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OUR FEMPIR Alysia Reiner

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Jun 2017


This month's cover is one of our faves - actress, producer, activist and SAG Award winner - Alysia Reiner. She has been in a number of TV shows and films and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her each season of Netflx's Orange is the New Black as the dynamic force Natalie "Fig" Figueroa. In addition to our cover shoot in Tribeca, we sat down to find out more about what drew her to acting, upcoming roles that she will be in, the importance of staying connected to your significant other and family no matter your schedule and her role as an activist. ATHLEISURE MAG: We had such an amazing time shooting with you for our June cover as we've been fans of yours for years! Tell us about your background and how you got into acting. ALYSIA REINER: AWWW Shucks! I am a native Manhattan girl and had a hard time deciding if I wanted to be a scientist or an artist - I still love both, studying human behavior and why we are who we are - I'm just curious, I guess. I love to discover, to wonder, to research, it's the joyful part of acting, the discovery. AM: You've had a number of roles in TV and in movies, but one of our favorites is Orange is the New Black. We binged the latest season, and as fans, tell us what the process was like in trying out for the part and what process you go through to take on the character of Natalie "Fig" Figueroa. AR: I auditioned for Alex, then Polly, then they offered me Fig and I was over the moon. It was 3 lines and I just said yes. To take on Fig, I visited prisons, spoke to wardens, spoke to other prison officials and spoke to previously incarcerated women. I also watched a ton of documentaries about prisons. AM: What are similarities and differences between you and your OITNB character?

AR: SIMILARITES: NONE! DIFFERENCES: The list is endless - I am happily married, a momma, an artist, an activist... AM: You play bad women really well what role or person would you like to play that you have yet to do? AR: The possibilities are endless!!!!!! Doing our photo shoot for this cover I picked up that book about style and had the hit that I want to do a biopic about DIANE VREELAND! I so want to play her, she's my style hero. Also, I want Lena Dunham to direct. AM: This past year you not only starred in, but produced the film "EQUITY," which went to Sundance and got sold to Sony Pictures Classics. How does this role as a producer challenge you, and what are you looking to achieve? AR: I was just reading Jill Soloway's essay in LENNY LETTER "Downtime Makes Me Anxious," and I'm the same way: I just love creating. I love producing because it challenges me and works different muscles than acting does. Just like parenting - or trapezing ( yes I have - check my instagram) - I love trying new things and challenging myself. That’s why I went on Celebrity CHOPPED recently. I love telling stories, I love hiring more women and I love changing the appalling statistics every time I do. AM: Positive female role models is something that we are extremely focused on at Athleisure Mag - who were your role models that assisted you in being who you are today? AR: I find new ones every day. I was about to give you a list of actresses, producers, amazing women I love and know, but really it's the people you don't know. Like my friend Allison's mom who had the coolest arts and crafts cabinet growing up. The woman on the subway who defended another woman when


THIS PAGE, 23 + 25 | LOVE BINETTI Lola Flores | KIMMIE VINCENT Beaded Bracelets | UNDO The Undo Cushion | PG 25 | BRADLEY SCOTT Couture Silk Wool Jacket with Embroidered Sleeve and Black and White Skirt |

she was being sexually accosted. The every day strangers who stand up for what they believe in and are courageous and unique and amazing and inspire us. They deserve so much love and admiration, they are my role models. AM: Activism seems like a major cornerstone of your work (in the midst of everything else) - what organizations/platforms are you associated with and have any of them been because of roles that you have taken as an actor?

I love producing because it challenges me and works different muscles than acting does. Just like parenting - or trapezing (yes I have - check my Instagram) - I love trying new things and challenging myself. That's why I went on Celebrity Chopped recently. I love telling stories, I love hiring more women and I love changing the appalling statistics everytime I do.

AR: I lost my dad to cancer and got very active with the Cancer Support Community - I love them so much. They provide free emotional, social, and psychological support for people with cancer and their friends and family. And yes I said FREE. I was so honored that they gave me and my husband this year's Founders Award For Support. The Women's Prison Association became my "Fig's karma charity." I love working with them, have been volunteering with them for 5 years now, made a piece of jewelry with 100 of proceeds to them, working on a new idea with them now about employing formerly incarcerated women, and they gave me the Sarah Huntington Powell award. What the Geena Davis institute does for women in the media is soooo crucial and I love supporting them every way I can. And there are so many others!!! This could be an entire new article! ;) AM: During the shoot, we loved incorporating a meditation shot into the cover story, how important is this practice to you and how did you get into it? AR: I LOVE MEDITATION. ADMISSION: I did a lot more before I had a kid. But now, I do it with my daughter, I do it at home, on the subway, I have a meditation room at home. I listen to a mediation as I wind down from the day, floss my teeth etc. I always feel like I don't have time, but somehow if you make the time, time bends and gives you more, magically. AM: What's your personal style when you're going to set, when you're going to dinner with your family and then hitting the red carpet for an event? AR: I have no idea - you are the stylist help! AM: Who are your style icons? AR: Diana Vreeland, DVF, Valentino, Vivianne Westwood, Jenna Lyons, Stacey

from Alice & Olivia, Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Livia Firth, Chloe Sevigny, Natasha Lyonne, I could go on..... AM: What are 3 exercises or methods that you do to stay so fit? AR: 30-60-90 by Kristi Molinaro, Soulcycle and INTENSATI TABATA AM: When you're having a busy day running around in the city, what are 3 places in NYC that we may see you pop into for lunch? AR: Ha! I never have time to go out to lunch! AM: After hanging out with you, you have such a mindful nature about you that seems to permeate the way you approach life as well as living within it - how important is this to you from a mental, wellness, culinary and related lifestyle aspects? AR: When we can incorporate mindfulness into everything, it just makes every moment sweeter. Everything is more beautiful - you even see art in a garbage pile. Rats become cute. And then, of course, people think you're crazy. I don’t care. AM: A number of our readers either work with their significant others and/or are in the same field with them. What advice would you give to those readers to assist them in having couple time? AR: MAKE DATE NIGHTS AND STICK TO THEM! Appreciate each other. Write love notes. Talk about the relationship. Seek outside help before you need it. AM: How do you take time for yourself as a wife and mother, actress, producer, activist etc? AR: Ummm….I need to work on that. I

really do. :) AM: What projects can you share with us that are coming up that we may not know about? AR: We just wrapped season 2 of BETTER THINGS - so excited! And I did guest stars on BROAD CITY, YOUNGER and ODD MOM OUT! I am headed to Chicago in a few weeks to shoot The Pages - a political thriller, and then shooting EGG in which I star with Christina Hendricks and Anna Camp, and I could not be more excited! #LIFEISGOOD Our shoot with Alysia Reiner of Orange is the New Black, took place in Tribeca in a historic building. We chatted with Louise Phillips Forbes, Licensed Senior Associate Real Estate Broker at Halstead Real Estate to find out more about this property, 119 Chambers St #2. ATHLEISURE MAG: The layout of this apartment, as well as having an elevator that opens into the home, was definitely a great feature and made it fun to shoot our June celebrity cover - what can you tell us about this property? LOUISE PHILLIPS FORBES: What’s not to love?! It’s the quintessential downtown New York apartment as depicted in TV and movies. A split-level loft boasting 2,240 square feet with 3 large bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and soaring 14-foot wood beamed ceilings that take your breath away. Not to mention the awesome floor-to-ceiling windows facing south and the old-world exposed brick walls in the expansive great room that also has a wood-burning fireplace. The open, contemporary kitchen is perfect for entertaining given the large marble-top breakfast bar, but it also features custom cabinetry and high-end, stainless steel appliances. A peaceful retreat, the master bedroom suite boasts a very large walk-in custom closet and serene spa-like bathroom with a double-sink vanity, deep soaking tub, and glass-enclosed shower. Stunning hard-

