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New Year, New You JAN 2016 We may only have 24 hours in a day, but it’s what we do with it that counts. We’re pleased to introduce Athleisure Mag, a new platform for Athleisure lifestyle. With our editorial, tips, and thought leader interviews we will help you enjoy and optimize this year. Each month we will feature high style, beauty, fitness, city lifestyle and music as a curatorial blend for you.

focuses on New Year, New You, and we hope our shoots, tips and interviews help inspire you to be more productive and fun. #Athspo Whether you hit the reset button when the ball dropped or you do a few throughout the year, as you advance towards your passion, we’re ready for an exciting year and sharing it with you.

Consider us your inside track for Let’s be curious, confident, cheeky your list when you’re considering and charismatic together. your next studio, eatery, outfit, look and beyond. Our inaugural issue

#BalanceNext Kimmie + Paul AthleisureMag



PUB L I S H E R Paul Farkas

ED I TO R I AL Kimmie Smith Fashion Editor + Style Director Paul Farkas Lifestyle + Tech Director

FASHION C O N T R I BU T I O N S PHOTOGRAPHERS | Carlos David, Jeff Rojas, George Chemas, Timor Raz | STYLIST | Kimmie Smith |

B EAU TY CO N T R I BU T I O N S MUA | Nydia Figueroa, David Stella - Taylor, Dori Sligh, Katherine Osorio, Risako Matsushita | HAIRSTYLIST | Dori Sligh, David Stella - Taylor, Katherine Osorio, Rachel Hopkins, Vi Huynh | —




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BEAUTY IN TRANSITION PHOTOGRAPHY George Chemas WARDROBE STYLING Kimmie Smith/Accessory2 MUA Nydia Figueroa HAIR STYLIST Dori Sligh MODEL Yesenia Linares



TarrynAd Simone

We all need a go-to to make things easier throughout our day. As we’re in constant motion from one activity to the next, it’s great when our look can pull a bit of double duty! Each month, our beauty editorials show how you can recreate these looks from our team of MUA and hairstylists that you should know about. This month, we’re focused on the braided updo which is truly versatile and can be worn when relaxing as well as for special occasions. Within the makeup look, the sun-kissed with a hint of pink hues is one that looks great on an array of skin tones. These essential looks allow you to transition from your studio fitness class to brunch and then the office to a night out! In a few steps, you can adjust between them as you see fit. This tutorial includes tips from MUA Nydia Figueroa whose work has been seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Broadway charity events and published editorials. Dori Sligh created the hairstyles within this shoot. Her work has also been published within a number of editorials.

STUDIO LOOK (ABOVE): Hair by Dori STEP 1: Prep the hair with Texture or Volumizing Spray. My favorite products are Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Once hair is prepped, it’s easy to control and style! STEP 2: Make a center part in the hair to create two sections and braid both down the sides of the head towards the back. STEP 3: Bring the two braids to one side and pop it into an elastic band on the ends. This is an easy look that can be worn to workout and onto brunch right after, as the hair stays in place.

STUDIO LOOK: Makeup by Nydia STEP1: I prep the skin with Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer because I believe it helps reduce moisture loss without drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. STEP 2: Prime the skin with Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer to prepare the skin for foundation. Think of it as double stick tape; which locks moisture in underneath it and keeps the foundation flawless for a longer period of time on top. STEP 3: I let the skincare sit as I start working the model’s eyes. I do this to let it absorb into the skin. I start with grooming her incredible eyebrows and use Shobha Brow Pencil in the color Earth. I used hair like strokes to achieve a more natural and consistent look throughout the brow. I love how the pencil is soft and has a sharpener for the finest point. STEP 4: For the eyes, I did three different types of looks. I gradually added to each look so I can show how easy it is to take a natural look and transform it to a night time look with a few easy steps. For the Studio Look, I did a soft brown color in the crease and popped a center highlight to give a clean yet glowing look to the makeup. I applied a thin layer of liner on the top lash and applied mascara. I did not apply bottom eyeliner for this look. STEP 5: I do the eyes first to then wipe off any fall out left under the eyes from the beautiful shadow looks we created. I used the Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths. I love it because it leaves the skin clean with no oily residue. STEP 6: Now that we let the skincare set, it’s time for foundation and concealer. I used the EVE Pearl HD Dual Foundation and her Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment. It is amazing because it has skincare built into it. It was originally made for HD cameras and allows your skin to breathe while diminishing the look of imperfections! The Dual Salmon Concealer neutralizes dark circles and is LEMON COLLECTION Tanktop

For the Office / Brunch look I added a slightly darker brown color in the outer third of the crease and took that same colo the iris of the eyes to open them up a bit more.

For the night out look I used a fluffy brush and added a shimmery brown shade and to the inner and outer portions of he added a highlight shade to the inner corner of her eyes.

TarrynAd Simone

For this look I chose a more dramatic eyeliner and filled in her waterline with a highly pigmented black eyeliner. I then us lashine. This created a sultry yet diffused drama effect to her eyes.

Step 5: We do the eyes first to then wipe off any fall out left under the eyes from the beautiful shadow looks we created. I used t due. Step 6:

Now that we let the skin care set its now time for foundation and concealer. I used the EVE Pearl HD dual Foundation ( 56 skincare built into it. It was originally made for HD cameras and allows your skin to breathe while diminishing the look of

even pigmented enough to cover tattoos. STEP 7: Next, I set the makeup with Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. It has a soft focus effect that creates smooth and silky texture to the skin. I also used a MAC Cosmetics Blush in “ Mocha” to add a touch of color to her cheeks. STEP 8: For the Studio Look I pressed a soft neutral pink into her lips with my finger tips. I used MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in “ Vivaglam V” for a natural sheen.

BRUNCH LOOK (PREVIOUS PAGE): Makeup by Nydia STEP 1: I kept the gym look and added a slightly darker brown color in the outer third of the crease and took that same color down to the lash line. Using an angled brush I pressed the color half way from the corner of the lash line to just below the iris of the eyes to open them up a bit more. STEP 2: For the Brunch look I did a baby pink lip to give a pop of color that is wearable for everyday. MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil in “ Kittenish”.


s p i T A U

or down to the lash line. Using an angled brush I pressed the color half way from the corner of the lash line to just below

er eyelids. I left the middle bare to then with a denser brush, added a highlighting color to her center of her eyes. I also

sed a pencil brush and using back and fourth sweeping movements, smoked out some of the brown shadow below her

the Shobha Rosewater Freshing cloths ( 30.00 - ) I love it because it leave the skin clean with no oily resi-

6.00 - )and her Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment ( 39.00 - ) . It is amazing because it has f imperfections! The Dual Salmon Concealer neutralizes dark circles and is even pigmented enough to cover tattoos.

TarrynAd Simone


On the upper left is a bun that is an updo that works for heading to office. On the right this same look transitions into an enhanced makeup look for a night out. The makeup in this look carries over from brunch to the office. It is then built upon again for the final look.

OFFICE LOOK (ABOVE): Hair by Dori STEP 1: Hair is prepped with texture spray or volumizing spray. STEP 2: Starting side part in front and continue the part diagonally into two sections. STEP 3: Braid both sections down to back and put elastic on the ends. STEP 4: Pull out little pieces of hair around ear, these wispies will soften the look. STEP 5: Adjust the fluffiness of the braids and finally pop some bobby pins in to make the braids into a cute bun! NOTE: Braid them tight first then make it loose for long lasting result. Totally appropriate for the office and night out! An added benefit of this look is that the braids worn here provide nice waves for the next day!

NIGHT OUT LOOK Makeup by Nydia

TarrynAd Simone

STEP 1: The office look is the same makeup look from brunch. For the night out look, I used a fluffy brush and added a shimmery brown shade to the inner and outer portions of her eyelids. I left the middle bare to then with a denser brush, add a highlighting color to her center of her eyes. I also added a highlight shade shade to the inner corner of her eyes. STEP 2: For this look I chose a more dramatic eyeliner and filled in her waterline with a highly pigmented black eyeliner. I then used a pencil brush and using back and fourth sweeping movements, smoked out some of the brown shadow below her lash line. This created a sultry ,yet diffused drama effect to her eyes. STEP 3: For the night out look I left the Kittenish color on and added a deep berry gloss to dress it up a bit. I used Kiko Cosmetics 3D Instant Volume Lip Gloss in the shade “214 Mauve�.

