Dunne is also doing well and on the night of their first tour, he finds that his girlfriend is pregnant and he gets a bit wild on the road. A producer realizes that if Daisy and Billy combined their powers, they would become legendary and this coupling is the baseline of this novel. We learn about the journey of these two forces in the sixties and seventies and how they eventually would fall apart when they seemed so unstoppable.

GINGERBREAD Riverhead Books Helen Oyeyemi

DAISY JONES AND THE SIX Ballantine Books Taylor Jenkins Reid

When an iconic band comes together and then splits, everyone wants to know what were the reasons behind it - especially when it happens at the height of their career when they seemed unstoppable!

- 82 -

We have all read our share of children's books where gingerbread is talked about. In this book, the magic of gingerbread hits another level in looking at it as a family legacy in the form as an inheritance as a recipe. We meet Perdita Lee a British schoolgirl and her mother Harriet Lee who is looking to step into Mar 2019

The Girls of Innovations Academy are beautiful and well-behaved. Under the watchful gaze of their Guardian, they receive a well-rounded education as obedient girls, free from arrogance, troublesome opinions or individual interests. But the controlled existence is a facade. As Mena and her friends uncover the dark secrets of what’s actually happening there—and who they really are—the girls of Innovations Academy fight back.

the school social hierarchy. As normal as they seem, the two share a gold painted 7th floor walk up with verbal vegetation and there is the fact that they make gingerbread. Although it goes unnoticed in London, it is sought after in Druhástrana, her mother's hometown. Throughout the book which spans decades, we learn of family grudges, jealousies, real estate and more with the backdrop of gingerbread which binds the family together and holds their true value.

GIRLS WITH SHARP STICKS Simon Pulse Suzanne Young

When reading this, you will think of Westworld meets The Handsmaid's Tale. Mar 2019

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Bingely Streaming takes place in our history.

THE BURGER SHOW First We Feast Youtube Earlier this month, we attended the launch of Season 3 of The Burger Show, sponsored by no-contract wireless service provider, SIMPLE Mobile. This season launched on March 5th on First We Feast’s YouTube channel with 6 episodes, highlighting the history of burgers through the celebration of innovation within the industry.

THE THREAD OZY Spotify When things happen in life, they are not only isolated events - even when you think that they are disconnected. In this podcast by the OZY team, they explore an event that takes place and showcases the connections throughout history (even when they are decades apart) to make them happen. If you have to check this out, you can go back to Season 1 in order to see how Jon Lennon, JD Salinger, Eugene O'Neill and Lenin are all connected to historic events that led to their iconic moments. As you binge the seasons, you'll hear more threads that will give you pause about cause and effect and the power of influence and how intersectionality really is a motif that

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To kick off its season, Chef Alvin Cailin of EggSlut and NYC's The Usual located at the Nolitan Hotel - unveiled his latest cheeseburger "The Transformer" (a mixture of a Oklahoma fried onion burger and a Tennessee deep-fried patty, blanketed by Connecticut-style crispy cheese) to foodies while enjoying the premier episode with Tony Hawk which was projected on a massive screen outside of the restaurant across the street. Chef Cailin loves that he can translate his love for burgers into this series. Unlike the first two seasons, viewers will enjoy seeing burger culture across the US, whether Chef Cailin is remaking iconic burgers from Shake Shack or InN-Out or he is making creations with a number of his celeb friends and tastemakers. It's worth noting that fans won't have to wait too long for Season 4 as this will debut later on this year with new burgers to explore and to create! Mar 2019

#TRIBEGOALS Athleisure Studio Apple Podcast We’re all about tribes. We join those that speak to us and align with our vibe. In #TribeGoals, we sit down with key changemakers as they share some of their inspirations, thinking and flow with creating, building and joining their communities. #TribeGoals features guests who share stories and memorable moments with Industry and lifestyle leadership from wellness, fitness, and style to sports, entertainment and entrepreneurship. Hear about how our featured guests #TribeGoals and what fuels those tribes, passions and members. Mar 2019

