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Jul 2017


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Our cover girl is one busy lady as Sara Eisen is the Co-Anchor of not one, but two of CNBC's shows - Worldwide Exchange and Squawk on the Street! Sara joined the network in December 2013, as a correspondent focusing on the global consumer. You can see her each day as the Co-Anchor of "Squawk on the Street" at 10AM EST, which airs from Post 9 at the New York Stock Exchange. In January of last year, she was named Co-Anchor of the network's "Worldwide Exchange," which also airs daily from 5-6AM EST from CNBC's Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

the currency market, because it's the largest, most important market in the world. It reflects economics, politics, deal transactions, geopolitics and more. It was actually my excitement around learning about currencies during a college internship at that led me to pursue financial journalism. My other area of focus is global consumer companies, with a particular interest in sports apparel and shoes: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon. I love how they touch pop culture, fashion, sports and consumer economics simultaneously.

Around Athleisure Mag, we have CNBC on throughout the day at the office and loved learning more about this financial powerhouse who brings us what's going on across verticals in such an inspired way.

AM: We love that when we're watching CNBC, you really are talking about a number of industries from fashion, tech, agriculture, etc. - and you have a fresh and fun way to present it to those of varying levels of understanding - how important is it to make these topics relatable to a wide, as well as a niche audience?

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us your background and how you got into broadcasting and ultimately to CNBC? SARA EISEN: After college at NYU, I went to journalism school at Northwestern's Medill School. While most students do a semester in DC, I went a different direction and spent the time in Hong Kong. I got an internship at Bloomberg TV in Asia and have been doing business news ever since. Initially, I worked as a production assistant, but kept raising my hand for on-air opportunities in my spare time on TV and radio. I went on to anchor the morning show in New York, Bloomberg Surveillance, before moving over to CNBC. But truth be told, I've wanted to be on TV ever since I grew up watching Oprah and taped a mock talk show at a local public access channel studio for a school project in high school. AM: We know that you enjoy talking about finance, what is it about this industry that makes you so passionate about it and do you have a specific topic within it that you really enjoy focusing on? SE: My favorite topic within finance is

SE: It's very important! Ultimately, financial markets are just a reflection of all the real life things happening around us: whether it's shifting consumption from diet soda to healthier beverages, what trends work in online retail or just the styles of leggings that resonate with consumers each season. Those stories don't just matter to CNBC, but they're the everyday trends we all live each day. Investing and finance can be much more accessible if you focus on the areas you're interested in and understand. AM: What would you tell young women to encourage them to get into the world of finance and specifically finance broadcasting? SE: My number one tip: become an expert, whether that's in the world of finance or journalism... or any other discipline for that matter. Having a niche is very valuable. For instance, during the financial crisis, when I was an intern at Bloomberg, I raised my hand to tell stories about the foreign exchange market at a time when currencies were fluctuat-

COVER + PG 14 | SAKU NEW YORK Dress | SWAROVSKI Gold Watch | THIS PG + BACK COVER | TITIKA ACTIVE Bomber Jacket + Sport Bra | SPIRITUAL GANGSTER Leggings | QUILTED KOALA Gold Glitter Backpack | LIZZY JAYS JUICE Watermelon Cooler | MANDUKA Travel Yoga Mat |

ing wildly. I knew that subject well and eventually my editors and others in the newsroom turned to me when currencies were the big market story of the moment, and they still do! Be the smartest person in the room about something, no matter how small the niche.

Ultimately, financial markets are just a reflection of all the real life things happening around us: whether it's shifting consumpton from diet soda to healthier beverages, what trends work in online retail, or just the style of leggings that resonate with consumers each season. Those stories don't just matter to CNBC, but they're the everyday trends we all live each day. I'd also say: don't let traditionally maleled industries dissuade you. Sometimes, there's an instinct to compete with the women around you, but being supportive, finding female mentors and passing

it forward can all be empowering and rewarding. AM: Walk us through what it is like to prepare as a Co-Anchor for Squawk on the Street and Worldwide Exchange. SE: I have a ton of support on both shows. We have a team of producers who work with me and my co-anchors to book guests and put together a plan for the next day's shows. By the time I'm off air one day, I have to start focusing on what we're doing tomorrow: planning the questions I want to ask guests, reading about the latest stories in finance, and politics we might want to include, and always talking to my producers about what we can be doing to fine tune the show before it starts. The hardest thing about prep: as much as you can be ready for everything planned, you also have to be ready to pivot on a dime to breaking news and the unexpected. AM: As you do two shows every day, what is your day like? SE: Well, my alarm goes off every day at 3:30am. I'm in the car on the way to CNBC HQ soon after, before getting my hair and makeup done ahead of the 5am start to my first show, “Worldwide Exchange.” In the car and the makeup chair, I'm reading the morning's news and emailing with my producers on the show lineup, the guests we have, the stories we're covering. I get off set at 6am and then travel from CNBC in New Jersey to the New York Stock Exchange ahead of my 10am show, “Squawk on the Street.” The hardest thing is maintaining a good eating schedule. I make sure to have cereal and coffee before the 5am show and then whole wheat toast with almond butter and bananas when I get down to the NYSE. At noon, I'm off air for the day. I fill my afternoons with networking meetings. It can be hard on my schedule to make evening plans during the week. Typically, my husband and I stay home to make dinner together and watch a little TV: no financial news, more

THIS PG | SPIRITUAL GANGSTER Warrior Sweatshirt | BEYOND YOGA Leggings in Black - White |

like “The Bachelor.� AM: What's your hectic time of year in terms of covering the world of finance? SE: The financial news calendar can be similar to the school year: quiet during the winter holidays, quiet over the summer, busy all the other times. But particularly these days, with Britain leaving the EU and the excitement around the Trump presidency, there's never a slow day. I never take more than a week off for that reason. When my husband and I got married, he had to beg me to take off more time for our honeymoon. AM: How do you maintain balance between such a hectic schedule, being a wife and taking personal time for yourself? SE: Multi-tasking. 24 hours just aren't enough. I'll be making dinner plans during the commercial breaks of my shows. I'll be trying to book interviews in between exercises at the gym. It helps that my husband also works in the same industry. We don't get to talk about what we're each working on, but we're understanding of the pace and scheduling challenges of each other's jobs. AM: What has been your favorite story to cover to date? SE: When Japan suffered the devastation of the 2011 earthquake and ensuing tsunami, I traveled there to cover the aftermath of the disaster. Very quickly, the focus turned to the developing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant. I would spend the days reporting and the nights doing live segments for daytime programs in the U.S. It was scary, exhausting, but also an amazing opportunity to be part of an unfolding, uncertain story that the world was watching. AM: Who have been some of your favorite guests that you chatted with on air? SE: Steph Curry, for sure. I've spent a