wood floors, recently purchased LG washer & dryer, ADT alarm system, and separate thermostats in each room for AC & heat complete the home. AM: What makes the building special and does it offer amenities for residents? LPF: Built in 1858, the cast-iron building at 119 Chambers Street was fully renovated using high-end materials and finishes and converted to a condominium in 2008. It’s a boutique building with just 5 units total so privacy is assured. Each apartment has a substantial room-size storage unit and there is a fitness room downstairs. AM: Tell us about the neighborhood that is directly around this building. LPF: Tribeca is a very diverse and friendly neighborhood where the big city feels more like a small town, and Chambers Street is in the heart of it all. Very walkable and also bike-friendly, this area is filled with charming cafes and fine dining options, boutique shops and luxury retailers, galleries, fitness clubs, and several local parks. There’s even a Whole Foods just a few blocks away, and Starbucks is on the corner of the block. Plus public transportation is very convenient with many local and express subways nearby, and you have easy access to the West Side Highway enabling you to get just about anywhere in the city efficiently. It’s an ideal location for New Yorkers. AM: Tell us about who represents this property. LPF: I am very honored to be the broker representing this exclusive listing. I have been working in residential real estate for more than 28 years and currently hang my hat at Halstead Real Estate’s Park Avenue office, where I’m proud to lead the firm’s #1 team. My portfolio of clients includes buyers, sellers, and luxury developers all over NYC, and my career sales are in excess of $3 Billion. I

consider myself more of an educator, than a sales person, and it’s a privilege to be a part of this process with people, after all, your home is the base upon which the rest of your life is built. AM: For those that are interested in purchasing this unit, how can they find out more information? LPF: It would be very easy to call this lovely apartment home given that it’s move-in ready. Simply bring your toothbrush! To schedule an appointment, people can contact me directly and I will be happy to give them a private tour and discuss the purchasing details. I can be reached via email at or at 212-3813329. AM: Where can readers find out about additional properties that you represent? LPF: Visit my website and click on the tab for “My Listings”. You can view pictures, 3D floor plans, and videos along with detailed descriptions of each property I’m working with from downtown to uptown.

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Jun 2017

Jun 2017

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There are many ways to enjoy one of those classic summer nights with your girlfriends. We hung out on a rooftop to take a sunset pilates session and then enjoyed White Claw Hard Seltzer Water with NFL/FOX Sports sideline reporter and Co-Host of ABC's Dancing with the Stars host, Erin Andrews. We chatted with her on how she broke into the industry, her favorite teams, how she stays fit and her partnership with White Claw. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us a little about your background in terms of how you got into sports as well as being a host on Dancing with the Stars? ERIN ANDREWS: I became a sportscaster and went to school for it. I'm a huge sports fan and have been so my entire life. I'm a Daddy's Girl so yeah - it just all happened from there. I was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and they came knocking on my door and said, "would you like to host the show" and I did! AM: How is it different in preparing on the sidelines for a game, versus when you're hosting for Dancing with the Stars? EA: For me, it's pretty much the same thing. Because for me, I prepare for sports a lot but then a lot of it - you can't prepare for during the actual game. It's unexpected, something always happens you can't predict the outcome of the game. So you don't know what's going to happen, so you have to kind of just go with it and react as it is happening. The same can be said for Dancing with the Stars - you don't know how someone is going to perform, what they're going to do - whether they have a wardrobe malfunction. You just kind of have to roll with the punches. AM: Who are your favorite teams? EA: I was raised by a Green Bay Packer

fan, a Red Sox fan, as well as a Celtics fan. Basically whoever my dad liked. He was raised in New England and he said that when he was growing up, The Patriots weren't that great of a team and they weren't really on television, but Green Bay Packers were, so he became a fan of theirs. AM: What's your personal style when you're going out for brunch versus when you're going out with your girlfriend's for a night out? EA: My personal style with brunch and going out is the same. It's a t-shirt and jeans. I'm very much a tomboy and not glam like this. I can't wait to get out of this and into a t-shirt and jeans actually! So yeah, I'm very tomboyish basically, all my t-shirts are white, grey and black. I like to rock Vans and Stan Smiths. AM: So you're getting married - what are 3 key exercises that you do to look amazing for a wedding or are just perfect as we continue through our summer body season? EA: I'm big into squats and I love anything that has to do with my arms. I like weighted exercise for them and I am REALLY into planks - anything like that! AM: We've been a fan of the hard seltzer category for a few years. Why do you like hard seltzer and why did you partner with White Claw Hard Seltzer? EA: I love being active. The feeling that I get from working out and being strong is something I am proud of. And, it’s important to me not to undo all my hard work when I want to have a drink. I love White Claw Hard Seltzer because it not only tastes great, but allows me to make better choices while still enjoying life and socializing with friends.

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AIRE ANCIENT BATHS Guests will enjoy hot and cold pools courtesy of the Romans, the intimate tubs are a nod to the Greeks and the use of steam and hot stones come from the Ottoman and Arab empires.

NYC is a place filled with a hustle and bustle that moves at a dizzying pace, so the need for a spa to get back to self is essential. But there are some spas that are literally hidden gems that take you to another world. AIRE Ancient Baths is a subterranean Tribeca spa destination that merges traditions of the ancient Greek, Roman, Ottaman and Arab empires together. Other locations of this decadent space around the world showcase bath traditions and revive this concept in restored historic buildings. Although this location opened its doors in 2012, the building was previously a textile factory that was built in 1883.

Entering the 16,000 square-foot space is an intimate affair as only 20 people are allowed to fill the marble and stone space which is lit by a number of lanterns from Marrakech! You can alternate between four pools ranging from fiery (102 degrees) to icy (46 degrees); there is a saltwater bath (the Roman alvea), and a large, ­multiperson tub with aggressive bubbling jets. A glass-enclosed hammam is accessible and there are heated marble benches where juices and teas can be enjoyed.

AIRE creates spaces and experiences to relax the body and mind according to ancient traditions of water with temperature contrasts as elements of relaxation and health. Its primary focus is to present the traditional ritual of relaxing and rejuvenation through water.

In addition to the pools, you can select an hour-long four-handed massage (or a fifteen-minute refresher) or a threehour ritual including a private bath upstairs (for one or two), infused with a choice of red wine, cava, or olive oil.