SHOBHA Our shoot for this beauty editorial took place at Shobha at their Financial District location in NYC. This beauty destination is the go to for women and men for hair removal whether they choose sugaring, threading or laser treatments. In addition, their locations and website have an array of brands (including those made by the brand) to keep up your beauty routine. During this shoot, we used items from the salon including their rosewater cleansing cloths, eyebrow pencils and their elastic hair ties (proceeds from the purchase of the hair ties goes back to their ongoing efforts in empowering women through education and employment.


From Set to Vanity Today, beauty brands look to dominate shelves with large quantities of product offerings. Koh Gen Do is a high definition skincare and cosmetic line that innovates their original collection like a craftsman. The brand’s commitment can be traced back to the role technology has played in its formulation. In the mid/late 80s, the HD camera lens was in use at the biggest broadcasting network in Japan - NHK. This is when their first iconic red tubed Moisture Foundation was created with mineral powders using the advanced powder technology in Japan. Natural botanicals supported the foundation, by mimicking the look of ‘skin’ even with the use of HD lenses. Technology and experience in how products and ingredients ‘fit’ into the skin is vitally important and this cannot be done with tech alone.

Koh Gen Do is used on Empire, Scandal and Better Call Saul Born and tested by the film industry since 1986 as the founder was an actress, the products have continuously been guided 2016. January

- 22 -

be on your list as you head to your nearest Sephora.

by the finished results on the screen and the feedback from makeup artists and actors. Koh Gen Do has relationships with talented pro artists such as Lauren Andersen, Nick Ambrose, Patrick Ta, Mary Phillips, Joyce Bonelli and Mylah Morales to name a few. The brand has been seen on numerous hit TV shows/films - including: ‘Empire’, ‘Scandal’, ‘12 Years a Slave’, ‘Joy’, ‘Daddy’s Home’ and ‘Better Call Saul’.

Softening the skin is important so that products that follow can be best absorbed into your skin The botanical line is looking for women of all ages to wear this brand on and off the set. With a focus on their core products and accessibility at Sephora, Koh Gen Do knows that consumers make their beauty selections without confusion and full understanding of advancements within the line.

sistent formulation, the beauty team at Koh Gen Do shared 4 items that are a must to combat pesky winter skin issues. Sticking to this routine is bound to show results that will carry you from season to season.

With the focus on innovation, botanical ingredients and con-

To combat dryness from winter skin these must have skincare products from the brand need to

2016. January

Get Camera Ready

- 23 -

The Cleansing Cream is a deep pore cream cleanser to use after makeup is removed with the Cleansing Water Makeup Remover. This is the double cleansing method where you work the cream into your skin until it melts into a thin layer of oil. At this point you will know that the product has worked through your horny layer and softened the skin. Softening the skin is important as this allows the products that follow to be absorbed better into your skin. Remove dead skin cells (and patches) without any abrasives with Soft Gommage Gel. Lotion I or II – hydrates skin cells! They hydrate the skin with nutritious skin balancing botanicals. It also calms and lowers skin temperature. After the lotion a moisturizer to protect the hydration of skin is a must. Looking for a quickie to the above steps? Just use the Macro Vintage Essence Mask which pulls double duty by hydrating and moisturizing in one step!

U M #

s p i AT

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, lunch time is always a great break. It’s the chance to take care of a few errands, grab a bite and to give yourself the proper distance in order to power through the rest of the day. Even with colder (or cooler for certain areas) temperatures, the ability to pop out is always a welcome respite between meetings and conference calls. When working, soft layers allow you to move with little restriction. Be sure to appreciate nature and the people around you. The Athleisurist knows that this look also works if you have things to do prior to heading home. A pair of heels, a fitted jean and cashmere is an essential to add to your look as it’s truly a versatile option that lends itself to wearing no matter where you find yourself.

POP OUT FOR LUNCH PHOTOGRAPHY Carlos David WARDROBE STYLIST Kimmie Smith MUA Nydia Figueroa HAIRSTYLIST Rachel Hopkins MODEL Aube Linda/Red Models HANRO Cardigan + Tee / DSTLD PREMIUM DENIM JEANS / OYSBY LONDON SHOES / VAALABRA Pony Hair Clutch / E SHAW JEWELRY Amethyst + Gold Necklace / BUDDHA MAMA Ring Bracelet

Il Principe @ Hotel Hugo Whether you’re meeting with friends, enjoying a meal or savoring a beverage, it is clear that attention to detail is a primary focus at Hotel Hugo’s ground restaurant, Il Principe Cucina Italiana. While here, you’re engaging with the waitstaff, hostess or bartender, you’re bound to bump into Samantha McCrimmon, who serves as the restaurant’s General Manager and Wine Director. From the time that you enter to the time you leave, she ensures that she and her staff have you in mind. The trifecta of wine, cuisine and food creates a symphony ... Prior to Il Principe, Samantha was the Wine Director for the Crown Restaurants on the UES. Before 2016. January

- 26 -

that, she was the Wine Director for Plein Sud at The Smyth, a Thompson Hotel property. Her knowledge of wine from decades of being in the industry, comes from an innate passion and the ability to create and run a wine program. Wine culture continues to grow within a number of restaurants as there is a need to facilitate more knowledge within this area. Samantha implements this

Guests can enjoy off the menu gems and vintages which enhances their experience information at Il Principe by bringing in big names from Italy, France and California as well as interesting varietals that may be lesser known.

food creates a symphony that is reflected in the menu. Guests can enjoy off the menu gems and vintages which enhances their experience.

She highlights that Rose (whether by the glass or bottle) is outstanding and is hotter then ever, especially during the summer. The trifecta of wine, cuisine and

As Samantha recovers from the holiday season, she notes that breakfast and lunch are perfect for guests and business meetings. When having dinner at Il

2016. January

- 27 -

Principe, it’s not only a romantic vibe but guests agree that newly appointed Chef Christine has created a menu that places innovative twists on classic dishes. For those who enjoy her much buzzed about homemade lasagna, there are plenty of savory dishes within the menu.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Timor Raz WARDROBE STYLING BY Kimmie Smith/Accessory2 MUA Nydia Figueroa

n i n i #D

s p i gT


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Carlos David WARDROBE STYLING Kimmie Smith/Accessory2 MUA + HAIR Katherine Osorio MODELED BY Pierce/ADAMS Models + Stephanie/ SHOT AT El Barrio’s Art Space PS 109, NYC


/MSA Models

HIM SPENGLISH Sleeveless Hoody | SPENGLISH Tye Dye Stripe Tank | SPENGLISH Knit Short HER MINT Sleeveless Hoodie | AUM COUTURE Eye Tube Top | MINT Short | THE LEMON COLLECTION Malibu Stripe Legging | SEQUIN JEWELRY Constellation Necklace Map Necklace | SEQUIN JEWELRY Coral Color Karma Collection

HER THREE SIXTY FIVE Sport Bra | REEBOK Cardio Racerback Tank | THE LEMON COLLECTION Cable Knit Nap Time Short with Tassel Milk | Flurry Ribbed Leg Wrap in Haze and Powder | SEQUIN JEWELRY Clara Pearl Tassel Necklace | UNO DE 50 Florida | FEED Guatemala Bags | BKR Water bottle

HER 2nd Image on Yogi’s in the Bu Cover MINT Sleeveless Hoodie | AUM COUTURE Eye Tube Top | MINT Shorts | THE LEMON COLLECTION Malibu Stripe Legging | SEQUIN JEWELRY Coral Color Karma Collection Set | RYKA Dynamic 2 Training Shoe HER 4th Image on Yogi’s in the Bu Cover + This Page NICEPIPES Tank Top | AUM COUTURE Wing Pants | SEQUIN JEWELRY Constellation Map Necklace + Coral Color Karma Collection Set | RYKA Kinetic Training Shoe

HIS 1st Image on Yogi’s in the Bu Cover + This Page SPENGLISH Pineapple Tye Dye Shirt | NICEPIPES Charcoal + Cobalt Arm Wraps | SPENGLISH Knit Short | THE LEMON COLLECTION Blizzard Slouch Wrap Sock in Glacier + Pomegranate | SEQUIN JEWELRY Black Color Karma Collection | REEBOK Sneakers HIS 3rd Image on Yogi’s in the Bu Cover SPENGLISH Tye Dye Stripe Tank | SPENGLISH Short | REEBOK Sneaker

HER HANRO Crop Top | AMI CLUBWEAR Tank | AUM COUTURE Print Capri | 1177 Socks | SEQUIN JEWELRY Purple Color Karma Collection Set + Constellation Map Necklace | Sleeveless Hoodie | AUM COUTURE Eye Tube Top | BUDDHA MAMA Brown Wood, Sterling Silver, Moonstone Beads, Green Onyx Tassel Mala