lot of time with him, talking about the brand he's helping to build at UnderArmour. He's incredibly thoughtful and down-to-earth for someone living an insane level of success and fame. I also love interviewing Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the IMF. She's smart, poised and an incredible example for women everywhere. AM: When you're not on air, what can we find you doing? SE: New York City will always be my favorite activity. I love to explore the city's restaurants, bars, shops and walk the streets as much as I can. AM: What's your personal style on air and how does that differ when you're out and about with girlfriends or date night with your husband? SE: Early on, I found it was easier for me to stick with dresses rather than piecing together shirts, tops and pants. I like bright colors, interesting necklines, usually knee length... and always pair them with (very) high heels. There's a great wardrobe team at CNBC that helps me pull it together. Outside of work, I'm much more laidback. Leggings and t-shirts on the weekends, with my favorite Yeezy sneakers. My husband is a bit of a sneakerhead, so he makes sure I'm always current on the latest trends. For going out on weekends to dinner with friends, I still try to keep it pretty casual: usually Rag & Bone jeans and Rebecca Taylor tops are my go-tos. AM: What fitness studios do you enjoy going to? SE: I belong to Equinox and try to get in to see my trainer as many times each week as I can. It can be hard to squeeze into my schedule. But the good news about waking up at 3:30am each day is that Equinox is relatively quiet at 2pm!

AM: What are three must-have beauty products that you swear by that keep your skin looking so great? SE: Because I use so many products for my job on-air, I've recently been transitioning to more natural and chemical-free cosmetics. My favorite facial moisturizer is Belif Moisturizing Bomb. After scrubbing off a day's worth of camera makeup, this product leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, but not greasy. Speaking of scrubbing off a day's worth of camera makeup, Tarte Fresh Eyes makeup remover wipes are invaluable. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite beauty product is bronzer. Jane Iredale bronzing powder gives me a natural look. AM: What's currently on your playlist for your summer soundtrack? SE: I'm constantly listening to the new Kendrick Lamar album... especially some of the slower songs like “Love and Loyalty.” Then again, my summer playlist features many of my favorites from recent years like Robyn, Charli XCX and Kesha. AM: Do you have charities or organizations that you support that you would like for us to know more about? SE: Yes, I support the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an incredible organization that teaches the lessons of the Holocaust and confronts both anti-semitism and hate of all kinds. I have a personal connection as my grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust. I also am involved with Room to Read, a remarkable charity that promotes girls' education and children's literacy in underserved communities in the developing world. AM: If you weren't working in your current field, what occupation would you consider working in?

SE: If I wasn't covering finance and economics, I'd want to be working in finance and economics They're what I love. My ultimate dream would be to serve as a central banker. They're the most powerful people in the world! Our shoot of Sara Eisen took place at 1185 Park Ave at Penthouse A. Currently on the market, we sat down with Louise Phillips Forbes to find out more about this property! ATHLEISURE MAG: There are so many great aspects to this apartment from its layout to the INCREDIBLE views from the penthouse – what can you tell us about this property? LOUISE PHILLIPS FORBES: What’s not to envy in this exceptional home?! Breathtaking panoramic skyline views as far south as the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower, and stunning sunsets over Central Park, provide the backdrop to this expansive penthouse with 4-bedrooms, 1-staff room, and 4.5-bathrooms, plus a beautifully landscaped, private wrap-around terrace and large picture windows providing terrace views from every room. With more than 1,700 square feet of outdoor space alone, it's simply paradise. Sun-drenched, bright and cheerful, this one-of-a-kind home has an extensive floor plan with grand, open rooms for entertaining complemented by ceiling heights over 11-feet. The bedroom wing offers a private escape with very spacious rooms. I’m especially enamored with the master bedroom suite! It’s really rare to find one as big as this one. The peaceful retreat in the corner of the home provides double exposures and is lined with elegant Venetian plastered walls. It contains two substantial walk-in closets and a private entrance to the terrace. The luxurious spa-like ensuite bathroom features gorgeous natural stone tiles, a custom vanity,

free-standing deep soaking tub with Jacuzzi jets, and a glass rain shower. It’s what I call heaven on earth and the perfect escape! AM: What amenities are offered in this building for residents (common areas, services, etc.)? LPF: Located in a prestigious residential area, 1185 Park Avenue was designed in 1929 by the renowned architectural firm of Schwartz & Gross, boasting an impressive Gothic triple-arch entrance with a circular driveway. Today, this New York treasure is recognized as one of the few grand courtyard buildings left in Manhattan. The friendly and professional full-time staff provide an unparalleled level of white-glove service and the amenities, include 24-hour doormen and staff, concierge, state-of-the-art fitness center, children's playroom, courtyard garden, bike room, private storage, and a pet-friendly attitude. AM: Tell us about the neighborhood that is directly around this building (Whole Foods, workout studios, eateries, etc.) and what neighborhood is this considered? LFP: A premier residence nestled in the heart of Carnegie Hill, this elegant gem is conveniently located near Central Park and Museum Mile with easy access to world-class exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and the Jewish Museum, among others. Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue beckon with high-end boutique shopping and fine art galleries, plus there is an abundance of distinguished restaurants, charming cafes, gourmet grocers, supermarkets, Equinox Fitness Club, the 92nd Street Y, and many popular retail destinations.

AM: For those that are interested in purchasing this unit, how can they find out more information? LFP: It would be very easy to call this stunning apartment home given the grandeur of the rooms, abundance of private outdoor space, and views throughout. To schedule an appointment, people can contact me directly and I will be happy to given them a private tour and discuss the purchasing details. I can be reached via email at or at 212-3813329. AM: Where can readers find out about additional properties that you represent? LFP: Visit my website at and click on the tab for “My Listings”. You can view pictures, 3D floor plans, and videos along with detailed descriptions of each property I’m working with from downtown to uptown.