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Get Your Swimwear Ready

We know that some of our readers may be battling the remnants of snow, while others have enjoyed amazing weather. No matter where you're based, we're thinking one thing - swimwear. Pretty soon, all of us will be able to rock our favorite suits and with so many days of summer coming on the horizon - we had to talk with Monica Hansen of Monica Hansen Beachwear. This swimwear model, Miss Norway 1997, reality show star and host launhed a line that has been a cult favorite and opened FUNKSHION's Miami Swim show last year. We talked with her about her passion for swimwear, how she goes about creating her collection, her upcoming show for Miami Swim and where we can find her hanging in Las Vegas where she is based! ATHLEISURE MAG: Prior to creating your swim line, tell us about what you are up to previously as we know you modeled and were Miss Norway 1997! MONICA HANSEN: I started modeling when I was 14, so it was a long time. I started out as a model and I used to do a lot of swimwear modeling, everything from runway to then getting into TV, hosting, some reality shows. Some people when they want to become models, they want to do it so that they can become famous or to become an actress – for me I was really into fashion photography and things behind the camera as opposed to being in front of the camera haha! Believe it or not, I am actually camera shy! I can’t take selfies unless I’m really drunk. I’m fine when it is a professional camera or it’s in my mind that I am going to be on TV to host, I’m fine and I’m on it. But when a friend or someone close to me wants to take a family or a group picture, I become shy and I just can’t do it – but I made a living doing it this way! It’s always been out of my comfort zone. When I’m modeling, I’m thinking that I creating art – professional work and so I know that it makes sense that I will be a part of this art. It’s really strange, I don’t know why I am like that, but it’s just the way that it has

always been for me! My passion is that I really do love photography and I do love art! I love creating and I have always been a business woman – even when I was modeling, in order to get work, you have to manage yourself like a business as there is a lot of marketing. Many people think that just because you have an agent, you’re set – but you really have to take charge to put yourself out there. Since I have always been an artist at heart, creating bathing suits was a natural transition for me from a design standpoint as well as other parts of this business. I really do enjoy doing this even more then modeling! AM: What was the moment that you told yourself that you were going to create your own swim line? MH: I guess that I always wanted to – it was just a matter of time. The timing was right because I was starting to get some recognition in my home country because I did a lot of TV and I thought, I should probably get some product out there. Previously, I had done a lot of swimwear and had worked for a line that is very well known now and one time the owner told me that she didn’t have a sales rep, but that she knew that I had worked with her for so long that I knew the line by heart. She had an emergency as she had buyers coming and didn’t have the sales rep so I ended up being the sales rep and I got to see all of the numbers and I was like, “I’m in the wrong business!” I started with swimwear not because it’s the easiest – it’s actually complicated. You have to understand the bodies, the fit and the stretch and how it changes with different cuts of fabric with your patterns. I never went to design school, but I make all of the paper patterns myself. AM: Really!

MH: Yeah because I can draw and I had a mentor that would help me and a designer girlfriend of mine. She taught me how to do the paper patterns, I was able to pick it up and now I am able to do them myself. I do the whole collection myself, I run the business myself as well! We’re a small business so I’m the CEO, but I still manage everyone as well as doing the designing. It’s a lot, but with swimwear, it’s cheaper production in general although all of my fabrics are 100% Italian and I wanted to create something that I could produce and not have to worry about a larger production where I would have to worry about investors. Hopefully we will expand into more beachwear, but right now we’re focused on swimwear. AM: Who would you say is the Monica Hansen Beachwear girl? MH: It’s interesting because our target market is that we are trendy so we focus on a younger girl, but believe it or not, we have a 95 year old woman wearing our line and sending me pictures! It used to be that you could say that a number of swimwear designers were focused on younger generations, but now I feel like more people are wearing it and it’s more acceptable to wear it out even outside of the beach. I mean we had Christie Brinkley just wear it in Sports Illustrated and she was just in my bathing suit and she looked amazing! I would say that any confident woman that is all ages. What I did with my swimwear is that we have a lot of mix and match so I have like 7 bottoms that can go with a top. So the good thing about that is that you can buy 2 tops with 2 or 3 bottoms and every time you pair them together, it looks like a different suit. Also, everybody’s body is different. I purposely did it like that because sometimes you will go somewhere and say I love the top, but I don’t love the bottom with it – and that happens with every woman! Were all so different and we cater to everyone. I have suits for everybody