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Jun 2017

It's worth noting that all you need to bring with you is a swimsuit. Special slippers are provided by the spa which can be worn in the water. In addition you are given a band that you wear throughout your stay which electronically unlocks your locker. Jun 2017

AIRE ANCIENT BATHS NY 88 Franklin St NY, NY 10013

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TMPL GYM is where NYC's sexy fitness focused come to get a workout. Created by CEO and Founder David Barton (creator of his iconic namesake, David Barton Gyms) in March 2016, this Hell's Kitchen location is the ultimate destination in fitness. Keep your eye out for additional locations that will pop up in Manhattan.

launch. The community is created throughout the gym starting with the lobby, in the weight room, at the pool and even at the Juice Bar where members congregate daily. TMPL additionally hosts monthly events such as Yoga in the Plaza, Pool Parties, DJ nights and more.

The 40,000 square foot gym is filled with amazing amenities, including but not limited to; a group fitness studio, 25-meter saltwater pool, spin studio, juice bar and all showers in the TMPL locker rooms have Oribe shampoo and conditioner.

TMPL has also connected the community of members outside of the gym via social media. Through the gym’s growing social presence, members can be kept up to date with all the happenings at TMPL and connect with each other through their mutual love for the gym.

A sense of community and connecting with those that work out extends beyond the styled walls of the gym. David and his team are dedicated to fostering a community at TMPL since its

TMPL offers a slew of group fitness options including yoga, strength training, spin, cardio, and aqua-based classes. Membership at TMPL includes customized metabolic programming. This

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Jun 2017

unique training program combines state-of-the-art technology with an assessment of one’s metabolism. This makes goals like strength and muscle gain or fat loss attainable. Pop by TMPL's boutique which just launched a retail line including all athletic wear from tank tops and leggings to swimwear and sports bras.

Jun 2017

TMPL GYM 355 W 49th St NY, NY 10019

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f o t r A e h k T c a n S e h t

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Jun 2017

ICE CREAM FOR DAYS Ice cream as you know it has been taken to the next level and we're officially swooning over this LA area brand! Smitten Ice Cream launched on a Radio Flyer® Wagon in the Mission District. The culinary-driven company uses the freshest ingredients and highest quality products, and in doing so patented the Brrr™ machine in 2007 — a one-of-a-kind ice cream churner that uses liquid nitrogen and double helical mixers to make the smoothest, creamiest ice cream, made to order in just minutes. We selected our favorites to keep you cool this summer! PHOTOS | Courtesy of Audrey Ma + Patrick Wong Jun 2017

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EARL GREY WITH MILK CHOCOLATE CHIPS Steeping the highest quality black tea leaves directly into our organic milk and cream, and folded in handfuls of house-prepared TCHO milk chocolate chips to tame the light bitterness of this classic brew drizzled with TCHO chocolate sauce

Jun 2017

Jun 2017

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DOUGH MY GOODNESS SUNDAE Cookie Dough ice cream with handchopped pretzels for salty crunch, made-from-scratch cookie dough pieces and teensy Guittard Chocolate chips, TCHO chocolate sauce, organic whipped cream.

SONOMA ROSÉ Rosé wine infused ice cream developed in collaboration with Big Night Restaurant Group's Emily Luchetti featuring Scribe Winery's Una Lou

Pop Into G with Cassey Ho

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Jun 2017

Good Health GET THOSE Z'S

It's all about balance. Looking and feeling your best is all about giving yourself what your body needs from exercise, eating right, having personal time and also getting sleep. Our lives are pretty hectic so sometimes it may be tough to make sure that we have everything that we need. We took some time to chat with Cassey Ho, who is not only the founder of Blogilates and continued on to Pop Pilates, but travels around the country motivating others to embrace their bodies and to stay moving. We chatted with Cassey to find out more about how she got started, what her day is like and her partnership with Zzzquil and how essential sleep is to her routine to stay on top of it all. ATHLEISURE MAG: We've been fans for years! Please tell our readers how you came to creating Blogilates? CASSEY HO: I created Blogilates back in 2009 when I was teaching a class at 24 Hour Fitness in Los Angeles after college. I was teaching about 30-40 students every Tuesday and Thursday night. I was about to move to Boston for my first job out of college and my students were like “what are we going to do without you during the week? No one else teaches Pop Pilates.” I decided to film a video just for those 40 people, put it on YouTube and then I left [for Boston]. The next time I looked at that video, it had thousands of views and hundreds of comments. I read the comments and people were asking if I could do another butt video or another ab video and these were not just the people at 24 Hour Fitness, they were from people all over the world. Now we have over 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube, which is craziness, and it all is stemming from the intention to want to teach. AM: What drew you to Pilates and why is this such a good method to do in terms of toning your body? CH: I really love Pilates because it is all about competing against yourself and

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who you were yesterday. You do not have to compete with anyone else. Pilates is so good for your body because if you are doing mat Pilates you do not need any equipment and you are using your body strength, which also means you have fewer excuses when you are traveling. You don’t have to go to the gym to do Pilates; you can do it literally in your hotel room or at home. My form of Pilates is called POP Pilates, which is Pilates with pop music, so it makes it really fun to do and it is like a dance on the mat. AM: What are you currently working on and tell us more about Sheroic podcast? CH: I am currently working on the next POPFLEX collection, which is my active wear line and we are hoping to launch some new lines in the fall, which will be fun! Also on June 21, we are launching the Sheroic podcast. I am super excited about it and I am hosting it with my good friend and fellow female entrepreneur, Lisa Bilyeu. We are talking everything female empowerment, how to follow your dreams, how to have successful relationships and how to deal with failure. We also talk about body image, plastic surgery and pretty much anything and everything else. We get real, we get raw and every episode will leave you with at least one nugget of knowledge that will enrich your life. AM: What are 3 exercises that are good to tone abs, legs and your butt? CH: A great one for abs is the eagle crunch. You would cross your knees over each other and then cross your ankles if you can and cross your elbows over each other and then your wrists, if you can. Essentially, you are trying to make the body nice and tight. While you are laying on your back, squeeze and crunch up touching your elbows to your knees and then you release. That action is really going to attack your core, your abs and it is pretty insane. You will want to try about 15 or 20 of those and the slowJun 2017

er, the better. For legs, I really like squat lunges. This is from my PIIT28 workout (Pilates Intense Interval Training), in which you begin in a squat with your legs hip width apart and toes tracking forward. You squat down with your chest open and back flat. Your butt will be almost to the floor, at least parallel to the floor. You then jump up and land in a lunge. Then you go back into your squat, jump up and land in your lunge on the other side. This is all cardio, lots of legs and added butt too. If you want another butt exercise, one that I really do enjoy is the standing single leg lift. Imagine you are balancing on one foot, leg is straight, hands on the hips and the other leg extended behind you, nice and long with your toe pointed. Now, while balancing on that foot like a flamingo, bend your knee and extend it up. That is really going to tack that one glute. Then to get the other glute, you lift the other leg high in the air and bring it back to that parallel position. This entire sequence is so good for your legs and your butt. AM: What are great power foods that we can eat in order to maintain our energy when we're running around or about to work out? CH: If you are looking for energy foods, you are looking for something with a bit more carbs in it for that quick energy. For me, I enjoy a really good acai bowl. You get your fruit, maybe some granola and it is fun to eat. Acai is really so good for you so I like that. They also make beautiful pictures. AM: What is your personal style when it comes what you wear when you work out vs what you wear for brunch vs going out for date night? CH: For working out, I love looking really cute because it keeps me motivated. I also think that looking cute helps with better form. If you look in the mirror and