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T A E H E E H T L Y T T A E S B IN We're heading into the hottest weeks of the summer which means, finding the best way to stay cool! We suggest these items to beat the heat in style. | ELSE Coachella Body Suit | TKEES Jo | MOLESKINE Rolling Stones Limited Edition Notebook | TRILOGY Pure Plant Body Oil | UFO BEER Splash Down | BOHM AUDIO B66 Wireless Headphones | COLDWATER CREEK Seaside Knit Maxi Skirt |

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with Audrina Partridge x Prey

Miami Swim

If you were a fan of MTV's reality show "The Hills", then you know and love this brunette stunner, Audrina Partridge. She had an easy sense of style and could always rock a bikini! After the show ended in 2010, like many of her co-stars, she went on to being in her own spin-off show, other TV opportunities and this month she launched Prey Swim for Resort 2017 at Miami Swim! We took a moment to talk to this busy mom about what she's been up to, her collection and how she keeps it all together. ATHLEISURE MAG: It's not a surprise to us that you launched a swim line, how did it all come together? AUDRINA PARTRIDGE: Everytime I traveled I was inspired by so many things and my lens would capture it! It didn't matter if I was in Mexico, South Korea or Costa Rica - there were so many things to see. I'm inspired by colors, textures and patterns. As I continue my collections, they will have an element of what inspired me or what I experienced while there. AM: We know you love the beach - what are your favorites? AP: I love Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Mexico. Australia has beautiful beaches in its Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Heaven on Earth can be found in Bora Bora! AM: What is the inspiration behind your line and what can we expect from Prey Swim? AP: I'm a Bohemian girl and love that lifestyle. I also love earth tones and patterns. Even though I have never been to Morocco (and really want to go) - it felt so natural to start here as my inspiration. I also love that a lot of the hardwear that we use in the line is actual shark teeth on the end of strings! I love the ocean, my husband (Australian extreme sports star, Corey Bohan) surfs and I love sharks as I feel

that they are not our enemies and that we need them! I also feel that my line is transitional as it can be worn from day to night depending on how you pair it! I want every woman who wears this line to feel good as these pieces will hug you in the right places! The line has three collections: The Marrakech Collection (Summer 2017) focusing on Prey Swim's signature styles and is a nod to Marrakech in the 60's and 70's, as well as The Rolling Stones, The Riviera Collection (Pre-Fall 2017), which showcases the effortless style of The French Riviera in the 50's and 60's, and The Joya Collection (Resort 2018), which is inspired by Peru - the mecca of boho fashion in the 70's. AM: What does it mean to you to show at this season's Miami Swim Week? AP: I was so excited to show Prey Swim to Miami Swim Week! This is something I dreamed of when planning our initial brand debut, so to be showing here so soon after launching is a dream come true. There are so many amazing swim designers showing collections that I have been a fan of for quite some time, so to be showing my line in their company, as a fellow swim designer, is an honor. Miami is such an amazing city with so many incredible cultures represented, so it is the perfect setting to showcase Prey collections, which draw inspirations from cultures and countries all over the world.

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Hydration is an ongoing need in our beauty routines. When the temperatures rise, it's even more important to give your body the TLC that it needs. This month's Athleisure Beauty has our favorite finds. | KOPARI Coconut Melt | GARNIER WHOLE BLENDS Moroccan Argan Camellia Oils | GARNIER SKINACTIVE Moisture Bomb Essential Coil Elastics | TRILOGY Botanical Body Wash |





Includes a quick fruit acid wash, massage with micellated vitamins, a hydrating hot-towel and enzyme pack, and a five minute oxygen spray in a customized activating solution. Great post-flight, pre-date, mid-life...

Bliss Spa launched in NYC with its first locaton in 1996 and revolutionized the industry by taking a completely different approach to spas and skincare. In addition to NYC, their locations include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Hoboken, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Miami. There are also spas in Barcelona, Doha, Hong Kong, St Petersburg, and London.

The mind-unwinding full-body massages both begin with a sole-soothing warm wax foot wrap, followed by a ridiculously relaxing rubdown designed to loosen you up and target your most troubled muscles.

There are signature treatments that guests enjoy the Triple Oxygen Facial at Bliss Spa bliss’ classic (and most popular) all-around complexion reviver!

From monthly treatments to exclusive perks, Bliss’ new membership program is fully-loaded with beauty benefits, including: One 60-minute facial or massage each month (your choice), 10% off all additional services, 20% off bliss, elemis and remede products and 2 guest passes per year for services at membership rate.

This facial starts with a skin-type-specific peel then follows with a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, the necessary extractions, application of a Triple Oxygen cream and mask, an energizing, hydrating enzyme pack and a vitaminized oxygen spray. It's like a breath of fresh air for your face, literally. Molly Sims credits Triple Oxygen facials for her perfect skin, saying the treatment is ‘pure heaven’.

Spa amenities vary per location, but trademark bliss touches include a cleverly compiled menu of super effective services, a retail store, sauna, showers complete with bliss products, rhythm and blues tunes, legendary brownie buffet, and fun/upbeat tone.

Their Oxygen Blast™ Facial At Bliss Spa

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Jul 2017

Bliss strives to celebrate the uniqueness of each locaton and seeks to become a true part of the community.

Even if you're not near a Bliss Spa, you can enjoy their products by shopping online. Their body butter is used in every bliss spa massage. Bliss' poetic waxing kit is a take home kit that is easy to use and of course, their best seller is the triple oxygen instant energizing mask replaces the oxygen that pollution pulls from the skin. Jul 2017

BLISS SPA Check Bliss' site for locations. - 59 -


PREMIER57 Manhattan's East meets West Spa Country Club, Premier57 reopened their doors in May of this year with Steven Chon as it's CEO. Guests can enjoy a full day's access to hydrotherapy Bade pools, six unique sauna rooms, resting lounges, water lounges and baths. One of the most popular treatments offered are its Korean Body Scubs.

ude an assortment of facials, body treatments/wraps, massages (as well as those that focus on Asian remedies), HAMMAM and more. In addition, there are a number of sauna rooms that you can select that are not only ornately decorated but fit various themes such as infrared, igloo, Himalayan salt rooms, Loess clay and a gold sauna.

Based in traditional Korean practices, the exfoliating process uses textured gloves to remove dead skin. It not only removes the dead skin to a new level, dirt, oil it also improves circulation, tones the skin, stimulates the Lymphatic System and aids in clearing your mind. Treatment requires hot tub soaking prior to service.

Guests are able to access their lockers as well as to add treatments and amenities to their day via their electronic band which allows for a seamless experience. In addition, as is tradition in Asian bath houses the space is to be enjoyed without wearing shoes and a robe is also provided upon entrance. Although you can make reservations to enjoy Premier57, it is not required.