in every shape. Some of our suits are a little more sexy and more revealing, but I feel that every woman in any shape wants to feel sexy and hot no matter what you are. Regardless of your shape, you’re not saying, “I want to wear this big diaper.” AM: That is what has drawn us to your line the versatility, recognizing that that there are a number of shapes out there and the quality construction and fabrication! MH: When I first started, I began with small, medium and large. Now, we have XS and XL and actually, the grading is a lot tighter. I made them as opposed to a whole size up – doing a half size up.! Because when you do 3 sizes, you’re missing the in-between and the grading becomes a bigger gap. So when you add the XS and XL, you’re bridging the gap where someone would say that it is a little too small or a little too big. Because of the fabrics that have stretch, you’re even luckier due to the 4 way stretch which makes it fit just right. I used to have 100s of bathing suits and yet I would only wear 2 that were my favorite. They were the most comfortable, they didn’t have metals on them, etc. So when I design, I think of something that’s classic, great style and colors that go well with the skin tone. It’s also about having fabrics that feel good because you don’t want something that feels tight sitting on top of you and that makes marks. I’m trying to focus on fabrics that give you that hold and stretch but when you wear it, it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. My focus was keeping it fashionable and also being inspired by the 90s as I love that time period because its kind of my generation also! These suits are a higher cut because it gives women a longer look and it compliments every woman’s body. It’s more of a minimalist approach.

AM: We couldn’t agree more. When we looked through your Instagram, we know you have a number of the 90s supermodels on your page. But even when you don’t see them, the suits do give off the 90s “It Girl” vibe which is so classic and timeless juxtaposed against the Bardot elements of the line. It’s fun and has core pieces that you can truly wear over and over. MH: Absolutely, I mean think about leopard that is a classic print that someone can wear as it will always come back and never fade. All of my colors are custom made and I’m very particular. When I first got into this because I didn’t go to fashion school or anything, I would look at these suits that just came with these stock colors and I would look at this bright orange and say, “Oh my God how do you wear this?” As it’s something that my grandmother would wear.” What sets us a part is that even though everyone can copy and try to do the same thing, people will copy you and that is part of what happens when something becomes part of the trend they make similar items. There is no copyright unless you make a print. It’s a compliment when I have seen some of the big brands copy us – it means that you’re in fashion and it will become trendy and there is a market for what you make. What I have noticed is that when you have custom colors it makes it harder to do that as you’re mixing colors. It’s about the tones of the suit. We try to get colors that work on every skin tone as well. AM: We can appreciate this because you have a gold tone on your website and it’s not brassy or more of an ancient, tone it’s just a great gold hue that we can see whether you’re fair, caramel complexion or olive in tone – it will work for you. MH: I’m particular, I custom make ev-