HIM HANRO V-Neck Top | SPENGLISH Printed Shorts | NICEPIPES Ombre Infinity Scarf | 1177 Socks

HIM SPENGLISH Tye Dye Stripe Tank | SPENGLISH Short | NICEPIPES Charcoal + Cobalt Arm Wraps | BKR Water bottle | LULULEMON Yoga Bag | JBL Everest 700 Headphones

HER AMI CLUBWEAR Bodysuit | SEQUIN JEWELRY Constellation Map Necklaces + Black Color Karma Bracelet Sets | THE LEMON COLLECTION | FLURRY RIBBED LEG WRAP Powder | NICEPIPES Arm Wrap in Black HIS SPENGLISH White Shirt | SPENGLISH Sweatpant with Ankle Patch | SEQUIN JEWELRY Zodiac Necklace

The Countdown is On

SUPER BOWL STYLE Jamie Chung (32 year old actress in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and star of Big Hero 6) not only has a great sense of style when it comes to rocking the red carpet but also when she’s hanging out. This can be seen on her personal style blog and Instagram account, What the Chung? The San Francisco native stays true to her 49ers as a spokesperson for NFL Women’s Apparel by blending her casual and athletic side. Whoever you cheer for on game day, Jamie gives Athleisure Mag a few tips (below) on how you can be in style for the remainder of the football season.




Jamie’s look on gameday is a San Francisco 49ers NFL Jersey, a cap and boyfriend jeans which keeps her look easy. With this simple look, she reminds us that we can, “skip the face paint!” There are many ways to wear NFL apparel to rep your team.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or have opted to adopt a team to cheer for, Jamie reminds us to, “avoid wearing rival team colors.” Especially if you’re attending a game at the stadium or a bar.

As we get to the end of the season with Playoffs and the Super Bowl looming ahead, football is all about enjoying great people, food and of course the game! She believes in being comfortable as she muses that she is the one that is always, “chowing on wings” during the game.

2016. January

- 38 -

BRUNCH STYLE The most important meal of the week without question is brunch. It’s the time to meet with friends, share what you’ve been up to and of course to catch up on a bit of friendly gossip. An Athleisurist knows that style is all about keeping it easy and versatile. This month, our radar is abuzz with layering tonal neutrals with pops of cool tones. Own your next brunch lady date with layers, wool, cashmere a bit of leather.

ABOVE: Seattle Seahawks, Ladies Triblend Short Sleeve V-Neck; LEFT: Pittsburgh Steelers, Ladies Triblend Long Loop French Terry Cloth; BOTTOM: Denver Broncos, Cutter and Buck Double Major Quilted Vest Images coutesy of NFL Women’s Apparel

STELLA MCCARTNEY Draped Knitted Blanket Coat | ATM Scoop Neck Tank Top | BURBERRY Heritage Giant Checl Fringed Cashmere Muffler | SAINT LAURENT Tassel Necklace | BALENCIAGA Giant 12 Golden City Bag | SONIA RYKIEL Moto Style Wool Blend Leggings | ADIDAS ORIGINALS Leather Superstar Sneakers

2016. January

- 39 -

Bespoke Beauty

Dr Sadio: Sub Rosa Aesthetics Customization, personalization, baselines and “less is more” are just some of the keywords that plastic surgeon Dr Sadio uses to help women avoid surgery with her powers to help women.

We all have beauty services that we do with a set person who does our gel manis, eyebrow threading etc. It’s a trusted relationship where you feel that you can get what you need while being confident in placing yourself in the hands of a professional. After sitting with Dr Sonita Sadio at an event held at her West Village practice and again for our one on one interview, we love the focus and service provided at Sub Rosa Aesthetics!

to ensure that your ageless beauty needs are met, you find that she looks to create the best look possible to avoid surgery. This fact is important to note as Dr Sadio is a plastic surgeon and focused on aesthetic surgery in her studies! While you marinate on that fact, let’s talk about her member only practice. Her clients are those that start early to avoid doing more later in life for their skincare needs. They are not looking to appear “done” and are not interested in invasive procedures.

Talking with Dr Sadio is like speaking with a girlfriend that you have known for years. She talks with you about life, how your day is and when the topic of beauty and specifically what you want to do 2016. January

Prior to becoming a member, there is a consultation which includes an intake questionnaire, past medical history - 40 -

including surgeries and photos are taken. Goals are discussed and more importantly, a baseline is established. This is a question which allows the patient to share when they felt they looked their best. This moment in time assists Dr Sadio with how her client wants to look. Products that are currently used are reviewed. If both are comfortable with one another, membership would be approved and goals are set within a routine to get her to where she would like to be. During this time, Dr Sadio looks for products (not products created by her) that assist the goals outlined which include items the client already uses, those that are available at your favorite department store counters, Duane Reade etc. In addition, nutrients that she believes should be within our skincare she creates with a pharmacologist that are made for the client specifically. Clients leave understanding

2016. January

the science, being able to work together to build their plan and having a routine that could include the first six months focusing on the reset or corrective process, and then the timeline of check ups is based on the individual needs. Ageing graciously is about making good choices as being done is the new old. When she is working on someone’s face to ensure that their baseline is met, she offers a pro tip - when managing your skincare the face as well as the hands and neck need to be maintained. A face that looks youthful but hands and neck that look like they belong to someone older is a tell tale sign that work has been “done” (and in one area only). Dr Sadio spent a decade at some of the world’s finest schools - Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic and Yale College. As a medical student at Georgetown University she was inducted into

- 41 -

the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society for academic excellence and won the school’s award for Leadership & Compassion. The practice began to become a vision during her aesthetic surgery fellowship training in Manhattan. After performing a facelift, she looked through images of her thirty and forty-something botox and filler patients. She realized that her minimally invasive approach had the power to make a woman continue to look on the outside as she feels on the inside -- energetic, happy, beloved - but without surgery. Even those who are not members of her practice can hear her thoughts on an array of beauty topics on skincare management via her YouTube channel.

Drink Up

Nutrients on the Go A powerful component of balance preand post workout is ensuring that your body is getting essential nutrients that it needs. Pressed juices and cleanses are all the rage as we look for ways to automate better health. Celebrity Nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder has hand selected an array of vitamins and other power foods within Glow Bio that is located in LA but ships nationwide. Kimberly’s approach to this process is to cleanse while adding nutritional value with Glow Bio’s one of a kind cleanses. Not only does it maximize the experience by eliminating toxins, but it maintains blood sugar levels via strategically placed fiber! The goal in this process is not to starve the body (which is the first thought that comes to mind when 2016. January

- 42 -

embarking on journeys of this nature). The true purpose is to rebuild the digestive system while ensuring that the results are sustainable to keep you on track. You can select whether your cleanse will be 1 to 5 days (once again images of other cleanses that last for weeks on end come to mind). Whatever the choice, the primary goal is to have renewed energy, a toned body and of course great looking skin from the inside out. Visit the shop (or online) for the full line of cleanses and cold pressed juices at Glow Bio. It is located in LA 7473 Melrose Ave. (Cross Gardner) Los Angeles, CA 90046.

KIMBERLY SNYDER LA’s go to Celebrity Nutritionist, author and beauty expert (as seen on top morning shows, magazines ) Kimberly Snyder, has a star studded client list that includes Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, Drew Barrymore, Dita Von Teese, Reese Weatherspoon and Kevin James. to name a few She sourced also provided food during production of movies including The Avengers, The Internship, 21 Jump Street and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


BREATHE EASY SPA to day interaction. Enter Breathe Easy Spa’s three treatments which includie their salt room, salt chamber and salty yoga located within Oasis Day Spa. They provide options for a total revival treatment with your lungs in mind. Time spent here allows your lungs to get the TLC it needs to keep you at your best. The lungs are an interesting organ as it is made up of delicate tissue; however, they are in constant contact with an environment of toxic fumes which can lead to lung cancer which affects both men and women globally. The Salt Room is optimal for lung and skin clearing benefits. Within this space are six recliners where guests can relax for 45 minutes. Throughout the treatment, halogenators pump microparticles of salt air. This is believed to assist with positive benefits such as improving the breath, stress and sleeping. As this therapy is enjoyed, sock covered feet are placed within pink Himalayan rock salt Another treatment you can select, is their salt chamber which is a rising trend. This session takes place in a full body size container and lasts for 20 minutes. When it comes to doing right by our bodies, we think about eating right, staying hydrated, working out and so much more. But Athleisurists are aware that we are always looking for the best way to enjoy and optimize our lives. In the midst of all the activities that we do daily from work time to leisure, do you know how many breaths we take? On 2016. January

inhale a staggering 25,000 times a day! In a span of a year, that’s nine million breaths!!! When was the last time that you did something that allowed your respiratory system to get a break? Our lungs are put through the paces of floating bacteria, gases, viruses and a number of other elements that are within our day - 44 -

Salty yoga combines the mind, body and breath to truly take in the process. As the guest partakes in the movements, they engage in deep breathing techniques which helps to reduce the energy that this action takes. This ultimately decreases the oxygen demand and strengthens the diagram. It’s a bit of a respite from having to work so hard.