In addition to this method, guests can enjoy an array of treatments that incl-

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Jul 2017

In between treatments, guests can also access, relaxation lounges as well as a number of options for food and beverage. Premier57 has an Aqua Bar (perfect to enjoy cocktails as you relax), Cafe Bistro (food to be enjoyed by a number of palettes) and Asian Cuisine (if you're looking to have Korean dishes - you will find them here). Jul 2017

PREMIER57 115 E. 58th St (Btwn Lexington/Park Ave) NY, NY 10022

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f o t r A e h k T c a n S e h t

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Jul 2017


As the temperatures continue to rise, you think of ways to enjoy your tasty treats to keep you cool and relaxed. We love the idea of adding a kick of various seasonings to dishes that get your taste buds engaged into your next meal! We rounded up some of our tastiest choices which you can click through to the recipe and make for your next brunch, lunch, dinner or snack.

Jul 2017

MEXICAN PALETAS | Courtesy of Pineapple + Coconuts - 65 -

Salads and summer go hand in hand during this time of year. We're always looking for a fun zesty option - this dish includes Chipotle dressing which has enough zip to add a bit of spice to each bite. FIESTA LIME CHICKEN SALAD | Courtesy of Creme de la Crumb

Jul 2017

Jul 2017

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As the summer continues to heat up, you want to enjoy an easy meal that's full of color, flavor and is easy to make. GRILLED HAWAIIAN CHILI CHICKEN KEBABS | Courtesy of A Farm Girl's Dabble

A refreshing cocktail is a must for those long, hot summer days. This go to drink is the perfect blend of fizz, vodka, salt and grapefruit. SPARKLING SALTY DOG | Courtesy of Domestikated Life


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If you're like us, you're always thinking of how to optimize your workout - enter the retreat. These are immersive experiences that allow you to select a workout of interest that takes place at a destination that becomes the ultimate fitness vacation as well as a way to bond with fellow enthusiasts. We chatted with the co-founders of luxeFIT, a retreat that incorporates fitness, food and travel to create a workout experience within your vacation. We also talked with celebrity trainer, JJ Dancer who is partnering with the provider for their St. Martin retreat Sept 2nd - 6th. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about LuxeFit and a little about the Co-Founders who created it. LUXEFIT: We (Loren Ann Mayo and Holly Morris) founded luxeFIT out of a shared desire to combine our passions for fitness, food, travel and forging new friendships. Our goal is simple: to bring together people with like-minded interests and help them experience the vacation of a lifetime filled with lasting memories. LOREN ANN MAYO: I grew up in Florida living a fit, healthy and active lifestyle in and around the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and its spectacular beaches. I enjoy balancing my schedule with a wide range of activities including hot yoga, horseback riding, hiking, strength training, running and paddle boarding. One of my favorite pastimes is strolling through the farmer's market, gathering up every delicious fruit and veggie I can get my hands on, and then spending hours in the kitchen concocting dishes for family and friends. My career is deeply rooted in journalism, working as a reporter, photographer and columnist for one of Florida's top weeklies and magazines. Eventually, I transferred my skills to marketing, and discovered I had much more time on my

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my hands for my two of my biggest passions — traveling and fitness — and developed an even bigger craving for cuisine native to the countries I visited. Combining those passions and starting my own business seemed like the perfect career, so here I am bringing you the best adventure vacations on the planet. HOLLY MORRIS: From a young age, I knew that travel and hospitality were a passion of mine. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Hospitality Management, I left Orlando, FL to work on a cruise ship. I spent more than two years traveling the world and learning about what makes a great vacation. I visited some of the most exotic and beautiful places on earth during my time onboard and met interesting and amazing people from all over the world. After returning to “dry land,” I decided to pursue a career in Human Resources, eventually settling in New York City. While living in New York, I discovered my passion for fitness, joining many different gyms over the years. Ultimately, I realized I wanted to pursue a career that combined my love of fitness and travel with my business and hospitality expertise. AM: Why are retreats that focus on fitness such an important part to incorporate into the travel experience? LAM: People are no longer looking for just a vacation — they’re looking for a meaningful travel experience that integrates healthy habits and wellbeing. Fitness retreats are a way to unplug, escape your day-to-day, discover new adventures and recharge your body, mind and soul in a beautiful surrounding with likeminded company. AM: How are LuxeFit retreats different than other retreats that one can sign up for? Jul 2017

HM: LuxeFIT brings together fitness, nutrition, adventure and the opportunity to explore new and exciting destinations worldwide. We believe there are several factors that set us a part from other retreats: • We are truly an all-inclusive luxury getaway where everything is 5-Star: a private estate where we are the only guests; a full staff to cater to our needs and make sure we have a great time; a private chef who creates locally inspired, healthy and delicious meals that complement our workouts and other physical activities and caters to any dietary restrictions our guests might have; an opportunity to dine at some of the finest restaurants in the area. • We are co-ed for all fitness levels. Our trainers are hand-selected fitness experts and can modify their workouts to be challenging for everyone, from those who do not exercise to fitness enthusiasts and those who are professional athletes. • We offer a combination of HIIT workouts, yoga, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking and more. We aim to keep our workouts challenging, fun and varied so that they appeal to everyone. • We include plenty of excursions that guests would want to experience on any vacation, from snorkeling with sea turtles in Barbados, to hiking Pic Paradis in St. Martin, to exploring an active volcano in Costa Rica. Each location is carefully selected to offer guests an opportunity to experience a luxurious and adventurous vacation, make new friends with similar interests and remain fit and active during their travels. • Our guests don’t have to worry about a thing! From the moment our guests arrive to the time they depart, we take care of everything. All they need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy their vacation.

AM: How did the partnership between you and JJ Dancer come about? LUXEFIT: JJ embodies everything that luxeFIT stands for. She is a strong, healthy, enthusiastic individual who has made it her mission to spread her passion for fitness around the globe — and we’re excited to be part of that. JJ's smile and spirit are contagious and her background speaks for itself. We honestly fell in love with JJ the moment we saw her workout videos. Plus, who doesn’t love dancing? :) AM: Outside of this retreat in St Martin, are there other retreats that interested fitness enthusiasts can sign up for? LUXEFIT: Our 2018 list as of today contains Bali, Thailand, Croatia, Costa Rica, Martinique, Antigua, Puerto Vallarta and Barbados. We don’t yet have a idea which months we’ll hold these retreats, as we’ll be researching weather, villas, etc. These tentative 2018 locations will be up on our website soon and open for booking. ATLEISUREMAG: Tell us about your background in terms of how you got into fitness. JJ DANCER: I've been a professional dancer since the age of 8. In college, I was the captain of the NBA Washington Wizards Dance Team and I was required to lose weight. That's when I found the gym and fell in love. Years later, after dancing and touring with artists such as Beyonce, Kanye West and Pitbull and dancing in movies, commercials and prime time television, I found myself eager to do more with fitness. I was inspired to bring my many years of professional dance together with my love for fitness and create a program that is just as much fun as it is effective! AM: As a Celebrity Trainer, can you share some of your clients with us?