feel good about your outfit, you will have better form. I like wearing my own line, POPFLEX Active, because I like testing my clothes to make sure they are working. I want to make sure that the pants are not see-through when you squat or that your boobs stay in when you do jump squats. These are all very important things, so I love testing the clothes before anything comes out. In terms of what I wear for brunch versus going out, sometimes I finish my workout and head straight to brunch. I’m cool with doing that because I feel like the workout wear is very versatile, but I also really love rompers. I can wear rompers all day long. Rompers for brunch, rompers for date night, rompers all the time. AM: Being healthy focuses on eating right and working out, how important is sleep to this formula? CH: The three pillars for health are eating healthy, being active daily and getting enough rest daily. I think many people skip on the sleep part because it is not often talked about with the same level of emphasis as working out and eating right. I think people need to try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Obviously, everyone is different but that is the number that tends to work for me and when that happens you will not only learn better, but you will remember more and feel happier, which studies have proven. A recent ZzzQuil survey found that nearly nine in ten Americans (87%) say they experience trouble falling asleep—I can definitely relate to this! When life keeps me up, like when I get back from a big trip, I get major jetlag and it is very difficult to fall asleep, which screws with my entire weekly routine. On those occasional nights when jet lag keeps me up, I will take ZzzQuil, a realistic solution that helps me fall asleep usually in as little as 20 minutes. Then I am able to wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to go!

AM: Tell us about your partnership with ZzzQuil and why do you prioritize sleep? CH: I’m very excited to be partnering with ZzzQuil to promote the importance of sleep and rest to my fans. Sleep is so important and people often try to take time out of their sleep so they can get more done. The truth is when you try to get more done, you are not as productive because you don’t feel as good or energized. Sleep needs to be there and it needs to be done every day. Of course sometimes when you aren’t able to sleep because you’re going to go out later or something comes up, that’s fine every once in a while. However, over a long period it can be detrimental to your wellbeing. So many people ask me my secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when life gets busy and honestly, one of the biggest factors for me is sleep. I prioritize sleep because it helps my body literally function. I had issues with not being able to lose weight because I was not sleeping enough. That was something that I didn’t realize until I discovered it, because I didn’t sleep enough. Sleep also helps with my memory, which is awesome because I have to memorize POP Pilates choreography all the time and that is a lot of moves and sequences. Getting a good night’s sleep after practice is helpful to be able to drill the moves into my memory. AM: Do you have a sleeping routine, such as writing in a journal, drinking a tea etc. to begin the process? CH: My sleep routine consists of some stretching at night and if I have time I’ll put on one of my favorite Netflix shows and stretch for about an hour to really open up my body. That puts me in a calm mood physically. Then I’ll head to bed and I will begin to read,

which calms my mind and helps me drift off into sleep. AM: Please share anything that you feel you'd like our audience to know! CH: For anyone out there that feels like they can’t pick their butt off the floor and they feel unmotivated to work out, I would say you need to figure out

what it is that makes you really excited and really happy when you are moving. Even if it’s something as simple as walking, that’s fine. It doesn’t have to be crazy or intimidating, like CrossFit or running a marathon, but everyone has something that will really work for them and get them excited. We are all different human beings, so all of our workouts and diets are going to be a

different prescription for ourselves. I suggest you try everything and I know you are going to find that one thing that gets you excited to want to jump out of bed and just do it, and that will be the right workout for you. Working out should make you happy, it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

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Jun 2017

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Jun 2017

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Our bags hold so many things, and if you ries of must haves in case we need to cle ing, clean our jewelry and of course nour month!

| KUR BY LONDONTOWN Nourishing Cuti Rescue | ANDI NEW YORK Diamond Charc GLIDE The Original Anit-Chafing Anti-Blist elry Cleaner |

In Ou

"The Fix

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Jun 2017

u ask your frieds, we always seem to have a seean something, hydrate our lips, fight skin chafrish our cuticles. Here's what we're carrying this

icle Oil | BOOT RESCUE Sneaker Rescue + Sandal coal | C.O. BIGELOW No. 13 Lavender Save | BODY ter Balm | BAUBLRELLA Bling Brush Natural Jew-

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x It" Tote

Jun 2017

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THE M Jun 2017


Pierre Hardy is known as a phenomenal designer who sees dance in his interpretations of design whether he creates shoes and accessories for Hermès, a number of his notable collaborations and of course his namesake collection, Pierre Hardy. His love of dance, design and teaching is felt immediately upon any conversation with him. His career includes being an illustrator for Vanity Fair Italy and Vogue Hommes International, designer of women's shoes for Christian Dior, becoming the Creative Director for Women's and Men's shoe collection, as well as the Creative Director for the Fine Jewelry division of Hermès (he still maintains these roles with the brand), collaborating for over a decade with Nicolas Ghesquière for the women and men's collections at BALENCIAGA - and this is just the quick highlights. In addition to his coveted roles in the above, in 1999 he launched his own shoe line for men and women and at that time he also collaborated with a number of brands, including 3 shoe capsule collections with GAP and he partnered with NARS for a capsule collection of nail polishes and blushes. We talked with Pierre to find out his thoughts on designing the smartwatch band for Apple Watch, what his process is like when he is designing, what it was like to launch his own namesake, his relationship with various design houses and the importance of sneakers. ATHLEISURE MAG: You have designed with Hermès for a number of years and have created iconic prints as well as pieces for the house. What was it like to have the opportunity to create the watch, band? PIERRE HARDY: It's a very narrow field because I just did the bracelets and leather bands. My mission was to think about what you can do with the band for the smartwatch. What was interesting for me as a designer was to link technically the watch with a high-end leather good - to make them work together. In the beginn-

ing, I was a little trepid wondering if this was a good idea - but I was wrong. In the end, it worked so well - for both of the brands I believe! The combination and perfection of how it came together and in working with the team in Paris and to have that time together was interesting. AM: Will there be other wearable designs in your future? PH: I believe it was just that one, but I would not say no if they asked me! AM: Throughout your career, you have collaborated with many designers, what was it like working with them? PH: First as a point of clarification, I would say that my position with Hermès is not a collaboration, it's more like my second house. We've known each other for such a long time now. When we came together, it was immediate and there wasn't a hierarchy. I was and am happy to be a part of the success of that house. The same can be said in working with Balenciaga. It fit and I liked, as a designer, the experimentation of what we created and it was very different as a designer. AM: It seems that when you design with these coveted houses that you are in a state of translation. PH: Absolutely, I always look to transform things into different shapes - something visible, tangible and sensible. Something you can enjoy. I'm always looking to understand as a means to design into the pieces that you enjoy. I'm always searching for something new and better. I love the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from the work. AM: How did creating your own line come about? PH: At that time, I had designed with Hermes for about 10 years and wanted to create pieces that there wasn't a place for them in my work there. I came

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to the realization that I would have to create them in another space. I decided to launch 15 models in my living room and I called the press and said, "I've made some shoes, would you like to see them?" I was lucky because it worked for me! AM: What were you looking to achieve with this line?