On average, we inhale nearly 25,000 times a day that’s almost 9 million breaths a year!


2016. January

- 45 -


STUDIO THREE The allure of boutique studio fitness gyms is primarily because of the focus of various methods within the community that the creators generate. When the privately held group, BlitzLake opened Studio Three in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood, it was the culmination of peeling the layers behind a number of fitness centers across the country to unveil a niche that had yet to be exposed. In late fall 2015, the first of it’s kind (having these disciplines under one roof), Studio Three has 16,000 square feet featuring Peloton® Indoor Cycling, Interval Training and Yoga on three separate, synergized levels, all under one roof. In addition, the group selected instructors that are leaders in their industry with elite fitness backgrounds to create classes that are complimentary for maximum results across disciplines. By providing the necessary ultimate fitness experience, they also facilitate a sense of community and comfort for its members. The very name denotes the three places that matter – home, work and your third space. In addition there are an array of amenities that are best in class for guests to enjoy. These include natural, organic skincare and grooming products by EO. An exclusive partnership with Real Good Juice Co, provides a cold-pressed juice bar and cafe with lounge area that has complimentary Wi-Fi. As the space is meant to be a retreat, there are additional common seating 2016. January

areas on each level which allows guests to continue to come together and socialize beyond classroom walls. In addition to Peleoton® Boutique assortments, Studio Three guests will also enjoy the fitness studio’s athletic apparel within the main floor of the retail space starting this month. As the first and only facility in - 46 -

Chicago, and the second in the country to feature live Peloton cycling classes, an in-studio and at-home fitness solution for live and on-demand spin classes comprised of trackable metrics and a fun, competitive edge, on its main floor. Peloton has been heralded as “the best cardio machine on the planet” by Men’s Health and described as “easily the best indoor workout” by The lower level of Studio Three

The lower level of Studio Three houses their Interval studio which features true interval training based on your effort (and not miles per hour) and strength-based classes, including TORCH60, TORCH45, AMPED60 and AMPED45. They believe that everyone is an athlete and classes are inclusive and accessible to all fitness levels.

burning calories long after the workout is over. Its advances sound system and lighting immerses you in the experience to assist in driving you forward. You’ll use the latest in advances Woodway treadmills, water rowers and loaded movement technology to transform your body and break your barriers.

STUDIO THREE QUICK FACTS LOCATION: 648 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60654 OPENED: Nov 18, 2015

On the upper level, a number of hot, restorative and athletic yoga classes are offered to allow minds and bodies to detox, relax and rejuvenate. Featuring floor

STUDIO FITNESS FOCUS: Choose sessions that utilizes PeletonÂŽ Indoor Cycling, Yoga and Interval Training

Studio Three is the only facility in Chicago and the second in the country to feature Peloton cycling classes.

COLD PRESSED JUICE BAR: In partnership with Real Good Juice Co which includes a cafe

Their Interval Trainming sessions are group experiences designed to create a body that moves, feels and performs better while

to cieling windows and space for more than 50 mats, the yoga studio is also outfitted with radiant heat panels and fully adjustable temperature and humidity levels. In addition to the newly launched Interval Training classes. Those who attend Studio Three will launch new Yoga classes in the upper level! This also includes a class to complement current 2016. January

classes available in the interval and Peloton studios. This studio definitely offers a number of options for those that are dedicated to a specific workout or to switch it up depending on your mood.

- 47 -

LADY LAGUNA PHOTOGRAPHY Jeff Rojas WARDROBE STYLIST Kimmie Smith MUA + HAIR David Stella-Traylor MODEL Delaney Sproles/Ford Models

OP Bikini / NINA JEWELRY by JOANNA JOY SEETOO Pearl Necklace / BLOOM + GRACE Labrodoite Necklace









Interview with Alex Lightman

BRING IT ON Renewable energy visionary talks studio life, 3 feet from gold, Weirdo Fitness and the air we breathe.

Renewable energy visionary, Alex Lightman is a member of Orange Theory Fitness SaMo and won the studio’s first weight loss challenge.

2016. January

- 56 -

3 FEET FROM GOLD Alex likened the Quantified Self Movement to the story of R.U. Darby and his uncle as profiled in Think and Grow Rich. They discovered gold ore in Colorado and rented mining machinery to reap big rewards. After a time, the gold disappeared, they grew into debt and eventually quit. They sold the equipment to a junk man who hired an expert and continued the project and made millions finding gold just three feet from where the Darby’s had stopped.


Pop into Orange Theory Fitness, Santa Monica (SaMo) and you’re likely to catch renewable energy visionary, Alex Lightman. Whether he is pushing hard in class or rooting on another member, he is passionately devoted to his fitness success and seeing major results from his dedication. He used to frequent gyms over the years, then found studio life. Like many, he was tired of rote exercising; seeing flirtatious behaviour and talking (all while waiting for machines); and trainer solicitation. He is now loving that classes are an intense hour of focus (and doubles) never the same, breaking the monotony, which builds class camaraderie and heightens muscle confusion.

school (38 years later) and won the studio’s first weight loss challenge with seven day workouts and being mindful of his diet. Being connected by studio monitors means knowing more about himself and his performance at a granular level. He stays in the zone by racking up 12 to 20 spot points of orange (84-91) and red (92+) during workouts and enjoys extreme afterburn well into his day. He has run 16 marathons to date and proudly has a resting heart rate of 32, mile PR of 4:20, most recent a 5:21.

The relationship between him and his workout continues as he receives an email from each workout, which he shares with his friend to help reach personal and group goals. Ultimately, Since he transitioned into OT, he it is a great way to feel welcome is at his best mile time since high and noticed for his efforts. 2016. January

- 57 -

“If you only knew how close you were from striking gold, you would be mindful of finding a way to push through,” Alex says. ”In connected fitness, your ceiling remarkably can become your floor after discovering what your next levels are.” His mother taught him at an early age to be independent, focus on what matters, be adaptable, and that completions empower. Alex loves the healthy co-opetition against other class members during performance weeks, finding it fun to try to beat other five minute milers. (#ICYMI his xbox handle is @FiveMinuteMiler). He also likes helping other people meet their goals. He lost a weight loss challenge to friend Eddy Waty, and doubled his friendly wager to run a 5:45 and beat her, doing so by four seconds. Alex loves sharing his times with her and they become more obligated, having shared success they wouldn’t have known. The positive effect of having a gym buddy that pushes you to be your best is an essential for acountability as well as keeping great energy.

He firmly believes in public fitness. You’ll see him doing squats on an airplane during business flights for keynotes or spontaneously stretching during a restaurant meal to reduce hip tightness. He’d love to see more public yoga and activities, noting we are regrettably only desensitized to runners and joggers.

The next OT SaMo contest is mid-January, Alex will be there. He needed to run 6 miles a day until NYE to meet his personal 1000 mile annual goal. He accomplished that goal, running the last miles on New Year’s Eve. He now pledges to increase his numbers for next year. We willroot on his success like a virtual marathon crowd.