JJD: My celebrity clientele (past and present) include Nicole Scherzinger, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Jessica Alba, Olivia Munn, John Salley, and more! AM: If we're working out with JJ Dancer what can we expect from the Bangin' Body Bootcamp? JJD: JJ's Bangin' Body Bootcamp is a fun and sweaty hip-hop dance party, folowed by creative and effective muscle conditioning- using resistance bands, light weights, kickboxing, plyometrics and mat work. My classes are all about hard work, sweat and FUN, set to great music and insane energy! Bangin' Body Bootcamp is guaranteed to change your body, your mind, and leave you feeling empowered and unstoppable! AM: What's your style when you're working out versus your personal style when you're going out for brunch? JJD: My style is always fun and colorful, whether I'm working out or eating out! AM: We're always looking for energy in the foods that we eat - what do you suggest? JJD: I have been a vegan for almost 10 years and a vegetarian for 17 years and I have WAY more energy than I did as a meat eater. In fact, my energy is through the roof!! I strongly recommend a balanced vegan diet/lifestyle! Eating fruits, veggies, and other plant based foods- such as beans, quinoa, nuts, and seeds- provide me with the protein that I need to build strong muscles and the energy I need to dance like no one is watching... for several hours a day! If you have ever been vegan curious, you should give it a try! There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that no animals had to die or work to feed me. If that's not enough incentive, your body will look and feel

amazing because of it too! AM: A girl has to have a cocktail, but we still want to do it in a healthy way, what do you suggest? JJD: We all have our vices. Mine just so happens to be chocolate cookies and cake! The key is to consume in moderation. Whenever having a drink, choose

the drink with less sugar and drink less of it! You don't have to go hard in the paint every time you take one back! So the next time you have a night out with the girls, or a romantic evening with bae, don't deny yourself. Just remember that everything you put in your body counts. The day after I've devoured one too many cookies I go into damage control. I guzzle that wa-

ter down and eat as many fruits and veggies as I can get my hands on! Simply keeping an eye on what you put in your body daily to keep a healthy balance really makes a difference! You really can have your cake and eat it too!

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When you're constantly jetsetting from ease and to have all the must haves tha always we have the perfect finds to make

| JULIE'S REAL Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Gr ing Eye Mask | VICTORINOX Spectra Dua METICS Color Balm Lipstick in Savannah | Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleans

In Ou Take

- 82 -

Jul 2017

one place to the next, you need to do so with at allow you to travel comfortably like a pro! As e your next trip a breeze.

rain-Free Granola | ILLUMINAGE Skin Rejuvenatal-Access Extra-Capacity Carry On | STILA COS| VERA BRADLEY Travel Fleece Blanket | L'OREAL sing Towelettes |

ur Bag e Flight

Jul 2017

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Living the Good Cuban S ty

- 84 -

Jul 2017

d Life, yle

July is a busy month filled with a number of activities that put a spotlight on fashion including NYFW Mens as well as Miami Swim. Right before NYFWM descended up on the city, Cubavera, a Perry Ellis International Latin Men's sportswear brand, showcased their Resort 18 collection. This brand is known for its humble family beinnings to becoming a design powerhouse that recently partnered with Oscar Matienzo to reflect on the vibrant Cuban culture that embodies the brand's feeling of "Live the Good Life". The brand speaks to Cuban nostalgia while modernizing classic island style, which is exactly where millenial trends are hitting. We sat down with Luis Toro, Director of Hispanic Sportswear and Marketing for the brand to find out more about this line, who is wearing and the versatility of this menswear line. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about Cubavera and the inspirations and style behind the Resort 18 collection. LUIS TORO: Cubavera takes inspiration from Cuba. Our designers look to the island for all their creations, from its beautiful architecture and colors to its tropical landscapes. We work to capture the energy of the Cuban people in the details of our pieces. It’s through the lens of Cuban heritage that we design our iconic guayaberas and embroidered novelty linen shirts. Even the techniques used in Cubavera’s production are founded in practices that have been passed on in Latin culture from generation to generation. AM: Who is the Cubavera man? LT: The Cubavera man comes from all ethnicities. He has a positive persona, and above all, likes to wear clothes that are relaxed and enjoys organic, airy fabrics like linen. He “Lives the Good Life” everywhere he goes, no matter where he is. He could be at the office wearing one of our short-sleeved embroidered panel shirts; at the beach, mojito in hand, wearing one of our modern print panel shirts; at the beach, mojito in hand, wearing one of our modern printed pieces; or at a black-tie

event wearing an elegant guayabera. The Cubavera man loves tradition and the “sabor” of Latin culture. AM: How integral is Cuba and it's essence into the line? LT: Cuba gave birth to the name and the line. Owners of the company George Feldenkreis and Oscar Feldenkreis (Father and son) immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba in 1961 and created the company, originally called Supreme International. They were the first people to import guayaberas and make the iconic Latin shirt popular in the U.S., so much so that George gained the name of “The King of the Guayabera.” Cubavera was launched in 2000 as a way to bring the heritage of the owners to the marketplace and expose the general market to the Cuban lifestyle.

It's through the lens of Cuban heritage that we design our iconic guayaberas and embroidered novelty linen shirts. Even the techniques used in Cubavera's production are founded in practices that have been passed on in Latin Culture from generation to generation.

AM: What can you tell us about Cubavera for holiday as people begin to think about gifting. LT: The long sleeve guayabera is a staple for any elegant occasion. The guayabera was originally created to replace the suit blazer in tropical locations, due to the heat of those areas. Now we see younger people wearing it more and more as a nod to “Cuban Nostalgia.” They wear it in a more relaxed fashion, with shorts and boat shoes, specially the pastel colors like pink, yellow or baby blue. Our shirts are one-of-a-kind thanks to their tropical prints, colors and embroidery. Our pieces are meant to stand out. AM: Cubavera's tagline is "Live the Good Life," what does that mean? LT: Our '”Good Life” is all about looking great, feeling cool, and putting a little Latin ritmo and tropical sabor into every day. We're a brand for people who like to express themselves: with color, pasión, relaxed and put-together style, natural charm and confidence. So you can feel good about living your own way, every day, with no need for a getaway. AM: Will Cubavera have any celebrity partnerships or ambassadorships that we should keep an eye out for? LT: We have worked with many Latin celebrities like Gabriel Coronel, William Valdez, William Levy and a lot of basketball players, especially from the Miami HEAT. At the moment, we are working with influencers that resonate with our consumers, promoting the brand through social.