I would say that my position with Hermès is not a collaboration, it's more like my second house. We've known each other for such a long time now. When we came together, it was immediate and there wasn't a hierarchy. I was and am happy to be a part of the success of that house. The same can be said in working with BALENCIAGA. It fit and I liked, as a designer, the experimentation of what we created ...

PH: I was naive when I first came out with my line. Looking back at the initial offering, it was a bit rough. When you start something on your own it's so different. The American press was very enthusiastic - it was not the same in France. Neiman Marcus came and bought the first collection - miracle. I told myself that if I sold 1000 pairs of shoes I would be happy - I sold 3000! But when I first started my own line, the idea was there, but the quality wasn't there yet - we were just starting out. I started the line because I wanted newness. People look to the past to recreate but I want to do so in a new way! AM: You're known for designing heels, bags, and jewelry, but you also design sneakers! Sneakers are on trend - do you think it will continue to evolve? PH: Yes I design sneakers especially for men! The lines between sneakers and shoes is a blurred one now. It's one of the shoes that women have to wear now - it's our lifestyle and the way we go about our lives! You don't have to think about it and you wear it to be more comfortable and it's a key fashion item nowadays. The main thing to note about them is it's youth. It's the best shoe to wear to look younger! You win 10 years - I'm not kidding! Youth his very important and the feeling of young age is dynamic and filled with energy. I love wearing sneakers! It comes from your memory of college, efficiency, sport, dynamic speed. All of this together - makes you better! AM: What's your favorite color? PH: Black - I think everything is beautiful and better in black. The only color I like is red. Black is more of an efficient and theatrical color. It's physical and optical. Anything on a black background looks better and more obvious. Even my home is all black.

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Bingely Books and the opportunity to enjoy a love affair with an investor named George. Upon arrival she witnesses the interplay between those of the 1 percent that co-exist with the locals of the island that have been there for generations. Somehow Southampton isn't what it appears to be on its surace which makes her nervous to mingle with her boyfriend's Elite Circle. She realizes that regardless of the circle that one runs in, regardless of the socio-economic position, everyone is maneuvering and looking for ways to stay afloat in their community.

IT HAPPENS IN THE HAMPTONS William Morrow/Harper Collins Holly Peterson

Sometimes the universe calls for a change of plans. Katie Doyle heeds this call and leaves the West Coast cross country to the Hamptons. This move is embracing the possibility of summer employment, new friends for her son

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The summer continues with Katie learning more about the town and the shifting alliances that take place within the groups of people. From betrayals, sexual predators and a missing person - Katie learns that things are not what they seem. It's a meeting with Luke, a marine biologist and teacher where she has to confront the only truth that matters - what is it that you really want as opposed to simply existing in the Hamptons' playland that changes from one moment to the next.

WHERE IN THE OM AM I? Worcester Square Press Sara DiVello

Sara DiVello's journey is one that Jun 2017

VISUAL VINYL Verlag Kettler Heerlen Schunk

The world of records has always been one of constant change. Prior to the 1940s, they were sold in plain, uniform jackets. Post the war, musicians and record companies discovered that graphically designed record covers had the potential to boost sales! By the 1960s contemporary artists began to create record jackets that became an inspiration for others due to their radical, groundbreaking designs. Many of them have become symbols recognized not only by fans but by the wider public, symbols of an era where artistic freedom, experimentation, and innovation were encouraged. This coffee table book is the first-ever comprehensive collection for vinyl lovers. These covers are taken from the extensive archive of Dutch designer Jan van Toorn, one of the most active collectors and leading experts in the field. Enthusiasts wll enjoy covers by famous pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

many can relate to. At some point, we have gone through the motions of our jobs, relationships etc only to realize that it's not what we want. At the same time, it takes a catalyst to really get us out from the place we're stuck in. Sara shares her story and process of getting to a place where she ultimately wants to go. She leaves her PR job at a major financial services company and transitions to persuing yoga-teacher training. Her frank depiction of navigating chaotic corporate culture to the catty, but slow-paced world of yoga showcases the complexities of interrelationships in both worlds as she finds her place. Jun 2017

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Bingely Streaming think about the 80's when it was becoming a part of pop culture! Netflix takes us on a journey of the early days with this comedy which looks at the women of the sport in Glow. From metallic outfts, spandex, crimped hair, big hair and Hollywood misfits that are full of personalitiy and of course, the sport of wrestling - this has something for everyone.

MOGUL Gimlet Media/Spotify When we started listening to Mogul's podcast, we couldn't stop hearing about the birth of a number of hip-hop legends that Chris Lighty came across as he built talented performers into global sensations, as well as moguls whose brands partnered with a number of corporations. Through the stories of talents as well as Chris' own words, listeners also become acquainted with the man himself through his journey in the early days of hip-hop through major labels, as well as launching his own label and highlighting his marketing genius.


In the midst of his greatness, we also learn that Chris Lighty battled a number of demons that would eventually end his life and leave a legacy of a roadmap that entertainers to this day utilize beyond the music.



When you think about wrestling, you

Gimlet Media/Spotify

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Reply All is a podcast about the Internet. The topics that come across each episode span from how Pizza Rat came about, hijacked Uber accounts that are sold on the dark web, and more. A number of episodes also circle back to previous ones to provide updates on stories that they have researched. As we binged a number of episodes, we got the hang of the eclectic conversations and the approach of the team that's always trying to find the truth. For those that are starting out, we suggest starting at the beginning and as many episodes are around a half hour or so, it's perfect to enjoy while getting work done or during your commute. Jun 2017

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Growing up, we couldn't spend enough time at The Body Shop. Whether it was the variety of lip balm scents, tools to apply skincare or the natural products that were used - there was always a reason to swing by this beauty boutique. Central to the ethos of this brand was the fact that the brand has always been cruelty free and 100% vegetarian. It wasn't until we got older that we realized the importance of this stance and as many are still finding their way to bring these practices to their brands, The Body Shop has always embraced this concept.

MEGAN GRANT: The Body Shop is an iconic British retail brand with an extensive and growing global presence. The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton, England, and blossomed from Anita’s personal belief that business could be a force for good. Since its founding, The Body Shop has always created innovative, naturally-inspired products. We’re dedicated to enriching people as well as the planet, working fairly with farmers and suppliers, and are committed to helping communities thrive through our Community Trade program. In addition, The Body Shop was the first international beauty brand to campaign against animal testing in cosmetics back in 1989. We have never tested any of its ingredients or products on animals, and never will.