ery color except for black and white. Everything is made in Italy and I am proud of the fact that everything is Italian made! We have that stamp that says that we are 100% Italian made because from start to finish that is what we did. It wasn’t initially the plan to go that way, but when I started sourcing I consistently kept picking Italian fabrics. Our prices are in keeping with our competitors pricing but the difference is that when you buy their suits it’s not these quality fabrics manufactured in Italy, but our pricing is the same. I wanted to have quality. AM: When you’re creating each season, what is this process like for you when you’re seeking inspiration and what is this process like for you when you’re deciding on your styles and cuts? MH: Well that is the difficult thing. You have to be almost two years ahead when you’re designing. Because I have been in the fashion industry for so long and I was so tuned into it by looking at the editorials, photography, models and more – you can’t really go to school for that. It’s all about going into cycles were certain things are trendy and the predictions are difficult because it can be a bit hit or miss. All year around I pay attention to all of these factors and I see where the trend is going. The process is constant. I take tearsheets, screenshots and more and I have them in a folder where I put them together and label what that inspiration is. Then I start sourcing the fabrics. Right about now, the vendors have their 2020 selections available, so I sit down to then design. The process is that I get the idea and I do the sketches, the flat drawings and the paper patterns. Of course, the paper patterns – when they come in, there is a lot of back and forth between Italy which means a lot of late nights. There are a lot of video calls and more. It goes back and forth and then we get the final product – some works and some doesn’t. It’s a lot easier now because I have my classics that I do season to season and I can change the fabrics/colors or the trend idea. I also do runway pieces as well to have a little difference and we build them around the

core collection. It’s a long process and it’s a difficult one. Being creative is not logical – when you’re creative, you can’t just always do it on demand. Some days you’re more that way and other times you’re not. So when you are pressured by time and a deadline, it’s not easy. Creating for yourself is great because you know what you like, but there are more elements involved when it’s for a range of women so it’s like being locked in a box and still being creative! AM: Will Monica Hansen Beachwear be heading to Miami Swim this year? MH: YES! We opened their Fashion Week last year and that was the first year to do a big show with the FUNKSHION platform. It was a big show and we had 30 models along with a full house. It was amazing we has Sports Illustrated, Elle Magazine. It was overwhelming and a lot of pressure because we knew that some people didn’t know who we were as we’re still a growing brand. People had heard enough that they were curious. More then just opening Miami Swim it was also my first show to do. I wanted it to be a big brand and I learned a lot from last year and we will do it even bigger this year! There are a lot of brands that don’t have to do the fashion shows but where we are, we’re in that phase where we need to do that. We do 3 big events there that include the stores, the influencers, and it’s becoming such a big deal with that show and it’s like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it cost a fortune too! AM: How would you describe your line for 2019? MH: Definitely 90s influenced, retro and the main piece of our line is called Bardot. The reason that we called it that is because we did that shoot in St Tropez and our model looked like her! That particular suit that she is wearing is actually from the 70s and so it’s a little like a spin off of that, but is inspired

Mar 2019

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by that time. We have the animal print, there are colors that are more earthy tones and a bit of a safari/military aesthetic because we have the olive green. The summer/spring will still have the leopard which started last summer and trended into the winter so it will be there through the summer. AM: So when you’re sitting poolside or at the beach, what are your 3 must hav3s that you love having? MH: Obviously one of my bathing suits that I have made! There is a sunscreen that I like with a doctor friend of mine, Dr. Garth Fisher MD – Doc Block, that it’s the only medical sunscreen that you can actually wear makeup over and it’s healthy for the skin. It is clinically approved and I swear by it! I also bring a spray bottle with water and I like to bring virgin coconut oil for my hair. Coconut is also a natural sunscreen and is really good for you! I’m a huge fan of natural products and hydration. AM: So you’re based in Vegas, we’d love to know where you enjoy going out for a meal/cocktail, where we could find you working out and of course where you like to shop! MH: Oh boy! So I do Mega Pilates and it’s not like your grandma’s pilates. It’s called Mega Pilates and it has a reformer and it’s called Studio Remixx. It’s one of the toughest things that you can do and I have done everything because I’m a fitness fanatic. I do that 4 times a week. My favorite place to go out to for dining is Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I love the Apex Social Club at the Palms Casino Resort – which is more loungey. I love to shop at the Fashion Show Mall, but I also like the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace as they have the high end shops like La Perla! It’s always so packed with people but it’s one of the most beautiful malls. PHOTOS COURTESY | Monica Hansen @MonicaHansenBeachwear

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