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Jul 2017

Jul 2017

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Bingely Books does one tackle the aisles, getting enough ingredients to make a meal, keeping it healthy and make it out alive? Maria Marlowe, Food Evangelist, created The Real Food Grocery Guide which breaks down the mysteries of the aisle and whether you're a devout wellness follower, clean eater or are on the path to doing so - she breaks it down so that you can tackle the healthiest finds while seeing what your options are when you're thinking about organic verus conventional foods, how to purchase and store them, and beyond.


This easy to read guide will bust your food myths and let you know more about where your food comes from and allow you to tackle the aisle like a pro. From grabbing random items to being fully navigational - this book will change how you go about feeding yourself and those that are with you. In purchasing this book, you'll also be able to unlock addition books that give you the secret and power behind foods that you may not have known.

Fair Winds Press Maria Marlowe


You get caught up in a number of projects and then you realize that it's time to eat - do you get something from one of your favorite places or do you dare enter your local grocery store? Many find this place to be a bit intimidating - how

Health and wellness are topics that everyone is aware of. Janey Sweet is an accomplished woman who is the CEO of a bridal cou-

- 94 -

DoubleDay Lucy Skyes + Jo Piazza

Jul 2017

and her apartment. These changes force her to go back to her childhood home and to re-connect with her estranged sister. In the midst of such upheaval, the novel shows how she rises above all that has happened to her. The novel challenges the notion of what you see verus its actuality. What does being a celebrity mean and how are your curating your life towards your fans to connect with you while also being authentic to yourself.

ture company. When she is photographed sitting in the front row eating a bruffin - things take an interesting turn. After her divorce, she gained 30 pounds; however, her best friend and business partner told her that she had to lose the weight or she would lose her job. Janey dives into the world of fitness with traditional as well as emerging methods as a means to meet her friend's challenge. As she embraces the unique personalities of this world as well as commiting to take classes as well as to change her diet, she wonders if it was essential for her to immerse herself in this ecosystem.

HELLO, SUNSHINE Simon and Schuster Laura Dave

Life is great and moves along, until it doesn't. Sunshine Mackenzie is living a full life as a culinary celeb with millions of fans, a #1 bestselling cookbook as well as a husband who is devoted to her. When she gets hacked, Sunshine's life is turned upside down as her secrets are revealed, her husband leaves her, her show is taken away, she loses her fans Jul 2017

- 95 -

Bingely Streaming who suddenly relocates from a Chicago suburb to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks. After a money laundering scheme goes wrong, Marty must pay off a debt to a Mexican drug lord.

TANIS PRA/Spotify A thriller told via a podcast which mixes fact and fiction together is a great way to prepare yourself with TANIS. With a number of characters, twists with the plot, bonus episodes and more - this podcast is the perfect show to listen to when you're in the middle of work, commuting or simply want to step away. The journey of finding the information and how the characters on the show interact with one another is another series of layers that add to your enjoyment. As is the case with most podcasts, there is a bonus show where Rabbits is revealed along with an excerpt to get you ready to subscribe to this new podcast.

THE SECRET TO VICTORY Gimlet Media/Gatorade/Spotify

OZARK Netflix Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in Ozark, a Netflix Original show that debuts this month. Marty (Bateman) is a financial planner who is married to Wendy (Linney)

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Athletes train long hours for those moments that we see them on the field. The Secret to Victory looks at athletes that are on top of their game, but how one moment that took place during their gameday, changed their lives. This branded podcast, in partnerJul 2017

ship with Gimlet Media and Gatorade, includes interviews with Eli and Peyton Manning on their first season, Serena Williams and more. The show focuses on how these athletes and more took their heartache in their sport to become legends and icons. They take their challenges and allow this to fuel them for their future successes. Tbe Secret to Victory is hosted by ESPN writer and former NFL player Domonique Foxworth.

Jul 2017

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In a world where we are constantly finding the best way for goods and services to fit in our everyday lifestyles, we still find that there are areas that are lacking in innovations when it comes to feminine products. Interestingly enough, we sat down with Laura Goodman, Senior Scientist, Tampax & Always to talk about the Always My Fit System which is a game changer in allowing women to finally find their perfect fit when it comes to managing that time of the month.

My Fit Sizing system helps women find their right size pad based on their panty size and flow. AM: What was the process like in creating 5 pads? LG: Always scientists have spent years researching the most common reasons for pad leaks, and wearing the wrong size pad is one of the leading causes. Research shows that leaks happen the most in the front and the back, so finding the right size for adequate front-to-back coverage is a way to avoid leaks. By offering 5 sizes, 3 for daytime protection and 2 for night, women have the ability to find their right size coverage 24/7. Understand ing that coverage needs to be based on panty size AND flow, some women might start their period in a size 3 for day and 5 for night, and end their period in a size 2 for day and 4 for night. We want a woman to feel that her period protection is customizable to her flow, and by offering 5 sizes, we have done just that.

ATHLEISURE MAG: There have been a number of innovations for Always' assortment of products. In the history of the brand, what have been key inventions that have led the company to where it is today? LAURA GOODMAN: The Always brand has led innovations in the feminine care space for more than 30 years. From introducing pads with wings to the development of FlexFoam™, a groundbreaking technology that makes Always Infinity® one of the most innovative pads on the market – Always has been at the forefront of the feminine care industry. The Always My Fit system is our latest advancement in the feminine care category. The system helps girls and women choose the best period protection for them, based on their panty size and flow to help prevent period leaks and to ensure girls and women experience their best comfort during that time of the month.

AM: How can someone go about finding out what the best pad(s) would be for their lifestyle? LG: By referencing the new Always My Fit sizing chart, found on the top of every Always pack, and at, women can find their right size pad based on their panty size and flow. We have installed this sizing system across our Always Infinity, Ultra and Maxi lines to ensure that women can customize their protection across our products no matter the day of the month.