In 1989, the brand launched its first cruelty-free campaign and in 1997, they were the first cosmetic company to be certified with the Leaping Bunny (The Leaping Bunny certification is the only internationally-recognized scheme that enables consumers to easily identify/ purchase cosmetic and toiletry products that have not been tested on animals.) logo.

AM: What does Cruelty-Free mean and why has this been such an issue in the beauty industry?

With this upcoming effort, you can lend your voice by signing their petition online, at The Body Shop stores and sharing socially @TheBodyShop #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting. To find out more about this initiative, we sat down with Megan Grant, General Manager, USA The Body Shop.

MG: Cruelty-Free means not tested on animals, however, this is an on-going issue in the beauty industry because cruelty-free is a label term and not established by law (yet). While there has been considerable progress in animal testing, animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients is legally allowed in 80% of countries worldwide. The only way to make sure that the practice is ended is to build on the groundwork carried out by Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop since 1989 to ensure that a global ban is established. As current, Cruelty Free International estimates that more than 500,000 animals are used for testing every year, and a global ban would bring to a close decades of animal suffering and would ensure that customers everywhere can shop with the confidence that no animals were harmed for their cosmetics.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about The Body Shop.

AM: How do you know if your products are in fact Cruelty-Free?

This month, The Body Shop has partnered with Cruelty Free International, the leading non-profit organizaton working to end animal testing. Together, they are working on a campaign to collect 8 million signatures from people all over the world by 2020. To date, 80% of countries don't have laws against it - including the United States. By doing so, they will be able to petition the UN to request an international conventon that bans animal testing globally everywhere.

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Jun 2017

mal Testing" to all of our packaging. This means that the product is certified by Cruelty Free International. AM: You partnered with Cruelty-Free International, who are they and what does this partnership mean for The Body Shop? MG: Cruelty-Free International is the leading organization working solely to end animal experiments worldwide. It is the first global non-profit organization dedicated to ending cosmetic product and ingredient testing on animals. For The Body Shop, this partnership will allow us as a brand to reclaim ownership of the fight against animal testing forever. We want to raise awareness of the issue to customers and deliver the largest and most ambitious campaign ever to seek a global ban on the use of animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients. AM: There are those that argue that animal testing takes place as it's the greatest indicator of how those products will react to humans; however, animal testing only reflects 40-60% of the reactions that humans have. Alternative methods of testing can indicate 80% of the reactions, what are alternative methods of testing? OUR FAVORITES FROM THE BODY SHOP THAT ARE PERFECT FOR THE SUMMER | Ultra Fine Bath Lily | Round Cotton Pads | Moisturizing Lip Care Stick | Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter | Wild Argan Solid Oil Lips | Limited Edition Piñita Colada Shower Gel | Brazilian Cupuaçu Exfoliating Scrub In Oil | Matte Kajal White Eyeliner | MG: Make sure that the ingredients are cruelty-free and the product is backed by science and research. Consumer will know our products are cruelty free because of the packaging. The Body Shop is adding the Leaping Bunny logo or the words “Against Ani-

MG: There has been a lot of progress made in establishing alternative non-animal testing methods, and these progressive alternatives are often cheaper, faster and better at predicting human reactions. Further, the results acquired by these animal tests, in many cases, are only 40-60% effective. Humane alternatives to animal tests can use simple organisms like bacteria or human tissues and cells as well as sophisticated computer models. Human tissue can be grown in the lab from donated human cells, and the tests use reconstituted human skin and other tissues from voluntary donations. Computer models also provide the ability to replicate aspects of

the human body, and can be used to predict the safety of new cosmetic substances based on knowledge of existing substances. AM: You're currently promoting the Forever Against Animal Testing Campaign and seeking signatures - what will take place after getting the signatures? MG: The Body Shop’s goal is to collect eight million petition signatures by 2020. Once achieved, and together with Cruelty Free International, we will be taking the signatures to the UN General Assembly and asking to pass an international convention that will ban animal testing everywhere and forever. By creating international action at this level we will also be demonstrating the fact that the public believes the time to end animal testing for cosmetics is long gone and that the practice should stop. AM: How will you continue to bring awareness to this issue? MG: Forever Against Animal Testing will always be an issue The Body Shop will fight against. We are aiming to engage eight million people to sign the petition calling on the United Nations to introduce an international convention to end the practice once and for

all. The petition can be signed online or at any of The Body Shop's 3,000 stores across the world. The more voices raised in support of the campaign from every corner of the world, the more likely we are to succeed. That is why we are asking everyone, everywhere, to support our campaign and add their voice to the global call on the UN to ban animal testing for cosmetics. We’re also encouraging consumers to use the campaign hashtag, #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting, on social media to raise awareness of the issue.

There’s no disputing it: water is hot. Walk into any corner deli and you’ll not only find your pick of brands, but also your choice of sparkling or still and a selection of flavors as well. But truth be told, water is not as hot as it used to be. Not the water in which you shower, or with which you wash your dishes and clothing. In fact, it’s not hot enough to kill most bacteria. The Dirt on What Happened Starting back in 1992, the Federal government started passing a number of regulations in the name of energy efficiency, without any fanfare or public announcements, and as a result, your water is now 120 degrees, or just slightly higher than the temperature at which yeast blooms. “But raising the temperature above 120 degrees is recommended by many health experts to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria,” says SFGate, “as long as cautionary measures to avoid scalding are implemented, as well.” Such as wearing the proper gloves when you’re hand-washing dishes and being careful not to take a swim in the dishwasher. In fact, don’t even think about it. According to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), water temperatures need to be 140 degrees in order for things to get clean. In fact, 120 is the lowest-possible setting for cleaning, but 170 degrees gives you the sure thing. The American Society of Sanitary Engineering recommends setting the temperature of home water heaters to 135 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, a range shown to destroy bacteria. As for 120 degrees, it’s the perfect temperature for your tank to breed Legionella pneumophila, which is the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease. Of course there are anti-bacterial soaps

and cleansers, but as a result of their now fairly widespread use, many bacteria and diseases have grown resistant to even our strongest known antibiotics. And speaking of anti-bacterial soaps, according to the Washington Post, Triclosan, found in antibacterial soap and other products, causes cancer in mice. The type of cancer that the mice in the study developed, called hepatocellular carcinoma, is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, but relatively uncommon in the United States. Most cases of hepatocellular carcinoma are caused by chronic hepatitis B and C infections. If you have a home water heater, it is possible to push the dial beyond 120 degrees (many ship set at 110 degrees, just to be on the so-called safe side). Just takes a bit of effort, and remember that the water will be hot enough to scald you. Wear gloves when doing dishes – and enjoy the clean clothes!