“Fall on your butt often,” he jokes. He is quick to advocate the benefits of neurogenic activity both with touch (and yes intimacy) and trying out new activities. By going out and falling a bit during dozens of new exercise and sports activities, the brain is optimized during steps of learning during three week stints, building and firing brain cells in conscious incompetance and concious competance stages before an unconcious competance stage sets in. “Be sure to run 45 minutes with 75% maximum heart rate for men and 65% for women and learn something new within 21 days,” he reminds. Alex

Lightman proudly proclaims that people should live authentic lives and do what’s good for them regardless of arbitrary social norms. Just as we shift extreme temperature shocks in fitness, he advocates using hypergravity and compression. He wears a custom gravity plus super suit with about 35/40 lbs with Wenderwear compression for more resistance. Unlike a weight vest or compression socks, this evenly distributes burn and endorphin bliss after jumping out of it, giving feelings of extra lightness of being. 2016. January

- 58 -

attempts to do this at least 20x a month as new brain cells are created this way! FOOD WE EAT, AIR WE BREATHE “How you do anything is how you do everything” is how Lightman sees Athleisure Lifestyle. Athletics and leisure affect one another. He’s picked up on the fact that Simon & Garfunkel were truly ahead by being looped into Neurogenesis decades ago with parsely, sage and thyme in their lyrics. We should embrace foods that build us up

like macro and micro nutrients, and those that offer more protein and fat such as akitogenic diet with avacodos, coconuts, olives and olive oil, he suggests. Near his pier on the SaMo promenade, an abundance of superpower food establishments surround him. He regularly patrons Lemonade, for their fresh and colorful vegetables, and adores SweetGreen (we love them too), specifically due to its farm to table chalkboard and tea bar ride with no calorie and

Alex Lightman is an author, entrepreneur, and futurist, who has made significant contributions to the adoption of IPv6, has authored several books on technology and society, and won first Economist magazine Reader’s Award Chaired and organized seventeen international conferences with engineers, scientists, and government officials since 2002, with intention of achieving policy breakthroughs related to innovation, including Chairing and serving as Executive Director of Humanity+ Summit @ Harvard. Among several notable current roles, he is Chairman of Everblaze, Santa Monica, Ca, focused on new solar form factors including solar trees, solar pumps, and solar pivots and is Trustee and USA West Coast Ambassador of Network Society Research. He is a graduate from MIT and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and received varied US military training and experience.

2016. January

- 59 -

vegetable infused teas, with his organic salads. He also explores the local farmers markets twice a week. He accurately questions why runners would (or anyone that is focused on wellness) want to live in a polluted world and cares deeply about the air around us. Alex is a strong advocate of solar and electric cars. He wants to rid the world of fossil fuels, he champions our society needs to keep growing solar at 36% a year and looks to Burling-

ton, VA; Greenburg Kansas; and Aspen, Colorado as pioneering cities for renewable energy. We are honored to have Alex Lightman as on ongoing contributor so you can look forward to reading an array of wisdom monthly.

#Athspired by Alex and Think and Grow Rich mentality, we dug in and made a ‘3 Feet 2 Gold’ Playlist. After all it’s not justwhat you are missing, it’s what you are striving towards next. #This #Is #Athspo).



PHOTOGRAPHY BY Carlos David WARDROBE STYLIST Kimmie Smith/Accessory2 MUA + HAIR BY David Stella - Taylor MODELED BY Maria Shapley

We live in a world where the clock moves faster and faster but the demands on our time seem to only increase. At one time, people could point to one of a couple of spheres - the workplace and home as the sources of where hours escaped them. But today we are split between numerous zones, from spending time with friends and family, to meeting the needs of our jobs, club activities and more. With the added ability to be connected 24/7 across a number of apps, platforms and newtorks, we’re perpetually “on” and the need to prioritize, filter, and cut through the noise (whether positive or negative) has never been greater. It’s not such a simple thing regardless of our age group. There is a need to be able to escape momentarily, to be present and check in with ourselves. We should appreciate, be thankful and grow. Whether it’s going for a jog, going on a solo date (literally you at a table treating yourself to a glass of wine) or sitting and people watching – we need that time to think and reflect. In those moments, whether it’s five minutes or a few hours, you can begin to think about where you are and how you see yourself. Are you where you want to be, what can you do to put yourself in a better situation and what do you need are great starter questions. Beyond thinking about advancement in your career, it’s a good time to ask if you are being physically and mentally nourished as the vessel that is going from one activity to the next. Are you feeding your creative side, did you get to tick anything off of your bucket list last year – do you want to do something that is so uncharacteristic of yourself but it nags you that you haven’t tried? With so many questions, personal needs, as well as wanting to be involved within the community around you, we at Athleisure Mag began putting together the genesis of what this lifestyle meant and those that embrace it, Athleisurists. Beyond the fashion statement of Athleisure which allows you to wear

looks that are appropriate for the gym, but then work with you through your day whether you’re in a meeting, going out for drinks etc – it’s a state of mind. It includes working out to whatever level you wish to do, enjoying great super foods pre-workout, farm to table options or splurge meals. It’s being able to balance working hard in your career, having great experiences, taking care of yourself mind – body and soul and being present in your personal, family and friend’s lives. It’s a juggling act and you need to feel that they are choices that you actively made on your own terms. We sum this notion up with “Balance Next”, meaning so much to so many people. For us it’s about enjoying what life has to offer, not taking things too seriously and looking at the horizon ahead. We’re at peace with where we are living in a place of yes, seeing if situations present as a good fit. But like you, we know that this is not always an easy task and sometimes we need a refresher. This time of year lends itself to the mass need to create resolutions. Many end up falling in a gray area because few attribute benchmarks to fulfill their commitments. While the New Year is a great place to start, everyday is a potential opportunity to begin reinventing yourself. We believe (as you will see in this issue), this takes extended effort and our thought leader interviews, tips, editorials will be along with you for your journey to enjoy and optimize. To facilitate the process for your growth towards the new you, we reached out to Joyce Marter, psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance. She shared tips that we can kick off the New Year or any point in time when you need to look within to see where you want to go next.

New Year New You x 2



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AM: What does the New Year mean to you in terms of starting off on the right foot? Joyce Marter: The New Year is a time of renewal---shedding old patterns and behaviors that no longer work for you and allowing new, positive energy into your life. AM: What does the New Year mean when it comes to having that mindset throughout the entire year? JM: The New Year is a great time to revisit your intentions---the ways you live your life that are congruent with your authentic self. Write your intentions in your journal and review them before you daily meditation to stay the course towards self-actualization. AM: What does Balance Next, a mantra of ours, which can have many meanings, mean to you? JM: In a world that is ever-changing, we experience stressors continually which cause of to need to recalibrate or rebalance. A daily practice of meditation or reflection helps us to become bendable and flexible and become aligned with the natural flow of life. AM: What is the best way that one can prepare as they’re in their first week of the New Year? JM: Creating a vision board is a powerful exercise to increase clarity on that which you want to welcome into your life, whether that be love, health, prosperity, serenity, etc. AM: How can we prepare from a mind/ body/soul perspective? JM: Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga can reboot the mind/ body/spirit. AM: What roles can positive pro-

ductivity, music therapy, meditation etc play within proper balance? JM: These self-care practices can be enormously effective in creating a life of balance and wellness. AM: How can we set realistic goals and benchmarks that are healthy while challenging ourselves in a positive way? JM: Be your own good parent. Love and care for yourself as you would for somebody that you love more than anybody in the whole world. Choose to be your own cheerleader or positive coach. Keep your self-talk positive and compassionate. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and celebrate your successes. Your personal board of advisors can support you in becoming your best self. AM: How can we create boundaries when we live in a world of wanting to help others, excel in work, having fun with friends, establishing personal time etc? JM: We simply must prioritize our own self care. If we do not properly care for ourselves, we will become exhausted, depleted and resentful. When we take the time and energy to put ourselves first, we have more to give others both personally and professionally. You must develop rituals and routines, such as daily meditation, proper rest and nutrition and exercise. AM: How can we treat ourselves mentally whether we have 5 mins or a weekend for just ourselves? JM: In a moment of quiet reflection, breathe deeply and check in with your solar plexus (your gut) and ask yourself what you really need. It might be a good laugh with a friend, a hot bath, a silly movie and go ahead and treat yourself to those things that fill your cup.

KARA ROSS When it comes to accessory designers that know how to make a statement, Kara Ross is one of those talented women we’ve admired for years. With her recently launched venture, DIAMONDS UNLEASHED, we took a moment to find out more about this line that is not only an accessory but an empowering movement. Athleisure Mag: What is DIAMONDS UNLEASHED and how did you come up with this? Kara Ross: DIAMONDS UNLEASHED is a brand with a social purpose that symbolizes, promotes and supports women’s empowerment. Brought to life through a collection of products, a network of influential ambassadors, and a platform of compelling content, DIAMONDS UNLEASHED celebrates that women, like diamonds, are brilliant, multi-faceted and unbreakable. After an extensive education and career in fine jewelry I found myself resetting my own diamond engagement ring. As I worked, I wondered why, with all of the change women’s empowerment has seen in today’s society, do diamonds still have such an antiquated meaning? With the connections I had already built in my jewelry career, I made it my mission to create a brand that surrounds and supports a cause which I strongly believe in - women’s empowerment. AM: How important is DIAMONDS UNLEASHED? KR: It’s really everything. I completely closed my fine jewelry and handbag wholesale business to focus solely on the DIAMONDS UNLEASHED movement. At this stage in my life I want to give back and I believe that by creating a business that 2016. January

- 70 -

supports organizations that empower and educate girls will help make posivite change because you give a girl an education it not only gives her opportunity, it gives opportunity to her family and strengthens the whole community. AM: What is Stilettos on the Ground? KR: Stilettos on the Ground are what we call our network of ambassadors who are supporting us and helping us spread our message. These ambassadors are the living, breathing embodiment of DIAMONDS UNLEASHED. They agree to give us a statement about what their Diamond means to them, photos, and a commitment to share our messages via their platforms. Many ambassadors become more actively engaged, speaking at our events, creating opportunities to showcase our mutual commitment to women’s empowerment (for example, co-hosting salons) and providing advisory services.