AM: With this new pad system, what was the thought process behind creating these options for women? LG: When we learned that over 80% of women experience leaks each month, and that inadequate pad coverage was a leading cause, we knew we had to do something to help the 60% of women wearing the wrong size pad. Women aren’t one size fits all, so why should their period protection be? The Always

AM: It's interesting to see how personalization/customization is making headway across verticals and how Always has embraced this with its newest offering - are there other innovations that we should keep an eye out for that will continue to target women's lifestyles? - 100 -

Jul 2017


50% of all women wear older PJs and/or underwear when they sleep on their period to reduce worries about nighttime leaks/stains

1 in 5 women (19%) avoid sharing their bed when they have their period

94% of women have stained their bed/clothing as a result of leaks while sleeping during their period

1 in 2 women would rather suffer the embarrassment of drooling in their sleep than from staining their sheets

Source: Always Night Survey, April 2016


LG: Always is a brand that is ALWAYS innovating. We keep the people who use our brand top of mind and when there is a need for product, we aim to develop it. You’ll have to stay tuned! PERIODS ARE ONE THING WE HAVE IN COMMON. LEAKS SHOULDN'T BE.

60% WRONG SIZE PAD of us are wearing the



of women


100% can change that!

AM: How long did it take from conception to bringing this out to market? LG: It took us a few years. We worked with girls and women from all across the country to make sure we were getting it right. AM: Where can we go to find out more about these new items?

WOMEN AREN’T ONE SIZE FITS ALL, SO WHY WOULD THEY WEAR THE SAME SIZE PAD? 80% of women say they no longer wear the same dress size from when they first got their period, BUT 1/2 of women still use the same size pad


54% 26%

change and check pads every 1-2 hours3 wear a pad AND a tampon3


More than three in four women say they have certain underwear (aka granny panties) that they wear specifically when they have their period3

Nearly two in three women have needed to buy new underwear because of period leaks3

FEWER LEAKS = MORE CONFIDENCE Most young women would feel relieved (58%) and more in control (57%) if they could avoid period leaks3 Almost four in five young women (79%) say they would wear a longer pad size if it meant experiencing fewer leaks3

Always pads are now numerically sized 1 through 5 so you can find your best coverage for both day and night protection

Look for the Always My Fit sizing chart on the top of every Always pack to find your right fit 1. Source: 2013 P&G NA Habits & Practices survey 2. Source: 2013 P&G UK Consumer Study HPT-13069 3. Source: The Always My Fit Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research and surveyed a total of 500 female Americans aged 18 to 35 years old that rely on pads for period protection. The online panel survey was implemented between the dates of March 7, 2017 through March 10, 2017.

LG: To learn more about the new sizinging chart, and to take the Always My Fit sizing quiz. Always and Athleisure Mag are partnering up to give away 2 sets of Always My Fit to 2 lucky winners. Each winner will receive sizes 1-5 so that you can try it out for yourself. To enter to win, follow, Tweet @AthleisureMag and @Always and share an item on your bucketlist that you plan on tackling this summer with confidence and include #AlwaysMyFit. The contest starts now and will end on Aug 11th.

Check out almost any food item in any grocery store in America, and you’ll find a nutrition label. In New York City, many restaurants and cafes selling baked goods and sandwiches will also provide you with the calorie count, right alongside the price of the item. Check out almost any food item in any grocery store in America, and you’ll find a nutrition label. In New York City, many restaurants and cafes selling baked goods and sandwiches will also provide you with the calorie count, right alongside the price of the item. Most people do look at the caloric content of items. Many count calories as a way of maintaining their weight or, if they’re dieting, they often allot themselves a certain amount of calories a day, depending on their size and age. Supposedly, if you ingest fewer calories than your body needs, you’ll lose weight. That’s the idea, anyway, and seems to add up, but does it? Truth be told, there’s more to maintaining or losing weight than simply counting calories. We honestly don’t know where the idea of counting calories got started and why, and who decided to perpetuate the idea and why. There’s no doubt that counting calories does provide a simple formula for the weight loss process for dieters and the ‘calorie conscious,’ but it’s really not doing anyone any favors or any good at all, and merely counting calories may well be one of the more insidious culprits behind the current obesity epidemic. Here’s why. Nutrition labels, which are required on packaged goods sold in the US, are rife with information: the amount of calories, calories from fat, total fat (including saturated fats and trans fats), cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar and protein, yet people have been conditioned to primarily pay attention to the calories. It’s Not Just Calories That Count

A calorie is defined by Merriam-Webster as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius, but not all calories are the same. The body processes a calorie of protein much differently than it does a calorie of carbohydrate. Which is why adhering to a low calorie diet and exercise will not necessarily lead to weight loss and it’s a well-established fact that most diets fail. Is it because people don’t have the will power to stick to a diet, or is it that we’ve been so misled about food in general, and what is truly ‘good’ for us? It isn’t all about metabolism either, although we frequently hear or believe that one person has a higher metabolic rate than another, which may or may not be true, but that’s a factor, not an answer. The public has been conditioned to believe that fat is evil and something to be avoided. As your grandparents

CALORIES CO by Bonnie Ha could have told you, it’s carbohydrates, rather than fats, that lead to excess weight and weight gain. Well, carbohydrates such as bread, rice, and baked goods, as well as the sugars that are frequently added by food manufacturers to help improve the taste of low-fats foods et al. Look at it this way: if you were permitted 1600 calories a day and know that you have a sweet tooth, instead of having a lunch of say, four ounces of protein and a side salad, you have a caloric equivalent to slice of chocolate cake instead, all well and good. Then for dinner, you ‘save’ several hundred

Jul 2017

OUNT, BUT DO THEY ADD UP? alper to accumulate fat. Refined carbohydrates such as sugar and flour cause even more insulin to be secreted, which also accounts for why you feel hungry after eating carb-rich foods: you have excess insulin in your blood, and it’s looking for somewhere to go and something to do – like go straight to parts of your body where you’d prefer they not go, stored as fat, and tell you that you’re still hungry, or hungry again, despite the fact that you had just had a meal a relatively short time ago.

calories so that you can enjoy a slice of pie rather than ingest more protein and vegetables. At the end of the day, literally, you will have had your 1600 calories, but at the end of the week, when you get back on that scale, you may notice no difference in your avoir du pois, and in fact, you might have gained rather than lost weight. How is that possible? It’s not just calories that count. It all does. The Carbohydrate Factor

So regimens low in carbohydrates – so called low-carb diets, although we prefer not to call them ‘diets,’ as the key to

Carbohydrates prompt insulin to be secreted, which in turn, signals our bodies Jul 2017