WATER: HOT O by Bonnie Ha If you have no control over the water temperature, you still have alternatives, and truth be told, many people do a cold water wash in the washing machine anyway, where the water, again, needs to be 140 degrees to kill germs: the fecal matter in your dirty underwear can carry bacteria that can lead to hepatitis A virus, norovirus, rotavirus, Salmonella, and E. coli poisoning. How to combat this? Bleach, of course, including bleach designed for non-white clothing and cold-water washes, or good old-fashioned vinegar in the liquid chlorine bleach dispenser. Jun 2017

OR NOT alper Speaking of vinegar, after cutting meat or poultry, you might also want to wash down your cutting board and utensils with vinegar as well, to kill the germs that your so-called hot water won’t. In fact, a sprayer bottle filled with ½ vinegar and ½ water is a great cleanser and something you might want to consider keeping on hand in your kitchen to rinse down counters, et al.

name of saving water: your shower now has a flow restrictor, which is why you’re not enjoying the same experience as your grandmother – or people in most other countries around the world who have access to indoor plumbing. Even Seinfeld’s Kramer noticed it. But it’s not just the showerhead that changed. It’s the water pressure, too, thanks to yet other EPA mandates on state and local governments. While in most cases you can hack your showerhead, not so with water pressure. There’s just less water flowing through the pipes, again, in the name of conservation.

The Pressure’s Off It wasn’t simply the water temperature that changed. It was the pressure as well, thanks to yet another government mandate that restricted the flow, in the Jun 2017

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Prior to 1994, showers dumped 12 gallons of water on us per minute, but due to Congressional legislation, they now only push out 2.5 gallons. Meaning that you’re taking longer showers, and even then, you might not be getting all of the soap off your body or out of your hair. While none of us has anything against water conservation, truth be told, according to the FEE, “domestic water use, which includes even the water you use on your lawn and flower beds, constitutes a mere 2% of the total, so this unrelenting misery spread by government regulations makes hardly a dent in the whole.”

Water, Clean and Simple The amount of water the human body needs varies from 50% to 75%, depending on age and gender, but one thing is certain: we can’t live without the stuff. Just consider all of the water sources in your home, in the kitchen, the bath, the laundry. It’s great having modern and even connected appliances that make our lives easier. And they’d make our lives even better and help us to live even healthier lives if bureaucrats would stay out of the wash cycle. But it all only confirms what we already know: that politics can be a dirty business. And it may be time to turn up the heat.

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Jun 2017

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The summer is OFFICIALLY on (although we've been feeling its love for awhile). That means everything can be celebrated at a drop of a hat! With long weekends, summer Fridays and after work drinks - may we suggest Treadwell Park? Known as the Cathedral of beers, those who have loved the location on the UES can now make their way to Battery Park (301 South End Ave) for even more tasty libations! Whatever your knowledge of beer may be, you'll love the ever-changing draft and bottled beers, beerhall classic foods and with ceiling windows that open out - it's all about embracing the energy that is found here. Enjoy sitting outside or bring it in by listening to the DJ, playing ping pong, foosball and various pinball machines. We took some time to chat with their Beer Curator & Director Anne Becerra to get the lowdown on what's taking place here and why it should be on our must list this summer and beyond. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about Treadwell Park in Battery Park. Should people know it as the Cathedral of Beers? ANNE BECERRA: "Cathedral of beers" may be a little much, but we do carry several beers brewed in monasteries and we do have two giant skylights so I suppose.... What we're really looking to do is bring as much great beer to the neighborhood as we can with 20 rotating draught lines and over 50 rotating bottles. A lot of thought goes into the beers we choose, and it's really important to have a wide array of styles for every palate and budget. We're fortunate to be able to bring in some incredibly rare, hard to find and highly specialized beers, and our goal is to get them to as many people as possible. Whether you already love beer, or are just starting to enjoy it, we can pretty much guarantee you'll find something you love at Treadwell Park.

AM: We heard someone say that there is no such thing as a person who doesn't like beer, they just haven't found the right one - what beers do you suggest to those that tend to shy away from this beverage? AB: You probably heard me say it, because I wholeheartedly agree. The diversity of flavors you'll find in beer is unlike any other beverage. It can be tangy and effervescent, full bodied and bitter, viscous and chocolatey - you name it. When someone tells me they don't like beer, I usually ask what it is they don't like about it and what they typically drink. Based on their responses, I can tailor a few recommendations to their palate based on flavors they enjoy. 9 times out of 10, they like it. "This doesn't even taste like beer!" is a line I hear all the time and I usually respond with, "But it does! It tastes like good beer." AM: What are your 3 favorite summer beers that can be enjoyed at Treadwell Park? AB: Just three? That's a tough one since we don't really have permanent lines: everything is constantly rotating. But, all summer long you'll definitely be able to find a spicy saison, a refreshing kolsch or a juicy witbier. Another style I love that several New York breweries, like Hudson Valley are doing a great job making, are fruited sours. They're tart, refreshing and made with real fresh fruit-- ideal for warm weather. AM: How is the Battery Park location different than the one on the UES? AB: Well, every neighborhood in New York – and often every street – has it's own energy and vibe. Even though we'll be keeping several things consistent with our uptown location such as our rotating selection, food menu, ping pong/ pinball games, etc., the people are the real heart and soul of a good bar. I'm so excited to meet and share our passion for what we do with a whole new

crowd. AM: What is your role at Treadwell Park and what is a Beer Curator? AB: I take care of anything relating to beer from choosing what we pour to curating events, dinners and pairings, staff trainings, glassware, descriptions, quality control, the works. If it has anything to do with beer, I have my hand in it. AM: We can only imagine how much fun the atmosphere is at the Battery Park location with the beer garden, large windows, foosball games, DJ etc. - what are you excited about for this space? AB: Besides all the things you just mentioned, I'm really excited that we don't have upstairs neighbors. Instead, we have two beautiful skylights that bring in natural light and really open up the space. We also have a small more intimate theater-like space in the back for special games, concerts, or whatever else we want to zone out and watch while drinking a beer.

The diversity of flavors you'll find in beers is unlike any other beverage. It can be tangy and effervescent, full bodied and bitter, viscious and chocolatey - you name it. AM: What are some events coming up at Treadwell Park that we should keep an eye out for?

AB: We're in the planning stages of some fabulous events with some of my favorite brewmasters, but we're still working on travel details before we can get the exact dates set. When we do events, I like to incorporate other elements in addition to the beer that can really showcase the people and culture of the brewery we're working with. Just wait until you see our three week long Oktoberfest celebration! AM: Anything else you’d like to share?

AB: I'd just like to re-emphasize that everyone is welcome at Treadwell Park, regardless of your level of beer knowledge. We have a wonderful staff that loves to help people find their new favorite beer, there's always something new and exciting to try, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. I care a great deal not just about the beer in the glass but the people brewing it, selling it, growing the ingredients for it, delivering it, the works! Hopefully that shows through in the menu.