2016. January

- 71 -

AM: What do you mean by unleashing the diamond? KR: It’s about disruption. Diamonds are probably the only item that women shy away from buying themselves. DIAMONDS UNLEASHED is about looking at a diamond, the hardest most beautiful substance on earth, and having that symbolize women’s strength. My mission is to engineer a great rethink about how diamonds are bought, given and perceived and then to use that shift as a platform to address issues that enable women to achieve their potential. AM: Why did you partner with CanadaMark™ Diamonds? KR: We partnered with CanadaMark™ to ensure that each diamond comes directly from Dominion’s share of production from either the Ekati or Diavik diamond mines. Dominion is Canada’s largest independent diamond producer and the third largest diamond producer globally by value. CanadaMark™ is committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace, protecting the environment, developing local communities and delivering a high quality product. AM: What was your decision behind the brand being accessible and available at Neiman Marcus and HSN?

we need to focus just on one thing. AM: What are your 3 favorite pieces from your Diamonds Unleashed collection? KR: Three is so few to choose! I love the diamond and key necklace from that collection. Our #ShesBrilliant Collection for Neiman Marcus will be available in May and there are so many beautiful pieces. I love the section necklace which has three sections of the DIAMONDS UNLEASHED symbol back to back with pave set diamonds and the ear cuffs that feature the diamond encrusted symbol climbing up the ear. AM: With the success of your brand how do you achieve balance and stay connected/present? KR: I try to get a little exercise everyday, and on others a lot of exercise. I also take time for myself where I really can “check out” and recharge – I do that by reading and also watching films. I also spend time with my family everyday and put away the devices so I can really focus on them without interruption. AM: How do you prepare for the new year personally, as a brand as well as igniting women’s empowerment?

KR: We wanted the DIAMONDS UNLEASHED collection to be available at a variety of price points and have something for everyone. This is an inclusive movement reaching all age demographics and different income levels. Each of our retail partners are “best in class” for their category, offering different income levels as well as providing a unique perspective for the collection and an existing core customer for us to reach.

KR: Myself and our entire team have taken a few weeks to work remotely and spend time with friends and family. I think it’s helping us recharge after such a busy Fall with the official launch of the brand and our premiere with HSN. I have a lot of fresh ideas and am more energized than ever about what we’re doing. We’ve had some time to reflect on what we accomplished this year and plan for the new collections and projects coming in 2016. I think it’s important to have some downtime, it allows for creative ideas to flow.

AM: How do you juggle your time between the Kara Ross brand and DIAMONDS UNLEASHED?

AM: What does Balance Next (a mantra for us) mean to you?

KR: I completely closed my fine jewelry and handbag wholesale business to focus solely on the DIAMONDS UNLEASHED movement. This is such a big undertaking and with a small team and myself,

KR: To me it’s all about balance in life. To be my best self in my career, I also need to take care of myself by exercising, eating healthy, doing things I enjoy outside of work and most important to me

2016. January

- 72 -

spending time with my husband, daughters and extended family. AM: What are your 3 must do’s in your personal time (ie favorite studio fitness, brunch spot, etc)? KR: Exercise – my 3 favorite studios are SoulCycle, Physique57 and Exhale. I am not a foodie, but when I am home, I love Landmarc in the Time Warner Center for breakfast. Read – I love losing myself in a great book. AM: Athleisure is about comfortable clothes that can transition from the gym, to brunch, meetings and a night out or jetsetting - what are 3 favorite pieces that are great within your athleisure look? KR: I am in love with the Bandier Fitness line, Jennifer is a friend and also a DIAMONDS UNLEASHED “Stiletto on the Ground”. I love her airbrushed leggings and hooded wrap with a simple tank underneath – great weekend wear for me!

2016. January

- 73 -

Like a modern digital bake sale, Homemade boasts 60 cooks that offer 350+ meals, made by professional chefs, entrepreneurs...

2016. January

- 74 -

NYC’s Foodie Revolution!

Homemade Food and mobile come together with a wide selection of menus, getting to know your chef and never missing a beat.

In the bustling city that never sleeps, many New Yorkers remarkably eat food quickly on the go and remain largely unfamiliar with their chefs and neighbors.

Homemade’s intuitive mobile app relies on search and customer reviews to discover new cooks and meal choices. Eaters make recommendations for chefs to tweak their recipes with detailed feedback. Both sides continue to build trust and professionalism, as well as socialize toward friendship as well.

Homemade is a NYC startup well underway toward changing that. With a tasty selection of eats and strong community focus to connect cooks and people through an array of fresh food experiences - they are changing the face of the task of ordering out.

The idea came from founder Nick Devane enjoying his grandmother’s chocolate frosted cake and wanting to spread the joy of home-cooked meals between the cook and diner. This new addition to the alternative food scene came as an extension of grandmotherly visceral connection of specialty, pride and family and has now scaled to a system of steady doses of shoppable food. Download the app to get connected into this foodie revolution.

Like a modern digital bake sale, Homemade boasts 60 cooks offering over 350+ tasty meals, made by professional chefs, entrepreneurs, food bloggers and seriously passionate hobbyists. There is an array of healthy, ethnic, munchies, and specialty foods choices, including a variety of vegan and gluten-free food options. 2016. January

- 75 -

f o t r A e Th nack S e h t


A Perfect Pick Me Up Greek Yogurt has been a must have whether you’re eating it alone or putting it into a number of recipes. The team at Chobani opened Chobani Soho a few years ago to focus on Sweet and Savory Creations that keeps this dairy brand at the forefront of your tastebuds. If you’re not able to visit their NYC location, you can make them anytime at home. 2016. January

- 76 -

TOMATO + OLIVE TAPENADE SIMIT Turkish Simit, Plain Labne Olive Tapenade Tomato Slices Arugula

PISTACHIO + CHOCOLATE 1/2 cup Plain Chobani 2 tsp Pistachios 2 tsp Dark Chocolate 2 tsp Orange


1/2 tbsp Clover Honey

1/2 cup Plain Chobani

1 tsp Fresh Mint, Chopped

1 1/2 tbsp Smoked Salmon 1 spritz Lemon Juice 2 tsp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 1 pinch Salt + Pepper 1 pinch Fresh Dill 8 pieces Bagel Chips

2016. January

- 77 -

Jillian Michaels, No Excuses As we continue to challenge ourselves in all things, we must be mindful of balance. We got an earful and learned a thing or three when we chatted with Jillian Michaels to be properly motivated. There are some people that inspire and it has nothing to do with their path in life but the way that they go about just getting it done. The method to their madness and how they apply it to all facets in their life are great takeaways for how you can do the same. As a health guru, Jillian Michaels never stops and knows how to stay focused on her goals. This Terminator that we love can motivate masses of people to stay on the path of eating right and exercising, while she continues to embrace opportunities that come her way. The Celebrity Trainer, author, TV personality, fitness designer, consultant, mother of two and partner to Heidi Rhoades is a powerhouse as a brand and individual. She pushes her boundaries means through hard work and keeping it real. With each lane that she takes on, we get the opportunity to learn more about her insatiable drive as well as the woman behind the system. Later this month, the E! 2016. January

series Just Jillian, gives access to the driven (this we know) and softer side of Jillian through her home life, appearances, adding more layers to her dynasty. It’s the inner workings of the woman who essentially works every day to figure it out through the day to day and challenging parts of life. At the end of the day, it’s about making it happen and staying even keel in the process. Jillian is certainly no stranger to reality TV by any means as we all know her from NBC’s Biggest Loser and last fall, she was the co-host of Spike TV’s Sweat Inc which was a Shark Tank for those creating fitness systems/methods. In this show, she challenged, motivated and questioned participants on what they created and how it was applicable within studio fitness systems. In addition, she personally worked out each method providing ample feedback. She took this same approach when she collaborated with Kmart on her fitness line, Impact by JIllian Michaels. This came out of a need - 78 -

JUST JILLIAN STYLE Her secret weapon in her gym bag? Spearmint Oil which can be placed on the wrists. When you sniff it, it helps improve her workout.