- 105 -

overall nutritional health is eating a balanced regimen and preferably one that’s not carbohydrate-rich – are not fad diets, but rather the way people normally ate until the 1950s rolled in, when “a small but influential group of nutritionists and cardiologists decided that dietary fat caused heart disease,” according to Mother Earth News. It wasn’t long before the American Heart Association adopted this position, then Congress, the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the National Institutes of Health. The result: fat was unnecessarily demonized and an industry for non-fat food substitutes was born. You may believe that that low fat items are healthier, but once the fat is removed from food, so is the flavor, and sugar is often added to improve the taste – sugars which are converted into carbohydrates and stored as fat. Scientists have known since the 1970s that in order to store fat, carbohydrates are required. As Mother Earth News points out, “It’s only by eating carbohydrates that we can obtain alpha glycerol phosphate, an enzyme that is an absolute requirement for storing fat. This enzyme fixes the fat in the fat tissue in a way that it can’t slip back out through the fat cell membranes and escape into the bloodstream. This is why the more carbohydrates we consume, the more fat we will store. The less carbohydrates, the less fat.” Or try this simple experiment yourself at home. First, weigh yourself in the morning and note your weight. Make sure to have a carbohydrate-laden lunch, such as a sandwich or a slice or two of pizza. The next morning, weigh yourself again. You might notice that the scale has inched up a pound or two, but not to worry. That day, skip the carbs. Instead, have

a protein lunch, with a vegetable side dish. The following morning, weigh yourself again, and you may well notice that the scale has tipped down to what your weight was two days before. You’ve given your body a day to eliminate, or burn off, the stored carbs. You’re now back to normal and good to go. We’re not demonizing carbohydrates or any other food group. Balance is always important, and best to keep the carbs pure and simple. For example, legumes, which include beans, such as black beans and chickpeas, as well as peas and lentils, contain carbohydrates,as well as protein and fiber. According to the North Dakota State University Extension, legumes also have added health benefits, such as lowering your risk for heart disease and cancer and making it easier to control your blood sugar and weight, since they are digested more slowly, so they’re more likely to fill you up, as opposed to processed carb-laden alternatives such as bread, which are bereft of essential nutrients that your body needs. It’s Simple Once You Do the Math It sounds complicated, it’s really very simple: There’s a reason why nutrition labels contain as much information as they do, and it’s important to look at all of the fields listed, especially the amount of carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins that are in the foods that you’re buying and ingesting. They’re all there for a reason, and now that you understand why it’s simply not true that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, suddenly, it all adds up. #Calories, #Carbohydrates, #Obesity, #FoodGroups, #Weightloss, #DietingTips

Jul 2017

Jul 2017

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On Aug 21st, we will experience a solar eclipse; however, you can visit NASA's site to see the best cities where you will see the total solar eclipse. We suggest viewing it from Westin Nashville's L27 Rooftop Bar to enjoy this phenomenon and to rock this look! | JAY GODFREY Brunet Neon Coral Strapless Romper | URBAN DECAY Naked Skin ShapeShifter | GUCCI Patent Leather Sandal |



Recommended for your Tribe to eat, work & play

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Jul 2017

Cu pu BU aC TT 5 u ER Related to cacao, Cupuaรงu is a melon sized super fruit with a creamy white pulp that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. The soft and nourishing emollient, provides a protective, hydrating layer for your skin and hair. | LUSH COSMETICS Elbow Grease | SOL DE JANEIRO Moisturizing Shower Cream Gel | ICE + JAM in Thank You and Come Again |

Jul 2017

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Something You Should Know nAiL CARE TiPS



We all spend so much time frequenting our favorite manicure and pedicure salons, but it is important to have the appropriate nail care tips in between our next appointment, as well as to allow the nail to breathe. This can be done at home or even on your vacation as we find this to be a relaxing way to enjoy self care.

ing a manicure is purely cosmetic and sometimes doesn’t benefit the nail in any way. The cuticle is the barrier to protect the surrounding skin and help develop the nail free from infections. (Bacteria)

We got the scoop on tips of how to maintain our nails from Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Salon. She shared with us how to allow our manicure to last longer during the heat wave that we're all enjoying.

• The most common suggestion would be to stop using so much dark nail polish. Of course we all love using dark colors, but this may cause your nails to become discolored. Secondly, always use a base coat. By using a base coat, you’re adding in a protective layer between your nails and the polish. This will also help to prevent staining and can actually help keep your nails healthier.

TRANSITION FROM REMOVING YOUR POLISH TO APPLYING A NEW HUE • Remove your polish and let your nails breathe for a good few days. If nails look discolored, squeeze some lemon into your lotion or rub a lemon wedge directly onto the nail to brighten nails. • Apply a shea butter lotion or nongreasy cream to lock in moisture. • Begin painting! Apply a cuticle oil such as Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil to the base of your nails (or even when they are already polished), focusing around the cuticle area to hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, helping the polish last longer. This restores radiance to nails and cuticles and promotes strong nails. SHADES THAT WORK BEST ON FAIR, MEDIUM AND DARK COMPLEXIONS • Fair skin, use white and blue undertones • Medium skin, use pink undertones • Dark skin, almost use transparent tones IS IT SAFE TO CUT CUTICLES •

Trimming or cutting cuticles dur-


HOW TO TREAT INGROWN TOENAILS • Ingrown toenails can be painful and can easily become infected. Try soaking your foot in warm salt bath water for 15 minutes a couple of times every day. This will help relieve pain and swelling. The other thing you could try is gently pulling the skin away from the nail using a small nail file or other blunt device that won’t cut or hurt the toe. WHAT IS THIS SUMMER'S NAIL POLISH COLOR • Baby blue, with pink undertone, as well as all nude colors. BEST WAY TO CUT NAILS • The best way to cut your nails is to make sure you clean under the nail otherwise bacteria could form. Use fingernail clippers for your fingers, and use toenail clippers for your toes. If you are unsure of what shape your nails should have, just look at your cuticles. The U-shape of the cuticle should be reflected (upside down) by the top of your nail. The primary goal is to mirror the shape.


in almost every sense… (the filmmakers) have assembled a formidable lineup.” - Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

Athleisure Mag July 2017  

We're excited for our July issue of Athleisure Mag with our celebrity cover, Sara Eisen who is the Co-Anchor of CNBC's Worldwide Exchange an...

Athleisure Mag July 2017  

We're excited for our July issue of Athleisure Mag with our celebrity cover, Sara Eisen who is the Co-Anchor of CNBC's Worldwide Exchange an...