A planned girls trip to the Maldives means you just need your favorite swimsuit and your beauty products of choice to make sure that you're effortlessly fabulous! | SALTY MERMAID Strappy Starlet Carnival Underwire Balconette Bikini Top + Corset Bikini Bottom | SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist | REMO TULLIANI Trust |


#TribeGoals Recommended for your Tribe

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Jun 2017


Two of our faves that can be enjoyed anytime are avocados and olive oil! They're not just for brunch treats. They're perfect to add to your beauty routine for nourishing your skin and hair. | SUAVE PROFESSIONAL Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner | CRABTREE & EVELYN Avocado + Olive Oil Triple Milled Soap | PALMER'S Olive Oil Gro Therapy |

Jun 2017

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Something You Should Know the bikini linE

Hair removal is a year around process and not just one that should come to mind during the summer. With that said, this time of year - there seems to be a targeted focus on the bikini line when you're rocking your favorite swim and summer looks! We have been fans of Shobha for years as they offer a number of options to rock fierce brows and to remove hair across your body with a number of methods. They're also about using the safest and most natural means to do so. Our team has been going here for years and we took some time to chat with Shobha's CEO and Founder Shobha Tummala to understand more about the world of hair removal. ATHLEISURE MAG: Hair Removal is a hot topic whether you're tackling your bikini line, eyebrows or other portions of your body. We know you offer threading, sugaring, waxing and laser as methods of hair removal. Why would one choose these methods of hair removal when coming to Shobha? SHOBHA TUMMALA: Threading is the most precise form of hair removal which is why we only offer threading options for the brows. It allows you to pull one hair at a time which gives you the control of tweezing, but you can pull an entire row of hair which gives you a nice line for brow shaping. People sometimes have the misconception that because the specialist uses her mouth as an anchor for the thread that it is unsanitary but that’s totally untrue. The part of the string that touches her mouth never makes contact with the client's skin. Sugaring is an all-natural alternative to waxing, which is great for those who have sensitive skin! Also, sugaring tends to be gentler than waxing because the Shobha Sugaring Gel attaches more to the hair and less to the skin, thus causes less irritation.

Laser gives the comfort of being able to wear whatever, whenever you want without questioning when the last time you went to Shobha for a wax. In more technical terms, laser is a permanent form of hair reduction. It eliminates the targeted hairs for good, which also means it takes care of bumps and ingrowns (no hair, no hair to become ingrown), leaving you with super smooth skin! AM: The bikini line is always something that many think about once the weather gets warm. What are some tips that people should know upon their first visit to Shobha upon getting this treatment? ST: Here at Shobha we always recommend for our clients to be: Clean – bathe like you would if you were going to a doctor’s appointment. Dry – cleanliness is appreciated, but please skip the lotion, you'll get better results if your skin is less oily. Hairy – your hair should be at least 1/4 inch in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin). If hairs are still sticking straight out, you should probably wait a few more days. Also, if you are usually a "shaver" your hair should be slightly longer for the best results. Shaving can cause hair re-growth to be uneven, in which some hairs can be too short to be removed with wax or sugaring gel and may result in the appearance of stubble after your first treatment. Always try to wait at least 2 weeks from your last shave before a waxing/sugaring treatment. AM: What upkeep is needed for the bikini line and is it different for those that opt for lasering, sugaring or waxing at Shobha?

ST: The huge difference between the upkeep needed for the bikini line between sugaring/waxing services and laser is with our laser services we do not want you to be tan when you come in – whether that’s a tan from the sun or a sunless tanner. You will get burned or have adverse effects if you have some sort of tan when you come in. The laser is trained to go after the pigment which affects the type of laser that will be most effective for you. Also, for laser we actually encourage you to shave 24 hours before your laser appointment – sounds crazy right? Shaving before laser appointments is super important because it allows the laser to zap the targeted hairs at the roots. With sugaring and waxing we never want you to shave between services because it causes uneven hair regrowth. AM: What is the Shobha method and why is it better for your clients to receive their treatments here? ST: The signature Shobha Method is our tried and true method for getting rid of unwanted body hair. We always use our own exclusive wax and sugaring gel consisting of a proprietary formula and implement the Shobha Method thus giving super smooth results. Our formula effectively removes hair from the root - contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant to soothe the skin during the treatment. We’re fast and efficient - large areas can be waxed at once (most of our appointments are under 30 minutes!). Our ingredients are safe - free of artificial fragrance and parabens. AM: One of the biggest reasons why we have been coming to Shobha for years is that you use a lot of natural products which are great for the skin and don't have toxic chemicals - can you share information about these in-house Shobha products?

ST: Sure! We have always made it a main priority of ours to make natural, yet effective products that educates our client on the importance of what they put on their skin. For example, we can proudly tout that since 2008, after reading the initial reports of the possible links between cancer and talc, we developed our own safe alternative Shobha® Talc-Free Powder. Click here for our full line of professional grade products that are safe enough to use at home . AM: You've had great growth in Manhattan, Georgetown and in Rockville, Maryland - are there additional locations that you may be popping up in? ST: YES! We’re super excited to announce that Shobha Brooklyn is (slowly, but surely) under construction and we expect to open its doors by fall of 2017. It will be located in Williamsburg at 76 North 4th Street (between Wythe Ave & Berry Street). AM: Are there other summer focused treatments (although we know they are available year around) that people come to beyond their bikini lines? ST: We’ve noticed that our clients are loving getting laser hair removal on the bikini area which also allows them to customize the hair down there if they don’t want to be completely bare. AM: Are there other treatments that you will be bringing into the salon that you can tell us about? ST: Yes, we’re always looking to bring new services in the salons! You’ll have to stay tuned to stay-in-the know about all of our deals & our happenings! Be sure to check back often.


in almost every sense… (the filmmakers) have assembled a formidable lineup.” - Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter


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Jun 2017


NYC PRIDE took place June 16th - 25th to bring the community together under this year's message, "We Are Proud". With an array of events offered - kicking off with The Rally, there was something for everyone from the Pride Luminaries brunch which was held at The Garden at acclaimed David and Burke Kitchen, which honors business leaders that make an impact on LGBT workplace equality, Family Movie Night and a number of parties and performances. Of course, The March is another key event that took place that is one of the closing activities of this week. This year's March included over 45,000 marchers, over 500 marching groups as they covered 2.1 miles of the city! This year, ABC7 broadcast the parade for the the first time. One of the exciting events that took place this year - PRIDE ISLAND provided entertainment across various genres on each day of the weekend. The kickoff of the music festival inclu-

ded Patti Labelle and Deborah Cox for a night that embraced R&B. Electronica hit the stage on Saturday with a number of acts, including Grammy nominated duo Tegan and Sara, Gallant and Dimitri from Paris to name a few. Sunday night brought Pier 26 to the next level with Grammy Award winner Nelly Furtado. A number of dance parties took place throughout the week. Notably, there were those that were dedicated to women dancing the night away such as Teaze (with Orange is the New Black's Taryn Manning who is also a DJ spinning), Moxie and Femme Fatale. It was exciting for Athleisure Mag to be a media sponsor for this event and to share with you what was taking place throughout the week. The message of unity and having fun regardless of who you are and just being yourself is one that we share and are happy to promote..

Jun 2017

JUNE 23, 2017 from 4pm - 11pm

at TAJ II / 621 W 46th Street, NY


DJs Mary Mac & Susan Levine PERFORMANCE BY

Mary Lambert


Jun 2017

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Athleisure Mag June Issue  
Athleisure Mag June Issue  

We're very excited to have our cover star, Alysia Reiner who plays one of our favorite Boss Ladies, Natalie "Fig" Figueroa on Netflix's Ora...