She loves to wear vintage such as concert muscle T-shirts from the 70s as well as 30s motorcycle jackets!

to have an athletic line that she notes as “progressive and cool” while being accessible to the masses. In true Jillian style, she shared that it had to be functional and performance driven with fun style. In addition, true to her brand she stands behind the fact that it can be worn multiple times without falling apart, is at a moderate price point and every item is wear-tested by her. We know that all of this is merely a drop in the bucket within the world of Jillian Michaels in terms of her day to day. The Athleisure Mag team will definitely set our DVRs to check out the golden nuggets of truth on her show as she’s a straight shooter. But what can we do right now to be healthy, crush our responsibilities and find time for a friends, family and ourselves. 2016 is a blank canvas to our health vision and she gave Athleisure Mag her no nonsense answers to eliminate any excuses that you may attempt to utter when you need a little encouragement. With the New Year comes the commitment of many who are ready to get fit (seriously); however, some lose their way. Jillian 2016. January

explains that she has, “heard every excuse in the book for why people can’t make the time to work out or completely fall offtrack”. “There are few things you can do to ensure you don’t lose focus. First off, set a specific, realistic goal. It can’t be ‘ I want to lose weight,’ “ she says. Make the reason, I want to get into a dress or get in shape for a vacation. This goal is achievable as it is anchored into an experience that you want o be in. “Once you have that, make sure to write it down in places that you will see it and for an added dose of accountability”, she suggests “to place it on Facebook”. We all know that once you post, it’s officially a thing and you’d be surprised at the amount of motivation that you will receive from those within your network. With the initial motivation set, the fitness guru has an interesting piece of advice, “don’t let one slip up completely derail you. It’s OKAY to miss a workout, we all get off track some times — just make sure you find your focus the next day”. Coming from her, it’s easy to see that she understand that no one is perfect; however, we have to get back up if we are truly committed. - 79 -

The decision to work out and to stick with it is one of many steps that you’ll take on the road to fitness. But there are so many options out there and many are fads within dieting as well as fitness trends. We had to ask what she thinks about this. “Fads are considered fads for a reason they go out of style just as quickly as they came in.” By trying all of these options, it can be really confusing and can cause your body to get off track! Jillian keeps it real. “I’m old school in the sense that hard work - regular strong interval training, eating right, tracking everything you put in your mouth and burning more calories than you consume - is the key to losing weight and getting fit”. As a side note when it comes to weight loss and eating, she is a less is more kind of girl. Her 80/20 rule focuses on eating healthier foods 80% of the time and having treat foods at 20%. In addition, “avoid fake foods and chemicals” when you can. Jillian is focused on the whole body, she reminds us that we should build a better life overall and not just a better body. It is important to have good health as well as to connect and cultivate your passions.

IF THE JACKET FITS PHOTOGRAPHY BY Carlos David WARDROBE STYLING BY Kimmie Smith/Accessory2 MUA + HAIR Dori Sligh MODELED BY Cameron Adams/Major Model Management

The Jacket Cover Spread DSTLD PREMIUM DENIM Jeans | WITHINGS Activite Pop Watch LEFT ANDREW MARC NY Leather Jacket | DSTLD PREMIUM DENIM Jeans | FRYE Co Boots RIGHT VICTORINOX Jacket

KEVIN SHAHROOZI Denim Jacket | SEQUIN JEWELRY Owl Talisman Necklace

BRUNCH IT UP Colder temperatures means that you have to switch things up to ensure that you’re don’t succumb to the dreaded cabin fever that can set in as we all wait for Spring to arrive! Thankfully we have weekends with brunch and gameday dates as well as a myriad and of excuses to make the classic Bloody Mary with a twist. Courtesy of our friends at The, your next impressive drink that you’ll make for friends is the Bloody Caesar! Mixed with Don Julio® Blanco Tequila, this variation creates heat and a satisfying fizz that will amp up any fritatta or zippy wings.

THE BLOODY CAESAR You’ll Need: •1 oz. Don Julio® Blanco Tequila •0.5 oz. fresh lime juice •1 tsp. hot sauce •1 dash of Worcestershire sauce •3 oz. Mexican style beer •4 oz. tomato and clam juice This recipe makes one serving. Combine first 5 ingredients in an ice filled shaker. Shake well and strain into an ice filled glass rimmed with chili-salt. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Bingely’s Best! Whether you commute to work or are traveling to your next stop, these binge worthy books are only a click away to read on your tablet of choice!

Bingely Books Maybe Not Colleen Hoover At one point in time, everyone has had a roommate experience or two. The very idea of this subject generates an array of stories that could make you laugh, cry or stay confuzzled. New York Times best selling author (fresh off Maybe Someday) Colleen Hoover brings the story of Warren to life when he not only gets a roommate but one that is female! He’s excited about the opp;ortunities that could come from this pairing - or maybe not. His roommate Bridgette is not the warmest person and at times seems to be calculating. The tension that erupts between the two results into tempers that don’t allow them to be within the same room. As uncomfortable as his living situation has become, Warren begins to

think that anyone who has such a focus on hating everything could have the ability to love. Could all this hate transition into passionate love? Even after enduring such strains, Warren decides to take on the ultimate challenge with Bridgette and decides he will personally test his theory. As curious as it sounds, he takes it upon himself to not only have her warm up to him but to learn the power of love. Maybe. Maybe Not.

The Age of Reinvention Karine Tuil Life is what you make of it and when this Gatsby-esque International Bestseller tells the story of Elite Manhattan criminal defense attorney, Sam Tahar has a life that looks great on paper. From good looks, the perfect family (include a wife from a prominent family) and well deserved prestige. In all accounts, his life is the perfect story. But this picture book lifestyle is not what it seems as Sam Tahar grew up as Samir Tahar. He grew up in a poor Muslim family in a gritty Paris apartment. By

all accounts, his life was a social jail and one day he decided that he refused to be imprisoned in a life that was not his destiny. All his success sits on a lie and intricate love triangle that took place years ago during his law school days. Ultimately, his decision brought hijm to America with a new identiy and life. Decades later, the love triangle resurfaces and forces Sam (Samir), his former friend Samuel Baron and Nina collide to deal with the issue of becoming someone else.

Catching the Sky Colten Moore with Keith O’Brien Author Colten Moore is a six times X-Games medalist and a pioneer in the space, shares a story about finding happiness, family and the connection between brothers. This autobiographical novel introduces the Moore family whose generations grew up and were nurtured by the vast prarie in the Texas Panhandle. Unlike previous family members, Colten and Caleb did not embrace working on the land and with cattle. They wanted to follow their 2016. January

dreams athletically and trailblazed within the world of X-Games within freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits. Colten shares the path to success via sacrifice, determination and the challenges that come when passion drives your path in Catching the Sky. His journey and dreams, which are shared by his brother is a deeply moving account with a fresh year ahead.

- 87 -

Bingely’s Best! We’ve all been guilty of dipping out on drinks with friends, hurrying after yoga or staying up past 3AM with wine in hand bingeing on our favorite seasons. Here’s what’s in store for you to stream this month.

Bingely Streaming Chelsea Does Jan 23rd After exiting from E!, back in 2014, we knew that Chelsea Handler wouldn’t be gone for very long. After much anticipation, funny has returned. She’s hosting a series of programming with Netflix® in a four part documentary series. First up is, “Chelsea Does,” which is original content for the network. Each one is like a film and covers marriage, drugs, racism and Silicon Valley. The introspective documentaries, are available to stream on Jan 23rd, are separate from the talk show that will air on the same platform. This is their first time doing a news format with plans to continue to increase investment within this and documentary and original programming.

New Girl, Season 4 Jan 5th Our DVR works overtime with so many great shows. Every now and then a season escapes us or maybe we have to relive the shenanigans due to a long flight. Season 4 of FOX’s hit TV show, New Girl makes its way to Netflix with our favorite roommates. With 22 episodes and guest appearances by Jessica Biel, Reid Scott, Kaitlin Olson, Lisa Bonet and Regis Philbin to name a few, it’s a great way to catch up before returning to Season 5.

Spotify Radio Station: Afternoon Acoustic Whether you’re staying in to crank out some serious work, staying in due to bad weather or want to just lounge all day, you need a soundtrack that has an array of your favorite songs where you can work without having to shuffle from one song to the next. Spotify’s Afternoon Acoustic is the perfect way to get things (or nothing) done. This station includes many of your favorites songs within an instrumental track including The Beatles, Hozier, Jack Johnson, Sam Smith and more for nearly 7 hours of music. Of course, there are a number of stations available for you to listen to no matter the mood.

2016. January

- 89 -

Winter Skincare Tips Many have experienced mild (and surprisingly warm) tempartures over the winter holidays, January tends to be quite chilly. In addition to staying warm. it’s about protecting your skin - face, body and armpits too! Dermatoligist and Dove Deodorant Spokesperon, Dr Alicia Barba shares how skin can stay nourished this season..

ATHLEISURE MAG: How do we care for skin with temperatures and wind chill that can cause damaging effects? DR ALICIA BARBA: There are a lot of factors that affect your skin in the winter months, especially in colder climates, that lead to dry skin. Everything from the wind to heating systems to low humidity can wreak havoc on healthy, glowing skin. To defend against the elements, it’s important to wear soft, natural clothing fibers such as cotton, as well as outerwear such as hats, scarves and gloves that will act as your first line of protection, and recognize that moisturizer will be a key element in protecting your skin. AM: How can we maintain moisture within our face, body and underarms? DR B: Never be exclusionary with your skin care routine, and that means paying attention to your entire body including your face, hands, neck, knees, elbows and even underarms. Look for multi-benefit products like Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, which will provide odor and wetness protection as well as moisturizers to keep your underarms

2016. January

- 90 -

On cloudy days when we don’t see the sun, it’s important to protect your skin against harmful rays as UVA and UVB penetrate clouds! All year, you should wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. AM: What should the skincare routine be during the winter when you’re maintaining great skin? DR B: During the winter, take short showers in water that’s not too hot since it can have a drying effect on the skin. Use a gentle shower cleanser and follow with moisturizing body and face creams. Areas like your underarms where many women shave also need to be moisturized, so I like to use Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant that has built in moisturizers in addition to 48 hour odor and wetness protection. As always, for any skin that is exposed to the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen. AM: What products are perfect to use in the winter in colder climates?

Never be exclusionary with your skin care routine ... that means ... attention to your entire body soft and smooth. Face creams with SPF and moisturizing body washes are also great for a simplified routine. AM: How do you know when your skin has been affected by extreme temperatures? DR B: You can tell your skin has been affected by cold temperatures when chaffing occurs, or when it appears burnt, flaky or 2016. January

ashy. This can sometimes lead to itchy skin, which I call “winter itch.” AM: How important is SPF in the winter especially on days when we don’t see the sun? DR B: SPF is extremely important in the winter! During the colder season, the ozone layer is thinner, which can increase the damaging effects of the sun. - 91 -

DR B: This time of year it’s all about moisturizers and protectants, and you can often find multi-benefit products that can do both. Everything from moisturizing lip balms and cleansers to face creams with SPF to antiperspirants that provide moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms. AM: Are there certain ingredients that we should aim to include within our routine for optimal skin? DR B: As mentioned, look for multi-benefit products that emphasize the inclusion of moisturizers and protectants. Other products that are great for your skin are plant-based oils such as avocado, primrose and almond. These oils sink into your skin to keep you hydrated longer.

2016. January

- 92 -

Zen Up The Athleisurist does a lot in an afternoon or evening. Give your next yoga session an update with these must haves and easily tote it onto brunch or onto drinks!

GAIAM Prosperity Yoga Mat


OMSUTRA Chakra Yoga Kit Back

Add color into this month’s look!

Your January #Athspo Before you tap back into your next cycling class, here are some must haves to updated your look, keep track of your stats and to stay hydrated. After your workout, you can find a number of ways to introduce this into other portions of your wardrobe too!

MARA HOFFMAN Neon Stretch Jersey Sports Bra | S’WELL Sparkling Champagne 17-oz Reusable Bottle | MACKAGE F5 Black Tuque with Pom-Pom | FOSSIL Rose Gold Q Dreamer Activity Tracker | CHARLI COHEN Berry Capri Sports Laser Leggings | VICTORIA BECKHAM Aviator Style Rose Gold Tone Mirror Sunglasses | PEARL IZUMI Elite RD iV | RISSETTO Washed Linen Tote Bag

2016. January

- 94 -

Night + Day Beauty

Update your look for 2016 with must haves to fit in your cosmetic bag. They work from day to night and our some of our favorite brands!

DIOR ADDICT Extreme Lipstick in Wonderland

LAURA MERCIER Creme Smooth Foundation in Toffee Bronze

LANCOME GRANDIOSE Mascara in Noir Mirifique

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide - on Eye Pencil in Zero

LAURA GELLER Bronzer in Moonglow Golden BOBBI BROWN Eyeshadow in Eclipse

KICKSTART THIS YEAR WITH THESE TRAINABLES MICROSOFT BAND 2 Train smarter with Microsoft Band 2, the smart band created to enable you to live healthier and achieve more. This wristwearable tracks your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality, and keeps you connected with email, text, and calendar alerts. Advanced sensors track data specific to running, biking and golfing, and technology from the band and Microsoft Health lets you share your activity data with your favorite fitness apps; gives you actionable insights; and access to experiences with premier sports and lifestyle brands. Live healthier and reach fitness goals with guided workouts and be productive with personal reminders, custom notifications and social updates that matter. SAMSUNG GEAR VR Samsung Gear VR is underway towards being the first VR headset to get mainstream attention. It makes it possible for anyone to enjoy virtual experiences anytime, any2016. January

- 96 -

where, turning their 2015 Samsung GALAXY flagship smartphones into a portable virtual reality system. Whether you will want to join an immersive fitness experience, take a virtual zen vacation, watch videos hanging out with your friends in a virtual space, or interact with a movie, the possibilities with Gear VR are limitless. Out of the gate you’ll be able to explore 70+ movies from 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate, access 9,000 videos from Vimeo or live broadcasts from Twitch, and explore the world around you in 360 degrees with more than 200,000 immersive photos captured by the world’s leading photographers. Gear VR customers can also watch the entire Netflix catalog of original series, documentaries and films through the Netflix Gear VR app. JAWBONE UP4 Stay in style with the elegant Jawbone Up4. This popular activity tracker has breakthrough heart health monitoring sensor technology that features both Resting Heart Rate and Passive Heart Rate. Its on board analysis also gives diet and sleep insights. Also, it boasts quick tap to pay for American Express® Card members for taxis, buying coffees, groceries and more.

2016. January

- 97 -

Athleisure Mag Calendar JAN 2016 Fashion Week

JAN 8 - 11 London Collection Men

JAN 16 - 19 Milan Men’s Fashion

JAN 20 - 24 Paris Men’s Fashion Week

JAN 24 - 30 Paris Haute Couture

JAN 6 People’s Choice Awards; LA

JAN 10 Golden Globe Awards; LA

JAN 17 Critics Choice Awards; LA

JAN 23 Producer’s Guild Awards; LA

JAN 10 Walt Disney World Marathon; Orlando

JAN 16 - 17 AFC + NFC NFL Divisional Rounds

JAN 17 Star Wars Marathon; Anaheim

JAN 24 AFC + NFL Playoffs

Awards Season


JAN 21 - 31 Sundance Film Festival; Park City, Utah

2016. January

JAN 23 Carnevale di Venezia; Italy

JAN 1 New Years Day

- 98 -

JAN 18 Martin Luther King Jr Day

More dates on Tradeshows

JAN 6 - 9 Consumer Electronic Show; LV

JAN 10 - 12 Accessorie Circuit; NYC

JAN 10 - 12 Intermezzo Collections; NYC

JAN 10 - 12 FWD; NYC

JAN 9 - 10 AFC + NFC NFL Wild Card Games

JAN 9 - 10 Wellthily Resolution X Bari Studio; NYC

Fitness + Sport

JAN 30 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards; LA

JAN 1 - 3 Commitment Day 5K Run Multi Cities

Music + Film Festivals

JAN 31 NFL Pro Bowl Game

JAN 3 - 10 Holy Ship; Miami

JAN 6 Jam Cruise; Miami

JAN 8 BPM Festival; Playa del Carmen, Mexico


JAN 1 New Girl Season 4

2016. January

JAN 23 Chelsea Does 4 Part Docu-series

- 99 -


Profile for Athleisure Mag

Athleisure Mag Jan 2016  

Our inaugural issue includes interviews by Jillian Michaels and Kara Ross, fashion editorials and features for tech, style, beauty and more.

Athleisure Mag Jan 2016  

Our inaugural issue includes interviews by Jillian Michaels and Kara Ross, fashion editorials and features for tech, style, beauty and more.